Getting healthy and losing weight through the power of MOTIVATION

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Motivational Monday - where we are motivated to stick to our diet and exercise plans for the rest of the week.
Progess logged on Kato's spreadsheet (if you want to of course)

Here I am!

reastie Fri 09-Nov-12 15:12:37

Marking place.

Thank you for the nice dress comments. It's not my usual style of dress but I thought trying something different might be a good thing. I'm tempted to try some bits from the phase eight website but can't remember how they come up big/small wise (I can't wear the same dress every day to work!) - does anyone know?

IIRC they're fairly true to size, and good for curves (understand about women having breasts etc.)

Hello, hello, hello!

Thanks Stealth. The thread has a chance now. grin

Good day today. I had breakfast but I didn't get up until 12. I was working last night. I will have dinner but then that's it. smile

eightytwenty Fri 09-Nov-12 18:07:56

Joining and thanks stealth.

Joiningthegang Fri 09-Nov-12 21:01:24

Reastie - loving your new purchase!

Good morning everyonesmile,
What are you all up to today?
It's a nice day here, we'll most likely get the den finally finished (barring gutters) this morninggrin.
Off to a "mad hatter's tea party" later though, to undo my good workblush.

nochipsthanks Sat 10-Nov-12 13:57:55

nochips sneaking in quietly.....

Hello everyone. smile Nochips here (again). Sorry, went awol for what- a good month-6 weeks? I just felt so dispirited and fed up and tired. I hope you do not mind if I join the thread again. blush

Back again. My weeks off has resulted in a weight gain- now 10 stone 13, aiming for 9 stone 7.

Have caught up on the old thread and admire everyone and your motivation!

As for me, i have decided to 'stop dieting' because i just binge and go crazy. Yesterday i thought long and hard about my approach to food. I have decided that at nearly 40 i really need to nip this in the bud. So my new approach is;

Eat 3 serves fruit or veg at every meal
enjoy alcohol 3-4 times a week max.
roast dinner on sunday
don't go wild.

I also thought i needed to take any decisions around food away from myself for a time. If that means having the same sorts of meals every day for a bit then fine. So the plan is;

Bk- black coffee, porridge with soy milk and three serves of fruit
Ln - home made vegetable soup with a crusty roll
Dn - main dish plus 3 serves vegetables.

lots of herbal tea and water.

WI day Thursdays. I am also attending a slimming world class, but for now I am not following the plan, again because I want to stop the mindset of 'dieting' which only leads me to bingeing. So i am going so i can be with other people and have the support.

My main aim is to deal with my psych issues around food, and to eat to maximise nutrients. I am also aiming to lose between half a pound and one pound every week. I just need to not panic and take it slow.

Today has been good. I had porridge with grapes, apples and banana, then have just had a huge bowl of curried lentil and spinach soup with rye bread. I feel really full, but happy as I am finally nourishing myself, rather than beating myself up for eating.

afternoon of ironing in front of Downton abbey beckons. smile

I also love the dress, reastie. i saw that dress the other day and admired it alot. I bet you look lovely in it.

Good days everyone. smile

Evening all. Welcome back nochips. It seems you've got your head in a good place. Well done you. smile

I've had the most boring day ever and now I'm being deprived of strictly in favour of cars2. I think tomorrow is going to be equally lacking in stimulation. sad

On the plus side I've not been snacking. smile

reastie Sat 10-Nov-12 18:41:52

Thanks for the phase eight advice IMST have ordered 6 dresses in the hopes one or two will be keepers grin . Btw can we have some finished den pictures please to see what the finished product is like?

Hi nochips your strategy sounds really good to me. I particularly like the sunday roast plan! You have to have something nice to look forward to and roast doesn't have to be too bad depending on what you have to go with it. I'm trying to bulk out my meals with veg too and I think it really helps make you feel like you've eaten more IYKWIM - I try to have tofu, rice and loads of veg for lunch and then some kind of veg soup at dinner and a banana for snack in the morning (I won't mention I eat alot more than this too!) and it does seem to be working.

V boring here today too - been wrapping christmas pressies again. DH and I too tired to be bothered to take DD out and AF is just coming for me meaning I'm a bit hormonal.

eightytwenty Sat 10-Nov-12 19:03:57

Welcome back no chips! Can you share your soup recipe? Sounds delicious.

Reastie - how organised?! Am only starting shopping now and have dd 2nd, ds 6th, and joint 40th/ 10 yr wedding/ 20 yrs together party to go before then. A busy month ahead.

nochipsthanks Sat 10-Nov-12 20:24:37

Thanks for the welcome back everyone. smile I really appreciate it. I love sunday roasts, reastie and when i am dieting I always feel like I cannot 'afford' it and then get miserable. Now that the weather is getting cold a return to Sunday roasts is welcome!

For the soup eighty...Just sautee onions, celery and garlic in butter and olive oil. Add diced carrots and sweat the veg for 10 minutes or so on a low heat. Add a good tablespoon of your favourite curry powder (we did madras this time) and stir so the oil coats the curry. Add red lentils, chicken stock and frozen spinach and cook until the lentils are mushy then blitz in a blender. Better the next day of course, and topped with natural yoghurt it is really really good. It is really filling too. smile I had a huge bowl of soup for lunch and it lasted me until dinner (although granted, dinner was at 6 pm...) and usually I am snacking all afternoon.

I hope my can get my head around eating well. And I really hope that I can stop the starve - binge cycle once and for all. It is jyst making sure i do it consistently I guess and do not panic and starve again!

How do you cook your tofu reastie? I was at yo sushi recently and went a bit mad over their tofu katsu. Gosh it was good. So good that I made fried breaded tofu cubes (with bbq sauce) at home last week as an experiment. It worked quite well- but I would love to try different recipes!

reastie Sat 10-Nov-12 21:03:10

nochips my tofu is pretty bland and dull - I just dry fry it in fry light and then add loads of veggies to do a big stir fry with some herbs/soy sauce etc. I don't really like spicy foods that tofu seems to lend itself to and think I'm used to the bland taste now! I quite like the marinated tofu you can buy in the supermarkets but it's higher in fat so try to steer clear at the minute of it. Smoked tofu also gives a nice flavour. In the past to try something different I've coated big slabs of tofu in tomato puree and then dipped it in cornmeal before frying it in a small bit of oil - it gives it a completely different taste/texture. Nothing beats the my local chinese's deep fried tofu though wink

eightytwenty Sat 10-Nov-12 22:03:14

Thanks no chips. Next weeks lunch! Anyone else have any easy soup recipes to share?

Have pigged out tonight on mac & cheese and 1/2 large bar of choc marzipan. Though thanks to swimming I am within cals. Though that might be down to cheating on portion sizes. Note to self start weighing food again. ESP carbs.

nochipsthanks Sun 11-Nov-12 06:39:45

Thanks reastie I love the basic taste of tofu too. I have never seen smoked tofu.... must look out for that!

I am really interested in the tofu dipped in tomato puree and cornmeal- that sounds really good! I also ... searching through my memory... have vague memories of reading something once where the person mixed dried herbs and garlic powder with mashed tofu then repressed before cooking... not sure about where I got that though.

DH and I are agreed that we need to stop eating the amounts of meat we do and he likes tofu too so I feel some more meals coming on!

Hope you enjoy the soup eighty! Yesterday I made up the next batch of soup- broccoli- courgette- and spinach. DH looked at it dubiously and commented 'it is very green'. grin

I'll put den pictures on later when I've painted it.
I spent yesterday afternoon making fake (peppermint cream) peas for the mad hatter's tea party, while the DCs attempted to make lime and mandarin cordial (they overcooked it, so it's set in the bottle and we have inaccessible jam).
At the party, I was fairly restrained, 3 crisps, a mini rolo, a beer, Madeira cake and banoffee pie. When cocktails were doing the rounds I kept my glass full of tap water so there was no chance for people to pour brightly coloured alco-goo in.
The DCs were very well behaved even though we stayed until after 11 and got home around midnight.

Den painted and photographedgrin.
A good day food-wise, we'll see what the scale verdict is tomorrow though.

I think I've had an ok week but I did have TGIs on Thursday and I had a slice of ds2's b'day cake today so I just don't know. Fingers crossed.

KatoPotato Sun 11-Nov-12 16:56:50

Wahh I found you! Been away with work so generally eating ribbish and not getting to the gym! Scales also out of battery so excuses left right and crntre... Will weigh in tmw and await my fate...

Lardbean Sun 11-Nov-12 20:59:03

Grrrr woke up this morning weighing 16 5, half an hour later I was 16 11. Before breakfast so what the bloomin hell is that about? confused

KatoPotato Sun 11-Nov-12 21:15:18

Oh yes lardbean that happens round here. It will sort itself out, promise!

MilkshakeMaker Mon 12-Nov-12 07:11:44

Hello again everyone...

Sorry I disappeared for a few weeks, I've caught up on both threads and I'm back now ready to really crack down on myself.

I've weighed in this morning and have amazingly maintained somehow so still 11st3lb

Good luck to everyone today smile

reastie Mon 12-Nov-12 07:33:40

lardbean that sort of thing happens to me too hmm - maybe try again tomorrow

Milkshake well done on maintaining - you must've been doing something right!

Weighed myself over the week end. Am hoping it's not a scale oddity result but looks like I may have lost 2lbs in the past couple of weeks shock , not quite sure how, and hoping the scales weren't wrong! That takes me to a round 50lb loss this year so far grin

Joiningthegang Mon 12-Nov-12 07:34:52

Hi all - my scales go up and sown like anything - annoying.

I have not uad any wheat for 10 days and horrid ibs poo all cleaeed up - lovely. Sneaked a few biscuits and some of the kids pasta and have have tummy pain for almost 12 hours.

Maybe i am wheat intolerant - but should help with the diet!!!!

reastie Mon 12-Nov-12 07:55:20

joining I have 'gluten sensitivity' - before giving it up I had a constant dull feeling tummy and sporadic stomach aches etc, after I gave up gluten if I did try eating it my reaction was alot stronger - stomach pain for up to several days, fainting from pain, unable to move shock - even having salad cream with a teeny amount of wheat in was enough for me to get a reaction. I wish I had known before I gave up gluten (unhelpful GP ignoring me leading me to take an exclusion diet upon myself) that if you do have a reaction to wheat and gluten you could have coeliac disease, but, to be tested for it, you have to have eaten gluten for a length of time before the test or it won't show up. I had to put myself through alot of pain in order to have the test! So, if you do think you might have a problem with gluten (wheat is in gluten) please see your GP about testing you for coeliac disease as the longer you become wheat free, if you are intolerant/allergic to it the harder it will be to reintroduce it in your diet before the test. HTH <voice of bitter experience>

Morning everyone. Another Motivational Monday and another weigh in. I've lost 3lbs this week and at 11st 3lbs I am beginning to think about that 10st bracket. I know I shouldn't as it could take weeks but it is tantalisingly close.

How are you all doing today?

Maintained this week, although oddly I weighed before and after faffing about on the wii for 20 minutes, and had "lost" half a pound in that time. I seem to weigh less on Wednesdays than Mondays, perhaps as I make my own lunch in the week and don't go to cake-laden parties
Well done Hair it's all starting to pay off!

reastie Mon 12-Nov-12 10:45:05

IMST if a wii is that good I think I should get one wink

Went out to get DD fleecy PJs (bought the sweetest gruffalo all in one one!) and came home with that plus a really nice cord jacket. The kind I can wear to work but also at home with jeans. I used to have one (well, still do, but it's too small still) and wore it all the time. The good news is I had to buy a size 16 grin , the bad news is I'm £50 lighter in the wallet hmm

KatoPotato Mon 12-Nov-12 11:31:00

Damage report is a-okay! I'm now 11stone on the nose. That's after a week of curry, no gym, chocolate and crisps galore!

envy Kato that never happens to me.

Size 16 is fab reastie. I bet you feel great.

Thanks IMST. A maintain is good given the big party you went to at the weekend.

KatoPotato Mon 12-Nov-12 13:36:21

Hair I imagine I'll spend all week in the gym and eat pure protein and gain 2 lbs!

New target is 10st 7 for xmas....

Reastie Huge stinging high fives!Welcome back Milkshake!

Hi everyone and well done - sounds like a good weigh in this week

I am slinking in, tail between my legs... So I decided to try the 5:2 thing, which was a disaster really - tried it for 5 weeks, put weight on, did nothing to improve my bingey relationship with food. Bah.

What I SHOULD have done was stick with you ladies for a bit of support and motivation! So like nochips I am back with renewed determination. I have booked an appointment with my wedding dress maker in April - seems ages away, but it's only 6 months, and I have 2 stone to shed in them.

Well done everyone who hasn't fallen off the wagon!

KatoPotato Mon 12-Nov-12 15:47:28

Welcome back!! Yes, I tried for one week but I knew it was too faddy and rife for cheating!

Back up on the wagon you come! Theres been no munchy boxes to report!

Welcome back to everyone who's decided to get back on the wagon. smile

reastie Mon 12-Nov-12 16:27:41

Ohhh little how exciting re: dress appintment (although admit I'm a bit shock that you need to book it so far in advance). FWIW I haven't done the 5:2 thing as I know I would just eat more on the 5 days to make up for the 2 fasting days so I wouldn't lose weight.

You know, I'm realising, most (normal/slim) people actually don't eat that much. I know I had that revelation about slim people not eating much, but I think I didn't realise how much I ate before I started this (and I still know I have to rein it in some more). I might have the same lunch as a friend and be all envy about how slim she is compared to me, but, it turns out, she would have a small breakfast and not a snack mid morning whereas I'd have more breakfast and lots of snacks. ALso this time last year I'd eat the same dinner as DH but then he'd go off and bath DD and I'd go and raid the snack cupboard and eat more when he wasn't looking blush .

reastie don't get disheartened. The more you realise where you're falling down the more you are capable of changing your habits. I hope this isn't going to sound rude but when you joined the thread you were very worried about being hungry. You stuck with it and you seem to have adjusted fine. You can get used to more changes but do be careful of those iron levels. You're doing great! smile

reastie Mon 12-Nov-12 18:32:03

Thanks hair you're right, I was v worried about hunger blush . I'm getting there slowly although I'm remembering how much I used to eat at my adult slimmest (which was just nudging in the 10stones) and how much I eat now and I still have alot to cut back on confused . You are all so lovely and supportive though thanks

Thanks reastie - that was EXACTLY what I was doing, hungry two days and totally out of control on the others! The dress appointment doesn't h e to be nearly so far in advance, just trying to give myself a fighting chance of being a bit slimmer ;)

Lardbean Mon 12-Nov-12 19:48:34

Well done everyone this week esp reastie on the size 16!
Forgot to weigh this morning so will tomorrow

eightytwenty Tue 13-Nov-12 11:47:45

Hi all. Have updated spreadsheet which looks better than it is 'cause I hadn't done it in ages. In real terms a 1lb loss. Slow progress.

KatoPotato Tue 13-Nov-12 12:02:21

Hi Eighty

now... who's broke the sheet? It wasn't me, promise!!

eightytwenty Tue 13-Nov-12 12:33:58

Me?! Yikes. Did spot that the total wl wasn't recording. But don't think I touched that column. Or is there something else I've done?

KatoPotato Tue 13-Nov-12 13:42:57

Yoinks, I've no idea! And re-reading I didn't mean to make it sound like I was blaming you! I'm sure someone on a computer will be able to fix it!

Oblomov Tue 13-Nov-12 17:35:41

sorry I haven't been around much. Have been struggling. will try harder, promise.

It will have been me, sorry. Will loook at it.

What are you struggling with oblomov?

Morning everyone. I'm doing ok this week I think. I'm never really very sure. I'm hoping it doesn't go wrong on Friday as I have a night out.

Anyone know any low cal cocktails? (Wishful thinking)

It's the sugar that'll get you with cocktails. If you get shorts they have less calories, but then you'll drink more.
Avoid the creamy ones obviously, Black Russian might be alright if you get diet coke.
The trick is to sip drinks slowly, not use the straws. That way you always have a drink in hand, but never get too drunk then think a kebab is a great idea
Get lots of exercise on Friday daytime, then you'll have "earned" cocktail calories and won't feel in the slightest bit HTH <knows slightly too much about cocktails given I don't drink them>

Haha. I don't like the creamy ones but I may google mojito.

I thought it was the alcohol that had all the calories?

KatoPotato Wed 14-Nov-12 09:37:23

Vodka, soda and line in a tall glass. Winner! Add some angastourie bitters for a cocktail edge!

Yes, and no kebabs... Unless its officially Saturday and you can spend the rest of the day eating crackers...

Alcohol has a fair few calories, but without the sugar it's too unpalatable to consume much of.

Aahhh. Mojitos have 250 calories. That them out. Vodka, lime and soda may be the thing.

come round and do a couple of hours of pilates on Friday, that'll burn a few hundred calories, or have a good long jog.
Rake the leaves in the garden.
I'm a firm believer in enjoying life, and "paying off" excess in advance.

KatoPotato Wed 14-Nov-12 11:32:00

Couldn't have put it better IMST and Pilates will make you feel tres virtuous!

nochipsthanks Wed 14-Nov-12 13:20:47

Hi everyone,
Hope your days are going well.
I did not even try the 5:2 diet as I just knew it would play havoc with my starve and binge tendencies anyway. My biggest problem is learning to eat normally!
Oh I LOVE mojitos.
I think I am doing okay. Usually on my days in at work I would have a kebab for lunch (as a ‘treat’) but today reminded myself that I no longer have the choice (or that my choices have already been decided) , and had a lovely bowl of carrot soup with a bread roll instead. Feel much better about that. Have had 2 alcohol free days, and another once scheduled today. I think I may have lost tomorrow, but we shall see. I am determined to just relax, not panic and to take each day as it comes. Am loving porridge for breakfast- and I have never been a fan before!
WI tomorrow…..
Have good days!

Well done nochips. You have your plan and you're sticking to it.

