Week 6 - New Year Low Carb Bootcamp _ Where I start to wave my big stick again

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BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 08:39:38

Morning all

Here it is - come and confess all

Now. Three things have come to my attention.

1. There is a lot of baking going on. Sweet things and bread substitutes.

Please remember that we are trying to avoid sweet things and that we are trying to avoid using artificial sweeteners.

2. A lot most of you are falling off the wagon - either 'accidentally' (hmm) or because situations arise where you have not planned ahead or deliberately.

This is not a very forgiving WOE. Lapses/cheats like this will have a big impact - at the very least you will not see any weight loss for a while - most likely, though, you will see a gain of around 3-7lbs. You really have to plan ahead and make sure you do everything you can to stay focused and avoid the carbs. Going out for a meal or to dinner at a friends does mean that you have to think about what's going to be on offer. You cannot assume that low carb options are going to be available (although most restaurants should be fairly easy to navigate).

3. There is a lot of moaning about seeing a weight gain or not losing.

May I refer you to 1 and 2 above?

Please, please, please go back to Bootcamp/Bootcamp Light rules. They are there for a reason!

I can tell you that almost every time someone posts "I don't know what to do, the scales aren't moving for me/I've gained half a stone and I don't know why, because I'm being really good/have been following the rules" this is a massive signal that, actually, they haven't.

Fat is key.
Water is key.
Too much alcohol will stop weight loss.
Dairy - especially cream and cheese - can be an issue for many (yoghurt is better tolerated)
Artificial sweeteners are to be avoided.
Fruit should be severely restricted.

We have only five weeks of Bootcamp left, including this week. Let's get serious and back on track.

Yama Mon 11-Feb-13 08:44:44

Are we on week 6 already?

I feel a sore throat coming on. I would normally take Manuka honey. What would you guys take instead?

PennyHofstadter Mon 11-Feb-13 08:50:00

Morning all, I have stayed the same this week. I did eat out at the weekend (blush after reading BIWI's post above) and it's TOTM so not at all surprising and it could have been a lot worse.

Hi, checking in! And duly chastened by BIWI's OP blush

thanks for the new thread

cathyandclaire Mon 11-Feb-13 09:03:20

Checking in, feel like BIWI's OP could be aimed straight at me blush
As ever, weighing later in the week, was at target yesterday but a delicious Chinese (no noodles or rice or obvious carbs but no doubt a lot hiding in the sauces) with some white wine will surely have worked its evil spell. Before bed I was 5lb up so I was too chicken to get on the scales this morning.

Going skiing just after bootcamp, always a diet disaster, so determined to be at fighting weight by then.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 09:04:13

BlackAffronted have a read of this

A piece of massively intensive exercise will have put you under stress. You may very well also be dehydrated.

Don't change anything you're eating (assuming you are adhering to the rules!), but make sure you are drinking plenty of water, take it easy and make sure you get plenty of sleep, so that you can reduce the stress/inflammation levels.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 09:05:08

hazchem sounds like you need to cut out the dairy. Yoghurt is generally better tolerated, so cut out the cream/cheese to start with.

BlackAffronted Mon 11-Feb-13 09:17:31

Thanks guys. I am sticking with it right to the end of bootcamp, weight loss or no weightloss. Will review my options then, but not before!

Thanks for the article, will have a read of that. Going to keep up the fat, despite my concious yelling at me, as I made some lovely crackling yesterday, to nibble on :D I could well be dehydrated, I was drinking water through the zumbathon, but couldnt manage as much as usual as the sloshing about made me feel ill. Have had loads of sleep since, and planning a wee nap today while I am child free.

Muscles are a teeny bit stiff today. Zumba again tonight, so that should ease it off!

Well done to the losers, I am jealous smile

barleywood Mon 11-Feb-13 09:20:23

Checking in smile

STS this week but not surprising really. Been on holiday with friends, lots of exercise and wine and not too bad really since I am lighter than I have been in 30 years smile.

Keep the faith, I have been following this WOE for over six months and I really do consider it a way of life, I don't feel deprived and occasional lapses are not an excuse for falling of the wagon as they were in the past.

LavenderBriggs Mon 11-Feb-13 09:33:04

Checking in. Have put 1lb back on. Not surprised, I hardly moved for hours due to back spasm and had alcohol and codeine to try and relax the muscles. I'm going to print out Bootcamp Light rules - printed paper always seems more authoritative than web pages to me.

Thanks Novelty and Choos Pain is back to normal levels and I'm just waiting for slightly less snow so that I can go for a run. I try and manage pain with exercise as being fit has really decreased it.

<gentle fist bumps to Bessie and Choos> Finsbury Park is my local one! You may have seen me staggering around doing my running - you can't miss me, I look as if I'm about to cry grin.

Right, new week - good luck everyone!

Lost another 0.6kg smile Very happy with that. Have been eating well except for the occasional PMT-driven nibble of extra dark chocolate but have been struggling to keep up with drinking water... Will try & do better this week!

Iamaslummymummy Mon 11-Feb-13 09:36:51

<Hands biwi her stick>

Baking - check
No enough water - check
Sweetners - check

Wi not till Wednesday for me so I'll be good - promise grin

Doshusallie Mon 11-Feb-13 09:47:03

Marking place.

MsRinky Mon 11-Feb-13 09:47:16

Well I lost the 2lbs I put on last week, but need to get down to some actual progress. Spent four days of last week in bed with the lurgy and my difficult few weeks of birthday and holiday celebrations are now over, so I should in theory have a good clear run at things for the rest of Bootcamp.

Four pounds to go until I reach the four stone off point. I want those four pounds gone by the end of this month, dammit.

Doshusallie Mon 11-Feb-13 09:48:33

Is almond flour ok then? Or just a lower carb option for pancakes? Don't want to eat loads of them and then realise it's the same as scarfing loads and loads of nuts.....

thenightsky Mon 11-Feb-13 09:55:29

Lost 3lbs since last weigh in grin

I have been very very good though, apart from raspberries and cream on Friday night and a tiny vodka and soda on Saturday night. Drank tons of water yesterday though.

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:57

Well done to Black for impressive Zumba effort! smile

I don't weigh as I have no scales (because I think they are bad for my mental health), but I did weigh myself at my parents at Christmas & I was with them again on Saturday so weighed again. I have lost 12lb.

I am sure that in the 7 weeks I have been doing bootcamp (as I started a bit earlier) I have gained, lost, remained the same etc. So this is my way of saying don't get scales obsessed. Stick with this WOE & you will lose.

Oooh BIWI is writing in bold- we are in trouble ladies!

Lets knuckle down - we can do it.

I want 4lbs off by end of Bootcamp to get to pre Xmas weight. Basically been faffing with weddings etc.

Begone 4lbs

caramelwaffle Mon 11-Feb-13 10:19:03

Thank you for new thread.

I have gained a little over past month.

When doing Bootcamp before Christmas, I lost almost a stone; let me be a lesson that if you stick with the rules, you will lose weight; if you do not, you will gain or STS.

Back onwards and downwards from today.

Thanks again Biwi and Willie

caramelwaffle Mon 11-Feb-13 10:20:43

Well done nightsky

AuntieMaggie Mon 11-Feb-13 10:28:51

Checking in too smile

Good start to the day... Bacon and egg for breakfast. Got mozzarella and tomato for lunch and have drank a litre of water already.

Fingers crossed I can resist the goodies in the office!

NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 10:29:02

Morning all

I'm knuckling down now, been a bit relaxed with the old alcohol this weekend.

Breakfast today was my own invention- Mock Croque Monsieur. Basically ham slices spread with mayo and grated cheese sandwiched together, dipped in egg and fried in butter. Looks a right mess but so tasty

pyjamalover Mon 11-Feb-13 10:29:06


I now weigh 63kg, not a huge loss compared to the rest of you, but this is what I weighed about 6 yr ago (and have been saying I weighed ever since!) and as I'm only 5 foot nothing I think a 2-3kg loss does show. Certainly my trousers are looser.

Will definitely be sticking to this, my only issue is I don't feel I've properly overcome my overeating demons yet. However, before I came back to low carbing I was literally eating entire packets of biscuits/chocolate every time I had a day off, or even just a morning off (I work part time and shift work so that is a lot). So the occasional too much cream/nuts is a big improvement. Feel like I won't be able to be shift serious weight until I get control of this, and do a bit of exercise. I have 30 day shred DVD, and even though busy have no excuse not to do that a few times a week.

black have you read escape the diet trap? I know VERY little about exercise as I do almost none at the moment, but in this book he says that cardio can actually reduce metabolic rate, as a survival mechanism, and recommends short bursts of high intensity stuff, and resistance work. You sound amazingly fit though and I am in awe of you!

pyjamalover Mon 11-Feb-13 10:30:06

xposted with loads of you, well done everyone, love this thread!

Morning everyone & thanks for the new thread

I still can't weigh properly but am checking most days for fluctuations.

I've had a very 'off the wagon' weekend. Managed OK food wise but had a night out with friends on Saturday & had quite a few wines.

Back on it today & looking forward to slow cooked ginger pork for tea tonight smile

SwitchedtoEatingCheese Mon 11-Feb-13 10:33:57

1lb down for me. I'm only on week 2, but 6lb in two weeks so quite pleased.

Can I add some words of wisdom?

If you dinner is a bit crap them you will be tempted to snack all evening.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 10:42:44

grin @ SwitchedtoEatingCheese!

BlackAffronted Mon 11-Feb-13 10:52:45

pjlover, Im not amazingly fit sadly but I am definitely fit for a fat person! Im a size 24 blush but can keep up & out last some of the slinkies. Goes to show that you dont have to be skinny to exercise (Im sure it helps though!!) Luckily, that will be the only Zumbathon I shall be doing this year. Back to my twice weekly sessions, which I love. Ive probably read every low carb book going, apart from Briffa! I think I should buy it.

BlackAffronted Mon 11-Feb-13 10:53:36

Well said Switched smile I adore cooking, and I always try & make our evening meal exciting, and I cant rememberthe last time I had an evening snack.

1 lb off this week,m which is the last time I'll be able to weigh until after April 23rd (going home tomorrow, where there are no scales). I'll just put myself down as STS each week until I can weigh again. No cheats, maybe a bit too generous of a hand with the vodka, but that all stops now for a few weeks.

My next focus, as spring is on its way, is to get a bit fitter by doing more exercise - in the form of walking and cycling. Nothing too strenuous, just want to build up my endurance a little.

So, no booze, no weighing, more moving, and continuing to eat all the stuff I know is good for me smile That's the plan!

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 10:56:06

Sounds like a good plan, FDM!

prettybird Mon 11-Feb-13 11:11:28

Another 3lb off for me despite the flourless chocolate lime/orange cake I made on Friday using fructose sugar and ate a very small slice of (carbs consumed calculated at 10g which means I have now officially broken the 12stone barrier and am now 11stone 13lb! smilesmile

I'm only having a few blueberries and raspberries (and by that, I mean about 5 or 6) and two brazil nuts nuts a day (and occasionally 5 almonds) and having one glass of wine a week - so am still being fairly strict, even if it's not full Boot Camp.

Woolfey Mon 11-Feb-13 11:34:27

I have lost 1lb this week and am very pleased as I've now lost half a stone so a quarter of the way to my goal of losing my baby weight. I am now in week 3 as a little behind everyone else so I don't expect to start losing again for a couple of weeks. Thanks for all the support and the big stick on this thread, it is really helping to motivate me smile

mumat39 Mon 11-Feb-13 11:57:48

Thanks for the new thread BIWI smile

Another pound off for me so down 9 lbs in the 5weeks. Feels slow but I know that's a good thing.

Hope everyone has a good week this week.

Kiriwawa Mon 11-Feb-13 12:45:25

My weighing day is tomorrow so I will see how I'm doing then. I have been v good except for wine blush so I am expecting to STS. I am going to stay with friends next weekend so I am fully expecting more wine to be drunk. I might have to take a celeriac with me to avoid a bag of chips on the way home.

BIWI - I haven't been baking as such but I have been eating the flaxseed 'bread' which is okay isn't it? [worries]

LaVidaLoCarb Mon 11-Feb-13 13:00:16

blackaffronted I would put money on you having gained muscle and lost fat, despite no scales loss. This is a good thing!

I've been low carbing since July. Two things I noticed bring the whoosh fairy are 1. eating earlier in the evening and no evening snacking (sadly I find this a hard habit to break).
2. Keeping portion size small enough to feel full but not so big that I feel stuffed.

Does anyone know about coconut flour? I have some in the cupboard ready for tomorrow but just noticed it has 21g carbs per 100g shock. So now I'm not sure if I dare.

ToomuchWaternotWine Mon 11-Feb-13 13:49:11

Hi y'all thanks biwi for the thread <and the kicking>

From thread 5, which I have just read, want to say
black tried to sponsor you again, hope it's gone through this time! Well done! And yes your hormones and exercise will still be having an effect so try to be patient (check batteries in your scales if you are really worried!)

herecomesthesun berries three times a day sounds too much to me. I have them maybe a small handful (5/6) about once every two or three days.

Loving the Pinterest boards everyone but am refusing to get sucked in, I spend far too much time on FB and MN as it is! But have ordered the good food low carb cookbook (on DH amazon account, which he foolishly left open on my ipad mwah ha ha, he's lucky I've only ordered that <looks longingly at John Lewis website>)

STS this week AGAIN. Me and my Body will have to have words. It seems to think my maintenance weight should be 151. I want 145!! I will be pretty hard core this week and see if I can get under, and stay under, that magic 150 mark.

1lb off for me, though I reckon it might be more as seem to have come down with a sickness bug, currently languishing in bed feeling sorry for myself... Any tips for LC food for a dodgy stomach?? All I want is Heinz tomato soup...

MrsHoolie Mon 11-Feb-13 13:58:20

We are having a takeaway curry tonight. Can someone please suggest what I should go for?

I prefer chicken to lamb/fish.

Obviously no naan or rice!

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:04:14

LaVida, I think coconut flour has less carbs than that, as it is very high fibre and there is something about the fibre cancelling out the carbs. I never understand this properly, but basically fibrous stuff just passes straight through us, so you take account of the "net carbs", which is what is left when you subtract the fibre from the total carb count.

Hope that makes sense!!!!!!

Congratulations to so many with losses this week. grin Big thank you to BIWI for encouraging us all to stay on track too!

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:06:23

Mrs H, I'd go for a dry chicken dish and sag paneer.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 14:08:29

You only take off the fibre if you're looking at American foods. UK stuff you just go for the carb count.

I have coconut flour in my cupboard, which is 21.7g carbs per 100g - brand Tiana. Don't know if that is the one that you have, LaVida?

Iamaslummymummy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:19:35

For no reason I have just eaten most of a bar of green and blacks 55% chocolate. Bad week for me this week. I'm going to my medical to decide my ill health early retirement (at 35) so mega stressed. sad

Will try my hardest not to eat emotionally

Iamaslummymummy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:20:42

I didn't even enjoy it as much as a couple of squares of 85%

Happy lunchtimes all - well done to the losers and chin up to the STS's thanks - heed BIWIs wise words and I'm sure you will be onwards and downwards in no time.

Anyone see the Daily Fail article today on the two day diet? (mitigation: free copy lying around at softplay hell) Basically advocated two days of low carbing a week - but actually, when one looked into it, they had things like grapefruit as a low carb breakfast and pineapple as a low carb snack hmm and also kept everything low fat and advised skins off chicken etc. I guess though if you are only doing it for two days, you wouldn't be burning fat enough to also be eating fat?

Anyway, interesting for maintenance. Am thinking of doing a modified version of 5-2-2 for maintenance this time around - not counting the calories but low-carbing instead, and keeping an eye on carbs the rest of the time too Briffa 80-20 style.

(NB the two days had to be consecutive, in order to get maximum from fat-burning mode. But I really couldn't see that you would definitely go into ketosis on what they were advising you to eat - seemed way to carby for me).

(too, even)

Jacaqueen Mon 11-Feb-13 14:34:20

Well done on the Zumba Blackaffronted. You are putting us all to shame. I really must try and do more exercise. Well to be honest that shouldn't be too hard as
it would be difficult for me to do any less than I do at present.

Having said that we are on mini half term from Wednesday to next Tuesday and we are going away to the shack for a few days. Lots of bracing coastal walks planned. Just need to try and curb the alcohol while I am away.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 14:34:42

sad Iamaslummymummy - no wonder you're stressed. That's awful for you.

timidviper Mon 11-Feb-13 14:35:10

I have just been to Holland & Barrett this am and have bought some 0carb noodles and rice, purely for research purposes you understand. I planned some meals last night and I think I'm going to make paella tonight so will still do this with cauliflower I think and try the rice with thai green curry tomorrow. I will let you know my research results in due course!
BIWI I think these are the same stuff as the noodles you linked to on the last bootcamp.

Black Well done again on the zumbathon. You and I are the same size but you are waaaaaay fitter than I am, I struggle with aerobic stuff. I'm guessing you are quite a bit younger (I am 52) so can I just tell you I really wish I had got to grips with my weight and fitness years ago. I have tried WW, SW and everything else with no success but am 2st 2lb down from the start of the last bootcamp so please keep going, even if it takes longer than one bootcamp

Everybody, bargain alert!! Sainsburys have duck crowns on offer at 2 for £10. I am going to try roasting one laster in the week.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 14:35:48

Choos - Michael Mosely, on whose diet that plan has to be based, does not advocate consecutive days - and I can't see how anyone could easily two two days of low calorie eating back to back.

Ruprekt Mon 11-Feb-13 14:41:13

marking my place

B - bacon and HB egg with mayo

L - Avocado with ham and sour cream

Pint of water

timidviper Mon 11-Feb-13 14:42:26

slummymummy Wasn't being unsympathetic there, I x-posted with you. Hope the week goes ok for you. I don't know if it makes you feel any better but I have 2 friends medically retired from nursing in their 30s, obviously they both have ongoing health issues but both lead really full and happy lives.

Iamaslummymummy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:46:57

Thank you I just want it all to be over and to know what's happening. 15 th may is the datet that they terminate my contact - that will be 2.5 years off sick! Not long to wait now. Night have to get some duck and zero carb noodles and rice to cheer me up!

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:47:07

Sorry to hear that slummy - when is the medical?

Apols for the misinformation on coconut flour! blush

Ruprekt Mon 11-Feb-13 14:51:43

could we have these?

This website looks good.

QuickLookBusy Mon 11-Feb-13 14:59:36

Well done for everyone's losses this week.

I've lost 2.25lbs which I'm pleased with. I've lost 8lbs altogether, I had aimed to lose half a stone, but I can still pinch an inch or two around my tummy, so am going to keep at it for a bit.

