Continued - Week 1 New Year Low Carb Bootcamp Chat Thread

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BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:10:38

Last one filled up really quickly, so here is a brand, spanking and distinctly thinner thread for you to fill up.

Hello, just marking my place, hope everyone is doing ok.

Lifeisontheup Thu 10-Jan-13 12:18:53

It's 12.15 and I have felt hungry for the first time today so having egg and bacon now.
Have had a coffee with cream and at least a 1.5 L of water. Going to the loo every half hour seems to be calming down now so my body must be getting used to it. Perhaps I'm in ketosis although had no carb flu symptoms and have loads of energy so much so I moved all the furniture in the sitting room yesterday and hoovered, cleaned skirting boards and windows. Planning on attacking the kitchen today.

thanks for the new thread biwi!

BlackAffronted Thu 10-Jan-13 12:21:02

Its not strictly bootcamp, but I am having some Maatesons smoked sausage for lunch (it IS 0 carbs!!) fried with mushrooms & smoked paorika, then some sour cream stirred in. Yum. I do try & stay away from processed stuff, honesly!

Biscuit357 Thu 10-Jan-13 12:21:35

Marking my place too! Feel rough today. Don't know if it's low carb rough, or proper flu but hopefully shall pass soon

EwanHoozami Thu 10-Jan-13 12:26:20

Thanks for the new thread - think of all the poundage we've left behind on the other one already.

B - Lidl yog
L - roast beef salad
D - five spice salmon, spinach and cauli rice

NoveltySlippers Thu 10-Jan-13 12:26:50

Wow - a whole thread in 3 days. Now that's impressive!

Marking place!

I agree with novelty impressive indeed!

Lunch today is: bacon, sausage and mushrroms with 2 boiled eggs on top of mixed leaf and cucumber salad with some carrot ribbons (1/2 carrot)
Dinner will be: lightly dusted cod fillet with probably another salad :D

Marking place!

herecomesthsun Thu 10-Jan-13 12:33:46

B1: 2 boiled eggs mashed with cream and pepper

B2: bacon and mushrooms

snack: 1/2 avocado

L: lamb stew reheated from yesterday yum

I feel set up now. No real decrease in appetite though. Weight no change from yesterday, which might be because I've eaten too much, or because I weighed after my first breakfast.

I went out yesterday and got boursin and full fat philadelphia cheese because other people were eating them, now to find that Boursin is "a bit carby", Oh dear! Well, the family do like Boursin so it won't go to waste.

Post Xmas is a very good time to do this because of all the lovely Lo Carb goodies reduced in the supermarkets, by the way!

I must have a look in a Lidl next chance I get.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:33:58

A swift reminder of the rules. Can I draw everyone's attention to No. 7 in particular? wink

1.Eat three, proper meals a day
You must eat breakfast. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you must have something. For the rest of the day, if you’re eating enough food and you are in ketosis then you shouldn’t be hungry. But if you are hungry, eat something. (Hard boiled eggs make a great snack)

2.Avoid processed food, and focus on pure, natural protein as the basis for your meals – meat/fish/eggs.
Things like sausages, ham, bacon, pre-prepared burgers etc should be avoided as much as possible. Avoid foods marketed as low carb, e.g. Atkins Daybreak bars.

3.Maximise your fat intake
Fry in butter, add butter to vegetables, eat salad with a home-made vinaigrette dressing (not made with balsamic vinegar though), add mayonnaise where you can (just check the carb count on your mayo first). Eat fattier cuts of meat – e.g. pork belly, roast chicken with the skin on and/or eat the fat off your lamb chops. Absolutely no low fat/light foods of any kind!

4.Make sure you are eating vegetables and salads with your food – this is where your carbs should come from.
But choose only those vegetables that are on the allowed list (see below). You don’t have to weigh/count carbs – this is one of the great joys of this WOE (way of eating), but if you’re new to low carbing it can be helpful to weigh your portions of veg in the early days, just so that you know how many carbs are in the sort of portions that you like to eat

5.Minimal dairy (apart from butter, which is unlimited).
If you are still drinking tea/coffee with milk or cream, try to restrict yourself to max 2 cups per day. You may eat cheese, but only in small amounts.

6.You must drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day
The more weight you have to lose, the more water you should drink

7.No alcohol

8.No fruit of any kind

9.No nuts/seeds

10.No sugar or artificial sweeteners

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:35:24

And here is the list of allowed veg

If it's not on the list, and you can't find a carb count for it, don't eat it!

Make sure that you are focussing on those vegetables that are 3g carbs per 100g; use other veg sparingly

Veg (raw)Carbs per 100g
Asparagus 1.4
Avocado flesh1.9
Runner beans2.3
Bean sprouts2.5
Green pepper2.6
Baby sweetcorn2.7
Brussels sprouts3.5
French beans4.7
Yellow pepper5.3
Orange or red pepper6.4
Ginger (peeled)7.2
Butternut squash7.5

queribus Thu 10-Jan-13 12:38:02

Hungry, hungry, hungry

B two scrambled eggs with butter
L left over roast turkey and salad

Not sure about dinner - probably fish

Lots of water

Going shopping for greek yoghurt, olives, sausages, ham tonight

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:39:20

Also, although the idea behind Bootcamp is that we need not weigh/count carbs, I'm guessing that very few of us really know how many carbs are in our veg.

I think that's also often because we don't have any sense of how much 100g of anything buys us. The days of going to the greengrocer and asking for things by weight are long gone. These days we just bung a number of things in a bag - e.g. a potato per person - or we buy things pre-packed.

It is a good idea, in these early weeks, to weigh out some of the things you're using, to find out just how much you actually get for your 100g. Onions, for example, are very dense, and at 7.9g carbs per 100g, you will quickly find that you are adding a lot of carbs to your meal.

On the spreadsheet there is a carb counter spreadsheet (look at the tabs at the bottom) and if you put the weight of the veg you are using into there it will work out how many carbs that is, and what your total carbs for all the veg you are using comes to.

(As it's open to everyone, please make sure all the columns are empty before you put your weights in - otherwise you'll be counting in veg that someone else has eaten!)

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:40:17

BIWI im feeling your stick is loooming! Lol

I must also say my ketostix have arrived(bought them on amazon as they were so much cheaper than chenist) so i shall be weeing on one of those shortly ;)

AND im so stuffed after trying to eat that salad... I couldnt get through it!

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:41:00

queribus - if you are hungry, EAT!

Are you eating enough fat? Did your salad have an oily dressing or mayonnaise on it?

prettybird Thu 10-Jan-13 12:41:26

Just off to buy some more avocado, salad and eggs. smile

Walking of course!grin

queribus Thu 10-Jan-13 12:42:42

Bloody hell! I didn't see french beans have 4.7g of carbs - I've eaten bucket loads. Will stop now!

SavoirFaire Thu 10-Jan-13 12:46:52

At home with the kids today and tomorrow. Skint so really stuck at home and we totally live in our kitchen, which means lots of temptation! Have had 2 eggs and butter for break and just had ham & philly with some carrot for lunch and going to have an avocado later as I don't think that will keep me going til dinner (let's see). Can't believe we've been through a whole thread already!

I weight this morning and am 1 lb down since Monday. Not stellar but it is the right direction! DH is 3 lb down and below a 'significant pyschological milestone'! so he is happy and motivated!

Lifeisontheup Thu 10-Jan-13 12:48:54

I guess even though things like cabbage are quite high you don't normally eat loads in terms of weight.
Going to buy some olives to snack on at work tomorrow night, may be nicer for my crew mate than hard boiled eggs although she's been doing dukan for the last two months and has lost loads. Too restrictive for me though.

GinotPrigio Thu 10-Jan-13 12:51:13

Feeling much better today than I did yesterday (although the scales haven't moved since Monday - BUT I won't get sidetracked by that!). Those that are feeling a bit crap today, hang on in there. I drank a shed load of water yesterday and by tea time was feeling much better.

Has anyone noticed that they are waking up easier in the morning and feeling more alert? That horrible slow and sluggish morning feeling has definitely gone. Result!

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 12:51:44

Careful with the carrot, SavoirFaire ...

mawbroon Thu 10-Jan-13 12:53:59

marking place on new thread

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 12:54:10

We'll I haven't had any alcohol <polishes apple for the teacher>

GibbsGirl I have mushrooms, cheese and mayonnaise. Things are not looking good. The shop is due tomorrow.

I'm going to have to venture out, aren't I?

Hi all, made a massive pan of coconut and spinach soup (was Nigella's recipe of the day the other day) and was not very impressed, think I should have not gone so easy with the thai curry paste! Having bacon and cheese omelette instead for lunch smile

gloriafloria Thu 10-Jan-13 12:57:31

Thanks for the new thread I couldn't keep up with the last one as been working. Well day 4 for me and I can feel I've lost weight from my clothes - yay! I've gone from a diet of prob 80% carbs, too much vino, high sugar and bucketfuls of caffeine and zero water <shameful> to zero alcohol, 1 coffee a day, 2 ltrs water, lots of salad, veg, meat and cheese. I am shocked at how not hungry I am but my body does seem to have gone into shock. Quite shaky and achey. Mornings are a real prob for me though. On day 2 I had bacon, egg and black coffee plus glass of water and within minutes threw the whole lot up, but was fine after and for the rest of the day. Yesterday day3 I just had a baby bel and water and the same thing chucked it all up (sorry tmi). This morning I just couldn't eat so had black coffee and even then felt dodgy but just had chicken Caesar salad and was fine. Do you all think I should just skip breakfast or try again. I've got an active job so although I don't feel hungry I do kind of think I should have. My poor body is missing the round of toast with butter and jam I used to breakfast on. Thanks and looking forward to my weigh in on Monday

skandi1 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:04:10

Marking place

Just had my yummiest lunch of the week so far...

Salad made up of half bag of rocket, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, 2 spring onions, 2 radishes, 5 garlic stuffed olives, small chunk of crumbled feta. Chicken breast chopped up with a spoonful of mayo and black pepper, a boiled egg and a small avocado.
Homemade dressing of white wine vinegar, olive oil, black pepper and garlic clove.

I went to Tesco before and frozen chicken livers are 25p A PORTION! So tonight I'm going to fry them off with a little bacon and cream and have them with the rest of the bag of rocket...mmmmm.

Still pissing like a racehorse, hey ho.

Please could someone answer my question on the question thread :-/ confuuuused x

ooh, I've just posted on the last one and now have found this!

This is the first time I've found time all week and it's filled up already!

thatgirl wow that is one mega salad!!

PrincessSparkle86 It was pretty hefty but I'm trying to allocate most of my eating to lunchtime as I'm generally struggling to find my appetite in the morning and we tend to sit down for tea a bit later than I would like. It seems to be working well for me at the moment though...


Afternoon all thanks for the link to the new thread Biwi.

Accidentally had my first 'lunch on the go' today, quite tough in the middle of nowhere! All I could find was sliced ham & cheese, which I made into roll-ups. Did the job!

Vagndidit Thu 10-Jan-13 13:19:11

Nursing myself through a cold when I'd otherwise be sat on the sofa with hot chocolate...
But just had a lush lunch of homemade eggdrop soup with a sprinkling of spring onion has worked like a charm. Even made it to the shop for turkey mince for tonight's dinner.

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 13:20:45

Oh thank goodness I have found you. Had a panic when the thread was full.

Well you will be relieved to know that I am back from Lidl with loads of yoghurt and leeks. Do you know slatternlymother you could be onto something with the yog and leeks together. I bet that would make a lovely sauce/dip for fish.

Prolificmincepiebreeder Thu 10-Jan-13 13:23:20

Thank you slatterny smile
I do have more energy with this WOE, if anything I just have more motivation to get up and do things even with sleep deprivation!
I never realised how stodgy I felt with carbs.

GibbsGirl Thu 10-Jan-13 13:24:48

mmm Slatternly you have made it tricky! Fry the mushrooms in butter and melt in the cheese... but if you had cream you could fry the mushrooms and some herbs (thyme is good) for 2 mins. Stir in 100ml double cream and 1 tsp wholegrain mustard. Bubble for 1 min, season, then spoon over the steak, but that doesn't help if no cream. Could also fry a shallot with the mushrooms too. oh and add juices from the steak

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 13:25:06

<envy at thought of savoury yoghurt. There are limits ladeez>

I think i've gone off pork scratchings. Had a gross one last night that was all soft, nearly puked.... envy

Lunch was a salad the size of thatgirlsevil's - grated cheese, 3 boiled eggs, lettuce leaves, cucumber, coleslaw and olives with added mayo.

Prolificmincepiebreeder Thu 10-Jan-13 13:26:53

I reckon if you cooked the leeks separately then added them to warmed yogurt, careful not to split it. Added to chicken or fish, sounds yum to me!
I'm going to make a chicken tikka to be served with salad during the week.
Also I saw last night Nigel Slater made mackerel and bacon salad. Sounds good to me.
I'm finding it easier than I thought to adapt recipes.

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 13:29:02

BTW my friend who tried Low Carb and immediately lost half a stone has gone to the dark side and started Slimming World. She feels that Low Carbing leaves her feeling deprived and would not be a life long WOE for her. She says she needs to stop losing and putting on the same half stone. She missed her daily treat size curly wurly and Alpen too much she said. Apparently SW (have never done it myself) allows you unlimited veg, pasta, rice, potatoes, 35g of cereal a day, and "syns" in the form of butter, or cheese or oil.

I didn't even bother expanding on all the reasons I low carb, she has heard them all before - she just doesn't want to give up the sugar she eats, so what can you do? I resisted saying that she has done SW before and yo-yo'ed constantly.

HumphreyCobbler Thu 10-Jan-13 13:32:14

LucyVFood - I have had a strange thing before when I actually put weight ON when I started doing shred. Do you think this could have happened to you? I think it made me retain water for some reason.

Whatever you do, don't stop now. I am the queen of stalling and I am still thinner now than I have been in the last ten years.

GinotPrigio Thu 10-Jan-13 13:32:25

Gloria Its strange that your body was ok with toast with butter but is rejecting a teeny tiny babybel. Not to freak you out or anything but are you sure you're not pregnant?!!

Doshusallie Unlimited pasta and potatoes? Thats how I got into this situation to begin with! She'll come crawling back when she sees the pounds melt off you!

Lifeisontheup Thu 10-Jan-13 13:35:40

I stir yoghurt into soup, the full fat one is much harder to split. Makes soups nice and creamy which they can lack without potato or other carby evils.

mawbroon Thu 10-Jan-13 13:35:50

I have lost a couple of pounds but I'm not even trying for weight loss! I am deliberately eating big portions of veg and some nuts/seeds but have still lost. Oh well, so be it.

Today I have had two scrambled eggs for breakfast and a handful of almonds for lunch. Tea will be chicken breast wrapped in bacon and some creamy veg.

DH is alarmed at how into this WoE I am, and he worries that I might be going psychotic again. I seem unable to explain to him that I feel so excited that this WoE may possibly banish my MH probs for good and that it's great to have this thread for support, or rather he seems unable or unwilling to understand.

