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New thread for the Julian Monkeys!!

Here's to a new year Shedded and Shredded, Ripped, with Killer Buns and Thighs, a 6 Pack, a Revolutionised Body and No More Trouble Zones grin

Any practitioners of Insanity, Turbofire and all other such insane DVDs come and join us too if you like smile

DiamondDoris Mon 28-Jan-13 17:57:54

I'm doing the Ripped in 30 and KBAT (I'm only on d1/l1 of each, rest day today). They are bloody hard going, ache the next day but the pain is worth it. I'm combining these with lowish carb diet. I've only got 3 or 4 lbs to lose but I want to maintain this and tone up at the same time.

PeggyO Mon 28-Jan-13 18:25:49

Woohoo, new thread! Thanks threesteps, hope your back is continuing to feel better! And hello DiamondDoris, are you doing both every day or alternating? Those workouts will definitely tone you up - and if you're getting nice and sore it sounds like they are already working!

No Julian for me over the weekend - I went for a run with a friend on Saturday morning, we went while it was still dark (!) and it was so beautiful running through the park as the sun rose with all the birds singing around us. Yesterday was my rest day, and today I was back on L2 6W6P with a pilates tricep workout to follow.

My exciting news of the day - I have ordered KB&T AND S&S! And some 3kg and 4kg weights. I am quite tragically excited about this so felt the need to share with some people who would understand!

gingercat, alternating L1 and L2 sounds like a really good plan - I will finish my 4th week of 6W6P tomorrow (2 weeks on L1 and 2 on L2) so maybe I will stick with it for another 2 weeks and just alternate between levels each day.

MissT, WELL DONE YOU on reaching your magic number! Such a brilliant achievement. It seems like you are really feeling the Shaun T love at the moment! At the beginning of F&F I start to wonder why on earth I am putting myself through it, but it is such a great feeling when you get to that last sprint section!

fadingblonde, the speed of 6W6P definitely makes it tricky. Thinking about it now, maybe that's why Jillian advises that you spend a few weeks at each level - it gives you a chance to start slowly and work on your form. Doing each circuit once would give you a brilliant workout I think, let us know how you get on!

Very impressed by all of you who fit workouts around kids. I don't have children yet so feel like a bit of an imposter really!

fadingblonde Mon 28-Jan-13 18:43:08

Evening all, marking place.

Peggy0 I tried doing each circuit once of 6w6p today and it felt alot better, more like I'd worked out and not so boring. I think I'll keep doing this and hope my form improves so I can go faster - even on the first circuit I'm wobbling.

Oh and ditto your exciting news - I ordered Killer today and thought 'why not get S&S while I'm at it'!

DiamondDoris Mon 28-Jan-13 18:46:04

Peggy I should just be concentrating on RI30, but couldn't wait to try KBAT (wish I hadn't). I think I should have started on the Shred but never mind. I had fairly good biceps to start with but have discovered I have no upper body strength whatsoever and coordination not so good either, but when I start something I get obsessed grin. Whether you're a parent or not it is difficult to fit it in!

DiamondDoris Mon 28-Jan-13 18:47:45

Oh and Peggy you sound like a veteran - hope I can keep it up too.

PeggyO Mon 28-Jan-13 19:35:51

fading, glad to hear your new 6W6P plan worked out better for you. How funny that you ordered the same DVDs, we will have to compare notes once we've finished 6-packing!

Diamond, haha, love the fact that you couldn't wait to start KBAT! I also have rubbish coordination and upper body strength although it is gradually improving thanks to Jillian. Like you once I start something I get pretty obsessed! I reckon you will be able to stick with it - keep checking in here, it's really motivating to hear what everyone else is up to. (blush & grin at being called a veteran!)

MissTFied Mon 28-Jan-13 20:47:51

Shiny new thread to fill with thrilling tales of Ms Michaels! Thanks threesteps!

Hello diamonddoris. I am barely holding myself back from starting KB&T. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Good to hear you ache though!

PeggyO - your run through the breaking dawn sounds great. I used to love a ramble through the countryside. Certainly clears the head.

Peggy and fading - it IS exciting ordering and receiving new DVDs! I have two more to keep me going and then I shall do some research into what next. Dare I leave Julian? Do I cheat with Chalene? Of course then there's Shaun....

What I like about F&F is you seem to go straight into it. He does a warm up, but it's quite full on, then you get a nice rest with a few stretches, the BAM! In you go!

Good morning all smile

Ooo lots of lovely shopping going on here! Peggy great news on the new weights - will they deliver them by post?!? (let's hope the postie is a Shredder lol)

Peggy no DCs here either! (perhaps not ever going to happen - age again!). We can be DC-less infiltrators in crime grin. Absolutely, hats off to everyone exercising around their DCs, I only have to avoid the dog - but he's used to it now and long-sufferingly watches the crazy lady flying around the room!

I really hope you guys enjoy Killer. After Shaun it may seem a bit, hmm, tame, but I can vouch for the fact you really will have killer (titanium) buns and thighs if you do it! There are good cardio bursts in there too...

Back feels much better today but I'm scared of doing it in again, gah! I'm thinking I will do killer L1 today as it will be the least likely to aggravate it. That way I can see how it feels, hopefully without setting it off again.

I mentioned the age issue mainly in gest, but thinking about it I am getting way more niggles than I used to, and like someone pointed on the previous thread, they all take that much longer to mend [sad face]

Fingers crossed, will check in again later. Have a great day everyone smile

And welcome DiamondDoris, great to meet you!

DiamondDoris Tue 29-Jan-13 14:20:56

And hello to you threesteps and everyone else. I'm going to do D2/L1 of Ripped now before picking DCs up from school. Should have eaten lunch earlier, but I'm going to do it anyway on a fairly full stomach!

prettybird Tue 29-Jan-13 18:18:29

I'm on Day 2 of Level 4 of Ripped. It's tough angry <= my face. blush

There are some of the exercise I just can't do: like the burpees - can only do them at less than half the speed that they're doing at.

But, combined with doing Boot Camp, I have lost a stone since 7 January! smile

Wow prettybird, 1 stone this month? That is absolutely brilliant!!!! How does boot camp compare to Jillian? You must feel amazing right now!

Burpees are tough - is it Ripped that you do them on one leg? I know you do somewhere in Killer Buns and it's blinking impossible!

Doris, hope Ripped on a full stomach was without mishap grin

I did L1 Killer as a compromise for my back. It all went fine actually, so here's hoping... I might stick with Killer for the rest of this week and look again at S&S at the weekend.

Hope everyone's had a good day ...

prettybird Tue 29-Jan-13 18:48:32

I don't know Jillian's diet regime; Boot Camp is the Low Carb/High Fat/High Protein Way of Eating being led by BIWI and her big stick.

I'm just generally trying to be fitter and more energetic - as well as Ripped, I am running up and down the stairs, walking to the shops rather than taking the car, jigging in the car to good tunes on the radio much to ds' extreme embarrassment winkgrin

Ah, I got the wrong end of the stick - thought Boot Camp was another exercise regime!

That plus Ripped / Jillian M is obviously a winning combination. Massive congratulations on what you've achieved this month Prettybird <high fives> smile

Ponks Tue 29-Jan-13 20:38:02

Hey Prettybird, well done with the weight loss! Level 4 sounds v.tough - haven't had my DVD yet but given that I am only on Shred L2 I can't imagine getting to L4 of anything grin.

I've also lost weight - 1/2 stone! - since new year - through Shred and eating sensibly i.e. no snacks/puds etc. BUT damn and blast I think I have aggravated my achilles injury. sad Think it must be the high impact stuff - high knees jumping etc. One reason I liked Shred was the limited cardio so as to put as little pressure on my ankle as possible. I'm having a night off tonight and will try again tomorrow.

Ponks, oh no sad I've been on and off the injury bench too, it's so frustrating. Take it easy and hope it feels better soon...
Massive congratulations too on the weight loss, just brilliant smile

Everyone is kicking January's ass grin

I managed another L1 Killer this afternoon and my back still feels okay, hurrah! Going to stick with this for the rest of the week, by which time hopefully it will have forgotten what it was grumbling about!

Hope everyone's doing well x

Ponks Wed 30-Jan-13 23:09:39

Thanks threesteps, I did Shred L2 tonight and just took it a bit easier on the cardio jumping ... achilles didn't hurt during or afterwards so fingers crossed. I couldn't bear to get injured just when I am starting to get into it!

Incidentally ... plank jacks!? squat thrusts!? They are torment! I simply cannot maintain a proper plank with my shoulders over my hands while I do it!

She luuuuuves the plank stuff, does Jillian grin
They are tough but stick with it - you'll suddenly find you get stronger / they get easier... I think the consensus is that L2 Shred is the hardest of the Shred levels!!

Just thinking about your achilles injury - you could substitute the high impact stuff until it's better? You could do boxing and there's also a cardio in Ripped where you stand in a lunge, so your bottom half is still, and furiously pump your arms (bit like power walking). You could add weights to either of these too for more oomph if you wanted to.

Hope it continues to get better smile

More Killer for me later. Will check in later. Have a good day everyone!

joshandjamie Thu 31-Jan-13 09:47:07

I have just completed day 30 of the 30 day shred. On 1 Jan I went for a 3 mile run. I started 30 day shred on 2 JAn. Just finished (with a flourish I might add by doing levels 3 and 2). I will be celebrating with a large glass of wine tonight

gingercat12 Thu 31-Jan-13 12:22:00

Ponks Half a stone?! Wow!!!!

JoshandJamie Well done! Enjoy your treat!

Prettybird I think there is a reason that warm-down at the end of Ripped L4 is just lying around on a mat grin. It gets much easier in time though. Just like L2 of Shred, Ponks.

Threesteps I love Killer, hopefully it eases you back a little bit.

If eveytthing goes well, I'll finish 6W6P tomorrow and start BR next week. So excited!

Gingercat woo hoo at finishing 6W6P tomorrow!! And woo hoo at starting BR next week! Can't wait to hear what you think of it smile

JoshandJamie brilliant, well done finishing Shred, and ending on a double to boot! Enjoy that big glass of well-deserved wine tonight!

Another Killer for me today. Added 3 kg weights to the lunges and butt kicks. I definitely didn't add weights to the swimmers, and I also substituted the judo bridge move as I'm not risking anything twisty at this point...

sooooo far so good!

Hope everyone's doing well smile

prettybird Thu 31-Jan-13 17:20:42

Only one maybe two more day of Level 4 Ripped. smile

Will start on the Shred again from Monday. It'll be interesting to see if I find it easier this time around.

DiamondDoris Thu 31-Jan-13 18:06:34

Not done Ripped today (feel really guilty) - my ankles have gone - maybe slight arthritis. Hoping to do it tomorrow. God, I admire you lot.

Rollergirl1 Thu 31-Jan-13 18:23:17

Hey everyone. Lovely to see a shiney new thread and lots of new faces!

I have 2 more days left of BFBM and as of Monday i'm starting on 6W6P. Can anyone tell me what is the format of that one? I have read that there are two levels and the second one is super fast. But how long are they?

This is quite good timing for me starting this one as I think I may have spotted my obliques beginning to show and the beginnings of that line down the middle of your torso (can't remember what that muscle is called?) this morning when getting dressed. Not sure i'll ever have a six-pack but am looking forward to getting a bit more defined!

Greedygirl Thu 31-Jan-13 19:39:52

Hi everyone grin

I used to be on this thread a gazillion years ago (well last summer, feels longer) and its high time I got myself started again. Lost the plot in September when I went back to work neatly full-time and my LO started school. Was ok for a while as so busy so kept the podge at bay but Xmas and winter comfort eating have been taking their toll! Defo going to measure myself at the beginning this time for motivation but feel a bit shockat the thought of that.

Going to set myself a 30 mins a day for 30 days challenge to get myself started so I'll hopefully see you around!

PeggyO Fri 01-Feb-13 07:37:19

Happy Friday everyone! Hello joshandjamie, and congratulations on finishing 30 days of Jillian - that glass of wine was well deserved! Good luck with your 30 days challenge Greedygirl, I'm sure you will be back into it in no time.

DiamondDoris, how are your ankles today? I'm trying to remember what Ripped is like - are there any exercises that you could modify or substitute to make it a little easier on the ankles? Maybe some punches instead of any jumpy cardio bits?

threesteps, glad to hear your back is behaving now!

Rollergirl, each level of 6W6P is about 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down. They aren't broken into circuits in the same way as JM's other workouts - you do the full routine (which I guess is 15 minutes or so) through once, and then repeat it but at double time.

My new weights and DVDs arrived! The postman stuck the box under our doormat while I was out at work - not really very well hidden! I think he just didn't want to carry it back to the van hmm Have been using a 3kg weight for 6W6P for the last couple of days, and alternating between L1 and L2. I am very tempted to try S&S or KB&T but am determined to finish my last week and a half of 6W6P first!

sprucedup Fri 01-Feb-13 08:55:34

Hello, advice needed! I just watched a sample episode of RI 30 and loved it, but I have a dodgey knee and live in an old first floor flat that sounds like it might collapse if I jump up and down. I really want to do killer buns (getting married in chiffon and fantasising about not needing spanx underneath) but will my downstairs neighbours ceiling fall in? I don't want to spend my truss money on Jillian if I won't be able to use it!

Overreactionoftheweek Fri 01-Feb-13 11:34:06

Hello all, may I join please?

I've just completed my third BFBM, I'm doing alternate days during ds's nap. I did shred level 1 awhile ago but fell off the exercise wagon as I am prone to doing blush.

I've lost a stone since the new year due to dieting...but still have another 3 to go to get to my ideal weight.

Just want to say I ruddy love Jillian!

fadingblonde Fri 01-Feb-13 12:04:29

Hi welcome sprucedup and overreationoftheweek, well done on the weightloss. sprudedup I've not done Killer yet but I usually do Jillian without trainers and I've never noticed the noise. She does usually give you beginner modifications so you could probably do lower impact/less noisy versions of the cardio intervals, or do an alternative cardio move if one is noisy.

I've just done L1 shed and shred for the first time and I'm feeling a bit cheated. I thought it was a 45 minute workout and i'm sure I was done in about half an hour. Not sure what to make of it - I was tempted to give up at first, then found I started to enjoy it, but then it ended just as I was getting going! Oh well I really should finish 6w6p first although I'm tempted to try killer this afternoon....

Greedygirl I really like your idea of 30 mins for 30 days. Lately I'm finding that I take a day off and it turns into three. I might have to try something like this myself.

Hello everyone!

Greedygirl!!! Great to see you back smile Agree 30 mins in 30 days sounds like a plan!

Welcome sprucedup and overreaction!

Spruced I'd say maybe 20% max of each Ripped workout involves really jumping around. I'm sure it would be okay! It's a good idea though to substitute some of the cardio if you're worried about the noise - boxing in a squat, powerwalk arms in a deep lunge etc. (adding weights if you're feeling really hard!)

Not sure about the knee as there is a lot of lunging / squatting etc., you could see how you go?

Overreaction well done on your January, that's brilliant. We all love Jillian here, you're in good company! BFBM is one of my favourites of hers smile

Fading aw, that's a shame you found S&S a let down. It's definitely only 30 mins per workout but she wants you to do both together, but 60 mins of time to find isn't so easy. I have to say I really enjoyed it before my back went wrong. After a few times doing each level, I knew what was coming and really threw myself into it. It definitely doesn't feel as hard of some of her other stuff though, but you can feel it definitely tones.

Another Killer for me today and I'm thinking I may stick with it and do a week on each level, so start L2 on Wednesday - TITANIUM buns here I come!!

Hope everyone's doing well. Sorry not to namecheck everyone but it's so busy... grin

fadingblonde Fri 01-Feb-13 20:06:37

threesteps I'll definitely do S&S again although I will put more effort in. I was pacing myself to do 45 minutes so didn't really go for it. Once I've figured all the moves out I think I will enjoy doing something a bit different.

I tried L1 of killer this afternoon and really enjoyed it although I wasn't expecting a fourth circuit. It's funny when I did shred I'd often feel like I wanted to do another circuit but not a whole other level so I liked that. I don't want to not finish 6w6p so I think I might do them on alternative days although I also want to keep up with NMTZs and BFBM - I think I have too much choice at the moment!

sprucedup Fri 01-Feb-13 22:15:04

Thanks fading and threesteps for the advice, I'll go for it and use the variations. Might be back asking for ideas for low impact cardio substitutions, its surprisingly hard to find really tough ones that dont involve jumping

Ponks Fri 01-Feb-13 22:57:57

Hi all!
My new DVDs (Killer Buns & Ripped) arrived today and I am ridiculously excited about having a look at them at the weekend - but Shred L2 must come first! It is slowly starting to get easier - mega pleased about this - even managed a session of plank jacks but not sure my technique was right.

DH has commented that I do seem to be toning up! and deveoping stomach muscles! Yay!

Greedygirl Sat 02-Feb-13 16:22:07

Oh hi everyone, busy, busy on here! I love it, it is getting me revved up because alas I have not started my 30 days just yet although have been for a lovely tramp on the moors today so maybe that counts?! Currently eating warm cookies do not quite there yet wink.

fadingblonde Sat 02-Feb-13 19:02:42

Hi all, just finished Level 1 of shed and shred, followed by the first circuits of level 1 and 2 of 6w6p so feel like I've had a good workout smile

Wow Fading, that certainly is a workout, well done you! Did you find S&S a bit better this time round?

Greedygirl warm cookies sound yummy <jealous>

Sprucedup hope it all worked out smile

Ponks great news on the toning up! Ooo and new DVDs to play with smile I did Killer (again) today and I really love it. Even L1 does me in - in the circuit she says isn't so challenging (Circuit 3) my legs are screaming by the end!!

If anyone does find L1 a bit easy, there's loads you can add weights to. I added 3 kg to cardio bits and lunges. Will include sumo jumps and high knees next. Which will be Monday as I think it should be a rest day tomorrow.

Hope everyone's doing well. Beauuuutiful day here today

Guitargirl Sun 03-Feb-13 15:34:48

Hello, can I join you please? Am in a similar position to overreaction, as in have lost a stone since the new year and have 3 more still to go. I also lost a stone last year so was 5 stone overweight and now 3...have been doing 30-day shred and worked my way to complete level 3. Not sure am doing it all properly though, some of the strength circuits are beyond me. Still, have just ordered extreme shed and shred so we'll see!

Hi guitargirl smile There are so many incredible weight loss stories on here at the moment - yours is fantastic! I hope you enjoy Shed and Shred - I hope to get back to it soon.

I decided to do Killer today and take tomorrow off instead, so 1 more to do on Tuesday then I move up to Level 2 smile

Today I added 3kg weights to lunges, sumo squats, butt kicks and high knees (high knees with weights definitely the toughest and a new one to me!)

Will check back in on Tuesday. Hope everyone's had a good weekend, Monday tomorrow, boo!

fadingblonde Sun 03-Feb-13 21:53:35

Welcome Guitargirl and well done on the weight loss, your obviously doing something right smile

threesteps I enjoyed S & S much more the second time round, I felt like I knew more what I was doing and I'm looking forward to trying it again tomorrow.

I did L1 of killer today and BFBM this evening - was totally flagging from about half way through so that might not be a combination I will try again...

gingercat12 Mon 04-Feb-13 12:21:12

I still can't get my head around so many of you doing double sessions. It is just amazing!

This morning was the start of my Body Revolution obsession. To be completely shallow, I love how much more stylish this is than the other dvds. Jillian obviously went for the Insanity feel. It was lovely to see Anita, and only noticed Natalie by the end. I cannot comment on the difficulty, as it was only D1 of L1. After a year with Jillian, it should not cause any trouble. Although I did my back in a little bit. Hopefully it'll sort itself out.

Rollergirl1 Mon 04-Feb-13 13:31:37

I did Level 1 of 6W6P for the first time this morning. I obviously did something not quite right as I am now feeling a bit of a twinge in my lower back. Think it might have been the one where you did side to side lunges and also stretched to one side with your arms.

Are you meant to stay on each level for 3 weeks? I think I will get bored that same circuit every day for 3 weeks. So I might have to mix it up with something else a bit.

Gingercat: Where did you order Body Revolution from? It's coming up as £104 on Amazon!

gingercat12 Mon 04-Feb-13 14:06:26

Rollergirl1 My DH bought Body revolution on Amazon for me for Valentine's Day. He said that he can see I do not want anything else and it would make me happy. blush It does. He even let me start using it right away.

PeggyO Mon 04-Feb-13 19:39:44

Hello all! [waves]

Guitargirl, welcome and well done on your amazing weight loss! I will probably start extreme shed and shred in a week or so so we can compare notes!

fading, it sounds like you are doing brilliantly with all your double sessions. S&S and circuits of L1&2 6W6P?! Brave lady!

gingercat, I am very excited that you have started BR and look forward to hearing all about it! I've read a few reviews online and it does seem that to begin with it is fairly straightforward if you've Julianed before - do you think your first session compares to, say, L1 of the Shred, or is it tougher than that?

Rollergirl, I'm now in w5 of 6W6P. I did two weeks of L1 and two weeks of L2, and now I am alternating between the two for my last 2 weeks. I did notice that after a few days at each level I stopped getting any muscle soreness, but now I am alternating it has come back a bit which is probably a good sign! Those side lunges with a bend are tricky, I just don't seem to be as bendy as Jillian and the girls!

threesteps and other KB&T fans, how long is each workout? I was wondering whether I could do a Killer and a S&S in an hour, or whether it would take longer.

gracelesslady Mon 04-Feb-13 19:55:32

Hi smile I was on one of the grandparents of this thread the summer before last, but I'm starting again. Just finished L1D3 30DS. Last time I did it, it made no difference to me in terms of weight loss or inch loss or anything but I'm thinking maybe my crappy diet was something to do with that. This time round I'm paying attention to eating properly, having a protein shake every day, lots of water, that kind of thing. And I'm going to do the full 30 days the way Jillian intended it to be done. It feels easier this time round - can't do proper push ups yet, but overall I'm not dying the way I remember from last time! I've been running a lot over the last year, which can't hurt!!

When I'm finished shredding I'm planning to move on to nmtz or killer buns. I'm reading people's reports of these avidly...

Evening all!

Hi there graceless smile I think between us all on the thread we can report back on every DVD our JM has put out there so stick with us!

Hi Gingercat, the BR format sounds a bit like Turbofire (based on the price), is that right? Can't wait to hear how you settle into it...

PeggyO yep you could do 1 level of Killer and 1 of S&S and that would take you an hour, although maybe slightly longer with the warm up and down? They are both 30 mins though.

Fading great to hear you enjoyed S&S more - it's definitely a grower grin

Rollergirl hope your back is okay...

Everyone sounds like they're doing great, and yes all these double-levellers are awesome!

Rest day for me and back being naughty again, almost feels like its at the top of my left leg hmm Will see how I feel tomorrow...

MissTFied Mon 04-Feb-13 21:45:47

Hi all,
Been a busy few days in my real world, but have just read from where I had left you all.
Still been doing Julian daily. Have now finished RI30, and actually enjoyed it more in the last few days, esp the very last move where you do that ab move for 1 minute.
Now on KB and I'm enjoying it. It does seem to go on though, think it must be at least 30 mins. I am looking forward to having buns of steel! If I tense them now, I am actually amazed by how hard they are already. Guess all of Julian's DVDs have helped. I just have a little bit of a wobble around the top of my thighs but I am sure that will be gone soon. Hurrah! Magic!

On the negative side I have been eating all sorts of sugar laden treats. I was still at my magic number this morning, will have to see how this will translate on to the scales next week!

Looking forward to reading about how ripped 'n' shredded you lot are!

Ponks Mon 04-Feb-13 22:05:48

Hello everyone!
Another day of Shred L2 down - and as promised by many of you, yes it is getting easier - I managed the plank jacks today! grin
I finished off with the first circuit from RI30 just to get a feel for it. Hoping to start doubling up like lots of you do, when I get the energy time.

Also watched some of Killer Buns to get a feel for it - cant wait to have a go! Wow doesn't Natalie look good compared with Shred! But I still want Anita's abs envy.

Does anyone else have an audience while they exercise? My DH often arrives home when I'm half way through. He does offer lots of support - "keep going! only a few more to go!" and advice - "keep your chin up!" - which is great, but I could do without the chortles and the rush for the camera to film me when I'm struggling!

themaltesecat Tue 05-Feb-13 06:44:26

Ponks, I'm aghast at your DH. Really, that is appalling!

Am now in England, haven't Jillianed for nearly a week, what with that sleepless 35-hour door-to-door journey from NZ and lack of space in my father-in-law's house (how many side-tables does one man need, for heaven's sake? It's faffing ridiculous!). Will have to sort it out today because I can feel my arse expanding and my lovely, lovely leg muscles are already vanishing, it seems. There is always someone asleep and not to be disturbed in this poky house, and only two rooms are warm enough to be in for more than ten minutes which also happen to be the only rooms with enough room for exercise, which makes despatching DH and toddler difficult. And the only weights available are 1kg each (if that- they feel lighter), which just seems like a waste of time.

Will try whatever happens to get in at least a Shred today, or I'm going to go fucking insane.

Alligatorpie Tue 05-Feb-13 06:44:55

Ponks - my 7 month old watches me, but doesn't bother me!

Those of you doing 2 different workouts, do you have a lot of weight to lose, or are you just maintaining where you are.

Just finished the shred, i would die if I had to do another workout!

gingercat12 Tue 05-Feb-13 13:14:16

Ponks Shocked at your DH. He sounds really funny though. I had to ask my toddler not to watch me at weekends. Since he is in school, he is quite all right just stuffing himself while I exercise. (How do they make them so ravenous in that school?!)
You should see Natalie and Anita in Body Revolution! Anita's arms are real commando-like. I half-expect her to get a gun out and shout "Everybody down!". (I must have read and watched too many violent stories.)

Go themaltesecat!

threesteps Sorry about your back...
From what I understand BR is like Turbofire and Insanity, just a lot shorter. Mind you she always says 30 minutes, and it was 35 today. So I think it probably creeps up gradually. It is quite gentle yet, but I cannot lift my arms at the minute, as she keeps shouting "bigger weights, bigger weights, get the biggest weights you got". Well, I did. Can't open the (fire) doors or wash my hair easily, but I'll get there.
I like the idea of having 3 different routines for a 2-week period, and exercising in a (virtual) class.
Also it is amazing how quickly it goes. I always put on the coffee at the beginning of the last circuit, and nearly missed it.
We often have two options to make the exercise harder. You can either do them with weights or do them with jumping. So far I went for jumping as I can do with lots of cardio. What do you think is the best approach?

Gingercat, it sounds great!! And yes similar to Turbofire with the 'virtual class'. Her classes ranged from 20 mins to 45-50 mins, perhaps BR is the same?

Ooo, jumping vs weights <resists temptation to do a Harry Hill>, you could do jumping, then weights, then both together ;) No, I do think jumping is harder. The last cardio bit of Killer - you have to go from a little ball into a star jump and repeat for ever and it's sooooo hard!

Malteasecat I feel your pain!!! I stayed with my mum for 5 weeks last year while she recovered from an op and I nearly went mad! (And there was plenty of space to exercise). I think it was the lack of personal space and having to work with tv or radio on full blast! Hope you manage to find some Jillian space you can call home smile

Hello to everyone else <waves>

2 days of rest for me as back still niggly today...hopefully tomorrow will be better. At least I am getting some exercise though! Dog (91 years in our years) is bombing along on our walks and I'm having real trouble keeping up with him so I'm getting at least an hour's full-on power walking every day (minus the silly arms) grin

Hope I'm back in the saddle tomorrow. Have a good evening...

gracelesslady Wed 06-Feb-13 10:42:22

Hi everyone ~ sorry not to do names but am on phone.

About to do day 5 (I think) of L1 My right knee is starting to complain. This is what did me in last time I tried the shred - my previously happy knees became really unhappy. Tips and ideas please??!! I work out in trainers, not overweight... Maybe mixing the levels up a bit so it's not like RSI for my poor joints?? I await your wisdom wink

Guitargirl Wed 06-Feb-13 10:44:58

Hi everyone, I haven't been able to do any JM this week. DP has been on holiday which means he is at home the same time as me and I refuse to exercise with an audience - ponks - I don't know how you do it!

He is out at the moment though so am just about to do shred level 3. I miss Jillian! <saddo> My S+S is still winging its way from Amazon - peggyo - have you started yours yet?

fadingblonde Wed 06-Feb-13 12:22:02

Hi all, checking in. I had a day off yesterday so I need to make sure it doesn't turn into three! Gracelesslady when I first started shred I had a terrible time with my knees doing L1. I was advised on here to check my form doing the lunges, and I alternated some of the cardio - jumping jacks mainly - and once I was into level 2 it got better. Now my knees don't bother me at all so I think all this Jillianing must have strengthened them.

gingercat12 Wed 06-Feb-13 12:28:52

gracelesslady I alos had bad knee problems the first time I did the Shred. I was forced to abandon it, and re-start a month later. I just could not walk or get off the train. No real advice here, sorry. Maybe my form improved by the next time confused Unlike you, I was overweight though.

Bless your dog threesteps! Obviously feeling better then.
I hate star jumps, too. DS has just learnt them in reception class, so we keep having to do them. Love KB though.
You are right. Jumping v weights. There is only one way to decide, FIGHT! I miss Harry Hill so much.
BR is supposed to be 30 minutes every day. No more. I can go up to 40-45 minutes, but any more than that and I would have to get up before 5.50 and I do not fancy that.

Today was BR Cardio day. It just repeats the same sequence 3 times. I got quite sweaty, but it is quite gentle (now that I conquered running man). Next time I'll do an extra circuit to make it over 30 minutes. I feel hardcore just writing this [giggle].

Go gingercat with your extra circuits!!

Graceless sorry to hear about your knee. Are you exercising on a mat or something soft? (although if you're wearing trainers it may not make much difference).

Only other thing I can think of is form - it's damn hard to get it right sometimes when you're going fast, try and think no knees over toes (although again you probably know this already!).