Thanks for the offer IMST but pilates hurts! I think I'll stick to leaf sweeping and I have dd's bedroom to paint. Also I walked round the Trafford Centre for two hours today. I bought two pairs of trousers and also,mon_1.2/2333220451this from Monsoon. That should have used some calories. I'm exhausted! smile

reastie Wed 14-Nov-12 16:39:56

Ohh hair what a stunning dress - love it. I'm still waiting hmm for my phase eight delivery of dresses I placed at the week end

Got my first proper 'ohh, haven't you lost weight' comment from someone at work today. It felt great! So far only one friend has noticed, and, tbh she's so lovely and complimentary in general she may have just been being nice so it didn't count as much, but clearly it must be being noticed grin

Thanks reastie. I can't believe you've not had more comments. You've lost so much.

I think sometimes people don't really look or they only see what they expect to see iykwim.

reastie Wed 14-Nov-12 16:55:59

Thanks hair tbh I think it's as I put on weight over a short period during and after pg. My usual weight for me is around a size 16, it's just I put on <coughs> 5 stone through pg and bfing, so, for me, I'm still fatter than normal IYKWIM. Maybe people expect me to be slimmer than I currently am, so although I've lost weight I still don't look slim for my normal self, just a bit closer to my normal self. I think I made that sound more complicated than it was!

I know what you mean. grin

MilkshakeMaker Wed 14-Nov-12 20:53:52

So how is the week going for everyone?

Its TOTM for me so carbs are currently my bestfriend, I have however technically still been under cals each day but I've hardly eaten healthy..

I'm hoping moving a sofa down 4 flights of stairs has worked off todays lunch as I'm pretty sure I'll barely be able to move when I wake up tomorrow!

eightytwenty Wed 14-Nov-12 23:02:45

Well done reastie.

What is wrong with me. (Or should that be right?!). I have done 3 consecutive days of shred (last 2 at level 3 which nearly killed me) and tonight I did my first full spin class. Totm for me too so am always a bit heavier but hope it will pay off next week.

eightytwenty Wed 14-Nov-12 23:02:57

Well done reastie.

What is wrong with me. (Or should that be right?!). I have done 3 consecutive days of shred (last 2 at level 3 which nearly killed me) and tonight I did my first full spin class. Totm for me too so am always a bit heavier but hope it will pay off next week.

eightytwenty Thu 15-Nov-12 08:15:16

Swiftly followed by scoffing buttercream off two cakes and a cup of hot chocolate. While I had loads of cals spare this isn't exactly normal is it. Old habits die hard.

nochipsthanks Thu 15-Nov-12 08:17:32

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is well this morning. eighty I am exhausted just reading about your fitness regime!

10 stone 10 this morning, so in theory a 3 pound loss. But I am not so sure. i think when i was 10.13 last week i was a bit bloated, but am willing to believe that i have lost some weight.

So, the same regime for me this week, but will tweak it slightly. Last week i more often than not had butter with my roll and soup, so shall take that out. And I DID have wine last night, after a horror day when i came within a whisker of stuffing a project up due purely to the fact I was not paying close enough attention to it. (In my 'sort of' defence, I am massively overstretched right now, and have told the boss for weeks i have too much on my plate, but still I felt utterly ill when i realised I had forgotten to register online for something crucial). So a nice 2 glass of wine on the train home. Thankfully it was all okay... I think!

Off to slimming world tonight. And I am about to make the next batch of soup- red pepper and tomato.

That is a gorgeous dress hair. Love the colour, but also love that particular style.

Have a great day everyone!

nochipsthanks Thu 15-Nov-12 08:19:52

Oh, i meant to write yesterday Oblomov where are you? Come back and join us! How are things, and I recall you had a terrible stress with your friend. Is that all okay now?

Hope all is well.


Moning everyone smile

So I wanted to reveal my new plan, as I think it might help me stick to it if you know!

- At least 3 x gym/exercise sessions a week - going ok so far with bums legs and tums on Monday and spinning yesterday. Will gym or swim tomorrow
- Not to worry about slight blips, but to immediately knuckle back down
- Be happy about the winter as it means porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch, both good things that I genuinely like
- And not to deny myself a treat when it's genuinely deserved like last night's Prosecco and Percy Pigs to celebrate my promotion but not to see food as a reward/cheering up tool at other times

I will try and enter on the spreadsheet tomorrow...

Oooh congratulations!
I think your second point is the most important for me. I'm trying to do it but its hard. But the fact is, having a bad day is not a reason to stop, assuming you do want to lose the weight sooner or later - might as well be sooner!
Sounds like you have a good plan and lots of motivation

I had a sneaky weigh in today, 11 4, down 2 on Monday. My BMI has just squeaked under 31 (30.99), and several people today have commented in my slimness. 10 -something by Christmas is very achievable, and I'm starting to think even 10 8 may be possible! It would be nice to be a solid size 12 for Christmas.

Well done grin

eightytwenty Fri 16-Nov-12 07:34:45

Well done imst.

I am have lost another 1lb. Now 11 11.5. 1.5 to go to 2 stone. 4.5lb to wedding weight. 11lb to go into overweight bmi. That still feels a long way off. I will aim for that for my 40th on 1 feb.

Went for 2.5 mile run/ walk yesterday. Surprised myself I went that far. But was running with a v fit 63 yr old who kept me going.

Anyone got any Xmas strategies?

11lb by end of January seems reasonable, and would be a good target to have.
I have apparently lost 1.5/2lb overnight hmm. Am now 11st3/3.5! I think that's the lightest I've been in a hell of a long time. Really hoping I can have crept into the 10s by the end of this month, but I'll be happy if I can be anything less than I am now TBH.

KatoPotato Fri 16-Nov-12 09:41:12

Well done everyone!! It's been a good week! I've shifted 1.6lbs and have finally broke the 10st barrier! 10st 12!! I never ever want to see another 11 on that scale!!!

grin That's brillaint Kato. No, you'll never be 11st something again.
(at first glance I read that you'd broken the scales though grin)

KatoPotato Fri 16-Nov-12 10:21:55

Haha this time last year that would have been a genuine fear!!

Ego boost last night, I went to accompany a friend to an appeal hearing at my old work (that's not the good bit, but didn't go too badly)
As I stood outside, a parent picking up her DC commented how good I looked, then two of my ex colleagues came out of the door and said "ooh, check you out, skinny Minnie!" They had only seen me from behind, in a coat, in the dark. I must actually look a lot thinnergrin.
Another party today, hopefully not so cakey, it's a housewarming near Birmingham and we're bringing the DCs so we won't stay as late as 11.15 we did at last week's party.

Morning all.

Well it all went out the window last night. Three cocktails and half a bottle of wine and good food. It was a great night but if I lose on Monday I'll die of shock. I really did not make good choices but to be fair I rarely have a big night out like that. Oh well. Back on it today.

Well done to everyone else though. It seems to be going really well for you all. Long may it continue.

reastie Sat 17-Nov-12 18:42:16

<preens> I've had 4 comments this week on how slim I'm looking <disclaimer: obviously I'm not thin at a size 18, but that's alot slimmer than I was>. I've also got 2 new dresses from phase eight (thanks whoever recommended them) and am managing to wear them with pre preg cardis (even if they won't do up yet!). Feeling really positive about it all. About 3 lbs off of my christmas target (remember I'm slow with progress though due to iron diet). Would love to have lost 4 stone this year by new year but think that might be a little ambitious.

Am slightly apprehensive as GP has diagnosed me with citalopram and when I've taken it in the past it has made me very hungry and I've struggled to maintain or lose weight. We shall see how it goes but I hope it doesn't have that same effect again hmm

Well done Reastie , new dresses always make me feel fab too (not that I've had a new dress for a while, but I got a story coat from the charity shop, that counts too!)
Party season is upon us, I am wobbling a bit, every weekend has another party, with people foisting cake on me. I am managing to eat just one cake per party (believe me, that's progress), but the main problem is that after staying up late I'm just too tired to do a decent amount of exercise the next day to work off the excess.
At least it's not raining today, I might manage a bike ride if I'm lucky.

KatoPotato Sun 18-Nov-12 11:11:02

Well done reastie and IMST we are indeed entering the danger zone... Those Kipling frosty fancies are everywhere!! I managed to eat 6 dark chocolate digestives yesterday...

Back to Spin this morning after a 5week break, I'm terrified!!!

Morning everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend.

Well as predicted after a big night out, a Chinese takeaway last night and a really heavy totm that started yesterday I've put on two pounds. sad

Because of all that I am hopeful for this week. I'm going to be good I promise. grin

eightytwenty Mon 19-Nov-12 12:42:46

Had v greedy weekend. 2 dinners out, sunday lunch yesterday. Too much alcohol. Hangover Saturday = sugar overload.

But new day today. Loads of exercise planned and healthy meals.

Morning all. Reastoe, glad to hear you've had comments smile
Weekend away here so no diet but no actual bingeing. Still think I've gained but hopefully this week will sort it out and more.

KatoPotato Mon 19-Nov-12 13:38:48

Happy Monday Everyone! Spin class was as expected horrific. Booked in for next Sunday so no turning back!

I did however take part in a family chippy... Must be good this week, the digestives are no longer in the house so that;s progress!

eightytwenty Mon 19-Nov-12 18:03:40

Hi Kato. I didn't find spin class too bad last week but fear that's cause I had levels set too low. It was my first full class and I was terrified I'd have to bail or puke!

I still have huge admiration for all you spinners. I'm still traumatised by the one time I did it. It's so hard.

KatoPotato Mon 19-Nov-12 21:27:50

eighty if your bike is set too low it can be even tougher I think! My instructor had to give me an 'are you okay?' Nod at one point during the spinning chest/press ups!

eightytwenty Mon 19-Nov-12 22:23:13

Ok - no chest presses in last week's class. Will see what Wednesday brings. Funnily (?) I also did a 2.5 mile run /walk session on Thursday last week - and could barely walk till Sunday. Assumed it was the running, but maybe it was culmulative.

nochipsthanks Tue 20-Nov-12 13:46:59

Hi All,

Am afraid i have just had a massive binge on cheese and mayo on toast. (yuck, right?)

Oh well. I feel pretty lousy. but also have a big project at work i am stressing about.

just the thought of spinning makes me shudder- did about 5 classes.

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 13:59:36

Hey Chips! Where does the mayo go???

nochipsthanks Tue 20-Nov-12 14:05:37

Oh Lord, I am almost too embarrassed to tell you. Spread mayo instead of butter on toast. Top with raw sliced onion. add grated cheese, grill.

Hopefully no-one drops by before I have a chance to brush my teeth. Feeling a bit oniony.

My only excuse is I am depressed and stressed about work, and have had a vomity toddler. (Working from Home today. Knackered).

How's your day going Kato? smile

eightytwenty Tue 20-Nov-12 14:12:33

It's not a disaster if you count cals and compensate at dinner. Not a binge by any means... more of a wobble.

Thread has been a bit quiet of late.

Wonder if darker days & colder nights are leading us astray? I am still looking for Xmas strategies. I accept I won't lose. But I don't want to gain - or if I do 1-2lb max. Is that realistic?

nochipsthanks Tue 20-Nov-12 14:35:11

I would say it is realistic, eighty. What is your typical Xmas dinner? Maybe we can help. I guess it is avoiding the obvious offenders, but also weighing up your chopices. i hate Xmas pudding and detest custard, so i might have extra champagne but would not have that.

Great at giving advice, me grin

Don't worry nochips see what I had at the weekend. Sorry you're having a hard time. Hope your dc feels better soon.

eighty that sounds very realistic to me. I don't really understand about Christmas goodies. I mean when does one eat them? I don't get where they fit in. confused It's quite frustrating because there are loads of things I'd love to make but I don't want it to go to waste.

The other thing I'm struggling with is portion size. I made a lasagne the other day and I couldn't judge what a normal portion is. Anyone got any ideas how to tell?

It was a good day yesterday and so far today but I'm off to see twilight later. Popcorn is bad isn't it? sad

nochipsthanks Tue 20-Nov-12 14:44:02

Thanks. smile

Yes, Xmas goodies are wierd. We always have so much that I hate the sight of them. (DH adores Lidl and as soon as stollen cake started appearing- in August- he started stocking up!!! We have 6 in our larder. Who is going to eat the bloody things? (I feel a donation to the foodbank coming on).

I also really struggle with portion size. I really do eat until i am stuffed. It is an emotional thing though, I sometimes literally feel like I am stuffing my low self esteem back down inside. Yesterday i tried cutting my portions by 1/4..... but then went wild late last night.

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 14:51:21

Meh, my day is okay, still waiting for the sodding mortgage offer from NatWest!

I like the sound of your mayo cheesy toast a lot!

I am looking forward to enjoying xmas and not spoiling it for those around me by being fussy and picky! I'm confident I've reeducated myself enough not to go absolutely crazy, but to plan a loss is just crazy. A small gain through enjoying food with family will be easily lost again in the New Year!

Convinced? I'm not!

And Hair, enjoy plenty of popcorn! it's mostly air...

I like your thinking Kato. grin

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 15:02:12

Just don't drown it in butter! <drooooooolllll>

nochipsthanks Tue 20-Nov-12 15:04:44

Good luck with the mortgage offer!

The mayo cheesy toast is quite good really. But am feeling quite unwell now, although that might have something to do with Baby Vomit Monster.

I always thought popcorn was good too!

Yes but cinema stuff is covered with sugar. Maybe just have a small one.

nochipsthanks Tue 20-Nov-12 15:12:13

I would be making my own and sneaking it in, even though I am sure it is not allowed.

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 15:35:01

Sweet Popcorn??? You've got it so so wrong! Salted Every time with butter butter butter

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 15:35:16

Or Butterkist... ooohhh

I have a sweet tooth so it's got to be sweet. smile

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 16:10:39

My tooth is very much from the school of equal opportunities...

Hahaha! grin

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 16:17:10

Ok, back on the slim fast diet after looking down at my belly in the bath last night sad it resembles a wobbly barrel sad

I did celebrity slim before my wedding in April and had pretty good success. However, after some huge life changing circumstances and leaving my job I am steadily gaining weight sad

Had a slim fast shake for breakfast at 9am. It's now 10.15am and I'm bloody starving haha!

Buttery salty popcorn here too!
Where are you Cordelia? Guessing not UK smile

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 16:45:49

I'm in Canada, so I'm surrounded by seriously delicious junk food! We moved out here in July, and I've been steadily getting rounder since sad

Oooh cold. Are you dreading winter?

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 16:56:14

It's nearly here, we've had a few foot of snow already. It's going to get much colder I'm sure!

KatoPotato Tue 20-Nov-12 16:59:36

Perhaps a little tummy will help keep you toasty?

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 17:09:44

A little one, maybe. Not this monstrous thing though sad none of my clothes fit me. I have no idea how much I weigh because I don't have any scales, I'm sure it'd make me even more depressed if I did weigh myself though. Gotta stop moaning about it and just bloody do something about it. My DH prefers women with a boy more meat on them apparently. Easy for him to say with his 30" waist

Urgh, yes I have a very slinky hipped husband too... despite his diet of wotsits!

You've taken the best move by joining the gang, we're a good mob and all here to help smile

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 17:25:12

I thought so. I had a quick read before I posted. It's hard losing weight, but easier if you can moan about it haha! grin


My dh is definitely more rotund than me. He'd make a reasonable father Christmas. grin

I've found it invaluable to have scales since I started this thread. It's the first time I've ever been on a diet and I find that the little losses spur me on. I've lost a stone since it started but my clothes don't feel different. I think I'd have given up without the scales for evidence.

It must be hard living in a Country with sucha high abundance of Peanut butter based snacks and crunchy cheetos!

Jealousy will get you nowhere Kato. grin

Besides you have the Munchy Box.


Hello everyone. I was worried that working at home would lead to snacking, but so far I'm more likely to forget to eat lunch at all, then grab some leftovers at 2.30 before the school run.
We don't have Christmas treats, I'll probably make mince pies, but I'm very good at giving them away to everyone. I may eat one or two before Christmas, but I'm not too fussed by them.
I still have most of the box of chocolates I got when I left work over a month ago, despite DH sneaking a few that he know I don't like.
Parties are going to get me though, with their cakey snacky temptations, but I am so close to my target (4lb) I'm determined to see it through.

4lbs? You will do that no problem the way you've been losing. (It would probably take me six weeks!).

Is that your prechristmas target or your overall one?

That's excellent IMST! I can't even remember what my Xmas target was! I know it was 11 by Halloween, which I managed! Going to stick a finger in the air and pick 10st 8 for Xmas?

reastie Tue 20-Nov-12 18:26:42

<walks in, waves to everyone and then walks out again>

Sorry, got nothing I want to say especially but wanted to say hello!

My target was 11st (3st lost) by Christmas, Ideally I'll keep going after that, 10st would be great, but I doubt there'd be much left of me at that point (I've already gone from a size 18 to a 12). I assume the weight will just start getting harder to lose, then I'll settle at a "natural" weight.
As I have made lifestyle changes and reduced portions, not "dieted" as such, I won't have a defined end point, which should help with keeping it off.
I never want to be that big again, it makes life so hard !

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 21:41:37

If I'm honest I'm not a huge fan of peanut butter....the reese's cups are pretty good though. I'm mad about popcorn and crisps though, and the corndogs are sooooo good!

What is a corndog?

eightytwenty Tue 20-Nov-12 22:23:37

Well done imst. Such a good approach.

I am upping exercise a) as have my mind set on doing a mini triathlon in may, b) to tone up and c) to push start my wl which has been limping of late.

Monday - shred
Tuesday - 4 mile run/ walk and 1 hour advanced swimming class
Wednesday - spin class
Thurs - off
Friday - run (maybe) and swim class
Saturday - swim class

Am quite proud of today's achievement. Will let you know if I make the rest.

CordeliaChase Tue 20-Nov-12 23:26:58

It's like a hot dog sausage on a stick surrounded by a batter like bread thing. Sooo tasty and so fatty!!

Today I've had two slim fast shakes (breakfast and lunch) and I've just had chicken korma with noodles (no rice). DS a bit young for hot curries so I had to cook a creamy one sad the calorie count wasn't that high though so not too bad I suppose.

nochipsthanks Wed 21-Nov-12 06:25:11

Good morning all!

I cannot recall my target for Xmas either.

