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jchocchip Tue 12-Jun-12 20:53:27

old thread here

Support thread for those of us trying to log our food and exercise on myfitnesspal

Thought I'd be brave and start the new thread off!

mollycuddles Tue 12-Jun-12 21:15:23

I've been waiting for this. I'm using mfp - rjmcken1972 and want some nice MN friends but the old thread was so long it made my head hurt. Can I join the shiny new one?

Thanks jchocchip!

Welcome mollycuddles, you could have joined the old thread smile

I've hit my mid monthly plateau but otherwise still ok. I bought a pair of size 10 jeans from eBay that arrived today and they fit!! I have now lost almost 30Kg and gone from a very tight 16 to a 10 (at least one pair anyway!) in 7 months, guess I need to decide how much more I want to lose.

OneTwoOrThree Tue 12-Jun-12 21:21:59

<marking my place>

Welcome mollycuddles <waves> Feel fee to add me on MFP (same name as here).

Have eaten virtually all my cals today, and am starving. DH is making popcorn, and has just poured a glass of my favourite wine. Will power dwindling.... My theory is going over a little bit now and again is no bad thing. Feeling deprived is what makes me want to stop dieting, and that would be worse than the occasional overindulgence.

jchocchip Tue 12-Jun-12 21:34:40

course you can! fell free to add me, same name as on here smile

jchocchip Tue 12-Jun-12 21:37:48

(oops delayed post )

As long as I do log everything I feel in control even if I go over. It motivates me do do some exercise to get back on track.. And the odd day going over won't hurt if you keep an eye on the weekly average smile

nimbs Tue 12-Jun-12 21:51:55

Hello smile marking my place - having a better week this week - after very indulgent/no exercise half term smile Swimming tomorrow - good job as my friend's bday too and have got huge cake for her smile

thinkfast Tue 12-Jun-12 21:59:29

Marking my place. Have been lax last couple of days. Going back to work after maternity leave tomorrow sad feel physically sick about it and Ds was such a cuddly, giggly bundle of joy today I can't bear it

Oooh, shiny new thread smile

Molly, feel free to add me, I am petd on mfp. I have been doing this for 60 odd days (mfp keeps track) and have so far lost 23lbs smile
The constant logging really does work. It also makes me think about what I eat. What helps me most is logging my evening meal before I eat it. Therefore if something jumps out as being incredibly calorific (such as the chorizo sausage in tonight's pasta dish) I can substitute it for something less fattening.

Have sligtly overdone the dog walking today and now have sore legs. Totm too so have killer headache and sugar craving. May just take a painkiller and go to bed. Ofsted are in at school so tomorrow will be a heavy day...

Night all smile

Awww, thinkfast, hope tomorrow goes well x

mollycuddles Tue 12-Jun-12 22:24:03

Oh thinkfast. Yuck. My dd2 is just over 2 and I bawled on my first few days back at work. But it got better and I still get loads of cuddles. Good luck behindlocknumber9 with ofsted. 23 lbs in 2 months is brilliant. I've lost 15 in that time and am delighted.

aliciaflorrick Tue 12-Jun-12 22:31:36

Marking my spot. Feel free to add me on Mfp I'm nw2305.

laurenamium Tue 12-Jun-12 22:45:34

Marking my spot! It's my totm too so I'm all bloaty and craving sugar and chocolate, blah!

CarpeJugulum Wed 13-Jun-12 10:28:18

Marking spot too!

I'm on the app as CarpeJugulum (as on here!) so if anyone wants to add me, feel free!

Quick question for everyone! What do you eat as snacks? I'm getting very bored of apples!

Marking place.
Newbies feel free to add me, same name as on here smile

CarpeJugulum Wed 13-Jun-12 12:09:31

Crap. Just added lunch, and added proposed dinner - and I'm under my limit. smile but I'm heading out to softplay with DS and they do a lovely cupcake, which I'd like to eat - but it will take me over! sad

Hmm... wonder how many calories playing in a soft play would burn?

<wanders off to google>

Just marking my place.

Cinnamon that's fantastic, sounds like you have lost about what I intend to lose - I dream of the day I get to wear size 10 jeans!

Nothing to report here really, still on a plateau on the cusp of my first stone and trying everything to shift that stubborn bloody pound.

laurenamium Wed 13-Jun-12 13:08:40

carpe I have a multi pack of pack lunched size boxes of raisins, and also the much less healthy huge pack of double dips too. blush I'm so unhealthy!

harrietlichman Wed 13-Jun-12 13:34:51

Marking place! Feel free to add me - am 'clairetwoboys' on MFP (a name I think is really rubbish but I used it when I started my account and had no idea I could link it up to MN! - I need to find out how to change it to match my MN name)
Very jealous of you, Cinnamon! I can't wait to buy clothes for my new slim shape. Do you know yet how much further you want to go or are you planning to maintain at where you are now?
Carpe - as for snacks, I have yogurts or rice cakes mainly - I have to be really, really disciplined and not have any sugar, as once I start I find it difficult to stop!

Is there any way to change your name on MFP? I would happily add MNers (the only friend I have ATM is DP who is doing this with me) but my MFP name is my RL name. Much as I think you're all lovely, I don't want to give that out. If I could change my username that would be great.

harrietlichman Wed 13-Jun-12 14:33:12

Mackerel - go to 'settings' and you will get a menu of options - one of which is 'change user name' - you are only allowed to change it once. I am going to stay as clairetwoboys for now as am thinking of changing my MN nickname too... (changeable me!)

Just read back, cinnamon you always make me feel better, also on a mid month plateau!
I have put a couple of lbs on but always do mid month so waiting and seeing.

Niceupthedance Wed 13-Jun-12 17:46:51

Hello I am still hanging on in there on mfp although my results have not been good. In a month of logging I put on two pounds and then lost it again - go me!

Am making more of an effort this week and have also signed up for Allen carr's weight loss clinic in July. I gave up smoking after a session there, so hoping they can do the same with sugar!

Feel free to add me although I'm not inspiring like others here. I'm SWpanda.

So what did you do OneTwoOrThree?

How was work thinkfast, I went back full time when ds1 was 6 months and it was horrible hence the reason I'm now a childminder smile. Although he wasn't a happy baby at all!!

CarpeJugulum, breadsticks are quite good, I'm eating lots of frut at the moment as blueberries, strawberries etc are cheap and tasty at the moment! I tend to eat bad things as snacks but just small amount, so I'll share a bag of crisps with ds1 or have one biscuit or one of the thin dairy milk bars. Pears are good too, check out the old thread for lots of ice cream low calorie snack suggestions smile

Glad my lack of weightloss is cheering you up MonsterBookOfTysons wink. I have put on 400g this morning after three days of sts, oh well I try not to let it bug me. Still totally undecided on a goal weight!

grin cinnamon grin

omydarlin Wed 13-Jun-12 19:57:40

Hi all - please please add me on mfp - and i'll try to add all those who have mentioned its ok. My username is

smileylittleorange grin.

I love love mfp I always feel so much better for logging. Some of our USA friends can be a bit shall we say "heated" sometimes in the community but lacking the sweariness of mumsnet!

omydarlin Wed 13-Jun-12 20:11:25

Umm so added some of you before mfp made me feel like some weird stalker (you can only add 5 friends in 10 mins) but also read back the messages and realise some of you were not inviting all and sundry to add you as a friend - sorry bout that got a bit excited there - feel free to reject grin

CarpeJugulum Wed 13-Jun-12 20:15:54

ohmydarlin have accepted as the more people to nag me the merrier!

Will think about fruit, but it doesn't "do" it for me, not like chocolate or <whispers> Pom bears. Or both together (lush btw!).

Breadsticks might work - or actually, I've got those Danish crisp breads that are like really hard mini half baguettes - must go check their calorie content.

laurenamium Wed 13-Jun-12 20:18:52

ohmydarlin I thought your mfp name was smellylittleorange first grin I had to look again when it wouldn't let me add you!

cinnamon a fellow childminder here grin

CarpeJugulum Wed 13-Jun-12 20:19:56

Krisprolls not crispbreads.

And 51 calories for a little thing compared to 21 for a breadstick.

Breadsticks go on the list!

omydarlin Wed 13-Jun-12 20:40:20

was thinking about changing my mumsnet name if I can work out how it will be smellylittleorange! Thanks for the adds all x

OneTwoOrThree Wed 13-Jun-12 21:04:55

Cinammon blush... I had more wine and some popcorn and then felt hungry. So, I had a packet of crisps and a packet of smarties. 600 calories over for the day. Not good!

However, I weighed in this morning and lost 2.5lb from my mid-week weight, and 1lb from last weeks weigh in. I'm on track today (just!) and have given myself the proverbial kick up the arse.

I'm 9 weeks in to the diet and have lost 16.5lb, so overall I'm delighted.

My problem is my sore hip, which is stopping me exercising.... If it's not better by the start of next week I think I'll take a trip to the GP.

All friend requests welcome grin I need people to motivate / nag / inspire me otherwise I will just fall back into old bad habits...

Craving sugary sweet things atm...

Loving the idea of smellylittleorange as a name grin

I'm back with a name change!

CarpeJugulum Wed 13-Jun-12 22:03:41

Vodka contains less calories than wine. It also gets you drinker faster as it's higher proof.

But... the associated mixers have more calories than the wine.

Moral? Get quietly blootered on neat vodka straight from the bottle wink

CarpeJugulum Wed 13-Jun-12 22:04:14

Drinker? Drunker!

I'm not on it!

grin at drinker!!
Nice name Smelly!

I can't resist the odd (ahem) bottle of Bulmers pear cider of an evening at the weekend. Sadly it is very calorific so I walk the poor dog for hours to earn it! May train myself onto neat vodka... hic!

RGPargy Thu 14-Jun-12 00:53:51

Ooooo found you!! Bookmarking!! grin

Oh and Deli sticks are HERE. They come in different varieties too. Yummers!!

I have just downloaded this app after watching secret eaters and I was wanting to know about what I eat. I was shocked at what results came back.

I'm kailumsmum on it.

RGPargy Thu 14-Jun-12 08:11:57

Oh anyone I've missed, please feel free to add me! grin

laurenamium Thu 14-Jun-12 08:30:08

grin smelly!

The 2lb I put on has gone again. grin
Those deli sticks look nice!

Ooh I saw those deli sticks in the supermarket and thought they looked pretty yummy but didn't even bother looking at the cals as I assumed they would be about 250 each! Definitely buying them now!

RGPargy Thu 14-Jun-12 11:24:16

They are really nice mackerel. They come in two different sizes - a pack of 4 smaller ones or a pack of 3 slightly thicker ones. I prefer the salami ones (or whatever it is) to the others. The ham ones are ok too but I did think the chicken ones were vile. The stuffing ones were also vile. Just IMO tho - each to their own and all that! grin

Stokey Thu 14-Jun-12 12:59:49

Bookmarking thread, welcome to newbies, am stokey2012 on mfp, do add me. It is great to know what you're eating, just realised 1 chocolate croissant= 4 slices of bread sad, and doesn't fill you up nearly as much.
Am finding exercise a bit tricky as have little baby and vaguely trying to instill sleep routine so trying only to take her out pram when she should be sleeping, trouble is i need to sleep too. Seems unfair that being up half the night doesn't help you lose weight! May invest in a wii fit.

RGPargy Thu 14-Jun-12 13:06:26

4 slices of bread??! Wow that sucks! Just a shame the choc croissant takes better.

You should SO sleep when you can. Being über tired also hinders weight loss so make sure you can up on some zzzzz when you can. smile

Chocolate croissant is sooooooo much better than 4 slices of bread! Can't remember the last time I had one, do treat myself to a plain one for breakfast with jam (no butter) and a glass of juice. Would always have had 2 and finished the kids ones!!

Yay MonsterBookOfTysons, hopefully I'll join you in a day or two still stuck at 400g more than 5 days ago.

RGPargy Fri 15-Jun-12 06:26:08

MFP newsfeed is down!!! Wwaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! sadsad

I will just have to post here instead that i lost 3 lbs this week!! gringringringrin

Yay! Well done RGPargy!!!

It's back now smile

RGPargy well done! I made the mistake of entering my weigh-in this morning while it was down and now nobody will know that (finally!) I'VE LOST A STONE IN TOTAL! grin

Well done Macerell!!! A stone, fantastic grin

Oh wow RG, 3lbs!! Fantastic grin

Niceupthedance Fri 15-Jun-12 08:50:02

Well done Mackerel and RG!

Whoever mentioned vodka with sugary mixers, have you tried vodka with fresh lime and soda? They are logged as 25 cals on mfp. Bottoms up!

OneTwoOrThree Fri 15-Jun-12 09:10:40

Some good results ladies - well done!

I seem to be in self-sabotage mode... Had a really good day yesterday, was nicely on track to be within calories until 9pm. Then I had a glass of wine, which turned into 3 glasses, which made me hungry and I had a bit of a binge. Ended up 800 calories over. I've logged it all, which I think is the right thing to do (as otherwise I think I might quit altogether).

So, it's a new day and I'm aiming to be well under calories today. Not 800 under, but perhaps 200 or so. Plan is to drink a lot of water / juice today, and to STAY AWAY FROM THE WINE. The wine is definitely my downfall as it reduces my will power and makes me think I'm hungry.

Exercise is still a no-no due to sore hip, so recovering from Tuesday (600 cals over) and Thursday (800 cals over) is impossible.....

I weighed this morning and am 2lb heavier than on Wednesday. Would like to get back to Wednesday's weight when I weigh in on Sunday (still doing twice weekly weighings on MFP)....

