Anyone else like support for maintaining?

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I have recently lost 5st5 over 10 months using reduced calories and mfp as well as starting the c25k and now running regularly.

I am on the mfp support thread and the ladies there are lovely but I feel a bit guilty posting about maintaining when so many of them have large amounts to lose. I was hoping to find some others who are in the same position as well as keeping up with how my mfpers are doing. Still logging on mfp and have maintained between 60.5 and 61.5kg for the last month.

ivykaty44 Mon 27-Aug-12 13:45:27

well done for your weight loss - what is mfp?

Mfp is my fitness pal, it's a website/phone app that allows you to easily count calories, monitor calories burned and get support from others. It has a good database of food so most things are there already with ther calorie amounts. You put in height, weight, activity levels and the amount you want to lose per week and it sets you a daily calorie allowance.

Creamtea1 Mon 27-Aug-12 22:32:11

Hi greyhound, I lost 3 stone in 6 months and have maintained at approx 59 kilos for the last month or so. I find it hard to get away from the sad about no loss this week mentality and keep set on the maintaining track.
It's hard not to let the odd treat creep back in, and then feel guilty about it!

friendly7 Mon 27-Aug-12 22:51:19

Hello. I still need to loose weight but I know how difficult it is to maintain weight because in the past I've lost 10 kg and later, slowly, gained 11!!! This time around I'm loosing slowly, it is much harder but I hope not to repeat my previous experience with gaining everything back + 1 more kg! I'm happy to support you as I know how hard it is to maintain. I still believe, although it is very hard, it's still easier to loose weight in comparison with maintaining the achieved weight. I too easily go back to the wrong foods as I get fed up thinking what I'm going to have next and having healthy food for long period of time. Still, let's try our best to keep going smile

TellMeLater Wed 29-Aug-12 10:30:21

Well done on your loss Cinnamon I'm also trying to maintain but I really struggle, I like wine and I like sugar.....I run too, I am not doing 5:2 fasting as a way of maintaining - I lose no weight while doing it but if I can maintain then that's a big bonus.

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 29-Aug-12 10:33:44

Yes please smile

Hi TellMeLater, I love sugar too especially at totm! I don't drink alcohol so that really helps me with calories. Some of the ladies on mfp are doing the 5:2 diet along with mfp to lose weight too. I have upped my calories to 1540 which is supposed to give me a weightloss of 1/2 a week but I go a bit over a couple of days a week and so far have maintained (including increases and curtains points of the month then back down). What's your story?

Welcome RatherBeOnThePiste! I was thinking it was just me for a while glad to see a few more join me smile. How much have you lost? What are you doing to maintain at the moment? And how long since you got to your goal?

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 29-Aug-12 12:15:18

I lost just over 4 stone, doing all sorts of things, but mostly by seeing it as a long haul thing, and just keeping going. My original goal was to be in the 9s, I am 5ft8, I got there last Christmas. Possibly that was too low, so now my aim is to maintain between 10 and 10:7. The weight is creeping on again <sigh> so at the mo I'm trying to lose half a stone

But you know I think the losing weight part was the easy part, I think maintaining is the real challenge, so bless you for this thread grin

TellMeLater Wed 29-Aug-12 13:12:21

I have lost nearly 2 stone since January through mfp. I have tried to stop calorie counting and maintaining by going low carb and now by 5:2. Have regained about 4lbs in 3 months, hopefully I can find a way to get my weight to stabilise soon.

I think with loosing weight you have an end point and you are working towards a target plus you have the reward of the weekly weightloss. I have increased my calories to less than mfp suggested for maintenance to see what happened. I'm still logging at the moment, I guess that's my safety net! I do go over more than I was when losing but that's partly so that I know it's ok to have a bad day and still be ok to keep it in perspective. You have to have what you like or you'll never last but I think for me the positive about calorie counting is that I can balance a treat out with a lighter meal at some point during the day and my appetite is much smaller than it ever has been which helps a lot!!

I had a sickness bug last week and lost 2.5Kg in 3 days now everyone is telling me I'm too thin. Aaarrgghh you jut can't win!!

Funny how everyone has an opinion on your weight once you've lost some sad

TellMeLater Thu 13-Sep-12 00:02:43

Hope you're feeling better. Yep people have pretty strong opinions on thinness - always feels like there's a little bit of the competitive green eyed monster around.

You know the familiar saying "Please God If You Can't Make Me Thin, Make My Friends Fat!"

jchocchip Sun 16-Sep-12 13:17:49

Don't feel guilty about posting about maintaining on the other thread! You are our poster girl smile Of course we understand if you want to find some friends in the same position, and I'll come and join you here once I hit goal (it'll be a while though ;) )

ShIne0ncrazydiamond Sun 16-Sep-12 15:13:51


I'll join you!

Since May 2011 I have lost over 5 stone and am now about 9 stone 4, a size 8-10 and I'd like to stay this way! I am currently trying to maintain by watching my calories and carb intake. No matter how many diets there are out there, I truly believe that it all comes down to one thing... calories! And they're fairly simple to keep track of!

Anyway - well done on all the losses so far. I have been at goal for around 3 or so weeks now - I still do a double take when I see myself in a mirror. And constantly fret about stacking it back on again!

I'm getting used to how I look now ShIneOncrazydiamond! It does take a while, sounds like our weight loss and size are pretty similar. I am very used to lower calories so now I feel like I can have more treats on top of my lower calorie diet. Now I'm at target I am actually weighing myself less and have so far maintained for just over 2 months.

Thanks jchocchip, I just don't want it to seem like I'm saying nah nah nah nah nah I've done it and you haven't. But I like being on that thread to support others and I think some issues are still the same smile

That's what dh always says TellMeLater, he said I've always been the fat one and now I'm actually thinner than a lot of my friends and they don't like it. I like to think better of people that they are genuinely concerned! It's just that I'm not majorly skinny I just have a small frame that has almost always been covered in a lot of blubber!

I've hurt my foot so can't run which I'm gutted about but really not hungry either (guess that's the lack of activity!). I am hopping most of the time so I will soon have a massive right leg!

Kaloobear Mon 17-Sep-12 21:52:57

Hi, can I join please? smile I lost 5 stone between November last year and June this year and I'm now maintaining. I did WW to lose the weight and kept tracking to try and maintain but found that I just kept losing, so I've stopped tracking for the last 6 weeks and have tried to really loosen up about my eating and now I'm maintaining at 8st 10lbs pretty much exactly every week. Today as an experiment I tracked what I ate (I did it all this evening so it didn't affect my choices during the day if you see what I mean) and found I'd had 50 ProPoints, or 1818 kcal in old money. MFP tells me (I've discovered today!) that I should have 1730 kcal daily to maintain, so it looks like I've more or less found a natural balance. For now, anyway!

Hi Kaloobear!! That's fab loss and quick too! I've lost similar over a longer time. It's good that you've found an equilibrium. Its hard to get out of the mindset of losing and eat a bit more. How are you finding others react to your weightloss?

