No more snacking - who's with me?

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BsshBossh Fri 14-Dec-12 20:50:12

Now I know many people prefer to graze and eat small meals throughout the day but I am not this person. I love three good meals a day and it suits my family/work routine.

My problem is that I give in to snacking between meals and then cannot savour, enjoy, appreciate my main meals (especially dinner which DH tends to cook and he cooks delicious, inventive meals that I don't truly enjoy because I've killed my hunger with a bowl of mixed nuts or some dark chocolate or a bag of crisps...

I am quite fit (swim and do cardio several times a week) and have successfully lost several stones first using Paul McKenna then monitoring calories via MyFitnessPal. I'm not into low-calorie eating as I love food and have managed to lose and keep off weight on 1800 to 2000 cals a day (am 5ft 4).

I have another stone to lose (maybe more, but one more stone will be fine with me in terms of how I look and feel). I think stopping the snacking will help enormously.

Anyone in a similar situation and wants to join me in holding myself accountable to myself and to Mumsnet?

Today I over-snacked on wasabi peas, a Snickers bar... actually I wasn't too bad today as I was more conscious. But DH is making tonkatsu and I've already taken a huge edge off my hunger! But I want to eat it as I know it will be delicious!

Or maybe I just need to get back on the McKenna thread!

catclarks Sat 15-Dec-12 00:14:02

Oooo, can I join you please. I am in a very similar boat to you. My meals are pretty healthy but my downfall is snacking. I need a good kick up the backside to stop before I end up the size of a bus! I have been running for the last few years but recently I’m finding the blinking weather far too cold – I’ve turned into such a wimp. That's not helping either.

I need to rediscover my willpower which is sadly lacking – not easy when there is so much yummy Christmas food about. I am determined not to have to pull out my fat clothes from the loft. Help!!!

deleted203 Sat 15-Dec-12 00:15:55

Weeellll.....not just yet, if you don't mind. I'll join you in the New Year happily but I'm intending to snack continually on lovely snacky things for the next 3 weeks or so. (weak, I know).

BsshBossh Sat 15-Dec-12 18:29:11

Hello! Yes, I agree no snacking is difficult during festive times. But we still have a week to go so I am going to control my snacking Monday through Friday next week but be more relaxed on weekends and over Christmas/New Year as per the No Snack Diet which I stumbled upon last night: Much more sustainable in the long term for me as it's easy not to eat between meals during the working week but more difficult during weekends and special days due to this being family & friends time.

I'll report back next week as to how I'm doing. Feel free to do so too.

GoldenGreen Sat 15-Dec-12 21:49:08

I'm with you. Lost around four stone last year, mostly calorie counting, and found it relatively easy - and have now started the gaining back. Have put a stone on and because I'm still a normal bmi I have convinced myself it is ok but it isn't. I want to still wear all my lovely, fairly new size 10 clothes!

Also have found out this week I have a borderline under active thyroid, so have to keep an eye on cholesterol, plus I have low iron stores. Am on iron tablets which give me horrible symptoms - will need plenty of fruit and fibre to combat them! So really owe it to myself to get properly healthy. I have tried no S before and found it ok so will get back to it. I have to do four small meals a day though or can never get through till dinner at 8pm without snacking.

Have had loads of biscuits and chocolate today, and have a children's party tomorrow, plus visiting a Christmas market! So my mission for tomorrow is to have just ONE mince pie at the party and ONE handful of caramelised almonds at the market!

Btw what's tonkatsu? Sounds good...

BsshBossh Sun 16-Dec-12 10:54:27

Tonkatsu is a Japanese dish - basically breaded pork fillet, lightly fried which DH then serves with a kind of brown sauce and shredded raw white caggage.

I've been reading more about the No S Diet and it can be summarised as:
No snacks, no sweets, no seconds except ..sometimes.. on days beginning with S (weekends, Special days)

It sounds very straightforward. I also like the idea of leaving 4 to 5 hours between meals so the body has a better chance of metabolising stores of fat. It means my basic meals (3 in my case) have to be of good size to sustain me (and I'll try and make my breakfasts in particular more protein based to keep me fuller for longer). It will also be nice to experience proper hunger again and really savour my meals.

