MOTIVATION through the power of non scales victories

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All welcome smile losing weight and being healthy through the power of motivation (particularly on Mondays)

Like the new title. Thanks SPB. grin

Aargh thanks for fixing the link, my phone was refusing to load the full thread to let me fix it. It was also responsible for the gremlin space angry

reastie Tue 12-Feb-13 19:27:05

Marking place

thanks SPB

grin I'm just glad someone else did it.

KatoPotato Tue 12-Feb-13 20:08:06

Brillso, love what you've done with the place!

So how is everyone doing? Will catch up with big thread when I'm back on the computer. I tried to look at the dress bit gave in. Sounds like were all having lots of nsvs!

I forgot to mention one I had a couple of weeks back. I dropped my phone into my lap when I was perched on the sofa. Apparently my thighs now have a gap.

Tobermory Tue 12-Feb-13 21:53:13

Aha.... You lot look familiar! Found you.

Just checked in -and-- had a bit -of-- a grumble on the old thread. Will try and start here with a more PMA!

Tobermory Tue 12-Feb-13 21:55:38

SPB - thigh gap.... Impressive!

My NSV- mrTobermory had to put two new holes in my belt as it needed to smaller. Woohoo!

eightytwenty Tue 12-Feb-13 22:21:22

Hello and great title.

Just debating start of lent after 2.5 pancakes (and could've had more), and yummy beef stroganoff! Did do an hours swim in the middle. But really do need to get a grip on inner greed. Have found my exercise mojo. But still have work to do on food front.

Here I am, thanks for the new thread (I still haven't worked out how to link to a thread on the appblush it keeps sending me to the mobile site)

I did some gardening in the afternoon so felt very virtuous, having resisted cake at the cafe and only having black tea. Also, last night was the first night of Gang Show with an audience, it went very smoothly and my arms got a good workout opening and closing the curtain. I spoiled all this good work by eating a cupcake and two small pieces of millionaire's shortbread in the eveningblush.

KatoPotato Wed 13-Feb-13 11:43:27

We're thick with snow!!!

Lots of snow falling all day, but not really settling. It's so beautifulsmile.

You see I think it's bloody miserable and we're looking at the same weather! grin

That could be because I'm cleaning a loo and not writing a book. Doesn't really get the creative juices flowing.

Not having a bad week so far. I passed on pancakes last night but we ended up with pizza instead. blush

That's the only thing I shouldn't have had though so I'm hoping to still be ok by Monday.

I had such a good writing day, I'm now at almost 16.5k, it'll be done in no time at this ratesmile.
I was also too taken up by writing to eat, had some pasta, pesto and sweetcorn at 1ish and have finally made a cup of tea now.
The pretty snow has now turned to rain thoughsad.
What is everyone up to tomorrow for valentine's day?

KatoPotato Wed 13-Feb-13 15:14:14

Impressive word count IMST, it's turned to rain now here too.

No valentines plans, we don't 'do' it but DS brought home a paper heart from toddlers and I cried and cried!!

reastie Wed 13-Feb-13 18:16:02

IMST glad the show went well. I was ass stage manager once for a local play and loved doing all the set changes/pulling up and down the scenery etc. Btw I knew you were writing something but I don't actually know what you're writing - care to fill me in as I'm intrigued <nosy>

Not much valentines plans here either. I'll get DD to make DH a card and I'm aiming to do a healthy roast (if there is such a thing!) for dinner. Need to try to pop to the shops tomorrow to buy some chocs for DH.

Turns out my amazing 3 lb loss last week wasn't so amazing, DH moved the scales when hoovering at the week end and it's meant the scales have been measuring everyone 3lbs lighter, so really I was just on a maintain <sighs>. And I thought I was doing so well!

steppemum Thu 14-Feb-13 01:16:47

Hi everyone, some great results appearing. Love the dress Kato!

No weight loss again this week, but i struggled to keep going last week. I need to have a think about how I am doing it. I think I need to go to fewer calories per day but allow myself a treat day, then I can look forward to that.

Very struck still by this whole thing of emotional eating. Good day - easy to diet, bad day - desperate to eat (anything really!) Anyone else had success in unpacking any of that for themselves, and how did you do it?

What are you writing IMST?

Reastie at least you found out now and didn't just get a mysterious 3lb gain next week.
Steppemum if I feel like emotional eating, a bit of dancing, a walk or a cycle usually sorts me out, as exercise makes me happy, then I can have a drink of water to make my tummy feel full.
I'm writing a short story for young adults, called "the Strangeling's Tales", it's like Grimm fairy tales, quite dark but folk tale language style.
Eventful evening last night, I missed the second act of the show as I had to take DS to A&E. He blanked out on the way to the stage, and bounced his head off the concrete floor, then lost consciousness for a while. He's fine now except for an enormous bump, but quite shaken by it all.

Oh my god IMST. I hope he's ok! shock

Are you keeping him off today? Do you want me to take dd to school?

He's fine, just needs a bigger hat for a while! DH is off today anyway and will walk DS to school and explain the bump to the teachers. DD school run as usual.

No probs. Awful for you all though. sad

Oh no IMST - are they still looking into why this happens?
Glad he's OK today but it must be so worrying.
reastie sad to you found missing pounds...tell your DH to leave your scales alone!!

reastie Thu 14-Feb-13 08:31:40

I just realised I typed ass stage manager <sniggers>. Of course I meant assistant stage manager.

IMST glad DS is Ok, sounds scary.

I just thought you added an extra 's'. grin

Long day today! DS was sent home as he was confused and kept blanking out, so we spent the day at A&E getting him a CT scan to check his brain was ok. It's all fine, he's back home and wants to go back on stage tonight.
Food-wise, I ate a chocolate, and had quiche for lunch. Hopefully all the work and sleep deprivation this week will make up for all the cake, biscuit and chocolate that Gang Show week brings.

Glad he is ok, are they following it up? How is he now?

He's ok (except for the bump!), he's not having absences as much this afternoon and is much more "with it".
He still has his paediatric appointment in a couple of weeks, hopefully we'll get more answers then.

steppemum Thu 14-Feb-13 22:10:28

sorry, don't know the back history. Is this an ongoing thing IMST? Is he an epileptic?

Must be very worrying for you

He's been having (probable) absence seizures since before Christmas, we're in the process of getting them diagnosed. He'll probably need an MRI for that, and hopefully he'll have an absence during the scan (not that I wish them on him, but it would get him treatment faster). He will most likely outgrow this type of epilepsy, there's no family history, and it's very treatable. He'll be fine, it's just taking time, that's all!
Anyway, back to Motivation, I'm bringing the thread down. Lots of exercise, pulling the rope to get the curtains in and out 20-odd times a night, and lugging steel deck on and off stage.
Totally ruined by the lovely ladies bringing us an endless supply of cake, biscuits and last night, Rocky road! Ah well, at least my maintain will be better toned...

ooh glad to hear he'll grow out of them and it's treatable in the meantime. I have no knowledge or experience of this type of thing, it must be so worrying.
I weighed in this morning, 10s10 grin MFP tells me I ahve lost 3lb since last weigh in, but I think that was about a month ago! Still, am moving in the right direction. A couple of pounds more and I'll be able to describe myself and 10 and a half stone!

eightytwenty Fri 15-Feb-13 09:29:01

Well done spb!

Did anyone read the thread on 'can I lose weight through exercise?' Yesterday. Answer seemed to be an overwhelming no. I know it's good for me, and the weight is coming off but I could do it much more quickly by making better decisions. 6 weeks till Easter. 6lb to go. Onwards and downwards!

I definitely lost weight faster when I exercised. Am struggling at the moment and its slow.

That's brilliant SPB. Well done. My bid to be in the safe 10s is not going well. I could really do with a week of staying in and home cooked food but it just never seems to happen.

Saying that, last night I stayed in and had home cooked food but it was very fattening potato rosti, a good few squares of Turkish Delight for pudding and a glass or two a bottle of wine. blush

On the plus side I had a NSV this morning. In a bid to be less 'cardigan shaped' I wore one of the jackets that I got and one of ds2's teachers asked me if I'd lost weight! The first time someone said something who isn't family. grin

Lots of people smiled at me this morning. I do wonder what kind of vibe I normally give off when bundled up in my cardi?

Fantastic grin
and lol at cardigna shaped - I am fleece shaped!

reastie Fri 15-Feb-13 13:33:16

hair yay for the weight loss comments and becoming less cardigan shaped! I've noticed I've had an awful lot of 'you're looking really well' 'you're looking great' and 'what have you done with your hair, it looks really nice today' (I've done nothing new with my hair for ages!) comments recently, but not really any weight loss comments. I wonder if they are saying I look well/slimmer in a way which isn't saying 'wow, you used to be really fat and now you're just overweight' hmm

Not sure why I'm I'm an absolute starvin' marvin today so have eaten too much, but hopefully it's just one of those days where I'm hungry and then back to normal tomorrow.

eighty I didn't see that wl through exercise thread. Very interesting. I lost 2 stone in the past through mainly exercise but it was very very slow weight loss - around 1 lb a month on a good month and I did alot of gyming (well IMO I did but not from the likes of Kato wink - I did about 4 classes and one or two gym sessions a week and went for jogs sometimes too)

SPB well done on the 10 st 10.

Thanks! Hope you are back to normal tomorrow.
Not seen oblomov around for ages! Whereis she?

I haven't seen her either. Or Bonkey!

Yes bonkey too, though I think I saw her on another thread fairly recently

KatoPotato Fri 15-Feb-13 14:14:37

Afternoon! Nice to hear some more NSV's! (albeit disguised reastie!)

My weightloss has stalled again, but theres plenty of reasons for that, not least the double deckers! I was to host the mummies on Weds but snow put paid to that. result? I ate all the easter cakes and tiger bread...

Spent v'tines at the gym, 3.5k covered and 130kg lifted... all so I could bring home a romantic chinese meal!

Staying positive, I'm still loving my exercise regime, and I know these last 10lbs are going to be the hardest, but 10lbs compared to the 51lbs I had to lose this time last year is a lot more palatable (unlike the double deckers)

eightytwenty Fri 15-Feb-13 19:04:45

An gussie gone AWOL too.

Come on ladies. Where are you and how are you doing?

I'm excited today. I'm going out with dh tonight and we've decided to walk to the restaurant. It's 3.5 miles. I love walking and don't do enough as it's always raining.

But the sun is out today and I'm feeling happy. smile

Anyone else got plans?

Matinee for gang show, then out for dinner by the theatre before the evening show, then the get-out and after show party. I will see Sunday before I see bedtime!

grin Sounds like hard work. Have a great time!

steppemum Sat 16-Feb-13 22:22:54

Had a great day, moved a load of fencing that dh had put in the wrong place a year ago that needed moving and so created a space for a bonfire. We have been piling up stuff for this bonfire since last summer. ds was so excited he phoned two of his friends to come and help. Then one of dds friends came by and couldn't resist the bonfire.

It was epic, spent 3 hours adding things to the blaze, 6 happy children deliberately standing on the smoky side, poking sticks, throwing on sticks etc etc.

Now I am knackered, so hoping it has burnt calories as well ad rubbish

steppemum Sat 16-Feb-13 22:23:44

Hope it has been a great evening IMST!

Love the idea of burning off calories on a bonfire! grin

Dh and I currently in the pub. Stopped off after deciding to walk home too. It's actually about 4.5 miles.

I feel I've earned my meal out. smile

steppemum Sat 16-Feb-13 23:01:10

sounds great hair, was a lovely day for a walk

eightytwenty Sat 16-Feb-13 23:46:04

Have spent the day in bed after having (I hope short lived) virus - aching limbs, temperature, sore chest.

Felt a little better this evening, and hungry - scoffed some home made banana bread that Dh & dc's cooked, then had curry (though chose chicken tandoori and had small portions of rice and naan), followed by a small number of dark chocolate buttons from posh chocolate shop. Hoping to feel better tomorrow as sun is due to shine and really want to get family out on a bike ride.

Hpoe you are better todat eighty.

Got back about 1am, Gang Show all over now for another year. No cake for the Saturday shows either, and I only had fishcakes when we went for dinner, so there's some hope for at least a maintain.
Hair, that sounds like a great evening, you saved cab money and caloriesgrin.

KatoPotato Sun 17-Feb-13 09:23:41

Argh. Someone make me go to spin.

I don't have enough motivation for myself.,never mind any to spare smile
Go, you kniw you should

eightytwenty Sun 17-Feb-13 09:35:03

Do it! You know you'll feel better once done. And it might give you enough extra cals for a glass of wine or something sweet later. Always worth it IMO.

steppemum Sun 17-Feb-13 23:06:48

oh I am so excited. TWO NSVs today!!

wore a skirt to church this morning that I haven't worn for ages, it was too tight round the waist. I wore it, and I didn't even come home desperate to take it off!

Then I changed into trousers I haven't worn for a couple of weeks and did the belt up and had to go another hole tighter. That is 2 holes from where I started.

So there had better be some change on the scales tomorrow....

reastie Mon 18-Feb-13 06:48:55

steppe that's great grin

Kato a belated kick to get you to spin, and whilst I'm at it <kicks spb> - that's to give you some motivation on this motivational Monday.

Succumbed to rubbish yesterday evening - had been pretty good all day - went out to lunch and I had a cheese ploughmans but only ate the roll and 1/4 of the cheese on my plate (I took the rest home to make DHs sandwiches for work blush ) and the salad. Came over peculiar hungry in the evening and ate rubbish which included a fair bit of chocolate <sigh>. Oh well, I'm too scared to weigh myself for the week today so will hold it off till tomorrow.

Fantastic steppen grin
Reastie, its awful when you give in, isn't it? Especially when you've made good choices the rest of the day. That said - they still count, else your extra cals would have been more.
Well I have made an Important Decision. I eat far too much chocolate, as those on mfp May have noticed. I've been doing really well recently, other than the chocolate and its not good. There was one day I spotted where chocolate had made up one third of my calories, or something like that. Ridiculous. So no choc today and none tomorrow until my usual Tuesday night freddo.
Tomorrow will be fine, that's my routine. But I actually don't know if I can get through today. Anyway,, its MM so when better to try. And I owe it to myself to eat less Crap.

Capitals in Important Decision were jokey. The rest were my phone. I am literate, I promise!

reastie Mon 18-Feb-13 07:48:43

SPB re: your Important Decision ( wink ) - I'm a chocoholic too. The thing that has always worked for me is having a low calorie hot chocolate once a day when I'm feeling the chocolate urge. It genuinely does help stave off the chocolate cravings for me not that it works all the time . I also have a couple of squares of the darkest dark chocolate I can find after dinner to give me another chocolate fix. The higher the cocoa content the less fat is in it and I actually would struggle to eat more than 2 squares maximum of 90% cocoa chocolate as it's so strong and rich. I know this might not help you, but it helps me so thought I'd pass it on.

thanks, I might have a hot choc tooday (though I think that would count!). A lot of it for me is the texture and the crunch - I keep mine in the fridge. But I wnoder whether having a hot choc after my lunch might help the afternoon cravings? Might do that on Thursday.

Slightly dreading weighing today. This week contained soooo much cake, and cake is my weakness. My shoulders are noticeably more muscly from all the curtain-pulling though, and 4 separate people commented on my weight loss (one of those was a 14 year old boyshock) so I can't have pigged out that much!

Tobermory Mon 18-Feb-13 09:16:08

Good weigh in this morning, compared to last weeks disappointment.
3 more lbs off....woohoo!

This is a minor miracle as tea on Saturday night was Chinese takeaway and I didnt choose brilliantly, maybe Ill pay for it later in the week? But, minor NSV, was how differently I ate Saturdays takeaway and I suppose i mean, how much less I ate.

SPB and reastie, also love, love chocolate and would second low cal hot choc, i think WW is pretty good and only 40 cals when i need a sweet treat. But for me, I've just had to cut it out really for a while anyway. I find the longer its been since ive had some, the less I want it!

Well done tober on the scales and ns victories!
Good luck inst with the weigh in. How's your ds?
Tober I know what you mean about eating differently. It occured to me the other day that when I'm "off" the diet I wouldn't need to make salads to take to work. But then I thought about what I'd eat instead, and decided I'd prob still want to eat the salads! Making them is another issue mind...

Tobermory Mon 18-Feb-13 09:55:53

SPB, I dont know about you, but after all the other evening things.... bath, kids to bed, Shred, school paperwork...making an exciting salad is the very last thing on my mind!!

My DH is very good, and the salds he makes on 'his' days are fab. Mine....less so!!

Its funny, I was thinking the other day about when my calories are for maintaining rather than losing...I dont know what Ill do with all that surplus! Its all about habits those isnt it... i really really dont want to fall back into old ones.

Aaaahhh! 1lb on. I knew it though. Too many meals out. 3 this week with wine. I'm amazed it's not more.

I'll be ok next week though. I think Friday will be my only dodgy day. I dread to think how much more it would have been if we hadn't walked 8 miles on Saturday.

Well done everyone else. smile

1lb on this week, I'm disappointed but not surprised. It's the first week I've gained since I started (I think). Ah well, back to it, I'll shift it and more this weeksmile.

Wow at your exercise though!

Sorry x post.

KatoPotato Mon 18-Feb-13 10:44:16

Happy Monday Gang!

I did go spinning, and it was fierce, but oh it was good! We then went for a 5k walk around the waterworks. Then went home for chinese!

A big shrug to the gainers, at least it's with reason and you've had cake and meals out to show for it! Nothing worse than a gain for no apparent reason!

Tober a big education for all of us here has been how we view takeaways and 'treat' food. we can still have it, but just not with the sheer regularity and mindless scoffing! You grow to look forward to it, and be mindful about it and the consequences!

I also look at my MFP 'snacks' section and more often than not it makes up for more than my main meals! Might try the hot choc idea reastie I am a biscuit fiend and yesterday iwent to ASDA straight after the gym, which really helped me to not put crap in my basket! I was still pumping with endorphins so grabbed what I went in for plus some stuff for two sensible dinner tonight and tomorrow! Makes a difference to going late in the afternoon with DS when I'm slumping and grabbing all the biscuits for a whole host of reasons (guests, DH DS) when I know deep down I'll be the one eating them!