Stokey Fri 15-Jun-12 11:10:34

Great weight loss mackerel and rgpargy. Baby up from 3-6.30 with bad cold so am knackered and tempted to over eat. And have to wait in for buggy delivery so may not be able to exercise. Still hoping double buggy will make life a lot easier as 2.5 yr old will not be able to escape!

RGPargy Fri 15-Jun-12 11:31:30

Well done mackerel!!! grin.

Wine is also my downfall so now I don't touch it unless im not exercising or working the next day, which is quite rare these days! Wine is terrible for piling on the pounds and making me bloated.

RGPargy Fri 15-Jun-12 11:33:55

Stokey - hope the buggy arrives soon! Exciting!

karatekimmi Fri 15-Jun-12 21:00:35

Hi all, can I join?

I've just had a little boy,Toby, just over 2 weeks ago, and although I'm not trying to lose weight yet, I thought it would give me a good idea of where I am starting from if I have tracked for a couple of weeks.

I'm breast feeding and trying to be healthy to pass the goodness on, so hopefully this will help the weightloss. I'll be adding you all, I'm karateKimmi on it.

OneTwoOrThree Fri 15-Jun-12 21:15:31

Welcome karate <waves>

Your journey sounds similar to mine. My youngest DC is now 11 weeks and I've been on MFP for 9 weeks. I've lost 16.5lbs so far and am over half a stone lighter than pre pregnancy. Still some way to go though.....

I'm using the same name on MFP so feel free to add me smile

Are you breastfeeding? If so you can look forward to an extra 500 cals per day - it makes this so much easier grin

savy57 Fri 15-Jun-12 22:41:08

hi dont manage to get on to this thread much but im on mfp username savy57
i could be doing with a swift kick up the backside, had lost 11lbs before going on holiday 3 weeks ago since coming back ive put on 8lbs and lost all motivation so im starting a fresh tomorrow, will try get on to the thread more as well for some motivation from use lot, there some incredibe weight loss amounts going on, wish it was me smile

RGPargy Fri 15-Jun-12 23:11:08

Karate - hello and welcome, but more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your little boy!!!! grin I'm feeling quite broody atm so i have to admit i am a tad envy of you (although i dont envy the sleepless nights......) smile

Feel free to add me too - same name as here.

Enjoy your journey but more importantly, enjoy little Toby - they grow up sooooo fast!! grin

Feckbox Sat 16-Jun-12 00:00:10

RGPargy what is your loss so far ?

Rooble Sat 16-Jun-12 07:50:41

Hello! I wondered if I might join too? Joined MFP four days ago, and finding all this logging of food v useful. Do any of you pay attention to the home page? I just noticed that although I'm within my calorie allowance, my sugar is always over the recommended amount and iron way below (interesting as people always ask me if I'm anaemic). I think I'm having too much fruit and too little spinach....
Also - this getting additional calories for all the exercise you do (this question might sound insane) - I was previously following a lowish calorie diet and lost 2.5 stones over several months. MFP recommends me the same no of calories (1350) per day, but these go up every time I exercise BUT I can't drive, so walk a lot (min one hour per day doing school run etc, up and down quite steep hill), and suddenly my calorie allowance is up - and to be honest I'm quite scared of putting my weight back on. Am I being ridiculous? Sorry - am definitely being verbose!! Please let me know what you think!

UtterlyButterly Sat 16-Jun-12 07:57:05

Yay a shiny new thread!

My fitbit will be here today! I'm really excited!!!

Welcome all the new people on here.

Welcome karatekimmi, congratulations on your little boy smile

Welcome Rooble, I have my activity set to lightly active and then I dot record my daily school runs but do add activity for anything else and it's upto you if you eat back your exercise calories, I rarely do. And yes my sugar is always over but I dont let it stop me. My iron has been under side I started and when I went to give blood in April they wouldnt take it as my haemoglobin is too low so I'm now taking a supplement. Had no symptoms but the normal level is 115 and mine was 110 and to give blood you have to have 125 which I've never had problems with before I was loosing weight so thought I'd better do something!

Ooh and utterlybutterly what is a fitbit?

Rooble I find the same with the sugar, it seems to only take a medium sized apple to take it all te way over! I'm also always way under on iron and calcium. I wonder if it's partly because many of the foods logged by other users in the database don't include the full nutrition information, just calories.

UtterlyButterly I keep umming and shying about a fitbit, DP has one and loves it but I'm not sure if I'd remember to wear it every day, and I worry the novelty would wear off quickly. Let us know how you get on with it.

*umming and ahhing. Not shying.

I think that is part of it MackerelOfFact but I have been checking more foods and some do have everything in but I'm still under. Cholesterol is something that is rarely included in the data.

aliciaflorrick Sat 16-Jun-12 09:27:04

Am also interested to hear how you get on with the fitbit Rooble.

Welcome Rooble and Karate, and congratualtions on your little boy Karate smile

I have quite a sedentary job (SEN TA at a primary school) so have my activity level set to reflect this. I don't log any walking I do as exercise except for dog walks. I log these as I have taken these over from dh so they are above and beyond any exercise I would do before starting on mfp.
But I don't log cleaning for instance, as I normally cleaned anyway, even before losing weight, so for me that is not 'extra' if you see what I mean?

Am a happy bunny, despite being on totm I have managed to lose another 1.2kg!! That means total loss is now 25lbs or 12kg, woohoo!!
My trousers feel loose and I feel good! grin grin grin

CarpeJugulum Sat 16-Jun-12 14:19:27

Just discovered the scan function on MFP. Makes inputting south easier!

I've started logging the walking that I do if I'm out with DS around town - but not the walking to the park, however I'll log I've been running about in the park IYSWIM!

Trousers aren't feeling any looser sad but weigh in is tomorrow so we'll see!

Well done mackerel and argybargy thats brill!

Eeek have booked Brasserie Blanc for Fathers Day but a 4 pm sitting so I'm hoping I could use it to cover Lunch and Dinner with some filling snacks and a coffee around lunchtime is . Will have 1 x Glass of Rose, Mackerel Nicoise and Rum and Raisin Pannacotta ( as a treat ) .

Been run jog /walking with DD who is nearly 8 today - it was actually quite lovely . We jogged as far as we can then had a rest and walked briskly she is very fit and it was her idea as she is going to be an athlete apparently! About to do cheesy salsacise dvd and then Tesco shop then flop for the evening.

Has anyone seen the MILF thread on mfp hmm ??

I have a stinking cold but as dh is working tomorrow we have 'done' fathers day today. We had a KFC so although I am under cals just I am feeling guilty grin

jchocchip Sat 16-Jun-12 17:42:14

I always think KFC is one of the healthier fast food options. monster I pull the skin off the chicken and have a mini corn on the cob and hardly nick any chips from my dh! Far better than pizza or chinesy, I think.

Lovely idea running with your 8yo, smelly.

I've started taking a multivit with iron as my iron always is low - not enough spinach here either! And my sugar is way over, and I am thinking of trying to cut down on milk chocolate....

jchocchip Thanks for akin me feel better, I agree really and I didn't eat all of it so put it in seperately and it only came to 844 plus 390 for the choc milkshake at mcdonalds
I am ill so am finding it hard to care today, self pitying! grin

jchocchip Sat 16-Jun-12 19:32:20

It's hard to make sensible choices when you are feeling ill.

I'm 142 over and wanted to go out on the bike, but it is p***ing it down here! Just got soaked going to water my tomatoes at the end of the garden. Oh well - though I would avoid the shred today, but guess it is fated...

harrietlichman Sat 16-Jun-12 19:43:53

Hi all! Not doing so well today - DS1 has gone off on Beavers camp and so promised DS2 we could do 'whatever he wanted'! Turns out that meant baking strawberry tarts, which we did and there was a bit too much spoon licking (on my part!) That, coupled with the wine I am treating myself to for tea is going to take me over, but I do generally have a 'spike' day over the weekend so I am hoping it will even out.
It's so great that there is such a strong support system on here and on MFP - definately helps my motivation to know that we are all in this together (to coin a phrase!) and helping each other along.

KateUnrulyBush Sat 16-Jun-12 21:17:04


Just wondered if I could ask the MFP experts a question?

Anybody know why my calcium for today is at 28% after two 200 ml glasses of semi skimmed milk, 2 tbsps of Parmesan and an activia creamy raspberry yoghurt?

And when I added the second glass of milk the figure of 28% did not change and my bl**dy sugar went up by about 10 points (I am always disasterously over on sugar, because I eat a lot of fruit, but milk ffs...)

I have refreshed the screen etc, but it is sticking to its guns and refusing to up the calcium after the extra milk, just the sugar.

What am I doing wrong??!

And while I'm here, how can I eat enough iron without having dried fruit (scared of sugar implications!)

I'm pregnant btw, so really trying to meet my calcium and iron targets but it's so hard!

Dont forget KateUnrulyBush the entries are only as good as the people who entered them. Just checked milk in my fridge and 100ml is 16% of you rda so will depend on your glass size but as long as you know that you've had it dont worry about mfp inaccuracies. I'm struggling with iron so taking supplement for the first time in my life! Spinach is good and of course red meat plus some pulses I think. Not sure about sugar I asked on mfp the other day as I'm always loads over and several others said they were too.

UtterlyButterly Sat 16-Jun-12 22:43:59

Just got home and my Fitbit is with neighbour as it needed a signature!!!

I will report back with how I get on with it.

DP can't understand why I've had an £80 pedometer for my birthday. Explaining what it really is is wasted on him grin

Can you wear a fit bit for swimming? If so I really want one! grin

twinkle183 Sun 17-Jun-12 10:08:21

Morning ladies... Sorry for the radio silence and the lack of input on mfp... have been really ill since Tuesday and all I have done is sleep! sad

Welcome to all the newbies feel free to add me!! Same name as on here!! grin

I am finally starting to feel human again although I have this terrible itchy rash all over my body and it is driving me nuts blush I haven't been doing to bad with my diet although I have been over my calories since I have been ill, need to undo some of the damage I think hmm.

Was suppose to go in to work today but have decided that I am ill and need to rest.... Just couldn't deal with all the buzzers going off with a woolley head, if you know what I mean.

My calorie intake is 1200 and I am 5ft 3ins.. I am on the sedentary as I am at uni most of the time but I do run around after 3 kids as well but though it was better that way so I add exercise calories such walking the kiddies to school up and down the massive hill, when I am not on placement! I can't wait to get back to Insanity - I feel like I have let myself down by becoming ill... I was doing so well as well... frustrated is not the word!!

Well done to all the losses and for reaching those special mile stones...

Keep going ladies... we can do it!! x

twinkle183 Sun 17-Jun-12 10:09:03

Whats a fitbit???

CarpeJugulum Sun 17-Jun-12 11:12:21

<dances in>

I've lost 1.8 lbs. grin

<dances out>

Well done Carpe! grin

aliciaflorrick Sun 17-Jun-12 12:16:18

Twinkle if you have a look on MFP they have the fitbits on there, it's like a pedometer but you wear it all the time even when you're sleeping and it will show you all the calories you're using during your day. It looks great, but they're not cheap.

aliciaflorrick Sun 17-Jun-12 12:17:24

Oops sorry, hope you're feeling better soon Twinkle

Just been looking up the fitbit, I need one! They look brilliant and all those activities that are not mentionable would get tracked wink grin

thornbury Sun 17-Jun-12 12:47:28

Hello...snailrunner on mfp and have recently changed my MN name smile

I have regained 2kg (I know why, I have done little exercise and eaten cr*p) and there are now only 5 weeks til b-day (it's like d-day, but involves wearing a bikini on holiday!)

DP went away for three weeks yesterday so no meals out for a while, I need to get focused and get back on track. I am still 3kg lighter than this time last year, which is a start, but for someone who has just made it to 235 days of logging in to MFP in a row, I could do with making an effort with eating well, exercising and logging in my diary, rather than just logging in!

I am trying to catch up with the friend requests and have just discovered that I can only send 5 in ten mins confused so I will have to spread my invitations out over the day.

If you get a friend request from me, please accept it!

Hi thorn, have accepted your request but it tried to make me accept it 3 times grin
I decided to accept the first 2 then decline the 3rd, it seems to of worked and we are friends wink

thornbury Sun 17-Jun-12 13:15:22

That is why I got two confirmations! Ah well, we got there...

Me too - think mfp is having a little glitch ! Scales are not moving this week and I am very fluidy I know it happens but just want to take sledgehammer to scales at the minute!

CarpeJugulum Sun 17-Jun-12 14:18:49

DH has just helpfully pointed out that our scales weigh heavy. angry

I have pointed out that they may be a few pounds out to the calibrated scales at the GP, but at least they will track correctly; and as my starting weight was the weight shown on our scales I HAVE STILL LOST WEIGHT.

He has agreed and backed away slowly! blush

notasausage Sun 17-Jun-12 14:21:03

Anyone know if I can get mfp to give me an allowance for bf?

OneTwoOrThree Sun 17-Jun-12 14:36:40

Notasausage - yes! Search for breastfeeding as a food and you'll find it with a negative calorie value. Minus 500 for exclusive breastfeeding - tis my saviour, and makes me dread DC reaching the weaning stage wink

brighthair Sun 17-Jun-12 15:10:00

I have just joined and it's def making me think about what I eat!
Same name as here grin

CarpeJugulum Sun 17-Jun-12 15:31:41

Not feeling too great today.