Right, plan for today;

Black coffee and herbal teas
porridge with fruit and soy milk
cucumber sticks
tomato and lentil soup with granary roll
dinner- well DH bought ikea meatballs plus that berry jam that goes with them, so might be 1-2 of those with boiled pots, cabbage and veg.

Hi nochips. That sounds good. What is the berry jam stuff and what do you do with it? I've never heard of it.

NessunDorma Wed 21-Nov-12 10:45:37

Hello smile, do you mind if I join this thread? I am about 1 and a half stone over my ideal weight and woud like to get rid of a large chunk of that by new year.

Come on in Nessun Dorma we don't have a magic gimmicky formula for weight loss, we're all doing what works for us, mostly eating less, and doing more exercise.
Mostly what we do here is encourage each other to keep motivated through the times it seems like nothing works, and to see how well we're doing.

eightytwenty Wed 21-Nov-12 11:16:43

1lb down today. 2 stone total. 3lb to go to get to wedding weight by 8 dec when we celebrate 10 years of marriage and joint 40th birthdays.

Welcome Nessun

eighty nice one! Your excercise routine is similar to mine in that I have thurs and Sundays as 'days off' excercise!

Well done eightytwenty nearly there, stick with it!

Hi Nessun do you have a strategy? All sorts goes on on this thread. hmm

eightytwenty Wed 21-Nov-12 11:56:03

Welcome nessum! This is a great thread. Very supportive!

NessunDorma Wed 21-Nov-12 12:08:59


My plan at the moment is Eat Less Crap. I am awful with snacking on crisps and biscuits etc blush

Don't have it in the house!
I find that if I'm peckish, and there's only fruit, I'll eat fruit rather than go to the shop.
Doesn't work for everyone though.
Fill up on water, and try to delay snacks by a bit longer each time, eventually you'll make it to a mealtime or the craving will pass on its own.
Hope those tips are helpful, pick whichever work for you.

NessunDorma Wed 21-Nov-12 12:52:32

Have had a large glass of water, i will not snack today! Might go and do some housework to distract myself from the hula hoops in the kitchen.

eightytwenty Wed 21-Nov-12 13:05:15

I was a big afternoon snacker. Every day I'd have a sugar craving.

At first I swapped the sugar for rice cakes with a little peanut butter and jam, or small amount of fruit and nut. Both have me just enough, but with added benefit of protein. It took a whole to retrain myself. But now, 8 months on, I don't generally snack at all mid afternoon. Little changes until they become new habits are a good thing.

Evening all. It's been a good day today. Just had a jacket potato with veg sauce for dinner.

I did have a small popcorn last night but I didn't finish it. Part of me is sad that my sweet tooth is reducing. I don't know if any of you can relate? It feels like I'm losing a comfort blanket kind of. I feel a bit sad. sad

CordeliaChase Wed 21-Nov-12 21:10:45

I've not had chance to eat yet today. Had a slim fast or brekkie and been shopping all over lunch. I took a sandwich for my DS so I wouldn't be tempted to go in a burger type place. It's now gone 3pm and I figure I may as well wait til dinner at 4.30. My eating habits are atrocious sad

eightytwenty Wed 21-Nov-12 22:16:20

Hair - no way. I know that I have a greedy sweet loving monster still inside me. It reared its head while I was hungover on Saturday. I do know that I have to keep my focus or it could return.

My only hope is that I stay motivated about improving my fitness - I've decided to aim for a baby triathlon in may (only goal is to finish). While I'm training, I am also paying attention to wl. It must be so much easier to run if I was 2 stone lighter. So that's helping me stay on track.

Well I got roped into the circuit training at the gym tonight, which was a medicine ball special...

Nearly puked.

My parents are visiting today, which presents somewhat of a culinary challenge. Dinner needs to be:
Vegetarian, with a potato element (for DF)
Pescatarian (for DM)
Dairy free (for DS)
Low calorie (for me)
Filling (for DH)
Not too "vegetably" (for contrary DD)
So effectively I need a vegan, not vegetably feast that is appealing to children, adults and pensioners alike.
I may well eat out!

eighty what's a baby triathlon? It still sounds hard even with the word baby in front. grin

Kato your motivation is fantastic. I think I'd have refused to join in. I'd be scared I think. Is it a small, friendly gym or a big anonymous one?

IMST how about veggie cottage pie?

reastie Thu 22-Nov-12 08:37:07

IMST confused . I'll think on it. That is a tough one hmm .

reastie Thu 22-Nov-12 08:40:57

All I can think (which really isn't that great) is to do big baked potatoes and then put a variety of fillings on the table for people to serve themselves so people have what they like/can eat. You could have veggie sausages/baked beans/salad/sweetcorn/cheese etc. Would fit everyones dietary problems, but isn't really a main course you can bake and put in front of everyone ready to eat like a pie/lasagne IYKWIM. I was going to say home made pizzas (have you got a breadmaker to make the base?) with baked potatoes and salad, but not sure how dairy free cheese would work.

Dairy free cheese is horrible sad
I think I'll do two quiches, one with soya milk and bacon and the other with cheese and onion. I have plenty of salad so that'll be fine.
What will probably happen now is that my parents will decide they aren't hungry and I'll be put out that I've gone to all that trouble for nothing.
I have plenty of chicken pasta bake in the freezer, but that fits so few of the dietary criteria it's pretty much useless. It does, however, mean I have no space in the freezer when if I have lots of spare quiche.

You should make fish pie and eat it in front of everyone, really making sure you enjoy it. And make them potato waffles and beans. <evil>

4 of us could eat fish pie, lasagne would be the least accommodating choice. Dad likes the local pub's vege burger, we'll probably end up there.

Actually, moussaka would be the worst possible meal, only I would eat it!

CordeliaChase Fri 23-Nov-12 02:04:00

How is everyone getting on? I've had an 'ok' day today. Slim fast shake for breakfast (half milk half water because we ran out of milk sad ). Chicken pan fried (no oil) with mashed vegetables (sweet potato, butternut squash with carrot and mashed cauliflower with a bit of cheese). Low carb and pretty low calorie. Came to dinner time, had some more chicken and left over cauliflower mash but couldn't eat it. Felt full still grin then I needed something sweet and had an apple instead of the oh so tempting rocky road frozen yoghurt (dribble dribble). I need some scales to keep track and make sure I'm losing weight. Can't get out the flat either, there's a 4 foot snow drift blocking me in sad

reastie Fri 23-Nov-12 07:18:26

Have been lurking but too ashamed to post progress as been eating too much and it may have included chocolate . I've been having a few anxiety problems recently which has been making me comfort eat. I'm trying to break the pattern but it's hard. Don't seem <crosses fingers> to have put on weight though, so hoping I have damage limited somehow.

Cordelia can you take some measurements and track those whilst you wait to sort out scales? I think if you count progress it definitely helps motivation when you have weak moments which I have alot of

Reastie, don't stop posting, it's when you feel vulnerable we're here to help you stay on track. We're not judgey pants here you know, although we are quite straight talking sometimes.
I solved the dietary dilemma by eating out: 2 vege burgers and chips, fish and chips, scampi and chips, a DC burger and a DC lasagne between us.
I just squeaked under cals because I gave away most of the chips did a fair bit of walking (even in that weather!) and drank half-pints of beer slowly all evening (managed 1.5 pints all in)

FivesAndNorks Fri 23-Nov-12 08:39:13

Hi everyone
glad you got it sorted IMST - I was going to say tell your DF if he wants a potato elephant he can sculpt it himself wink
I'm not doing well sad I was doing OK earlier this week but then period and awful cold hit and I took solace in comfort food. Starting again on Monday.

Four feet of snow Cordelia? I don't know whether to be jealous or glad that I'm here. shock how prepared do you have to be to cope with that?

reastie don't go. sad you are bound to have the odd days where you slip up. I'm sorry you're suffering anxiety. Take a few guilt free days and then carry on when you feel better. It will do you much more good that feeling bad every time you put something in your mouth. Be careful of your iron levels too. When do you go back for a check up?

IMST I still think you should have given them smiley faces and beans. grin

Hi Fives. I hope your cold passes quickly. You'll be fine on Monday. A few days off is not the end of the world. I think we've all done it on this thread at some point.

Anyone seen Stealth about? Hope she's ok.

FivesAndNorks Fri 23-Nov-12 09:46:54

I am stealth , sorry should have mentioned.. brain not working smile thanks for worrying about me though

Oh good. Would never have guessed that. Glad you haven't abandoned us. grin

<steps back into thread a few lbs lighter>

Hello, sorry i disappeared. Not been on MN as much lately. Busy, busy busy and have had various bugs! Doing ok, mainly due to the fact that I haven't compleatly got my appetite back yet and am skint because of ds's upcoming birthday and christmas, no spare pennies for junk food! grin

How are you all doing?

Will try and catch up abit! smile

The Mortgage Offer arrived this morning!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Maintain this week, but scales very ropey....

Still, Happy as Larry!!

FivesAndNorks Fri 23-Nov-12 13:57:38

That's brilliant grin

reastie Fri 23-Nov-12 14:36:48

Kato that's fab news - yeah!.

Thanks for the nice comments. I have I think 2 or 3 weeks till next blood test to check on iron levels to hope they're a bit better. I'm feeling partially positive though - have about 4 lbs to go until I would have lost 4 stone this year - I never would have thought this time last year I would have managed so much <pats self on back>

Bonkey good to see you grin

stealth I would have never realised unless you said that was you!

CordeliaChase Fri 23-Nov-12 15:20:19

Wow Reastie that's amazing!!

I'm using my clothes as the judge at the moment. Decided I won't be goin outside today though, it's down to -24 shock. Brrrrrrr!!

Yay kato, still all going through then? not had a chance to read back yet

Cheers reastie how are you doing?

Cordelia -24?!? shock makes me shiver just thinking about it. Where are you?

Brilliant Kato. Enjoy all that packing!

Four stone reastie. That's will power for you. smile

Nice to see you back Bonkey. I can sympathise with December birthdays. In my family we have one on 11th, 16th, 18th and 24th. Then one on 4th and 11th January. Along with Christmas and new year we end up totally skint!

Cordelia I think I would spend all winter in tears if I lived there. I feel cold as pain and it sometimes hurts so much it makes me cry. blush

CordeliaChase Fri 23-Nov-12 17:08:23

I'm in Canada, experiencing my first Canadian winter. It's nearly lunchtime and I've not braved the cold outdoors yet today! It's going to get colder, down to -35 apparently. Wow. Not sure winter is the best time to lose weight, might need the fat to keep me warm haha! X

I made a lovely dinner today, sort of cottage pie, except the meat had lentils and butternut squash added, and the topping was sweet potato. It was very filling and nutritious, and everyone liked itgrin.

Sounds good. I've had Belvita and that's it. I think I have the stomach bug that's been going around school. I've not had d&v but I feel rank. sad

Hair Oh nosad! I hope you feel better soon. Drink plenty of water in the meantime.
I have a christening party today, I'm aiming for 1 slice of cake, and some good choices all round.

Morning losers grin

Hair Hope you feel better soon!

Well my first Motivational Monday back. Still don't want 'proper' food so i don't will be too hard.
Sandwiches and coco pops seem to be what i am living off at the. moment hmm

IMST How was the christening?

Good, I had a small piece of banoffee pie, a glass of wine and a bit of quiche, hopefully balanced it with walking round carrying babies around all afternoon to give parents a break.
DH scuppered my plans a bit by making nachos and cheese while I read the bedtime story, so I ate 1/4 of the bowl, and just squeaked under cals!
I need a good day today, I'm out for dinner tonight, set meal so could be anything. All I know is I chose the "meat" option, and it's in a pub.
I have a cold starting so I may do some Pilates or other indoor exercise to mitigate dinner.
I don't feel particularly popular, but just lately it seems I'm out for dinner an awful lot.

Morning all.

There are some upsides to not wanting food Bonkey. grin

IMST it is that season so lots of going out I suppose. As long as its only a couple of pounds on over Christmas you'll be fine.

Well thanks to an horrendous period and having a dodgy tummy I have lost 4lbs this week. 1lb to go until my 11st per Christmas target. I think a lot of what goes on is circumstantial. I put on last week due to a big night out, a Chinese take away and totm so if I'm losing overall then I think it's ok.

Still feeling a little tummy rumbly so I'm going to take it easy today but still no d&v so that's good I suppose.

How is everyone else doing?

FivesAndNorks Mon 26-Nov-12 10:37:47

Glad you're feeling better smile
I'm doing dreadfully. Had a week off and now meant to be getting ack to it. If I can just get through today I'm sure ill get my motivation back.

Just weighed, against all odds I'm down 1lb to 11st 2lbgrin. My life is that sad that it's made my day!

FivesAndNorks Mon 26-Nov-12 10:47:02

Well done grin I daren't get on a scales for a week or so

Well done IMST. With cake too. smile

Come on Norks. You know you can do this. Sit down for a minute and give yourself a talking to. And really mean it. Then pick your chin up, get on with it and drink a pint of warm water. You can get through the day and the rest of the week.

On a more sympathetic note I hope you get back on it. Don't waste all your hard work. Do it now before Christmas kicks in or you'll regret it.

FivesAndNorks Mon 26-Nov-12 11:05:50

Thanks that has reallly helped. I will let you know how I've got on and if I don't come back you can assume I've fallen off the wagon again smile

Well done IMST smile

Norks Stick with it!

I haven't stepped on the scales for a few weeks, bit scared to tbh. I feel better because I'm 'empty' iyswim, but I have eaten a fair bit of bread in the last week and when I eat bread I maintain or gain! confused

I'm on a mission today to drink buckets of water! Only thing I have'nt tried to shift the remains of the bug thats hung around for weeks and it might help my cold in the process!

Bonkey weeks? sad I hope it clears soon.

I heard on the radio something that made so much sense. You know how they say about drinking lots of water to aid weight loss and feel healthier. Well it's because your body is eighty percent water. I never put the two facts together before but it's kind of obvious when you think about it v<thick>

Oops. The random v was meant to be a full stop. blush

I had the D&V the week before halloween, then halloween night i got it again! <lucky girl me hmm >

A few days after I felt a bit better and tried to eat a meal and it promptly came straight back out sad
Since then I keep getting waves of sickness or have had a cold or something , the only thing I want too or will risk eating is cereal and sandwiches.

Actually writing that down makes me wonder if its a psychological thing - scared to eat 'real' food in case it ends with me in the bathroom for hours.....

That sounds grim Bonkey. I know everyone asks this but you're not pregnant are you? grin

Funny you should say that.....I think not...however, my friend mentioned it Friday and made me paranoid so I will be POAS to rule it out. Haven't had a chance to get one yet though.

I am 99% it will be neg! But it needs to be ruled out for definite!

FivesAndNorks Mon 26-Nov-12 12:08:00

Ooh how exciting (seem to remember you saying you were planning to ttc some time in next few years, so am assuming it would be a good thing...was tht you?)
But I think you're probably right, really nasty bugs can leave you off kilter for quite a long time after you're "better".

I've just de haired and de black gunked the shower drain. Successfully put off my lunch now grin I can upload pics for anyone who would also like to be put off their food? grin

No thanks Norks. I think I'll manage without! grin

Yes it was me but the timing would be awful atm.
I'm stupidly busy with the jewellery (which is great) , ds's birthday is in two weeks, along with a party for 20+ kids shock , then christmas, then new year....

I could very much do without the stress of that right this minute, it would be alot to get my head round.....but it doesn't matter because I am almost certain I'm not! grin

Did you Veet it?

FivesAndNorks Mon 26-Nov-12 12:36:41

No I've tried that before and have to say I wasn't impressed, lump of veet sat in the plughol then eventually got washed away with no noticeable improvement, to me anyway. Maybe I did it wrong.

I haven't ever tried it.

Dh does the plughole wink

reastie Mon 26-Nov-12 13:59:54

<shudders at plughole talk>

Bonkey keep us updated with the POASing. FWIW I had a bug a few years ago where I was ill for 6 weeks shock - it went on and on and I thought I'd never get better by the end! I went to my GP and she just shrugged and said there was one going around at the time which lasted for ages.

Well, weigh in this morning. DH had moved the scaled angry which is never a good thing as you have to have them exactly in the same place or else they give a completely different reading <sigh>. A bit of wiggling with the scales and I think I have maintained this week. Which is fine. Still on target for christmas aim. Have been suffering alot with IBS this week end again so that might have bloated me a bit for the weigh in. Have been signed off work this week with anxiety issues so hoping I can get relaxed so I can cope a bit better for the next few weeks.

reastie I hope you get some peace and feel better soon. Well done on your maintain. Have you had good comments at work yet?

Negative!! <phew>

Just a this bloody bug hanging on then....<slightly fed up>

Todays food intake:
-Coco pops with milk
-A ham baguette
-Some fruit pastels

FivesAndNorks Tue 27-Nov-12 09:40:22

Glad you got the result you wanted. I assumed your list was for today and did think that was quite. A lot to have eaten by 9am!

You sound relieved Bonkey so yay! I hope your bug doesn't hang around too much longer. I'd love some fruit pastels. smile

I still don't feel right either and I was talking to someone yesterday who has the same thing but she's had it for a week. I really don't want it that long but the upside is that I really don't feel hungry.

FivesAndNorks Tue 27-Nov-12 09:42:55

Glad you got the result you wanted. I assumed your list was for today and did think that was quite. A lot to have eaten by 9am!

Ha, even me on a bad day couldn't manage that before 9am! grin

Hair I hope you feel better soon sad My stomach feels dodgy again today ... had enough!

eightytwenty Tue 27-Nov-12 13:34:54

What a week.


No babies.
giggles about hair (removal that is).
Good losses hair and imst
2.6 mile run and 1lb loss here
Level 1 shred quite easy last night (or should that be bad as I cheated and went back to level 1 from 3. My excuse - didn't start it till 930 and couldn't face plank at that time of night).


Sick bug
Norks scales fear (I think it's better to weigh at the start so you can really count the total losses. I feel cheated out of a few lb as I am sure I'd lost a little before I started tracking.

Well done on your loss eighty. You could always reset your start weight on the spreadsheet if you feel cheated.