Got a slow cooker casserole due to go on at 1200 so we can eat at 2100 when I get back from BodyPump!

Just checked, yesterday I has 923 cals, 495 if which were wine and chocolate. Oh that is bad

KatoPotato Mon 18-Feb-13 10:50:36

Impressive SPB!

Tobermory Mon 18-Feb-13 10:56:05

Kato, "You grow to look forward to it, and be mindful about it and the consequences!"...very wise words.

I am really starting to get that. In the past a takeaway would have been accompanied by lots of vodka, a feeling that it was too much, but a shrug and 'sod it' cos i was doing it anyway.
But now.....
Now feels different.

I intentionally overshredded `(by my standards) and under-ate the day or two before to build in a bit of capacity. I loved what i ate but i didnt eat too much, i stopped when i was full.
And after, only one vodka.

SPB...impressive indeed!!

KatoPotato Mon 18-Feb-13 11:02:29

Wise words eh!? Well I gleefully showed DH my negative net calories and squealed, 'oooh I'm getting CHICKEN BALLS!'

KatoPotato Mon 18-Feb-13 11:03:27

I use a lot of exclamation marks. I'm sorry(!)

Tobermory Mon 18-Feb-13 11:10:32

It would have been worse if it was the other way round and it was your DH squealing that he was getting them!! grin

Me too!

eightytwenty Mon 18-Feb-13 11:42:01

Chicken balls?!

1lb off yest, but 1/2 lb on today. Blooming scales! Will see what tomorrow has in store.

sad is that 1/2 lb on the original weight or hte 1lb off weight?

Well I've made it through a whole morning of no chocolate. I'm only shaking a little.

eightytwenty Mon 18-Feb-13 12:22:35

No. 1/2 on from original, so 1lb loss from yesterday has disappeared!

Feel the chocolate pain. I adore it. And hate the hold it has over me. Though with rules I am not as obsessed as I was. I used to think about having it all the time. It is a drug for sure.

Gah at that. It will all even out I'm sure.
Well I've had lunh and could still eat a huge dairy milk. Must not think about it...must not think about it
Can you guess what I'm thinking about? grin

steppemum Mon 18-Feb-13 14:09:48

I've been there with chocolate SPB. I do think that you sort of have to break the habit, and then you can lean to treat yourself again? I was a real chocoholic a few years ago and I found it the hardest habit to break, because it gives such an instant fix.

I am not so bad with chocolate anymore, it is cake and biscuits now, and anything tasty really (sigh)

steppemum Mon 18-Feb-13 14:14:10

can someone link to the spreadsheet for me please? I can't find it!

spreadsheet hope that worked.

steppemum Mon 18-Feb-13 22:24:21

Thanks IMST

I put on my jeans this morning and had to do the belt up another hole.
Another week and I will be able to properly wear those new jeans
hanging on my cupboard door!!
I have lost 5 lbs! So pleased. After 2 weeks of no loss. I thought it was 4, and when I went to put it on the spreadsheet I realised it was 5.

Only another (gulp) 4-5 stone to go.
Actually I would be very happy to be 2 stone lighter, but got to have a long term goal. Size 16 for the summer is my first Big Goal

eightytwenty Mon 18-Feb-13 23:09:44

Well done steppe. Was at the same point as you last Easter, so well done for sticking with it - and great result.

I have a belter of a NSV todaysmile
I got DS a small women's t shirt to wear for gang show, as I couldn't find a long sleeved black t-shirt in the boys section.
I washed all the show costumes, and thought "that top doesn't look that small.
Long story short, today I am wearing a size 6 topshock. It is a bit snug in the boob region, but fits everywhere elsegrin.
Can you tell I'm a bit pleased about that?

Well done steppe on the belt notch and the loss.
shock at size 6!
My nsv is that I managed the full day without chocolate!

reastie Tue 19-Feb-13 08:52:35

wow wow wow IMST that is an excellent NSV

steppe that's great, you'll get there. FWIW size 16 is my summer goal too, so we can do it together!

Weigh in belatedly this morning and just about a maintain, which is more than I expected given the scales issue last week. I also think I worked out why I've been so hungry this past week or so - I've been having a different muesli for breakfast than usual as my usual was out of stock so have been having the substitute the online delivery supplied which is more mashed up and processed than my natural one I usually have and I think it hasn't kept me full for nearly so long.

Chicken balls?!!!

I've been thinking about how much I eat vs thin people and realise I deserve to be the weight I am given how much I eat. I'm not sure if I'll ever get 'thin' but slimmer and healthier would be good.

reastie Tue 19-Feb-13 08:53:10

xposted (slow at writing) SPB that's good work on no chocolate!

KatoPotato Tue 19-Feb-13 10:25:48


IMST I am beyond envy and delighted at size 6! - Just don't be ditching us for another group for fellow size 6ers!

Steppe what a result! It shows you what persevering and not giving up ,despite no losses leads to in the longer run eh?

SPB I also had no chocolate, but have replaced it with peanut butter instead.... <slaps forehead emoticon!> It's sort of a pre and post workout thing!

Reastie You know me, I never fail to amaze with my deep fried treats... Check out these grease-glistening bad boys!

eightytwenty Tue 19-Feb-13 10:51:12

Kato. That is a dirty habit.

Imst. Size 6!!! I swear you must have hidden your weight in your toes!

Still not feeling 100% so debating whether to run or not. But sun is shining, and I don't have many exercise windows this week so thinking I really should.

Ate fairly well yesterday till after dinner when succumbed to 2 borders dark chocolate biscuits. I swear they are the best biscuits in the world. I managed to avoid the packet I'd bought at Xmas and ended up giving them away. But in laws opened this pack & there were 3 left. At least I left 1! Actually just checked cals 83 per biscuit. So not great, but way more satisfying than 3 digestives or whatever!

I'm still a 10/12 trousers. My weight is all in my (26H/28GG) boobs and hips! I also suspect primark do vanity sizing, but still, last summer size 16 tops were as snug as this, and I am down 4st since then!

eightytwenty Tue 19-Feb-13 15:55:39

So I did my normal short run (3.6 km) and ran my fastest mile at 11.05 (though always sounds faster as 6.21/ km). If I push myself I should be able to start running miles within 10 m pace which for me would be fast.

11.05 minute mile & 11.2 stone.
A 10 minute mile & 10 stone or a 9 minute mile & 9 stone would be even better! No deadlines for either however.

Though not quite able to put timeframes to them.

<sneaks back in>

Wil catch up if you don't mind me coming back smile

Boooonkeeeeeeey! How are you doing?
Now we need oblomov, where are you losers?

steppemum Tue 19-Feb-13 22:00:49

thanks everyone. it is so encouraging to get your encouragement (to tired to make that make more sense grin )

SPB - no chocolate - brilliant

IMST - that is awesome 4 stone and size 6 fantastic

Tobermory Tue 19-Feb-13 22:01:19

IMST - size 6 top..... Holy crap! Bloody welll done.
And a size 16 last summer, wow, you have done amazingly well. You're my inspiration for today!

Ummm, its been a crappy few weeks tbh but I am ready to get back on with the healthy eating!

I will be back properly tomorrow! smile

KatoPotato Tue 19-Feb-13 22:21:44

Welcome back Bonkey, brillso to have you back!

msbossy Wed 20-Feb-13 08:06:11

I'm in need of NSM so i hope you don't mind me joining in.

Well done to IMST and Kato - impressive weight loss. And I love some of the exercise dedication going on too!

Back story- had 4 st to lose. Lost 11lb so far after two weeks on lighter life and now just keeping calories low using MFP.

My NSM for yesterday was a compliment on how well I looked from an ex-colleague I haven't seen for 8 months.

msbossy Wed 20-Feb-13 08:07:00

Sorry - NSV not NSM!

Hi msb, well done for your loss so far!

I am 44katy on mfp, if you fancy being my friend?

reastie Wed 20-Feb-13 10:44:46

Hi msb , 11 lbs is amazing. I've not tried lighter life - how are you finding it? Great news on the compliment.

Bonkey there you are! Are you finally feeling better now from all the sickyness?

Went to gym to update my program and do a workout this morning and when the gym instructor was logging my new weight (hasn't been logged for a fair few months) and comparing it to my old he actually did shock this face and looked at me in an amazed 'blimey riley you've lost alot since you joined' way. He seemed to treat me with real respect at managing to lose 3 stone since my last weigh in <smug>. It made me feel very good grin .

reastie Wed 20-Feb-13 10:47:09

Oh, and I'm getting quite a few comments now asking how have I lost weight being genuinely interested but then when I say I eat less and watch what I eat and exercise then people look disappointed and bored with what I answer with. It's like they want me to say I've been on a chocolate diet for months and still lost weight or something!

Oh, and in exciting good news I've been picked for the mn product test of the estee lauder eye cream. Am beyond excited to try some naice face stuff.

That lb I put on last week, well it's gone today, and taken another one with it! I did help Hair shift a load of bricks yesterday, and though the house has been full of yummy cooking smells for 2 days now I've not eaten any of the DCs biscuits.
9st 11lb now, safely out of range of the 10s and heading for a healthy weight (will hit that at 9st 3lb).
I kind of wish the Global Fat Scale still worked, I would have been one of the decent countries by now!

reastie Wed 20-Feb-13 11:07:25

global fat scale does work imst - I did it a couple of weeks ago. I'll see if I can link....

those on mfp I've added a current and pre diet piccie to my profile. Neither are especially good pics so you might notice no difference but if nothing else you can put a face to the name

reastie Wed 20-Feb-13 11:09:45

global fat scale . I've gone down from tonga to Jamaica wink

It doesn't work on the ipod(though it used to). I'll look on the big computer later.

steppemum Wed 20-Feb-13 11:44:44

just done it reastie - I am Samoa!!!

hmmm, BMI is very dodgy

flippin' Eck, I've gone right past UK and got Syria! I used to be "fatter than 99% of the world's population", far beyond Tonga, and now am below average for the UK! <well chuffed!>

steppemum Wed 20-Feb-13 12:50:11

the countries are fascinating. Did you see the picture of the girl that was Austria? Pretty slim - are Austrians a slim nation??? I imagined them a bit solid and full of streudel (blush at blatant unconscious stereotype)

I'm Cameroon. I used to be Mongolia I think.

Don't know about Austrians. I've never met any. grin

steppemum Wed 20-Feb-13 14:53:03

my only excuse is that I also imagine uk to be low down on the table as we are all wobbly and full of fish and chips (not IMST obviously!!)

steppemum Wed 20-Feb-13 15:02:09

actually I think that should be high up on the table??

And chocolate. We just don't have the stunning scenery of Scandinavia or the dryness.
<desperately making excuses>

I have to share a really good quote I've just seen on Pinterest.

"Do not reward yourself with food. You are not a dog."

I think that's fab.

KatoPotato Wed 20-Feb-13 16:50:42

I used to be a Samoan, With a higher BMI than 92% of females aged 30-44 in your country.

I'm now a Columbian, with a lower BMI than 52% of females aged 30-44 in your country!

Well done for reminding me of this! I was despairing last time I filled it in!

reastie Wed 20-Feb-13 17:02:13

Global fat scale was a complete eye opener for me last time as I was right at the top too.

Re: Austrians. I've been there a few times and I'd say they eat a fair few strudels and drink lots of beer massive generalisation but they have all those mountains to climb and von trapp songs to sing which I think must really help them stay quite fit. Maybe the air being high up makes your body work harder to get oxygen round the body which might help birn more calories too <useless clutching at straws concept>

Hair love the dog quote.

Went and bought a posh duvet from john lewis today (as on actual duvet not cover) and DH gave me hmm <eye roll> look. Duvet rewards is far healthier than chocolate! And think of how much we're saving now I'm not eating so much wink

msbossy Wed 20-Feb-13 18:23:54

Thanks Reastie, SPB.

Lighter life was ok for two weeks - easier than anticipated but terrible breath! It just wasn't going to work with two kids watching me drink shakes, and visitors most weekends. Ultimately I felt I'd gone cold turkey - wasn't desperate for food anymore and could go it alone from there. Time will tell!

eightytwenty Wed 20-Feb-13 21:14:51

Mixed day today.

Don't like Global Fat Scale - due to weighing too much for my height!

However - and this is the conflicting part - I have also had some retait NSV's - went to Macarthur Glen outlet after a meeting & have bought a "M" dress, having tried on a "L", which was too big & two pairs of size 12 jeans. I was then measured in the Levis shop - and while I measured at demi-curve, size 32, all the jeans I tried in this size were way too large. Am some where between slight and demi curve (really what ever that is!) and a size 29 waist.

The best bit is though that the jeans kind of look not too big iykwim - my old pairs always looked pretty huge.

I am going to have a wardrobe clear out at the weekend. Question is do I store or bin the too big stuff?!

Oh and I lost my gained 1lb - always forget the impact of TOTM.

eightytwenty Wed 20-Feb-13 23:48:11

Note to self. You cannot eat 100g dark chocolate without feeling sick. I did and I am. Used to do it all the time - no side effects. Really not feeling good. Silly me.

<Kicks eighty's chocolate wrapper out of her hand>
You stop that now!
First bite is the best, save the next first bite for another day.
As for the big clothes, until you're near your goal, get rid of the big clothes so you don't slip back to fitting them. If nothing else they'll remind you of a time when you had bad food habits, and this is a time for looking forwards, not back.

eightytwenty Thu 21-Feb-13 08:10:45

Thanks imst. Had forgotten all about first bite. I'd got to the stage where I wasn't even enjoying it, and yet knew I'd finish it. So stupid.

KatoPotato Thu 21-Feb-13 08:11:56

Eighty, I ate nearly all of the morrisons cornflake bites and was nearly sick at Pilates.

IMST is right, bin the big clothes, why would you need them you are NEVER GOING BACK
Well done on your NSVs eighty
Just done global fat scale, can't remember what I was before, but it says I am Niger, and "You have a lower BMI than 82% of females aged 30-44 in your country" shock

KatoPotato Thu 21-Feb-13 08:48:27

Wow SPB! That's awesome!

steppemum Thu 21-Feb-13 13:39:44

(just keep one pair of hideously fat jeans tucked away so that one day you can hold them up and go AAAAAAAARRGHHH grin )

did well yesterday and resisted all temptations doing the shopping today, had healthy lunch.

I am being really good so that I can go out for big chinese meal tomorrow - its my birthday!!!

And before you say it, no I am not going to be careful, I am going to just have a fab meal. Meals out and take aways are as rare as hens teeth in our house (cash flow ishoos) so I am going to thoroughly enjoy it. dh has agreed to us all going, kids haven't been to a restaurant for ages and mum and dad are coming too. Really looking forward to it.

Now, just got to be good today, and get through tomorrow morning...

eightytwenty Thu 21-Feb-13 14:56:21

Steppe I think it's ok to have an occasional blow out. It's what 'real' people do. They also adjust in the run up or afterwards to compensate. That's the bit most of us haven't done before!

A run, cottage cheese lunch and chicken & veg for dinner will pay back yesterday's choc binge.

I am flirting with the tens. It will be so nice when it's not hit or miss 10's vs 11's.

Steppe, I second what 8020 said, it's about balance. A life without treats is hardly a life at all! Problems only occur when the "treats" become habitual and larger blowouts needed for special occasions.
One Chinese for an occasion is fine, you know how to exercise and regulate other days' food to compensate for it.
Today's NSV, I bought a pair of jeans from the charity shop and they fit beautifully, firstly because they're 3/4 length so the right length for my midget legs, secondly because they are size 10grin.
Also, I would like to say for the record that Hair wore a dress today and looked Fab in itsmile even with a cardigan over the top of it

We are all doing so well! Fantastic to size 10 jeans <dreams> steppe, I completely agree with what the others said, mainly because I'm doing the same. DH and I are going out tomorrow, I am going to get dressed up and I am going to have a big bowl of pasta, and garlic bread, and dessert and wine!
We so rarely go out I'm going to make the most of it. But as eighty said I'm just getting to grips with the fact that people who have a 'normal' relationship with food would probably adjust their intake slightly for a few days before/after...maybe even subconsciously. Unlike days off I've had recently I'm going to try not to stuff my face earlier in the day, I'm going to continue on the diet so that I'm hungry. I used to be able to snack and binge all day then still enjoy dinner. I have tried to do the same on days off, snacking and bingeing but then by dinner I'm stuffed and bloated. So am going to make a conscious effort to stop doing that.
(I do have loads of chocolates for when we watch a film afterwards grin)

Also, I have always seen my slim cousins eat loads, drink loads, have seconds of desserts etc. It has taken a pathetically long time for me to realise that this is because I see them at family parties and events, and that is not how they normally eat. Oh and the fact they actually enjoy running and choose to do it as a treat probably helps envygrin

Evening all. Another vote for binning the jeans and a big well done!!

Thanks IMST blush. We shall wow everyone with our fabulousness tomorrow night!

I've been doing the adjusting thing all week. IMST and I are off to TheSecondComing's 40th birthday party tomorrow night and there are going to be about 20 mners there. (I'm not intimidated at all. Oh no.) I know I'm going to be drinking a bit so I've been careful so far this week.

I'm also out with dh on Saturday. I just hope I've adjusted enough. hmm

steppemum Fri 22-Feb-13 11:59:05

20 mners shock shock

not sure I could cope, they might not look the same in real life as I think they should!

steppemum Fri 22-Feb-13 12:15:00

SPB - good points, I used to eat a lot like that, snack, snack, snack and then still eat dinner.
I am confidently saying that it is all in the past. (no going back, we are on a role)

Steppe, I'm banking on the fact they'll be thrown by me not looking like they expect me to look!

reastie Fri 22-Feb-13 15:02:34

Hello all

Met up with a fellow mner today (whom I know via ante/pn boards) and she's lost 9 stone in the past 2 years shock - she looks amazing!

Hair 20 mners?!!

SPB enjoy your meal out tonight.

IMST excellent on the trousers

I've kept nearly all of my 'fat' clothes just incase blush .

NeedNicerViews Fri 22-Feb-13 16:21:52

reastie you are in your pre pregnancy clothes now. Surely you don't need to keep all your 'fat' clothes.

Happy birthday steppe. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Have a good time everyone whose out tonight. I've decided I'm not worried as there are so many people going I won't know who's a mner and who isn't.