Def. going to be over my limit as I've programmed in what I've eaten (and will be eating) and I'm just under, but need something to eat right now or I'll pass out sad

CarpeJugulum Sun 17-Jun-12 17:03:10

Right. Have programmed my dinner in, and I'm 19 over - but no exercise input so I'm probably under as I've been moving about with DS but I'm on a sedentary setting, but not logging it as it's not continuous movement IYSWIM.

Still depressing seeing the red number though!

KateUnrulyBush Sun 17-Jun-12 18:42:17

Thanks CinnamonGreyhound, I realise I have been blindly trusting everything MFP tells me blush

I shopped around the entries for milk and found one that upped my calcium to 90% so I'm happy with that!

The sodium has gone beserk today, around 4,000 over... It's usually massively under though so am ignoring it. It could be the rosemary focaccia bread we are having with tonight's canneloni
<stubborn eating it anyway face>

Thanks again smile

RGPargy Sun 17-Jun-12 19:37:56

Hi everyone smile

I am licking my wounds today as I went out yesterday afternoon for a family lunch (my mum was over from Spain for a visit) and the lunch (which was bloody awful and i didn't eat it all thankfully) turned into drinks in the evening and a few of us ended up in DP and I's favourite real ale pub, where we sat drinking Fruli (strawberry beer - yummy!) for the rest of the night! Woke up this morning feeling a bit wobbly so the gym idea went straight out of the window! Have spent the day dozing on the sofa but now i am feeling alot more human. I am quite disgusted tho how we have both wasted a lovely day and have done NOTHING!!! Ah well, the night was good so that's what matters. smile

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend too!


Glad you're feeling better twinkle183 and sounds like missing work was a good idea.

Well done on weightloss CarpeJugulum and boo to your grumpy dh!! 19 is nothing smile

Hi Thornbury have accepted you smile

Glad you had a good time RGPargy, think you deserve a day off from the gym!!!

Had a late lunch at my mums (where I always eat more than normal) and was thinking it would be my only meal but starting to get a bit peck ish now hmm. Dh has pissed me off slightly annoyed me today which with a very tight schedule led to me not running. Wanted to earlyish as I'm going to my running group tomorrow and didn't want to be too tired. Just going now for 20 mins as gave to walk dog anyway.

CarpeJugulum Sun 17-Jun-12 20:37:57

Bit over now... chocolate munchies.

Back eating healthy tomorrow!

bexsybooboo Sun 17-Jun-12 22:24:53

<waves frantically> found you all.

Have not logged on here in a long while have mainly been using MFP.

Just a quick one. Hello to newbies and congratulations to us oldies who look
Like you're all doing so well smile

Took nearly 2 weeks off put on 2ibs and lost 3ibs my first week back last week.

Am feeling happier with it all again now so hoping to notice more weight coming off smile

Will read new thread thoroughly tomorrow to catch up on everyone's progress etc smile

notasausage Sun 17-Jun-12 22:41:22

Thanks OneTwoOrThree, that's great news....... Pass the cake!

CarpeJugulum I discovered yesterday that the Cadbury's fun-size mix with Curly Wurlys, Chomps, Fudge etc come in at about 60-64 cals each, if you have a need for chocolate. grin Downside is of course that they are TINY.

I'm losing very slowly ATM. Worried that I'm in a bit of a slump and that my endless quest for low-calorie snacks isn't really helping. blush

I'm always under on iron and calcium too so bought some of these yesterday which have the curious side-effect of turning my wee highlighter yellow. hmm

laurenamium Mon 18-Jun-12 12:40:29

Hi all!

I'm able to exercise again and the weather is beautiful grin covered 4 miles this morning with the dog and double buggy at nap times and intending on re starting shred tonight! I've also discovered the scan option for finding your food and it's GREAT grin I love a good toy though smile

Snapespeare Mon 18-Jun-12 15:41:47

hello - just joinned mfp as I have survived completed a week of dukan attack and need to actually start charting what I am doing re food/exercise. I'm highviewboo - freinds (and support!) would be nice smile

ihatethecold Mon 18-Jun-12 16:31:49

Hi there. Ive just started on mfp.
Bit worried that its set my daily allowance at 1200 !
Does anyone know hiw many cals are burnt on a trampoline for about 15 mins?

harrietlichman Mon 18-Jun-12 17:08:13

Hi everyone. Am very grumpy as have PUT ON a whole pound - and this is after a week of being under calorie allowance until I got to the weekend and went slightly over both days. I have been going to the gym loads too so felt a bit disheartened. I wouldn't mind if I had eaten what I really wanted (a huge Chinese meal) but it's just because I had a few glasses of wine! I didn't even have any mashed potatoes on my Sunday dinner. Or pudding! (Can't you tell I'm feeling sorry for myself!)

skirt Mon 18-Jun-12 17:21:21

Harriet me too. Been losing steadily the first month on mfp - lost 12lbs. Haven't cheated at all and this morning I'd put a bloody pound on. Could of cried.

Have a stiff handshake.

harrietlichman Mon 18-Jun-12 17:51:24

Thanks skirt - it's so disheartening isn't it?!? I actually couldn't believe it but the scales at the gym give you a print out so it's in black and white! (Am clairetwoboys on MFP, by the way if you want someone to share your pain with!!

aliciaflorrick Mon 18-Jun-12 17:56:47

I would love to know what 15 mins on the trampoline is too (apart from tiring).

Commiserations on the weight gain guys maybe it's your bodies adjusting to the new diets - I have absolutely no idea although it's my weigh day tomorrow and I've felt fat and bloated all week so I may be joining you.

thornbury Mon 18-Jun-12 19:51:38

So a new start for me...and I gained 500g shock between Sunday morning and Monday morning.

Have been brutally honest and logged my 'new' weight, so don't bother to be too congratulatory when I start to lose it again...I don't deserve it!

buggyRunner Mon 18-Jun-12 20:07:01

Hi all- can I join? I started yesterday as I want to lose the 4 lbs that have crept on recently. I can't believe how low the calorie allowance is shock
anyway I usually run so that saved me yesterday!
My name is flailingArmRunner on there! Feel free to add me grin

RGPargy Mon 18-Jun-12 20:28:31

Hello and welcome, Buggy. Have added you smile

nimbs Mon 18-Jun-12 20:30:09

Hello smile after another indulgent weekend (oops these are getting a bit too frequent!) - am trying to make up for it this week - lots of zumba I think!!

RGPargy Mon 18-Jun-12 20:31:41

Thornbury - my weight fluctuates quite a bit every day. Sunday i was 3lb lighter than what i was on Monday morning!! However i think it's due to the masses of alcohol i had on Saturday night. Ah well, it was well deserved and I had a brilliant night. I'm not expecting a loss this week. My weigh day is a Friday but i ALWAYS weigh myself every day - it's such a habit and i just cant help it! I find it also keeps me on track BUT I never ever take into account my weight UNLESS it's a friday morning!

Your 500g gain could be to do with water retention or something. I'm sure it's nothing serious. Chin up! grin

OneTwoOrThree Mon 18-Jun-12 20:34:51

<waves to newbies>

I've got the same name on MFP so feel free to add me smile

Buggy runner - v v envy at only 4lb to lose envyenvyenvy

On track for a good day, mainly as a result of being busy. Quieter day planned tomorrow so will need all my will power.

Aiming to be REALLY good so that I can lose another 3.5lb by the end of the month. Perhaps a bit over ambitious, but hey a girls gotta dream!

Well done bexsybooboo that's not bad for two weeks off totally smile

MackrelOfFact you make me laugh with your list of low calorie snacks but it's handy to know!

Welcome snapespeare, ihatethecold and BuggyRunner!

I commented on mfp harrietlichman, sorry you and skirt have gained sad are we friends on mfp skirt?

I seem to be losing the Kg I put on this week while I ovulate, was 400g down this morning. Had three days the same then put on a Kg over the next 5 days sad, shouldn't be upset by it now into my right month of the same thing happening!

thornbury Mon 18-Jun-12 21:06:08

snapespeare, I'm sure I remember you from the old dating threads...wasn't there an ongoing train man saga?! I had a different mn name then and have been loved up for the last 18 months smile

buggyRunner Mon 18-Jun-12 21:24:08

Hi all,
I have accepted and will try to work it out further and add others.
I really like the nutritional app makes me eat better!

Snapespeare Mon 18-Jun-12 21:56:58

Yes, thats me! Aah, lovely train man.. I moved departure stations (cheaper zone equidistant from my house) so havent seen him in ages smile

Had a good day- yoghurt breakfast, yummy pret chciken salad treat for lunch. A babybel, small pack of nuts and giant chicken chilli stir fry for tea. Lots of water, feel virtuous. smile dread the coming of the scales on Wednesday, but at least then i know where i stand.

buggyRunner Mon 18-Jun-12 22:11:45

What low calorie foods are good? I am so struggling (used to eating melted cheese with s fork for supper) blush

thornbury Mon 18-Jun-12 22:27:07

buggyrunner, concentrate on 'real' foods, not processed, manufactured low fat, high sugar rubbish, and it is much easier to eat well, and you'll eat low calorie almost by accident.

snape, I hope train man remembers you as fondly!

Snapespeare Mon 18-Jun-12 22:28:55

And smile at you being all loved-up thornbury

CarpeJugulum Tue 19-Jun-12 07:03:06


Really must get into the habit of closing my diary at night, and not in the next morning!

Out of curiosity - if you're logging water, how much is a "cup"?

jchocchip Tue 19-Jun-12 07:48:52

I think a cup is 8oz. half a pint is 10 oz so it is a bit less than that...
wow this thread is busy! well done on the losses and keep plugging away if it's not going so good - the cornerwill soon turn.
Had fairy good days apart from chocolate, but shred isn't quite happening yet! Oh well, run day today smile

bexsybooboo Tue 19-Jun-12 07:54:57

Wow, have read the new thread this morning and have to say welcome newbies smile MFP is really taking off grin. I have to say its the best weight loss programme I have ever followed and trust me I've tried them all wink

As there is so many posts I am going to do a universal well done to everyone not only on weight loss but on giving MFP a go. Once you get in to it you will see results.

You will get some great advice and brill nagging and kick up the arses I you need it encouragement grin

I have taken 2 weeks off as I knew I had hit a point where my head and heart wasn't completely in it but have come back ready smile it was the right decision for me as I know I would have self sabotaged wrecked all my hard work I had done in 6 months.

Am hoping to be at my goal weight o have set myself by november/December time (10 stone) smile

Good luck to everyone smile

Feel free to add me on MFP username is bexsy smile

aliciaflorrick Tue 19-Jun-12 08:01:30

Morning all, weigh in day for me and it's good news I've lost 0.7 kg this week, which takes me under 10 stone for the first time since before I was pregnant with DS2 so am chuffed. I've also lost an inch off my waist but only half an inch off my hips which is unfortunate because I really don't want a backside like Kim Kardashian. DH is going to check my bike over this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to do a bike ride once a day after I've walked the dog and get fat burning that way.

karatekimmi Tue 19-Jun-12 10:16:55

Been really focussing on eating healthy as breast feeding, but I'm finding it a chore getting fruit and veg in ( I try and follow Aussie rule of 5 veg and 2 fruit instead of 5 a day). It was easy when I had a packed lunch as I took carrot sticks and celery but when I'm at home I choose other options! I guess I just need to be more disciplined!

Any good ideas for eating veg?

ihatethecold Tue 19-Jun-12 10:26:56

Buggyrunner. Whats the nutritional app?
Thanks smile

buggyRunner Tue 19-Jun-12 11:42:30

Well done alicha

The nutritional ap is the iPhone standard ap in the home section.

Veg wise I try to eat a lot of salad things but prepare in bulk

I am stuck on 10st 4lb
It is annoying me now, I need to get my swimming routine back or start running.
When my cold has gone I think I will start c25k
Well done anyone who has lost weight smile

CarpeJugulum Tue 19-Jun-12 12:29:05

Wii fit seems to be telling me I've lost 3lb since yesterday?! Think it maybe lying! grin

Nutritious soup for lunch - feeling virtuous today!

Snapespeare Tue 19-Jun-12 12:55:42

i am so rubbish can anyone quickly and simply talk me through adding 'frtiends' on mfp? I honestly have searched through help, but can't work out how to accesss someones profile to add them blush

I ffel remarkably chipper today. ordered a swimsuit (ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah!) and seem to be getting a lot more done now that I don't go home an eat all night. built DS1s new bed last night and tidied his room (binliners full of crisp packets. terrible urge to lick crisp packets...) going to go and dig alottment tonight. smile ordered a davina DVD (I cannot abide her, my exercise routine is peppered with threats and swear words) and contemplating restarting c25k if I can just manage to download the app.

Snapespeare Tue 19-Jun-12 12:56:49

...and well done, on your weight loss losers. smile

aliciaflorrick Tue 19-Jun-12 13:25:53

Snapespeare I tidied DS2's bedroom last night and found 10 mini kitkat wrappers stuffed under the bed. I was going to give him the riot act until I realised he'd probably done me a favour by eating them.

BuggyRunner it depends what you want to eat, tuna is pretty good as long as you don't put mayonnaise in it. I like breadsticks as a snack, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, pears, blueberries, low calorie hot chocolate is quite good if you want to fill up and get a bit of sweetness, 0% fat greek yoghurt with fruit or honey. Shredded wheat is a good low calorie breakfast and if you just had one I guess that could be a good snack. I haven't tended to cut anything out just eat a smaller portion, was hungry to start with but it soon passed and now I physically can't eat a whole meal if we go out anywhere.

Well done aliciaflorrick, all sounds good smile

That's very good karatekimmi, I'm not great with veg tends to be more fruit so I'm no help really. Soon it will be the time for fresh peas from the pods, yummy!

