NOW or NEVER, NO EXCUSES thread Part 3

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Ooooooohhhh, that's exciting, and a bit of an honour, I feel like the Leader!

YoucanringmySleighBells Fri 07-Dec-12 20:15:11

Hey !! Here we are on thread 3 !! Goodluck everyone thanks

It feels a bit like a new start!

Dives in

Ok no more falling of diet for me tbh I feel like shit and constipation with cramps it's just not worth it even if the food I eaten this week tasted good . I not Di much fell of the wagon but dived in doing a triple somersault on way

YoucanringmySleighBells Fri 07-Dec-12 20:22:12

Yes - well I need christmas out of the way..have managed to be good today but my resolve is weakening. The only thing stopping me from pigging out is the thought if standing starkers having a tan shock

tiggy114 Fri 07-Dec-12 22:14:26

Hello to everyone on the new thread grin

Ooh new thread, welcome any newbies who want to join us, we're all very friendly. X

human despite feeling ill from crap food, I hope you had a good time at center parcs.

youcan and ccc hope your children are all better. youcan well done on the weightloss. 15 lbs is amazing!

icb it sounds like you had a good lunch with your mum (as good as can be given the circumstances).

Having a mixed week, had aimed to have lots of salad and fruit as I think my diet is getting less healthy and largely failed. Had 5 mini crunchies yesterday sad .today I was so busy I suddenly realised, at 3, that I had only had a coffee all day, so I turned it into a fast day and finished on 500 cals. Next few days will be hard as it's dd2s birthday so there will be cake and crisps in the house.

I always wear pants !!! (when getting a tan, and other times too!)

Well done johnny You saved the day after the crunches. I owe my dd a crunchie as the urge got too muchblush
Thanks for best wishes re dd2 she is still coughing but not as badly, she still looks hollow eyed but has eaten biscuits pretty much all day!

Hi tiggy!

ICBINEG Sat 08-Dec-12 00:06:33

Gah I had my first binge eat last night...all just got too much. Will be aiming to get back to no gain by monday eeek.

Went swimming tonight in case that helped...I can't really swim (been twice as an adult and the other time was last week) and my swimming costume is two sizes too big (not at all stealthy boast there). You are probably wondering what the problem with this would be...but there I am gagging on the water, half drowned with my hair all sticking up out of the goggle elastic and my boobs escaping from my costume when I realise the guy I just crashed into boss.


I thought it couldn't get any worse...but after a few more attempts I have almost remembered how to do breast stroke...and watching the boss gliding under the water I think I will give that a go...

So I duck down and push off....only to get my foot caught over the ledge and end up bouncing and heading back to the wall. I mean how is that even possible. In the end I decided a retreat to the changing rooms was the best course of action even though I really couldn't bear the thought of the boss seeing me in the costume. It never really occurred to me how little you are actually wearing when swimming before...

Oops ICb that bloody soda law awgain

Checkpoint glad dd is picking up there is a definte bug going round as she has passed it onto the orher little boy who was on holiday with us . Hopefully ds3 escapes it . Don't think we're be very popular if misses more school

Back on the diet today but know there be a gain on Monday but oh we'll

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 08-Dec-12 07:11:17

ICB! Sounds like a Miranda sketch you poor woman...did your boss see your boobs? blush Everyone has a binge but you have learnt to get back o n that horse and it does very little damage then.

CCC- biscuits are feel good food!! I bet DD will pick up in no time.

Johnny - mmmcrunchies. I cannot blame you...they are delicious!!

Human - I wouldn't be surprised if you come out about the same or lighter- you have probably sped your metabolism up a bit I reckon. Good luck however it goes wink

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 08-Dec-12 07:11:33

Oh and tiggy - how are you?? Good week?

tiggy114 Sat 08-Dec-12 08:55:17

Hi all. Yes i'm great. Been a bit quiet on here coz i'm posting on the 5:2 thread aswell. Plus i'm on smartphone toooo much so trying to cut back. But i've also got zumba2 for the wii this week. It's hard and tiring but great fun and i'm getting some excercise at last. My toddler loves it! She dances round my legs grin

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 08-Dec-12 13:39:13

ah a double agent eh??? <<suspicious gaze>>

Glad you are enjoying Zumba - I love when I get chance to go grin

Hi icb I hope you've got over the trauma of swimming. I try to do it but I can't really do any stroke, just a kind of mix called'johnnystroke' which I'm sure isn't very efficient and it's embarrassing because I am the slowest person in the pool so I get in everyone's way. I can do it for about 45 mins so I do have stamina. I have been looking up adult swimming lessons so I can be a bit less clumsy in the water.

tiggy how are you finding 5:2? when I was too busy to eat on Friday I found it really easy to go lower than 500 cals. I thought I'd never do fasting but I find I don't really get very hungry these days and when I do I don't mind so much. The reason I over eat is just that the food is in front of me. Must read threads and info on fasting.

Ooh, are you enjoying zumba 2? Could ask for that as Xmas present when I have learnt how to turn the wii on! (tried last week to play wii fit for the first time in about 3 years and couldn't remember how to do it!)

tiggy114 Sun 09-Dec-12 20:41:14

Hi johnny. I love 5:2 but not convinced i'm gonna loose any weight. It seems too east tbh. I havn't list any yet but have found my appetite is much decreased. Yeah the fast days are easy really. And i feel really healthy and detoxed after. I would first off recommend the wii active personal trainer. It is awesome and quite old so should be cheapish. It's great. You do boxing, running, lunges, and many other things pluss it's really fun. I like zumba but just got it as a change from wii active to stop me getting bored. I don't feel like i've done as much of a work out. Plus it's hard to work out the steps! Or maybe i'm just crap grin

Hi all, had the fabbiest weekend. Went to my friend's house in London with all my best best friends from boarding school and we had a curry and watched telly and chatted and it was totally amazing!
And NO KIDS! grin I also discovered that I can do a brilliant impression of Christopher Maloney and have video evidence.... blush

Can you tell I had a good time. Unfortunately I did eat a bit too much, ignored the Chocs and had tandori chicken but also a bacon roll.....

ich that is SO SO funny and blush that made me laugh a lot.

Happy weigh in pals, am feeling a bit trepidationy....

Let us know how it goes tiggy I hope it works soon. I read some of the 5:2 threads and there are some amazing stories there. I think I might give it a go in January, as I don't want dd1 to see me eating nothing during the school holidays. Presumably if you go back to a different diet you'll find it easier to not snack?

Think I already have the wii personal trainer, will have a look. I went through a phase between dd1 and dd2 when I was exercising on the wii nearly every day and I did feel a lot fitter, i do want to start again. Must buy a new sports bra as sadly I think boobs have shrunk a little.

Ok weighed in and I am a 1lb up . But considering I fell of wagon most the week it's not as bad as I thought it be and in grand s ale of things still a whole lot lighter than 6 months ago .but back on diet from Saturday so hopefully not going to stick around

What I did find is my appetite has shrunk a lot though and yes I did still feel slightly conscious of my weight as sitting means can't hide it but was also aware was no longer biggest in pool of in room and after hand walking all 81 frigging stairs on the new slide I was stuck as two foot wall get on the raft but lifeguard helped and was aware that 6 months ago no way would he been able or even offered


Sounds like a well deserved weekend off


Imwondering if 5/2 will work matienance wise when hit goal weight not for everyone but I eat under 500 every day

Hope all the dx are feeling better

YoucanringmySleighBells Mon 10-Dec-12 06:48:13

Morning - everyone is sounding very happy and festive - lovely grin

Well done Human - brilliant damage limitation. I have not weighed as I weighed friday...I will weigh this friday and post and then after Christmas I will get back onto the monday weigh in's after the first detox week...dreading that first weigh in after my dh has been home for two weeks...eek!!

Good luck everyone!! Looking good <<wolf whistles>>


Glad your DH be home soon how long now ? and you may find you can not eat as much

I would like to loose 8lb by the new year which will take me below 13 stone also more so will mean hitting 100lb loss

tiggy114 Mon 10-Dec-12 08:49:40

Hi human. I'm kinda thinking i'll cut down to one fast day a week when i've reached my weight goal as i enjoy it and it has health benefits. I think my appitite has decreased in general since doing this way of eating. I think i'm used to eating less. Will weigh in tonight at the library so we'll see if it's working.

Hello everyone. Well I almost lost 1lb (0.9 lb) so I am just over 12 st 2. The 11s are in sight and my Xmas target is to be in the 11s. Psychologically it's a big deal as 11 st seems 'normal'.

I am really struggling to eat healthily. I find that I will eat a cake or biscuits or sweets and then go without a meal. Still managing to do fairly low cals which is why I'm losing weight but I've always been a savoury girl so I am angry with my body for suddenly wanting sugar. On the other hand i am pleased that I suddenly have enough willpower to drop a meal as a consequence of me being naughty.

Thread seems quite upbeat at the moment, I'm really glad. tiggy youcan everyone else good luck with weigh ins. human wow, 8lbsloss, I really think you'll do it. smile

ICBINEG Mon 10-Dec-12 10:56:08

ha - glad I checked in this morning as I had actually somehow forgotten about the swimming incident and I am very glad not to have had it raise it's ugly head while I was actually talking to my boss. As far as I know my boobs never escaped...I just kept having to haul the front of my costume up all the time.

Right so 1lb down for me...which is a bit of a miracle as I feel I was on and off the horse so frequently I should have saddle burns. I guess it is a good thing that I feel I ate loads and still lost...although it is a bad thing how panicky it made me. I would eat and then freak out that all the weight would be back in the morning. I somehow feel I am heavier than 3 weeks ago when I bought The Dress but actually I am 2.5 kilos lighter.

gah psychological disorders anyone?

Anyway 35 gone, 24 to go. My 7th Jan target (1st weigh in after the xmas season) is 10 st 13. Giving me a daily calorie budget of 1500 between now and then...although clearly Ill be saving some up for the big events smile

Well done icb a pound is good especially if you feel you ate a lot.

It's funny you feel you've put on weight, I have lost a stone and a half but have got used to my body. I saw myself in a shop window on Friday and was horrified at how fat I looked when rationally I know I look better than I have done in years. I haven't got the tape measure out for weeks, last time my waist was still over 35 inches, so might measure it again to see if I've got thinner. I am very bored of dieting so it might give me a boost if my waist was smaller.

tiggy114 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:19:15

Have a down day today sad i really want to eat that huge pork pie in the fridge plus i already ate a mince pie sad fed up with dieting. Will be fine tommorow. Just on a down day.

Tiggy is it with Xmas coming up ? so hard with all the extra nice food about

Am fed up of dieting without end in site it seems

Johnny funny you say that because I'm exactly the same I am my own worse critic can mainly just see what I have got to loose rather than what I achieved

But human how did we let ourselves get like this? I was largely happy with myself until I saw a picture of me in September with about five chins (which have gone now). If only I'd been this critical 5 or 10 years ago. Oh well, I suppose I'm doing ok now.

tiggy I hope your day got better. It is so hard to resist nice food. It will all be worth it when we are lovely and slim. X

Yup Johnny

I look at pictures Thw odd few unavoidable ones taken and think how
Ds1 I bounced back . Ds2 ok but then went to pot with dd and ds3 then marriage break down ,ds 3 Sn accident etc but end of it I realise that basically I just overrate all the wrong stuff

But I know a big change came with finally reporting something that happened in my teens and this time someOne believing me

But one day at a time and were getting there .

tiggy114 Mon 10-Dec-12 19:35:25

Partly alk the xmas goidies, but my son is SEN and homeschooled and we've had a tough day which makes me want to comfort eat sad

Hello all, I put on two pounds, but still am not over 14 stone which is a mega achievement still!

I really hate mince pies so will not be tempted at all. Cheese on the other hand.......

Think my sparkly jumpsuit might stay where it is for a couple more weeks yet...
Am happy though. Nearly the end of term.

Although have the nativity to get though first - aaahhhhhhhh!!!
Last year the chicks said moo.. grin was very very funny.

Hehe chicks going moo hope someone recorded that

Tiggy that's must be very tough not getting a break . Ds3 has SEN /SN and is struggling in schoo

one day Dd been in school after week of and she is chucking up everywhere . Poor ds1 had strip her bed ( cabin bed ) and clean it up as I can't reach . Placd iour bets how quick rest of dc follow her lead

Oh. No. human that sounds very yukky, my dd had it but the rest of us escaped......? Wishing you luck with that one. X

Hello all <waves>

hope you and your children are all better and human i hope the bug didn't spread to all your children.

I have to take dd2 to doctor today she had a slight temperature Friday to Monday and you really don't want me to describe what she's been coughing up. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with her I am such a worrier. It was her 2nd birthday too so we've had 4 days of birthday celebrations, two parties and grandparent visits. I have been so naughty living off cakes and sweets and no proper meals. Still managing 1100 to 1300 cals but in the least healthy way possible. Today I'm going to throw all the remaining sweets away and try to get back on track.

tiggy I hope you're having a better day.

cookieowner Wed 12-Dec-12 15:59:40

hello everyone
i havent posted for a week or so as ive been away twice, so lots of food consumed im afraid
I didnt weigh this week as wanted to wait unitl id had a bit of time at home to get back on the diet!
so will weight for next monday , but i did lose a pound before i went away so 20 lbs now
hope everyone else is ok

Hi cookie I bet it won't be as bad as you think!

johnny I live in a pretty much constant state of utter paranoia and abject fear when it comes to my dd. happy bday baby * johnny*!!

Happy birthday Johnny Dd

Still house with painted black cross and unclean sign

On bright side my size 16 all to big grin and reckon holiday weight gone no problem

tiggy114 Thu 13-Dec-12 16:02:41

Had a bit of a shock today. I never weigh owt so out of curiosity i weighed my breakfast cereal. I have been eating almost 500 cals in cereal every morning !!!!!! I could've had a cooked breakfast for that! I can't believe how small 100 g is! On the upside, i discovered celery only has 5 cals so that may be my snack of choice from now on grin (till i get bored and can't stand the sight of it)

ICBINEG Thu 13-Dec-12 17:13:23

wow tiggy that is a shocker! and definitely a wast of good calories on cardboard tasting food smile

I don't eat breakfast for this reason - yes I know I will have to go sit on the dieting naughty step...

Hi all

Poor dd2 has a chest infection and is on antibiotics so three times a day she turns into an octopus with endless limbs kicking and thrashing around while I try to get her to take the antibiotics.

Human, that's good news. Sadly I discovered the downside to being thinner today. Phase eight has a 50% sale on so I thought I'd see if I could get a nice outfit for Xmas day. I think half of my wardrobe was bought in a phase eight or monsoon sale. Anyway I couldn't see anything nice in 12 or 14 but loads in 8 or 16!

Shocked Tiggy! Are you going to try something else for breakfast? I love eggs but never have the time to do them so I end having toast every day with a dairy lea triangle as otherwise I put a huge amount of marg or butter on my toast. I tend to weigh carbs as they have such high calories for what they are. So now I tend to only have a couple of oz pasta or today I did a paella with just 1 1/2 oz risotto rice. my real weakness when I started dieting was potatoes and chips but I've cut right down on them (I steal a couple of dh's when we go out)

Happy today as I've been living off cupcakes and sweets for a week. Got a food delivery yesterday and I'm going to eat healthily (and try to have just one cupcake a day!)

tiggy114 Thu 13-Dec-12 17:29:11

Well i won't be eating THAT cereal again. It's marketed as healthy as well. One of those granola and nuts affairs. I love eggs so would happily eat themevery day for brekkie.

Weetabix seems to healthiest cereal but it is DISGUSTING.

Yet dd2 loves it. One of her first words was 'bix bix bix'

tiggy114 Fri 14-Dec-12 08:57:56

I love bix but only with loads of sugarblush

Johnny no it is 8lb to go to the magic 100 and may had a sneaky peek at how going

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 15-Dec-12 07:14:24

hello everyone - how the heck are you all??

Hope everyone is getting into the christmas spirit!

I had a weigh this morning as have a wedding tonight and will eat my weight in vol u vents grin

I have lost another pound. I am now 12st 9 lbs. Feelin good. I will be good next week and weigh saturday again but then I will not weigh forthe nest THREE weeks. My husband should be home for two weeks from next weekend and then I will want to be back on the healthy eating for a week before I dare to weigh.

When OH goes back I am on it, all over it. I will be 10st 10lbs by April. I will. I will.

You can yup I agree just enjoy hubby being home

I have had sneaky peek this week and it is looking good but will see what can do over the weekend

I'm hoping to loose a couple stone by April before of to Butlins and putting isome of it back on


My dd loves it but without Sugar but even ds2 eats ceral without any . Ds3 hates ceral so had cheese on toast /sausages /sausage rolls for breakfasy

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 15-Dec-12 16:26:49

Sounds good Human - you are STILL doing so well in DECEMBER shock

I am just glad I am veering away from the 13's now when I was so damn close to the 14's a little while ago. By end of Jan hopefully veering towards the 12's. I feel like I can achieve it by small baby steps.

Very good youcan ! And you human
Well with the help of a tummy upset I am back done under 14!!! And a bit actually so fingers crossed should be able to stick below for the Christmas period!

Hi. youcan have you tried feeding your dh with diet food? In 3 months my dh hasn't even noticed we're eating low cal food (although his portions are sometimes bigger than mine) but he really likes the hairy bikers cottage pie and lamb, spinach and potato curry. Sorry not trying to offer unwanted advice, just thought it might be easier in jan if you have had a few diet meals over Xmas. Ignore me if you want.

Poor checkpoint hope you're feeling better <trying not to be jealous at your extreme weightloss 'technique'>.

I have been hovering near the bottom of 12 stones for a while and did a sneaky weigh in mid week and I was finally in the 11s. Let's hope I'm still there tomorrow. Might not weigh myself over Xmas (if I can keep myself away from the blinking scales) as I don't want to ruin my Xmas.

Checking in and well a 7lb weight loss That takes me to below 13 now 12.11 .7 so have hit my big goal of 100lb loss grin. Now to try keeping it going especially over Xmas .

Have 40lb to loose now . Just under 3stone sounds a lot but know be slower than the other 7 stone . So am back to working out of a morning hence silly o'clock waking

Hope feeling better checkpoint

Johhny I been feeling like that about the 13 so glad to break into the 12 now

As for Xmas nor sure what will do I may stick with it since had week of recently and we are of to Butlins at Easter on a charity thing . So more time in a costume . Ideally like to shifted another stone or maybe two by then

YoucanringmySleighBells Mon 17-Dec-12 07:06:42

johnny - I think this xmas we will kind do what we lke diet wise. My OH says he has lost a bit of weight too so he will be ready for a christmas break and with alchohol no way will we bw toog ood. However, I am getting the Hairy Bikers book for when he gets back to cook nice tings for fri/sat/sun and be stricter in the week. So that way our weight loss will stay permenant grin well done on seeing those 11's. They are elusive I have found ..

human - Well bloody done. 100lbs shock

Brilliant achievement. Well done is an understatement.
Goodluck to everyone else weighing in this morning.

Gah!! Serves me right for mid week weighing but I am 12 st 0 lb 7 oz so for my 'official' weigh in I am just over 12 st. I should be delighted as i lost 1 1/2 lb but i'm not! I was so good over the weekend too!

Well done human 7 in one week is amazing! And you must be so pleased at your total loss. My total loss is 22lb so I shall focus on that.

For Xmas I only really have 4 days I'm scared of. I will have smaller portions and less alcohol than usual. I am intending to skip breakfast and have smallish dinners (ie soup or small portions of leftovers).

<exits to find scissors. Must remove enough hair and nails to lose 8oz. Ponders do it yourself enema>

Ha ha johnny and well bloody done human!
Well my extreme weight loss thing has backfired slightlyas I have been trying to eat stodge to stop the foulness, so lots of mash, rice, toast etc so am reporting a couple of pounds loss but nothing to get too excited about.
I am trying a starvation technique today though as am getting a bit fed up of it.
Well done gang! Ohhhh youcan not long to go now!

ICBINEG Mon 17-Dec-12 09:32:39

gah - so this week I didn't so much fall off the horse as shoot the horse and make nice tasty horse-meat kebabs...and then eat the lot!

So erm no loss for me. Actually I am stunned I managed not to gain...but to the nearest 50 grams I am the same as this time last week.

Also can anyone lend me a new horse?

YoucanringmySleighBells Mon 17-Dec-12 09:47:52

Haha everyone! Come on no reprimands today it is so nearly Christmas and guess what...we are still here and still sheading weight!

<hums Elton John>

^Don't you know we're still sheading more pounds than we ever did
Looking like true survivors, weighing the same as a little kid.
We're still sheading, after all this time.
Picking up the pieces of cake without wanting a bite.
we're still sheading yeah yeah yeah
We're still sheading yeah yeah yeah^

Ah you can tell I have time on my hands. waiting for DD chritmas play to start...