Dh has lost 1stone 5lbs so far!! Am very proud of him, he's got about another stone to go but he cannot believe how easy he finds this diet.

B-scrambled eggs and a bit of smoked salmon
L-cheese, celery and avocado
D-creamy chicken "pie" without the pastry and roasted veg.

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 15:00:25

Ruprekt - I love Elana's Pantry. I cook quite alot of stuff from there for my DCs - her brownies are to die for.
Alot of it is too carby for me, but those crackers look very possible!

Doshusallie Mon 11-Feb-13 15:25:08

hope it goes ok Slummymummy.

Greek yog
mushrooms, lump of cheese, and left over veg from roast last night with mayo
tea will be roast chicken salad.

Yet again no exercise as still have cough angry

Iamaslummymummy Mon 11-Feb-13 15:25:30

My medical is on Wednesday

Collywibbles Mon 11-Feb-13 16:00:17

Sigh. I have stayed the same again. I have now been the same weight (give or take a lb or two) for months. Not sure what to do now. I honestly don't cheat (I don't drink and am not a fan of sweet stuff). I eat plenty of fat & drink loads of water. I thought I ate too many nuts so have cut them out totally for 3 weeks and it has made no difference.

I did Dukan 18 months ago and was a stone lighter than I am now - then had a course of steroids (I have bowel disease) and have been this weight ever since. Now I know I am not huge but I am certainly not thin. I am on steroids again (also take other permanent meds). I don't want to do Dukan again - I like this way of eating but want to get rid of the flabby bits.

I exercise quite a lot - a mix of weights / cardio classes plus walk daily with the dogs.

ANY ideas? I have been looking at ADF in addition to LCHF but have a history of food issues so not sure restricting what I eat is necessarily the best way to go.

EwanHoozami Mon 11-Feb-13 16:30:42

timid are those noodles from H&B the same as the shiritaki ones? If so I love them, they are very similar in texture to those vietnamese glass noodles. DH did something fabulous with them and some squid not so long ago. I'll ask him for the recipe.

Colly I wish I could think of an answer that isn't "it's the steroids" but I can't sad Not that I'm an expert in any way, but a good friend of mine has ulcerative colitis and uses low carbing to maintain her weight. She's not losing but says that without the LC WOE the steroids would make her significantly gain.

Iamaslummymummy cross-posted with you earlier so missed about your medical - that sounds really stressful - try to plan some nice low carb meals to treat yourself without getting sabotaged.

BIWI it was two low-carb days back to back, not two low-cal days - but I was a bit hmm about their idea of low-carb. It wasn't even Bootcamp Lite!

LavenderBriggs <high fives> Finsbury Park (or Crappy Rub Sniff as it is affectionately anagrammed) is my local running park - having a bit of a break from it at the moment as toenails still settling down after half marathon - lost five - but intending to get back to it again once I'm back from holiday.

Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:44:14

10 2.25lbs this morning. Not great but heading back in the right direction. Would really appreciate it if someone could put this on the spreadsheet for me as my phone is not letting me do it.
Need to cut down on the peanut butter already, just noticed how much of the jar has gone and I'm the only one who eats it. An out for a curry tonight with friends so hoping I can avoid poppadom a, rice etc and just enjoy a couple of veggie dishes. Happy to be back on this woe though, food is much more satisfying. Only fell off the wagon for 5 days but will take a bit longer to get back to where I was.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 17:12:32

CollyWibbles - sorry sad but it's almost certainly to do with the steroids (as well as whatever other medication you are taking).

Personally I wouldn't bother with Dukan, but that's up to you. I think there's far too much reliance on artificial foods, and I'm not really convinced about the protein only days - it's too far away from normal eating for me. And I hated, hated, hated the oatbran galette!!!

If you're happy with the food you're eating on LC, then why not try the fasting?

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 17:14:03

Lavendersblue don't just 'hope' that you can avoid the carbs! That way falling off the wagon lies. Plan what you are going to have. If you know where you're going, and they have a website, look at the menu online and make sure you know what you're going to eat. Veggie dishes can be carby - depending on the veg, obviously. Your best bet is something from the tandoor, with a spinach or mushroom or cauliflower side dish.

timidviper Mon 11-Feb-13 17:36:04

Ewan The noodles are these. They are made from some vegetable fibre I think.

ShebaQueen Mon 11-Feb-13 18:25:32

Woo hoo, I have been extra vigilant re carb creep this week and am 4lbs down despite a challenging celebratory weekend surrounded by cake and sandwiches!

thanks Biwi, in fact thanks to all for your moral support, it really helps.

Well done to losers and sorry to those who have sts or gained.

AuntieMaggie Mon 11-Feb-13 19:09:51

Congrats ladies smile

Where do I get flax seed from?

ToomuchWaternotWine Mon 11-Feb-13 19:15:22

Despite STS, I am still enjoying this woe so much. For one thing, it can be so damn quick and easy! Take my tea tonight. Didn't fancy "cooking" anything major as Ds had early tea with his wee playchum, and DH is out.

So I quickly fried off some mushrooms and half a leek in butter and oil, adding a big splosh of double cream for the last minute. Meanwhile wilted some washed spinach by simply pouring some boiled water from the kettle over it. On to plate with a few cubes feta and a couple of chopped plum tomatoes. Add apiece of peppered mackerel from the fridge, done and served up in about 5 minutes tops. Think it took longer to scoff it than to prep it!!

Ilovemyteddy Mon 11-Feb-13 19:43:48

As a longtime low-carber can I echo everything that BIWI said in her OP.

As well as changing what we eat there is also an emotional/psychological barrier to get through. I know there are many books and websites out there that adapt recipes to suit a LC lifestyle, but one of the things we are trying to get past is relying on bread, cake and the like as an emotional crutch or as a substitute for eating properly. By eating LC substitutes for these things we aren't really moving on from the "reaching for the biscuit tin" mentality. I think these substitutes are okay occasionally, but they should be regarded as a treat.

Just my very humble opinion!

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 19:45:45

Evening all

Slummy am really sorry to hear that sad

I finally got another visit from the whoosh fairy. Lost 3.4 lb so am pleased.

Am now at the lowest weight that I've been on since I started Bootcamp - no real recollection of being lower than this weight ever, so it's unchartered territory from now (if I manage not to gain next week). Will be so excited if I lose even just a pound next week. Hoping pancake day doesn't muck it up tomorrow!

(Am doing the cream cheese ones, in case stick was heading my way!!)

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 19:58:51

Black I made a combination of your breakfast pot and oeufs en cocotte for supper tonight (shallots, pancetta, mushrooms, grated cheddar, one egg and cream on top) in a bain marie.

Did it for 15 mins, but still couldn't get it brown on top - think it must be the soured cream! Will try it again when I get some double cream in. Was delicious though (again). I think this may be what I cook instead of omelettes, in future!

captainmummy Mon 11-Feb-13 19:58:57

auntieMaggie - I get mine ready ground from health food shops. You can buy them whole in supermarkets but they are a bugger to grind unless you have an industrial food processor or coffee grinder.

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 19:59:11

Wow Novelty - that is quite something - well done. How much have you lost in total?
What are the cream cheese pancakes like? I'm going to do them tomorrow too.
Agree with Ilove - to be successful with this WOE does involve retraining your brain a bit and learning to realise that if you eat well with low carb you'll easily be full & not hungry until your next meal. Reaching for snacks, when you are not hungry is definitely a bad habit - which I am as guilty of as everyone else. I do genuinely stop thinking about food when I do this WOE though - so there has to be something in it.

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 20:07:03

Post thanks! I've now lost exactly 10 lb, but there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing as I had a few bingey weekends.

I am, and always have been, a serious sucker for food, and I still have willpower issues.

I've actually just started reading 'The End of Overeating', by Gillian Riley. Someone mentioned it on an earlier thread. I was always a 'just one more biscuit' person, and would love to escape from that mentality.

LCing does keep me sated, but I still haven't quite lost my old habits/soft spot for sweet things, if I were to indulge it. Would love to conquer this though, and this WOE combined with Gillian Riley's book is my two pronged attack! I do feel like I'm getting there.

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 20:09:53

NB. Haven't tried the cream cheese pancakes yet....have got them planned for tomorrow. We'll have to report back on our success!

STS, but in all honesty it was an awful week, for half of it. I have started however not to turn to food for emotional eating. I realised that in the last 5/6 days I have a few times thought to myself fuck it and then actually not eaten anything 'bad' and just drunk extra water without it being a massive effort. For me this feels like a big step, like I am moving fully to this being a woe for life. It is hard to explain as I thought I got it before, but it is a little like the penny has dropped in the emotional part of my head.

Black I reckon the zumbathon stayed you the same! Your body will have been a bit shocked probably (not as much as mine would have been thought!) and I reckon you'll see a whoosh very soon.

timidviper Mon 11-Feb-13 20:12:14

I think BIWI has hit a nail on the head here. Any WOE takes some adjusting to but it is far more likely to be successful if we adjust to it rather than trying to adjust it to us IYSWIM.

I have been invited out to a birthday meal on Wed at a chinese and thai restaurant. I am a spice wimp so don't eat hot stuff, any suggestions for what would be good to eat?

If they do foo young (fu yung, foo yung etc.. various spellings) that might be a good option. It is like an omlette dish with then chicken or prawns or whatever in it. I had it once by accident and just remembered and thought it might be good!

NellVarnish Mon 11-Feb-13 20:23:04

Thank you BIWI for your encouragement and big stick wielding. And also for the shiny new thread - I can't believe it's W6 already! Well done to everyone whether you've lost or not, we're all in this together and I appreciate all the support and comments on here. thanks

Lost 3lbs this week so that's 15 I think since I started. Considering I'm a snacker and have been tempted by chocolate occasionally, I'm v pleased.

I need to drink more water though, I'm letting that slip a bit. And I've had some of that Aldi linseed with goji berries in my Lidl yoghurt -is that ok do you think?

Does everyone feel more energetic on this WOE? I've done so much clearing out and cleaning since I started - seem to have so much more va va voom. grin

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 20:23:28

Timid I absolutely LOVE Tom Kha Gai - it's basically coconut soup, with galangal (like ginger), lemongrass, mushrooms, coriander, chicken (there is a prawn version too, but can't remember the Thai name). You can ask them to hold the chilli and they won't put it in.

It's an LC dream, and you could either have it as a starter or ask for it as a main.

Am kinda drooling now thinking about it!

timidviper Mon 11-Feb-13 20:24:37

Novelty Please let us know what you think of that book. I have heard of it but not read it and am curious. I am quite into the psychology of weight loss ATM

I have bought 'Beat Overeating with CBT' as one of my friends did Lighter Life and, although she has put back on most of the weight she lost due to never learning how to eat healthily on it, swears that the psychological support (which was CBT based) really enlightened her. I haven't started it yet but will keep you informed.

I am currently reading 'Body Clutter' which is by the woman who set up FlyLady, the housework site and the woman who set up Saving Dinner, the meal planning site. The theory being that weight is part of the clutter we get when overwhelmed by life. It is very american and rather twee but I will let you know of anything earth-shattering.

SavoirFaire Mon 11-Feb-13 20:26:49

Hi all. STS this week. Would someone be able to put it on the spreadsheet - I don't seem to be able to do it on the iPad. Thank you!

Back on track(so far this week).

B: 2 eggs and butter
L: chilli and salad
D: a sort of turkey and leek current made with cream, goats cheese and mixed spice, with broccoli and spinach.

Seem to be struggling to get through all my water though.

SavoirFaire Mon 11-Feb-13 20:30:23

Curry not current!

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 20:36:30

Timid - will do!

I like that idea of weight as yet more 'clutter' when we're overwhelmed. It's probably why we feel better after a clear out = feel better when we shed excess poundage too!

Just found a recipe for Tom Kha Gai, or Chicken Coconut Soup if anyone's interested. I hadn't thought of it in my low carb repertoire before - it's ideal LC, and so yummy!

NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 20:37:10

Evenin all

B- Moque Monsieur
L - tuna mayo
T - chicken breast with yesterday's leftover veg. This was lovely actually- celeriac wedges, sprouts and cabbage all mashed up with finely sliced (raw) shallot. Spread into an oven proof dish and dotted with butter. Finished off with a topping of grated cheddar and bunged in the oven. Delish

Dropping in to say hello everyone, had a brief scan and a lot has happened in the few days I've been away attending to birthdays and the like.

I cant believe we are on week 6, and Seeing as its academy awards time and all that...I am sure i am not alone in wanting to award a few LC gongs:

Huge apologies for typing In haste to catch train of thout before it departs for the night and for missing out anyone deserving of obvious star status, please feel free to add your nominations!

To [BIWI] for: Services to boosting weight loss and self esteem among the low carb MNers

To [Willie] for: best supporting LC guru status and services to sorting out the spreadsheet of fabulousness

Special recognition: [Black] for her creative and inspiring recipe inspiration and that amazing zumbathon (and p interest board with which i shall acquaint myself with later !)

Best (un) dressed: [cathyandclaire and choos]... I bet there are many more of you but these two spring to mind and, may I say, are my own personal inspiration

Best recipe: [braised cabbage]

Star ingredient: [celeriac], who knew it had so many uses???

Lifetime achievement.: [dr briffa] for underpinning what this is all about with good, sound, no-faddy, jargon free easy to read words

Best comedy : [slattern] and her sugary twats grin grin (come back slattern, we miss you!)

Best supporting cast : [all you fabulous lot] without the support of this thread so many would have fallen by the wayside, condemned to spend more time as tired, bloated, grumpy sugary twats grin

Flowers, sparkly waters with cucumber garnish and celeriac chips all round!!

Crikey that was a bit of a long post... Oops <slinks off to refill water glass and toast Parmesan for crisps>

Thank you BIWI for the big kick up the behind. I needed this.

I am only half a pound down this week but this is no surprise. I'm still finding it quite easy to stick with the WOE, positively enjoying it in fact, but I drank too much red wine on Saturday night at a big village party, had too little sleep three nights in a row and then by Sunday I couldn't be bothered to shop with a hangover and ate an apricot and almond flapjack I'd made for DD's lunchbox puddings.

Started this week with a clearer head and a stunning coastal run in the sparkling sunshine and am now feeling very healthy and motivated once again. Bring on week six grin

Kitchen fairy- love your LC awards!

Where is slattern? And pistey? And cocolepew?


Had a shocker today for many reasons
Didn't get organised with food so had the following

Ham and cream cheese rolls
A small biscuit - was fecking horrible
No lunch
Boiled eggs with mayo at 5pm
An argument
Omelette with salami mushrooms and cheese

I am no LC inspiration today

Off to bed now lovely LCers. Onwards and downwards

An argument Not sure whether to grin or sad for you Gless but it made me chuckle to see it there in your list!

Sorry, I've been absent from the thread too for a while. I need to remember that a quick daily check in is lovely to catch up on everyone's news and to gain fresh motivation.

Forgot to say, I successfully completely avoided the carb laden buffet at the party on Saturday night. In fact I had no idea where in the pub it even was! I drank way too much for the WOE, but even three glasses of red down I wasn't remotely tempted to go and pig out. Had eggs when I got home instead. Went slightly wrong the next day with consumption of a flapjack, but my habits are definitely changing and for that I am very grateful.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 21:38:04

I hope there weren't too many carbs in that argument, Gless grin

Starfish - good to see you can change eating habits even after 3 glasses of red. Pork scratching are my friend I can assure you I ever thought I would utter those words!

The argument was the cause of having omelette which isn't bad in itself I just wanted a really Naice tea iykwim

BIWI - you know me

Low carb through and through wink

Hello [starfish]
Where are you in the Duchy? Had my first dawn run in a while today, DS still poorly at home so i got up early as I think a fortnight without regular exercise has really stalled me. I ran with the daffodils in view and home to a breakfast of local smoked mackerel. Quite yum!

Must say BIWI if I knew how quickly my bad eating habits would change and that it would in fact be possible to knock a sugar addiction on the head... I would have done this years ago.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 21:45:00


Thank you for the award. I am indeed honoured!

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 21:47:53

Kitchenfairy and other runners - what do you wear to go running at this time of year?

I've never been running in winter before but I've recently moved to near a very large park.... Am starting to think it's a bit silly not to use it!

No idea what's suitable to wear in this cold weather though...

Tigglette Mon 11-Feb-13 21:51:53

Thanks for the lovely new thread BIWI, I've had a good day today food wise -
B a piece of cheese on the run
L pub lunch of chicken in creamy peppercorn sauce - avoided the chips sitting on the side of the plate and even checked with the chef to see that the sauce wasn't carb laden polishes halo
D chicken leek and mushroom "pie" ie filling, no pastry with buttered spinach

Happy days

Rofl at those awards kitchenfairy! I have to say I can't take full credit for the spreadsheet - it was started by a previous low carber who set up all the formulas etc - I just fiddle with it a bit

Novelty when I was on the school cross country team I used to wear gym knickers and a vest all year round. These days in winter I wear leggings, long-sleeved top and a t-shirt over the top of that. I don't wear gloves and hat as I find them uncomfortable and too hot even in this weather. I have an excellent shock absorber sports bra

However I haven't done serious running for a long time (as in training for a race) and none of my stuff is high-performance gear

Ruprekt Mon 11-Feb-13 22:02:17

Dinner was good tonight.

Burger with blue cheese and avocado
celeriac and swede chips
Yog with blueberries.

NoveltySlippers Mon 11-Feb-13 22:11:49

Willie shock at just gym knickers and a vest top! Brrr! smile

Oh no willie, that is not enough clothing grin

Novelty I have long leggings and any old long sleeved shirt but a 'proper' lightweight running jacket, gloves if v v cold. I sometimes look enviously at the more stylish gear worn by the runners I encounter... Maybe that will be my goal weight reward to self!

Glad you lot like the awards... What no more nominations???

<hands gold leaf encrusted celeriac to BIWI and Willie by way of statuette>

SavoirFaire Mon 11-Feb-13 22:41:29

I am so sorry, I forgot to say well done losers in previous post. Keep on going everyone else!!

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 22:43:58

Novelty - I've just started running and didn't have a clue what to buy! I went to Sports Direct in the end, and although I hate that place with a passion, they do actually have a small running section, with Karrimor stuff. I bought some leggings, a short sleeved t-shirt and a water-proof light-weight jacket to go over the top.

I also bought some gloves, because my hands get very cold.

After the first couple of times I was out, although I wasn't too cold, I realised that I could do with another layer (especially as it's been a bit colder the last few days) so I bought a Heat-Tech long sleeved t-shirt from Uniqlo, to wear underneath the short-sleeved t-shirt.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 22:45:22

Oh, and I bought myself a hat as well - not really do much to keep me warm as to keep my head/hair dry, and to keep my hair out of my face/eyes

sybilfaulty Mon 11-Feb-13 22:47:47

0.5lb off for me. Slow and steady does it.