If it's the cardio that's bothering it, good idea to substitute for something lower impact. I do that when my side of knee thing happens (not knee but like a tendon or something below and on side of calf).

Hope it gets better...

My last KB L1 today, woo yeah! (bum definitely looking a bit perkier!) L2 tomorrow and then the fun really starts from what I remember grin

I can do all this stuff as I have been for a few years now, but I just seem so completely spent by the end nowadays. I've done the occasional double level (S&S), but generally the thought of doubling up makes me want to hide under a blanket!!!

Have a good evening all...

gracelesslady Wed 06-Feb-13 20:02:26

Thanks folks - sound advice. Work out on a carpet, in m'trainers, try hard to keep good form and actually I don't have much pain at all while I'm working out (although maybe I'm just distracted by the heart gargling...) it just hurts the rest of the time. Like now, I'm sitting on the sofa, and I'm aware of discomfort inside my knee joint. It's weird. I think logically the sensible thing to do is take rest days but if I do that I'll lose momentum and never finish the sodding 30 days! So I'm powering through - one of the kind advice-ees up thread said their knee pain went away when they got stronger. That's going to be me too grin

Ponks Wed 06-Feb-13 21:22:53

Hi all

Very nearly didn't Jillian tonight but thought how could I face you lot otherwise? So did L1 RI30. And have to thank you all for giving me the motivation to do it after a bit of a rotten day. thanks to all of you.

L1 seemed fairly easy? Well easier than Shred anyway. Perhaps because you chop and change a bit more? Perhaps because I am using tiny weights? Hmmm.

No audience tonight grin - DH is out.

gracelesslady Wed 06-Feb-13 22:22:29

Wooohooo Ponks! Always makes me feel better after a shite day too. Hope tomorrow's better xx

MissTFied Wed 06-Feb-13 22:47:35

Hi all,

Did day 5 of KB this morning, but I'm thinking of going on to L2 before the 10 days are up, need a bit more of a challenge. Threesteps - good to hear things step up a gear on L2 (best be careful what I wish for).

Grasslesslady - I too have a slightly weak right knee and wear a support when Jillianing. Maybe that would help? Though I probably ought to wear trainers.

Fadingblonde - good for you for making yourself workout today. Same to you Ponks! I found L1 of RI30 not very challenging tbh, so quickly moved onto L2. Hope you have a better day tomorrow, remember Jillian is always there for you (and as are we, of course!)

Haven't done any Insanity F&F for a week, maybe I'll do that in the dark tom morning. Will certainly give me a rude awakening. I think I need to up things a bit as I'm still sugar shovelling!

Night all!

PeggyO Thu 07-Feb-13 07:40:30

Good morning all!

I went for a freeeezing cold run yesterday followed by 6W6P L2. This morning I did L1 6W6P using my new weights - I managed 4kg for pretty much everything (wasn't brave enough to go that heavy for the diagonal get-ups so used 3kg instead!) I'm still rubbish at spider plank push-ups...

Guitargirl, I haven't started S&S yet - I think I will do my first session next Wednesday as I finish my 6 weeks of 6-packing next Tuesday. I'm really looking to starting something new! Do you have an estimated delivery date for yours?

Congratulations Ponks for Jillianing after a tough day, what a brilliant achievement. This thread is such a great motivator.

Threesteps, well done on the perky bum wink I'm looking forward to joining you and MissT in KB&T-ing next week!

gracelesslady, hope your knee feels stronger soon.

Afternoon all!

This thread really is a great motivation, 100% agree smile

Ponks well done on starting Ripped!

Alligator I'm not really trying to lose so guess I'm maintaining - I've been trapped in my Jillian addiction for a few years now grin (I'm with you on the double sessions btw!)

PeggyO well done you, the added weights must make it an excellent workout...not long til KB!

I did L2 KB today, and yes I do think it's a step up from L1, I'll be interested to hear what you think MissT? I'm doing 7 days on each level for this as I agree 10 sends you a bit insane...
As far as I can make out L2 has much more plyo stuff (jumping lunges, squat jumps, burpees on one leg, lateral jumps and something else but I've forgotten!), and I'm adding my 3 kg weights wherever possible.

Sorry if I've not name-checked everyone - am still on an endorphin rush after my workout!

will check in tomorrow smile

fadingblonde Fri 08-Feb-13 12:00:26

Morning everyone smile

I totally agree that this thread is really motivating, it's what got me into Jillian in the first place and it's kept me going when my will power has been lacking.

I did L1 of killer yesterday, and reading threestep's review of level 2 I think I will be staying on it for a long time. I so do not like doing jumping lunges!

I've just done the first circuits of level 1 and 2 of 6w6p, I'll never finish it at this rate but my form is terrible doing it double time. Even with circuit 1 I keep sliding out of position, especially with the side plank stuff. Anyway I'll try to do either killer of S & S this afternoon. I try to do double Jillian when I can to compensate for the days when I do nothing!

gingercat12 Fri 08-Feb-13 12:20:32

Don't worry fadingblonde You are not the only one who took a while to master the side plank thingies. I could only really do them the second time around.

ponks Hope you have a super day.

Still going on with Body revolution, so nothing exciting to report. Totally addicted.

EarnestDullard Fri 08-Feb-13 14:07:57

Can I join? I'm currently trying to lose at least a stone of pregnancy weight and am just getting back to exercising. I'm not Shredding every day as it's hard to find the time with a baby and a toddler, but maybe 3 times a week, plus running once or twice a week. I've Shredded before though, and found the results really good. I also got 6W6P for Christmas, so I'll be looking to give that a go at some point. How does it compare to The Shred?

Level 1 day 1 this time round had me in so much pain afterwards (mostly arms and chest, from the press-ups) that I could barely get to sleep! Day 2 was easier though.

Hi Earnest, welcome to the thread smile

Well done on getting stuck back into Shred - I think Level 1 is deceptively hard on the arms (the squat and raises and the last strength with weights are really tough I think!).

6W6P is longer than the Shred (35 mins?) and for each of the 2 levels, it goes through the same circuit twice - second time round faster than the first. (Level 2 is pretty hectic!). Stick with us - there are plenty of 6W6Pers around (not me though grin)

Fadingblonde, yy, jumping lunges are my absolute nemesis!

I've made a decision to Jillian every other day - too many parts of me twinge and twang when I exercise daily, even with a rest day or two, so I'm going to try doing every other day and see if things improve. It's a pain but I think it may help, and hopefully avoid injuries that linger on...

So today is a rest day <frustrated face>

Friday, yay, hope everyone has a great weekend smile

Rollergirl1 Fri 08-Feb-13 17:39:18

I am also just getting to grips with the side planks in Level 1 of 6W6P. I think those are the types of move that are really effective but are also the types of move that can do damage if you don't have the correct form. If your body and hips aren't straight and you're a bit twisted I think you could easily do something to your back.

I posted at the beginning of the week saying that I had twinges in my back. I actually think it was just that I'd worked muscles that I obviously hadn't worked very much before and I was aching. There is a lot of sidey stuff in 6W6P that isn't in a lot of the others so i'm hoping to see some more definition on my obliques.

I'm still slightly in awe of those of you that do more than one session a day. I like to exercise but I don't think i'm as motivated as you lot. grin.

Having said that I had a really bad morning this morning with DS (4) before the school run. He was really naughty and I found myself shouting at the kids by 8am! Was a struggle just to get out the door and when I got home I was so upset that I just burst in to tears. I had a brief chat with DH to unload and then just thought, do you know what, i'm going to do some Jillian. I did and unsurprisingly felt so much better and not angry and upset and stressed anymore. Exercise really is a total de-stressor isn't it?

PeggyO Fri 08-Feb-13 20:26:45

Hi Earnest! Hooray, a fellow Jillianer / runner! I've nearly finished 6W6P and although I struggled to get into it at first I now really love it. It's definitely a step up from the Shred and it is more varied than the name might suggest - I expected it to be mainly mat work and crunches but it's a really good cardio workout too. Like threesteps says you are meant to do it faster on the second go around, but to start with I wouldn't worry about that and just focus on keeping good form.

fading, in the words of Jillian herself, 'do not be discouraged!' Side planks are really really tough. I have slight inner ear damage which makes my balance a bit rubbish. When I first did 6W6P I couldn't do the beginner version of that move, or even just hold the side plank for the full 30 seconds. But I gradually got stronger and now can do the move with a weight in my other hand. If I can do it I really believe anyone can!

Rollergirl, I'm sure you will see a change in your obliques from 6W6P. I've done 5 and a half weeks now and it has definitely slimmed my waist and defined my obliques - DH put his arms round me the other day and said that he could feel that I am smaller than I was when I started.

Ohh, threesteps, sometimes it sucks being sensible doesn't it! It's so important to listen to your body though, so you are definitely doing the right thing.

Have a happy Jillian weekend everyone!

PeggyO Fri 08-Feb-13 20:28:12

Ohh, I meant to add - Rollergirl exercise definitely de-stresses me! I'm having such a manic time at work at the moment, but working out in the morning really releases all that tension and makes me feel so much more calm and on top of things for the rest of the day. It's like magic!

MissTFied Fri 08-Feb-13 20:34:56

Good evening everyone!

Rollergirl - I totally agree with you in that exercise is a de-stresser. It really focuses your attention and clears your mind.

Threesteps - I am on L2 of KB now after a day of Shaun T. I am still getting used to it, so it seems a bit odd at the moment. I don't mind the plyometric stuff, I suppose my body has got used to the lunges and squats so I am not finding them too bad at all (would have been a different story a few months ago). I admit the one-legged burpees are a little hard, but I think I'll conquer them! I quite like the chair stuff, what else? Can't remember. I too am using 3kg weights, and I think I'll do as you are and add them in wherever I can.

PeggyO - I hope you enjoy KB. Would be interested to hear if you will also start L2 sooner.

Hello Earnest. This will be the best thing you ever did (again!). Love the aches and pains! I really enjoyed 6W6P. I like the format of going through the exercises once, then at a faster pace. I like it how the music cranks up towards the end and Jillian gets shouter and louder! Hmmm, maybe I'll treat myself to L2 of that tomorrow together with KB, not done a double session in a while and you peeps keep mentioning it! See how motivational you all are!

Good to hear you are enjoying your BR gingercat. You ARE hardcore!

Do you know what, I am rather pleased with myself because I am actually finding Insanity F & F quite doable now! I still sweat like mad and can hardly drink my water in the break because I am breathing so hard, but I DO enjoy it! I can remember my reaction after CHST posted the YouTube link to it. At first I thought, no way, but here I am, stronger for having conquered it! (Trying to be motivational here, not boastful!)

If anyone else is thinking of doing Insanity Fast & Furious I'd say do it (and come on here and tell us!) Go on, go CRAZY!

PeggyO Fri 08-Feb-13 20:59:38

Haha, MissTFied, I am exactly the same with the water break in F&F - the first time I managed to actually slow my breathing down enough to swallow a sip felt like real progress! I too thought it looked actually impossible when I first watched it, but it just goes to show that sometimes our bodies can do much more than we think.

I am still really tempted by the full Insanity programme, but am planning to step up my running over the next few months and have a few races planned this year. I'm just not sure if it's realistic to aim to do Insanity at the same time...

notyummy Fri 08-Feb-13 21:13:35

Hello to those that remember me! One of the originals. Yes I am that old- and that JM obsessed!

You may remember that I have a dodgy back, which is why I had to temporarily retire. It has eased slightly, but is still not right. I have an MRI booked on Monday and cannot sit for any long period of time without being v uncomfortable.

Having said all that I have been returning to exercise as I was just so frustrated. I am working out what j can and can't do and actually I can still do a fair amount. I can manage all of the shreds, and most strength work. I can't do twisting with weights and there are random moves that I really can't do because of what they do to me. Random stuff like the ab hold into table in Rin30 for example. That said, DH and I have started doing the Bob Harper strength DVD- it's pretty long at an hour- and OMG I love it! Really, really thought but he is just as watchable and motivational as JM and really works you out. Recommended. I have also bought the 60 second Promise which is another great workout- albeit slightly cheesy and looks like it has a production budget of 10p.

Some great stuff going on here- keep it up all! I did L1 Extreme Shed and Shred today- haven't done it since the back issues and wanted to see if any of it wasn't manageable. I found it fairly easy but decided not to push my luck and do L2 back to back as well. Did a tabata session instead on the cross trainer and nearly threw up.Nice.

Finally, I have also being doing Callenthetics as it was recommended to me as being effective toning stuff that was bad for back. I got a book from Anazon and have doing progressive workouts daily on top of my 'proper' exercise. Takes 30mins or so but can be done whilst watching tv with DH in the evening. The core stuff is TOUGH! My bottom has lifted slightly so I am happy.

Ponks Fri 08-Feb-13 21:16:00

Another one here agreeing on the positive effects of exercise - I have been feeling very tired and negative for the last couple of days - yesterday I was so wiped out after work that I went straight to bed for a few hours - but tonight I was Determined to Shred again - and Wow, I felt sooo much better afterwards! - much more energy and felt much more positive.

I am even contemplating Shred L3 this weekend .... grin

What weights does everyone use? I am evidently a spindly armed wuss as my arms are shrieking at the end of the 3rd circuit even with only 1.5kg! Mind you, I did start out with baked bean tins at the beginning of the year so I am at least improving on that. Respect to peggy and her 4kg weights shock

notyummy Fri 08-Feb-13 21:18:15

Oh- have stayed away from Insanity since back issues struck because Burpees cause me real issues and he does love them! A friend has bought the Chalean programme and is raving about it so I am tempted. Apparently it is designed to use fairly heavy weights though and j do f really want to have to buy new ones. I have 3kg ranging up to 7kg, all of which I use for JM but j don't think they would be heavy enough for me to benefit from Chalean.

Rollergirl1 Fri 08-Feb-13 21:32:29

I use 2k weights but feel like I should definitely move up. Am really liking Julian in less shouty mode in NMTZ, BFBM and 6W6P. Although I still find that she makes (what I consider to be) really odd comments about her co-exercisers (?) considering that it's about women with women watching? In 6W6P she says about the blonde one (is her name Maddie?) "let's pick on the barbie doll". Why is she a Barbie doll? Because she's blonde and pretty? I'm sure it's an in-joke. But every time I hear her say it I get a bit vexed. Why reduce her to a stereo-type? She does the same thing in Ripped, talking about them being "oh so pretty", like she's some 50yr old misogynist. It really annoys me.

CHST Fri 08-Feb-13 21:50:55

notyummy hi!!! so good to see you!
I am about to enter the second month of chalean extreme...I am REALLY enjoying it a lot. I will need to up my weights for the next month. The first month is burn phase and the aim is to fail within 10-12 reps and the second month push phase 6-8 reps. I am using york vinyl weights and am going to buy heavier discs. You can get 10kg discs which would take you to 20kg per weight. I love the select weights but they are ££££
the cardio aspect of this (2x a week) is similarish to turbofire.
The third month is the lean phase which I think (not looked at the workouts yet) is lighter weights more reps.
What I like is that you can decide the weights so if you are having a bit of an off day, you can go lighter.

CHST Fri 08-Feb-13 21:52:30

oh and as an aside it is not as fast paced as Jillian so slow moving through the exercises which creates more resistance and does make the weights feel heavier. She does make you do super slow pushups also which are a lot harder!

MissTFied Fri 08-Feb-13 22:25:26

PeggyO - I am still undecided whether I would go for the whole Insanity programme. What happens to your body after doing such an intense programme? Are you meant to keep doing it? Is all the work put into it lost after stopping? Does anyone know?! At this point in time I'm happy with the bursts of F&F.

Ponks - I went straight to bed after work on Tuesday, and got up again at about 7.30. Just felt exhausted and couldn't move. Another positive benefit of exercise is that I AM WEARING SKINNY JEANS! Unheard of! Didn't dare before I 'met' Julian. I cannot believe how my body shape has changed.

Rollergirl - I know what you mean re Julian's comments to the dancers. As much as I love her, she does generally come up with irritating phrases which I try to ignore. I guess it's because we have to listen to her over and over until the next level.

CHST - I was wondering how you are getting on with Chalene. Do you find it drags at all what with the pace being slower?

Hi notyummy. Sounds like you are doing loads! I can't imagine being forced to stop exercising at the moment. Good to hear you are still obsessed.

CHST Fri 08-Feb-13 23:35:50

MissT no it doesnt drag at all for me. It does take a while to get used to the slowness and resisting the urge to go faster.

Re the insanity etc. Personally for me, I could not sustain that level of intensity forever, I would give up. I tend to alternate between high cardio like insanity and strength...it is good to mix things up so your body doesnt get used to it.
I am on maintenance as I really don't need to lose anymore weight. Too much cardio for me leans out my body too much. I personally prefer the look of a bit of muscle. Everyone is different in what works for them and their goals but long term, I think my ideal workout week is more strength than cardio. After Chalean. not sure what I will do. I think it is important to give your body rest particularly for someone like me who finds it hard to fuel my body for such workouts. I was hungry and tired during the second month of insanity purely because I wasnt eating enough.

Alligatorpie Sat 09-Feb-13 07:55:33

Can i make a recommendation? . If you haven't tried Jillian's yoga workout, I suggest you try it. It is hard core but pretty easy to follow and i always feel like i have done a great workout after i finish. It's on youtube.

Still doing the shred, it was day 7 today and i feel great.

Alligatorpie Sat 09-Feb-13 07:56:45

It's called Yoga Meltdown. I have only done level 1 but really like it.

PeggyO Sat 09-Feb-13 08:49:53

Oh, Ponks, I have only used 4kg in 6W6P where you only use one weight - so a lot of the time you're holding the weight in two hands which makes it much easier. Shred is definitely harder from a weights POV!

Nice to meet you notyummy! Sorry to hear you have had such trouble with your back, it sounds so frustrating.

CHST, thank you for your thoughts on Insanity / Chalean. From what you've said it sounds like Chalean is more the kind of thing that would be a good fit for me. I don't want to lose weight (which could be a danger with Insanity) and I'm really keen to build up a bit more muscle. And a programme more focused on strength would complement the cardio I get from running. But like notyummy it's the having to buy new weights in addition to the programme itself that puts me off a bit... maybe I should just start saving!

MissT, well done on the skinny jeans - I bet you look fabulous!

Rollergirl, that bothers me a bit too. I do get the impression that it is an in-joke, but since we as the viewers aren't necessarily in on it it just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable!

Alligatorpie, thanks for the recommendation, it looks like a great workout for those days when you want a slight change of pace. Congratulations on 7 days of shredding!

No Jillian for me today. I've just been for a cold and damp 5 mile run and tomorrow is my rest day so that's me done for the weekend grin

Jacksterbear Sat 09-Feb-13 09:54:50

Hi there. I don't know if you remember me (I remember 3steps, not yummy and a few others on here). I was on this thread ages ago, dropped off it around last spring but have not stopped Jillianing! And have also started running a bit too (can now easily do a 7 mile circuit of a weekend, which I'm quite impressed with! grin). So thought I'd pop back and say hello and see how you're all doing with jillian (although apparently she's been renamed Julian in my absence?!) smile

Good morning all!

Notyummy, we missed you!!!! Really sorry to hear your back is still giving you problems, but you sound like you have worked out a good action plan to work around it! Really good to see you back smile

My back is also giving me niggles so I'm having to be a bit careful at the moment. I'm trying out exercising every other day to see if it makes a positive difference.

Alligator thanks for the yoga recommendation - I might well look into that as a gentler alternative (or am I deluding myself?!)

PeggyO yes, being sensible is a nightmare isn't it!!

I hope to do L2 Killer later today. Have a great day everyone.

And Jacksterbear grin (x-posted with you!)

Really great to hear from you. I have to dash now but keep popping back and seeing us xx

gracelesslady Sat 09-Feb-13 11:29:01

Morning ~ sorry about your back notyummy. It's impressive that you're still jillianing even though I think you said you were waiting for an MRI??!! I think most people would use that as an excuse to lie on the sofa eating chocolate!

Jacksterbear I think I remember you too. I have not been jillianing... blush

Shred day 6 yesterday. Had thurs off to see if my knee would appreciate the rest, and it was ok yesterday. I'm mega impressed with the weights everyone's using. I'm only using (whispers) 1kg (tip toeing away in slight mortification....)

Happy Saturday folks grin

Alligatorpie Sat 09-Feb-13 11:54:58

Threesteps - there is nothing gentle about yoga meltdown. I'd love to hear what you think smile

Jacksterbear Sat 09-Feb-13 13:59:13

Alligator, yoga meltdown sounds interesting, going to have a look on YouTube.

Ripped L2 done today. That plank cardio circuit is still a b*gger! But it's one of the best all-round workouts I think, good mix of cardio, abs, shoulders and thighs. And it has some great quotes, including my fave mantra "you're not going to die from being uncomfortable". Love it. Has got me through many a tough moment!

notyummy Sat 09-Feb-13 18:24:58

Hi all. Thanks for the welcome back. L2 Ripped is one I simply can't do at the moment because of my back but I do remember that plank circuit being tough.

DH and I spent an hour earlier in the company of Bob Harperanf his Pure Strength thingie. So, so tough. Much harder than any of the JM stuff. Not particularly cardio heavy although like No More Trouble Zones you do get plenty of heavy breathing and sweating! Particularly brutal is the horrendous pressup into weighted t stand- over and over again at speed- when you have already been killing yourself for 45 mins. That said, the buzz at completing it is palpable.

Not sure I am flexible enough for a yoga meltdown at the mo although sounds intriguing. I know I can manage a downward dog into a chatarunga as I did that the other day in shed and shred!

gingercat12 Sun 10-Feb-13 14:32:21

Welcome back notyummy and jacksterbear!

It is funny how notyummy an do an awful lot more even when is not a 100%. I wish 7kg weights did not challenge me...

rollergirl I know what you mean about Jillian and the dancers. I think she fancies some of them. Especially Natalie.

If I survive BR, I'll try Insanity and / or Turbofire. Just finished week 1. Cardio 1 is really tame, so I just do it twice.

threesteps I love KB L2. It is such a good workout.

notyummy Sun 10-Feb-13 16:08:05

Ginger- the only reason I mentioned the 7kg was people have said that for the Chalean programme you need heavier weights as it is heavier weights and fewest reps. 7kg would def challenge me for JM (I only use it I occasionally for some rows and clean and press.) Mostly stick to 5kg (for nearly everything but not horrid v sits!!) And the thought of doing that Bob H thing with a 7 makes me faint!!

Notyummy Shed and Shred is the first of her DVDs where I'm actually attempting full push-ups! She almost tricks you into them so before you've realised what's going on you're attempting them! (you being me obvs!)

I was really enjoying S&S and am going to go back to it after finishing Killer Buns.

I did 2 consecutive days this weekend and so far so good. So L2, day 3, done smile I am PUCE at the end, a red, sweaty mess lol!

I'm attributing this to the fact that I barely added weights last time I did KB, and now I'm using 3s. (haven't added them to jumping lunges yet, I may attempt that next time...)

Hope everyone's had a great weekend... My old PC was slowly dying last week, and I work on it, so I bought myself a shiney new laptop on Saturday thank you mastercard grin

Sorry not to name check everyone but hope everyone's okay - the activity levels on this thread at the mo are most awesome <channels Julian>

gingercat12 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:16:06

notyummy 5kg weights for JM [fainting] I hope I get there one day. Hope you will feel much better soon.

threesteps Enjoy your new laptop!

fadingblonde Sun 10-Feb-13 19:42:31

Evening all!

Welcome back notyummy, I'm seriously impressed with the 5kg weights, I'm trying to work my way back to using 2.3kg...

Had a day off yesterday so did double Jillian today - level 1 S & S, and level 1 killer. I wanted to try and do L2 of S & S but dds were watching and totally distracting me so I switched to killer instead. I think I'm on about day 5 or 6 and I'm finding it easier except for circuit 3, it's frustrating as Jillian says that's the easy one sad

Jacksterbear Sun 10-Feb-13 20:24:32

notyummy, good to see you are still hardcore even with a bad back! grin. Nice work everyone. Tell me about Shed and Shred, I haven't got that one.

Planning on doing NMTZ tomorrow as working from home. If I say on here that I'm going to do it, I'm less likely to wimp out at the last moment! grin

gingercat12 Mon 11-Feb-13 13:08:03

threesteps I like the idea of S&S tricking you into learning push-ups. Will have to look into that.

Gingercat, yes she is very clever! There's a plank jack bit, where as you 'jack' your legs you also go down into a push up. And there are hip heists (also in Killer?) where as you turn you do some sort of push up. I can't go that far down but it's further than I've ever got before! For each of them, it's more of a faff to try and adjust yourself to the easier position than to just go for it!

How's it going with BR? Week 2 now?

Fadingblonde a double session with audience participation sounds very impressive!

Jacksterbear S&S is not up there with her hardest DVDs, but I've been really enjoying it until my back played up. There are 2 levels, each 1/2 hour, and the aim is to work up to doing them back to back, which is very doable, provided you have the time.

The set-up reminds me a bit of 6W6P (not sure why) but much less fierce than L2 of 6W6P! Good luck with NMTZ today smile

Alligator I'll definitely go have a look at yoga meltdown. I have all her DVDs apart from Body Revolution, so it would seem rude not to have it grin

Hope everyone else is doing well... I feel fine today so may get day 4 of L2 Killer under my belt.

Have a good day all smile

Jacksterbear Mon 11-Feb-13 14:39:38

Thanks for the info re S&S 3steps. Thinking of a new Jillian purchase, have not indulged in a new DVD since getting the Killer/Ripped box set about a year ago! Hope L2 Killer went well, I don't like that one at all (single leg burpees, are you having a laugh?) and tend to stick to L1 when I do Killer.

NMTZ done, woohoo! God I hate circuit 1. I have realised there's a common theme in all the Jillian bits I find really hard, which is that they are all hell on the shoulders. V raises in Shred L2, side-arm-raises in NMTZ circuit 1, surrenders in NMTZ circuit 4, and the plank circuits in NMTZ circuit 5 and in Ripped L2.

fading, "mad props" (as Jillian would say) from me too for your double efforts! grin

notyummy Mon 11-Feb-13 15:09:48

I know what you mean about shoulders killing you- there is a section in the Bob H DVD just called 'lift combo' that is three different sets if lifts over and over again, culminating in holding them out for ages straight in front of you and then to the side. Horrid.

In an effort to keep pushing myself, I have also been doing a daily push up challenge. Minimum 100 a day, up to 140 if feeling good. Full press-ups in sets of 25 to 45, depending on how strong I am feeling. Good because you can fit them in anywhere.

Alligatorpie Mon 11-Feb-13 18:13:31

140 push ups a day! Wow! Good for you. I struggle with 30!

gingercat12 Mon 11-Feb-13 19:20:52

notyummy You are a credit to the British Army!

alligatorpie 30 push-ups is nothing to be ashamed of.

gingercat12 Mon 11-Feb-13 19:22:37

threesteps BR Week 2. Still loving it. Nothing exciting to report. Although weirdly my legs really hurt today. In a good way.

5 full push ups would be a klaxon moment for me!

Gingercat the 'good hurt' is a great feeling isn't it!

L2 done again, each time I do it I add weights to at least one more part. So today 3 kg with the squat jumps, and 1.5kg with the lateral jumps and star jumps at the end.

Happy JM'ing all smile

MissTFied Mon 11-Feb-13 23:15:59

Hi all, busy busy busy on here!

Despite me posting that I might have to do double sessions at the weekend, I didn't. Like others on here, if I post it, I feel I have to do it. I still did Julian though (Jacksterbear - this is what my young DC believe she is called), still on L2 of killer. Rather enjoying it now, but I can't seem to keep track of the circuits. Are there three or four? Threesteps - I am also trying to use my 3kg weights where I can. I do finish it with a healthy sweat, which is good, and my 'buns' are actually aching right now.

Not yummy - good idea re the push ups, although I'm not sure I could do it! Bob H sounds a toughie!

Alligator - thanks for the Yoga Meltdown rec. No harm in having another JM under my belt.

CHST - I hope to just maintain one day soon, but I also like the mental challenge of having completed something, so I can see why Insanity and Chalean are attractive (? Doesn't sound right!) Hopefully there will always be something else fitness-wise just coming out to keep us all interested. I'm guessing though you don't keep still for too long between DVDs?

Well, MissT has a hot 'n' sweaty date with ShaunT tomorrow morn at 6! Yo! Wassup!

And goodnight!

Jacksterbear Tue 12-Feb-13 09:00:26

missT, hope this morning's workout went well, and thanks for the Julian explanation! grin

gingercat I'm pleasingly achey too (biceps and buttocks!) after yesterday. And 3steps, loving your weights additions to KB.

Only just time for a quick 20 mins on the exercise bike (fast/slow intervals on medium resistance) before legging it into shower and racing for train to work (still slightly sweaty now... nice grin).

notyummy did u have your MRI? Did it go ok?

notyummy Tue 12-Feb-13 09:21:30

Yes MissT - Shaun T at 6am sounds hardcore - hope it went ok!

MRI went fine thanks but I wont know what it shows for another week or so. For some reason my back has been really bad yesterday and today so I am being careful exercise wise - just 30 mins on the crosstrainer yesterday and some pilates. I am thinking of trying a slow jog today, although it is so grey and cold outside that I will have to run fast enough to keep warm!

Guitargirl Tue 12-Feb-13 12:04:24

Hi everyone, I did level 1 of S+S today for the first time and actually really enjoyed it! I don't why I was so surprised but I expected to hate every minute of it. Absolutely loved the kick-boxing part, visualised everyone who has p****d me over the last week - it was great! grin

I wasn't expecting all the philosophical stuff at the end though about making the most of yourself, etc...