I've had that moment when your body shows you you've lost weight! I wear my great MIL's engagement ring and it's always been loose but over the last week it's been spinning like mad and I've finally clicked that its because my fingers are thinner. Yay! blushgrin

eightytwenty Wed 28-Nov-12 22:45:48

Where is everyone today? Hibernating from cold - or floods?

Upped the pace at my spin class tonight. Was def sweating within 5 mins (took me at least 20 last 2 weeks).

But. Ate a load of leftover galaxy counters and jelly beans which were left over from kids advent calendar (drawer kind).

Apparently still within limits. Though think mpf does over estimate exercise cals?

I'm here, dodgy stomach sad

Oh well....silver linings and all!

Advent calender! Shit! shock Best get me arse down the shops tomorrow!

I'm about, just very busy this week. Next week looks quieter (currently).
Me and Hair are planning to lose 1lb the easy way this afternoon, by giving bloodgrin. Then we can feel thin and virtuous!

MilkshakeMaker Thu 29-Nov-12 09:27:32

I'm here and lurking, struggling a bit atm though so shall continue to stay in the shadows and try and draw from all of your stories, well done everyone you are all doing so well!

FivesAndNorks Thu 29-Nov-12 09:36:19

Sorry to hear you're struggling mm sad
I'm back on it in theory, as of Tuesday. Have logged everything so far and been under cals but not feeling the motivation that I really need for me to lose weight.

eightytwenty Thu 29-Nov-12 11:38:31

Giving blood is going to be on my 2013 to do list. Have never done it before but always mean to.

5 well done for getting back in the zone. I def think its harder at this time of year don't you?

Mm. Sorry to hear you're just lurking at the moment. Is that making you feel worse or better? A few of my friends started losing weight earlier this year --a few months before I started. It actually made me feel worse to start with,but perhaps helped kick me into touch.

I am doing so much exercise (2-3 runs -albeit v slow ones), spinning and 2.5 hours of swimming, that its helping me stay on track. Goal of mini triathlon in may is encouraging me to go even when I can't face it. And I always feel better when I do! Wonder if its easier to focus on the moving more rather than the eating less during the colder months.

Feeling super virtuous today. I cycled to blood donors, and read a library book while giving blood. Nice and quick today, I was seen at 1.30, home by 2.05 including 15 min cycle back!
I'm having smoked salmon and pasta for dinner, I feel I've earned it todaygrin.

MilkshakeMaker Thu 29-Nov-12 17:51:51

Thanks guys, It does make me feel better to lurk, to me it feels like I havn't given up hope if I'm still hanging about...but I have been loosing and gaining the same lbs over and over for over a month now. I posted earlier and I think its helped as I'm under cals today for 1st time in ages and I even thought about doing the shred tonight too!!

IMST that does sound virtuous! We have a blood bank thing that comes to our work but they never let me give because of recent holidays, tattoos etc etc I've promised myself I will def do it next time they come.

Mini triathalon Eighty...cant think of anything worse!!!

FivesandNorks thats great to be unmotivated and still be under cals each day, Surely that shows how well you do when you are motivated!

northender Thu 29-Nov-12 23:09:21

Can I join please? I've had weight and food issues for most of my life and have just started to try to gain long term control of my eating. I feel my issues now are really long standing habits which are so hard to break. Dh is really supportive and also needs to do the same, though on a much smaller scale so at least I'm not on my own. I have several stones to lose but just trying a bit at a time.
I've done 4 days now of controlling what and how much I eat and I feel so much better but it's not easy is it?

Hi northender just wanted to welcome you. I'm on the back end of a night out so will post properly tomorrow.

eightytwenty Fri 30-Nov-12 07:20:28

Welcome from me too. Can entirely relate. All I can say is that it is possible. Not always easy. And I def still have some of the monsters lurking inside. But possible none the less. We are all hear to listen encourage and support.

Good luck.

Keep lurking Milkshake. Over the summer holidays I was just the same. I just seemed to stall but it wasn't an overall steady gain. I only got back into it a few weeks ago but carrying on with this thread meant that I kept it in mind. It really helped.

northender no it's not easy. I find it very hard and I do slip up all the time but you just have to get back to it and not give up when that happens. It is worth it and I'm glad your dh is behind you.

eighty I think you're going to run,bike and swim your demons into the ground. Well done and think about how proud of yourself you'll be in May!

I didn't end up giving blood yesterday because of my stomach bug and I was on a nursery mums' night out. We went for curry but I really didn't eat much. I brought it all home in a doggy bag. My tummy is a little delicate this morning though. I'm getting a bit fed up of it now. sad

reastie Fri 30-Nov-12 18:15:25

Hi north

Hair and Bonkey hope your tummies calm down soon sad how very miserable

Kato how is the house move planning going?

Wowee eighty

Things here plodding along - think I've managed to lose a lb this week <cheers> but all very slow progress given I still can't gym because of my iron, and tbh generally finding things hard as am having anxiety problems. Not giving up but am taking things slowly.

northender Fri 30-Nov-12 18:57:54

Thanks for the welcome smile. I haven't read the whole thread but will slowly pick up your stories. I think its a great idea to have this thread.

I've managed another day of eating well and regularly and so feel proud but all the usual habits/temptations are there at the back of my mind. Still, a day at a time..........

Beyond my own motivation for myself, I need to do this for dd (8) as I don't want her to develop similar issues.


Welcome north !

I finally starting to feel better. Still on bland food and coco pops , but sickness has gone I hope and my stomach seems to like me again!

I think I may wiegh in tomorrow and see whats going on. NO idea if Iv'e lost but if I am still in the 11st's I will be a happy bunny!

How you feeling hair?

FivesAndNorks Fri 30-Nov-12 19:13:34

Hi everyone, sorry you're not feeling good Hair sad
Bonkey, glad you're starting to feel better.
Welcome north - completely identify with the food issues. I have got lots of motivation frmo these threads but my issues are portion sixe (less so now, yay!) and bingeing sad
I feel as though I am slowly getting my motivation back but it is hard. Thanks for the motivation MM smile I see what you mean, but I'm at that stage where I'm managing, but I know the slightest thing would have me cramming a kg bar of dairy milk into my mouth sideways - my motivation is really on a knife edge smile Still it is coming back.
Northerners MN meet up for Christmas curry tomorrow, and I have my possible meal all logged (assuming they letme have a starter as a main course), will be having a big breakfast and a lot of wine and will come in 177 cals pver so not too bad

I'm ok thanks. I just feel a bit off.

Norks I'm envy you're going to a meet up. They're fab.

Glad you're feeling better Bonkey. Good luck with your weigh in.

northender doin' it for the kids is a damn good reason if you ask me. smile

Happy December everyonegrin,
Food-wise I'm doing well, lots of walking today, round the German market and the art gallery.
I have in-laws this weekend, and TOTM as well (great combohmm). Thus far I've not let them wind me up too much, they go home on Monday morning anyway. I think I can hold it together that long, probably...

Good luck IMST rather you than me grin

So, I got 3 comments today telling me I had lost weight! Yay! smile

Not great, I also got 4 comments telling me that I look pale and ill hmm . I am naturally very pale anyhoo but I may have to pile on the blusher for a few days if I look that bad...

Still haven't weighed in , keep bloody forgetting!

Sandwiches for tea hmm .

eightytwenty Sat 01-Dec-12 19:24:13

Hair and bonkey - hope feeling better

Well done reastie and northern

I have had an off weekend. Dinner with friends last night. Fizz. Beef Wellington. Dauphinois potatoes. Chocolate orange meringue cake. And today tired and bit hungover. 1/2 chocolate twist at costa. 2 cheese and tuna toastie - 'only 2 slices' but yummy thick cut bread. Various licks from dd1 birthday cake. Chili and then home made lemon tart. (a gift from our lovely former lodger).

So not healthy but all delicious. Will make a concerted effort from tomorrow but am sure I will be 1-2 lb off goal next sat. Not the end of the world but would've liked to get there iykwim.

On the plus side i got loads of nice compliments from friends last night. Even if spanx helped.

PILs produced baklava they bought in the German market, insisted I had some, so I chose the smallest one. With all the walking I'm still under on net cals, but over on base cals and fat for today. It did taste very good though, definitely worth it.
Even MIL noticed I had lost weight (DH told me, there's no way she'd give me a direct compliment). I'm getting more of the "flipping heck, you have lost a lot of weight haven't you" comments now, which are a massive ego boost. I'll weigh on Monday, hopefully I'll be 11stone for my birthday on Thursday then spoil it with all the cake

northender Sat 01-Dec-12 23:12:07

IMST its about choices isnt it? with the baklava you ate it but the smallest piece. Up to now I'd have gone for a big piece and then lost all willpower and spiralled down. Today I took dd and 2 friends to cinema then kfc. I had 2 pieces of chicken but no fries or anything else. It was a treat, something we hardly ever do. I don't feel deprived. Will be back on track tomorrow smile

Aaarrrggghh. My tummy is better so obviously I've sabotaged any good that's come from it.

Spent the afternoon at my parents celebrating three of our December birthdays. Obviously this involved the most delicious birthday cake. Chocolate no less and I had a biggish slice. We also had Dominoes last night.

I was looking forward to weigh in as I thought I'd done ok. Dreading it now.

Why do I do this to myself?!?

eightytwenty Sun 02-Dec-12 19:02:25

Me too one. Had planned to be back on it today forgetting I had made chocolate cake for dd1 birthday. Also ended up having a scone mid am and lemon tart for pudding. All small portions but hardly sensible!!!

25 min swim will barely cover 1/2 scone. Bums.

I'm still here! Just stricken with some sort of awful achy virus that's giving me an upset tummy but not in a d&v way, it just feels like I have d&v?

Also feel like someone's kicked in my shoulder blades.

Git hundreds to do before house move.,.


Went out for dinner, but made good choices. I had fishcakes and winter veg, drank water instead of wine, and didn't have any pudding even though everyone else did. I even walked there and back. Pudding refusal was the hardest choice, as PILs kept giving me looks as they ate pudding.

Morning and Happy Motivational Monday!

I have weighed in and am in the 11st's!! I am.saying no.more because overtime i tell all i end up falling off the wagon so I am trying a new tactic!

Still not eating great. Managed a meal yesterday which was the first hot real i have had for weeks so fingers crossed everything is.getting back to.normal!

How are we all.on this wet cold.morning? smile

eightytwenty Mon 03-Dec-12 09:09:36

Well done bonkey!

I am 1/2 lb down. Obviously weekend has not caught up on me yet. Snow and ice here which may put pain to running this week.

Hi Kato. Good to see you're still with us. Are you moving before Christmas?

Well done Bonkey and eighty. All losses are good losses.

I've lost 1lb this week which puts me on exactly 11st. I'm excited that I might be in the 10s before Christmas. smile

I'm down another 2lb, looks like I might actually be in the 10s club for my birthday (and then kicked out because of excesses on my birthday).
11 0 today, and BMI is at 30.34, nearly out of obese, I'd say another week and my Mii will stop looking like the Michelin womangrin.

That's great IMST. You're allowed to have treats on your birthday!

I bought a copy of the Hairy Dieters cook book and so I'm going to do something out of that for dinner. Has anyone tried any good recipes from it?

northender Mon 03-Dec-12 11:15:28

Well done everyone. I'm going to weigh in either Tues or Wed. I don't have scales at home any more so I have to use a set in a clinic room at work.

Glad you're feeling a bit better SKBM.

I've had a good weekend in terms of controlling the amounts I've eaten but not in terms of what it was iyswim. Still, that's my priority at the moment and I feel fairly confident I will have lost a few pounds.

Well I'm impressed. I just made sweet and sour chicken from the Fake-aways section. It looks and tastes just like the real thing and it's only about 280calories per portion without rice. The portions are big so not much rice needed either. I'm happy with that. smile

reastie Mon 03-Dec-12 14:21:21

That's great hair . I teach my students a sweet and sour chicken recipe where I work and use the recipe alot at home - it's really not v difficult and so much nicer/healthier than a pack. Let me know if you like the book as I've been wondering whether to get it

Kato hope you feel better soon - lots of nasty bugs about at the minute sad

Took DD to see father christmas today. She loved it. I admit I struggled with all the people (anxiety issues) there but managed to get through it for DDs sake. She keeps saying 'mis mis' (father christmas) and 'knee' as she's really proud she sat on his knee wink

I'll let you know reastie. From looking through I think I'm going to like it though. I'd forgotten you teach cooking.

Well done for getting out even though it caused you anxiety. You should be proud and I'm glad your dd enjoyed it. smile

FivesAndNorks Mon 03-Dec-12 15:08:35

Hi, sounds like everyone's doing so well. envy of people looking
at 10s something!
Reastie well done for getting out and your dd sounds so lovely smile

northender Mon 03-Dec-12 15:37:13

fives I'm nearer 20st than 10 but you have to start somewhere grin. But yes, very envy

Well done on getting out Reastie

eightytwenty Tue 04-Dec-12 14:20:41

How are we all doing today?

Am back on it after the weekends indulgences. Though will be off again by Thursday as the party weekend starts! Must be super good for the next few days.

Today I sorted out my website, coloured an illustrated story, and made my birthday cake, ready for Thursday (in case it goes horribly wrong, a likely scenario as I don't much care for measuring or sifting). It's a kind of sticky toffee pudding, I haven't tasted any though.

Today I woke up grumpy and stayed that way!

Will catch up tomorrow.

northender Tue 04-Dec-12 18:35:06

Weighed in today. Have lost 2 kg smile smile smile

reastie Tue 04-Dec-12 18:38:09

IMST oh, will have to see if I can nose at your website via your fb page grin

I had oven chips and a couple of very small home made nut burgers for dinner (A real treat - I haven't had either for months). I can't believe I was actually full up on a portion about 1/3 smaller than I used to eat and would still feel hungry - I even had to have gaviscon as it felt like so much! Not doing that well on eating very good foods this week, but trying to just be good with portions and not lose control. Blood test later this week to see how the iron level is going.

reastie Tue 04-Dec-12 18:39:19

Xposted north wow - well done you - 2kg is a massive amount <pats on back> . Come and join our stats here . It really helps keep me focused writing my weigh in every week.

It's shortstorylady still more could be done with it, but it does everything it needs to do.

Well done North that's a good loss.
I remember gettingenvy when I saw people getting in the 10s when I started out, while I was still in 13s months in, for me it's been a long, slow, steady loss which I hope means it's sustainable.

Sneaky weigh in this morning for a final pre-birthday verdict, 10st 13lb, BMI 30.03, so near and yet not quite out of obese in time for my birthday. At least I won't miss it when cake adds a bit this week.

eightytwenty Wed 05-Dec-12 13:21:26

Imst. Well done. That's brilliant! Is it 10 13 to get into overweight? Think it is for me.

I am still hovering on 11 9. Still hoping final 2 will fall off me by sat. Another run today. Shred tomorrow. And swim/ run/ cycle on fri (if I can negotiate time off party todo list!). Ate well yest. Plan to do the same today and tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Probably ought to think of a new goal & timescale to achieve. Bearing in mind Christmas, think I'll aim for 10 9 by 1 April. That will be 3 stone in a year which I'd be happy with.

eightytwenty Wed 05-Dec-12 20:56:19

30 min run and 1 hour spin class today. Legs are like jelly.

Well done EightyTwenty that's a lot of exercise!
I'm a whisker away from overweight, and probably a good week, after tomorrow's birthday excesses kick in!
DH brought home waffles, brioche and bubbly, to add to the homemade sticky toffee pudding in the fridge, and the homemade chocolate cake for the family "candles" bit in the evening.
There is no way I'll get under calories tomorrow, especially as it's looking too rainy to go for a walk, but I've been under every day since August, I'm due a blowout.

eightytwenty Wed 05-Dec-12 21:23:16

Omg. To be under every day since August. I may be doing lots if exercise but I sure as hell haven't achieved that! No wonder you're losing so quickly! And yes a blow out is deserved.

How funny that it's your birthday and I'm celebrating Dh and I's 40th birthdays on sat (though I'm not 40 till feb!). Happy birthday!

Well done eighty and IMST!

IMST your steady consistent weight loss has been incredible and so encouraging! You must must must enjoy your birthday knowing that you've more than earned it! (but just think how much a 'blow out' has changed for all of us!)

I've been really poorly and took a terrible reaction to a laxative after being constipated and in pain for over a week. I ended up trembling and shivering and passing out in the bathroom! Classy!

Back to being well again but not been at gym in over a week and have had a medicinal boost bar (glucose?!) and even a McDonald's...

Weigh in tomorrow...

FivesAndNorks Wed 05-Dec-12 21:57:13

Well done everyone and holy birthday imst smile Kato, how scary, hope you're ok now.

eightytwenty Wed 05-Dec-12 22:06:05

Oh Kato. How horrible. It can be so nasty. Glad you're better. Xxx

reastie Thu 06-Dec-12 07:16:53

IMST definitely deserving of a bit of a sticky toffee pudding after being under calories for so long - that's amazing work. And happy birthday grin

Kato poor you sad . I hope the laxative did the trick after suffering like that

In good news I weighed myself this morning and seem to be doing OK. Don't know how as I have been at home barely doing much but I have been hungry alot. I'm very very close to being in the overweight as opposed to obese category - come christmas hopefully I'll be overweight as opposed to my starting BMI of 38 - next step will be getting into the healthy category

Thanks guys feeling much much better and getting excited about getting the keys to new house next Friday!!

Also I'm now on 150lbs dead on. 10st 10. Delighted!

MilkshakeMaker Thu 06-Dec-12 12:19:59

Ok, I am not waiting til monday to get back on the wagon, I've weighed in today at 11st5lb. This WILL be the last time I am 11st5lb as thats all I've done for such a long time is flick between 11st1lb and back up again.

Well done everyone, and thank you, even though I've not been posting its seeing you all kicking butt thats been spurring me on.

FivesGoldNorks Thu 06-Dec-12 12:22:17


Back on it after birthday excesses.
Eating loads was not as fun as I thought it would be after all, I woke up at 3am very dehydrated and windy blush (apparently bean soup, bubbly, cake and carbonara are a bad combination)
I couldn't finish the carbonara or the cake so they are my birthday legacy, I'll finish them gradually.
I am actually craving fruit and veg, what has become of me?

eightytwenty Fri 07-Dec-12 08:35:56

Well done imst. I guess that's why thin people say they are full!!!