NeedNicerViews Fri 22-Feb-13 16:22:34

Crap. It's Hair here.

That's better. I almost never name change and I forgot I had. blush

reastie Fri 22-Feb-13 18:11:45

Hair I got a little confused there! No I'm STILL not properly in pre preg clothes. I can wear a couple of dresses (they are a bit too tight though) but still have I'd say half a stone to go until pre preg clothes fit, and a further half stone on top of that for my 'slim' pre preg clothes. I feel so close yet so far! But I WILL get there!

It's weird because my posts still come up pink. Funnily enough I posted under my usual nn on my other thread and got far more replies.
What an idiot!!!

You are right though. You will get there. You come across as a very positive person!

msbossy Sat 23-Feb-13 09:10:36

V v bad behaviour last night. Curry, wine and a large bag of maltesers. Like others of you have said, you can't do that every day and get away with it so back to soup and salad today!

The important thing is to not give up just because you had one calorie laden evening. I've learnt that is the key.

Well done for getting back on it today msbossy and I hope you enjoyed your curry. I love curry.

Last night was good. 2 glasses of wine and a vodka and orange. Could have been worse. Met loads of mners. Some who I have found a little intimidating on here but they are lovely in rl. It was a good, old fashioned, northern night out. smile

Hair wore a dress, with a waist, no cardigan eithersmile.
I got a comment about my weight loss, but I was wearing a corset, so was properly curvygrin.

eightytwenty Sat 23-Feb-13 09:37:10

Gosh. Must be weird to have put names to faces? Though at least you had imst as a wing man. Was everyone v open about their mn names? Wonder if the 'bigger names' ha personalities to match!

Had a dinner party for 9 last night - but delegated starter, pudding and side dish. Was v relaxing as a result. Cooked pork belly which is AMAZING in the Aga. 12 hours of cooking and a blast of heat at the end for crackling. Tried not to eat too much, but did have an enormous portion of sticky toffee pudding.

No exercise opportunities today but will compensate!

KatoPotato Sat 23-Feb-13 09:43:37

Glad you guys had a good night! I bet you both looked and felt deservedly awesome!

Msbossy, that's the attitude that'll take you straight to losses! I had a very dodgy day by my standards, but this time 18months ago it would have been so so under my usual intake!

I'm feeling fragile, going away to Worcester for trainer training for five nights. I've never ever been away from DS for so long! He's being extra adorable this morning and I'm trying not to cry!!!

Glad you had a good night eighty. Pork belly is gorgeous but so bad. Dh bought some from the supermarket a couple of weeks ago. I could have murdered him but then he burnt it in a casserole so I didn't get to eat it. I didn't know whether to grin or sad.

Kato I feel for you. You'll both be fine and make sure you try to enjoy your time alone as well as just miss him. It will give you more energy and enthusiasm to do things together when you get back.

IMST looked truly amazing!! I've seen her in a corset before but she really is half the size now. Her waist is tiny! shock

One mner was a lot more mellow irl than I thought she'd be. They were a very diverse group and all lovely. Most were pretty open about their nn but a few chose not to say. Either was fine but it was weird putting rl people to some well known names. smile

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 23-Feb-13 20:27:34

Thanks to InMySpareTime, who pointed me in this threads direction - I'm in massive need of motivation!
Just read the thread and it sounds like you are all doing so well and staying positive (my biggest problem!)
My new mantra will be
"First bite is the best, save the next first bite for another day." Never heard that before but so true.
I am currently a 14/16 and would like to get back to my pre DC size 8/10 figure. I've been trying a few different diets (Dukan, ww etc) but have just got MFP on my mobile and going to try and do a slow steady weight loss on 1200 calories a day and loads of exercise.

Welcome Dancing! We're at all stages on our weight loss journeys (I think this is some people's 5th thread, some are new to this one)
What we have in common is that we help each other through tricky moments and stop a small slip up turning into a big landslide.
We use a range of methods to lose weight, some MFP, some low-carbing, some cutting portion size or just making healthier choices.
Have you thought about why you make the food choices you do now? Addressing the reasons behind overeating or poor food choices is the first step to changing your attitude to food, and will help you change your habits.

Hi Dancing. On a night out but will post tomorrow. Just wanted to say hello.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sun 24-Feb-13 07:34:56

Hi! Hope you had a good night.
IMST, you are right. Unfortunately, I am greedy and a massive comfort eater and that is why I am the weight I am. I have successfully lost weight before, I know I can do it but have been giving in to the 'oh, I'll start tomorrow, next week...'
I've put a picture of me at my lightest on the fridge and dug out a pair of old jeans I would love to be able to wear again - hoping that will give me some motivation this week! I'm starting the day with porridge and shred.

Hi everyone and welcome Dancing grin
Bad couple of days. This day - the first day back on it, feeling bloated and ashamed - is always the worst

SPB and Dancing, drop the shame, it never helps. The past is the past, what you do from today onwards is what will help you reach your goal.
Dancing, the thin jeans are a great idea, something to aim for.
One thing to remember, all (or at least most) of us put a pond or two on at "Time of the Month", don't be disheartened if and when it happens, it's not a failure, just your body retaining water for a couple of days, after which you'll be back on track.
Most of us weigh on Mondays, you're welcome to if you want, some of us put our weight on here for accountability or use the spreadsheet, or if you like you could put pounds lost.

steppemum Sun 24-Feb-13 09:43:02

Hi dancing.
You sound a lot like me. There are lots of helpful comments on this thread wich are making me rethink things.
I like:
first bite is best, save the next first bite for next time
one bad evening isn't blowing a diet, it is one evening, keep going
rethinking eating habits s you make changes for life not for diet

There are lots more.
I have found it so helpful to check in on here and it keeps me going. I started about 5 weeks ago and I have lost 13 pounds!
Hoping to make it 1 stone next week

And I too have a pair of jeans - new ones I bought and they are hanging on the wardrobe door

Oops pound not pond or two, nobody has that heavy a flowblush!

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sun 24-Feb-13 11:03:38

Thanks for making me so welcome!
Steppemum, you have done so well. I hope you reach the stone next week.
Really agree about the one bad day not blowing the diet. So many times I have had a bad day and thought oh well give up - not any more though!
Feeling so much more motivated already and hearing about other people's success is totally inspiring me!

Sorry for the short post last night. I'm sooo tired and it's hard to resist the need for a sugar boost today. I think I just have to stay busy to take my mind off things.

Does anyone know if the having breakfast to get your metabolism going is true? Whenever I have breakfast I find I'm so much more hungry and consume so many more calories a day than when I don't. I'm so tempted not to bother.

I haven't had any today and I'm still not hungry.

IMST how did your party go?

SPB well done for getting back on it. IMST is right. Put your bad days behind you and look forward.

Party went fairly well, I have a really bad sore throat, got through the party with lemsip and strepsils but not my best storytelling by any means.
The glue on the finger puppets took ages to dry too, so some DCs had to take their puppets to make at homehmm. The parents seemed happy though, and I have earned some actual money doing storytelling! I have a successful businessgrin.

Oh, and the DCs all sat really nicely and listened attentively, they laughed in all the right places and I had some great conversation with them too.

Aww. Sorry about your throat. sad Bloody typical though!

The thing with the glue is easily sorted I think. A big, huge well done though!!! grin

Throat almost better now, I've done nothing at all today though.
DCs made cupcakes, I ate one to be polite but no more, some are hidden in a tin for a different day, DCs ate 4 each so farshock.
Back on it tomorrow, Motivational Monday again.

reastie Sun 24-Feb-13 18:18:00

Hi all,

Today not a great day as I've had a bit of DDs birthday cake, but I'm not going to dwell on it. It was only a small piece. I've uploaded a picture of DDs cake which I made here . I made the chocolate Gruffalo and everything [proud] . Cake decorating is not my forte so I'm pleased with my efforts.

IMST glad the throat is getting better now. Your DC sound like my DH - eating multiple cakes in one go envy . Well done on the party. Saw the pics of your finger puppet kit bits on fb.

Hair I'm not sure on breakfast, sorry. I must say thank you for saying I come across as a positive person though blush . No ones ever said that about me so it's nice someone thinks I am!

reastie that cake looks fabulous!! The Gruffalo is brilliant. What did you make it from?

reastie Sun 24-Feb-13 18:41:13

It's a gruffalo from a creme egg!! Based it on this although theirs obviously is alot better! Only problem is I now have 11 creme eggs in the cupboard as I bought a dozen incase it all went wrong and I had to try over several attempts. Will have to force feed them to DH so I'm not tempted I think!

reastie Sun 24-Feb-13 18:43:35

Whilst you're looking at my pictures, what do you think of my new kitchen choices here . We are worried the tiles are too jazzy with the granite worktop and have had conflicting suggestions and advice. Any thoughts?

I love the tiles and flooring but I would try a less busy granite iyswim. The tiles don't need to be overshadowed. They need to be shown off IMHO. Feel free to completely disregard everything I say though. My taste is quite individual!

We restored a 1950s aluminium kitchen, then booted it into the 21st century by painting it grey. We have yellow walls and black granite work tops so very different style to yours.

reastie Sun 24-Feb-13 20:50:24

Hair your kitchen sounds incredible!

Hair's kitchen is great, it's enormous! I have another theatre get-in today, luckily someone dropped off a load of spare packed lunches last night, I have a feeling that water, apple, yoghurt, cheese baguette and a sausage roll will get me through the day better than whatever takeaway option can be found on campus!
Will try to weigh before I leave this morning.

Thanks reastie I am rather proud of it!

1lb off this morning. I'm happy because I had two nights out last week, one of which involved curry! It's proved the theory of adjusting your intake for me. I didn't hold back on the curry. I had some rice and half a naan with it but I ate much less than I used to because I stopped when I was full and way before it became uncomfortable!

It's given me the motivation to try and stop losing and gaining the same pound over and over.

How are you all feeling this Motivational Monday?

steppemum Mon 25-Feb-13 12:04:45

1 lb off

That makes 1 stone - yeah!!!!

really pleased as I have had a real birthday weekend (chinese and chocolate cake )

steppemum Mon 25-Feb-13 12:06:52

can't put it on the spreadsheet though hmm

Same as Weds, 2lb less than last Monday though.
Busy day today, lots of lifting and carrying today but odd mealtimes.

IMST well done on the storytelling, sorry you started when feeling ill!
reastie the cake is amazing, and you have to eat birthday cake! Well done for sticking to a small piece. Our DD's have the same first name btw.
Hair, well done on your lb off smile and thanks for the encouragement. steppe, well done too, and congratulations on your stone grin
It's lovely that everyone is so motivated. I am definitely feeling it at the moment. Days off on Friday and Saturday didn't go well, as I mentioned. But yesterday I ate <500 cals and hoping to do the same today as a boost before going back to normal tomorrow, when I'll be at work so away from temptation.
Although stupidly I decided it was my turn to take biscuits in and I NEVER learn - buy ones you don't like. Oh no, the ones I bought are the ones I really really fancied. Luckily I have my back to them, might put up a "no rustling" sign.

steppemum Mon 25-Feb-13 12:40:32

grin at 'no rustling'

Well done steppe on reaching the 1stone off mark. It's a great feeling!

grin from me for 'no rustling' too!

eightytwenty Mon 25-Feb-13 16:06:11

I'm fluctuating between a maintain and 1/2 lb gain. Damn you pork belly, sticky toffee and chocolate. Ok so last week wasn't that great, so nobody to blame but myself.

Tonight I'm doing one hour of track, followed by one of hour of spin. Quite dreading it but it will be good for me I am sure.

eightytwenty Tue 26-Feb-13 09:14:52

Well survived track and bike session last night - bit weird running round an athletics track - reminded me why I don't like running - nothing to see, having to count the laps! Didn't work too hard on the cycling as wasn't sure what I'd be able to get through. Next week will be harder.

How is everyone doing today?

Me and Hair went fabric shopping in town, I got woollen fabric to make my own dress. For once, a dress that actually fits me not "generic high street woman". That will be a treat, well worth the £6 on fabric!

How's everyone doing this fine day? Lots of sunshine to keep us happy, shame I have so much work to dosad.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Wed 27-Feb-13 09:39:34

Hi, I feel like I'm having a good week, I just hope the scales tell the same story when I weigh on Friday! Done plenty of exercise and stayed within 1200 cals a day.
We are out for a meal on Saturday so I know that is gong to be a challenge!
Hope everyone is having a good week!

steppemum Wed 27-Feb-13 14:39:24

rubbish day yesterday. Someone came round before I had had lunch, and then stayed until school pick up. So I then sat and ate half the biscuit tin while the dcs had snack.

Today better, but grotty throat and going down with cold.

IMST your dress looks fab!!
Dancing sounds like you're doing well. Keep going!
Steppe sorry you don't feel well. I hope it passes quickly.

Good day here. It started rubbish as the two younger dcs both had one on them on the way to school. I wanted a biscuit but went in the garden instead and shifted about 1.5 tons of sand, soil, bricks, sticks and weeds to sort out my garden. The play house is now where it should be. It better have used some calories because the sweeping up gave me blisters!

Soup for dinner because I'm so tempted to eat rubbish because I feel I've earned it. Must stick with the soup.

Loving the sunshine. It gives me so much energy. I've even cleaned my kitchen. shock Long may it last!! smile

Thank you Hair, it turned out quite well for a first attempt with no pattern! I got lots of compliments on the photo I posted anywaygrin.
We had raisin-stuffed baked apple with pork and toasted almonds for dinner (yummysmile). Well done Hair on the gardening, you'll have burnt lots of calories.

steppemum Wed 27-Feb-13 22:25:23

Where are you Hair? it is cold and cloudy here, really miserable, I am longing for some sun!

steppemum Wed 27-Feb-13 22:27:58

IMST - where is your dress? I tried to look at your photos, but no dress there!

Manchester was sunny all day, I got washing dry on the line, dress pic is posted on FB (I may put it on my profile here tomorrow when I've got the big computer on as can't do it on iPod).

Manchester Steppe (honestly grin). It's been gorgeous and will be again all weekend. That hardly ever happens here so I'm planning to make the mist of it!

I did have my soup and not snack. I'm quite proud of my willpower today.


Sadly Manchester will probably find a way to make mist of this lovely weatherhmm.

eightytwenty Wed 27-Feb-13 23:19:21

Intrigued by dress.

One bad day doesn't mean the end steppe. We'll be here tomorrow to remind you to tread a sensible path.

Dancing and hair well done.

Not been too bad today, and yesterday ended up going to bed before dinner with short lived d&v (actually just the d, while ds1 got the v), so didn't get to go swimming, but then again didn't eat dinner either.

steppemum Wed 27-Feb-13 23:41:33

just watched the weather forecast and todays cloud slowly slid away leaving uk all sunny except our corner envy

Going to be the same here all weekend. Would love a bit of sun, even if cold. Very envious of a day digging in the garden. Even if sunny, I will be busy hosting dd1 birthday party.

Did pretty well today, feeling pleased

reastie Thu 28-Feb-13 07:09:26

Also intrigued by the dress here too IMST.

eighty hope you feel better from the d&v

Bonkey where did you go again???

Hair <bows down to your willpower> well done on all that work and soup

Been OK this week so far I think. Did a cheeky weigh in and just touching in the 12 stones (at 12 13 3/4). Pre preg weight was lower in the 12's so getting closer to my goal. Maybe I'm just getting used to feeling hungry hmm

Well done for getting into the next stone bracket reastie.

I think you can get used to feeling hungry. When I lived on my own with ds1 I ate very badly and not very much. The hungry feeling was almost a comfort to me. The opposite of comfort eating I suppose. I used to enjoy it.

Part of that has stuck with me. I don't mind being hungry. It's my sweet tooth that lets me down.

Well done everyone!
Lovely sunny day here too smile

eightytwenty Thu 28-Feb-13 12:00:27

Well done reastie.

Is it time for some spreadsheet updating? For those that want to? Imst, Tobermory and reastie your results are looking impressive!

Makes me realise we've not heard from quite a few regulars of late.

Anyone seen lollipop violet, or milkshake maker (wasn't this her thread to start with?), sleepy, lard bean and many others. Hope they're finding success elsewhere if not here. But if not, come back and join us!

Can't remember who is the excel whizz? I had a look but I can't see how you get dates to move over. Kato - was it you?

Feeling proud today with realisation that (blips aside) I have got back on it after Christmas. This is a first. It's also a first for me that while I was inspired to be thinner for my 40th in December, I didn't just think "oh I made my wedding weight" and stop thereafter. Think that commitment to exercise is having a tremendous difference to my mental state.

reastie Thu 28-Feb-13 12:36:09

kato is the excel wizard. I'm confused with the spreadsheets - I seem to be inputting on the old one (??) and had to add in a column for this week. I'm sure the link earlier was for an updated spreadsheet but was a different one - which one is the proper official one please?

eighty that's great re: change of attitude. this is a way of life really isn't it

Well done everyone.
I went into Manchester today and bought 3 new bras, 28Hshock my boobs are back under my chin where they should be, properly supported. DH was off work today so we went for a walk around the city and out for lunch.
Not a great day food-wise:
Breakfast: Muesli
Snack: A chocolate cookie
Lunch: Cottage pie and root veg
Dinner: Pork and red pepper sandwich.
Just hoping I did enough walking to balance it.
In-laws visiting tomorrow for the weekend. Will most likely catch up once they've gone.

steppemum Thu 28-Feb-13 20:35:00

IMST - I saw you over on the bra thread. I am going to wait a bit and then try some new ones!

Steppe - I'm at the point where they don't make bras with any smaller backs so I might as well get the smallest! Also, my chest circumference doesn't have much more to give.
grinToday, DS has a place at his chosen Secondary school, 10 minutes' walk away. That's a relief, now once he's got the epilepsy diagnosis and starts on the right medication, all will be tickety-boo againsmile.
Should be a reasonably good day food-wise today, DH is off again, we're cleaning the house to get it ready for PILs visiting later, and hopefully going for another walk.

ooh bras, I desperately need to be measured - IMST/Hair is there anywhere in Manchester that will be open early/late that i could go to? I rarely get to go to the big shops grin

Bravissimo in the corn exchange, or Debenhams/John Lewis in the Trafford Centre.

steppemum Fri 01-Mar-13 12:30:20

SPB - have you been over to the bra thread - they will 'measure you' on there!!