The depression I was feeling about 10 days ago has vanished and I feel alive grin

Lifeisontheup Thu 10-Jan-13 13:39:22

My DH has lost half a stone on this WOE! He's not as strict as I am but loves being able to eat meat and have dressing on his salads, he looks much less bloated and has more energy too.
I feel fizzing with energy today, bit like the duracel bunny. smile. Haven't weighed yet since Monday but clothes feel looser and tummy flatter.

coldethyl Thu 10-Jan-13 13:39:37

Ok, Day 11 for me and I'm back on message. I've discovered a couple of issues for me today that I'd like all your help with.

It dawned on me a little while ago that I don't drink lots of coffee during the day because I want, it's because I'm freezing. I work from home most mornings researching and writing, so I sit still for about 4 hours at a stretch (trips to the loo notwithstanding!) to maximise what I'm getting done. By about 9.30 I'm freezing and I don't really warm up until I get out on the school run. So, I drink coffee.

Water isn't really doing the same job. I've just had scrambled eggs because they are at least hot (but they tasted of eggs - yuk. Not enough cheese, or spinach, or mushrooms), but I don't want to be eating all the time. I'm also wearing two jumpers, socks, boots, a blanket over my knees and another over my shoulders. I look like the mother in the Railway Children writing in bed in the winter. I need to find a way round this! Any thoughts?

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 13:41:30

Turn the heating up?! grin

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 13:41:53

Something I do (also work from home) is fill a hot water bottle and put that underneath my feet.

LucyVFood Thu 10-Jan-13 13:42:01

Thanks Humphrey for seeing my post! Feeling very sorry for myself again.

I honestly don't know. I feel bloated and certainly not lighter. But I've been following the guidelines, although I have maybe eaten more of the heavier carb veg than is ideal - I've had cabbage and carrots for example.

But to have stuck to it AND to be exercising and to STILL have not lost anything? I haven't stopped but I'm very fed up. If I didn't have much to lose it would be different but I have masses to shift.

Sorry for such a whingy post.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 13:42:52

How about buying chicken or beef consomme and drinking that instead? I think you can buy tinned stuff which is relatively low if not zero carbs.

gloriafloria Thu 10-Jan-13 13:43:42

Ginot I'm pretty sure I'm not <praying quietly now>. My morning sickness was more like an empty feeling that subsided once I'd eaten, although it was all carbs that I ate then to feel better. Keeping calm and repeating can't be, can't be!

coldethyl Thu 10-Jan-13 13:44:08

On the positive side, I've done well with food today -

B - greek yoghurt, coffee with cream
S - two mini babybel, slice of chicken (yoghurt is clearly not enough), coffee with cream
L - 2-egg scramble with buttered mushrooms, spinach and cheese.
1.2 l water so far.

Tonight will be chicken, leeks and celery in creamy sauce, with Otherveg(TM), to be decided. The children will have pastry on the top of theirs and will believe it is pie.

I have dreamt about toast and marmalade three nights running now. Do you think it is a message?

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 13:44:45

Baxters Luxury Beef Consomme is 4g carbs for a 400g tin, which would do you a good 2-3 mugfuls I should think

coldethyl Thu 10-Jan-13 13:47:02

Hot water bottle might be it, BIWI. Sadly, heating is already set at 20 and I don't feel I can turn it up for the sake of one small corner of the living room. Energy bills are hideous enough already!

Years ago, you used to be able to buy something called 10 calorie soup which was very like chicken consomme. I used it a lot as a student. I wonder if it still exists?

coldethyl Thu 10-Jan-13 13:47:50

"Luxury" Beef Consomme, eh? Get me. None of that ordinary beef consomme here. What a good job Mr Tesco is coming tomorrow...

Well I'm sitting at soft play with ds. Usually my Pepsi max and twirl time.... I'm having a sparkling water and a sugar free mint for the dragonbreath! really fancy the coke and choc though

MissNJE Thu 10-Jan-13 13:49:42


Not a Message :-) I did a LC diet year for about 12 weeks and lost 18lbs, however I started dreaming about things I don't usually like e.g popcorn and chocolate. When I found myself eating all the Easter chocolate I gave up... That's not happening this time. That's for sure.

coldethyl Thu 10-Jan-13 13:52:29

MissNJE will step back from a celestially-inpsired toast-fest then. Bother, I was looking forward to that, munching toast and marmalade with the feeling that the Universe was smiling upon me.

Ilovemyteddy Thu 10-Jan-13 13:58:41

Gloria I've had the occasional morning sickness on this WOE and am convinced it is just my body adjusting to LC-ing (and I'm not pregnant - I'm 53!)

Likewise littlemissstan mentioned on the other thread about feeling faint. That happened to me too a while back and a GP friend said she thought it was my blood pressure normalising. I have had high blood pressure for 30 years, and now it is normal, so I suspect that was the reason. I've had a couple of fainty feelings this week now I am bootcamping again so I'm sure that's what it is.

2lbs off so far this week - within a whisker of 154lbs which I was before Christmas - woot!

GinotPrigio Thu 10-Jan-13 14:00:17

gloria keep persevering with breakfasts. Maybe its just taking some time for your body to adapt to low-carb. Maybe try yoghurt?

Just cooked myself up the most scrumptous and random lunch. Mushrooms, left over ham and pak choi (told you it was random!) fried in garlic butter with a dash of cream and some grated cheese added at the end. Absolutely gorgeous and so filling.

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 10-Jan-13 14:02:36

Stir fry prawn thingy here. Tis yum.

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 14:12:12

I have just had lunch

2 pork belly strips with sautéed leeks and mushrooms with just a touch of cream and some Dijon mustard.

I love the way this plan feeds your body and soul.

I mean what would you rather eat on a rainy January afternoon (or any day come to that), delishous real food or a chemically enhanced cup a soup with a couple of cardboard crisp breads.

ElectricalHoHoHoBanana Thu 10-Jan-13 14:12:49

Confessions time

i had half a piece of toast at 10;30am.....i am a bad bad person sad it had gone in and down before i realised!

but to turn this post on its head....i am not hungry again! i wasnt hungry last night and i had to force dinner down (was nice though)

and today i am still not hungry!!!!

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 14:13:07

Lucy - don't be downhearted sad

One of the things I have learnt over the years is that everyone loses at different rates. On a day-by-day basis your body's weight fluctuates naturally and, for women, the menstrual cycle also plays its pesky part.

List out for me your menus over the last 4 days, and let's see if there's anything we can spot.

The other thing to ask yourself, though, is are you enjoying the food? Do you feel deprived? Could you eat like this on an ongoing basis? Do you feel like you're on a diet?

Floggingmolly Thu 10-Jan-13 14:20:37

Why can't you have the Pepsi max, Bullet?? <panics>

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 14:20:40

Lucy I haven't lost anything either YET.

I am an old hand at this low carb malarkey and I am not bothered in the least.

I started Bootcamp light on Friday and have been super strict since Monday. I am sticking to the plan and drinking the water. Unless I am a medical phenomenon, the weight will come off.

prettybird Thu 10-Jan-13 14:21:06

Had a lovely lunch of pastrami (drizzled with olive oil) served with a salad of rocket, a tomato, half an avocado, spring onion and an olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic and grain mustard dressing. Dh shared it with me as it looked so nice and he'll pig out on his bacon on a Scottish morning roll later

Dinner is going to be a ham and leek frittata smile

Breakfast was 2 boiled eggs and some butter - may go easy on the eggs tomorrow!

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 14:24:52

Oh and I have at least 3 stone to get rid of.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 14:26:01
EwanHoozami Thu 10-Jan-13 14:31:04

Just popping back to mention that if you marinade chicken thighs in mayo (yes, really), wine vinegar and smoked paprika and then fry them they are UH-mazing.

how did I not know about the mayo-as-a-marinade malarkey?!

LucyVFood Thu 10-Jan-13 14:31:15

Thanks BIWI

B:Sliced ham, two eggs, Philly
L:Salad, mainly green with with 1/4 red onion and tomato. Mackerel fillet and cottage cheese.
D: Chicken leg, veg inc carrot and cabbage. Philly.

B: Eggs, philly
L: Ham Salad, cottage cheese
D:Chicken and veg, butter

B:Eggs, philly
L: Ham Salad, cottage cheese
D: Chicken drumsticks, veg, olive oil

B: Two sausages
L: Chicken salad, cottage cheese
D:Lamb steak, veg, butter

I know it looks a bit samey, but it actually felt quite varied. The Philadelphia was about 20g. The veg was swede, broccoli, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, cabbage, carrot. Not at every meal!

I've no problems with what I'm eating and I am enjoying it. I don't really feel 'on a diet' and I'm certainly not hungry all the time, but I'm aware that I've made changes and that I have to think more about my meals. I don't feel deprived.

I still have days where I have the headache that I had at first and feel exhausted, then some mornings I wake up buzzing with energy. I droop now, 2/3pm till 5pm.

Tonight will be my fourth day doing the Shred level one. Not sure if that should make any difference.

Sorry for the super long post and thanks for your help thanks

LucyVFood Thu 10-Jan-13 14:31:53

Meant to add, I do feel bloated today.

Floggingmolly Thu 10-Jan-13 14:32:43

Bugger sad

GibbsGirl Thu 10-Jan-13 14:33:35

Today's menu
B: One of Jimmy's Farm sausages for breakfast (he didn't mind) as they are only 0.3g carb per sausage, plus mushrooms, handful of spinach and a couple of cherry tomotoes
L: Cauliflower soup, with a drop of leftover thai chicken flavoured coconut milk was really tasty and really filling
D: will be pork loin and going to try the now famous braised cabbage and pos some mashed celeriac, although it may all look a bit beige!

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 14:38:39

Hi Lucy - BIWI will comment I am sure, but one thing that leaps out at me is the prevalence of cottage cheese. From reading other threads I seem to remember this can be quite carby?

The rest of your food looks pretty good to be TBH.

EwanHoozami Thu 10-Jan-13 14:38:53

Lucy, maybe those muscles you're cultivating with the shred are heavier than the fat you're losing?

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 14:40:07

Lucy - a few things:

- you're eating a lot of dairy; it could be that you have an issue with this, so I'd cut that out for a day or so

- also, cottage cheese and Philly have carbs in them; cottage cheese (if it's full fat) has 4.8g carbs per 100g and Philly has 3.2g carbs per 100g. Don't know how much you're eating in one go, but all this will be adding up

- it doesn't look like you're eating much fat; the meat you're eating looks like it is all lean meat for a start. Are you putting an oily dressing on your salads? Are you frying your meat? Are you adding butter to vegetables?

- were your sausages low carb?

- how much water are you drinking? You say you feel bloated, which is an indication that you're not drinking enough

Each of these things on their own is only a small thing, but together they could all add up to a reason why the weight isn't shifting.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 14:41:37

And are you drinking tea/coffee - how many cups and how much milk with them?

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 14:55:26

I've been doing really well at keeping up with thread, but didn't manage yesterday and have just come on o find a whole new thread. Wow!

Hope everyone's doing well. I'm on day 6. Definitely not feeling all that hungry, but feel icky today, had the shakes earlier hmm Throbbing toothache that the dentist couldn't figure out, so will have to take a filling out to investigate and a heavy period. But the WOE is going well so far and I'm looking forward to feeling great.

I think I might be eating a few too many processed meats. I seem to have ham or bacon everyday.

Oh and thankyou to whoever mentioned the mashed swede with bacon stirrd through it. Made some with a whole swede and had it for my lunch. It didn't look all that but it was lovely and I actually felt full after about half of it. I'm going to have the rest tonight with chicken wrapped in Parma ham and maybe some broccoli.

I started on Friday but will weigh in on Monday to keep in line with everyone else. I haven't been back to the sales as I'm scared but will face them on Monday knowing that there'll be over 150 women and men from all over also stepping on the scales at the same time, will help loads.

I'm not realistically going to go back and read over all the posts I've missed, but well done to everyone and belated happy birth day's that I might have missed.

BIWI and Wiggle, as ever, thanks so much for all your fantastic efforts. thanks

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 10-Jan-13 14:56:37

Ah, the new thread!

Had small breakfast of Greek yoghurt and lunch of mixed salad (with mayo) and a lot of chicken tikka. Not ideal, as the salad included sweetcorn and red pepper as well as grated carrot, but there wasn't a lot of choice as it was a grab and go situation at the supermarket. Feeling quite bloated today - I'm trying to make up for the lack of water on other days - just drunk three big mugs of water in a row!

I've just realised that I have a "big number" birthday party to go to on Saturday night, which knowing the friends involved will almost certainly be a very drunken affair. What on earth shall I do? Should I completely tough it out and not drink at all? But then I'm going to be the annoying one in the corner sipping fizzy water while everyone else gets drunk. And they will notice. Help.

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 10-Jan-13 15:00:01

(Obviously I'm not going to get drunk, I mean! But would it totally ruin everything if I had 2 vodkas or a glass of wine or something? I'm worried that I'm going to get on the scales and not have lost anything on Monday and either feel guilty that maybe alcohol was responsible, or really annoyed because I didn't drink at a big party and all for nothing!)

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 15:04:52

Bander, I'm often the one not drinking at do's just because I can take it or leave it and will chose to be the driver. But do people really think you're annoying? sad

I hope not!

And I've been asked before loads of time how drunk I am when I'm dancing as I appear to have no coordination inhibitions. You've done so well so far, so if you think you'll kick yourself for have some booze then don't do it. Maybe go mad and have a slice of lime in your drink, and remember that you'll be burning loads of fat and that water will be flushing the ketones away.

Don't get me wrong, if I was going to a party where there was likely to be cake, I'd be posting on here too, asking what to do.

Hope you enjoy the party, whether you drink or not. smile

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 15:05:50

Banded, could you take a sneaky peek at the sales before you go and then decide?

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 15:06:29

Sorry, I meant Bander. Stupid silly autocorrect!

Bander I went to a birthday party on Saturday and just had fizzy water - if it's in a glass with ice and a slice everyone thinks it's G&T anyway! Just keep getting your own drinks and people will be none the wiser.

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 10-Jan-13 15:24:16

No, mumat39, that's not what I meant at all! If I didn't normally drink at parties, there's no way they would think anything of it. But I wouldn't blame them at all for being a wee bit disappointed if I normally join them in drinking and suddenly I'm not, iyswim. Cake I think I can manage to avoid (and indeed will have to, tomorrow! Dammit.)

Think it's partly down to being a bit twitchy about it as a social situation, for boring reasons, and would probably be more relaxed after a couple of sips of wine, too. blush Your idea of weighing early could be a good one...

BlackAffronted Thu 10-Jan-13 15:34:15

Lucy Are you due your period at all? When I LC'd before, I got a sneaky period sneak up on me in the first weeks, and I was bloated like you were. So dont be surprised if you get one in the next day or two! I think this woe does somethig to our hormones, and teh fat cells release estrogen so it messes up your menstrual cycle for a wee while.