I had dinner at my mothers last night. Had to take the kids home before pudding but didn't feel cheated, and don't feel the need to compensate at home. Did analyse how that felt - very different from the old me.

I am v pleased to be 11 7.5. 1/2 lb off target is still a success I reckon.

FivesGoldNorks Fri 07-Dec-12 08:51:23

IMST I know what you mean, I get desperate to binge again but when I've done it, or the next day I feel so bloated.
eighty, well done grin half a pound off is definitely a success.

northender Fri 07-Dec-12 22:38:14

Hi. Have not had the best day today. Had my meals planned and sorted , then work intervened, stress kicked in and it all went belly up sad. However, on the positive side, I didn't binge in the way I would have done. We had a chippy tea followed by some cake and wine blush none of which are good choices but they are a meal rather than a chocolate filled binge so I think that counts as progress! Back on track tomorrow.

Keep up the good work everyone x

FivesGoldNorks Sat 08-Dec-12 06:29:19

northender well done for not thinking sod it and bingeing
Straight back on it today!
I am back to 11st2 grin which means I'm back where I was before I had a week "off" sad But still, I'm pleased, and this weekend is NOT going to ruin it

Hello, I lost you again blush

Had a tough week. Feeling sick all the time and really dont want to/can't eat. Dropped 5 lbs this week so yay! and sad at the same time. Doc has given me anti-nausea tablets which are supposed to tell my stomach eating is in fact ok (all the stupid bugs I have had has buggered me up apparently) - I was stuck in the bathroom for 2 hours last night throwing up hmm so they obviously aren't doing the trick.

dairy has been banned so my coco pop habit is over sad I don't like the milk substitutes <fuss pot> . Do you know how much stuff has dairy in it?!? shock

Its weird - I am 1 1/2 st away from target and I feel sad because its just not right the way its happening. I'm struggling to deal with the lack of food.

I will catch up in a second, it was BonkeyBoys birthday yesterday and he is hyper after convincing mil to buy him a snooker table today hmm , bloody party tomorrow - 20 kids shock need to get him to sleep and I shall be back!

Bonkey Kellogg's coco pops are dairy free (own brands contain milk)
DS has a milk allergy, I know the vast range of foods that contain dairy!
If you need advice on dairy free surprise foods I can help.

IMST Thanks but I was thinking of the milk. For some reason I can't stomach the idea of a dairy substitute!

I only have a ban for 10days then I have to re-introduce slowly. Apparently dairy is a irritant to the stomach, so hopefully once i'm back to normal it will all be ok.

I may take you up on that when I can think of something I want to eat, at the moment its nothing sad

reastie Sat 08-Dec-12 21:04:22

Bonkey sad poor you. Can I be nosy and ask what medication your GP prescribed though <weirdo> ? I'm gluten free and share your 'do you know how many things gluten/dairy is in?'

FivesGoldNorks Sat 08-Dec-12 21:09:20

Oh bonkey sad hope you get back to eating normally very soon

reastie Its called Metoclopramide (yes I had to get the box! grin ) . Why so nosey? grin

Ah, I did ask about gluten too, I think I have a very mild reaction to it at time but Doc said to not worry about that at the mo.

I don't know how you do it 24/7 , I am shock with just the dairy, gluten too?!?! Gah! I'd get all confused!

reastie Sat 08-Dec-12 21:17:09

Bonkey it's not so bad - I'm just gluten, not gluten and dairy. I did have a student last year who was gluten, dairy AND egg free - it was a nightmare! Ah yes, metoclopromide <tries to sounds all knowledgable>. I'm just interested as I'm alot emetophobic blush . Did you know most emetophobics are all super skinny as they don't eat for fear of being sick? In my case it's the opposite though - I eat as my logic is if I can face food then I must be OK so I won't be sick confused - it's where some of my psychological issues come from around food and why I need to lose weight.

Emetophobic? Never heard that before. Fear of being sick through food?

And yes I read properly after blush .

I do think the longer it goes on the harder it is to get my head round it. Especially if I have another night like last night - eat = sick = not wanting to eat = loss of appetite ....

reastie Sun 09-Dec-12 06:56:48

Fear of being sick through any means for me I'm afraid. I know it sounds weird to people who don't mind or really understand blush but it's pretty life restricting when it's bad sad . But I won't bore you with all its ishoos <tries to think happy thoughts>. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds really miserable. Have you tried probiotics to try to get your tummy a bit happy again ready for food? They're suppose to be good.

I'm slightly dreading today's weigh in, after Thursday. Hope I'll at least maintain fingers crossed I'll have gone under "obese" to "overweight", I was sooo close last week . Ideally everyone else will have good losses this week to make up for it!

I'm dreading it too. I don't know what happened to me last week but it all went out the window. I'm guessing a 2lb gain. sad

I seem to have my head back on this week though so hopefully I'll get some good results before Christmas. smile

Good luck all the weighers today.

FivesGoldNorks Mon 10-Dec-12 08:23:56

IMST, either way, straight back to it!
Hair, glad to hear you're back into it.
Apparently I was 11st1 this close to the 10s grin

That's brilliant Norks! Well done. You'll be 10 something next week. Just you wait and see! grin

FivesGoldNorks Mon 10-Dec-12 08:32:34

hmm...on the positive side I've discovered this recipe for carrot loaf which I'm hoping will taste nice, be filling, be low calorie and be a good way of using up the vegetables I always have left in the fridge at the end of the week (carrots and onions!).
On the less good (diet-wise) side I am going to a Leeds meetup on Tuesday. I suggested for coffee but it's turned into cocktails...grin

Well I've had a 1lb gain so all is not lost and it's not as bad as I feared.

The thing about that recipe is she says considerable time and many pots and pans. Now that just puts me off. I need quick gratification. grin

Re the cocktails, well it is nearly Christmas! Have a great time. grin

FivesGoldNorks Mon 10-Dec-12 09:35:29

1lb on is very manageable!
Yes I noticed that. Don't think ill do the weird "roasting in a pan of water" thing, and just see how it goes. Also don't believe it'll take quite as long as she says - chop and saute veg, bind together with egg and bake, surely?
I'll let you know grin

Back up to 11 0 today, more than Wednesday's brief dip into the 10s, but still less than last Monday (just!). Back on it today (barring a piece of cake this afternoon, but I'll walk that off), this is the last time 11 anything will be on my scales!
I have no more Christmas parties so it should be easier from now on. Healthy weight here I come grin.

I have no nights out this week either which I'm pleased about but I have a few things in the week up til Christmas. I think I'm going to have to be really on the ball in between. Then I'm having three days off because we're having a Chinese on Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day and MIL does a buffet for all the family on Boxing Day.

We don't tend to make a big deal of New Year so hopefully that will be it and the damage won't be too great.

We took two of the dcs to a Santa safari yesterday. It was amazing so I feel like I'm finally getting my Christmas spirit going. I can't wait now.

reastie Mon 10-Dec-12 15:04:12

Hi all

Norks that recipe looks really nice to me. Let me know what it tastes like

Well, I have no christmas or new years social outings to go to at all, apart from christmas family stuff <very antisocial> so at least I don't need to worry about that. I'm only a couple of lbs away from hitting the 4 stone marker - would be amazing to do that by christmas. Tried on a pre preg dress this morning - it fits in a too tight sort of way but doesn't quite do up so couldn't wear it. One more stone and they should fit. DM said to me today 'wow, you really have lost alot of weight haven't you' when she saw me grin [proud]

Well done reastie that's brilliant. You are doing so well!

Glad your dm said something. It does make you feel good and four stone is a lot.

Fab Reastie smile your doing so well! 4st is amazing!

Good to see people are getting straight back on it after a few slip ups!

I'm still not eating great but I feel better which is good! Hopefully things are sorting them selves out!
I'm going to leave the weigh in til Fri.

Trees up! I feel rather festive grin

Morning all. How are you all doing?

Bonkey I'm getting a tree on Saturday and I can't wait. I'm going to get the rest of the decorations out of the loft later.

I finally had a good day yesterday so feeling back on it. And thanks to IMST who identified my problem last week. I suffer from SAD and she pointed out that last week was dull and overcast all week. You'd have thought I'd have clicked by now that if its dull I get low.

All sorted now though. Beautiful sunshine this morning even if it is a little cold. smile

A little cold? My toes are not yet warm after the school run! It has gone up to 1 degree C though, which is an improvement I suppose.
Why couldn't it be sunny like this in the summer when it would have been warm with it?
Today has no cake potential, for a change so will be a good day food-wise for me. I will not be obese next week, I will be 10 something, I can do itgrin.

Morning- ITS FECKING FREEZING!!!! grin

I felt better yesterday and ate more than I have in a few I am paying for it sad One step forward, two steps back! I will get there eventually <sighs>

Hair Can't you get lamps to help with that? Meant to mimic sunshine? Although nothing can do anything more for mood than the sun imo!

IMST Pat on the back for positive thinking! You can do it!!!! grin

I'm sorry you are still not feeling well Bonkey but glad you've been to your gp.

I'm looking into a lamp but they're not cheap from £50 upwards and the reviews on whether they work have been very mixed. I think I'll see how I get on for now. There may be one in the sales in January.

I found a chicken, chorizo and roasted veg dish in my Hairy Dieters book and it's only 370 calories a portion. Guess what I'm having for dinner. grin

Oooh chicken, chorizo,and roasted veg sounds yum! envy

Just caved and weighed - another 2lb off since Fri ...not sure if I should be smile or sad .

Feel like I'm cheating....

-4 degrees here this morning! Weigh in Friday but I've had not one sniff of excercise and have eaten many smarties..

eightytwenty Wed 12-Dec-12 15:44:07

Sorry to hear about sad hair, and sickness bonkey.

I've been lurking this week but don't seem to have had much of a chance to post.

Party was great. Much fizz, and curry eating. Also opened box of roses on sat. They are now gone. Wonder if I'll ever learn chocolate moderation (though I didn't eat all of them, a big chunk were gobbled by me).

Spin and 2 runs this week so far. Don't think I will ever like running. But I am managing 2 miles continuously (albeit v slowly) so that's progress.

Well done on the exercise eighty. I wish I had your determination.

I've given up my gym membership because tbh I wasn't getting there although I probably could have if I really wanted to. It's just not for me and I was wasting money I can't afford atm. I'd rather get out for a walk like I did the other week. Much more me. smile

Glad the party went well but don't beat yourself up about things you can't change. You will get used to moderating chocolate in the end.

Kato I'm sure a few smarties won't be the end of the world. You'll get back into the exercise soon but I sympathise. It must be hard when it's that cold.

reastie Wed 12-Dec-12 16:38:12

Eighty a run in this weather is v impressive - tis freezzzzziiiiiinnnggggg outside here - took me 20 minutes just to de ice the car this morning!

Bonkey sad hope you feel better soon - must feel like it will never end for you

Kato hopefully a few smarties won't make any difference for you - they're only small hmm <crazy logic>

hair dont' blame you re: the gym - I think it either suits people or it doesn't.

Things going OK here - no binges but have had a few bits of choc in the past few days I blame DD for pestering me to give her some

Where is Stealth?

FivesGoldNorks Wed 12-Dec-12 19:15:16

I'm here, thanks for wondering smile (stealth under 2 name chanhes!)
I'm doing ok. Think ill be having Saturday off, then work Christmas do next Thursday, then Christmas. But my present to myself is going to ne to not have loads to lose on the 27th, that will simply depress me, if I end up going backwards.
.anyone with me? Motivation to get through the festive period without denying ourselves or being miseries, but without getting into the cycle of overeating and feeling Crap about it, turning into a cycle that's very hard to escape.


I'm with you as best I can Norks. I don't want to have to lose loads either. I'm finding it hard enough as it is.

Although I'm doing ok this week. smile

I'm allowing myself a mince pie on Friday as it's ds2's Carols and Mincepie concert on that morning and I have to get into the spirit of things. grin

Oh and IMST is having trouble accessing this thread. It won't let her on for some reason. She'll be back with us tomorrow hopefully. Soon anyway.

Updated the app, it's now letting me back. It was only this thread that crashed it, no idea why, but it's fixed now.

FivesGoldNorks Thu 13-Dec-12 08:34:02

Glad you're back IMST smile
Hair, yes that's exactly it, you shouldn't be denying yourself a mince pie at the concert! I suppose the issue for me is that I'll take the fact that I've over indulged as a reason to further over indulge grin

I intend to keep myself absolutely on track on the days I'm not doing something special and hopefully minimise the damage. I think it's almost going to be like the 5:2 thing I suppose.

Morning, its bloody chilly! grin

hair Mince pie is a must at a christmas concert! grin

I'm plodding along. I actually can't remember the last time I had a hot meal shock . i have a horrible feeling I'm going to be back at the docs on Monday. <sigh>

On the plus side - I am now a registered business! I am officially self employed! <prays it doesn't go tits up>

Ds had his nativity today - hes a mouse hmm

DH is off tomorrow so I did Friday's weigh in today...
10st 12lbgrin
BMI 29.89 (the wii didn't say "too high" in that squeaky voice, it said "...oh!")
Today (and all days henceforth) I am not an obese persongringrin

reastie Thu 13-Dec-12 14:30:57

Hi all

Norks I am easily confused when it comes to nn changes blush <bit slow>

I've decided over the festive period not to go too mad on anything but also not to expect myself to be perfect - so I'll have a bit of cake and richer than normal food. It's a treat and we've earned it. I'll aim to just not over indulge too much. That's the plan anyway.

Hair you need one mince pie. Just to get in the spirit of things though you understand wink

Hi IMST maybe it was our enormous virtual will power hmm that kept crashing it for you! And well done non obese person!!

Bonkey sad to you still being off colour. Hope it clears up before christmas for you. Your fb page always seems very busy with lots of things being added btw - can't think where you get the time - I've done a teeny bit of jewellery making before and I was very slow.

GTG bleach the hall floor - it seems the buggy rolled through dog poo and it's all over the floor <boak>

FivesGoldNorks Thu 13-Dec-12 14:34:50

Imst well done!
Reastie, good plan, that's what I hooe to do toounfortunately today has not been good sad

IMST Congrats! grin In the 10st club!

Reastie Didn't realise you were a 'fan' grin My ds is at school so I have the daytimes to myself and dh works a few eves in the week so I do some more then. Couldn't do as much otherwise, ds is attracted to shiny pretty things hmm .

Five Make tomorrow a better day!

reastie sad for the dog poo.

Tomorrow is a new day Norks. smile

Huge well done to IMST who is looking slim and no one in their right minds would have put her at obese. Stupid Wii. grin

Anyone seen Kato? Hope she's ok. I wanted to know how the house move is going.

Lardbean Thu 13-Dec-12 22:42:14

Hi all, sorry went awol for a bit. Still sticking to the diet but haven't had time for mumsnet (what is the world coming to?)

Hi Lardbean glad you're still with us. smile

Going to watch ds2 sing carols this morning. He's only four so tissues at the ready.

Good luck today's weighers.

Hey guys! Well it's completion day, just waiting on the phone to ring!

Oh, and another pound off despite no excercise and plenty of festive flake cakes... 10st 9!!!!

FivesGoldNorks Fri 14-Dec-12 09:21:18

Ooh good luck Kato hope all goes smoothlyand grin at 10s9, that's fantastic

Good luck kato , and well done! smile

Fingers crossed for you Kato and well done 10s9 is fantastic!

Putting it all down to stress! We get the keys in half an hour!

Hope we stil like it haha!!


I'm sure you will! grin

northender Fri 14-Dec-12 11:18:58

Well done kato and good luck!

I've not weighed this week as I've not been in work. Still doing okay though I think. Christmas will be a big test for me too. Yes, one mince pie is fine but it's stopping yourself carrying on to eat the rest of the pack. Do feel quite determined at the moment though.
Still, am very envy at all the mentions of 10st. Well done all of you

Happy weekend everyone.
Hair and me went out last night, it took me 4 hours to drink 2 small glasses of wine. Great conversation though. It was tough staying under cals with a cinema trip (homemade plain popcorn).
Today it's a lot of ferrying the DCs between things, should keep me busy. What are you lot up to?

Well I'm finally going to get a Christmas tree today. Going to the cinema and Christmas markets tonight. I'm out on Monday too. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage because I still haven't caught up with sleep from working over Thursday night. Needless to say I think Monday will be a gain.

Tomorrow will be taken up with sweet making for teacher presents. The children are really looking forward to that.

Good night last night IMST but I'm feeling it now.

reastie Sat 15-Dec-12 18:03:08

IMST and Hair glad you had a nice time envy .

I spent the afternoon cooking for the freezer ready for christmas. I'm in charge of christmas eve so I made a humungous butternut squash lasagne and we had some for our dinner tonight (for quality control purposes you understand wink ) and also an apricot and mincemeat streusel. Lasagne tasted delish but has heaps of full fat cheese in sauce and olive oil to fry the veg in confused . I didn't add extra butter to the cheese sauce though to try to cut back a little. I've been so good I'm not used to 'normal' food - it tastes so nice! I feel very guilty now as I'm bound to be way over calories with that, but putting it in perspective <clutches at straws> it's just one meals in a few months <tries to forget about the christmas tree chocolate s consumed >. Really hoping I can keep the will power up over the festive season now and keep losing.

Kato hope the move went well and you are nice and cosy in your new place

North I'm envy of 10 stone talk too - I'm around 13 stone 11 at the min so it seems like a long way to go!

LArd no time for MN?! How can this be so!

It's quiet on here lately, is that a good or a bad sign?
Hopefully we're all doing so well we don't need motivating.
People are now starting to tell me to stop losing weight, which is a bit odd as I'm still almost 2st above my "ideal" weight, and a few pounds still to go on my target weight.
I assume at some point my weight loss will tail off and I'll just need to maintain, until then I'll just keep going as I am it seems to be working somehow

I'm here!

Dh was giving me a cuddle this morning and said "Ooh you have a waist!" hmm Good with the compliments isn't he. grin

Have started eating hot food again! Have had two hot meals in as many days which is a massive improvement so I am hoping I'm on my way back to normal!

<waves to everyone>

How are you all!