That's rubbish MonsterBookOfTysons, I'm hoping to be back to 65.2Kg tomorrow. I've put on a Kg this month but have lost 400g, yesterday, 300g today so only 300g to go! Come on, get out to the pool!!! I highly recommend the c25k and you can come join the thread I'm on too smile

snapespeare if you are on the website it's in My home, under friends then there is a big green button that says invite friends. I have the iPhone app and on that you go to friends at the bottom and the put it on the friends not news tab and you have a blue button from add friends.

Snapespeare Tue 19-Jun-12 13:47:24

sussed it! hurrah! now stalking as many of you as it will let me, given 10 minute intervals. <thanks cinnamon>

Stokey Tue 19-Jun-12 15:07:55

Having bad day, got terrible cold which makes me want to eat so have had 2 lunches including white bread and stilton, and baby has not slept at all over lunch despite being in buggy, bus and darkened room. Karate, i tend to just pile on different types of veg at lunch and supper. So will have salad, tomatoes and maybe avocado at lunch, then beans, broccoli and peas at supper. Makes it easier to eat less carbs if i have big pile of veg.
Seem to remember reading somewhere that vic beckham lived on sugar snap peas... dont think i could manage that! But def find it easier to stick to good eating when supermarket shop has arrived and lots of nice fresh stuff.


I just started MFP as both dh and I need to loose weight.

I know this is a silly question but how do I need to eat all the daily allowance as I seem to have between 100 and 150 cal left at then end of the day. So am eating around 1000 to 1150 a day.

Well, I was doing well, calories all planned out for the evening. Then the dc did not eat all of their hash browns with dinner. So I scoffed two of them. Gah!! Have had to take the dog on yet another walk to avoid feeling fat and bloaty and above all guilty...

Hello to all newcomers (feels funny saying that, I have only been doing this for 71 days myself) and <waves> to those that befriended me on mfp.

I have a swimsuit. Not brave enough to put one one and acutally go for a swim mind you...confused

thornbury Tue 19-Jun-12 19:55:07

Well done alicia

wheredidiputit please eat more...the rule seems to be eat your allowance plus at least half your exercise calories.

RGPargy Tue 19-Jun-12 23:12:18

Oooo my poor tummy!!! I have baked two test batches of cookies today (I am hoping to start a mini-business with the company i work by supplying them with home made cookies now and then). The first batch were white chocolate with white chocolate chip. Bit of a disaster as they just spread right out and ended up as flat as a pancake and just fell apart. blush The next batch were cinnamon and raisin and turned out much better with a bit of tweaking. I have to say i did taste more of the white choc ones than i did of the cinnamon ones and I think i am suffering as a consequence of eating any at all!! blush

I've had 3 litres of water today but feel like i should have had more to eat my suffering! I dont deserve any sympathy tho! Tomorrow i am going to try blueberry and white choc chip. Why am i making so many?? It's because i need to make some to test at the next managers' meeting (held on a tuesday) and i need to have 3-4 different varieties so my mind is awash with cookie recipes i could try!

thornbury Tue 19-Jun-12 23:22:05

Could you round up some willing victims testers so that you are spared eating quite so many yourself? They sound yummy though!

jchocchip Tue 19-Jun-12 23:23:14

mmmmmm biscuits! sounds great. I like ginger ones myself with candied ginger...
Pretty good day I think, but failed to log since breakfast, so must get a move on. Also forgot my hrm when I went out for a run so will have to guess!

RGPargy Tue 19-Jun-12 23:32:04

Thankfully i only ate one of each kind, but they were quite big..... blush I have no end of willing testers to help me out but obviously everyone's taste buds are different. MIL said the white choc ones were perfect but for me they were hideously sweet!! I do like to taste things for myself so that i know they are nice wink

aliciaflorrick Wed 20-Jun-12 07:18:09

Maybe I could help you RG, I consider myself a connoisseur of biscuits I'd be happy to give you my expert opinion.

I made a carrot and coriander cake which is nicer than it sounds, I didn't ice it which has probably saved some calories and this time I only had a small slice as opposed to the whole cake which I would have eaten in the past.

Carrot and coriander cake?? Wow!

I have been needing to do more and more walking these last few days as Ijust can't stay out of the biscuit tin or stay away from the chocolate...
I have great self control most of the day but when I get in from work at around 3.30 it all goes to pieces...


Tee2072 Wed 20-Jun-12 07:59:26

Hi gurls, just joined MFP yesterday. I like to so far.

Same user name on here if anyone wants to friend me.

jchocchip Wed 20-Jun-12 08:47:46

Mmmm Carrot and coriander cake sounds like one of our 5 a day smile

Just weighed myself at 18st 6. Below 18 and a half stone for the first time in about 12 years feels good smile

Hi Tee and welcome. I'll send you a request, same name as on here.

aliciaflorrick Wed 20-Jun-12 09:04:21

You know what, it wasn't coriander, it's the bloody iPad changing words, it was courgette, but still very tasty.

jchocchip Wed 20-Jun-12 09:05:18

even better, two of our 5 a day! smile

piratecat Wed 20-Jun-12 09:12:19

Im another who is also stuck. Haven't been eating my carbs properly for a few weeks. Do i really have to munch on plain pasta, it's the only thing i can think of to have to up the carbs.

10st 6 and have been so for 2 weeks. I keep telling others on here it will come down don't give up, but blimey it's taken me 5 weeks to lose 2lb.!!!

aliciaflorrick Wed 20-Jun-12 09:18:34

Piratecat have you tried having pancakes with a bit of lemon and sugar for lunch. Low in calories but have certainly upped my carbs a bit. Filling too, so no thought of snacking.

karatekimmi Wed 20-Jun-12 09:31:15

Morning all! Had a great night sleep last night, toby had a couple of sleeps without waking properly so went straight back to sleep!! Yeah!!

Does anyone else watch diet programs (mainly the biggest loser) whilst eating crap (twirl bites last night). I was only 61 cals over although Toby helped by needing to be walked round the block to get him to sleep (then he woke up when I got in!! Argh!!)

hermioneweasley Wed 20-Jun-12 09:39:18

I have been doing mfp for 5 days now. I had no idea how much I over estimated my calorie needs and under estimated the calories in the food I eat. Tracking is really helping me to stick to it and plan ahead. Also, embracing the exercise cos I can eat so much more if I shift my lazy butt! Looking forward to shifting those stubborn last 10lbs.

OneTwoOrThree Wed 20-Jun-12 09:42:31


I've been on MFP for 10 weeks and have lost a staggering 19lb grin

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would average almost 2lb per week for 10 weeks. I've had a look back over my diary for the 10 weeks.... There have been super high days (ie 800+ over my target cals) and lower days where I have done exercise and not eaten all my exercise cals. Overall, I reckon I'm about 600 cals over for the 10 weeks - about 9 cals over per day. I guess this is proof that MFP really does work.

So, where next.... Well, I still have 22lb to lose to get to my goal of 9st (am 10st8 today, and started at 11st 13). I'd love to average 1.5lb per week for the next 10 weeks - that would mean losing another 15lb by the end of August getting me to 9st 7.

So, my mini-goals are:
10st 2 - my pre DC1 weight
9st 7 - my target end of August weight

I suspect I'll reconsider my 'end' goal when I get to 9st7.... I might be happy at that weight, or I might want to continue to 9st, or perhaps even 8st7 although I suspect that's highly unlikely! (I'm 5ft2 in case you're wondering!).

The more I can lose when I'm breastfeeding the better, as this will diet will be much more difficult when I don't have my 'bonus' 500 cals per day.

Well done to everyone else with good results, and for those who are struggling, or have had disappointing weeks here is a gentle kick up the arse nudge to refocus grin

likelucklove Wed 20-Jun-12 09:45:56

Hello! New tracker signing in.

I've come from the Flying thread in Good Housekeeping, where we are doing a body clutter as well. I've been on MFP for 8 days now, and have lost 1.9lbs. I really want to lose my baby weight and more, about 7 stone in total!

My MFP name is likelucklove too if you want to add me. Hoping I can stick with this!

OneTwoOrThree Wed 20-Jun-12 09:55:41

Just been looking at a BMI calculator, which was a bit depressing really!

Healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25. For my height (5ft2):

9st 10 = BMI of 25
9st = BMI of 23
8st 7 = BMI of 21.5
7st 12 = BMI of 20
7st 4 shock = BMI of 18.5

I can't imagine being 7st 4 and still being considered a healthy weight.... I feel pretty healthy at 10st 8 and am pretty sure that I'm healthier at this weight that I would be at 7st 4. I know BMI isn't accurate for people who carry a lot of muscle, but I'm most definitely not in that category!

Looking at these numbers makes me think I should aim for 8st 7, rather than 9st (or even 9st 7) so that I have a BMI right in the middle of the healthy range. However, I plan to leave my 'end' goal at 9st, and reassess when I get a bit closer to that....

Tee2072 Wed 20-Jun-12 10:00:41

DO NOT LOOK AT BMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BMI IS BULLSHIT.

Sorry. One of my hot buttons. Really, BMI should be a slight guide, not an overall measure! 1 pound of muscle is denser than 1 pound of fat. So if you are very muscular, you may read as a high BMI when you have 0 body fat!!!

Are your clothes the size you want them to be? Do you feel and look healthy?

Then forget your BMI.

::Steps off soapbox::

Snapespeare Wed 20-Jun-12 10:39:18

hello all - have added on mfp - congratulations on all your losses, it feels reallly inspiring to have a 'team' to compare against. smile My scales come today, so i will foolishly bravely post my start weight and goals once I have stripped naked and done a massive poo tmi weighed myself. I am then going to set weigh-in day as friday, so I can cheat on saturday after some exercise. smile

Hi I'm needanickname on there, feel free to add mesmile

ihatethecold Wed 20-Jun-12 12:41:04

my nickname on there is pinkjan4288.

i'm on day 3 now.

i am loving the app. Ive done dukan etc before but i felt like i was missing out.
i really don't with this. i just really think about what i'm eating. smile
i have about a stone to lose. im 10st at the mo and am 5'2.
im going to resist weighing until ive done at least 1 week in.

Tee2072 Wed 20-Jun-12 12:44:51

Urgh I'm having a horrible food day.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

ihatethecold Wed 20-Jun-12 12:46:10

ok. ive tried to send some requests to you . some failed straight away unfortunately

piratecat Wed 20-Jun-12 12:59:08

onetwoorthree, that is bloody marvelous loss, well done!!

Maybe i should not be so so careful, maybe i NEED to eat a little more, and all those days when i don't eat enough carbs they are slowing the loss down.

mmmm panckaes (Homer Simpson voicey)

do you make them fresh?

Tee2072 Wed 20-Jun-12 13:09:13

ihatethecold I just sent you a friend request.

twinkle183 Wed 20-Jun-12 13:14:41

Afternoon ladies...

piratecate I have just had pancakes... yummy.... grin

Having a more positive day today which is great after my hungry day yesterday!.. I am hoping to restart exercise today which I can't wait cos I have been so frustrated over the last week with this stupid chest infection/cold!!! Am downing the water in preparation for exercise...

Has anyone heard this podcast called cut the fat???

ihatethecold I have added you...

Have decided to set smaller goals to makesure that they are not too unattainable.... Is anyone using protein powder to post workout recovery??? If so what are you using?

Have added many newbies but I have missed any please feel free to add me - same name as here!!! Well done to all the losses not jealous at all! envy lol

Keep going ladies.. we'll get there! x

Hi all,

Just logging in to say all is going well getting rid of the fluid retention ( been drinking lots of herbal teas, fennel, nettle etc) and I have been religious over tracking so that seems to have got me over a little plateau . Really busy at work sow ill have to catch up with you all soon.


I think sometimes eating too little can slow us down piratecat, my dh swears by a cheat day for consistant weightloss. I haven't done that as such but there are days I eat much less healthily so that although I'm within my calorie goal I'm not within my fat goal etc.

Well done OneTwoOrThree!! I have to say pregnancy have been the easiest form of weightloss for me, just wish I hadn't piled it back on afterwards! My initial goal was normal BMI which was 10st 10 (am 5'5") but after I got to it and was still happy to carry on I set myself a goal of 65Kg/10st 3 (which I'm only 100g off) so was thinking a bmi of 22 might be my next traget as it takes me to the middle but that is 60Kg or 9st 6 but that seems very light to me. The thing is bmi gives you a range that's why it's from 18.5-25 and some people would be too light at a bmi of 18.5, but others with small frames wouldn't. My dh always uses the worlds strongest men as examples as they would all have high bmi but are not unhealthy at all but they are the exception not the norm. If you are within 18.5 and 25 then you are, weightwise, healthy and it doesn't matter how far you are into it.

I guess it depends on your pancake recipe but mine work out to 99calories per pancake and I only have a small frying pan (22cm I think) so not that low calorie, once you add sugar sad

Shiftinglard Wed 20-Jun-12 15:06:57

Can I just say I want, no I NEED chocolate. Been like this a couple of days, think its totm. Succumbed and had a Milky Way type bar yesterday which was within my cals, but left me wanting more. Trying to resist today but it's my day off! Oh well, out with the dog I think, poor dog is getting skinny anyway LOL

ihatethecold Wed 20-Jun-12 18:08:25

Try having low cal hot chocolate?
See if that curbs your craving for chocolate! grin

Snapespeare Wed 20-Jun-12 18:15:49

I weighed myself.