Guitargirl Tue 12-Feb-13 12:09:59

Definitely need to get proper weights though - am still on the baked bean tins. What weight does everyone use for S+S?

notyummy Tue 12-Feb-13 12:34:22

Guitar- really depends on how much other stuff you have done. I had a mixture of 3 and 5kg for Shed and Shred, but I have been working out for a while and am a 5ft 10, 10 stone Amazonian! If you are newer or smaller then perhaps 1.5 kg or 2kg?

gingercat12 Tue 12-Feb-13 12:38:22

Guitargirl I could do with some (virtual) kickboxing, sounds real fun grin

Guitargirl Tue 12-Feb-13 12:55:21

Thanks, yes, I think I might order some 1.5kg ones to start with, I am 5 ft 4, have been doing 30 day shred for a while but again only with baked bean tins. Have just been watching level 2 S+S and even DP said he didn't think that was going to work with beans!

Afternoon all!

Guitargirl, if you can stretch to a set of weights I'd definitely go for a set that ranges from 1.5 kg to at least 2 kg. You'll surprise yourself at how quickly you'll want to move up and then they'll be ready and waiting for you!

I love S&S too! I have to admit I tune out a bit at the motivational blurb at the end, but I really love her comment which goes something like just being you as "everyone else is taken". S&S warm-up also seems a lot longer than her other DVDs, or is that just me lol?

MissT hope your early morning date with Sean was fun grin

Notyummy I really hope your MRI scan helps to identify the cause of the back troubles, poor you sad

Am dithering about whether to have a rest day or not today... Having said I would do 1 day on 1 day off I've done 3 days on the trot and wonder whether a rest today would be beneficial just in case... hmm...

Have a good day everyone smile

Ponks Tue 12-Feb-13 21:34:49

Hi everyone,
I had a couple of days of not shredding (rode DH's horse instead which believe me left me with aching biceps) but tonight did Shred L3 for the first time.
<mops brow>
Not ashamed to say I followed Anita for good portions of the session. It felt hard but I am looking forward to that wondrous day when suddenly it starts feeling a bit easier - as it did gradually with L2.

Positive moment of the day - DH commenting that my work trousers looked looser!

MissTFied Tue 12-Feb-13 22:40:45

Ooh Ponks! I love that moment when you realise your clothes are getting looser. I am having such fun clearing out my old clothes! Begone, and don't darken my wardrobe again!

Hi all. Gosh notyummy, you ARE an Amazonian! If I may be so bold as to compare myself to Julian herself, then you would be Anita. She seems huge when Jillian walks over to her (sadly, I know Jillian and I are the same height).

Now Jacksterbear, when I saw that you wrote you only had 20mins this am, I immediately thought, why, that's enough time to fit in a bit of Shaun! wink
I did have a rude awakening with him this morning, but it was worth it.

Did you have a good rest today after all, threesteps?

Guitargirl - glad you liked S&S. I didn't really give it much of a go. I will return to it though as I usually end up liking all of her DVDs. Fom what I remember, I thought it too bitty, too much chopping and changing with weights and styles. Although I could do with kickboxing a few stresses away!

gingercat12 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:49:58

I am notyummy's height, but sadly not her abs or weight. But that is why I am here!

In BR Jillian's petite stature is even more pronounced. There are 3 of them who look tiny, and the others are just really tall. I never knew whether Jillian was small or Anita and Natalie tall.

Ponks Good luck with L3. It is real fun!

notyummy Wed 13-Feb-13 12:57:39

I think Jillian is quite short.

Just about to give NMTZ a go for the first time in ages. Back really bad today (pains in buttock and all the way down right leg...), so will be taking it easy with the weights and stopping if I think IU have done the wrong thing.....

PeggyO Wed 13-Feb-13 13:33:43

I just Googled Jillian's height (not that I'm a weird stalker, or anything... hmm) and she's 1.57m tall - so 1cm taller than me! I had always assumed she was smaller as she looks so teeny compared to the others in her videos...

Well, I have finished 6W6P. It's been emotional. Still no 6-pack, but definitely more definition in my abs. For the next month or so I am moving on to KB&T and S&S - hooray! I'm looking forward to a new challenge. Guitargirl, we can compare notes on how we are getting on! (MissT and threesteps, since you're ahead of me on KB&T you can just keep all the upcoming nasty bits to yourselves wink)

Alligatorpie, thanks for the Yoga Meltdown recommendation - I did it after my run this morning and really enjoyed it. It's not one to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping, but it was perfect for stretching out my stiff post-run muscles. And how hard are those chataranga push ups?! I had to go to my knees for those, and can't imagine being able to do the full version!

Well done on reaching L3 Ponks - you're nearly done now! I always love the rockstar jumps.

notyummy, hope NMTZ didn't make your back any worse, it sounds really nasty.

gingercat12 Wed 13-Feb-13 13:53:28

PeggyO Congratulations! It is such an achievement to complete 6W6P.

Careful notyummy and have fun!

This morning was Cardio 1 for me. At the end we do the strecth your thighs-thing, and Jillian uses Natalie as "If you need to, hold on to a piece of furniture", and at the end she just pushes Natalie over totally Miranda v Stevie-style shock I mean if Miranda was short and Stevie quite tall. It is all very good-natured, and there are a lot of jokes in these dvds.

notyummy Wed 13-Feb-13 14:00:03

Well done on the 6W6P completion Peggy. I am 177 cm so quite a bit talker than JM!

I did NMTZ and if there is one thing to say for Bob Harper and his Pure Strwngth workout, it is that it asked NMTZ seem really, really easy. It felt great in comparison. I couldn't do the windshield wiper things because if back but could do everything else. I dropped from5kg to 3 on the surrenders to be on the safe side as I think they put quite a strain on ur back.

Oh- if you hate those Chatyanga press up things steer clear of Ripped as there is a circuit with lots of them irrc. I can do full ones (though I find them bloody hard) but was helped by having to do then in Pilates before I encountered JM.

notyummy Wed 13-Feb-13 14:03:02

Even by my standards there are a lot of typos in that last post. Apologies and I hope you get the gist!

PeggyO Wed 13-Feb-13 14:09:22

Thanks gingercat and notyummy!

I was intrigued by the Bob Harper workout so checked it out on Amazon - oh my word, there are a load of reviews by people who use JM DVDs as an 'easy' option saying how tough they found it! I might give it a go after I've done KB&T and S&S. How often are you supposed to do it notyummy?

notyummy Wed 13-Feb-13 14:22:59

He talks about doing it everyday and DH and were in agreement- 'F**k that.' grin

It is well over an hour inc warm up so I would not have the time. I think you would see real results if you did it 2/3 times a week with a couple if shorter cardio based things in between.

Afternoon all!

PeggyO, yay!!!! 6W6P, done! Off to pastures new now...

If you like rockstars, you will love L3 of Killer Buns grin S&S 1 also has sun salutation where you lower yourself in the chataranga(sp?) position, what larks! Have to say in the short time I was doing S&S my arm definition improved quite dramatically...I'm hoping swinging around weights with Killer will maintain them.

Notyummy glad to hear NMTZ went well. I really hope you get your back sorted soon - down the leg and bum, is that indicative of sciatica? (sorry if that's a stupid comment, but it did strike me when you mentioned the bum and legs as that's exactly what my stepmum has and she has sciatica...please feel free to ignore me if unhelpful!)

Anita looks like a giant in Killer, and not nearly so tall in Shred bizarrely!

I did rest yesterday so will be doing day 5 of L2 in a while. Decided I will go until Sunday on L2 then up to L3 next week.

Have a good rest of day everyone

Day 5 done!

Oooo that was good today, feel like I put everything into it and it showed in the colour of my face by the end! After chat of chataranga, I've modified the burpees into superman so that I go from plank to the floor with chataranga arms. Those, and attempting proper push ups, I'm sure have really improved my arms smile

I'm also still walking at serious speed with the dog! I had to buy an extending lead a few days ago as I just cannot keep up with him...he is bionic!

Also remembered by zaggora hot pants that my friend gave me a while ago (unworn!) - might start wearing them again. Has anyone used them? I've used them a couple of times but not really for long enough to notice any difference....

see you all tomorrow smile

Ponks Wed 13-Feb-13 21:16:57

Everyone seems to be getting on well here! (though ouch for anyone like notyummy who is suffering)

Another Shred L3 day and slightly more completed I think - more proper rock star jumps rather than hopeless shuffles! And maybe a couple more jumping lunges (oh my god I thought plank jacks were hard until I tried the jumping lunges ... they go on For Ever).
Today DH decided to join in rather than go for a run - think he is impressed by Anita's abs! Unfortunately his coordination isn't so good so I had to talk him through some of the moves when I desperately needed the breath myself!
Am hoping he doesn't want to make this a habit as I like my moments with Jillian & crew and prefer to be in my own little zone with them.smile

Guitargirl Wed 13-Feb-13 21:17:52

So, day 2 of S+S and I can't move.

Maybe I won't be progressing from the baked bean tins after all!


Ponks Wed 13-Feb-13 21:48:08

I spent a good couple of weeks with baked bean tins before moving on to proper weights. All of 1kg. I'm now trying to use 1.5kg most of the time (my arms give up in the V sits) and contemplating 2kg. So it will happen! just give it time!

notyummy Wed 13-Feb-13 21:51:46

Ponks- jumping lunges are My Nemesis.

Ponks Wed 13-Feb-13 21:57:30

notyummy - makes me feel a bit better if even you find them tough!

For the first time ever today, I did jumping lunges (Killer) without one hand on the chest the TV sits on!!

I haven't dared try them with weights yet but I may give it a go tomorrow now my arms are free...

They are hard, as are the V-raises!

Guitargirl if you're feeling the effects of the beans (not in a windy way!) then it's all good and you'll still be reaping the benefits, hope you can move now grin

3 more days of L2 then up to L3, woo hoo!!

PeggyO Thu 14-Feb-13 18:00:46

L1 KB&T and L1 S&S done this morning! I really liked KB&T - it feels very no-nonsense, classic Jillian. The chair pose on 1 leg was a bit of a killer, and I really liked the sumo squats with calf raises / jumps combo.

S&S was fun too, although lots of the moves were more complex and as I am so uncoordinated (like your DH I suspect, Ponks!) I spent a lot of time trying to work out what to do and so don't feel like I worked as hard as I could have!

Tomorrow I think I will add more / heavier weights to both grin Guitargirl, is it wrong that I am kind of hoping I will get that unable-to-move feeling tomorrow too?!

Jumping lunges are one of my worst moves too - absolute torture.

threesteps, you are on fire! What are you planning after you've finished L3?

notyummy, that Bob Harper DVD is now sitting in my Amazon basket. I am a little afraid to click the button and buy it...

Hope everyone has had a good day!

Ponks Thu 14-Feb-13 21:14:48

Another Shred L3 under the belt today, though my energy petered out at the end leading to some rather feeble rock star jumps. blush

I do like the way that Jillian seems to know exactly when you are about to flag and says something motivating - there's a "don't give up now" in one of the circuits that comes at just the right time.

DH is about to do some Shredding on his own - he may be catching the bug! PeggyO you won't be as uncoordinated as him - he struggles with a side step. smile

threesteps - jumping lunges With Weights? shock It'll be a while before I get to Killer L2!

PeggyO Fri 15-Feb-13 07:42:09

Ponks, that makes me feel a little better! Well done on converting your DH - mine was muttering about Jillianing with me a few months back, but it hasn't happened yet!

I did L2 S&S this morning, followed by L1 KB&T. Phew, I certainly feel like I got a good workout! I LOVE L2 of S&S. Much easier to follow than L1 but a tougher workout too (one-legged mountain climbers?!) Some Insanity-style moves in there too, I thought - plank jack push-ups (love these!) and high knees into up-downs.

threesteps, you inspired me to use weights in the jumping lunges! I added weights to more of the moves today, so am hoping to feel it in my arms tomorrow.

PeggyO Fri 15-Feb-13 07:45:37

Oh, I just remembered - having said L2 S&S was easier to follow, there was one move I just couldn't get my head around! It's the one where you start in plank, twist your body over leading with your knee so you're in a kind of reverse table, then twise back over again and into a push up confused I think I'll need to work on that as my homework over the weekend...

Morning all!

Ponks you're doing brilliantly, and the end of Shred is in sight!! Do you have something in mind for afterwards? She's mean to put the rock stars right at the end of circuit 3 when you're getting knackered!

PeggyO hopefully I'll go back to S&S after Killer as it was really enjoying it! Glad to hear you're enjoying it and Killer too smile

Those weird things at the end of L2 are a variation of her hip heists.

She does them in L3 Killer without the push up part so you could have a look there and see what they're like in their basic form. I agree they're tricky to work out at first...

The other move I don't seem to like is the plank where you step 3 paces each direction - I just don't feel anything when I do them so think I'm doing something wrong!

I won't be exercising today sadly as I can feel back grumbles so will be resting it. Still get a speedy dog walk though which is something smile

Will check in tomorrow, hopefully, if we haven't been hit by an olympic swimming pool-sized asteroid (it's passing closer than the moon apparently - that is seriously bloody close!!!)

Jacksterbear Fri 15-Feb-13 16:20:56

Ponks and PeggyO woohoo nice work! 3steps enjoy yr rest day and hope the back is ok. Just done BFBM and quite enjoyed it (cardio is where I can really see the improvement from when U first started Jillianing nearly 2yrs ago; I find it harder to see the improvement strength-wise). Not a brilliant week for exercise (a tough week for various school-related reasons) but NMTZ and BFBM plus some exercise bike riding is not too bad! smile

Jacksterbear Fri 15-Feb-13 16:22:44

That should have said DC-related reasons - random autocorrect!

Ponks Fri 15-Feb-13 18:55:27

Stepped down to Shred L2 today as a) have a few hip flexor twinges after L3, making me think my form may not be quite right in some of the moves, and b) felt my usual grotty Friday tiredness (what happened to hurray its Friday get out and enjoy yourself? - that disappeared years ago).
Wow I'm so glad I did - feel great afterwards and certainly feel stronger after doing L3 for a few days.

So what to do next after Shred .. well I have bought Ripped and Killer Buns (and Trouble Zones is on order) ... I think Killer may be the one as my thighs are definitely the part to work on.

threesteps do you do some stretching on your non-Jillian days? Might help (my DH has had a number of back problems and is so much worse if he doesn't stretch every day)

Jacksterbear Fri 15-Feb-13 20:48:35

ponks, after nearly 2 yrs of Jillian and multiple DVDs, L2 shred is still one of the hardest IMO (much harder than L3), so respect to you for referring to it as a step down! grin re what next, ripped if you want something with a similar set-up to shred: killer to mix it up a little!

Alligatorpie Sat 16-Feb-13 08:39:03

Jack - that is encouraging. I am hating L 2 of shred, i want to lay on the floor and wimper when its over smile i am feeling panicked about doing L3, so happy to hear L2 is worse.

PeggyO Sat 16-Feb-13 10:15:13

Yep, I agree, I found L2 of Shred the hardest too. I think it's because there's such a big jump up between L1 and 2. You will be absolutely fine Alligator, you are doing so well already and every day you get through L2 you are getting stronger, fitter, and more prepared for L3!

Well done for fitting in exercise during a tricky week Jackster. Hope next week is easier for you. BFBM is always great for getting the endorphins flowing, and it must be brilliant to see your progress.

Ponks, my hip flexors are prone to twinging too, and I find the first stretch here (the open lizard) helps a lot.

Glad you recognised the hip heists from my rubbish description, threesteps! Thank you for the tip - I might check them out on KB&T and practice over the weekend. My biggest problem with the side-stepping plank was that when I started in the middle of my mat I ended up colliding with the sofa. I clearly need a giant, spacious fitness studio a la Julian!

notyummy Sat 16-Feb-13 12:27:20

DH and I have just done 65 minutes of Bob. Oof!!

MRI results back- large disc bulge at bottom of spine that is compressing nerve opening and hence pain/pins and needles/numbness. Have been referred to consultant. No advice on dos and fonts though, so am just ploughing in exercising and if it hurts I stop.

PeggyO Sun 17-Feb-13 09:56:04

Youch, notyummy, no wonder you are having so much pain. Do they have any idea how soon you'll be able to see a consultant? Massive respect to you for Bobbing with a bulging disc, that's hardcore!

Afternoon all on this beautiful day smile

Wow notyummy, that sounds awful, and seriously painful sad Hope the consultant can help you, and that you don't have to wait too long...

Ponks that's a really good idea. I used to do a Pilates 10 min stretch after every session but got a bit lazy about it and stopped doing it. I should do it again, plus stretching on non-exercise days like you said.

I've not done anything since Thursday and feel okay today but I'm going to see how I feel later. If I don't think it's a good idea I'll do some stretching (wonders why I didn't think of this, doh!)

Have a great day everyone...

PeggyO Sun 17-Feb-13 16:08:26

Julian monkeys, I need your help! I have done something to my mid back (shamefully, not even while exercising - I was doing the hoovering hmm) It doesn't feel very painful, just sort of nigglingly sore and not quite right. What can I do to make it better?! I really don't want to have to skip my workout tomorrow...

threesteps, hope you got on okay with your exercise / stretching!

Oh no Peggy, what is it with us all and our backs at the mo??

If you're not planning to work out today, could you stretch for 20 mins or so today? Then see how you feel tomorrow?

If it still niggles tomorrow I'm not really sure. They do seem to say stay active, but not sure if they had Jillian in mind when dispensing the advice grin

Hopefully it was just a tweak and you'll feel fine tomorrow, will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Thought I'd be okay today but after spending an hour in the garden I was really uncomfortable, had to keep standing up and sort of bending backwards to relieve the discomfort sad So no JMing for me sadly. Will do 1/2 hour stretching instead.

At least I have walked the dog, done some gardening and spent 3 hours(!) cleaning the windows this weekend so I've not been a total sloth! (or is it sloath?)

PeggyO Sun 17-Feb-13 17:32:44

Thank you threesteps! Sorry to hear that your back is still troubling you - we are a right bunch at the moment, aren't we! Sounds like you have had a very active weekend. I have been doing a whole load of cleaning too, I think it's because spring is in the air.

I think my back might be feeling a little better already (funnily enough that could be as I have just been up and about - now that I am sitting again it is twinging more! Seems to back up the 'staying active' theory...) I will do plenty of stretching tonight and see how I go in the morning. I was planning KB&T L1 followed by ES&S L1, and I think KB&T is probably fairly back-friendly, so I will see how I go and not bother with S&S if it feels sore.

Hope the back feels better today Peggy smile

Not sure about mine to be honest. Have written out some back stretching exercises and if I'm still not happy to exercise later I'll do them instead, plus other general stretches.

It's very annoying but perhaps if I go more carefully I might actually manage to sort the problem out, please yes!!

Have a good day everyone

Ponks Mon 18-Feb-13 20:12:05

Rest day for me today. Planning to start on Killer buns this week - did my first L1 this weekend & found it pretty tough - but looking forward to getting to grips with it. I could feel my muscles the next day so it will be good to be doing something that works me differently. Though still planning to Shred in between as have to conquer L3!

PeggyO Tue 19-Feb-13 07:23:52

My back felt much better yesterday. I did lots of stretching on Sunday night and slept with a hot water bottle which seemed to help a lot. Hope the stretching improves yours too, threesteps!

Yesterday I did L1 KB&T followed by L1 ES&S. Ponks, it was the third time I have done L1 KB&T and I feel like I am really starting to get to grips with it and 'have fun with it' as Jillian would say! I added weights any time Jillian gave them to Natalie / Basheera and it made both workouts much tougher which I liked.

Does anyone else feel really out of sorts on the days that they can't exercise? I had an unexpectedly late night so DH persuaded me that getting up early to Julian on very little sleep wasn't a good idea, especially as I have a super-busy day today... But now I just feel sort of flat and frustrated that I won't have any time to fit a workout in later. Sometimes I wonder what on earth has happened to me - I used to hear people say they were addicted to working out and not really believe it was possibl!

prettybird Tue 19-Feb-13 09:38:50

Couldn't work out why my bum was feeling sore this morning - then I remembered that I did the first day of Level 2 of the Shred yesterday (was pleased 'cos I used my slightly heavier weights - 1.3kg - for everything, with the Circuit 2 routines supplemented with the 1kg weights). Today I did the aerobics exercises at a slightly lower intensity as I saw the GP yesterday and he told me to cut back on my exercise while I take antibiotics for a chest infection (I've been crackly coughing for over 5 weeks now) hmm

gingercat12 Tue 19-Feb-13 12:50:11

On week 3 day 2 of BR. It is killing my back, but thankfully only when I am exercising. I thought the weights were too heavy, but today I tried lighter weights and it made no difference to my lower back.

Hope everyone is having a not too painful day.

After a week off and a lot of flab added from nowhere! I am desperately playing catch up and doing one round of L1 6W6P followed by L3 Shred. It means getting up 15 minutes early and having to rush a bit in the morning but I want results and I want them NOW!

Has anyone bought Body Revolution? How does it compare and is it worth the money?

notyummy Tue 19-Feb-13 13:58:35

Keep it up all! Only managed a 3.5 mile run on Sunday( but went swimming with dd as well and did 10 lengths- better than nothing! Also fix my Pilates. Yesterday just did 40 mins on cross trained as was giving blood. Yesterday and today my back has been very, very sore. Nothing planned except some stretching as a consequence. I would love to do some strength/JM stuff tomorrow but will see how it goes.

take it easy notyummy...

Worldgone hello! Good to see you again. Gingercat is the person you need for Body Revolution. I think CHST may have done it too?

Peggy and Gingercat hope your backs are okay. Blimey we seem like the walking wounded here at the moment don't we shock

Gingercat I read on my search for stretching exercises that you should avoid using heavy weights above your head if you have lower back niggles (so moves like surrenders I guess). I wasn't sure what they classed as heavy though.

I managed a L2 killer today, hurrah! I moved my weights down to 2.5 to help my back and did my back stretching exercises afterwards so hopefully they will help.

Anyone with lower back niggles, I'm going to post the stretches I've cobbled together off the web in case they help anyone...

Have a good evening all smile


1. Stand up straight and put arms and hands behind you as if putting hands in back pockets. Look up and extend (arch) your back.

2. Cobra pose (yoga pose, a la Jillian warm-down)

3. Cat to cow stretch (both yoga poses)

4. Lie flat on ground with arms outstretched, head facing down. Lift each arm slowly up and down, repeat 5 times. Repeat 5 times with each leg. Now do opposite leg and arm at same time, repeat 5 times for each pairing.

5. Same idea as above but start on hands and knees. Slowly straighten and lift arm up and down. Repeat 5 times. Ditto for legs.

6. Child's pose (yoga)

I've been doing these after the workout and on non JM days and I've sure they helped a bit... smile

Jacksterbear Tue 19-Feb-13 15:58:57

Hello all. May I join you in the land of the injured? sad I set off on a run in the beautiful sunshine but had to stop after 3.5 miles and hobble home with a horribly twingeing left ankle and right knee sad. I have been thinking for a while that I may have to give up on running as the L ankle has been suffering, but this is the first time the knee has gone too - not from any particular moment, but just the general pounding, and presumably my running gait not being very good. GAAAAH.

Well done for getting back onto it (and with a vengeance! grin) world. And thanks for the stretch tips 3steps, they sound nice; even though I haven't got a bad back will give them a try! smile And well done everyone else and hope all the injuries and illnesses improve soon!

notyummy Tue 19-Feb-13 17:20:14

Thanks for those stretches threesteps. Am currently at doctors to get stronger pain killers. This last couple of days the ibuprofen are not cutting it, and pins and needles/numbness all the way down to my toes. Boo.

Jacksterbear Tue 19-Feb-13 17:27:00

Oh crap notyummy that's not good sad. Hope u get sorted out.

Oh no Jacksterbear, and Prettybird with your chest infection sad

I now have visions of us all dragging ourselves around groaning like zombies off Shaun of the Dead grin

Jacksterbear could your knee be due to unconsciously compensating for your weaker ankle? Perhaps putting more stress on the opposite leg (knee) without realising? What about trainers? Are they wearing down a bit?

Notyummy hope the doc can give you some pain relief that hits the spot. I so feel for you. I've had low back pain on and off for years, but it's always been pretty low-level pain, so I can only imagine what you must be going through right now sad

Sending all those on the injury bench healing vibes <hippy>

gingercat12 Tue 19-Feb-13 19:11:24

worldgonecrazy I quite like body revolution, but I am only on week 3, so cannot tellbhow challenging it is. The first month is very gentle. But every part of my body hurts. CHST knows more.

threesteps Thanks for the stretches. Whenever you all mention 20 minutes of stretches I always wonder what exercises you mean.

notyummy Hope you will manage to alleviate the pain.

Gingercat if you google Pilates 10 minute Solutions, she has a really good 10 minute stretch section at the end.
Much more thorough then JM (sorry Jillian!) and it covers the whole body. I feel great after it and used to do it religiously after a JM workout, but let it fall by the wayside when I felt like I couldn't spare the extra 10 mins, silly really!

You'd probably pick it up cheap on amazon or ebay smile

Jacksterbear Tue 19-Feb-13 20:32:48

3steps your compensating theory makes sense, esp as the ankle pain started at around 2.5 miles and the knee at around 3. Now really annoyed as they are both still really tender. And peggyo I def know what y mean re feeling twitchy on no-exercise days! And no I never thought I would be addicted either! But am already stressing over the thought of an enforced rest for the next couple of days!

PeggyO Tue 19-Feb-13 21:06:50

I too am sending lots of healing vibes to everyone - we really are in the wars at the moment, aren't we. Prettybird, take it easy; notyummy, hope you manage to get the pain under control; and threesteps, hope your back continues to co-operate! I would tell you all, in the words of Jillian, that 'pain is just fear leaving the body', but I honestly have no idea what she means when she says that confused

Jackster, how old are your running shoes? And have you had your gait analysed? About a year ago I suddenly started to get hip soreness about 2 miles into my runs and eventually decided to replace my ancient shoes. I went to a running shop where they analysed my gait and gave me shoes with a bit more arch support, and the hip problems disappeared pretty much straight away!

gingercat12 Wed 20-Feb-13 07:24:08

worldgonecrazy I thought about BR last night. It is a 12-week program. Your weekly routine is workout a, workout b, cardio a, workout a, workout b, cardio a, and rest day. The workouts change every fortnight and cardio every month. All workouts are around 30 minutes. The format is similar to Insanity and Turbofire, as in class- based.

gingercat12 Wed 20-Feb-13 07:25:45

threesteps Thanks for the suggestion. I will look it up. There is a lot of weight above your head in BR, so that explains it.

tracedw Wed 20-Feb-13 09:39:31

Hi, im a JM (and exercise if the truth be known) newbie and would love some advice.
I am on Day 3 level 1 of the 30 day shred and as yet i have no muscle stiffness, i was expecting to be bedridden after the first day, am i doing something wrong?
the amazon reviews led me to believe i would be a jelly wreck but i feel great after, just a little shaky in the legs for a short while.
Im using 2.5lb weights and doing a combo of the easy and harder mods.
Also can i ask how effective the 6 wk 6 pack is in getting to grips will a post cs belly, can i add that my last cs was nearly 4 yrs ago and i still have a one inch gap between my rectus abdominals.
After 3 cs, should i be starting with yoga/pilates to close the gap or will the 6w6p be a better option for me.
Thanks all.......off to get shredded now....grin

Thanks all - I have requested BR for my birthday. Three days of one round of 6W6P and Level 3 shred and I can already see results, still flabby but there is form beneath the flab! Now I know how those celebs get their baby weight shifted - they hire a personal trainer and work bloody hard for a week. It's amazing how quickly the body changes.

tracedw if you're finding it too easy, use bigger weights, do ALL the advanced moves, and move up to Level 2 slightly earlier.

I find the first round of 6W6P very effective but I have no experience of CS so don't know how much it will help. I don't like Level 2 of 6W6P - it doesn't seem to actually work my abdominals very much.

A big part of getting the shape back is burning off the fat, so you may want to look at Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, and alternate that with the Shred.

themaltesecat Wed 20-Feb-13 12:09:32

Get well soon, all!

Jacksterbear Wed 20-Feb-13 12:53:28

great results, world!

tracedw I have had 2 cs, and also still have a gap between my abs that I don't think will ever close. My tummy is fairly flat, though (although only when I pull in my muscles! grin). IMO for post-cs tummy flattening you need to focus on lower abs, so any exercise which involves pulling the legs up ( eg reverse crunches, scissor legs while lying on back) are good - plenty of those kind of thjngs in shred, ripped, NMTZ etc. personally I would say 6w6p focuses more on the upper abs, although it's brilliant as a cardio workout (level 2). Pilates tummy exercises are also great.

Jacksterbear Wed 20-Feb-13 13:04:10

Oh and peggyo got my trainers only last summer so sure they can't already be worn out! And had my running gait analysed too, in the shop when I bought them: they said it was fine, although tbh I was feeling so self conscious and awkward (1st time on a treadmill, and with a camera trained on my bottom grin) that I don't think I was doing my natural running style, iykwim. May go back there and ask them what they think.

Hello all!

Welcome to the thread Trace and well done on starting Shredding smile Second the advice to up the weights and possibly move up to L2 sooner than you planned if you're finding it quite easy. Stick with us for motivation!

Jacksterbear shock and horror at having camera trained on derriere while trying to run in front of an audience!!! I'm camera phobic at the best of times (especially videos) and that would have had me hyperventilating!!

Back not great today, I still have that twisted feeling, damn! Going to stick to one day off and one day on and will do the 10 min pilates stretches and my back stretches today. A mountain of work has landed on me today so perhaps it's a good thing I'm not wondering how I'll fit in a Killer session...

Have a good rest of day everyone

MissTFied Wed 20-Feb-13 18:38:55

Hi all,

I've been reading all your posts and feel sorry for those of you who are injured. I hope you can get back into it soon. I know I'd be tearing my hair out.

Not much to report here, just now on L3 of Killer and enjoying it after getting used to 'frog hops'. Added NMTZ after Killer this morning and really felt it in my triceps. I must keep at these arms.

Ooh and I found some hard lumps just below my rib cage which turned out to be some of those ab muscles. Extraordinary! I love having a poke about!