Passes donkey to ICb . Well fresh out of horses and I had to fight a Mary if for this donkey so no eating it grin

You can

Hope play was good

Just think how motivated were be after Xmas . We know we can do it and once Xmas out the way it's more easy be motivated

I am working out still but not aa much as so much else to fit in with Xmas averaging 20/30 mins a day but not on Sunday as that's my lie in day not getting up early for anyone

My next goal is to see a 11 at first number but not sure how long take suspect weight loss drop back to normal next week think that was just the after holiday and my body going ekkk

Sorry have just eaten all the horses for miles around.

Aaahhhhhh! Curse DH for buying dairy milk.

stickingattwo Wed 19-Dec-12 13:20:47

Hello - just joInimg if that's okay. Signed up for Slimmingworld online yesterday as I don't have a convenient meeting nearby. So today is day one and I have about 70lbs to lose to get to a BMI healthy weight, gulp. Seems daunting but here goes...

ICBINEG Wed 19-Dec-12 14:05:19

welcome welcome...

please ignore the current feasting on horse flesh...we are usually far better behaved.

blimey xmas is a tough time to eat sensibly!

anothertiredmum Wed 19-Dec-12 14:32:33

Hi! Is this group for general support to get healthy? I had a baby 8 weeks ago and I need to get healthy for my family and me. I am addicted to sugar and very unfit, I need to get fit because when my baby will be walking I need to be able to catch her!

ICBINEG Wed 19-Dec-12 14:53:39


we are mostly about the weight loss here. But from a health eating point of erm weight loss for healthy habits etc.

Gosh 8 weeks seems quite took me till 14 months to decide to get on top of my health...

anothertiredmum Wed 19-Dec-12 15:40:07

my addiction to sugar is ridiculous, i need to tackle it!

Hi sticking you can do it plenty of support here . All doing a mix of diets /healthy eating

Another tired mummy I'm impressed I live on sugary stuff and coffee to cope with sleep deprive

Lived not live my sweet tooth pretty much gone sadly not my savoury one though

Hello all! Yes we are here to lose weight, and cock it up sometimes and then start again, lots of us have lost quite a bit, I think all at least a stone so far.

Uh oh, I was (very generously) given a box of thorntons today and four home made delicious cupcakes.......... Heeeellllllpppppp!!!!!

YoucanringmySleighBells Thu 20-Dec-12 06:54:52

Morning to all new arrivals! Lovely to see you here - the more the merrier.

I think what is important for the anothertired and sticking is to see our very first few posts on thread one..I am dreadful at finding threads on here but if someone could link?

I think you will see how hard it was for us in the begining. It was about going through detox, cravings, feeling very low. That was all the damage from all the binge eating wehad being doing for so long.

We still have days that are impossible - but i think most of us now have more perspective and hope that we will change. We are doing a change for life instead of crash diets. That means we are trying to change our terrible habits and so far - with this thread- we have achieved that!

I had a sneaky weigh in folks - am now 12.7! Lost 2 pounds. To be fair have been feeling a bit rough and have no appetite but am still eating so was surprised. Have now lost nearly 18 pounds. I am having my tan tonight...maybe it's the FEAR.


I will be selfless and help you with the Thorntons but the cupcakes your on your own . Never like icing at the best of times

Lol youcan glad it's not just me I had a cheeky check this morning to . Just so it helps keep me inline for Mondays.yes that would scare me having a tan but think I'll give it a miss as it land in all my wrinkles lol

When is everyone planning to get back on the goat after Xmas . Well we're fresh out if horses since we all seem be jumping of and eating them

YoucanringmySleighBells Thu 20-Dec-12 08:42:14

CCC - chuck some of the good stuff this way!!!
We are selfless here I tell you.

Hello Anothertired and sticking, well done for starting at such a difficult time of year. Sticking it might help if you set smaller goals and try not to think about losing 70lbs. My current goal is to be under 12 st before Xmas. Then I think I'll try to maintain for two weeks as it'll be hard to lose over Xmas.

Sneaky weigh in this morning and I am finally 11 st 12lbs. That's 24lb down in 3 months. Only about 26 to do.

My weight loss is a bit deceptive this week as I've indulged in sweets and crap (again). For some reason my fitness pal doesn't contain calories for raw Xmas cake mix! Good because I ate loads! I also ate a big plate of pesto pasta yesterday (although half the size of what I would've eaten 3 months ago) and was really angry at how many calories for something that doesn't taste that nice.

Ooh free cupcakes. Yes please. X

YoucanringmySleighBells Fri 21-Dec-12 07:34:11

Very nice advice there johnny thanks

You have done brilliantly :-)

Well I stood nakedly but wore my own pants for the tan. I was completely leather brown and wrinkly looking last night ergh. This morning i did rub a bit more than I should have but I was a little freaked out at how brown I was. I am fairly happy with the result now - even when I take my clothes off I have a pair of white pants on grin

Tres chic....non?

<wolf whistle> sexy lady!!!!

I would be too embarrassed to have someone give me a fake tan, I did it once in one of those booths where it just squirts it at you so no one saw.

youcan is it tomorrow dh comes home? How exciting. Puts it in perspective how long we've been chatting to each other. Feels like ages since he went away. We've done well to stick at this.

Had some friends over and they left me with with profiteroles and mince pies. I have been so disciplined that I haven't eaten a single mince pie this year. Slightly worried if eat one it'll lead to them all more.

You can bet it looks lovely

When dh home ?

Johnny how the mince pie advoidibg going impressed with strong will

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 22-Dec-12 07:06:48

Thanks everyone! johnny You are doing so well - but I think you should put yourself to thte test and have a mince pie if you really want one. It is about living a normal life! Skinny people have mince pies too at this time of year.

Husband is due home any time he can get aflight - fingers crossed it's before christmas...He has been gone about 3 months now and we are still going string. smile

Human - how are you?

Hi all! Am just about holding on to the weight loss I have already achieved and do believe that I have actually started to change my habits, have been given lots of Chocs and cakes but haven't eaten them yet!

Good luck for Christmas everyone, and let's not stress too much, we can all star again with a vengeance afterwards, but also let's not use Christmas as an excuse to slip back into old habits.

We are all significantly lighter and to use youcan's initial wisdom, we will never be that heavy again. So far so true.

Happy Christmas lovely pals!

YoucanringmySleighBells Sat 22-Dec-12 20:39:39

Bloody hell CCC, even I don't remember most of the stuff I say !! grin

Too true. 2013 is going to be the year we all achieve our ideal weights. But for now, eat, drink and be merry. We have got the grip we so desperately needed. Well done everyone !

I resisted the mince pies because I realised that I didn't like the taste enough to get fat over! That said I ate 5 profiteroles for breakfast because I do like the taste of them (while dh and dds were eating weetabix and toast I was scoffing profiteroles from the packet in the fridge! The shame!) blush

I then had a lovely lunch at a relatives with a couple of glasses of wine. I am allowing myself four naughty days over the period as that's when we're visiting people or having them over and today was one of them. But actually it wasn't that bad.

Hope your hubby gets a flight youcan, you and the kids must be very excited.

Well done ccc for not eating everything in sight. Tomorrow is the big test for me, my food delivery comes and I'll have a house with crisps and nibbles.

Still got about 10 profiteroles downstairs, how wrong is it to have them for breakie again? (they're only 250 calories for 5 which is half of tiggy's breakfast cereal so a relatively 'healthy' option!) grin


Hope dh home now

I'm doing ok still sticking with it and planning my sale tatic for boxing day basically I'm going to head towards what j want and let everyone get our my way

Oh and I'm sporting a lovely air boot thingy on my foot a car ran over it and can't have plaster as I need be able check on it regularly visually as can't feel

But least boot take of and check weight on Monday

YoucanringmySleighBells Sun 23-Dec-12 07:18:42

oh human angry

How on earth did that happen? Is it broken then? That's is awful news. Hope you are ok thanks

Husband home later today - currently in Cyprus waiting fro next flight!

Ooo is he home yet youcan

He did not see me and going Di fast he hit me before noticing me and gone up and over my foot and yup it's broken

Omg! Human! That's awful, you must be in agony! Did you report the driver for dangerous driving? How could someone not see you in your chair? What an idiot! I am so angry for you.

Youcan, is dh back yet? I have a feeling you may be too busy blush to think of your old mumsnet pals so if I don't 'see' you again I hope you have a wonderful Xmas. X

human sad nightmare, how awful, what did the idiot who ran you over say???

youcan's DH is home!!!!!!!! There is a lovely thread about it going on in chat, I think he got in about four.

Am still holding on, went to a friends today for Christmas party and all there was was cheese, ham, bread and crisps. I had two small bits of bread and ham with a sliver of cheese. DH had four and now feels sick. I feel smug!!!!!

Again, human so upset for you, bit of a salacious question but can you sue them? Do you have to watch out for swelling?

Checkpoint well done on avoidance


Did you advoid the profiteroles ?

Foot wise if there is ever a silver lining it's the fact that I can't feel my foot is one . Yes police were called and surreal conversation over if broke it would hurt . Not when have no feeling anyway IB it but Dr took one look and said X-ray

Yup have airboat as I can't feel a plaster cast could rub and would never know

And that is fab news for youcan enjoy xxLol never has one DH been waited for to get home by so many ladies

5lb of grin am hoping this will help me stay reasonable good over the next few days ( well only reasonable as it is Xmas . But I can see the 11 in my sight I will do this .

We can all do it even if hiccup over Xmas .

And on that note can I wish all you lovey fab ladies a happy Christmass the support on here is fantastic

Well done on your weight loss human, that's amazing. I said a few weeks ago you'll be overtaking me soon and I was right! I lost 1.9 lb which I am delighted about. I am 166.9lb ie 11 st 12.9 lb. I have eaten lots of profiteroles but been moderate with other meals so my calorie intake hasn't been higher than 1500 on any day.

I hope your foot gets better quickly. I fractured a metatarsal over the summer and it's only in the last couple of weeks it's stopped hurting so I'm pleased you're not in pain, I hope you make a quick recovery.

Good news youcan! Had a quick look on the chat thread and I am so happy for you!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the festive season. Thanks for all your great support, I hope you all have a wonderful xmas. Xxx

Not there Johnny

Am 12.6 but am pleased compared to 6 months ago was 20 stone ANC yes I'm shopping in sales for me and it's nice to be able have a choice of where to shop and what to buy

Johnny think that's the thing we know better how to moderate ourselves and know that bad days not lead to bad months or years

Happy Christmas to all my friends on ths thread, ie everyone!
Wow, what an amazing thread youcan started, we have all benefitted so much and will continue to do so.

A very happy Christmas and a fab new year to everyone.

Lots of love.

Hope everyone had a fab day yesterday

An queuing outside next and it's very odd knowing not only am I able fit in anybof the clothes more so am actually in normal sizes

Thanks human we generally had a good day but poor dd2 is still a little run down about having various colds and bugs since October so she slept a lot. She's only just 2 so didn't really understand what was happening. Dd1 absolutely loved it.

Well done you for getting up early for the next sale. I can now fit into 12s from some of the more generous sized shops and have been buying from eBay, but if I get a chance I'll pop online later.

How's your foot human? When I injured mine it was still bruised and swollen after they took the second cast off 6 weeks later.

Hope everyone else had a good day. X

Hope dd2 is feeling better soon but glad dd1 had fun

Foot does not look pretty when take the boot of to check . Of to fracture clinic today

Wow into a 12 well done . That is my goal to be wearing a 12 and looking good in it

Yup got some good stuff even ventured into new look and did not feel out of place . It is nice not to stand out size wise anymore . Though lol I'm very noticeable due to my chair

Tortoise Fri 28-Dec-12 15:41:32

Hello all. I have been away from this thread far too long. I will be weighing myself on the 1st and taking it from there. Dreading seeing how much I weigh now.
Hope everyone had a good Christmas. smile

Hi Tortoise

Hope you had a good Christmas

Yup think 1st be a restart for most people and always seems easier somehow previous after Xmas I found as an sick of the sugar /chocolate etc . Though previous years think i lasted week of two

Tortoise Fri 28-Dec-12 20:01:47

Not a bad Christmas thanks. Lots of coughs and colds in the house though.

Hi everyone, am ill! At least it isnt the kids this time, DH doesn't cope very well and gets really cross when i am ill. angry

Hi tort nice to see you! human hope your foot is ok.

Hello all, seasons greetings all. Glad you're back tortoise, 1st is a good time to start, like human said you should be so sick of sweet and rich food it'll make a nice change to eat healthily.

So how's everyone been food wise? I feel really greasy and fat and craving vegetables and salads (it won't last!) I have been more restrained than usual, i only had one really bad day, boxing day, when I ate so much I gave myself a stomach ache and I can't remember the last time I did that.

I am finding that when I have large lunches I don't want dinner so my body's definitely changing. Dh, who is naturally thin, is a bit like that too, so I'm hoping that my habits are becoming more like a thin person's. Obviously I still have nearly 2 stone to lose to get to a normal BMI but hopefully I can get there by the summer.

I will be weighing on Monday and starting diet again on Tuesday by throwing out any cake or naughty foods still in the house.

Poor checkpoint, hope dh is looking after you. Men are a bit crap when we're ill yet they expect us to look after them when they have the slightest sniffle.

Checkpoint hope you are feeling better and that dh pulls his finger out or threaten book into a hotel with your germs and leave him to it

Hi johnny

Yes I can't eat nowhere near as much as I used to am just not so hungry think my stomache has shrunk a bit

Hands out wine oppd takrs takes back hsbds iut sunglasses shines halogrin though not done any proper excerscise will be restarting that in the new year but hacd been busy so hoping that counts

I have been good over Xmas bar couple cans of dirt coke but knocking that on head As I know past experiences it affects my weight So hoping I actually see a loss ( I used holiday early December as my wagon fall off )

I'm aiming to keep at it till we go away in April school holidays as know it will involve swimming every day . then have a few days of then and then home and restart ready for the big trip in September where shirts really are a must due to temptures

I have from last weigh in 2 stone and 6lv to loose to take me to where been aing for may adjust it as get nearer will see

hello lovelies, DH back to normal as I got really cross with him and pointed out that he was being an arse. Or something to that effect but shoutier!

Somehow I seem to be where I was before Christmas, I havent binged but I havent been careful either.
Hi jonhhy nice to see you, to see you naice!
Can you tell I am having a glass of wine! (have loads in the frigde as havent really drunk all holiday - UNUSUAL!)

Lets all get mega motivated and shit all over January - I am going to come over all youcan and find a rousing speech somewhere to chuck at us, she is really good at them!

Until Tuesday, adios and Happy New Year Losers x

Tortoise Sun 30-Dec-12 22:14:12

I'm struggling with my brother being ill! He's 18 and acting so pathetic! He started with a headache and feeling cold. Today he was sick. Finally convinced him that bed was the best place to be to avoid germ sharing! He's been babied so much as the youngest child, he can't cope without his mummy! Well, tough! I have 4 dc to deal with, he needs to grow up. (feel a bit mean though lol)
Dd1 is starting to feel rough to now! Ds1 has had the flu type cold. I really don't want it.

Oh no tortoise

And know its making sweeping statement but men are crsp at being I'll in my experience


Glad DH is being better

Are we keeping Monday as weigh in day or Tuesdays as know tgar may be when most restart

Festivedidi Sun 30-Dec-12 22:27:24

Hi all. I've been away from this thread for too long. I've been hiding from you all I think as I've been eating far too much blush.

I got on the scales this morning and am ashamed to say I've put back a lot of what I lost so am now only 5lbs lighter than when I started sad

I'm getting back into it on the 2nd (the 1st is my dad's birthday and we all go to his house and have far too much unhealthy food - again).

I WILL reach my target weight this time. I'm not sure whether to keep going with vaguely following SW or to do something different this time.

Human sorry to hear about your foot, I hope it gets better soon.

Tortoise Sun 30-Dec-12 22:31:01

I agree with that, must be man flu. It was the way he kept groaning as if to get attention! But then when I asked what's wrong, he seemed to lose the power of speech and just mumbled something. Luckily he's spent the afternoon upstairs.
Dd1 doesn't want to go to bed as feels too ill. Dd2 is still up because she's scared to sleep alone! This could be a long night sad

I'm going to weigh myself Tuesday morning this week but will go back to Mondays after that. smile

Hi didi don't stress you are still half a stone lighter than in Sep, that is a brilliant way to start 2013!

tort do you think it might be the noro? If so quarantine him quick!

Good point human maybe we should do tues.

Ok let's go with that then, for this week only we weigh in on Tuesday
Made it bold to grab attention!

Anyone lurking, come and join, it doesn't matter if you have out weight on, we have all had ups and downs, <cue emotional music> we have all had stress and illness to deal with but we are all lighter than we were and that was our aim!

I am going to say out loud <sort of> that I want to be 12 stone by the end of this year so two stone to lose. My DH has just said he will get my nickname tattooed on himself I if do it. If that is not a good enough incentive then I don't know what is!!!

See you on tues!

Hello Festive, good to see you. 5lb is still an amazing achievement and you've proved you can do it once so you can do it again.

Makes sense to weigh Tuesday as it's a new start. Fortunately I'm not going out NYe as kids are so young so I won't feel tempted to drink or eat crap. I tried to be good today but a friend came over with cakes and biscuits and it seemed polite to eat them! I feel a bit sick now.

Checkpoint, very rousing. You're right, we can do it <shakes fist in the air a lot> I will not be defeated by any more pizzas and cupcakes. My muffin top will vanish, I WILL go to top shop without being the fattest person there <slams fist on table>.

I will be expecting to see pictures of the tattoo when you meet your target (unless it's in a naughty place!)

Festivedidi Mon 31-Dec-12 00:19:20

I've just signed up for WW online. It is currently cheaper than SW online and I can't really make it to meetings. I even logged what I ate today and I was within my daily points allowance shock. I'm going to be really good tomorrow although I am going to a friend's birthday party and will have to eat something just to be sociable, but I will not be drinking any alcohol as I'm driving.

Checkpoint I want to see photos of the tattoo as well. Make sure he doesn't chicken out when you reach your target!

Johnny I just want to be able to fit into any of the clothes in Topshop, I don't even care about still being the fattest in there. My first goal is to get back into the size 16 jeans I bought a few weeks ago and have only worn a couple of times.

Tortoise Mon 31-Dec-12 00:21:48

I don't think it's noro, think he was only sick once. But he's not eaten anything today. Think all getting various symptoms of a flu type bug. Seems to be a lot of it around. Dd1 has a headache and cough. Ds1 had cough and felt rough. He didn't eat much for a couple of days. dd2 had a cold and cough and has been slightly off food. Just Ds2 and I to go now! sad

Festive 5lb lighter is still 5lbs light than you was and you done it before so know can do it again And yup small goals But allow yourself time of


Sounds like season of coughs ,colds and germs in your house .

Hope dx feel better soon


warn your dh there's a lot of women who will be expecting see tatoo so better be careful where it is .

Since we're weighing in in Tuesday I can have my breakfast now rather than after .

My goal is to loose stone and half by Easter as we're away for a break and to get back to excescing once foot allows me . I will not be hiding under baggy tent tops this summer

We can do this ladies even when we stumble we can get back to it

Ha ha to slamming fist on table and waving it about! RRRAAAAAARRRRR!!!!

DH already has a mega tattoo that he saved up £1000 to get, he went to a famous bloke in London and everything so this will be a breeze - unfortunately I don't get to pick the place so it will probably be somewhere very obscure.

Mine will be huge and somewhere non flabby, maybe by then I will have a choice of where to put it! I already have a tattoo wrist band type thing tha I have to cover up for school so I have to be careful not to have it somewhere visible! (although every single parent in my class has about ten so I would fit in perfectly well)

Good luck tort, hope you don't get ill ?!

Happy New Year all, see you bright and breezy tomorrow morning!

Tortoise Mon 31-Dec-12 16:17:42

My brother is still ill. He said felt better last night then this morning feels ill again and was sick this morning. Feels ok laying down but dizzy and sick when stands. Also feels cold but isn't coldvand heart feels like it's beating fast. Very odd. Not sure what to do really.

Hmm is be otherwise healthy tortoise ? Know some nasty bugs going round

Happy new year ladies this party animal of To bed Here's to a new start and a new is and when we fall we can pick selves up with a helping hand and just think how slim we can be next year

Happy new year You fab bunch

Tortoise Tue 01-Jan-13 00:46:13

Happy new year smile. Here's to being slimmer this time next year.
DC all stayed up till midnight as they do every year grin .

Brother has managed some chicken casserole tonight. He's got a cough and croaky throat but is on the mend I think. smile

While you party animals sleep in have checked and am down 2 and 1/2 lb which considering no excerscise and been drinking diet coke I am pleased with

But the diet coke is done now and back to drinking lots of water .i can do this we can all do it

YoucanringmySleighBells Tue 01-Jan-13 09:03:40

Ah hello everyone! I am SO sorry I havn't been around. The husbnad is here until 6th of of January and then normal service will resume!
Rousing speech CCC flowers
And Human - thanks for the ever dependable motivation and bloody amazing weight loss!!