Well done to your ds IMST, fab to have the school you want.

Trying to keep a straight face as PILs discuss "knitting hats for seamen"wink

reastie Fri 01-Mar-13 16:38:09

<sniggers at IMSTs PIL>

Better food choices today:
Lunch: half portion of chicken and mushroom pie, potatoes and veg.
Dinner: toasted chicken and bacon sandwich (no mayo) and salad.
Also walked all round Dunham Massey (the winter garden looks greatsmile) and got lots of facial and core muscle exercise maintaining outer calm in the face of PILs' double entendres. The worst thing is, they don't know they're saying such hilarious stuff, and I may actually burst if I suppress laughter much longer. needs brain soap for filthy mind

reastie Sat 02-Mar-13 17:52:00

IMST glad food choice was better for you and grin at the facial and core muscle exercise. Glad DS got his school of choice place, must be a relief.

I'm feeling really motivated at the minute - so close to my pre preg clothes now!about 7lbs to go until I should properly fit into nearly all of them. 7lbs isn't that much is it?! I can't wait until I hit the 5 stone mark either. Will really feel like I've accomplished something then.

Was due to visit a friend with her new baby today but she has mastitis sad so took DD to a farm park instead which she loved. Even got some piccies of me and DD in the farm park. It's nice to be not too embarrassed and depressed to have pictures taken of me any more (even though I'm still at the high end of overweight).

SPB did you get any bras? Second bravissimo - been there before and had a good experience. I measured myself courtesy of the bra thread and I'm in the correct size bra [proud].

Reastie, 7lb isn't that much, focus and that'll be gone by Easter!
Mixed success today, fry up for breakfast (fried egg, 1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 wholemeal toast and a raw tomato)
Small leek& potato soup with a buttered roll
Lots of walking round a country park, then stage crew again in the afternoon.
Dinner got a bit messed up. The restaurant we'd booked a table at had lost our booking, then the waitress told us it was at least 1 hour's wait for food, so we have up and I had a chocolate brownie and 1/4 of DH's meat feast pizza (dirty, bad foodblush).
We went home and I made miscellaneous leftovers for everyone, but I didn't eat any as still not hungry.
I am craving vegetables!
Tomorrow's more promising, I'm cooking fishcakes for lunch and we're going out for dinner (but I know what's on the menu already).

steppemum Sat 02-Mar-13 23:51:01

grin at knitting hats for seamen!

Sounds like they're on form as usual.

Oh yesgrin! I had my small victory, made cooked breakfast "to order" ie. different for MIL, but I did not warm the plates or make toast in the oven the way she demands likes.
Then she had her small revenge, made tea for everyone except me even though I filled up the kettleconfused.
They go home tomorrow (not soon enough!).

Oh my god! She really is the pits!! Roll on tomorrow.

steppemum Sun 03-Mar-13 18:01:49

I wearing the jeans!! I'm wearing the jeans!! (does little victory dance round the room)

Remember the size 18s hanging on the wardrobe door? Well yesterday I realised that my old jeans we so scrunched in on the belt that I should try the new ones. Last time I tried them I got them on but there was a big roll out over the top and I couldn't sit down.

Well this morning, they are a beautiful fit and ...... TOO BIG round the waist! because I have a huge bum and a moderate waist

Mum was here yesterday, told me what I nice top I had on and how much it suited me grin - she doesn't know am dieting.


steppemum Sun 03-Mar-13 18:03:56

(just like to point out good friend at church told me how good I was looking (she knows I'm am dieting) and dh? - hasn't noticed the jeans angry )

(we really need a 'moderately peed off emoticon instead of angry)

reastie Sun 03-Mar-13 18:15:48

steppe well done - that's fabulous news - a real boost to the motivational power of the thread. I bet you feel fab and look great in those jeans. Btw my DH hasn't once made a comment about me losing any weight except twice when I asked him flat out if he had noticed, and he said he had he just hadn't said anything ( angry ), so your DH might be useless like mine.

steppe that's brilliant. Well done!

I had to drop some pretty unsubtle hints before my dh voluntarily said anything. He complimented IMST way before he said anything to me.

Lol at your mil imst, glad they are going!
Steppe that's brilliant! Didn't I say they'd be too big before.long? You are all motivating me, bad 3 days but will be back on track tomorrow.
Thanks for tips re bra measuring, will glfigure out when bravissimo open and go whhen am in Manchester.

WooHoo Steppe, grooving in the new jeanssmilesmile.
Another laugh-hiding moment with MIL: out for dinner, DS put an enormous chip in his mouth, and MIL gave him a lecture about how it's polite to eat small mouthfuls so you are able to continue a conversation over dinner. All through this lecture she continued eating, and talking with food in her mouth. DS (fairly blunt at the best of times) piped up with "but to be fair, it's rude to talk with your mouth full!"
I hid mygrinbehind some garlic bread!
I love my DS, I'd never get away with that comment!

What dis she say?

She said "oh, er, well this is about taking smaller mouthfuls and being polite" then she changed the subjectblush.
Whatever her warped view of politeness is, at least I can be sure my DCs know not to talk with any food in their mouthsgrin, DS even theatrically chewed his enormous mouthful while MIL waited for a response, and he just let her wait! Good boysmile.

Morning everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend.
1lb off this morning so 10st 12 now. That's almost a safe 10. Yay! smile

How have you all got on?

Lol at your Ds imst!

Well done hair! Not doing well here, was meant to be back on it but ill dd, no shopping, lack of motivation means today is another write off. I'll get back to it.

Not weighed yet as we've been at hospital for DS's appointment. It went well, he needs an EEG but is otherwise fine, they got him to hyperventilate to bring on a seizure so it's pretty clear cut.
Will weigh later, I'm glad life is (basically) back to what passes for normal for now.
Well done Hair on getting a safe 10, you've got a good run up to Easter so I reckon you're definitely clear of 11ssmile.

Ooh so glad to hear that.

Weigh in:
9st 9lb, 2 down on last weeksmile. Given the amount of eating out I did at the weekend I'll probably have to balance that with a maintain or gain next week, but for now I'll claim it as a lossgrin.

Tobermory Mon 04-Mar-13 22:58:46

Hello all,

Not been very sociable of late. Last week we got the dreaded call at work so I blame Ofsted for a ridiculous number of biscuits eaten. However that was about all I had time to eat so overall ok.
Last week was a 2lb loss, not weighed in today. Will do so in the morning (with me eyes closed!)

My NSV, I tried on a dress today, 16, which fitted like a glove. This is fab, I haven't been a 16 for about 10 years!!! Very pleased with myself.

Tobermory Mon 04-Mar-13 23:02:54

IMST- the curse of the MIL, I have a 'challenging' one too. Well done to your DS!

Steppe, fab news on your jeans!

steppemum Mon 04-Mar-13 23:13:52

Well, I think it was 1 lb loss today, but to be honest my scales are knackered. If I stand on them they say 16st. If I lean forward they go up to 16st 6lbs at max. So I assume I am the max, but it is very wobbly and hard to read as I need reading glasses but the scales are too far away for glasses to work

Would buy new ones, but they might weigh me heavier!

Buy new ones, at least you'll believe themsmile.
What a lovely day today! I got loads done (unfortunately indoors) while looking at the lovely blue sky.
DH has a tummy bug, I persuaded him to open some windows as the house reeksblush.
Starting to get lots of "there's nothing of you" comments, although they're starting to turn to "are you well? You can stop losing weight now!" Comments toohmm.
A little more (6lb) and I'll be at the top of a healthy BMI, and then it's just maintaining, which should be doable without too much trouble.
I am looking forward to spring and summer now, getting out of all the layers and into some teeny sized clothessmile. How about the rest of us?

Tobermory Tue 05-Mar-13 18:25:17

I too am looking forward to summer.

11lbs puts me at the top of a healthy bmi, but I'm Going to stay on the wagon for another stone I think. I am seriously looking forward to a new summer, thinner, wardrobe. Everything is starting to look pretty baggy but don't want to spend lots of money until I know my new shape/size. What has everyone done as they've been loosing... Just kept pulling things up?

Belts, mostly, and digging out clothes from the back of the cupboard!
Tops are ok, just very loose now, trousers are not too awful up to 2 sizes too big with a belt, any looser and they just hangblush.
I bought trousers from the charity shop to see me through the last few pounds, am planning a new summer wardrobe once my business is doing well.

I am quite densely built, so currently with a BMI of 26.5 my bust/chest/waist/hips are 36/26/24/37, I'm a size 8 up top and size 10 trousers. If I went down another stone I'd probably be look ill. I suspect my ample chest contributes to my unusual size/weight combo. My norks are a good few pounds on their own!

Tobermory Tue 05-Mar-13 19:49:15

It's strange isn't it?

MrTobermory has brought me home a treat of some new pants!
They're size 16 grin though my BMI is 25.4 so v close to 'healthy'. I'm 6ft tall and broad, 38 chest and don't think I could ever physically be a size 8/10!
So I'm aiming for another stone or stone and a half to give me a bmi of 22.7 ish though I guess I mostly need to see what htat looks like in real life.
And that's the bit I really can't imagine!

My pants range from 16 to 10 with all sizes in between. Pants need to fit really badly before I finally ditch themblush. I did ditch a few pairs of size 18s the other week as they were beyond ridiculous!

eightytwenty Wed 06-Mar-13 07:11:25

Funny how body shapes differ. Not sure I should be wearing 16 trousers any more. Though I do still wear some, there seems to be a lot of spare material front, back and round the leg. Whereas I am still wearing all my old tops including 18's. maybe I need an independent observer to tell me I shouldn't. I've been replacing a few items of clothes as I go. Figure it's worth it to feel good for now. Months will no doubt have eaten them by this time next year anyway.

It's quiet on here, where is everyone?
I have been very hungry the last week or so, not sure why, at least I'm near my target weight so can afford a few snacks.
Anyone else feeling peckish lately?

eightytwenty Thu 07-Mar-13 12:21:48

Also hungry imst. Am putting it down to 'bored with dieting'. Am making good choices mostly, but increasingly succumbing to temptation.

Exercising enough for maintainable. But need to eat better to lose. And I am still nearly 2 stone away from healthy bmi!

Feel free to give me a kicking!

<gently nudges 8020 in the direction of healthy choices>
Boredom might be some of my problem, I've been losing weight since July, and now I need to find my balance food-wise to start maintaining. I'll need to up my food intake slightly without overdoing it. It's a tricky balance!

I'm still here. Just feeling crap now the sun has gone away. Boo! sad

I'm sure I'll buck up soon.

Food choices have been ok this week. I'm feeling positive diet wise.

eightytwenty Thu 07-Mar-13 13:08:11

Thanks imst. Temptation coming back mid afternoon and after dinner. My danger zones.

But Have to share 3 meals from 1.

Tuesday - had mackerel and roasted veg salad

Wednesday - added left over roast veg to tin of tomatoes and red lentils to make hidden veg & protein pasta sauce

Thurs - thinned out leftover pasta sauce with stock to made soup.

Thrifty and healthy!

reastie Thu 07-Mar-13 13:08:39

I'm here too, and also hungry. I'm generally making good choices but wish I could control the hunger easier. It has been a long time since alot of us have been on task (well, it feels like it anyway). Maybe this is the second post christmas slump time of year?

Feeling half very motivated and half just impatient to get in my pre preg clothes. They are at the point of almost doing up but too tight to consider wearing. And I weighed myself this morning and looks like just a maintain this week. Feels like so close yet so far! I know I'll get there, I'm just itching to fit in to my old wardrobe properly.

reastie Thu 07-Mar-13 13:15:47

xposted 80 that sounds delish. I do something similar here. I make a ratatouille in the slow cooker from frozen chargrilled veg, tin of tomatoes and some stock <lazy bones>. Can have it one day with rice, then blitz it up and another day as a pasta sauce (sometimes with quorn meatballs as DH veggie) and a further day home made pizza for DH and DD with either pizza base made in the bread maker or a home made scone base and use the puree for tomato sauce. So quick and easy and cheap. It's actually the only way I can get DD to eat vegetables as she doesn't realise they are in the pizza sauce wink . I've also used frozen veg casserole mix to make a super quick stew with some stock and added some sausages then baked it with a cobbler scone topping which worked out really well. There's only 40g fat in the whole of the scone recipe I follow which would serve at least 4 people on a good size portion, so the added fat isn't huge compared to what you might think/other recipe's (I use 250g sr flour rubbed in with 40g marg then mixed to a dough with milk. I think around 125ml but can't remember off hand. Mixed herbs works well in it). Gosh that was probably really boring for everyone wasn't it blush . I've been trying to do quick homemade recipes which are cheap and frozen veg is quickly becoming a store essential as I never have time to peel/chop fresh veg every day <slattern>

eightytwenty Thu 07-Mar-13 13:41:52

Reastie, that sounds delicious. Frozen chopped veg - I must investigate. Assume it tastes as good as fresh once cooked?

I think you're right - it has been a v long time, and we've achieved so much, but sometimes it feels as if there's still so far & so long to go. I am not going to give up however. Last time I did that I regained most of the weight I'd previously lost. Will stop moaning and get on with it.

reastie Thu 07-Mar-13 13:50:49

eighty it doesn't taste quite exactly the same as fresh, but put in recipe's as opposed to eating it plain as a veg it's great.

eightytwenty Sat 09-Mar-13 10:44:02

Everyone as cold and wet as I am? Blooming miserable.

How're you all getting on? Sticking with it? Thread v quiet of late.

reastie Sat 09-Mar-13 18:15:23


Doing well thanks eighty. Had to work today ( angry ) but my non chatty usually rude and ignores everyone dept head told me I looked 'very stylish' today grin . I'm getting so many 'you look really well/healthy/love the outfit' comments but still very very few people telling me I look like I've lost weight! [miffed]. Can't complain though, any comment is gratefully received! Quite cold and a bit wet here but not too bad.

steppemum Sat 09-Mar-13 23:30:55

good evening
been away working for 2 days, thought I would do well on food, but they had chocolate cake on the table and kept asking me to have some blush

been digging the garden all afternoon. Should have been straightforward - clearing the soon to be veg plot, but I discovered a layer of serious rubble about 8 inches down, so have been digging, heaving heavy concrete slabs and bricks, and levering up metal poles from underground. I now cannot move, I didn't realise how much you use your bum muscle when digging. Hoping it will help weight though.

Happy Mothers' daysmile
Went to York yesterday, lots of eating out, this will not end well!
Back on it today anyway, hope the rest of you are doing better.

Morning everyone. Happy Mother's Day. I'm seeing my Mum this morning and MIL later. We're taking her out for dinner at TGI Friday's. I've been compensating all week as I know I'll want something calorie laden.

My MIL is lovely and really deserves a treat. The polar opposite of yours IMST. The dcs and I have been busy making treats for both mothers all week so I hope they go down well.

Happy Birthday to your dd IMST. I hope she has a lovely day and has got over her grumps.

Have you all got plans today?

Hi everyone and happy Mother's Day!
Not good here unfortunately. Can definitely see that I eat badly when stressed / busy. Dd sick all of last week plus I had a day in London which was stressful on little sleep. Caught up now and so today is my last day off - I am feeling very motivated for tomorrow. I can't weigh in though or I'll get disheartened!

Sorry you had a bad week. Hope dd feels better quickly.

Yay for motivation though. I can't decide if I need a big push or I'm happy with slow but steady. Either way I seem to be going in the right direction without too much hardship. It makes me feel quite positive for the future.

IMST I know you'll probably check this in the morning so can you tell dd she'll have to wait until Monday for her present. Dd had been poorly so has not chosen yet.

No problem, I don't think she was expecting anything until tomorrow anyway. She was unreasonably pleased with the one present she got from us (a discworld board game) and has lots of parcels from family to look forward to this week.
Is DD still suffering with earache? We got it at half term and it took ages to pass, hope it's better soon, it's miserable having earachesad.

KatoPotato Sun 10-Mar-13 20:08:18

I'm back! I've had a hectic fortnight with bring sent on a weeks training course in the Cotswolds and a poorly nana!

But back I am, and I've finally got back on track and I'm weighing in at 10st 8. Had a calorific Mother's Day with chocs, bacon rolls and an Indian curry! But back to the excercise tomorrow and I'm booking a TRX training session some time this week too!

Will read the rest of the thread but hope you're all well!

TRX? Never heard of it or I'm being thick. Had a glass of wine at TGIs and that's all it takes to make me fuzzy these days. hmm

Yes earache, cough, throat, you name it! It's the deafness that's really being the problem though. Three weeks of pain for her and shouting for me. Going to see if I can get her in with the gp this week. sad

Weigh in for Monday, 1lb off at 9st 8lb, which is frankly miraculous given all the eating out and birthday cake and TOTM
I need to focus this week, nearly there now, don't want to fall at the last post!
I am getting lots of compliments though, which is spurring me on, at least 2 or 3 a daygrin.

Well I've had one of those weeks where you've really tried hard but the scales don't reflect it. I was feeling really good about today's weigh in and I've put that same bloody pound back on again! I feel a bit grumpy about that as I thought I'd done well. sad

Well done for the 10st 8 Kato. You've done really well! smile

How is everyone else getting on?


Fantastic IMST! It really shows!

KatoPotato Mon 11-Mar-13 10:14:09

Awesome job IMST Compliments do help, I'm only just learning to embrace them, and await the disappointment when I tell them it's good ol eating less and moving more!

Hair TRX is those straps you see hanging from the ceiling in the gym! I also agree with the glass of wine = fuzzy head I just can't put away what I used to and need to remember this... Yes that explains why I was belting out Jessies Girl on Rock Star at our new neighbours housewarming!

grin Wish I'd seen that!

eightytwenty Mon 11-Mar-13 11:22:44

Hair - am with you, seem to be gaining and losing the same 1.5 lb over and over for weeks now. Was at gleneagles hotel for a friends 40th celebration, and indulged in champagne, nibbles and afternoon tea! Was lovely but even my 5k up and down hills won't be enough to undo.

But today is a other day. Just need to navigate work trip to London & associated 5am departure which always makes me eat badly.

Well done Kato and imst!

Trx sounds tortuous.