How is everyone doing? I'm fed up now with my broken foot and it's coming up to totm but despite eating more I haven't gain anything so far. Do you think the emotional eating ever goes? I fight it more than I ever have and don't have loads in the house so can't eat the volumes I used to but as soon as something goes wrong I reach for food!

ssmile Tue 25-Sep-12 16:01:49

Hi can i join you. I used MFP to lose 34lbs since Jan, I've been at the same weight since July but would like to lose another half stone but seem to have just hit a mental wall. I've also been diagnosed with Gall Stones, which I've been told could have been caused by the weight loss despite losing at 1-2lbs a week! My feelings of joy at being my lowest for 10yrs+ post two DDs have now been overshaded by the health issues. I need to stay positive now to avoid overeating it all back on again.

Ive also gone back to work after years maternity leave so sitting on my bum all day instead of walking lots with buggy worried how I'm going to maintain my fitness.

ssmile Tue 25-Sep-12 16:05:29

cinnamon I don't think it goes away I think you just work harder to be mindful of what you eating. If after distracting myself for half hr I still really want something I have it but then make myself compensate by exercising off those calories. It's hard though when I'm tired and life gets demanding. Can you swim or cycle whilst your foot heals, or do stuff like sitting on a chair but doing static punches. I use shred DVD at least once a week.

PinkCustard Wed 26-Sep-12 19:22:33

Hi Cinnamon I've been on the MFP thread in the past but not posted for a while despite still logging on MFP.

I've now reached a weight I'm happy with (8st7 and a size 10) but am still logging and have also set myself workout targets of at least 3 workouts a week, as I'd still like to tone up a bit more and am also actually enjoying my exercise classes at the moment. It allows me to eat back any exercise cals if I need to and I think is a good way to maintain.

I've decided to carry on weighing myself once a week to check I stay at my current weight. I can imagine I might get bored of logging after a while, but at the moment I quite like the reassurance, and while maintaining it's allowing me 1530 cals before exercise, and I always earn at least 300ish from exercise a day too, so not hard to stick to (in theory!).

One other thing I'm going to try to do is to keep off the vino as much as possible, as that's where the trouble starts for me! I can put away quite a few cals in wine on a Friday night, which then leads to extra snacking, but the real issue is my recovery eating the next day and the impact it has on exercising the following day. Going to aim to stick at 1 glass on a Friday and Saturday evening ONLY...(watch this space on that one though!).

Don't think I've ever not been trying to lose weight so it requires a bit of a change of mindset.

Jeez - sorry for such a long ramble blush

Kaloobear Wed 26-Sep-12 21:55:49

Cinnamon I find most people compliment me on looking good the first time they see me and then the next time they say in a concerned way, 'you haven't lost any more weight have you?' It drives me crazy as I deliberately stopped losing months ago, and am quite happy where I am! I think it says more about the general insecurity people have about their own weight than anything else.

My strategy for maintaining is to weigh myself every morning and if the scales move up by a pound or so over the course of a week (bearing in mind weight fluctuates a fair amount day to day) then I do a few days of MFP at about 1700 kcal. Other than that I'm not watching what I eat at all, and loving it!

Hi pinkcustard, I recognise your name smile. Not rambling at all, it's grey to hear other people's thoughts. I've been overweight most of my adult life and a bit chunk of my childhood so this is all new to me and I'd like to stay!

Kaloobear, it does annoy me too and it's always with a sharp in take of breath!! Sounds like a good plan to me. I can't eat as much as I used to so I think that helps with self regulation. A bit worried as I am now not running due to broken foot so exercise is well down. Haven't been able to walk until today.

ssmile Thu 27-Sep-12 19:49:10

I'm similar everyone has been very complimentry on me losing weight but when I say I'd like to lose a bit more to get my BMI to 25 I get ooh don't lose any more confused heaven forbid if I actually lost another 2stone to get to the healthy BMI of 23! I think just get used to you being a certain size, I've always been the "cuddly" one in our family and now I'm not so smile

I was annoyed with myself yesterday I'd been v.healthy all day despite travelling for work, I chose a fruit salad instead of a chocolate bar at the train station. But then I missed my arvo snack, took DD1 swimming straight from school ended up being late home with baby too and was so hungry &tired I just stuffed my face whilst trying to pull an unplanned tea together with baby on my hip grissling. In that half hour hickcup I must have had 600c+ grrr that's when I get annoyed with myself so must plan ahead more to not have that sugar dip that makes me feel like its impossible to wait 20mins for food but NEED IT NOW grin

Hope your foot isn't going to take too long to heal, I hurt my back 4yrs ago and put weight on quite quickly as I find it hard to eat less especially when I'm not releasing exercise endomorphins.

PinkCustard Mon 01-Oct-12 20:27:13

Ooh something else which I find really helpful in maintaining is that I use a Fitbit - which is essentially a fancy pedometer but it links to a website and also to MFP and monitors activity levels and therefore calorie expenditure more accurately than MFP alone (which I find overestimates exercise cals quite badly). So basically it tells me exactly how many cals I've used each day, which gives me a good guide as to how many I can eat! It also makes exercise more rewarding smile

I've seen others talking about a Fitbit on the mfp thread, it is very tempting but too expensive for me. May have to look for a secondhand one smile. I have a hrm for calories burned when I run but don't wear it other than that, might be interesting to wear it for a whole day and see total calories burned.

Hello everyone, how are we all doing?

I think my body must be changing shape as I've had so many people the last few weeks telling me I'm still loosing weight and to stop! I haven't lost anymore but must look like it for so many people independantly to tell me.

My foot is doing well, I'm out of the boot now but only have one pair of shoes that fit and was told I can't drive for three weeks and not to attempt to run for four weeks. I'm still limping a bit as it's painful to walk properly on my foot and certainly won't attempy a run until I'm walking properly, pain free!

ssmile Tue 16-Oct-12 15:13:25

Gd news your foot is the mend cinnamon. Can you cycle? That's great non weight baring exercise
Ive had a not wanted weight loss boost of a housefull of tummy bug, Hohum soon be back to normal I hope. I too been told ooh don't lose too much, and I've been the same weight for 3mths now only yoyo ing 2lbs up/down. I have bought a v.bright light for the front of my bike so once well again I am going to try cycle to work once a week, bit scary as its pitch black at 6am but colleague has offered to "buddy" me in first time! I used to cycle two years ago pre-baby but I've not since. Hoping it will help keep the winter creep off and I can enjoy fruit crumbles guilt free smile

I suppose I could cycle dr said no high impact until 8 weeks post break but I don't have a bike!! Have two very busy weeks but may go for a swim one evening when they're over. Bit worried about slipping or just hurting my foot with the kicking action! Plus running is free swimming is not sad

ssmile Thu 25-Oct-12 21:43:37

How are you getting on cinnamon? I find it really hard to maintain weight if I can't exercise, it must be hard with your foot injury.

this is the time of year I find really hard as I'd like nothing more than to just eat big stodgy dinners and puddings with custard to keep the dark winter nights away, but I must resist! I've been trying hard to keep some exercise going and bought new super bright light for my bike which I tried out the other night after the kids in bed and DH home.