I have most definately put on a good few pounds..and am still being very naughty today but am going to try and reign it in. Once husband goes back I am am back on it - all over it in fact.

However - I will not weigh until the last Monday of January so that I don't put myself on a downer about how much I have put on.

Husband will be gone 11 weeks. I want to be 10st 10pounds by then.

As it is New year - has anyone revised their targets for now?? xx

Hello ladeez, so am now 14.1 which is up a teeny bit from before Christmas but overall, a ten pound loss from when we started so I am happy with that.

My aim is two stone youcan!
I am determined and now I know I can do it and more or less keep it off I feel pretty positive and motivated, am going to eat soup!!!!


Nice hear Fron you and hope you enjoyed Xmas . So glad your dh is home smile did he notice the differance . But yup just enjoy him being home plenty of time for other stuff after

My goal is still 10 stone and will see once there if go a big lighter am thinking 9.7 ish so I have some leeway for having a blow out

But first mini goal is be below 11 stone before go away in April as I shall allow myself to have some time of then for a few days

Omg! Omg! <dances round room hysterically> yesterday I ate like a pig. About 4 glasses of champagne, Christmas cake, pizzas, crisps, tiramisu. I stopped entering stuff into mfp when it reached 2000 cals at lunchtime!

Anyway I weighed myself and I only put on .4lbs in 8 days. So I'm 167.3 lbs. and still under 12 st (just). I don't know why my body has been so good to me but today and tomorrow I'll be chucking away festive goodies and then back on the diet.

Well done everyone else for still being here. It will be a happy new year because we are in control!

Oh and ditch the diet soda again as defintley makes a differance as I find it makes me feel more hungry but hey Jo I don't drink so my treat over Xmas . But will increase water again as well as that's dropped of

Yay Johnny grin and that should drop of quite quick to I find that when had a break then I see some big looses for few weeks after

Tortoise Tue 01-Jan-13 10:44:36

Weighing in at 16 st 3lbs which is around what I was the first time I joined the thread!
Aiming for 1 st loss to start with as have a good 5 st to lose I think shock.

Tortoise that's what I did ink broke down ever further and did 7lbs at a time I still do that even now rather than end goal I set myself smaller steps along way

First step is see a 11 as first number which hoping be next couple weeks

Meant to say thank you ladies for being here. I still haven't told anyone in real life about my diet so it's nice to be able 'talk' to someone. dh still not noticed weightloss of 24 lbs!

I will be very happy if I continue to lose 1 or 2lb a week so i think i'd like to be in the 10s by Easter.

Tortoise Tue 01-Jan-13 12:09:41

Well, my first aim is to get back under 16st smile

Tortoise Tue 01-Jan-13 14:30:52

Didn't have breakfast but for the first time in years I made boiled eggs for lunch. So, 2 boiled eggs and a banana for lunch.

Gammon cooking in slow cooker for dinner. Will be having veg and a couple of roast spuds with it. smile

Hi tortoise

That's a good start. I love eggs and gammon. Did you find it easy to go without breakfast? 'they' always say you need breakfast or you might pig out at lunchtime but I don't mind being hungry anymore and don't really notice if I haven't had breakfast. If i've had a big days eating then I skip breakfast the next day and don't miss it.

Dinner tonight a slow cooked casserole. 100 ml wine, 2 bacon rashers, a spoonful of creme fraiche and chicken so should be yummy and not feel diety.

See I can't skip breakfast have before kids wake up with coffee and enjoy every mouthful in peace smile

But human don't you live on 500 cals? I'm curious about what you eat for breakfast? I have one slice of toast with marmite or dairylea when I do (apart from last week when I had profiteroles three times last week, but still quite low calorie!)

I like going without breakfast so I can have an extra couple of hundred calories for another meal. I suspect dh hasn't noticed my diet because he sees me eating good evening meals.

Breakfast in peace, yes that would be good!

I have 4 gluten free crisp breads and 30 grams of Philli on them which nowadays fills me up pretty well and only comes in at 125 calories . Plus water and my coffee

Then rest of my calories throughout the day made up normally of chicken or turkey friggibg repetitive but it's working . Once I make it to my goal I'll slowly increase my calories till I can work out best balance

Tortoise Tue 01-Jan-13 18:52:52

Breakfast is my hardest meal to find so I think may be better to go without. Didn't bother me today but had chocolates late last night with dc!
Dinner was too big portion wise I think but bloody tasty! grin

Stayingundertheduvet Tue 01-Jan-13 19:32:28

Hi, please can I join this thread. I was 12 stone and got down to 9.5 and felt great...but slowly the weight has crept back on and I have gone back up to 11 stone. I would love to lose a stone and drink less this year. I've also got into bad eating patterns with not eating until about 4 pm and think it has messed up my digestion (unsurprisingly!) lots to try to change this year!


Think it's case of finding what works for you . I'm not hungry of an evening so eat more at lunch than dinner

Hi staying

Dive right in we're all doing own thing but the support here is fab . And it's about making life changes rather than quick fixes

Hi staying yep come and join us!

Hello ladies smile

I was here at the very very start, shuffled off for a while but I am going to be back again for the new year. I did lose a stone and a half, stopped exercising but didnt put anything back on until the week before christmas but I am going to get rid of the other stone and a half that needs to go this year.

I will do the weigh in next week but can't start any actual dieting until my back sorts itself out and I can come off the various pills I'm on. I will fire up mfp again and I'm considering to couch to 5k as well, which will have the added benefit of strengthing my back (fingers crossed)

On the plus side, sooo many people have commented on what I have lost so far and I actually managed to raid my sisters wardrobe on christmas day - first time I've done that for about 10 years!

Hello welcome. Well done for losing the weight last year, I'm sure you'll be able to do it again. I also have 1 1/2 to 2 st to lose.

Ooh human good tip! I have just ordered some crisp breads online to try as an alternative to toast. Sometimes I have oatcakes and hummus as a snack but it's nice to try something new. Hopefully dh and dds won't like them, I keep finding EMPTY packets of my oatcakes in the cupboard, so annoying.

I almost had a good day but couldn't quite resist the chocolates or biscuits still in the house.tomorrow's bin day so sadly I'll be chucking food away. Hate being so wasteful but I am really struggling with my willpower at the moment.

Hello fuckity. Hope your back gets better soon.

Oh hurray fuckity is back! grin hope your back gets better soon!


Is Youcan still really strict? Do you think I'll be put on the naughty step for disappearing? grin

Hi fuckity

think we all been on naughty step including me . I have just over 2 stone to go ( have lost almost 8stone) but yes I admit it's a boost when people notice . But since I'm still hiding under my very big baggy coat it's not that noticeable yet
Am looking forward to whipping coat of when Warmer and few shocked faces

Johnny the DS gluten free ones are even crisper than normal ones

ICBINEG Wed 02-Jan-13 10:32:16

lo all! A very happy new year!

Man there were times over xmas when I thought people were seriously trying to sabotage me losing weight! But I'm back in my own house following my own rules now.

So I have decided to skip right past how much I gained and say simply, I am 11 and a half stone now and I want to be 9 and a half stone.

So 2 stone to lose. I am aiming to do it by Easter!

Tortoise Wed 02-Jan-13 17:23:47

All I've had today so far is a yog and strawberry cereal bar and 6 milky way celebration chocs.
Don't know what to have for dinner. Dc having pizza and chips. envy

Feeling down this afternoon and trying not to ruin it all by eating chips which I so want to scoff right now. sad

Tortoise Wed 02-Jan-13 19:55:04

Had chicken flavoured savory rice for dinner. Wasn't very tasty but never mind!

Cool ich I want to do two aswell. I actually put a little cake thing in my mouth yesterday, chewed, the thought what the fuck am I doing, so spat it out in the bin!
My dd is poorly again, bronchitis, so as steroids and anti biopics, it is SO stressful and I really struggle to stay sane...... Have glass of wine and Barbie films on the sky box so hopefully tomorrow will be better. (although I won't be drinking wine in the day obv!)

Well donetort for resisting x

Tortoise Wed 02-Jan-13 23:00:16

Didn't keep the resistance up for long. Had 2 Mr Kipling banoffee slices, 2 bananas mashed in milk and sugar.
And had some jelly beans angry .

Well today is done now. Don't stress about it. I ate some cheese, yes the bane of my life that is bloody CHEESE! At lunchtime.
Bad me. But I went shopping earlier and bought some cottage cheese earlier so am trying!

Tortoise Wed 02-Jan-13 23:27:29

I'm not going to stress about it. Hadn't eaten much throughout the say so doubt I did too much damage. Tomorrow is a new day smile .
I have to prove to those who think I will fail that I will do this. smile

Good point, I like your thinking, but I don't like those people!

Tortoise today is another day

Do you think Yiu went for that because was hungry ? And it's just easy to grab tea time /evenings are my hardest struggle I'm tired and had enough by then I taken to going to bed away from good a d reading my kindle


That's what I miss is cheese !! How long till April when will have . Hope dd is feeling better


Yes that must be tough being at someone else house and not in control of what's eaten Ideally I like to loose 2 stone by Easter

Yesterday was a bad day for me too. Started really well with chicken salad at lunchtime then ate cheese, pâté, lots of bread, jacket potato and Xmas pudding!

I'm finding it so hard to get back to 'normal' pre Xmas food. Only four days til weigh in, need to focus on that.

ICBINEG Thu 03-Jan-13 10:54:05

Gah! I have such a massive sugar/salt hangover! Either that or I am getting someone elses new years eve hangover....

Oh well I had a sneaky weigh in this morning and am back down to within a couple of pounds of pre-xmas so it wasn't the massive pig out it might have been, and was mostly the salt/water bounce.

Honestly, my DM knew I was dieting but insisted on not just one but two cooked meals every day we were there. I am not good at only having a bit...I am losing weight by strictly eating certain things that I know are on budget - I have not yet mastered eating the right amount on autopilot (and am pretty certain this may never be possible). grrrr

Sugar / salt hangover. I just had a chocolate so I'm in no danger of getting one of those yet.

I find it hard at other people's too icb. When i'm at home I give myself small portions and i feel full afterwards. But when I'm out I still want to eat everything on the plate. I am getting better, on Sunday we went to a restaurant and I only had about 1/3 of a portion of chips so that was one highlight in a fortnight of greed and gluttony.

I try to set myself targets at restaurants, in my head, 'you can only eat one piece of bread' or '4 chips'. Sometimes it works or I may go a little over (and sometimes i eat all the bread) but i do find it helps me to focus. It's terrible I feel like all my friends have control built in to their system and I am inwardly rationing myself - I could never tell them!


It's only way I can do it is to be in strict control of what I eat and weigh everything .

Once I get there then will loosen up a bit but don't want to derail self at the moment so will keep on track till April when will have few days of I also find this resets my metabolic rate to


Think all the yummy Xmas food left over is so hard to advoid

We doing Tuesday or Mondays aa weigh in ?

Tortoise Thu 03-Jan-13 15:13:55

So far today I've had a strawberry and yog cereal bar, pain au chocolat and a can of minestrone soup.

Tortoise Thu 03-Jan-13 22:02:50

I had pasta Bolognese and veg for dinner tonight. Burnt my tongue on the broccoli!
Had a bowl of mint choc chip ice cream after to try and soothe the tongue. Helped for a little while lol.

Trying not to think about food at the moment. Fighting the urge to raid the cupboard.

ICBINEG Thu 03-Jan-13 23:34:38

Oh are we changing weigh day?? I quite liked has that whole "you can't afford to screw up over the weekend" feel.

I went swimming tonight and am still sneezing chlorine snot out of my face. On the plus side I swam further than ever before (nb still only 250 meters) and knocked 15 secs off personal best for 25m (nb when you start off taking more than a minute this is easy). also on the plus side, no Miranda style events either - although a random block kept trying to talk to me which was I know all about his back problems and have absolutely nothing to do with the information.

On the minus side I am fecking STARVING....

Tortoise Thu 03-Jan-13 23:43:18

Icb I'm sticking with Monday weigh in smile .
I'm hungry too. Snacked on an apple instead of raiding cupboard.

Really should just go to bed. I have a headache and feel so low and grumpy. sad

Tortoise Thu 03-Jan-13 23:44:04

oh and well done on the swimming smile . I love swimming but no pool nearby that I can get to.

ICBINEG Fri 04-Jan-13 00:07:12

It is possible I meant bloke not block, but then again...

swimming is a very expensive form of exercise...particularly when you can only survive for 250 meters or so.

It's at least 2p a meter more expensive than jogging...and on that note I am really going to bed.

Tortoise Fri 04-Jan-13 00:11:58

Jogging would kill my knees, swimming wouldn't! grin
I'm in bed but can't get to sleep. My tummy is rumbling!

Monday weigh in for me too. It makes me eat better on weekends.

I finally had a good day. Just had one chocolate and half a biscuit and then salad and soup. I have also discovered mini babybels do a cheddar version (always found the normal one a bit plasticky) so I had one of those as a treat. 70 cals so a lot for something so small but normally I'd eat hundreds of calories of cheese.

Impressed that you went swimming icb, I'm sure you looked fab to have a random 'block' chat you up!

tortoise good willpower. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Monday here to was just not sure if people did Tuesday or last week was a just a start day


Swimming makes me Seotember hungry and glad no Miranda events

Tortoise I find sometimes drinking pint if water fools my stomache . I often go up bed early then away Fron food and temptation .but it does get easier first couple of weeks ate the hardest while your stomach shrinks down

And I should obviously have coffee in morning before posting sheesh typos and auto correct not good combination blush

Tortoise Fri 04-Jan-13 11:32:21

I drink lots of water throughout the day already smile . Finally got to sleep around 4am! Gave in and had a pain au chocolat at 3. Will count that as breakfast and not eat till lunch time. Will have 2 boiled eggs again I think. smile
I don't know what to have for dinner though.

Hello, yes let's leave it as Mondays was just because of new years eve this week.
Am feeling positive today, the sun is shining, dd slept through the night and we have some friends coming over later for fajitas (low fat sour cream!) so all is good. And DH is off work so I can find lots of jobs for him!

Stick to it everyone, the weekend will be tough but we are in in for the long haul!!!

Tortoise Fri 04-Jan-13 14:41:47

2 eggs for lunch. They are in date but tasted slightly weird compared to the 2 week out of date ones I had the other day. Also had some new cracker crisps.

Dinner will be a really exciting WW ready meal grin

ICBINEG Fri 04-Jan-13 15:59:08

oh god I am so hungry....

Still pizza tonight! I have 2/3rd of an sburys italian spinach and riccotta clocking in at 600 kcals. Not bad I think given you feel full of pizza all evening smile

DD has the other 3rd and DH has one to himself. This is helping to maintain the me lighter than him state of affairs!

Gosh that is very restrained! DH is two stone lighter than me, and he is 6ft 3 blush I am winning though, had baked potato with half a veg pot and salad for lunch. Am getting hungry now though so might go and eat some fruit!

Will be having wine later though!

Only thing I can say is it bedtime yet !! not hjngry just tired and coffee and or water does not seem to help with it in same way I'm sure chocolate would

Restrained on pizza I'm impressed

Tortoise Fri 04-Jan-13 18:47:54

I've had 2 bottles of Budweiser and a little bottle of French lager blush. In my defense, dp was here and he's much more of a drinker than me but got me a bottle when he got himself a can (i bought some Guinness for him to drink when here over Xmas but he's only been round once).

Ooh pizza, hope you enjoyed it icb 600 cals isn't bad for a filling meal.

I had a really good day but am now hungry so in bed so I might have a banana. Managed 1300 cals but mainly through healthy food apart from 4 squares of bournville chocolate and 2 bits of shortbread for breakfast veg soup, carrot and cucumber sticks, hummus, salad etc.

checkpoint fajitas sounds yummy, think I might do that next week but without a lb of grated cheese added grin. I love hearing what you're all eating, makes me excited about food again.

Tortoise Fri 04-Jan-13 23:16:18

oh poo, I've just eaten 3 caramel rocky bars sad angry .

Out shopping with dds tomorrow so lots of walking and will not buy food out for me.

Johnny sure chocolate is a food group wink


Can you work out why evenings are tricky and has Yiu reaching for the chocolate etc is or boredom /lonely or the need for something sweet .
Rather than all out diet cab Yiu make just one small change at a time so think eat healthy rather than diet ?

Ideas for those that need sweet stuff eithe freeze some grapes then suck on like sweets or not so healthy option freeze some chocolate takes longer to eat

Tortoise what about packing sandwich in case you end up hungry and eating chocolate /cake etc because are hungry

I hope your shopping went well tortoise, that was all good advice from human. I might freeze all the chocolate in the house.

I weighed myself today and I have lost a pound but I am still eating crappy snacks and not many calories of other stuff so am feeling a bit down. I also feel hungry. I had got to a stage, think about the beginning of December, where I wasn't really hungry and I was eating really healthy food and very little junk. Given that I am doing this for my health I do wonder if I'm missing out on nutrients. Dd2 is having a nap so I have time now to plan some meals.

Being positive I have bought a load of clothes in sales that I will be sending back because they are medium and are too large for me! Rationally I know I am still fairly big (think waist is about 34 inches) so it is clearly vanity sizing but it is still an ego boost.

Tortoise Sat 05-Jan-13 17:32:34

I've actually ended up going all day without eating and don't feel particularly hungry. Will be ruined tonight as having takeaway. Forgot to book Tesco slot and not much food left!
Had a good day out. Didn't buy anything for myself (didn't even bother looking!) but Dd1 took her dsi and some games in and added her Christmas money to exchange it all for a 3ds xl! She's so happy lol. grin

Tortoise Sat 05-Jan-13 17:34:10

Meant to add, sensitive teeth mean no eating frozen grapes. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.
I get bored and lonely in the evenings. I think also partly cos so used to snacking in the evenings.

Johnny I agree it does feel good when but then think of I need take back as to big first time I ever needed to do it normally it's to small

Yup know I'm still what be considered large /plump /overweight ass words as see fit

But I'm beginning to feel good about myself which is what it is all about and more I decided wear tops I want and do what if I don't fit IB with other peoples idea of what neay 40 year olds should wear .

I like my goth /steam punk look and am enjoying wearing it again abet slightly more mature look than when was17/18 goth minus the prints /skulls etc

human it is great to wear clothes that you like rather than clothes just because they fit. I bought two horrible pairs of cropped jeans in the summer just because they fitted. I tried on some nice jeans the other day and they didn't fit. Think my thighs haven't lost as much weight as the rest of me but I don't mind as I generally prefer skirts, I'll wait a few weeks and try more jeans on.

tortoise I find evenings hard too. Dd2 has only just gone to bed so I am going to do housework to keep busy and I might have a hot chocolate or apple as a reward. I need a hobby that's more fun than housework!


I am another one who finds evenings hard once all my dc in bed if not for Internet I be climbing the wall . Somedays bar school runs its the only adult interaction I get < breaks out violins wink

But I taken to either my kindle or going to bed early

Ah johnny I like skirts but find as in sitting all time it's hard to sit ladylike in them and cross legs is a big no do it be trousers all the way for me . Though I may actually wear a pair of shorts if we ever get a summer to speak of

Hmm tortoise only thing you may find is going without all day means snacking at night .
But a takeaway sounds good about now

Hope dd enjoys her 3ds

Tortoise Sun 06-Jan-13 10:03:44

Dreading weigh in tomorrow. Was hoping to be really good all week but that didn't happen.
Hopefully did ok though.
Woken up starving and I really struggle with healthy breakfast.
Need to get all the outside Christmas lights down today and put it all away in the loft.

I know what you mean tortoise I hate cereals and porridge and some mornings do skip breakfast (and then eat crap). Fortunately I ate the last shortbread biscuit today so very soon I will be running out of bad xmas stuff to eat.

I have been thinking about breakfast so tomorrow I am thinking of having one slice of bacon (with fat cut off) with scrambled eggs or perhaps a bacon omelette. The rest of the bacon will be frozen and taken out one slice at a time for cooking. Also I might have one piece of unbuttered toast with half a tin of baked beans. And I have bought some crispbreads as recommended by human. Not sure what I'll put on them yet.

I've also bought some frozen fruit (berries). I haven't done it recently because I've been too busy but in October/ November I was particularly enjoying heating the berries in a pan with a teaspoon of cinnamon or allspice and adding to a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt. I saw the hairy bikers do a similar thing with crumpets and honey so you could do that too.

I have also bought some apples and bananas for when I'm out and I've been too busy for breakfast.