Dreaded scales tipping 16 stone. I am 14st 10.5lbs. Mid term goal is 21lbs over the next 10 weeks. Target weight 11st 7. smile

twinkle183 Wed 20-Jun-12 18:34:24

Well that was the wrong thing to do!! Am NOT ready to start exercising again.... Chest is way too tight. sad Hopefully I will managed something tomorrow... am back to work tomorrow and will be on my feet for a steady 7.5 hr shift so maybe baby steps is the way forward.! I know I sound mad but am not enjoying not being able to be active......

Snapespeare that goal is really attainable... Just keep positive and your get there!!

OOOoo I fancy a hot chocolate now... but don't think I have any in!! Off to look in the cupboard.

thornbury Wed 20-Jun-12 19:44:53

snape, glad it was good news smile

Am bewildered by this 'I must eat more carbs, how can I do it?' conversation. Why?

buggyRunner Wed 20-Jun-12 20:58:55

I would say your Dh is right cinnamon*, I always have a bit of what I fancy and it workswink
Did someone mention chocolate???? Shame I've entered my log today grin

I have had a great day- work out early doors, day at work, pasta for lunch with fruit and chicken salad (massive breast) for tea! With a few go ahead bake bars for breakfast.
Feel good but I'm off to sleep - pesky baby had me up at 430am changing a poo! hmm

likelucklove Wed 20-Jun-12 21:05:19

Wow, your all so motivating for me with your weight losses!

I had a good day today, DD slept lots. I can sympathize stokey (hope I'm right - on my phone!) with having a baby that likes to wake up a lot in the night. I slept for 3 hours with her today blush

I'm hoping to go for a walk tomorrow but the weather has been rubbish and it doesn't look good for the rest of the week sad

Hope you all have a good night and tracking smile

RGPargy Wed 20-Jun-12 22:34:15

Alicia Thank you, that would be very helpful. I have sourced a different recipe for the white chocolatel so i will give that one a go and see what happens. Will deffo bear you in mind for advice tho! grin

Have sent requests to as many newbies as I could - if i've missed you, please feel free to add me. Same name as here.

Twinkle I dont really use protein shakes for post work out recovery, although that's not because i dont want to - it's because you are meant to have them up to 1 hour after a work out and i never end up getting home before the hour is up (too much chatting at the gym!) but i will instead have one as a protein boost if my levels are low. I'm currently on 100g carbs and 100g protein a day (or as close to that as i can get!). We use Hardcore Precision Engineered. Currently on the strawberry flavour. I like it, DP does not. smile

I am also setting very small goals at the moment. Currently it is to get into the 15 stone bracket on my scales. I was 16 stone 2lb at my last weigh in. So close, but last weekend's drinking escapades will probably bugger up my plans for another week....... hmm Once i get into the 15s i want to get to 15 1/2, then 15 and then into the 14s etc. My overall goal is around 11 stone.

bexsybooboo Thu 21-Jun-12 07:22:34

Like RGPARGY I set myself small goals half a stone at a time smile

onetwothree I keep an eye on my BMI but my objective is to lose the weight first as had/have a bit to lose. Have managed to lose approx 3 stone and have another 3 to go before I then assess what I want to do either carry on or if happy with myself and how I feel I will stick at that weight. 10 stone will not give me a healthy BMI but to me it wont mean I'm not healthy hope that all makes sense

My aim is for me to finally be happy and content with how I look and feel within myself smile and I'm getting there slowly but doing it.

I try and hold on to the saying 'slow and steady wins the race' knowing if it's steady I have more chance of this all staying off well that's the plan grin

Everyone sounds like they're enjoying MFP and are proper committed which is encouraging for someone like me as it gives me a kick up the arse regularly grin

Snapespeare Thu 21-Jun-12 07:34:23

Bless you first thing in the morning weigh in. Actually 14st 6.5. Off to buy chicken.

nimbs Thu 21-Jun-12 11:01:12

Have tried to add a few of you - am not weird stalker grin! Weigh in is not for another week but it's TOTM at the mo so am feeling really bloated and bloody starving -funnily enough only for chocolate and carbs - lots and lots - so am actually glad I only weigh in monthly - lol!

Well done to everyone's weight loss - so motivational to read nosy at people's stories. Am hoping that I'll get to 9st 7 eventually but I've not got a time scale for that - would be happy to get to under 10 stone but need to tone up a lot!

A confusing thing on MFP is the weights vs cardio debate - I'm very much doing some lots of cardio and have no idea where to start with weights - though if that helps me tone up better I'll give it a go. I can't really afford the gym hence do wii zumba at home and swimming so if anyone has any tips/ideas what I can do at home re: weights/toning it'd be really appreciated!

RGPargy Thu 21-Jun-12 11:02:39

Morning all!

I am VERY bored here at work. Absolutely no work to do. I am tempted to hit the vending machine. Someone save me! sad

nimbs Thu 21-Jun-12 11:34:49

RGPargy - have a look online at all the lovely new clothes/shoes you can buy when you've reached your target!

brighthair Thu 21-Jun-12 11:41:26

This might be a stupid question blush

But if I am trying to stick to low (ish) carb, what should the carb/protein/fat ratio be set at?

RGPargy Thu 21-Jun-12 12:01:45

I'm on a 100g carb and 100g protein a day low carb diet. I haven't touched the fat percentage because i normally just each foods without much fat in them anyway, except for cheese of course! I dont know what it should be actually...... hmm Sorry!

brighthair Thu 21-Jun-12 12:27:04

Hm well looking back I average about 110g carbs and 110g protein but my fat is quite high. Although I know my PT says not to worry too much about fat

RGPargy Thu 21-Jun-12 13:22:40

I agree with them! I am not worrying about fats either tbh as my normal daily fat consumption isn't that high. <goes to check MFP diary>

RGPargy Thu 21-Jun-12 13:24:33

OK just checked. I think my average daily fat intake (pre-exercise) is 109g and i have not gone over that at all in the last week or so, so i wouldn't worry too much, unless you're sitting there all day eating cheese and double cream..... hmm wink

Stokey Thu 21-Jun-12 13:57:21

Hello all newbies, and well done all weight losses.
Went for unofficial weigh this morning and seemed to have crept back over 10st mark, grrrr, not logging it! Have been under calorie count consistently so must just be eating wrong things.
Can someone explain the carb eating? Have been trying not to eat many, is this wrong?
For chocolate fix, am pretty sure dark is best. I go for a few squares of green & blacks, 70%cocoa or maya gold, 4 squares is 73 cals...

Am wondering if 500 cals is too much for breastfeeding or maybe am just not exercising enough.

With dd1, i didn't shift last 7-8lbs til i stopped, and even then ended up heavier than pre-pregnancy.
Am 5ft3 and aiming for 8-81/2 stone, pre dd1 weight.

brighthair Thu 21-Jun-12 14:28:29

My fat has swung between 66 and 111

It's given me 2100 calories (am tall) and I've set it at 1lb a week loss as when I low carb I lose anyway

Have the worst chocolate cravings angry

RGPargy Thu 21-Jun-12 14:55:44

Sorry, i should have said my recommended daily fat intake is 109g!! I've generally not gone anywhere near that!!

Stokey - do you eat lots of bread and pasta and stuff like that? I find that if i eat stuff made with flour, it (a) kills my tummy and (b) makes me retain water and put on weight. If you can keep your carbs levels to a max of 100g (ish) per day and your proteins to 100g(ish) per day you should start losing. Of course i haven't taken into account the fact that you are BF so maybe allow yourself a little more - i am not sure on that one. You said you were under your cals every day. How many cals were you under each day? If you're not eating enough you will not lose weight!

brighthair Thu 21-Jun-12 15:02:44

Ah. Well I only went over my recommended one day blush

Niceupthedance Thu 21-Jun-12 15:29:13

Hello everyone, glad to see you're all still at it. I have been lurking here as it's a PITA to post from my phone and don't often get on laptop.

I am not officially weighing myself until tomorrow but this morning I had lost half a pound! Half a pound in about six weeks, I am going to celebrate. I have thyroid issues and it takes me AGES to lose weight. I previously lost 3stone, it took me two years, but I did it (then got pregnant and put it all back on again).

Anyway on the upside, someone said they thought I was looking slimmer (OK it was my mum but whatever) and been really enjoying the gym and my wii zumba and let's dance thing.

If anyone wants to add me I'm SWPanda on mfp.

Stokey Thu 21-Jun-12 15:36:08

Rgpargy, I have been under quite a lot 200-400 cals a day and 700 on monday... mainly cos i spent all day out running after dd1.

But don't think I'm in starvation mode as i don't feel hungry. I try not to eat more than 1 piece of bread a day and pasta once or twice a week.

Am not sure what my grams are as each time i try and check summary get an unexpected error message - assume it is some android glitch on my phone. Am semi-veg, eat fish, so don't eat that much protein.
I just assumed the less you eat, the more weight you lose....maybe all those squares of green&blacks are adding up....

ihatethecold Thu 21-Jun-12 15:55:53

Sent u a request panda! If anyone wants to add me then im pinkjan4288

Stokey Thu 21-Jun-12 16:20:32

Have now accessed my summary and think i must just be eating the wrong things. On Tuesday was 360 cals under my goal but over my carb, fat and protein ratio....
So what should i eat that is high in calories and low inn carbs, fat and protein confused
Nuts are my go to snack, as a veggie i crave them, maybe this is my downfall?

OneTwoOrThree Thu 21-Jun-12 16:23:41

Stokey - I'm bf too, and over the past 10 weeks have lost 19lb. I've had a lot few days where I've eaten way over my allowance (1200 + 500bf) and some days when I've eaten under (usually when I haven't eaten all of my exercise cals). I reckon I've averaged about 10 cals over per day across the 10 weeks. Exercise has been very intermittent (due to baby, weather and sore hip!). Eating the full 500bf cals seems to work for me, so I'm also wondering if your body is objecting to you not eating 'enough'.

That said, you are about the same height as me and are starting from a lower weight, so perhaps it's just harder going when you've got less to lose....

aliciaflorrick Thu 21-Jun-12 16:34:17

My go to snack is a mini kitkat - maybe I haven't quite got the idea about this losing weight lark grin

harrietlichman Thu 21-Jun-12 16:42:34

Hi all - it's my loooong day today and I haven't prepared as well as I normally do - the vending machine is looming large!

CarpeJugulum Thu 21-Jun-12 16:57:39

Is anyone Comewhinewithme?

I've had a request and am wary of accepting until I know its MNet folk!

Sorry all of this protein, fat, carb ratio is going over my head! I am under my carbs and fat almost every day and go over protein more often. I thought more protein was good as it stops you getting hungry? I'm more conscious if I don't eat protein as I know that I tend to go for carbs, especially when hungry!

I bought some of the new chocolate covered popcorn today and ate it all!! It's the first time I've done something like that since I started losing weight on November but I was still under calories so not too disastrous. Have had a horrible few days and think the stress was building up! Been for a run so it'll be ok confused

OneTwoOrThree Thu 21-Jun-12 22:01:57

Carpe - I've had a request from
Comewhinewithme as well. I accepted it without thinking... Is there a reason to be wary about who I am friends with in MFP? It's all anonymous really, isn't it?? <thick emoticon>

I'm in the danger zone at the moment. Had a few cals left so opened a bottle of wine. One glass leads to a few, which often leads to me feeling hungry.

MUST DEMONSTRATE SELF CONTROL as I set myself a goal of being under cals every day this week (to help kick myself up the arse after a couple of over indulgences).

comewhinewithme is a mn poster, I recognise her name smile

Stokey Fri 22-Jun-12 08:37:55

Thanks for advice onetwoorthree, did a bit of research last night and realised probably am eating to little so my body is retaining fat, compounded by the breastfeeding. So am going to try and eat close to full quota and see what happens. (Tucking into piece of toast post-cereal grin).
Seems like a lot tho after being consistently under, may have to start drinking again!

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 09:32:46

<stands up>

Hi my name is Ellellie and I'm overweight

Had my DS by EMCS 14 weeks ago and am becoming more D more depressed by my post-pregnancy body sad

I need to lose about 7 stone :-O Using MFP to calorie count and listening to Fat2Fit radio podcasts for motivation, but thought I might join you lovely ladies for support smile

Feel free to add me on MFP! Username is Ellellie

jchocchip Fri 22-Jun-12 10:30:43

Ellellie welcome! Well done at making the decision to start. My youngest is 14 and I should have done this years ago!

Snapespeare Fri 22-Jun-12 10:51:03

Ellellie, hello! Dont be disheartended! I lost 5stone after my third pregnancy, DS2 is now 12 & around three stone of it has crept back on sad. You'll find excellent results in the first few weeks (as you have quite a bit to lose..) remember to reward yourself as you reach mini goals... of my friends lost half her body weight in a year, through exercise and healthy eating, shes now a size 14/16 & training to be a diet/fitness instructor(& incredibly dull about it! wink ) you can absolutely do this! smile

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 11:11:24

Thanks Ladies smile

I did start calorie counting about a year ago (after giving up on SW due to not having enough energy) but then found out I was pregnant! I'd been trying to lose weigh to concieve and lost a stone in a few months with it. I wouldn't say I ate for two as such <guilty face> and I thought I'd done pretty well on the weigh front until I stepped on the Wii fit for the first time and it recorded 2 stone on sad

I suppose now I'm finding difficulty in doing exercise because small child is small and has me knackered from feeding through the night. Am going to join a buggy fitness group next month though, so hopefully that will help!

Does anyone else listen to Fat2Fit radio by the way? It's very motivational and makes a lot of sense to those calorie counting and tracking BMR etc.