Oh bugger, just checked the carb content of my chicken livers (this is oddly becoming second nature after just a few days) and they state 0.0g carbs raw and then 5.7g per 100g shallow fried serving (that would be a total of 14.25g for the entire pot!)

Can somebody please enlighten me on why the carb content changes from raw to cooked, I realise I'm probably being a total dunce cap but humour me please.

PS. I can't eat them can I? sad

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 16:04:56

Bander, I always get hounded to have a drink too and it is hard to resist.

But I have a plan. Just dance your socks off like this and no one will doubt you're not drinking. grin

BlackAffronted Thu 10-Jan-13 16:08:29

thatgirl, how odd! I didnt know you could create carbs by cooking liver!

EwanHoozami Thu 10-Jan-13 16:10:13

that sounds bizarro, thatgirl - is the cooked carb count referring to a recipe suggestion?

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 16:11:42

If the recipe tells you to coat in flour and fry with onions that would give a carb count. Otherwise that are virtually zero.

Prolificmincepiebreeder Thu 10-Jan-13 16:12:41

blackaffronted do you think the estrogen messing with your cycle would prevent a period or bring one on? I have enough trouble with my cycle as it is sad I'm waiting on a period.

I think you've hit the bingo and it's based on a recipe suggestion of pate on the back. The carbs can't possibly increase by cooking can they? I thought I was just being dense.

Xenia Thu 10-Jan-13 16:16:13

mawbroon - depression - a good diet should help. A lot of mental health clinics recommend eating much less sugar and white bread and much more fats, proteins, veg etc so not surprising you feel good.

BlackAffronted Thu 10-Jan-13 16:18:15

Prolific A lot of people find their periods messed up in the first few weeks of low carbing, especially finding them coming on early. It sorts itself out pretty quick after that though, and settles into a regular pattern.

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 16:18:20

Bander I second the weigh in early suggestion.

I am very impressed with how dedicated everyone is being but as we discovered on the previous bootcamp threads - life does have a tendency of getting in the way! Parties will happen, weddings, funerals, etc, have a glass of wine or two, or a G&T of a VL&S, and enjoy them. Then get back on the wagon strictly on the Sunday.

BIWI will probably wave a big stick threateningly at me for that, and please believe I am not trying to sabotage anyone, but personally, that is what I would do.

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 16:18:30

Lucy, as you've been shredding and watching what you eat, it's bound to have had a positive effect even if these damned scales don't say so.

Muscle weighs more than fat so I!'m sure that has something o do with it. I know I'm going to be feeling fed up on Monday If I haven't had a good loss as in all my previous dieting attempts, all non low carb, I have hardly lost anything in the first week. I'm sort of expecting it as so many people have reported losses. But I'm psyching myself up to remember that what I'm doing is actually doing me good.

I'm feeling better in so many ways already, so if you can find other positives then that might help. Can you see a difference in how your clothes are fitting? have any aches etc gone or are they slightly less achey? does you're skin look diferent? etc. Also, weight loss aside this is a way of eating for better health for our future. So for me that in itself is really amazing as I was a really bad eater, and lived on ready meals and i'm now actually eating better.

And women's bodies just fluctuate due to hormones and other stuff.

So please don't feel down. As BIWI said the first two weeks are about learning how to do the diet as much as anything else. ( at least i think that's what she said hmm

Take care. Xxxx

Ps - if I'm on here moaning about how I haven't lost weight on Monday, please feel free to slap me round the head with a big wet fish grin

radioblahblah Thu 10-Jan-13 16:21:33

please can i ask a question. been lurking and enjoying this thread since it started and trying to follow the WOE but am confused about how many g's of carbs we should actually be aiming for as a max per day. apologies if this has already been asked and answered

BlackAffronted Thu 10-Jan-13 16:24:32

In Bootcamp, we dont really have a max carb amount. Atkinds induction is 20g a day, Dr Clark says 40g-60g a day, so between those I would suppose?

Do you track your carbs? If you stick to Bootcamp rules, Biwi reckons we dont need to smile

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 16:25:44

Re the livers, that is wierd. Could it be something o do with the heat affecting stored glycogen? hmm

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 16:26:10

Ah that traditional late afternoon cup of tea and snack - a cold pork chop. grin

BlackAffronted Thu 10-Jan-13 16:28:22

I love cold pork chops! I quite often cook an extra one at dinner to snack on later.

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 16:29:08

Beats pork scratchings hand down TBH

mumat39 Thu 10-Jan-13 16:32:11

Blackaffronted, that's really interesting about the oestrogen. My period started about 36 hours ago. I wasn't't expecting it, and it's been very heavy. I was about ask about this on the questions thread but won't have to now. Thanks so much. It's really good to know.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 16:33:57

grin at a cold pork chop!

radioblahblah - when I set out to create Bootcamp, I wanted to do something that was as simple as possible. As initially it was just for me (I had no idea what would happen!), it also reflects how I prefer to low carb - i.e. as easily as possible grin

Therefore, there are no specific carb amounts to aim for. If you follow the rules, then you should be sufficiently low carb to lose weight.

That said, as BlackAffronted points out, other diets indicate between 20 and 60g carbs per day for weight loss. According to Dr John Briffa, we require 100g carbs daily for our fuel/energy needs. Therefore, in theory, anything under this should result in weight loss.

If you want to start weighing and counting, be my guest! But it doesn't half make things more complicated grin

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 16:36:25

Bandersnatch - whilst I may pretend to wave my big stick around at cheating - the fact is that life does come along and does deserve to be lived. It won't be the end of the world if you have a drink, although choose wisely. The idea would be a spirit like vodka or rum, with soda/fizzy water. There are no carbs in this. Or, a spirit with a diet mixer, e.g. a gin and tonic. But, there are artificial sweeteners in the mixer, which we are trying to avoid. After that, dry wine - but there are carbs in wine.

radioblahblah Thu 10-Jan-13 16:37:24

cheers blackaffronted. not been tracking as such but have glanced at the odd label on mayo and the like. trying to get my head round it all as have never looked at the crab content of anything at all. that's aside from a doomed go at Atkins a few years ago which was utterly miserable. really liking this adaptation of low carb though - all just feels a lot easier and tastier

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 16:39:24

Those pesky crabs get into everything grin

radioblahblah Thu 10-Jan-13 16:40:47

crossed post with BIWI - cheers! i said i would never low carb again after having to weigh lettuce on Atkins but am really finding this a very good approach - thanks so much. i really should weigh in shouldn't i. will take the plunge on monday

Just reading up thread.. I dont know if i could take a cold pork chop?arent they really chewy? I have my reserves in the fridge for later (cold sausage cut up and boiled egg), im not really hungry though so i doubt ill eat it tonight!
Might have to switch my dinner to having mushrooms and spinach with the cod and not loads of salad! Ill make sure i cook it in butter wink
My ketostix showed the lightest color on the chart so i guess atleast im on it! Haha

GibbsGirl Thu 10-Jan-13 16:53:34 - interesting!

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 16:53:55

Well who knew. Water with a slice of cucumber is amazing.

I imagine fizzy water with ice and cucumber will be even better.

Thank you to whoever it was that recommended this.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 17:01:30

Gibbs' link

That's really interesting!

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 17:01:57

Hendricks Gin with cucumber is also lovely

GibbsGirl Thu 10-Jan-13 17:05:55

Thank you for linking for me properly BIWI

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 17:08:18

Gibbs - I clicked on another link there and found this story - also interesting

More reason for us to avoid artificial sweeteners.

I weighed myself today for the first time (Im on day 3) and Im 155lb which is 5lb less than I was when I last weighed myself in November! So i now have a target amount to lose - 15lb.

I weighed myself today for the first time (Im on day 3) and Im 155lb which is 5lb less than I was when I last weighed myself in November! So i now have a target amount to lose - 15lb. grin

cocolepew Thu 10-Jan-13 17:22:11

<sneaks in> Hello smile I had salad for lunch and salmon tonight (again).

I think the problem in the mornings is my HRT. I'm on estrogen only because I gave no ovaries but it can make me feel like morning sickness. I'm not sure about this hrt but I'm trying to give it a go before changing, it's my second go at one. I'm hoping to get a referral to a HRT clinic to have blood tests to see if it can be tailored to my needs.


BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 17:40:13

<twitches stick>

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 17:49:20

Yaaaay coco! You're back!

DH and DS had a chocolate bar each earlier, and I had a pepperami <smugetty smug>

Welcome back cocolepew!


I wrote a post right at the beginning of the first thread I think warning of this very thing. Every time I started WW or SW I started exercising too and wouldn't lose weight, in fact would sometimes gain. I have has rows with the bitch leader about it.

Some people adapt to fat converting to
Muscle differently and maybe their muscle is more dense?

This is why measuring yourself can be a more accurate and pleasing way to view your slimmer self rather this on the scales.

Keep the faith- you will lose weight and be healthier too

Stylelostinlabour Thu 10-Jan-13 18:09:34

Evening all just checking in - finding it hard to eat today and get water down but think it's because I'm knackered with first week back at work

B - little bit of Greek ff

L - had chicken breast with salad from the deli left the tomatoes looked like a fussy eater!

D - big juicy steak with salad and loads of mushrooms in butter

Thinking even though I started on 2nd I'll keep doing bootcamp for another week hope this is OK?

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 18:17:06

Style - I bootcamp pretty much permanently apartfromalcohol

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 18:19:59

Style - you can do Bootcamp for as long as you like, as long as it's working for you.

Ilisten2theradio Thu 10-Jan-13 18:20:48

HI all.
I am feeling much more human today. Actually got out of bed without any trouble - unheard of in the dark of winter. - so is it the diet or the SAD lamp? Mot sure - or maybe a combination. Anyway we will see if it lasts.....
Also the lightheadedness of yesterday and the headaches have gone. Yeah!
scrambled eggs smoked salmon and yoghurt for breakfast ( I was hungry)
then I had to force myself to eat lunch about 2.00 as I still wasn't that hungry by then.
Dinner will be chicken with leeks and whatever veg is left in the fridge ( feel cheesy cauliflower and swede comiing on and maybe a little carrot and broccoli (and they are old big carrots not small sweet ones! )
Need to go and cook. All this reading everyones menus has made me hungry.

Livelongandprosper Thu 10-Jan-13 18:29:38

I have been feeling utterly yukky since Monday - and today I don't feel yukky!

I am no longer tired, my stomach isn't bloated and I didn't almost fall asleep at work today (not a good thing to do, especially when you are in your first week at a new job)

I think I will weigh myself tomorrow just to see if I have lost anything....

My 25p chicken livers were bloody scrumptious...

I cut up a rasher of bacon and 2 slices of chorizo, fried them off...removed them out the pan and then fried the livers in the fat they had deposited. I added a sliced garlic clove and then chucked in a couple of tablespoons of double cream. Troffed it down with a mound of green leaves.

It was on par with Nando's chicken livers (if I do say so myself)...which is probably an ideal dish if I'm looking to go grab some sit down fast(ish) food whilst out and about with OH and DS.

I'm wondering if anybody else has suggestions re: suitable menu choices at chain restaurants or fast food establishments...?? I went past McD's earlier and will admit to experiencing a very slight craving for a Big Mac.

I'm surprised that I haven't been pining for booze as much as I expected I would do.

queribus Thu 10-Jan-13 18:41:23

going to celeriac mash tonight with poussin and buttered leeks

drinking lots of sparkling water, and beginning to feel better

stocked up on greek yoghurt, cream, mushrooms, chicken drumsticks from Lidl

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 18:46:02

I am surprised that rum is a good low carb choice biwi, it is soooo sweet!

OTTMummA Thu 10-Jan-13 18:48:48

Checking in, B was 1+1/2 egg omelette with blue cheese, water. L was 8 cucumber slices with small blob of cream cheese and pate on ( cucumbers acted like a cracker) and water, snack was baby bel and 3 pork scratchings (home made). D was tuna Mayo salad with lettuce and water. I am really having to force food down, anyone else like this? I feel good though, just a bit tired sooner than normal.

Amaretto is too apparently Dosh!!

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 18:54:40


Ruprekt Thu 10-Jan-13 18:55:42

OMG!!!! On Monday morning I weighed 193lbs.

On Thursday morning (today!) I weighed 186lbs!!!!!!!

7lbs in 4 days!!!!!


BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 18:57:01

I checked the Mount Gay website, as it is my rum of choice, and they said 0 carbs! Can't vouch for other brands, mind you. And certainly not Malibu, which is massively sweetened (and with high fructose corn syrup, which is the worst)

Ruprekt Thu 10-Jan-13 18:57:09

B - full fat yog and cup of tea

S - sausages and 2 eggs

L - celery, cucumber, smoked salmon pate

D - 5 sausages with sprouts and bacon cooked in cream sauce

Lots of water, no coffee. Feel great!

Iamaslummymummy Thu 10-Jan-13 19:00:14

Day 10 for me.

I cooked the ipd butter chicken and onion bhajis. I'm really disappointed and won't be cooking them again. The curry tasted like a microwave chicken tikka masala and the bhajis were bleurh.... sad

thekitchenfairy Thu 10-Jan-13 19:06:45

Marking my place as ive had to spend the day actually working rather than pretending to!

Yama Thu 10-Jan-13 19:09:50

Feeling shattered tonight.

Going to need motivating and maybe a stern talking to if I'm going to stay off the booze this weekend.

Anyway, today:

B - a boiled egg and a chicken thigh
S - another boiled egg
L - salad with chicken thigh, some mature cheddar, olives and mayo
S - Greek yoghurt
D - Chicken, broccoli and fried buttered leeks

4ish pints of water and 3 teas.

Will be having another snack later.

Have been reading a couple of books which arrived today - Barry Groves and Catherine Shanahan and realise that I need to up my fat intake.

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 19:12:21

Didn't you believe me, Yama?! grin

LucyVFood Thu 10-Jan-13 19:12:25

Sorry for my late reply - work got in the way of my self-pity!

Thank you to everyone for your replies. To respond to a few questions:

I had about 40/50g of cottage cheese and maybe 20g of Philly. I have been adding butter to veg, but have been grilling meat - I don't know why, just because that's how I normally cook meat. I've been using olive oil on salads. I've just looked up the sausages and they were 5.3g per sausage.

I've been drinking as much as possible, but my job doesn't really allow for me to glug litres and litres - getting to the loo is the problem. Today (so far) I've had four pints of water and about 6 cups of fruit tea. I haven't been drinking tea or coffee.

I'm about midway through my cycle so no looming period. And since I weighed on Sunday I've done level one of the 30 day Shred four times, including today which I did NOT want to do but did anyway.

I appreciate all of your support smile

Yama Thu 10-Jan-13 19:22:13

I did, I did BIWI. I just underestimated how much we need really.

Groves talks about all sorts of health benefits from fat and I'm actually rather angry that I'd been brainwashed into thinking fat = bad. I always thought I had an extremely healthy diet as I can be very disciplined. Except with alcohol of course.