IMST You keep going until your comfortable! My ideal weight is 9st . I was very happy and confident and thin when I was 10st and can't realistically see me getting to 9 and staying there! What is a ideal on paper isn't always ideal in rl iyswim!
You are doing really well! Be proud! smile

Hi Bonkey glad you're eating better. Hopefully you've seen the back of it now.

IMST I think a lot of that is to do with the fact you've lost so much. People don't usually have that will power so they may be worried you won't stop. It's also jealousy because let's face it, people are comfortable with someone else being overweight and you look absolutely fab now! You really, really do!!!

eightytwenty Sun 16-Dec-12 23:14:34

Well done imst and glad you're on the mend bonkey.

I am finding Xmas socialising quite hard. Haven't had a good week at all. Maybe not as many snacks as once might have had, but no nutritious food at all today. Dinner tonight was pizza. Last night was toad in the hole. Not much happening this week - no more birthdays or parties, so hope to get back on track and get a bit more exercise in. (Also missed 1/2 my exercise slots this week). Anyway not going to beat myself up.

On the plus side got loads of compliments at my party and at work Xmas do last week. As I work from home and don't see colleagues v often it was nice to hear that they could see a difference.

Well done eighty it's great that people are noticing. It gives you a real boost to carry on I think.

Well I don't know how but I've managed a 1lb loss which means I've finally joined the 10s club. grin 10st 13 yay!

Hope everyone else is ok.

Yay Hair Congrats! grin

I am going to get back to weekly weigh ins starting today.
I have maintained, which isn't surprising as I have eaten properly this weekend with <touches wood> no ill effects!

Glad to hear it Bonkey. Hopefully your energy levels will increase now.

Glad to hear that you are eating properly I mean!

1lb off again, my goal of 10st 8 by Christmas is still on track (3lb to go), if not, I'll definitely get there by New Year.

Ooh you've just reminded me that my Christmas deadline was 11st. I made it! grin

3lbs in 8 days is quite a lot IMST. It is do-able though but you'll have to be really strict.

Who's up for a Christmas Eve weigh in to see if we reached our pre-Christmas targets? It is a Monday after all.

I'll weigh in Monday. I figure 3lb is doable as I only lost 1 this week, I have no more parties, and TOTM isn't until after Christmas. I won't be too gutted if I don't make it, 10 8 was a late target revision when I hit 11 early.

reastie Mon 17-Dec-12 15:12:23

I'll weigh in on Monday, although somehow I seem to have already reached my Christmas deadline hmm . Got blood test results back and iron still low, but not dangerously so <cheers>

FivesGoldNorks Mon 17-Dec-12 15:19:24

grin restive! You're all doing so well

Well done reastie. Good news about your iron too. Does that mean you escape the dreaded medication for a while longer? I hope so.

reastie Tue 18-Dec-12 07:36:33

Right, I've officially lost 4 stone <cheers> - that's got to be the equivalent of half a Kate Middleton surely wink - I'll go with either half! I've got one stone to go till I'm my average pre preg weight now. Thanks for all the well dones - really helps spur me on thanks

Hair I have to ring GP re: iron to see if I can keep on my high iron diet/herbal supplements. I'm hoping so though given I've managed to increase it.

Hope all the Christmas parties are going well and everyone is getting Christmas all wrapped up. I seem to have the slowest most incompetent delivery service delivering DDs Christmas presents - there are about 5 parcels coming and some were dispatched 2 weeks ago but still haven't arrived confused

Yay Reastie! Well done getting 4st off.
How are we all doing target-wise? I know me and Hair made our original targets from the summer, how about the rest of us?
Should we make new targets for next year (perhaps Easter?)

Well done reastie. 4st is amazing. Good luck at the doctors.

Ok Easter target is 10st. That will be 13lbs in fourish months. Not too testing. In reality it will be more than that as I will no doubt put on over Christmas.

FivesGoldNorks Tue 18-Dec-12 09:55:21

Yay to 4 stone, that is amazing (lol at half a KM)
given you've had health problems to deal with as well that has meant dieting has been practically difficult you have done brilliantly
You're waaaaastin away

(not sure why my phone decided to make you rhyme with festive, but at least it's appropriate)

I'm not sure about targets, think I'll get through Christmas and make a decision afterwards. I haven't weighed myself for a while now but Sunday was a very very very bad day - I was up working until midnight and basically kept myself awake with fat and sugar. It actually got so I didn't really need motivation yesterday, I felt so sick of stuffing myself. OK day yesterday - ate my limit. Hopefully same today. Am taking it easy but just want to get back to the lovely 11st1 where I was then I'll be full of motivation.

FivesGoldNorks Wed 19-Dec-12 23:10:15

Just checking in, where is everyone?

Im here.
And would you bloody believe - sick again.
I literally can't stand up for more than a few mins sad

How are you doing?

FivesGoldNorks Wed 19-Dec-12 23:20:04

Oh no, what's up? What do you mean, are you dizzy or nauseous? You poor thing, hope you're fully better by Christmas.
I'm ok thanks. Was back down to 11s2 yesterday so hopefully back on track

Yup every time i stand or try and do something it makes me sick and dizzy. My legs can barely hold me where they ache so much.
I have well and truly had enough !
What pees ne off even more , is that i have been much much better for a few days and now this. sad

Good to hear your back with it. What's your plans over Christmas?
Going to have a few weeks off or still try and stick to a limit?

Oh no! Poor Bonkeysad hope you're better for Tuesday.
Sorry I was off air yesterday, DH had a day off. Back to business as usual today though, should be about this afternoon anyway.

reastie Thu 20-Dec-12 07:19:03

Oh bonkey how rubbish. DO you think it's the same thing or something new? confused

Well, it turns out my recent weight loss in the past 3 weeks has been down to my anti depressants making me lose my appetite as one of their side effects. I could have lived with that one wink but sadly it seems to be wearing off just in time for christmas...

Reastie, Christmas with no appetite would be miserable, be glad it's returningsmile.
Weighed in today to see how my ambitious Christmas target is coming along, 10st 9lb (2 off since Monday)grin, now I'm only 1 away with 4 days to go. I can almost touch it!
My Easter target is a bit more NSV, as any more that comes off is just a bonus.
10st (or better) would be nice, I'd like to do Pilates once a week, fit nicely in a size 10, and tone my arms up for Easter (and hopefully vest weather?)

FivesGoldNorks Thu 20-Dec-12 22:15:08

Bonkey are you any better today? Do you think its flu (and I do mean flu, not manflu).
Imst that is brilliant. The diet has really worked for you - where were you and how were you feeling a year ago?
Reastie, has the weight you've lost helped motivate you?
I'm doing ok, work night out tonight so I've eaten a bit more than I should, no bingeing and only 1 glass of wine. Going to have plenty of days off over Christmas, but they will b days off, not turning into weeks

Yes thanks I am! Still feeling abit weak but much much better. i think it was just a 24 hour thing . have kept down soup and a sandwich! I could almost feel my body absorbing the nutrients grin

I have decided that i am going to go and live somewhere germ infested - because logic is telling me that I will be completely well!hmm Hospital? hmm

I am going to get xmas out the way and then set a target for easter!

reastie Imst is right! Xmas with no appetite would be poo!
Completely forgets about current state of relationship with food
I will be eating a christmas dinner if it kills me! And it will be fecking lovely!!! grin

reastie Fri 21-Dec-12 07:41:23

My target is next summer I want to weara my pre preg dresses to work. I have a stone ish to go. I'd love that so much. Norks yes it has motivated me to lose more weight I think - I'm feeling alot more confident in myself but I know I still have a fair way to go. Days off not weeks off will be the thing I think, not giving up over Christmas

Bonkey glad you're feeling better. Here's hoping onwards and upwards for you being healthy.

It's my birthday today grin which of course means cake hmm <licks lips> DM has made me a lemon cake. I did ask for a fatless orange cake which has whole oranges pureed in it to bulk it up (so it's relatively healthy for a cake) but apparently it all went wrong when she tried cooking it so lemon cake it is!

eightytwenty Fri 21-Dec-12 07:43:38

Hello. Bonkey hope feeling much better. Well done everyone. Can't believe how focussed you all are. I haven't really got back on since our party. No major binges but eating a little of everything I want. Must make sure though its not habit forming iykwim. Am still exercising though so weight is hovering at about same level as last week. Please make sure you give me a major kick up the ass in jan.

Norks, last year I was eating everything within reach, just because it was there, not even because I was hungry.
I was finding size 18 a bit snug but refused to go to 20.
I could eat half a cheesecake or a box of chocs at one sitting (but never had cravings for either, just because they were there).
So much better this year, I eat only what I want to eat, and feel so much better without the weight. I recently held both of my friend's 8 month old twins, they were really heavy, then realised I'd lost more than their combined weight, I used to carry that much around all day!

Reastie, Happy birthday! Have today off and get back to it tomorrow.
I'm surprised how many December birthdays we have here though.

FivesGoldNorks Fri 21-Dec-12 11:05:06

Happy birthday reastie
Imst that is amazing! Well done for making such a huge change to your life

FivesGoldNorks Fri 21-Dec-12 11:57:09

Bonkey the bracelet has arrived and looks lovely, thank you. You must have sent it when you felt lousy. I'm trying it on at the moment and it will get its frat proper outing on Christmas day. grin

Hi everyone. Glad you're feeling a bit better again Bonkey.

Happy birthday reastie! Have a good one.

IMST all the best people are born in December don'tcha know. grin

I'm struggling. There's too much temptation at the moment. Too many nights out and a Dominos on my birthday just haven't helped. I am keeping off the alcohol for the most part which helps but I don't hold out too much hope for a loss on Christmas Eve.

Part of me just thinks forget it for now but I know if I don't keep half an eye on things I'll regret it in the new year.

Hello ,
Five Posted yesterday. I gave it to dh to post tues but he 'forgot' hmm , couldn't get out weds! So pleased it got to you so quick the postie has done me proud for once grin

Happy Birthday reastie ! smile

Well done IMST.

I have had a realisation today!
I have lost another 2lbs this week no surprise really but I look at myself now and still feel I look over weight! I feel look better , my confidence is up, <forgets sick feeling and other current ishoos> but with over a stone off I still feel I look overweight.
Which, makes me wonder how big i was in the first place and I must have been in denial, I really didn't think i was that big! Its a real eye opener and a push to crack on with this weight loss malarky once I am back to normal!

Been a funny day - it seems sandwiches more like plain bread atm are back on the menu hmm . Kept getting dizzy spells and I am completely wiped out, again I'm guessing lack of food. Have discovered that fruit juice is also 'safe' for now so i will try and get some cals into me that way! Not feeling very festive at all yet, I'm hoping with ds off school it means we can do some bits together .

Right, I have a date with my bed, a hot water bottle and Magic Mike! yes I know, I know but this girl needs some hunky men in a crap film, in her life to cheer her up grin

FivesGoldNorks Sat 22-Dec-12 10:12:50

I was feeling guilty that you had dragged yourself from your sick bed to post it to me grin
Hope you can build your strength up and start to feel better. Ikwym about denial, I finally feel like I am "fat" in the way other people are fat - they have a tummy that's too big, they know they need to cut down a bit. Before I was just huge all over but I don't think I realised how huge. I really want to be as healthy as I can be, and for me I think that means about another stone or so off, and more importantly, exercise. That really has to be my resolution I think.
As of this morning I am 11st dead on grin I want to get below that weight however slightly before Christmas, and my aim is that by Jan 2nd (back at work day) I am no more than 11s2 or 11s3. As of end of January I want to be well below 11st - to have seen the back of it entirely iykwim so that even if I have a few bad days I'm still nowhere near.
I'd like to set myself a target of 10st by DS's birthday at end of April. That seems reasonable, doesn't it?

Morning everyone.

Well done Norks. 10st by April seems doable to me.

I know what you mean too Bonkey. I think I'm beginning to be aware of how people see me and I don't like it. I've had one comment since I started to lose weight from someone who saw me without my usual layer of cardigans and was surprised I had a waist.

I don't like being seen as the chunky one. I don't really want people to think about my figure at all. I just want to be ordinary and blend in iyswim?

Hoping for a good day today as I have a party tonight. I can get away with good choices as its a buffet so portion control and salad are my friends. Not really drinking either so I should be ok there too.

What's everyone else up to?

FivesGoldNorks Sat 22-Dec-12 12:16:09

am having a stir fry for lunch of just vegetables so should be OK to have a bit more tonight - having a "little bit of everything" type dinner.
Enjoy your party smile

Ooh. Stir fry sounds good. Something hot on this freezing day. Will you put chilli in it. I love chilli!

Like the thought of a little bit of everything dinner.

I've been tidying the bedrooms all morning (even got all the stuff out from under the bed and hoovered). Ditched a surprising amount of stuff, the paper recycling is 2/3 full and it was emptied last week.
The DCs have been so helpful I've let them have a "play bath" with lots of bubbles and all the bath toys. They think it's a treat, I know it'll get the bath toys clean too!
I went out last night (2 glasses of wine again, I'm a cheap dategrin)
Others were eating, I held my resolve an didn't as I'd already had dinner.
I've changed MFP goals to losing 1lb a week as I'd like to slow the weight loss down now.

reastie Sat 22-Dec-12 13:13:53

hair completely get what you mean about blending in and people not noticing your figure (in a good way). It's odd how much I've lost yet how chubby I still am - I think I was in denial too when I was at my biggest. I think I felt the same inside so I thought I looked to same to everyone else IYKWIM but obviously I didn't.

Norks love stir frys here too - I had stir fry veg and tofu for lunch with a baked potato and some spinach and watercress.

IMST you've done amazingly - well done. You're now where I can only dream of being!

I see SIL and BIL next Wednesday. I haven't seen them since I was 2 sizes bigger. SIL lost alot of weight a couple of years ago (I'm guessing she's gone down from a 16/18 - 10/12) and I don't know why this is so important to me and realise I sound a bit needy and in need of validation but I would love for her to notice blush

Christmas isn't going to be the happy festivity we had planned as my Grandad is very ill in hospital sad and it's hard to be so happy with that over my head. Hopefully he'll be OK though, but it was touch and go last night apparently sad

FivesGoldNorks Sat 22-Dec-12 13:15:42

Oh no I'm sorry, hope he is stable, although I assume he will be in over Christmas? sad

I hope he picks up soon, what a worry for you.
We've all done really well since we started, almost 6 months ago now, we should give ourselves a pat on the backgrin.
People notice weight loss less in the winter because of all the coats and jumpers, we'll all emerge in the spring like slim butterflies and amaze everyone that's my plan anyway

Aw reastie. Sending much love to you.

IMST I love the idea of emerging like a slim butterfly. smile

Oh reastie sad Fingers crossed he is ok! Sending lots of postive thoughts your way!

grin at slim butterflys! imst thats a great plan!
I am actually a bit miffed because my coat hangs round me now - I want to whip it off and strut around in a t-shirt thant hangs flat down grin
. Its too cold though - and I swear I am colder because I am less fat hmm .

reastie Sun 23-Dec-12 13:42:34

Thanks so much for your messages, unfortunately he died last night sad

I did my weigh in a day early and a 1lb loss <cheers>. I'm fully expecting to put it back on in the next week but for now it's lost.

Bonkey you are definitely right - I think the thinner you are the less fat to keep you warm so the more you feel the cold. It's one of the downsides to being slim wink , but, my thinking is that if you are cold then your body has to work harder to keep you warm so you instantly burn more calories.

IMST I love the butterfly analogy. I think I might use the hungry caterpillar butterfly as my cover picture on fb in the spring (not that anyone will know why except me)

FivesGoldNorks Sun 23-Dec-12 13:52:47

Oh reastie I'm so sorry x

sad reastie .
Thinking if you and your family x

Oh reastie so sorry for you and your family. Hope you are all ok. X sad

eightytwenty Sun 23-Dec-12 16:24:41

Reastie. Sorry to hear that. Hope you and the family are ok.

Not had much of a chance to post - but can totally relate to a) being more cold - ESP my fingers and hands and b) also still feeling huge in some outfits particularly. Agree re previous denials. Still getting positive comments though so must be more positive.

Weight hovering still - keep expecting a gain in truth - esp as no walks( weather) and much reduced exercise schedule. Suspect it will catch up with me.

Happy Christmas all. Lets aim to get through the day without feeling stuffed or bloated. A little of all, but not a lot of anything.

Getting in first for Christmas Eve weigh in:
10st 8lbgrin I made it!
BMI 29.13, plenty of Christmas buffer against new year obesity.
How about the rest of you?

FivesGoldNorks Mon 24-Dec-12 09:19:55

Well done IMST grin
I was 10s13 this morning so into the 10s grin 6 gingerbread christmas trees later I'm probably back up to 11s6 but am happy for now

Well done you two.

I don't know how I did it but 1lb off again. 10st12 this morning. I'm hopeful the damage won't be too bad next week.

Just wanted to say have a lovely Christmas to all of you and thank you for helping me and keeping me company over the last six months.

wine Cheers and have a good one!!!

FivesGoldNorks Tue 25-Dec-12 07:08:31

Merry Christmas losers! Our present to ourselves is the weight we've lost and motivation we've gained. Enjoy today, no dieting allowed smile

Happy Christmas all, enjoy your family time, we'll get back on it in the New Year.

reastie Tue 25-Dec-12 18:40:54

Happy Christmas everyone. No dieting today at all and lots of chocolate etc consumed, but, it is christmas.

eightytwenty Tue 25-Dec-12 21:32:50

Happy Christmas too!

Felt a bit quesy early evening - not used to so much rich food these days?

northender Wed 26-Dec-12 09:14:37

sad Sorry to hear that reastie. Happy Christmas everyone! Have been off the radar for a while but hanging in there as far as my eating goes. No bingeing but far too mamy mince pies, biscuits etc to induce weight loss. Have felt a bit off colour for last couple of days so didnt over indulge yesterday as much as sometimes. Ds has also been a bit under the weather but revived for yesterday grin .
Am working 9-1 today but have no visits booked in at the mo so am mnetting in the meantime.
Well done to all who've continued to lose, I'll get back on it soon, damage limitation until then grin

Happy Boxing Day!