I hope tomorrow goes well for you tortoise I'm sure you've done better than you think. I don't know how others on the thread are finding it but I'm definitely finding it hard to get back to healthy eating but I'm going to start properly tomorrow. I'm meeting some friends in a soft play area so I'm going to make an effort to have a reasonable breakfast so I don't feel the need to drink two cappucinnos and have a cake.

Tortoise Sun 06-Jan-13 20:07:37

I have to be very careful what I eat in the morning. Anything milky leaves me feeling bloated and nauseous. Think bacon and egg would be too much 1st thing too.
Hence why I normally have a cereal bar.

DC have everything ready for back to school tomorrow. I really don't know how I'm going to get up in the morning. Most days we've slept in till at least 10am! grin

Yup everything ready for back to school here and yes mine won't be impressed with it either ds3 leaves at 7.20 am

I tend get up before dc do yoga and something to eat and drink my coffee in peace

Tortoise if ceral bar works then go with it

Johnny that sounds rather nice

Breakfast is crackers and Philli on them

2 1/2 lb of for me which is slower than it has been but expected that now got less to loose

have stuck to it over Xmas except for diet coke iPod ( gold star please wink but only because holiday coming up in April and I'll like see a 10 something before then

Have restarted excerscise program hence awake silly o'clock because if don't do first thing I put of . It's more toning and good for me mentally than about weight loss though

Next Monday I will be under 12 stone that is my goal plus up the water to 3 litres a day have been slacking

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 07:28:51

16st 1 this morning so 2lb loss. Better than nothing but not overly impressed! smile

YoucanringmySleighBells Mon 07-Jan-13 07:42:20

Morning. Sorry I have only caught up on the last few posts..well done Human and Tortoise. Human still a brilliant weight loss grin

Tortoise - you have made a good start! Well done!!!It is so nice to see everyone here after my sabatical.

Husbnad returned yesterday for the next 3 months. Giving me a good amount of time to GET A FUCKING GRIP.

I am slightly raging here because I weighed and have put on 5.5pounds. What a bloody idiot.
So I have launched into EMERGENCY protocol and made three batches of soup. I have leek and potato, curry parsnip and carrot and coriander. All fat free - just veg and stock.

I will be on two meals of soup a day, 1 or two fat free yogs and a special K bar for breakfast.

Bllody hell I feel depressed. But I WILL be 11 stone in three months even if I have to kill myself to do it.

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 08:18:02

Go Youcan, Go youcan, Go youcan!
Curry parsnip soup, yummy! smile smile Curried butternut squash is good too.

Thanks Tortoise!! Go you too!! Wooooooo!!

That made me smile smile

Feels good to be back actually. I will be on here everyday again - casting my eye over you all.
<has no authority>

Actually - I think Human should be in charge now. She is surely the diet equivalent of the TERMINATOR.

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 09:19:44

Hopefully will lose more now dc are back at school and I have to do the long walk to school and back twice a day. Haven't done much walking over the hols.
This morning was hard going. grin

Welcome back youcan your soups sound yummy, I might be making some curried parsnip myself. 5.5lbs isn't bad, I've been lurking on other threads and so many other people lose 3 or 4 stone and put them all back on so it's easily done.

tortoise and human good weight losses, it was only over 6 days too. I am amazed that I lost 2lb as well so at 11 st 11 I am properly in the 11s. Easter is in 12 weeks so I want to be 11st by then, 1lb a week should be doable.

Just about to have breakfast (beans on toast). Dinner tonight is turkey, gammon and leek pie. I made about 12 with Xmas leftovers so looking forward to it.

Morning Johnny - good to see you!! 11st 11 envy

I hope to be there sort of mid february and then 11 by Easter!! We can do it Johnny!!!
Then I shall gorge myself on chocolate for one day only (Easter Sunday) instead an entire two weeks blush

To be honest I did get through 2 boxes of wine in two weeks and extra alcohol er...4 bottles of Bucks fizz and a few stray glasses of Red....

No more alchohol and chocolate and I should be on the road to recovery.

Next weeks menu will be Veggie curry (any ideas)?, more curry parsnip soup and something like savoury rice and veg...

I think I have missed this actually. I have felt sick for the last 14 nights and my skin was an abomination. Has been good to 'remind' myself of the effects of eating 70% fat and eating enough for four full sized men haha!

Tortoise that is still a loss and there Yiu was thinking be none and yep helps with kids at school

Welcome back youcan . 5.5lb on is not that bad especially over Xmas but you can do it *waves Pom poms or should that be Pom bears

No thank you . You can keep the chief hat .

No terminator just stubborn and knowing the big holiday is getting closer can't say well next year aa is this year now

Go johnny well and truely in the 11 now . You can do it

Thank Human - I am going to channel some of your stubborness then. I can really feel this 5 pounds. I have a overhang again....well a more significant belly!! It is coming off I tell you...

I have a secret weapon for weigh in.....
I bought Senekot grin

ICBINEG Mon 07-Jan-13 10:34:23

hello all...

well knock my hat off with a feather (or something). I was 11st 8lbs on wednesday when I got back after xmas travels...

this morning I am 11st 2lbs. As Miranda's mum would say, now that's what I call a water retention bounce.

Youcan I predict this will go similarly for you too! My advice is don't stray too far from the bathroom and that's before you even crack open the senekot!

So I missed my pre-xmas target by 3 lbs but maybe it wasn't all that sensible to imagine I could actually lose 4lbs over xmas and I should be chuffed with the 1lb I have lost.....

Well done icb that is brilliant, you should be well on your way to meeting your target.

I noticed something today, I have lost 26 lbs now and I only have 25 to go to hit 10 st and a BMi of 24 which was always my what I call target!

More than half-way there! I know this bit will be difficult, and the weight loss will slow down, but I feel 'normal' and am loving all my new clothes so I think I can get through this now. Want to be 10st by the summer (unless I look good at 10 st 5 and decide to stop)

ICBINEG Mon 07-Jan-13 10:59:16

Thats awesome Johnny! It does feel great to be on the home straight!

I am now pondering how I will know if I have reached my target though...I mean if I stop dieting and instantly gain half a stone in water then when is my weight really 9st 7lbs?

Ha - if I really get there at all I will be too chuffed to worry I suspect!

In other news my size 12 swim suit is a success and totally stops my boobs escaping (although is not proof to DD's stubborn determination to get them out). size 12?!?!

Yup go ICB

And I found couple times I fell of wagon I hacd had big losse after fit a while

You can that be you moving into bathroom then

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 12:46:27

Everyones doing so well. I'd love to get down to 11 or 12 st. That seems so far away at the moment. sad

Had a small cheese and onion roll for lunch. Not the best choice but bakery didn't have my favourite chicken tikka mix so had to think of something else quickly.

No idea what's for dinner.

tortoise I started at 13 st 9 so in my head I was 14 st so it is an amazing shrink. I'm only 5ft 4 so I don't carry weight as well as tall people. In fact, this sounds bitchy, but I've started to look at my 'thin' friends and many of them aren't thinner than me, they're just taller so they naturally look slim. Those damn short arse genes make me look fat!

Hopefully you'll be in the 15s next week and the determination to not go back to 16 will push you. I found that when I was 12/13 st 4 ish I was determined to go down to a lower number and when I was 11/12 st 13ish I was determined to never go up again. In fact as bad as I was at Xmas I'm sure the fact I was 11 st 12 helped stop me eating because I didn't want to go up to 12 again.

icb well done on the size 12 swimming costume. I don't really know when to stop or how to maintain but I'm assuming human will get there first and will advise us! Before dd1 (4 years ago) I think I was about 11st and was very happy with myself but I would still have had a slightly high BMi, 26 or 27. I am more conscious of health now i am 40 as I had grandparents who had heart attacks and diabetes which is why I'm kind of aiming for 24 BMi but worried my face will look gaunt.

ICBINEG Mon 07-Jan-13 15:23:17

johnny I am starting to worry we are the same person....I started at 13st 10 thinking it was nearly 14 as well.

I have been looking at myself and thinking that I look alright now. Got my waist back etc. My extra 2 inches height mean I am into the 24s for BMI now so I guess I could stop.

But I keep remembering that I got married weighing 10st 4 and I really felt disappointed in myself about my weight. And when I look at my wedding photos I still feel I look over weight. And actually 10st 4 does put me over the middle BMI which is 22.

Not sure where this rambling is going....but anyway I think my point might be that (obviously) BMI is a shit measure of anything, but on the other hand we might have let out body image slip too far towards accepting fatness....

Dunno. We should probably not worry about it till we get there grin

ICBINEG Mon 07-Jan-13 15:24:15

also bang on about human getting there first! She can tell us the view from slim world!

ICB! Well done - you are doing so bloody well. You are a healthy weight grin
You must feel amazing!

I have tried Senekot is just for a weigh in day grin
Johnny - 25 pounds to go - those pounds don't stand a chance!!

What dress size does everyone think their will be at target??
I should be a 12-14. I am 5ft6in.

icb I think photos add weight, I've always been unphotogenic even when I was an average sized teenager, so it might not be as bad as you think. Have you asked anyone to honestly tell you what you looked like then? I'm sure your dh thought you were the most beautiful bride ever.

Fortunately I was 6 months preggers when I got married so didn't have to worry about my weight. grin

Weirdly I am fitting into lots of size 12s even though my norks are massive and my waist is still big. I think the brands I wear are generous sized (monsoon, phase 8, white stuff, next, great plains) so given that I've gone from 16 to 12 I imagine I'll go down to an 8 but that's ridiculous as I'm still aiming for a BMi of 24 which is a highish 'normal'.

Maybe I'll end up a top shop or H &m 12. (have been too scared to go in them for a few years.)

At the moment I am largely happy with my bum, legs and boobs but not my flabby stomach and overhang so I will be watching that area more than the others. I think I would be tempted to stop now if my tummy wasn't so awful.

I am tempted to exercise my stomach but I don't know if my stomach will be affected after 2 c-sections. Doctor said it was ok but it's not like they X-ray your stomach to check it out so I'm a bit frightened to do anything that focuses on it, although I might look into Pilates classes. Difficult with Pilates as you have to book 10 lessons in one go and it's hard to make that commitment.

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 18:25:53

I'm 5ft 9 so luckily have height on my side grin .
I'd like to be a size 12! Long way to go lol.
I've walked loads today smile .
Had breaded cod and savoury rice for dinner. I haven't had fish in years but fancied a change and I actually enjoyed it smile .

cookieowner Mon 07-Jan-13 18:48:04

Hi all
ive just come back on for first time after christmas
I weighed in and just put 1lb on since before xmas and no loss so pretty pleased as had a lot of meals out etc
So i am back to it as off on holiday in April and want to be at least a stone less by then although will still have another 2 to go


Yiu can do it first few weeks are hard but when Yiu see the numbers it is a boost rather than look at big picture can you think well let's try for 7lb and then see how feel when do that

I'm 5.7 and started at 20 stone and 1lb now 12 and 1/2 lb

Johnny not sure how old your dx are but I had 2 csections as well but have had no issued doing core stuff thoygh mine are 9 and 7 ( dd was a crash do messed scar)

Icb that's fab be a healthy weight think I need be about 11.4? But I do think we tend to be our own worse critics as weight wise I used to think at 9.7 I was overweight when younger sob if only I realised how good j had it then

The stretch marks and the sag well that's here to stay sighsad though my Gp may be dble to help due to sitting all the time I tend get sweaty rashes and infections so he said if I can get to a goal weight and maintain for 12
months he do referral on medical grounds see if can get a tummy tickgrin

Don't be do sure I'll get there first ladies I don't even know what I would class as slim for myself

I'm wearing 14 happily and can do up a12 but not pretty at all so there wait and will retry when I see 11 stone exact or just below on the scales

Right. BUGGER and BOLLOCKS. Somehow managed to try harder over the last week, and despite only putting on 1 lb over Christmas have managed to put on 2 in the last five days?!?

This is IT. I had a dream last night where I heard some people whispering 'checkpoint is obese isn't she?' and someone else saying no and then the other person saying yes but she is. confused and hmm

Also my DH has said he will get the checkpoint forever tattooed on his bum, and then added 'but I am not holding out much hope' WHAT!!!!? How rude.

So from this minute onwards I am on it with a vengeance.
There, said it. Just have to do it now.

So well done everyone, brilliant job this week. I will be competing for best weight loss next week!

Sorry to rant by the way.

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 19:51:31

Thanks Human smile You have done so well.
Just got to resist snacking on crap and then hopefully the weight will start to come off.

CCC- hey!! Listen <stern> I suspect you have a 'water' problem as you cannot put on weight if you have been sticking to your diet. You should have a brilliant loss next week.

I KNOW how you feel though.

I am just so sick of this hanging over my head. It needs to be done the quicker the better. I have been vowing to lose weight evry year since I was about 15 years old. I have haad enough to.

<bumps fists with CCC>

Yup I'm with youcan fed up of it weight and diet but can't get rid of one without the other

So shall just count down to April and look forward to doing a triple somersault with backflip added in of the wagon ( half board so not cooking either )

Tortoise Mon 07-Jan-13 22:10:35

Human I expect ypu have already done this on one of our threads but, can you give me/us an idea of the sort of foods you have and meals?

I fucked up again tonight blush sad

Schooldidi Mon 07-Jan-13 22:26:09

Hi all, festivedidi here.

I weighed this morning and have lost 1lb this week. I now weigh 14st9lbs. Ideally I want to get down to 11stone ish but that seems like such a long way away. I'm currently aiming for under 14st. 3 or 4 weeks sheould do it I think, as long as I'm properly focussed.

I've now got 2 weddings to go to in the summer, friends I don't see very often but am fairly close to, so i really want to be able to show off a new improved figure by then. First one is the end of May so I've got 20 weeks to do it in. If I lose roughly 1-2lbs per week (which people keep telling me is a healthy weight loss) then that would be nearly 3 stone off by then. I'd love that, as it would put me pretty much at target, and I think that should be about a 12-14. I've not been smaller than a 14 since dd1 was born 13 years ago.


My diet is very very low in calories as a wheelchair user I don't burn them same as you lot do I only eat around 500-600 a day at the moment will slowly increase when I get to goal to find out what's maximum to maintain and it probably even then only be around 1500. As out the house I use a powerchair so other than arm that drives it don't really burn many calories

I'm also low carbs to and gluten free as tried without gluten for a month as experiment and found it helped. The low carbs after first few weeks seemed help deal with the sugar cravings . Mine is also protein heavy as its good for tissue and skin protection which is essential for me as pressure sores can be deadly

Breakfast = Los fat Philli cheese and g/f crispsbreads . Lunch is chicken or turkey dinner is the same as lunch

Plus I take multi Vitimin daily and at least 2 litres a day of water often 3 also do have couple cups of coffee well in only human but since I drink it black no sugar anyway not to bad . Diet coke is only drunk kn rare occasions I go out and they are very rare

I find I have plenty of energy on it to , hair /nails /skin are all healthy and fine . Also Bp check is fine as well as blood work . Dr on proffesiobal level said should be horrified but on a personal level agrees its working fine and that all results are good so happy let me continue .
Also workout 30-40 mins a day first thing 5 days a week hence awake silly o'clock but if don't Di it early I find j make excuses though I took break for Xmas And was more lazy plus I play basketball once a week

Hi Didi

You can do it and tip small goals is the best way otherwise it's very daunting

Oh the other two things are I never eat after 6pm and I work out before eating breakfast
But my diet is not suitable for most people as remember your burning calories every time Yiu stand up and even move position I am seated all day often in one position so nothing below my waist is moving or burning calories

I am at my lightest in around 16 years since fell pregnant with ds2 after ds1 sigh I worried was fat at 10 . 8 as was around 9.7 -10 stone before hand

I like to get back to that if I can but am realstic I am 20 years older now then when had ds1 and sheesh at that I feel bloody old

Hello schooldidi - you CAN do it. I was 15st 7 after my son. I did get down to 11st 9 within a year just walking faster and using stairs, the odd jog ot gym session. Unfortunately I went back up to 13.10...angry and feel a mile away..but I shall be back to 12.7 soon and then I can concentrate on the next goals.
Small goals will do it - you can get there ONE DAY AT A TIME

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 10:04:49

Thanks for info human smile .
Walked to school and walked back the long way.
I've dragged my bike out the shed. It's currently upside down in my living room. Need to fix the puncture in back tyre and give it a good spray of wd40 then hopefully it will be ready to ride.
I was watching embarrassing fat bodies last night. Man on there was 40 stone and lost loads of weight by cycling to work daily. Made me think if he can do it so can I. I enjoy cycling and so do DDs so no excuse not to go out a few times a week and at weekends smile .

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 13:01:51

Oww my bum! 5.38 miles cycled in 44 mins. I'm pooped! Last summer I could do 10 miles fairly easily. I didn't want to push it too much today so aimed for 5 miles which I have achieved smile grin

Well done Tortoise!!! That is brilliant - you can have you food for the day and still feel angelic grin

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 13:38:16

Thanks youcan smile
Had half a carton of veg soup. Put some curry powder in as it wasn't a very tasty one! Had a sort of powdery texture. Ate it anyway, so hungry!

Dinner is mince. Possibly cottage pie or meatballs.

tortoise that's brilliant, I think that sort of distance would kill me.

Very jealous of your height. My mum is 5 ft 8 and has always been a size 16 and has always looked very good, whereas i have always looked slightly dumpy. I think she weighs about 12 1/2 stone but carries it really well. I'm sure that once you get to a 16 you will be so much happier about yourself that you will be more motivated to get down to a 12.

cookie that's a really good result, it sounds like we all did well over Xmas, we moderated ourselves and didn't put on as much as we could have.

checkpoint how rude! I would punish him by feeding him chicken, tuna and lentils with no enjoyable flavours whatsoever, just so he can see how bloody hard you're working. I tell you these last 3 months I have been obsessed with food and it pisses me off that dh hasn't noticed that we're eating a wider variety of food or that my old clothes are hanging off me.

Which reminds me, has anyone been on the intermittent fasting recipe thread? I only discovered it yesterday. It has lots of 250 cal recipes. I am going to eat some of those and add ingredients to increase the calories. I've got a food order coming tonight so I'm intending to make a butternut squash and chorizo casserole for the next two days. I'm also going to make something with lentils, courgettes and feta cheese and I might try adding bacon as my body can't cope with veggie food for more than two or three days, I'll start dreaming of steak or sausages.

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 16:07:54

Johnny That casserole sounds nice. Do you have a recipe or just make it up? Might be something I could do in the slow cooker. smile

Hi tort

It's here, only 264 cals so I may add a dollop of sour cream or have it with a small bread roll.

This is the link to the thread that I am finding so useful.

The courgette, lentils, feta one is on this page.

I also read a low carb thread (can't remember which one there are so many) and they suggested courgettes made a nice alternative to pasta. You can shred them or cut them finely and then I think you boil them and add pesto or another sauce.

oooh thanks JOhnny!! Tasty vair tasty smile

I am going to have a cup of tea and some malt loaf. Only had 700 cals today so can have a little something I think.

Hey all! Ta youcan <does fist bump back>
Yes johnny he is bloody rude. How on earth has your DH not noticed?!?!

tort Blimey that is fantastic, I envy you with your bike riding.

didi we are pretty much the same, I am 5ft 6 so I do look quite fat in some clothes. Bizarrely when I wear tighter things people say how slim I look confused I think I have a fairly thin waist and wrists, ankles etc, it is my stomach which lets me down!
I also have a wedding to go to in June, and is with uni mates who saw me when I was a stick (had a particularly party/clubbing lifestyle which helped with the weightloss wink ) so I am determined.

I am also looking at my fitness pal, very surprising how many calories things have that I wouldn't think twice about, eg small bags of raisins etc, an orange has 87 calories for example!!!!!

We will do this, we are established now, we are friends, we look out for eachother and we have human as our motivator so we will all be fine!

OMG didi by the way I wasnt saying we were the same and I am fat because I think you look fat, I just joined two sentences without thinking about it!!!!!!!

I just think we are starting from the same weight!!!! Eeeeeeek!

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 21:06:50

Thanks for recipe. Have added chorizo, butternut squash and passata to Tesco shop! Not sure Dds would eat it though.

Finished off my jar of jelly beans tonight. No more temptation.

Dds have requested cycling to school tomorrow. Will go for an extra ride after dropping them off. Think its going to be painful on the bum! It already hurts grin blush

CCC - I do not think you look fat at all...I was surprised when you told me your dress size..genuinely surprised. You do not look like what you weigh at - I would put you at atleast a stone less.
But still <bumpsfists again> we ARE doing it.

Johnny - have you given your DH any clue? He sounds like my husband. i lost 3 stone and he didn't notice confused That's MY DH not yours...haha

Go for it Tortoise! Your health will improve so much and your self esteem if you feel fit - even when I wasn't losing weight, just running made me feel confident because I knew I could run the socks of any of the slimmer mums I went running with.