Dh is lactose intolerant so I actually had to fry our leeks separately - pain in the arse.

I will get there. Gradually, I'll up the fat. The other day I started eating the fat on my chicken. Tomorrow I'll put extra virgin oil oil on my salad. Slowly but surely I'll up the fat. <- my new mantra.

captainmummy Thu 10-Jan-13 19:28:03

Doshu - I've recently switched from vodka to white rum,and I've really noticed how sweet it is! Might have to switch back. I've also changed from slimline tonic to sparkling water, - gotta be better for me!

Breakffast today at about 1130 - egg and 2 rashers bacon.
Lunch - 2 celery with blue cheese
dinner - chicken stufffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon/creamy leeks/buttered cabbage. Lidl yoghurt.

NellVarnish Thu 10-Jan-13 19:30:21

WAAAAAHHHHHH I want some chocolate!

Well I did, or something sweet but I had some more water and tried to stave off the craving. It was still there so I went and gazed in the fridge averting my eyes from the biscuit box on the side. Didn't fancy anything savoury.

In desperation I had peanut butter (Sains Basics) on a stick of celery.

B: yoghurt
L: chicken salad with mayo, celery and Philly
D: celeriac crisps and roasted cauli and half a chicken breast

What do I do if the Sugary Twat comes a-calling tonight again?


NellVarnish Thu 10-Jan-13 19:32:02

Lucy I bet it will come off all of a sudden, don't despair. smile

What kind of sausages did you have? <fancies some>

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 19:33:55

Kick it in the nads, Nell grin

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 19:36:42

Lucy - I suspect it's just a bit of tweaking that you need. More fat and fewer carbs - go for hard cheese which is much lower in carbs, and lower carb sausages. Don't know where you shop, but if you can buy The Black Farmer sausages, they are very low carb.

It might be an idea to see if you can knock the dairy on the head for a day or two though, to see if that makes a difference.

Fruit tea is much better than tea/coffee, so all isn't so bad on the water front.

thenightsky Thu 10-Jan-13 19:48:50

Wooooowwww.... 9lb in 10 days!!!

Strangely my waistbands are as tight as they were before I started, but my jeans are a bit baggier around the bum and my huge swollen ankles seem to have gone down.

I'm having panic attacks at the thought of this weekend though... eating out at a vegetarian Indian restaurant!!! What the hell am I going to choose that's not going to wreck things?? sad

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 19:50:14

Marking my place as ive had to spend the day actually working rather than pretending to!

Me too thekitchenfairy it's been hellish angry

Who's being a sugary twat nell <rolls up sleeves>

Because I will take them DOWN.

To Chinatown.

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 19:50:51

Should read: who's being a sugary twat nell? Soz.

the black farmer himself was on 'a good read' on r4 a few weeks ago <helpful>

saag paneer thenightsky?

ShebaQueen Thu 10-Jan-13 19:54:10

Evening all, so many messages I can't keep up!

Am definitely feeling more human today. Had fried egg with some spinach for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and steak and mushrooms for dinner. Have drunk so much water and herbal tea that I am literally sloshing!

Keep up the good work everyone, some seriously impressive results. Am tentatively looking forward to weighing in next week.

thenightsky Thu 10-Jan-13 19:58:39

Hmm... Saag Paneer appears to be a side dish only.

SavoirFaire Thu 10-Jan-13 20:04:32

Evening all. Sounds like people are doing really well. I am feeling decidedly greasy to be honest. I bloody love butter normally but I can't face the sight of it right now! Think I may need to eat more green veg.

Anyway, eggs for breakfast, ham & philly & carrots for lunch (poss too carby?) and a salmon fillet cooked in a mushroomy creamy sauce for dinner. Ate very early for me this evening, so am going to spend 20 minutes sorting out house and then go to bed early with a book and a large glass of water to try and avoid me snacking this evening which is what I ordinarily do when I eat early.

Annoyingly DH is feeling brilliant - he is out tonight, avoiding alcohol and feeling virtuous after 3 lb weight loss so far - and I'm just feeling a bit bleurgh and like my arteries are furring up as I type. (I know that's unlikely!)

LucyVFood Thu 10-Jan-13 20:05:42

Okay, I'll avoid dairy and see how it goes. I'n not really a massive cheese fan (apart from a cheese board) so I'd been using the Philly instead of butter or cream on veg.

Thanks again smile

Guys, I made THE cabbage tonight - oh my word, was good! Had it with two nice sausages and was not for one second jealous of DP's mash as it was so tasty. Burnt the arse out of my nice pan though...

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 20:07:39

Yes, Savoir - ditch the carrots in place of some salad. You haven't eaten nearly enough veg/salad.

And you don't have to eat cream! Salad with an oily dressing, butter on vegetables, tuna in oil....

thenightsky - vegetarian indian isn't going to be easy. Go for dishes with the lowest carb count - cauliflower, mushroom, spinach are all good in curries. Have a good look at the allowed veg list before you go! And please avoid the rice/naan, poppadom, chappattis!

LucyVFood Thu 10-Jan-13 20:09:41

Well, today I had:

B: Two scrambled eggs with butter
L: Salad, prawns and cottage cheese
D: Mackerel and a spinach and mushroom omelette

An eggy day!

SavoirFaire Thu 10-Jan-13 20:15:16

Thanks BIWI that's helpful. I did have lettuce with my salmon this evening, forgot to write that down, and today was the first day with cream on anything, but I have been eating a fair bit of cheese. Will make more use of the olive oil!

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 20:17:58

I've got to say, I'm concerned my cholesterol is going to be sky high after this 10 weeks. All this butter/oily stuff/fat is surely clogging my arteries?

That said, I'm not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed. I took my passport to Wales. On a work trip. So... Y'know. There isn't much going on upstairs.

Prolificmincepiebreeder Thu 10-Jan-13 20:18:08

Thanks blackaffronted goodness knows what's up with my cycle!

NellVarnish Thu 10-Jan-13 20:19:00

grin BIWI and slatternly grin

Sugary Twat aka sugar cravings - I am sitting here, really, really wanting something sweet.

Greek yog here I come ...

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 20:29:58

BIWI - please can you see if you can find the carb content of sainsbury's own superior dark rum. I cannot. Panicking as, I am very ashamed to say, I have fallen off the wagon into two of them. [realise I have let the thread down, the school down, myself down, etc etc - will get over it]

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 20:31:32

Don't worry slatternly - I didn't realise Canada was attached to America till I was about 18.....[overshare?]

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 20:35:02

Doshusallie - I can't find one, but dark rum is 0g carbs, so I'm sure you will be fine!

slatternlymother - don't worry your pretty little head about it. grin

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 20:35:59

... and as long as these words aren't too long for you wink you might find this interesting/reassuring

Ilovemyteddy Thu 10-Jan-13 20:38:10

Slatternly don't worry about your cholesterol. I've been doing this for almost a year and have had my cholesterol checked twice and it's been fine (and I was obese when I started this WOE)

Ruprekt Thu 10-Jan-13 20:46:25

So why do the so-called experts bang on about high cholesterol and fat being bad for us?

I feel like I have been cheated for years!

ScillyCow Thu 10-Jan-13 20:51:32

Hooray and hello!!!

Well done everyone, especially those of us who are feeling grotty.

I was hardly hungry today but am afraid of BIWI's stick so I had:

4 spoons greek yog
prawns and mayo
Stir fry

Am another 2 lbs down today! 8lbs in 2 weeks
grin grin grin

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 20:52:44

Oh Dosh you are so naughty.

I really really want a drink.

I always have a drink on a Thursday.

Thankfully I did not but any rum today.

I do have vodka,gin,whiskey and brandy.

But I will soldier on and not give in.

Pass me another fizzy water and cucumber.

Doshusallie Thu 10-Jan-13 20:58:43

Jacaqueen I bow to your superior staying power. Seriously. What can I say, I am totally shit. Managed 10 days. The world just seems an easier place to be in when I am allowed a couple of bevvies. Will aim to have a few nights off a week. And all that.

Whilst in no way trying to justify it:

I don't smoke
I don't eat chocolate, cake, crisps, pasta, potatoes, rice.....etc
I try to be a nice person/good mother/wife/sister/daughter
I reached "bored" in my job sometime in September 2011, and am now exploring all kinds of levels of extreme ennui......
DH is sitting next to me thoroughly enjoying a tipple

Lemme have a drink goddamit!!!!!

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Jan-13 21:02:39

10 days is good.

This is only day 4 for me.

I drank right through Christmas and New Year up until the boys went back to school. It was the only way to get through it.

Yama Thu 10-Jan-13 21:04:38

BIWI - I read your link. shock shock shock shock

^'So how did these excessively low cholesterol guidelines come about?

Eight of the nine doctors on the panel that developed the new cholesterol guidelines had been making money from the drug companies that manufacture statin cholesterol-lowering drugs'^

My parents are both on statins.

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 21:14:16

I try to be a nice person/good mother/wife/sister/daughter Dosh, see I don't it's incredibly refreshing, I assure you grin

Thanks for the link BIWI, very interesting. I just always have believed what has been drilled into me by the media/government/schoolteachers etc; "Fat is baaaad, you'll get actual crisp 'n' dry that you buy in ASDA in your VEINS. Your horrible stinking VEINS. And no one will want to be your friend." That never actually happened, but you get my drift.

I think I need to be re educated in the whole thing. It's so hard not to think of all that butter sliding it's fatty way into your hips.

Ruprekt Thu 10-Jan-13 21:24:37

Could someone link to the fabulous creamy cabbage recipe please?


NoelHeadbands Thu 10-Jan-13 21:24:52

Evening all

Doshus 10 days will have given your liver a nice little rest- the organ equivalent of a 'spa break' if you will.

I'm just having the most delicious snack- ham, cheese and mayo in between two leaves of lettuce. Have you ever buttered a leaf of iceberg? I have grin

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 21:28:24

grin at spa break for your liver Noel

radioblahblah Thu 10-Jan-13 21:39:45

grin at the buttered lettuce leaf

on another culinary note i have today done the caulk rice which i suspected would be awful - had it all fried up with cumin seeds and butter and sprinkled with fresh coriander. with my chicken curry (which had cashews in by accident) was really so nice.

vnmum Thu 10-Jan-13 21:40:32

Just marking my place.

Hello everyone! Well I went to have my blood tests today, only to remember, once I got there and tried to check in that my appt was for next week. Duh!

B - mushrooms and two eggs cooked in butter
L - crayfish caesar salad (I picked out all the croutons and gave them to my brother, except half of a small one that me eating saved DD from a meltdown about, oh yes and half of one of her chips for the same reason).
D - pork belly, roasted veg

Being out and about has resulted in more tea and coffee and not enough water today. I am trying to make it up now, but aware that it will make me pee all night long!

noel I sometimes read your posts and think you are me! Was it you that said about weighing after the second pee of the day, but before breakfast and a shower? That's me. And Yes I have butter lettuce. And slices of cucumber. And cheese. And dipped pepperamis in cream cheese - so much better than cheese dunkers. I am a firm beleiver you can pretty much butter anything with sea salt crystal butter!

Xenia Thu 10-Jan-13 22:02:07

Yes, animal fat etc is good. Someone needs to tell the supermarkets that a lot more people are trying to find meat with more, not less fat on these days and they are missing a trick with cutting so much fat off most of the meats they sell.

timidviper Thu 10-Jan-13 22:03:34

I discovered a new and rather yummy chicken thing tonight. Melted some garlic butter in a saute pan and browned chicken thighs, added shallots and softened then turned heat down and put lid on. There is always a suspicious amount of water comes out of chicken, when it does crumble in an Oxo cube then put lid back and simmer till chicken is just cooked through. Add chopped mushrooms and allow to soften. Add a splosh of cream before serving. Served it with cauliflower mash and green beans.

Can I just point out (cynical science hat on) that while it is interesting to read all these nutritional theories and links, not everything on the internet is good quality science. It is easy to find connections with things but that is not the same as causality, e.g. I could say people who eat bananas die sooner than people who eat apples but that would not necessarily mean that the bananas caused it. Maybe the banana eaters group included more smokers and extreme sports enthusiasts. That's an extreme made up example but, as one who has to be sceptical about research and evidence as part of my job, I can't switch it off.

NellVarnish Thu 10-Jan-13 22:04:55

<arf> at buttered lettuce and spa breaks grin

What is this sea salt butter that you speak of? Just realised I've had NO BUTTER today. Had Philly, cube of cheddar and mayo though. and sesame oil. This time last week I would've had none of that - in fact I probably had nutella on white toast, galaxy, crisps, croissants and feckin fry-lite. grin

<runs away a hides from BIWI's big stick>

timidviper Thu 10-Jan-13 22:06:07

Sorry Xenia x-posted with you there. The comments about internet links was general, not aimed at you!

Bessie123 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:06:35

captainmummy you are a genius. The turnip dauphinoise was a big success. Dp, who claimed not to like turnips and asked me not to cook them for him had seconds <high five to captainmummy>

sybilfaulty Thu 10-Jan-13 22:10:12

Adding myself to the thread. Am also enjoying a small gin. Sorry everyone. Awful week. I am sure yo be excommunicated but will watch from afar ....

happygolucky0 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:10:24

evening all...
Just marking my place. This is very inpressive a thread in 3 days!!

Lifeisontheup Thu 10-Jan-13 22:11:19

Captainmummy I had the dauphinoise too, both DH and I loved it, may have the leftovers for breakfast topped with a fried egg. smile
I would never have thought of cooking turnips like that without you. flowers

NoelHeadbands Thu 10-Jan-13 22:13:59

MrsH yes that was me grin perhaps eventually we'll all just blend into one big amorphous low carb mass

Mmmm to sea salt butter. From now on, I shall be buttering everything!

Nell this butter here. Best. Thing. Ever. There are other brands btw!

Xenia Thu 10-Jan-13 22:15:53

timid, no that's fine. I don't need everyone to believe fat/ meat etc is good (although I am sure it will help those on this thread and those who try to eat this way tend to feel very good).

In fact my position is that most people eat a very high carb processed food diet. If they move to a healthier diet even with some brown bread and dairy they will massively improve their health and minor variations at the healthy end such as whether you ever have bread or if you have dairy is not that important. If we could get the 60% of UK people who are overweight to change to healthy diet and ditched processed and junk food and drinks that is a huge victory whether people want to nuance that with high fat, high protein or brown rice. Notwithstanding that I do from what I've read (and I've read quite a lot about it) think the higher fat and protein diet is best for people, not least because we ate like that for 2 million years so it is how we are adapted for really. Indeed apparently when 10,000 years ago we stopped moving around and grew crops apparently we became 4 inches shorter and then on top of that we have the junk food of the last 40 years and the first generation for 10,000 years less healthy than its parents.

I suppose my point if it is good to find common cause with healthy eaters whether they are vegan or only eat meat/fish or have a handful of veg, carb and protein with each meal. All of them are doing a huge lot better than those filling their diet with processed foods and junk.

Anyway sorry I got a bit off topic.....