Thank you for the award! thanks

Picky supper tonight - echoing whoever it was up thread who said earlier that if you don't have a nice enough dinner you pick, and BIWI, beating us to plan - let DH c

Damn phone posting too soon.

Let DH cook supper (despondent after utter failure to cook/flip pancakes - he is working late tomorrow so tried and failed for DC tonight. I was quite relieved not to be temped though) and he did halloumi and spinach (he wasn't that hungry as had picked on bits of failed pancake) so have had too many nuts and some celery with a spoonful of hummous.

It's definitely all about the planning (and so much more satisfying too).

timidviper Mon 11-Feb-13 23:27:59

I made the IPD paella for tea but substituted Lidl crayfish tails for the mussels. It was lovely, in fact so good I will be taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Can recommend it.

Bessie123 Mon 11-Feb-13 23:55:17

Just marking my place. Haven't lost this week but didn't expect to because I had afternoon tea and chocolate blush

Well done to all of you losers this week

Valdeeves Tue 12-Feb-13 01:11:57

Well done all the losers!! Fab news!

Black - what do you do for a living? You have something lovely in the way you post.

Iamaslummumummy - hand holding for you for assessment

Great kick up the arse BIWI - frankly I needed it - I haven't been cheating but I'm just eating too much as I'm miserable at the moment.
Got to ground myself and stop snacking because I'm bored and lonely ( for DH who's never home - not for friends as have lovely ones.)

Brekkie: eggs, spinach and smoked salmon
Lunch: ham and cheese, dedicated coconut
Tea: frittata made with Boursin too - very nice.

I shredded and now I've fed the baby and off to sleep - always lovely to read the thread.

Lavenderhoney Tue 12-Feb-13 05:14:48

I've added myself to the spreadsheet, put on a couple of pounds but I am ok with that as I haven't been sleeping what with dd being up every night and I slipped up on drinking lots of water. I have managed not to slide off the LCD wagon, not even testing the mash for the dcsmile

It's very hard to cook and not taste for seasoning etc.

I must start doing calenetics today. I find it easier to resist chocolate!


B- eggs and bacon
L- broccoli soup with cream
D- pork chops, roasted auberines, cabbage in butter and mash for the kids.

Novelty, when I used to run in winter I used to wear track suit bottoms, thick, vest top, long sleeved loose top, and a thick tracksuit top ( vest and long sleeved proper running ones) and gloves and a woolly hat. I used to take off the tracksuit top and tie it round me, it sounds a lot but I did cross country running and it was really really cold out on the hillssmile you could take a light rucksack and put stuff in it as you get hot. Or just brave the elementssmile

Ooh Callanetics - lavenderhoney thanks for that reminder, used to do it as is just what I need to tighten/tone up post DC belly (which is looking a hell of a lot better for losing the carb bloat, but not quite bikini friendly yet).

All your talk of the layers and layers you're putting on for running is o the other hand, not doing it for me! Hopefully the weather will be a bit less chilly when I'm back from holiday and up for donning my running shoes again.

FurFoxAke Tue 12-Feb-13 07:00:42

Hi BIWI and all, I am proof that if you behave you will lose and more importantly keep it off. I am still hovering between 9 1/2 - 10 stone mark having lost just over a stone in the spring (ish). For me it was more about feeling better and not having to buy any new summer clothes and it worked brilliantly.

Do you think you will be doing another boot camp BIWI? I might join you if you do to see if I can lose a little bit more and be at my ideal 9 ish stone. I could probably do it on my own if I really wanted to, but I like the rules and support etc of joining in with boot camp smile

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 07:15:54

G'morning all!

Thanks everyone for running gear tips.... Very helpful, and good to have it demystified. flowers

There's a Sports Direct in town. Think I'll be paying them a visit asap.

I think I've been taking Briffa's 'You don't need to exercise to lose weight' too literally, and haven't been doing any. You do need to exercise for maximum health and fitness, and I've been neglecting it. In spite of the cold, you've encouraged me to layer up, and give it a go!

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 07:18:22

Thank you thank you <bows> your awards made me laugh TheKitchenFairy grin

Valdeeves. Im a SAHM, and have been for 13 years shock My youngest goes to school this summer, and I have no idea what to do - untrained and unskilled sad What do you do? I know what you mean about being sad & lonely despite having lovely friends - Im like that if DH is away for work, which thankfully isnt too often.

Timid, I am 33, but have never been slim sad I want to spend the rest of my life as a lithe, dainty thing grin

Welcome FurFox smile

Made an amazing curry last night, using coconut milk, spices & chicken. Threw in some shallot & mushrooms too. DH loved it, so it must have been ok smile

Kids have requested pancakes for dinner tonight. Im going to make my protein powder ones as they are amazing and taste as good as scotch pancakes. Ive avoided berries until now, but might have some raspberries or blueberries & whipped cream with my pancakes today.

novelty wrt running i like to feel i'm 'making use' of the outdoors iyswim, and even if it doesn't assist weight loss i tend to look after myself better in other ways if i'm exercising

i couldn't wear as many layers as some of you when running unless it was much colder, even on cross country, i would be just too uncomfortable. i must be a sweaty one!

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 07:56:18

Willie - yes, I know what you mean about 'making use' of the outdoors! That's totally what I want to do with this park I've just moved to! And it must be good for the soul, too.

Black - you are definitely skilled - your cooking! Can you try and turn that into a career? Can you start putting adverts on your blog?

<doesn't know much about how blogs work>

captainmummy Tue 12-Feb-13 08:06:38

i'm making creamcheese pancakes tonight (normal ones for the dc) but i will be wrapping them round ham and mushrooms and baking with cream. I hate the dc eating pancakes with lemon and sugar (no nutrients at all) so they will have the same.

My breakfast today- upthread some time back i noticed a poster drinking green/black tea with a spoon of cocnut oil. i bought a tub ages ago and never know what to do with it (it's too expensive to just chuck in a pan) so tried it with my Rooibos tea, and i can highly recommend! Quite filling in fact.

envy at all you runners. Haven't run since school and really not tempted.

Woolfey Tue 12-Feb-13 08:14:54

captain lovely idea for the pancakes. Think I may steal it from you for dinner tonight also. What is the ratio of cream cheese to cream for the pancakes as I've never made them before?

captainmummy Tue 12-Feb-13 08:18:28

It's so easy - 1oz creamcheese, 1egg, mix well, makes 1 pancake. I find them quite fragile so it's easy to roll them up and hide any cracky,missing bits! Fry thm in the normal way.

Woolfey Tue 12-Feb-13 08:20:15

Brilliant, thanks for that. Am going to give them a try.

Morning campers, lots of lovely positive and motivated people today, it's great! Sadly I'm still in bed with sickness thing, and went way off piste with a bowl of porridge last night as was literally the only thing I could stomach sad am hoping that as I've had lots of water and nothing else to eat at all in the last 24 hours it might be ok. Feeling a little bit better so might try and drag myself to the shops for almond flour and make plain pancakes for supper.

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 08:42:51

Hope you feel beter soon littlemiss sad

Valdeeves Tue 12-Feb-13 08:44:56

Black - I'm a teacher who's basically been a SAHM for two years due to a big move and a complicated pregnancy.

Being a SAHM mum skills you up more than you know (let alone expanding your mind) - its just whether you want to apply those skills to a job. Or whether you'd like to do something totally unchild related to have a bit of a break or change. For example - you could be: teacher, teaching assistant, school librarian, carer, reading teacher, learning mentor, attendance worker/officer with your organisational skill, diplomacy and patience. That's just a few.

If there was no obstacles what would your ideal job be? Anybody else feel free to join in as in lots of ways I'm in the same boat and could do with ideas!

DS off to preschool - currently bring kicked by some tiny feet. Got to get in the shower and grab an egg breakfast before house viewing.

BIWI - can you reccomend almond or cheese pancakes - which is less carby?

Also do you think we could maybe make an up keep thread at the end of Bootcamp? I think this is a WOE for life for me but I would really appreciate the support.

LavenderBriggs Tue 12-Feb-13 09:07:20

choos - I actually did a little scream about your toe nails. Eep. Hope you're back up to full running strength soon. We need a low-carb, running equivalent of the Mumsnet scarf grin

I'm staying quiet as I feel bloaty and gloomy <sits in a corner>

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 09:09:06

Valdeeves I would think that the cheese ones are lower carb - surely? The almonds in the almond flour will add carbs.

After all the other Bootcamps we have ended up just with a rolling chat thread - I can see no reason why this one would be any different!

FurFoxAke - welcome! Why not dive into this Bootcamp? Still 5 weeks to go, and no reason why you can't start with Bootcamp as opposed to Bootcamp Light.

I would imagine there will be another one in the 3 months leading up to 'Bikini Time', aka summer, so probably starting in April some time. Just depends if anyone else is interested!

In other news, I've just become part of the Mumsnet Bloggers network (yay! Go me!), and I'm blogging about my attempts to train for a 5K race. I decided not to blog about low carbing, because that's what I do here on these threads, and it seemed a bit overwhelming to blog about it as well.

Anyway, I can now promote my blog here, as I'm a member, so if anyone wants to have a read here I am!

thenightsky Tue 12-Feb-13 09:28:36

With regard to pancakes, I had a practice at the weekend.

I found the best mix to be a dollop of FF philli cheese (about 1/3 of a big tub), 2 eggs and two level tablespoons of milled flaxseed. I melted the cheese in the microwave until runny (about 20 seconds on full power), then cracked the eggs into it and threw in the flax. then I whisked with electric whisk till well mixed. Then I did tablespoon sized drops into hot oil. I let them cool and served with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

PostBellumBugsy Tue 12-Feb-13 10:06:57

Am so excited about the pancakes this evening!!!! Haven't decided what to have on them. Quite like the sound of ham & mushrooms. May be very decadent and have one with lemon juice & sweetner. grin

Checked out your blog BIWI. I reckon you'll be doing the London Marathon before you know it. wink

GinotPrigio Tue 12-Feb-13 10:12:22

Love your blog BIWI!

mumat39 Tue 12-Feb-13 10:13:28

Morning all.

My DD's school asked if I could send some pancakes in to day for her as they're making some in class for shrove Tuesday. So I made some first thing. I had to try some as they're made without eggs and wheat flour so needed to make sure they were cooked. Ended up having about 1, the size of a scotch pancake, so I hope that doesn't throw me off this week. There's still a plate full of them in the kitchen so it'll be interesting to see if I can resist them for the rest of the day. I enjoyed what I ate and didn't find them too sweet, so I hope I can resist the rest. I'm writing this down here as a sort of commitment to all of us bootcampers so that I get back on and stay on the wagon. I don't feel bad or guilty or anything negative about having had some. Apart from 2 glasses of wine in the last 5 weeks I've not strayed from this woe really. Feels really good to be able to make something, try some of it and then be able to resist them further. That has to be the biggest change for me, that my head isn't obsessing about food. Long may it continue.


GinotPrigio Tue 12-Feb-13 10:15:54

My hen do is the weekend after next. We are heading to Cork (I'm Irish) and I think we're staying in an apartment (the only details I've been given are the flight times!). I imagine my bridesmaids will be arranging a food shop or something to arrive on the Friday evening. They know I am low carbing but like most people, they probably don't know exactly what that entails. I want to try to stick to bootcamp as much as I can over the weekend (apart from the booze - that bits unavoidable!) I feel a bit cheeky putting in a request for special food when the girls are already doing so much work to organise a great weekend. What do you think? Should I just ask them to include some low carb stuff for me? I hope they won't be annoyed.

thehuntress Tue 12-Feb-13 10:16:43

Hi - can I join in? I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm a low carb veteran as I find it is the only way for me to drop the pounds and maintain.

Can someone please send me a link to the Bootcamp rules? I can't seem to find them in all the past threads. Sorry if I'm missing the obvious...

I've got 15 lbs to lose by June to make my total weight loss 40lbs for the past year. I turn 40 in June, so my goal has always been '40 by 40'.

But I've lost a bit of steam over Christmas and the beginning of the new year so I'm determined to get back on track.

mumat39 Tue 12-Feb-13 10:20:43

Sorry that post was all a bit me me me blush

I haven't had a chance to keep up with this thread very well, but noticed mentions of BIWI and Justasmallgless's blogs.

Could some link to them please?

Hope everyone is well. Iamslummymummy, I hope your medical goes as well as you can expect it to. Sorry to hear you've been off work for so long. I hope whatever the outcome is that you're receiving all the help and support that you need. Look after yourself. Xxx

Happy Tuesday everyone. xxx

mumat39 Tue 12-Feb-13 10:25:52

Hi Ginot. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

I think you should mention what sort of things you would like to eat. It's not like you'll be asking for 'diet' food, so no one will feel as if they're missing out really, but it'll make it so much easier for ou as you won't be worrying about falling off the wagon. As it's your hen do, I think it's perfectly ok to help them understand what sort of low carb foods you need. A lot of people I'm sure would assume low carb is low fat.

Wether ou do or don't mention it, just have ALOT of fun! I've been to Cork once, many years ago, for the jazz festival and loved it. Such a cool place!


QuickLookBusy Tue 12-Feb-13 10:37:37

Ginot I agree with MumAt, it's you're hen do so I think asking for a bit of a say in the food is perfectly reasonable. Just explain that you want to keep on track for you're wedding so you will be staying mainly to the diet.

It might be helpful then to suggest a few things, meats, fish, cheeses, LC veg, cream etc so you know there will be low carb options.

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 11:03:23

Welcome, thehuntress! If you click on the link to the spreadsheet, in my OP, you'll find the rules on the tabs at the bottom.

thehuntress Tue 12-Feb-13 11:30:10

Thanks BIWI. I found them!

Welcome to FurFoxAke and the Huntress

LavenderBriggs don't be gloomy, just drink lots of water and you will be unbloaty again in no time. I was likewise <eep> about the toenails and not going to be doing any long distance runs again (apart from anything else going round Finsbury Park six times in a row for training runs was deathly boring), 10K will do me fine from now on. I didn't lose them all at once - two in April when I ran a half marathon by accident trying to train for 10K (which while pretty ridiculous is still not a patch on the accidental Hollywoods) - then two doing the proper Half. Actually, it doesn't really hurt - you just get blisters under your toenails and then they fall off - but I like my toenails!

Right. Off to make myself avocado prawn salad for lunch. And just had fennel tea with coconut oil (wasn't overly enthusiastic about coconut oil in tea to begin with, but actually, it's quite moreish).

Roast chicken and kale and courgettes tonight.

See I'm planning, BIWI grin thanks again for the stick yesterday, need it to get back to basics after happy little lapse for losing on Saturday.

Can't count. It was three toenails the second time. Anyway, have just had a pedicure to celebrate getting into the dress and they are looking quite pretty now.

And forgot to say Grinot yes do tell them what you would like to eat, you're the Hen, it's definitely allowed - have a great time!

And Val agree that being SAHM prepares you for all sorts of careers - Black how about conflict resolution? grin And yes your cooking/blog is lovely!

ToomuchWaternotWine Tue 12-Feb-13 12:23:55

Morning all, and a big low carb welcome to the joiners! Hope you find lots of support here!

kitchenfairy love the awards!!

black yes have a think about what you have always been interested in, and enjoy, and then take it from there. I retrained when I was 30 to something completely different, and it was the best thing I ever did (apart from having Ds). As someone cleverer than me once said, if you make your hobby into your job, you will never feel like you are working a day in your life again!!

Can you also repost link to your food porn photos please?

ToomuchWaternotWine Tue 12-Feb-13 12:25:03

Omg I just got forfoxake name! Haha, love it! Am slow this morning, may need to have a leaded coffee instead of decaf today!

prettybird Tue 12-Feb-13 12:45:21

I can't really talk, as the second toe nail on my left foot never fully bedded down again after prolonged blisters underneath it (it looks fine - it's just sort-of "raised" in a slight v-shape), but usually if you are persistently getting blisters at the tope of your toes, it means your running shoes are too small.

For longer distance running (which is what 5k is), as opposed to just wearing them for casual, your running shoes should be half a size larger than you would usually take, to allow for the expansion when your feet get hot.

Also, always make sure your toenails are nice and short before a run!

NoelHeadbands Tue 12-Feb-13 12:51:57

Hi all

I can't believe how much nicer the Lidl Greek yoghurt is than the Total stuff.

Just thought I'd throw that out there grin

Kiriwawa Tue 12-Feb-13 12:53:43

As I expected, I've STS this week but I know what I need to do. I'm greedy basically and as it said in that Pig to Twig book, this is not an excuse to eat enough pork to feed 3 people of an evening blush

So I am trying to be mindful of what I'm putting in my mouth and stop eating when full. I have to remember that I'm actually trying to lose weight here, not to be an absolute glutton without gaining any weight, which is pretty much what I've been doing.

All this talk of toenails reminds me of my dad who was a long distance runner (x-country and marathons) until he was about 75 - his toenails are shocking.

This could be why I've never managed to do more than 10k (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it grin)

GinotPrigio Tue 12-Feb-13 13:01:06

Thanks girls, I will ask them to get me in some low carb stuff. I'm also conscious of being sick if I eat anything too sugary. I had a small portion of semi-freddo on saturday (lots of sugar, I know - I made it!!) and it actually made me puke. Really want to avoid that again!

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 13:08:23

Biwi, fab blog! I am a mumsnet blogger too smile Welcome to the club! As you have probably seen though, mine is all about food grin low carb and not so low carb!

I have a weekend away coming up soon (22nd feb), its a present from my DH. I have decided not to Bootcamp while I am there. We have onl ever been away together 3 times in total, ever! Its a wine & dine weekend, and I plan to enjoy it all. Sorry Biwi!

Tucking into a gorgeous fried halloumi salad with homemade coleslaw - yum oh yum! Have a new recipe for tonight, braised chicken legs with shallots & mushrooms. It has 150 ml red wine in it, how bad is that?

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 13:14:20

Ginot, last thing you want at your own hen party is carb-flu! Be honest & just tell them that certain foods make you feel ill and you want to fully enjoy your weekend smile

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 13:16:46

food porn link wouldlove to see some more photos in here, some you make amazing sounding dishes!

and a wee link to my own blog blush

catinboots Tue 12-Feb-13 13:20:25

Hi everyone! Congrats to all the losers

I STS this week but no surprise as I ate Chinese on Friday.

Have been super strict since Saturday.

Looking forward to yummy LC pancakes tonight

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 13:29:39

DH just made us a frittata for lunch - eggs (obv), peas hmm, pesto hmm, courgettes, spinach, bacon and cheese on top. Utterly delish, if not bootcamp strict.

Did manage to get to the gym this morning, which I am really pleased about.