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 22:03:26

I'd better invest in either a padded seat or some padded bum shorts to wear under trackies! grin

Schooldidi Tue 08-Jan-13 22:04:53

It's ok CCC I didn't think you were calling me fat. I think I look fat or I wouldn't be here. I'm 5'9" so am slightly taller than you but I am a definite apple shape so my belly is huge. I'm a size 18 atm and I would love to be a size 12, but a 14 is probably more realistic to maintain long term. I will be a 12 for the summer when I've got these wedding to go to though.

youcan checkpint I've bought loads of new clothes from eBay and sales and he's noticed them, just not me! He's always been unobservant when I get a haircut or manicure so i guess he's just crap. Most of my friends think it's just because he sees me every day but I think that's a rubbish excuse. If I'd lost 7lbs I wouldn't expect him to notice but 27? That's probably the weight of our 2 year old! And his jeans are hanging off him due to my diet but he hasn't twigged it might be because of my cooking!

didi another tall lady envy I'm sure you will look fabulous even if you maintain at a 14.

Grumble at y'all think I'm officially the shortest of you all as think in around 4 foot And sitting means I can't hide the belly

On train bus can be dangerous right in line if someone farts though bright side I'm right height to appreciate a nice arse in a man to tiwink

ICBINEG Wed 09-Jan-13 01:35:29

In pain and can't sleep.

Heard from DM this evening that she doesn't have the right gene for the only therapy which we were still holding out hope for.

This is it...she really isn't going to see her grandchildren grow up.

My head is spinning and I have to give a blinder of a talk at work tomorrow and I don't know how I can do it.

I know it's pointless posting now because even human won't be up exercising for another 3 hours but ....I don't even know but what.

Oh Icb I am so sorry sad

Have they offered any help or any treatment ? I can reccomend Macmillan nurses the support from them for my dad and rest if us was great

Ever need to talk pm me anytime

Sadly can relate I lost my dad 6 years ago to cancer he never got to see my younger ones getting older and changing

ICB - I am so sorry. I (thankfully) do not have experience of this. Can some posters on the other forums give some proper support with Human? I really hope you are getting some support irl from the right people? How is your DM?

Johnny - See how far you can push it with your DH - see if you can get his trousers to falls down in public!!

Tortoise Wed 09-Jan-13 07:49:56

ICB Sorry to hear that. I too have no experience, but ypu could start a thread in the right topic on here and I'm sure someone will have some good advice.

I'm still rather saddle sore this morning blush . Will see if dds still want to cycle to school.

Tortoise Wed 09-Jan-13 09:49:19

Cycled with dds to school then went for a quick ride. Another 5 miles done. Different route to yesterday's. Slightly harder, knackered now!

icb I am sorry to hear that. Could you postpone the work talk while you get your head around things? I'm sure people will understand. I'm sure you have brought your mum a lot of happiness by making her a grandmother.

youcan Getting his trousers down in public? Just like old times wink

ICBINEG Wed 09-Jan-13 10:51:31

Thanks all for the kind words.

It turns out posting on here was the magic trick and I was sound asleep about 30 seconds later.

Thank you for sharing your experience human I just know nothing about anything - including McMillan. However I will get internetting and see what I can find!

Johnny- maybe you should actually sabotage and add loads of fat to his meals. See if he notices the - the fun to be had from his inattention to detail is brilliant. Ever read The Twits grin?

Tortoise Wed 09-Jan-13 15:58:49

Another just under 2 miles cycled smile . Dds wouldn't have been happy if I hadnt picked them up from school on my bike.

Yay for tortoise!

youcan we do have a set of Ronald Dahl boooks so will see if the twits is there. Have never read it. I did wonder if dh was being polite (can't be easy for a man to comment on his wifes weight without saying the wrong thing) but I made loads of comments over Xmas about his jeans being too big expecting him to comment on my weight and he didn't.

Such a healthy day. Had chorizo and butternut squash casserole twice with loads of veg and a bacon sandwich for breakfast and am still under 1,000 cals. Got the scary message from mfp about too few calories so I will be having some Xmas cake as a treat later.

Tortoise Wed 09-Jan-13 20:15:38

Just spent nearly an hour not combing DDs! DD2 had loads and she's got short hair! angry I think we might be cycling again in the morning. grin

Tortoise Wed 09-Jan-13 20:16:20

That would be NIT combing. grin

Oh ich that is sad news. How is your mum coping? Oh gosh, what a shock, especially if you had a bit of hope there.sad

Have done a two mile brisk walk with two pals who are doing that London midnight marathon thing so they were going for it!

Oh Ta youcan kiss, very kind! And thanks didi!!!!! For forgiving me!

Ha ha johnny!! <smacks johnny's DH's bottom>

Tortoise Wed 09-Jan-13 23:40:48

Well done on the walk Checkpoint.

My legs have gone all achy. Guess from all the cycling. grin

Messed up tonight by eating 2 pain au chocolat and drinking a bottle of bud. Last one from Christmas booze! So no more beer in house.

Tortoise Thu 10-Jan-13 14:27:04

Haven't been out cycling today but walked just over 3 and a half miles this morning.
2 more to go by doing school pick up plus DDs have gymnastics tonight so that's a few more miles then too grin .

youcan you have powers!

As you were contemplating dh's trousers falling down they did in fact split thereby revealing his undergarments to his workplace blush

He always runs up stairs two at a time and while doing so ... RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP!

So ladies we had better not get in youcan's bad books.... shock

Icb how are You doing ?

Johnny am giggling at that image bet he had a red face how long did it take you to stop laughing

Checkpoint that's done going well done

Tortoise your have legs of steel all the cycling and nits are my dread I nuked then last tone with chemical as DD has very curly hair and mines long so could not face daily combing

Johnny shock

I always thought I had something magical about me....Poor DH <snigger>
Serves him right!!

ICBINEG Thu 10-Jan-13 18:46:40

Whoa! nice voodoo youcan

I am feeling a lot better today - post talk and having a bit more head space to devote to emotion.

I also had a big talk with my sister today so that helped a lot.

<may have had an oh-fuck-it-all burger last night>


To be honest of you had several followed by wine perfectly understandable

Ok ladies I have exactly 8 months in fact less as we go to airport on the 9th September my goal was 10 but going to shift to between 9 and 9.7 so will need all help can get

Plan is bar my 4 days of IB April to stick to it strictly and workout 5 days a week so please please kick me

I need loose 35lb -42lb ideally

Schooldidi Thu 10-Jan-13 19:50:37

ICB I don't think anyone would blame you for as many burgers as you wanted to eat. I think with that sort of news I would probably eat my own bodyweight in chocolate (that's a MASSIVE amount of chocolate!). I hope you're doing ok.

I would offer to kick you regularly Human but I fear it would frowned upon wink. I'll just shout through the computer screen if that's ok with you. I hope you will do the same for me when I'm ready to call it quits and eat tons of chocolate and sweets. I've got 20 weeks til my friend's wedding so I'm aiming to stick to the WW plan completely and attempt to fit more exercise in. The exercise is going to have to wait a little while though as I have hundreds of reports to write at the minute (slight exageration, only 60 really).

Tortoise Well done on all the cycling. Are you following a particular plan for your diet or are you just trying to do it yourself? I'm finding that I do better when I'm properly following either WW or SW (they are roughly the same as each other) than when I do it on my own (because I cheat when I'm doing it myself).

Johnny your poor dh shock.

Tortoise Thu 10-Jan-13 20:13:14

didi I'm just doing my own thing and trying to remember to track it on mfp on my phone.

Today hasn't been too good. Been a bit snacky. Haven't had dinner yet. Waiting for Tesco delivery.

Ahahahahah!!!!! johnny that is so funny!!!!!!!!! grin poor DH!

Shit youcan didn't know you had those powers!!!!! Rethinks cancelling meeting youcan tomorrow?!?!? (wink )

Ps ich saw your thread, tried to stick up for you but then realised that I was 8 pages too late........

human I am still sniggering and will be for some time. Unfortunately he is the most laid back person on the planet and he calmly went out and bought new trousers at lunchtime. Didn't seem too mortified, but he did get annoyed with me laughing at him.

I am now thinking of 'sewing' his old trousers back together to see if it can happen again! I can't sew on a button so this wouldn't be too challenging! (youcan started reading the twits and I feel inspired!)

icb glad that today has been better.

schooldidi hope you had a good day, it must be so motivating knowing you'll get in a 12 for the wedding you're going to. I used to hate buying outfits for special occasions and now I'm thinner noones having any. Want some of my friends to get married just so I can buy a posh frock.

I booked some Pilates classes! Start next week. Need to buy exercise clothes (not as exciting as a wedding outfit but much cheaper)

Johnny I would just go with tshirt and leggings or maybe yoga pants rather than anything to expensive

Tortoise I have found key for me is in the planning I may even got a bit OCD about it

Had a sneaky weight check and it is defintley slowing weight loss no longer seeing the 4/5 lb losses any more but not like I can cut back any more and or add more excerscise . But I half expected it long as it goes down its ok

Didi Yiu can do it maybe hacd a look at the dress that you want to wear rather than a dress that your have to wear of don't loose the weight

ICB- I saw the thread too and saw I was bloody late to it otherwise I would have stuck up or you too angry That thread didn't no one any good - it was a very Them and Us attitude. Bastards some of them.

I think about the 'obesity epidemic' (pah!) quite a lot. I think people do not deserve this vitriol about their weight - that thread had such silly comment about people still being fat at a size 14 by today's standards.

I feel as though it could something that is happening as a species evolvement. We are programmed to eat when food is in good supply, to store fat etc That in conjunction with social constraints of money (crap food is cheaper) - we are destined to be fatter by the standards of 1950's. FGS - I hate when people say we are x amount of times bigger than in the 1970's. TIMES CHANGE.

It is perfectly acceptable to think that Mankind is growing taller and laying down fat supplies for a reason and that may be that something bad might happen and the species will die down or thin out again in a thousand years or so.

As long as a person is healthy and not suffering ill effects of their weight I do not see any problem with fat.

ICBINEG Fri 11-Jan-13 09:50:13

Ha! that was by no means the biggest shit storm thread of my week. At least some of it was a bit of an exageration anyway...although xmas eating showed me that even with only one eye on the ball let alone not thinking at all I will pile on the pounds again.

Tis really really crap.

ICBINEG Fri 11-Jan-13 10:12:20

Also I might have had another Miranda moment. Honestly I have been swimming twice since the boss meeting, foot hooking, backward swimming effort with no problems whatsoever (you know like a normal adult!). But I think last night was pay back.

Getting out the pool at the end I was well chuffed at having swum 500m (double my previous record) but was a bit wobbly and had pins and needles all up my forearms. I decided I would ask one of the lifeguards if that was normal (I have a heart condition and get a little paranoid sometimes). Having made this resolution I realise the only guy left on duty is a 6 foot tanned, toned, 20 something godlet in training. But I decide not to be intimidated by this and plough on, trying desperately not to appear tongue tied. He informs me that if I have been doing mainly breast stroke, it is totally normal as the muscles cramp up slightly and restrict blood flow. Trying not to swoon that this adonis is as smart as he is well chiselled, I head to the lockers.

And this is where it goes wrong.

See I hate the fecking lockers because they are on the typical crappy hard plastic strap with key system. And it's faffy to get the key in and out of the strap and faffy to take the strap on and off and I am only going to get my shampoo out. So buoyed up by having found the confidence to speak to hunky surfer-dude, I decide to get one up on the locker too. I decide that I can unlock it without bothering to take the strap off.

So I wrestle the key out from its slot in the strap and insert it in the lock and turn. This immediately causes problems as my arm has to rotate from comfortable horizontal to a rather uncomfortable hand down elbow in the air vertical orientation. It is also the moment I realise that I am wearing the strap on my left wrist and the lockers open left to right, so having opened the door I cannot actually reach around to get the shampoo out whatsoever. After a brief moment of consternation, I admit defeat and try and remove the key - which of course I cannot do. You have to turn the key to the locked position to release it and that tinkling noise I heard when I embarked on this action was my pound coin falling out of the lock into the catch tray. Not a problem except that from my current arm locked position I cannot reach the coin tray either.

So I am standing there (well I am bent over with my elbow in the air), my arm locked to the locker door and my mind utterly blank with rage that the locker has well and truly kicked my ass, when hunk of the century saunters up and smooth as you like says "let me help you with that" and very calmly undoes the fecking strap.

I am not sure that there is any way of talking your way out of this situation with dignity but I am certain it isn't to mutter "I knew that, I knew that...erm..but thanks anyway....stupid lockers" and then slink off.

What am 6 years old?

Tortoise Fri 11-Jan-13 12:04:16

That made me laugh ICB grin . Well done on the swim.

I had a terrible dinner last night of home made chips cooked in deep fat fryer, topped with beans and cheese

Today I have the worst ever deadly stinky wind ever know to man, woman, child or animal shock grin blush

OMG ICB!! I am going to utter a phrase I have NEVER uttered before....
"swoon". That lifeguard is gorgeous, reasonably intelligent and helpful. Fuck your misdemeanor - you are going to have the DREAMS of your LIFE tonight.

Oh he sounds like just the right incentive to keep you swimming regularly.
Get a new costume with push up padding. See if youc an make him sweat....

I am well jel' grin

<sneaks in>


I know I said a million years a couple of days ago I was back and then disappeared, but it's not my fault. Stoopid pills are making me forget everything atm.

I have just done a sneaky weigh 14st 3. I am actually happy with that considering it's past midday and I have eaten today grin It's not that far off 2 stones lost since I started grin

Plus, I bought some clothes with xmas money and I fit into a 14!!! Properly fit, not sucking in stomach and can barely breathe fit, properly fit!!

That being said, can someone fill me in on what I've missed? Pretty please. I hope everybody is doing well and are noticing results grin

Hey fuck ! Bloody hell, a 14! Brill, I am still in an 18 and I am 14.0 this morning, well done you!

ich AHHAAAAHAHA!!!! Actually laughing!!!! Have all sorts of hilarious images in my head! <breathe>!!!!!!!

Went to doc today (keep having palpitations, prob to do with thyroid but am sufficiently paranoid to get it looked at) and the nurse told me I was in danger of getting diabetes and that I needed to lose weight. I was temporarily shocked but quite refreshed actually that she told me! And she gave me a nice book to look at too, BHF advice book. So I told her all about our thread and she said it sounded brilliant. (which it is of course)! grin

So my resolve has strengthened again as my dad has diabetes and it isn't pretty.

Ha ha still laughing at the locker thinking it has kicked your arse and you muttering 'stupid locker' so funny!!!!

CCC- oh sad Did she weigh you then <nosey>?

Did you raise the issue or did she? Anything good in the books? I suppose it is good that you had someone tell you to your face but....very upsetting.

I went to the docs a couple of years ago with swollen knees/ ankle after running. He told me my weight was to blame and I was very shaken. I just nidded along in the room but when I left I felt very low. I think I weighed 14 stone then and I had lost a stone and a half and was feeling GOOD about myself. The thruth really bloody hurts sometimes.

Hope you are ok xx

Nodded not nidded


Sorry but that just made me laugh out loud as for other thread never saw it as admit I tend stick to this one and not been on MN much as been browsing Disney stuff

Checkpoint glad you went better safe than sorry and Ekk on nurse but glad she did it sensitive and as for clothe size think can depend where Yiu carry the weight

Wow fuckitu go you and yup buying new clothes makes you feel good and incentive

Stands upwind of tortoise wink

I may have a day of end of month am meeting the person that got me into the yoga I Di and been key support in helping adapt and nagging and kicking my arse
He is in uk on work stuff and flying in to airport near me So has messages to say he wants to treat me to lunch ( he is married but he not a sleeve do speak to his wife who thanked me as I nag him to do his stuff to )so on based its a rare treat I shall have a fuck it lunch and accept the gain )

Charlie I have the 'advantage' of being 6ft, so I can get away with being heavier than normal sized people.

I glad the palpatations were fine, and it's always good that you know you are already taking steps to prevent diabetes smile

Does anybody fancy a lesson about Saturn? It's currently DS' favourite planet and he has been teaching me about it for 3 bloody days now. He's 3 and the lessons are very short and repetitive and I am slowly losing my mind confused

ICBINEG Fri 11-Jan-13 17:42:40

hmm the doctors weight thing...I have gone in to my last 5 or so appointments massively gunned up and prepared to talk about weight. And of course noone has mentioned it.

And then they just drop it on you when you aren't expecting it.

I also think they should ask you what you are doing about weight already before mentioning it or giving advice etc. Some people are in denial and may be very very shocked. Others already have a working plan in action and the last thing a doctor to do is derail that with a misplaced comment.

So erm basically they should suss out the landscape a bit before diving in...

ICBINEG Fri 11-Jan-13 17:43:25

FFF ohhh I would LOVE to hear about saturn! <physics geek>

ICBINEG Fri 11-Jan-13 17:49:33

saturn...what do I know about saturn....

It is big...although not as big as Jupiter. It has loadsa moons and of course the rings. It is a gas giant. It is 6th furthest from the sun...

hmm not that much it turns out. The words cassini divide have also emerged but disconnected from any sort of context...something to do with the rings maybe...gah stupid brain.

I don't even know if like Jupiter it has a solid core or if it isn't big enough for the gravitational pressure to have condensed one...well I guess it must be at leasta liquid...

<rambles inanely>

I'll send him over in the morning ICB grin I am trying to gently steer him towards the solar system as a whole (for variety) but it just comes back to 'Saturns rings are made of ice that has clumped together, Saturn has seven rings' lmao

I've been trying to find some good websites for him to have a play about on but they all seem to be for older children, so if you or anybody knows a good one for a 3 year old?

If only he would apply his brain to other things like, ya know, doing his trousers up after going to the toilet <sigh>

Apparently it has a middle of rock and ice but is then layers of farts (I presume he means gas. Thanks Grandad hmm), but then he got annoyed because I told him he would't be able to walk on it

His solution? I want a spacesuit for my birthday, then I'll be able to!

Well I can offer a child give lessons in Pokermon every fact you did not want to know

Deal! I know nothing about Pokemon apart from Pikachu so at least I'll be learning something new!

Ahhhh, sweet! My dd who is just 4 has a poster in her room with all the planets on, I got it from the local garden centre and it is brill, has a little fact box about each planet too, would that help? Or usbourne might do some chld friendly websites, will have a look!

human that sounds exciting, is he a kind of guru then?

I really don't mind about the mentioning the weight thing, I was sat up with my top hoiked up on a wheely chair thing, so not my most flattering position, but she is right and I am really not easily offended at all. She had been telling me about a 60 year man who had just been in for a blood test ( I had one first and she asked me if I was ok with it, and I said 'i have had two children crack on) and he had whimpered and flinched, I was laughing so much at that I think she thought we were mates!!!!! grin

The book is good, very slimming worldy ie eat 7 portions of starch a day, 8 portions of veg or fruit, 3 of protein and only 100 calories from fat. So very sensible and actually much better than MFP which is quite limiting for pasta and rice etc. so I might use that instead.

Either way it is a good wake up call, and in fact a distinct reality unless I get my arse (literally) sorted out!

Haing said that, it is Friday and I have some wine with my name on a a thread full of drunk people to deal with!

Oh bless CCC - enjoy the wine. You have a thicker skin than me!! Bring the book next friday x

Fuxkity - your son sounds adorable. Same age as mine?? My ds is 4 in March?

Will do babes.

Enjoy the wine Charlie I might have a cheeky rum and coke later on but not enough for the drunk thread.

Youcan Yep, he's 4 in Feb. This age is soooo much fun, despite how exhaausting it is

Ah Fuckity - yes but so sweet. My ds has some days where he is very trying but other days when i could just eat him he is so adorable.

Schooldidi Fri 11-Jan-13 21:41:05

ICB I really laughed at your swimming pool escapade. That sounds like something I would do, but of course I would have a 2yo with me as well and she would probably climb into the locker or run off so I would be unable to run after her.

FFF My dd2 has just discovered letters and I get a constant stream of 'look, there's B for me, there's m for you, and d for daddy'. Wherever we go she is spotting letters that belong to people. It's lovely but it's driving me mad. I'd like some facts about Saturn for a change, can we swap for a while (does yours sleep? If so would you be willing to swap permanently?)?

CCC I was told that 3.5 years ago and it's taken me this long to do anything about it blush. I went to the GP about my fertility and she found I have pcos which often leads to diabetes as it can cause insulin resistance (which makes it harder to lose weight but easier to put it on apparently). I did lose about 2 stone but then fell pg, which was in fact my aim, so pretty much fell off the losing weight wagon. I'm a bit blase about getting diabetes though as most of my family have it so I'm pretty much resigned to getting it at some point and I'll just control it with medication or insulin. My mum was diagnosed 33 years ago and it's only just starting to affect her in any way. It is better to do something about trying to avoid it though, which is partly why I'm here, as well as wanting to feel better about myself and to be in tip top condition for when I persuade dp to have another baby.