CaptainMummy I think we need to add that recipe to the recipe section - it is clearly a winner, I think you should get a prize for the most recommended dish!

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 22:16:42

xenia Thankyou for that, it was a really very interesting read thanks

slatternlymother Thu 10-Jan-13 22:18:57

timidviper that chicken recipe sounds bloody lovely! <steals recipe and passes off as own>


ElectricalHoHoHoBanana Thu 10-Jan-13 22:19:31

MrsHerculePoirot that butter FUCK YEAH....lucky i have a waitrose 10 mins away....i will make a visit just to get some

barleywood Thu 10-Jan-13 22:25:01

Marking....don't want to lose you all

MegTheCat Thu 10-Jan-13 22:33:00

Ooh I am definitely going to try buttered lettuce. Have been longing for some butter slathered on something. Have been eating buttered cheese (glad to know I'm not hte only one) but cheese is not really bland enough to taste the butter...

cathyandclaire Thu 10-Jan-13 22:38:44

Chin chin sybil and * Dosh* I've tumbled off the wagon with you, felt I had to celebrate getting back to target with large glass of red. No doubt will be back to previous weight tomorrow and frantically boot camping again <sigh>
..... < hiccup >

Valdeeves Thu 10-Jan-13 22:46:34

Really enjoyed reading this and catching up with all the food. My period came today - thanks for explaining why!
Also is anyone else feeling hot all the time? Is that normal?
My day:
Brekkie: scrambled egg and bacon
Lunch: four pepperami's (no time - seeing baby and toddler pick up)
Tea: Spanish omelette without the potatoes

About two pints of water and one pot decaf tea - really struggle with that!
Feel my jeans are looser but mum tum still jiggling away.
Recently stopped breastfeeding - OMG my boobs have totally given up the ghost after two babies. When I button my coat - they flatten almost to my waist in the coat. I now have a bigger tummy than my boobs so that's got to go!
Tesco shop arrives tomorrow so hopefully will be able to have salmon and Philly for breakfast - I can't face another egg.
Going to a children's party Saturday and obsessing about the fact that their will be an amazing homemade cake there that I will have to resist....,

cathyandclaire woohoo on getting back to target.

Glad to see I've started a sea salt crystal butter revolution. I'd better get to the shops and stock up tomorrow before the craze takes off!

BigStickBIWI Thu 10-Jan-13 22:48:02

<looks askance>

Or I would if I knew what askance was grin

There's a lot of cheating going on here ...

NoelHeadbands Thu 10-Jan-13 22:50:28

Val I'm the opposite, I feel cold all the time when I'm in ketosis, especially my hands and arms. I'm with you on the boobs though...

Resist the cake and try not to look at all the sugary twats eating it grin

skandi1 Thu 10-Jan-13 23:07:00

Val. I am hot too. Sweaty on fact. This is odd as I am normally a cold person.

There must be something to this hormone thing as I have pmt at the wrong time of the month and I actually want to kill someone. Perhaps it's the pmt keeping me warm.

I tried to eat a spoonful of virgin coconut oil as I read this is what all the top models to keep cravings down. DO NOT TRY THIS! It smell so nice so I thought it would be nice but no. It didn't taste of coconut and was slipping down like cold congealed lard. Vom. It did take cravings away with waves of nausea.

MissNJE Thu 10-Jan-13 23:34:28

Another one who is feeling incredibly cold. I am usually always warm, my body temperature is below average and apart from my hands I don't get cold very easily.

Does this happen in Ketosis?

ToomuchWaternotWine Fri 11-Jan-13 01:34:16

Marking place on new thread, well done all the losers and keep on going everyone.

Maybe we should have "keep calm and low carb" t shirts made up for us all? wink

Lavenderhoney Fri 11-Jan-13 03:44:10

Vnmum, I just read what you said about osteogen ATM and I have been unable to sleep due to screaming agony of period pain with an ovarian cyst which has never caused me pain before.

Im going to the question thread now.

herecomesthsun Fri 11-Jan-13 05:25:47

I just figured that I should be able to make a salt lassi grin

ElectricalHoHoHoBanana Fri 11-Jan-13 07:32:03

shit a brick!

day 5 and i have already lost....


thats half a stone - oh bloody hell....

i am wasting away... grin

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 07:33:07

Ok, I started last Friday, I just weighed in and I appear to have lost 12lbs shock can that be right? I only lost 5lbs in my frist week at my previous attempt at LC, so this doesnt seem real (though I cheated once or twice last time, I have been 100% this time).

brilliant electrical and blackaffronted!

do you also feel good in yourselves? are you enjoying what you're eating and do you feel that this is a sustainable way of eating for you?

OTTMummA Fri 11-Jan-13 07:40:53

flowers to Electrical & BlackA yay!!

Well, day 5 and i feel much better, that fog has gone and i feel very happy with myself for not caving and having some chocolate last night,, i stupidly forgot about my hotel chocolat tablet of milk and dark until i came across it after dinner.
I am today going to make it ito crispy cakes with DS to take into school for his birthday.

Weighed in this morning and since monday i have lost 10.2lbs grin
DH had a sneaky peak at the scales and was shock but he was really proud and has spured me on.

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 07:53:01

Willie, most definitely! This past week has not been hard at all, hence why I have managed a 100% perfect low carb week (I never last morethan 2 days on a diet previoulsy). Im starting to sleep better - got myself a wee sleep app fpr my phone & I love seeing the graphs getting better & better smile

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 07:54:25

Wow, OTT, you may even beat my 12lbs! grin Well done!

Doshusallie Fri 11-Jan-13 07:56:45

Back to target this morning. Phew.

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 08:11:24

Well done Dosh smile

Where's the spreadsheet?

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 11-Jan-13 08:12:13

Wow well done on those great losses. smile
I was a little disappointed to have weighed this morning and only lost 1lb when I have sooooo much to lose. Think I have probably eaten too much ham/bacon and not quite enough water. Here's hoping for a big "whoosh" before Monday grin.

Having eggs and mushrooms for breakfast and prawn Stir fry for lunch.....

Wow look at these losers- that's brilliant.
I'm still at 2lbs off but I'm fine with that as I cheated yesterday and had to have almonds for breakfast. Nuts defo stall me. I went to get the Greek yoghurt for work and it had gone off bleurgh

I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant last night - skipped starter and had pollo Alla Crema with lots of lovely veg. The others couldn't believe I could eat it and lose weight. I really did not feel envious of their pizza/pasta dishes

Prolificmincepiebreeder Fri 11-Jan-13 08:19:58

Morning all! No overnight loss today. Must up the water today. Getting bit of a cold sad

GinotPrigio Fri 11-Jan-13 08:20:36

Electrical BlackAffronted OTTMummA Wow you guys! That's amazing!!!

Taffy Don't get disheartened. I am on Day 11 and my weight has stalled since Sunday. I nearly reached for the chocolate and wine last night but took myself off to bed with a book instead and was rewarded this morning with another 2lb loss. Hang on in there, it WILL come off!

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 08:20:48

Well I go off line for 3 days and you all fill the other thread and need a new onewink

Well done to all the loosers.
Happy Birthday to all those that have been celebrating this week.
Welcome to any newbies and wow lots of brides, hope we get to see pics of your dayssmile

Have great days everyone.

Lifeisontheup Fri 11-Jan-13 08:20:50

I've only lost 3lbs but at least it's a loss and trousers feel a lot looser. Plus I feel so much better, that's a big incentive to keep going.
Going to make veg soup for tonight's night shift. It's going to be cold and I'm not looking forward to it, must remember to take in something to have before driving home so I don't give in to the temptation of a bacon and cheese turnover from the garage!

Fadqueen Fri 11-Jan-13 08:24:37

So glad I've managed to catch up .......

Had a really good week food wise although I haven't managed to go decaf just yet. I need my coffee in the morning and I only have about 3 in the day. I drink it black but I do stir in a mahoosive teaspoon of coconut oil which is bloody delicious. I also use it for frying - prawns, garlic, ginger and chili for my lunch yesterday (I'll admit to wiping the plate with my fingers and licking off the remains grinvershare?). I am eating loads of fat.
skandi1 I've tried a few different coconut oils and there is a huge variation in the taste. The one I'm using at the moment I picked up in Waitrose, it's by The Groovy Food Co. I could eat it off the spoon, but only just and only if I'm desperate I prefer it cooked or stirred!

But I haven't been at my best; just at the end of a really grotty cold and desperately blowing out the remains of the snot! Very attractive, I know.

On the plus side, I feel flatter (tummy wise!), my mood is great even though I'm not on top form! I have not felt deprived or hungry once and I am really looking forward to my fillet steak, rocket and parmesan salad and celeriac chips for my dinner tonight. DH will tuck into red wine and I will stick to my water - <polishes halo and is excited by weigh in>

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 08:24:41

Well done everyone, massive losses! I checked the scales this morning and there's another pound off so that's 7lbs in total since Monday. I am truly shock

electrical BlackAffronted justasmallglass taffy and OTT well done, those are fantastic grin

Well done dosh for getting back on track smile

Half day Friday today so I get to go home at midday <does special Friday jiggle>

I tell you what, I've not had a poo in 2 days. The first couple of days, I was doing massive, really cleary-outy ones (I'm sorry, I'm sorry this is too much, but I must tell someone). I don't feel like I need to go, or that I'm constipated though. Is anyone else having similar?

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 08:26:37

Taffy dont be disheartened, have you measured yourself? as you loose inches on this woe even when your not showing too much of a loss on scales. I would try and increase water intake if you feel its not been enoughsmile

Well sone Life 3lbs is greatgrin

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 08:28:13

Do you know, since I posted there's loads more people come on with losses and that so great. I'd hate for anyone to think 'what a cliquey bitch slatternly is, not mentioning my loss'.

I bet you all look lovely grin

prolificmincepiebreeder hope you feel better soon, it's rotten getting a cold sad can you take some zinc vitamin tablets? I saw an article that taking them right at the beginning of a cold can prevent it from getting as bad as a full blown cold. Might be a load of crap, but worth a try.

Fadqueen Fri 11-Jan-13 08:30:16

BlackAffronted read your last post as - you had got yourself a wee app for your phone and I was shock bloody hell, I knew I was weeing a lot, didn't realise I could get an app to count it!

Jacaqueen Fri 11-Jan-13 08:36:42


You lot are melting away.

I am so pleased that you are getting these fantastic results.

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 08:41:20

slattern, I dont poo much on this woe, but last night I certainly, ahem, cleared a backlog! blush there was even sweetcorn, I havent eaten any since Christmas day! OOoer!

prettybird Fri 11-Jan-13 08:42:29

I'm the same slatternly - not had a poo since Monday, but not feeling constipated or anything.

I'm choosing to think of it as like a breast fed baby - what I'm eating is so perfectly matched to my body's requirements that there is little waste. grinwink

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 11-Jan-13 08:42:36

Thanks guys . I am not disheartened - I have a very unhelpful thyroid which always makes my weight loss slow and weight gain fast (Grrrrrr!!!!) - and am sticking with it. Its still 1lb after all. I havent measured but I feel much thinner as carbs esp wheat do bloat me. I'm off to pick up my new glasses today - I have been severely impeded in my label reading this week by my shocking eyesight lol!

prettybird Fri 11-Jan-13 08:43:24

...but that like a breast fed baby, there will be an explosion at some point. blushgrin

PennyHofstadter Fri 11-Jan-13 08:45:36

1lb off this morning.. I only weighed myself for the first time yesterday morning as I had to go and buy new scales so I dont know what else I may have lost since Tuesday when I started... but even if I've lost nothing else the previous two days, a lb is still a lb smile

Can someone add me to the spreadsheet please? I just had a look and couldn't see how to do it <technophobe> smile

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 09:00:26

prettybird and blackaffronted grin grin

<sniggers childishly about poo>

taffy have to got any medication for your troublesome thyroid? Or do you want me to come over there and give it a firm re-brief?

frenchfries22 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:12:59

Having a grumpy afternoon and feeling very de motivated then pop on here and am laughing so much at some of these posts!! The losses are amazing well done have totally got me motivated grin must keep up with this thread it moves so fast!

Rollergirl1 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:16:07

I've been low-carbing lite for a while and although I'm not on the spreadsheet I have been following Bootcamp rules since Monday. I've lost 2lb. I know it's definitely a step in the right direction but was hoping for/expecting a little bit more. I was losing more per week in the last month when I wasn't being any where near as strict food wise and still drinking wine in the evenings.

I am now pretty much back to the weight I initially wanted to get back to, which also happens to be the default weight that I have been ever been since having my children. But ideally I would like to go a little lower as I was at least another stone lighter pre children. Now I am wondering if the fact that I have only lost 2lb while being super-strict in the last four days, means that this is my ideal weight for me now and I just wont lose anymore, however hard I try?

I am also another couple of lb's on this mornings weigh in so that's a total of 6.8 pounds for me since Monday. shock

I can't honestly believe it...and this thread is such great motivation.

I've just got to plough on through this weekend without giving in to the temptation of a vodka or vino...but my success is really spurring me on right now.

I just dropped DS off at school and I could feel my coat swishing about around my midriff instead of hugging it for dear life. grin

B - Half pot of ff Greek Yoghurt and 1 boiled egg. Large mug of green tea.

daisie4 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:30:56

I could cry, I was doing fine (although not being ultra strict) but had a doughnut and then a flapjack last night and have put back on the 1.5lb I lost.

I've not been really strict because I was worried about bad breath - has anyone suffered from this? So I've been eating fruit and drinking milky tea. I'm desperate to lose a stone - do you think I'd find it easier just going straight for strict bootcamp?

Well done to everyone following the plan - I'm in awe x

gloriafloria Fri 11-Jan-13 09:36:43

Day 5 and feeling really good so think it was my body adjusting - my diet before was mainly all carbs. I weighed myself and cannot believe the scales. Started at 145.6 and today 139!!! I have never lost this much weight so quickly and not feeling hungry at all. I think I am now back to my pre dec weight but want to lose about 1 stone all together. Going to start back at Pilates next week and also a Zumba class to tone up. I don't think I would have had the motivation to stick with this but thanks to all the support on here I have so thank you!!,

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 09:37:33

Daise4 on previous threads people said about the bad breath, try and drink more water but be careful of your potassium levels. Avocados, broccoli and spinach are good sources of potassium.
Put last night behind you and start a fresh todaysmile

EwanHoozami Fri 11-Jan-13 09:39:49

Well done all you losers of inch and pound thanks

Rollergirl I'd suggest that you keep at it for a week and see where that gets you. You might get a bigger loss in the second half of the week because as a longer-term low-carber you won't see that 'whoosh' of weight in the first few days.