So tomorrow I start in earnest smile

BsshBossh Sun 16-Dec-12 11:03:15

BTW, I'm still going to eat "sweets" (ice cream, cake etc) as I hate excluding foods. I'll just include them in my main meal (if I want pudding, that it) and/or indulge (moderately that it!) on weekends/Christmas etc.

Found another interesting article on snacking: (PDF link)

GoldenGreen Sun 16-Dec-12 14:44:44

Thanks for the link to that article - all made a lot of sense to me.

Wickaninnish Sun 16-Dec-12 14:55:05

Will happily join you bssh Am convinced that weight gain over last few years is down to grazing.

I want to lose 28 lb over the next 6 months. That equates to a reduction in eating of approx. 500 calories a day. I reckon that kicking the snacks and adding a daily walk and extra Pilates session should take care of that!!

SnowProbs Sun 16-Dec-12 14:58:29

Stopping snacking really helped me shift the last stone I needed to shift. I still sometimes have a snack at about3/4pm if I need a blood sugar boost - a yogurt and piece of fruit, usually - but I absolutely do not snack at other times and instead have a really good portion of food at meal times. Helps me cut out the crap!

BsshBossh Sun 16-Dec-12 15:47:27

When I was logging my calories in MyFitnessPal I was shocked to see how my snacks often added up to 500 cals a day compared to around 300-400 cals for each main meal. I was still losing weight but imagine how hard my digestion was working - constantly. With this new eating WOL (way of life) I can not only give my body but also my mind a break from food.

Welcome everyone, btw :-)

BsshBossh Sun 16-Dec-12 15:48:28

*can, not *can not

BsshBossh Sun 16-Dec-12 19:42:15

Urgh, well I've done it again. I've eaten chocolate and crisps (without being hungry for it) and am no longer looking forward to the meal DH is cooking (which certainly smells delicious). Well, I'm looking forward to it but won't be able to eat much of it or truly savour it. I snacked out of habit - a habit I want to break... The snacks weren't even that tasty - certainly not as tasty as dinner will be angry

GoldenGreen Mon 17-Dec-12 09:09:06

Breaking the habit is so hard - and I often feel like I am doing fine, only to start on the mindless eating later in the day. I was ok yesterday but did succumb to a couple of freshly baked cookies as well as the planned meals.

Just can't decide how to handle Xmas week - will have loads of visitors and loads of snack food about and buffet type meals - I am terrible at these because i just go back to eg the crisps over and over just because they are there. I need to fill my plate once and walk away but dd still needs supervising at meals so I sit there and eventually can't resist more even though I am more than full.

Wickaninnish Mon 17-Dec-12 15:46:32

Thank you, thank you, thank you bssh & all other snackers here.

I had three hours to kill in he city today while my car was being serviced. I browsed in the Deli and picked up three gorgeous looking cakes on the pretence that I might need them if friends come knocking over Christmas.

Then I thought of you !! The cakes went back on the shelf, as did the Christmas Pudding.

When I followed up with a Sainsburys shop, I filled up with fruit and veg and haughtily walked past both the crisps and chocolate aisles.

I reckon you have saved me at least a 1lb on the hips !!

Wickaninnish Mon 17-Dec-12 17:11:27

Oh dear (hangs head in shame) my neighbour has just delivered a box all the way from my brother in Brussels.

Of course it is stuffed with chocolate. Two of the tree decorations have already jumped out of their bag and straight into my mouth!!

Two steps forward ...

BsshBossh Mon 17-Dec-12 19:32:25

GoldenGreen I'm going snack during the holiday season but try and be moderate about it. There's no point me even trying to stick to just main meals. But moderation will be my mantra (I hope).

Wickaninnish that's funny grin. Two steps forward etc is still better than nothing, I think.

