NOW, or NEVER, no EXCUSES thread part 4.

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Tortoise Fri 29-Mar-13 11:02:06

Here we are, thread 4 grin .
Time for me to have a large kick up the arse and lose weight! (After Easter!)grin

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 29-Mar-13 20:18:41

Hello tortoise! Found you grin

Tortoise Fri 29-Mar-13 21:22:07

grin hello.
I've been bad blush . Just ate an Easter egg blush

Crashes in excuse me wafts Indian breath everywhere . Am on a ladies excuse me this is my 3rd bad day this week opps

Bit dam it's good , back to the buffet I go

ICBINEG Fri 29-Mar-13 22:34:50

Lo all....

Should we have a recap where we started where we are and were we hope to be?

Tortoise Sat 30-Mar-13 00:17:44

Lol human. You seem to be enjoying yourself grin

Well I'm still at around 16.3 which where I was when I joined thread 1 blush .
Shows just how useless I have been. sad
But I'm going to try extra hard next week!

Wheels in oh boy I'm Goibg regret this , one when the kids wake very soon and two when see scales I suspect ( pub , Indian then bar till 2 am close but dam good night

Hmm I think I was about 16 .10 when joined thread was 9.10 last week started dieting June 2012 at 20 stone don't think this week be good have had 3 bad but really good days blush I shall be good now till 8th April when go away


Do not knock yourself that is still an achievement that despite everything and Christmas etc that you not put weight on

< snores >

Industrial strength coffee on and I'm burping Indian think mag over eaten a tad

travellingwilbury Sat 30-Mar-13 06:52:47

Morning all , room for one more ?

I did start here on thread one but I was rubbish . However I have gone and joined a bloody gym and I have been going 3 to 4 times a week and so far I have lost ten pounds in the last month .

I have two stone to go so need all the help I can get .

coffeewineandchocolate Sat 30-Mar-13 07:28:43

Morning all. I think i was 12st 10 when i joined. I'm now 10st 13 and those illusive 6lb to goal are proving difficult to shift!

Hello everyone.

Welcome back willbury. How are you finding the gym? I used to go in my 20s but never felt it was making much of a difference as I found it hard to push myself. I have been thinking about going again but I'll probably sit at home with cake instead

tortoise you're not useless, you're still here and you've gone 6 months without putting on weight.

I joined in the middle of thread 1 and was 13 st 9, only 5 ft 4 so it shows. I'm now 10 st 11 so only 6lbs away from my original goal, although now I'm close I'm thinking of going for 10st as my stomach is still much bigger than I'd like.

human,tortoise you're not the only one to have overdone it. Had a veggie friend over for lunch yesterday so I prepared lovely salads, veggie pasta (which I had a tiny portion of), strawberries and fruit for pudding. Then I ruined it by eating lots of Pringles about 1000 calories worth I can still taste them, my tongue feels like it's been sandpapered, and I have a headache. Feel awful.

human did you have a date? I hope it was a success.

travellingwilbury Sat 30-Mar-13 16:31:50

I am actually enjoying the gym , which is a sentence I never thought I would say . I am going four times a week for an hour or so and it has made me feel a lot better x

I do have to be stupidly sensible and boring with food as well sad

sort of date am friend s with one of dads from school and he asked me to come out with him and his friend for dinner.We been out coffee with others from school but this was his friends from elsewhere ,lot of fun was had and not sure where it go but wahey social life

and a bad day here am so so tired eaten more crap today than in months makes 4 bad days this week ,2 hrs sleep last night is now catching up on me

Hi wllburys

Yeay! A new thread!
Am still a stone down, so am maintaining after an immense effort. I am pleased that I now know how to eat without putting weight on but am a bit frustrated that I can't keep up the effort I put in initially.

Am off on holidays now so can post a bit more! Have been v good today, maybe this week will be a new start but. Doubt it as DH's dad and stepmom are visiting from the USA so improbable...

ICBINEG Sat 30-Mar-13 22:13:29

welcome trav ...liking the gym? crazy talk....

So I came along on thread 1 at 13 st 10 and am now hovering around 10 st. Still 7 pounds to go...

I am suffering cycles...2 weeks it's not easy but doable and I lose then 2 weeks of craving sugar with a strength I cannot fight at all and putting on...over all I am managing to lose some each month but it is VERY slow now. I think I might have to exercise the last bit off...

So tell me about the liking the gym thing again?

Bakingnovice Sat 30-Mar-13 22:18:49

Can I join please?? I have 20lb to lose. I just can't do it. And I'm miserable.

Tortoise Sat 30-Mar-13 23:31:26

Human I'm sure you don't need me to say it, but, go careful not to overdo it and slip back smile . This is one of my worries if I do ever lose this weight! Maintaining it is the hard bit.

I'm aiming to be good for a week as of Monday. DS1 will be 16 on the 8th so no doubt cake will be consumed so if I can do well for the week a bit of cake won't hurt.

Tortoise Sat 30-Mar-13 23:31:41

Welcome newbies smile

Another bad day for me yesterday. A second day where I ate really mindfully, just one piece of pizza, lots of veg and salad but I finished off the Pringles and some cookies and went massively over calories. I wasn't even hungry. Going out today so I expect the final splurge then back to normal tomorrow. Then I might do a fast on Tuesday just to reduce my weekly calorie average.

wilbury that's amazing, what do you do for an hour? Is it lots of treadmill? I always fear if I go I won't use the equipment right and I'll be the largest person there. I've always had the 'I'll go to the gym / exercise class when I've lost weight' mindset but now I have really lost weight I should do it! I do pilates once a week, they make me pay for 6 lessons at a time so let us know how you're doing.

Welcome bakingnovice it is difficult but not impossible. How are you losing the weight? I have found the support and knowledge of this group invaluable so keep us posted.

This is the first year where I haven't eaten dcs Easter eggs! well just one, a small caramel egg I normally eats lots of creme eggs out of habit or tradition, I don't even like them.


I can't afford slip back as no clothes will fit otherwise . I actually felt pretty ill sick last night after eating crap . Think that keep me on track if nothing else will

On flip side as trainjng for a race ( a just to prove i can thing , could not and don't want to keep this level of training up ) I'm working out a lot ( 3/4 hrs a day already done hour of weights plus hour of sprints today ) so should balance out

Baking novice Juno right in

Bakingnovice Sun 31-Mar-13 09:36:33

I'm actually fasting 2-3 days a week but have been maintaining for the last five weeks. Lost nothing. But the suns out so I'm going to try and start my walking again. Really inspired by you all.

travellingwilbury Sun 31-Mar-13 13:50:00

Mrs depp to be , I do 20 mins on the treadmill , half hour on the cross trainer and then some weights , I have started doing the rowing machine as well . I think the secret for me will be to keep changing what u do every couple of weeks or I will get bored . There are many shapes and sizes and I honestly don't think anyone takes any notice . I found it hard making the first step but now I feel at home in there . Honestly in rl I am not really telling anybody as it just sounds wrong and weird coming from me .

It sounds like you have all lost some impressive amounts of weight , is it mostly calorie counting everyone is doing ?


Mix of very low calorie and low carb plus excerscise ( I was a size 24 I'm now 10/12

Tortoise Sun 31-Mar-13 20:46:16

Roast dinner followed by vienetta ice cream! blush
But I did take dc to the field down the road and we played rounders! grin I even did some running!

Ok despite eating crap 4 days this week I'm down a 1lb ( but think this gown to intense training for next Weekend ) but back to being good as found the junk made me feel learthgic and bloated am eating lot more calories but back to protein based and gluten free

Shall have good week then 5 days of after but will aim keep it reasonable

Weigh in day. I have put on about 2 lbs but i don't care because i am still in the 10s! 153.7!

Had a roast dinner yesterday followed by two plates of fruit crumble and custard and three very rich truffles. I ate so much that when dd1 wanted to have dinner in pizza express we went and I was still full so I just drunk a herbal tea. Still full this morning too so I've gone without breakfast. To think there was a time when I would have just eaten more and more. I still haven't quite got the hang of knowing when I'm full during a meal but I often just have snacks rather than a full meal when I'm not hungry.

Wilbury, I am feeling quite tempted to go to the gym. Might start looking about for a sports bra.

Wilbury I started on the virtual band weightloss app and I don't really understand how but I did have a couple of weeks of eating sensibly. Then I learnt about mfp and have been calorie counting ever since. I aim for 1200 to 1500 a day.

Baking novice I'm intending to switch to 5:2 or 6:1 to maintain. I have done 2 fasts after periods of heavy eating (like this week) to kind of kickstrt the diet. Have you found the thread with low cal recipes? I had a lovely butternut squash and chorizo casserole from that thread thread but on a normal day rather than fast.

Well done human. 1lb is really good.

coffeewineandchocolate Mon 01-Apr-13 09:37:31

Weighed in at 10st 8 so 5 off? Think hormones may have a part to play in weight retention last week!

Johhny my plan is to maintain on 5/2 .after butlins but all bets are of for WDw in September i shall not count a calorie in those two weeks

that is fab news good bounce down

I think Easter is like xmas were we all need time of ,same of we go away on holiday we dont want to be counting calories

Bakingnovice Mon 01-Apr-13 11:14:44

Can't wait for today to be over. Have had so much crap lying around and at in laws. Back to normal tmrw. Fast day and hopefully a walk. Well done in losses everyone.

Baking sadly my house is always full of junk due to ds2 and ds3 high calorie/fat diets

but have discovered i no longer like taste of chocolateshock one little bit and that was enough found to sweet

Tortoise Mon 01-Apr-13 19:03:03

Played rounders again this afternoon. I ran around lots grin . Even got a couple of rounders.

This evening I'm feeling a bit grouchy. I know AF due soon so probably a touch of pmt! Plus my brother is annoying me a tad today! grin

I was ratty earlier but cabin fever and seem have loads to do but worked through list and s couple glasses of diet coke helped to

Realised I was wrong earlier and from Monday to Monday I lost nearly a lb! I got confused because I did an extra weigh in before Easter to see if I was in the 10s and I have put on weight since then. So I am very pleased to have lost and to still be less than 11 after eating so much this weekend.

Back to the diet today. Just under 1200 cals thanks to a lovely veggie curry and I have enough left over for tomorrow. Just need to not eat too much chocolate. I only got one egg but dc and dh got loads so I need to not eat them. I expect you ladies to give me a virtual whip, or some other punishment, if I scoff the kids' eggs!

Fantastic result coffee, you must be so close to your final target.

Tortoise Tue 02-Apr-13 18:23:09

Right, it looks like I will be able to book a holiday for July 22nd grin . Just need to finalise place we will be going to and check out a holiday dog care place and book everything. Dogs alone costing £250 for home from home place!

So now I really have to try and lose as much weight as possible!
Going to look into the 5.2 diet but worried about dds asking why not eating any tea etc on fast days.


yay on holiday .That was my motivation to start to .

am being good but looking forward to next Monday and relaxing instead kids driving me mad

Tortoise Wed 03-Apr-13 18:58:38

Now my cooker has gone wrong sad . I do have insurance cover on it but so annoying. Think it's the element in main oven which means the rest of it is functioning fine luckily.

That's bad news about the cooker, it's such a hassle getting things fixed.

It's good news about the holiday, I need to book one for July too. I suppose my target date for weight loss is July. That's 3 months to lose 7 - 13 lbs depending on whether I lose it on my stomach.

We have got a mini break booked next week, just two days in Brighton. I'm wondering if dh will mind if I go to the hotel gym at dds bedtime. He'll probably faint, I am definitely more of a couch potato than gym bunny. I'm going to try to diet even when we're away. My biggest challenge is going to be breakfast if the hotel offers a fry up, pastries, cereal etc.

rusmum Wed 03-Apr-13 19:23:52

CN I join? Lost 3 stone last year, gained 1 back since xmXmas want to lose as much as poss bu may 20 th as I go abroad. But ultimately get the stone back off for good

Tortoise Wed 03-Apr-13 23:25:33

Welcome rusmum smile

I'm feeling low again and ate a big share bag of maltesers sad

Hi rusmun

Dive in , we're all doing own thing but what there is in this thread Is a lot of support

Woe johnnyon holiday and planning be good I'm not planning be good at all next week [ grin]


Bleah on the oven , bad timing . Do you think that was past straw hence malteasers or is it a combination of things ? . Rather than think diet can you think just swapping one non healthy thing for a more healthy thing

Been good after my piggy weekend but my Pepsi max drinking rocketed up but it's school holidays and befn stuck in plus I needed the oomph it's giving me as been moving rooms around which then means needs tidying up spring clean style . Advantage I hope that as we're away from mon-fri next week . Then little two out with their dad all day following sat . In theory house stay tidy so when back school on mon I can do nothing but flop ( been organised uniforms washed dried hung up in wardrobes ready < evil mum >

* baking*

How's the fast Going now home ?

youcan hope enjoying having dh home

Abgirl Thu 04-Apr-13 07:31:03

Hello everyone, can I join? 4 years ago I lost all the babyweight and more after having DS2, and then ever since going back to work FT have spent 4 years putting it all back on again. I comfort eat and am getting through a bout of depression, but do recognise that eating healthily and doing some exercise will help me feel better, whereas crisps, sweets and wine have the opposite effect.

Currently 13.10 and first goal is to beat DH to lose a stone...

Have found your stories very inspirational, I know it's not going to be easy.

Tortoise Thu 04-Apr-13 08:09:40

Combination of things Human. Plus AF due end of the week!
I want to lose weight but it's just so damn hard to find food I actually enjoy eating. I've said this before but I seem to have gone off food apart from crap. sad

Tortoise Thu 04-Apr-13 08:10:20

Oh and meant to say you're welcome to join us Abgirl smile

Welcome abgirl. A bit of a competition is always a good thing, how are you going to beat your dh?