I'm in a very similar position to you and my target is also my pre-children weight. I reckon I can do it, but I think it's going to take quite a long time. I'm 2lb down this week too and am chuffed to bits as I secretly thought I'd stalled forever grin

daisie4 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:40:18

Thanks halfthesize - will drinking more water and watching potassium mean you won't get it, or is it inevitable and its just trying to reduce the strength?

gloriafloria Fri 11-Jan-13 09:41:23

Daisy, yes just start again from today. I have found it easier doing strict boot camp as I know if I start on 1 little thing I wouldn't be able to stop. I also think once you go a few days without the carbs you really won't be so tempted or feel so hungry. I do have so chewing gum for emergencies but dh has said my breath is ok and he would def tell me if it wasn't!! I have been really trying to drink loads of water which seems to help.

thekitchenfairy Fri 11-Jan-13 09:41:43

Morning everyone, what fabulous losses..

You are all doing v much better than me, I have yet to lose an ounce, but (horrid yucky flu shivers and round the clock sugar cravings aside) clothes are looser and face less puffy...

So far slattern's sugary twats and BIWIs big stick have kept me away from the kid's lunch box brownie stash... But need motivation to refuse weekend wine...

Last night's Celeriac and brocolli soup for lunch, was much more delish than I thought it would be and will be nicely pimped up with some para ham fried in butter grin

daisie4 - don't feel too disheartened...I'm sure everybody here will have a little blip at some point. I almost fell off the wagon a couple of nights ago and had to whisk myself off to bed early when DH cracked open the nuts and crisps. It almost killed me.

I've been doing strict bootcamp and haven't had any complaints about my breath (so far). I am worried/conscious of it though and am wondering if there is any breath test that will indicate if I do have the dreaded monster mouth??

Today is a clean slate...forget about the doughnut and flapjack <drools>...just focus on getting back on track.

daisie4 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:44:40

Thanks gloria, I've started again today, one cup of tea this morning, but will try proper bootcamp. Hopefully I'll lose last nights gain super quick sad

daisie4 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:46:24

thatgirlevil thank you - unfortunately the feeling of disappointment afterwards wasn't worth it

TheSandstoneCat Fri 11-Jan-13 09:47:23

5 days in and just checking in!

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 09:49:28

daisie I've got to say, I've found going hardcore a lot easier. It's only 2 weeks, and it gives you the weightloss boost at the beginning that I really think you need on a diet to keep at it. I have suffered a bit with a funny taste in my mouth, but that's easily been remedied by drinking lots and lots of water and keeping a stash of sugar free gum nearby. I have a 1L bottle of water on my desk and I have to empty it 3 times a day, plus then whatever I drink at home. But I do work out 3/4X per week as well so I would naturally drink more. <drooling over your doughnut and flapjack>
We're all here to hold your hand.

thekitchenfairy! You're back! Missed you yesterday! Yeah I need motivation to avoid weekend wine. I'm going to do it though, I'm duty tech on Sunday so I can't drink in case I get any callouts. Tonight and Saturday are my only potential pitfalls. Oh, and the Sunday lunch we're supposed to be having. Any advice for that one BIWI?

And I've got my food boxes coming today!!! SOOOO FUCKING EXCITED!!!

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 09:52:34

daise I dont think with the others it lasted for ages and the water intake helps. I have just read an article that says chewing on mint can help. The breath issue normally means you are in ketosis, which is great for the weight losssmile

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 09:53:07

Spreadsheet of Fabulousness is here

daisie - I'm surprised you didn't put more on, actually! What you have discovered is that carbohydrate = weight gain. Please don't worry about the bad breath. It will only be temporary, and during that time you can always use sugar-free gum/mints to help.

If you don't follow the rules you won't lose the weight. Sad to say, it is that simple.

Rollergirl - if you're near your target weight then weight loss does slow down. However, what I have found (and others have also described) is that there there seem to be certain weights at which the body stops losing and stubbornly hangs on to everything. Then suddenly, you start to lose again. I have no idea why nor what the science might be behind this! What I've learnt is that you just have to stick with it and eventually your body will give in.

On low carbing, though, given that it's about burning fat, presumably there must be a point at which your body will stop burning its own fat and will turn to dietary fat? I have been reading stuff recently that suggests that cutting down dietary fat may help here. If you really are near your target, then possibly this is something to consider? A slight increase in both protein and carbs is, I would think, probably worth considering.

daisie4 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:59:50

Thank you for all your support - I will go hardcore today. Before I cut out tea and coffee completely - do I have to? Or should I restrict to minimum of a couple of cups a day? Maybe coffee with cream rather than milky tea 9says hopefully)..

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 10:00:01

slatternly - are you hosting or attending? If the former, it's easy! If the latter, much less so.

If you can, tell your hosts that you are low carbing and that you won't be able to eat roast potatoes, roast parsnips or Yorkshire puddings. You can, though, eat any green veg that they may be cooking. You will also need to think about pudding. Either you tell them that you can't have any, and offer to take some lovely cheese for a cheese board - or you simply refuse pudding on the grounds that you're full.

Re the alcohol - make sure that you are driving, if possible. If not - just say you don't fancy it.

It's not easy. I have a group of friends and we take it in turn to host dinner parties. All of them have nodded kindly when I've told them about low carbing and then gone on to serve things that couldn't have been more laden with carbs if they tried! Not because they were trying to sabotage things, but because they simply don't understand what foods are carby. From this, I have learnt to be much more specific - so I don't say 'I can't eat carbs', I say 'I can't eat potatoes'.

It's difficult to do this, as it feels so selfish. Yet if you had a specific allergy you wouldn't think twice about telling people what you can/can't eat!

awesome, all of you

remember re the pooing thing, you're also weeing a lot and waste products will leave that way too!

7lbs since Monday here too! But I am a heifer and have over 5 stone to go!!!

skandi1 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:04:22

Wow. Some amazing losses! 10lbs for was it OTT? Incredible.

Well I stayed off dairy yesterday not even a sliver of cheese nothing and cut my caffeine intake to two cups of coffee. And still no further loss. angry

I drank 4l of water as I was super thirsty.

Perhaps I will lose more the second week?
<goes off muttering to self>

biwi - How do I add myself to the spreadsheet?

OTTMummA Fri 11-Jan-13 10:17:28

10.2 skandi1 lets not forget the 2! grin

I haven't cheated at all, and have been having 3lts of water a day, not had coffee the last 2 and i eat a lot of butter, which has affected my appetite, so not been hungry at all!

Plus, i weigh nearly 20st, so it is probably a lot of water weight and i expect it will slow down when it gets to real fat burning.

Rollergirl1 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:18:04

BIWI and Ewan: I get where you're coming from in terms of weight loss slowing down once you get close to your target weight. But how does my body know what I set as my target weight? grin.

You may also be right on the whole getting to a certain weight and it stubbornly sticking there. Since having children I have never got below a certain weight. And that's with intermittent low-carbing, cutting out alcohol for a period of time and prolonged bouts of intense exercise (although not perhaps all done simultaneously). The only times that I have dropped below is if I have been ill. Having said that there have been times when I was running loads, when despite the fact that I was still 1 stone off my pre-DC weight I was able to fit back in to my old clothes. So I try not to fixate too much on what the scales say.

Anyway, I will persevere and see where it gets me.

Well done to all the people sticking with it and reaping the benefits!

bullet you're on there mdear

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 10:27:41

BIWI We're going out for lunch, perhaps I could link to the menu on here and you could help me select accordingly? I'm much better when I go with a game plan. I'd be ever so grateful.

Also, when things are less... Bootcampy; how is the general feeling about having one 'cheat' meal per week? I have heard it can be recommended to kick start the body into calorie burning again, and to give a bit of flexibility with regards to alcohol/nights out/dinners out etc. How would that work out BIWI? I am enjoying the diet and way of life, but surely variety is the spice of life and all that?

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 10:29:18

And OTT That is amazing. I bet it'll be near enough a stone on Monday envy

skandi1 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:30:06

OTT. Oh yes sorry I forgot the .2! grin
Happy days though that is truly amazing! What a start for you.

Perhaps I need to eat more butter. But I can't quite face buttering a lettuce leaf though. I cook with butter but perhaps not enough. Should I eat butter on its own? <boak>

I cling to my coffee. I have gone to two coffees a day from two coffees and 8 cups of strong tea a day so an 80% caffeine reduction but my youngest doesn't allow me much sleep so I cannot get through the day without some coffee.

Hmmm. Off to find ways to eat more butter.

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 10:31:32

OTT, we are similar weights smile are you staying with strict bootcamp until you have a few stone off? I am, hopefully get a lot of this lard shifted! smile

slatternly i think you are right that some people have found it helps (is there an actual diet plan that includes one carby meal/day a week or am i wrong?), and some people on here have found they have lost quite well after a carb blowout after bootcamping for a while. but you would have to be aware that you would be knocking yourself out of ketosis and setting yourself up for possible major carb cravings

plus, y'know, all the other bothersome things about carbs

certainly bootcamp light is more flexible, and enjoying cheats mindfully every now and then is obviously part of life, but personally i'm not so sure about planning a weekly 'cheat'. you might get away with it if you were maintaining, but it might well derail if you were still trying to lose.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 10:54:14

slatternly - asking a question like that at this stage suggests you haven't quite got your head around low carbing yet, and are still thinking about carbs as things to miss. Whilst it's true that Bootcamp Light is more flexible, and you can introduce more carbs, you still (if you want to lose weight) can't expect to suddenly have a massively carby day every week - if that's what you're planning!

For me, the biggest change - and what got me truly into the low carb zone - was after I read more about carbs and their impact on our bodies and our health - especially our long term health.

So now, when I look at things like sugar, chocolate, pastry, white bread - although I still recognise them as tasty treats - I also see them as the work of the devil!!!

If you can bear it, I really recommend that you read Gary Taubes' book, "The Diet Delusion", as well as Dr John Briffa's book "Escape the Diet Trap", both of which talk more about long term health as well as weight loss.

I don't know about introducing an occasional carby meal. Certainly I have heard that it can break a stall, but I don't really know why that should be. My main concern is that it would simply impact negatively on weight loss and also trigger carb cravings, and make it very hard to get back on the low carb wagon after that one meal/day.

sybilfaulty Fri 11-Jan-13 10:57:43

Some fantastic losses here. Really inspiring. Well done everyone.

Am having a pedicure as I type and think I must have lost about 3lb just on hard skin from my feet! She's on her third blade for my rhino skin.

Prolificmincepiebreeder Fri 11-Jan-13 11:18:38

Pretty bird and slatternly- no poo here either! I have had no urge to go either.

PostBellumBugsy Fri 11-Jan-13 11:41:37

Great to see so many people doing well.

I've hit just over 2 weeks now & am feeling GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I'm always amazed by how quickly my hunger disappears when I am properly low carbing & I seem to think about food so much less. It is great.

I second BIWI's recommendations for the books by Taubes & Briffa. Taubes has also written a more digestible book called "Why We Get Fat - and what to do about it", which is a very straight forward read & will set you straight on the science of the whole thing & why sugar & refined carbs are so very bad for us.

Please don't get too hung up on weight loss with this WOE. I know we are all conditioned to think in pounds or kgs - BUT - who ever actually picks you up? For me, it isn't about what I weigh, it is about how I look and what clothes fit me. I know if the pounds are going on because everything starts to feel tight. Even after two weeks, my clothes are looser & more comfortable & I reckon in another two weeks, I'll be moving back into my slimmer clothes! So, please don't agonise over the pounds - tell us how your clothes are fitting too!!!!!

Hello everyone smile

Well done to you all! Sounds like some of you are getting some awesome losses. I started a week before the big kick-off at 9st 6lb, and I think my 'starting' on the spreadsheet is something like 9st 2lb. Today Im 9st which is good but if Im honest I wouldnt have minded a little more blush When Im not feeling so damn cold I'll go and try on some skinny trousers and see how they feel and hopefully be encouraged by that. I definitely feel better though, today I feel nicely content with my life which feels so amazing, its so strange! Ive dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember, its so nice to now (even if only for a moment) to think 'you know what? You're just fine'.

I must say though when watching eastenders last night (yeah ok I'll admit it) and bloody Max was eating jammy toast I couldve cried, the sugary twat grin

Anyway today Ive had yogurt for breakfast, didnt fancy 'eating' eating, and I bought some prawns for lunch. Roast chicken for dinner, I think I'll have mine with buttered spinach and cauli. Doing good water-wise, though the only exercise Im doing is walking.

TheSandstoneCat Fri 11-Jan-13 11:49:54

Jumping back in very excitedly - have just weighed myself and have lost 4lbs so far. My dd, who is not normally very observant, told me this morning that I looked different. Am hoping different is good smile

Doshusallie Fri 11-Jan-13 11:50:10

RollerGirl - I am in a similar situation - I have been doing this woe for over a year and (apart from when I had a sickness bug) I have never gone lower than 9 1. I am very very happy at 124/123 pounds however. I don't think my body will go any lighter, this is just the weight I can naturally maintain, quite happily on this way of eating. Like gless I find that nuts (one of my fave things - salted peanuts are food of the gods IMO) stall me/make me gain a pound or 2 if I am not careful - I am ok on dairy - the odd bevvie low carb 3-4 nights a week (don't laugh old timers, this is the new regime) doesn't seem to make me gain. I pretty much bootcamp all the time (on lovely, satisfying, fulfilliing delish food) and can stay at 124/123. So hopefully that will be that going forward.

Although slip ups do make you pay for it on the scales, I find that 2 days back on the bootcamp regime are enough to shift it again. Which means I can go out for dinner at friend's houses and eat what they give me, and know that by Wednesday I will be back at target.

Another note for those looking forwards into maintenance - I went on a 2 week holiday to Crete and came back the same weight. It was SO EASY to eat amazing low carb food in the restaurants - we shopped for gorgeous cold meats, yoghurt, eggs, lovely fresh veg when we ate in. I drank the odd beer, but mainly gin (although oddly, DH and I tend to drink less on holiday than we do at home). This WOE can be done forever, and I certainly intend to do that.

Mrs HP - my darling - please stop referring to yourself as a heifer. You are a gorgeous beautiful person, who is on the way to losing weight at which point you will just be a slimmer gorgeous beautiful person. smile

Sorry for mammoth post. Again.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 11:50:44

PostBellumBugsy - yes absolutely - great post. The scales, ultimately, are only a guide. What's much more effective and truthful is our clothes.

thekitchenfairy Fri 11-Jan-13 11:52:10

I really like your last answer BIWI I am staggered I can look at a larder full of crackers and make toast for my DCs without caving in.. I look at at and kinda fancy it but my gut is just saying noooooo!!! And I think about feeling bloated again and I leave we'll alone. Unbelievable, a week ago I would have scarfed the lot grin

Feeling inspired, I've ordered the Briffa book, I think my thoughts of wine are as much about the sugar cravings as much as my evening reward. I will do this 2 weeks and give my liver a little spa break too, any pounds lost will be a bonus.

slattern where are you Avignon lunch? Not that I'm a glutton or anything but can maybe help as my mum has LC or years so am familiar with several local menus.

DangerousMouse Fri 11-Jan-13 12:55:06

Feeling a bit down today, I weighed myself this morning and hadn't lost anything yesterday, I think maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I know I shouldn't weigh everyday but I find generally it helps. I need to focus on the 7lb lost since monday.