We could all set up child-swap days so we can talk about something different! Sadly, mine isn't a sleeper sad

For the last week, OH has been sleeping downstairs so he doesn't keep elbowing me in the back and DS has got into a routine of sleeping in his bed, then about 2am climbing in with me, and then about 5am going downstairs and climbing in with OH until it's time to get up. He's going to be gutted when OH can come back with me again grin

Although it will stop him watching stupid shopping adverts in the morning. He was asking me about what I had on my boobs yesterday and then in all seriousness, started telling me about a genie bra that will give me boobs when mine disappear and how it has pads to give me shape shock

Fuckity in that case mine is all yours he was still awake at 11pm !! He is good and stays in room but sleep for the weak mind maybe reason is often falls asleep on way home from school ( has hour ride as in speech unit )

Hehe love the bra reccomendatikns will ask him one for me I quite like mine ti disappear


Guru no just flaming obsessed with them

Youcan enjoy the wine

Ok is it wrong I have enjoyed looking at menus for holiday so can plan where we eat that know my fusspot kids will eat as have to book character meals in March even though not till September . But I'm planning in my head what will eat

Ccc I saw a Differnt a locum and he mentioned my weight recently I nearly twatted him when he said I need loose a little bit as classed as overweight . Told my nice Gp And he laughed said considering what I was and classed as morbid obese being overweight is nothing and to ignore him

icb how funny! Nice to have a hunky lifeguard, that's even more of a reason to go swimming (hopefully he won't remember you're the woman who got stuck to the locker)

fuckitty well done on loss, at 14 I bet you look great.

ccc glad nurses comments didn't upset you. I got told off for being obese when I was expecting dd2 and it upset me. Such a bad time to say it, it's not like you can lose weight and exercise, and I was eating healthily and avoiding the stuff they tell you to.

I had a bad day yesterday.
1. Man on busy train gave his seat to me, must look pregnant. Is it possible every part of me is shrinking except my stomach? Saw a friend and she said 'wow your arms have shrunk' my arms weren't big before but now it seems they're tiny.
2. Tried on leggings and nasty gym clothes for my pilates course which starts next week and i just about squeezed into a 14. I hate vanity sizing, most of my clothes now are a 12 but I choose generous brands so I am in denial about my real size which probably is a 14. Anyway I look awful and it's put me right off my classes. It's like a catch 22, I don't want to do any exercising until I look less like a blob but I won't look less like a blob until I exercise.
3. Ate 4 cakes (but they were small) as a result of the above 2 but went without dinner so hopefully it won't make too much of a difference, I've been healthyish the rest of the week.

My dds are obsessed with the moon. But I think that's because they don't like going to bed and the moon comes out at bedtime so it's a delaying tactic to ask to look for the moon!

Johnny I know it seems hard thinking everyone be slim and toned bit often they ate not and a right mix of people . The gym bunnies tend not to much as its not high impact

Man in train may just been brought up to offer a woman a seat on a train both my boys would do automatically for a older person or a woman or a young child as otherwise they know I growl at them to do anyway

Yup I felt like slapping and saying Ffs not easy to loose weight in one if these things and deck it 8 stone is good going so stick it in pipe and smoke after you removed head from own arse


<sits down>

well...Johnny - sounds liek no damage done at all if you skipped dinner. Not something you should do oftne Young lady <stern look> but I know how the things you mentioned can make you feel shit. I had a small cookie yesterday....I just could not refuse when I gave the kids some.

Human - how you feeling for weigh in tomorrow? You must get so excited on a sunday to see what good you have done?? I am feeling like I have lost abit...hopefully a good chunk of the 5.5 pounds I put on. I am back MFP now and tryin to do less than 1000 until I catch up with xmas weight gain.

So I will be taking some little green pillstonight. Because I have been on mainly soup and cereal bars I think I have visited the WC about once this week and feel bloated - TMI I know blush

Anyhoo...just thought i would say 'hi'. Goodluck for tomorrow weigh in ladies. I am ever surprised that we are still here, in touch and dealing with our weight one bastard pound at a time.


It's slowed down now so not Look quite as good as it did before but will keep going chipping away at the weight and still using the smaller goals method

Yup youcan tip drink lots and lots of water with tablets and if Yiu can drink hit water they work better ( I have a non functioning bowel due to accident so rely on the little pills to work and yes I always do on a Subday ready for weigh In Monday

Yup were here and Loosibg slowly we can do it ladies it's not if Yiu fall it's how you pick self up and try again

Schooldidi Sun 13-Jan-13 08:56:10

Is it ok if I weigh in on a Sunday as I'm always really busy on a Monday? I'm going to anyway, so I hope nobody minds. I weighed this morning and now weigh 14st 5.5lbs. That's a loss of 3.5lbs this week so I'm really pleased with myself grin.

FFF I'd love a child swap day. I'm not sure dd2 would enjoy it though as she is cripplingly shy and will not speak to people she doesn't know well, even mil gets the cold shoulder a lot of the time and she obviously does know her.

Youcan I hope this isn't a long term plan to restrict yourself so much and then take pills, it's really not a healthy way to lose weight <wags finger>. You need to make sure your body is getting the right amount of nutrients you know.

Johnny A lot of men give up their seats for women, whether they are pregnant or not so don't worry about that. As for gym/pilates clothes, I wear loose 'yoga pants' and a big tshirt. I still look shit but not as shit as if I tried to wear leggings. I don't think they are a particularly good look for anyone. BUT I don't think anyone will notice how you look in your gym clothes, they'll all be too self-conscious about how they look in theirs, I know I never notice what other women are wearing.

Human you'd think locums would want to avoid conversations about weight wouldn't you? They don't know your history or anything.

My af is now 5 days late. Time to POAS for most people isn't it? BUT I have pcos and for most of my life I wouldn't even have noticed that I was late because I was so irregular. It's only the past year that I've been regular enough to notice it. I don't want to get my hopes up so I'm pretending not to notice that I'm late for another week or so (although I did buy a couple of tests yesterday in case I change my mind)

POAS!!!! I am so excited for you.........good luck didi!!

I am only on under 100 for this week trying to get rid of xmas weight gain. Then back to 1200 a day smile

Schooldidi Sun 13-Jan-13 10:16:47

Thing is, I would be excited, but dp would be horrified. So I'm rather in 2 minds about it. It's very unlikely as we've only dtd twice this month and used condoms both times with no accidents that we noticed. But then again I said that this time last year and I was, but then had a mc, after spending weeks persuading dp that it wasn't the end of the world to be having another baby. That's another reason I don't want to POAS, if it's a bfp then I have a period tomorrow then it's a miscarriage, but if I don't then it's just a period that happened to be late iyswim.


Maybe give it a few more days then so are a couple weeks then retest . Loosing weight can help with pcos

Schooldidi Sun 13-Jan-13 14:14:47

No need to poas sad Af turned up while I was in Morrisons. I should have known that aknowledging it was late would make it turn up.

Oh sad

Sometimes things are just shit aren't they. Sorry didi thanks

Tortoise Sun 13-Jan-13 17:50:27

Sorry to hear that didi sad. (((hugs)))

How's everyone feeling about tomorrows weigh in?
I'm dreading it again as I've had a terrible few days sad . If I get a chance later I might drag the exercise bike out and do an hour on there watching tv. Got ebaying to do first though.

Hi all

Thanks for reassurance. Hmmm wonder if any of you live in London as men never give their seats up here! Apart from the nice one on Friday!

Bring on the vile workout gear, by Easter I will be buying a smaller size.

didi i'm sorry to hear that, how disappointing.

Went to a party last night and ate a lot of food, but much less than i would've done. It was mainly stodgy carbs and savouries - my idea of heaven. I find I am a bit of a scientist at all social occassions now observing 'thin' people. I have discovered that they eat less than me and often turn down food!

Hi tortoise. I always dread weigh in because there have been a few weeks where I've lost nothing and I've eaten really well. I have had two days this week where I haven't really stuck to the diet.

Tuna salad for lunch today and soup in a minute so really unexciting food today. Will do an Internet food order tonight so I can plan menus for next week as I do much better when I'm organised.

ICBINEG Sun 13-Jan-13 18:16:53

I am doomed for the weigh in tomorrow. Am having AF from hell (has been a recurrent problem since giving birth tbh) and have been stuffing in the chocolate ever since the news about my DM hit home.

But never mind...Ill post it up whatever it is and then try and use it for motivation to do better next week...

Schooldidi Sun 13-Jan-13 20:22:09

It's stupid for me to be disappointed, we're not even ttc. An accident is my only hope of another baby but surely we would notice a condom malfunction? Any thoughts on how I could arrange a condom malfunction in a way that is not immediately obvious (because it could take months)? I am joking really but it's very frustrating for me to want another baby so much and him to flatly refuse.

tortoise I've already weighed in this week so I'm feeling fine about it. If you are struggling with the diet is there anything you can change about the times/days you find you struggle with? Like if you are struggling with evening snacking, could you make sure you have plenty of fruit in to snack on, or popcorn is surprisingly low calorie? Or if it's portion sizes for main meals, or eating the wrong thing at main meals then could you look for lower calorie versions of the foods you like to cook so that you can have the portion sizes you want? I know that I like big portions of food so i make a lot of slimming world or weightwatchers recipes because they are made lower fat so I can eat more for the same calorie values iyswim.

Icb Right now in your life I don't think you need to beat yourself up about eating a bit too much chocolate. You can't possibly be eating any more of it than I did at my lowest point last year, be kind to yourself, and just get back in gear whenever you are ready.

Tortoise Sun 13-Jan-13 21:11:29

didi Think i just struggle full stop lol. I can go all day without eating but then as soon as i eat it seems to trigger the 'I want more' feeling. Portion size is also a problem though.

Think i have AF due end of the week.

didi oh no, very sorry to hear that, does your DH know how much you want another baby?

What are these pills you speak of youcan? Do I need some?!

Good luck all my lovely pals x

Ha CCC - senekot haha!!

I am just taking night before weigh in. I have been on soup and vegetables this week and need a bit of assistance grin

Good luck all for weigh in. I am in a pensive mood. I feel that if I haven't done well I want to throw the towel in. But I will not.. I can not.

Ohhh!!! Might try then, know what you mean re eating veg.......!

Sorry Didi must be hard wanting when other does not

With everything else going on in surprised you not ate all our weight in chocolate be kind to yourself it's been hard few weeks


Sometimes a bad few days seems ti kickstart our bodies and yup it does open your eyed you find self people watching more oh and yes I'm a savoury person to

I find Im not missing chocolate or cake shock but cheese and sausage rolls well sad

Tortoise maybe keep diary for week of what you are eating see if there is a pattern if when You are most hungry and not eating means once Yiu start your brain goes ekkk I'm hungry and we may not get anything for ages better stock up

Btw. I can reccomend Mirena I kinda forgotten what an AF is since I had it . Must check feeling due for new one . Mind it be immucalte conception if I did fall pregnant but am used to not having AF any more

Nope you can who knows if not good this week then next week it may fall of sometimes seem to stick a while mind lol not if your taking senna nothing sticks around

Schooldidi Sun 13-Jan-13 22:15:16

Tortoise I would second Human's suggestion of a food diary. I find that if I graze all day I do better than if I try and starve myself and then eat more in the evenings. Maybe try eating smaller meals throughout the day? I don't think I go more than about 3 hours without food most days blush although a lot of the time it's a bit of fruit mid morning or a low fat yogurt mid afternoon, not a full blown meal. I wouldn't be able to eat nothing all day and just eat an evening meal, I would binge completely and it would be pointless having starved myself all day.

Morning all <yawn>

I have lost my chirstmas weight gain....5lbs off for me but it was bloody hard living on soup and veg all week. I honestly cannot stomach the last few pots in the freezer...the parsnip soup is like baby puree...

I can start afresh now and start making progress again so no slacking for me this week. I must get closer to that 12...

Tortoise Mon 14-Jan-13 07:56:03

Well done youcan smile
I stayed the samesad
I have been doing better at having lunch most days. smile Need to cycle more again this week. I ruined all that with bad eating blush .

Down a pound. Now 11 st 10. Really pleased as i had a big lunch with a friend on friday and a party on saturday. Comfortably away from 12, I don't ever want to be over 12 st again.

youcan and tortoise those are really good results. Tortoise you might not have lost but you'll be getting fitter (and getting your kids fitter) so brilliant. Youcan 5lbs is amazing. When dh gets back you will be a 12!

ICBINEG Mon 14-Jan-13 09:25:23

ho hum. Well technically I am down 1 lb but that is because I went from 155.6 to 155.4 and have always been rounding to nearest lb.

On the one hand it could have been worse given the AF and binging on burgers and chocs. On the other hand I have been within touching distance of 10s at the start for a month now.

Must not stall! Right it is 10s or bust this week! NO MORE EXCUSES.

ICBINEG Mon 14-Jan-13 09:26:09

Well done losers (and in view of my own efforts) well done stayers the same. January is a tough one!

Morning rather late but got a pooly grizzly baby and snow to

Ok you stayed the same but it shows that you have learnt moderation and that if gave few bad days that Yiu can balanced it out

Well done youcan hope Yiu been able to go

Yay johnny go you

2 and 1/2 off for me takes me below 12 stone grin am 11.12 now

Tortoise yes 1lbboc muscle weighs same as 1lb of fat but changing fat to muscle may not give weight loss but it will give Yiu inches lost


You had one hell of a week so that is still good going

Tortoise yes 1lbboc muscle weighs same as 1lb of fat but changing fat to muscle may not give weight loss but it will give Yiu inches lost


You had one hell of a week so that is still good going

Well done all! I managed three pounds so next week will be the righ side of 14 stone, never to be seen again!!!!

Blimey youcan that is hardcore!!!!! grin

Tortoise Mon 14-Jan-13 11:51:31

Human I have to disagree. sad. I have no moderation in my eating. Especially this week end. I had huge plates full of crap plus various crap inbetween. Today is off to a bad start too.
Miserable weather combined with sitting at home = snaking sad
I'm bored and have things I should be doing but my motivation is at an all time low sad

Well done losers smile

An excellent weigh in this week. EVEN havn't put on. That is good - it is an achievement when we rely so heavily on food.

What things are you wanting to get done??
I know how hard this need to set aside a few days where you have as little to do socially as possible and 'detox' yourself. You will want food so badly it will occupy your every waking second (and sleeping if you are like me)..but once you go through the wall you will havea couple of good weeks - enough to light ther fire in you.

There is another option you may not have considered is ok to not lose weight you know. If you don't feel ready then maybe now is not your time. You can concentrate on moderation for now and stay the same for a month. Then try a little crack down for a few days a week. Then do that for a month. Sometimes we are not ready...and that is fine too smile

Tortoise fact is though you not lost you obviously doing something right as you not put it on despite Yiu saying ate crap

Yup youcan is right took me long time ti be ready to do it and had lots of false starts and put on more weight !!

Tortoise Mon 14-Jan-13 14:01:05

Well, things to do are mainly housework and I'm self employed as an eBay seller and have a box of clothes to list and a box of jeans/trousers to sort that haven't sold individually. Need to put in same size bundles I think. Also lots of paper work to do.

All I've done is fold some washing and put another load on!

I want and need to lose weight. Have been trying on and off for years and years. If I keep putting it off im going to end up heavier and heavier sad .

Tortoise could you set small goals around house eg paper work for 20 mins then a sit down then another chore and then reward self with Tv

14st 2 so 1lb lost smile

Still no exercise yet, but my back is a lot better so I might have a gentle go on the exercise bike tonight and see how I go. I'm signed off work til the 23rd anyway, so if it does hurt I will just stop and leave it another couple of days

didi How disappointing sad

Tortoise Not putting on is great, especially if you have been eating crap.

Tortoise Mon 14-Jan-13 17:35:27

I'm making that squash and chorizo stew tonight. Does it need rice with it or something?

ICBINEG Mon 14-Jan-13 18:18:32

Okay when do toddlers grow out of the endless repeating phase?

DD has systematically fed every single one of her playmobile people and animals to her bathtime shark and then insisted that I kiss each one better....silly silly me I imagined she would stop once everyone had lost a leg...but no...back to the start....and again..and again...

I wouldn't mind so much but every new mutilation is accompanied by a small but extremely ear piercing scream.....

Hi tortoise. When I made it I had it with broccoli and found it quite filling but I don't really like rice anyway so tend to avoid it.

Icb dd2 (who is 2) is still going through that phase. In the right mood she still throws things on the floor and gets upset until you give them back. Then she throws them on the floor again...

Tonight's dinner is the courgette, lentils and feta salad that I linked to last week. Only 250 cals.

No clue icb forgot with mine and niece still into it but she only 14 months I call her my mini demon she like a whirlwind and they all in bed now well she and my two younger ones think my teens allergic to early nights

Ha ha that is really funny ich!!!!! ESP the scream!

My dd is trying to get me to fight her all the time, anyone who has seen the Diary of a Wimpey kid, when the two boys kind of circle eachother she does that with her teeny fists pointing at me, then she suddenly roars and flies at me, knocking me over and pumping her fists as hard as she can.... OW!

Well,done fuck! Great start!

I am considering going to a man over the road who has a fitness studio and does all manner of fighting training! I don't do running anymore and can't do jumping about or jogging so am limited. Quite like the idea of fighting too.... Only prob is that it is £15 a session which is a bit beyond me at the mo... What to do?!

Oh and I keep meaning to out this quotation up, I read it on a other thread:

'being overweight is hard, dieting is hard. Choose your hard.'

That has helped me to focus this week.

Ps johnny that dinner sounds lovely.

Schooldidi Mon 14-Jan-13 20:29:38

ICB my dd2 will be 3 in March and still has massive repetitious phases. She makes us do the same things over and over and over again. Yesterday it was the blackboard 'draw a bed with mummy and dd2 in it' then she would rub it out and I would have to draw the same picture again. I think I drew that picture about 30 times!! And endless games, she got a few basic board games for Christmas and we play the doggy bone game 5 or 6 times in a row. So I can't remember when they grow out of it but it still seems a way away yet for us.

Tortoise As everyone else has said, not putting on is good. Now if you can do what you did last week but miss out a couple of the treats then it'll be a loss. Small steps is fine, it isn't a race it's a new way of life.

Schooldidi Mon 14-Jan-13 20:30:13

Oh and well done to all the other losers. grin

Tortoise Mon 14-Jan-13 21:31:35

Well, the squash and chorizo stew was pretty tasty smile .DS1 tried some and said it was delicious! grin Had it with savoury rice.

Oh CCC I like the quote!! A LOT!!! Will repeat as my new mantra...

I may change some words...
Being overweight is Shit. Dieting is Shit. Choose your shit.

Checkpoint and Yiu can love the quotes

I Di adapted yoga but must admit some days it is tough dragging my arse out of bed ok that's every day especially now it's dark when get up I so want to roll over get extra 90 mins before start getting mine up for school . But once done I feel better for mentally even if my body going you silly bint

Tortoise Tue 15-Jan-13 08:09:44

I've got a bad headache today sad . It normally lasts 3 days and is because AF due in next few days.
Might cycle to school with dds today.

Tortoise Tue 15-Jan-13 09:38:03

Managed to cycle to school with DDs smile . Didn't go any further today, bit icy out. Will cycle to pick them up from school though.

TallyGrenshall Tue 15-Jan-13 16:50:21

Well, I never went on the exercise bike last night and it was probably good that I didn't.

Walked to pick DS up from school this afternoon as there was no way my little car would be able to get back up my hill again. It took about an hour and a half of trudging through the snow and now my back is killing me, and me knee is hurting because I am not walking properly sad At least the walk counts smile

Having Jacket spuds tonight so will be nice and full so won't be tempted to dive into the xmas chocs

TallyGrenshall Tue 15-Jan-13 16:52:22

Ooops, it's Fuckity btw with a NC

I got bored with the old one smile

Hello Tally - I thought we had a newcomer that had literally settled straight in grin
Made me smile!!! Hope you back and knee are feeling better after a nice bath perhaps?

TallyGrenshall Tue 15-Jan-13 17:19:39

I didn't even think until I had posted and realised that no-one would know who the hell it was grin

A bath is definitely on the agenda for tonight, with a book of ghost stories to scare myself with so I have to try to get dried without so much as glancing at the window grin

Tortoise Tue 15-Jan-13 18:07:15

Tally Just think of the calories burnt walking in snow smile .
I hoping we get some soon. Looks good for Friday here. Love going sledging with DC grin .

ICBINEG Tue 15-Jan-13 18:41:53

Oh good grief - the shark is on the rampage again. Today we have added some munching noises to the attacks and a rather realistic "oh noooo" as the poor dismembered playmobile people are handed over for kissing better.

How I am going to explain that my DD's first properly understandable attempts at verbal communication were "chomp chomp...arggggghhh....oh nooooo!"

Oh, and the occasional "bye bye".