Hello rusmum I'm just losing my last stone. The weight is slowly coming off but it can be boring to get such slow results. But I'm determined to get there.

tortoise are there no healthy snacks you like? (Not that I can talk, I'm still munching on Easter chocolate.) I find it is easy to eat maltesers and stuff because they're there, you don't need to do any preparation, washing, peeling etc. at one point I bought some snack sized packets of dried apricots and raisins for when I needed a sugary snack and some options hot chocolate. I find I don't really need them now but I do have a packet of raisins in my handbag in case I fancy something when I'm out.

Tortoise Thu 04-Apr-13 12:41:53

Well, I do like apples, bananas and grapes. Not keen on dried fruits.

It's lunch time and I can't find anything I want. I've had a bag of tasteless WW crisps (reduced in local shop, thought would try them).
There is tomato soup in the cupboard and tins of beans.
Just don't fancy anything. I'd happily eat another bag of crisps or a piece of cake though.
Right now, I'm having nothing.

I have just remembered that my favourite snack food when I started the diet was pickled onions. They are so low on cals, you can eat a whole jar of silver skins and it's only about 50 cals!

<adds pickled onions and mini gherkins to the online shopping order>

Tortoise I saw some monster munch reduced in a local shop today. It took all my willpower to not buy them. I must avoid that shop for a few days.

Tortoise Thu 04-Apr-13 13:14:35

I love silverskin onions but with cubes of cheese! blush
I had a can of Heinz tomato soup with a hint of chilli and 3 pieces bread and butter. Wasn't meant to have bread with it.

Abgirl Thu 04-Apr-13 13:24:53

Thanks for the welcome. JDswife, we eat the same food for tea, so am concentrating on healthy breakfast and lunch, and healthier snacks when at work (am off with the DSs this week). Other area we differ is exercise, DH was very into rugby and has had to give up through age/bad knee, I don't really do v much at all -however do enjoy aerobics, dance, zumba etc when I give it a go. Did some just dance for the first time for months this morning with DSs, hard work but I have to start somewhere. I have a month's free membership at a gym near work I'm going to start when I go back after easter hols.

We both need to plan healthier evening meals and stop snacking in the evening.

Been shopping with DSs this morning, they both had sausage baps for brunch - I'd already had a bowl of granola and stuck to a coffee only - always have cake usually! And have just had a yummy ham salad for lunch...

Hi Abgirl

Diet suspended here ds3 to children's wards he not well pale and floppy plus seizure monster paying a nasty long visit

So it's crap city on food

Tortoise Thu 04-Apr-13 17:08:36

Hope ds3 is ok Human.

I've spent over an hour trying to clean the cooker. Engineer coming tomorrow to fix it! Bought some oven pride so shelvesvare currently soaking in it. Will do the main oven with it later. Got to leave it on for 4 hours. The engineer is certain to notice its just been done! grin

Ds3 pretty rough seizure lasted ages sad

Tortoise leavr on over night

Abgirl Thu 04-Apr-13 20:17:33

Humancatapult, I do sympathise, one of my RL friends has a DD who suffers from seizures. Never fun to deal with and hospital is hard work too. DS1 spent 10 weeks in SCBU and healthy eating was the last thing on my mind - even if I had wanted to, there weren't the options!

Tea was fish, a small jacket, asparagus and carrots so as long as I keep off the snacks tonight it'll be a good day...

Tortoise Thu 04-Apr-13 20:18:10

I can't, he's coming between 8am and 12 pm. The shelves do actually lookuch better. Oven is under treatment lol. Will do that at 11/12 tonight! grin

Human so sorry to hear about ds3, is he staying overnight in hospital or is he home now? I hope he feels better soon.

Tortoise glad the cooker's being looked at quickly, reminds me mine is overdue for a clean.

Abgirl sounds like a really good day for you, I love asparagus and so filling for the calories. This diet has really made me appreciate vegetables, you can stuff yourself with things like courgettes, peppers, mushrooms, celery and it's so filling. I had a chicken casserole for dinner for the last two nights with all those things in plus a glass of pinot grigio to give it a nice flavour. I hope you had a good evening, when you start a diet your evenings can go on forever when you're trying not to snack.

Unfortunately I then ate about 500 cals of chocolate blush. On the positive side I think dds have given me a bug because we've had 3 upset tummies tonight. Is it wrong that I have enjoyed feeling ill? confused

Ds in picu ( intensive care) as drugs to stop it are so strong that they affect breathing wont know till morning if any damage done to his brain as was over a hour

I bern dispatched to parent accomidayokn to rest


Luckily addenbrooks are good to deal with will just live on junk for now and in scale things I don't care right now

Tortoise Fri 05-Apr-13 08:18:59

Oh no Human. I hope all turns out ok and your Ds is home and well soon.

Human, poor ds3. I hope he is better soon and you're all able to get some rest.

human oh no, are you ok? How awful. Sending him lots of get well vibes. sad

ICBINEG Fri 05-Apr-13 22:10:13

Best wishes human, Addenbrokes is a great hospital as these things go.

Have everything crossed here.

Back on ward now , rescue drugs mostly out system breathing fine . I am living on crap and energy drinks . But hopefully out in time for holiday Monday


Yup Addenbrooks my first choice luckily only 25 mins from m

Phew. Poor thing. So am assuming he has epilepsy?

So glad he seems to be on the mend.

Abgirl Sat 06-Apr-13 16:16:38

Human, glad to hear that your ds is back on the ward and fingers crossed that you are out soon.

Still being good, resisted cake when out for a coffee at the garden centre with my mum this morning, and ice cream at the park with DSs this afternoon. We do have pizza for tea tonight but going to just have a couple of slices and serve with some salad. Tomorrow will be a challenge as DSs are off to GPs for next week and we are meeting at a pub for sunday lunch and to handover - planning to have a salad... How's everyone else's weekend? Hope you've all got some sunshine to enjoy...

Human hope ds continues to make a recovery and he leaves hospital soon.

Abgirl, that is brilliant. Did you look up the calories of the foods you didn't eat? Hundreds I bet! When I started losing weight I was shocked at how I could eat a few hundred snack cals with one trip to a supermarket or a garden centre.

We're having a good weekend so far. Both girls had aparty in a soft play area this morning. Then I had a playdate with dd1 and a school friend of hers. We went to the park and I had one coffee and a small bite of dd1s cookie. Nice to have some sunshine as we've had snow every day this week so perhaps winter is over.

Tortoise Sat 06-Apr-13 20:33:23

Well, i have had plenty of exercise today. Took DDs on a shopping trip to Bristol. Sooo much walking plus walked the mile back to the train station. My legs are aching and I have a blister on my heel.
Dds had fun spending my money in Primark. I bought a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my new DM boots that I treated myself to off Ebay for my Birthday (which is today).
I forgot to buy myself a cake, which is probably a good thing! grin
DDs did buy me some sweets and choc in poundland with their pocket money.
DSs didn't even get me a card sad .
Haven't even got the energy to make dinner! DDs had McDonalds earlier so they have made sandwiches.


Belated happy birthday for yesterday and yay on treat self

Yup ds3 has epilepsy amongst other things . Is a lot better and should be home today just in time go away tomorrow picu wax a precaution as drugs stop the seizure affect the breathing and he had a lot if drugs . His speech more slurred than normal . sad but neuro hopes it come back to where was . It's a wait and see but all agree holiday be good long as take protocol etc with us

Diet has been extremely crap but oh we'll and will just add it to the weight need loose after holiday as going to enjoy myself and not think about it

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 07-Apr-13 08:03:43

Aww human so sorry to hear about your ds- just managed to catch up as been avoiding the thread due to my obscene wine consumption this week blush. I hope ask the scans come back ok- i find that whenever my ds has a long fit it takes at least a week for his speech and coordination to return to normal (although you probably have more experience than me)

Look after yourself and don't worry about the diet-think of all the nervous energy you are burning off!

yeah there scan in 6 weeks but know risks as was over a hour before they could stop it but shall take neuro at his words and ave a dam good holiday

coffee was the wine good shall i budge over for the naughty corner

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 07-Apr-13 09:17:44

Wow! I find 5 mins of fitting hard! You definitely deserve a holiday from the diet. Wine was very good thanks. This well I've very much been in the naughty corner due to dh being at home on a/l. Back on the wagon this week tho so i can fit in my dress for my girls night out on Saturday :-\. Have bought a soup flask for work and everything!

Any idea how long your ds will be in hospital? Di you have anyone who can give you a break/bring stuff in for you?

were going home later .

Nothing more then can do in here .We have rescue meds to use if goes on more than 5 mins and if they fail second dose while calling 999 and Dr agreed can do that just as easy in skegness as at home and Ds has made it clear how much he wants to go to Butlins so we are going grin

i know i sound blase but think its as he had so long now its just part of parcel of his extra needs and go with the well were wait and see and deal with stuff as arises.Tend go with the well live today worry tomorrow ( DD has a life limiting medical condition on top of ds needs)

Am going home later to mad pack and sort stuff out and erm eat cake to is suspectblush

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 07-Apr-13 09:59:06

I know what you mean about coming across as blaise, i do it too-particularly when others are stressing about ds being ill.

A holiday will do you all the World of good!

Tortoise Sun 07-Apr-13 11:41:09

Enjoy your holiday human. Hope you have a good time smile .

Human, I hope ds is out of hospital and you all have a good holiday.

We've had a lovely weekend, went for a walk today with the kids round some castle ruins and by a river. The sunshine was lovely. I can't believe we went from snow blizzards on Friday to lovely sunshine on Saturday!

Good luck tomorrow everyone. As usual I'm nervous about weigh in, I've generally had an ok week apart from lots and lots of chocolate.

Tortoise Mon 08-Apr-13 08:40:11

Well I've gained 3lbs sad .
AF though so a little of that gain may be that but can't keep blaming everything else. I'm just crap at healthy eating!blush

Down 1.5lbs so 10 st 12. Very pleased as I ate lots of chocolate. Dh on holiday for a week so maintaining / losing will be hard.

Tortoise Mon 08-Apr-13 09:04:55

Well done Johnny smile .

coffeewineandchocolate Mon 08-Apr-13 11:16:36

Stayed the same at 10st 12 after a week of excess. Feel really rough tho after the fatty and refined sugar... Making a nice healthy soup for this week to take to work once ds is in bed to try and help me resistnaughty food.

I always put on a few pound on af week tortoise so try not to worry too much!

ICBINEG Mon 08-Apr-13 12:55:50

argh! I forgot to weigh!

I might give it a week to settle after easter binging though....

I made myself feel very ill by stuffing chocs on saturaday night but then managed to have just a starter when the whole family went to bella italia for lunch the next day.

Tortoise Mon 08-Apr-13 13:19:28

There will be eating of chocolate cake today. My PFB grin is 16 today lol grin

Sorry I didn't have time this morning to say a belated happy birthday to tortoise. I'm sure skinnies will look fab with your new boots. And happy birthday to pfb.

Going to Brighton tomorrow to Thursday for a break with dh and kids so you probably won't hear from me til I get back. Not taking iPad, how will I live? It's like leaving a child at home! Mfp tells me I've logged in for 195 days in a row. Wonder if it'll tell me off for ignoring it for 3 days.

Well done johnny! And have a nice trip away, human too. Especially DS enjoy your holiday.

I am 14.1 this morning, so have put a few pounds on but I am not surprised as we have had in laws here all last week and we ate so much, and naughty rubbish too. Am on soup this week.

Happy birthday tortoise ds hope cake was good

No weigh in for me after last weeks crsp eating and this week I'm not even Goibg there

How's this for ironic years I over eaten but seems we have a possible dx gor ds3 vomiting they think has gastro paresis which can occur at any time but linked to his other condition seems his stomach now partly paralised and can't move food through gut so its undigested ends up feeling full very easy but then throws up as no room . Then 5 mins later moaning he is hungry as demstroated in restaurant scene from exorcist no warning and IMF buckets of vomit everywhere but his breakfast and lunch was undigested could been scientific study wise

But cringe trying explain not tummy bug but ekkk bio hazard mask /aprons etc while cleaned up I'm not talking a little he could filled washing up bowl 3 times over but lol he spread it out over floor /table and more floor on way to loos under his brothers arm lots of people who possibily reined their over eating in today < apologies to abyone in the deck restaurant at Butlibs ) ds3 doing his bit help people stick to their diet grin

But ooh confirmed what they feel Is so urgent review when home 7/8 small meals ( not sick after breakfast or lunch at all but not digested ) needs sit quiet not be rushed wtc that be no school then . But said no reason go home early

Butlibs fab decided best not feeding in restaurant but they said we can take meal back and can eat in chalet no problems

So that's me that has to rein in my food eating .ds2 who has to eat loads if high fat and ds3 who wants to eat but can't

Tortoise Tue 09-Apr-13 09:48:55

Oh my human. That sounds awful and would have definitely put me off my food lol. I have a bit of a phobia about vomit. If I'd not known the reason I would have worried for days that we were all going to catch it!
Hope rest of the holiday goes better. smile

ICBINEG Tue 09-Apr-13 10:33:03

human oh dear that sounds like more than a bit of a trial.

sorry I know that is pathetically understating things!

ICBINEG Tue 09-Apr-13 10:34:30

Right so I weighed in this morning...and after a week of easter binging I am now 8 pounds from my goal weight.

So 4 weeks. 4 kilos. start the clock!