Tobermory Mon 11-Mar-13 21:49:58

2more lbs off here this week. That takes me to a total of 24lbs, which puts 2 stone in sight!
I could have had a wobble yesterday, a handful of haribo I could have just eaten and eaten. I did eat, biscuits and a piece of cake.
But back n t and feeling motivated again today.

Well done Tober. If that doesn't spur you on I don't know what will. 24lbs is fantastic and more than I've managed since the beginning of these threads!

eighty it's frustrating isn't it? Some weeks it's justified but I really thought I'd done well last week. Nevermind. Onwards and downwards. smile

gussiegrips Tue 12-Mar-13 12:25:45

I was here in January <waves> and was doing ok. Lost half a stone or so, but wasn't weighing as it makes my head do funny things.

Then, had a blip because our extension's dust made middley kid ill and we had 6 weeks of living between my mum and my mil's - and I was home schooling.

Well, I HAD to eat, didn't I?

DEcided just to stuff it, whilst a kid's in hospital I don't have space in my head to diet. Couldn't exercise as away from home, and trying to keep 3 kids under control at grandparents' houses. Oh, and living with my MIL meant quite a bit of comfort eating needed to be done.

So, I've put on the half stone again.

But, went and had a health check, so have a fine starting point. Zumba tonight, ad am going to be gentle with myself - aiming for 10% fat loss in 2 months.

Am currently 44.3% fat. That's nearly half of me is lard. That's an unpleasant thought.

Anyhoo, it's good to be back.

eightytwenty Tue 12-Mar-13 12:32:44

Well done tober and welcome back gussie. Not sure anyone would diet under those conditions! Onwards and downwards as we say here.

We have snow and much ice. Am I crazy to consider going for a run? I could shred instead I suppose.

Welcome back gussie. Sounds like you've had a rough time. I couldn't cope living with either my parents or dh's for that length of time, much as I love them. Well done for clinging to your sanity! Hope your dc is feeling better now and your extension is over the worst.

eighty I wouldn't do it but I don't run. I would go for a walk though (if I could find 5 minutes to do it). Well done which ever you choose.

reastie Tue 12-Mar-13 13:32:17

Gussie good to 'see' you again. Don't beat yourself up about it, just start again with a positive outlook. Hope your DS is OK now.

Snow day today for me - school I work at is closed grin Celebrated by doing the shred hmm . Haven't done it for months so did level 1. Found the weights bit hard but dare I say it quite enjoyed the cardio bit. I've also started doing a little jogging on the treadmill at the gym. Come on size 16 clothes - nearly there!

Tober that's great

Hair love the onwards and downwards saying wink

KatoPotato Tue 12-Mar-13 15:02:01

Please remind me to never weigh on a Tuesday.... those 2lbs are back??

Once a week Kato. Once a week! Oh and not on a Tuesday!! grin

KatoPotato Tue 12-Mar-13 19:59:07

Friday... I can wait until Friday...

eightytwenty Tue 12-Mar-13 21:51:32

Well done Kato. I'm obsessive about twice daily weigh ins even when there's no chance of a loss. Think it's cause I ignore the scales as I'm gaining.

Didn't run or shred yesterday or today. Did go to spin last night. But as in London for 2 days that will probably be it. Also got to contend with 5am start tomorrow & meeting girl friends for curry in the evening. Anyone care to help me resist the cakes, croissants and biscuits that will be in multiple supply over the next few days? An odd shout/ reminder would be much appreciated.

KatoPotato Tue 12-Mar-13 22:37:01

I'm on it! Waggy finger poised and ready!

eightytwenty Wed 13-Mar-13 05:43:59

Seeing the 10's again this morning. (10.13.3/4). But that & stern finger wagging ought to help keep me there.

Also wearing my aquascutum winter coat which was too tight when I bought it (always had a fantasy that one day I'd be slim and it would fit me). Achieving the latter this morning, even if work still to be done on the former.

reastie Wed 13-Mar-13 06:38:58

Kato if it helps I weighed this morning cheekily and I've put on 2 lbs too shock sad

eighty great work on the coat.

Morning all.

Hope the early start wasn't too horrendous eighty. Well done on your NSV and remember to be careful of the sweet treats today!

This week is going so quickly it feels like I'm having a good week. No time for extra curricular eating so far. Long may it continue.

Don't worry about 2lbs on. It will all be different next time you weigh. Just keep focused and it'll keep going down in the long run. smile

steppemum Thu 14-Mar-13 11:26:09

Hi everyone, I am slinking into the back of the class with my tail between my legs.
I am here but I haven't done my homework

Rubbish week. Not quite sure what happened, been stuffing biscuits again (thought I had got rid of that) whenever I am at home I am grazing. Even now the crisps are calling to me from the cupboard (resist, resist)

weighed in - gone up 2 lbs sad

I think fitting into my size 18 was such a boost that psychologically somehow I have switched into don't need to diet mode.

So, went and bought the size 16 yesterday wink they are now hanging on the wardrobe door.
I can get them on, but can't do them up.
So NSV aim one - be able to do them up
aim two, be able to breathe in them
aim three - be able to wear them!

Steppe, good to see you backsmile.
What's past is past. If cupboard treats are taunting you, put them in the freezer so you need a few hours "notice" to defrost before you can eat them.

steppemum Fri 15-Mar-13 09:19:55

trouble is IMST they aren't actually 'my' treats at all. They are kids' after school snacks and after swimming crisps, bought in bulk and sitting lurking in cupboard.

If I didn't have kids it would be easier!

Gussie and steppe welcome back. Gussie hope your Ds is better!
Steppe, definitely start again. I do the same - weigh on a Thursday or Friday, feel good bout weight.lost and then almost feel I can do what I like.a lot of my habits will need to change in order for me to maintain. I really do think ill be 'dieting' (just to maintain) for life.
I'm still here, very very busy at work, and doing ok on the diet. I was 10s8 a couple if weeks ago then went off the rails. I think I'm nearly there again. It's always the second time I hit a low weight that I manage to go under it!

reastie Fri 15-Mar-13 14:49:37

Hi all

Weighed in again today and no loss sad . I guess I might be reaching my plateau...

<waves to SPB >

Steppe think that's an excellent idea buying a new pair of jeans to aim for. I dug out my pre preg jeans. They are size 16. They fit perfectly in the legs but don't do up over my fat tummy. I want to fit into them properly!

DD had her 2 year check yesterday. She is 9th centile for height and 75th centile for weight. Her weight for height has been going up every since she started weaning. The HV was very nice about not making me anxious about it and not to worry but also told me to weigh her every couple of months to check she doesn't get any higher up the centiles. I feel like a bad parent sad . I don't want DD to have the problems I have had with weight. I offer her healthy stuff but she NEVER eats it. DH and I are just going to make sure we try to make even more effort for her running around outside as much as we can and not keep asking her 'do you want more to eat' - wait for her to ask for more.

Oh, and NSV - I suddenly realised this week my bath towel goes around me with lots of extra towel to spare whereas a year ago it barely covered me with a big gape up the side when I wrapped it round me.

No gain either! Stick with it and I bet you'll see a loss next week. Lol at bath towel nsv! I never used to want to use hotel towels as they were always tiny but they fit better now!
Rather stupid one - I used to get my knickers mixed up (in the clean wash) with dd's t shirts. No more ! (though she has got bigger too)

KatoPotato Fri 15-Mar-13 15:30:58

Welcome back steppe

It's a maintain here, which is great given the 2lb gain scare on Tuesday! Sticking to Fridays only for sure!

I've done lots of baking this week including a choc fudge birthday cake and choc chip cookies so a maintain is just fine thanks very much!!

Hi reastie, I just wanted to say that when dd was born she weighed 6lb 12. Not much but as she was only the height of an A4 piece of paper that put her height on the 9th centile and her weight on the 98/99th. She evened out until weaning when she went back to those stats for a while. She was a chubster until she was about 3.5 and now at 9 she's bang on average height/weight. As long as you aren't feeding your dd crap every meal time I'm sure she'll even out too.

Don't worry too much about it. You know how to feed her but don't let her go hungry. I agree she'll let you know if she wants more. I'm sure she'll be fine! smile

reastie Fri 15-Mar-13 18:19:41

Thanks Hair , that's reassuring. She's always been on 9th centile for height since birth but was born on 99th for weight ( shock ), went down to 25th and since weaning has been creeping back up. Hopefully it will even itself out.

eightytwenty Fri 15-Mar-13 21:41:16

(Ashamed to confess I was a wanton glutton in London). Silly especially as I knew I was at risk!).

Better today despite green and blacks chocolate this evening.

Interesting chat re dc & weight. Ds1 has always been on a higher centile for weight than height, has inherited my sweet tooth and is relatively sedentary. Am torn between anxiety of making him obsess about food & diet and between not wanting him to become overweight.

reastie Sat 16-Mar-13 18:28:40

Will someone please give me a massive kick? Am doing really badly today, just keep getting huge cravings for rubbish sad <sigh>

KatoPotato Sat 16-Mar-13 18:56:31

<boots reastie>

<biscuit crumbs fall off jeans>

<joins booting queue!>

I'd boot you but too full of chocolate and crisps to move

KatoPotato Sat 16-Mar-13 20:48:45

Tomorrow I spin!

Tonight I have crisps, hummus and popcorn...

reastie Sun 17-Mar-13 18:08:43

Kato well done on the spin (not so much the biscuit crumbs!)

Much better day today thanks for the kick - eaten within calorie goal AND did shred. It's funny how you have days where you are just soooo hungry all day long and others where you're not really bothered by food isn't it? Or is that just me? Yesterday was a hungry hungry day, today I'm balancing it out.

I have hungry hungry days (had a few last weekhmm).
Tomorrow I'm doing a whole morning of storytelling sessions at a special school, then going to listen to storytellers in the evening. Not sure when or what I'm eating tomorrow though. I may have to weigh on Tuesday instead, Monday's too hectic this week.

eightytwenty Mon 18-Mar-13 11:01:58

Fed up with prolonged winter weather. Feels as if we're all on a plateau and need to be pushed off it!

Determined to have a better week. Am maintaining this week - but still with the company of the coming and going 1lb. Disappointed with myself that I am 5lb off my Easter target with 2 weeks to go. Adjusted target to be 10st 12 (3lb) by the time we go to London for Easter on the 29th march. Will be doing a lot of exercising and very focused eating to make that happen as rarely lose more than 1lb per week but know it can be done!

Down 2lb this weeksmile. I have a busy week, but am nearing my goal weight now. It's a tricky time, I need to start increasing my portion size again without overdoing it. Hopefully I'll get the balance right in the next week or two.
I am looking forward to meeting up next month, it'll be great to see everyone (I might bring a picture from last year in case you don't believe I really weighed that much thoughgrin)

eightytwenty Mon 18-Mar-13 14:36:54

Well done imst. Think we all need photo evidence. But know we've got hair to vouch for you! Out of interest were you always thin before dc? Shouldn't matter of course, and don't think that just cause I haven't been less than a 12 my entire adult life, means that I can't ever be, but wonder how hard it is to undo decades of conditioning.

No, I was always on the chubby side since childhood, with a brief thin phase when I was seriously sleep deprived after DS was born.
I haven't weighed this little since I was about 13!

KatoPotato Mon 18-Mar-13 16:09:53

NSV. I've been asked to 'pose' for my works website in my gym gear to fake an 'excercise class'

Apparently I was the 'obvious choice!'

WooHoo Kato, Brilliant NSVsmile

reastie Mon 18-Mar-13 18:39:02

Wow kato that's fab. Now, why do your work need someone to fake an exercise class? Are you a lucky lady to have a gym at your workplace? envy . Love the fact that you're the obvious choice grin

IMST I'm feeling really inspired by you as I've always been size 16 in adulthood/latter teens. I went down to a size 14 for a few months when I was at uni and walking miles a day around London and I've been up to a size 20 pre preg at one point too, but I always feel like I've just fallen naturally to a size 16. I would love to be slim but have never thought it's possible for me (in the same way as eighty )

I'd love to see some before and after shots of people btw if anyone fancies putting them on their profile for me to nose at to be inspired by grin

Hi everyone. Well done Kato. What a great ego boost!

I can confirm IMST's weightloss is real. It's quite funny to see the jaws drop of people that have just seen her.

Their would be no point in before/after pictures with me. I may have lost 1.5st but as it's so evenly spread it's not really noticable. I did see myself on screen at work the other night and I wasn't horrified so I suppose that's a good thing.

I'm feeling seriously lacking in motivation though. I really binged at the weekend but didn't even care. I know it will bother me come the summer if I don't do something now but I'm feeling a bit like I can't be bothered. I've been losing that damn pound for so long because I'm not really trying. I think I need a week off to sort my head out. I will be back though.

eightytwenty Mon 18-Mar-13 22:06:09

Hey hair. Feel your pain. Tbh I was getting the same vibe from a few of us over the we incl me! Haven't done too badly today. Reasonable breakfast, lunch and dinner, no snacking. But I have just had a bowl of rice crispies after spinning. Probably lost 1/2 the benefit in the process.
Snow forecast again for tomorrow so little chance of a run either.

eightytwenty Mon 18-Mar-13 22:07:59

Sorry posted too soon!

Well done kato!

Reastie - wonder if we can post photos onto the excel sheet or via private messages somehow? Happy to share with you guys but not the wider world.

KatoPotato Mon 18-Mar-13 22:12:09

I've tried to add some via the desktop version of MN on my iPhone and I think it's all went wonky!

I might be able to set us up a google base camp to share photos, recipes, anything of interest? Does that sound useful to anyone? X

eightytwenty Tue 19-Mar-13 09:05:31

Sounds great kato!

How's everyone this morning? Spb? Gussie? Hair?

Morning everyone. Not too bad this morning. I feel a bit more up than yesterday.

Kato are the pics on your profile all you? You look very different as a blond. The profile picture is lovely. smile

I'm off to drink coffee and watch IMST tell stories this morning. It should be fun!

KatoPotato Tue 19-Mar-13 12:39:56

Tadaaa! Ladies I've finally got round to updating and fixing the spreadsheet!

I've archived last years and you can still access it through the tabs at the bottom, where I've also added a sheet for pasting pics only if you want to obv!

I've also updated the formula so if you pop your most recent weight in the 18/03/2103 cell you'll get a total weight loss since the thread started!

Weight converter is still there too.


KatoPotato Tue 19-Mar-13 12:50:29

Good luck with your busy storytelling day IMST I hope one day my wee Robin can hear one of your stories!

Storytelling was great, I've been booked for a regular Tuesday slot.
NSV, I bought a dress from the charity shop, it looks fabulous on me, and, get this, it's a size 8shock.
I shall wear it on the school run to see if anyone noticessmile.

KatoPotato Tue 19-Mar-13 14:00:35

Shit the bed! Well done IMST

eightytwenty Tue 19-Mar-13 14:31:57

And sh.t the bed Kato! You look amazing in the gym photo!

Tried to copy some JPEGs over but didn't work - how did you do it?

Makes me see I had a good January, but haven't lost 1lb in the last month.

Bonkey - how're things?#

Reastie - you're doing well.

Right.... off for a run in the wind and rain.

KatoPotato Tue 19-Mar-13 14:34:06

Thank you very mucheighty I just selected 'insert picture' on the s/sheet. I've really slowed down and need to get back on it... <hides double decker wrapper>

KatoPotato Tue 19-Mar-13 14:35:27

Insert > image

eightytwenty Tue 19-Mar-13 14:55:15

That takes me to google. How do you get to photos on your computer?

Now changed into running gear. Ok going now.

reastie Tue 19-Mar-13 18:22:10

Kato amazing spreadsheets too. I'm having trouble too getting photos on - how do you do it? I just get the google thing too. Took me ages to actually find a fat picture of me too as I refused to have my photo taken most of the time!

Eighty well done on the run (assuming you have gone and haven't just got into the gear!).

IMST an 8 shock - wow, well done. Great work on the regular storytelling job too.

steppemum Tue 19-Mar-13 21:26:05

well I lost the 2lbs I put on last week. Not sure this week is going well, but I will aim for a maintain at least!

I can't get pictures on the spreadsheet either, the only options are Google, Life or Stock. There should be an "Upload" option but there isn't.

KatoPotato Wed 20-Mar-13 17:26:37

Hrmmm I wonder why mine is different? Ill screen grab later...

Tobermory Wed 20-Mar-13 23:24:27

Love the new spreadsheet, v. Pretty.

I've had a weird week, last week/10 days my weight was all over the place, then a period of sorts arrived. So think weight fluctuation was because of that.
But, periods. Has anyone else had periods affected by weight loss or exercise? Don't know if it's 'one of those things' or something I should worry about.

Went with a friend to a Zumba class on Monday and loved it. Also loved working out approx how many cals I burned! The equivalent of at least 2 shredding sessions and it was so much fun.

Loss this week of 1.5lbs. NSv, three people commented on my weight loss this week, which in a way is even nicer than watching those numbers go down.

eightytwenty Wed 20-Mar-13 23:34:36

Hi Tobermory. Well done on Nsv and loss!

Zumba is fab fun. Was v sad when my classes stopped. Though quite enjoying the "serious stuff" too these days.

Tobermory Wed 20-Mar-13 23:41:07

Eighty twenty, thanks. grin
ill def be there again next week but surprised that i still sche two days later, i must ave worked harder than i thought! I saw up thread that you're a runner. Whilst I've done a bit of an about turn with my attitude to exercise don't think it will extend to running. How far do you go?

Tobermory, I know what you mean about periods, I used to have a 21-24 day erratic cycle before I lost weight, it's now much more regular, and 27-28 days.

eightytwenty Thu 21-Mar-13 09:44:46

I'm only running as I've entered a novice triathlon in may. Came to that via swimming, which I love, and cycling. Running was my nemesis. But I was forced into it by a 63 yr old from my swim class. She pushed me out in November and I've run most weeks 2-3 times per week since. Max is 5k, mostly 3-4. Slow speed but times improving & it's certainly a sport you get better at v quickly (unlike swimming!). I like that its free & can be scheduled at any point in my (working from home) day.

reastie Thu 21-Mar-13 09:54:48

eighty wow to the triathlon. This past couple of weeks I've been starting to jog on the treadmill at the gym, haven't felt fit enough before. It feels great to be jogging (I was briefly a member of a local ladies jogging group) and I'm going to try going to a proper jog outside not on the treadmill soon. Feeling a bit rubbish today and yesterday though - think I've got some kind of coldy thing coming on, so am being a bit gentle on myself diet/exercise wise until I feel a bit better.