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 13:42:25

As for work options .. I love food & cooking, but really could not handle teh stress of working in a restaurant and the work hours would be hell for childcare. I keep my eyes open for openings in wee cafes & the like though. Will probably have have to do a college course or two. Would love to be some sort of writer, but I am not talented enough for that. I also enjoy working with little kids, but I am not cut out to be a child minder. Would love to work in a nursery or pre-school though. Worked as an insurance clerk pre-DC, but I don't fancy that anymore sad

What do you all do?

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 13:45:51

I sell IT Services for a large IT firm.

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 14:00:35

Bleurgh to all this talk about losing toenails envy <-- vom face

Thankfully I've just been and got myself fitted properly for some running shoes, so hopefully will not suffer!

i work in publishing

having looked at the food porn thread and your blog, blackaffronted, if i earned more money and lived nearer you i would employ you as my personal low carb chef!

PrettyPirate Tue 12-Feb-13 14:17:41

Great op BIWI, needed some telling off as was thinking of baking this week but have postponed that nowgrin

Loving the awards thekichenfairy!!

Well done everybody!!!

Have lost 1.5lb this week which I'm very happy about. Total loss about 8lb so far, would love to lose 10 more. But honestly don't mind how fast that happens although end of March for my birthday would be great.

Week ago went jeans shopping as my old ones are too big, I'm wearing size smaller ones now and this feels so good!!! I was that size probably about 10 years ago... Nobody has noticed yet though

Last night made 30 pancakes for school's pancake cafe! They looked good but obviously didn't eat any. Today will be making bit smaller batch for dinner - family is having their's with ham and cheese for main and with jam or chocolate sauce for pudding. I'm really looking forward for my cream cheese ones with ham and cheese and with whipped double cream and some rasberries for pudding!

PrettyPirate Tue 12-Feb-13 14:24:23

BlackAffronted your link to your blog didn't work, would you mind posting it again? I love food blogs!!

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 14:29:46

Willie, Id love to be a personal chef! I love to cook when someone else is paying grin

Opps sorry about the bad link PP, hope this one works .... blog

lol black MN links are messing you around something rotten!

<sigh> a personal chef would be heaven... i find cooking a bit tedious. dp is a better cook than me but always has tons of work in the evenings

i need to get rich quickly i think

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 16:22:06


Try again grin blog I am so sorry for sending folk on a wild goose chase blush

Lindzee Tue 12-Feb-13 17:19:21

Hi, I want to start this diet on Monday as it has been highly recommended. Can anyone help with how to start off and the easiest way to do it!.

Thank you

Lavenderhoney Tue 12-Feb-13 17:32:27

Black affronted, I am waiting for ds to drop off to sleep and I was thinking what you could do. What about building a business working from home where you provide weekly meals ( low carb or not) for people? They could choose from a menu you provide and you can make them up - they can collect too. If you have a chat with the council and Heath and safety they will come and look at your kitchen. It's surprising what little you may have to change- perhaps only an extra fridge for food and some other things. I know someone who set up a sandwich biz from home and it cost very little. After 2 years she only worked 10 months of the year - the rest she spent abroadsmile You could control your output and time quite well.

Ooh- he's asleep, Off to do some Pilates in the lounge!

Dreadful headache all day. Drinking loads of water and will be making myself eat later.

LavenderBriggs Tue 12-Feb-13 17:41:53

<isn't gloomy> <brave face, etc> I'm between jobs and I'm really bored and I can't find the energy to do anything because I have nothing to do - it's just how it is right now.

I can manage 2 laps of Finsbury Park, so I'm a bit in awe of you doing 6.

Big well dones to losers STS-ers and everyone who is still sticking with this WOE.

Great big thank yous to everyone who's posted recipes thanks

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 17:43:40

Lindzee Welcome! If you go to the link I posted in the OP, you will find on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, the rules of Bootcamp. Follow these for two weeks, and then (if you like) you move on to Bootcamp Light - rules for this also on the spreadsheet.

And that's it! Ten straightforward rules with a list of allowed veg. Make sure you get your carbs from veg and salad and avoid as much processed/artificial food as possible.

Prepare yourself to feel a bit grim in the first week but stick with it, and then you will feel much better.

Add yourself to the spreadsheet as well, and then come back on Monday with your next weigh-in. Any questions, post them on the questions thread

captainmummy Tue 12-Feb-13 18:39:27

Black - can't rememebr where i read it (poss the Waitrose mag) about a sort-of parcel that gets sent to you, with all the ingredients for the meal (or 2-3days worth i think) and the recipes. The idea is that you cook something more adventurous than you would normally.

You could try that, but low-carb!

Bessie123 Tue 12-Feb-13 18:45:44

biwi and ruprekt thankyou for the red cabbage recipes. I will be trying them both tonight.

FurFoxAke Tue 12-Feb-13 18:58:22

Cool I'm glad there are a couple of other late arrivals wink
I shall refresh my memory and start bootcamp tomorrow - might as well strike while the iron is hot.
Not sure if I can weigh myself though I have no scales and the wii might not work (I'll have to ask the boys). Meh I'm more interested in doing my jeans up than actual weight lol
After Easter ready for summer hols is a good time what with all the bad brown stuff that gets eaten <innocent>

ToomuchWaternotWine Tue 12-Feb-13 19:16:28

Well I'm afraid I have to report a complete pancake disaster! Tried to make them with almond flour, full fat milk, egg, cinnamon and vanilla essence. They were absolutely horrible. Looked terrible, tasted worse. Ds said they were "gross" after one tentative bite, after being really excited at having pancakes for afternoon snack sad Even my eat-everything Labrador gave me a "wtf?" Look when he sniffed the leftovers grin

Maybe we should have an anti-blog, with our never-again disasters? Ok, maybe not .....

I may need to try the cream cheese ones just to check my culinary skills haven't completely left me .....

BlackAffronted Tue 12-Feb-13 19:19:16

captain and lavenderhoney - fab ideas! I have about 6/7 months til he starts school, so I think I am going to look into these ideas. I would love to spend all day in my kitchen cooking for people! I could box meals up & have people collect them on their way home from work etc. Such a fab idea! Or prepare the ingredients for them to make it themselves, though there is a greengrocers who does that locally already.

Just added a few more photos to the food porn thread. Was so pleased with how my low carb pancakes turned out. Waiting on dinner, will eat when the kids go to bed at 8pm. Its a chicken, shallot & mushroom thing, in red wine & stock. Looks delicious, hope it tastes it!

ShebaQueen Tue 12-Feb-13 19:53:51

Hello all, here I am tagging along at the end as usual. Some great chat on here today!

Welcome to newbies. Black and Biwi, I love your blogs!

Have had a stressful day both work-wise and personally, but managed not to binge on carbs which is what I would have done just a few weeks ago. Dare I hope that I have broken my chocolate habit <whispers>?

Just cooking some home-made burgers for dinner with a blue cheese sauce and a massive green salad.

See you all tomorrow, have a good evening.

timidviper Tue 12-Feb-13 20:11:34

FurFoxAke Amazing coincidence! I must be psychic as I shouted your name out when I stood on our Wii earlier this week grin Bastard thing insulted me then made my Mii into a little fat barrel on legs.

Black Your blog is amazing. I love food too (well you have only to look at me to see that! grin) and have enjoyed the cooking and experimenting by modifying recipes on this WOE. It would be lovely if you could use those talents and make some money too. We live in a holiday area and I have friends who own hotels, B&Bs, etc but that is very hard work although not all year round. One mum from school has set up a little tearooms called Bertie's but she only went into it when the children left home!

In the interests of research I tried the "Slim Rice" tonight and my advice is don't bother! They are like a noodley texture so a bit too gelatinous for rice, I'd stick with cauliflower rice if I were you. Made a rather nice Thai Green Curry with the leftover Coconut Ginger Pork to go with it though.

Bessie123 Tue 12-Feb-13 20:33:08

Well, I can report great success with the cream cheese pancakes. They were completely delicious. I had them with mushrooms, leeks and salmon in a creamy Boursin and Parmesan sauce (leftovers from yesterday) and red cabbage. I might post a pic on food porn but as with most of my cooking, it looks a bit of a mess...

SavoirFaire Tue 12-Feb-13 20:41:06

Hi all.
B: eggs and butter
L: went out for a work birthday and ended up somewhere with blooming nothing low carb. Had a curry, which had butternut squash in it - not ideal and came with brown rice - I had a tiny amount of the rice as the curry was so liquidy it was really needed. Argh.
D: Cupboards almost bare at home. Had a sort of random bubble and squeak combo - frittata with all sorts of random crap in. chorizo, prawns, bacon, leek, mushrooms. Not all that satisfying unfortunately.

Willowisp Tue 12-Feb-13 20:44:11

I am being very bad but clearly not bad enough because I haven't gained any weight...what's that about ? Am I fat adapted ? Am I ill ?

My DM hasn't lost any or gained...but says she bored.

Is it the weather ? Do we need to see some sun to motivate us ?

Anyways, DM is coming to stay at end of week, so I'll be kicking her into shape & hopefully giving myself a kick too....I certainly need it...

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 20:59:50

Another cream cheese pancakes success story!!! Also eaten with salmon, mushrooms and courgettes here. Utterly delish, and feel very smug that I bothered to make it for myself (dh had rubbish curry made with a jarred sauce).

I was really surprised how, well, pancakey they were!!!! grin. And I never usually did without pancakes as was always "being good" and wouldn't hAve eaten the sugar and syrup.

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 21:02:05

Another easy breakfast option added to repertoire!!!

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 21:02:41

Always used to do without pancakes that should have read

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 21:03:10

ooh could have them with low carb peanut butter

Doshusallie Tue 12-Feb-13 21:03:21

Or just butter!!!!

IvorHughJangova Tue 12-Feb-13 21:07:15

Hello everyone, I know I've found this right near the end of your bootcamp but may I slink in anyway? I've just started LCing, am struggling for recipe ideas and missing bread; plus people at work keep taking the piss hmm It's nice to find a load of people doing the same - am very impressed that you've all made it six weeks or longer, I am struggling after just a few days; but I think that's mostly because I'm running out of things to eat and am sick of salad, especially when it's snowing...!

I'm going to be bootcamping for a long time Ivor! I've got another 1.5 stone, possibly 2, to shift so would be lovely to have another one on board.

kitchenfairy I'm south east Cornwall, right on the coast, between Looe and Torpoint. I think I remember you're further west? Yesterday was glorious in Cornwall wasn't it? Grey and misty today mind...

On the question of winter running attire, I tend to steer clear of base layers and clever artificial fabrics and just do a few thin cotton layers, plus long running leggings and a thin cotton hat. And fingerless gloves.

Evening all
Ivor have you seen the recipe thread here and the low carb recipe section here

These should give you some ideas.
What about some lovely homemade soups instead of salad and comforting stews for evening meals? Don't feel like you are depriving yourself of anything on this WOE

I have had lamb curry with cauli rice and then....
Cream cheese pancake with a dollop of creme fraiche, sprinkle of cinnamon and 2 strawberries.
I am bloody stuffed now and the pancake was good. I made another one for tomorrow morning to take to work.
I forgot to take a photo for Black's food porn thread - doh

IvorHughJangova Tue 12-Feb-13 21:25:44

That's amazing, thank you! Also clicked on BIWI's link in the op and saw all the good and bad stuff on there which is really helpful, I've been doing googling and there's bugger all that makes any sense out there.

I'm going to make a chicken broth for tomorrow. Oh yes!

Hello, I see I'm not the only newbie sticking her head in!

I've been decreasing my carbs over the last week and heading into Bootcamp now. Slightly nervous and quite excited.

I think today was just about compliant, bar the pistashios but would appreciate a kick up the arse if I have made other mistakes - its a whole big learning curve!

B: 1 cold sausage (66g, and was 1.7g carbs/100g, so ok), 2 eggs scrambled in butter, coffee w dash cream, small bowl greek yog
S: (as felt like crap!) HM guacamole on celery, cheese, 6 pistashios
L: Bolognaise on buttered cabbage with cheese, few spoons greek yog
D: chicken breast stuffed with butter and garlic wrapped in bacon, buttered broccoli and cabbage, mashed swede, greek yog for pud. Coffee and cream.

Is this ok?

Loving all the pancake suggestions btw, am taking note!

Does anyone know, if flax seed the same as linseed? They look the same, and I have linseeds in my cupboard so hoping they are!

I would like to thank whoever posted the egg fried cauliflower rice recipe too, had it last nice with crispy duck legs and stirfried greens and it was absolutely gorgeous grin

Just remember that the veg you would normally use is probably pretty carby ie onion and carrots. Try using shallots and leeks instead.
Stick to BIWI's list on the spreadsheet re foods and trawl through previous threads for menu inspiration. Seriously - its about eating real food and enjoying it!
One of my favourite things ever about this WOE is eating mushrooms fried in butter. Yes real butter!

Just remember fat is your friend, fat is your friend, fat is your friend
Got the message? wink

Dr John Briffa is our guru tbh - most of us have read his book but he also has a blog here which is good. I would highly recommend reading his book Escape the Diet Trap which explains the science behind low carbing without it being too technical

mumat39 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:37:02

Hello. Could someone link to BIWI and Justasmallgless's blogs please?

I've seen Black's one which is really good.

I've looked back over this and the previous threads but couldn't find the links.

Thanks in advance. smile

NoelHeadbands Tue 12-Feb-13 21:37:13

Evenin all, and a massive WELCOME to the new people - good to have you on board the good ship err...'Bootcamp'

Did the cream cheese pancakes this evening but savouried them up with some garlic powder (out of fresh) and served them underneath a heap of LC chilli beef. Delish. I promise I'm going to take a pic of something soon and add it to the food porn thread.

IvorHughJangova Tue 12-Feb-13 21:38:08

Cheers grin Have just found a recipe for a crustless quiche on the recipe thread that sounds absolutely bloody amazing.

NoelHeadbands Tue 12-Feb-13 21:43:47

spilt that menu looks fine to me

NoelHeadbands Tue 12-Feb-13 21:44:17

And yes flaxseed is linseed

Hello everyone,

Well, the DSs liked my pancakes better than theirs.. They also polished off the last of the birthday cake and I haven't had any!

Glad you liked the awards, I am loving the inspirational posts.

Well almond flour pancakes were ok-ish... Had them with scrambled eggs, lardons and mushrooms, DP accused me of giving him breakfast for dinner smile feeling masses better so back on it with a vengeance tomorrow - sickness thing did get me a shade under 11 stone for the first time in months but I had a sneaky biscuit this afternoon so probably have spoiled that one...

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 21:52:22

<slumps onto thread>

I have four words to say....... Bloody Pancake Day Party!!!

No, I definitely did NOT eat ANY Nutella, ANY maple syrup, NOR ANY demerara sugar WHATSOEVER. Absolutely NOT.


<reaches for Gillian Riley's book>

<wonders why everyone else on this thread except self has willpowers of steel>

<whimpers again>

Good luck tomorrow slummy wishing you well in case i dont get online in the morning.

You are in a lovely spot starfish, I know it WellCare, makes me feel quite citified down here in Truro!

Welcome all newbies, can't wait to hear your ideas and recipes grin

Bessie123 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:54:36

Naughty novelty <slaps wrists>

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 21:55:13

<looks shamed>

Novelty don't beat yourself up, drink water, get back on the wagon!!!

I have had slip ups but they are teaching me that I don't like the old ways, sugar makes me feel bloody awful and I am sure it has been said up,thread... But if we eat enough fat at all times...the cravings either don't come or they are much easier to ignore.

Don't let it turn into a bad week... Tomorrow is a brand new LC day!

Bessie123 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:58:45

Actually, novelty, one of the really good things I have found about this woe is that I don't feel guilty for eating. If you're not eating carbs all the time, you're not going to get fatter and your body will process the food. So when you stop eating carbs again tomorrow, your body will sort itself out. I guess it's the every day carbs that are really bad. But best hide from biwi and her big stick, just in case... grin

timidviper Tue 12-Feb-13 22:00:47

It's the only advantage of DCs being grown up, that I don't have to make things that tempt me if I don't want to. I luuurve pancakes with sugar and fresh lemon and know, if I had made any I would be inspired to pig out so DH and I are the sad people who didn't have pancakes!

I'm going to try not to make up for it at the chinese meal tomorrow hmm

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:02:06

Thanks kitchen. I do feel ashamed of myself though as just yesterday I was talking about how I'd recognised I was having these weekly slip ups but how I thought I was slowly conquering them.

Being surrounded by ten people eating pancakes (non LC ones) was just too much though. I made my own cream cheese ones - then caved. Everyone on this thread just seems so remarkably STRONG.

<crawls back on to naughty step>


Fab thank you Noel and JustasmallGless you are right about the onions and carrots, I have cottoned onto those. I cannot bring myself to fork out for shallots when onions are £2 for 5kg in Lidl so I am just steering clear of onions for a bit or using v sparingly. Leeks are being enjoyeed a lot here.

I think DH thinks its all a big game of how many different incarnations of broccoli and cauliflower can I serve for dinner grin

Ivor I have made the crustless quiche in a muffin tray for lunches tomorrow. They look very sweet, like cakes but not! Have got leek, broccoli, green pepper, ham and cheese in mine with the egg and cream custard. Looking forward to them.

Right so this is my intention for tomorrow:
B: scrambled eggs and garlic butter mushrooms, coffee, greek yog
L: quiche muffin things, with either cucumber & celery or broccoli & cabbage depending on how cold I feel!
D: A kind of creamy bake with chicken breast, bit of gammon, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower all in a cream & cream cheese sauce with cheese on top, poss cabbage on the side. Yoghurt if feeling puddingy. Coffee.

Fingers crossed.

Oh Novelty, I hope you enjoyed it! What;s done is done, chin up and start again tomorrow. Pancake day is a cruel temptation but it won't come again for a year so you are safe from that one!

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:06:18

Thanks Bessie - that's true, I am generally very good when just cooking at home, but when I'm out or round other people's houses that's when I really struggle.

I do always climb back onto the wagon and that's why I've managed to lose ten pounds I guess - but I'm just disappointed that whenever faced with food offerings, I still struggle to say no.

<needs to work on willpower issues / have a word with oneself>


No shouting here but try and work it why you ate them?
Dd you really want them?
Did you feel peer pressure to eat them as a social thing?
Did you actually enjoy them?

Now get back on the wagon chuck and get drinking that water!

Novelty have you read the idiot proof diet? Very good for emotional eating

mumat39 I don't have a blog I'm afraid. You'll have to put up with my witterings on here!
I've got a Pinterest board if you are interested in that with some low carb recipes on?

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:12:00

Gless all good questions, but although I do sometimes emotionally eat, I think the reason I find it hard to resist things is often <whispers> greed.