Butlins staff are fab and all enjoying self I may require holiday after

Hmm as much as I said intend pig out well I am but not as much as thought I would . Considering unlimited I'm only eating one slice of cake a day < ignores the cooked breakfast and chocolate > scales will not be kind when homeblush

You can do it icb

I had salad for dinner shines halo

But erm ok QD won't discuss the cooked breakfast every morning or the almond cake and cream after dinner or the cookie made with kids at club blush

Hello. Where is everyone? I need you all to come back and whip me tell me off as I have just had an uncontrollable week. Went to Brighton with every intention of eating healthily. I really tried but we just didn't find any really healthy restaurants. One night I chose a Greek salad as it was the only thing without chips and it was swimming in so much olive oil I found it inedible so I ate dds chips. We got back and I've been bingeing on biscuits, chocolate and pringles - in the kitchen when dh and dc think I'm preparing their meals. And I've been eating all their leftovers too, so back to all my old habits. Every day I say 'diet starts tomorrow' and then I eat rubbish at breakfast time and the day gets worse.

I really don't know why I'm sabotaging myself so close to the target weight.

Sorry for the long post I'm hoping that by telling you this I'm going to shame myself to get back to mfp and the diet.

human I'm sorry to hear about ds3, I hope he's ok, and you were all able to have a good holiday despite him being sick.

were home and tomorrow i start being good .Have bad arm after bed to hard and lying akward i think but pita as course i use arm to move so im going in circles am being good and resting it ( so its take away and no houseworkgrin not all bad

johnny tbh i kinda get it think we take eye of the ball thinking almost there few days wont matter

i know i have past two weeks 9 ds3 being ill and then holiday)

so tomorrow we both restart .We can do this

ICBINEG Sat 13-Apr-13 22:26:06

johnny I could have written your post.

What are we going to do?

I don't understand why it was so easy and now it is so hard...

johnny and ich snap. I am a bit ashamed actually. I have to lose some weight because I have a wedding in June with loads of old uni mates and I was SOOOOOO skinny then. I think I am up to 14.2 again, which is crap.

I am not sure what's did last time that made me so hardcore, I jus found myself in a zone of 'no shit'. What shall we do!

Yikes getting a bit crowded over in the oh shit corner. You know they say when women live together there periods run in sinc . Think our diet failures are

Wonder if its as been doing so long having a fuck it month and trying rein it in seems so hard add in the weather bad enough dieting in the winter but when it's spring least meant be that bit warmer weather which would help but instead its still fecking miserable so all wanting comfort stodgy

We definitely need to get back into the zone. Charlie have you bought your dress yet? Maybe you would feel motivated if you had a goal. As human said at the start don't think about the whole 3 or 4 stone you want to lose, aim to be 13 st 9 by the wedding or some other achievable goal.

To get back into the zone I intend to
1. Weigh myself tomorrow. It might not be as bad as I think and if it is it'll give me an idea of how much damage I've done.
2. Buy some cheap size 10 tops that I will fit into this summer.
3. A week of hardcore healthy eating and minimal sugar or snacks. So it will be herbal tea not cappuccino, carrots instead of biscuits.
4. 8 glasses of water a day, I never drink water anymore
5. This will mean absolutely no playdates or coffee mornings or socialising.

I have a food order coming tomorrow morning and I'm going to have very easy to make meals next week as I've got out of the habit of cooking. I'm thinking of salmon and veg tomorrow, vegetable fajitas on Tuesday, stirfry Wednesday.

Come on ladies, we can do it.

i have weighed myselfsad and shocked how much damge two weeks can do and what lucozade 3/4 bottles a day causes( all i drunk ds3 poorly fake energy )

im back on the water to
healthy breakfast now keep up to lunch no snacking

on bright side i still weigh lot less than did lst year so know i can shift it .Am meeting some friends in 3 weeks so like loose 7lb by then gulp time for working out agaun

mind help if saw the sun to

No haven't got it yet. Am back at work from tomorrow full time so can be a bit more disciplined there!
I am going to try really hard for the next few weeks and see how I go.

Well I've bought 5 tops I don't particularly like from m and s that are size 10. I've been decluttering my wardrobe on and off for months and I think it's time I got more ruthless. I still have a few 16s in there and i need to throw them away and my 14s too. I find new clothes and dropping sizes is a big motivator.

Human I need to exercise too, can't make Pilates for the next few weeks so I will take up something at a different time. Or possibly even try ... <faints thinking about it> the shred.

Yup johnny I just looked in wardrobe and thought hmm better rein it back in otherwise none of my lovely new clothes will fit and if we ever get tshirt weather I want be able wear my new clothes . And Gulp 152 days to go my holiday

But 20 to meeting friends not seen in a year

Human do your friends know you've been on a diet? Would be such a funny reaction if you hadn't told them and they met half a human rather than the you of last hear. I expect they'll be really pleased for you.

I have thrown some chocolate in the bin and had toast for breakfast. So far my day is going well. In laws over so we'll have to have lunch out. Fortunately they're thin and never have starters or puddings so I'll order one sensible course.

Icb I hope you're ok.

They know I lost some weight ( its part of online sn forum we camp yearly ) but I missed August last years and were having pre camp meet up may 4th so hoping surprises some

Doing ok so far 2 litres of water drunk . I have found 2 plus litres helps with energy after few days so here hoping does now as I'm rather tired

A half successful day, managed on 1200 cals but ate chocolate and didn't manage the water. I'm now hungry and it's stopping me from sleeping but I need to kep at it. I know that when I'm in the zone I can do it so I guess it might take a few days to get back to it. Wish we didn't have all dds Easter eggs and chocolate downstairs! That's just making it harder.

Hope everyone else had a better day.

Hi johnnu glad a bit better day . Yup think its getting back into the swing of it is hard . And once are it be ok well that's what I'm telling myself

Back to early work outs ~ mutters > but over two weeks I put on 11lbsadbut way I drunk lucozade not suprised that stuff full sugar add in cooked breakfast all last week and dinner plus desert and other go adds up but determined to shift it ASAP
Was good day yesterday hoping with schools back and busy week for me be easiet

Tortoise Mon 15-Apr-13 07:42:04

Right, 16 st 5lbs this week. I keep saying it but I really need to get tough and actually lose some weight. I must be the only one whose been on a weight loss thread since the start and still be 2lbs ABOVE start weight sad blush

Human 11lbs is a lot but I'm guessing you're still a healthy BMi and much, much less than last year. Well done for going back to the early workouts.

I'm glad I weighed myself because I had only put on 1 1/2 lbs and at 153 I'm still in the 10s. I had expected to be in the 11s. I am annoyed with myself as I am going to have to work extra hard this week. Maybe I'll learn from this and not go back to my old ways?

Tortoise it's great that you're still here and you haven't given up. It does take time to change your behaviour as you can see from most of us on the thread. I know that you'll get there.

yeah still am healthy Bmi and i suspect some be down to eating gluten and diet coke etc so hopefully drop of this week

Johnny glad not as ba as you thought and yup can do it


after Easter and school holidays not suprised put on , but you can do it the fact still here is good you so could given up easily

ICBINEG Mon 15-Apr-13 11:02:53

human at that rate you would need to have eaten 4500 kcals a day...

Or in other words MASSIVE water bounce incoming....

ICBINEG Mon 15-Apr-13 11:05:12

My weigh in was 1 kilo down so I'm chuffed about that (just 3 to go now)...but still massively struggling (and failing) to eat only 1200 kcals.

I wonder if it is possible that along with noticing more when I am full (which has definitely started to happen) I am more attuned to noticing when I am hungry?

Well done icb

Hmm was drinking lucozade while ds3 in hospital along with chocolate . And I won't mention that one day last week I ate 2 deserts [ blush]

But hoping your theory is right and drop a few lbs this week

ICBINEG Mon 15-Apr-13 13:39:43

I am predicting 8lb loss for you human.

There is so much I could say on the topic of putting in food and nothing coming out the other end....for a week...and just how much my backside hurts now we are on the far side of this apocalypse. I certainly think it explains why my mid week weigh was so very pessimistic wrt this mornings....but people might be eating lunch.

<ouch ouch ouch>

Tortoise Mon 15-Apr-13 16:22:25

ICB Sounds painful! Did you
look like this >>angry (sorry grin )

Today I've eaten a bowl of crunchy nut with ss milk.
A packet of crisps and a bottle of Budweiser. (blame boyfriend for that, i said didn't want a drink when went in pub with him but he bought me one anyway!
Don't know what's for dinner yet!

Icb sorry to hear you've been suffering. I have had a few issues in that department myself so will be having prunes for pudding tonight grin.

Not sure I've eaten better today but at least it will be under 1200 cals and hopefully I won't go to bed hungry. Lunch was soup with Dairylea dippers and a cadburys caramel egg. Dinner is a low cal slow cooked sausage casserole. I also have some beet root in the fridge. Seemed a good idea when I was buying it but now it doesn't seem so appealing.

Tortoise Mon 15-Apr-13 18:45:46

I had a piece of breaded cod and savoury rice for dinner.
I couldn't finish the rice shock . Only just squeezed in all the fish but only because I didn't want to waste it.

I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I finally listened to the Paul McKenna virtual gastric band CD last night.


Heard good things about the cd


May I suggest moist toilet tissues be your friend for a few days

Been ok today one can of Pepsi max as been dealing with stressful phonecalls ( chasing ds3 various Drs try get them talking to each other ( we have 12 ( including physio /otbut over 6 hospitals and they all in caperable picking phone talk to each other bloody egos .
But Diet Pepsi better than chocolate )

ICBINEG Mon 15-Apr-13 19:23:31

Ha tort my face was more like (in chronological order)


Tortoise Mon 15-Apr-13 20:10:34

grin grin icb.

Ha ha!!! Oh no sad grin

14.0 this morning so no where near as bad as I thought, I ignored the doughnuts at work and did slip up and eat some crisps and cottage cheese but then added a couple of rolls and that was my tea. Soup, apple and yoghurt otherwise. I will lose more weight!

Am aiming for a stone to start with. The wedding I have to go to is on the 22nd of June so I have a few weeks to do it.

Tortoise Tue 16-Apr-13 07:25:15

I was thinking of having a fast day today but I've woken up really hungry!

Icb that made me laugh! I hope you're feeling better.

Checkpoint, that's plenty of time for you to make a difference.

This morning I watched the first part of 30 day shred! I am feeling ill at the moment so not ready to do it. I went to he doctor as I've had stomach cramps since friday and some constipation. It's just a virus but combined with my already quite low blood pressure I've also been feeling nauseous and dizzy. Doctor has told me to rest for a week and come back if I don't feel better. Gah, i'm trying to be more active not less.

Anyway despite feeling like crap I am eating healthily and am feeling like I can lose the weight. I have bought some size 10 trousers from eBay to further motivate me. Only 8lbs til I reach target BMi of 25. I want to be there by 1st July.

ICBINEG Tue 16-Apr-13 14:50:26

ohh! that is almost exactly what I had last week.

My advice is to get on the anti-constipation meds asap. wink

No need, I now have the opposite problem!

ICBINEG Tue 16-Apr-13 15:38:20

ohhh dear...that's not much fun either!

oh dear johnny upside think of the weight losswink

checkpoint yup slow and steady you can do it

first fast days are hard but i do find it helps

am sticking with it so far and think heading back into swing of it the need for sweet stuff calmed down .though still got to go workout after dc left for school.Hoping good loss this week

Finding it hard to eat as well so let's hope weigh in will be a good one!

Human I feel the same, dds Easter chocolate doesn't seem that appealing to me so apart from being poorly I think I'm getting back to normal. I'm sure you will have a good loss it always seems to be the way that we have a few days off, we put the pounds on, and then lose them quite quickly.

ICBINEG Thu 18-Apr-13 11:07:16

Okay this is just unfair!

I still fecking LOVE chocolate. Less than a week a go I ate about 12 of my mums praline seahorse thingies (she didn't want them - I am not that awful) and was like...are there any more?

Sorry about that icb! I think the difference is that I don't inherently enjoy the taste of chocolate (apart from a bar of cadburys bournville that can last me weeks) but on some level have a sugar addiction. So when I do stuff like scoffing chocolate as I was doing last week it was uncontrollable and not very satisfying. My taste preference has always been savouries so give me crisps and bread any day.

Although food of any kind would be good at the moment. Still feeling sick, think I managed about 700 cals yesterday and even that was an effort. Went to bed with a bucket next to me!

cookieowner Thu 18-Apr-13 12:23:39

Hi everyone
I am now back from my holiday (amazing experience!!)
so back on the diet as was far too much food eaten over the past 2 weeks!

Hello cookie, where did you go? I had a couple of days in Brighton but I'm sure yours was much more interesting. Hope you're managing to get back into it. I went a bit mad and ate everything in sight. Fortunately my eatings ok again thanks to a bug and a tiny bit of willpower.

I hope everyone else is well too and looking forward to the weekend. We'll probably have a quiet weekend just going to the park.

cookieowner Fri 19-Apr-13 12:01:53

I went on the Disney Fantasy on a caribbean cruise , it was so cool!
Ive always wanted to go, ive been to parks a few times but this was first cruise and i want to go again already!
It was a lot of food though all day long if you wanted ( and 24 room service too on top)
So i havent weighed as got back sunday and so will wait til next week in hope it isnt too bad, but wont be good im sure
We too are having a quiet weekend as need it after past 2 weeks for sure

cookie that sounds like lot of fun

Dives in this weekend am doing nothing if i can help it been busy week .But have stuck to the diet smile so hope will come of


right now i could eat and those seashell things are gorgeous

What a lovely day! It is soooo nice when it is sunny. I have eaten really carefully this week and have seen no weight drop off!?!?!? Grrrrrrrr.

It is lovely today. We went to the park this morning and a local cafe for lunch. I had a lovely chicken schnitzel baguette with salads for lunch. I hate the way that eating out is so carbs based, I'm sure my baguette had hundreds of calories but it was the healthiest looking thing on the menu. I'm almost better now and have eaten practically nothing all week so for once I'm not too bothered with calories. I'll be very upset if I haven't lost the 1 1/2 lbs I put on last week if not more.