Cherrypi Fri 22-Jun-12 13:16:17

I've been debating whether to eat my breastfeeding calories or not. Wasn't losing for ages then lost a bit chunk today so I'm going to keep eating them. Upped my weight loss to 1.5 lb a week though.

Stokey Fri 22-Jun-12 15:28:22

Hi Cherrypi, I looked into this last night, and found this which explains that not eating enough cals while breastfeeding slows your metabolism so is counter-productive.
Welcome ellellie, I have a little baby too and am exercising by walking round park briskly, amazing how many cals you get.

Stokey Fri 22-Jun-12 15:29:07

Hello Ellellie and welcome smile

I lost 5 stone over 3 years ago. I was supposed to lose 7. Three of them crept back on. So I took the bull by the horns and determined to lose 5 stone this year. I started in April and have so far lost 25lbs. Determined to lose all five and finally get to my goal weight.
Will see.

Will find you and add you if that is ok. We can keep each other motivated seeing as we both have a way to go smile

Congratulations on your ds by the way!

Cherrypi Fri 22-Jun-12 19:25:18

Ooh thanks for that Stokey. Good for you Ellie.

Welcome Ellellie and congratulations on the birth of your baby!! I have been overweight most of my life but decided to make a difference in november and am now 3lb away from losing 5st so you can definitely do it!

Bought a hrm yesterday on eBay, dh bid on it for me while I was running as I was umming and arring about whether I should get one but now I'm super excited! Daft I know but I do like a gadget smile

OneTwoOrThree Fri 22-Jun-12 21:25:25

Wow cinnamon - 5 stone is mega impressive. Even more impressive that it's only taken since November. How much more are you planning to lose?

RGPargy Fri 22-Jun-12 21:57:02

Hello and welcome Ellellie! I have alot to lose too - around 6 stone i think, as that would take me to around 10 stone but tbh i would be happy to lose 5 if i look good at that weight.

Took my cookies into work today for another taste test (i made cinnamon & raisin and white chocolate chip) and they were very impressed again. I need to make 3-4 different flavoured batches by NEXT Tuesday so i can bring them to the managers' meeting for them to taste and figure out how much they will pay me for them.

I think i am going to set up a FB page for all my baking antics. I have done so much lately it's becoming ridiculous! DP went out to kickboxing and by the time he came back i'd knocked up a batch of cheesey scones! blush

Ellellie Fri 22-Jun-12 22:41:04

Thank you all for the warm welcome smile

Love hearing all your stories. It gives me hope that it is possible to lose more than a stone!

brighthair Fri 22-Jun-12 23:17:26

Took my phone to bootcamp so trainer could see diary
Apparently my fat is too high, so are my carbs, and I need to cut out dairy sad
My carbs are around 80g, fat around 100g. At least I always hit my protein goal which is 150g grin

buggyRunner Sat 23-Jun-12 08:21:57

Rgp- that sounds delicious!!!!

ihatethecold Sat 23-Jun-12 09:08:03

Right everyone. It's the weekend. Let's keep on the wagonsmilesmile

Think how glad you will be on Monday morning if have stuck to your target!!wink

(disclaimer: this is for my benefit mostly!)

mollycuddles Sat 23-Jun-12 11:53:53

Hi all. I've added a few more of you and I'm determined to have a better week. Was away last weekend and had lots of lovely food but haven't stopped since. Was out celebrating dd1 getting a prize at school yesterday. A Chinese restaurant all you can eat buffet. I'm afraid I took on the challenge and overdid it somewhat. Been running this morning so back on track.

RGPargy Sat 23-Jun-12 18:03:23

Blimey brighthair! I think there's nothing wrong with your food levels! He sounds quite a hardcore pt if he thinks they are too high (or maybe it's different if you dont have too much to lose??). hmm

danceswithyarn Sat 23-Jun-12 18:14:21

anyone else linking mfp with fitbit? I'm finding fitbit easier to add exercise to, but mfp have a far better food database.

twinkle183 Sat 23-Jun-12 19:36:53

I want a fitbit!!! I think I've asked before but where do you get one from and how do they work?? grin

Have been good today... Going to restart insanity tomorrow... Just going to continue it as if I haven't had any time off otherwise I shall never get to month 2!!! hmm

Food hasn't been too bad today but it has taken all my strength not to reach for the biscuit tea as they are driving me crazy!! Have discovered I am an emotional eater... sad I over eat or don't eat at all when I am stressed, annoyed or tired! So trying to replace the eating with drinking water again... Although I have a headache from the sugar come down, I am hoping to crack it this time!!!

Keep going ladies... Have entered the race for life so have something to aim for!!! Xxx smile

brighthair Sat 23-Jun-12 21:29:01

RGPargy - apparently I should be 30-40g carbs and 50g fat with no dairy sad

I'm craving sweet stuff like nothing before. Just weighed myself and realised I put the wrong weight in. But I am 4lb down in a week smile

brighthair Sat 23-Jun-12 21:29:41

And I have a lot to lose lol - i am about 3 stone over the top weight for my height

RGPargy Sat 23-Jun-12 22:05:18

Crikey that's low! Why no dairy? Just seems a bit extreme. On Atkins induction you are only allowed 20g carbs a day bit even that goes up to 60g after 2 weeks! Just IMO tho......

RGPargy Sat 23-Jun-12 22:07:05

Twinkle - I too am an emotional eater but more on the side of eating when im happy, sad, depressed, excited, etc etc blush. I have discovered tho that all this baking has put me off eating ! shock

brighthair Sat 23-Jun-12 22:11:00

Paleo diet it is basically hence the no dairy
I've given up pasta, potatoes,rice,cake,chocolate,crisps,cereal,bread - I just can't quit my cups of tea!!
Have swapped on to lacto free milk though

Have lost 5lb this week (my first week). which is a surprise as I have struggled to eat the 1200 cal per day as I seem to have a natural diet of about 1000 cal per day, so I have had to increase what I'm eating to make sure I eat the daily allowance + any exercise.

saltcod Sun 24-Jun-12 04:26:24

Hi, I've just joined MFP. Have also started the Couch to 5 program. Current weight 157lb and would like to lose 30lb or so (I'm 5' 4"). Day 1 and I was under my calories (exercise ones helped!) but over on my fat and sugar so basically I eat too much crap (have very sweet tooth) blush.

The rain woke me up tonight and I can't get back to sleep, hence why reading this thread and posting at such an ungodly hour!

Same name on MFP if anyone wants to befriend me smile

Ellellie Sun 24-Jun-12 04:40:46

Hi saltcod <waves>

I did C25K last year in prep for the Leeds 10K (which I later worked out I was pregnant during!) it's really good, you see results straight away, which is nice if you need encouragement. Do you use an app to keep track? I found having one on my phone helped me to keep track of what I was doing, so I wasn't checking my watch all the time. It also had time and distance stats on. It's also handy for listening to background music/podcasts.

Good luck with it, let us know how you get on! :-)

saltcod Sun 24-Jun-12 05:19:09

Hi Ellellie.... Thanks for befriending me on MFP. I don't have a smartphone (yet) so just following printout for C25k but training with a friend so when running with her we use her phone for timings etc. I've previously done the 5k and was about to sign up for a 10k when found out I was (finally) preg with DC2. However, that was over 5 yrs ago! I'm longing to get that buzz from running back again! Am planning on getting a smartphone soon... What's the best running app to use? Congrats on your 10k btw... That's my goal, although I'd love to one day do a half marathon too. How much weight are you trying to lose?

Got the munchies so have just managed to resist a packet of crisps in favour of a slice of wholemeal toast, bunch or grapes and a cup of tea! Would have been crisps and an orange club if I hadn't had to declare it on MFP wink

Ellellie Sun 24-Jun-12 05:37:59

Lol! The MFP shame! I'm going to have to make my diary public I think for this very reason!

I've got 7ish stone to lose, had only needed to lose 4 when I got pregnant (was losing weight to conceive) and have put it all back on plus 2! I'm breastfeeding so I'm hoping that will help trim me down.

I found the running really hard being so overweight doing it, but the sense of achievement finishing the 10k was overwhelming! I do want to start up again but DS takes up all on my time (he's 14 weeks) so I'm lucky to get half an hour on the wii fit at the moment. I used an app called "Ease into 5k" (sure it wasn't called that before!) it has tracking etc and you just wear your headphones whilst running and it'll tell you when to walk/run.

Welll, I'm up feeding DS at the momen but he's have a sneaky sleep at the boob! Better go and intervene so I can get another hour in bed (fingers crossed!) :-)

You're brave brighthair being so strict, I don't eat a lot of cheese since joining mfp as its too high in calories but I do drink milk and have it with my breskfast.

Well done on the 5 lb wheredidiputit!

Hi saltcod, come and join us here. I've did c25k in jan and am now running 3 times a week, I used the nhs podcast for timings and runkeeper to react distance and speed, you can use the simultaneously. A slice of toast and butter is probably not very different to a bag a crisps sad toast was alway my go to snack if I was hungry and thought I was bring good!!

Went to Legoland yesterday, was very good and took a picnic and shared an ice cream with ds2 which basically meant me licking the melting bits but not getting much more! Took nearly two hours to get out of the car park because of royal ascot so ended up with KFC for tea which I also shared with ds2 as he was still awake at 9.30!! Lovely day though smile

saltcod Sun 24-Jun-12 08:45:52

Ellellie congrats on your lovely DS. Ah, I miss the calories that BF used! And the closeness and the way their "free" hand strokes you smile. I don't think I even contemplated doing any exercise for months after mine was born so I'm very impressed!

CGH I looked at that thread but everyone seems to be much further on than I am ( week 2 R2, but skipped wk 1 as found wk 2 manageable). I'll probably join it a bit later on though. Need to buy a new treadmill as mine gave up the ghost last week and I struggle to fit in more than 2 outdoor runs per week (single parent so have to get parents to babysit). I also figured the toast had more calories than crisps but hopefully less fat and salt... And more nutrition!

Right, time to get up and have 2nd breakfast and then a walk. Boiled egg and soldiers or granola.... Decisions!

There are quite a few on w3 and people join all the time saltcod plus some of us originals are still hanging around smile

blackcatsdancing Sun 24-Jun-12 09:18:00

can i join you all? i joined my fitness pal this morning and was shocked to see they gave me a figure of just 1,200 calories a day to consume in order to lose just 1 pound per week, but i've looked again and it seems that is the figure after my exercise has been taken into account? i find that confusing. Is there another way to work those goals?

karatekimmi Sun 24-Jun-12 09:51:06

Morning all, lost another pound since Wednesday! Breast feeding is amazing!!

This week I need to eat more veg!! I'm doing okay on the fruit front, but only managing to eat a couple of veg portions a day! (I aim for 5 veg and 2 fruit)

I plan on doing the couch to 5k as I used to be a runner -well up till I was about 5 months pregnant!! I am itching to get out again, but am waiting until my 6 week check up. I am trying to do as much walking as possible to get my fitness up! I hope to do another half marathon at some point (maybe not til next year? Don't want to rush things too much!!)

blackcat I only Mfp on my iPhone but there is a more page and edit profile where you can change the settings -weight to lose a week, activity levels, etc. HTH

Snapespeare Sun 24-Jun-12 14:58:13

Spectacular cheat day carby crash. Went to gym, did half an hour of cardiovascular (run & cross trainer) breaststroke for 20 minutes, weights machines for half an hour then sauna/cold pool. Ate sausages for breakfast, mackeral, cheese, cherry toms & horizon for lunch....then 4 pints of later(!) A couple of large g&ts and chicken/beg stirfry for tea. Am back on wagon today & hoping gym will cancel out the chorizo & lager.

Snapespeare Sun 24-Jun-12 15:00:56

Horizon - chorizo!

brighthair Sun 24-Jun-12 15:03:03

cinnamongreyhound - I try but it doesn't always go to plan grin
I am having lacto free milk. Asked trainer if I could have soy instead of normal milk and this was her face angryangryangry

Snapespeare I thought Horizon was some Restuarant I wasn't cool enough to have heard of!!!

blackcatsdancing it asks how often you plan to exercise but doesn't include your exercise in your calories, you add them in your diary under cardio or strength. The activity level you set affects how many calories you get too but if you're struggling set it to 0.5 lb and aim to be under each day. Welcome smile

Shiftinglard Sun 24-Jun-12 18:14:18

Hi all, glad to see we're all still going well, even with some detours!

I have been looking at fitbits, but simply can't afford it at the moment. However, I have found a great free app on iphone called Endomondo - basically, it works on GPS, you set it going with whatever activity you are doing i.e. walking, cycling, running etc. and at the end it gives you your route on a map, a breakdown of your stats, i.e. slowest speed, fastest speed, averages speed, distance covered, calories used. It can also link up to a hrm if you have one.

I have found it pretty much mirrors the calories given for exercise on MFP, but is more useful to show you how far you have gone, speed etc. It also pauses when you stop, like today I cycled 3 miles to a friend's house, then stopped for half an hour, then cycled back, and it only measured when I was actually moving.