I'm good thanks, still painful when I walk so a while off running I think sad. I'm fluctuating by about less than a kg up and down so I'm happy. You're right though as it gets darker and colder all you want is a nice cuppa and cake!! I don't eat salad anyway so it's not that I can't eat those mine is more reaching for junk in the evening. I was running at about 8-8.30pm which helped with evening munchies but I started running January last year so the weather won't stop me once my foot is better!! Glad to hear you're able to get out on your bike smile

Had to rein in my eating today, had a few days off eating lots of crap! It is totm but I decided today enough is enough. It just shows how easy it is to go back! Still not running but felt swimming with the kids yesterday helped my foot feel better so might give swimming a go one evening, just don't have loads of cash to spend on it!

ssmile Mon 29-Oct-12 06:56:13

I know what you mean cinnamon I've been slowly increasing my level of sugar and fatty foods my gallbladder has been aching which is a sign I need to cut back again. Hope the swimming helps your foot heal.

FavadiCacao Mon 29-Oct-12 10:41:33

Can I join you? I feel too embarrassed to post on other threads since losing just over 4.5 stone and reaching my goal in July.

Cinnamon- I'm sorry to hear about your foot and I hope it gets better soon. I haven't been able to do proper exercise (other than walking!) for almost 3 months due to medical reasons and it feels so frustrating but I hope it would be of comfort to you to know that maintaining is possible.

Like some of you, I haven't been able to stop thinking about 'dieting'. I still follow threads on here and weigh myself every day but I have finally stopped counting Carbs! smile

TellMeLater Mon 29-Oct-12 10:58:59

I still find it a struggle to stay within my acceptable weight range. I seem to fluctuate by nearly 4kg almost overnight, it's so hard to know if I have gained, lost or stayed the same.

FavadiCacao Mon 29-Oct-12 11:14:47

Tellmelater- That's a big jump (although I gain 2 to 2.5kg just before and during TOM)! 4kg can't be just weight...Have you noticed anything different in your eating (food type, quantity, timing) prior to weight regain? Cheese and overindulgence in homemade oven crisps make me always gain the day after.blush

TellMeLater Mon 29-Oct-12 11:41:43

I think hope it's mostly water retention, last week I was 3kg lighter than I was this morning.. Haven't had a period in two months - I think I may be peri menopausal. sad

ssmile Mon 29-Oct-12 11:48:38

Hope your not pregnant tellmelater mind you my SIS is mid 40s now and gets very bloated with wrong foods (mostly wheat -which she avoids) , and very irregular periods now. Oh what joys to look forward to I think, I'm 5yrs younger smile

It's the winter I find hard lots of lovely stodgy foods to avoid, I need to get back into habit of making soups again. I do nice tomato lentil and sweet potato which fills me up but lowish calories and fat. But its dark nights evening nibbling that's hard to resist!

FavadiCacao Mon 29-Oct-12 12:24:49

I'm peri-menopausal too. I've went the other way though with super frequent, super long and super heavy periods (due for an endometrial ablation in 11 days); I have noticed, on the occasions I have a longer respite, that my water retention is greater and for longer (up to 2 weeks) for which I then brace myself for the mother's all periods!
Have you spoken to your GP about it?

TellMeLater Mon 29-Oct-12 14:35:11

I'm only 41, was expecting to have a few more years left, it,s the second time my period has been this late in the past 4 months - before that i was clockwork, now i seem to be all over the place. Could be weight loss, could be exercising? First time we did consider pregnancy and I tested but thankfully it was a neg. Spoke to my Mum about it and she was quite relaxed about the timing, so haven't thought anymore about it. I assumed the GP would enquire or suggest a test for pregnancy and then when it was neg, assume I was peri menopausal, so the visit would be a waste of time.

Mostly I follow a low carb diet, sugar and starch will cause me to retain water too but it usually sorts itself out pretty quickly when I return to low carbing.

FavadiCacao Mon 29-Oct-12 15:03:01

How low LC? Very low carb can affect your hormone system, including affecting your periods. My short spell of very low carb cost me a lot of hair and mimicked hypothyroidism. When I first returned to eat higher carbs, I inevitably put on some weight (around 3 to 4 kg) but soon lost it as the body readjusted to eating more carbs.

TellMeLater Mon 29-Oct-12 18:51:16

Not hugely low - around 70g I think, i don't count....I just aviod starch and sugar where I can. Worth thinking about though.

FavadiCacao Tue 30-Oct-12 19:15:40

70g is not that low, although some camps advocate between 100 to 150g for maintenance. No idea how many carbs I eat either, like you I avoid excessive starches and excessive sugars, but I'm partial to roasted carrots, berries and melons.grin Maybe, after the diet the vitamins and minerals levels have yet to return to their normal levels.

TellMeLater Tue 30-Oct-12 20:23:14

Have been googling it - seems my running could have caused it too. Suggestions for getting it back are limited to piling on the weight again. I've come across lots of warnings about how dangerous it is to not have a period but no detail on why, some woman on the pill avoid having a period foe years. The more sensible comments suggest it can indicate a stress on the body whose origins should be uncovered in case of infertility, but if I become infertile, does it matter? I don't have PCOS, so if running 25km plus resistance training through a week causes my period's departure, is it really so bad?

4Kg is loads overnight!! No idea about reasons why and certainly have no idea about anything menopausal, haven't really thought that far ahead! I also haven't ever counted carbs so have no idea what is high or low but its interesting reading all of your experiences.

ssmile Thu 01-Nov-12 21:03:18

I think you can be at risk of osteoporosis is it? If your periods stop too early but its a simple blood test at Drs to find out if you pre-menopausal or hormone levels are changing, I had it as we were struggling to.conceive our second DD and my SIS has had it to rule out trying for a second baby as she was premenopausal at 43 and body was doing odd stuff but equally she also had very very low iron levels so went on an intensive iron boosting diet &tablets as she struggles to absorb iron.

We've been away didn't get off to a gd start with a 36hr tummy bug but did mean I didn't feel slightest bit guilty eating biscuits which I have banned from the house smile once I felt better.

How are you feeling now ssmile?

ssmile Mon 05-Nov-12 17:31:11

I'm ok thanks cinnamon but eating too much sweet junk, I always find half terms hard a sort of "to hell with it " attitude takes over my eating blush I'm better once all back into a routine again. Made myself shred this morning but went back to level 2 even then struggled with a couple of sets arm exercises. Ever since I've been back at work post maternity at end of Aug my fitness has been evaporatingsad I used to walk everywhere on mat leave now I sit on my bum 4days a week. My weight has stayed stable which gd but I've lost muscle tone which I'm not happy about. I'm planning to cycle to work tom, I've just laid out my cycle kit its the leaving in the cold dark morning at 6.15am which isn't appealing! It's 9miles each way but we do have showers at work which is gd.

Hope your doing ok cinnamon? How's the foot?

I don't think the weather helps with eating! Good on you for unclog to work not sure I would be up for cycling 9 miles at that time of the morning!

I'm good thanks, went for a little run yesterday. Did 11 mins and my foot hurt more than usual afterwards but was ok while I ran and is no more painful today! Was sad how much fitness I've lost though!

TellMeLater Mon 05-Nov-12 20:55:29

Cinnamon You'll get the fitness back soon enough. Keep icing the injury...especially after you run and take it easy - easier than you feel you need'll get there, you did it before, you can do it again.

Really struggling to stay away from sugar too - the kid's stash just isn't safe, I may get them to hide it from me wink

ssmile Wed 07-Nov-12 06:13:48

I did the cycle in thick frost was beaut cold morning but hard work my legs were too cold to work properly. It used to take me 45mins pre baby2 to cycle to work took me an hour each way yesterday, so I need to work on my fitness but gave my confidence a boost going to try make it a weekly thing on days I have childcare after school.