Checkpoint, well done for eating so well. I have had a couple of weeks where I have eaten really healthily and lost nothing, try to keep going and you might see a bigger loss next week. Or if you're really bothered start weighing foods again, just to check you're not eating more than you think.

Cookie your holiday sounds wonderful. I am very envy.

Checkpoint i agree weather really makes a differance .Hmm hoping scales moved this morning .Are you drinking enough water to ?


Yes i am finding it tends lean more Carb heavy or with mayo

ok after last week gain of 11lb after two bad weeks( one hospital one holiday ) .I am down 10lb shock so only 1lb heavier .Think lost must been that eaten gluten and not enough water those two weeks

Yay human! That's awesome.

I also have good news. Down 2.2 lbs to 10 st 10.8 lbs. Only 5lbs from target! (but I think I'm going to have to reduce target. I still have a big tummy and waist). Next week I'd really like to be 10 st 9 as that would make my loss 3 st in total.

way to go Johnny

hmm it may that dirty word exercise needed to target certain areas But yes i lowed mine from sitting between 10 and 10- 7 to sitting between 9,7 and 10 stone

Yes you're right, I do need to do more exercise.

I've been doing pilates but can't do it for a few weeks so looking for a course on a different day. I'm slightly scared of doing abs as I have had a bad back before so I definitely want someone to watch me rather than watching a video or doing it on my own at home. I've been looking at personal trainers and they're so expensive and increasingly they try to teach you about diet too andi don't feel I need to pay someone to do that.

<goes off to google local classes>

ICBINEG Mon 22-Apr-13 09:45:47

Well I am puffed up like a puff ball today...some sort of a reaction to some medication I I am not using todays depressing weigh in but my midweeker....which was:

9 st 11 and a half...down a pound or so from last week.

I have decided to just do two more weeks on the diet. Otherwise I am afraid it will never end.

So the rules for the next two weeks are NO MORE SNACKS. and exercise EVERYDAY.

It is warm enough to attempt running that should help.

ICBINEG Mon 22-Apr-13 09:46:41

human Ha you beat my prediction by 2lbs!

Nice one!

ICBINEG Mon 22-Apr-13 09:47:57

Nice one Johnny!

Oh we so near....


im now not on diet as such using 5/2 .and any proper diets are short term eg this last week just because of two bad weeks

Exercise 5 days a week will be staying but that is health befits not diet reasons , but if any reason can not do will not beat myself up about it either

cookieowner Mon 22-Apr-13 11:21:08

OO well done , everyone seems to be getting close to their goal , I am still just half way!
weighed and am just 2lbs more than i was before holiday so amazed and really pleased and motivated to carry on now to lose more
2 stone down and 2 and a half to go

That's good news cookie. I reluctantly weighed myself last week and was really pleased to have only put on 1 1/2 lb. given that we've lost stones a lb here or there doesn't seem so bad.

Icb I didn't realise you were in the 9s, you're so close to your target, that's brilliant. How will you maintain? I have a few weeks probably months to go and am thinking of 5:2.

Has anyone heard from youcan recently? I hope she is still doing well.

Last week I started buying my summer wardrobe. I bought 5 size 10 t shirts from marks and spencer and to my surprise they all fit! Clearly vanity sizing but a boost to the ego as I have never been a size 10. I also bought 4 pairs of size 10 trousers from eBay and 1 fits! There is muffin top so I won't be wearing them for a few weeks but I am really chuffed. I have no other summer clothes so may end up in jeans 6 days a week for a couple of months!

ICBINEG Wed 24-Apr-13 09:29:06

this whole last two weeks of diet thing is making me crazy...can't stop weighing myself or thinking about food.

9 st 11 exactly now....

went running last night...well I put trainers on and ran a bit then walked mostly...still I think getting the trainers on may have been the hard part.

Badminton tonight then more running tomorrow!

icb even putting your trainers on is an achievement. I joined a jogging group after dd1 and got up to 'jogging' for an hour without a break. That would kill me now. My main advice is to run at the speed you feel comfortable with. I was über slow. Seriously my jogging was so slow I would get overtaken by pensioners. And it really pissed off the rest of the group who had to come back for me. But I thought it was a massive achievement because even at a slow pace or jogging on the spot you're exercising muscles and when I tried to faster I had to give up after ten minutes and walk the rest of the way.

It is hard to not obsess about food. Even after 6 months of dieting i still have to be mindful of everything eat and I would have thought it would be more automatic by now. I am trying to obsess about new clothes and active things I can do with the kids rather than food because I think it's better to think of something positive than negative.

By the way the pensioners I got overtaken by were walking! I was honestly that slow. A bit embarrassing!

ICBINEG Thu 25-Apr-13 09:59:11

I have been given the advice to do the run at a nice comfortable speed (which is quite fast according to my legs) and then walk till you recover then run again....

this apparently you alternate with slower continuous running until the two activities converge on running continuously at a comfortable speed.

I'll let you know if it works - I have my doubts!

Was 9 st 9 and half this morning (scales obsessed as well as food obsessed).

So I broke the 4 st barrier! 2.5 lbs to go....1 week left....

woooooo hooooooo.

Ooh, that's interesting, I'll be interested in how that works. My problem is once I was walking I'd just carry on. We have quite a nice big park near us so I should probably start running again or even walking would be beneficial as it's hilly. I'm not very good at doing any form of exercise on my own but it might be easier now I'm so much thinner and my boobs are smaller.

Well done on even more weight loss that's about 30% of your body gone. I'm hoping to be at a 3st loss next week but I've eaten a Danish pastry and a muffin today so that's not going to happen!

It is difficult to not weigh yourself daily, it requires so much willpower. Hopefully when you reach your target you'll find it easier to just do it once a week.

Hello! Same this week as last week!
I am going to be hardcore at my exercise session tomorrow, lots of punching and kicking.

1lb down so I'm 149.5 - only .4 away from losing 3 stone! And 4lbs away from target!

Yesterday i ordered the shred DVD. Not looking forward to it but I need to do something. Have posh party next month so I have to buy a dress and I want to be better toned.

cookieowner Mon 29-Apr-13 13:44:53

Thats so good johnny well done - 3 stone is amazing!
I have lost another 2lb so back down to 163 ( 11st 9 )and back to what i was before my holiday so pretty happy with that.
I am desperate to lose more now as seem to have been stuck around 2 stone lost for a while due to many weekends away and holidays!
i really need to stick to it to lose another 2 and half stone yet

Tortoise Mon 29-Apr-13 13:54:32

Sneaking back on to thread blush . Been slacking as usual. But holiday is finally booked for 20th July so things need to change some how.

Took dogs on a nearly 2 mile walk this morning after 2 mile school walk.
Another 2 miles walking later to pick dds up then back home.
Hopefully get back out with dogs this evening.

Hope everyone is ok and doing well. smile

ICBINEG Mon 29-Apr-13 15:37:46

I forgot to weigh myself...but am having super shit AF so I might give it a while...

Tortoise Mon 29-Apr-13 19:27:17

AF here too icb.
Been pretty good today.
Having chicken fajitas for dinner, yum smile .

Tortoise Mon 29-Apr-13 20:33:33

Just been on a walk round the field with dogs. I put Endomodo app on my phone. Its 0.50 miles and I did it twice.
Earlier I did 1.81 miles with dogs.
Another 5.46 miles this afternoon walking to school, round town and to the park after school. Then back to get DD2 from after school club smile .
Plus the 2 miles this morning.

That must work out to be around 10 miles of walking today.

If I can do that every day I will be happy.

quick pop in im down 4lb .and back to gluten free

so back to 9.8 am happy at that and shall work on maintaining it

well done all the loosers

ICBINEG Tue 30-Apr-13 13:07:46

gah I am all fucked off with dieting today.

I am scared shitless of putting all this weight back on...

I don't know whether to keep going till I hit the magic 9 st 7. Or to slow down...or how to slow down (given I seem practically stationary already and am still having to go to bed hungry).


<sorry just need to get that out there...>


I was and am scared of it to .Am trying look at what i eat .

Can you try increasing protein so not so hungry

and maybe keep eye on weight and if get up towards 10 stone cut back a it .

ICBINEG Tue 30-Apr-13 13:56:47

yes I think protein is the way forward for me...although there may be a better solution than fish sticks...

But I don't want to have to think about food all the f'ing time.

Is that really not an option?

When do I get to have take out again? If my current restricted intake really represents a balance point then the answer is never sad.

Sorry, just having a full on life's not fair childish moaning fest.

I mean what the fuck is wrong with me that I can't just eat and enjoy it without becoming house sized?

Tortoise Wed 01-May-13 10:41:17

ICB Sorry you are struggling. At least you have lost lots of weight. I'm still when I was on thread one blush sad .

Trying hard this week though. Just been out with the dogs. Have new trainers, skechers tone ups, my legs were aching half way round. And so comfy smile

Ooh, I'm with you on fish sticks, that would depress me. I'm sorry you're finding it tough. I fill up on veggies like peppers, courgettes and mushrooms. I'll stuff pasta sauces and casseroles with them. A 2 egg omelette with lots of mushrooms and a side salad keeps me stuffed for hours. Think there's only about 15 cals in 100g of mushrooms. I find tuna filling too but don't particularly like it. I also eat bananas when I'm hungry at night unless dd2 has eaten them first.

I did a weigh in yesterday and had put on a lb. I think I only lost 3lbs in April so it is really slow. Sometimes I feel I'm going to still be on this diet when I'm 80. I have 2 pairs of trousers that don't fall down. Bored that I have worn jeans for about 5 days in a row but I have hairy legs so can't wear a skirt

Need to be more positive, we all look fab and are so much more healthy. As hard as this is I can run around after dd2 and that's why I did it.

Tortoise, that's amazing. I love walking when I get the time.

Ordered my shred DVD on Sunday, it's not yet been delivered but I'm kind of looking forward to the challenge.

Tortoise Wed 01-May-13 13:00:41

Johnny I'm aiming to start Shredding again once I've lost a bit. I know it would kill my dodgy knees at this weight. I do hate the shred though wink .

Really boring but grabbed a slim fast shake for lunch. No way I could drink them daily! Would rather have a frijj milkshake. grin

Hi tort, I was a bit worried about the knees as that's the thing most bad reviews focus on. I don't really like exercising at home anyway as I'd rather have someone telling me if I'm doing it wrong but I have a posh do in 3 weeks and the Shred seems like the 'easiest' way of toning up quickly. That and I've found a new Pilates class that I can probably go to as that seemed to be helping.

Hope you have something nice for dinner. I've never had a slim fast but I presume they've got vitamins and stuff. So probably a healthy choice?

Tortoise Wed 01-May-13 19:47:52

Spoiled today's good eating by eating a pie in town and a crunchie blast ice cream.
Dinner was ham and leek in white sauce topped with mash and cheese.
Sure not very healthy but tasty! grin
I need to keep meals fairly normal for rest of the family. Can't afford to be doing separate meals.

Tortoise Wed 01-May-13 21:47:54

Struggling tonight to keep out of the kitchen.
I've had one fairy cake and a bottle of Budweiser. I've got to stay strong after messing up earlier.
I don't want to fail again sad .

It is hard when you want to eat the same as everyone else. I manage by having teeny portions of the carbs or fatty foods and larger portions of vegetables but that's not to say I don't sometimes eat differently to dc, I can't imagine them eating tomorrow's aubergines that I've got planned. I worry about maintenance (not that I'll ever get to that stage as I'm losing weight so slowly) as I do prepare a lot of food now and it will be hard to sustain forever.

Sorry you're struggling tonight, could you have an early night to take your mind off it?

Tortoise Thu 02-May-13 11:04:32

I survived the night! grin
Johnny I think for me I need to just try and eat less. If it's going to be possible to maintain there's no point in me trying to live off almost nothing.
I've read a couple of Paul McKenna books I do agree that diets don't really work long term.
I think that once I get to the point where losing any more isn't possible then that must be my natural size. I will never be a size 10 again, I know that lol grin .

Done this mornings dog walk and just fixed my bike puncture ready to cycle to gymnastics with DDs later.

Feeling so much more positive. Just need to keep it up. I'm sure the weather is helping too smile .

ICBINEG Thu 02-May-13 12:56:47

gnghhh...stuck at 3 pounds above target....why can't I be like human and just bloody focus for a week and lose 4 lbs?

I so so wanted to be done by the end of this week...but I have a BBQ I am catering for tomorrow and my MIL visiting at the weekend...which means cakes and goodies galore..

I really really really need to get this done by my dad's birthday (11th May).

I mean I HAVE TO.

Sorry tort I know I am being a bit of an arse. I think it is mostly the building feeling that I am ALREADY balanced out but still feel like I am having to eat frugally in the diet mode. I am really scared about I cannot keep this up. The only way to survive dieting was to know it was temporary and now it looks like it might not be sad

Tortoise Thu 02-May-13 14:09:01

ICB Is it worth trying to lose 3lbs? Will that make a huge difference to how you look? A diet shouldn't be for life but healthy eating should, with the occasional treat. I know how hard it is but maybe focus more on maintaining your weight rather than losing 3lbs.
I'm probably wrong in saying that, I just don't know but that's how it feels to me. smile. You have done amazing to get where you are.

My turn to moan. Had to buy a smart dress for a party and have really struggled to get something to fit so have felt a bit low about my appearance for a few days. I have bought a dress today, which I don't even like that much but even though my BMi is 25 I feel so fat.

I know I am being stupid. I am more healthy etc and should be happy yet I'm just not satisfied!