Sending you all waves of Jillian motivation in jumping jack form!

Jacksterbear Wed 20-Feb-13 18:53:37

Holy crap missT did u really do a Killer-NMTZ double bill?! That's impressive! smile I like feeling muscles I didn't realise I had too... the other day I felt some right in my sides (transverse abs?) that I was quite impressed with! grin

Knee still not good today... keeps jarring when walking and when standing up/sitting down, and walking down stairs is killing me sad.

Ponks Wed 20-Feb-13 20:31:36

Hi all
Have just done L1 Killer Buns for the second time and really pleased because a) I sweated a lot, b) I got some of the moves I couldn't quite do the first time, and c) I'm looking forward to doing it again but with weights this time. Really like the last circuit with the kicking routine and the warrior pose.

Feel so much better today having done a workout, had rested for 2 days (well, rode each day but rested in terms of no Jillian) and had really missed it! So although it is hard on these miserable cold evenings (& when subject to the killer combo of toothache, period pain and a cold) it is definitely worth taking the 30mins or so for a workout. <converted>

Hope all you injured bods start to recover soon.

Jacksterbear I fear the dreaded word 'rest' is going to rear its ugly head sad
I'm not that clued up on knee problems - is rest the only option? Poor you. Trying to think of any workouts that are light on the knees, no success yet but if I think of any I'll get back to you smile

MissT!! Was wondering how you were getting on and clearly you are getting on amazingly! I think Julian should bow down to your stamina grin (I bloody bet she doesn't do many back-to-backers like that!) grin at having a poke about

Well no JM for me today but I did my 10 min solution pilates stretch + my back exercises and I was actually coming on here to say... my lower back feels tonnes better!! The twisted uncomfortable feeling seems to have eased massively...

I think it's a no brainer now to add the pilates stretch back into the end of my workouts. Will do Killer tomorrow followed by that and the back stretches and see what happens. Trying not to get too excited... grin

See you guys tomorrow

x-posted with you ponks. Well done with Killer, it gets better and better (cheesy but true) smile

tracedw Wed 20-Feb-13 21:00:45

Thanks for the warm welcome and advice.
After doing the 30ds i did 20 mins of 6w6p, had a sneak peek on youtube for that one.

I may give it a go after i have finished the shred, my main issue with my abdo muscles is the gap, which is actually above my navel and gives me a lovely rounded tum, kind of an early pregnancy look.
So tomorrow's shred will involve 5 lb weights[screws face up in pain] and i will try all advanced moves, except press-ups( of course).

PeggyO Thu 21-Feb-13 09:05:09

Good morning everyone! I did L2 ES&S followed by L1 KB&T this morning. I think I'll do L1 KB&T once more and then move on to L2 - I feel like I've got to grips with it now, and am adding in 4kg weights to lots of the moves. Ponks, I am so terrible at the warrior 2 to warrior 3 bit, I wobble all over the place. My favourite bit of that last circuit is the squat combo, I like trying to kick higher than Natalie!

L2 ES&S is still an absolute killer, I love it! My most painful move today was the one where you start on your hands and knees but then lift your knees an inch off the ground, and then jump up into a squat. My quads were burning so badly.

MissT, good to hear you are still keeping it hardcore! In the words of Julian, 'You're aspirational!'

Good luck with your Shred today tracedw! I definitely recommend 6W6P for toning abs, although you may get the best results if you combine it with some exercises that are specifically targeted at the gap - I think there are some pilates-type workouts out there that focus on diastasis recti.

Jackster, so sorry to hear about your ongoing pain. Hmm, sounds like your shoes are probably ok, although maybe the shop would be able to help you rule them out as the problem? My friend took her running shoes to our local Sweatshop when she was having knee pains and they watched her running, took some fancy measurements of her feet, and told her it wasn't due to her shoes - I was pretty impressed as I thought they would try and sell her some new ones (cynic that I am!)

Woo, threesteps, good news that your back is finally improving!

prettybird Thu 21-Feb-13 16:16:43

I'm really impressed at those of you that do two (or more shock!) Jillian circuits in a day. It's all I can do to do one. Once a week I also have an hour and fifteen minute Pilates class - that's about all I can cope with (especially as the studio is up four long flights of stairs.... hmm - or should that be angry <= red face rather than angry face).

I think Pilates really does help with back problems - it helps strengthen the muscles around the back.

I've now done Day 4 of L2 of the Shred - using mostly 1.3kg weights, but 2.3ks in Circuit 2. I've reduced the effort in the cardio (don't do very high knees for example) 'cos of what the GP advised. I am however on Day 4 of my five day course of antibiotics and still have a hacking, crackly cough sadconfused

I'm dead chuffed though - not only am I starting to see some definition on my side abs (still have a sticky out tummy - but that's still fat that needs to be reduced), but I have now lost one and a half stone since I started low carbing and exercising on 7 January! smileshock Another stone and a half to go - but it's been a great start to the year! smile

PeggyO Thu 21-Feb-13 16:35:55

Wow, prettybird, you star - one and a half stone since January is absolutely amazing! Just think, even if your weight loss slows down a bit you can still be at your target weight in plenty of time for the summer smile

prettybird Thu 21-Feb-13 16:39:49

I am planning to slow it down smile If I could break the 11 stone barrier by my birthday (early April) I'll be really pleased. I'm 11 stone 9lb now.

Once I've got to 10 stone 13lb, I'll try and slow down again, so that when I get to my target weight (which will be between 9 stone 13lb and 10 stone 3lb - I'll see how I feel/look when I get there), I can sustain it at that level.

Ponks Thu 21-Feb-13 19:05:46

Wow prettybird you are doing really well! Fantastic!

peggy I am so impressed at your double workouts - am hoping to do work up to that one day. And with 4kg weights! I am going to start with 1.5kg and take it from there. I am ok with the balancey-kicking poses in L1 Killer probably due to my short legs - low centre of gravity & all that. smile

Anyway, today I did Shred L3 and ......... did all the jumping lunges grin grin grin
You would have thought I had won Olympic gold I was so pleased.

tracedw Thu 21-Feb-13 19:31:11

peggyo thanks for the advice re pilates/diastasis recti, i need to do a bit of investigating there i think.
Upping the hand weights from 2.5lb to 5 lb and attempting ALL the advanced moves really did the job today, i actually sweated properly for the first time and was heard to let out a few ladylike gruntsblush
I may ache tomorrow........smile

gingercat12 Thu 21-Feb-13 20:29:35

Wow prettybird!

ponks I was thinking of you, as I had audience today grin.
My Mom and best friend plonked themselves down on the sofa and watched me. They kept saying 'a bit higher', 'they double-time now'.

Evening all smile

Lovely and busy on here!!

Prettybird that weight loss if fan-bloody-tastic, seriously well done! Remember that the lean muscle you will have built will weigh more than fat so you will probably have lost more fat than the scales would suggest, if that makes sense? Brilliant stuff smile

Well I managed a Killer L2 today and did my 10 minute stretches afterwards. It is definitely making a positive difference. Back is still grumbling a bit, but nowhere near as much as before, woo yeah!

It's so cold at the moment but for the first year ever I have sensible warm boots and a sensible warm jacket (I think it's an age thing grin) so am dealing with it well...

See you guys tomorrow...

Bimblepops Thu 21-Feb-13 22:22:01

Hello Jillian experts!

I'm a first time Shredder, today is day 21, level 2 and I'm combining it with MyFitnessPal cal counting, aiming for around 1200 cals per day.

I want to get to 10st from my current 11st 1lbs and as much as I'm enjoying the Shred (yep, am actually enjoying it), I'm remaining exactly the same weight. I am definitely changing shape (for the better) and I know muscle weighs more than fat, but surely I should be losing even just a tiny bit of weight? Any advice?

I was also wondering if anyone could recommend any other workout DVD's, primarily fat burning, so I guess cardio/aerobic? I'm awful with left/right hand/leg co-ordination, so no dance type things, they just make me cry with frustration. But I am very flexible and pretty strong.

Any suggestions and advice would be gratefully received!

MissTFied Fri 22-Feb-13 00:29:03

Evening everyone,

Welcome Bimblepops. Good to hear you are enjoying Jillian. I'd recommend Banish Fat Boost Metabolism if you want a cardio DVD. If the scales aren't 'adding up', why not measure yourself and see the inches slip away?!

Threesteps - glad the Pilates is helping. Re Jillian not doing double sessions, I'd love to know what she does on a daily basis. She's got such pressure on her to look good. I may try to find out... Also re poking about, have any of you noticed that as you lose the weight on your thighs, if you run your finger up and down you can actually feel the muscle striations (it's definitely not cellulite!)

Gingercat - I wouldn't have liked that 'input' from an audience. I'd have said 'come on, you try it!' It all looks so easy from the sofa...

Ponks - jumping lunges are nasty. She does them in L3 of KB. It does feel good when they are all done!

PeggyO - I am liking you and your double sessions! You go girl! I think I have resigned myself to tackling ES&S at the beginning of March, so it's encouraging to hear L2 is a killer (only tried it once). I LOVE aching. And your weights are so heavy!

Pretty bird - well done with your weight loss. It's great when you keep losing and hitting your targets isn't it? Stick with Jillian and you'll lose shed loads!

Traced - I hope you enjoy 6W6P. One of my favourites. Hmmm. Maybe I'll delay ES&S and return to that.

Did almost another double today - KB L3 and 3 circuits of NMTZ. God I hate the first circuit with the backward lunges with shoulder raises. Ow. I'd like a break before switching legs, but no.

Feeling pleasantly achy tonight, in arms and stomach, so all good.

Look forward to reading all of your posts tomorrow.

Morning All

bimblepops don't worry about weight, just get that tape measure out. If you want a fat busting workout I can recommend Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, it starts easy but then picks up very quickly.

ponks I salute your jumping lunges. I can't do them at all due to dodgy knees so I do military press and leg extensions instead. Even Natalie looks knackered doing them so a bit WELL DONE YOU!!

Measured myself this morning, and even with that week and a bit off in early Feb, I have lost a whopping 2.5 inches off my waist since the beginning of January. I need to lose another 2 inches to get into a "safe" zone on hip/waist ratio.

Jacksterbear Fri 22-Feb-13 09:49:34

Morning all.

High-fives to:
prettybird and world for your weight/inch loss
ponks for the jumping lunges
PeggyO and MissT for your hardcore double-Jillianing grin (MissT, I hate circuit 1 of NMTZ too!)
gingercat, for keeping on going with an audience! grin
3steps for your improved back and sensible pilates stretching
bimblepops for starting the Shred
tracedw for upping the weights

Hope I haven't missed anyone and have paired the right people with the right achievements (lots of scrolling up and down the thread to check! grin).

Knee has eased up so thinking about what to do today that will be relatively easy on it - seems ok to bend but don't want to jarr it, so probably will stick to strength rather than cardio... NMTZ maybe?

fadingblonde Fri 22-Feb-13 11:29:15

Morning all!

Sorry not to name check; I've read through all the thread, it's moving really fast and everyone seems to be doing so well I feel quite lazy in comparison. I only did Jillian once last week blush

This week I've got back to doing killer L1 and I started L2 S & S which I really enjoyed, but omg the next day the backs of my arms were so painful I couldn't exercise at all. I did it again last night and it seems like Jillian has put a load of press ups in which you do before you realise your doing them (I can normally only do 6 proper push ups). I'm putting the pain down to that but I'll definitely persevere with it.

One move I could not do at all was the 'crab' position, not done that since I was about 10 years old! And fancy putting jumping lunges in the last circuit....

PeggyO Fri 22-Feb-13 15:04:34

Happy Friday Julian Monkeys!

Brilliant round up Jackster! I think NMTZ would be a sensible choice, it's my go-to for days when my hips / knees are feeling a bit dodgy. Much less jumping about than Jillian's other DVDs.

fading, that last circuit of L2 S&S is hellish isn't it! Those isometric holds, alternated with jumping squats / lunges - urrrgh. I almost dropped my weight during the holds this morning as my arms were shaking so much!

Ponks (my KB&T buddy!) I am sure you will be able to double-session it before too long! The first time I pulled a double I think I was just feeling a bit crazy and didn't expect to complete the whole thing - but my body surprised me by managing.

Bimblepops I third MissT and worldgonecrazy's recommendations for Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. It's all cardio which is the best for reducing fat. It is longer than the Shred (about 50 minutes altogether if I remember rightly) but you can pick individual circuits from the DVD menu so you could just do 3 or 4 in a session if that's all you have time for.

MissT, I would love to know what Jillian does on a daily basis exercise-wise. I reckon she probably does hardcore weights / bodyweight stuff as she is so muscular envy

hopingtodrive Fri 22-Feb-13 18:26:14

Hi everyone, I have finishes level 1 of the shred today. Have decided to invest in some weights as I seem to be sticking to it.
I have been using tinned beans as weights.

Any recommendations? Thanks

Hi hoping smile If you can get a set of say 3 different weights I'd really recommend it as you can chop and change for different exercises. I'd say anywhere between 1 or 1.5 kg and 3 or 4 kg would be a good range. Not sure exactly where to go, but have you looked at Argos, they have a lot I think? Or even TKMax sometimes has them... Happy Shredding!

Fading, exactly!! Her stealth push-ups in S&S are very clever! Since doing S&S I'm now attempting full push-ups so I'm very happy she tricked me grin

Well I spoke too soon sadly. Back v bad again today so I took some ibuprofen and did my stretches. Will see how I feel tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll try and book an appointment with a back person next week.

hope all those with injuries and ailments are doing okay.

Good work everyone, this thread is a delight to read at the moment. Have a good weekend all smile

Jacksterbear Sat 23-Feb-13 10:37:59

Thanks PeggyO grin . Well, I wimped out of decided against NMTZ yesterday because I wasn't sure if my knee would be up to the lunges, so instead did 20 mins on exercise bike (lowish resistance but HIGH speed!) plus the belly and arms sections of 10 Mins Solution: Pilates Perfect Body. Ouch on the arms!

3steps sad that sucks. Take care. x

PeggyO Sat 23-Feb-13 12:32:37

hopingtodrive, congrats on sticking with the Shred! I have these weights which are good as you get 2x1kg, 2x1.5kg and 2x2.5kg. I was using bean tins at first too but I soon got used to the 1kg, and it was nice to have the heavier weights to build up to.

Boo threesteps - take it easy this weekend. x

Jackster, that's not wimping out at all! Wimping out would have been not doing anything, fast cycling and Pilates is no joke!

No Julian for me today - although I did get a new PB at Parkrun this morning so am feeling very happy!

fadingblonde Sat 23-Feb-13 21:18:29

Hi all,

I attempted level 2 of killer today, I say attempted as one dd was trying to join in and the other was putting toys in my path! I don't think I did it with good form but left nicely wobbly by the end of it so I think I worked some muscles despite the distraction.

It was a nice change to see Anita doing the 'bad ass' version. I was beginning to think that Jillian only ever used the blondes to do the beginner version which seemed sort of stereotypical. I wish she wouldn't distract them doing the balance exercises though, ever time they wobble I do to. Must remember to look away from the TV.

Hope everyone has a good weekend smile

Evening all smile

Rock and roll this weekend, at home with a big work deadline for Monday!

My friend thinks my back trouble is a trapped nerve because of where the discomfort is. On the left one of those two bones either side of the coccyx, I don't know what they're called! (does anyone know?)

Trapped nerve sounds okay and free-able so I'm okay with that! It's worse when I'm sitting down so I did my L2 Killer today followed by stretches. It always feels better straight after so I don't think I'm doing the wrong thing by exercising.

Fading well done you doing L2 with audience participation! Jackster hope your knee is improving - and I would never call those pilates arm exercises wimping out! Peggy brilliant news on your PB smile

I also had a PB today - 20 full push ups shock I say full because I'm in plank, however I don't get that far down. But it's a definite improvement on my previous efforts on my knees...

Will do my last Killer L2 tomorrow depending on how I feel.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone x

gingercat12 Sun 24-Feb-13 14:09:20

Well done on 20 push-ups threesteps!

Like prettybird I have a bad cough. I sleep the last few hours of the nights in the armchair, and I had enough of it. Obviously I am not ill enough not to exercise.

Finished week 3 of BR. My best friend really liked the BR dvd as well.

Ponks Sun 24-Feb-13 20:22:54

Sorry to hear about your back playing up again threesteps, sounds miserable. Its so annoying to get problems & pains when you are trying to keep yourself fit and healthy!

Well things have now got competitive with DH - he has graduated from audience to Shred / Killer participant and has even done sessions by himself. Which has made me exercise some days when I could easily have wimped out. Today was Killer buns L1 but with some light weights. If the weekend didn't go so quickly I would have liked to do a double so maybe will have a go next weekend!

Good for you gingercat exercising when poorly! though sometimes your body really does need a rest!

prettybird Sun 24-Feb-13 20:39:40

Day seven of antibiotics and I'm still coughing sad. Had to ask my GP for an extension of the course.

I'm going to have to continue to do Level 2 of the Shred at reduced effort for the aerobic circuits.

Well done everyone for their efforts - despite efforts of dhs/dcs/injuries/illnesses to thwart us.

A little competitive edge has entered the equation eh Ponks? Fab! How is he finding it?

Prettybird and Gingercat take care of yourselves. Think it was Notyummy who said if the cold is above the neck it's okay to exercise, if it's below it's best to rest, or something along those lines...

Well I'm still in a bit of a sorry state. Not yet found someone to go to for my back, and I'm waiting to hear back from a friend who recommended someone to me a few years ago.

So I've decided to take at least a week off and try and sort it with non-violent (JM) exercise and rest. Will be doing my pilates and back stretches and the occasional flurry of push-ups, my new addiction grin

I'll come back next week hopefully like a new pin. So have a great week all, and happy exercising smile

Threesteps x

Took today off because I think we're supposed to have a day of rest every now and then, and I was up late last night with an upset tummy, and my knees were hurting. Back to it tomorrow.

Saturday I managed to get in 6W6P Level 1 before DD woke up, Sunday I did Level 3 and 4 of Ripped in 30 - I'd forgotten how hard that DVD is.

Going to do Level 3 and 4 of Ripped again tomorrow morning.

And I can see my bottom rib if I suck my tummy in - I have boney bits!

knottyhair Tue 26-Feb-13 12:41:10

Can I join please? I used to be on the Jillian-loving thread up until May last year when I found out much to my shock surprise, that I was pregnant again at the grand old age of 44. Before that, I'd lost 2.5 stone with the lovely Jillian's help, and was an avid collector of her DVDs. My DD is now 10 weeks old and I braved a Ripped L1 today (lent my Shred out and haven't had it back yet), did it without any weights, and my god it was hard but I loved it. I was doing all the top levels before with 3 & 5kg weights, so I think it'll be a while before I'm back to that! I've got a stone to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I need Jillian back in my life!

hopingtodrive Tue 26-Feb-13 14:00:09

hi everyone. i am doing level 2 and although i love it, my knee is starting to twinge. its not very painful but i feel it everytime i walk or stand or sit.

any tips on how to avoid it getting worse?

i did the shred before too but had to quit halfway through level 1 because my knee had become very painful

i havent had any knee issues before

Knottyhair!! Welcome back to the Jillian fold grin

Congratulations on the news of your lovely DD, aw smile
I'm very impressed you are Ripping with Jillian at 10 weeks! (May I recommend Killer Buns and Extreme Shed and Shred for your collection if you don't have them? - how's your Jillian storage annex looking lol?)

Really great to have you back x

Hoping the only thing I can think that may have an affect is your form? Make sure you're spot on, and that your knee doesn't over-extend over the toes when you're lunging etc. Unfortunately Jillian stuff can be quite heavy on the knees... Perhaps have a few days rest if it's uncomfortable at the moment, what a pain sad Also, trainers?

On the injury bench for the rest of the week but just checking in to say the stretches are really really helping smile Tempted to throw myself back into it but I'm not going to - going to give myself a full week off to convince my back there is nothing wrong!

Laters all smile

Welcome to the Jillian-fan club hopingtodrive

The things I find worst for my knees (which are really dodgy) are any moves involving moving lunges. So I can do a static lunge, but that's it. So I swap any jumping/moving lunge moves with a different move.

So jumping lunges becomes high knees, or standing mountain climbers if I'm feeling really energetic, when there is a high-knee strain move in the cardio section.

I used to be able to manage plie hops, but this morning I had to swap those for high knees. I've also noticed that jumping jacks are starting to really put a strain on my knees too, so again, I switch them for something that keeps the leg straight.

If there is a moving lunge move in the strength section I switch it for military press with leg extensions, or just hold the lunge position so that my knees aren't moving. I do try and give the swapped exercises an extra percentage of effort so that I don't feel like I'm phoning it in.

I guess the key is finding out which moves put strain on your knees - you may have a different weakness to the one I have. Mine is a weakness which causes pain and instability walking down stairs or extending the leg to straight with any weight upon the ankle.

If you collect a few Jillian DVDs it will give you a range of exercises to swap in for the high-knee strain exercises.

PeggyO Tue 26-Feb-13 15:04:05

Hi everyone, it looks like I am joining some of you on the sickness bench sad I started with a sore throat on Sunday but perservered with L2KB&T and L1 ES&S yesterday. It was my first time on L2 Killer, and I didn't think it was too awful - although I was modifying some things (e.g. single jump rope not double) as I was struggling to catch my breath more than usual.

Anyway, by yesterday night I had a fever and today my whole throat feels swollen and the airways in my chest feel really inflamed, so I am taking threesteps / notyummy's 'below the neck' advice and having a reluctant rest day. Argh, I hate not being able to exercise! [sob]

Hope my fellow sickos gingercat, worldgonecrazy and prettybird are feeling better and listening to their bodies. x

Ponks, how brilliant that your DH is getting really into Jillian! I may have persuaded mine to come out running with me once he's got himself a decent pair of trainers, which I am excited about!

knottyhair, CONGRATULATIONS on your DD and welcome back! I am so impressed that you are back to Jillianing so soon - I think you will be my inspiration when I have DC!

hoping, threesteps' advice re. form is good, and if your trainers are getting old / worn out it might be worth investing in a new pair. If you have sustained an injury, then keeping the leg elevated when you are sitting down could help it to heal better, as could applying an ice pack / frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel for 5-10 minutes a couple of times a day. And remember it's better to ease off on the exercise a bit now and give your knee a chance to heal up than to press on and do yourself more damage in the long run! (Although I am terrible at taking my own advice on things like this...)

Just a thought - would anyone be up for a DVD swap around? I have a 6W6P or a 30DS I would like to swap for a peek at No More Trouble Zones. We could swap back after a few weeks so you get a DVD for the price of posting one back. Drop me a PM if you're interested, or post if you have a DVD to swap.

knottyhair Tue 26-Feb-13 16:19:46

Thanks! Sorry to those of you struggling with injury & illness - it's really frustrating when you've been going great guns. Hi threesteps, I was doing Killer Buns before, but Extreme Shred & Shed is on my wishlist, when I've eased myself back in!

Guitargirl Tue 26-Feb-13 16:44:53

Hi everyone, am back after a week at my parents and no JM. Did Level 1 of S+S this morning and yesterday, am definitely aching less! I have a full day at work tomorrow so won't have time for JM but plan to do Level 2+3 of 30DS together on Thursday morning - haven't attempted 2 levels together before!

Have also ordered the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD and awaiting for that now! Definitely need to get proper weights though.

Knotty - I remember you from the 'Nothing tastes as good as being slim threads' ages ago! I remember your Jillian addiction then! Congratulations on your DD!

notyummy Tue 26-Feb-13 17:24:26

Just wanted to pop in to say congratulations knotty!

Back and related sciatica really bad sadly. Managed some short gentle runs last week and a long walk on Saturday, plus my daily Callanetics. GP has given me stronger pain relief but <ahem> it makesme constipated so I trying to only take it if I really need it. Considering trying NMTZ tomorrow as missing my strength stuff. Will be careful with the weights but it is quite slow so I hope I may be able to manage it.

knottyhair Tue 26-Feb-13 18:29:44

Hi guitargirl & notyummy! Sounds like you've been through the wringer notyummy, really hope you recover soon, you were always the one to aspire to!

gingercat12 Tue 26-Feb-13 19:38:30

Congratulations knottyhair! How can you even think of exercising with a 10-week-old?! That is proper hard core.

Hope everyone is getting better. I do not count myself as sick, as it is partly my fault. After I partially lost my voice we were given free spa tickets, and these are really - really dear (we were at my parents last week, too). What I did not realise that you can only get to the indoor pool via outdoors in the cold Continental winter. Plus DS wanted to spend all his time in the outdoor hot thermal baths. So we spent a lot of time traipsing around in soaking wet swimming costumes / trunks barefoot in freezing cold. I did not deteriorate at all, but felt a bit guilty. I am a responsible parent, I know.

Ponks Tue 26-Feb-13 22:47:12

Woo hello all, loads of people appearing! But also lots on the injured / ill list too - maybe February is getting to us all. I really had to force myself to Shred today, would have loved to crawl under the duvet but cracked open the DVD instead and, yep, really glad I did. L2 is definitely getting easier now - so I know what i have to do - add more weight! as I am only on 1.5kg at the mo with my spindly arms.

DH is enjoying the DVDs as it is such a different sort of exercise than he is used to - he is more of a runner but has been injured lately & put on weight - doing Shred and Killer is helping him build his strength up & tone up too. During the week we exercise at different times but the last couple of weekends we have exercised together which is good as we compete to see e.g. who can hold the "single leg chair squat" longer!

Wow knotty you are made of strong stuff - baby at 44 and exercising so soon!

knottyhair Wed 27-Feb-13 12:20:04

Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm having to accept that I won't be able to exercise as much as before, as I can only really do it whilst DD has her lunchtime nap, and sometimes there are other things to do! Today I have to wrap presents etc. for DS's birthday tomorrow, and tomorrow I have to make a bolognese sauce (DS's birthday tea of choice). But Friday, I will definitely make time. My god, I ache today though! I luffs Jillian smile. Hope those of you suffering are feeling better x

Jacksterbear Wed 27-Feb-13 13:40:29

knotty!! Lovely to see you back and congratulations! smile Only a stone to lose 10 weeks after having a baby is pretty impressive!

ponks it sounds fun having a his n hers workout together! Would love to persuade DH to give it a go! grin

Well it's going to be near impossible to fit in any workouts this week for various reasons, incl work and DCs. Friday is a possibility, and hopefully both weekend days. 3x a week is my absolute minimum unless ill; ideally would do 5x, but that's not really realistic so 4x is a good week. Knee seems ok now but still staying away from running for the moment.

Healing vibes to notyummy, gingercat, peggyO and all others suffering from illness and injury.

knottyhair Wed 27-Feb-13 13:55:49

Hi Jackster!
Result! Got the wrapping done quickly and just managed to squeeze in 4 circuits of Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. To think, that used to be a fairly easy option for me, I'm a sweaty mess!

CHST Wed 27-Feb-13 14:17:11

hello knotty and welcome! Congrats on the new bundle...I was thinking of you recently!!
Someone was asking upthread about Body Revolution and I love it! I would say along with killer buns it is may favourite of Jillian..I like the class feel and am used to that having done insanity, turbofire and now Chalean extreme. I am thinking of going back to it after Chalean but with heavier weights especially as the first time round I did not feel challenged till the 5th workout and not really challnged till about workout 8 so will up the game. I really think it is worth the money as you do have 15 workouts total that you can go back to over and over again. The moves are pretty varied to stop you getting bored too.
I hope all you injured get well soon...I had a niggling feeling near my right ovary during my workout so I hope that is not going to be a strain of some sort sad am three weeks into my push month and then it will be the home stretch with the lean month. Am enjoying the workouts and am allowing myself to reach muscle failure a lot more...am scared of it..heck knows why but I have always found it hard to challenge myself to breaking point which is why I did insanity!
worldgonecrazy that is a good idea. I have pretty much got all of her workouts though so don't need to swap...the only one I really want is the kickbox fast fix which is region1 so I doubt many have that yet

tracedw Wed 27-Feb-13 14:52:10

Hi, having a well earned day off today from shredding, i was hoping to complete level 1 first but yesterday (day 9) i felt a bit of a twinge in my groin during the side lunge with arm raise (circuit 3 i think)
I think i will leave level 1 there for now, dont want to tempt anything unpleasant to happen so soon after beginning this journey with Jillian wink
I have had a quick glance at level 2 on youtube and it looks side lunge free so i may get back to it tomorrow.

knottyhair Wed 27-Feb-13 15:05:26

If anyone's interested, there's a couple of photos of Rosa (new DD) on my profile.

tracedw Wed 27-Feb-13 15:18:22

Just to add my congratulations knottyhair
Is there much of an age gap between DC? i had ds3 at 46 and had 5 1/2 yr gap between ds2-3 and a ten yr gap with ds1.
Though i have to say its ds1 and 3 that have the loveliest relationship, no competition i guess.

knottyhair Wed 27-Feb-13 15:36:59

Thanks tracedw! There is nearly 9 years between my 2, and you're right, there's no competition and DS absolutely adores her smile.

gingercat12 Wed 27-Feb-13 19:49:50

knottyhair She is adorable!

notyummy Wed 27-Feb-13 21:23:21

Oooooh she is scrumptious Knotty- that gorgeous smile!

Managed NMTZ today. I can't do windshield wipers, because I can't bring my legs up high enough but can do everything else.

hopingtodrive Thu 28-Feb-13 01:30:36

Thanks for the tips everyone. Today I didn't go deep into the lunges and my knee seems to be a bit better. I am being very cautious though. I am halfway through shred. Can't wait to finish it.

Congratulations knotty on your adorable DD

Jacksterbear Fri 01-Mar-13 11:28:16

Great work everyone. tracedw did you do shred L2? How did it go? hoping, glad knee feels better, and hope notyummy 3steps CHST and others with injuries and twinges are doing ok. knotty, 4 circuits of BFBM is no cake walk - well done.