She still doesn't even say mama or dada.....

TallyGrenshall Tue 15-Jan-13 19:07:11

We've got a 40% chance of some more overnight here smile I bloody love snow. Of course I may change my mind when I need to go shopping at the end of the weeksmile

ICB Your DD sounds awesome!

Icb your dd sounds like a bundle of fun

Tally I hate snow mind I hate sheet ice even more I get grouchy cabin fever really fast and want to eat

Tortoise I'm impressed even biked to school and in one piece to

ICBINEG Tue 15-Jan-13 22:45:47

I blame the octonauts.....

In general...

Your DD sounds brilliant!! All my ds wants to do is play Ds..I don't let him but his toys need to be played with too!! He will be offered Playdough this afternoon after pre school or some playmobile.

I get tired of saying 'no more ds to him'...

Tortoise Wed 16-Jan-13 07:34:07

Still have a headache and also a huge cold sore on my lip sad . Don't think there will be any cycling today.
Feeling a bit run down at the moment. Headache isn't helping with that.

TallyGrenshall Wed 16-Jan-13 12:10:54

Tortoise sad I hate the few days before AF as well, I always feel run down and tired, the headache certainly won't be helping. Is there anything you can take that will help at all?

DS is off school today cos of the snow smile Not that he's pleased, he had a big old cry about it when I told him hmm. However, he is still running around in just his pants and refusing to put any clothes on hmm I can't even convince him to go play in the snow because we had a lost glove incident yesterday afternoon and he doesn't want to risk it again even though he has about 5 pairs of gloves

Tortoise Wed 16-Jan-13 13:22:57

Tally Paracetamol are helping but never seem to quite clear the headache.

I want a snow day envy . Dd1 was in a foul mood this morning. She didn't want to go to school. Hope she comes out in a better mood!

Hi tortoise, I hope you're feeling better.

Tally you lucky thing. I want snow. Dd2 hasn't really seen it so I think it'll be fun for her.

Did my first Pilates class yesterday. At one point the instructor asked us to put our hands on our ribs while we did some kind of stretch. Wtf? I couldn't find them, they are well covered by fat.

TallyGrenshall Wed 16-Jan-13 19:23:51

DS finally decided to get dressed at about 4, so he never went outside to play and all I got at bedtime was 'Am I going to school tomorrow? Please can I go, pretty please' Weird child smile

How was Pilates? My sister does that and she looks fab, but then she has always looked fab envy

Hard, you have to breathe in time to the movements and stretches to really work the muscles hard. I'mnot very co-ordinated and found it difficult to get the breathing right. I had to book 5 lessons so hopefully I'll improve. I would like to combine it with some more cardiovascular exercise but since I got a foot injury last year I have to be careful.

Pleased ds likes school. Dd1 loves reception but would still rather be at home.

Had a nice dinner yesterday and today

I added noodles and it made 3 meals. Have never eaten kale before.

Tortoise Wed 16-Jan-13 20:12:48

I'm ok smile. Well my head is lol. Just can't shake off this low mood sad .

Oh tortoise, sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon.

Having a pretty miserable night myself. Dd2 will only go to bed if I hold her hand so I'm sitting on the floor in the dark with my hand through her prison cot bars. If I leave too soon she'll start howling again. Sigh.

Tortoise hope feeling brighter

Johnny it is tricky at first ( I fo yoga not Pilates but same principle but learnt breathing first in yoga it's weird when breathing in your expanding your diaphragm and breathing out your actually pulling stomach to back of spine complete opposite of what used to

But stick with it very relaxing to

Johnny hope dd now asleep

I will stick with it as so many people recommend pilates, but I think it'll take much more than 5 lessons to get the hang of it. Might look at Pilates on YouTube.

Still sitting with dd2 holding her hand. She was sick in october so I slept in her room a couple of nights. She then had colds for the rest of the year so I was a bit indulgent. now she expects me to stay here all night.

Have iPad and headphones so can watch Miranda until she's asleep.

Schooldidi Wed 16-Jan-13 23:55:50

Tortoise hope you're feeling better.

Johnny How old is your dd2? Mine is 2y9m and still won't go to sleep unless one of us is in bed with her (although once she's there she does stay asleep all night as long as she's not ill). I don't really mind but I'm really glad we didn't pay a lot of money for the cot seeing as it was never slept in.

Tally I want a snow day !!!! <stamps feet>
We're supposed to have snow all day on Friday but that's too late, we'll already be at school by then. I just hope it starts snowing Thursday night and keeps going all night so it's clear the buses can't get in from the villages.

School she's 2 years one month and would sleep with us all night too if we let her but dd1 gets upset and wants to sleep with us too. I had to sit with her for one and a half hours before she went to sleep.

I want a snow day too. I miss dd1 when she's at school (sometimes).

You lot can keep the snow please I dislike the stuff a lot

Tell me it be worth it the diet and the excerscise I so want to roll over go back slept for another 90 mins . Roll on the weekend

Morning all - sounds like everyone is havinga bit of a tough time.
Hope things work out for you all soon - sometimes kids going to bed can be hell...I have been there too.

Today I have a meeting with school to go in to volunteer so I can do a teaching assistant course. I am doing this to support my application into teacher training for (hopefully if not posted) 2014 :-)

I can only do 2.5 hours three mornings a week. Hope this is ok for them. In September I can do much more. I just want to get a good feel for school again so I am certain I want to do teacher training. Been a long time and feeling very nervous.....

I am still being as tough with food as I can be. I made a Quorn chilli and it was bloody disgusting envy - but must eat anyway as have no other food in (deliberate).

Just really nervous about weigh in as I want to be close to 12st next week....

HOpe evryone else is going to have a good day???

Well done youcan and I'm sure they will appreciate any extra help you can give .goid to have a long term goal but fibgers crossed no posting

I did do workout but finding dark cold mornings tough dragging self out bed when everyone still sleeping

But u found done pictures taken pre duet and was not even at my heaviest and it's helped motorvate me ti keep going

ICBINEG Thu 17-Jan-13 09:09:15

bloody fecking octonauts! DD has taken to slapping the octoalert on the screen when the characters do it...this (predictably) has now led to the laptop getting knocked on the floor and the key in between h and k no longer works!


Am also suffering massive motivation to get out of bed fail. It might be because DD has apparently given up on solids again and therefore wants 4 milk feeds in the night ot might be that I am simply lazy...

I only got half way through Miranda before being summoned to produce boob. Although I am planning a swimming pool raid this evening so I may be "making my own entertainment" again.

Quorn chilli really is horrid! I used to make it coz I like chilli and DH doesn't eat meat mince but eventually I realised that it really wan't worth it.

icb - It is foul!! I don't want to throw it out - I spent a pretty penny on sweetcorn, mixed beans, garlic etc...but I really am not sure I can physically eta it. The texture is beyond toleration.

ICBINEG Thu 17-Jan-13 10:03:31

hmm it doesn't keep well either...goes all black and oxidized.

I have nothing useful to suggest...except maybe to point out if you don't already know that the chicken substitute stuff is equally horrid. Made faitas with it and they were grim...

TallyGrenshall Thu 17-Jan-13 16:29:07

Bugger, I was thinking about buying some Quorn mince cos DS doesn't like meat so I wasplanning on using it to make a cottage pie instead of seperate things but nevermind!

We are on a snow day today again smile More tears this morning hmm We are due more snow again overnight so I am doubtful school will be open tomorrow either

Tortoise Thu 17-Jan-13 17:20:41

Hope school is closed here tomorrow! Forecast is looking good grin .
All that exercise running up and down the hill with sledges lol grin .

Schooldidi Thu 17-Jan-13 17:48:47

We aren't going to get any snow now apparently sad The forecast says clear skies here until about Tuesday.

Hello all! We love quorn, we eat loads! I have got to the point where I don't like normal mince because its all gristly!

Oh brill news youcan was that today?

Youcan that sounds exciting, very good experience, what age kids will you be helping? Love the word toleration, why don't I use words like that? too thick

Quorn mince sounds horrible. I was googling quorn recipes the other day but I don't think I'll bother. I have cut down on the amount of meat we use and bulk things up with veggies but that's mainly because dd2 will eat one pile of stuff on her plate but if the veggies are in separate piles won't touch them.

Icb sorry to hear your octonaut woes, Both my kids like them too and run around the house doing their own special version of the octo alert. They also fight over dd1s octonaut toys. Next year will ask Santa to buy them identical presents as dd2 is only interested in dd1s toys.

Oh checkpoint, now I'm confused. confused To quorn or not to quorn?

Schooldidi Thu 17-Jan-13 21:22:56

Don't bother Johnny. We've tried a lot of quorn and it's not great.

youcan what age do you want to be teaching? Primary or secondary? Have you applied to do the TA course or are you just wanting to volunteer in the school before you do that?

Ok well I had the Quorn chilli again tonight and it wasn't so bad...perhaps something I will get used to smile

schooldidi - I think I want to teach Primary but will do a couple of weeks or so in a secondary just before application to make sure it is what I want.
I am enrolling on TA course - it can only support my application. But I am thinking long term here...maybe another 2 years before I feel I have enough time to go through with ITT.

CCC - Yes all sorted today. Start next week smile

Tortoise Thu 17-Jan-13 21:59:31

I've never tried quorn mince but had the quorn sausages once. Didn't enjoy them!

Not doing brilliantly this week again but trying to worry about it less. Hopefully will get there in the end smile

Tortoise small steps lead to bigger ones your get there

Yuck quorn only next to tofu on my crap list

Sorry been AWOL a bit have been on Disbey forums reading up on stuff and planning trip

Wow!!! Well done youcan that is brill, good move! Can wait to find out more!

Well, we have quorn sausages lots, they need cooking in the oven until they are brown and crispy, and quorn mince I shove in a pan with domino and peas etc and used to grate cheese on top!
We also have quorn steaks, chicken dippers which are gross, and the ham slices.

I can see how they are grim if you are not used to them however!
<official Quorn Representative>

(not really)

ICBINEG Thu 17-Jan-13 23:08:03

Well I had a very dull Miranda escapades and no uber hunky surfer dude either...ust swimming. Did 800 m though...was feeling so chuffed I looked up the calories burned.

It is like 300?!!?!

That's less than a fecking snickers bar!

How is that right? My swim was 800 whole meters long...but contained less calories than at 15 cm snickers??

Something is very very wrong with the world....


Yeah I know all that effort for what . I say it every time I'm up early is it worth it before I do it I think no after I think yeah ok I feel it is

But it will be toning you up even if not burning much calories also don't underestimate the benefits of it mentally

Checkpoint I just can't get used to the taste find it very pappy

Tortoise Fri 18-Jan-13 06:14:43

Yay! We have snow grin grin grin . DC all awake, too excited to sleep. I want to go back to sleep!

TallyGrenshall Fri 18-Jan-13 07:17:44

Yay! As predicted, we have another snow day as well but no tears this morning! grin He is too excited by the prospect of Ready Brek to cry today grin

Icb you're so right it can be devastating to work out and then calculate the minuscule number of calories you've burnt off. I find it easier to turn down sweet treats for that reason but now I'm dreaming of snickers

A few snowflakes this morning but it hasn't settled.

ICBINEG Fri 18-Jan-13 10:30:50


This is is the only way I can describe the last 48 hours.

I had a seminar that I didn't think went well, arguments over the promotion process that practically left me in tears, an annual performance review which was an odd combination of being praised for things I didn't think I deserved and faulted for things I think are ridiculous (and talking about the situation with my DM and oh so very nearly crying). I then got referees comments back on my grant at like midnight last night and they were a mix of outstanding and could do better, and I just heard I passed probation and finally have job security (as much as anyone does atm) for the first time in my career!

I am discovering it is very difficult to be experiencing elation and depression at the same time... it doesn't really average out...just keeps spiking in all random directions. I think I will give up on being productive until I can get through to tea break time and then nurse a cup of tea for an hour and try again....

ps. We still have snow from before but none yet today.....I came to work prepared to walk home though grin

Blimey ich that sounds rather headfucky, well done on the probation bit! If I were you, (and I have had very similar conversations re promotion, outstanding and could do better) I would make a plan to immediately sort out the things anyone has criticised you for and make sure they can never fault you on those again, and make it obvious that you are making a huge effort.

I would then go and buy a bottle of frexienet and celebrate the outstanding bit and the job security bit! YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

And phone your mum and she will be really happy for you to hear such good news. ((((hug)))) for you and your mum.

ICBINEG Fri 18-Jan-13 13:49:51

Thanks CCC - I phones my DM straight away grin.

Now what in the world can I do to celebrate that won't stop me from making it under 11 stone on monday??

Tortoise Fri 18-Jan-13 14:23:05

Been out sledging, great fun!
AF has arrived! Not such fun lol!
Now time for snowman making grin

Erm, I would be on the frex! Chicken kebabs are very diet friendly!

TallyGrenshall Fri 18-Jan-13 18:23:24

Stupid bloody back has gone again sad Not as bad as before but I'm back on a sodding walking stick again sad It had better sort itself out soon, it's my birthday on Tuesday, I need to get back to work so I can get off SSP, I've got a bloody holiday to pay for, and poor DS was desperate for me to go and play with him today but I couldn't sad

Thank christ I've been skint for a month and haven't been able to afford any snacky shite food or I would be face deep in it right now

ICB I would be on the vodka and slimline, or vodka on the rocks. Well done, even if it was a bit confusing grin

Tortoise Fri 18-Jan-13 18:31:48

Oh no Tally. That's not good. I thought i'd done my ankle in again earlier when I fell over in the snow! but luckily seems ok.
I still get a really sharp pain if I put it in the wrong position and I did it months ago now.

TallyGrenshall Fri 18-Jan-13 18:41:45

I remember when I was young and would mend from anything in about 5 minutes, now I'm all old and it takes forever sad And I'm gonna be even older soon shock <weeps into my cuppa>

ICBINEG Fri 18-Jan-13 18:46:46

<weeps into non-alcohol beer> still BFing bubbles for me....

Might be getting a wii though smile

ICBINEG Fri 18-Jan-13 18:50:06

no no no we are NOT getting old! I forbid it! <hope you feel better soon Tally>


Congrtusltions on job security and wii are a lot of funny

Tally outch on the back what painkillers hacd you tried

TallyGrenshall Fri 18-Jan-13 19:22:57

What haven't I tried lol

I've had co-codamol, diazepam, codeine, ibuprofen, paracetamol, solpadol plus deep heat and deep freeze, hot water bottles and pakets of frozen peas since it first went on boxing day. I fucking rattle! grin

I'm gonna have a hot bath when OH gets home (have to wait in case I can't get out blush)

Tortoise Fri 18-Jan-13 20:26:12

I've still got some pethidine tablets from when I had gall stones. Now they really do the job of taking pain away (and make you all wobbly (grin wink )

TallyGrenshall Fri 18-Jan-13 21:47:30

Oooo I've never had pethidine. I was on morphine when I had my gall bladder out grin

If I have to go to the docs again, maybe I will get some of that this time. I had 3 weeks on the diazepam so I don't think it would be a good idea to have anymore of that hmm

OH has just walked in so I can go for a bath now, safe in the knowledge I won't be beached grin

Oh god poor you tally YY to being wary of diazepam!
Get well soon and I bet you're not that old!

Tortoise Fri 18-Jan-13 23:11:06

I was only given cocodamal after I had my gall bladder out. Pethidine was for the attacks I was having before op.
I'm so tired tonight. It's been a looong day.
Hopefully more sledging tomorrow.

We have more snowsad means housebound grumble bitch whine

Tally have you had X-ray or scan to look what the problem is maybe ask stronger co~codmol . Also amitriptine can be used to help relax back muscles mind it just made me sleep a lot
Side note you notice any problems with going to the loo no matter how slight then get yourself to A&E please please don't wait


I have tramdol take occasionally and yup they are the stuff that sends me completely giggdy

Gosh everyone...I wish I had some of those meds!!

Well I wasn't very good yesterday. I had about 2000 cals confused A fit of absolute gluttony took a hold of me and I didn't care shock

I have been good all week though and I will be extra careful this weekend to make up for it. Not feeling mega confident about Monday. I expect it will only be a pound or two loss. I just KNOW it is going to take forever to get below the 12's..

TallyGrenshall Sat 19-Jan-13 09:47:06

Human I've haven't had anything yet, but I am going to go back and ask for them to refer me to physio or something regardless of if I'm better or not because this has been beyond ridiculous now. When I have been, they have always asked me about going to the toilet, so I have been making sure that it's all still 'normal' lol

Youcan If you have been good all week, and plan to be extra good this weekend then 1 days glut shouldn't be too bad. A pounnd is still a good loss!

Oh I feel my resolve fading again. I keep thinking 'what would happen if I had some chocolate...would the world cave in huh??'

Must stay strong. I wonder why some days are a breeze and other are just so damn hard. Today I feel blase about the whole thing.

Schooldidi Sat 19-Jan-13 16:02:49

My resolve has been non-existent all week. I've had a bit of a fuck it week and am back to working hard again tomorrow. I expect I will have stayed the same this week or possibly put on as I've been really really bad.
Back to it properly tomorrow.


Think weather can play a part also how kids behaving and how tired we are I know they all factors that affect me .


Sometimes we need say fuck it even I Do and I'm going be really pissed of if this snow stops me meeting friend only in uk for few days with work and were hoping meet for Lunch Thursday

My resolve being tested as been baking this afternoon so hot stuff for next week for lunches etc but arghh

Oh atleast it isn't just me..kuckily I havnt got anything really bad in. I have been extra cereal bars and not the worst but still way over 1000 cals. Currently eating a ww choc brownie.

Days like this are hard - hopefully Next week will be better as I am out of the house much more.

<sits in the naughty corner>


Ok do over but not bad good idea nothing in and yup of I'm out house it is far easier

Tortoise Sat 19-Jan-13 18:35:23

Another fun afternoon of sledging. Hopefully all the trudging up snowy hills has burnt off some calories. I can't see a weight loss though!

Tortoise if turning fat to muscle not weight loss but be inch loss as muscle more streamlined

Been says at of baking here ( apple crumble , vanilla and chocolate marble cake ) fruit bread promised kids tomorrow were make biscuits

Luckily teens hoovering it up but I don't mind doing sweet stuff as my sweet tooth defintley not strong anymore but so not going to do savoury or I'll be eating

Well done Human - baking would finish me off...having said that I might make some biscuits with the kids today - something boring that they can decorate hideously so i won't want to eat them!!

Ok well I won't be eating today!! My nerves will get the better of me I feel....

I am having a whinge

My darling OH messaged me last night with the long awaited plans for his best mates STAG do this June. They are booking a WEEK yes a full WEEK away in a nice hot place. The hotel will be around £300 and then he has to find the money for a weeks worth of food, drink and entertainment.

This is beyond the pale quite fucking frankly. So he asks if he can go, knowing full well I wouldn't want him to go. I tell him I look like the bad person to all his mates and that he needs to decide for himself if he should go.

Cue lots of 'oh I want to go but don't be mad' pathetic whining. I have decided NOT to be the martyr this time. I know if he goes I will be upset from lack of money and the though tof him living it up with some strippers boobs in his face and probably spend the whole week crying.

So tonight I am biting the bullet and saying loud and clear that I do not think he sould go. A weekend would have just been ok....a week takes the total piss. His best mate is an arse. I have been up all night worrying about the friction this will cause. Fucking men need to grow th fuck up.

Tortoise Sun 20-Jan-13 11:41:07

youcan A whole week is madness! I agree with you saying no. Good luck with that convo.

Dds want to go sledging again! No more snow but think there is enough left to go sledging.

TallyGrenshall Sun 20-Jan-13 13:12:57

Youcan A week is seriously taking the piss, let alone how much it is going to cost! I am going away for my sisters hen-do in March for 5 days, but it's costing less than £300 including getting to the airport etc, and it's all inclusive so I won't spend much when I get there AND I discussed it with OH before I agreed to go, if he had said we really can't afford it, then I wouldn't have gone. As it is, I've asked for money to renew my passport for my birthday to save some of the cost.

Good luck with the convo tonight

Good luck youcan and a week is taking the piss in sure he not want to watch kids while you laid in sun for a week doing nothing !!

It's s lot of money on booze etc to

Ooh youcan sorry to hear you've been put in that position. A week is taking the piss, surely dh can see it's a lot of time and money.

Good luck talking to him later. I hope he comes round to your point of view.

I have emailed him to read before we chat on FB later...I basically just put that I have thought about it but that hundreds of pounds for him to sun himself up isn't on.

I just decided not to pull any punches. I think he is a bit off putting me in the position in the first place. He shouldn't feel comfortable doing that anyway. No doubt he will sulk but he can get over as far as I am concerned.

If his mate decides to have a 'chat' with me about it he will get short shrift.