My shred DVD came today. Hoping to put dd2 to bed in a minute and to do it before dh comes home from work.

Forgot to say well done tortoise for surviving last night!

I had such a big lunch today (a friend made me do it!) that I have no room for dinner. Think I managed 1300 cals so still a good day but it's frightening that you can eat so much with one meal.

Tortoise Thu 02-May-13 22:24:06

I had a ready meal for dinner. Was actually very nice but was around 500 cals so probably not best choice.

Evenings are always hard. It's boredom, i know, but hopefully I can stay strong.

Tomorrows breakfast will be a bellvita biscuit thing. Freebie tester pack with Tesco delivery. Just one single pack but can't knock a freebie grin .

DDs have inset training day tomorrow so will be dragging them plus bfs DS on a walk in the morning! grin. Bf has some work to do so I said I'd have his DS!

Tortoise Fri 03-May-13 07:23:16

Pre weekend weigh in shows 4 lbs loss since Tuesday grin shock
Now have to keep it up over the weekend!

Tortoise Fri 03-May-13 13:14:54

Sooo hungry today but I'm sticking to it even when DDs and bfs DS had chocolate. It smelled so good!

Well done tortoise. 4lbs is brilliant. And well done for resisting chocolate. Did you go on your walk? We have a couple of playdates organised over the weekend so I'm hoping to spend time in the garden getting some exercise.

No more moaning from me, I was getting depressed for no reason. Maybe it's because the weather is nice but I feel so much better today.

Tortoise Fri 03-May-13 14:16:47

Yes we went for a walk Johnny and then went to town. Will go out later too.
I have been a little naughty and had a little bag of mini cookies blush

I did half a shred! I am so unfit I couldn't finish. I couldn't handle the bouncing, I had to hold onto boobs as they were all over the place. Must buy sports bra and try again.

Tortoise Fri 03-May-13 20:39:42

Half is a good start smile .

I had 3 slices of pizza, some chips and garlic bread for tea followed by a toffee ice cream blush .

Lots of extra walking needed tomorrow. Hopefully not undone too much good work in one night.

Tortoise Sat 04-May-13 19:58:52

Had a good day today.
Crunchy nut cornflakes and ss milk for breakfast.
Lunch was a frijj milkshake!
Dinner enchiladas and a few chips.

Was out all morning, went on train to bigger local town. So lots of walking!

This afternoon I have spent a good 2 & a 1/2 hours lawn mowing. 2nd half was rather over grown and long so was very hard going grin . Now pooped!

Debating whether to have a skinny cow ice cream!


Don't look at 3lb to loose look how far you have finding 5/2 working well

Been busy week here . And 18th yesterday much eating of cake /ice cream am planning couple fast days

as have two nights out next weekend involving cake a d Chinese I fear next Monday my scales won't like me

Well done tort

Must admit sun makes things feel better and am wearing shorts

Tortoise what's a skinny cow ice cream? Is it low calorie?

Human on your non fast days are you up to 2000 cals (or whatever is normal for your height?) or are you still fairly low cal?

We had a playdate yesterday and I helped dd1 make chocolate cupcakes with her friend. I ate a few and licked the cake mix bowl. I had such a bad headache last night and I wondered if it was because of all the sugar. I'm not used to eating it these days. I still feel a bit rough this morning and we have another playdate.

Tortoise Sun 05-May-13 11:49:25

Skinny cow mint double choc ice creams are 95 cal. 1.8g fat. I don't think that's too bad really for a treat. Compared to toffee cones from Tesco that are 220 cal! shock

Just been on morning dog walk with DDs smile . Feels good to have done it 6 days out of 7. smile

Ooh, I'll have to look out for them.

After 41lbs weight loss dh has finally noticed I have lost weight! He was playing with dds picking them up and lifting them. So he picked me up and rather than straining to lift me more than 3 inches managed about a foot and observed "you've got lighter, i never used to be able to do that" followed by a change of conversation.

Tortoise Sun 05-May-13 13:12:42

grin Johnny although it must be really frustrating that he hasn't noticed or said more.

My brother has just cooked a chip butty. angry All I can smell is chips cooking angry .

Tortoise Sun 05-May-13 20:01:15

Another good say smile . More gardening done and 2 laps around the field tonight with dogs.

Really hope I get a good result tomorrow.

Tortoise Sun 05-May-13 20:01:31

day not say lol!

I am pissed off that he didn't notice me look thinner but noticed i felt lighter.

Good luck tomorrow everyone. I have eaten small portions of rubbish this weekend so I'm hoping to have made a tiny loss or stayed the same.

Tortoise Mon 06-May-13 08:14:25

Yay 4lbs off grin.
Now 16st 3lbs. Long way to go but hopefully I'm now on track to do it smile .

No change, still 149.7 lbs. oh well, at least I'm not putting on weight but at this rate I won't get to 140 until Xmas!

Good luck everyone else.

Well done torts! That's brilliant new.


Well done tortoise

Johnny staying same is acheivment glad dh noticd your lighter maybe time send him to spec savers wink

Down 1/2lb which is fine as just maintaing next week probably up as have 3 nights out this week

Johnny on normal days I'm only eating around 1600 which seems be about right for me

ICBINEG Mon 06-May-13 11:45:53

2lbs on for me...very sad.

But good going Tort!

I just saw some pictures of me from xmas..when I was already feeling really skinny and pleased with myself...and wow do I look chubby in them now!

I think I am just going to transition quietly into trying to stay below 140 lbs....although I really would have liked to hit my target...even just once..over night even.

Icb, I've learnt from you and human that a gain is usually followed by an equivalent loss the next week so try not to be too sad, it might just come off again. It's a shame you didn't make your target and I completely understand why you'd want to, I feel the same. Even though I don't think BMi is that helpful, especially if you are large of norks like me, I still want to go down to BMi 23 to 24 (140 to 145 lbs). You could always maintain for a couple of months and start another diet at a later date to lose the last little bit.

To compare the two of us I am 5 ft 4 and 149 lbs so shorter than you and almost a stone heavier. Most of the time I think I look pretty damn good (and my friends say i do) so I'm sure you look amazing. I still want to go down. My frustration about how long it's taking is that I don't have any clothes that fit but I know that you hate being hungry on a diet.

Human 1600 sounds low, is that because of your wheelchair? My calorie need is quite low too, something like 1750, because of my height (or lack of it). I'm so jealous of tall women who get an extra 500 cals just for being taller.

Yes johnny I'm finding 1400-1600 is about right am trying play around but yup wheelchair as outside I use a powerchair which not burns a lot but not exact science as some days more as do sports
But you ladies burn calories just standing up sitting down which obviously I don't
Don't think I sit on my sofa more than once twice a week as can gurantee sit down then think something need doing so effort transfer


Think we're around same height ? Maybe maintain a while and see how you feel

I was originally planning 126 -133lbs but I think that be to light and hard to maintain for me

ICBINEG Tue 07-May-13 12:20:08

hmm this doesn't seem to have been a salt bump...although maybe a red meat bump takes longer to....ahem....process.

I certainly have had belly from hell since friday.

Gah I am sorry to be casting a downer...I think I will post some photos of myself so you can tell me how glamorous I look (feel VERY free to lie as necessary) and focus as you say on the 4ish stone gone rather than the last few stubborn pounds...

ICBINEG Tue 07-May-13 20:37:25

Okay I have posted tell me if you think the dress is wearable...

Yum red meat, I've been eating lots of veggie food recently but your earlier post has made me crave meat. I'm sorry you've not been well, hope you feel better soon.

Your two newer photos look amazing (the older one looks pretty good too but there is a difference). You look like a slim person who has never been fat. And you look slim all over. I have a feeling I look like a naturally fat person who's slimmed down and I think it'll take years (assuming I maintain) to see myself as a normal person. I would love to know what people who meet me for the first time think.

I love the dress, although in the photo it looks more like two pieces. What are your concerns with it?

ICBINEG Tue 07-May-13 21:40:00

Thank you!

I had a realisation while helping DD eat her weekly belgian bun that actually I could probably stop worrying that people were Judging me for eating a sticky bun on account of being a lard arse...because no one would know to look at me that I am still, and always will be, a lard arse by nature.

I am also grudgingly realising that not all slim people are that way by natural inclination....some fraction of them must be people like us who are battling to keep it that way...

Regarding slimming down - I think I was pretty odd looking as I lost weight but it has started to redistribute now that I am (kind of) I would give your body a chance to respond....

Mind you I still have something that looks surprisingly like an extra arse on my tummy due to all the stretched skin...but it is receding...very slowly....

I got interrupted by dd2 and hadn't quite finished.

I was going to say don't worry about casting a downer. We all have bad days and self esteem issues and need somewhere to moan or try to establish what's normal. A couple of my friends have said I don't need to lose any more, my best friend is very unsupportive and dh is crap so this is the only place I have to vent on my bad days.

Yup, think I am a natural lard arse too. I had thought by now I would be able to retrain my body to instinctively make the right choices but I haven't so it's a lifetime of mindful eating. I still find it hard not to eat everything on a plate, even when i'm full?

I too have a saggy, stretchy second arse on my tummy and lovely wrinkled skin and stretch marks, it's most attractive.

Tortoise Tue 07-May-13 22:24:08

Wow ICB you look amazing. Well done smile.
I think the dress looks great.
I really hope i can get to that stage over the next many months!

One thing i keep forgetting to do is take a before photo so i can compare the two one day.

I used to be stick thin until i had Ds1 16 years ago. Since then i've gradually got bigger. sad

ICBINEG Tue 07-May-13 23:31:51

Ooohhh I stupidly had thought my tummy arse was unusual!

johnny I do believe your DH has managed something special on the not noticing front...and I do kinda think it is a sideways complement to you as a whole person! But I hear you on the friends undermining...although mostly with me it is family.

tort I know you are going to make it - coz you are doing it right now!

The dress is one piece but has some frills right on the waist line in he perfect place to cover up any stretchy shaper tights lines. I think it may have been designed by some sort of genius!

Tortoise Wed 08-May-13 13:10:54

Slipping a bit today. Had a twix. And didn't have time to take dogs for a walk.
Waved DD2 off on her school residential this morning. She's back Friday. I will really miss her sad .

Also had bfs DS for an hour as he has chicken pox so off school. Bf had a few bits he needed to do.

Chicken casserole and garlic bread for dinner tonight.
Then I will be strong and eat nothing else! grin

Tortoise you are doing so well. Casserole sounds lovely. I'll be having veggie fajitas tonight with yogurt and a tiny amount of grated cheese.

Weighed myself today (naughty) and was down 2lbs since monday. So 10 st 7.5! I imagine I haven't been that weight for 20 years so I was chuffed. I also measured my bum and that's 38 inches. You were right icb about the weight redistributing in weird ways so I've had a gradual weightloss since about February but inches suddenly coming off.

cookieowner Wed 08-May-13 14:16:08

i think you look really slim in that dress ICB so dont see why you are at all worried!
I lost another 1lb this week so still soooooooo slow progress
Also went away at weekend so probably wont see a loss this weekend again hmm
i really want to get down below 11 stone before my summer holiday but at this rate it isnt going to happen as only 7 weeks and 10 lb to get there

ICBINEG Wed 08-May-13 15:14:33

Nice one Johnny! Welcome to your new size 10-12 arse! (That's not even vanity sizing...that's real sizing smile )

Tortoise Wed 08-May-13 16:08:44

envy of 10-12 arses!
Why am I already sabotaging last week's good result? confused
I was hungry when picked DD up from school. Ended up having salt and vinegar square crisps and a Snickers. So angry with myself.
I must not fuck up again!

Ooh, I have never been a size 10. I do have some size 10 clothes now. Some look ok and others I squeeze into.

Cookie it is slow. A friend of mine is on the Cambridge diet and it's predicted she'll lose3 st in 3 months (it's taken me 7). I was a bit jealous at first but she is a size 8 person who put the weight on through ill health and needs a kick start before she eats normally. I know I moan constantly about how long it's taken but it's probably necessary for me to go through this process, tedious as it is, as I have over eaten since I was a child.

Tortoise were you truly hungry? I would say if you were really hungry (and not eating through habit) it's ok to eat stuff like that occasionally but try to find more healthy alternatives most of the time. And perhaps have a smaller dinner? You're doing so well.

Tortoise Wed 08-May-13 18:48:01

Yes I was hungry but one or the other would have been enough, didn't need both.
Dinner was nice. Probably still too bigger portion though. But was only chicken, onion and vegetables.
Ate more garlic bread than I should have.

Off on walk with dogs in a bit to walk it off!

Tortoise hope you're having a good day. I need to follow your walking example. Both my kids are excellent walkers but lazy mum prefers to sit on her bum.

Think I've been measuring myself in the wrong place as my waist is only 31 inches today. It has been 34 since xmas yet hips and boobs had gone down so I was feeling frustrated as I'd always wanted to go to less than 32 inches on my waist. I am such an idiot, how could i be so wrong for months? Having a mini crisis, don't know if I'm fat or thin! BMi 25.3 so objectively still overweight. Objectively I think I am ok but frightened of finishing the diet so will still aim for 10 stone!

Probably shouldn't have said mini crisis it's really not that dramatic but I am confused and will need to adjust my perception of myself. I never thought I would have this "problem".

Tortoise Thu 09-May-13 12:20:52

Not too bad so far, thanks. I went for a good walk this morning with dogs. Got soaked on the way home!

Had 2 small home made fairy cakes blush
Dinner will be a ready meal. DD has gymnastics.
I'm missing DD2 sad . She will be home tomorrow afternoon. I hope she's had a good

Tortoise Thu 09-May-13 14:20:48

Arrgghhh! I had BFs DS again this morning for couple of hours. He phones saying back in 15 mins do you want a cake or anything from shops. No thanks I say, I'm trying to be good! He comes back with a big bar of Bubbly choc.
I love that stuff but easily eat the whole bar. I've put it away in the cupboard. Maybe can save it until Monday weigh in if I've done well! Or share it between dc. Although that will be sooo painful blush .