BsshBossh Tue 18-Dec-12 21:30:55

Going well so far. I've increased my main meal portions a bit so am not tempted to snack. I'm still having a bit of chocolate or some crisps (if I want them) but am having them as part of lunch or dinner which I think is making me eat less of them as I'm already a bit satiated from the main meal. The biggest risk I can see so far is test over-eating at each meal in order to offset not wanting to snack later - which is just silly. So I'm remembering my Paul McKenna priniciple of stopping eating when satisfied but not stuffed. It's nice to feel real hunger again! So far I'm averaging 4 to 5 hours between meals without eating but without being desperately hungry.

Wickaninnish Wed 19-Dec-12 00:16:30

Total failure today but only because of the after dinner chocolates at very nice restaurant I went to this evening !!

goes to bed muttering must do better tomorrow

catclarks Wed 19-Dec-12 09:52:52

Morning everyone. I started the no snacking on Saturday and experienced a really weird sensation this week. I think it's called hunger grin

This is day 5 of being in the zone today and I feel better for it. I'm enjoying eating my meals because I'm hungry and not eating them for the sake of it. I am determined for my clothes to loosen off a wee bit before next week. However, I have a few invitations for drinks and nibbles this week. It could be my downfall!

Wickaninnish surely after dinner chocolates when in a restaurant are compulsory grin

Wickaninnish Wed 19-Dec-12 10:25:30

catclarks I think my date was hoping I wouldn't, but he had already eaten my bread roll, drunk my mulled wine and eaten my mince pie!

It came to a 'step away from the chocolate' tussle at the end.

On the good side though I only had a sip of sloe gin when we got home and I let him loose on the box of belgian chocs that arrived yesterday from my Brother!!

GoldenGreen Wed 19-Dec-12 18:34:15

Struggling today - have had dinner early and I just know I will be getting the munchies later!

Ephiny Thu 20-Dec-12 13:52:55

My experience is a lot of 'hunger' between meals is just habit. So if you're used to always having a mid-morning snack, you will feel 'starving' at 10:30 or whatever time if you don't get it, but that's just because your body is 'expecting' it. Once you break the habit, after a few days, the 'hunger' goes away.

(Or if it doesn't, you might need a more substantial breakfast!)

Not sure how scientific this is, but it seems to be how things work for me.

BsshBossh Thu 20-Dec-12 19:47:17

I must admit, sticking to 3 meals a day is working well for me (so far). I'm enjoying my main meals so much more now I have a better appetite for them, which was always my main goal. And feeling hungry feels good. The 4 or 5 hours between meals is clearly giving my digestion a much needed break because I've experienced none of my usual bloating and other tummy discomforts this week. Not eating between meals also seems to be freeing my mind from thinking about food all the time.

I'm going to go more with the flow at weekends and over the festive period but I'm hoping some of my learnings from this week will carry through and that I won't stuff myself.

I've been continuing to swim 3 times a week - 45 minutes of hard, near-constant swimming - and I try and keep that up next week (will need the break from a house full of guests all Christmas week!).

Will try and keep checking in here as the accountability is good for me...

GoldenGreen Thu 20-Dec-12 20:31:32

oh well done Bssh. It's fab when you get into the swing of it and don't have to think about food.

I have had two days of total and complete failure - not going to go into all the reasons why but suffice it to say it does not feel good! Need to get back into decent meals with a decent amount of time between them tomorrow. I have probably eaten all the snack food in the house anyway...ugh.

BsshBossh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:38:31

Tomorrow is a brand new day, Golden - good luck! Is it possible to not keep snack food in your house - would it help? At least until your body is used to not snacking to often...

GoldenGreen Thu 20-Dec-12 20:50:10

thanks for the encouragement! Yes, the kids don't really snack and DP likes different snack foods to me so I can definitely reduce what there is in the house.

I must admit I am much better than I used to be before I lost weight - then I would eat stuff without even tasting it - at least I enjoy everything I eat now. Just have to work on waiting till I'm properly hungry. Here's to healthier habits tomorrow!

Wickaninnish Thu 20-Dec-12 21:53:36

Thats quite inspirational bssh.

I have been good all day until I got to 9.30pm. End of difficult phone conversation coincided with me attacking a bar of G&B Almond.