Hope the ankle eases cinnamon take it easy your fitness will rtn its just hard pacing yourself. I hurt my back 4yrs ago I piled on 21lbs in 6mths as I could barely move but it was my loss of fitness that really upset me the most. That's why I took up cycling more as it was only exercise I could do without aggravating it too much. Gd luck

Sounds like you're not doing too bad ssmile, only 15 mins added on after having a baby and not doing it for a while!!

ssmile Thu 08-Nov-12 17:32:58

Thanks cinnamon its been two years since doing that ride! 9mths of a sick pregnancy&14mth old baby incs yr off on mat leave smile

Hope your having a better day

Been for two more runs, one on Thursday for 20mins when my foot hurt too much so I stopped and one 25mins yesterday which was really good. I didn't have to stop which surprised me, but I did take a slightly short route than normal. Felt good to be back out there!

Still hanging around between 58.5 and 60Kg so I'm happy with that.

How's everyone else getting on?

ssmile Tue 13-Nov-12 19:52:05

Sounds good cinnamon hope the foot holds up for some more running. Good on you for maintaining weight with an injury its really hard.

I had a Crap weekend eating too much and no proper exercise, plus it was an inset day at school on Monday so had both girls Monday and didn't get my usual Shred in. but I did cycle to work today about 19mile round trip,and I was knackered coming home, not helped by head wind and drissly rain, I crashed out on the floor for 5minw when I got home then had to head back out in the car to collect the girls.

How are things ssmile?

Running is going well for me although my legs hurt today, I ran on my own Sunday and then running club yesterday which probably wasn't the best idea!!

I have decided to stop logging on mfp and see how I get on, was goin for a week and see how I feel but our scales have broken so until I know how I've done I feel I should stay away to get a good picture of if I have maintained.

Wanted to ask about clothes, my bodyshape has totally changed and I know some clothes I used to wear don't suit me know and vice versa. My dad had bought me knee high boots for my birthday (which I've never been able to fit into before!) and I'm thinking of buying a wooly dress and leggings from h&m less than £40 for both so not breaking te bank. BUT it's such a total change to what I normally wear I don't know if its a good idea. I already dislike the attention my weight loss causes I feel as if changing my dress style will draw more attention and make it seem a bit like I'm showing off. Am I being ridiculous?

ssmile Tue 27-Nov-12 21:46:58

Hi cinnamon good to hear you are enjoying the running. I feel weird too when I stopped logging on MFP it had been my daily routine for 6mths but I've been doing ok with out it &enjoyed the freedom to enjoy my food abit more now I realise one day treats is not the slippery slope to pilling weight back on. I too went shopping couple months ago as it coincided with rtn to work post mat leave. I bought a bright red just above knee skirt in gap size 12 smile (2firsts a size 12& I've never bought anything in Gap before!) and some knee high boots then was really scared to wear it but i did and have had so many nice compliments sayin how good I look in it makes me feel smiley grin wear what you want too and feel comfy in, life is just too short not too!

I'm doing ok maintaining, bit too much chocolate but I've upped my exercise a bit reprioiritising my time to fit it in, doing Shred dvd twice a week, &cycle trainer as its been too wet n flooded to get out on my bike last two weeks. Lost another 1-1.5lbs so pleased as I have few more lbs to melt slowly after holding last 3mths.

annieshaf Fri 30-Nov-12 17:34:18

Hi all can I join in please? I too lost about 2.5 stone on MVP earlier this year and am now trying to maintain. I got down to 8st 8 and a size 8 and am now trying to make sure I stay below 9. I weigh myself every morning and if I've gone over then I go back on Mfp at about 1500 cals until I get back down. I am also running about 20 miles a week and eating what I like most of the time.
Cinnamon I think we were on Mfp at the same time. Congrats on reaching your goal and sorry to hear about your injury. Running has b
ecome a big part of my life over the last year so I would be devastated if I couldn't do it for a while so understand how you are feeling.

I too have had the same comments about losing too much. Mainly from my mum! I think some people are just used to the way you look and it takes time to adjust.
Have spent a fortune on revamping my wardrobe this year and have also had to get used to being a different shape and finding out what suits me. The upside is that I am able to wear things like skinny jeans which I have never done before.
I am now paranoid about putting it all back on as everyone I know who has lost a lot of weight has eventually gained it back again. I don't want to go back to how I looked and felt before.
Cinnamon I think you should be proud of yourself and wear whatever you want. You deserve to show off a bit after all the effort you put in.

Your name is familiar annieshaf smile
Well done on your weight loss, I am worried about gaining weight and everyone being secretly chuffed about it! I could still gain more and be healthy but its a slippery slope so I want to stay under 60Kg. I'm usually 58.something and go up to 59.something a few days around ovulation and my period. Plus I have got rid of all my larger clothes so will need to buy more if I get any bigger and don't want to really. 20 miles a week is amazing, I probably don't reach 10 but I'd like to run further just don't have the time!

My dh hasn't had the most positive response to my weightloss but he's getting used to the new me. It does make me feel particularly attractive and I still have a very morphed view of myself! My mum is very supportive, probably the most of anyone sorry I hear your mum isn't so happy about your weightloss. When you're not on 1500 calories what is your rough calorie intake? Running that far must really help with what you can eat!

annieshaf Sat 01-Dec-12 16:05:11

Cinnamon it took my eh a while to get used to the new me aswell. However now he realises how much better I feel and the more positive outlook I have he is very supportive. I built up the miles to take part in a half marathon at the end of Oct which only takes place once every 20 years, have eased off a little since then. It is tough finding the time so I usually try to do a long one at the weekend when dh is around, I then only need a couple of hours during the week and one of those is with the running club. Just been out for a lovely long run this morning. Was very cold but lovely and sunny so didn't really feel the cold after the first few miles.
I have stopped counting but I think I must be eating an average of about 2000-2100 calories a day. My maintenance level is about 1700 so in theory that sounds about right as I read somewhere that running uses about 100 calories a mile so i must be getting rid of about 2000+ a week in exercise. At meal times I am still eating healthily but snacks in between have crept back in so that's were the excess is.
Ssmile congrats on going down a dress size I found that such a great motivation.

That's fab! I've done almost 7K this afternoon which is my longest ever, took me 40 mins and I could easily have gone further, need to bite the bullet and go for a 10K I think. Can't imagine ever going as far as half marathon though. My ears were really cold and may need to get one of those headband thingys. If I didn't snack I think I'd be about 7st but I am much more in control of snacks now which is great. Opening a bag of something does not mean I have to finish it!

ssmile Mon 03-Dec-12 21:29:58

Hi annie your weight loss sounds Fab and well done on all the running. My poor back restricts me running but I am trying to up my frequency of cycling instead to help me maintain. I've laid out all my cycle kit tonight so hoping I can drag myself out of bed for 6.15am start on my bike in dark in cold brrrr for work. I've done it twice so far but we had bugs n poor sleep with baby last week so I had no energy. So needing to remotivate myself again.