Tortoise Thu 09-May-13 21:39:38

I ate it, all 90g and 480 calories of it sad angry blush

Tortoise Fri 10-May-13 20:59:43

Feels a bit lonely on here, talking to my self sad .
Tonight had McDonalds so I'm going to have to work hard for a loss this week!
DD2 is home grin . She had a fab time.

Glad dd had good time tortoise

Max week this week out Thursday night was out tonight and ekkkk responsibility for setting all school alarms and locking up was all mine and I got keys all weekend ( paranoid about loosing )

Am out tomorrow well tonight for 50th Sunday be eating junk just get through day

Monday will not be good on the scales


Yup I Fekt like that eating ice cream

Oh and I another with a saggy tummy arse to

Well i just went to a children's party and for the first time ever only ate fruit left over on dds plates. Not even tempted to eat cocktail sausages, biscuits or sandwiches. Which is just as well as I'm going out tonight and so might indulge.

Tortoise, does your bf know your dieting? I wondered if he was trying to sabotage it. In the early days of my diet I threw food away to stop me eating it. Have you ever thought of doing that? It seems so wasteful but part of the reason I got so big was that I was brought up not to waste food and now I'd rather throw food away than be fat.

You're not your.

<blames on autocorrect when really it was human error>

Tortoise Sat 11-May-13 14:11:43

He knows I'm trying to lose weight but I'm sure he doesn't think I can do it, not surprising when I've failed so many times and getting to the point of not believing I can do it myself sad . I wish I had the strength to bin in. My brother did offer to eat it! I too struggle with not wasting food.

I wish I knew why I am such a failure sad .

Tort you are not a failure. Losing weight is hard, that's why there are hundreds of threads with people struggling to do it. And trying to lose weight without the support of your bf makes it even harder.

Are you good at confrontations? Next time bf gives you something like that, after you've said no I would throw it in the bin in front of his face and say you didn't want it. Even if you get it out of the bin when he's not looking he'd hopefully not do it again.

Good luck tomorrow, you really deserve to lose. You are doing so well with the exercise and smaller portions.

Tortoise Sun 12-May-13 23:15:05

I know there will be no loss tomorrow.
Next time i will make it clearer that i don't want chocolate. I couldn't bin it in front of him, i think i would be hurt if was the other way round.
I just have to be stronger, i just don't feel strong at the moment. Why does it have to be so hard to lose weight! It's so easy to put it on. sad

Tortoise Mon 13-May-13 07:33:46

Some how I stayed the same weight.
Happy that no gain. Wish was a loss though.

Well done not putting in Tort and your right it is hard

3lb on this week but that's expected was out weds/frid night and then Chinese buffet Sat night for a 50th .

So couple fast day coming up

Well done johnny that's some acheivment

That's good tort, just be strong when bf tempts you. Just give it back to him. Or give to your brother.

2lb loss for me, which is the biggest in ages. So 10 st 7.7. Really pleased as I went out lots last week and must've made some good choices.

Tortoise Mon 13-May-13 08:19:06

Well done johnny smile .

Well done johnny

I did not make good choices but I enjoyed the wrong choices wink

ICBINEG Mon 13-May-13 14:28:17

Well I got back down to my lowest but then had birthday meals out etc. at my parents (DF is 65) and put 4lbs back on. So hopefully this week will follow the same pattern...and I will be back down to 'normal' by next Monday.

Would still like for 'normal' to be 4 lbs lower but hey.

My sister was super jealous in an amusing way...she has always been the skinny one in the past smile

Several people who have seen me maybe once a year in the past actually failed to recognise me...or mistook me for my skinny (5 years younger) lots of positives to take away as well as the 4lbs exra baggage....

Nice one johnny and tort!

johnny - you are so very nearly there!

tort - you are also nearly there in terms of tipping it over into long term losing. Sorry your BF is not on board yet...but it is hard for them..because suddenly we are sometimes saying 'no I shouldn't' and actually meaning it. Me and DH had to develop a new 'code' so it was clear when no meant no and when no meant I will slash my wrists if you don't find me chocolate right NOW.

Tortoise Mon 13-May-13 17:43:21

I have a really bad headache today. Trying not to snack but I did have 7 jaffa cakes earlier! Normally would have been the whole packet! grin

ICB Luckily he doesn't buy me chocolate very often. It was just because I'd looked after his spotty DS! grin
Sounds like a nice compliment being mistaken for younger sister smile .

Ooh icb were you we're wearing that dress? I told you that you looked fab in it. smile

Tortoise I hope the headache goes.

Had a lovely beef stirfry tonight, only about 250 cals. I need to be good as it's dd1s birthday next week and it will take all my willpower not to eat all the haribos and other treats I've bought. Would be awesome if I could meet target (10 st 5) next week but I suspect I won't be that lucky.

Hmm and now I'm craving Jaffa cakes. grin

Tortoise Mon 13-May-13 23:23:52

Johnny Its my DD1s 10th birthday Friday and my brothers too. Then my aunties on Sat (lives miles away so won't actually see her!) and then it's my bfs birthday Sunday! grin


I hope you enjoyed it you deserved it after all hard work

Tortoise hope your headache gone and well done not finishing packet ah seems our dd not far apart in age mine was 10 few months back

Johnny hope dd enjoys

Going have a second fast day to try undo my 5 days of eating and drinking to exvess last week .
Am back to upping the water and working out as had let in drop so going try three times a week

Tortoise Tue 14-May-13 07:27:04

Woken up without headache but throat is sore, nose runny and sneezing. Feeling pretty rough right now. sad

Oh no Tortoise

Mind sure this stupid weather not helping with how changes

ICBINEG Tue 14-May-13 09:01:36

yup it was the dress smile

am working up the courage to wear it to work....people will probably pass out at the sight of me in a skirt let alone a dress..

sorry you are en-colded tort!

ICBINEG Tue 14-May-13 09:02:02

ohh I forgot to take my photos down!

Sounds like you're the opposite to me icb. I used to live in dresses, partly because I'm lazy and it's just one item to put on, and partly because I thought they were more flattering to my larger figure. Now I wear jeans a lot and I saw a friend on friday who observed that in the fifteen years she'd known me she'd never seen me in jeans before.

does happy dance i just paid last bit of holiday ofgrin now to make sure dont put on weight gulp

ah im a jean person no matter what size been .Though saying that i did wear skirt other day

Tortoise Tue 14-May-13 13:59:21

Yay well done Human.
I still have to pay my holiday up and dogs holiday care! If I could just get some items sold on Ebay it would help! grin

Just need to have a moan! Started taking mini pill just over a month ago. AF was a week early, lasted 2 weeks. Now, today, AF has reappeared angry .

Ugg hopefully it settle down . I have the mirena coil and think I've had oh 4 periods in the last 5 years and they only couple days

Tortoise only because knew had stuff need pay next month and it due early July so running out of time

On and have next sales in July grin I want some shorts and summer dress to

Tortoise Tue 14-May-13 22:20:28

I had the mirena until Dec. Was due to be removed. Think would have been better just to have had another put in but thought would try something different!

Tortoise Wed 15-May-13 11:53:12

Having a bad morning. Just fried some chips for lunch.
It was all I fancied eating.
I have been for a walk round the field with dogs.
I think it's boredom. I have loads to do but just no energy to do it! My house is a pigsty sad


Are you drinking enough water ? I find this can make me feel worse

Aldo suspect house not as bad as you think just seems that way

Tortoise Wed 15-May-13 19:06:39

Yes I drink lots of water. It's pretty much all I drink other than frijj milkshakes or Budweiser grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewidge Thu 16-May-13 09:13:42

Tortoise I hope you're feeling better now. Are you organising parties for everyone? We're taking a few friends to a soft play centre and having a small party after school next week so I have to do online shopping today and my most hated thing which is wrapping pass the parcel presents.

I weighed myself today and I have reached my target. 145.3 lbs so BMi is 24.9 so only just healthy. Thank you for all your help ladies, I really have no other way of getting things off my chest and could not have done it withoit you. When I started this I don't know if i seriously thought I'd lose 45lbs, the target just seemed so far away.

Still can't quite believe i'm normal weight, it will take some time to change how I feel about myself. I think I'm going to try to go down to 140 slowly and see if I'm happy with that.

ICBINEG Thu 16-May-13 09:31:43

Whooooooo! johnny congratulations!

That really is tremendously awesome!

I was having a shitty day and now I am all smiles for you!

JohnnyDeppsfuturewidge Thu 16-May-13 09:58:08

Thanks icb, weird, the weight loss has been slow, slow, slow for ages and then I lost 4lbs in about 10 days. I suspect I'll be up by Monday but it's good to know I got there once. I hope your day gets better.

Must google bra shops, no excuse to still wear grey, saggy maternity bras.

Tortoise Thu 16-May-13 16:36:01

yay well done grin .
I'm not too bad. Got a headache again but wondering if because I've cut down on chocolate and crap. Still eating some though blush .

No party but DD1 is having a few friends round next Friday. Would have been this Friday but I just haven't felt up to sorting the house so I've said will sort it next week.

I have fairy cakes, chocolate brownies and a birthday cake to make tonight. Also have parents eve for DS2 and DDs have gymnastics.
I'm already shattered after birthday shopping all day!

Fantastic news johnny well done and it takes ages sink in

Glad feeling bit better tortoise

Anyone heard from youcan?

Well I so can't break my diet was pointed out in meeting today that summer fair in June I got have my picture taken with the mayor got local paper arghhhh was almost enough send me into cake eating

Tortoise Fri 17-May-13 06:42:59

Ooh exciting Human grin . At least you will look fab in it smile .

Last night my nose started again and I've woken up early with it streaming sad . Nose is sore and I feel rough.

DD1 birthday day today. I still have the cake to make! Made brownies and fairy cakes last night. I might have eaten some brownies to taste test it before its taken to school blush .

ICBINEG Fri 17-May-13 09:39:32

ohh happy birthday!

How old is she? And what theme cake? <getting increasingly desperate about DD's approaching 2nd birthday>

Tortoise Fri 17-May-13 10:25:02

She's 10. Cake is hopefully going to be this one (hope link works on app!) grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewidge Fri 17-May-13 10:48:31

Wow tortoise that's amazing. I have a long history of failed baking experiments and so would never try to make an important cake like a birthday cake again. I made cakes for dd1's 1st and dd2's 2nd birthdays and wouldn't let anyone eat them! (other than dh who seems to like dry, rubbery, crumbly and slimy cakes!)

I saw youcan on a thread about driving the other day, she's just started lessons. I wished her luck but I think she's forgotten me sad

Went into white stuff yesterday and the old me came back. Not sure what the occasion was but they had a table at the front with crisps, doughnuts, biscuits, cocktail sausages... I stripped that table like a swarm of locusts in a corn field. Carb overload. Too scared to weigh myself today! blush

Johnny its ok we all get days like that soon balance out


I am seriously impressed I do not make birthday cake or Xmas cake ever as cake disaster is the outcome .

Supermarkets for me or ds3 in July check out which mum does as a Hobby from home I taste tested couple of her cupcakes

ICBINEG Fri 17-May-13 14:04:50

ohh that looks like cool cake!

Tortoise Fri 17-May-13 19:40:42

I've added 2 pics to profile of the cake. It turned out so well. I'm really pleased with it smile

ICBINEG Fri 17-May-13 19:57:08

AWESOME effort! I am inspired by all your cake pics!

Tortoise Fri 17-May-13 20:40:03

Thanks. I do enjoy making cakes but some probably look better in the photo than they do close up lol grin . But they do normally taste good!

<cough cough>

Hello everyone.

I am coming back on Monday.....approximately 7lbs heavier.

My life has gone mental. I now have a part time job, am volunteering in a primary school, am learning to drive, am chairperson of a toddler group, applying for jobs at CCC's school and now....back on a diet as of Monday.

I literally cannot sleep as have so much on with children and work etc So food has been a comfort again.

Overall I have still lost 1st 5 lbs....but I need to replicate that.

I am armed with a ZUMBA dvd now and I WILL do this again. Just need to focus.
How is everyone???

Tortoise Sat 18-May-13 10:22:35

Good to see you back Youcan smile .

I'm not sure I will have a loss this week. Start of the week was good but downhill since then.
Cold = comfort food and DDs birthday = cake and McDonalds!

Cold seems to be worse again. Feeling pretty rough. Still in bed! grin

Tortoise that cake is amazing. I could never do anything like that. I hope dd2s having a good day and that your cold is getting better. It's a busy weekend for me, 2 children's parties (including 1 for dd1) and 1 adult party. There's no point even trying to diet so I am going to have an indulgent weekend then start again Monday.

Welcome back youcan, wow you have been busy. And well done on the weight loss. Overall you're still down by a long way. I'm guessing you're about 12st now so I bet you look great. Good luck with the driving, it took me 23 years to pass (with a 20 year gap in the middle), I bought a car this week and am too scared to drive it!

I reached target but set a new lower target. I think your body changes physically before you do mentally and there's a phase where you still think you're fat even though you can tell objectively from the scales and the tape measure that you're not. So I'm fitting in 10/12 clothes but I don't feel thin! I know I'm being stupid so I'm just going to slowly lose another 5lbs to get down to 10st to see how I feel.