Perhaps, I need to reread 'Fat is a Feminist issue'

Wickaninnish Thu 20-Dec-12 21:55:04

Actually forget the quite, that is very inspirational bssh

BsshBossh Thu 20-Dec-12 22:25:49

Thank you. I think what's helping me is that I'm not excluding any food so am not feeling deprived: I'm still having chocolate and crisps, for example, but I'm having them as part of my meal eg a few squares of chocolate immediately after my dinner or a handful of crisps with my soup and sandwich. Because I am eating them with or just after my main meal I am eating less of the snacky food as I'm already pretty much satiated by the "real" food.

So today, for example, I ate:

Breakfast - porridge with sprinkle of muesli & a slice of buttered toast
Lunch - ham sandwich, tomato soup, handful of kettle crisps & a fruit yoghurt
Dinner - dal, vegetable curry & rice, followed by tangerine & 4 squares of dark chocolate

All delicious food that left me satisfied, full enough that I didn't need to snack (not even with a 45 minute strenuous swim today) and yet not stuffed (I still like Paul McKenna's eating principles).

catclarks Thu 20-Dec-12 22:29:07

Good for you bssh. I think exercising really encourages you to want to eat more healthily too. I need to bite the bullet and stop being so pathetic about not wanting to run in the rain, snow, ice, wind.......guess that cuts out most of the year then grin

After doing so well for the last few days, I have been making tablet tonight for presents and obviously had to test it. However eating my entire body weight in tablet wasn't part of the plan. But as you say, tomorrow is a new day!

Wickaninnish Fri 21-Dec-12 08:30:09

smile cat . I use the same no 'ice, snow, rain and fog' excuse for not walking. Pathetic really since I live in rural Yorkshire and that is all we seem to get!!

Ephiny Fri 21-Dec-12 14:37:50

I love that Nutrition Diva link, that makes a lot of sense to me. 'Feeling hungry is not a medical emergency' smile

BsshBossh Fri 21-Dec-12 19:44:05

Well I've snacked today - just a handful of smoked almonds (delicious!) and some black grapes at 7.30pm but I count Friday evening as the beginning of the weekend and I'm going to be more relaxed about snacking on weekends and special days eg Christmas so.... grin The big thing is I didn't over do it and am still looking forward to dinner in an hour:

A tomato stew with eggs then some ice cream.

Wickaninnish Fri 21-Dec-12 23:20:44

Saved by this thread again. Just back from Carol Concert. Made medicinal hot lemon & honey and decided on a slice of cake. Then picked up this thread.

So impressed by the virtue being shown towards snacks here, that the cake went back in the tin and the lid got firmly slammed into place !!

BsshBossh Sat 22-Dec-12 12:16:40

Well done Wickan.

One word that sums up my eating today: CAKE

Wel, it is Christmas and I'm trying to practice moderation... Let's see...

BsshBossh Sat 22-Dec-12 18:13:38

Disaster day. My TOM started today and I have been inhaling food in all sorts of weird combinations - slices of stollen with garlic sausage anyone? blush I'm always like this on the first day so fingers crossed all returns to normal tomorrow.

Wickaninnish Sat 22-Dec-12 19:01:07

Similarly bad day Bssh I ate the rest of the cake.

No excuse apart from miserable cold and all alone today. Watched Christmas movies and felt sorry for myself !!

GoldenGreen Sat 22-Dec-12 22:12:31

I am doing really well in the day times but as soon as it gets to about 8.30 I feel compelled to snack. If I could break that habit I would be so much slimmer in a few weeks!

Ephiny Sat 22-Dec-12 22:30:43

Golden, would it help if you ate later in the evening? We usually have dinner at about 8pm, which means I don't tend to get hungry again before bedtime. (maybe not so practical if you have young children and like to eat together, I know.)

I also have a strict rule of not eating again after I've had my evening meal, absolutely nothing at all (because once you start nibbling and picking, you know what happens) If I feel like I want to snack I have a cup of herbal tea instead.

crisisofidentity Sat 22-Dec-12 22:53:21

I would like to join you. I am fine when I am at work, but snack on way home and when I go to supermarket (too often). And instead of meals a lot. I have recently begun to put on weight that I associate with the peri menopause, I know I eat healthy meals but have a sweet tooth and indulge in sweets, biscuits and junk far too often. I have always previously been able to eat anything.