Hope the foot is ok cinnamon

TellMeLater Mon 03-Dec-12 22:31:20

Welcome to the thread Annie, I run too but closer to 20k - fear of injuries always seem to hold me back, if I feel a twinge I tend to back off, I have spent too many frustrating weeks on he bench.
Good to see you back running again Cinnamon
What approach are you all taking to christmas indulgences. I'm planning loads of nice treats - will have one week of indulgence and then it's our traditional detox for Jan which should shift any festive gains.

annieshaf Tue 04-Dec-12 13:27:06

Wow ssmile that is some commitment to get up and out at that time when it's so dark and cold. I have gone out in the evening but only with the club and even then it takes some motivation.
I have been lucky enough to avoid injury so far but have only been running for about a year. I think if I had to take time out I would be more careful but at the moment if I feel a twinge I usually find it has gone by the time my run is finished.
Tell me later I am going to keep on running as much as I can over Xmas although the mileage will be reduced one the boys are not at school. I will eat what I like for now and plan to get rid of any excess lbs after Xmas by having a few weeks of low calorie days.
Cinnamon if you can do 7k then you will soon be up to 10. Just add 1k a week to your longest run once a week and go a bit slower so your energy lasts longer. 7k in 40 mins is around 5min 42 per k which is a very good pace. If you have a way of monitoring your pace I would aim for about 6 - 6.5 mins per k as you increase your distance.

ssmile Tue 04-Dec-12 19:40:46

Well the baby got me up at 5.45am then resettled so I didn't bother going back to bed but got on my bike for work. It was spitting with rain when I left but then got heavier sad was very wet cold, dark, muddy ride, not helped by NO heating on at work. Luckly the showers were hot though big relief. I got train 80% of way home cycled the rest feeling shattered now. Hope you all have better luck running! It's not easy this time of year getting outdoors time in, is it!

It's really not easy getting out in this weather but I know I feel better for it! Doesn't help with so much to do at this time of year either!! Wet and cold together really suck! And a baby waking you at 5.45.

I plan to eat what I want but in moderation as I did last Christmas, still managed to loose over last Christmas so sure I can maintain this Christmas hmm

Thanks for running tips, I'll give an extra K a go this weekend. Just need to get my butt out a but earlier smile

ssmile Wed 05-Dec-12 08:40:41

I've already eaten too many mince pies hence my push to get out on my bike! I'm annoyed as I have hospital appt 31st Dec, so I had set myself Target of losing another 7lbs but I keep losing a lb then put it back on again! Doh! My BMI is still 25.9 and I really want it to be 24.9 to be in "healthy" range for but I swear my "heavy" muscles don't help grin

It's a tough time of year to keep weight in check I find. Long evenings for nibbling &crap weather for exercising. But my strategy of eating less when at work so I can nibble more at home working for me at the mo. But I will struggle later as I have 2.5wks off work with the girls off nursery n school.

Is anyone else much hungrier since it's got so cold? I'm not doing anything more than usual but I am hungry by 11 at the latest, when my porridge used to keep me full until lunch time. I'm not putting on weight so I can only assume I'm burning more calories keeping warm!

ssmile Fri 14-Dec-12 17:48:56

Hope u ok cinnamon I was hungry in the cold too unfortunately too many smarties, and curry &chilli caught up with me and had very nasty gallbladder attack so I'm back on low fat bland diet again sad I'm waiting for an op to take it out hopefully early next year. In the meantime it does mean I've lost 2lbs this week grin and no chance of me over indulging this Christmas. So any good tips for low fat sweet things preferable chocolate do let me know!

I'm good thanks ssmile, sorry to hear you're not so good! Hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later! Went out with my running club Saturday morning for a 6 mile run, longest I've done and it was good. Thinking of entering a 10k now smile

ssmile Tue 18-Dec-12 06:00:51

Wow 6miles is great, good luck for the 10k sounds like gd challenge. It's amazing what our bodies can achieve under training. I have an American friend who is into extreme running stuff, she has actually run the marathon des sables 3x now and in training for (her last one she said!) again early next yr. I get her FB updates just to inspire me grin I've been lacking in exercise lately so its good I'm eating less at moment. Too many last minute Christmas stuff to do in the tiny Windows of time between work n childcare when I used to squeeze in exercise. I did get 45mins out on my bike Sunday morning whilst DH was giving girls breakfast &quick power walk around the block lunchtime at work yesterday.

Hopefully over Xmas I can get some more Shred dvding in as I've not done any last 2wks. Gd luck with the running cinnamon

Merry Christmas, hope you're all having a lovely Christmas and enjoying some treats. Have been enjoying but not overindulging! Ran 8 miles Saturday and another 6 today so that should help a bit too smile

ssmile Fri 28-Dec-12 19:55:03

Gosh thats some running cinnamon good for you. I'm doing ok ere, Ive lost another 4-5lbs in December due to my avoiding all med and high fat stuff to avoid GB attack again. I was feeling very grrrhUUUGgghh today due to lack of exercise and endless grey rain stuck in house with little people. I got out the Shred DVD and rattled off Level 3 and felt SO much better but then crashed out asleep for 20mins!!! baby was napping and eldest was watching Cbeebies Panto. We have all had horrid colds so think my body is still recovering. I want to start with a concerted effort again to get fitter and shredding 2-3 times a week as we have out first Ski/Boarding holiday in 7 years, booked in March smile I can't wait but want to be really fit to fully enjoy it and avoid injuries. I'd love to Snowboard again but will prob end up skiing as our eldest wants to have ago at Ski lessons (she will nearly be 6 then so hopefully a good age).

Isn't the weather awful, I try not to let it but it really gets me down! Was very lucky with my Boxing Day run as it was a lovely morning until about 1.30 then the rain came down! Skiing sounds great! my eldest is 6 in April and youngest 2, I fell asleep today while dh and dss were playing computer games and the others two watching. Youngest woke me up saying sleep mummy as he wanted to go for his nap!

I walk so much on school days pushing 2-3 children in my double buggy I feel very lazy on days I don't work even with walking the dog and we swam this morning but you really don't want to go out in this weather sad

ssmile Fri 28-Dec-12 20:15:07

Yes I wish the grey endless rain would stop.... makes it much easier to find the energy to exercise.
My two DDs are 16mths and 5.5yrs we had hoped to leave them with Granny so we could have a ski holiday but that didnt work out for various reasons so we are taking them with us!! Ive found a french ski creche in the resort so fingers crossed we have the little one booked in for 3 days and eldest will have ago at ski school. We just want to all have a family winter holiday with sleigh rides, sledging, ice skating etc we must be mad with a very energetic toddler grin we will be camping in summer hols to balance out the cost smile

We had a rain free morning today, yay!!! 6 mile run, lazy rest of morning followed by a long walk in forest and to park. Just home as it started raining 3 ish smile

Another run this morning which was lovely smile. Now to finish up the Christmas food and get rid of the 1.5Kg I've put on. Not loads but I worry its a slippery slope sad

ssmile Wed 02-Jan-13 07:38:13

Me too cinnamon I've put on 2.5lbs so very keen to get that off and stop the evening nibbling! I've done couple 3-4mile walks with buggy last couple days the best I could manage in torrential rain with two kids. I'm planning to shred 2days a week and get 1-2cycle rides in a week, ideally once a week cycle to work which is 19miles round trip. So here's to get fit Jan! smile