Managed a quick Ripped L3 before work today. Ow those duck walks! And ow ow those side plank arm raises! I like it now a lot more than I used to though... have taken on board the wise advice of Jillian and others on this thread re "perfect sucks", and now accept that I can't do that level perfectly but just give it my best shot. smile

Aim is to do L2 tomorrow and L1 on Sunday (and if I have the time follow L1 with L4 - IMO the 2 easiest Ripped levels so doable as a double... I think??).

Guitargirl Fri 01-Mar-13 11:56:57

Hi everyone, I was hoping to do Level 1 and 2 together today of S+S but only managed Level 1. DD has a friend over after school today and the place is a tip at the moment so I really need to get cracking, I shouldn't be on here at all really. I did do Level 2+3 of 30DS yesterday which was ok. It's a bit frustrating as my weights have now been delivered but we weren't at home so they have gone to a neighbour who is not answering the door every time we try to go and get them. Am hoping my new DVD - BFBM arrives tomorrow. DP is taking the DCs out for the day to watch the football so will have time to try it out!

Jacksterbear Fri 01-Mar-13 12:59:25

Ooh Guitargirl let us know how you get on with BFBM - I think it's fun! Starts off at a relatively relaxed pace but by circuit 3 I am always puffing and sweating! That's annoying re weights, hope you can manage to pick them up soon.

knottyhair Fri 01-Mar-13 13:28:49

Thanks for all the lovely comments smile. Did just 3 circuits of NMTZ, and paused the DVD between each and did 2 mins of cardio as well. I decided to give light weights a go, and used just 1kg and I think I could have used 1.5, maybe 2? Don't want to run before I can walk though, after nearly a year off. Guitargirl, hope you enjoy BFBM! Jackster, yup, I remember those duck walks!

tracedw Fri 01-Mar-13 14:37:41

jacksterbear just finished D2 L2, not at all pretty, i kept falling over on day 1, my balance was rubbish but surprisingly ok today.
level 2 seems to be targeting my abs a lot more which is great for me after 3 cs and not much core strength to speak of..... and whats all this with the lunges...shock
Its madness!

tracedw Fri 01-Mar-13 14:40:17

i meant planks...........

Jacksterbear Fri 01-Mar-13 15:36:35

Good one tracedw, L2 is HARRD! Try squeezing your core tight to help balance.

Rollergirl1 Fri 01-Mar-13 15:52:04

Hi All

Haven't had a chance to post the last few weeks or to catch up with the thread so will do that in a minute.

I moved on to Level 2 of 6W6P at the beginning of this week. I didn't like it at first but it's grown on me. I didn't feel like it was targetting the abs as much as Level 1 initially but I ache loads so I guess it must be. It's also really heavy on the legs too (so many different lunges). I would say that my legs and bum are probably my least problem areas and they are pretty toned and strong. But i've been wincing walking down the stairs and lowering myself on to the toilet seat (something I haven't experienced for a long long time) since doing this level so it has to be pretty hardcore.

Don't have a six-pack yet but obliques are deffo noticeable now grin

notyummy Fri 01-Mar-13 19:07:55

L2 of 6W6P is indeed hard and I agree it feels like it works legs rather than abs. Haven't find it for ages because my back cant cope with all the quick twisting.

DH and I did NMTZ together today. Was good- hope I don't pay with dodgy back later....

fadingblonde Sat 02-Mar-13 14:11:31

Hi all, I've been having a lazy week and woke up feeling guilty after I'd been dreaming I was doing killer! So I got up and did level 1, I don't know why I put it off as I feel so much better afterwards.

Rollergirl I don't feel like 6w6p particularly targets my abs at all, or no more than any other Jillian dvd does. I think because it's so fast I don't do the moves as effectively although I think it's a good cardio workout.

Guitargirl Sat 02-Mar-13 14:16:07

Knotty - love the pictures, your DD looks so happy! smile

Shiny new DVD arrived this morning so have just attempted BFBM circuits 1,2,3,5&6. Circuit 4 is just impossible for me, plank exercises are a no-no only because I have absolutely no core strength to speak of!

Felt like I had a good work-out, cardio suits me as I have so much fat around the middle to lose blush.

Ponks Sat 02-Mar-13 14:55:44

Killer L1 almost finished me off today. Haven't done any exercise for the past couple of days as been plagued with sick headaches but felt a little better today so tried Killer. Am disappointed as had been looking forward to doing a double today like so many on this thread - but for now one was enough.

Also had little moment of existential crises mid workout - why am I bothering to do this when I am a flabby 40something? I know I am really enjoying the feeling of getting fitter and stronger but today I'm just feeling a bit down and wishing I were young again. sad

fadingblonde Sat 02-Mar-13 19:09:23

Just done NMTZ's minus the warm up and cool down - I always kid myself it's the easy option as there's no cardio hmm

Ponks I totally get that midlife crisis feeling - I can tell I'm stronger and fitter since I started 'Jillianing' but my weights the same, I look the same with my clothes on, and sometimes I just sort of think what's the point? I'm old (39) and past it, and I'll never look any better sad

Fadingblonde, NMTZ is a toughie, no doubt. Well done!

Aw Ponks and Fading, I know how you feel. Can I join the 40-something 'what's the point' crew'?

Honestly though, I turned 40 late last year and I don't think I've been in such good shape ever. Jillian'ing, combined with finally putting an end to years and years of disordered eating and a seriously bad relationship with food, have been very kind to my body smile

The face though shock - the face that looks back at me from the mirror is a cross between an insomniac badger and a handbag...

For me the I love the feel good factor of exercising.

Oh, and Ponks, apparently 40 is the new 30 ;)

After a week off with plenty of stretching my back is feeling good, no pain smile So, I will be doing a level of Killer tomorrow and seeing how I go, wish me luck...

Notyummy hope you're doing okay, and everyone else suffering injuries or lurgies or similar...

Sorry not to name check everyone but thread has moved on such a lot! (YOu all sound like you're doing great though...)

Will check in tomorrow with hopefully good feedback on my return to exercise smile

gingercat12 Sun 03-Mar-13 12:23:34

Another over 40 (or the hill?) here. I am happier and healthier than ever but agree on what is the point sometimes. Lots of reading helps. Found some amazing novels lately.

About to move up to BR Phase 2 on Monday. I looked at it yesterday, and it looks scary. But stylish.

Jacksterbear Sun 03-Mar-13 16:01:54

"The face though - the face that looks back at me from the mirror is a cross between an insomniac badger and a handbag... " Pmsl, I'm sure it's not true 3steps, but I do recognise that feeling! I'm mid-30s but feel very haggard sonetimes! grin Glad your back is better. Did u get through killer today?

Ripped L2 done yest, hope to do L1 later this eve. Hope you're all having good weekends and managing to fit in lots of exercise. smile

Jacksterbear Sun 03-Mar-13 16:07:01

And good luck with phase 2 gingercat. I like the sound of a stylish workout! grin

Ponks Sun 03-Mar-13 17:26:58

Oh yes the face in the mirror ... shock dark circles, bags under the eyes, blotchy skin ... what happened? My body is definitely better than at the beginning of January but there is a long way to go yet. I was so fit and thin in my 20s - don't think I will ever get that much bounce again but I want to get away from the feeling of living in a fat suit smile.

Feeling bit better today as no headaches so did Killer buns L2 with DH. Phew, a step up from L1 with all those one legged burpees etc. Couldn't do it all but that gives me something to work up to.

Jacksterbear I must confess I didn't today blush I was persuaded to give it another day of rest and make it a full week off, but I didn't need much persuading! Have lolled around all weekend being very lazy... The more days I take off, the harder it feels to get started again. But tomorrow it will be so will report back.

Glad you're enjoying Ripped smile I must revisit it when I finally finish Killer and then S&S.

Ponks L2 Killer is a definite step up from L1 so well done getting through it, I remember the first few times are hard! It's a great workout though isn't it?

Gingercat wow you're at Phase 2 already? That's gone so quick! Are you seeing / feeling the benefits?

Will check in tomorrow, enjoy what's left of the weekend all smile

notyummy Sun 03-Mar-13 20:13:35

Yes- 41 here. Body is genuinely as good as it has ever been. Have been slightly lighter/thinner before in 20s but that was through not eating and smoking loads so was certainly not as fit as I am now. Face needs more work (if I can be bothered before I feel 'fresh' and some days I can't quite get there!!)

Killer L2 quite tough from memory. Don't remember either level having much cardio challenge in it, but some other nasties instead... Am a bit worried about losing cardio fitness as my main source used to be running and I have been warned off that with my back. Am using the cross trainer regularly but never feels the same.

DH and I did our Bob Harper Pure Strength today. All 68 mins of it. Sheesh.

MissTFied Sun 03-Mar-13 20:23:09

Hi all,

On to S&S now, and as I predicted, I now like it (after trying it once and dismissing it!). I like the martial arts side of it and L1 doesn't feel too bad at all whilst doing it, but I notice it in the evenings and the next day, so that's a real bonus. I haven't done a double yet with this, I was thinking of maybe doing 10 days of L1, 10 of L2, then 10 of both levels. We will see though, an hour might not be very practical...

I like the sound of Body Revolution Gingercat - scary sounds good! I like to have other DVDs waiting for me, I will have to have a good look around. Almost done all of Jilly's!

Ponks - hope you feel better mentally. I am mid-30s and found some old notebooks from when I was 20 today. I had written food diaries and I am actually the same weight now as I was then, but the difference is like threesteps said, my attitude to food has changed. I seemed to be quite obsessed with what I ate but now I just exercise it all off. (OK I still do worry about all the sweet stuff I am consuming but I seem to be 'having my cake and eating it'). I am so glad I have found exercise which I enjoy, I couldn't think 'what's the point?', and I hope for it to remain this way (trying to override my natural pessimistic personality). Ultimately, I am doing this for myself, and it is working.

Phew, with that outpouring, I'm off! wink

MissTFied Sun 03-Mar-13 20:31:24

Ps - agree with you notyummy about being the best I have ever been now.

Just looked on amazon for any Jillian DVDs I may be able to buy and noticed 30DS is now £8! Extortionate! It was £4.99 when I bought it 5 months ago. Tut tut amazon.

Guitargirl Mon 04-Mar-13 07:35:48

Morning everyone, I have just had my Jillian fix for the day before the DCs wake up - BFBM minus circuit 4 which is still impossible for me.

Am not yet 40 (although probably look it) and I don't think have been doing this for long enough to have much of a visible effect on my body, am still very overweight. BUT the difference I can definitely feel is a mental one. I am so much more positive and I think am dealing with stress better. My boss has even remarked on it!

pestkontrol Mon 04-Mar-13 07:56:57

I've started another thread on this but prob this is a better place - fellow Jillian fans, how do you cope with the bad knees?
And (dare we be unfaithful) are there similar DVDs that are more knee friendly?
If this has already been answered earlier up, apologies in advance...
Tummy looking great. (And I am/was flabby and over 40. So take hope). Knees, for first time in life, crumbling.

Jacksterbear Mon 04-Mar-13 09:46:46

pestkontrol I actually find Jillian fine on the knees but I know others have had problems... I think form is the key thing (make sure your knees don't go forward over your toes when you lunge/squat by keeping your bum as far back as you can, and make sure your knees are not going off to the side but are staying in line with your ankles)... also, make sure you have supportive trainers.

Guitargirl and MissT I definitely get a positive mental boost from exercise too (actually one of the reasons I first got into it was to help combat PND after DC1). And I am in much better shape now than I was in my 20s (when I was working too hard, drinking and eating too much, and doing no exercise, and the pounds were ever so gradually piling on).

Well I did Ripped L4 last night. Nearly didn't, as I didn't get DD settled til 9.45 and had some tidying/clearing up etc to do in the house, but made myself do it, finishing at 10.20p.m. shock, but glad I did. Working from home today so should have time to fit in something longer...

Morning all smile

Hi Pestkontrol! On top of Jackster's great advice on form, if you scroll back a few pages on this thread, you'll fine a useful post by Worldgonecrazy on knees... She substitutes quite a few of the ones that hurt her knees and tells you what she substitutes them with - it might be helpful?

Back later when I've got started on Killer again, it's like Groundhog day in DVD land!!

gingercat12 Mon 04-Mar-13 12:42:53

Jackster 10.20 pm? That is dedication grin

threesteps I am feeling the benefits of BR. Lost more weight and reached my original target weight of 68 kgs, which I since changed to 66 kgs. (started from 85 kgs last year)
I can see more definition everywhere, but my arms are just amazing (showed them off to DH). I am not happy with my stomach, but I probably never will. pestcontrol I am envious of you!
Earlier on I was whinging about Phase 1 being gentle, but I always had a good work-out so far just had to up the weights, add more circuits, etc.
threesteps Enjoy Killer!

Off to M&S to find new bras after last week's bra intervention.

notyummy Mon 04-Mar-13 13:11:27

What amazing weight loss Ginger- well done! 66 is what I usually am so it must be a good number ;-)

DiamondDoris Mon 04-Mar-13 13:13:33

Completed day 4 of L3 of Ripped yesterday. Might take a day off today, but probably not - I'm addicted! Nice definition on abs starting to appear. Does anyone know how to deal with the bit between the belly button and pubic bone, especially with a c-section flappy bit?

fadingblonde Mon 04-Mar-13 15:40:52

Afternoon all!

Hope you enjoy Killer threesteps, it's fast becoming my favourite Jillian dvd smile Well done on the weightloss Ginger, very impressive

Pestkontrol I started out with shred and found level 1 really tough on my knees but at about 15 days in it eased off. I think my knees have actually strengthened as I've always had problems with cardio but touch wood they've been fine since.

DiamondDoris I had a c-section but since doing Jillian I think my stomach looks better than it ever has. I've not particularly focused on it (I couldn't get away with 6w6p) but I think all the planking and balance work really work on your core. There are some good circuits in NMTZ's that might help.

I've just done L2 shed and shred - I really enjoy it after being a bit sceptical about L1 at first, and I might try to do killer tonight. I find if I keep exercising I want to do more but the moment I stop it seems so hard to get back in to. It's frustrating because it's almost like I sabotage myself - I don't exercise, eat rubbish, feel lousy, then start again, want to eat well, and feel so much better. Even my dh says I'm alot nicer when I've been working out hmm

hopingtodrive Mon 04-Mar-13 17:12:07

I finished level 2 today. :D I am glad to see the back of that one.
Very impressed from everyone on here.

I have been thinking ahead about what to do after shred. I would prefer a workout which is a bit gentler on the knees but don't know if that exists in Jillian world.

Gingercat that weight loss is fantastic! You must be thrilled, seriously well done smile If anyone has earned it you have - you will forever be known to me as the person who did BFBM in the airport terminal grin

Hoping congrats on getting L2 behind you! I think L3 Shred is in many ways easier so it's all good now!

Hmm, I can't think of any knee-light Jillian workouts. Perhaps her cardio one, Burn Fat Boost Metabolism. And perhaps No More Trouble Zones? (it's been ages since I've done that one though so I can't really remember what's in it, there is lunging though).

I'm back to it now I hope. I did L1 Killer followed by my pilates stretches and all feels good. I'll take it slow and steady though...

Not content with being injury free, I whacked my big toe hard on the chest the TV sits on when doing the front kick / back kick in circuit 3 (bare feet) sad I had to pause and stand and gurn until the pain passed but luckily could finish and it feels better now!

Hope everyone is doing well, see you all tomorrow smile

pestkontrol Mon 04-Mar-13 17:36:42

Thanks everyone - and to Jackster and Worldgonecrazy for knee advice. I'm going to take it super-gently for the next few days and see if that helps.

Ginger, don't be envious - I think we all have our 'Danger' zones that we don't like and however much we work on them, we still don't like them (for me, it's the Thunder Thighs). One thing I've realised is that no one else notices them half as much as we do. You may think your tummy is bad, but to us, it may look normal (or even, pretty damn hawt)

Ponks Mon 04-Mar-13 22:36:46

Evening everyone, I'm feeling a lot more positive today having done another Killer L2. Sooo hard but in a good way. My thighs are already feeling shocked the benefit. No headache today so hopefully that is it for a few weeks.

fadingblonde I completely agree with you - if I stop exercising even for a couple of days it seems so hard to start again but when I'm in the swing of it I love it.

threesteps at least you didn't damage the TV? smile When doing some of the exercises involving weights (eg swinging them in Ripped L1, or doing jab / cross punches with weights) I'm terrified of losing my grip and smashing the screen.

DH came back from work today talking about the Insanity workouts - apparently some people from work have got into them. I remember a link on the last Jillian thread to a shorter Insanity workout - must find it again so I can show him how Mad it looks! Respect to anyone who can do that!

notyummy Tue 05-Mar-13 09:45:01

Before my bad back kicked in I was doing Insanity, albeit not quite to their timetable because I wanted to be able to get out in the fresh air and run as well. It is properly hard and also fairly time consuming. That said, if you were used tobgoing to a gym then it is probably no more time involved as no travel time- just the DVD.

The only other one I have that comes close (although in a different way because it is strength focussed rather than cardio) is the Bob Harper Pure Strength DVD.

gingercat12 Tue 05-Mar-13 12:39:31

Thank you for your kind words. thanks Realistically I probably will not lose more weight now (would be astonished if I could), just try to maintain it and tone up with great abs (I wish).

threesteps It was fun to do BFBM at Brussels airport. Jillian addiction is not pretty sometimes grin

If we have some dry weather this year, I may try C25K. (Praying for rain already.)

Jacksterbear Tue 05-Mar-13 13:34:35

Hey all. Managed Ripped L1 yesterday (didn't have as much time as I had hoped to do a longer workout, largely due to time spent aimlessly panicking over planning DS's WBD costume grin) so I have done all the Ripped levels in the last 4 days.

May be able to get home from work early today and fit in something then. It would have been a perfect day to do a run as part of my journey home if I weren't still worried about knackering my knee again sad.

3steps really well done for getting going again. It's so hard, mentally and physically, to start again after a break (enforced or otherwise). So the worst bit is over! smile

Ponks I am always worrying about damaging something with my weights during Jillian. I did once smash my weight into my knee during 6W6P L2 (the bit with the knee raises plus arm pull-downs). Ouch! Also, Ponks I think that Insanity Fast and Furious is the one MissT does (at 6a.m! shock).

gingercat I had forgotten that airport story! Brilliant. grin

Nice work everyone else - keep it up!

tracedw Tue 05-Mar-13 21:38:10

Hi all, D5 L2 of the shred today, i have to say my 50 yr old knees are just about holding up, despite never having any kind of knee problems before confused

The last circuit of level 2 is an absolute killer , i just about manage to keep up, can i ask a question, how many of you are at the same level as Natalie (or there abouts) or as i am, a combo of the two.

Taking the lead from a few of you here too, i doubled up today, level 1 and level 2 done , albeit an hour apart. Once the kids are at school and i am in the gear/zone it seems rude not to!
Hope you are all well and injury free.

Gingercat C25K sounds like a fab new challenge, hopefully we won't have a summer (hmm) like last year...

Jacksterbear well done fitting in exercise when life gets busy. I'm not so good at that sometimes!

Ponks that Insanity clip I saw looked, well, insane! (can't think of a better word for it really). I think Peggyo and MissT have been done that particular one so they might give you some feedback. No way am I attempting that at the moment!

Tracedw level 2 of Shred is hard! That final strength circuit is a killer. I tend to try and stick with the hard level, but there are definitely exercises I'll drop down for (like that L2 strength in the last circuit, full push-ups etc.). A selection of different weights helps as you can go up or down depending on how hard you find the specific exercise...

Yesterday I just couldn't face Killer, I feel like I've been doing it on and off for a year! So I did a good old L1 Shred and tested out different weights with my back. All feels good so far so will do something else today, not sure what yet!

Hope everyone has a good day smile

gingercat12 Wed 06-Mar-13 12:21:31

Threesteps It is good to mix up the routines sometimes grin

Tracedw I am definitely not a Natalie. I can't remember the last circuit on L2 of the Shred, as all the plank stuff makes me half-dead by then, but normally I do a combination of Natalie and Anita.

I have done workouts 5, 6 and cardio 2 of Body Revolution. OMG! They are so doable, uncomplicated and every part of my body hurts. The cardio especially is going to "put me 6 feet under" as Jillian would put it. I knew I was in trouble when it started with speed ropes, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, etc. and ended with burpees. (Had a peek last night.) In case I never mentioned it I HATE cardio. (Try to imagine this sentence with my DS's strong Geordie accent.) Anyway only the first 9-10 minutes hurt, beacuse after that you are in the zone and can repeat it twice.

Yikes Gingercat, cardio 2 sounds hardcore! I know what you mean about getting into the zone though...

My arms hurt after yesterday's Shred! I did 1 of the 2 sets of push-ups as full ones. First time I've ever attempted that with Shred (thank you Shed&Shred!).

L3 Killer today which I loved. The relief of the final circuit as you're lying or standing still for the most part!

Going to do a week on L3 Killer if everything goes to plan, and will then re-start S&S from the beginning.

Hope everyone's doing well, have a nice evening smile

MissTFied Wed 06-Mar-13 21:36:37

Hi all,

Been feeling a bit rough over the last few days with a nagging head cold but I have forced myself to carry on. I don't want a pesky cold to beat me (desperately trying to remain positive, though feeling quite low tbh) sad. So I am still doing L1 of S&S.

Had a look at Bob Harper's DVDs and I'm tempted by the Super Strength one, though I'm not sure about the time involved. I know you do it notyummy, and I've read the reviews and I'm expecting it to be tough. I may also think about his cardio one.

Ponks tis true what * threesteps* and jacksterbear said. I have been known to do Insanity Fast and Furious at 6 am! It's still on YouTube - go for it! You feel great afterwards. I love poor Martin in the background!

Sending you all good workout and motivational vibes!

Ponks Wed 06-Mar-13 23:37:01

Ha MissT there is no way I could do Insanity Fast & Furious! (though I said that about Shred L3 at first...) I'm being v. careful re any significant cardio moves as my stupid achilles is playing up again, just from a short walk the other day. Still managing to Shred though!

Very happy today as have met my first personal target of the year and have lost 1 stone. Even better is how much I have toned up thanks to Jillian. I still have more to lose but I look and feel a lot better already.
Celebrated with a Shred L2 - am mixing up Shred and Killer this week. Like to do different workouts to make sure I'm getting a full body workout at the mo.

notyummy Thu 07-Mar-13 08:28:49

Misstified- sorry about your cold. I really like the Bob H Pure Strength. It is long and hard, but he is so likeable and watchable in it. Quite hardcore, but funny. DH really likes him in it as well.

It looks like I may need an op on my back according to the GP but I won't know conclusively until I have seen the consultant in a few weeks. Driving is awful- I get searing pain and sciatica and start losing feeling in my leg. It's a real issue as I have a long commute and my job involves covering a wide area. Not good.

gingercat12 Thu 07-Mar-13 14:01:35

Well don Ponks! Congratulations! Great way to celebrate, Shred L2 grin

MissTFied Are you feeling any better?

Notyummy That sounds serious. I do not know what to wish. Maybe for the pain to go away whatever it takes brew

I started to like Bob Harper lately, but I wish his workouts were shorter. JM really cornered the Mommy-market with her shorter workouts. You can't really find an excuse not to sweat for 30 minutes a day.

Gawd notyummy, that sounds awful, I'm so sorry sad I really hope they can get to the bottom of it all soon for you. Take it easy in the meantime (which I know will be hard for you!). Wishing you lots of healing wishes to get better x

And you MissT, hope you feel better soon.

Ponks, fantastic on reaching your target! Congratulations grin

Gingercat, what you say is so true, but I find I can be the master of creative excuses lol! <see below>

I'm finding it quite hard to mentally get back in the zone with Killer. There's been so much stopping and starting. It's frustrating as I like to try and complete a project (DVD) so my plan to have spent 3-4 weeks on Killer was scuppered.

Sooo, I think I may do 1 day on 1 day off with Killer for a week and alternate with something else - possibly Pilates. Then, I will be stretched and ready for re-starting S&S.

Hope everyone's having a good day smile

MissTFied Thu 07-Mar-13 22:17:45

Aw bless you lovely people re my little cold! There are so many serious injuries going on on here and here I am whining about nowt. I am conquering it! I am feeling much more 'up' today.

notyummy your back does sound bad. Can't imagine it. Ow. Thanks for the recommendation of Bob. I have now purchased his Pure Strength DVD - it better be good, lady! Did you do it everyday for a while or what? Did you notice a significant difference in your physique? I all of a sudden want to get serious and get really ripped!
If anyone wants cheering up, maybe you should YouTube Bob Harper Freakout. Perhaps you have seen it already? He loses it with a lady named Joelle. I thought Bob was supposed to be the nice one! DP says Bob sounds like Mr Garrison from South Park? I hadn't really watched it before, but youtubed Mr Garrison teaching evolution. Another funny thing!

Ponks of course you can do it! Just as soon as your achilles is better, there's your target! (Oh tell me to 'do one'!) It's amazing what we can push our bodies to do. Well done for reaching your target. Are you starting to bin your old clothes yet? I love doing that.

Gingercat I too wish Bob's workouts were shorter, but we will see how long they 'feel' when my DVD arrives. I don't fancy getter up at 5 something of a morning.

threesteps that is why I cannot allow myself a day off, because I fear I will never start again (although I luckily have not been injured). I have to say I enjoyed Killer and am now enjoying S&S. Think I may step up to L2 tomorrow. I hope you get into the Jillian groove again soon.

Go! Go go go! (I'm gone!)

Jacksterbear Fri 08-Mar-13 12:05:08

Woo hoo! Just done my first ever Double Shred (L1 and L2 back-to-back)!! So chuffed with myself. Was inspired by you guys; also had just got my 30DS DVD back from a friend who'd borrowed it ages ago, so was over-excited to have my old friend the Shred back (and must admit I was also remembering it through rose-tinted glasses slightly, in terms of how easy it was compared to Ripped... turns out, not so much! grin).

gingercat, your quote You can't really find an excuse not to sweat for 30 minutes a day is going to become my new mantra! grin love it.

notyummy sad I'm so sorry that really sucks.

3steps don't get disheartened! It's great to be doing what you are doing, don't expect too much from yourself.

Ponks, well done on your weightloss, and MissT hope you enjoy the new Bob DVD.

Now get out there and have an awesome day everyone... grin grin

Jacksterbear Fri 08-Mar-13 12:05:56

Oops I meant to bold that quote gingercat not strike it through!! blush

Guitargirl Fri 08-Mar-13 12:56:18

Hello all, I have been doing BFBM with level 1 of S+S on alternate days this week. I am intrigued by Insanity but I don't think am there yet. I sweat ridiculous amounts with BFBM so that's enough for me for the time being! The DCs are very interested in my new weights. It's a bit embarrassing though as they keep telling all the other parents in the playground that Mummy has different coloured heavy weights at home and I was not planning on 'outing' my exercise!

Good luck with Bob MissT!

Jacksterbear, you star! Well done on the double-session grin I know exactly what you mean, Shred's never as easy as remember it in your head is it? My arms still hurt from doing 1 round of full-pushups the other day!

Guitargirl, you can either be loud and proud about it, or you could say they are part of an intricate new kitchen implement you've bought lol

Glad your 'enjoying' BFBM - you can't beat it for a good 'ol sweat!

Well since my last post I've done Killer L3 again, and with today's repeat that will make 3! I'm going to keep with it for the week and then I can say I've done it. My buns better had be Titanium by the end or I shall be e-mailing her!

Have to say the 10 min stretch at the end of each workout has made a real difference, back slightly stiff but in no way uncomfortable, yay!

Catch up with everyone at some point over the weekend, happy JM'ing all smile

PeggyO Fri 08-Mar-13 16:19:14

Julian Monkeys! I have missed you!

I think I last posted when I was coming down with my sore throat of doom early last week. Things went from bad to worse and I ended up with a chest infection. I have a condition which means my lungs are a bit troublesome to begin with, so chest infections can be a serious business for me! Thanks to some hardcore antibiotics I am now feeling a lot better.

I started easing back in to Jillianing with some Yoga Meltdown earlier in the week, and since then I have done a couple of L2 KB&Ts. (Yeouch that hurts after a week off!)

Next week I'm planning to move up to L3, and hopefully return to my double sessions of KB&T with ES&S. threesteps, I was happy to read that you find the last circuit of L3 a relief -I find the last circuit of L2 really nasty with all that plyo! Side lunges with a hop, lateral hops AND star jumps?! I love the fact that even Anita and Natalie stop before the end of the star jumps, it makes me feel hardcore for keeping going!

MissT, I am so excited to hear you bought Bob's Pure Strength - so did I!!! I am going to get started after my final week of Killer, so maybe we can compare notes. At the moment I think that I will do 2 days of Bob a week, two days of Jillian (maybe the full L1&2 ES&S, if that's not too hardcore!), and two days of running - although who knows, maybe if Bob and I really hit it off, I will swap out some Jillian sessions for him...

Sorry not to check back in with everyone individually, you have all been so busy while I have been 'off'! You are all super-stars.

MissTFied Fri 08-Mar-13 17:17:27


What I wanted to say was, in summary:

PeggyO! I noticed your absence. You are obviously back in the swing of things now and looking forward to doing your scheduled workouts. I too am excited that we can Bob together and compare. DVD not here yet, and I'm not sure how I will work him in. Do I do total Bob as I like to do with each Jillian DVD? Or do I mix him up? Decisions, decisions...

Guitargirl - I know what you mean about not wanting to be outed. I kept my working out a secret until some people commented on my weight loss and now I have gone the other way and will bore on about Jillian (if asked).

It's funny watching people sort of double take at me and look me up and down, not knowing if it is polite to pass comment! I don't mind at all.

Threesteps - good to hear your stretching is working on your back. I wish I was still doing Killer. I rather loved the camel bit at the end of one of the levels. Almost home!