I have a friend who was there this eve who is on Dukan (we had a nice argument about low fat vs high fat) and he was eating an omelette and told me to resist the pancakes. I just ignored him! blush

NoelHeadbands Tue 12-Feb-13 22:13:13

Novelty do you feel 'deprived' when you see others eating carby foods?

One of the biggest mind shifts I had to make with this WOE is that I'm not deprived, I'm not 'missing out'. Yes I liked the taste of some of that stuff, but I didn't like the effects they had on me so I'm choosing not to eat it. It's a choice

Evening all and welcome to all the newcomers!

Made pancakes for the DC and managed not to have a single one. Will treat myself to the cream cheese ones for breakfast tomorrow (am too full tonight - had roast chicken with leeks and celeriac and no room now for pancakes. I know I could just have had the pancakes but really felt like the chicken).

Pretty yes the first lot of toenails the shoes were too small - bloody Nike fitted me and didn't tell me they were meant to be bigger. But then got a whole size bigger and still lost toenails so am just not going to run long distances again. Lavenderbriggs it took me a while to work up to six laps - this time last year I couldn't even run a mile - did the C25K and then built up from there.

Bessie123 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:14:22

The thing is though, it's probably fine to have something like that once a week, especially after you finish losing weight and are maintaining. God knows I'm no expert but I would have thought that if you are only doing it once a week you have already successfully changed your woe to some extent. I expect that as you get more used to this woe you will do it less and ultimately not really do it at all. If the woe is working for you.

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:15:08

And yes.....I really enjoyed them. The nutella and cream ones with maple syrup were divine.

As spiltthetea says - it's a particularly cruel day for the LC'er, and thankfully once a year - but as my other slip ups show - why is everyone else on this thread so strong and I'm so weak?

<more self pitying noises>


Tricky then.

If you are going to do it and have no repercussions(I find I have a bad stomach of I eat carbs now so just not worth it generally) then I would say cheat mindfully. You are going to knock yourself it of ketosis eating sugar and when the scales don't move again you may think again.

Remember nothing tastes as good as being slim feels

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:24:13

Bessie you're right - I am getting close to maintenance now so I've been able to get away with the weekly slip ups. However - I do have a tendency to be a bit of a waste disposal unit for food. I'm short and was 140lb plus last August, and am now down to 125 lb after months of low GIing, then LCing. I realise this is no longer overweight.

However, I worry that my tendency to gobble food / lack of self control will just see me go back there. Which I don't want!

The support on here has been amazing though, and if I read The End of Overeating, I might conquer my inner gobbler. I hope!

thanks all for your support!

Yes interesting point about the choice. And also, the points upthread about not trying to substitute too many copies of carby things into the WOE, especially baking things - until one has fully embraced the WOE.

I've got to the point where actually I don't really like carby foods - I am quite happy not to have them and don't (but never really did) have a sweet tooth (though I do love pudding wine). It's the wine that I find a challenge.

Briffa is quite right that if one allows oneself vodka and lime rather than wine one is much less likely to drink as much - so I've been doing that and drinking an awful lot less - but I do still really, really like wine.

prettybird Tue 12-Feb-13 22:25:30

novelty : I ended up making our pancakes (for dh and ds) at 9.30 (had been to see a film and then dh had to go out and then I realised that he needed to get more milk for the pancakes...). I was going to make cream cheese ones for me but it was getting so late......

but I did stop at three blush

Currently drinking a glass of water wink

timidviper Tue 12-Feb-13 22:28:31

Novelty Don't beat yourself up about the odd cheat.
I was once told that losing weight is like a journey; some travel on a motorway, direct route, top speed and no stops where others go by a scenic route, slower and with detours or stops en route. The motorway folk have no fun on the journey but get to the destination quickly where the scenic route people take longer getting there but enjoy themselves on the way.

I am definitely scenic but, like you, cannot pin it to emotional eating

Am very impressed at all the runners. You are a fit lot on this thread!

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:31:01

Gless yes, sensible advice. I think what scares me is the cheats are often not planned but are me just 'going a bit mad' with food. Probably not technically bingeing, but definitely me having a problem with the 'off' switch (or lack of one) and it's that lack of self-control that worries me.

I could never understand how people managed to do calorie controlled diets for instance. This WOE is definitely for me, but I just need to develop a more healthy attitude to portions and to 'moderation' when I do cheat, I guess blush.

mumat39 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:32:44

Novelty, I fell off a few times today.

I ended up having about 3 scotch pancake sized pancakes. I also decided to try and bake some bread today as the usual stuff I get for my dc isn't available for about 10 days and I prefer the dc to eat toast in the morning rather than Rice Krispies.

Anyway, the bread was a disaster as it didn't rise or cook properly. I still couldn't stop eating some of the warm crust after it had cooled a bit. I chucked it away so can do no more damage. Also all the pancakes are gone, thank goodness. I had a slight headache after eating the pancakes but unfortunately didn't feel too unwell.

I knew I'd not be able to stop myself once I to a taste for something sweetened with sugar. sad

Back on track tomorrow for me. Fingers crossed today won't have derailed me too much.

I feel like I've let not just myself, but everyone down. Sorry.

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:43:06

Mumat - yes - I feel like I'm letting the thread down too!

Especially as I'm getting so close to maintenance, I feel like it should be easier, but it doesn't feel easier. And it's dangerous cos if you don't develop good habits now, you'll just undo all the good work!

Timid that's a lovely analogy - beating myself up about the scenic route is really pointless (and not that healthy). If I'm going to be slower, maybe I should at least enjoy the view!

Sorry for hijacking thread though - many many thanks for all the support. I do feel so much better after the pep talks. smile

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:52:21

Mumat I've had to throw food away before so that I don't eat it. blush

Noel yes I do feel deprived - although I rationally agree totally with LCHF and I know that the food I crave is rubbish.

I think I've had 35 years of being addicted to sugar and maybe it's just going to take a little longer than a few months to relearn that my body doesn't need it, and is much better off without.

Bessie123 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:54:56

I find being able to eat cream stops me wanting other, carby foods. Whipped cream on cream cheese pancakes or an oopsie roll is nice.

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 22:57:28

Bessie yes, cream is a bit of a godsend on this WOE.

prettybird Tue 12-Feb-13 22:59:43

I have a pot of clotted cream sitting in the fridge, bought specially to treat myself with when required! grin

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 23:01:56
thenightsky Tue 12-Feb-13 23:04:03

re vodka and lime - I've just looked up carbs in lime cordial and roses has 4.9 in 100mls of diluted, yet Tesco own brand only has 0.4 in the same amount shock

Does anyone know what sort they serve in pubs if you order vodka with lime and soda?

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 23:06:07

prettybird clotted cream is sent from heaven smile

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 23:06:23

No - it's vodka with fresh lime, not lime cordial, which has far too much sugar in it.

NoveltySlippers Tue 12-Feb-13 23:07:26

BIWI - lovely blog. Am beginning to think running could really be the thing that stops me shovelling food in. Might make me more mindful.

FurFoxAke Tue 12-Feb-13 23:09:06

The problem with reading about how everyone is doing (for me) is seeing what gorgeous food you all have compared to me; not only do you seem to be able to afford or actually locate the good stuff but you all seem to like cooking as well. Insult to injury TBH

My menu for tomorrow is
Hard boiled egg with a smidge of butter melted and water
Fried pork belly & spinach with a bit of full fat Greek yoghurt with ground linseed sprinkled (Chinese 5 spice if it's ok?) on top and water
Soft cheese/ garlic mushroom and chicken legs and broccoli and water

One of my favourite snacks is celery and pâté. You have to be careful with sausages though (I noticed someone had a sausage ) they often are bulked up with risk etc.

Today I had the same except with bacon (bit norty) instead of chicken. Plus a crime egg because I have got a bastard of a cold and cannot hear,smell,taste,hear talk or breathe and I am normally pretty good and I feel sorry for myself

FurFoxAke Tue 12-Feb-13 23:09:57

Oh and I am going with callanetics

BIWI Tue 12-Feb-13 23:14:43

Sorry FurFoxAke but I did snigger at 'you have to be careful with sausages ... they often are bulked up with risk'!!!

prettybird Tue 12-Feb-13 23:17:34

My problem is I hate vodka. hmm

But I have cut my wine consumption right back to one to two glasses a week shockshock

prettybird Tue 12-Feb-13 23:20:03

BTW - clotted cream with a (very of course ) few frozen raspberries is to die for. smilesmile

FurFoxAke Tue 12-Feb-13 23:41:27

lol I reread it and not only are sausages risky but those crime eggs? Kind of appropriate auto correct bloopers grin

Yes I think we should all be wary of crime eggs in the lead up to Easter grin

Loving timidviper's scenic route - that's how I feel about it. If I hadn't enjoyed myself at my best friend's fortieth I would have lost three pounds last week and been at goal already. But she's my best friend, and I am very happy with the pound and a half.

FurFoxAke (another gormless one here who didn't get the name, love it though - and the crime eggs grin) your meals look very nice to me. Agree though it does really help to enjoy cooking, as one really does need to cook from scratch a lot more on the WOE. That said, there's an awful lot that can be just bunged in the oven and slow roasted with not much prep involved - my meal last night took all of five mins prep to chop up leek and celeriac and arrange it around the chicken in a roasting dish with some lumps of butter, and the chicken will last me for days now in salads, broths etc with little extra prep/cooking.

Ps very impressed by your alcohol cut prettybird - I was having at least a glass most days before the WOE but still haven't managed to cut down as much as that. Well done!

ROFL at 'crime egg' - very appropriate!
I had blueberry pancakes with whipped cream for pudding last night, they were lush! I used almond flour, eggs and unsweetened soy milk. They were probably a bit carby but better than my usual maple syrup laden crepes!
I am doing couch to 5k, my fitness has disappeared after my extended
break from excersize and I think it's going to be a good way to get it back!
It's my birthday today so I'm going to have to try REALLY HARD not to eat cake/ chocolate...

captainmummy Wed 13-Feb-13 08:07:02

Furfoxake you are not eating much in the way of veg?

Lol at crime eggs

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 08:23:26

... and <puts Chief Whip hat back on> there is no point working so hard with your food if you're going to undo it by eating a Creme Egg!

You will feel even sorrier for yourself when you get on the scales ...

NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 08:25:19

Happy Birthday and many happy returns Bullet!

Many apols to all for my moaning yesterday about yet another LC wagon failure. Your lovely pick-me-up support did wonders though, and I'm keeping in mind TimidViper's lovely analogy of sometimes needing to take the scenic route.

I'm nearing maintenance now, so I think that's why the fact that I still haven't got my carb splurges under control just makes me worry that I'll put it all back on again, and won't make a success of the WOE.

(And the fact that a friend called me Oprah Winfrey recently - i.e. weight fluctuates a lot - wasn't helping, and made me feel a bit of a hopeless, destined-to-yo-yo-forever case.)

But the support here really is fab and I need to recognise that I am getting there. So thanks lovely boot campers. You are brill, and this thread is really kinda life changing. <sounding American now>

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 08:28:31

<shakes pom poms>

NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 08:30:09


BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 08:32:03

I need to take myself in hand as well, Novelty. I only have 5 or 6lbs to go to get to my target, but just don't seem to be able to get there. I'm going up and down by the same 2-3lbs all the time! Maybe I should try the one night massive carb splurge and see if that gets things started.

Or maybe I should just heed my own big stick and get strict with myself!

It's not that I'm doing anything bad - I'm definitely following Bootcamp Light, and (apart from yesterday when I was told not to by my osteopath) I have been exercising every day, so I'm not losing focus overall.

However, this does seem to happen to me (and I've read others reporting it too), that I get stuck for a while, and then will suddenly - for no obvious reason - just drop another couple of pounds.

Keep on keeping on ...

Doshusallie Wed 13-Feb-13 08:32:53

Happy birthday bullet! thanks

NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 08:38:59

I think the fact that you're exercising a lot and training for your run BIWI must mean you're building muscle too. I have a friend who works in a gym who said that that really does happen, so to take scales with a pinch of salt whilst training.

So I'm sure you're getting there too.... not only losing fat, but getting fit and healthy too! (I have yet to start on the fitness part....but going to SportsDirect this weekend!)

NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 08:46:00

NB. And in a further high five to this WOE.... I work in a health field and was talking to a colleague yesterday about LCing (ironically whilst stuffing my face with the pancakes, but moving on....). She's a physician with a doctor husband too and they said they both were really interested in this WOE and agreed that fat is not the enemy, but carbs were.

She said her problem was that she's of Asian origin and is addicted to white rice, so was struggling with that. But she fully agreed with the concepts and was working on the rice. I should get her to read the thread! (If I wouldn't feel so embarrassed about people who know me reading my whingeing / confessionals!)

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 08:49:57

Yes you're right, Novelty - but also the mirror doesn't lie! I was trying on some clothes yesterday and had to look at myself in a full-length mirror (we don't have one at home) and it's very evident that I'm still carrying excess fat around my torso.

barleywood Wed 13-Feb-13 09:02:53

BIWI...I second your post about the same 2 or 3 lbs. I am pretty much at my target weight. I put myself on the spreadsheet in order to keep myself under the threat of the big stick keep myself accountable to you lot.

As I have said before I have been following this WOE for well over six months, the Olympic park was a challenge, and have had holidays, Christmas, celebrations etc in that time.

What keeps me going is that I do not feel deprived and I enjoy this way of eating.

And occasionally I get a little whoosh which is very welcome grin

EwanHoozami Wed 13-Feb-13 09:04:47

I'm very impressed by all the running going on, especially in this bitter weather. I'm more of a low-impact gal myself, having dicky hips still from SPD in both pregnancies but am keenly walking whenever possible. Having no car helps!

After a few nights of mediocre dinners I cooked a cracking chicken thigh and roast swede traybake with halloumi and ras-el-hanout spice mix. Roast spicy swede = amazing. Who knew?

Welcome new folks. If you get time I heartily recommend investigating the Low Carb Resources tab on the website, there's some really useful and inspirational stuff in there, especially the The Food Revolution video

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 09:06:19

That swede sounds lovely Ewan - can you put it on the recipe thread, please?

Happy birthday bullet!! You share the same birthday as my DH and my mum

Enjoy your day

EwanHoozami Wed 13-Feb-13 09:14:43

Will do! Weights and measures might be slightly windswept and approximate though grin

Valdeeves Wed 13-Feb-13 09:23:33

Yes the swede sounds yum!

BIWI - I'm the same - last half a stone sitting on my middle and on my thighs. Seem to be maintaining an ok weight though but think that weight may only come off if I really cut my portions down.

Happy birthday Bullet!!!! Have a good one.

Had a lovely tea of ginger, five spice (Tesco brand) Garlic, light soy, sesame oil chicken with zero noodles (like something from a SCI FI movie in space) and stir fry veg. Really lovely meal.

Got a wedding next week and nothing to wear.

Grinot - how's your wedding planning going?

EwanHoozami Wed 13-Feb-13 09:33:00

the chicken and swede traybake recipe is UP, y'all.

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 09:41:19

That sounds really fab, Ewan. How long did you put it back in the oven once you'd added the pepper/Halloumi, etc?

LavenderBriggs Wed 13-Feb-13 09:50:27

Morning all. I'm back on track and not worrying about what went on last weekend. DH is on his way to Paris for a business meeting, so I'm going to go out and buy a lovely big steak for dinner tonight and I'm going to cook it with loads of buttery green veg.

Choos - wow, that's amazingly good going. I started two years ago, but I can't see me ever doing more than 10k due to EDS issues. To be honest, I'm beyond thrilled that I can run at all.

Regular exercise can reduce sensitivity to insulin, so it doubles up the low carb work and benefits. I'm studying sport and fitness psychology/physiology, so let me know if anyone wants a pep-talk or just wants to hear about lovely benefits of exercise.

Novelty don't beat yourself up by measuring what you do against others, could you try measuring what you do now against how you used to eat?

mumat39 Wed 13-Feb-13 09:51:08

Happy Birthday Bullet! Hope you have a good one!

BIWI, if we get stuck on a weight close to our target weight, is that the body's way of telling us that we are fine now? I mean does this woe self regulate, IYSWIM?

I am no where near that yet, and still have between 2 and 2.5 stones to lose, but just wondering as a few of you have mentioned getting 'stuck' on the last few pounds.

Thanks again.

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 09:52:52

I don't know, mumat39 - although I have read stuff saying that your body self-regulates and will automatically stop at the optimum weight.

But - when excess fat is still visible (and I'm not talking about being super-critical about my body - there is still very visible fat around my middle!) - I can't see how this would be?

I'll see what I can find out about it.

EwanHoozami Wed 13-Feb-13 09:52:56

erm.. I was doing it while trying to throw DCs into bed so I couldn't tell you exactly blush 20 mins maybe? I'd recommend checking after 15 mins whether the chicken is cooked and golden and that the swede and halloumi are crisping up.

this is why my food blog never happened. I fling ingredients around madly, consume, collapse in small heap and forget methodology entirely grin

PostBellumBugsy Wed 13-Feb-13 09:58:53

Good luck today iamaslummy

Happy low carb birthday Bullet! smile

How did everyone get on with their cream cheese pancakes. I think I tried to do them too thin (like I would for normal pancakes) and I couldn't turn them. I think I should have made them more like drop scones. They tasted yummy but looked a mess.

How did others get on?

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 10:12:58

Oh and I forgot to say - happy birthday Bullet thanks

PrettyPirate Wed 13-Feb-13 10:30:57

Bugsy my cream cheese pancakes came out beautiful. Wish I've taken the photo..
I used about 50gr cream cheese, 4 eggs, 1 tsp baking powder, about 25-30gr ground almonds and tiny splosh of double cream. Didn't taste too eggy. Makes about 6 pancakes. I think the key is to make them quite small and make sure you won't touch them much until they are properly ready to flip.
I had mine with ham and cheese (put on the top of pancakes and under the grill for few minutes). And for pudding had couple of pancakes with whipped double cream and few raspberries. Yummy!

PrettyPirate Wed 13-Feb-13 10:32:27

Oh, and baking powder makes the pancakes bit thicker but that's the way I like them anywaysmile

skandi1 Wed 13-Feb-13 10:32:54

Morning all.
Due to random technical error with tinternet I have been in living in the technology dark ages for the past week.

Will catch up in thread later.

Needless to say, despite being dairy free for 5 days and sticking to strict bootcamping (no nuts no fruit etc), I still haven't lost any weight.

I have tweaked and tweaked and nothing since the 3lbs the first week.

I am considering hopping back over to Dukan. At least I lost weight with that (3 stone in total).

I think boot camp LC would work well as maintenance for me but it doesn't help me lose any weight sadly.