Was not well at all on 2nd, woke up very nauseous and when I felt a bit better and tried to eat I had horrible stabbing pains in my stomach so that helped me lose some Christmas gain! Felt fine the next day but have managed to reduce my eating a bit too. Still loads left in the house so I will have exert some control or throw it away and I hate wasting food!!

ssmile Fri 04-Jan-13 22:03:50

Hope you feelin better now cinnamon there is SO much D&V around at mo, I'm dreading going back to work n school next week. Baby &i had it Sept but nothing since I keep drilling into my eldest wash your hands! It's horrid getting it as a mum as you never get chance to recover with sick kids too.
Well after 6mths not using it I've opened another MFP account on my phone. It's a pain starting again as I don't have any of my favourites saved but I need to get back on track again with my food and I want to lose another 7lbs in next 7wks before my birthday smile over Xmas I've not been eating too much but I've noticed a few extra snacks creeping in &eating left overs off kids plates which has to stop! smile

Good for you, if that's what you need to do. Ive had three good days now so I feel I'm on top of it but I still log into mfp and add my exercise and comment on stuff. Feel free to add me, the same name as here. It's only been 6 weeks since I stopped logging though. I'm dreading school next week but just because I miss my baby and he's so tired and grumpy. I've had a couple of issues with his teacher and now I think she sees me as a trouble parent so I feel I can't talk to her at all sad. My boys seem to be pretty immune to tummy bugs thankfully. I'm a childminder so having loads of kids here we pick up plenty of cold bugs though.

ssmile Mon 07-Jan-13 20:21:37

Hope school goes ok cinnamon I must admit I've had very little to do with our DD1s teachers. I got to know the TA more in foundation!! I was surprised after Preschool (in nursery setting) and we built up quite a friendly relationship with the staff that school was SO stand off but I guess thats just the way it is. Luckly DD1 setted well and she likes her teachers so thats good as she is a very sensitive little soul. She has been in tears tonight as its first day back tomorrow and they normally have a different teacher on Tuesday mornings rather that her beloved normal teacher. She goes to a lovely childminder first for breakfast so that normally helps as she is great with them and looks after another girl in her class so they go in together. I'm very sad at going back to work tomorrow its always such a juggling nightmare we have also made some changes to our childcare arrangements for both the girls which means I have less time after work to squeeze in exercise so I need to watch that I do prioritise it when I do get the chance. After 4 days logging on MFP I am pleased that I am logging around 1800 calories most days (my maintenance level) so if I do some exercise I can easily net around 1200-1400. I've already lost 2lbs gained xmas week smile

Hope your doing well with your running. I'm going to take my clothes&wash bag into work this week so I can hopefully cycle to work next Monday or Tuesday (when I have childcare set up)

How was work?

ssmile Wed 09-Jan-13 16:16:38

Ive got a new phone so slowly getting all my favourite things set up on it including MN smile
Work was ok just hard back to all the ball juggling and we left DD1s school shoes at the childminder by mistake last night didnt realise until this morn Doh! She had got changed there as it was swimming night. Baby had bad night last night no idea why but i got up sluggish this morn and before i knew it old habits kicked in and i eaten 3 digestives waiting for kettle to biil grrrrr then realised they 3 g fat EACH flipping heck.

ssmile Wed 09-Jan-13 16:18:03

How are you doing cinniamin

I never look at fat in things so no idea, digestives are nice though smile. Being back to school hasn't been too bad, feeling the walking in my legs today but I'm feeling positive. Ds2 is potty training so I'm trying to be upbeat and happy about his accidents but he's doing well really! Haven't lost anymore weight in the two days (I weigh every day even now!) even with extra walking. Had a very healthy low calorie lunch and been munching chocolate since dinner sad oh well tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure it's hormonal!

ssmile Fri 18-Jan-13 13:34:08

How ru all doing? No snow ere sad only heavy rain n wind. Friday is the only day im off work so i normally get long walk in but not today ho hum. Not doing too bad on food staying level but not lost the 1lb id hoped for. Did buy some new skinny black jeans this week and im still suprised i looked so thin in them i cant quite believe its me still when i look in the mirror grin

ssmile Fri 18-Jan-13 13:35:26

Sorry new phone doesn't auto correct the "i"s to I

I'm good, ds2 isn't well and only wants mummy as well as getting up in the night so tired! Went for a 5 mile run last night with my new friend which was great through the slush!! We've had quite a bit of snow. Eating going well but I'm logging on mfp again, not sure why really. Have just posted in AIBU as I'm so fed up of thin comments all the time, I just want to be normal sad. Glad you're feeling good in your skinny jeans smile

ssmile Fri 25-Jan-13 12:46:05

Ive got two poorly girls too and DH away overseas for 7nights with work its tough going with crap weather. I put play tent up in lounge but toddler just wants to climb in windows and pull it over whilst eldest (off school sick) wants to play house! Had hardly any exercise this week normally i catch by having a walk in evening or cycle at weekend but cant whilst dh away.
I know what you mean about thin comments Ive always been the fat one in our family since a kid and my sister the thin one but my family just think i wont stay like this and ive lost weight before and it crept back on when i had my two girls. But this time i just feel very diffrent i lost weight for me and my health not anyone else and i didnt "diet" just ate less and exercised more. I havent read your other post yet i hope it was ok. I stay away from AIBU mostly!!

Sounds rubbish! Hope they're better soon and dh will be home before you know it, can't believe its Friday again!!!!

I've had a very productive day today but also had a moment when I thought I can't be bothered to do this anymore!!! I gave myself a talking to and reminded myself how much better I feel but sometimes I just want to eat and eat and eat sad. So stupid when I can really have quite a lot of what I want but I am a bit fed up of always being mindful of what I eat at the moment.

I'm doing the mn wholewheat challenge and tried one of the recipes today and it was really nice! Oaty pork in cider, very creamy and filling and pork really tender. Will definitely do again smile

ssmile Tue 05-Feb-13 11:58:56

Hope your doing ok cinnamon? Hows the wholewheat challenge going? I had a look and thought i wasnt do too badly already as i eat porriage for breakfast 5d a week and have wholemeal bread for lunch mostly smile I just about survived last week had a bit of melt down thursday but 11hrs in bed fri (went to bed at 7.30pm) and my dh did youngest overnight so i felt like a new woman by 6.30am the next day grin made me realise how exhausted Id felt. Plus id been slipping back into eating more sugar to "keep going" but it doesnt work!! Old habits ate hard to break. Back to more exercise and im feeling better for it already. Going to try new zumba class thurs with a friend so be fun to see how that goes. Dh has promised to be home from work on time!!

It was good, tried some new recipes and got ds2 eating porridge every week day by choice smile. Would be great to win the shopping voucher though!

I'm eating so much crap at the moment and its got to stop! Don't even know why, not gaining so keep thinking its ok but part of the reason I started was because I was worried about driving myself into diabetes because of the amount of sugar I eat! Tomorrow will be better!