Ekkk back handed compliment today I mentioned my eldest 19 today and eye brows went up so pointed out I'm 40 this year and they were shocked . Seems I lost few years along with the weight lol

Impressed tortoise love that cake hope feeling better

Welcome back youcan sheesh in tired from just reading what you been up to

Johnny I did that still can not get my head round it but think I found my happy medium weight wise now after adjusting it

Tortoise Sat 18-May-13 18:02:29

Cold eased off a bit. Took DDs to park for a bit. Cake wasn't that hard to make. It has caused a funny side effect.
DD1 called me into the bathroom earlier in a panic. "mum my poo is green". I take a quick look, think about what's been eaten, then crack up laughing! Must be from colouring in cake grin . DS1 also had same! grin

<hangs head>

Ok I am a bit more than half a stone heavier...I am waaay up.

But still not unsalvageable. So I need to have a really good week and lose about 5 lbs.

Here goes................

Goodluck everyone smile

Tortoise Mon 20-May-13 07:51:33

I'm 16st 1 3/4 so just over 1lb loss! Might as well call it a lb! Not much but in the right direction. Surprising considering crap I've eaten.
Had a terrible nights sleep. Cold has added a cough to it! sad

cookieowner Mon 20-May-13 12:33:42

3lbs off for me this week grin so down to 11st 6
welcome back youcan, main thing is you still want to lose weight and havent given up!
well done to everyone who s lost this week

<waves to everyone>

It's been a busy weekend that involved lots of food so having reached 10st 5 last week for all of five minutes I'm back to 10 st 7. We had a party for dd1 and have another small one tomorrow so the house is still full of crisps and sweets which I've been unable to resist. I might have to throw the rest away on Wednesday which is wasteful but otherwise I'll eat them.

Youcan I'm sure you'll find your diet mojo when you get back into it. 5lbs is very ambitious, I hope you manage. Like cookie says it's great you haven't given up.

Cookie and tortoise well done! 1lb is still very good, if you did it every week it would be a good, steady loss.

2lb of for me . Happy with that as was up 3lb last week but have had ds1 birthday and yummy cake

Yikes johnny Shame not nearer or I offer you a teen to Hoover any left overs up


Welcome back you came back so that's biggest step and look how much lighter you are than when first started


It will do it better slow than fast and fall of hard

Oh you have all done well! Well done grin
I have been for a run..had a good day and feeling optimistic for now. My target is still 10st 10 so nearly two stone to lose but achievable.

Goodluck for this week all thanks

ICBINEG Tue 21-May-13 01:39:05

Hey youcan nice to see you!

Nice one all you losers too.

My weight is bouncing around like a helium balloon with an infuriated toddler attached....

Around 9st 11 again...but I have a couple of good weeks coming till the weekend of combined DD and DH birthdays anyway...

On the one hand 9 st 7 is starting to seem impossible...but on the other hand I have been between 9 st 7 and 10 st for over a month and a half my long term goal is is getting met...just would have been nice to get down there once...

Icb. My weight doing the same I bounce between 9.7 and ten stone .

The fact you maintained it shows that mindset has changed and making right choices

Am back to working out as realised its only 16 weeks to my holiday and I will be wearing shorts for definite those two weeks

Tortoise Wed 22-May-13 13:06:30

How's everyone doing so far this week?
I'm doing ok I think. I did have a twix yesterday! blush
Just have to keep it up!

Hi tortoise. I've had such a busy few days I haven't had time to do mfp or cook myself proper meals since Friday. I have been eating rubbish but then going without a meal. So yesterday I ate birthday cake and lots of sweets and then went without dinner. I have had a salad today and might take dds out for a pizza tonight so I can at least have a pizza express leggera which isn’t too bad at 500cals.

Still surrounded by sweets, finding it hard to resist but if I can just manage 2 or 3 good days it should get easier. If I can manage 5 good days I'd like to lose next Monday.

Hey - I have not been brilliant...I am having a mega stress as have an interview on Friday. Every few minutes I get palpitations and feel sick. i had some chocolate and half a glass of wine. I just needed something.

But I have still lost a couple of pounds so not completely ruined.

I am so cross at myself for getting into such a state. Rehearsing my interview with myself and I just blather on and then get mind blank. I have good answers but getting them out is proving awkward sad

tortoise how you feeling ? Better one twice than whole packet

youcan good luck for interview tomorrow . That's not bad at all

johnny yes party's dangerous time and it dies seem should name loudly

Been a busy week . Going only get worse with Summer fete coming up .But am trying not take eye of the ball . Though that day anything goes grin

Tortoise Thu 23-May-13 21:33:05

Today not been so good. Cough has been worse and went to doctors. Chest etc clear so just my asthma playing up from having the cold. Have to use a preventer inhaler morning and night as well as my ventolin inhaler. Hopefully that will help it.
As for food, not as bad as I used to be but not great either.
DD1 has 4 friends coming round after school tomorrow for belated birthday treat. McDonalds has been requested! blush

Tortoise Fri 24-May-13 07:50:41

Pre-weekend weighin very disappointing sad .

Tortoise Fri 24-May-13 11:58:10

I don't know what's wrong with me today.
So far I've eaten...
Rice krispies square bar.
2 gold bars.
2 pks of crisps
Pot noodle
angry blush
Plus a frij milkshake.
And having McDonalds tonight sad .

Hey I agree macdonalds it is then

Tortoise do you think when weighed in and scales were not good that you had a feck it moment ?

I know if I do and they up I tend think oh well might as well eat what ever

Tortoise Fri 24-May-13 16:15:21

I'm not sure Human. The trouble is I don't think before I eat. Just grab whatever out of the cupboard when I walk through kitchen.
Will have to try and have a better weekend.

Can you put them in a box with lid inside cupboard as gives you that few seconds more to think
Could not complete workout this morning ds3 woke early 6am . Trouble is by tonight once little two down I can rarely be arsed to do it . Looks like I need back to getting up at crack of dawn

Lost that last 1lb that had put on and it took another one with it so 2lb of for me and back to maintaining

No more meals out or anything planned to 30th June summer fete . I'm either going end up eating crap with nerves or be do busy wont have time to eat . Then next one be ds3 birthday end if July

Well done human. How did you lose that weight? Was it using 5:2? Or did you spend a week dieting again? I am interested because I lost 2.5 lbs and am less than 10st5 so thinking about maintaining. Having met my target of 10st5 I now have a new target of 10st. I might lower that again as I saw a video of me taken at the weekend in which I still looked larger than I would like. I'm short so wouldn't exactly be tiny if I were 9st 7.

Youcan I hope your interview went well.

Well done johnny though just check your perception of self is not of .

I find I'm more critical of myself weight wise than i was when was far bigger

I did 4/3 to loose it but back 5/2 to maintain

Tortoise Mon 27-May-13 09:21:52

Well done on losses.
I lost 1lb somehow. Have been terrible all weekend blush .
Still have really bad cough. I can't do much without getting wheezy and short of breath then coughing. Pelvic floor muscles are failing too and I keep leaking when I cough too much blush (sorry tmi there lol)
DDs are sad that we can't go out for a day out as I'm just not up to it sad .

Tortoise I'm sorry to hear you're not better. A lb is brilliant, I disn't really think I deserved my loss either but just as I don't lose weight some weeks I've been disciplined I suppose there'll be weeks I lose when I don't deserve it. Thought humans idea of putting foods in box is good. Might do that myself.

Human my self image is so weird. Every objective measure tells me I look better yet I am more critical than I used to be. It's not helped that I seem to be between sizes. So today's size 12 trousers are far too big but my size 10s fit but with muffin top. Might stop when I am properly size 10 with most clothes. I always wanted to just have healthy BMi but my vanity wants me to be smaller now. When I started (at 191lbs) my goal (145) seemed completely unobtainable, now I'm thinking of 133.

torotise 1lb is good especially with not feeling well .hope you feel better soon


intresting i am the same about being critical about myself now im a normal weight/size and lowered my goal to when got to my orginal

ICBINEG Mon 27-May-13 17:07:53

HAven't weighed in today as had a bingy weekend with parents visiting.

On the plus side I went shopping and bought lots of size 10, 8 and one 6!?! (vanity sizing gorn MAD) dresses though...

Shopping is such a massively different experience now I try stuff on and actually kinda like what I see!

So I think I have my wardrobe sorted for the summer...although my work colleagues are going to pitch a fit when they discover I have legs..

On the minus side my DM seems pretty ill at the moment and I fear the melanoma may be rampaging.

She tried some stuff on and wouldn't have any of it because the necks were a bit lower and showed more of her black spots sad

Back on the plus side, she has actually already beaten the average life expectancy - so we shouldn't be too glum. Although next xmas is still looking unlikely.

Tortoise Mon 27-May-13 23:38:37

Thanks smile . Will be phoning Drs 1st thing tomorrow. Too make me feel even worse, I now have a huge cold sore on my bottom lip and a small one on top lip sad .

In bed but can't sleep for coughing. I've been awake since 6am.

Tortoise Mon 27-May-13 23:39:10

ICB Shopping trip sounds great. smile

Had a major blow out yesterday . Think it's stress and worry waiting find out if cps feel there's a case and what charges police are convinced but its jog up to them ( I'm bringing the case )

Icb sorry about your mumsad but I so get you on the shopping is more fun now

Tortoise hope dr can give something help you feel better

Am back on it today yesterday's blow out has given me gut ache that's how much I over eaten . Have decided am going focus on my holiday instead something positive

ICBINEG Tue 28-May-13 09:10:26

human what is this with the CPS? <I must have been sleep walking through thread again>

Will have fingers crossed regardless!

I made some serious allegations against someone when was in my teens it was decided at time that it just lay on file as this was back in day where it was oh women etc asked for it

Ff long time and contacted by police as more come to light as more come forward over time will I be willing to carry on with it as obviously times changed police way more up today's and enlightened course I said yes I want make the bastard pay for what he done

So lots of questions etc they arrested while investigated and in Jan police said enough to send it to CPS with hope they come back with charges ( we are hoping for sexual abuse /attempted rape and rape but cps keep asking for longer to decide but should know by 12th June but had call yesterday they want longer hence my blow out

Tortoise Tue 28-May-13 13:13:30

Sorry to read that Human sad . I hope it will be sorted quickly.

Doctor has put me on antibiotics and steroids!

ICBINEG Tue 28-May-13 13:15:53

Gosh that must be difficult. Is the endless delaying due to doubt though? Or is it more that it isn't making it to the top of the to do list so to speak?
Not sure which of those is actually worse....

It's more investigation if they decide whether is or isn't in publics interest . Police are convinced there is a case but not up to them now

It's ok tbh most time deal just now and then bad day and pig out but shall cut back again and I have much be thankful about and look forward to

Though cut back need wait as I'm now guest of Nhs as had fall back pain got worse and with my history ended up in A&E seems I have fractured 2. Vertebrae luckily only minor ( that not hurt its the muscle spasms that di and two slipped disks so dosed to eyeballs on painkillers and Nhs not conductive to dieting < needs a coffee > dances of with the fariesgrin

Tortoise Wed 29-May-13 08:18:41

Oh no Human, ouch sounds painful. Hope you are back home soon x

Well Dr was right! She said cough might get worse as need to clear crap off chest. Was awake until 3am coughing. Fell asleep sat up, neck at funny angle. Now coughing badly again. Making my head hurt sad and my neck hurts from funny angle sleeping!

Human, tortoise sorry to hear you're both suffering. Human, that sounds painful. I don't know anything about slipped disks, do they get better on their own or will you need an operation? Tortoise, that sounds awful. Will you be able to catch up on your sleep? Is it half-term for you? I hope you've both got help looking after your children or are your older ones responsible enough to help out?

Icb,great shopping trip, what an ego boost. I'm sorry your mum couldn't buy anything but it's good news that she's still around and able to spend time with you and dd.

Human hope cps decision is to prosecute the bastard. I am so angry with the way women have been abused for so long (still are) and men have got away with it.

Half-term this week, kids are fighting a lot so I feel a bit drained.

ICBINEG Wed 29-May-13 08:48:40

Oh no human that sounds really bad! How long will you be staying at the sleep free hotel of doom?

Tortoise Wed 29-May-13 09:46:07

Yes it's half term, no chance of catching up sleep. Kids are all old enough to do stuff for themselves!
I feel guilty for not going anywhere with them this week. Was hoping to be well enough for beach trip tomorrow but right now not looking likely sad . Can't go anywhere Friday so looks like being a crap half term.

Tortoise Wed 29-May-13 11:51:37

Now have 2 very sad girls. Just found their guinea pig has died sad . She was 9 yrs old so got to a good age. RIP Toffee x

Poor toffee, sorry to hear your news tortoise and I hope you're feeling better. How was half-term tortoise? Were you sick the whole time or did you get well enough to do anything with the kids. I had quite a busy week, i took dds into London one day which was fun but stressful.

lost .4lbs so BMi still healthy by less than a lb. Felt I deserved more but even a small loss is better than nothing.

Tortoise Mon 03-Jun-13 07:50:57

Thanks Johnny. I'm still coughing a lot even though on last day of antibiotics. We managed one trip to the beach Saturday. Other than that we did nothing much all week.
I've gained 1lb which isn't surprising plus AF appeared last night. Week early again! Spoils my plans for this morning wink. DC all back to school. DS1 in for half a day revision session. Just exams for him now.

Tortoise Mon 03-Jun-13 11:05:36

Been back to the doctors this morning. Spent 10 mins on a nebuliser and got another 5 days of steroids! At least I can breathe now without being all wheezy and out of breath. Only lasts 5 hrs although Dr did say if needed I can use it this afternoon!

Currently sat holding my DS1s rat who is dying sad. Think might have to get vet to put it to sleep. Poor little Freckle.

Are you sleeping better? That's always the worst thing about being sick when you're sleep deprived. Poor freckle (and ds1 who doesn't need this during exams).