Angelabdc Sun 24-Jun-12 19:37:06

Hello I've been on MFP for about six weeks ago and its been pretty amazing for me. I've lost over a stone, coming down from 226 to 210 lbs, still at lot to go I'm aiming to become just "overweight" as opposed to "obese" where I've been all my adult life. Same name there as here.

savy57 Sun 24-Jun-12 20:24:45

hi all
been doing abso rubbish for about 4 weeks now sad i just cant get my head back into this at all, all my weight is just creeping back on. have mediation coming up with exp and all the drama that comes with him and just been feeling proper rubbish about myself again, somebody please slap me out of this grin

i was thinking about signing up for some sort of charity run to keep me a bit more focused but is it bad that im signing up to help me stick to losing weight and becoming more healthy and fit as apposed to wanting to do it for charity ( i would ofcourse collect sponser money so charity would still benefit confused )

fitbits look really good but to expensive for me to at the moment, has anybody came across anything similar but cheaper?

saltcod Sun 24-Jun-12 21:44:45

Savy57 I think the entrance fee and any sponsorship money you raise is a good enough reason to sign up for a 5k. I don't think they mind what your real motive is! That's exactly how I got into running the first time round (12 years ago now). I aimed to complete a 5k and once I got the running bug I would be in the gym 5 times a week coz I just loved to run. Preg no. 1 soon put me back on the lardy path though blush

Sorry to hear about the mediation. I'm going thru a divorce and I know how sh*t and stressful it all is. My name on MFP is the same as here if you want to be-friend me. I'm just trying to get back into running (week 2 of the couch to 5k) so we could help motivate each other. I want to feel good about myself again and the happiest I remember feeling about my body image was back in those running days smile

saltcod Sun 24-Jun-12 21:47:42

And angelabdc 16lbs in 6 weeks... I'm in awe! Amazing weightloss x

savy57 Sun 24-Jun-12 22:45:56

thanks saltcod I've added u on mfp i cant even remember the last time i felt good about my self and been truly happy with my body its been that long. i don't even know why im letting it all stress me out just feel like i get one thing sorted and something else goes tits up and unfortunetly im a total comfort eater, well done on getting yourself motivated again and getting back into running
whats the couch to 5k?

right enough of the feeling sorry for myself im going to look to see what the next 5k in my area is

savy57 Sun 24-Jun-12 22:48:24

i found the couch to 5k info smile

RGPargy Sun 24-Jun-12 22:59:04

Oh bugger. I seem to have signed myself up to a Dualthon at the gym...... hmm

I've barely lost anything the last couple of weeks. I keep fluctuating between 167 and 170lbs. Friday was a disaster. Came in under cals then ended up drinking three-quarters of a bottle of rosé and then helping DP polish off a takeaway - AFTER I'd already had dinner. blush

Yesterday I was way under on my cals and did loads of swimming so my net intake was only about 100. Hoping I'll start seeing some more loss soon because this is feeling like a real uphill struggle at the moment. Even though I'm a stone lighter than when I started, I've stopped 'feeling' lighter and just feel like a blob.

Considering C25K and the apps sound good. I need to up my exercise by quite some degree, I know I do.

OneTwoOrThree Mon 25-Jun-12 11:40:56

Mackerel - wine is my downfall too. Really need to stay away from it sad

Why don't you try and have a super strict week - making sure you log absolutely every mouthful. I think when you've been on a diet a while little bites of things often go unlogged and can stall weight loss.

comewwhinewithme Mon 25-Jun-12 12:54:17

Hello, I've just started on Mfp and could do with some pals.
I'm comewhinewithme on there. Only one W :0.
I need to buy some new scales so haven't weighed myself properly yet but I went from an almost size 18 at Xmas to a size 12 in march but that was because of crap going on in rl.
I'm trying to stop myself creeping back up and want to get to a size 10 before this Xmas.

Snapespeare Mon 25-Jun-12 13:28:21

thinking of joining swanky gym for three months. hideous amount of money, but realistically speaking if I took a packed lunch to work instead of hovering around pret, then i'd save almost what i spend. hmmm.

saltcod Mon 25-Jun-12 13:36:18

RGPargy what on earth is a dualthon? Sounds painful anyway!

Mackerel...Definitely recommend the couch to 5. The early weeks are hard but later on the running buzz kicks in. Honestly!
I'm only on week 2 but I used to run and knowing how good that once felt is the thing that keeps me going. And having a training buddy is a real bonus too. I ran on my own today and it was so much harder but almost a greater sense of achievement coz it was that much harder to kick myself out the door!

comewhine a size 10 by Xmas? Ooh, yes please, me too! I've sent you a friend request on MFP smile

Niceupthedance Mon 25-Jun-12 13:41:19

Ooh, just downloaded the Endomondo app, although I'll be interested to know if it can track a walk with a tantruming toddler - apart from pushing him to the park and back all my other exercise is indoors (single parent, can't get out on my own much).

Just added a couple of people on mfp, hello!

saltcod Mon 25-Jun-12 13:42:27

Savy have you signed up for a 5k yet? Let me know when you do (nag nag!) and I'll sponsor you. Your running looks great on MFP. I still find it hard to believe I should be back at 5K in 8 weeks. Hmm, maybe I should sign up to run one after the school summer hols.

OneTwoOrThree I know, I should. sad I rarely have it really and that bottle had been open in the fridge for a at least a week, maybe two. It's not just the calories from the wine, it's the fact that it makes me hungry too. Not good.

saltcod I think I might have to crack out my unworn sports bra and download the app. It looks doable. Do you need proper running shoes or will I be fine in my normal trainers for the first week or so?

Also loving the sound of Endomondo, will download that when I get home. Just had a walk in my lunchbreak and I guess it was probably a couple of miles but would love to know for sure, plus the cals burnt!

Ellellie Mon 25-Jun-12 17:11:22

Hey ladies!

Wanted to ask a quick question. How do you describe you activity level on MPF? I've put Light Active (on Mat Leave with a 14 week old) but record things like walking to groups and stuff as excersise. What do we think? Should I put super active and not record those walks or should I but not active and record everything including walking around the house with small child in sling/arms etc?


savy57 Mon 25-Jun-12 19:17:15

comewhine I've sent you a friend request on MFP my names just the same as on here

Salcod not Yet I looked into it though theirs one on 14th of july but I think that's a bit to soon but theirs another one in september which is probaly more realistic plus ds will be at school so no need for babysitter so will let you know when ive signed up same goes for u :-)
My only problems is I've done loads of running but on a running machine I'd imagine running outside will be a lot harder?

Saltcod I could do 30 mins running at the end of the 9 weeks but was nowhere near running 5k. In fact I finished in march and only managed my first sub-30 min 5k last week. I know others on the thread were faster sooner than me.

MackerelOfFact I bought a pair of trainers from sports direct for £9 when I started c25k. Only bought a half decent pair (£45) when I decided I was definitely going to run regularly.

Ellellie I have mine set to lightly active and don't record what I do during my working day (childminder) which includes school run am and pm, 15 mins each way with double buggy and running around after 3-7 kids and bits of ironing I manage to do while they sleep smile

brighthair Mon 25-Jun-12 19:27:05

9.5cm off my stomach in the last 28 days gringringrin

savy57 Mon 25-Jun-12 19:28:53

Well done brighthair that's fab :-)

bexsybooboo Mon 25-Jun-12 20:48:25

Oh body pump how I've missed you grin

Returned to class tonight absolutely hated every minute of it but loved it also, defo a love hate relationship going on grin

Not sure if I will have same relationship with spin on Wednesday wink that is defo just a hate relationship but the calorie burn amazing wink

Well done to all who achieved weight losses and for others keep going it will happen smile

I stayed the same and that was despite me being under for a whole week on food intake, so am upping my exercise seriously for the next 4 weeks as it will be out holiday time grin only 28 sleeps I'm not counting down honest smile

savy57 Mon 25-Jun-12 21:05:39

bexybooboo atleast you never put any on that's something to be happy about :-)

I've just done my first day of insanity dvds was only the fitness test and I was shattered after the warm up blush seriously unfit

bexsybooboo Mon 25-Jun-12 21:52:08

savy57 I put a couple on recently but I took 2 weeks off. I am self amazed at how I have maintained the weight even that alone has been hard work. But staying the same for about 6-8 weeks has given me my kick up the arse behind, that I need to try and shift the next 3 stone smile

I nearly gave up completely as I totally lost the feeling to do anymore and was feeling quite low with work etc etc etc but couldn't bare the thought of undoing 3 stone already lost so have slowly returned to phased return to MFP. smile

For me just watching my calorie etc intake doesn't work, I know I have to exercise, yet my friend has lost 5 stone with SW and hasn't done exercise lucky cow lady she is lol. I have to say the exercising does help with my low moods and gives me, me time smile but hard fitting it in around everything which results in me getting down and feel guilty when I don't do sad, but hopefully back on track smile

bexsybooboo Mon 25-Jun-12 21:53:01

Ps I telly need to look in to these insanity and shred dvd's can hear dh groaning now at me doing this lol grin smile

RGPargy Mon 25-Jun-12 21:57:13

Hi everyone. smile

No gym for me today - had a doc's appointment this morning (coil fitting) and have been feeling pretty bleh all day. Didn't go to pump this morning because the appointment time clashed with the class and didn't go to body jam this evening because my tummy is still a little achey. hmm

Also have no gym tomorrow morning because of a clash of appointments between a class and a meeting with DD's new teacher. Will deffo go in the evening for balance tho.

Wednesday i should be back to normal. Phew!

Hope you're all having a nice evening. I need to get some decent sleep so am off to bed now. Night all!! grin

savy57 Mon 25-Jun-12 22:41:47

bexybooboo ive done shred previously first time i done it i really felt like i was about to colapse but it got very easy very quickly, so that why im trying insanity just now. and well done for mainting shows some will power. how many times a week are you going to exercise classes?

RGPargy hope your feeling better tomorrow smile

bexsybooboo Tue 26-Jun-12 07:16:22

savy57 am doing 2 classes this week. Pump Monday, spin Wednesday smile. Am then going to run Tuesday and swim Thursday. Friday is housework night, Saturday day off then Sunday swimming smile

Do you need weights or anything for shred/insanity? Have to say am scared of these 2 as feedback from peeps on here say it is really hard lol so not sure. Oh and how long is the work out? smile

RG can't wait to see your cal burn updates grin

aliciaflorrick Tue 26-Jun-12 09:12:14

Hello to everyone, and congratulations on weight loss and exercise plans, you're all really inspiring me and keeping me going, so thank you all.

Well weigh in day today, and although I've kept to calories or just under I've only lost 0.5 kg. I don't know whether this is good or bad - it's pretty much average what I've been losing most weeks. I suppose steady off and stays off. I think I might need to try and up my exercise though, which is difficult being a lone working parent so when I'm not working I'm with the DCs, but I managed to get in an 25 minute bike ride this morning after dropping DCs off at school. I covered 3 miles and it's more exercise than I did yesterday so hopefully if I can manage that on school days that will be fab.

However, the white linen trousers I own that started me off on this weight loss, and the ones that I couldn't even fasten, I can now get on and fasten, although sitting down is not an option yet. I have two weeks today before I go on holiday and I really want to be wearing those trousers in a restaurant next to the beach one evening, so I'm going to try and up the ante the next two weeks and see how I get on.

I'm liking the Endomondo app, it was great on my bike ride this morning.

twinkle183 Tue 26-Jun-12 10:30:05

Hello ladies!!!

I am finally feeling one hundred percent! grin have started back on insanity and am looking forward to month 2!!! Have signed myself up for the 5k race for life on 15th July so training commences tonight whoop!! So up for the challenge...

Insanity doesn't require any weighs just lots of determination!!

Am doing well on food so hoping to notice it on the scales on a couple of weeks...

Keep going ladies xx sorry for the quick post but am in a lecture on rheumatology!! Yawn! Xx smile

I'm loving Endomondo too, tried it on my walk to the station this morning but forgot to turn it off on the train. So apparently I walked about 8 miles in 20 minutes and burnt about 1,200 calories. <I wish> grin

Hi everyone!

I'm on MFP, same name as here. I am in SO much pain today after the gym. Went on the ab crunch machine - it didn't feel like it was doing anything while I was doing it, but today, oh my... I can barely move my abs without pain sad

This had better be worth it!

I only had ONE blip yesterday, and the only reason I didn't log it was because I can't figure out how to log 50p worth of cola bottles and 50p of Jazzles. But I was well under my calories so I don't think it would've taken me over.

I'm doing better - had a big blip during uni deadlines and am now starting at my heaviest weight ever - but any improvement is improvement I suppose smile

I want a FitBit but they're sooo expensive! sad

ihatethecold Tue 26-Jun-12 11:06:23

i don't know about anyone else, but at night i cant stop weeing!
im not drinking excessively during the day, i cut down in the evening.

i prob have 4/5 cups of decaff tea in the day and 3 glasses of water. nothing else.

its so annoying having to get up. just after Ive fallen asleep.
i haven't lost lots of weight, just a couple of pounds so far.

OneTwoOrThree Tue 26-Jun-12 13:19:57

Big mac meal for lunch blush as I had promised DD a trip to McDonalds. DD turned her nose up at most of her food (only ate the chips) whilst I ate all of mine. 820 cals blush

Hoping / planning to stay within cals despite the big mac meal.

comewwhinewithme Tue 26-Jun-12 13:37:25

Hello all, had a blip last night and stuffed my face with the dc dinner.
Walked lots today though and doing well on the eating so far.

savy57 Tue 26-Jun-12 18:03:19

twinkle well done on sighning up for the race have you been doing much running or you sticking to insanity? i have finaly started insanity smile

ihatethecold ive been the same for months now and dont drink that much through the day at all, must be something in the air but it is rather annoying

onetwoorthree good luck with still staying within your calories today hope you manage it smile

im really still struggling with all this i tend to be really good all day and log everything then before i know it im pigging out after ive finished logging for the day :/ really wish i was one of these people that cant eat when they are stressed

twinkle183 Tue 26-Jun-12 19:32:42

savy just been doing my insanity but have had about 10 days off cos of this bloody chest infection, just couldn't breathe... However going to try and start running tomorrow... I managed it in 37mins 37secs last year with minimum training but hoping to smash that this year!! Going to carry on with insanity as well, am on the cardio core and balance week!