I did L2 od S&S this am. I think it will take a bit of getting used to! It dragged and there were several frustrating moves: walking planks, extended wrestling one and the crab. I don't think I was made to be a crab. I hope I grow to like L2. I did feel like I was getting a good workout though. Can't imagine consistently stringing both levels together like you did, threesteps.

Happy Monkeying around this weekend!

PeggyO Fri 08-Mar-13 18:07:40

My final L2 Killer is done! I really enjoyed it today. I shocked myself by managing all of the surrenders with 4kg weights shock It doesn't feel long ago that I could barely do the surrenders in NMTZ with 1.5kg! It's so amazing how our bodies can get so much stronger.

MissT, re. Bob - I seem to remember notyummy saying that Bob says to do the workout every day, but that she didn't. And if notyummy didn't, I'm not sure if I am brave enough to! Still, you never know, sometimes the exercise craziness descends and I end up doing all kinds of madness...

L2 ES&S is really long, I think there might be 5 circuits so the first time I did it it felt like it went on forever! Definitely feels faster once you get to grips with it. I hate / love the last circuit, where you do all those isometric holds with weights - they are so painful!

Guitargirl, I don't really like people finding out about my exercise either! I get quite embarrassed when it comes up as I know it sounds like a lot. I think sometimes people get a bit concerned too as I don't need to lose weight but there seems to be an assumption that if you are working out hard then that is what you're trying to do! I find it a bit frustrating that so many people associate exercise with weight loss rather than improving fitness and health. Anyway, that is an off-topic rant for another time!

Happy weekend all x

Evening all smile

MissT I only did S&S back-to-back once, but I'll take the kudos if it's going spare wink

PeggyO, great to see you!!!!
Sorry you've been so poorly but good news you're on the mend again.

I know exactly what you mean about exercising. I don't need to lose weight really either, and have had eating 'ishoos' in the past (nearly 10 years ago now though) - but because of that friends and family tend to think my love of exercise must revolve around the calorie-burn aspect. The reality now is I love exercise (JM mainly) as it has toned my body and I want to keep it that way! I also love the exercise too when it's over and, like you said, that feeling of 'wow' when you breeze through a set of something you'd previously really struggled to do.

Re the calories, I guess it is useful too as does help burn off my love of cake and all things chocolate grin

Did L3 Killer yesterday and took today off. Had to hump around some really heavy pots for my mum today which my back didn't like but I did my 10 minute stretch this evening which has hopefully fended off anything more.

Plan to JM tomorrow, 4 more Killer L3s then back to S&S, yay!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend. The cold weather is coming back on Monday. Why!!!!!!! sob

bugger bugger bugger (sorry!)

back was really uncomfortable last night and couldn't find a comfortable position to sit. Worse today, arrrrgh!

Going to take some nurofen in a mo and then stretch, and tomorrow I'm going to pop in to see a local chiropractor I've noticed and try and get an appointment. The fact it got much better (before the plant pot shifting) makes me think it could quite easily be 'fixed'.

So no JM'ing of any shape or form for the time being sad

Hope all mothers have had a lovely day with lots of spoiling smile

MissTFied Mon 11-Mar-13 09:44:40

Oh poor you threesteps! I hope the chiropractor can sort it for you. Sending you healing vibes!

notyummy Mon 11-Mar-13 12:11:20

Anyone done Bob yet?!

Healing vibes to you threesteps

Off to the physio today. Just walking briskly and my Callenthetics since Friday. Very annoying, given that DH did Bob on Sat and NMTZ on Sun....and the small matter of a 16 mile run on Friday. Grr. That used to be me.

Jacksterbear Mon 11-Mar-13 16:33:07

3steps and notyummy hope your backs can both be sorted out v soon!

Shred L3 done today (and have carpet burns on the elbows to show for it grin).

Was wondering, following on from the talk about exercise not being all about weightloss, what those of you who are not trying to lose weight have as your goals? I am mostly maintaining weight now (with the odd pound to lose here and there when the scales start to creep up a bit!) and find it's a bit nothing-y to have "maintain weight and generally improve fitness and tone" as a goal. I need something specific and achievable, but don't know what. Any ideas?

MissTFied Mon 11-Mar-13 17:03:15

Notyummy - I am awaiting Bob to fall through my letter box, est delivery date, 14/3. It must be rather frustrating seeing your DH go for a run when you can't.

I am trying to work myself up to Bob by doing extra sessions. Would you believe me if I told you I did not one, not two, but three Jillian's on Saturday?! I did S&S in the am, then L2 6W6P followed by BFBM in the afternoon. I had a few spare hours to kill, so I thought 'go for it!'. I must admit I felt it that night and the next day, but I enjoyed my muscles buzzing. I haven't felt like that in a while.

Jacksterbear - I am wondering about when I will just maintain, then I think, but surely there's always a particular body part that can be improved? I think that type of thing will be my goal, or maybe I will venture into stamina and running? I also just like conquering DVDs.

Bye for now people. Hope you injured ones get better soon.

Ponks Mon 11-Mar-13 21:29:33

Good God missT 3 sessions in a day? <seriously impressed>

I had a good day on Friday - starting to get to grips with Killer L2 - my strength & stamina are improving. Need to improve cardio fitness and stamina but it is difficult with my dodgy achilles - just walking seems to aggravate it at the moment.
Bad weekend though as had a bug & felt exhausted & achey so left Killer to DH.

Back to it today but stepped down to L1 - hey! suddenly seemed lot more do-able! Next time will add weights in more of the exercises. Must admit to phoning in the plank hamstring curls though - for some reason find them really hard.

threesteps ouch - hope you are feeling better & manage to get a chiro appointment. You aren't having a good time at the moment.

gingercat12 Tue 12-Mar-13 12:23:10

I second Jacksterbear's question. Slightly worried about how can you maintain your weight. That seems to be the hardest bit.

Threesteps, Notyummy and Ponks How are you feeling today? Hope you are slightly better. Or at least not worse.

MissTFied 3 sessions?! And all the ones I hate. How do you do it?!

W6 of Body Revolution. Yesterday the sound was a bit louder on the telly and I could actually hear JM talking. Was shocked to discover that apparently we "do these exercises so that we can have sex with the lights on" [giggles].

I am definitely toning up thanks to BR, very visibly on my arms, abs and my "buns" as she likes to call them. I have a long way to go though. By the middle of Cardio 2 even Anita looks knackered.

notyummy Tue 12-Mar-13 14:29:58

Jackster- when I was exercising properly my aim was usually to maintain my weight so i didn't have to think too much about what I eat. I don't eat piles of rubbish anyway, but do like a daily slice of cake and some cheese! More than that though, I liked the feeling if pushing myself and changing my workout every couple of months to challenge myself- so seeking how many full pressups I could do at once for example.

MissTFied Tue 12-Mar-13 19:29:06

Good evening all,

Did L2 6W6P this morning at 6, which I shouldn't really have done as I am supposed to be doing S&S this month, I just enjoy it more. I'd forgotten how much arm work is in it too, and I need that. Gingercat I am jealous of your arms looking ripped, and your abs! It must be encouraging when you look in the mirror. Your Jillian sex quote is funny! Oh and I did those 3 sessions because I consider my workout DVDs my treats now and had some unexpected free time. I guess also I'm just obsessed!

I would love a dance studio type of room with wall to ceiling mirrors when doing my workouts. I am not vain at all, I promise (we don't even have a full length mirror in the house). I think it would encourage me to get the form right and also to build on what I have. Do any of you workout in front of a mirror?

notyummy ooh yes, CAKE, CAKE, CAYYYYY-KE! I like a bit of cake too. I do a bit of baking with the dc so there's always something knocking round the kitchen which somehow somersaults off the work tops and into my open mouth.

Has anyone done any Jackie Warner or Jari Love DVDs? They get good reviews on amazon, just a bit more expensive.

Hello everyone smile

Notyummy hope physio went well.

Ponks, those hamstring curl things are my least favourite, I'm never sure I'm doing them right!

MissT and Gingercat you are doing so well! (MissT 'thunk' was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when you said which 3 (3!!!!!) of her DVDs you'd done shock (and no, the thought of working out in front of a full-length mirror is enough to send me to therapy!!)

Jacksterbear that's a really good question. I've always pined for the wow factor that came from doing Shred for the first time round. I guess I must have lost a few pounds doing that, and the body shape change was so clear. It was amazing!

I've never quite regained that feeling, but try and use DVDs as a 'project', when my pesky back behaves that is.

I'm probably going to drive everyone mad on here with my dithering, (sorry!) but I haven't yet made it to the chiro. After 2 days of just pilates, my back feels okay again hmm So today I did my L1 Shred intro with my lightest weights and all feels good so far.

I have made a promise to myself that if it goes out again, I will be booking that appointment and will not come and moan on here as you must all be sick of it grin

Keep going all you fitties, and get well soon all you poorlies smile

MissTFied Tue 12-Mar-13 20:57:56

smile at your thunking jaw threesteps!

Well if your back feels ok then why not just do as you are and take it easy? of course if it goes again, then moan away, we won't mind!

Also grin at an image I have of you running screaming from a full length mirror to therapy! Funny laydee!

PeggyO Wed 13-Mar-13 17:11:37

Hello hello!

threesteps, poor you. You really have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride with that back of yours. Don't feel bad about offloading here though, it's what we're here for - after all, we understand how frustrating it is to have to take time off exercise when lots of people would probably see that as quite a nice position to be in!

notyummy, hope your trip to the physio went well and helped your back.

Jackster, I guess I keep motivated by setting myself new challenges. Last year I ran in my first 10 mile race, and this year I'm doing my first half marathon. I make myself a new little workout calendar every month or so and try and make sure that I am continually improving (either by doing more double sessions, or more intense DVDs, or increasing my weights.) I'm extremely motivated by plans and ticking things off so it works for me! I also have a lung condition and seeing the improvements in my health has been a massive motivater - makes all that pain and sweat feel worthwhile!

Ponks, hope your achilles is holding up ok and that you are feeling better. It's always brilliant when a workout that seemed so tough at first suddenly feels easier!

MissT, massive respect to you for doing what I think may be the thread's first triple session! You crazy cat, you. Any sign of Bob yet? I'm going to start on Monday I think - I have a 10k race on Sunday and don't want to risk throwing anything too hardcore into the mix before then!

Ooh, gingercat, I would love to have nice defined arms. It's really interesting hearing your BR updates, I can't believe you are on week 6 already! (You're probably sat there thinking that it feels like forever since you're the one putting yourself through it each day...)

MissTFied Wed 13-Mar-13 17:21:11

Did another session of L2 S&S this morning...then BOB arrived! I had to give him a go, so managed to fit in the hour long workout before the school run. Wow! Do I feel worked out now.

I actually enjoyed it. Yes, it was long, but I liked the sliding countdown at the bottom of the screen to tell me how much time was left. There were some killer moves in there, esp the push ups into T stands, but tbh I was expecting a lot worse after reading the amazon reviews.

All in all I think it is a really good workout and certainly a step up from Jillian which is what I need to keep on top of my A game! hmm

I think I will be doing it properly after I finish S&S at the end of the month, but I might sneak in some more Bob when I can!

Hello hello smile

MissT you're first date with Bob sounds very hardcore! Well done for doing it after a L2S&S!

PeggyO good luck with your face at the weekend smile

Thank you both for not minding me grumble lol All good today though. I'm flitting round the shorter workouts as I'm still a bit worried and going quite gingerly. So I did L3 Shred with 1.5 kg apart from the plank row stuff at the end when I went up to 2.5kg.

I also swapped some of her abs stuff which I thought might strain the lower back.

And all feels okay, hurrah!

Will keep on this track for a while longer until everything feels a bit stronger.

Have a good evening all!

Race, that would be Race and not face lol!

PeggyO Wed 13-Mar-13 18:06:33

Haha, I was just wondering what was up with my face!

MissT, I am super-impressed that you Bobbed after a L2 S&S! How heavy did you go with the weights? I think on the back of the DVD it says 1-2lb, which is less than 1kg - that seemed a bit low to me, but then if the moves are tough maybe it's better to start light!

MissTFied Wed 13-Mar-13 19:10:26

Hello hello!

I had to scroll back to PeggyO's post to see what was wrong with her face!!! I wish you luck with your face too!

Well done threesteps for pushing on. You could just give up, but you don't. Admirable!

Bobbed! [laugh] I bobbed with 2kg weights throughout. I know you are a 4kg girl aren't you Peggy? I have never used two 4 kg, though I do swing around a 4.5 kg single weight for some of Jillian's moves on S&S. I just about managed with those 2kg. There were some tough bits where you just hold your arms out to the front, then the side, for what seems like a good while. Torture!

Do start it on Monday and let us know how you find it. Maybe you will watch it first? Re your 'face', what sort of time are you hoping to complete it in?

Where is everyone else? Hello? What have you all been up to?

notyummy Wed 13-Mar-13 20:13:11

MissT well done on Bob and L2 S/S. seriously though- dont overdo it and hurt yourself. And I can't remember if you are losing weight or not, but if not then you need to be eating plenty to maintain at that level of exercise! How do you fit it all in btw?! Always my challenge- 4 days a week at work with a long commute and a military husband often away. I used 3kg with the occasional foray up to 5 for Bob- but not often ;-) I still have not managed to do everyone of the pressups into t stand at the same pace as they do throughout (full pressups.)

MissTFied Wed 13-Mar-13 20:45:58

Cheers notyummy and thanks for the concern. I am actually aching all over now, writing this in bed! I sincerely hope the aches are good aches and won't lead to injury.

I actually haven't weighed myself for a bit, but I would like to lose maybe another half a stone. I would just like to see myself as Jillian's weight (sounds sad, I don't want to BE her, but she looks good to me and I find it hard to 'see' myself properly).

I am fortunate in that although I do have a fair few DC, I work part time and DP works from home. Mainly I do my DVDs early in the morning. These recent moments of madness where I have been doing extra sessions just came about because everything else to do had been done and I had some rare free time!

I don't know how you Bobbed with 3-5 kg weights, but then you are ex-military aren't you? I couldn't begin to try with anything over 2. Yes those press up t stands are challenging. I said to DP 'Look! Look at my arms wobbling!' I had to take a quick water break there. I have to say I didn't think Francisco was up to much!

Thanks for recommending it - Bob's just what I need!

Ponks Wed 13-Mar-13 21:10:15

Evening all, back to Killer L2 tonight and it was soo hard. Maybe I was a bit dehydrated as v busy at work today but there came a point where I had to lie on the mat panting instead of thrusting my bum skywards. <shame>

Small observation re Killer L2 - Natalie seems quite unimpressed to be doing the beginner versions, she looks like a sulky teenager at some points!

Peggy - good luck in your race! I used to run but 10k was my limit so I am v impressed by the 10 miler / half marathons!

threesteps - hope back continues to cope - you are like my DH though, he is in denial about how bad his back is and continues to insist he is getting better (3 months of taking painkillers every day .... hmmmm). See a physio or chiro - you know it is sensible!

MissT Oh I want a dance studio too, when I did aerobics / step etc I used to like being at the front so I could check my form in the mirror - also I think it can help you balance. Where I exercise I can see my top half reflected in the glass on a picture & it does help me. Sometimes I even go to do the star jumps etc in the kitchen in front of the oven to inspire myself! OK that sounds bit mad.

Ponks thanks for the pep talk, I think you may be right and there is a leetle bit of denial going on! But...I've done 2 days of normal stuff now without pain killers (only had to take them once or twice in total) and it really does seem fine.

I think because I've had the same thing on and off for years I imagine it will eventually sort itself out. I'm not going to be silly though - if it goes again I'm booking straight in for an appointment.

Keep going with Killer 2, I think it's the hardest of the 3 levels, especially the final cardio bit in circuit 3, ooof!!

Have a good day everyone smile

notyummy Thu 14-Mar-13 10:33:19

Ooh yes, the back. A subject close to my heart at the moment! I would also advocate getting it seen to. I have struggled on since last August with varying degrees of pain and loss of mobility. I saw a physio who eased the worst of it and finally succumbed and saw the GP in Dec. If I am honest, i think I have probably made it worse by soldiering on and determinedly exercising until v recently. The physio who saw me on Monday was so alarmed that she rang the spinal consultant and told him that he had to see my earlier so I now have an apt in 2 weeks. It is likely I will need an op. Don't delay!

gingercat12 Thu 14-Mar-13 12:33:56

notyummy Sounds painful.

threesteps No painkiller is good, isn't it?

Ponks Natalie is really stroppy doing the beginner version grin

Whenever I do crab-move I always think of MissTFied "I was not made to be a crab." Couldn't agree more, although in the past few months I got much better.

Good luck Peggy!

I am just plodding on with Body Revolution. Nothing to report.

"Bobbing" sounds great. Wish I had more time. And strength. I still finish every exercise session hurting everywhere (in a good way).

Well done with plodding on Gingercat! I can't do those crab kicks fast at all, they seem to kill Nathalie when she makes her double-time them grin

Notyummy, glad to hear they're pushing your appointment forward. You poor thing though, how is it feeling at the moment?

I have a question (apologies if it seems a bit tactless). I know you've said you've had lower back problems going back a few years (like me). Do you think what you are suffering now is the same root of the problem? Or a different cause maybe?

One of the 2 chiropractors I saw years back did an amazing job (and focused on my neck area bizarrely) and I had no more problems for ages. I will book the appointment and hope they can repeat the miracle. I can't do it next week as I'm too busy, but will do in the week running up to Easter.

Back feels fine today, which is helpful re the denial! But you and Ponks have actually made me see sense!

Going to do pilates stretches only today, trying to be sensible!

Have a good day everyone smile

Just called and booked an appointment for the 28th...and I'll definitely go.

Thanks guys smile

notyummy Thu 14-Mar-13 15:15:24

threesteps- not tactless to ask at all! Basically I hurt it 4/5 years ago lifting squirmy toddler out of the bath and twisting at same time. It did seen to go back to normal after a while but that was def the start. My job also involves a lot of sitting- driving, meetings, computer etc. That is really bad for lower back discs and has taken its toll. I think the original prolapsed disc had healed but a combination of poor posture and probably some exercises that didn't help restarted it. I'm now at the stage where I can't sit for more than 5 minutes and have a lot of both numbness and pain in my right leg.

Jacksterbear Thu 14-Mar-13 16:02:45

Ponks: "Where I exercise I can see my top half reflected in the glass on a picture & it does help me. Sometimes I even go to do the star jumps etc in the kitchen in front of the oven to inspire myself! OK that sounds bit mad." No, I do the same! Can see my top half in the glass of a picture and, for floor work, have a handy glass-fronted cabinet! grin Slightly less daunting than seeing one's full-on reflection in a mirror, nice and shadowy! grin

3steps well done for making the appointment. So sad for you and notyummy with your backs.

L2 6W6P done today, really enjoyed it. Thanks for the replies re goals everyone, still thinking it over and will formulate a Plan...

Happy exercising all.

Oh lordie notyummy, the more you say the worse it sounds sad The unable to sit comfortably must be hellish. (I had that recently for 1 evening and it was not fun). Have they given you some good painkillers?

I don't drive, but I do spend most of the day working at my PC (on the sofa), so I know for sure my posture at work is poor. Will be honest with the chiro and do what he recommends re exercise and posture.

I don't know if the pilates stretches I do would help you, but I've found them really beneficial.

Take care of yourself x

Jackster well done with the 6W6P session! I'm a bit goal-less and aim-less at the mo so know exactly what you mean...

(p.s. that last stretch in the pilates DVD where you sit with your legs apart <oo-er> and bend forward - do you love it? That is my absolute favourite - I can feel myself stretching a little further each time!)

Have a good evening all smile

PeggyO Thu 14-Mar-13 18:15:32

Thanks for the good luck wishes everyone! I haven't really done any formal training other than my usual runs so I don't expect I will get a very good time - am hoping for 1hr 10ish I think? (Not a fast runner!) I'm confident I'll be able to plod my way round the whole thing, though!

I did S&S 2 and KB&T 3 this morning. Ouch, what a combo - I had to do one-legged mountain climbers twice, and frog planks into squats in S&S as well as frog hops in KB&T...

Ponks, I definitely think KB 2 is harder than level 3. L3 has a killer first circuit but then it gets easier, and the last circuit isn't bad at all - whereas L2 seems to have nasty moves sprinkled throughout and then a horrible last circuit! So console yourself that you are probably doing the toughest bit!

Thank you for your input re. Bob weights, MissT and notyummy. I do try and use mainly 4kg for Jillian although have to go lower for some moves. I only have 1kg, 1.5kg, 3kg and 4kg at the moment, so I reckon I will try and use a mixture of 1.5 and 3. (Who am I trying to kid, it will probably be mostly 1.5!)

Excited to hear about your Plan Jackster!

notyummy, I am glad to hear your appointment has been moved forward - hopefully you can get to the bottom of things very soon. Must be tough knowing that an operation is probably looming, though. threesteps, very happy to hear you have that appointment, back pain isn't something to mess with! Look after yourselves both of you x

fadingblonde Thu 14-Mar-13 21:11:10

Evening all, I've not posted much lately as I've not been doing much...

Jackster, threesteps I very much get that feeling of feeling a bit goal less - I felt really motivated doing shred but since then I don't feel like doing one workout x 10. I've got too many dvds now to distract me!

I've made a sort of plan for the next two weeks to try and keep me on track. I'm going to try and combine killer with 6w6p as I'm midway though them both and I'd like to 'officially' finish them. So I did L1 6w6p and killer L2 tonight but tomorrow I'm going to try to take a leaf out of MissT's book and workout in the morning. It will hopefully set me up for the day smile

Ponks Thu 14-Mar-13 22:39:56

I've joined the slightly injured ranks - after Killer L2 last night my knees felt a bit stiff, so today I just did a quick Shred and could definitely feel something not right in my knees when doing lunges. Bah.
[Incidentally did anyone hear Jeremy Hardy on radio 4 tonight doing a routine about how when you are middle aged your knees suddenly go for no apparent reason? <rueful smile>]

I'm going to give my knees a chance to recover - have a long weekend away with DH so at least I won't be feeling guilty about abandoning Jillian!

Well done on the double-session PeggyO! The doublers on here at the moment are very inspiring smile Doubling Killer with anything is a serious accomplishment!

Good luck with your early morning exercising fading. I just can't function to exercise before the afternoon. A mix-up of 6W6P and Killer sounds like a very good project!

Ponks, oh dear re the knees sad Your weekend away comes at the right time I reckon, enjoy and have fun and hopefully the few days off will do the trick smile

All good here. Stretches yesterday and L3 Shred and stretches today. So far so good. Also moved a ton of furniture around which was stupid but I bent and lifted in the correct way (thanks Gareth from the Office wink) so I'm hoping all will be fine.

Might do something over the weekend but will see how I feel tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone, yay it's the weekend grin

MissTFied Fri 15-Mar-13 22:14:37

Evening all,

Hi fadingblonde. Killer and 6W6P sounds like a good doubler, and will def wake you up of a morning!

Sorry to hear about your knees Ponks, but at least you can rest them this weekend, you lucky thing.

Threesteps, will you stop moving furniture! DP made me help him move a very heavy thing up the stairs today. We had to stop two stairs up to have an argument as I was worried I'd do my back in. I so want to avoid the injury bench, also I'd just worked out and was a bit weak with hunger - my porridge was cooling and waiting for me. I get rather grumpy when hungry.

I Bobbed again this morning. It was so good. I thought my muscles would be too sore but I was pleased to find I managed better than the first time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

PeggyO Sun 17-Mar-13 15:30:26

Hello everyone,

I had my 10k this morning, and managed it in 1 hour 2 minutes - 8 minutes faster than I had predicted! It was SO wet though, it started to rain heavily as we reached the start line and just kept on going. By the time I got home I was soaked to the skin and so cold I couldn't feel my hands!

fadingblonde, much respect for combining 6W6P with Killer! I do love them both but find them challenging individually, let along together! I am a huge advocate for working out first thing, it seems like less effort somehow as I just get straight out of bed and do it and then I have a lovely, satisfied glow for the rest of the day.

Hope you're had a lovely weekend away Ponks, and that your knees feel better.

threesteps, glad to hear your back allowed you to do some more Shredding - I echo MissT though, STOP lugging heavy stuff around!

MissT, I have my first date with Bob bright and early tomorrow, I can't wait!

notyummy Sun 17-Mar-13 16:55:04

Well done on the 10k Peggy- so wish that was me! Good luck with Bob. It's deceptive. To begin with you think 'this isn't too bad. It's not that fast etcetc ' And it keeps on going. And going. And he finds fiendish new ways to torture you....

4 mile walk in the rain followed by my Callenthetics. So bored.

fadingblonde Sun 17-Mar-13 19:17:31

Evening all!

Well done Peggy, I'm seriously impressed. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with Bob.

I've managed to finish my 'plan' for this week, just hope I can keep to it next week. So far I've found that combining 6w6p and killer is working quite well as I don't seem to be duplicating many moves. This is my second attempt at 6w6p (I gave up on it in december) and this time round it seems to have clicked somehow. I can almost keep up with the second circuit now smile

gingercat12 Mon 18-Mar-13 12:31:54

PeggyO Congratulations! Wish I could do it...

Have just done Workout 7 of Body Revolution, and it nearly killed me. I may have to do it for 3 weeks instead of 2. It is just all planks and push-ups, and no matter how much I do these, I still find them really hard. Funnily enough it is my arms that hurt, not my abs.

MissTFied Mon 18-Mar-13 13:35:12

Ooh gingercat well done on workout 7. It sounds like Bob! That man loves his planks and push ups!

Congrats PeggyO on your time. I'm dying to know how you found Bob this morning. I have been doing him every day now for the past 4 days. It's just like notyummy says. You think it's not bad at first, then with about 20 mins left, just when you're thinking time to wind it down, he steps it up! Bad Bob!

I'm really getting into the music on it now. There's this guitar strumming bit I like at 30 or maybe 40 mins left when you're doing some weighted lifts or whatever they are called.

I have abandoned Jillian's S&S for the moment!

Hope you are all well and are looking after yourselves.

PeggyO Mon 18-Mar-13 17:55:22

Thank you everyone for your congratulations! I think I'm still on a bit of a post-race high today, I love it!

My Bob session this morning was brilliant, I really enjoyed it! I stuck with 1.5kg weights in the end as I chickened out wanted to ensure I would be able to keep good form all the way through. I suspect I could go heavier next time though (although my arms were properly shaking during the T-stands so I'm a little worried of falling flat on my face!) I've found some 2.5kg weights that I had forgotten about so I might try using those for the bicep curls, deadlifts and things like that and then stick with lighter weights for all those isometric extensions.

I agree with notyummy and MissT, Bob is a sneaky monkey. Especially when he promises that second water break, and doesn't deliver it for aaaaaages! Then there's all that plank nonsense right at the end when your arms already feel like they are about to give out. I really loved the crunches section though.

I'm not sure when to do it again - I have heard trainers (including Jillian!) say that you need to rest muscle groups for 48 hours after training, but then loads of her DVDs tell you to do the same routine for several days in a row confused I am still keen to try the full S&S so perhaps I'll do that tomorrow, kick off my half marathon training on Wed, and Bob again on Thursday.

fading, I only really got into 6W6P on the second time around too. Somehow it feels quite different to Jillian's other DVDs, I think maybe it's because it's just one long circuit rather than 3/4 shorter ones.

gingercat, well done on workout 7! I suspect we will both have very sore arms tomorrow...

MissTFied Mon 18-Mar-13 18:28:19

Woohoo on doing Bob peggyo! It does feel good to have completed something like that doesn't it?

He is indeed a sneaky monkey. I like it when he says 'I'm the good guy, remember?'! The more I do it though, the more I know when the torturous stuff is coming up so I prepare myself for it!

Good for you!

Hello everyone smile

PeggyO big congrats on finishing your race faster than predicted, that is fantastic!

I am sending you, MissT, Gingercat and Fading virtual deep heat waves as it sounds like you are all going to need it for the aches tomorrow grin

Notyummy hope you are doing okay and managing to avoid going round the bend with boredom!

Well no massive fall out from my furniture lugging session (I won't do it again!), just the ongoing stiffness/discomfort. But I took yesterday off just to be safe. Today I did L2 Shred with light (1.5kg) weights, feels okay still.

Until my chiro appointment I think I'm going to stick with Shred and light weights as I know the exercises and I know which ones to substitute to avoid hurting my back.

I'm longing to get properly stuck into a new 'project', but I'm just going to have to be patient and see if the chiro can sort me out.

Hope everyone is doing okay smile

gingercat12 Tue 19-Mar-13 12:25:45

If I ever survive BR I can see a Bob obsession coming on grin.

Today was workout 8. My arms are going to fall off. I had to dig out my smaller (2kg) weights at one point. Why on earth would you do warrior 3 with weights?! JM is crazy. She was also hoping that star jumps will make us sick. Well not quite.

Thanks for the heat waves threesteps, I need them.

Am too tired to write more brew

fadingblonde Tue 19-Mar-13 18:32:18

Wow I'm seriously impressed with all this bobbing! I caught one of his workouts on the fitness channel and it looked pretty torturous

I think I'll be needing the heat waves threesteps, I've had low level back pain for years (I think from twisting getting dds in and and out of car seats) and I'm a bit paranoid about making it worse. I'm quite feeble doing supermans/swimmers as I'm not sure if they strengthen the lower back or strain it?

Ponks Tue 19-Mar-13 21:07:26

Hi all.

Congrats on your race time PeggyO! Great feeling to beat your time especially in bad conditions.

All this Bobbing sounds very impressive - I haven't even googled it yet to see what the sessions are like but they sound HARD. I'm sticking to Jillian at the mo.
Well I would if I felt up to it ... had long weekend away with DH but unfortunately something we ate must have disagreed with me as I spent most of Saturday night vomiting ... <romantic>. Have taken couple of days to recover & hopefully get back into things tomorrow. Meanwhile DH is Shredding solo.

PeggyO Wed 20-Mar-13 15:23:46

Hello everybody! brew / wine for fading, threesteps, Ponks and anyone else still struggling along with injury / illness.