Well done to the rest of you though. Am trying to avoid envy at the 1st + weight losses on here smile

pyjamalover Wed 13-Feb-13 10:38:36

Good luck today slummy

happy birthday bullet!

valdeeves sounds like an excuse to go shopping!

novelty i also struggle with willpower. Monday after being delighted with losing a kg, having great breakfast and egg with celeriac chips for lunch (yum in case anyone was wondering) i then lost it and ate ridiculous things (this is after going to friends and resisting cake twice over the weekend). Well, i then barely slept that night (had no idea carbs would do that to me), almost fainted in the shower yesterday morning, felt queasy and on and off abdominal pain all day yesterday.

At least i've learned my lesson i suppose!

DangerousMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 10:39:18

Shit.... I've just eaten a whole lindt chocolate rabbit left over from christmas, and it was deeelish. Shit, shit, shit.

PostBellumBugsy Wed 13-Feb-13 10:42:02

Thanks PrettyP. I'm going to give them another go tonight!

Gless you are right, mushrooms cooked in butter are the food of the gods

Oh dear dangerousmouse. Do you know why you did it? What was going through your mind - were you stressed, tired, upset, or just having a fuck-it moment? Had you allowed any carb creep which brought in cravings? Do have a think about what the trigger was

It's done now though and you can't change that

You need to be aware of how your body is likely to react. You will have triggered an insulin reaction, so later on you may well have carb/sugar cravings and be quite hungry. Make sure you have low carb foods available and try not to let the carbs get the better of you. Over the next few days go strict bootcamp to get yourself back on track. Do some exercise if you can.

Don't allow this to derail you more than it has. As someone on another forum advised, if you got a flat tyre would you fix it or would you slash the other three? (Cheesy I know!)

DangerousMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 11:18:22

I just felt a sudden craving, went to make a cup of tea and just did it, not stressed or anything. I have been very strict, doing bootcamp apart from a few blueberries twice a week or so.

The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago, I had a sudden, intense craving and ate half a packet of biscuits! It took me most of the week to lose the weight gained. So pissed of as I'd just reached 20lb off in total, now thats wrecked!

Thanks for your advice.

DangerousMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 11:22:55


It is annoying when your gollum gets the better of your smeagol!

Ok, so you know that sometimes you get these extreme cravings and afterwards you feel really cross when you give into them. Do you ever have cravings like this and you haven't given in to them? If so why not (e.g. too busy, craved food not available for whatever reason etc etc)

Either way, you need to think of a strategy for how you're goin to deal with it next time. I know it's easier said than done when the cravings strike, but really, do you want to be cross with yourself over this again?

You can make sure that you don't have these types of food in the house. You can put yourself to a task where you really don't want to be eating (cleaning the loo) or just generally distracting yourself. Get out of the house if you can. There are some thought techniques too, thinking "do I know what this food tastes like? Is it the fort and last opportunity I'm ever going to have to eat this?" The answer is usually no

Again, this is easier said than done, but you should try to think of strategies to overcome the cravings next time it happens - prepare yourself for it

Happy Birthday bullett

I think lots of us are struggling with cravings, for me I think sugar has been a lifelong addiction and its not going quietly!

Interesting to hear some of you Have haddizziness and lightheadedness, ice suffered like that for years ... Gone since this WOE, but had huge dizzy spell about 2 hrs after a small slice of birthday cake.

Have any of you tried a pint of water when cravings appear from nowhere to see if you are in fact thirsty? It helps me, as does putting on my runners, taking a brisk walk round the block if I can...

I have no halloumi ewan but your recipe is just the inspiration I need for some chicken and a random chunk of swede grin

Sorry lots of silly iPad typos

Didn't mean that last past to sound like I'd got the Pom Poms out...the sugar cravings feel like they are eating me alive at times and I am trying everything to banish them so I don't tell myself that a small piece of chocolate won't really matter. Hence running round the block in the rain and other ridiculous things hmm

Happy birthday bullet!

DangerousMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 11:44:19

Thank you, I'll try drinking lots of water next time and really thinking it through. Do you think the scales are going to be horrid to me tomorrow now? I like to weigh daily still as I find it really motivating as I'm losing 400/500g a day some days.

I guess I have had cravings and not given in to them, just been too busy, so thats another thing to think about. Onwards and upwards and all that.

ToomuchWaternotWine Wed 13-Feb-13 11:45:06

Good luck today slummy

Happy Birthday bullet hope you have a lovely day and get spoiled in lots of lovely LC ways!!

Blizzard here this morning, so last day of half term looking pretty quiet here!

Hope everyone has a good day.

Happy happy birthday bullet thanks

I like the analogy that you wouldn't go and slash your other three tyres - thanks for that willie, I don't care if it's cheesy - will help me get back on the wagon after giving in to wine to temptation.

Cream cheese pancakes with berries, creme fraiche and cinnamon and vanilla sugar for breakfast, very spoiling - I made mine in a small (and very hot) pan and they didn't fall apart and looked almost the same as regular pancakes.

Now just brewing up a garlicy kale and chorizo broth for lunch.

ewan that sounds gorgeous - can you roughly describe what you did? Have all the ingredients lurking in fridge (no need to be precise - I too am a flinger-inner)

The water thing works quite well for me - or a cup of tea with coconut oil - often it is thirst not hunger for me that triggers a craving. That helps and also displacement activity eg rabid cleaning. A walk sounds a great idea, thanks, will try that too.

And thanks LavenderBriggs for the info on low carbing and exercise - that is the motivation I need to get back into the running.

Ooops not vanilla sugar - no, no, of course not <hides nervously from BIWI's stick> - vanilla powder!

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 13:03:08

Glad to hear it, Choos!

Dangerous - one of the techniques that Dr Briffa covered on the Mumsnet Academy day that I went to was tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique.

have a read here

It seemed a bit 'woo' to me, but he was very evangelical about it, and it's a technique that he uses. Could be worth a try?

The other question, of course, is why you had that chocolate to hand in the first place?! wink

DangerousMouse Wed 13-Feb-13 13:15:44

I'll check out the 'tapping thing' later, thanks. I had the chocolate as it's the childrens left over from christmas, they have a few bits left which I let them have a bit of every now and again... They ain't getting the lindt bunny though are they?! And the biscuits I had as I have a few children here after school, so they sometimes have a biccie when they get in.

None of the times were intentional and I have been so good at resisting tempting things - meal in hageen daaz restaurant, I only had a coffee, trip to hotel chocolat shop, I wasn't tempted, not tempted with pancakes with melted choc yesterday. It was very impulsive.

BlackAffronted Wed 13-Feb-13 13:21:42

Oh my gosh, I have been without internet since yesterday evening! I even had to have a conversation with my husband last night grin

I am up 2 lbs. Why oh why? Like Skandi, this just doesnt seem to work with me, despite the initial loss. Still going to stick it out til the end of Bootcamp & then consider my options. Thinking about asking the Dr about a gastric band, and then using LC to mantain. I dunno, so confused right now.

Enjoyed my pancakes last night (low carb!) The weird thing is, I am finding this woe sooooo easy. If I was dropping weight, Id be ecstatic. I dont get carb cravings, I dont have a sweet tooth and love meat & veg. If my weight was dropping, I could happily eat this way the rest of my life!

Worked my butt off at zumba this morning, had lunch and am now away to chill on the sofa with DS because its incredibely snowy out there.

mumat39 Wed 13-Feb-13 14:28:04

Black, i wonder if it's to be to do with all the exercise you've been doing. I'm sure I've read somewhere that muscles hold onto water in order to help them heal. That and the fact that working out you lose fat but gain muscle weight which weighs more.

Do you feel any different? Clothes feeling looser etc? Maybe that might be a better way to see how you're doing!

Doshusallie Wed 13-Feb-13 14:32:13

Re the body self regulating BIWI - YOU may think that you are carrying extra unecessary weight around your middle - but your body hasn't been under the same influences as your mind has has it? I mean your mind is telling you that you 'should' be a certain size and shape, based on society's influences ( I am not for a minute implying you are easily swayed by pictures of models in magazines for eg, but we are all guided subconciously by images all around us all the time and what we are "told" is the best body shape to have). Maybe the size you are is the size you are meant to be? Ditto me? I would love to be a few pounds lighter but am where I am and for me I have decided that is target.


NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 14:42:52

Dosh - I think I know where BIWI is coming from.

From an earlier discussion she and I had, we are a similarish shape - a 'V' shape or apple shape, with broad shoulders, and not much of a waist - we have negligble bum/hips but all the weight goes straight to the stomach / round the abdomen. Even when you slim down, with this type of body shape, this abdominal fat is very stubborn and hard to shift.

I basically don't ever remember having a flat stomach / no love handles, even when I'm 9 stone. It's a pain....but am thinking it must be do-able to get rid of it. The other reason why we 'V' shapes or apples want to get rid of it is that we keep getting told that abdominal fat is the worst kind of fat to have, as it means your fat is visceral and therefore kind of all around your vital organs. Whereas fat on the hips / thighs is less dangerous.

PostBellumBugsy Wed 13-Feb-13 14:44:49

Black & Skandi - sorry to hear it doesn't seem to be working for you.

Atkins goes through a list of things that can prevent weight loss or make it very slow. The book is at home, and I'm at work so I'm trying to remember what they are:

Thyroid problems
HRT or the pill
Candida (yeast)
Being menopausal
Some vitamin & mineral deficiencies

He also notes that some people just lose very slowly - possibly because they are borderline insulin resistant and it takes the body quite a while to correct this massive insulin surge triggered every time you eat.

So, please don't give up yet.

You might also want to consider a carb counter. I know we don't need to weigh with this WOE, but I have found it really helpful to be sure I am really keeping my carbs low. I've done this WOE on & off for years, but I'd got a bit sloppy about remembering how many carbs are in foods. You only have to see my mistake with the coconut flour further up the thread to see that I'm a bit dappy! I downloaded a free carb counter on to my phone & it has really helped me. I am keeping my carbs to under 25g per day & I am losing well. I had been eating about 40-50g of carb a day & for me that is too much to actually lose. It won't be for lots of people, but I think I am a tortoise, so it was.

Doshusallie Wed 13-Feb-13 15:16:18

Hi Post - that is interesting - I have been tracking my carbs for the last 2 weeks (never bothered before) and average at about 20-25 a day. And I maintain at that level. Imagine what I would have to eat to lose weight!!!

NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 15:29:33

Thanks LavenderBriggs - yes, in the bad old days I would've have had either a massive jacket potato, pasta or big baguette for lunch, followed with some cake and poss crisps, followed by a total energy slump rendering my afternoon useless! Now I eat salad, avocado, smoked salmon or ham....so it is a big improvement!

Skandi - yes, are you sure you want to go back to Dukan?? sad

Dukan makes you eat low fat foods and thinks fat is bad. That is a big difference between the WOEs, and low fat/low carb makes you feel so much more deprived. (We have a Dukan-er here in the office - have witnessed it first hand!). It may give you rapid weight losses, but is that WOE sustainable? It's very restrictive - and I'm not sure baning vegetables is a good idea, tbh.

(Think we might need BIWI to come back with her stick to chat to Skandi!)

NoveltySlippers Wed 13-Feb-13 15:41:50

Post yes, that's very interesting about the many different poss reasons for slow weight loss.

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 15:54:07

Sorry - supposed to be working - will have a ponder and come back later hopefully with something helpful. smile

BlackAffronted Wed 13-Feb-13 16:07:01

Making curried mince for dinner smile Having mine with broccoli, everyone else having brown rice. Taking DS, who is 4, to his first karate lesson first though - hope he enjoys it!

Blimey this is a fast moving thread!

Well the crustless quiche muffin thingys were delicious, I will do those again.

Choos your garlic/kale/chorizo broth sounds lovely, any chance of that going on the recipe thread?

Sorry to hear some of you are struggling and don't feel it's working for you sad

I have stuck to my plan today, woohoo! Think it was helpful to post my menu yesterday, I felt like I had to keep to it now. Successfully negotiated baby cafe which sells the most FANTASTIC cakes for only £1 and I resisted and just had a cuppa, and then scarfed the cheese and cucumber that DD left from her lunch.

FurFoxAke Wed 13-Feb-13 16:13:31

Happy birthday smile
Ackershully BIWI I wasn't on the bootcamp last night..... <wibble>
I ate a lot of spinach and it was a big mushroom, I didn't feel great last night and didn't feel like eating, tonight I'll be having cauliflower cheese, broccoli with my chicken and I had more spinach & a mushroom with my dinner (belly pork) hopefully that will be enough.
I'm finding drinking the wAter hard today, which is unusual for me, prob the bunged upness and cold miserable weather.

Iamaslummymummy Wed 13-Feb-13 16:16:05

Early retirement medical done and dusted. Now to decide what lovely lc Chinese takeaway. Doc said he couldn't see I was capable of working for at least 3-5 years. Just got to hope the pension trustees agree.

captainmummy Wed 13-Feb-13 16:45:32

Good News slummy - i think? grin

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:24:21


I'm really sorry that you're not having any joy with your scales. Do your clothes feel any different?

I know I've asked you this before, but I can't remember - how much do you weigh? You're not on the spreadsheet so I can't check! And how tall are you?

And I know I've asked you to do this before, but list out for me everything that you've been having to eat and drink over the last 5 days. Let's see if we can work out what's going on for you.

Dosh - I know what you mean, but no - there's no body dysmorphia going on here! A definite roll of flab around my middle. It's where I put weight on first, so it stands to reason it's where I'm likely to lose it last. Although it's not massive - I can still wear reasonably fitted clothes - it is there, and that's the last bit I want to get shot of.

QuickLookBusy Wed 13-Feb-13 17:25:31

Slummy I hope you get the decision you want from the pensions people

Sorry some people are struggling today.sad

It's interesting what people are saying about the last few pounds. I'm really confused, as I'm now at the weight which was my goal, 8st 2.
Usually at this weight I'm really slim. I was this 2 years ago and didn't have an ounce of fat on me. I am doing the 30 day shred 3/4 times a week too. When I tense my abdomen I can see muscles but they are under a layer of fat!

maybe it's my age? I'm 47

Ruprekt Wed 13-Feb-13 17:29:15

I have made pork mince meatballs but at the moment it is sauceless. Any ideas for a low carb sauce.

And I have courgette peels for spaghetti. How do I cook them??

DorisIsWaiting Wed 13-Feb-13 17:34:58

Have updated the spreadsheet of shame (rather than ignoring the numbers and pretending they would go away blush!

I knew it would be bad this week, I had a whole weekend off the wagon traveling and at a wedding. I had a 3lb gain not the worst thing in the world but still not ideal. still onwards and upwards that was my first blip. I'm nowwhere near a goal weight so this is going to be it for sometime now.


Sorry it's not working for you the way you want.
Have you measured yourself? I didn't lose for a few weeks but dropped 2 inches off my waist. I know you are similar size to me.

How are your stress levels?

Sending huge hugs

Ruprekt Wed 13-Feb-13 17:42:42

Ahem - sauceless pork meatballs are waiting for inspiration!!

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:43:19

What's in the pork meatballs, Ruprekt?

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:43:34

Apart from horse, obviously wink

Ruprekt Wed 13-Feb-13 17:44:25

horse, pork mince, shallot, garlic, egg to bind.............

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:45:14

skandi1 - apologies for the exclamation mark instead of the 1 in your name - makes it look like I was shouting at you!

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:49:22

Here's an interesting piece about stalls and some suggestions for what to do although note that this writer doesn't allow that you are in a stall unless you haven't seen weight loss for 4 weeks (other writers I have seen talk about 6 weeks)

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:51:49

How about a tomato sauce then? Your ingredients so far should be relatively low carb.

Tin/carton chopped tomatoes. To a medium-sized saucepan, add 4 tablespoons of olive oil, then add the tomatoes. Season with salt and black pepper, and add any herbs you have to hand/like - ideally oregano and/or basil.

Bring to the boil and simmer gently till thickened a little. Add two finely chopped cloves of garlic and cook for another few minutes until time to serve.

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:52:16

Or - make a stroganoff-type of sauce. Same as the above, but add a generous helping of paprika and then some sour cream/yoghurt.

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 17:53:13

I meant goulash, not stroganoff!

Also, could do a mushroom sauce? Finely chopped mushrooms fried gently in butter, seasoned, with some garlic added and then a generous dollop of cream. If you have any tarragon that would go well in it.

Ruprekt Wed 13-Feb-13 17:59:40

Mushroom sauce sounds good.

Am worried about tomato sauce as it can be too carby.

Ruprekt Wed 13-Feb-13 18:00:02

And what do I do with my courgette strips?

BlackAffronted Wed 13-Feb-13 18:11:54

Is it not a stall then if you bounce up & down the same couple of pounds?

BlackAffronted Wed 13-Feb-13 18:12:45

Fry the courgette in butter smile

Fry your courgettes in olive oil

BIWI Wed 13-Feb-13 18:32:02

No, not a stall until you've gone for a significant period of time without seeing any loss

ShebaQueen Wed 13-Feb-13 18:42:44

Hello, sorry to hear of your frustration Black and Skandi, I hope you start to see results soon.

Today for me was Greek yoghurt for breakfast, chicken soup and salad for lunch and then poached eggs with mushrooms and spinach fried in butter, quick and easy when I get in from work.

Happy Birthday Bullet!

Bye for now.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
I decided to just have a day off of LC, I'm going to start bootcamp again tomorrow but I want cake and fizz today smile

<cowers slightly from the Big Stick™>

NoelHeadbands Wed 13-Feb-13 19:05:58

Happy Birthday bullet, sure we can't tempt you to swap the cake and fizz for a LC muffin and some sparkling water?

What's that you say? Oh ok then wink

BlackAffronted Wed 13-Feb-13 19:11:24

Happy Birthday Bullet thanks

Ilisten2theradio Wed 13-Feb-13 19:11:58

Hello all,
Happy birthday to bullet you share yours with my DD. - I have heroically made a triple chocolate cake that she has taken with her to Brownies - so hopefully it will be all gone when I go to collect her and I won't be tempted.

I can't keep up with this thread, but I wanted to share my latest "pudding" - chocolate orange yoghurt - made using Lidl greek yoghurt, vanilla powder, chocolate extract and sainsburys valencian orange extract. Yum.... - but it looked a bit odd with all those colours mixed and the vanilla powder flakes so def not one for the food porn thread. Still the smell was just like a chocolate orange.


Enjoy it bullet! No point in doing it otherwise.

Delicious dinner here of chicken breast, broccoli, mushrooms, leeks and a small bit of left over gammon, all fried up with butter and garlic and then a little stock reduced down then good slosh of double cream. Served over shredded buttered cabbage. Yum.

How are my fellow newbies doing?