Glad you had a good sleep to help you catch up, ds2 is always up in the night when he's poorly and it reminds me just how awful it is having disturbed sleep night after night, you have my sympathies!

ssmile Sat 16-Feb-13 08:34:53

How u been cinnamon back on track? My GB been tricky so its forced me back to very low fat again but ive tried out a couple new receipes as a result. I made very quick and easy bean burgers last night to have for tea instead of usual oven fish n chips. They were ok from good food bbc website but i didnt add the chilli spice just used toms with basil instead and sneaky squirt of kethup helped flavour smile. I keep finding really nice things on there that quick. I need speed as toddler becoming more escape artist by the day! Latest trick is getting out of highchair even if strapped in. After trying different strap decided to just remove straps all together and sit her up at big table "like big sister" and its working for now! No idea if DH will manage with them as I've escaped for weekend for my birthday Spa treat grin but no overindulging allowed :-( hoping the op in Apr to remove gallbladder will sort out my problems but also quietly terrified i will put weight back on again with out that problem to keep me in check.

I'm good, in a much happier place at the moment. Trying to focus on all the positives in my life and not worry about things I can't control (mainly money!) and that has helped me reduce the junk. I have found that if I have a really bad day I can be good for a couple of days and I feel more in control and can then have the treats again. So looking forward to warmer days and more cheaper tastier fruit being around! There's only so many pears and apples on person can eat! I love BBC good food website, I'm just lazy and often do the same things every week. Will make sure I print one recipe a week before I shop and get all ingredients. Have been eating fish once a week for last few weeks, dh is getting used to it, ds2 loves it and ds1 thinks I'm trying to kill him!

Have a lovely time and don't worry I'm sure the fact that you're aware of the potential to gain weight you won't. I'm sure it's more than the fear of pain that has kept your weight off until now. Sorry but I have to laugh at your dd2, ds2 is a nightmare with climbing and getting into things he shouldn't! Seems to be a general trend for 2nd children, but ds2 is soooooo good at wrapping mummy around his little finger, although not so much this morning when after he saw my new top he said 'not like that top, it not beautiful'!!!!

ssmile Sat 23-Feb-13 19:45:27

Glad u in a gd place cinnamon i think it must have rubbed off one too grin my big birthday came and went and instead of feeling sad i felt very grateful too for all the really good stuff going on in my life smile i had lovely 36hrs away from kids i was very.careful with what i ate but did have one mall glass of wine and one cocktail and paid for it my bloomin gb flared up Monday so had to eat dry toast and veg soup to balance out. Ive eaten out three times this half term week and feel really positive with myself that i made ok choices choosing mostly plain fish or fishcakes and only eating 5-6chips lots salad/veg. So ive easily maintained this week smile I'm keen to get back out cycling again i managed 25mins on cycle trainer only this week its SO flippin cold and DH has been in bed last 2days with nasty fluie bug. Im fingers crossed i dont get it!

Happy birthday for whenever it was!!! I don't think Ive ever drunk a cocktail in my life! I've got a cold which made me stop my run early yesterday sad hope your dh is better soon. It's so horrible going out in the cold, its snowed here most of the day but only lightly. Next week it's supposed to warm up yay!! I'm doing my first 10k race on 17th march and its coming round really fast, eek!

ssmile Fri 08-Mar-13 12:05:43

Hope the training for the 17k is going wellcinnamon . I avoided the fluie bug just had a cold for a week. But now I need to get back on my bike this weekend i may try to cycle to work Mon too. Our ski holiday is only 2wks away and my fitness has just melted away the last two months! What witn the weather,bugs and winter gloom I've just not done much it feels like but now the daffodils are out its time to get active again grin my weight has been fine I've maintained last few months which im really pleased about. Hope you still in gd place and snow has gone smile

Snowing here today! Did my first parkrun today and came 32nd (7th female) and did it in 26:55, I did feel like I was going to die at the end though and was horrible cold rain too. Any news on your op?

I'm good, seem to have settled at 60-61Kg, which dh has put down to my increase in running so increase in muscle but I put it down to being a bit slacker with my eating but I feel happy so unless it creeps up again in a few weeks I won't change much, but do need to eat more fruit and veg.

Hoping 10k won't be as wet as today and that I manage it in under 1hr. If it's not too bad I may enter the half marathon in July. Found a 10 mile race in June, reasonably local so thinking that might be a good tester, it's only £9 entry.

ssmile Sun 10-Mar-13 08:36:52

Wow you doing really well with the running. Hope you enjoying it. Its fab when you get in a place where you can be really proud of your achievements. Especially when you have little children and life feels at time a constant round of snotty noises,packed lunch making, toy picking up and broken sleep grin Im enjoying a poached egg sandwich in bed this mothers day morning smile It normally had been a fried egg but as i cant eat them at mo my DH face sank when i asked for a poached one, as he had just agreed to do eggie bread for eldest DD, scrambled egg for ypungest DD, cooking himself a fried egg n bacon! Then i heard the toddler hurl her cereal bowl on the floor so I hid under the duvet grin he can deal with them this morning! SO nice to have a quiet breakfast for once.

I really am enjoying it, hoping to go to the track this evening for something a bit different if my friends dh is home in time. If not we'll just go for a run locally.

Your breakfasts sound like mine, I do often wonder why everyone likes something different. Weird though that I do it for breakfast but at tea time no matter what everyone prefers I only do one thing!! I had ds1's friend sleeping over (little boy I used to childmind so him and ds1 have been together 2 days a week since they were one), he and my two bought me a present each and dh bought me tea. Had a bunch of tulips, box of choccies and CD. Went to my mums for most of the day.

My mum is starting to get on my nerves with comments about me being anorexic! I am certainly not! Right in the middle of my BMI but I am quite muscular with running and my job being fairly physical. I don't know if I've said before but she is a serial dieter!! She has done everything under the sun- slim fast, cambridge, cabbage soup, sw, ww etc etc and I think she can understand the loss but not the maintenance! She was really pleased, almost too much before but now her comments are negative most of the time sad

ssmile Sun 31-Mar-13 20:57:22

Happy Easter cinnamon hope you are doing ok with all the chocolate eggs about. Sorry I've been absence for a while I changed my phone and it will not let me type on mumsnet now ;( plus we have all been away on a fab family ski and snowboard holiday smile It was really good to feel fit and mostly healthy and it certainly paid off as I had not been on a snowboard for 7 years and was soon flying down past my DH grin but we also both had nasty falls on flat sections which is always hard work on a board. So nice black bruises on my bum and sore neck. Sorry to hear your mum is not being supportive of your new figure. It must be hard for her seeing you as one size and shape for so long and if she is not happy with her weight that doesn't make it any easier. I love my mum dearly but I had to accept a couple of years ago that she is not always the most positive person at times with her comments and she is the worse for constantly offering me cakes and biscuits if I go to see them. And Easter eggs today despite knowing I have a health issue which means I am eating a very low fat diet! I am going in for my op on Friday to have the Gallbladder out so fingers crossed it all goes well as I am very nervous about it all. Hope the running is still going well. I am getting a group of ladies together to walk our local 9 mile starlight walk in May, if I can recover from the op ok. I need some new challenges now my snowboarding holiday has gone past that was my big motivator to lose 40lbs by my 40th birthday and I could go snowboarding so now I need another good challenge! There is in June a 60 mile charity bike ride I wouldn't mind doing so I may work towards that if the weather improves.

Hope all goes well with the op Friday!!

I'm enjoying my chocolate but I seem to be at a good equilibrium at the moment with being able to have treats. I'm burning 1,600-1,800 calories a week running which helps.