Made DD a den this morning by throwing a sheet over some chairs and put some toys in there and she's been quiet for ages - it's amazing grin , usually I have to play with her all the time, so it's a nice break.

kato is the ss sorted?

eightytwenty Thu 21-Mar-13 10:41:39

Outside is way easier than a treadmill IMO.

Well done on the den front!

Tobermory Thu 21-Mar-13 13:14:55

Running? I was rubbish at running 20 years ago before I had children and had bad habits. Now?! I don't think I could.
Having said that, I really surprised myself with how much I did at Zumba. I didn't have to stop at all, I was leaping around with the hard core zumbaists, though def not as not half as good as them. I have the shred to thank for that so maybe....maybe I could jog. Maybe?
Maybe I'll try tonight.
I have a poorly girl on the sette so am in all day, mopping brows and trying to get some work done in between. I might be ready for a run round the block.... In the dark!

Triathlon? Will second reasties WOW. When you started did you alternate a lot, running and walking?

eightytwenty Thu 21-Mar-13 13:26:01

So it sounds like you are already better at Zumba than I was - little hops rather than large leaps springs to mind. I was v unfit when I started (@ October 2011).

I did 2 lamposts walking/ 2 running to start with. Really didn't think I'd ever (EVER) be able to do it. Massive mental block. Have hated the first km of nearly every run, and thought there's no way to carry on. But somehow you do get into the zone to see you through. Would say that I haven't had that the last few runs however so maybe that is progress.

Must go and change out of sweaty kit.

Tobermory Thu 21-Mar-13 15:05:34

The idea of jogging, I'm not even going to type 'running', makes me very apprehensive. But Ive just eaten a packet of crisps blush and Im going to have to burn them off somehow!

eightytwenty Thu 21-Mar-13 15:56:34

I call it running. Proper runners would probably not.

Just bought a huge bag (actually several) of chocolate eggs. Danger danger. Note to self - give away most / all to avoid temptation!

I am nearly at my 1 year anniversary of all of this. Last easter I was complaining to my fab sil about feeling out of control and having daily chats with myself about being 'good' (which were always broken when I had the 3pm sugar urge!) We made a pact to sort it out. I started the Thursday after Easter - 12th April. No looking back since then.

Tobermory Thu 21-Mar-13 16:05:39

A whole year? wow! Have you changed a lot since then? I dont just mean weight, i guess i mean how you look at things/food/body etc.

I used to smoke and for a long time after i gave up i still felt like a smoker, just one that didnt smoke anymore. Now however....9 years down the line i definately feel like a non-smoker so something significant shifted somewhere. i hope i will have a similar shift to food/eating. Im on the way but still not entirely there!

Do you feel like a 'sensible eater' (the food version of a non-smoker) now or like you're a not-sensible eater being good? or somewhere in between?

eightytwenty Thu 21-Mar-13 16:40:47

Not so sure about that. Think I've still got potential for greed and will always have a sweet tooth. But exercise has become my number 1 priority for all down time and I fight to squeeze as much in as possible. I think (hope) I can make sensible food choices, have occasional binges, and still lose weight and get fitter / slimmer. But still need to watch my chocolate habit.

Tobermory Thu 21-Mar-13 20:33:27

Ok so I did it.
I went jogging, partly because I told a stranger, eightytwenty thats you grin , on the Internet that I would.
It was ok. Well it was hard but not as bloody impossible as it would have been 3 months ago.
I spent the time holding up my leggings though so need something with a tighter waistband for when (if) I jog again!

KatoPotato Thu 21-Mar-13 20:39:07

Well done tobermory!

Well done Tobermory!

I'm still here. Just lurking for a while.

eightytwenty Thu 21-Mar-13 21:28:41

Oh wow! Well done you. We are all accountable to one another, which is what makes this thread so fab!

Now you need to download either / both c25k & Nike run ap. first (apparently) tells you when to run & walk and the second tracks your route and speed - it's really cool.

Tobermory Thu 21-Mar-13 22:07:01

Thankyou all. I am feeling quite proud of myself.grin

Accountable, yes but also people on here are so open which makes it so much easier

I used c25k, it was on my husbands phone, but I only did 20 mins as opposed to30. I do have good excuses though, wardrobe malfunction and I didn't take a hat and my ears were icy. When I'd done my lap and went past my house 20 mins in I had to go in.
Need to create a longer route for next time.
...... Next time?! hmm

It's snowinggrin! I keep thinking the novelty will wear off, then looking out of the window and grin noticing it's still snowing.
It's like rain with party frocks on, pretty and delicate like I wish I was
One of these years I worry I'll have to grow up and be miserable about snow, but not this year!
Well done Tobermory, I know what you mean about the accountability factor of the thread, it got me through certainly the early habit changes.

KatoPotato Fri 22-Mar-13 15:36:52

Tober You'll have missed my post about my first C225K where I missed the first few seconds, started running like a loon to hear 'okay you've completed your ten min warmup walk, lets get running!'

By this point I was fit to colapse, it started pouring so i took sanctuary in ASDA to be told 'you're doing GREAT!' while I fondled the bras!!

Love 'rain with party frocks on' IMST you're a storyteller indeed!

Tobermory Fri 22-Mar-13 15:49:37

Kato I do remember that story about bra fondling. I now understand the warm up walk 10 mins. prob not so much for you at the time.
You ran for the entire warm up? Omg. I was feeling proud of self for running for a minute at a time!

Snow, I love it when I can stay in! Snow has been falling here all day, quite half heatedly now though!

KatoPotato Fri 22-Mar-13 15:59:53

grin Needless to say, I've not been back out since!Prefer the comfort (and telly) of the gym!

reastie Fri 22-Mar-13 18:03:18

<looks all smug> I have worked out the spreadsheets photos - you just need to sign into google/googlemail when on the ss and then you can add your pictures grin . I've just done mine. I can't find/do any 'body' shots so head fat will have to do grin

Kato I did a massive laugh to your c25k and bra fondling

IMST so how much snow do you have then?

Tober well done on the jog. Seriously. This thread is just the best isn't it? Honestly ladies, I was thinking this morning I would NEVER have got so far without you, I'm convinced I would have given up so many times thanks

Snow has been floating down all day, so obviously there is....

None at allhmm.
It seems to get an inch from the ground and vanish mysteriously!
The Manchester snow shield is out in force again.

Tobermory Fri 22-Mar-13 21:38:30

Imst, that's because you're on the wrong side of the Pennines! wink

eightytwenty Fri 22-Mar-13 21:58:51

Reastie - so you have to sign up for gmail? Right will have a look when I get a chance. Btw stil chuckle at bra fondling second time round.

No snow but article wind. V v cold children on end of term Easter egg hunt.

I am proud of completing 3rd run of week, which I did in 7:21/ km time (in jan and feb my average was more like 7:47). And then lots of arm work in swim class. Small amount of choc eggs consumed but within sensible limits and have eaten healthy meals too.

Have a good weekend all. X.

reastie Sat 23-Mar-13 06:16:14

yes eighty, I have a g mail account (but have never used it!)

still feeling rubbish here and exhausted after sleeping very badly too, so no shred today sad

reastie Mon 25-Mar-13 07:41:23

Morning everyone this motivational monday. I'm feeling tip top motivated today. Lost 2 lbs and hit 5 stone loss now grin . Just tried on all of my pre preg dresses and they ALL do up. Some fit nicely and some still a bit too tight to get away with. Odd thing is my boobs seem to have grown since pre preg as dresses are all too tight in this area when it fits elsewhere. It means most of my pre preg tops are still too tight. I guess is one area of me had to be bigger than pre preg this would be an OK area to increase in wink . Also, today I wear a size 14 pre preg pair of jeans [proud] . I think it might be a fluke sizing as I also have a size 16 pre preg pair of jeans which are still too tight, but I'm wearing with pride!

Sorry for self boasting post here blush Im just so pleased. I never ever thought I'd ever get back here again. This time last year I was a size 22, now I've got size 14 jeans on even if the size of them is freakishly large for a 14 grin

KatoPotato Mon 25-Mar-13 08:07:35

reastie that's tremendous! Five stone is staggering! You've done an amazing job despite lots of factors out of your control but you've stuck at it!

Well done you! You've certainly motivated me to try harder this week!

Tobermory Mon 25-Mar-13 09:42:12

Well done, Reastie that is just amazing. 5!
I think you are completely entitled to at least one SB post after all tht hard work, maybe even sneak in a second later today! wink

Walk around with your label sticking out to let the world know you're a 14!!

Monday again, weigh in time.
I've maintained this week, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of my weight loss, I don't really want to go below 9st, I might blow away in this unending cold wind!
How is everyone else doing?

Tobermory Mon 25-Mar-13 10:59:27

I was 0.5 lb down. It isn't marvellous but probably a reflection of my falling off the wagon, i bought chocolates yesterday - and ate many of them blush
Were it not for Zumba and jogging hmm I'd have probably gone up!

That takes me to the very boundary of a healthy bmi, 25. Anything e,se I lose makes a 'healthy' bmi.
So I'm on the wagon.
One more stone before summer is my goal.

Ilovesunflowers Mon 25-Mar-13 11:14:36

I fit into my size 18 trousers today! Bit of a squeeze but still good for me! I lost 3.5 lbs last week.

KatoPotato Mon 25-Mar-13 13:13:01

Uh oh.... my fitbit aria scales arrived today... no hiding now!!!

I have posted before and after photos now I'm finally on the big computer. Well done everyone, the NSVs are really coming now, motivation is working well.

KatoPotato Mon 25-Mar-13 15:07:02

Yay! Glad we'v got it working! IMST you are practically pocket-sized!! Do indeed be careful in these high winds!!

KatoPotato Mon 25-Mar-13 15:08:25

Oh and <waves> to reastie look at your tiny shoulders now! You look very pretty and smiley!

steppemum Mon 25-Mar-13 17:34:30

reastie - that is amazing well done!

maintain this week which is ok as I haven't been good. As long as the steps are down and horizontal, I am happy!

KatoPotato Mon 25-Mar-13 21:59:42

Having a wibble! These sodding state of the art wifi clever clogs scales are chucking 3lbs on me!!!!

I am just back from bodypump but wtf?

Weigh again in the morning. I always weigh more in the evening.

KatoPotato Mon 25-Mar-13 22:19:25

Raging that they've wooshed these results straight into MFP!!

Thanks Dsis... Humph

steppemum Mon 25-Mar-13 23:28:09

Oh Kato - you haven't gained the 3 lbs, it is just an adjustment blip always happens when changing scales which is why I don't want to change mine

reastie Tue 26-Mar-13 06:21:40

kato if it helps our gym got new scales a few months ago. When I was weighed on them (old and new scales were fancy body fat ones) the gym man said everyone had been weighed as several pounds heavier on the new scales - it was actually the scales being slightly different not everyone putting on a few pounds - could be that? I bet you haven't put on 3 lbs.

IMST wow look at how small you are now, looking great.

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 09:06:57

reastie I'm taking that reason and running with it! These are the scales I'll be sticking with so might as well suck it up!

0.7 pounds less this morning... Oh well, as long as its downwards and horizontal (steppe I love this!) I can't complain!

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 09:07:59

Anyone care to share the maths of how many calories 3lbs would be? It's thousands eh?

Ilovesunflowers Tue 26-Mar-13 16:12:06

It's 3500 per pound Kato so it would be 10500.

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 16:40:52

Right, so I've had the odd Malteaster bunny, but I think I'm in the clear! TY x

Tobermory Tue 26-Mar-13 16:47:55

Not very well today. Mini-Tobermory have had a nasty bug and think I've got it now. I've shared a bed with her while she was unwell, makes for slightly easier nights, I think hmm so not at all surprising I'm feeling rubbish.

Managed half a shred this morning and had to dig some snow off drive at lunchtime but now just want to eat.
And eat.
And eat.

Reading a thread about creme eggs almost has me salivating!

I have asked Dp to bring nice things home, I hope he doesn't.
Think maybe I should just go to bed when he returns and sleep through the cravings!

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 16:52:43

Tober sorry to hear about the poorly Tober-clan!

When you don't feel well it is good to eat. Why dont you get DP to bring home some of those baked rice crackers? half a whole pack is only 200cals!

<phones DH to do same!>

Tobermory Tue 26-Mar-13 17:40:29

Too late kato, he brought home a tub of rocky road.


Tobermory Tue 26-Mar-13 17:47:36

The chocolate cake things from m&s.

I'll have one and savour it then go t0 bed!

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 19:54:06

Nice choice!!

Tobermory Tue 26-Mar-13 20:04:18

Too nice.... I had 3!
That's 150 calories of delicious chocolatey loveliness.

Yum! grin

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 20:42:12

This time last year I'd have eaten the whole lot! No questions!

eightytwenty Tue 26-Mar-13 20:45:23

Lovely photos reastie and imst! You are Shadows of your former selves.

Kato - most annoying scales!

Tobe - hope dc better.

Long day in London. But on the subject of calories, since January I have run 90k. Anyone care to guess how many cals I've used?

I had quite a task finding a "before" picture, I was quite adept at hiding from camerashmm.
Oddly, this Easter I am really not fussed about chocolate. Last Easter I would have eaten a fair bit by now, as there were tins and boxes of chocolates everywhere.

KatoPotato Tue 26-Mar-13 21:27:34

eighty about one Munchy box worth?

reastie Wed 27-Mar-13 06:33:54

tober hope you feel better soon, I always feel ravenous when I'm ill (or when I'm coming down with something) too. I always imagine it's my body trying to build up strength to fight off the bug.

I'm not massively fussed about easter although will try my best to avoid too much choc. I wonder if it's the thought of chocolate and wanting it that's stronger than actually eating it. I had one of those small foil coated chocolate eggs yesterday as someone from work bought in tons for everyone. I thought it would be lovely but instead I just found it too sugary and didn't really taste of much and tbh I didn't really like it that much shock . ALthough having said that it had a moreish flavour where I could have eaten alot (and then felt really ill). It's like they put something in it to make it addictive so even though you don't like it a huge amount you still want more!

SPB how are you doing?

Hi everyone, I'm back if you'll have me? And thanks reastie for asking
Doing badly tbh, and again it's when I've been busy with work and simply not had time to diet (not had time to not eat - work that one out if you can). But for me it's a physical effort to meal and snack plan and apply willpower!
Have stuck to 1200 cals today and feeling a bit better. First few days back on are always the worst as I feel fat, heavy and fed up AND deprived of all the lovely stuff I was eating before. Vicious cycle. Hoping to get my work finished tonight and then back onto it with a vengeance. Plus have earned an extra day off on Tuesday and a day of taking it fairly easy on Wednesday so should be able to do this.

I have to stick to it sad Please make me. I noticed further down about someone mentioning being a "good" eater vs being a "bad" eater who is making themselves eat well. I'm definitely the second and think I always will be sad

Even just writing all that out helps. And makes me think that this is something worth dedicating some time to, rather than just being a whim that I should drop the minute I'm a bit busy.

Welcome back Stealth, great to hear from you again. I've found that reacquainting yourself with "old" good habits is a bit easier than trying to break the corresponding bad habit in the first place, so it should be easier to get back on track than it was to get on track in the first place IYSWIM.

Tobermory Wed 27-Mar-13 22:15:35

Hi stealth, welcome back.

You talking about finding time to do this, to eat differently resonated with me.

I was on a training course recently which came after x months off sick. Much of what was said was emphasising the need for time for you. Time to re-energies you. Time invested in you.
Having been in a job where the work-life balance is rubbish, where I put my needs to the bottom of the heap and rarely got to think about them has made me take stock.
I guess with my new take on life/work/priorities I can see that not having time to focus on yourself is not good. 6 months ago however I certainly did not have time for (or couldn't make time for) Zumba classes or even 30 minutes on an evening to shred. My job hasn't changed but my attitude to it has.

Tobermory Wed 27-Mar-13 22:20:56

Did that last post sound too.....

Bossy, judgy, patronising, something.....?!
Hope not.

KatoPotato Wed 27-Mar-13 22:38:31

Glad you're back Stealth! You know us, we'll boot you and salute you! I've just had a tortilla microwaved with skippy peanut butter and Nutella in it...

Thanks everyone smile You'd even dropped off my Threads Im On blush
IMST, yes, definitely. I now have memories of when I've been doing well, and know that if I eat less I will lose weight, so hopefully that will spur me on. Whereas before I started I thought I'd tried to lose weight many times before and it had never worked.
Tober, I hope you're feeling better, it certainly sounds that way, no not bossy at all. This job is demanding, but I left a horrendous one for it. At the last one, no matter what I did, or how many hours I put in it wasn't good enough. Whereas with this one I do need to work extra, but when I do it is noticed and appreciated. This is a particularly busy time....should settle down soon and when it does it is super flexible.
Kato, that sounds interesting! What is skippy peanut butter?
I still haven't dared step on the scales grin still, will soon be back to where I was so better off not stressing myself about it.

eightytwenty Thu 28-Mar-13 09:28:22

No it didn't kato. Think that is brilliant.

Welcome back spb. I think of you as the threads original success story. But it's ok to have a wobble so long as you get back on it.

I've had a v mixed month. Not lost 1lb. Have decided to start tracking on mpf after I get back from a week's holiday with friends and family. Am definitely having too many unconscious "bites" - eg 2 dates yesterday -120 cals and not paying enough attention to lose. Exercise is helping maintain but it's not enough. Figure I'm not going to worry too much next week but will have an 1 year anniversary back on it big time from 8 April. Watch this space.