Depressing meeting with SENCO today re DS so have had a couple of glasses of wine but scales said this morning I am already down a pound or so this week so hoping it won't hit me too badly. She said that although the good news is his statement is being fast tracked, most children with ASD are not at the school by year three - do any of you others with children on the spectrum have any happier anecdotes?

black and skandi so sorry to hear that it is not working for you yet but I do think years of eating the wrong stuff does take its toll and that it is worth you allowing your body a bit more time to adjust. Hope your DS enjoyed his karate lesson - my 5 year old has also just started karate and loves it (perhaps a bit too much).

BIWI and novelty am also nearly at goal and with flabby tummy (but am a pear so also still big bum) - sadly think it is the last to go - although I look good dressed, and have lost the carb bloat, there's still a way to go (am not aiming for Boobz's final pic though - would be happy with her starting one!)

Sure will add the chorizo broth to the recipe thread but is dead easy - slice up chorizo, fry a bit (no need for oil as lots of fat in the chorizo) then add the garlic and fry a couple more minutes, then add the kale and toss around for a minute or so, then add some boiling water and steam/simmer for five minutes. And that's it. No need for stock cube as the chorizo and garlic gives lots of flavour.

Tonight's supper - cold roast chicken with mayo and buttery kale and leftover leeks. Have eaten a whole packet of kale today. Is that too many carbs?

Chorizo kale broth recipe now on - and thanks Ewan for adding the morrocoan chicken, swede and halloumi tray bake - mmm! (PS sorry not to notice earlier that you already said you had - thread moves so quickly)

Night night all.

Ruprekt Wed 13-Feb-13 23:26:15

Dinner was a roaring success.

Pork meatballs with a mushroom cream sauce served on Courgette Tagliatelle!

It was totally fabulous!

B - bacon and cucumber
L - chicken with avocado
S - pork scratchings
D - As above and also 3 tbsp FF yoghurt

I do soooooooooooo hope I have lost something in the morning as I really need to now.

Valdeeves Thu 14-Feb-13 00:12:36

Choos - I don't understand - she's saying your child will be placed in a different school? As far as I am aware having taught quite a few kids with ASD - surely it depends on how far along the spectrum they are? If you want to PM about this you can.

BIWI and I think it was Novelty? That's my body shape too - never had a flat tummy - the weight just clings there.

BIWI - made the stroganoff sauce you mentioned. It was lovely thanks!

Black - I think you've got something else going on - have you had your thyroid checked?

Two minutes of job hunting then I'm going to bedfordshire - night ladies xxxx

Ruprekt glad it went down well

Did I hear mention of crime eggs?

Dons deerstalker, grabs magnifying glass and goes off on the trail!

Iamaslummymummy Thu 14-Feb-13 06:48:57

choos my son is in y3 and firmly in his Ms school as is my friends son who is more severely affected and has adhd as well

ScillyCow Thu 14-Feb-13 06:57:52

FINALLY, A (small) WHOOSH!!!

2 lbs gone today, meaning a stone in total

(4 stone to go, mind wink)

SOrry to those who are struggling. I seem to have got myself into a 'zone' atm, where I no longer consider carby things 'food'. Even testing the dcs pasta I bite it but then spit it out (am I wierd?)

I know from previous weight losses that the longer I can stay n the 'zone' the easier and faster weight loss is, so I am making the most of it and have gone back to bootcamp, rather than 'lite'.

Thanks BIWI for all the sage advice on here!

BlackAffronted Thu 14-Feb-13 07:01:27

Scilly, I do that too! (testing pasta with my teeth then spitting it out)

ScillyCow Thu 14-Feb-13 07:09:41


true devotees to the LC cause, Black!

ScillyCow Thu 14-Feb-13 07:12:18

ChoosandCHips - I missed your post.

I work in a ms Secondary (800 students) and we have at least 6 students with ASD - who are doing extremely well. PM me if I can help at all (I have a fairly senior, SEN-related role) grin

Had my diabetic review yesterday - they do this test where thy measure your average blood sugar over the previous 6 weeks - 3 months. I had mine done early ish in jan south mostly included my Christmas activities - it was lower than it has been for ages stil! My cholesterol was down ad my kidney, thyroid etc all fine - hurrah! I wasn't sure if we'd talk about diet but she just said "you're not eating too many carbs?" And I said " oh no, I am very careful about the carbs I eat!" Which she said was good - hurrah all around! I am going back in six months and hopefully will have even better results and be lighter.

Hope the whoosh fairy visits those waiting soon!

EwanHoozami Thu 14-Feb-13 07:50:57

Excellent work, MrsHP - that must be a real psychological boost as well as feeling physically better.

Choos that kale and chorizo recipe looks delicious, it's on my meal plan for next week.

If anyone has some thrilling ideas of what to do with some leftover roast chicken I'd be glad to hear 'em. Am bereft of inspiration this morning.

Skandi meant to say - good to see you back! How's the sleep situation?

BlackAffronted Thu 14-Feb-13 07:58:56

How fab MrsHP! Its posts like yours that keep me going, knowing that even though Ive stopped losing weight, good things are happening inside my body smile

Ewan, mix with mayo and have in lettuce wraps? Or add broccoli & a little stock in a baking dish, top with cheese & bake?

NoveltySlippers Thu 14-Feb-13 08:32:45

Choos sorry about your meeting...hope other experienced campers can offer some good suggestions.

MrsHP that is fab news - as Black says, even when we stall it's good to know that the WOE is still doing so much good for overall health.

Skandi welcome back!

NoveltySlippers Thu 14-Feb-13 08:33:39

Val good luck with job hunting

captainmummy Thu 14-Feb-13 08:35:22

MrsHP- it's good to know that your cholesterol is good too, it's the first thing anyone says if they find out im on this 'diet' - 'oh all that cream/fat/meat!, Can't be good for your cholesterol!'

Ewan - I'd make chicken soup (stock from the carcass) and chuck in some of the leftover meat, with leeks and carrot.

Thanks all. Despite knowing that, I do sometimes worry when it comes to the actual numbers on the blood tests!

Thanks to whoever suggested Camembert - going to cook something nice for DH later it sounds like a nice starter!

val good luck with the job hunting

ewan would it work to dip in egg then grated Parmesan and make like chicken nuggets from it?

choos sry thing are difficult with your DS with the right support though hopefully he will cope we'll with school.

black have you taken measurements? If not do it NOW you might find that you are losing cms just no weight on scales as there are 3/4 weeks left you should see movement on at least one of cms lost or scales I should think.

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 08:58:04

That's great news, MrsHP!

Ruprekt - glad your supper was so fabulous

BlackAffronted - sorry, I didn't reply to you yesterday re your concerns; but I'd say the same as I said to skandi1 - list out everything that you've eaten (and drunk) over the last 5 days. That will help you to see if there's anything untoward, and we can have a look and see if there's anything else we can spot.

There are also three things I'd suggest to anyone who is worried about the weight loss slowing down/stopping or even reversing:

1. Print out a copy of Bootcamp rules. Read each one carefully and answer truthfully/honestly if you really are following each one. To the letter

2. Start to keep a food diary, recording everything that you are eating and drinking. It's amazing how little things that creep into the diet can add carbs. Look at all the prepared foods you are including in your diet and check the carb counts on the labels. That big dollop of mayo with your salad - how many carbs will be in that? Those low carb sausages you're having - how many carbs are they in total? How many cups of tea/coffee with milk are you allowing yourself? That little bit of roast potato that you allowed yourself on Sunday ...

3. Don't just rely on what the scales are telling you. Have you measured yourself? Try on a piece of clothing that you couldn't get into at the start of Bootcamp. Does it fit better? Keep that piece of clothing to hand, and try it on regularly to help you measure your progress. This will be much more accurate than your scales

But above all, don't panic! This is not a quick fix diet (despite the fact that some people have a big loss initially). It is a way of eating, and a healthy way of eating that we are trying to adapt to from here on. Think about the food that you are eating. Are you enjoying it? Are you ever hungry? Do you feel deprived?

Now take a step back and remember the last diet you went on. Remember that gnawing hunger that started around 10.30/11.00 in the morning. Remember the obsession with calories. What can I have? What can't I have? Remember the guilt you felt about eating 'naughty' foods, like cheese or cream. Remember the horribly processed and artificial foods you ended up eating because they were 'allowed'.

And if you're still not convinced, then perhaps it's time to do a bit of reading about low carbing and its benefits beyond weight loss. I'd seriously recommend reading The Diet Delusion, by Gary Taubes (although it's not exactly a light read!) as well as Escape the Diet Trap by Dr John Briffa. (I really must start charging commission for recommending that one!)

My best advice to those who are struggling - apart from all of the above of course grin - is to have a few days of simple eating. Eggs for breakfast. Fresh, unprocessed meat/fish as the centre of your lunch/dinner, with some salad (dressed with an oily dressing) and low carb (3g carbs per 100g carbs or less) veg with butter on the side. With a large glass of water with each meal, and more water in between. Cut out the tea/coffee, and ditch the dairy. You might also want to look at your portion sizes. If you're having a 3 egg omelette, use 2, for example. Don't go hungry, but see if you can cut down a little.

PostBellumBugsy Thu 14-Feb-13 09:04:13

Congrats MrsHP! smile

choos, my DS has ASD (with dyslexia & dyspraxia & other cognitive impairments) & was at school from the start. He was formally diagnosed aged 7, but there had been suspicions from 3 onwards.

Not really sure what the SENCO meant by most children with ASD are not at the school in year 3? That doesn't make alot of sense to me. Do you know what she meant?

Kiriwawa Thu 14-Feb-13 09:22:37

I have had a visit from the whoosh fairy! After cutting out the wine sticking firmly to the rules for the last 3 days, I have lost 1.3 pounds. Hurrah!

I have also been much less greedy to be honest - I have been wary of BIWI's big stick grin. I had spinach for breakfast (I know it's weird but I really like spinach) and a salad for lunch and dinner on the first day. And just less pig-like generally.

choo - I would be really upset too if they said that about DS (who is on the long road to assessment - he's been referred by CAMHS so we're waiting now). I can however see that the teacher he has at the moment (he's in yr 1) really would prefer it if he weren't in MS school sad Have a few un-MN (((hugs))) - it is hard work sometimes I now x

Kiriwawa Thu 14-Feb-13 09:25:39

Choos - sorry, also forgot to say that my nephew has always been in MS school and he is 12 now. Some schools have been better than others though - he's just moved secondary school because they weren't addressing bullying issues/providing him with enough support.

mumat39 Thu 14-Feb-13 09:39:50

Choos, sorry to hear that you're having to deal with inept people. If you find you are not getting the right level of support from the school, then it might be worth contacting your local authority education dept about it. Basically there should be a seen co coordinator there who should be ale to offer you advice on what should be happening at school. For example, the school are not allowed to exclude pupils, and by saying what they've said it sounds like they somehow are sad

Also, if the school have concerns over the extra support that they may have to provide, the local authority should have budgets to help schools with this.

I know some schools are so focused on getting their results just so, and even though they are state schools they are still sort of being selective by not accommodating. I've heard for example of a local school not including the results for children with learning difficulties as it brings the average down. It's awful but it happens.

It's a shame but as a parent we only find out what's what when we need more help than a parent of a child with no issues. Schools have lots of training in how to manage parents. Parents don't get that. So the LA people are your friend in this case as they should be there to ensure that your child and you get access to the correct level of support.

I had problems with my DD's allergies and in the end, getting the la poeple involved helped me feel more confident about my rights. Not the same as your situation I know, but still a child with slightly different requirements. IYSWIM?

Take care. Xxx

mumat39 Thu 14-Feb-13 09:45:06

Mrs HP, that's such good news! It must be really empowering and such a relief to have discovered a simple woe that has made such a positive difference.

I'm curious about what effect this woe has had on your thyroid? I have heard that diet can help with this.

OMG Please tell me, when does the feeling that you would climb over your own mother for a golden syrup sandwich pass??
I have got the shakes and feel "hollow" and weak and desperate for sugar.

Have had a good breakfast so I shouldn't be hungry - bacon, 2 fried eggs, coffee & cream, yogurt.

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 10:27:21

A couple of days and it will pass, spilttheteaagain!

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and keeping your fat levels up. And make sure you are using plenty of salt.

The desperation is the sugar addiction calling you. Don't give in to its siren call!

mumat my kidney and thyroid function has always been ok so I'm not sure if this WOE had had any effect, I just know it hasn't been detrimental. My cholesterol has lowered slightly (it was never massively too high but has come down a bit...).

thenightsky Thu 14-Feb-13 10:56:37

Has anyone else noticed their skin has become very dry, especially on the face? My lips are so dry around the edges that they are cracking and bleeding sad

I'm hoping this is cold weather, rather than the woe.

Ewan I always shred up leftover chicken and fry it up with leek, courgette, mushrooms, some olives and chopped-up feta. Stir in a little bit of pesto and little bit of cream. It looks pretty revolting - goes a lovely greeny-grey - but is DELICIOUS, I promise.

thenightsky I have that dry lip thing too - all cracked in the corners. But my skin in general looks lovely, I assume from all the water. So also hoping the lips is due to winter not woe!

We are having Valentine's steaks tonight, with griddled aubergine and leeks, courgette and spinach cooked in butter. Can't wait! I made DP some heart biscuits with raspberry and amaretto so will be doing my best to keep my mitts off them...

PostBellumBugsy Thu 14-Feb-13 11:14:01

thenightsky, my skin is less dry on this WOE, but it does take a while for it to settle down.

I notice when I first start bootcamp (or very low carb) my skin & hair gets greasy initially & I usually get a few spots, but then after about two weeks it settles down & my skin is less dry than it would usually be, my pores tighten up (weird, I know) and my skin looks "plumper" - don't know how else to describe it!!!!!

Hopefully, it is just the cold & damp making your skin chapped & you'll soften up again with the milder weather.

PennyHofstadter Thu 14-Feb-13 11:29:49

Morning all, I haven't had time to catch up with this thread this week! I attempted it last night and now there are another 100 posts. But I've been good and wasn't even tempted when I made DP five pancakes on Tuesday which he wolfed down with lemon and sugar... I ate some pork scatchings instead!

Quick question - what can I have for lunch? For the last couple of weeks I've been having chicken, salad and avocado most days and salmon and salad on the others. And I'm tired of it now. I'm in the office today so I only have the use of a microwave and an ASDA. Has anybody got any inspiration for me?

mumat39 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:47:01

Can someone help me with coconut oil please?

I bought a new jar and it doesn't taste quite right. It has a waxy sort of taste. it smells coconutty but doesn't taste nice or of anything. The old jar I had was yummylicious but it was quite old.

Also when I add the new stuff into a hot drink, it seems to form a slick on top whereas the old stuff formed lots of small globules of fat.

I'm wondering if the new stuff might be a bit off? Could that be the case?

mumat39 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:49:45

Also, any recommendations for whey protein powder? I've had solar whey to go and also lamberts whey protein powder but just wondered if there's a better one.

I'm still struggling to eat meat protein at every meal, so I top up with the protein powder on days where I know 8've not had enough.


PostBellumBugsy Thu 14-Feb-13 11:56:07

Penny, I tend to eat similar things to you in the office.

For a change, I sometimes buy a pack of leerdamer & those little lettuces & a tub of coleslaw & I make cheese, lettuce & coleslaw rolls. Another one is a tub of egg mayo & chunks of cucumber. If I haven't got any meetings in the afternoon, I go for chorizo or salami & lettuce wraps. Occasionally I do a kind of tapas lunch with a some almonds, cheese & olives.

Not sure if any of those appeal. Shall be interested to see if any other good ideas appear, as I get a bit bored with office lunch too.

QuickLookBusy Thu 14-Feb-13 12:15:09

Could you have chicken wings as an office lunch. I know they are messy, but if you're armed with wet wipes you may be able to retain some dignity! I find them really satisfying with a bit of little gem lettuce.

I've had a very strange start to the day, did my usual wake up, drink some water then start my exercises. I felt a little weird about 5 mins in, then the whole room started moving around and I couldn't get up! I just sat there for a few mins, then I was fine. I didn't carry on exercising and have a just had a lazy morning-drinking lots of water. I'm fine now but nothing like that has ever happened before.

I've also put on a pound, I'm premenstrul and constipated so I'm feeling very sorry for myself!

i am wolfing down chicken and mayo with salad for lunch after potentially career-defining presentation. I couldn't eat beforehand as i had anxiety-induced diarrhoea (too much information??), so was starving afterwards

penny i realise this is no use to you for today, but I often bring in leftovers and heat up in the microwave (moussaka, stew, curry etc)

halfthesize Thu 14-Feb-13 12:24:27

Hi all, hope everyone is doing ok, been so busy here recently RL getting in the way,so will have a good catch up later.

Happy Valentinesgrin

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 12:46:51

Oooh - Willie - hope it went well/you get a good result!

Penny - I would also do leftovers, if you have a microwave,

gosh had forgotten it's valentine's day, already have card sorted <phew>

thanks biwi - hard to know. i love giving presentations (i like the sound of my own voice, can you tell?!), always v nervous beforehand but the adrenaline rush afterwards makes you feel great!

quicklookbusy, how odd, hope you feel ok for the rest of the day. possibly premenstrual symptoms? i know i get very clumsy and walk into things! look after yourself though and make sure you're eating enough. v sensible to drink plenty too, but make sure you're getting enough salt/potassium?

Doshusallie Thu 14-Feb-13 14:01:45

well done Willie!! I know what you mean about presenting.

Accidentally drank 3 gins last night which really affected my sleep so am tired and hungry today. In office which is good as I can't raid the fridge, but have had an enormous protein and salad lunch from the canteen. Boiled eggs marbled in tea anyone? hmm

lol dosh really? do they have primary school children staffing your canteen?

Doshusallie Thu 14-Feb-13 15:14:02

I know!! Bored chef syndrome.

EwanHoozami Thu 14-Feb-13 15:30:59

Dosh, what did that even taste like? confused

Thanks for the chicken ideas. I have unearthed a jar of tahini from the fridge and now have a hankering for chicken in tahini and yogurt dressing. Maybe with some roast cauli.

Lunch was leftover braised cabbage which has left me uncomfortably full. I usually have a more proteinesque lunch. Ah, you live and learn.

Choos. My son is now 16 and dong a Compter Games course at the local College. It was first suggested to us that he was autistic at nursery, so 3, statemented before he left Reception and in fact he has Aspergers, ADHD and dyslexia poor kid. He went to mainstream primary and secondary and was one of 3 AS boys in his year. They also had a classically autistic lad and a girl with Tourettes. I found the support got a lot better once he was at secondary school, they seemed much more geared to deal with special needs. Good luck and keep pushing for the help you (and he) need.

Lavenderhoney Thu 14-Feb-13 16:03:39

Eek- only seen dh for a nanosecond today and he is at work tonight - totally forgot to give him his present!