I had a lovely day yesterday but I am paying for it today.
I ate more food yesterday than I have in a week lately - stomach does not like me this morning sad

On a good side - MIL bought me some size 12 knickers - and they fit perfectly! grin
Love her!

KnotallyTackered Wed 26-Dec-12 20:31:35

Happy boxing day everyone! (milkshake namechanged)

I've been worse than pants and i'm done..

Hope everyone has had a fantastic time, been spoilt with love, happiness..and presents!

I'm weighing tomo morning and will be challenging myself to catch up with everyone who's stayed with the thread and had such amazing results.

Merry Boxing day!! grin

Happy not-Christmas-any-moregrin
I have lots of books to get through (read 2 of them so far)
Mealtimes have been a bit messed up, but the main thing I've missed is exercise, as we've not walked anywhere except church for days now. Taking DCs out for a run today though, so should get a decent walk myself.
TOTM so I won't weigh for a couple of days until I'm not retaining water, but even Christmas wasn't that excessive, so shouldn't take too long to get back to losing.

FivesGoldNorks Thu 27-Dec-12 08:39:38

Hi everyone and welcome back milkshake. smile

KnotallyTackered Thu 27-Dec-12 09:00:06

Thank you Fives

Right I've weighed this morning..not good at 11st 8lb but hoping its not actually that much as tail end of TOTM and even with all of the xmas veg, nature seems to have forgotten me(TMI sorry) so hopefull for mondays offical WI.

I'm feeling very motivated,there is roses, quality street after 8 and milky buttons everywhere I look but I dont even want to eat one will put them all out of sight in dp's cupboard just to be safe though!

FivesGoldNorks Thu 27-Dec-12 09:04:29

You've inspired me to weigh
11s6 - I've put on 7lb since the 23rd! Ridiculous!

BonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 09:55:27

I reckon its a After Christmas curse.

Yea i stuffed my face xmas day. It was One day and yesterday nothing was eaten and i was on and off the loo all.bloody day.
According to my scales i have put on 3lbs shock hmm

Five That will no.time!

Welcome back Knot smile

FivesGoldNorks Thu 27-Dec-12 10:22:46

Oh bonkey that's so unfair. Hope you're feeling better soon

Happy Christmas to you all!

Well I've hoovered up all food in sight, and barely moved... I've not weighed myself since we moved in last week so I've no idea what I was, but this morning I'm back up to 10 13...

Dreading the gym being full of January best intentioners, but I plan to start a running programme alongside the gym and upping my weights for lifting...

Feel like a fat disaster

We all knew Christmas would set us back, but we all know we have the motivation to get back on it and keep losing weight!
This is a long-term thing, try not to focus on days or even weeks, look at long term trends, and we're all losing weight. That's the kind of weight that stays off.

FivesGoldNorks Thu 27-Dec-12 18:06:47

IMST is right Kato - long term trend is down!
How is the new home?

Morning everyone.

I've had a lovely Christmas. Hope you all did too.

I indulged loads and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I didn't pay any attention to my diet at all but because I gave myself permission I didn't feel guilty at all.

However I got a bit bored with it all and yesterday I got back on it. I feel refreshed and ready to crack on. I'm dreading weighing on Monday though.

How are you all doing? Bonkey are you feeling a bit better now? How's the house Kato?

eightytwenty Sat 29-Dec-12 10:58:36

Hi. Off here too. Did have a wobble yesterday when I had a 'what if I can't stop' moment. Guess I've been eating like I used to ie snacking, chocolate etc... But so far no damage on scales. Could be cause its hiding in the wings ready to attack in jan, or maybe it's cause I'm not doing much / any sitting. Anyway trying to decide whether to have a mix of on or off days between now and 8 jan when the schools go back (new year, parties and trip to inlaws between now and then) or whether to go with the flow, aim for a bit of moderation and then start properly on the 8th. Figure either way I am going to have a cupboard clear out so temptations are removed. Fortunately all the chocolates I got over Xmas are not favourites so should be able to re-gift them.

Ah, just started a thread asking where you lot were! grin

I'm back. Current weight is 12 stone 13. So, not awful, but I've put some back on.

I've got the wedding of two very good friends in March - I will not be the fat girl at the reception!

I have started going ice skating (having figure skating lessons) once a week, and after the lesson, usually skate for about 2 hours, which is pretty good. Some weeks I even go twice, once just to practice.

Unfortunately, I still don't have a job sad

We're still here, I'm not weighing until Monday, by which time TOTM will be safely over, and I'll be back on track.

Oh yeah, was just writing my weight down so I remembered tbh! grin Surprisingly I've actually lost 3lb over Christmas, which is nice smile That's if my maths/scales are accurate! grin

eighty I like all the chocolate in my house although I'm not craving it. It's the gingerbread house I can't stay away from.

Welcome back Lollipop I wondered what had happened to you. Glad to see you again.

IMST I'd like it to be my totm on Monday as I could have that as an excuse. <in denial>

BonkeyMollocks Sat 29-Dec-12 14:31:20

Welcome back lollipop!

I have weighed today, I am 11st10lbs - which is 5lbs on in a week. hmm

I have a horrible feeling that my body is clinging on to anything and everything now I am eating better and not basically living of bread.

I have had a fair amount of booze as well in the past week so I am hoping that once normality has been resumed I can crack on and get back to losing the right way!

Roll on new year!
I have set my next target to 11st by valentines day! Very do-able so hopefully I can keep my motivation!

Morning all!

Well, challenge number one is today - I will be having tea out and about tonight, needs to be a salad as my lunch was about 500 cals! Ooops... curse you Tesco with your lovely mozzarella and tomato pasta bakes!

Off to check the menu of the place I'm planning on going.

Good afternoon, I weighed this morning, and the verdict....
10st 7lb, 1 down on Christmas Eve.
BMI 28.91, I've hit my MFP target and my Wii fit targetgrin.
I'm going to try going without MFP logging for a while, to see how I maintain or lose a bit more without it.

Good luck Lollipop.

That's great IMST. Well done to you. thanks

KnotallyTackered Sun 30-Dec-12 15:04:37

Well done that's fantastic IMST!

northender Sun 30-Dec-12 16:39:43

Well done IMST. Ive just had lunch at friends and then am out for tea later. Staying with PIL at the moment where healthy food is not readily available. Expect to be back at square 1 at my next weigh in but have not binged at all. Eaten too much and of the wrong stuff but I still feel Ive achieved a lot over the past few weeks. Running shoes at the ready for when we get back home grin

KnotallyTackered Sun 30-Dec-12 17:36:12

Crap I've just eaten pizza hut... Having a girly get together round a friends, all the kids trashing the place and some bright spark suggested it and I was the only one against it.. Would walk home to counteract it but its over a hour walk and no buggy for ds. Been so good since thursday too, boo!

Happy old year everyone, are we all motivated for NYE celebrations?
I'm going to a friend's house for a party later, so I think I'll get through it by sitting away from the snack table, and drinking plenty of water. I don't want to start the new year feeling over full. we'll see how that intention pans out though!

Morning everyone. I'm in shock. I have maintained over Christmas. I can't really believe it as I've not been careful at all. shock

I've drunk wine and I can't stay away from the gingerbread house the dcs made. I've only really walked once too. confused

I'm ready to get back on it tomorrow and am prepared for Christmas week to catch up with me. I'm ready. smile

How are you all getting on?

Enjoy your party IMST. It's a quiet one here. Just me and dh. Ds1 will be out and the other two in bed. I'm not in the mood to go out anyway. I'm struggling with all this rain and lack of visible sky.

What are you all up to?

KnotallyTackered Mon 31-Dec-12 08:23:45

I'm just staying in with dp too, he's apparently cooking me a nice meal but we'll see.. I prefer it when he doesn't as he doesn't get the whole diet thing and even when there is veg its drowned in butter.

On a good note scales are showing 11.7 so going the right direction.

Well done on maintaining over Christmas, that deserves an award!

northender Mon 31-Dec-12 09:04:11

We're going to be in with PIL and SIL. Have a good one whatever you're doing everyone x

Ooops, I failed a bit yesterday. Had some bread and olives, and then some cake, plus wine blush

Right, today is a new day, tomorrow is a new year - friends' wedding is in 10 weeks, must do better!

LV well done for getting back on it, and remember that at the start you would have thought nothing of eating like that, see how far you have come.

IMST, it's so true - I'm actually quite tempted to go swimming on Wednesday to supplement the skating. If I get off my bum and sort the forms for my council's concession card, I'll get free sessions, which is good.

Can't really do anything til Wednesday due to stupid new year bus schedules. Will just have to eat well and then really work Wednesday at swimming and Thursday on the ice.

Hope I'm not overstepping the mark but you skate in altrincham don't you?

IMST and I live very close if you ever fancy meeting for coffee. Feel free to tell me to bugger off if you want. grin

haha, it's OK! I don't skate in Altrincham regularly unfortunately, there's a new rink that's opened much closer to me. Do still find myself at a loose end occasionally on a Sunday (which is how I ended up going for tea and eating cake yesterday lol!).

Hmm, might see if my rink is still looking for stewards. If I can get experience/free skating out of it, it'll be alright I reckon smile

That sounds good. Free ice time!!

Yep, going to speak to another lady at the rink who went to a meeting of interested parties and see how she got on. The only issues i can see is you have to be able to do certain things on the ice, and I don't know what those things are yet, or whether I can do them grin

BonkeyMollocks Mon 31-Dec-12 13:38:15

Bit envy of ice skating! Its something i have always wanted to try!

Am sick again sad
Docs on friday!

Silver lining - 1lb off this morning grin

Well done on your maintain Hair !

Oh Bonkey you poor thing. This has really dragged. Maybe it's time for further investigations from your gp? sad

Well done on your loss though. That's great! smile

BonkeyMollocks Mon 31-Dec-12 14:05:21

I'm not leaving that doctors until I have some sort of reason as to why I keep getting like this. Its just ridiculous now! Been months! sad

Completely ballsed up tonights plans too. I shall be in bed by 9 I suspect! This girl knows how to see in a new year hmm .

Anyhoo, anyone got any resolutions for 2013?

Not got any real resolutions, apart from; have fun, enjoy life and work hard for what I want smile Oh, and the usual "lose weight" one.

<sigh> Unfortunately my relationship ended at the end of November, because DBoyfriend, as lovely as he was as a person, was doing nothing to try and work, and I wasn't happy any more.

Now as an ex, he is being a pain. I've posted a status on Facebook about the good things 2012 has brought me, and he's messaged me saying "oh at least one of us had a good 2012, up til November it was great. Much as I like the memories I've got I don't want them any more, they're a constant reminder of the relationship we didn't fight to keep."

Ugh, just, GROW UP! You're 28, addicted to your Xbox, won't get a job, and see nothing wrong with that. I kept him on Facebook because we wanted to try and stay friends, but clearly, that's unlikely to happen.

Right, sorry, had to get that off my chest. Off to fill in the forms for my pool concession card now and plan to swim on Wednesday smile

My resolutions for next year are to make a success of my business, lose a bit more weight, and tone up areas which now have a little extra skin on themgrin.

Awwww, pool is closed til 6th January sad

Was looking forward to a swim as well. Need to do something this week, before skating on Thursday, or I'll go slightly stir crazy being sat in the house.

Ah sorry to hear that lollipop but I'm sure someone else will come along soon.

No resolutions here. They only make me feel bad. I rub along quite happily without them. smile

BonkeyMollocks Mon 31-Dec-12 14:48:12

Mine are pretty much the same as Imst !
And learn how to keep my accounts nice and tidy so that they aren't code like hmm .

Lollipop Sorry to hear that you split but if your not happy then it was the right thing to do. I'm sure someone else will pop up in your life soon smile

I've been thinking about it and I do actually have a resolution.

To make sure I spend plenty of time outside soaking up the vitamin D. This winter has been really hard so far because of all the endless rain. Sometimes it feels like the clouds are a physical weight pressing on me.

I'm also going to look on eBay for a sun lamp. New ones are too expensive atm.

Here's to longer days and maybe some sun. wine

Happy New Year everyone. smile

I am living the rock and roll lifestyle tonight.

Sat practicing my crochet skills, oh yeah!

Hi everyone just guiltily checking in. Diet is on again on Wednesday. Lviv, so sorry, hope 2013 bring better things. Bonkey, can't believe you're ill again, hope you can get well xx

SPB why are you in disguise? grin

BonkeyMollocks Mon 31-Dec-12 17:52:27

SPB Stealth aka that you? grin

reastie Mon 31-Dec-12 18:24:01

I found you! You lot dropped off my 'I'm on' threads and I had to hunt you out grin

Oh bonkey hope you feel better soon (again) that it absolute rubbish.

My new years resolution is to get over the MH problems I'm dealing with which are rubbish and life limiting at the minute. I've started with a CBT therapist and really need to sort myself out. Let 2013 be the year I deal with all that and get on with living life without worry. My new years resolution last year was to lose the baby weight - I'm 4/5 there now so I think I managed that one pretty well!

Oh lollipop sorry about your exbf problems. Btw I'll join you on the rock and roll front - I'll be reading my book and in bed by 10pm!

Was thinking I actually haven't been too bad over christmas. I had a baked potato on christmas day instead of roasties and no pudding. I have had chocolate but tried not to go too OTT. I've been eating more than normal for sure but also I've done some exercising to try to counteract it and I know it's just a temporary thing, I'm not going to have a diet like this all year. Overall, this is a great change from last christmas. I have even allowed some photos to be taken of me (usually I shy away in embarrassment of how fat I look) although tbh I still look fat, just more chubby than obese IYKWIM. Makes me realise how big I must've been before though considering how big I still look sad

reastie I think you've done amazingly. It would have been easy to make excuses and give up but you didn't. Considering what you've had to deal with I think you should be really proud of yourself. I hope you begin to get better next year and well done on the cbt. smile

How did you all guess? grin
Silly thread about sock puppeting
reastie, I wonder how many people actually manage their new year's resolutions? Very few I bet. I think you've proved you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I wonder if there is a support thread for you to deal with your other issues as well? (but don't leave us!!)

BonkeyMollocks Mon 31-Dec-12 19:28:10

reastie You have done amazingly well!
I have never stuck to a resolution hmm .

*New resolution - Stick to resolutions! grin

Happy new year everyone. I stick to resolutions because I make them achievable (although one if my aims for last year was to learn to read music, and I started my own business insteadgrin).
I am very determined once I set my mind on something you may have noticed
So, this year, toning up and a successful business, and dragging TheOneWithTheHair out into the sunshine as much as possible. Sounds achievable, I might even learn to read music toogrin.

Happy New Year everyone!

So today is Day 1, and this is my year. My year to lose this weight, my year to get a job I'll enjoy, better myself, and generally be the best person i CAN BE.

So, on the weight loss front - I'm planning to go skating on Thursday, and look into going to the local running track soon, as I think the concession card I'll have for swimming works there too. All of that, plus swimming should help me shift the pounds.

Happy New Year everyone.

Uugh. Going to bed at 2am and being woken at 6 is not great. I'm full of a cold too. I think I'm going to need strong doses of caffeine to see me through today.

I am planning on hitting my target weight this year. I have about 1 - 1 1/2 stone depending on how I look.

That would be a good achievement for me. smile

All those exercise plans sound great Lollipop.

Happy new year! Here's to a motivational 2013 smile

The running is still a maybe, it's a bit of a trek on two buses, so don't know if it's viable really. But the pool is 20 minutes away by bus, so definitely doable smile

Hmmph, just done the NHS BMI thing, apparently, I need to be 8 stone something to be healthy, I knew 12 stone wasn't great, but I thought healthy would be about 9 stone. Clearly not.

And I've forgotten to eat breakfast again, am hungry and going to forage for fruit in a minute.

LV are you a shorty like me? My "ideal" weight is 8 stone exactly as I'm only 5ft. I'm aiming for the top end of the healthy range, 9st 3 in my case, by the summer.

BonkeyMollocks Tue 01-Jan-13 13:26:26

LV My 'ideal' is jusy under 9st - however I was very happy and healthy and thin at bang on 10. My BMI was just under 25 at this weight the top end of 'healthy'.

Sometimes the top end of the scale suits better.

BMI is handy for keeping track and knowing when your pushing it butust use it as a guide! If your in range(even top end) and feel better and healthier then don't worry too much! smile

I'm 5 ft 2, so yep, a shorty! I'm aiming for about a stone off by March, if I can behave myself enough!

Just logged all my food for today, including dinner (otherwise I forget to do it later) and I've got calories left to play with smile

eightytwenty Tue 01-Jan-13 20:46:22

Happy ny all

Bonkey - poor you. Hope dr has some answers.

Lv - I'm also a 5ft er. I think the low end of bmi must make you v slim. Think 9 - 9.5 stone would be fine. Though still a v long way off.

Reastie - sounds like you have a plan.

Welcome back spb

Imst and hair - does it help having someone in rl to work with? You're both v focussed. Imst - what's The closest you've been to 9stone? I was about 10 stone at uni, and was def curvy, but didn't look too overweight.

So my ny was a bit of a disaster. I am a moderate drinker and know my limits. But not last night. I drank so much that I fell asleep on ds2's bed, woke and puked all over it and him. Had to be undressed by friend and put to bed in her bed. (Kids were sleeping there while we went to the pub). Have been in bed all day, still being sick. Mean time v cross Dh has been left washing, drying and ironing all their sheets. Not one to be proud of. However I saw the silver lining... And am able to record a 1lb loss. 11.6. Even if just for today.

eightytwenty Tue 01-Jan-13 20:47:27

Oh and lv, I can't recommend swimming lessons enough. They make it into a workout in a way that I wouldn't have done without.

reastie Tue 01-Jan-13 21:18:12

I'm sorry but I'm envy and giggling at this talk of 9 stone - I think last time I saw such a number on the scales I was about 13! I don't think I'll ever get there but in the long run I would absolutely love to get to 11 stone or thereabouts as then I'd be tilting on the high range of 'normal' (and for me I think I'd look relatively slim at that weight. Still got around half a stone before I get to 'overweight' from obese though blush

lollipop hope you reach your march aim. Good luck on the running

SPB you are really confusing me now with your nn changes - they'll have to invent a sign for you so you can be all Prince the artist formally known as like and just be known by that wink

Hair hope you feel better soon

eighty oh dear. I hope you had a good time at least to see in the new year.

eightytwenty Tue 01-Jan-13 21:24:45

Me too reastie 6lb before I'm just overweight!