Tistheseasontobedramatic Sun 23-Dec-12 00:48:30

Can I join in the NY please? I have a stone to lose but crisps and chocolate us stopping meconfused

GoldenGreen Sun 23-Dec-12 11:09:14

Ephiny, it does indeed help when I eat later but with all being at home with the kids at the moment it is so nice to have an evening meal together about 6pm.

But frankly I'm just making excuses for myself - I need to have a strict not eating outside of meal times rule and stick to it.

I have been told not to have tea and coffee at mealtimes so that's quite good - I can have those in between meals and it feels like a treat!

This time last year I was managing just fine - I would plan a small treat for straight after dinner and I stuck to it. I listened to my body and knew I wasn't hungry and therefore shouldn't eat. There are lots of reasons - or excuses - for why I'm not managing so well recently - have had lots of stress in the family and I always overeat when stressed. Also, many of my friends and family are overweight and not really bothered by it, so it's always tempting for me to just forget it and just eat whatever the hell I want.

I can feel my motivation coming back by being on this thread though :-)

BsshBossh Sun 23-Dec-12 17:37:52

Much better day today. I haven't snacked all day until now and even then just some crisps and chocolate. Am happy with this as I'm not stuffing myself and also it's the weekend (where I've told myself I can snack as per the No S Diet mentioned up-thread).

Welcome newbies.

crisisofidentity Mon 24-Dec-12 08:59:00

Yesterday was good, I started to feel hungry, properly, for the first time in ages, At DMs yesterday so had lunch and dinner there and no snacking.

BsshBossh Mon 24-Dec-12 16:22:12

It's wonderful feeling truly hungry for a meal and then truly enjoying every mouthful, isn't it crisis? Proper meals (in our house at least) taste so much better than crisps even Kettle crisps!

BsshBossh Mon 24-Dec-12 16:22:39

I've lost 2 lbs this week by the way.

Vagaceratops Mon 24-Dec-12 16:26:01

Count me in - I am a big snacker, especially when I am studying blush

crisisofidentity Mon 24-Dec-12 20:37:25

Snacked today because I missed lunch. Met a friend by chance and took her for Coffee and pecan pie just as I was on my way home with last bit of christmas shopping. It's made me realise how much I have been existing on cake. Then had tea and mince pie when I got home to keep me going until dinner. Not good.
Well done for losing already Bssh! I am not going to weigh in for a few more days I think.
the no snack diet, is what I am going to try and follow,
The "no seconds" also rings true, my ds talks a lot at mealtimes and I'm left with an empty plate, and will often take seconds when I don't need to.
Today only seconds of salad.

GoldenGreen Mon 24-Dec-12 20:57:59

Ok have done well the last two days. I now really want to hit the Pringles but I am posting here instead!

Fab meals to look forward to in the next three days :-)

BsshBossh Tue 25-Dec-12 07:49:56

Snacking a bit difficult to resist during Christmas week and a house full of guests but I am trying to snack moderately and only a little so I am still hungry for a main meal.

BsshBossh Sun 30-Dec-12 11:29:51

Right, just posting that I'll be back 2nd January to resume the no snacking regime smile Hope to see you then.

Feckthehalls Tue 01-Jan-13 07:27:07

Happy new year band here's to no snacking

BsshBossh Tue 01-Jan-13 15:34:01

Hello and Happy New Year! I felt so stuffed and awful yesterday due to too much snacking in between meals that I've started my No S diet a day early. We started the day with a brisk walk on Hampstead Heath (we live in London) and I've not snacked all day. It meant I really enjoyed the pizza and garlic bread we ate for lunch at a pizza restaurant and DH is planning a nice dinner so I intend on not spoiling my appetite at all so that I can enjoy it (and dessert). Tomorrow I'll be going for an energetic swim.

Woopsiedaisy Wed 02-Jan-13 09:05:27

(name changed, but here from the beginning)

Happy New Year to all !!