Ponks, so sorry to hear your weekend was marred by illness. I hope today has been a better day for you - take it easy as you get back into things, your body is probably still feeling a bit weak and woolly.

gingercat, am super-impressed at you doing warrior 3 with weights! I usually fall over without any additional weight to worry about...

Yesterday I did the full ES&S for the first time, I really love the fact that it's a double workout that has been planned as a double IYSWIM. Rather than me just picking two random levels, Jillian has planned the whole thing to give every part of your body a really good workout. I love it! And I was especially pleased to manage all of the isometric holds in the last circuit with a 3kg weight.

Today was a running day (less than 12 weeks till my half marathon so am officially in training!) and tomorrow it will be back to Bob. I haven't felt as much muscle pain as I had expected after doing it for the first time, so I suspect I will have to go heavier with the weights...hmm

PeggyO Wed 20-Mar-13 15:26:13

Ooh, I just remembered what I wanted to ask you all - has anyone heard about Jillian's new US DVD? No idea when it's out here, but there's a trailer on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FrLFdWdGfc

The DJ guy cracks me up! Not sure about the workout itself, it looks like the format is similar to ES&S but without the mix of different workout styles that makes S&S so much fun.

Afternoon everyone smile

After a sunny day, the sky here has gone black and we're just about to receive one hell of a downpour, so glad I'm not outside!

Fading I think those superman / swimmer can be a bit iffy if you have lower back twinges. I see how they feel and stop if it feels wrong. And definitely steer clear of any weights on those exercises! I'm not sure whether it strengthens or strains to be honest - I guess strengthen in the long-term, but strain if there are already niggles there? <clueless emoticon>

Aw Ponks, so sorry you were sick sad Take it easy and hope you're feeling better now.

PeggyO I can't wait to get back to S&S. I only did it all the way through once but really enjoyed it. That new DVD looks fun, wonder when it comes out here. Agree the DJ was funny grin Although the last windshield wiper move they do had me wincing (back).

Day off yesterday as a friend was round, and day off today as I have to take dog to the vet, but it will probably do me good to rest a bit more til my chiro next week. Also away this weekend so will be desperate to get back into it in earnest!

Have a good rest of day all smile

MazzR Wed 20-Mar-13 16:05:19

Hi everyone can I join in? I've been doing Jillian DVDs on and off for 2 yrs now or so. Also taken up running,eating well. Next thing is to conquer the cigs! :-( anyway,I'd gotten up to L2 of 30ds day 5, this time got bored,started 6 wk 6 pack, hate hate hate it! Ha done it before but I cannot do those side planky things at all,just can't. Also didn't have enough pain after... Should I go back to 30ds? It's my belly that really needs to tone but don't want to abandon my arms,arse legs....thing is,I haven't done a thing since Friday but I want to get back to something and stick at it! Any advice?? Thanks

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 19:00:52

Aloha all!

MazzR - welcome! If I were you I'd stick to doing 6W6P, and do L2. I think it gives quite a good all round workout. When I went back to it recently I'd forgotten how much arm work was in it. Then, after that, do NMTZ or BFBM. Just for fun and to really get you going! Do that for a week or so, then switch to something else for another week if you are getting bored.

Threesteps - I hope your dog will be ok. He's been through a lot recently.
May I have some more of those virtual deep heat waves please?! I thought I was managing Bob pretty well, but today I really ache in my arms and legs. I can only think I must have been concentrating on the form and contractions a little harder today. Still, that's why I'm doing it, I love that ache!

I have been checking out Bob's other DVDs reviews. Takes me back to when I first discovered Jillian. I love reading them over and over. I have ordered a Jackie Warner DVD now. It's called Xtreme Timesaver. I thought I could do it when I don't have enough time for Bob. I believe it's 30 mins long and gets a good review from 'Sharnie' on amazon ( she seems to know her stuff).

Ponks - sorry to hear about your weekend. What a shame! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

PeggyO - pleased you enjoyed the whole S&S workout. I haven't put them fully together yet. I think I did 3/4 once. I did see the new Jillian DVD on amazon.com. It's called Hard Body. It gets mixed reviews. I'll have to watch your link. I heard about the DJ!

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 19:06:56

Just watched that link PeggyO. The workout itself looks fine, it's the music that is just awful! May be one to have on mute with your own music once you get used to the moves. Not sure about the DJ - looks like a bit of a joke!

Bobloblaw Wed 20-Mar-13 19:20:59

Can I join you? I bought 30 day shred last year and did it twice but I'm trying really hard now and finding it quite addictive.

I have 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30 and Killer Buns and Thighs. I was alternating, 30 day shred L2 with Killer Buns and Thighs L2 and I'd like to add Ripped in 30 possibly...

Do you take any breaks? I'm on day 9 without a rest day, may calves are aching a lot but I would rather not miss any days.

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 20:14:04

Hi Bobloblaw and welcome! I think workout DVDs are an excellent thing to be addicted to!

Sounds good what you are doing, and good to hear you are aching nicely. Personally, I don't have a break and push on each day, but you have to do what feels right for you. If you are enjoying it, then carry on!

Bobloblaw Wed 20-Mar-13 20:27:53

That is good to know, I think I will power through. I can't get out to exercise very often and the dvds make me feel loads better.

Are any of the Jillian Michaels books any good? I have been browsing on amazon but the reviews are pretty mixed.

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 21:10:32

Don't have any of her books, so can't help you there. Maybe someone else on here might have them? Are they more diet than exercise based?

Bobloblaw Wed 20-Mar-13 21:54:58

I have an amazon voucher burning a hole in my pocket but I don't think I will bother,they seem to be self help/lifestyle books which isn't really what I'm after. Thank you

Welcome Mazz and Boblo!

Mazz I second MissT in that L2 of 6W6P is a bloody good all over workout so stick with that if you're in the zone at the moment smile

Boblo I think Jillian actually recommends at least 1 day of rest a week at the start of one of her DVDs. You need to give your muscles time to repair after the bashing they're taking, and they do take a seriously good bashing with her stuff!! I'd take at least 1 day a week off, take a deep breath and enjoy, ah... grin

Well done you for getting stuck in though - I know you just want to keep going and going and going when you get into it. (I'm also convinced MissT is actually a titanium-made superhero lol!)

MissT, only joking wink You are an amazing exercising woman though! Let us know about Jackie, it's always good to hear about new stuff and reviews...

May not get back here before next week, I will be mostly being slovenly and lazy and on trains, but hoping for good things at chiro next week smile

Take care all x

MazzR Wed 20-Mar-13 22:02:20

Thank you!! Level two it is!!! I never got that far before. Love this thread.

No worries Mazz, stick with us for a kick up the bum encouragement!

MissT, I meant to add dog is fine, it was his ear this time! His ears are a serious design flaw and collect all sorts of nasties as they are so big and they stick up! Prescription ear drops should do the trick smile

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 22:12:56

Ha ha threesteps! blush I wish I was a titanium-made superhero!!! Hope all goes well with you chiropractor appt, look after yourself traveling around x

Bobloblaw - an amazon voucher wouldn't last long in my pocket!

MissTFied Wed 20-Mar-13 22:15:34

Oh good re your dog threesteps!

MazzR - let us know how you get on.

Good night all x

MazzR Thu 21-Mar-13 10:40:19

Ok,so I did circuit 1 of level 1&2 6 wk 6 p. would just circuits 1 be enough to make a difference? I can't cope with double time!!!

MissTFied Thu 21-Mar-13 16:17:45

Hi MazzR - I'm sure doing circuit 1 of both levels would make a difference over time, but for faster results, I'd say try to step it up and do the faster circuits. Honestly, you WILL be able to do it, it's amazing how quickly your body adapts if you push it. It may take three or four days of trying but you will be get there in the end!

YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck!

MazzR Fri 22-Mar-13 11:04:48

So I went back to shred,level 2. I couldn't bear the thoughts of any of the others at the moment. Plus I always found the shred effective. excuses .hows everyone else doing??

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Fri 22-Mar-13 11:37:18

hi can I come and join?
have just started 30 day shred (again) also have 6w6pack no more trouble zones and boost mat and burn fat. I love Jillian but have fallen out of sync for about a year and having recently noticed how my body is starting to umm sag so need a kick up the butt and a workable regime (back at college two little ones and a business tend to keep me too busy for myself). I also have a swim membership at the local pool but my body has got so that I don't really want to go. Did my first day of shred this morning and had forgotten how good it was may even attempt it again tonight 20mins is nothing, love it.
I would really just like some like some like minded people to chat to about it and keep kicking me up the ass motivated.

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Fri 22-Mar-13 11:40:32

ooh meant to say have also weighed myself and taken measurements of my trouble zones waist hips and thighs and will be tracking it every 10 days, I only have 7lbs to lose but really need to tone and firm so measurements should confirm if I have

PeggyO Fri 22-Mar-13 17:57:10

Happy weekend everybody! And welcome to MazzR, Bobloblaw and mothersmilk, lovely to have some new folks with us.

MazzR, I too hated 6W6P at first, and couldn't do the side planks at all either - I took a break from it for a couple of months and focused on other DVDs instead, and when I went back to it I surprised myself by not only really enjoying it but managing to do all the side planks! It's a tough workout so you may just have to work up to it and just try and push that bit further each time. Mixing it up with the Shred sounds like a great plan to me.

Boboblaw, I am a big believer in a rest day once a week (clearly not as hardcore as Titanium MissT grin!) Most fitness trainers will tell you how important it is not to over-train - any short-term gain may well be cancelled out in long-term injury issues if you are not giving your body time to repair and recover. So it's probably best to listen to your body and if you need to rest, rest!

Well done on getting back into it mothersmilk! This thread is brilliant for motivation and support so keep posting. Are you going to focus on the Shred for now, or do you think you'll mix in some of the other DVDs too?

I did Bob's Super Strength for the second time yesterday, and used 2.5kg weights for most of it (except some of the isometric extensions and those killer T-stands at the end, where I dropped down to 1.5kg.) I find Francisco, one of the backing people, hilarious - he's clearly using weights that are too heavy, as his form is shocking and every time Bob turns around he stops lifting and bends over to catch his breath!

This morning I went back to the full ES&S, my new favourite! I'm a sweaty mess by the end but I'm always buzzing afterwards, it gets my endorphins rushing round like crazy!

I'm meant to be going for a run tomorrow, but have managed to strain a muscle in my foot somehow so if it's not better by the morning I may substitute in another Bob workout instead - hardly any jumping around so hopefully foot friendly.

Aargh, sorry everyone, I have once again written an essay...I'll hit post and stop talking now, I promise!

Bobloblaw Fri 22-Mar-13 18:31:07

I did rest yesterday and it felt hard today, I'm not sore anymore though which is nice.

Is it best to alternate dvds or stick to one then change? I like killer buns and thighs and would love to tone up my bum but there is no ab stuff and they need work too!

I have only been doing this for 10 days properly and my energy levels are loads better. Also my dd needs a lot of lifting/manual handling and my back hasn't been hurting as much.

MazzR Fri 22-Mar-13 19:36:45

What bobs super strength?

Ponks Fri 22-Mar-13 22:32:34

Hi guys

peggy - hope your foot is ok & you haven't joined the injured club! The snow may put paid to your running though.

Hi Mazz/mothersmilk/bobolaw, lets keep each other going - I've found this thread really motivating!

Have dipped a toe back into the world of Jillian after being sick last weekend - my copy of Extreme Shed & Shred (now that is hard to say, I never get it the right way round) arrived and I couldn't wait to have a go. Did the first workout then most of the second though my energy dipped and I couldn't work out some of the moves. Looking forward to having another go and doing them properly. I could feel it in my muscles the day after - like others have said before, I do like the ache afterwards, makes you feel you have worked out properly.

Then today I did No more trouble zones for the first time - it went by faster than I expected; bit disappointed no cardio - surprised as I'm sure I saw mountain climbers in the opening credits but they weren't in the circuits.
Only problem was my knees felt stiff again after NMTZ. Goodness knows what I have done, have never had a problem with knees before. Am wondering whether some sort of joint supplement might help.

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Sat 23-Mar-13 11:10:45

well day 2 level 1 done managed it twice yesterday certainly feeling it today. Had forgotten how such a short workout can make you ache so bad the next day. I will be trying to stick to just shred for at least the first ten days really need to build up some strength then after that think I will mix it up a bit twith the other jillian dvds I have. Iv been looking at killer buns and thighs it looks good and at only £6 im tempted to get it. Does anyone have it and can tell me what its like.
Keep going everyone! the weekend is always hardest for me to fit it all in without feeling really selfish

notyummy Sat 23-Mar-13 11:39:15

Bobs Super Strength is a DVD by Bob Harper, the other trainer on the biggest Loser with Jillian. It is a properly tough workout, harder than any of the JM ones IMO, but he is v likeable so you get through it.

Killer buns not my favourite but I know some people love it so probably just personal. Not that much in the way of cardio- a few 'ouch' things definitely. Oddly, I found L2 6W6P made my thighs ache more the next day than Killer buns and thighs did!

DH is doing Bobs super strength as I write. V frustrating for me. Only a few weeks ago I was doing it too with a mixture of 3 kg and sometimes 5, and now I can barely walk. Grim.

Khaleese Sun 24-Mar-13 11:48:42

Hey ladies, i just found this thread. I have just entered level two shred, i didn't find it as hard as starting level one. Not that it was easy :-) i just think i'm a bit fitter.

I'm thinking of doing six week six pack next as the shred seems to be making my mum tum look worse...did anyone else find that? I think its drawing everything else in faster.

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Sun 24-Mar-13 15:44:38

day3 L1 complete still hurting but feeling good. Diet starts tomorrow here goes last glass of wine for the week and a roast, tomorrow is a new day.

Ponks Sun 24-Mar-13 18:54:12

Yay mothersmilk you will be amazed how quicky you get stronger - happened with me. I have the Killer Buns DVD (originally typed "I have killer buns" but that is Not the case, smile) and really like it though haven't progressed to L3 yet. L2 is hard enough for the moment!

I've just done Extreme S&S again all the way through and nearly managed one of the pushing yourself up into a bridge moves - however arms gave way and I dropped onto my head, doh. I will make it one day. I don't quite understand the triangle poses at the end, I mustn't be doing it right [that's a Jillian quote from one of the workouts isn't it .. "If you aren't hurting .... then you must not be doing it right!"] but I do know I can't quite breathe in it. Hmmmm.

Hello all, I've taken most of March off but got back with a L1 Shred this morning. My knee was not happy but not as bad as usual. I was shocked when I measured myself, put on 2 inches under the bust which is a good measure of internal fat storage. So back on the watching what I eat, and definitely back on the Jillian!

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Mon 25-Mar-13 14:29:06

day4 L1 complete no aches today and the workout felt a lot easier think I may step it up to level 2 sooner than expected.

Khaleese Mon 25-Mar-13 15:03:02

Mothers milk, have you increased your weights? I moved up from 2x 1 kg to 2 x 2 kg and went "bad ass" made a big difference.

I have trimmed 1.5 inches from my waist but nothing from under bust but doesnt look like anything to really lose there.

Level two day two complete.

Jacksterbear Tue 26-Mar-13 11:36:01

Hey guys, and welcome newbies!

Just done L1 Killer. Have never really got into Killer but gave it another try inspired by all the talk of it on here. Quite enjoyed it, but don't like the lack of structure (I know it does have circuits but you don't quite know where you are with it compared to Shred/Ripped/NMTZ/BFBM. 6w6p is the same I know, but somehow it doesn't seem to bother me in that.)

Ponks I have noticed that too re the clips shown on the menu screen in NMTZ not actually being from NMTZ - I think they are from BFBM. And IIRC I think BFBM shows clips from NMTZ on its menu screen!

How's the running going PeggyO? Well done for getting back on it world. And good work everyone else!

3steps have you had your back appointment yet? And notyummy hope you are not suffering too badly. x

Hi everyone smile

Jacksterbear my appointment is this Thursday afternoon and I've scaled everything right down until then. I was away over the weekend too so our beloved JM has definitely been on the back-burner for the time being! Back feels okay, but just not quite right...

I think Killer feels a bit weird as there are more circuits than in Shred / Ripped? (or have I made that up?!) Hope you fall in love with it soon, I love it!

Hope everyone is doing well and all those with injuries wishing you all a speedy recovery smile

PeggyO Tue 26-Mar-13 18:32:44

Hello everyone and welcome Khaleese! Well done for upping your weights and going badass, Jillian would be proud of you I am sure!

Thanks for asking after me Ponks and Jackster. Foot felt fine on Saturday so I ran the local Parkrun (and got a new 5k personal best grin) but then it became really sore again on Saturday afternoon. I went to the GP yesterday who thinks it's soft tissue inflammation rather than anything more serious, so I am trying to be sensible and put the running on hold until it feels better. Very frustrating, but better now at the start of my half marathon training than further down the line I suppose!

I do really struggle psychologically with being injured, it makes me feel like a failure somehow not to be out running even though I know that I am doing the right thing.

Thank goodness for Bob Harper's Pure Burn Super Strength - no jumping around, so it's entirely foot-friendly and I suspect I will be doing it every day until I am all healed up! I upped my weights to 3kg for most of it today and am feeling a nice bit of muscle soreness this evening...

I know I shouldn't moan about my foot when poor notyummy and threesteps are suffering far more than I am. Hope you are both doing ok flowers Good luck for Thursday threesteps!

Ponks, well done on the full ES&S! Do you use weights for the triangle pose? I didn't really get it when I first did it without a weight, but once I added one I seriously felt it! The first time I managed all the isometric holds in that last circuit without needing to drop my weight was a very proud day for me grin

Jackster, Killer does take a bit of getting into I find. threesteps is right that it has 4 circuits not 3 which makes it feel different. I definitely enjoyed it but I'm not sure it's quite top 3 material for me!

Jacksterbear Wed 27-Mar-13 11:58:06

PeggyO I have had to put running on hold too - have not dared try again after that knee pain I had a few weeks ago. Frustrating isn't it? Hope your foot is ok and you can get back on track with the training soon.

3steps good luck tomorrow, will be thinking of you.

Have been mixing up my Jillianing with a bit of Tae Bo the last couple of weeks - do love a bit of Billy! Think a few others on the thread may have done some Tae Bo before? Basically martial arts - kicking and punching, with a good dose of cheesiness and some classic 90s outfits thrown in! grin

Keep it up all!

themaltesecat Wed 27-Mar-13 12:22:36

Hi all! A question for the ladies who do Bob Harper workouts. Does Bob's Super Strength workout require extra equipment, or will 1-2kg weights do? Thanks.

gingercat12 Wed 27-Mar-13 12:37:56

I would just like to wish Happy Easter to my fellow JM-addicts. During school holidays I never manage to go online, so better do it now flowers.

Am about to finish Week 8 of Body Revolution, but it is not ideal to start Phase 3 with DS around, so I will repeat this week's exercises again. They are quite hard anyway.

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Wed 27-Mar-13 14:28:40

day 5 and 6 level 1 achieved, hope all of you with injuries are feeling better soon. Im just hoping the holidays don't sabotage my good work, will have to be a little bit selfish in order to continue

notyummy Wed 27-Mar-13 16:31:07

maltese- I would say 1/2 kg would to start with for Bob, but I think those on here who have done it would say that you could feel you need more. I was using 3kg throughout, which felt mostly pretty bloody hard, but I felt I could see myself using slightly more than 3kg in some bits of it.

Khaleese Thu 28-Mar-13 14:03:11

Thank you for the welcome. I'm not "bad ass" on level two yet! :-)

Level two day three complete. Yesterday was day off. I'm thinking of adding six week six pack in tomorrow...maybe try to do both :-0

Shred isn't touching the mum tum enough and i'm finding it looks worse now shred has pulled everything else in.

Were on school holidays now so it will be at the detriment of the children. Benign neglect might be the order of the day.

Just checking in to say Happy Easter everyone and welcome to all new posters smile

I am now a little bit in love...with my chiropractor!!

He was ace, and has diagnosed that I am officially 'very wonky'. He reckons I injured myself a long while ago (I had a moped accident) and it's compounded over the years. When I stand straight my feet point right and my body points left as my pelvis has twisted - my 2 sacral bones are completely different sizes shock.

But it's all fixable he reckons - 2 adjustments a week for 4-6 weeks. I am SO chuffed!! First treatment today and there was 10 minutes of popping and cracking.

Sorry, this post is a bit off topic but I am so chuffed, can you tell? grin

Notyummy wishing you lots of good back vibes... Hope you will be on the road to recovery soon too xx

So I will see you all after Easter when I will back to JM with renewed vigour! (chiro said to keep on exercising as normal).

Happy Easter everyone flowers

MissTFied Thu 28-Mar-13 22:00:11

Happy Easter everyone!

Still just Bobbing along, Bobbing along, with a little bit of Fast & Furious thrown in for good measure (which is def getting easier).

Threesteps - good news re your fixable wonky back! In 6 weeks time you can do Bob too wink

Maltese - re Bob. I am using 2kg weights and have been Bobbing for 2 weeks now. I should get myself some 3kg weights really, and push myself. Not sure I could manage 4kg yet. I love Bob!

Jacksterbear - Billy sounds fun. Must feel good to kick and punch the stress of the day away!

Khaleese - 6W6P is great to do, but I didn't get a 6P! I know what you mean re the tummy. I have just ordered Jackie Warner's Crunchless Xtreme Abs to help with mine, but I will finish my month of Bob first. Jackie's abs are amazing!

Gingercat - week 8? That has flown by. Hope you are still enjoying it.

To anyone worrying about being selfish or neglecting the children whilst working out over Easter - just remember what brilliant healthy role models you are! wink

PeggyO - just noticed you are doing Bob regularly now, and with 3kg weights! Now I've got to up my game!!! My favourite Bob bit at the moment is when he screams "HELEN! GET! UP! Get up Helen!". It's the intensity of it!

themaltesecat Fri 29-Mar-13 10:55:46

Thanks for the replies! I am going to order the DVD today from Amazon. I have bout twenty five quid spending money this weekend... any other recommendations? I keep treating myself to exercise clothes and now the house is bursting at the seams with them. Maybe an exercise band? Never used one, but could take Body Revolution properly with one... hmm...

Did NMTZ all the way through this morning for the first time in about two months and found I can no longer do windscreen wipers properly and couldn't manage all the toetaps. How quickly you lose it, damn it! Will try to get that DVD back into regular rotation, because it's sodding amazing. I hurt EVERYWHERE. smile

Now going to read the thread back for the last few weeks and be inspired by you all again.

Greetings all!

Just a quickie as I'm not supposed to be on here (so much to do!), but Maltesecat do you mean the bands you use for exercises? Leg exercises etc?

I have some I got with Turbofire which I have never used and never will I don't think. I'll definitely go back to her cardio stuff but I'm sure I won't ever use the bands. So if you want them, just drop me a PM and I can put them in the post to you next week...

I'm jumping around the place like an easter bunny today - even the first chiro adjustment has made a difference and I'll be attempting my first JM for a while later on, wish me luck!!

See you all on the other side of Easter, enjoy the chocolate, you've earned it (me not so much, but I'll still be enjoying it) grin

Jacksterbear Fri 29-Mar-13 13:43:09

Aww 3steps so pleased for you, and your excitement has really made me smile!

MissT wise words re role model! My 2yo dd loves to announce she is doing her exercises, accompanied by lying on her back and waving her legs around, windshield wiper stylee! grin and 6yo ds loves to join in the Jillian fun too!

themaltesecat, NMTZ rocks doesn't it?!

Happy Easter all and keep up the good work! smile

PeggyO Fri 29-Mar-13 14:48:32

themaltesecat, you will be fine with those weights to start with. It seems most people start out with slightly lighter weights for Bob than they do for Jillian, so try with the lighter set first and see how you get on. I'm excited for you, it's a brilliant work out!

threesteps, I'm so so pleased your chiropractor session went well! It must be such a huge relief to feel that you are on the road to getting things sorted at last.

MissT, maybe I shouldn't tell you that I'm using 4kg for some parts now wink Only the squats, deadlifts, lunges and weighted pullovers ATM. I still can't manage 3kg for the arm extension parts, those are seriously painful!

I find Francisco absolutely hilarious - my favourite bit is during the cooldown when Bob asks if his heart rate has come down, and Francisco says 'No!' in this really defensive, sulky tone! My fave Bob moment is when he just starts yelling 'We're burning mad calories! Mad calories! MAD!' What a guy. I've been obsessively researching Bob DVDs on Amazon, I think I might make a couple of purchases next week...

My foot hasn't really improved hmm Haven't been running for nearly a week and am missing it so badly! I think I'm going to rest up as much as possible over the long weekend, and if it's no better by Tuesday I'll see if I can get an appointment to see a podiatrist.

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you are fitting in some workouts around the family or taking a well-earned break this weekend, don't feel guilty and just enjoy it!

Khaleese Fri 29-Mar-13 19:01:49

Level two day four complete, god i dislike the plank jumping things ( more than the plank twist things) i'm growing to like the scaters and oblique twists though.

Who's bob ladies? Are you playing away from jillian?

fadingblonde Fri 29-Mar-13 19:25:24

Evening all!

Just checking in, I've been reading through the thread to keep motivated but it's got me feeling lazy more than anything... 4kg weights!!! I think I'm doing well when I manage with 2.3kg blush I think I really need to work on this so I'll try and get in a session of NMTZ's this weekend. If the dds will let me; the school holidays are going to play havoc with Jillianing....

Hope everyone has a happy easter smile

fadingblonde Fri 29-Mar-13 19:26:34

Threesteps so pleased you are finally getting your back sorted out smile

Ponks Fri 29-Mar-13 19:43:37

Feeling good today after Killer L2. Oh my that is still hard, I added weights to some bits but was wiped out for the star jumps at the end - I find that last circuit so hard. Will work on other DVDs for a few days (I like to swap round) then come back to it.

threesteps great news about your back! How fantastic to feel such a benefit straight away!

All you Bobsters - are you doing the Pure Burn Super Strength workout ? I am tempted to have a go although I know it will be a killer .. don't really have time for a 60 min workout most days but could do parts I guess? I'm really enjoying all this working out and pushing myself, feeling myself getting stronger and seeing my body change.
In fact got to go shopping soon as my work trousers are starting to get so loose! Even with a belt they are sagging and starting to look very baggy. What a nice problem to have. Can't believe my body has toned up so much.
Happy Easter everyone smile

MissTFied Fri 29-Mar-13 23:50:55

PeggyO - 4kg? No! Hardcore! Respect to you. I upped Bob today with 2.6kg weights, and I have to say I felt it a lot more. I almost did the whole thing with those, then dropped to 2kg again for the weighted t stands. I borrowed dp's old weights, the spinlock ones. I get confused by these weights because I realise the weights have whatever kg they are on them, but don't you have to take ino account the spinlock bar thing? Or am I being thick? Anyway, I weighed myself holding them to work it out.
I like the naughty Francisco bit when they are in plank position and the hips go up and down. Bob asks F if he is feeling it, and it's obvious what he means when he replys "Yeah, I'm feeling it" as he pumps away!
I also have Yoga Warrior and the Cardio one coming. I have gone overboard with new DVDs at the mo.

Ponks - yes it is indeed Pure Burn Super Strength. You could save it for weekends or whenever you have a spare hour. There is a 20 min workout on it, but tbh it didn't do much for me. The bonus though of getting used to longer workouts is when you do go down to 30 mins, time flies by!
I love clothes shopping now - a complete change for me.

Maltese - I guess it is like Jillian's NMTZ, just harder and longer!

Khaleese - I have cheated on Jillian with Mr Bob Harper. Check out the reviews on amazon.

Jacksterbear - it would be good for our dc to think of us as fit, strong mummies, wouldn't it? Obviously I wouldn't want them to get body conscious so that is why I focus it towards being healthy, and don't talk about the weight loss. Both my dds (2 & 7) will do the odd move. 2 yr old esp likes the cool down and high fiving!

Wow, mammoth post!

Just wanted to say after I Bobbed today, I thought I'd try my new Jackie Warner Xtreme Time Saver DVD. I was pleasantly surprised and found it challenging. I actually felt really worked out whilst doing it. Like Jillian, she does two moves in one, but for longer. I thought after 12 mins in, sod it, I've done Bob already, I don't need to finish this one today, but then made myself carry on and the 30 mins were over in no time. I def recommend it.

Have a good long weekend all!

Khaleese Sat 30-Mar-13 08:14:53

I googled Bob ....maybe after jillian :-)

My children are bribed when i excercise, otherwise the little one thinks that any plank move is an invitation to sit on me!

Good morning all smile

Jackster, Ponks, Fading, MissT, PeggyO thanks all for the good wishes, you are all bloomin' lovely on this thread...

The level of industry on here at the moment is amazing and inspiring! But Bob? Bob? I can't leave Jillian, that would make her sad lol

Ponks I did L2 Killer yesterday too. Oof! That last circuit is indeed a Killer. My thighs ache today...

Great news is that back was not affected at all. It aches a bit, especially first thing in the morning, but I was told to expect that and do everything as usual, including exercise, but the aches don't feel like bad aches, like they used to.

Ponks you're right it is amazing to have felt the benefits so soon - I'm staggered. He did say he had to give it more welly than he expected around my sacral area as it was all so fused. Jeez no wonder I was so uncomfortable!

Was it your DH who was putting off seeing someone? Tell him from me it is so worth doing...

I plan to do something again today but not going to go too mad until I've had some more treatment - perhaps a nice relaxing(!) Shred (but not L2 as I hate it - only a few more to go Khaleese!! I reckon L3 is easier than L2)

Have a great weekend all x

MissTFied Sat 30-Mar-13 10:16:15

Woohoo! Threesteps is back in the game! And she's thinking of doing another session today? Go! ( But please be careful)

Just came on to say did Jackie again this morning instead of Bob, and missed him! I too am thinking of doing another session later. While I do feel it with Jackie, when it is finished, I do think, is that it? I think she is a little step up from Jillian and is certainly good for when I am short of time.