I just had a near blip, I had a massive sugar craving and got 3 chocs out of a box, then thought I'd check how many carbs I would be eating 22 carbs in 3 chocs! I put them back.. Go willpower..

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 13:00:01

Danger 7lbs since Monday is fantastic, you wont loose everyday, I found after the initial loss it was more like steps than a diagonal line if you get what I meanhmm

herecomesthsun Fri 11-Jan-13 13:00:22

BUTTER LOVERS- why not get some asparagus tips or broccoli spears and dip them in butter?

I am still at 4lbs off. However, I measured myself about 1-2 weeks ago and was 42-34-45. I was today 42-32-44. I wish I had previously measured thigh circumference, because I think they are noticeably smaller grin

Lifeisontheup Fri 11-Jan-13 13:01:06

Just had a tin of red salmon mixed with some rice vinegar,2 very small tomatoes and a spring onion piled into few romaine lettuce leaves. Lovely
I've got a tin of baxters consomme for my night shift tonight together with olives, cubes of cheese and ham to snack on.
Going to have scrambled eggs before I go.
Just about to have a cup of hot unsweetened soya milk.( It's 0.4g per 200ml so think it's ok) and then go to bed and hope for some sleep.

I have a salad on my desk at work that looks so nice on the plate I have just taken a picture of it before tucking in smile 70 lengths of the pool at the gym before work today too, seem to have more energy than I used to!

Wow, there have been some great losses reported, and I'm jealous! I'm on Day 159 of low carbing, Day 11 of not drinking alcohol, and Day 5 of Bootcamp (which, for me, is like returning to Atkins induction levels, and stopping any possible 'carb creep'). I weighed myself for the first time since I started this (ie, back in August) last Monday, and shan't be weighing again until next Monday, because I find scale numbers make me obsess a bit - even after just the one weigh-in I can't stop calculating how long it'll take me to get to my goal of another 19 lbs off (aiming for before March 17th)!

Anyway, just wanted to say that I often eat Sunday lunch out - and just pass the spuds and Yorkies over to friends, and stock up on the cabbage, cauli, broccoli etc. A roast dinner is one of the easiest 'out' meals to deal with. Last Sunday it was pork belly, cabbage, red cabbage and 5 tiny carrots, followed by a cheese board - yum!

To those wondering about cheat days etc. - my advice would be - don't do it! You'll reawaken all your cravings, knock yourself out of ketosis and lose its benefits, possibly get some gastric distress, and feel generally crap. Not worth it, and with no benefit I can see. Step away from the cake!

sybilfaulty Fri 11-Jan-13 13:31:18

I love the support, friendliness and humour of this thread. Am so glad people are feeling the difference in their clothes as that's what counts really rather than weight. I am very heavy for my height but in size 12 clothes at th emoment. Aiming for a ten.

When I had lost about a st on the last but one bootcamp, I found some clothes which I had bought fat which made me sad. I remember so vividly buying them because they were the only thing which fitted, had to have something for a wedding or party etc. I also remember ducking out of various social things because of my size. I am so glad that I don't have to do that any more. We are all on the way to losing weight, feeling better and being healthier which can only be a good thing.

Have a lovely Friday. My DS is suspicioiusly quiet so I had better see what he's up to.

EwanHoozami Fri 11-Jan-13 13:33:28

PostBellumBugsy This: "I know we are all conditioned to think in pounds or kgs - BUT - who ever actually picks you up?" is extremely wise, thank you.

EwanHoozami Fri 11-Jan-13 13:41:22

^^also a great post from Dosh about this as a long-term sustainable WOE.


B - Lidl yog
L - Spinach omelette
D - slow cooker spicy beef casserole and mashed swede

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 13:41:38

DangerousMouse - you have lost 7lbs since Monday, which is fantastic! Please, please, please don't expect that you are going to lose every day - and especially not after such a massive loss so far, and if it's going to get you down, then you shouldn't be weighing daily. That way madness lies!

sybil - I can so identify with you. I have got used to opening my wardrobe doors and looking at the foot on right hand-side as the only bit that would contain anything I fit into. And looking at those clothes with loathing! I still have to remind myself that I can wear anything that is in there now!

(Although actually I can't. I got a cardigan out to wear recently and just couldn't work out why I couldn't get the collar to lie properly or for the whole thing to 'work', till I realised that it was because it was just too big for me!)

FurryDogMother - great post, and so true.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 13:42:15

Really interesting blog post from Dr Briffa about diet drinks/coffee

Ditch the diet drinks, but don't worry so much about the coffee.

Snorted my fizzy mineral water at your 'suspiciously quiet' DS sybilfaulty - mine's like that too! Quiet is a very worrying thing in our flat! I sneakily stepped on the scales - really didn't mean to until Monday - but anyway 4lbs off. Yay! Even better my period started and I hadn't had PMT, and I normally have really bad premenstrual acne - my face is clear! Slightly louder YAAAAAAY! I've done this WOE before and knew it would help, but I hadn't dared hope my skin would clear so quickly when it was so bad last month.

The tricky bit for me is the next month or so - I always start well, but I have difficulty sticking all the way to my goal weight. Once I see a bit of weight go off then I start 'cheating'. This time I want to go all the way to goal and my black skinny jeans which I can't get into and miss terribly. Another 13lbs to go.

B: Greek yoghurt
L: Egg, bacon, mushrooms
D: Gluten free sausages with lots of veg
Snack - just had some goats cheese and celery. Still quite hungry.

Can anyone recommend any low-carb soups that I can buy to heat up at work? I can't carry one to work in a flask as I have too much to carry to and from work at the moment and my back is killing me - pulled a muscle... I am sick of the sight of salads and it's soooo cold - I want to eat something hot at lunchtime.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 13:50:32
BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 13:51:19

Well, it's now almost two o'clock. I have only had two cups of coffee this morning, and no breakfast, and I'm not hungry.

I love this WOE!

But I am off to eat something now, otherwise that BIWI will be after me with her big stick.

troyandabedinthemorning Fri 11-Jan-13 13:53:57

Hi all
It's great to hear people are losing so much weight and from doshusallie about maintenance- I think I'm about a year away from that but am feeling really confident and motivated- usually when I think about losing weight I've given up because the idea of losing 100lb seems impossible so why bother, but I am determined that I can do it and it's good to hear that it can last afterwards
My main issue is that at my weight I have to drink 4l of water a day- really struggling to drink that much!
However the positives are that I feel fantastic and sleeping really well and haven't felt hungry for days!
Have eaten scrambled eggs for breakfast and stir fried chicken and veggies for lunch. Chicken salad for tea later. Yum

Doshusallie Fri 11-Jan-13 14:07:17

Becstarlight - apparently the sainsburys stilton and brocolli soup is v low carb.

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 14:09:29

BIWI I was mainly asking because I know it's a WOE but I can't imagine not indulging in roast potatoes at Easter and Christmas, or going out with my girlfriends and not cackling like witches over a bottle of wine. It's what we do. We cackle, and eat crisps. Not every weekend, once a month perhaps.

As for the 'cheat meal' per week, I saw that on Josie Marsh's body building programme on MTV. And I wondered.

<rubs bump on head after being lynched by BIWIs stick>

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 14:09:34

Not sure if anyone has seen these videos, but they are very interesting, they details some of the science behind low carb diets and how the body adapts short and long term.

smile hope these help some of you

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 14:11:24

thekitchenfairy probably Bustophers I think.

And Thankyou for the advice furrydogmother thanks

Lastyearsmodel Fri 11-Jan-13 14:20:17

Hello. Just wanted to say hello really. I'm still here. Off to the recipe thread now to plan tea.

Recognising what other posters said about only wearing the few clothes on the right-hand side of my wardrobe and ducking out of social functions. Jeez, don't get me started on letting life slide by while I feel too fat to join in. No, it's not going to be me any more. I owe it to me and my DC and DP.

Glad to hear of your successes and to those who are wavering, stay strong! This is for us.

NoelHeadbands Fri 11-Jan-13 14:20:21

Hey all, hope everyone's having a good day. Not much on the food front today, as I had an appointment with the dental hygienist this morning and didn't fancy presenting her with a mouthful of bacon stick in me teeth grin. And nothing much afterwards because the bitch has butchered my gums sad (she was nice really)

Lastyearsmodel Fri 11-Jan-13 14:21:14

PS Is anyone else really emotional? I've been bursting into tears at all sorts.

PostBellumBugsy Fri 11-Jan-13 14:22:54

slatternly - could you drink vodka/gin & soda water or slimline tonic & eat pork scratchings? That would all be low carb, but you could still cackle & even crackle!!!!

Lastyearsmodel Fri 11-Jan-13 14:32:55

Have been looking for things to do with pork belly over on the recipe thread but can't find anything on the recipe thread or web search. I have biggish pieces or pork but not big enough to roast - can I braise it? What with?

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 14:38:08

Lasty i cook mine in the oven for around 30-40 mins after sprinkling with smoked paprika. Served with buttery cabbage.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Fri 11-Jan-13 14:38:50

Marking place as not checked in for days!

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 14:40:27

slatternly - with you. I thought you were angling for a get out clause to be able to do it once a week! grin

Absolutely you can have the odd cheat here and there. It's called 'having a life'! The great beauty about low carbing, once you have become ketogenically-adapted, i.e. you are fat-burning rather than carb-burning, you can do this without too much damage.

If you can, though, look for low carb alternatives, to minimise the damage - so if you can substitute salted nuts for crisps, that would be better.

And just keep an eye on it, so that it's not happening too frequently, otherwise you will fritter away your hard-won weight loss.

I started low carbing properly/seriously this time last year, and it took me until December to lose two stones. During the year, I continued to drink alcohol at the weekends - sometimes rum and soda but most often lots of white wine. I've also been for dinner with other people where I have been served really carb meals. I've been out for dinner at restaurants where it's been difficult to avoid the carbs. I went on holiday for two weeks where I was completely off piste, and had two weekends away with DH and a business trip to Athens where I was not exactly 100% low carbing. Every Friday, DH and I have an Indian takeaway. Usually I have tandoori/tikka meats with low carb veg as a side dish - but not always. I can happily do without the rice, but have been known to tear off a corner of naan bread.

My point being that eating this way has allowed me to feel I'm leading a 'normal' life; I have never felt deprived. However, I have had to accept the inevitable consequence in that it took me a very long time to lose the weight - and I still have at least another half stone to go - if you add the weight put on over Christmas, probably 10lbs to go. If I'd been completely 100% Bootcamp, I could have lost that weight by the end of May/early June.

Choice is up to you!

The key thing is making sure that you are committed to low carbing as a WOE and that you can easily get back on the wagon after falling off it - either intentionally or accidentally.

Lastyearsmodel Fri 11-Jan-13 14:46:41

Thanks, Half. Do you put anything on the meat other than paprika? I suppose the fat stops it drying out.

CordeliaChase Fri 11-Jan-13 14:48:58

I was doing so well, then had pasta yesterday...twice!!! Went to a new friends for lunch, felt rude declining her offer of pasta. Then ate leftovers last night from DHs dinner precious night. More pasta. Sigh.

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 14:49:27

No Lasty as its quite a fatty meat, I would just keep checking it to ensure it does not cook to quickly, chilli is also nice on it.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 14:50:20

Why did you do that, Cordelia?! I can see why you did it at lunchtime, but no reason to make it worse in the evening!

Drink lots of water.

Get back on the wagon and make sure you are super strict over the next couple of days and hopefully all will be well.

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 14:57:15

Another interesting video from John Biffa

Sorry bored today so overdosing on Youtube and wanted to sharewink

halfthesize Fri 11-Jan-13 15:03:07

ok for a yummy low carb snack, home-made pork scratchings, you can buy the pork rind in packs from Morrisons very very cheap.

Ilisten2theradio Fri 11-Jan-13 15:11:41

Waitrose stilton and broccoli soup is also low fat. I have just spent a fortune buying nice bits and pieces in there.

I bought some of the vanilla powder too - thanks to whoever suggested it.

I also bought some chocolate extract in the same aisle - also sugar free. I have just had both in yoghurt and while it was a little sickly but without the sweetness ( OK I sound a bit mad here) it has satisfied that craving for a "pudding" that I have been having all week.

mawbroon Fri 11-Jan-13 15:22:26

Jings! You ladies have been really busy! I can't keep up.

I introduced ds1 to the idea that there will be some dietary changes around here and he seems quite excited.

I explained about the friendly and unfriendly bacteria in the gut and how we want to starve the unfriendly guys to death by choosing the right foods. We talked about foods and have decided to call low carb foods Jedi foods, high carb foods Sith foods and the ones that are ok in small amounts Anakin foods.

Can you tell that he is totally into Star Wars?

They are doing healthy eating at school next week. That should be a laugh grin

I went shopping today and rejoiced at the price of pork belly and shank as well as the lamb spare ribs. I was disappointed that every sausage had rusk in it, but I am sure there are sausages out there that are just meat and seasoning.

GinotPrigio Fri 11-Jan-13 15:39:22

Having a good day today. Really enjoying my food and my run this morning was much easier than Wednesdays. But like a lot of people have said, tonight will be tough without my usual weekend vino.

Breakfast: 2 sausages, 1 boiled egg and mushrooms
Lunch: Wasn't very hungry so made myself some blue cheese sauce my melting blue cheese in cream. Currently dipping sticks of celery into it. My word. It's absolute heaven!
Dinner: I have a beef bourguignon in the slow cooker and will probably have it with braised cabbage.

For those looking for cheaper cuts of meat, I bought a whopping big bag (600g) of stewing steak from the butcher for £4. That should do us dinner and lunch tomorrow.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 15:49:43

Ilisten2theradio - I hope you don't mean you're choosing the Waitrose soup because it's low fat?! Did you mean that it's low carb?

Ilisten2theradio Fri 11-Jan-13 16:09:40

Biwi slip of the keys.....
Yes I mean it was low carb. I spent ages reading the labels for ingredients and carbs - makes a change from reading the allergy advice for eggs nuts fish and sesame.

coldethyl Fri 11-Jan-13 16:16:01

Mawbroon we had a similiar discussion last night, and it went... ok. DS1 is upset I have rumbled him bon-bon habit. DS2 started from bursting in to tears and shouting 'you're calling me fat!' and went downhill from there. DS3 left the table to play with his power rangers and DD listened a bit and wandered off.

Having said that, some of them joined me this morning in scrambled egg with cheese and tomatoes, and were happy, so something of what we said went in.

Today has been a good day, and my tesco shop turned up so I've been waiting to need a snack to crack open the olives!

meatballs with cauliflower mash and assorted green veg for tea tonight!