Long walk on the moors (I am in Yorkshire) yesterday to clear the hangover, followed by yummie fish pie. 4 chocolates whils't watching film, but only because walking partner thrust them under my nose.

Will be good today will be good today, well will try to be good today, but know I have the willpower of a gnat

GoldenGreen Wed 02-Jan-13 14:20:01

Happy New Year all! Starting again today with the added motivation of rather large weight gain over Christmas and tighter clothes.

BsshBossh Wed 02-Jan-13 18:08:48

Well, I messed up yesterday after a good day. I ended up wolfing down peanuts and chocolate after getting into an argument with someone. The crazy thing was that after the argument I was thinking to myself, "I have a choice here. I don't have to stuff myself with junk because I'm angry. I can choose fruit or a cuppa instead" but I still walked to the shop and bought rubbish.

Oh well. At least I was aware what I was doing.

Today has been excellent - no snacking, hungry for my main meals and I went for a vigorous 45 minute swim.

I am now writing down everything I eat. Seeing it in black and white is helping.

NewYearsEvelyn Wed 02-Jan-13 21:03:23

My body has rebelled with the chocolate intake I've been subjecting it to recently and has been really off today. As a result, I've had a handful of pringles with my sandwich, which was tuna with low fat mayo, and a korma for my evening meal, but only a small portion for me. No chocolate, no snacks. Now I've started, albeit through feeling icky, it should be easier to continue.

Tomorrow's goal is no snacks, small portioned meals and more exercise. Here's hoping it works!

Feckthehalls Thu 03-Jan-13 02:01:49

The nosdiet site is fab! Thanks for the link, bssh

catclarks Thu 03-Jan-13 09:38:00

Happy New Year everyone!!! Well after a snacktastic Christmas, operation lose a stone has begun. I woke up yesterday with what can only be described as a sugar induced hangover. On the upside it has given me a real kick up the backside. I need to get rid of the massive pile of Christmas goodies out of the house. Think I will give it to DH to take to work and not use my usual method of getting rid of food by eating it all.

BsshBossh Fri 04-Jan-13 19:31:24

Looks like everyone is off to a good start. I've not snacked since Wednesday so that's good. I feel so much less bloated and am really enjoying my meals. I've got to keep a check on eating when feeling emotional so I'm trying to be really conscious of that...

GoldenGreen Mon 07-Jan-13 10:52:23

Just stopping by to record a 4lb loss in a week! Not surprising given the amount I troughed in december. I would like to lose 12 more - and handily have a weekend away booked for 12weeks time so my motivation is there.

Planning nice meals really helps me stop the snacking :-)

BsshBossh Mon 07-Jan-13 22:03:25

Fantastic news, Golden. Well done!

I don't usually weigh myself more than once a month so have no idea if I've lost anything since Christmas - I'm currently hoovering up finishing a few Christmas Ferrero Rocher chocs so I doubt I've lost anything but then again I've been going to the gym regularly: 45 mins swimming Saturday and 45 mins treadmill/stepper today so at least that side of things are going to plan.

GoldenGreen Wed 09-Jan-13 20:50:33

Got the urge to hit the snacks tonight after having no cravings the last couple of days. I will not eat because I am not hungry <and repeat>

I'm seriously impressed at you only weighing once a month, Bssh. I can't break the habit of weighing every day.

febes Wed 09-Jan-13 23:08:31

I'm trying this. I lost 38kgs 18months ago doing lowcarbing (IPD) and exercise. I got to 85kgs but my goal was (is) 80kgs then I started full time work and hurt my lower back (on-going pain spondalytis) and have crept back up to 90kg. I am 6foot so still wearing size12-14 but really want to get back to 85 and beyond to 80kgs would be awesome- although I image I'll need another whole wardrobe!
I have been back running, doing jillian michael workouts and lowcarbing since the new year but just can't stop snacking in the evenings. It was dark choc so I've stopped buying it. Then I was having teaspoons of peanut butter!!! Or slices of cheese. I really like the NO S concept. The website makes loads of sense. I just can't stick to it!!
Today I will though. I'm in NZ so its just lunchtime here, I'm a teacher and on my summer holidays at the moment so I imagine it will become easier food wise when I'm back in routine but harder to fit in exercise. Also being on holiday is terrible for having a drink in the evenings only ever one or two but still. My DH goes back to work next week so hopefully it will be easier then.
Excuses, excuses!