Dh measured me for the first time since October and I have gained on almost every part of my body but I think it's muscle as nothing feels tighter on me and I still 60-61Kg. My calves have gained 1 1/4 inches each!

Glad you had a lovely trip and hope you can find something else to sink your teeth into smile

ssmile Thu 04-Apr-13 12:20:34

Thanks cinnamon fingers crossed indeed they tried to cancel the op today but I've agreed to go in on standby fingers crossed the consultant can fit me in otherwise it was another 4 weeks to the next appt.

Wow your body sounds great all the muscle tone. I love it when I'm feeling fit n toned, my weight doesn't worry me then at all. It sounds like you are in a good place now. I like the fact I can eat treats but do not feel quite so compelled to eat the whole packet like I would have done in the past. Something has really clicked in my head now! I hope it stays clicked. I do hope I can eat some chocolate again though post op as I am finding that hard! Drinking lots of low fat hot chocolate instead smile I am really looking forward to some good spring weather to re-motivate my fitness again and get out on my bike.

Hope you continue to enjoy your running smile

Hope they fitted you in today, let me know how you got on!

ssmile Sat 06-Apr-13 11:24:22

Thanks i had OP at 5pm had had to wait nil by mouth since midnight so bound to have losy few more lbs! Had to stay in but slowly feeling perky and hope im strong enough to go home later today. But think I'd get more rest staying ere! DD 1 not been well since Tues &got DH up in night &DD 2 is now full of mischief beans after being ill last wk. But DD 1 is 6tom and I'd promised I wouldn't need to stay in hospital on her birthday sad and I've not made a cake yet so just textedy DH a sponge receipe so no idea if he can make one! smile still at least the girls will completely wear him out and I will get more appreciated for a couple of wks after grin
Hope u have a gd weekend weather is cold but beautifully bright blue sky I SO wish I could be outside doing something active.

Yay for your op! Glad you're feeling ok. My ds1 is 6 in 3 weeks, he's so excited! Have a lovely weekend. I volunteered at parkrun today but not running as I've hurt my leg sad

ssmile Sat 06-Apr-13 17:08:25

Hope your leg is ok soon and the park run went ok. I made it home at 4.30pm and DD1 has sat next to me on the bed jibber jabbering the whole time. She missed me smile im going to be sore for few wks but hopefully can get out on my bike by the end of the month!

Parkrun was good, I got to do the scanning so that was fun and the sun was out! Glad to hear dd appreciated you being home, bet the soreness is worth it though for the long term benefits. I really don't like biking but I hope you can be on your bike as soon as possible smile

ssmile Mon 15-Apr-13 06:52:33

Hows the leg cinnamon? Are you all back to school run today like us. It seems ages since DD1 was at school! She had 3wks off as we took her out for our hols the wk before and is very ready to go back school!

Had flipping awful week with youngest who had a tummy bug. Poor DH took the brunt of it as I'm not supposed to lift for 2wks post op. He had to take whole wk off work in the end. FingersXed neither he or I have had it..yet. it was the last thing I needed after op.
I've signed up for local hospicecare night walk in May. Give me a small goal fitness wise to work towards smile
On a side note in RL an american friend won the Marathon des sables at the weekend! A truly super human ultra runner doing 6 marathons in a week in Sahara carrying all food for the week. Flipping amazing grin

Sorry only just seen this, we were away for the weekend 12-15th just a caravan locally. Our kids went back on the Tuesday of that week.

My leg is still hurting sad I only ran 13 mins yesterday. It's fine during normal walking but as soon as I start to run it hurts and then hurts for 12-24hrs after depending how hard I push it, really fed up with it now!!

Wow, that's amazing. There was a man in the running shop when I bought my trainers who was doing it too.

Sorry to hear about your dd, hope you all have avoided it!

Ds1 is 6 tomorrow so I've spent hours the last two days making cupcakes for his class and his party and his main birthday cake. Totally puts me off food, maybe should think of a career change! I've wrapped everything and got all food for party so it's just putting everything up and blowing up balloons once he's asleep tonight. I really can't believe he's going to be 6, where does the time go!

Weight is going well and don't feel I'm struggling at the moment. Still making the effort to have my 5 a day, and make it to 4 most days.

ssmile Thu 02-May-13 21:36:18

Hope the party went well and the little 6yr olds appreciated the cakes n games. I breathe a sigh of relief its over for another year grin the next one will be DD2 who is 2 in August so still too young to demand cetain things or random cake designs!

I'm so cross at myself tonight the eldest was at an after school party so I took youngest for a walk and with the warm sunshine we ended up in local cafe after for a treat dinner. I ordered chicken burger n chips thinking arrh it be ok its a rare treat. It turned up and was all fatty and I thought ut oh this doesn't look good. The chips looked double fried, ie cooked then warmed though all dripping with fat the burger bun was pre-buttered and smeared with mayo sad Ive got so used to just eating half of the plain bun with normally only ketch up (no fat). I cut some up for DD2 but she wasn't that interested. So I ate half I suppose but hated myself for eating it I should have just gone with my instincts and gone home and made a large salad as that was what I fancied and 5-6 chips homemade ones not dripping in fat. I felt really sick 2hrs later my body just couldn't handle even half a portion of such fatty food and SO flipping cross at myself for being so stupid and ordering it in the first place. HoHum its a good sign that I didn't enjoy it smile but even now I find it hard to re-program my bodies 40yrs of instincts to hmmm chips smell nice its a warm sunny evening oooh I'll have some of those....back to being healthy again. On a positive note I have walked miles this week. Most days a min of 3miles so my legs are starting to get stronger again, its only a week until I do the local hopsiscare 8 mile walk so better keep at it smile

Can you stick to walking whilst your leg heals? Its not a stress fracture is it?

It was nice but only 5 of the 9 turned up sad. Looking forward to a quieter weekend!

Don't be too upset with yourself, you only ate half and you've learned from it too. How are you feeling with fatty stuff post op?

I can walk and have been still walking for work and with the dog but its really not the same as running!!

ssmile Fri 03-May-13 13:28:00

Felt rough all eve but back to normal thanks. Just walked 5miles with DH &dd2 who part walked part buggy smile dh had rare day off but struggles to "walk" toddler pace grin I did point out if you do an hour of toddling then you get to strap tired little person in buggy and then you can walk fast for next hr without too many complaints. would think he remembered this from first DD!
Hope you have gd bank hols. We off to busy theme park to meet up with SIL and her kids sat. Im hoping it not going to rain as forecast is getting greyer by the hr and DD2 behaves as she could make it miserable or great fun depending on tantrums smile

Yeah my dh moans too and about the constant stop start as they need something/see something!

Have had 2 good days with ds2 which is lovely! He can be a total nightmare at the moment, such a different child to ds1. Have a lovely weekend and I will keep my fingers crossed for the weather and behaviour for you!

I was saying to dh the other day there are several people now rejoining mfp who lost 1-2st when I started and have put it all plus more back on. It's amazing how hard it is for people to maintain weightloss, I'm certain I'm not going back and the longer I stay this weight the more I think I can. Doesn't mean it's easy but then I think I didn't see my weightloss as a diet either more of a lifestyle change and didn't cut out anything just reduced it all. Now the weather is nicer and I'm not wearing jumpers all the time I have a renewed round of 'have you lost more weight?' etc!

How you doing ssmile?

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