I've been starving today. I think it's because I have to get used to eating properly again. It shouldn't take too long though hopefully.

I took the younger dcs for a walk along the river today so sticking to my plan of getting out more.

eighty I can't speak for IMST but I've found it has helped me loads to have a rl friend to do this with. Especially as she's on here too. I'm not sure I'd have stuck with it so long and I'd have definitely have been less honest iyswim?

Do you know what I'm finding is actually making things easier? Not having someone telling me I'm beautiful as I am. It was lovely, but it meant I sort of slacked off a bit - he said he'd hate it if I dropped below a size 10. I'm sure he was helping me sabotage myself (going for lunch at places where healthy options are few and far between, and saying "you've been to the gym, you need to eat something substantial to get your energy back")... I realize I have complete free will, but he really didn't help my lack of willpower!

Wonder if I could get into a size 14 by March??

Oh eighty! But morenfool your dh for ironing!
Lv what size are you now? You posted a photo of you going to a wedding a little while ago didn't you? Would have put you much above a 14 then.
Diet restarts in earnest tomorrow. Have been dreadful. Will give it a week or two before I get weighed and asses the damage

I'm a 16, and probably near the top end of that, at least on the bottom. The top half I can wear a 14 in some shops, it's my waist/hips/thighs that are the 16. I think swimming and skating will soon tone them up though smile

KnotallyTackered Wed 02-Jan-13 04:35:07

Yeah I like how Hair and IMST have got it too, wish some of you lived my way! Every time I talk to rl friend about weight loss she turns weird and without saying it outright, everything is a competition so I don't talk about it to her anymore. I end up defensive and failing!

Irons bedsheets? I must be a right sloth blush

I like having Hair to confess chat to IRL as well as on here, certainly keeps me on the straight and narrowgrin.
Eightytwenty, the last time I was 10 6 (my current weight) was when I got married, the last time I was below 10st was when I was working 15 hour days, doing A levels, getting 5 hours a night sleep back in the day... a few years back.
I've been digging party dresses from 10 13 years ago out from the back of the wardrobe and finding them a bit loosegrin
One of these days I'll brave trying on my wedding dress. I never thought that would ever fit againblush.

eighty hope the hangover is better and dh has got down from his high horse a little.

I feel more positive today. I think it may have to do with getting organised. I'm hopefully going to cut out the snacking today.

Lollipop I know what you mean about finding it easier on your own. Dh is obsessed about me "eating properly". It's been easier since I bought the Hairy Dieters book as he still gets a substantial meal but with less calories so he's backed off a bit.

Right. I have come to a decision. Lots of people on other threads on MN say low carbing will help with dropping clothes sizes, so I'm attempting it.

This will probably not be fun, but will hopefully get me into that size 14 before my two friends get married.

Eek shock

Knotally I think there is no competition because I am 5.5" taller than IMST and our start and end goals are so different. I will admit to being envy as she's been so consistent.

Lollipop good luck with your new plan.

Also, we're not really competitive people, too laid back for all thatsmile.
A good day today, I've been too busy helping the DCs do jigsaws today to snack at all. I'm off to make a cup of tea though (mid afternoon slump).

Hair the new plan has gone out the window! I looked at all the things I wouldn't be able to eat, and when I'm eating really healthily, they're my staples! Plus I did try a while back and it made me feel a bit ick, so going to stick to the way that works smile

Booked my skating lesson for tomorrow, even though the rink will probably be busy.

reastie Wed 02-Jan-13 18:44:11

Lolipop IMO low carbing isn't great for the long term and it's very constipation inducing - general healthy changes for life are better long term approaches. Good luck with the skating. I'm useless but I love skating. Nowhere near me to go sadly sad

Well, I'm not going too great - seem to be eating more than I should for over a week now. Hoping if I do put on any weight it will shock me into being stricter. I blame DH being off work as he eats rubbish all the time which makes me eat more. In one week he had 3 packs of mince pies, a tin of quality street, a chocolate orange, a bix box of chocolates, and a container of celebrations. And that's n addition to normal meals and some cakey snacks. And he's so slim envy . I know long term I'll get there, it's just this bit will take a bit slower.

OK, have salad packed for post skate lunch tomorrow, and have a job interview lined up for next Wednesday. Also getting called tomorrow about another job I applied for through an employment agency.

So yeah, could be an interesting few weeks.

You have to do what works for you Lollipop. Enjoy the skating tomorrow.

reastie omg that is a huge amount. I'm envy too. shock
I'm not surprised you've found it hard!

Good luck for the job interview LV!
Best thing about being back on the diet - not waking up feeling ashamed of the amount I ate the day before, and overwhelmed at the thought of getting back on the diet.

I had a thin moment last night, I put on my old pyjama bottoms, looked down at their "clown trouser" drape, and thought "these used to be tightgrin".
I really need to go clothes shopping once term time starts.
DS tried goat's cheese yesterday and didn't have an allergic reaction (we were watching anxiously with antihistamine at the ready), that increases his diet options enormouslysmile.

Briliabt to both!
How is everyone getting on?

northender Thu 03-Jan-13 17:01:39

Great stuff IMST on both counts.
I've had a big clear out day today as not only is it the year to change my shape but also to be frugal too! My kitchen cupboards revealed lots of food slightly worse for wear but I don't want to throw things out unless I really have to. Hence there are now 2 teabreads in the oven, made with dried fruit revived in tes. I'll be good and put them in the freezer though. We also seem to have a lot of crisps etc left over from Christmas so they are going to be put out in the garage where they are harder to access so less likely to be picked at constantly. Anyway, feel so much better for having had the sort out.

Will be back to the gym for the first time in ages next week. I've always had issues with food and weight over the years but 2.5 years ago I had got myself to the fittest I'd been for years and was about to do the Great North Run. I then started to have chest problems which lasted on and off for almost 2 years. It's a long term problem but has been well-controlled since June 2012 so I now really need to get my fitness back and hope that if I control my eating too then the weight will gradually fall off.

Sorry for the long post!

Phew <collapses into big comfy chair>

So tired! 2 hour skate today, including a 15 minute lesson. I am achy, tired but oh so happy.

Food wise... Not too bad I don't think. Had lunch out, and did have dessert, but didn't finish it, and now know where the healthy options are on the menu for next time smile Dinner and breakfast were healthy so it sort of balances out, right? ;)

MFP has gone "if every day were like today, you'd weigh 165.something pounds in 5 weeks".

If every day were like today, I think I'd be dead! grin

Oooh, and the man from the employment agency phoned - he was really impressed with me after we had a chat, and is going to speak to the MD of the company about getting me an interview for the role.

Apparently I understand what the company wants, and they've had people with 5 years sales experience fall apart at interview, because in this company, the sale can take place over a few weeks, as you need to build a rapport with the clients. The fact that I've done work for the CAB and have sales experience, and understand the way I'd need to think about selling, are all plus points apparently.

Was very nice to be told, "Miss LV, honestly, you're brilliant. You understand the industry this company is involved in, and seem to have the drive to take on their training and run with it" <beams>

Not saying too much yet as you never know who's reading smile

Maryz Thu 03-Jan-13 21:36:57

hmm, this thread looks interesting.

Do you welcome newbies?

I'm not sure I'm motivatable though sad.

BonkeyMollocks Thu 03-Jan-13 21:41:38

Maryz We love newbies and have a very powerful collection of boots for boots in the backside.

Also lots of positivity! grin

Maryz Thu 03-Jan-13 21:47:26

Thanks Bonkey. I muttering and grumbling and looking around her atm with great intentions for Monday when the kids go back to school.

I am seeing if I can go back to Shirley's eat lots method, as I lost half a stone without trying on that, and got much fitter. Unfortunately I only lasted about a month.

I will reregister on mfp as well.

Heck, I might even go for a walk.

<slugs last of Christmas wine, in hopeful manner>

Tentative congratulations LV, fingers crossed for you, also, sounds like a great skating session, you've earned a dessert.
Maryz welcome to the thread, we're all doing it our own way and are at different points on our journey.

LV that sounds fantastic (both the agency feedback and the exercise). And leaving dessert??? (was it not very nice? wink)

Welcome MaryZ, why do you want to lose weight and how much do you hvae to lose (you don't have to give us exact figures!)

Just to remind myself as it's the new year

- I was heading towards diabetes, joint problems, maybe some heart trouble in my 40s
- I broke a garden chair at my parents'
- I wore the least worst of whatever fit out of my wardrobe
- I want the DCs to grow up with their parents at a healthy weight (but I'm also being very careful about what messages I'm sending about dieting)

Just done shred again for first time in months, my fat is weeping

That sounds positive Lollipop. Fingers crossed for you.

Welcome MaryZ. Take your time. Hope you find the support here as wonderful as I have.

Stealth I'm very impressed at exercise this early in the morning. I'm not even dressed!

Out for lunch today. It's my niece' 13th birthday so I'm out with all dh's family. They're nice enough but I'm really not in the mood. Ds was up four times last night and dh was singing loudly in his sleep so I'm pretty tired. sad

BonkeyMollocks Fri 04-Jan-13 10:27:33

Morning....Im bloody ill again sad This time.its a bugger of a cold ....
Docs later - Will they give me a cocktail of vitamins on.prescription think? hmm

Oh and today its TOTM so i feel super shit sad

<wallows in self pity>

BonkeyMollocks Fri 04-Jan-13 10:29:03

hair Your DH sings in his sleep!?!?

Well done Stealth !

Oh no sad

Sometimes Bonkey! He talks a lot usually. The best was instructions on how to put up shelves in French!

Last night's efforts were real belters xfactor style!! grin

BonkeyMollocks Fri 04-Jan-13 10:45:53


My DH its bolt upright sometimes and.goes 'urrrrrrr urrrrrr' . A swift kick.normally does the trick wink


Well lunch went ok. I had scampi and mushy peas but gave all my chips to dd. I had coffee for pudding and the smallest piece of birthday cake ever. Happy with that as I was full and didn't feel I was missing out. smile

How's everyone else getting on?

Date night, pasta with tomato and red pepper sauce, no pudding, 1/3 bottle of wine. about to spoil it all with a seashell chocolate though
Night allgrin

reastie Sat 05-Jan-13 18:23:16

Bonkey nooooooo not ill again. How are you now?

lollipop wow, well done you. Keep us updated and hope it all works out for the best.

Hair grin to the french shelves comment

IMST I love sea shell chocolates! Although tbh I'm not sure if they've got cheaper tasting or I've got less oily tastes now but I only ever want one or two as I find that's just enough as more and it's too greasy <saint>

Busy day today kitchen planning. We're knocking through the dining room and kitchen together hopefully in spring so a complete facelift. Is anyone any good on colours in a kitchen? We're currently looking at shaker ish style creamy cupboards, cream range cooker, hopefully teak worktops and these tiles (see the next photo if you are interested enough to look as it shows all of the patterns). Also a very light limestoney lino. Wondering if it will look to meh and wishy washy. We can have painted walls and jazzy curtains though. If anyone is any good on this please let me know your thoughts as we are useless and don't want to make a very expensive mistake.

Can anyone help with MFP? I was fiddling around with the settings, and looked to see how many more calories I could eat if I do my shred, so put in 5 20min sessions a week. Nothing changed - it said i was still on course for 1.2lb loss a week, I'd asked for 2. nd then I upped the exercise to a ridiculous amount - 5h per day, and still nothing changed, 1200 cals for a 1.2lb loss. I don't knoiw why it is doing this and tbh it's making me question my faith in it.

It won't let your calories go below 1200, in fact it tells you off if you don't eat 1200 as I do most days
Perhaps you've hit that hurdle. I don't use it to set targets really, just to keep track of calories. Log stuff and see what the scales say. No app will accurately predict weight loss as people are all different.

but surely if I'm eating 1200 and doing loads of exercise (which I'm not grin) then I shold be able to do my requested weight loss of 2lb per week? Yet the 1.2 never changes?

It won't let you net less than 1200, but every calorie extra you exercise you can then eat. Ignore the prediction, it's fiction anyway.

Morning all.

I can't be any help I'm afraid Stealth. I used MFP for exactly one day before it did my head in.

reastie I think it sounds lovely but I think you could use a strong colour on the walls/ curtains. Perhaps a deep sky blue or something in the pink/red side? I also think yellow should be avoided as your units may end up looking a bit grubby. The other option could be a type of grey with colourful kettle and other accessories to give it a lift.

I'm dreading the weigh in tomorrow again. I've not been paying attention so I've no idea if I've done well or not. Also I know it's totm soon so that will affect things.

I quite like it, apart from this smile I need artificial willpower it provides!
I have found that the weight I put on quickly over Christmas has come off quickly too - ridiculously quickly. Does that mean it was bloating? I went up to 11s9 whenever I weighed, am now back down to just under 11s2! So feeling good as hopefully I'll be soon back to 10s13, which was where I was on Christmas Eve.

Wow that is quick. It would be great to be back where you started in what feels like no time at all. It could have been bloating or water retention from such a quick change in your diet. You're body is probably sighing with pleasure now things are back to normal. grin

I bet Shred helped too.

Not managed to motivate myself to do it again sad

I made meatloaf today, with boiled eggs buried inside.
It was yummy, filling and healthy (made it with lots of onion and oats)
I almost followed a recipe too! well, I looked at the ingredients and put most of them in before free styling
All set for tomorrow's weigh in, once the DCs are at school. I feel I'm doing well even without MFP to guide me any more.

Wow, no Mfp! That's brave

I've been trying it this week and it seems to be going well. I reached my target MFP weight, I want to see if I can self-regulate my diet. Time will tell.

That's brilliant, not sure I realised you'd reached your target...did I? I know you talked around Christmas and new year anout maintaining but I just thought you were close. Yes maintaining without Mfp would be the ideal wouldn't it?
Shouldn't we have had a virtual party and presents? The first graduate!

I had slightly different targets, so hit them at different times. 11st was way before Christmas so I revised it to 10 st 8 and hit that on Christmas Eve.
Wii fit target was BMI 29, MFP target was 67kg, hit those on 30/12/12.
My long term target now is 9st 3 by the summer, that puts me at the top of "healthy weight" with a BMI just below 25. If I can do that without MFP I will be able to maintain long term.

BonkeyMollocks Mon 07-Jan-13 09:29:00

Thats fab IMST!

Did you get mfp sorted SPB?

So, still feel coldy but better! Had a doc appointment fri and she wants to do some blood tests so I have that to look forward to on Friday hmm . Its a fasting one which makes it worse because I get quite faint and dizzy from just the needle alone so no food will not help.

I am back on MFP as of today!
I'm really going to try and start healthy eating again not just sandwiches so i am hoping mfp can help keep me on track!
Ds has gone back to school today so I am enjoying the peace! grin

How are we all? Good weekends?

Morning everyone.

Well the holidays have finished and it's finally caught up with me. I knew it would. 2lbs on so back up to 11st. I'm not too upset though as I originally thought it would be worse.

Back to routine now though so hopefully it won't be too difficult to get back on track. Also back to lacking every day so I'm sure that will help.

KatoPotato Mon 07-Jan-13 13:26:52

Happy New Year!

Been awol due to the new house and all the festivities! Had a few knocks from those RL crappy friends I've told you about before so purging these as aprt of new 2013 start! - Also determined to keep the new house tidy, organised and clutter free!

I've decided to give myself a swift kick up the arse and stop moping about the Xmas weight gain. It's no small wonder considering I wasn't exercising and was scoffing anything in sight!

Back to the gym tonight (BodyPump) and will be weighing in on Friday... I also went for my first couch to 5k run yesterday morning which was thoroughly enjoyable!

Will go back and re-read, but wanted to wish you all a HNY

I maintained this week, which I'm happy with, like Hair I am back to walking this week, which should help tone up a bit. I worked out I'm 25% off my start weight grin.
I am sooo glad the DCs are back at school, it's so quiet here [bliss] and DH is at work, not snacking all day in front of me!

hazleweatherfieldgirldetective Mon 07-Jan-13 13:32:49

<sidles in> Can I join?

I weighed myself just after christmas and, after having a good cry, have thrown away all the christmas chocolates and sweets, even DS's (he's one, he doesn't know, need them, or care about them, I'm not some heartless hag stealing chocolate from a child!). I've eaten healthily so far today, but need help and motivation sticking to it.

welcome aboard, we're a friendly bunch, mostly supporting, a little bit of "boot up the bum" where necessary!
Think about the reasons behind your overeating and poor food choices, addressing those is the best way to lose the weight and more importantly keep it off.
Do you have a target weight or a timescale?

Welcome hazel grin werll done for throwing out all chocolate

Hi again Kato

2lb on doesn't seem too bad Hair, hope you're back on track soon

Bonkey, I didn't, ahve given up on it! Good luck for Friday

steppemum Mon 07-Jan-13 13:56:38

Hello, can I join in?
I weighed myself this morning and I am 1 stone heavier than last time I weighed, which was already several stones too heavy and I really need to get moving.

I did it 18 months ago, lost 1 1/2 stone, then plateaued for a while and then broke my ankle and since then I haven't exercised and have put on loads.

So, as of today:

1. No snacks. This is my downfall, nibbling biscuits and chocolates all day long
2. more veg. adding veg to all meals (for kids too) eating fruit, but not adding it, replacing things with fruit.
3. exercise. find my tummy dvd and try to go out running (very long time since i did that, may not be possible,may be brisk walk!)

so it is nearly 2 pm and I haven' snacked yet and had healthy lunch - well it is a start!!!

Would like to add on to the spreadsheet, but don't know how and bit embarrassed as I am more than anyone else blush

hazleweatherfieldgirldetective Mon 07-Jan-13 13:57:47

I want to lose as much as I realistically can before October as that's ideally when I'd like to start trying for DC2. I don't want to have to go to the 'fat clinic' during my next pregnancy and, in an ideal world, would prefer not to experience pre eclampsia/failed induction/crash section which I largely attribute to me weighing 14st at the start of my pregnancy (and much, much more by the end).