NellVarnish Fri 11-Jan-13 16:40:39

Just popping on briefly to say look at what I'm having for tea

<arf> x eleventy million grin


thekitchenfairy Fri 11-Jan-13 16:41:12

Grrrr lost a big post for slattern

Anyway, bird, on sunday at bustophers go for the rib roast... No Yorkies or roasties ask to swap for veg, if you're lucky you will get a gratin, poss even celeriac, and they bake cauliflower in a cream sauce not a roux, beware the gravy, if you don't ask for it on the side the plate will be swimming in it grin

Fish is tricky there but the steaks are good, vege options will all be carb heavy and of course you wont even be tempted by the (delicious) seafood linguine.

Oh and if you are tempted by dessert, the cheese board is a lovely local selection, ask for extra celery they will be delighted to oblige grin

TooImmatureMincePies Fri 11-Jan-13 16:42:41

Mawbroon, Tesco Finest Toulouse-style sausages are low-carb.

B: Greek yoghurt, enormous cup of tea
L: Tuna mayo, grated cheese, 4 cherry toms and lettuce, with some salt and olive oil. Was delicious! Oh, and I snacked before lunch on some more cheese because DD was having the longest nap ever and I couldn't wait for her to wake up so I could have lunch.
D is going to be pork chops, green veg and creamy sauce. Mmm.

mawbroon Fri 11-Jan-13 16:49:18

TooImmature are they low carb or no carb? As part of the gut healing that we are doing, I am avoiding all grains in any shape or form, even tiny quantities because they feed the unfriendly bacteria in the gut.

Ilisten2theradio Fri 11-Jan-13 16:57:52

mawbroon black farmer sausages are low carb

- with no grains I think - look at the allergy advice and only use those that do not have "contains gluten" in it. DF can eat these and he is coeliac

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 11-Jan-13 17:18:16

LOL at pork swords..... [snigger]
A good day for me - ended up having lunch at my mums - salmon salad instead.

Ilovemyteddy Fri 11-Jan-13 17:29:28

Blimey, you lot can't half talk grin

Nell that photo made me laugh!

WRT cheating on this WOE - I think we all need to remember that Bootcamp is strict and that, after next week, there will be additional things that we can choose to eat. I've been doing this for 362 days now smile and have cheated a bit on holidays and at Christmas. But what is important to remember is that we MUST save our 'cheats' for special occasions; not let one cheat lead to another, and not let the occasional cheat de-rail us. This WOE is very unforgiving, but, if you get back on the wagon, the weight will come off.

To those that have seen big weight losses WELL DONE! I've lost 2.6lb this week and am now back at my pre-Christmas weight of 11st. I haven't been this weight since I was 14!! Roll on the 10's!

To those that are losing weight more slowly - keep on keeping on. It WILL happen. I lost 7lb the first week, 3lb the second and then nothing until week 5. There is a lot of adjustment going on in your body and things need time to shake down.

Someone up thread said they were shocked at the size of some of their pre-LC clothes. I have had a clear out this week and am staggered at the size of some of my pre-LC clothes. However I am rewarding myself by buying far too many new clothes in the sales. Will get DH to take a picture of me in my latest purchase and put it on my profile (I have a 'before' pic on there if you want to see what size I was.)

Mawbroon I love your Star Wars food groups!

OTTMummA Fri 11-Jan-13 17:29:43

Are we taking the fibre away from the carbohydrates? I have bought some olives that are carbs: 5.7 and fibre: 2.8, will these be ok to eat because they are my favourite!

NellVarnish Fri 11-Jan-13 17:36:54

I know taffy and teddy! It made me and my friend chortle - we went in and asked the butchers if we could see their pork swords. grin

They asked if we'd like to see their venison meatballs. grin

<Disclaimer: we are easily amused>

NellVarnish Fri 11-Jan-13 17:37:32

Will be back in a bit to catch up with all the news when I've fed the five thousand ...

Ilovemyteddy Fri 11-Jan-13 17:38:00

grin at venison meatballs.

NellVarnish Fri 11-Jan-13 17:40:22

This recipe just popped up on my twitter feed - would it be ok with a little less lemon ie. citric acid danger, do you think?

Just popping in to say helloooo grin

Havent been on much today as im feelin rather out of sorts today... Didnt get out of bed untill 11 confused
Lunch- a boiled egg and a slice of salami.
Dinner- 2 small chicken breasts wrapped in bacon( with cheddar in the middle which all ran out when it was cooking!) spinach and some mashed butternut (mashed it with the chicken juices). Was yummy but im getting sooo full after eating!

Yama Fri 11-Jan-13 17:58:01

I have just had the nicest dinner I've had in years! Years, I tell you.

Rump steak, fried in butter with some courgette strips. As the rump was resting on my plate, I added more butter to the juices and a spoonful of cream cheese to the pan and then poured over my steak. Some broccoli with butter as well.

B - Scrambled eggs with butter
S - Greek yoghurt
L - Salad with pate, olives and mature cheddar
S - Pepparami

Loadsa water and the usual 3 cups of tea.

Think I'll need to sit down for a while after that dinner. I've left dh dealing with the dishes and the kids.

This is the life.

helpingout Fri 11-Jan-13 18:00:36

I've lost two pounds since Monday. Need to 'officially' weigh in on Monday, but couldn't resist hopping on them cause I feel so good.

Headache on Wednesday was a killer, but like so many others I can't believe how much my appetite has decreased.

No breakfast this morning cause I wasn't hungry.
Home-made chilli for lunch with loads of spinach mixed in.
Peppered mackerel with salad for dinner. I mixed a handful of mint, chopped garlic and red onion into natural yoghurt and had that on the salad.

Just going to read through the recipe section and make something nice for dinner tomorrow.

L - 2 kippers in butter, a boiled egg and some green stuff.
T - Frying steak and cauliflower cheese made with cream.

I'm stuffed.

Collywibbles Fri 11-Jan-13 18:28:12

Mawbroon - I get the M&S 97% Pork Sausages. The ingredients are 97% pork, sea salt, dried coriander, white pepper, dried onions, ground nutmeg (+ flavouring / preservative & antioxidant). They come in packs of 6 or 12 chipolatas and are 2 packs for £5.

Some amazing loses here already 0 well done everyone!

I have resisted the temptation to weigh so far and have been glugging water as I have had a pounding headache for the past 2 days. Haven't done any exercise either as I thought my head was going to explode at the start of a pump class yesterday so had to leave it :-(

BlackAffronted Fri 11-Jan-13 18:29:13

Still on a high from my 12lb loss! I have been like this all day > grin and may have converted one of my friends to the LC wol!

Menu today was ...

B - pepperami & mayo (had to eat on the hoof!)
L - fried steak strips, mushrooms & a tiny bit of onion, all fried in coconut oil & topped with mayo
S - ham slices
D- Gammon steak & cauliflower cheese

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 18:30:10

I'm not surprised, BlackAffronted! grin

Yddraigoldragon Fri 11-Jan-13 18:41:44

Weighed this morning, I started on Sunday this week and I am down 6 and a bit lbs !! grin

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 18:47:32

Brilliant! thanks

gloriafloria Fri 11-Jan-13 18:48:50

Just made the celariac chips and they were really really good!! I just sprinkled with salt and pepper and straight into the oven in hot vegetable oil. Had these with mayonaise dip yum!

I have half a peeled celariac left that I have wrapped in the fridge. Do you think it will keep til tomorrow and I might do a duphinoise for myself with it?

Next week I'm hoping to be more organised with meal plans and hopefully will be able to avoid making 2 different dishes for the kids and then me. They are ridiculously quite fussy so it may take a while before they are ready for a change in their meals. I also have to be very careful as dd has had some eating problems/anxiety so I am doing bootcamp without them knowing!!

Carrotcakeisace Fri 11-Jan-13 18:55:34

Blimey this thread moves quickly!

I've had an ok week, a slight chocolate button related incident on Tuesday but I resisted when everyone else had chips and curry sauce for lunch at work today (and actually really enjoyed my pate, celery and cheese and chive dip).

I haven't weighed yet But think I might peak in the morning

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 18:55:38

It will keep for tomorrow. The outer surface may have gone a little brown, but it's fine to use.

Ruprekt Fri 11-Jan-13 18:58:04

Well DH has lost 6lb in 5 days and I have lost 7lb in 5 days!

Tis a miracle I tell you!

B - FF greek yog
S - bacon and 2 eggs
L - chorizo, salmon pate, celery, cucumber
D - Slow roasted belly pork with creamed spinach and celeriac with butter.


B - bacon and eggs
L - goats cheese salads
D - lamb kleftiko and broccoli
S - halloumi - OMG I has forgotten how nice it is! DD (3) couldn't eat enough of it!!!

Tomorrow we are planning a big old brunch - black farmer sausages, bacon, eggs ad mushrooms. Even though I am stuffed I am looking forward to I already! Even though I've done it before, read the science etc. I still can't quite get my head around the eating butter helps me lose weight grin.

ruprekt wow that is practically a stone between you. Put something that weighs a stone in a bag and carry it around for even 10 minutes - you'll be even more impressed!!!

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 19:11:13

thanks Ruprekt and Mr Ruprekt!

Bessie123 Fri 11-Jan-13 19:11:15

I haven't read today's posts yet - will catch up in a minute - but did want to post that I have lost no weight at all this week, and I haven't cheated even once. I suppose it could be the dairy, maybe I should cut that out. But I don't eat meat, I find it tricky without dairy...

I think I will do boot camp but stop if I don't lose anything. I lost 4lb in the first 5 days but nothing in the 5 days since.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 19:13:46

But, Bessie, that's still 4lbs! So you can't say you haven't lost anything!

How much dairy are you eating?

List out your meals over the last few days and let's see if we can spot anything

bessie weight loss isn't linear. Have you been measuring yourself too - sometimes that shows changes before the scales do. Do you feel like you have enjoyed the food an generally better for it? If so stick with it, it will come off.

I don't know about the others who have had big losses this week, but I started at nearly 17 stone. Therefore I have loads to lose and I know it will come off quick at the start for me. 4 lbs in less than 2 weeks is fab. I am sure you didn't put on any extra weight in a short period of time so it is unlikely to come off instantly if that makes sense. I have to remind myself on that a lot - these 5/6/7 stones took years to accumulate, they aren't going to go for me overnight!

OTTMummA Fri 11-Jan-13 19:30:43

BIWI Are we taking the fibre away from the carbohydrates? I have bought some olives that are carbs: 5.7 and fibre: 2.8, will these be ok to eat because they are my favourite!
Also are we allowed fruit teas? i checked today but they didn't have a carb count confused

Checking in with what i have eaten today.

B: cheesy scrambled eggs
S:brie square and cucumber sticks
L: 3 rashers of back bacon and 2 eggs in butter
D: Roast chicken with asparagus in garlic butter
3.5 lts of water.

I am stuffed! but feel great, have bought some salami, ribeye steak, rocket salad and blue cheese for tomorrow.

This is the best diet ever grin

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 19:33:16

Including fibre in the carb count is an American thing. You want to take it off, so it's net carbs we're interested in. Olives are a really good LC snack.

Not much veg going on in your menu today!

I think were all doing so well thanks all of the losses were seeing just proves this woe has a positive effect on our lives... And i love having this thread to come and vent to, instead of boring people who probably arent interested blush

ShebaQueen Fri 11-Jan-13 19:38:35

Hello all, love Friday evenings. Just got in and am drinking soda with ice and a slice, pretending its G&T. Have some salmon cooking in the oven so am looking forward to that later.

Still feeling a little bit fluey, but nothing like as bad as before.

Have a good evening everyone, congrats on the weight loss so far, some great results. I'm waiting until Monday before I step on the scales, but I do feel as if I've lost weight, so fingers crossed.

NoelHeadbands Fri 11-Jan-13 19:49:28

Hi all and well done on all those fab weight losses

I've said it before but I'll say it again- I find it so easy to eat out on this WOE. Tonight DH and I went to a local restaurant I had prawn cocktail to start <old skool> but left the bread, followed by lamb rump with tender stem broccoli. I asked them to swap the crushed potatoes for creamed spinach and bring me a pot of butter grin cheeseboard for pud, and black coffees to finish.

So satisfying after all those times when I've scanned menus for low fat dishes and ended up with salad for starter and salad for main and no pudding

Just checking in to say I can heartily recommend the quick prawn curry on the recipe thread - just wolfed it down for dinner with cauliflower rice that is also a REVELATION smile DP loved the curry too, though the little bugger insisted on going to the Indian for a naan to go with it (and I really WANTED some but managed to resist!) Keep going all, you're all doing so well!

KerryKetosis Fri 11-Jan-13 19:58:34

Hi All!

Been a bit busy on an essay deadline so just checking in.

I'm sooooooooooooo tired today, even though I've had a day off sans enfants AND I even had a nap.

Espresso martini would sort me out grin BUT I WON'T!!

I'm finding it annoying having to cook things from scratch tbh. I'm so used to just mooching around the kitchen for nuts/breadsticks or whatever.


B:scrambled eggs with butter and cheese
L: belly pork and garlic mushrooms
D: will be takeaway - fish tikka, lamb chops and chicken karahi which is nice!

Happy Friday y'all!

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 19:59:10

sad had a really, really shit day today and I just feel really tearful. Which isn't like me.

Trying to stay strong and not have my usual Friday treats/comforts.

coldethyl Fri 11-Jan-13 20:03:12

Oh slatternly that's not good. Bath with a good book and an early night to keep you out of the kitchen? [spot my Friday night]. Hope you feel better soon.

Oh slatternly love, have a big hug. Try to remember that eating shit won't fix whatever was rubbish about your day. About half an hour later, you'll just feel shit for eating it and tomorrow you'll be annoyed with yourself all day. Voice Of Experience here. At least by not falling into the comfort food, you'll wake up tomorrow proud of yourself for being strong and that will start the day on a good footing.

BigStickBIWI Fri 11-Jan-13 20:05:41

Sorry to hear that, slatternly sad
Do you want to talk about it?
<does song and dance routine to cheer you up>

KerryKetosis Fri 11-Jan-13 20:06:01

Slatterlymother aw mate! sad what happened? have you got replacement nurturing strategies in place?

(and I won't tell BIWI if you have a sneaky gin n soda)

NoelHeadbands Fri 11-Jan-13 20:07:34

<hugs slatternly to ample bosom>

That bosom won't be ample for much longer, mek the most of it. Tell us all about it

ILoveOnionRings Fri 11-Jan-13 20:09:08

Hi all

just checking in, I started on Monday and seem to be doing ok. I am drinking the 3 litres of water per day (and coffee, sorry BIWI can't give it up) but wanted to ask does anyone else have a dry, salty lips?

Congratulations everyone on the weight losses :-)

slatternlymother Fri 11-Jan-13 20:10:28

No, you're all right I know. I'm not going to do it to myself.

I've got a glass of sparkling water, and we're watching Mastermind and gloating when we get one right and crowing at the losers.

I don't really want it, which is telling. It's almost for the sake of cramming cake in my mouth. As if I bloody well need more of that hmm

SavoirFaire Fri 11-Jan-13 20:12:40

Evening all. What amazing weight losses - you are all really inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

Sorry you've had a bad day slatternly, tomorrow is a better day I am sure.