Threesteps - Jillian would forgive you, she and Bob are BFF!

gingercat12 Sat 30-Mar-13 11:46:07

Hi everyone! I miss you all.
khaleese My DS is also bribed when I exercise during the day. Can I ask what your name means?

Khaleese Sat 30-Mar-13 12:00:56

Khaleese is from game of thrones, the princess, she's strong and fierce :-)

only 5 more sessions of level two to go!

Another half an inch from my waist today,that means 2 inches in total...amazing!

notnowbernard Sat 30-Mar-13 12:26:01

Hello I've been lurking but now feel I must pop in grin

I've been doing 30DS but with 2 days off a week

Just started L3 (thank god L2 over !)

Have noticed real improvement in general fitness level but am still feeling the flab ( arms, chest and shoulders looking good though)

Do I need to step it up a bit ? And how?

All tips gratefully received!

MissTFied Sat 30-Mar-13 13:41:41

I knew your name Khaleese! New season starts soon, is it tomorrow?

Notnowbernard - we love that book in our house! Poor Bernard! If you want to get rid of the flab, you could do something like Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (cardio one), for one week, then the next week do some strength with No More Trouble Zones for a week, then back to BFBM etc. Once you have shaved off a bit off flab, then I'd recommend strength training to get a more toned and defined look, and muscles burn off fat throughout the day. Also, if you are happy with your upper body, you could do Killer Buns & Thighs or 6W6P. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Hi gingercat!

Bye for now!

Jacksterbear Sat 30-Mar-13 14:10:50

GoT thread here!

notnowbernard I would second the recommendation of BFBM - longer workout and cardio-based to, well, do what its name suggests really! (Banish fat, boost metabolism) smile

notnowbernard Sat 30-Mar-13 21:21:05

Thank you smile

I will check out BFBM as could do with getting rid of wobbly gut and backside

MissTFied Sun 31-Mar-13 00:03:35

Thanks Jacksterbear! I have terrible trouble remembering who's who though. I think I'll have to do a bit of internet research before G o T starts up again.

My memory is awful. I don't know why I bother quoting my fav Bob bits on here, 'cos I completely misquote every time!

Evening all and Happy Easter smile

Hope everyone has had a great day...

Welcome NotnowBernard...let us know what you think of BFBM if you get it. It's a great one for a full on cardio workout!

I had a lovely pizza lunch out and plenty of chocolate. Feeling very slovenly when I finally got home I decided to dig out S&S and did L1 and loved it smile

Am planning to do both levels S&S tomorrow, yikes!

I did L3 Shred yesterday and L2 Killer the day before that so I think we could definitely say I'm back on track, huzzah!!! I have my next chiro appointment on Tuesday so I'll tell him what I've been doing and if he thinks I'm overdoing anything I'll take his advice. It certainly feels okay at the mo.

Will check in tomorrow if I survive my second ever S&S double-session.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend everyone smile

gingercat12 Sun 31-Mar-13 21:52:16

khaleese I was right then. Am reading / obsessed with Game of Thrones now, but didn't want to say "Are you a Dothraki princess?" grin

Repeating week 8 of Body Revolution now. Cardio gets much easier, but the workouts do not. When will I be able to do 1 minute of plank thrusts?! On the plus side I found myself doing proper one-legged push-ups. I was so shocked, nearly collapsed.

Happy Easter! Hope everyone is getting better and recovering from injuries. Great to see new people joining in!

gingercat12 Sun 31-Mar-13 21:53:49

threesteps Yay! You must be feeling better then.

Cross-posted with you Gingercat! I am, I am, I am grin

Well done with the one armed push ups, that sounds both impossible and wrong!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and catch up with you next week smile x

Oops, I meant one legged push ups, either version sounds impossible and wrong!

Ponks Sun 31-Mar-13 22:02:16

Well done threesteps so good to hear you are back in the groove! A chiro who can help so much is worth their weight in gold, I think. My DH has recurrent back problems - which he does not like to admit to - he has tried several different people but none has made much of a difference.

I did NMTZ for the second time today - was feeling tired and bloated beforehand (mega water retention I think) but felt fab afterwards. Still got to get the "feel" of this DVD so I know which bits to really push in, and where the easier exercises fit in, but think it will be good for a whole body toning workout.

My knees are hurting again though - think it is something in Killer L2 that it getting to me. sad

Incidentally - in a couple of the DVDs Jillian refers to "threes" and "eights" etc for the weights - do you think she means lb or kg? I can't imagine doing the exercises with 8kg weights!

Jacksterbear Sun 31-Mar-13 22:26:47

Definitely lbs,*Ponks*, pretty sure Americans don't do kilos!

Ponks Sun 31-Mar-13 22:29:39

Phew much relieved to hear that! Had felt a bit pathetic!

gingercat12 Mon 01-Apr-13 10:45:20

Jackster I was wondering about JM's handweights as well. Thanks for it.

I sympathise with your DH Ponks - having been twice to the chiropractic college in the past (each time for 6-8 sessions), no one even identified the twisted pelvis. Now he's pointed out that my 2 sacral bones feel like completely different sizes, it's so obvious now. All sorts of things are falling (literally!) into place now - like I never stand squarely on my 2 feet, I always rest my weight on my right leg and kind of take my weight off my left leg, like a horse resting! I just thought I was a weirdo grin

Sorry if I'm bugging everyone. I'm just feeling a little bit reborn. The constant low-level pain has already eased so much and I think it's a shock to realise how much it has affected me day-to-day...

Notyummy I hope you're doing okay. I hope my evangalism isn't adding insult to injury. Really hope the next consultant's appointment goes well for you x

Decided a double S&S might be pushing it too soon so will opt for something more sedate later smile Perhaps just L2 S&S. Ponks Killer got my left knee a bit too - I can't think why. There are no more lunges etc. than her other DVDs are there?

Hope everyone is having a fab bank holiday Monday! I April Fooled my friend that I woke up to find 3 sheep in my (urban) garden and there was apparently a tornado around my way overnight grin

Khaleese Mon 01-Apr-13 15:42:24

:-) i am indeed the Dothraki princess ( she spells it with an i though as in khaleesi.) that spelling is gone :-( its a great series, so many powerful ladies.

I completed shred level two 7 today, only three to go. I've decided to do level three alongside 6w6p but do 6w6p as absolut beginner. -- as it looks horrid--

I am seeing a huge difference though.

Happy easter all. X

Ponks Mon 01-Apr-13 20:30:05

Khaleese - I have just ordered 6w6p (itchy Amazon fingers!) so hope it is not too horrid - I'm feeling the need to work on my core as much as Killer is working on my legs.

threesteps - think Killer L2 must make me more tired due to the order of the exercises maybe? e.g. Statue of Liberty seems much harder on the legs in Killer L2 than in Extreme S&S? And if I'm tired then maybe my technique suffers.

Did the full ES&S today with DH - needed his encouragement a LOT near the end, I practically couldn't breathe during the Triangles at the end. However v pleased as managed a couple of those plank/jack/pushups and a couple of the lying down/push up to bridge, which I couldn't do a couple of weeks ago.

Khaleese Mon 01-Apr-13 20:51:50

Oh good ponks, someone to share rhe pain! You bought it, is it not the same as the free utube though?

Ah Ponks that makes sense, and yy Statue of Liberty in Killer seems so much harder than in S&S. She does keep saying it's the order in which you do stuff doesn't she.

Wow - well done you on the double session! I managed L2 S&S last night and it was good. I don't feel as knackered at the end of S&S as I do at the end of a Killer L2 or 3, but my muscles feel just as worked out!

Khaleese I reckon if you've found 6W6P on line it's likely to be the same, might be worth checking it's not a short version tho? You must be knocking on the door of L3 Shred soon? Yay!

Have a good day everyone, it's freezing here again, but sunny smile

notyummy Tue 02-Apr-13 10:15:22

Hi all- I'm still checking in to hear about your progress despite being on the bench! Great stuff.

Still just walking in the MBT trainers (between 3-5 miles, about 5 days s week) and doing my 30 min Callenthetics daily. Miraculously I don't appear to have gain weight or changed body fat %. Bizarre.

Just back from a 2 day PGL Family Active holiday where I managed to do a bit of most things - climbing, fencing, archery, high ropes etc. DD loved it. Less than 2 weeks now until I see the surgeon....

Jacksterbear Tue 02-Apr-13 12:07:10

Hey all, hope you have all had lovely BH weekends.

Started out on a run earlier today, but only got a mile this time before the knee pain started sad; this time, stopped immediately and walked home (last time I carried on for another mile or so, but ended up limping for days afterwards! blush). So, I think that may be the end of my glittering running career. Gaahhh. angry But I did get home and do Ripped L2, which always cheers me up (perfect mix of hard but doable, and contains my favourite JM line; you're not going to die from getting uncomfortable!)

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with 6W6p, Ponks and Khaleese. I must say I did not think much of L1, it's a bit... meh... and only did it a few times, but I love L2 as a great cardio workout. I also recommend Tae Bo Abs and Glutes as an alternative abs workout (lots of the moves are similar to Jillian's but much faster, so instead of having separate abs and cardo he just does the abs moves really fast so they become cardio themselves, iyswim!).

3steps, great to see you getting back on track, and notyummy good to see you are hanging on in there. smile

Oh no Jackster, so sorry to hear about your knee sad
It may not be an end to running though - perhaps a longish break might be enough? It's such a nightmare when you're scuppered doing things you really want to be doing isn't it?

Well done for going home to Ripped though, think I may have taken an easier option lol

Notyummy great to hear from you smile Really good news you're able to stay active and no difference in weight from giving up the hard stuff, woo hoo. All the best for the surgeon's appointment.

Well since returning to the JM fold, I have done 1 x Killer L2, 1 x Shred L3, 1 x S&S L1, 1 x S&S L2 and 1 x S&S L1 again!

...also had my 2nd chiro appointment and I feel grrrrrrrrreat <tony the tiger emoticon>

I've got visitors coming tomorrow so will be having a rest day smile

Hope everyone is doing well, will check back in on Thursday x

notnowbernard Tue 02-Apr-13 21:06:57

You lot are inspiring me!

I've had a really shitty cold for the last few days so haven't done ANY exercise. Feel really slobby as a result, having been Shredding for the last 3 weeks or so (I'd got to L3)

Need to get back to it tomorrow, as feel much better - do you reckon do L1 for a day or 2 first? Or get straight back to L3?

Haven't got hold of BFBM but have got Ripped... wondering whether to do that next instead? It's my stomach and backside I'd like sorted the most, tbh

Morning all!

Notnowbernard glad you're recovered from the cold, all sorts are flying round at the moment aren't they? Cannot believe it's April and I'm still in hat, gloves, scarf etc. shock

I'd jump straight back in to L3 grin

I had a lovely rest day yesterday, which was a bit naughty as I'm going away tomorrow and won't be able to exercise again til Monday!

I'm going to do something today though, not sure what, but I'm thinking maybe BFBM, haven't done it for ages...

From next Monday I'm going to make a proper plan re what to do so I feel more committed. I may re-start my S&S from scratch and do a whole month.

Hope everyone is doing okay and all sufferers are feeling a bit better smile

I did L1 and L2 S&S together - for the second time ever smile

Thought as I was going to be away for a few days I might as well give it a go. Wasn't as bad as I was imagining. You don't feel totally knackered after, but I think I will feel it in my muscles tomorrow!

Hope everyone is doing well. I won't be back til Monday now so wishing you all a great weekend smile

notnowbernard Thu 04-Apr-13 18:47:49

Threestep - what's S&S? (whatever it is, sounds impressive you did 2 levels!) grin

Afraid I started back on L1 of Shred. Yesterday and today - I only copied Nathalie though - my legs are feeling it shock

PeggyO Thu 04-Apr-13 19:26:44

Hi notnowbernard, S&S is Extreme Shed and Shred, one of Jillian's newer DVDs - it has two levels and Jillian says that you should work up to doing them both back to back. It's fun but long, over an hour if you do both levels!

Ripped is a good step up from the Shred I think. L1 may feel a little easy after L3 of Shred, but it kicks up a gear from L2 onwards! It might be worth checking out Killer Buns and Thighs at some point, it's brilliant for toning your bum.

threesteps, I did L1&2 of ES&S today too! I feel a little blush when I hear so many people say that it's not a very tough workout though, I am always a proper sweaty mess by the end of it! I clearly still have some work to do wink

I was pleased to find those isometric holds with weights in the very last circuit a bit easier today, though - all that Bob Harper must have made my arms a little stronger!

Jackster, so sorry to hear about your knee. It's rubbish having an injury. Maybe it would be worth seeing a sports physio for some advice?

I haven't been running for nearly two weeks now [sob] but my foot is definitely improving. It twinged a little during the butt kicks in S&S today, but I reckon they are much higher impact than normal running so I may get out for a very short jog in the next couple of days and see how it goes! We're off for a week's holiday in the countryside tomorrow so no Jillian or Bob for me (travelling by train and DH doesn't fancy lugging my weights grin) but there's a pool where we are staying so I am hoping that plenty of swimming (and hopefully a few runs, fingers crossed!) will tide me over till we get back.

Sneaked in to tell notnowbernard what S&S was but PeggyO has already given a very good rundown smile

notnowbernard, I think you'll enjoy Ripped after Shred. Agree that L1 eases you in gently and then there's a bit of a Kapow when you move up to L2 grin

Killer buns is possibly my most favourite of all her DVDs... I love it!!! It's very effective too...

PeggyO you mustn't use me as a benchmark! I was phoning in a fair bit as I didn't want to aggravate my back. So minimal weights and in the very last circuit I used my TV chest to lean my arms on for the static morning glories and I only raised one arm in the triangle poses blush "Could Do Better" !

Hope you have a fantastic week away and enjoy a well deserved break smile

See everyone next week!

Ponks Thu 04-Apr-13 21:45:03

Well done to those doing a complete ES&S today! I like it, it sort of lulls you in with a fairly straightforward first half then there are a couple of OMG exercises in the second.
Funny how short a Shred session seemed yesterday after doing ES&S! I went back to Shred L3 as knees are still complaining. They are fine during exercise but hurt a few hours afterwards. sad So it seems there are a few of us on the injury bench but carrying on regardless.

threesteps I try to set out a plan of exercise for the week with a different workout / activity every day .. although for the past couple of weeks something seems to knock it out of kilter e.g. working later than planned / sore knees so change from Killer to Shred etc. But nice to have a plan in the first place!

notyummy I am in awe of you, you are in such pain with your back yet you still manage to walk for miles and do callanetics every day! You really seem to be made of strong stuff.

Khaleese the 6w6p DVD is probably the same as on youtube but I workout in different room from PC so have bought the dvd anyway. I'm looking forward to it arriving soon.

Ponks Thu 04-Apr-13 21:45:58

And happy holidays to everyone who is going away!

CHST Fri 05-Apr-13 13:26:30

hi guys. Has been a long time. I have officially finished Chalean extreme sad
I am sad about that as I have really enjoyed it. Time to switch it up again. I have kinda missed Jillian though! I was going to do p90x next but dh is talking about installing a pull up bar for me in the garage so I might make some space in there for a mini gym for myself as he is not keen on having it in the house.
I am thinking about doing an insanity body revolution hybrid of my own. I will do insanity on the cardio days (2) and do the body revolution with heavier weights just to give myself a big challenge.
Someone here is doing Body Revolution aren't they? I don't know how you have found it but i never feel it challenging until workout 7 and then the first two cardios aren't challenging either hence the subbing with insanity and upping the weights. I will probably start monday now and report back how I am getting on.
Sorry to hear about all the injury. Well done notyummy for plodding on. I know how hardcore you are though and you could never survive without exercise.
Jackster I hope your knee is better soon.
Guys it is so awesome to hear how everyone is progressing and constantly pushing themselves to do more. It is really motivating for me! Look forward to contributing more to this thread now I will go back to the Jillianing!
Hope you have had a fantastic easter.
My next goal is to clean up my eating. (I blame the easter bunny and the cold weather!)

Jacksterbear Fri 05-Apr-13 17:34:07

Good to hear from you CHST and congrats on finishing Chalean. Your new plan sounds challenging and fun! I too need to clean up the eating, as have crept up from 8st 13 in the new year, to 9st 6. Crap!!! angry The last 3 of those lbs have appeared over Easter blush. Have started logging on MFP again, and will (if it's not too self-indulgent and no-one minds!) record weight on here weekly so I am accountable to you all for staying on track - anyone welcome to join me!

PeggyO, glad the foot is improving and hope you enjoy your time away and manage to fit some runs in! Great work Ponks, 3steps, notnow, and everyone else!

BFBM done today, love it! smile Was wondering while doing it how she chooses her backing ladies - do you think she holds auditions?

CHST Fri 05-Apr-13 18:11:47

Easter is a bitch is it not Jackster? I foolishly took the kids food shopping today and ended up with reduced easter crap! At least my mum is coming tomorrow for a week and she will no doubt help with that!!
I think most of the people in her dvds if not all are somehow in the fitness industry. Maybe they move in the same circles? I know Omar from Body Revolution used to be a backing dancer for Janet Jackson!!!
I love BFBM by the way, When I was at the beginning of my fitness journey, I always had the best weightloss in those weeks I did that!

gingercat12 Fri 05-Apr-13 19:55:22

CHST I completely agree on Workout 7 being the first challenging workout in body revolution. But it is easy to make the earlier workouts more challenging with more weights or circuits, so it is ok.

CHST Fri 05-Apr-13 20:15:21

yay ginger! I just love Body Revolution!! Workouts 9 and 10 are my favourite. I love lunge chops....fab fab fab for the obliques. I love dive bombers and scorpion push ups. Where are you now in the workouts? The only thing I really struggled with was in workout 11, there is a three part push up...it is really wierd as when I first started it, I was scared I was going to fall on my face...can still only go half way through on my toes before having to go to the knees...think I will try and improve on that this time round. I am going to use 5kg and 7.5kg weights and see how I go.

Ponks Fri 05-Apr-13 22:19:13

CHST am v impressed with your proposed regime. I need bit of a kick up the bum to push myself on - since my knees became sore I have lost a bit of motivation. Also need to clean up my eating as although I've lost a stone this year so far, I still want to lose a fair bit more. Jackster don't think I'm brave enough to post my weight here blush!
Just did a simple ShredL1 tonight but better than nothing. Used weights in the cardio so did try to push myself a bit.

MissTFied Fri 05-Apr-13 22:32:35

Hi all,

CHST - I was wondering how you were getting on with Chalean. Do you look noticeably different, much more sculpted?

Came on to say I have underestimated Jackie Warner. I really ache this evening. I did Insanity Fast and Furious first this morning, then Jackie's Xtreme Time Saver. I was alternating her with Bob, but this is the second day running of Jackie and I feel it a lot more, and I'm only using 2.6kg weights!

I am also trying to sort out my diet. I have added a goal of getting a six pack to getting cut arms! No amount of exercising will give me a six pack if I don't eat a lot cleaner.

Have a good holiday everyone!

CHST Sat 06-Apr-13 09:03:38

MissT Have definitely more definition in arms and legs. I am going to sound quite up myself now but I am at maintenance...am pretty much as toned everywhere as I want to be so for me these workouts are more about mental challenges, improving in other areas rather than losing weight or toning up. I must say it has helped the tricep area in particular. Absolutely no bingo wing wobblage at all. You are right about the eating and 6 pack! I have slipped a bit over easter ahem and have lost a little definition..so am definitely looking to sort that out next.
I have really found that my body changes depending what I am doing...with strength focused workouts like Chalean, I become more muscular and with insanity and turbofire, I lean out a lot more. I prefer a sort of muscular look but not too much which is why I shall see what happens when I combine Body Revolution and Insanity.

CHST Sat 06-Apr-13 09:06:21

Ponks hopefully the warm weather will be here soon to help you with that eating. I find it a lot harder to eat better in cold weather. I love summer fruits and veg. It is the healthy snacks I struggle with in Winter. What sort of snacks do you all eat?

gingercat12 Sat 06-Apr-13 09:53:06

CHST I on workout 7 and 8. Done them an extra week. You made me really scared of the rest now grin.
5 and 7.5 kg weights?! No way!

gingercat12 Sat 06-Apr-13 09:55:17

At home I snack on lots of fruit, one piece of chocolate a day (max 200 kcal), nuts and 2-3 cheese twists if I really starve. And coffee.

gingercat12 Sat 06-Apr-13 09:56:22

With body revolution I feel I need to eat though..

Jacksterbear Sat 06-Apr-13 11:45:06

It's snacking that is my downfall. When I log on MFP I am horrified by the amount of calories I can get through in a day without even noticing it! My recent downfall has been the basket of mini eggs placed on the table so that every time I went past it I would pick one (/two/several)! blush So as of yesterday no more chocolate or biscuits for the time being, and snacks are now carrot sticks, apples, raisins, maltloaf, and yogurt. (Although I have to say one thing I have also noticed from MFP is that fruit - or at least some fruits e.g. apples and bananas - are surprisingly high in calories too - not that it's all just about calories..).

notyummy Sat 06-Apr-13 17:03:51

Hi all. Am very jealous of all this BR and Bobbing and Insanity and so forth! As I am away from home with slightly more time than usual, I have been trying to do my Callenthetics twice a day. Today I have taken advantage of some long awaited spring sunshine and done a 7 mile walk.

My weight hardly fluctuated at all of late. I think my appetite must have reduced due to less exercise and painkillers. Am around 10 stone 3 to 10 stone 6. Body fat usually the main thing i keep an eye on and try to make sure it is sub 25%. Having said all that, slightly TMI but these bloody codeine and morphine based pain killers don't half bung you up, so I feel the size of a house!! Trying not to take them unless I really need them and also drinking loads of water and eating good stuff, but still an issue.

In terms of snacks, I find having cooked chicken or turkey in the fridge (skinless) is great for snacking. Team with pickled onions or gherkins for flavour and fibre!! Really low cal but fills you up. Jars of cockles and mussels are similar (albeit not to everyone's taste.)

notyummy Sat 06-Apr-13 17:06:18

Am 5ft 10 btw so just over 10 stone is a fairly good weight for me where I comfortably maintain and look good (in my eyes.) I appreciate that may sound heavy to some of you but feels about right at my height.

notnowbernard Sat 06-Apr-13 20:57:11

Feel so much better mentally now I'm back on the jillian wagon - less sluggish. Even though ive only done L1 Shred. I think im going to do another 2 L1, 5 days L2, then back to L3 for 10 days straight. I'm not going to do the modified ones either, it's Natalie all the way grin have a beach holiday in June to motivate me

Will move to Ripped after Shred. Also. Using MFP for last week - am finding it really helpful in monitoring diet intake, think I need to keep a closer eye if I want to lose this last 5lb! Lost 1lb this week so on the up...

Feel such a novice compared to everyone else, you're all so hardcore! Good to have role models grin

CHST Sat 06-Apr-13 21:33:09

Good luck notnowbernard I have to ask you what made you pick your user name? I think of 4 weddings and a funeral when I see it!
MFP is great. I like the bit in food that says show me what you are eating and there is some yummy food in that.
notyummy I'd LOVE to be 5 ft 10...I shall take some of that height. (am 5ft 0 so I need a lower weight to look good.) I think I have seen photos of you before though...you look fantastic! Im sure it's you

MissTFied Sun 07-Apr-13 00:18:22

Notnowbernard - I'm sure you will lose that 5lb by your holiday. Can you add to the weights at all? I find this hard to do, but when I up my weights, I definitely feel it and sweat more.

CHST - you don't sound up yourself at all. I think we all come on here to motivate/be motivated. I can't wait to say I am maintaining, I am almost there. I just love the way you can change your body. This 6 pack idea of mine may be crazy, but I like a challenge! IF I ever get there, I probably won't keep it, it just would be nice to know I can do it.

Notyummy - you must be frustrated but good for you that you are doing whatever you can. A 7 mile walk on painkillers is quite amazing. If you want something to unblock you then I can certainly recommended a Bob Harper breakfast of oats, almonds and a chopped apple with boiling water poured over. I also add some seeds and a few currants. I have never been so regular smile.

I keep cooked chicken in the fridge and cottage cheese for snacking, and keep almonds and other nuts and dried fruit on the kitchen side to nibble on. I try to drink plenty of water too.

Did Jackie again today, and am feeling it in my glutes now. She really gets you to concentrate on your form and I am certainly feeling the benefit.

CHST Sun 07-Apr-13 13:12:20

Is there a tip to drink water? I find it really difficult..would love to drink more water but struggle.

notnowbernard Sun 07-Apr-13 17:03:35

CHST - lol re 4weddings! No, that wasn't the inspiration. When I joined MN 6 yrs ago (!) it was my Dd1s favourite book and I had to read it ALL the time... So I picked it as a name and have been 'notnowbernard' ever since grin
I have also been aiming to drink 2.5l water a day. I try and drink a pint with breakfast, a pint with lunch and a pint when the DC are having their tea. The other half pint I have before bed

MissTfied - thanks, I hope I'll lose the last bit too... Another 4 to go as lost a lb last week. Just about coping with my 2.5lb weights have a feeling I'll be sticking with them a while yet smile

Ponks Sun 07-Apr-13 22:09:11

First time trying 6w6p L1 this weekend & like others have mentioned, think the speeded up circuit is difficult - I tried to stay normal speed to concentrate on the moves. It will take a bit of getting used to.

Then today did L1 Extreme S&S. OK during the workout but dammit sore knees again afterwards. I must be doing something wrong. I have exercised and done squats / lunges for 20 years and never had a problem, but the last couple of weeks I have started to get sore. I am going to rest for a couple of days then gradually back into it.

<grumpy> as have been enjoying the DVDs so much, I don't want to rest.

MissTFied Sun 07-Apr-13 22:30:37

Ponks - can you wear knee supports? My right knee is a little weak so I always wear one.

CHST - it sounds like notnowbernard has a good water drinking system there. I can't really help because I just love water (bottled supermarket own brand). It's all I drink, apart from tea. Never liked squash. Diet coke is now out as I'm avoiding anything with sweeteners in. I also seem to get very thirsty and it's the only thing that hydrates properly. It's recommended that you drink a large glass on waking, and also a large glass before each meal. I am going to try to be extra healthy and switch the green tea too.

CHST Mon 08-Apr-13 08:36:01

Thats sounds like a good plan smile thanks!

Up at 6.30 this morning to start the workout....wow I forgot how quiet it is. I used to get up this early to do my workouts but it is harder in the winter.
Anyway started my hybrid today with workout 1. I made it tough for myself using heavier weights....I really felt like I had a good workout which is good. Jillian is much faster paced than Chalene and well insanity too so it is going to be strange getting re used to the pace.
Working out so early is definitely the best for me...no interruption from anyone and then I can enjoy the rest of my day. I am really going to try and make this a habit

notyummy Mon 08-Apr-13 10:41:15

Am staying at fab hotel with DH whilst my mum and dad look after Dd. Did a 3 mile walk before breakfast and we are planning a 7 mile route later (with a cake stop!) Have just had BIG breakfast and 3 course dinner last night so must keep moving to avoid turning into beach ball!!

I have a massage booked later and DH has downloaded 6W6P L2 to his iPad so he can do it in the room using a water bottle as a weight whilst I am pummelled.

Double Callenthetics again for me. Believe it or not, the Callenthetics have led to a v defined six pack. You can get the book on Amazon if anyone is interested- something like 30 Days to a New Body. Would be easy to do as well as Jillian etc, as you can do in the evening whilst watching TV, or whilst waiting for kettle/kids in bath. Not quite as good for arms and legs, but good for core and bottom I think. It genuinely makes a difference.

MissTFied Mon 08-Apr-13 11:42:33

Notyummy - wow! A six pack? I may well look into Callenthetics. Have a lovely time at the hotel.

CHST - it definitely helps doing an early workout doesn't it? Like you say, no distractions or interruptions, just time to focus. And make "that mind body connection blah blah". I am being a bit lazy this week by doing workouts at 9.30 or so, but will do a 6am start tomorrow.

Ponks Tue 09-Apr-13 22:51:07

MissT - I may start using a knee support in the future but want to give my knees a chance to recover first - don't want to repeat my mistake last year of continuing to aggravate my achilles by keeping on exercising when it had starting flaring up - I used an ankle support + lots of spray ice to keep me going but in the end I had to give up & I think I was lucky not to do serious damage.

So for this week I'm giving the squats & lunges a rest which wipes out swathes of Jillian's exercises. Instead am walking and following it up with 3 ab / core circuits from NMTZ. May as well work on the six pack (if only) while my knees recover!

notyummy - hope you enjoyed your massage and hotel hol! You are so keen - I would have enjoyed a lie in rather than a pre-breakfast walk I must admit!

bettycocker Wed 10-Apr-13 11:00:46

Rollergirl1, I am starting level 2 of 6W6P tomorrow. If you have been doing BFBM already, you will breeze through level 1 of 6W6P. I have had to work up to BFBM, it is evil.

Also, has anyone else found that they have lost inches but no weight doing Jillian Michaels DVDs?

My weight hasn't changed at all, but I am getting smaller. I am being very careful about diet, so I'm not overeating.

Afternoon all!

Betty there's a very good chance you'll be losing inches but not pounds. Don't be disheartened though. The lean muscle you'll be building doing her stuff will weigh more than fat, which is why you might see a change in shape but not on the scales.

Also your body apparently retains water after exercise so that may be showing on the scales too.

It's all good smile

I've been very slack! After my double-session last Thursday I've done not a thing. I was away over the weekend but no excuse really. Is anyone else finding this endless weather dreariness uninspiring?

Had a back appointment yesterday too and my lower back feels very stiff today but I will definitely be doing something later, most likely L1 S&S. Going to aim for at least one double S&S at the weekend.

Hope everyone's doing well smile

Ponks sorry to hear about your knee, what a bugger sad

I think you're doing exactly the right thing though. If you try and push through, it may get worse and you'll end up on the injury bench for longer.

Wishing you as speedy a recovery as possible...