1lb is ok during AF week. Have mine too so I am fighting urges to eat rubbish and generally slob around. Salad for lunch but I really fancy chip shop chips, the greasiest the better.

Tortoise Mon 03-Jun-13 11:56:00

Once I get to sleep I'm ok. It's the coughing before that is annoying.
Mmm chippy chips! Good job it's a long walk to chip shop from here! grin

Sounds awful and you've had it for weeks too. Hopefully it'll be gone by the end of the five days.

Had an interesting lunch. Last week I bought some prawns and when I went to eat them couldn't find them. Assumed dh had eaten them which I thought was a bit strange, but not entirely impossible. So today I was just making my salad and I found the prawns with use by date of yesterday. I dithered about whether to throw them away but couldn't so I ate them. Hmm, let's hope I haven't poisoned myself. Either way it's good for the diet grin

ICBINEG Mon 03-Jun-13 12:42:28


Gone back over 10 stone...stupid double birthday weekend...(DD and DH)...

Also there were newborns at DD party, which has sent me funny in the head and led to much in the way of very bad eating habits. Hopefully it will be transient!

Anyway that is me back on the diet for a month <grim determined face>

ICBINEG Mon 03-Jun-13 12:44:21

Oh dear - sorry to hear about the lost pet.

Tortoise Mon 03-Jun-13 12:45:08

I hope so!
Also hope your lunch stays put lol! I would have had to bin them. I can't eat meat once its out of date! I wouldn't eat prawns in date either. grin

Tortoise Thu 06-Jun-13 08:20:38

Bad bad start to the week. Chocolate in big bags at least once a day. AF stopped after 2 days. Bit odd. Was a sudden stop too.
Dogs haven't been walked for days which is very bad. Will aim to take them this morning after school run.

Hi tortoise, hope you're feeling better.

Icb hopefully it won't be a month. Did dd have a good party? 2 is such a lovely age. Dd2 is 2 as well and it's so lovely watching her learn about the world and trying to describe it.

Tortoise Fri 07-Jun-13 14:21:30

I'm still coughing but feeling a lot better. But I'm not sure what my body is doing now. After 2 days of AF, nothing for 2 days, bit of blood last night after a wee (sorry tmi lol!), nothing this morning until now where there is a bit of bleeding again.
I'm not sure if side effect of mini pill or if there's a chance of being pregnant. I've got no one to talk to and I'm a bit scared. Guess tomorrow I should buy a test, or might have to be Monday. Don't want DDs to see. Plus small town and know people too well in chemists!

Tortoise Sat 08-Jun-13 11:34:41

Well, test was negative so just side effects of pill etc I guess.
I know my bf would not have been happy if I was lol so probably best result.

Phew tortoise

Sorry have been absent have has friend staying add in hospital trips and fighting lea think I need check scaled this week I suspect not good news

Tortoise Sun 09-Jun-13 17:40:40

The thread has been really quiet lately. Guess cos most of you have got to goal.
I've been feeling so tired the last few days and feel really bloated, jean are tight which they aren't normally. I'm going to look like a beached whale on holiday at this rate sad.

Sorry I've not been around because I'm unusually busy. Also I'm trying to stop dc from using the iPad (got fed up with tantrums from dd2 when I wouldn't let her use it) so I have been hiding it, and then I find I don't go on mn as much.

Although i reached my 10 st 5 target I now feel I want to reach 9 st 7. Think my new target date will be 1st September, almost a year from when I started my diet.

Tortoise sorry you went through a pregnancy scare. I hope I haven't misread it but I wondered if you would have secretly been a little happy about having another baby? I would love to have another baby but I think I'm too old and it would be impossible to have another pregnancy while dd2 is so naughty wilful and independent. I need every bit of energy to run after her.

Human you sound busy, hope you're all ok, and hospital trips are just check ups and nothing to worry about.

I've eaten a lot this weekend so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I've had people round twice so I bought a selection of cold meats, cheeses, salads, breads, ice cream. So I've just eaten lots of bread and pâté which is so high in calories and Haagen daz that was half price in Tesco

Tortoise Sun 09-Jun-13 21:13:17

I would have been happy to get a positive, yes. But my bf doesn't want a baby. He's a lot older than me, 49, and thinks he's too old for anymore. I'm only 35 and despite already having 4, I would love another.

Tortoise Mon 10-Jun-13 07:46:32

Gained 4lbs sad blush.
Pretty much back to where I started yet again. Maybe I should just give up. I can't be bothered anymore!

Oh well perhaps it's for the best, I feel too old for a baby so i can see why someone of 49 wouldn't be keen. He might change his mind if you're lucky.

Tortoise, it's up to you if you give up but I do think you need to see that even to not put on any weight in ten months is a big, big achievement. Maybe take a couple of weeks off while you research different diets, meal plans etc. I spent years trying to lose weight but always gave up after half a day. Until I found mfp, this group and a hypnosis app I didn't really find something suitable for me.

By some miracle I lost .4lbs this week. Very pleased with that.

cookieowner Mon 10-Jun-13 10:37:12

I am only half way to my goal so a long way to go yet !
Another 2lb off this week but then i was away again at weekend so probably wont be so good next week when i get on scales.
I am trying to remind myself that i have still lost 35lbs so should be pleased but i did start last september and so seems a long time to go still to reach my goal of anther 35 lb off yet
Keep telling myself i can do it if ive lost this much but it does seem hard and especailly when i have been on holiday and away for a lot of weekends.
Tortoise thats a real shame, can you find something to aim for, a birthday or day out so that you have a small goal to go for ?

Tortoise dont give up Eveb staying same big achievement

Johnny sadly not ds3 been ill then I've had a turn at it to

Been hectic as well as trying to plan summer fete end of the month

Cookie yup look how far you have come

As for babies no thank you I must admit it be a deal breaker for me ( as i in no way nor now not ever )but harder for younger ones who still like more

Human sorry to hear that. I hope you and ds3 get better soon.

Cookie, I've lost 47lbs but it does feel slow. How are you doing it? Fewer calories? I did say I'd swirtch to 5:2 to either maintain or do the last little bit but now I'm near the end I'm reluctant to change things.

Tortoise how are you feeling today?

cookieowner Tue 11-Jun-13 17:02:22

Yes i am on 1100-1200 calories a day ,i am only short and very sedentary, i started on 1200 but cut to 1100 in hope of losing more
I cannot really exercise much so this is probably holding me back from losing more, but thats the way it is!
I wondered whether to change things but am reluctant too aswell

Me too, low cals as I'm short and sedentary although dd2 does her best to keep me active! 35lbs is huge, probably more than the weight of my 2 year old. I can't imagine carrying her around all day yet we used to.

The weekend started today,lunch with a friend was a bit naughty but I've had lots of salads for the rest of the week so i am still hoping to lose or stay the same. I have bought some outdoor sports sets so I can take dds to the park at the weekend and run around with a ball or play tennis.

Tortoise I hope you're completely better now.

Ooh no one else around? Down 1/2 lb to 143.5 lbs which is a step in the right direction. Hope everyone else is well.

ICBINEG Mon 17-Jun-13 19:30:45

Hi there...Im still reading but not posting due to dieting fails.

I am still in my 'range' but only just.

You are doing so well!

Well done for staying in your range. This isn't easy, I think I lowered my target because being on a diet seems 'easier' than maintaining! Six months ago I would have thought that was a ridiculous statement, I didn't think I would get so close to 9s. Even when I was a slimmish student I weighed more than that.

I'm finding it hard at the moment, bored with meal planning and thinking about what to eat three times a day.

ICBINEG Wed 19-Jun-13 16:54:35

On the plus side I just kicked ass at work in a major way.

On the minus side my DM's cancer is now in her brain and liver.

I am still just so angry...when do I get onto a different phase of grief to anger?

I'm so sorry to hear that, how does she seem? I hope she's not in pain.

I don't really know much about grief or the various stages (no one close to me has suffered from a disease like cancer) but I think I would feel angry too. At least you know that she has seen you become a successful person who has given her an amazing granddaughter and she must be very proud of you both.

<hopes someone comes along soon who is better at expressing themselves>

ICBINEG Wed 19-Jun-13 21:50:31

Thank you for the kind words.

One of my first (selfish) thoughts was that at least she wouldn't ever know if I became a failure at work...

And I do feel some serious gratitude for the fact that given my DM was never cured she has actually had 4th stage melanoma for nearly 4 years, which is totally exceptional and has given her the chance to meet her two grandchildren.

I wish her grandchildren would remember her though...and they won't sad

ICBINEG Wed 19-Jun-13 21:53:39

Oh and I should say, she isn't in much pain, but is suffering some nausea.

The doctor said he had never seen someone with a scan so bad who was feeling so well....

I'm glad that she's not in much pain, it's a truly horrible, horrible situation but it sounds like it could be even worse. I had an amazing relationship with one of my grandmothers so I can see why you would be angry that her gc are being denied that. I still talk to dd1 about her grandmother (we gave her name as dd1s middle name) and she died 25 years ago. Kids love hearing stories about things they did when they were babies and toddlers - even if they can't remember them - so I suppose you'll have to just remember lots of funny stories and take pictures and videos of them together (unless that's too painful).

Diet wise I have been useless. Curry and fish and chips and just two of my unhealthy meals this week. Will not be weighing in tomorrow. Might do it thurs or fri if I can manage four days of healthy eating.

Hello everyone. Well I couldn't resist the scales and I am back in the overweight zone. BMi of 25.1. <so angry with self>.

So I have meal planned like I have never planned before. 5 days planned and all food bought. It's going to be diet bootcamp for me. Ham and salad for lunch and courgette, feta and lentil salad for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. I can do it.

Will try to avoid scales until Friday, want to lose 2lbs next Monday. Should be hard as I rarely lose that much but I need a target to keep me going.

Hope everyone else is ok and you all had lovely weekends (I did which is why I find myself in this predicament)

cookieowner Mon 24-Jun-13 17:28:52

Another pound off for me this week so still gradually losing ( although very slowly)
Off on holiday Thursday though so wont be wieghing in til the next week and hope it s not too awful!
Hope everyone else is still plodding along ok

ICBINEG Mon 24-Jun-13 20:33:46

I am still dicking around the top end of my weight limit but have definitely been binge eating in response to all the bad news.

It dawned on me today that being all antsy about having added a few pounds is a whole different kettle of fish when your in the green zone than when you are technically obese. While the feeling is oh too painfully familiar, I am not actually at all in the situation I was this time last year!

Well done cookie! I'm not jealous at all.

Icb I think you have some very good reasons to eat but I can relate to what you say, I am angry with myself but feel in much more control than last year. I never used to weigh myself for years on end and so I never saw the weight creep on. Just doing it weekly means that if I have a bad few days I know immediately and just change my behaviour. It still takes a lot of effort but I guess that's my life from now on.

I've kind of been buzzing a bit from a compliment given to me from the friend in rl who i've most discussed my weight with. Wearing black jeggings (never thought I'd look good in something skinny) and a stripy top last week she said I had a look of Audrey Hepburn about me (neck down obviously). then she reconsidered and said perhaps it was una Stubbs in summer holiday but I'm hanging on to Audrey Hepburn comment

Hello. Down 3lbs since monday so 142lb! Not sure I'll still be that low after the weekend.

Eating so many vegetables at the moment I'm going to turn into a courgette. But enjoying my food. Veggie fajitas tonight (was going to be chicken but I forgot to buy it.)

Slinks back in am back sorry csn i rejoin please and back on diet last few weeks been mad and stressful but am still within 7lb ofy goal weight

But ekkk 10 weeks to go

ICBINEG Tue 02-Jul-13 20:26:32

Nice one - johnny! You are about to over take me...I am STILL hovering right at the top of my 'acceptable' weight range....

I am having lots of problems with migrane at the moment...and I end up eating to stop feeling sick. I think it is stress and over emotion...

Ugg icb on the migraines can you ask go about preventive drugs help stop them especially atm

Human hope things are getting better and you and dc are all feeling better. 7lbs should be possible in 10 weeks. Even if you don't make you're still 10st lighter than you were and you don't need your seatbelt extender.

Icb sorry about the migraines. I would try drugs too. I find a normal headache pretty debilitating so I can't imagine how awful a migraine is.

Well after a slow June (weightloss 1.5lbs) I feel i'm back in the zone. Don't know how long I can keep it up as when dd1 finishes school I'll have to cope with two fighting kids. I'm busy finding holiday clubs and activities for dd1.

I am now down to 141.3 so I have lost 49.8lbs since September. So I want to lose .2lbs by next Monday to make it 50lbs.

Well done johnny you can do this and yeah I find school holidays tricky though of stays warm find helps as can be outdoors

Though I did fall into ice cream

Have images of you actually swimming in a big pool of ice cream, yum!

Did weigh in yesterday as it's a busy week so I didn't think I'd have time to do it today. Was an amazing 140lbs so down 2 in a week. I can't believe it, I have now lost over 50lbs. Just want to do another 7.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather. X

Well done Johnny

Nope but I did topple into paddling pool was leaning to far forward to scoop water throw at kids I went splash

Down 1lb here so happy with that as not dieting as such just cutting down a bit

Well I fell into chocolate cake Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't know why as I don't even like it that much peer pressure and weak will

Dd1s school has finished so the diet might end here. Really want to be 9st 7 but I'd the kids drive me mad I will eat everything in the house.

If not i'd

ICBINEG Fri 12-Jul-13 14:00:22

gosh school hols already...

I'm back from a week in london visiting family and sick DM. Was expecting to come back a few kilos heavier but actually got some crazy assed stomach issues and have lost 2 kilos...

probably mostly dehydration but hey.

So back down to 9 st 9.5lbs ...hmm actually that might be a new low tide mark....