In answer to my previous question... 90k = 6400 cals. Not very much is it?!

eightytwenty Thu 28-Mar-13 11:54:23

Apologies brilliance wrongly attributed to kato ( who is of course also brilliant!). Credit should have been to Tobermory. Sorry!

eightytwenty Thu 28-Mar-13 11:56:59

And spb - your job demands & flexibility sounds very similar to mine. Wonders what you do? I am an account manager for a business travel company. Work from home which is amazing. But volumes often dictate long hours.

eighty, as long as it's not too far in the future having some time off followed by a restart date can work well I think. Just don't do what I do and keep putting it off by a day...and another day...and another day...all the while slipping back into old bad habits.
I have officially finished work! Feel bad because I've had a call from someone who is struggling with something. I helped as much as I could over the phone, but didn't offer to take on part of it. ButI've worked till midnight on many an occasion in the last month (particularly fun few days where I'd be finishing at 11, then back in the office for 6), have worked varying amounts each day this week when I'm technically on leave, the kids are out and I NEEEED an afternoon off. As soon as they tell me the report I've done has gone live my computer is being turned off.
eighty, given what I've just said, I'll PM you smile

reastie Thu 28-Mar-13 13:26:51

stealth sounds like your job can be really demanding and I think anyone would struggle with that and organising/running a family and eating well too. I'd just say don't get too overhungry so you then get desperate and might be more likely to make bad choices and have a hand bag with a stash of emergency but relatively healthy stuff in at all times. You have done amazingly well and inspired me so much when i started on here, you're just going through a tough blip but it doesn't mean you're going to go back to you were. Enjoy the afternoon off.

Shredded this morning here. Was due to go to the gym but AF came today and it's really nasty and heavy and I don't think I wouldn't coped with the bad risk of, erm, leakage, whilst exercising at the gym so was easier to do it at home. Got nice comments from DM and DSis today on wl, and DM actually shock looked like that when she asked how much I'd lost and I told her!

Kato have you have the work photoshoot in gym gear yet? Pull any good workout poses?! wink

Ahh thanks reastie you're all being lovely. Nice to hear about your nsvs!

Tobermory Thu 28-Mar-13 17:45:04

SPB much better Thankyou, it's been an eye opening roller coaster of a few months.

NSV, without wanting to be showy-offy, I have 3!!

1. I have a 'healthy' BMI. For the first time in many, many years.

2. I bought a pair of size 16 jeans yesterday. I thought they could be my 'hang on the bak of the wardrobe jeans' and test how far to go by laying on bed o do them up. They fit. They absolutely properly fit. Not breathing in, nothing squeezing over the top.

3. My hairdresser, who has not seen me for a few months, called me a skinny Minnie! grin

Tobermory I'menvy of your healthy BMI, mine's sticking stubbornly at low 26/high 25s despite me now being a size 8/10hmm. Probably as I'm very short.
A number of people have said "you can stop losing weight now, there's nothing of you", but I'm 3lb away from a healthy BMI (currently 9st 6) so I'm resolved to drop that last few pounds then maintain at between 9st 3 and 9st.
I did blood donors yesterday so didn't feel at all guilty eating a slice of cheesecake for pudding (date night).
Off to the outlaws today, limited Internet so might be on here less.

Tober, they are brilliant smile
IMST, that sounds sensible to me. After all you're going to have the new BMI for many decades, best make sure it's a healthy one.
Day off today sad sorry everyone. But taking my Grandad out for a meal. Back on tomorrow or Monday.

Sorry meant sunday not Monday

eightytwenty Fri 29-Mar-13 12:40:23

Stealth - job sounds v interesting and fulfilling, if v long hours!

Tobe - wow, well done!

3 hours done on train south... Active parenting - check. Lunch - check. Kids now watching DVDs - check.

Happy Easter all. Pray for moderation.

steppemum Fri 29-Mar-13 16:21:20

Tober - size 16 jeans YEEAH - a woman after my own heart. Mine are sitting looking at me in my bedroom. Can pull them up but not close them over the Ahem bulge.

Time to get serious again - no more horizontals, downwards steps only!

Tobermory Fri 29-Mar-13 17:03:22

Steppemum, It was your post I was thinking about when I got them. I figured they can hang there and wait for me...... Maybe I should buy myself a pair of 14s?!?! shock

Eighty, 3 hours on a train.... Eeek. Hope there is a tasty tipple waiting for you when you finally arrive at your destination!

Combo of feeling unwell and very empty ( wont go into more details) means that Easter chocolate that's sitting around might be a bit tempting!

reastie Fri 29-Mar-13 18:07:00

Hi all

Tober go on, get the size 14's if it works as keeping you on target <hides easter chocs>. Well done on the healthy BMI and jeans. I'm also envy of the healthy BMI. Mine is just inside the overweight category and I long to be healthy. Will get there eventually I hope.

Steppe I have a pair of jeans like that too - pull up but don't do up over the mammoth tummy bulge.

Was going to shred today but decided to reorganise the play room and then sit down and watch the documentary on Beyonce instead. She's so slim and beautiful envy . Having a hungry week this week - has been very hard to tail in eating as hunger pangs are strong.

Tobermory Fri 29-Mar-13 18:53:33

Size 14 though. I don't know.

Right now I'm thrilled I'm a 16. 16 on a 6 ft frame feels good, well a damn sight better than it did 4 months ago when I was convincing myself I was an 18, but.... Prob the next size up was more realistic.

I don't know if I can even get to a 14, broad shoulders and rib cage... Excuses...excuses!

Reastie, how long have you been shredding for? I might be falling out of love with JM. Have you done level 3?

reastie Sat 30-Mar-13 06:22:20

I don't do it that regularly Tober, more of a top up if I can't get to the gym. In the past I have worked through all levels. Level 3 is HARD! I couldn't do quite alot of the plank type bits as I wasn't strong enough. I'm currently on level 1 but I'm at the point of finding the strength bits too much (I'm using 2 x 3kg weights - is this too heavy??? it feels like it ) to do all the reps but get through the cardio bits quite easily, all be it out of breath. I'm wondering about getting another exercise dvd to take on holiday with me to keep me on task but no idea what to get. I like the fact the shred is only 30 minutes and does work me hard. Alot of them are 1 hour long and I don't have the time.

Tober at 6' and s16 you mst be within a healthy BMI?
Allthis exercise talk is making me very ashamed. DH has handweights and on level 3 I did it with just the bars (no weights attached grin)

KatoPotato Sat 30-Mar-13 09:46:38

Hooray! My scales/body are on speaking terms again!! 148 lbs. that'll do nicely!

Off to the gym! Full of vim vigour and good intentions! (Before the chocolate carnage of tomorrow!(

Tobermory Sat 30-Mar-13 10:14:02

I'd better not talk to you about weights, I've not got round to buying them... I still use tins of beans!! Shall I join you in the 'feeling ashamed' corner SPB? I've also wondered about finding something else but like you, getting it whipped in 30 mins is doable.

SPB, just in healthy bmi. 24.8..... Woohoo! grin

Pre-chocolate gym visit is very wise!

reastie Sat 30-Mar-13 12:59:42

Have just put a pavlova in the oven to make a special easter pud with mini eggs on. It's going to end badly isn't it - I'm going to eat it all confused . MUST shred this afternoon to make up for it.

reastie Sat 30-Mar-13 18:15:39

OK, pavlova problem diverted, I managed to have a slither of it and, tbh didn't really enjoy it that much, all I could taste was sugar. I think my taste buds must've changed or something hmm

I've been looking at exercise dvds online to try something different as I'm a bit fed up of the shred. I've found a clair nazir (probably spelt that all wrong) workout which has really good reviews on amazon. Read up on it and it's 3 20 minute workouts but you can do them as 20 min workouts or a full 1 hour workout. Apparently they worked out doing the full hour burns 1000 kcals shock . Might try it but wondered if anyone else had? Lousy claim to fame also - the trainer on the dvd (she does loads of exercise dvds) is an instructor at my gym - I used to go to her step aerobics classes and she is truly one of the best instructors I've had. She's far meaner and harder on you in the RL classes (in a good way) than on her DVDs though where she's very polite and kind in comparison grin

Tobermory Sat 30-Mar-13 18:45:21

Well I suppose from a nigella point of view that must make you sad but from a calorie perspective.... YES!!grin

A full hour = 1000 cals. Really? Wow!

reastie Sat 30-Mar-13 20:50:16

Thanks tober . I know shock to 1000 kcals in an hour (but if they say thats what it is then I'm going with it!). It's a bootcamp type workout so I'm imagining similar to shred (only without shouty Jillian). Wondering whether to buy it confused

1000 cals
<wonders if I can justify it...>

Pleased to report after a day off yesterday I am firmly back on it today. smile Kato, love the "body and scales are on speaking terms again" taht's how I feel but the opposite grin Well done on 148 though, that;s brilliant!
Am envy of those with changing tastebuds. Mine haven't changed at all since I was a sweetie obsessed six year old

Tobermory Sat 30-Mar-13 21:45:37

Reastie, you've got me on amazon now perusing alternative work out DVDs.
Found Claire Nasir and also wondering about davina Intense?

Tobermory Sat 30-Mar-13 21:50:38

SPB, am a little envy at you bring firmly on the wagon. I'm eating a chocolate rabbit!
My only excuse is that I've not really eaten since Thursday night so have catching up to do hmm

Yes I have just finished "being" the Easter bunny, there are a lot of chocolates left over and they are looking at me with their little bunny eyes saying eat me eat me.
For now I am resisting, but by the morning my mind and body will be weak.
Especially when DD tells me that if the easter bunny hasn't brought me anything, I can have some of hers!

Seriously, I have you lot to thank for managing another day btw. The only thing that stopped me thinking screw the diet today was having to come back and tell you I'd yet again been inhaling chocolate.

Tobermory Sat 30-Mar-13 21:57:22


How will you possibly resist the double whammy of generosity of a lovely sounding daughter and the lure of chocolate?!!

Tobermory Sat 30-Mar-13 22:00:47

Ha, it's funny isn't it.
How faceless individuals, people you've never met and probably never will can affect your actions.
I went jogging last week. The first time in 20+ years, mostly because I told eightytwenty that I would.

Well done. Another day on the wagon is a fab achievement!

reastie Sun 31-Mar-13 06:52:18

stealth good to hear positivity, here's to a Strong willed Easter Sunday for all of us!

tober yes I saw the Davina one too. I'm only put off by it as my only experience of a Davina DVD is terrible backache after every time I attempted one of her DVDs. Not sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was just me but I now have a mental fear of her dvds!

Apparently around here there's been a shortage of easter eggs. Lots of panicked mothers asking on our local fb group where to find easter eggs as lots of places run out - can't blame it on my excessive chocolate eating this year wink

Happy Easter, I'm currently pretending I'm still asleep so the PILs can deal with the DCs' Easter egg hunt-fuelled excitement.
DH got me some Lindor eggs, just a small pack, that should keep me in chocolate for a while.
Hope you all have a great day, eat a little bit of chocolate and then stop. Easier said than done, but we can do it smile.

Happy Easter everyone!
Well done for jogging Tober, and glad the power of the tread is working for you too. I maybe should make an effort to come on and confess when I'm having a bad diet time but tbh I put ot out of my mind to avoid the guilt, which is part of the problem.
reatie I did hear something similar on the news (love the idea it was previously your fault) doesn't this happen every year though followed by millions of dirt cheap eggs for the next few weeks? Good point actually, remind me not to step foot in a supermarket until they're all gone.
IMST are they the red ones with the truffly insides? They're my favourites. Not keen since they've brought out the other varieties, just like the red eggs/balls.

reastie Sun 31-Mar-13 09:47:08

stealth I"m not sure - never heard of actual local places running out of eggs, more news hyping up nothing

tober am hovering over the 'buy' button on this dvd

KatoPotato Sun 31-Mar-13 11:07:54

Happy easter! Should I spin?

KatoPotato Sun 31-Mar-13 11:49:31

I deffo didn't go...

Tobermory Sun 31-Mar-13 12:48:09

Happy Easter all, think ill be really testing my resolve today.

I found a davina DVD in and amongst our DVD stash, i have never watched t, think that prob says quite a lot about my old attitude to fitness !! So had a go, small DCs really wanted to help/join in, which is a bit restricting, so didn't get to the end but think it'll keep me quiet for a few weeks!

Reastie..... Is it bought yet?

Kato.... Major religious holiday, surely that gets you a free pass with no guilt attached?!

reastie Sun 31-Mar-13 15:05:34

tober yes it's bought. Will be delivered on Wednesday <gulp> . How was Davina?

Will someone please kick me into doing the shred today please? I really need to push myself.

Kato one day off won't hurt, just make sure you go to the next one <points finger in teacherish way>

Reastie, do your shred, you know you want tosmile.
Stealth, yes it's the red truffly Lindor, I had two today (after breakfast and lunch).
I have been wire brushing the paint off a cloche for the PILs today (don't askhmm) so I'm exhausted now. I'm hiding out now in case they find me more jobs to do!
Happy Easter everyone.

reastie Sun 31-Mar-13 18:02:41

Thanks IMST I did indeed shred. 2 level 2 workouts in 2 days <collects brownie points>. I weighed myself this morning and 2 lbs on, but I'm putting my fingers in my ears (or should I say over my eyes) about it as I'm sure it's an odd blip of a reading.

IMST PILS sound like they're being rather slave driver ish there hmm

PILs are definitely on form this weekend. They wrote a list of jobs they don't have time to do (they have been retired for a decade), such as "wash all the plant pots", "mend, paint and glaze the cloche", "sort through padded envelopes", "put up a towel holder". I swear some of the jobs must have taken longer to write than to do, and most of them they haven't done simply because they are dull jobs. MIL this afternoon sat with her cup of tea while I picked the putty off her cloche, and the only comment she made was "you're making the sitting room dusty, some of us have lung problems".
Er, yes, one of us has lung problems, it's meconfused, I have asthma. She had pneumonia 12 years ago.
And breathe...

Tobermory Mon 01-Apr-13 18:21:28

Reastie, well done on 2 days on the bounce.

IMST your PILs sound slave drivers, lucky you have nothing you need to do for you, eh?

Zumba tonight for me, to burn off last nights excess and today's bad choices. Could probably do with double Zumba!

I'm down 2lbs, well i was when i weiighed in yesterday morning, but don't think I'll stand on the scales for quite a few days!

reastie Mon 01-Apr-13 18:36:35

IMST confused . My MIL has just friended me on fb. It's a bit too close for comfort tbh. I wanted to say no but am too weak didn't feel I could.

Tober well done on the 2 lbs AND the zumba.

1 lb down this week grin

Luckily MIL can't understand facebookgrin so I'm safe there.
Lots of exercise today, climbed a snow-covered hill and visited a printing press. Ruined all my efforts with carrot cake thoughhmm.
I promise I'll be back on it once I'm home, but I can't cope with MIL without at least the chance of cake!
Today she wanted us all to walk to visit a hill fort, then complained that it was too steep a hillhmm.
She has been making snidey comments about the jobs we've done. We could have apparently got more done yesterday, and we'll need to go over some jobs again to "do them properly", but it's alright, we still have tomorrowconfused. Just to add, while we're redoing these jobs to her standard she'll be on the computer.
I am so cross, and I am normally very placid. I don't like the way she gets under my skin.
Hope you lot are having a better weekend.

reastie Tue 02-Apr-13 18:42:56

I know there are some Manchester people here so just linking as spotted this thread about a Manchester event to test out a George Foreman grill (and keeping it grin )

IMST your MIL sounds like a nightmare

I'm actually quite proud of how well the cloche turned out.
MIL almost complimented me, then caught herself and commented how the putty made the house smell funny, and how the fumes gave her a headache. She put lots of air fresheners round the house to make the point too. How sad.
I only had one Lindor egg today, I'm counting that as restrainedsmile.
Home tomorrowgrin.

KatoPotato Tue 02-Apr-13 22:06:59

IMST they sound like very hard work, you must be very restrained (which must wind her up more!)

Well done everyone, nsv time here... I order ed some stuff online in the sale and am sporting a size 10 superdry hoodie!

WooHoo Kato, Superdry too, very trendysmile.

Tobermory Tue 02-Apr-13 23:37:46

Well done kato, size 10 fab.

Mist, well done on, excellent cloche cleaning?!! grin

I'm feeling quite despondent. I've fallen off the wagon quite a few times over last couple of days. I can feel my hardened resolve slipping. I've said 'sod it' too many times in the last few days and that scares me as that's what I always used to do when trying to diet.
I went to Zumba last night... Hurray. Had to stop on way home for milk, also bought bag of haribo ..... And ate a lot. blush

I need someone to give me a bit of a talking to.

reastie Wed 03-Apr-13 07:12:52

<gets out kicking stick and pointy finger> tober don't give up just because of a few rubbish days. This is a marathon not a sprint (who on this thread gave me that saying? it's an ace one!). Just start afresh today and forget about what's done. You realise what you've done in the past and why it hasn't worked for you so now you need to change the pattern.

kato that is amazing. Size 10, that's enviably slim envy

KatoPotato Wed 03-Apr-13 09:17:14

Hmmm... It's a hoodie, so sizing most likely skewed I'm not going shopping for anything else size 10 yet! It was the only size left at £20 instead of £45 (for a hoodie!?)

reastie Wed 03-Apr-13 18:36:45

Well, my xtrain fit dvd set arrived today <nods to tober >. I did my first workout - an hour of cardio. One of the workouts is a circuit class of 1 hour 20 mins <faints>. I'm going to try and give it a couple of weeks of every day whilst I'm on holiday from school and then tone it down to a few times a week. Hopefully it will make a good impact on my weight and fitness. Each workout is 45 mins - 1 hour 20 and are targeted to different objectives, looks like it'll be ahrd work but hopefully in a good way.

And, suprising NSV yesterday - I actually got a headache and leg ache from needing to exercise! shock . I used to get that when I went to the gym all the time but haven't had it in over 3 years! I know it sounds weird though.

kato £45 for a hoodie?!

Tobermory Wed 03-Apr-13 18:43:44

Thanks Reastie.
I've found the last few days so hard, the hardest to far. No motivation at all.
I've stopped logging onto myfitnesspal too, which I was doing religiously. It started off with being unwell then a bad Saturday and then ....excuses.

So, trying to get back on it today. Logged everything today. Had a creme egg but will burn it off later when I Shred/davina.

reastie Wed 03-Apr-13 18:48:09

glad you;re back on in tober grin

You lot with your exercise success stories are pricking my conscience. I'm back home now, so tomorrow I'll get out bike riding with the DCs, and face the scales. I can't see it going well, with cake and chocolate etc and MIL issueshmm. At least I don't need to visit them until next Easter now.