How lovely the whoosh fairy has been visiting some of yousmile

I fear I have to add more than callentics... Saw doc today and he suggested to aim to lose another 5 kg! Sounds terrifying but I have lost 5 since the beginning of this woe without excersing. Doc says its ok for me to exercise and my back will benefit. Swimming perhaps.

The night sky- I haven't had dry skin, but a week in to the woe I got a breakout which I think was all the bad stuff oozing out.
Mrsherculepoirot- that sounds great at the docs.
Scillycow- I do that with the dc pasta too, you are not alonesmile

B- Brie wrapped in ham
L- salad of lettuce, avocado and bacon
D- roast lamb, sprouts and sweet corn.

Snack- 2 babybel tomatoes with cheese in.

Full quota of water ( proud)

BlackAffronted Thu 14-Feb-13 16:09:38

Biwi, I cant remember what Ive eaten the last 5 days sad but I can honestly say that no obvious carbs have passed my lips! Like I said earlier, I even spit out pasta when I test it for "doneness"! I do have dairy, but not every day. I rarely touch nuts (once a week maybe? about 5 barzil nuts or pecans) and never have berries. No caffiene. Drink only water or fruit tea. Plenty of fat, plenty of veg. I do eat out, so maybe hidden carbs?

I have dropped the 2 lbs I put on yesterday, so back to my first week loss of 12lbs. I so hoped to be under the first stone barrier by now - I have never lost a stone before!

B - bacon, egg, mushroom
L - 2 low carbs sausages, tiny bit of red onion
S - ham slices
D - will be gammon & cauliflower cheese. DH wants potatoes & peas with his!

BlackAffronted Thu 14-Feb-13 16:10:54

Meant to add, no inches lost since the first week either. I have jeans that were snug before, fit fine now but have got no looser in recent weeks.

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 16:29:20

Right. Can I suggest that you start keeping a food diary from now on? And can I also suggest that you're not actually eating enough carbs? Work out how many carbs are in your day today - virtually nothing in your breakfast, as mushrooms are incredibly low carb. Virtually nothing in your lunch - but the carbs are coming from your sausages rather than the veg. Virtually nothing in your dinner as cauliflower is also very low carb.

There's not a lot of fat there.

And all four meats that you have chosen are processed meats. Which is why I suggested going back to Bootcamp rules!

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 16:30:30

How much water are you drinking every day?

And finally - you have lost 12lbs! That's really impressive. Please don't think it's not working for you!

I am on track. I am on track <repeats like mantra>
I have not cracked.

Can I ask, those of you having the cream cheese pancakes - any Bootcamp suitable topping recommendations? All the berries etc sound lush but are forbidden <wail>

A dollop of creme fraiche with sprinkle of cinnamon?

Ilisten2theradio Thu 14-Feb-13 17:08:26

Choos have you been over to the SN board? You will get lots of advice and support there if you want it. DS is HF Asperger's in MS school Y7 now. He was not DX until yr 1. The school made adjustments to cope with him and he is happily settled in high school having hooked up with a couple of other AS children that they put in the same class to see if they would click.

I had a MIM for breakfast this morning. Previously I have added sweetener. Today I forgot - had half of one with blueberries and blackberries ( not much fruit before BIWI gets her stick out) and lots of yoghurt and I found that it was quite sweet enough and I didn't miss the sweetener. shock i couldn't have said that a few weeks ago!!!

Also I have been trying on old clothes that I haven't been able to get on for a long time. I found some old pre children clothes that I wore to work. I can get them on - Just although they are still too tight to look right and go out in. Still it is huge progress as they wouldn't have even nearly done up at the start of bootcamp. I am really chuffed with that - although now I'm desperate for them to fit properly.

PostBellumBugsy Thu 14-Feb-13 17:09:24

spilt, I put a teaspoon of vanilla essense in my pancake mixture & thought they were delicious just plain even though mine looked a mess because I made them too thin.

Ilisten2theradio Thu 14-Feb-13 17:10:00

Spiltthetea - Cream/creme fraiche with vanilla powder ( and something like orange extract, or a splash of lemon juice) ?

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 17:16:27

BlackAffronted Take a step back and look at what you have achieved:

In week one you lost 12lbs!
In week two you saw a slight gain of 3lbs (perhaps not surprising, given the massive loss in the first week)
In week three you dropped 4lbs, so giving you a total loss since the start of 13lbs
In week four, you gained 1lb back.

You still managed to drop 3lbs during the two weeks when I had warned everyone that any weight loss would be unlikely

It's very easy to get fixated on the day to day - which is what's happening to you.

Step away from the scales and celebrate what you have achieved in a very short space of time.

And don't dismiss the effects of your Zumbathon. Either in terms of building muscle or the intense stress you will have put your body under - both of which will result in weight gain.

Thanks guys, I think it might be whipped cream with vanilla essence mixed through the cream - a kind of nod to pancakes and ice cream. Has been a hard day what with the mental sugar cravings/withdrawal this morning and then DD refusing to nap at all. I need a pud to look forward to smile

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 17:21:09

No, no, no, no! That's the kind of thinking we're trying to stop!

Blackaffronted as you know none of us loses weight in a linear fashion, but it may be that yours is a particularly shallow downward trajectory. If that's the case you will need to keep the faith.

Black- keep The faith

It will work I promise

I obviously haven't bored you on this Bootcamp with my tales of woe at WW when being weighed for 3 weeks at a new club. I stick religiously to their fecking points and was exercising like I was training for the Olympics! The scales weren't kind and the witch who was in charge would bellow up the line to all and sundry who were eagerly awaiting their weigh in "well you must be cheating. There's NO WAY you don't lose weight on this plan"
After the third week of mortal embarrassment I left, complained about her in writing to head office never to darken their door again

From all the reading I have been doing I've found that once you exercise your body either holds on to all the fat it has thinking hard times are ahead and id better conserve some, or it converts it to muscle which does weigh heavier than fat.

BlackAffronted Thu 14-Feb-13 17:49:01

Biwi, thank you for being the sensible one! You are so good at pointing out the positives & good sense when I am being hysterical grin and thanks to everyone else too, I am going to complete Bootcamp at the very least. You aint getting rid of me easily smile

I have to say though, I rarely eat sausages. I do eat a lot of bacon, probably 4 times a week? Is that too much? Its lovely bacon from my local butcher <hopeful> its the easiest breakfast for me. I will add some buttery leeks to my dinner tonight. I usually have salad most lunchtimes, with mayo or oil. Snacks do tend to be ham slices, should I change that then? I dont snack much, but do feel like something at about 5pm when the kids eat, DH and I sometimes eat at 8pm when they are in bed. I will try making these changes & see if that helps smile

Gless, what a witch sad I am hoping the zumbathon affected my weight this week. Will keep on keeping on!

halfthesize Thu 14-Feb-13 18:04:22

Black you have done so amazingly well, trust us when we say this woe is the most amazing way of loosing weight and really easy to maintainthanks

Yama Thu 14-Feb-13 18:15:11

Broken spinal rod update:

Bloods are fine. Well, one (of the 4 vials) was spoiled but Consultant said the rest are all fine.

He said that I wouldn't thank him if he took the rod out.

He said that hopefully the upper back pain was a phase and to phone his secretary if pain comes back.

So, I've just to continue to be careful.

black I struggle with snack inspiration too, esp snacks I can take out with me, I used to have nuts and raisins. Now it's cheese or cheese and tbh it's getting boring already. Watching with interest.

I am sorry BIWI <hangs head>. It was that or just eating a bowl of whipped cream blush

Today has not shaped up too badly I don't think.
B: 1 rasher bacon, 2 fried eggs, coffee & cream, yog
S: Slice of cheese
L: Mackerel pate on celery, cucumber, radishes, 2 mini crustless quiches (small muffin size), 2 slices cheese
S: cream cheese pancake with butter
D: Chicken legs and leeks in a tomato & stock & cayenne & smoked paprika sauce (only had 100g tinned toms, so 2.9 g carbs in that bit), cauli rice, steamed broccoli.
Cream cheese pancakes with whipped cream and vanilla.

Ok it's a lot of food (am BFing!) but I think is compliant? <hopeful>

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 18:28:57

That sounds good, Yama. Hopefully you won't have any more pain.

Black grin we wouldn't want you to go anywhere! Definitely keep an eye on the processed stuff - even if it's from a good butcher (which is obviously better) it's still processed, and has all manner of stuff in it that natural meat wouldn't. If you are OK with dairy, why not have some cheese instead of the ham as a snack? Or olives?

And just because we have ten weeks of Bootcamp doesn't mean that the threads will stop then. What's happened after the other two Bootcamps is that we keep a general chat thread going, as the support is invaluable.

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 18:31:23

Don't worry about the amount of food. As long as you're not using this as an excuse to pig out, if you're eating till you're not hungry any more (and then stopping!) then that's fine.

But - there's a lot of dairy in your diet. Just be wary of that.

But I realise I have eaten 5-6 eggs today, I hope its true that they are unlimited!! grin

No def not using as an excuse to pig out, I am actually (believe it or not!) eating less than previously. There's always been tons of dairy in my diet and it's never been an issue before so I'm not concerned for now but will bear it in mind. It's the easiest source of fat I think which is why I turn to it so often.

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 18:42:22

No need to worry about the number of eggs. The reason we were told to limit them was in the erroneous belief that because they are high in cholesterol they would make our cholesterol levels go up.

Yama Thu 14-Feb-13 18:42:28

Thanks BIWI.

Today I've had:

B - bacon and fried eggs
L - fried pork strips with spinach salad
D - rump steak with cauli rice and a kale/leek/cream cheese mix

No snacks!! What's going on?

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 18:43:15

What's going on is that you are in ketosis, therefore suppressing your appetite! One of the most brilliant aspects of low carbing is its impact on hunger.

NoelHeadbands Thu 14-Feb-13 18:52:18

Happy Valentines Day everyone. DH and I decided not to bother this year grin

We'll do something nice together this weekend, but I we decided to forego the cards and presents this year on account of them being a Waste Of Money.


B- fry up. Usual suspects
L - turkey and gravy, didn't eat the cauliflower as it was overdone canteen mush
T - pork steaks done in garlic butter, with shallots, savoy, mushrooms and roasted broccoli
P - Lidl Greek yoghurt with cream and a spoonful of flax

LavenderBriggs Thu 14-Feb-13 18:57:59

Quick check in. I spent the morning in a pain management group so I'm having a very quiet evening.

I knew I'd be out for a while so I had 3 eggs scrambled in butter with some ham and a creamy coffee at 8am. Got home at 2pm. Realised at 4pm that that I still wasn't hungry, so my eggs lasted me most of the day. When I ate carbs I would have been shaking and on the verge of passing out by about 11.30.

Dinner was steak with a ton of buttered green veg. Not sure about tomorrow - DH has told me to be ready at 4.30, but won't tell me where we're going.

Hope everyone is having a good week thanks

Doshusallie Thu 14-Feb-13 19:18:08

Guidance in change for life leaflet that came home in ds2's book bag:

Cut back fat

We all know that too much fat is bad for us. But what we don't realise is how much fat is hidden in many of the foods we eat. The fat that is really bad for us is saturated fat. That's the one in things like butter, cheese, pies and fatty meats like bacon and sausages. The good news is that it is easy to be food smart about fat - choosing lower fat spreads, lower far dairy products and leaner cuts of meat such as reduced fat sausages are a great way to start!!!!


Yama Thu 14-Feb-13 19:28:12

Actually BIWI, I thought my weekend away had knocked me out of ketosis. Just shows what I know.

I am genuinely never hungry. Never. I eat because I like the food in this woe. When I wake up in the morning, I think 'Yes! Breakfast!'

Righto - off to assemble tomorrow's salad.

FurFoxAke Thu 14-Feb-13 19:45:19

Good evening all, I hope you' re doing ok.
I have been sloshing my way about today and have eaten;
Buttery eggs and some cold cauli cheese ( nicer than it sounds)
Belly pork, spinach, leftover cauli cheese
Yoghurt with a smidge of cream blush, crushed linseed
Roast chicken, aubergine,courgette with a tiny sliver of red and yellow pepper.
And a shitload of water natch.
I want to make BIWI's cottage pie but cannot find celeriac. (I live in a small town ) What would you suggest I replace it with?

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 20:00:00

You could make a cauliflower mash, or a swede mash?

FurFoxAke Thu 14-Feb-13 20:00:42

blackaffronted I first did this bootcamp about a year ago. Like you I lost quite a bit the first week, and a bit the second and then seemed to stop. I stopped weighing myself and started appreciating how much better I felt. (Not as tired and bloated feeling etc) Although I kept reading about some amazing losses I still didn't weigh myself for about 4 weeks. Eventually I weird myself and found I had lost about a stone in just over 6 weeks. Or was it 8? Anyway what I'm trying, badly, to say is stick at it and try not to weigh yourself for a while and enjoy yourself.

FurFoxAke Thu 14-Feb-13 20:04:37

I suppose swede would texturally be similar but I haven't liked it before... Hmm I might try it again to see if my taste has changed. I could just make it without a mash for me and add the usual for everyone else.

Hello! I cooked DH valentines dinner (he usually cooks). I made those cheese crisps - delish, baked Camembert we had with celery, cucumber an peppers, then monkfish wrapped in bacon with green beans and broccoli. Dessert later will be Greek yoghurt with blueberries and vanilla powder!

SavoirFaire Thu 14-Feb-13 20:29:18

Yama had been thinking of you. Glad there was nothing 'bad' to report and the bloods were good. I hope the pain gets better soon. Are you taking anything?

I'm feeling really low this week and hard to stick to this WOE. Not really sure why, other than DCs being typically toddlers and quite hard work/bad sleepers. Have had a couple of slips consequently (one bite of a chocolate biscuit that one of the kids had left over and I finished DDs very tiny pasta portion after tea time) and am now drinking wine. Feel bad about the slips but not guilty about it. I was another pound down this morning, which I guess I'll have blown but I haven't eaten my way through a packet of biscuits which I would have done a month ago.

Other than theslips, my day:
B: eggs, butter
L: lettuce, cucumber, goats cheese, bacon
D: will be pork belly, with a broccoli, courgette, leek dauphinois type thing.

Argh, totally derailed by my Mum. She took pity on me because DH is away and it's Valentines Day so she invited me and DS2 for lunch. She'd made prawn cocktail and chicken soup to follow. The cocktail sauce was unbelievably sweet, like pudding, so I attempted to pick the prawns and lettuce out of it but wasn't very successful. She then served the soup. To be fair she didn't give me any dumplings but the soup was thick lentil soup with peas, sweet corn, red pepper and potato and a tiny bit of chicken. I ate it, it's my Mum, she did her best. She's got emphysema and it was a hell of a job for her to cook, normally my Dad does it, so there was no way I'd say anything. Lord I'm still bloated like a balloon though. grin

hazchem Thu 14-Feb-13 20:56:53

Thanks for the pep talk BIWI. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I really wish I was able to contribute more to the discussion but my time on the laptop is very limited. Hopefully from mid march I'll have a bit more internet and can hopefully offer some support to others.

Yama Thu 14-Feb-13 21:24:58

Awe, thanks SavoirFaire. I take Co-codomal sometimes. Not often though as it's addictive. This week I alternating paracetemol and Ibrufen as I've had a killer sore throat all week.

prettybird Thu 14-Feb-13 21:44:23

FurFoxSake - swede mashed with cauliflower and an egg, some parmesan, some cream/sour cream and then some crumbled bacon stirred through makes a yummy mash. The swede just adds sweetness rather than that much flavour. I posted a recipe on the Boot Camp recipe thread. Derived from a recipe in Idiot Proof Diet

Thanks so much everyone for the lovely messages thanks

Am off on holiday tomorrow and having valentines supper (steak bearnaise) in tonight (and wearing dress I first got together with DH in!) so sorry that is a short thanks and not to answer all the questions but basically she was saying that year 3 is a big leap and everything gets faster and tougher and therefore a lot of parents remove their ASD kids as they are not coping (what you have all said makes me think hmm it is the school though which is sad as my other DC are happy there but we will need to do what is best for DS).

Will miss you all and will do my best to stick to WOE despite it being holiday!

Ps and thanks for all the offers of PM help - will be in touch when back 1 very much appreciated - we are just applying for statement at the moment and DS is three, four in March. The SN boards are great, will definitely check in there- only mentioned it really as that was the trigger for drinking and you lot are all so lovely thanks

mumat39 Thu 14-Feb-13 22:10:34

Choos, have a lovely holiday! Xxx

mumat39 Thu 14-Feb-13 22:31:12

All day today I have felt odd. I can't quite describe it but I didn't want to eat any of the things that I should be eating. I just wanted stodge! The last few days I've been feeling less interested in the food and have been thinking about all the things I thought I had finally managed to kick.

I decided to have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate but ended up having about 6 sad

This evening I went to a school thing where they had biscuits and refreshments for the parents and staff. I kept looking at the biscuits but managed to resist and had a coffee and some water.

I haven't wanted to drink water the last couple of days. It's weird. It's like I've suddenly lost interest.

I got back this evening and had chicken and swede mash. Then I ate some chocolate. Lindt thins. Too many but not the whole box. I didn't find them too sweet.

I've felt like I've been trying to climb up a slippery bank. At the top is this woe, at the bottom is all the stuff I sadly realise I still love. Today I couldn't keep on the slope. I let myself slide down. I knew It was happening and I resisted until about 930 this evening but I couldn't anymore. I feel a bit numb today that I've just sabotaged myself, knowingly.

I sort of feel that this started on Monday when I had the pancakes. I've been worrying that I've blown it this week and today I was thinking what's the point.

I haven't slipped up until now, but I think I'm finding it quite hard to accept that a slip up can mean a gain or no movement. I questioning how sustainable this woe will be for me if i can't have something every so often. This is all in my head. I know this woe is the right way for me to go. I knew that if I let myself have a bit of something I wouldn't be ale to resist, but I've done it to myself.

I need to snap out of this frame of mind but don't know how. To quote Novelty, my inner 'gobbler' is alive and well and looking for more rubbish to eat.

Sorry to post such a grumpy post but I need some help, please.

Ruprekt Thu 14-Feb-13 22:35:21

B - mini sausages and cucumber

L - meatballs, hb egg

D - tuna with creamed cabbage

S - pork scratchings


Ilisten2theradio Thu 14-Feb-13 22:47:38

mumat you have to stop this feeling that you have sabataged everything and just get back to it again. Everyone slips up ( unless you are one of those people I have blanked out as your halo's are shining too brightly for comfort and making me feel guilty grin ) and its what you decide to do now that is important.
Go and drink lots of water. You will then be far too full to eat anything else.
I have been putting vanilla and chocolate extract into youghurt to give the illusion of a pudding - and the yoghurt fills me up. Would something like that help?