I am of the opinion that if they consider the last few weeks before they get married 'freedom' then they probably shouldn't be getting married. If MY husband believes he should have a 'break' away from us then he knows where the door is. Being married and having a family isn't a bloody job.

Man I need some prozac

TallyGrenshall Sun 20-Jan-13 16:26:23

I don't have prozac -please consult list above for medication currently available smile

Ok tally...thanks anyway.

I could cry right now. I am the bitch right now. His mate will hate me and my DH will 'understand' but secretly seeth.

Had a really bad day. Really people having a go at me from all angles today for things that really have nothing to do with me.

Sorry to moan. You all know me on this thread so I don't look like a complete lunatic.

Right. <takes youcan aside> this is not you, he IS putting you in a very awkward position, a bloody week shock especially as he is away so much of the year and you have to do everything alone...... I would be so completely furious. My DH has just turned down a three night stag do as it would have cost £200 and we have precisely zilch at the moment.

Surely he can see that it is too much? As it is his best mate, is he best man? Can he arrange a shorter stag do, what the hell happened to one evening????

Oh no I am sorry you are going through it today, I will come and give you a massive hug from all us losers on here soon!!


Schooldidi Sun 20-Jan-13 18:00:22

I'm sorry your dh has put you in that position youcan. I wouldn't be happy with dp wanting to go off for that long for a friend's stag do. My dp wouldn't be even asking though as he is far more careful than I am with money, but also if he wants a holiday then we would go together as a family. We've never had a family holiday that cost more than £300 all in, we go camping and that covers all site fees, days out and spending money for 4 of us.

I don't know why so many stag and hen dos are so much money, any of my friends who are married just had an evening out, the biggest one was a full day at Blackpool pleasure beach, followed by a night out, but seeing as we all stayed at the bride's house it was still reasonably cheap.

Thanks every one - and thanks CCC for the hugs!

I just been fb chatting to husband and he was actually fine. He just said fair enough and carried on chatting as usual... I expect he will sulk slightly but I couldn't keep quiet.
So I over reacted a little but I think I am a bit stressed...feeling better noe the 'conversation' has been had.

oh how does everyone feel about weigh in?? I am hoping for 1-2 pounds. Don't expect more than that at all...

I'm glad things are ok and hope the sulking isn't too bad. Deep down he must know he was asking for a lot.

Nervous about weigh in. After eating lentils, courgettes, kale and soya beans this week (fortunately not in the same meal) I bloody deserve to lose 2lb but I ate a massive roast yesterday with lots of trimmings and wine, so I would be happy to lose 1lb.

I want to lose 1lb a week for 10 weeks so that I can be 11st at Easter.

Good luck everyone for tomorrow, may the scales be kind to us all. X

Hmmm would have been confident on Friday but not quite so confident now, I seem to be stuck in a pattern, maybe we should change weigh in to a Friday, I find it much easier to do well up to Friday and then the weekend comes along and gets in the way.
Obv I know that overall I will still lose weight but it just seems more, erm, doable!?

Glad to hear DH wasn't too fussed!

Glad dh is not majour sulking and can see being away that much and then wants to use week of leave to go away without his family and hope his mates not an arse about it

Checkpoint only thing is would you go completely mad over weekend if weighed on Griday thinking well I have week to loose it

I think I have changed in that I don't just scoff any more, also I have a really set routine during the week when at work as I just eat yogurts, soup and fruit but I eat more bread etc at the weekend.
I will do a mini weigh in on Friday and see how I go!

Yup or weight in Friday but post the weight Monday ?

Snow day here and still trying to sum up energy to get out of bed and work out just want to huddle under the covers brrrr

2 lb of for me this week . I want to be 10 something by time Easter holidays start end of March

TallyGrenshall Mon 21-Jan-13 07:46:17

Naff all for me but I taking it a win. If I can not put anything on until I can start moving again then I'm happy

Tortoise Mon 21-Jan-13 07:52:06

+1lb. I blame AF! grin
This week will be better!

Really pleased, I lost 1.7lbs so I'm down to 162.3 lb which is 11st 8lb. Next week i'd like to be closer to 10 st but that's unlikely if it keeps snowing. My freezer is full of pizza, chips and garlic bread so if we get snowed in it's a diet of carbs and cheese grin

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 09:35:35

'lo all.

Some chocs may have been eaten to celebrate the job thing...but I lost 2lbs this week for 10 st 13 lbs.

<whoop whoop whoop - see my 10 stone something dance...whoop whoop whoop>

On the down side I tried my wedding ring on this morning (it came off some time during pregnancy) but even though I must be 2 stone lighter than I was at that point it still doesn't go on properly! Maybe I am just not used to it any more?

Oh and a snow avalanche off my roof sheared the back windscreen wiper off the car....

Tally yup and painkillers cause constipation to so that adds weight

Well done johnny and think we're be in same boat as I'm housebound till a thaw hits

Icb woe well done Waves pom poms hmm maybe fingers swollen ? And crsp on the wipers

I Want to see a 10 as first number

Tortoise yup I blame it to and the bloody miserable weather . Did j mention how much I hate snow wink

All dc of today as closed due to snow

Oh well done, I was the same as last week but on Friday I had lost a pound!

I don't like snw much either human especially as my little dd has another cough and I daren't let her out cos it will just make her worse.

afternoon - I weighed this morning and have lost about 1 and half pounds maybe a bit over....

I am ok with that as was not so strict on the weekend. Today and tomorrow may not be so good as have friends visiting etc BUT i will work extra hard next weekend.

I am still edging closer to that 12.....


TallyGrenshall Mon 21-Jan-13 13:55:08

Well, school is open today so DS was charging about the house all happy this morning grin

Been to the doctors again and I've been given a truck load some tramadol and a referral to physio, and yet another 2 weeks off work. And then, just to top everything off, my back has started to spasm again and I had to be pushed round Tesco's in a wheelchair sad Not helped by the fact that OH is crap at steering so kept bashing me into the shelves and leaving me in the middle of aisles to go and have a look at something sad

You can it come your moving nearer to it

Tally make sure when take tramdol you can lie down all I can say

TallyGrenshall Mon 21-Jan-13 14:53:51

These things are brilliant! My back twitching but the pain is not too bad now grin This morning I sat and sobbed for 5 minutes until the painkillers kicked in because it hurt so much

However, it did just take me about 10 attempts to say 'envelopes' blush And I just got a bill through the post for the painkillers I was given at the OOH doctors! shock

Bloody hell Tally - hope you are ok. I suspect you are surprisingly relaxed...I am almost jealous envy

Have you seen how many calories are in Tramadol shock

Only jokin wink
Thanks Human - this stone is being a bitch!!

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 16:06:07

gosh - that sounds bad Tally...although envelope is kinda tricky to say....maybe smile

TallyGrenshall Mon 21-Jan-13 16:37:33

I am very relaxed....

Just found out that one of my regulars has died though sad Bad mixture of alcohol and diabetes, he was a lovely guy and was always laughing and joking and he was only 30 sad

well looks like I wasn't overeacting.........

I just had an hour of my DH viryually begging to go on this stag do....saying he will not spend any money as it is all inclusive hmm and that he cannot mis his best mates stag do and that he feels so bad and sorry and that I should 'trust him'.

I basically said too much money and if the stag wanted hom to go so badly he should have consulted him on what kind of thing to book. My DH declined to answer that point..........

I feel like a complete and utter bitch now. Really awful - yet I KNOW I am right!!! Argh I want to smash something.

Why do we always have to think of the practicalities of things - and come out looking like we are the FUN POLICE

FUCK FUCK....raging here.

TallyGrenshall Mon 21-Jan-13 18:33:53

shock Where the hell does he think the original £300 is going to come from?! Arse!

Sounds like he has had his mates doing the whole 'you're never allowed out to play' bollocks on him today. YOU ARE RIGHT! If he feels soooo bad, can he not arrange a night-out for after the holiday? Instead of a week long, mega expensive drinking sesion?

Tortoise Mon 21-Jan-13 19:02:32

angry with your DH youcan. He shouldnt put you in this position. £300 is a lot of money.
Is it mainly the money issue? Does he have anything he could sell to raise the money so it doesn't come out of family funds? Not that I think he should go mind you!

I totally fucked up dinner. Burnt the cheese sauce on the bottom of the pan and it made the whole lot smell and taste burnt. Unfortunately didn't notice until I stirred the whole lot into a pan of pasta and bacon. Whole meal ruined sad .

Ooh tally that sounds great, so glad the pain is being addressed!

Oh no youcan what a hideous dilemma, I don't know what to say.
Where is the stag do? Is it abroad? If it isn't, can he compromise and go for three days or something (still far too long for a stag do IMO but...)

Can you ask him how he would feel if it was you, and your friend was putting the pressure on you when he didn't want you to go? That's what I would do I think. X


Point out that it won't included alcohol and that no way there going be staying in hotel so can double the £300 easily on booze etc
And you are not being a bitch

Glad meds helping


Buggersad I hate it warn that happens and the. Have think something else

Oh i KNEW you would all get it.

He is doing the pathtic someone else said - i won't let him out to play....
We could afford it but that means going without somethign else and I am not rpepared to sacrifice things for us as a fmaily for a lads holiday.
CCC it is abroad...No doubt he will go out in this country as well.

He really thinks he should go. Like it will just be a few hundred pounds, a few drinks and some sun bathing. i told him that it would get out doubt lots of drinking, watersports (pah!), clubbing etc No way is £100 going to last the week. He gets some money for going on deployment...he wants to spend some of that. But I have been through a lot having 6 months on my own that money is FAMILY money - not piss up money.

I know I am ranting but even if he doesn't mention it again it will forever be that i didn't 'let' him go to his best mates stag do...ffs.
Oh I am not going to sleep tonight.

ICBINEG Mon 21-Jan-13 22:52:54

I totally agree it will only be the start of the total cost!

tbh it will be horrible having to think about money the whole time he is there...especially if others are splashing the cash around.

Hi youcan I hope you got some sleep last night. As we've all said he is completely underestimating how much he'll spend and there are much better ways for him to spend his time any money. I'm so glad our friends are all married now, hopefully there won't be any more of this nonsense. Dh has been abroad 3 times for stag nights and weddings and I resented every fucking minute of it.

A snow day yesterday so made and ate chocolate cookies with dd1. Glad she's back at school, she loves baking. Not good for my diet to have her around.

TallyGrenshall Tue 22-Jan-13 11:19:38

youcan I hope you slept alright. £100 will no way last the week. A lot of places do have alcohol included but only the cheap stuff and I doubt a stag party will want to stay on the hotel site for the whole week. £100 would be lucky to last one night in some clubs!

Tortoise Tue 22-Jan-13 11:20:00

Having a bad day already. sad I know it's comfort eating and I have to get control of it but today I'm struggling.

To add to the stress, my housing association sent a letter today telling me that they want to do a home check because my garden is untidy again (mainly toys!) and I'm in breach of tenency sad . They don't know my Brother is living here and I don't know if I will be in trouble for that. She will check the whole house and see the extra bed in Ds1's room.
I don't know what to do.

Tortoise what sort of tots can you shove into a corner say stored for winter is that what they saying your in breech of tennancy for ?

Hmm can bed just be say its a spare if family or friends visit ?

Tortoise Tue 22-Jan-13 12:24:25

It's just general bits of outside toys and yes it needs sorting but it hasn't really been the weather lately for that.
It's a squeeze fitting a 2nd bed in the room so doubt she would accept that. I'm going to have to tidy the whole house by 31st! Sounds easy for tidy people lol but I'm not naturally a tidy person and in a small 3 bed house there is a lot of stuff. She will no doubt complain that it's cluttered like she did before.

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 12:38:30

tort we have a spare bed in DD's room so that we can sleep in with her when she unsettled...any mileage in that? Obvs if your DS is 14 probably not...

Tortoise Tue 22-Jan-13 13:28:57

ICB He's 15 grin .

Hmm throw cushions on if etc say Spare bed /sofa use for ds

TallyGrenshall Tue 22-Jan-13 17:21:52

I would go for spare bed for when your DS has friends over.

How can she complain if the house is cluttered tho? As long as you aren't damaging the property then surely it's up to you how little or how much stuff you have in it confused

Tortoise Tue 22-Jan-13 17:51:42

She did a visit about 8 months ago and there was no bed in there then. I just know she will question it. She wasn't impressed with me letting DSs have separate rooms leaving me with no bedroom, just a sofa bed downstairs. I know it's not ideal but it works for us in general. I'd love a bedroom and if I could move to a 3 bed with dining room I'd use that as a bedroom. I am looking at mutual exchanges but not much around.

It's none of their business long as Property is not damaged and I'm surprised they allowed to look around

Tortoise I'm about to have sofabed and tbh it's no ones business but mine 3 bedrooms 4 dc don't mix and need do something as moving not option ( ds1 18,ds2 16,dd10and ds3,7 but more 4/5

TallyGrenshall Tue 22-Jan-13 19:11:31

It is absolutely none of her business if you choose to sleep downstairs to give you DC a bedroom each. It's her job to ensure the property is maintained and not damaged, not dictate who sleeps where. She sounds like a right mardy caaah

I agree with Human and Tally. What if you have a bad back and couldn't use the stairs etc?

Another conversation with sullen husband this evening but he appears to have accpeted his fate. Now he is wondering if stag is going to change plans to accomodate him....looks like they are going to back me into a guilty corner of shame .

Tortoise Tue 22-Jan-13 20:11:23

lol she is a mardy cow! Can't stand the woman.
It's housing association so they are allowed to check property. They can kick me out, right now I don't care. I'd have to find somewhere else and I'm sure she cant make a family homeless! grin

Hoping for another snow day. Its been snowing since 3pm but hasn't settled much yet. Think more forecast over night. Playing in the snow might just take my mind off all the crap that's going on in my life!

ICBINEG Tue 22-Jan-13 20:53:43

hmm my plan is NOT going to fly with a 15 year old grin.

TallyGrenshall Tue 22-Jan-13 21:17:46

Well, the diet has been helped along massively today cos the new pills have been making me puke sad They take the pain away though so I'm gonna see if it settles down after a couple of days or I will go back to the docs againa and ask to swap them for a different one. She mentioned something like amatiptoline or something?

DS was totally adorable this afternoon though, he was so well behaved and then wwhen Iwasbeing sick he came up and rubbed my back, handedmea towel to wipe my face on and then sat next to me stroking my arm to make me feel better grin Shame he wouldn't sing me Happy Birthday until I gave him some cake tho hmmgrin


I tried the
I just slept could Barley keep eyes open

Are Yiu taking tramdol after eaten make sure something in your stomache First

Ask her about gaberpentin instead of amitripline though it may work for yij but I was rocking the zombie look

Tortoise mine HA had one check and they can't out converted if to assured lease after year probation all new tenants have and sat IB my lounge had a drink signed paperwork and not seen anyone since

tort can you push the beds together to make one big bed for the boys and you make it look like you are moving in to the other boys room? I would prob keep your bro out the way for the day too....just in case.

Whoahhhh tally you poor thing, I might have missed it but what have you done to your back?

youcan his request is outrageous, you are not, hold on to that thought. You are NOT wrong, and he is acting like a spoilt child because he really wants to go, he knows deep down it is out of order. I have asked DH and he said that he wouldn't go but that he understands the whole military thing, boys together etc (fuck knows how as he has never been in any force whatsoever) and that your DH might be seen to be letting the side down.

I would be v cross if it was me. Just the fact that he is away for half the year and wants to miss another week away, does he know how hard it is to look after two kids by yourself? Maybe you/we all should go away!

Let's do a celebratory holiday when we are all skinny!!!!!!!!!


Love idea of all doing celebratory holiday


Agree with the others fact he is away do long then wants to use up a whole weeks leave twat and stag should thought about affect on others week away abroad

Tortoise Wed 23-Jan-13 07:31:42

Well, the snow failed to deliver and school open as normal sad

TallyGrenshall Wed 23-Jan-13 09:32:33

Loving the idea of a skinny holiday as well smile

Charlie I have no idea what I've done. It went into a spasm on boxing day, was getting better but it went again the end of last week. I am S shaped right now confused

Hello all...hows things today?

I am in quite a good mood. Last night I had friends round for curry and pudding so I am being extra careful now. I had Alpen light bar for breakfast and just had a turkey salad for lunch and have a jacket potato and salad for dinner followed by a muller light <shineshalo>

So I hope everyone is ok??

I went into school this morning as a helper and it was genuinely lovely. I helped the children in reception to paint some stories characters smile

Tortoise Wed 23-Jan-13 12:48:35

I feel like I'm under a big black cloud and have been all week. I feel so bloody low. I don't even really know why. Although, I am finding things hard going with my boyfriend at the moment. I want to sit and cry but I can't even manage that sad .

We all have days like that Tortoise - you are not alone.

Anything anyone can help with? thanks

Schooldidi Wed 23-Jan-13 14:59:35

Tortoise is there anything we can do to help? I'd come and help clear/tidy your garden if we're anywhere close. Is there anything specific that would help improve you life/mood? I've been feeling like that all week too, but at least I know why, and one of the causes is gone now as I've been observed by the deputy head today which was fine even though I was stressed out by it beforehand.

My diet has gone well today because I was so stressed out by this observation I didn't have breakfast and then I forgot to take my lunch to work with me and I didn't have any money with me to get a school dinner. So I haven't eaten anything yet today. I just hope I can manage to make reasonable choices when I get home and get something. I really want chocolate but luckily I haven't got any in the house and I haven't got any money to buy some on the way home.

TallyGrenshall Wed 23-Jan-13 15:32:10

Tortoise Do you think it's something specific or just everything all at once getting you down? Is there anything we can do to cheer you up? I have some birthday carrot cake if you want some...

Tortoise Wed 23-Jan-13 16:21:53

I dont know. Just everything getting to me.
A lot of it is my boyfriend getting to me. He just doesn't seem interested in me. It's starting to feel like just friends with a bit of sex thrown in. He doesn't really show any affection. Never says anything nice about me. Doesn't really listen to my point of view, e.g. today at school pick up (his ds is at same school as my dds), he was talking about the manager at the charity shop I used to help out in.

He said she told him they don't get antiques valued. Well I know for a fact they have a lady who helps out who is very up on antiques and they put back anything they aren't sure about and she looks at it and researches if she's not sure then prices accordingly. But oh no, I was wrong and he's right so I said whatever and looked away.

He did ask why I was in a funny mood lately but I don't know what to say.
I just don't know what to do sad sad .
(sorry for essay).

Tortoise Wed 23-Jan-13 16:27:05

Also he's so miserable about everything. Especially the snow, which I understand some people don't like, but he wouldn't even suffer it for his 5 yr olds sake and come sledging with us Friday. He doesn't ever come anywhere with us. Always says no money or too busy.

Tortoise Wed 23-Jan-13 16:29:44

oh, and just to add to it, I did accept maybe they don't have the antiques lady anymore but he wouldn't even accept they used to, even if she's not there now (which is very very very unlikely!)

Grrrr how ANNOYING tort!!!!! I hate it when I know someone is wrong and they won't admit it!!!!!

Have you got anything you can look forward to? Anything at the weekend? How are your kids, are they all healthy? When my LO is poorly I could literally cry all day with the stress..

didi I have one of those coming up, we now have three a year [hmmm] and I have got to make an outstanding lesson based on using an index.......!
Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Pressure is enormous, how did yours go?

Schooldidi Wed 23-Jan-13 21:23:30

It was ok CCC. I haven't had much feedback yet other than a fairly vague but encouraging comment about having a wonderful relationship with the class and they obviously felt very safe to get things wrong and that they seem to enjoy a challenge. I think I pitched it a little hard for them so some of them struggled a bit. So I don't think it was outstanding but can't see it being less than good either seeing as they all made progress during the lesson. We have 3 a year too, one by head of dept, one by deputy head and another one by second in dept. Now I just need to get through 2 parents evenings in the next 2 weeks, then another 4 next half term, my mid year review, 'self-evaluation week' and writing all my form reports, including correcting any mistakes by other teachers in their subject reports. I don't quite know when I'll get time to do any teaching, planning or marking hmm, except I know it'll be sleep I miss out on rather than any of that stuff. Wow, that turned into a bit of a rant didn't it?

Tortoise Wed 23-Jan-13 21:55:48

Nothing to look forward to that I can think of. Might take DDs to the cinema Saturday. They want to watch Tinkerbell smile .
I'm working hard listing stuff on my EBay business account so I can see if I can make enough money for a holiday.

Hi tort so sorry to hear things are bad with your boyfriend. Would it help you take your mind off your relationship by doing a load of spring cleaning? Given you've got your housing association lady coming you can kill two birds with one stone. I live in clutter and it's driving me potty so I have a big to do list and I'm slowly sorting through one area at a time. This week I've been going through my wardrobe getting more clothes ready for the charity shop and last week I was sorting out the kids clothes and old toys. The house is still a mess but it's A bit better. If you don't know where t