Tobermory Wed 03-Apr-13 21:42:20

Ok done.
Davinas power of 3 all the way through is sooooo hard and it doesn't burn off as many as Zumba!
But I've burned off that creme egg! grin

reastie Thu 04-Apr-13 07:19:58

well done tober . I think that was the Davina DVD that really made me ache so hope the muscles are OK today for you. My legs are achey from the cardio dvd I did yesterday, but onwards and upwards with an hour of upper body conditioning ( shock ) today.

IMST any gain this week will be completely understood given MIL issues. Cake was most definitely required for you to get through.

Maintain again this week, which is a miracle given the week I've had. I'm very glad it's sunny as I now have wash number 3 on the line, and today's penultimate wash in the machineshock. It was so cold everyone got through 4 or 5 layers of clothes a day. No pictures were taken of me, as I looked more like my old self than my new self under all those clothes.
A good day today food-wise: muesli for breakfast, sweet potato cottage pie for lunch, no snacking. I've got date night tonight so want to save calories for a takeaway later.

Tobermory Thu 04-Apr-13 13:52:16

Reastie not too bad. Last week was much much worse though. I started it last week but didn't complete so just bum and thighs and I didn't really cool down much. I could barely walk the next day. Lesson painfully learnt grin

How's your new DVD purchase... Would you recommend.

IMST trying v hard to copy 'no snacking' today. Excellent start..... Can I keep it up though?!

reastie Thu 04-Apr-13 14:48:33

tober glad you can walk today grin . I've done day 2 of the x train dvd. SO far I'm quite impressed with it. It's quite a cheap looking dvd compared to others I've seen but I like that you can play it with no music so you can stick on your own music in the background. It's a bit like just going to an exercise class type of DVD - nothing fancy but enough to be quite good. I feel like I'm working hard but there are different levels to pace yourself to. There's also a 'normal' looking person on the cardio dvd who does actually do quite easy options so it's not set too high to follow (although I somehow managed to do the step harder than the basic one) so it's not too off-putting having amazing 6 pack people in the background who look like they have been running marathons all their lives. It's a bit circuits in how it's organised - this morning there was 20 mins of different weights/push up type exercises and then repeated them again 2 more times but each time they got harder by slowing the speed/doing different reps. It does feel like it should work and there's alot of workout time for the money, it's just I'm not sure I will be able to do the full and proper programme once I'm back from easter holidays every day (it's pretty much a workout a day (sometimes 2) which is very approx an hour on the proper program, but you can just do it as you want I suppose. Tomorrow I'm suppose to do an 80 minute long 'circuit burnout' . Not sure I have the stamina confused

IMST great news on the maintain.

Tobermory Thu 04-Apr-13 15:26:27

Yes being able o walk the day after is always a bonus!

80 minutes? Wow, I think 80 minutes at home woud be quite a challenge for me. Though I reckon I could've attempted back to back zumba on Monday had I been able to get to class number 1 early enough, motivation of working out with others.

It's funny you say that about music, that was one of the things that irritated me on the davina DVD. She was sooooo enthusiastic about "great tooon" and bobbing her head madly to quite annoying music.

I am crap
Lost all motivation
I really want to do this but can't seem to fire up the motivation
I know it will be KO when I get started again but the first week will be so so hard
I am undoing all my good work sad

reastie Thu 04-Apr-13 18:24:44

Stealth I'm not going to kick you this time into gear but I have got my beady eye on you. What can you do to get the motivation back? Could you do a diet 'lite' for a week - not be strict but equally not go overboard to get yourself back on the wagon? If you've been overindulging and then going on your 1200 kcals it might be too much of a stock to the system to stick to initially - maybe working the intake down slowly would be more manageable on the long term view? I've always found it's the exercise that makes a difference to me - could you do some more and not worry about what you eat until you are in good exercise habits and then work on diet?

You're def right about exercise, I've decided tomorrow is shred. If nothing else it makes me feel s though I shouldn't then binge. Ahem
interesting thought about the diet and you're prob right. If I could stick to say 1600 for a few days it might give me that "back on it" feeling without the struggle to deprive myself. Thank you.

Hi everyone. Can I sneak back in? It's all been a bit crap since Christmas if I'm really honest. I think it's mainly comfort eating due to the SAD. This last week has been dry and sunny all week and I can sort of feel the fug lifting.

I do really want to do this but I've had no will power. It's been even worse since I started lurking and not posting as I didn't have to fess up to you all.

I definitely need to keep tabs on myself but I haven't weighed for about 3 weeks. I will tomorrow I think. I need to know how bad the damage is.

Glad to read everyone's doing so well. Some of your NSVs have been fab!!

eightytwenty Thu 04-Apr-13 21:35:56

Hair, spb. Am so with you. Have had a week of total gluttony. Can't even begin to fess. Not good and very good in equal measure. But I have myself permission, I am not back home till Saturday, and out for lunch on Sunday so know I am starting back on it on Monday.

Plan - is religious mpf tracking. Support from you guys. And a knowledge I did it this time last year.

Well done everyone else. Size 10 hoody is fab. Well done on exercising toner.

KatoPotato Thu 04-Apr-13 23:35:16

Kate... Why have you just eaten three mini rolls???

I bet you only enjoyed the first one!!

I don't know, how do you know about that??
(I'm a Kate too grin)

Hair, eighty, welcome back. Have done shred. No idea if I'm going to be able to manage today, I always start off with good intentions then lose them sad

When were we meeting up? I know it was April sometime, but didn't write it down, it must be soon (I must get in shape).

Next Wednesday smile And yes, I'm concerned that I've put on about a stone since we arranged it grin

I need to tone up the "spare" skin (TMI) and lay off the Lindor until at least next week thensmile.

and BEYOND! You owe it to yourself

well it's 8.35 and I have eaten no crap. Just another 14 hours to go till bedtime

Well done Stealth, a good start. I'm going cycling with the DCs today (they're arguing a route right now). Today is about enjoying the sunshine and trying to prevent the DCs killing each otherhmm.

eightytwenty Fri 05-Apr-13 08:54:58

Well done stealth. Word of warning. I have now run 107k since January. Which now adds up to 7000 cals. So you can't eat what you want iykwim.

Download the Nike run ap. it's quite fun to check your times and routes.

I managed one 6k this week - 3k of which was all up hill. Very scenic Sussex downs and sun was shining so enjoyed it despite the hill.

That does seem really low! But tbh exercise for me just helps keep me in good eating habits - I've never logged any exercise on MFP, but doing it makes me feel good and eat less (or that's the plan!)

reastie Fri 05-Apr-13 09:06:18

ohh Stealth it's worth a try re: your link surely? I dabbled in it in the past but had to give up as I can't wear headphones due to recurrant ear infections angry

I know this is pathetic but I need you to tell me what to do. I'm due to do an 80 minute 'ultimate circuits' DVD today but was up all yesterday evening with awful stomach ache (not in a bug way, in an IBS/my stomach is odd way). It's not agony today but it is still tender and off. I want to do the dvd but I don't know if I can manage 80 minutes with a dodgy tummy and I don't think it would be good for me in that respect. Am I pathetic for not doing it today or can I be excused with a note from Mum (a la PE lessons)?

I personally wouldn't. I don't know anything about IBS, but can't imagine all the movement etc would be good for it? Plus do you know for certain it's not a bug?
I'd personally go for recovering fully today and planning to do it tomorrow rather than doing it today and possibly making myself worse for a few days iyswim?

Wow Stealth good luck to you with the running. I have no desire to run at all but I can and have walked a marathon. Walking is more my thing.

We had no dcs last Friday and walked 13 miles but unfortunately dh turned it into a canal path pub crawl so I think it defeated the o ject somewhat. hmm

reastie I would have a break today too. You really don't want to make things worse.

reastie Fri 05-Apr-13 09:56:10

Thanks hair and stealth . I am not doing it today and feel less guilty now. It's definitely not a bug as I get this very rarely. It's a pain as my coil and csection scar seem to sometimes cause me pain when I exercise and I've done 2 hard workouts in 2 days (I couldn't exercise for months after having coil put in because of it) and very occasionally this can set off my IBS which makes it one big tummy pain fest confused as everything is setting off everything else. I wore my pre preg jeans yesterday and was so proud to fit in them I ignored the fact they were too tight and so I think that made everything worse too. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.

stealth good luck if you do the couch to 5k and I forgot to say grin to the idea of it being 25k!

KatoPotato Fri 05-Apr-13 10:37:36

reastie I think it's for the best. I'm also on a sick note as I have a <klaxon> large lump at the bottom of my bum cheek! (classy!)

nsv, I tried on my friend's american apparel disco pants and have just looked at the size chart online and they are a size 10-12... just need to convince sister in US to send me some!

scale fail - I've gained a pound... wtf?

What are disco pants?

Love that you can't exercise because of a lumpy bum. grin
(Disclaimer that it's not something serious.)

dawntigga Fri 05-Apr-13 10:46:20

Marking my place


KatoPotato Fri 05-Apr-13 10:56:18

disco pants!

No it's just a big, hot plook! <boke, sorry!>

Welcome Tigga! We don't sound super motivated atm but promise we're all back on it!

reastie Fri 05-Apr-13 11:19:03

oh wow kato they look Olivia NJ in grease styley, bet you look fab in them

Hi dawntigga

Wow Kato. I don't think I'll ever get to a stage where I could get away with those. Well done you!

Hi dawntigga. Have you got a goal in mind?

KatoPotato Fri 05-Apr-13 11:49:02

They will only ever be worn with a long-ish top! But they do miracles to the bum, they are made of industrial strength material that <schlooooks> you right in!

grin Sounds painful!

KatoPotato Fri 05-Apr-13 12:03:35

Aye, especially when you've got a sore bum!


Well I braved the scales. According to the Wii I haven't weighed for 25 days. blush

It tells me I've lost 2lbs and I'm now 10st 10. I have to be honest and say I don't understand because it feels like I've been terrible. I'm closing though. I can only put it down to a change in eating habits and portion size that's been so subtle I haven't even realised.

You lot have obviously got under my skin. grin

Stealth do you have any preferences about what you want to do on Wednesday? Is there a thread so I don't hijack this one?

Hair, well done on the 2lb, hopefully the sunshine will spur you on further and the new habits will really pay off.

KatoPotato Fri 05-Apr-13 15:03:14

Well doe hair just goes to show our bodies sometimes have other ideas of when it's coming off or on <scowls at scales>

Thanks guys.

Kato you really have nothing to worry about. I'm sure it will be off at your next weigh in.

IMST I'll be over in about 15 minutes for that brew if that's ok?

Had a good afternoon cuppa with Hair while the DCs wrestled/did watercolours. No snacking, great to catch up. I even got a decent bike ride in this morning. The DCs would do one lap of the block while I did two, thus passed a happy half-hour of decent exercise.

Morning all. The sun feels warm today. smile

Dh weighed himself yesterday. He got a big shock. He said he would do the shred with me if I bought it and he's cleared out the garage this morning to use his rowing machine. shock

Looks like I might be getting a partner at home now too. It would certainly make life easier.

I've been colouring in with the sun on my back. It was work, but all the better for the weather. I'm going to a wedding later, planning to wear a corset and a dress (as the dress no longer stays up on its ownblushgrin).
Had a good walk this morning into town and back, and no snacks.

I got a lot of compliments on the corset/dress combo last night. My favourite was "how the hell have you had two kids and still look that good?!"
Obviously the walk to the wedding reception will have made only the tiniest dent in the calories I consumed there, but I made fairly good choices for main course (salad, chicken, ratatouille) and hopefully they'll make up for the beer and wine lemon tart and wedding cake I had later onblush.

eightytwenty Mon 08-Apr-13 09:29:04

Morning all. No surprise that week of gluttony has led to 3lb gain. Back on it today. Porridge with 1/2 milk and water. No sugar. Good start!

DH is ill again, so I'm stuck with 2 bickering DCs and a mopey DH following me round the house. Will weigh tomorrow when I've snapped and killed at least one of them it's a bit less fraught.

Off out near Chester today. Because I weighed on Friday I'll not weigh today. I get too stressed.

Right reastie you had a week off. All is not lost. After doing so well you know you can get back on it no probs.

eightytwenty Tue 09-Apr-13 07:23:40

Imst hope dh better and less irritating. I have zero patience for any illness.

Nearly killed myself with 45 mins running followed by 1 hour of spinning. Was told off for not having an energy drink/ banana to consume in between. Raided the kitchen on return but kept it healthy.

8020 that's a shedload of exerciseshock hope you see a difference in tone if not weight!
DH has eaten half a tin of peaches today, which is better than the rubbish he ate yesterday. Somehow he's too ill for casserole, but Jaffa cakes are finehmm. I've said if he's that ill he should make a doctor's appointment.
I'm out storytelling and puppet making this morning, should keep me out of mischief anyway!

Fantastic day yesterday. We went to an adventure trail near Chester. It follows a three mile course of climbing, balancing, sliding and lots more. It was a lot more physical than I thought and I'm feeling it this morning but it was so much fun. It really brought out the big kid in me.

That's definitely my kind of exercise. smile
Well done on yours eighty. Sounds tough.

dawntigga Tue 09-Apr-13 10:31:29

Here is my pl, it isn't quite a plan yet.

No scales
No junk food
30 minutes walk 4 times a week
swimming once a week
Smaller portions

I may have told you all I have zero motivation so will need to have my arse kicked severely to keep it up.


Don't worry tigga, we'll keep you on the straight and narrow. smile

Sounds like a good plan.

eightytwenty Tue 09-Apr-13 14:30:37

Yes we will Tigga. Everyone is very supportive of our successes and also our occasional blips.

Have started tracking on mpf again. Don't know if you're aware of the ap but its a great way to keep an eye on calorie intake. Especially useful at the start/ to regain control following a blip (me).

Can't exercise today as legs sore and think I'll benefit from a rest day. Will need to continue being careful.

KatoPotato Tue 09-Apr-13 17:27:40

Whoops, this thread had disappeared! Hope you're all well, I've been super good since Sunday (Saturday was a RIOT of chinese food and dark chocolate digestives!)

BodyPump last night and taught my first MVA/breakway training session at work today. Might shove Jillian on tonight but I am really tired!

That's great Kato. Well done.

1lb loss this week, I need to tone up, but DH is home malingering ill, and DCs on school holidays, I can't get a moment to myself. Ah well, perhaps we'll get out cycling tomorrow, and they're back at school (and work) on Monday...

Well done IMST. I hope you find some peace sooner rather than later.

eightytwenty Wed 10-Apr-13 09:19:38

3 NSV's 1) - borrowed a beautiful silk dress from a friend to wear at a wedding we're going to.I went to try it on, not expecting to be able to do it up (size 14) and I could and it fits beautifully. 2) was wearing my too tight jeans yesterday when I realised they were so baggy they'd fall down without my belt done up v tightly. 3) had to get new holes put in my belts.

And am 1lb down this morning.

Roll on 45 mins spinning and 30 mins of circuits later.

Well done eightytwenty on the NSVsgrin.

dawntigga Wed 10-Apr-13 09:45:00

Am off taking The Cub swimming we're walking to it which takes about 15 minutes each way.


Love the NSVs eighty. Result!!

Enjoy your swim tigga.

steppemum Wed 10-Apr-13 13:39:21

ok (sneaks in while no-on is looking, brushing chocolate biscuit crumbs off self)

So if I wanted to drop a whole dress size for a party (from size 18 to 16)
How many llbs/kilos do you think that would be?

Been cr*p all Easter holidays, having an NSV in reverse as jeans are feeling a little too snug.
Been invited to big posh party. Have very beautiful dress made for me years ago when I was younger and thinner and kid free (sigh)

Reading all the recent posts I am thinking I need to get out and get moving

How long have you got?

Get moving and throw the chocolate biscuits away!!

I had a great cycle this afternoon with the DCs. We went on the Trans Pennine Trail for an hour or so, and I feel all energised now, although I made fruity bread rolls so my good work may all go to waste soonhmm.
They're in the oven now, and the kitchen smells like Christmas. grin

eightytwenty Wed 10-Apr-13 16:26:13

Well done Tigga. If you like swimming, you should look into adult coaching. You'll work way harder than you manage on your own in my experience.

Steppe - sorry you fell off the Easter wagon. It was this time last year that I finally had a word with myself that I was going to get back in control with food. Prior to that I'd have a "today I'll be good" chat, and everyday I'd break it with a sugar binge mid afternoon. It was really hard breaking old cycles, and as Easter has proved for me I still like chocolate a lot. However having some basic rules (no midweek chocolate, only healthy mid afternoon snacks, protein where possible) & a lot of exercise has really changed the way I feel about food and myself. Think for me there's also been a difference in that I am now training for an event (novice triathlon) rather than just to be "good". Keeps me focused and I can see the progress.

Hope you can get back into the zone.

steppemum Wed 10-Apr-13 21:36:28

eighty - I think you are right. I need a goal, and i need to up the exercise.

But seriously, roughly how much weight do you think there is in a dress size?

Don't think I stand a chance actually as I only have a month.

Where is hair?

eightytwenty Wed 10-Apr-13 23:18:57

She was here earlier.

Steppe - I reckon it took me 3 months to drop from a tight 18 to a 16. But my WL is never as quick or regular as imst's.

Personally I think I'd make a start on healthy eating and exercise. You can always buy some spanx and see if that works. Failing that book a personal shopper for 3 weeks time & if you can't squeeze in the dress, buy a new one. But don't give up. It's a long journey. Not reaching short term goals can be v off putting. If you keep going you'll get there whether in 3 weeks or a little longer.

KatoPotato Thu 11-Apr-13 00:16:55

Finally back to Pilates tonight, and also started the 30 day squat challenge! 50 squats is easy peasy but I am terrified at the thought of 250??

Hair was out with me and stealthsmile, we had a great time.
A dress size is about a stone, depends a lot on height and muscle mass.

Yes ignore me I wass being a drunk grin
Great night

Yes great night. Was lovely to meet you. I was very, very drunk. I'm worried I may have slightly hugely embarrassed myself.

You weren't embarrassing at all, and I should know, I'm embarrassing most of the time!

What's everyone up to today?
I'm going swimming later with the DCs (I say swimming, the floats will be out, it's mostly splashing).