BsshBossh Thu 10-Jan-13 17:23:58

Willpower Golden, hope you resisted the urge. After your post, I did jump on the scales and have kept off the 2lbs I lost as per weigh in on Christmas Eve so all is well. I think it's due to exercising throughout the holiday period (45 mins cardio thrice a week).

Hi febes, it's difficult not to snack, isn't it - it's so rooted in our food habits.

I'm still snacking but vastly reduced from previous years. Today I snacked on some sweets because I couldn't resist but in total it amounted to only 20 cals so it was fine (I'm still logging calories in MyFitnessPal as it helps me determine portion sizes for each meal).

I'm not going to be super strict about snacking but this thread is making me consider whether I'm truly hungry for each snack I'm tempted by or whether it's better for me to wait until I'm truly hungry for a main meal...

GoldenGreen Fri 11-Jan-13 21:53:14

Well I did fine on Wednesday but yesterday lunchtime things started going to pot again. I have been looking back over my MFP diaries and realised that I actually maintained for a long time and didn't have any difficulties with overeating, binging etc for over a year. I am bemused as to why these last few months I just can't keep eating moderately and healthily - it's not like I'm on any faddy starvation diet - I keep ending up binge eating at some point.

I am going to try taking a weekend off thinking about balancing my diet, calories etc and just focus on being mindful about food and how I feel when I eat. I will almost certainly have put on anything I lost last week so will weigh in on Monday and decide what to do then.

BsshBossh Sat 12-Jan-13 16:45:25

Hi Golden, do you think it's the icy cold weather that's making you eat more?

I have to admit that I'm not doing too well on the no snacking resolution. I'm doing much better logging my calories in MyFitnessPal and making sure I don't overeat that way. It's helping me cut back on snacks and portion sizes so I'm able to control my intake better. It's also making me snack less (as I'm much more conscious of the high number of calories in typical snack food) but not compelling me to cut out the snacks altogether.

febes Sat 12-Jan-13 19:54:51

I did much better yesterday. I did have a snack before dinner but it was part of dinner so not an extra thing IYSWIM. Still should have waited. I didn't have any booze and drank gallons of water and went for a run so a good day over all.
Now to carry on doing that day after day so it actually has time to make a difference.

catclarks Sat 12-Jan-13 23:20:48

Evening all. BsshBossh your way sounds like a more sustainable long term method. My way is to cut out all snacks. I'm an all or nothing type (open a pack of biscuits and have to eat them ALL or they might go off grin) But it does mean after a while I start introducing the snacks which get bigger and more frequent.

I've been doing mostly well. Had a couple of hiccups in the last 10 days, but have managed to lose 4lbs smile Long may it continue

GoldenGreen Mon 14-Jan-13 22:33:48

well done all - sounds like good progress

I have realised a couple of things. I am not managing this very well because for various reasons I am in a high state of anxiety a lot of the time at the moment. I tend to deal with that by overeating hmm. But just realising that alone hasn't stopped me doing it sad. So I need to find a strategy to help me feel better!

When I lost weight initially I found setting small goals for myself really helpful but that hasn't worked this time. Therefore I am going to try and forget about weight for the time being and focus on eating only when hungry.

BsshBossh Tue 15-Jan-13 06:48:28

Good luck Golden. I'd highly recommend the Paul McKenna thread on here (not his hypno-gastric band programme but the basic eat only when hungry/stop when satisfied thread). I lost a lot using this and still abide by the principles even though I'm also logging calories in MFP.

GoldenGreen Tue 15-Jan-13 09:22:19

Thanks Bssh. Been thinking along Paul McKenna lines so will check it out. First step today - eat only at the table, off a plate - no sneaking stuff out of the cupboard as I pass!

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