Was rubbish with food today sad pls tell me why I do it to myself, why can't I just say no!! So got a hypno app to see if that helps?? hmm

Keep going girls.....

Why is that the "most used" food for my "afternoon snack" category always comes up as red wine?? Makes me look like a drunken bored housewife grin

mollycuddles Tue 26-Jun-12 22:37:36

I have had a couple of good days on the back of a bad week but I'm going off plan until Saturday from tomorrow evening. I am running my first half marathon on Friday. It won't be fast and it certainly won't be pretty but I should get round in about 2.5 hours. I'm resting from now exercise wise and eating a lot more carbs so I have good stores in my muscles. And afterwards I'm having a big monster takeaway curry.
I'm intrigued by talk of insanity but running and shred is probably enough for now
Well done to all. Alicia - 0.5kg a week is about perfect
Anyone who is looking at 5k runs - see if there's a local parkrun. These are free 5k runs every week which are really fun and sociable and a great way to see how you're doing and get faster. I started c25k last February and it took me until April this year to do 5k in less than 30 minutes. I'm not made for speed! Short legs.

Well done aliciaflorrick 0.5kg isn't bad and you're feeling it in your clothes too which is great!

Have fun at the rfl twinkle183! And training for it too of course smile

Hi LollipopViolet, sounds like you're doing well so far.

Sorry ihatethecold, I have no advice. I usually get up once but I have massively increases my water intake in last month or so.

Did you manage it OneTwoOrThree??

karatekimmi Wed 27-Jun-12 08:21:22

Hi all, I've lost another pound, although I think it's mainly thanks to breast feeding. I had a real sugar fix day yesterday so I need to cut out sugar as it's such a pain, I felt awful, really tired and ratty and feeding Toby til midnight was a killer!! So no more sugar in my tea, the only sweet things will be fruit.

Good luck with all the exercise - I've been buying exercise dvd's off eBay so i have no excuse to not do some activity everyday. I've mainly been buying dance type workouts but I might look at shred and insanity. I can't wait to start running again but am waiting till
my 6 week check up before I put my trainers on!

karatekimmi Wed 27-Jun-12 08:27:01

ihatethecold are you eating more fruit and or liquidy food (soups and smoothies?) they contain more water so it might be that?

mollycuddles good luck with the half marathon- my advice would be start slow, then slow down - it's a mrarthon not a sprint!! Can't wait to hear how you get on.

OneTwoOrThree Wed 27-Jun-12 09:03:29

Morning everyone smile

Yesterday's Big Mac meal doesn't seem to have done too much damage grin. I managed to stay under cals by 6, and have lost 1lb since Sunday when I weighed in this morning (still weighing twice a week - helps keep me focussed). This loss brings me to 10st7 and a total loss of 20lb. Nearly half way, as have 21lb to go to get to my goal of 9st.

I have to say that the Big Mac meal sooooo wasn't worth 820 calories. I think if I'd be craving McDonalds it might have been more worth it, but I only had it as I had promised DD I'd take her for a happy meal (which, ironically, she didn't like!).

Glad to hear that so many others are doing well, and nice to see more bf'ers here. DC2 is now 3 months, so I only have another 3 months of the extra 500 cals per day, as I'll lose these when I start weaning. I think this is helping me keep focussed as I know it will be so much harder without the extra calories.

DH is away (again!) with work, so exercise opportunities are limited. The crappy weather doesn't help as I can't even get out with the pram. Roll on the weekend.....

I usually have a happy meal if we go OneTwoOrThree, it works out well as I don't let my two have their own they share so there are two toys if I have one smile Well done on your loss and staying under calories!

harrietlichman Wed 27-Jun-12 12:22:02

Hi everyone, having a rubbish day! Someone help me get back on track!!! It's DS's 5th birthday on Friday and he is (was?) having a party at home. So today is my last day to (deep breath) make cake, finish making pirate bunting, wrap pass the parcel etc etc as am at work Thursday and Friday. Half an hour into the cake, school phone to say he isn't well. The distraction from dipping finger into cake bowl was welcome, but now have a poorly boy who might have to have his party cancelled, and who won't have any presents as I was planning a trip to Toys R Us once had finished the cake....not good. And neither is licking the bowl/spoon/fingers of Betty Crockers chocolate cake spread. Repeatedly.

Snapespeare Wed 27-Jun-12 12:31:40

I am strating to cheat a bit. had 2 glasses of wine and a (large) handful of pretzels last night. really wanted peanuts. sad staying around about calorie goal, but feeling very peely-wally and lamking in energy a bit. think I need to bring some good carbs back in at breakfast. anyway,

one and a half boiled eggs this morning ( one and a half, because eggs got squished in my bag on the way to work and could only salvage half of one..) and tin of mackeral and tom sauce. planning some chicken drumsticks for late lunch...

My car massively failed its mot yesterday so I am car less, meaning I can't go swimming as buses to our area are only on till 6 and I'm having to catch 6 bus aday to get ds to nursery.
So I really think time to run has started, I need some new trousers so I don't boil then I am going to get on with it!

ihatethecold Wed 27-Jun-12 14:23:43

yes i am eating much more fruit and veg. maybe thats the cause of all the extra wee!

OK, did well on the exercise, and NEARLY had an OK food day.

Had some pork scratchings earlier sad I wouldn't mind but I logged them on MFP and it was 600 cals for 100g sad Good thing I had loads of exercise calories from the gym!

Won't be doing THAT again! I've also already logged my dinner, so I don't forget later smile

Shiftinglard Wed 27-Jun-12 18:16:25

Aaaaarrggghhhh after deciding against new scales, my ones finally broke, probably after years of having my hefty weight on them. So new ones today, same model as old ones, Salter. Not fat measuring ones as I am not that brave. They weigh me as 5lbs heavier than the old ones. So don't expect to see weight updates from me anytime soon as I don't log weight on!!

EightToSixer Wed 27-Jun-12 18:21:48

Hi, may I join? I've been using MFP for ten days and lots 3kgs in the irst 6 days, weighing again on Friday. I have about 10st to lose, but will settle for 5-6 and being active!
Yoyo dieted about 2 stone at a time since teenage years and want this time to succeed. I've found logging food really helpful do hopefully it'll keep up, but I thought that this thread might be a virtual slimming club and help me a little.
I'm wonderboy74 on there (I'm a girl, it was just a lame Tenacious D reference when I chose my name!).

OneTwoOrThree Wed 27-Jun-12 18:25:53

Welcome eight! Good progress so far smile

I'll send you a request on MFP. If there are any other newbies I've missed please add me - same name as here.

Sorry hear about your ds harrietlichman, hope he's better by his birthday! And that's rubbish about your car MonsterBookOfTysons, it's always tense at MOT time with our old heap, guess that explains all the walking smile

snapespeare it's not cheating if you're logging the calories and staying within your allowance. I eat everything I did before just less of it, just because you're trying to lose weight it doesn't mean you can't have wine or pretzels ever!

That's amazingly high LollipopViolet!!

How annoying ShiftingLard!

Welcome EightToSixer, well done so far!!

Cinnamon, I know! If I'd known, I'd have avoided them! However, I'd gained 400 and something calories from the gym, so it kind of balances out and I've come in under my goal.

But I won't be making that mistake twice!

brighthair Wed 27-Jun-12 19:52:53

Lollipop - have you tried the pork crunch? It's like scratchings but less tooth breaky, low carb, high protein and It's about 157 cals for the whole bag. Comes in flaming hot flavour too but that scans as a 100g bag so don't panic!!

Mmm that sounds nice smile

brighthair Wed 27-Jun-12 20:05:24

I can't really describe it except for puffy air bits of pork scratching flavoured stuff grin

savy57 Wed 27-Jun-12 21:24:40

hi EightToSixer welcome i will send you a request on mfp as well and well done on the loss so far

same goes for me to if i've missed any new comers im the same name on hear as i am on mfp

had a good day food wise and exercise for a change smile

I've just turned down cake...

I never turn down cake. Especially free cake.

The times they are a changing smile

Oh, is there an MN group over on MFP?

Just had trouble getting on here so wondered if we'd made a home over there too? smile

Welcome eighttosixer. Will look you up on MFP. I have set myself a target of losing 5stone but to be honest I could probably do with losing a few more after that. So am in it for the long haul too, we could keep each other company?

Am starting to struggle a bit. Did not lose a lot this week, have had trouble staying out of the biscuit tin and just want to eat crap.
Am also struggeling with constipation again and feel sooo lethargic. Am trying to increase my fruit intake. Hope that helps on all fronts smile

Welcome to all newbies. And well done to those of you steadily losing. I feel myself straying a bit. Need a kick up the backside!

mollycuddles Thu 28-Jun-12 00:17:40

It is possible even if it's a long haul
If I can do it anyone can
Only started with mfp in the spring as I'd hit a major plateau
I started a new regime when dd2 was born - initially just walking and thinking about portion control and breast feeding. When she was 9 months old I got stricter with the food and started running. That worked until the end of last year but my last 1.5 stone wasn't shifting so started mfp
I've lost 9st 12. 6lbs to go

brighthair Thu 28-Jun-12 00:23:24

Still going grin
Am hitting it 3 ways - carrying on with bootcamp exercise and spin, using mfp, and also started with the virtual gastric hypnosis
I figure if that doesn't work... angry
Made a lovely Spanish chicken dish with roasted veg with my friend so think that might become a new favourite

Shiftinglard Thu 28-Jun-12 06:49:52

Got on the scales this morning, and am back to the weight I was on Saturday (pre new scales!). I can't believe how much my weight fluctuates during the day, up to 5lbs. However pleased that I can continue wth my weigh ins :-)

I can't help but worry I am getting obsessed with weighing. I have got a lot to lose, four stone in total - three stones to go. But I am weighing at least every day., and can't seem to stop myself!

EightToSixer Thu 28-Jun-12 06:52:12

Thanks for the welcome and the adds on MFP. It's my birthday today so my calorie count will be out of the window but I'm going to log it anyway and see how insanely high a normal bad day that got me in this position was!

OneTwoOrThree Thu 28-Jun-12 07:24:11

Eight - good idea. That way, when you have a 'bad' day at some point in the future you'll realise that even although it was 'bad' it's still less calories than you were eating pre-diet (if you 're anythinglike me!). blush

Thinking that way helps me keep going and not quit when I go off the rails a little.

Drink lots BehindLockNumberNine, it really does help especially in this weather.

Well done MollyCuddles that's an amazing achievement, you've lost a whole person!!

I weigh myself twice daily ShoftingLard but I did when I weighed 15st too, it's just a way of keeping track. I don't feel it's obsessive, don't feel my mood plummet if it hasn't gone the way I want it and don't starve myself if I've gained a couple of hundred grams so I think it's fine.

Shiftinglard I'm the same with weighing, I hate to say! It's partly that my weight can fluctuate so wildly throughout the day that I just jump on the scales whenever I am passing just for curiosity's sake. I usually weigh a lot less in the morning!

Like you, I am also one stone into my four stone desired weight loss so I guess it's just a bit of daily motivation, otherwise the goal just seems so massive and intangible.

Anyway, I don't feel bad about it. It's nice to know where I am day-to-day.

Niceupthedance Thu 28-Jun-12 09:36:36

Apologies in advance for brief post - supposed to be writing an essay.

Anyway, has anyone else lost inches instead of weight? I have lost the princely amount of half a pound since I started mfp, but lost 2 inches from my waist and one from hips.

How can this be possible? Has it just gone somewhere else?

aliciaflorrick Thu 28-Jun-12 10:38:06

Niceup you're the opposite to me, I want to lose inches more than the weight, if I can fit into some of my trousers I'd be happy. I think I've lost a couple of inches off my waist but it doesn't seem to moving as quickly from my hips.

shiftinglard I weigh every morning. I only log a weight on MFP once a week, although my last one was on the 17th June, so I could log today's weight, but I don't think it's actually moved. So annoying.

I gained these 5lbs quickly, why won't they now vacate the premises quickly???

ViviPru Thu 28-Jun-12 12:36:54

Hi Everyone. I've been out of the loop a bit due to some crappy times at home but thankfully my health kick hasn't suffered.

I've lost 10lb since I started 2 months ago, and 6cm off my waist. I can almost do my wedding dress all the way up (couldn't get the zip even halfway when I started). So it should fit a treat come next May.

Had a bit of a setback when we went on holiday for a week in May - I tried really hard to keep to 1400 cals but it was really difficult, not because of temptation, but just finding healthier options. I dread to think how many calories I'd be consuming were I not following this plan. I put on 6lb, but then lost exactly 6lb the following week, so not too bad.

Anyway, I just want to thank all those who leave encouraging messages on MFP, it really helps my motivation!

ViviPru Thu 28-Jun-12 12:40:14

Oh I'm MissPhirefly btw if anyone wants to friend smile

jchocchip Thu 28-Jun-12 13:11:09

Hi everyone. just bought some caramel shortcake but it says it is 511 cals per 100 grams. It may be 100grams but I wish it would say!

My mum has bought toffee bakewells into the house and they're calling me.

But at 250 calories for a little cake, I'm resisting, especially after yesterday's mishap with the pork scratchings!

RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-12 13:26:17

Bugger - have lost my place in this thread!! You guys talk far too much wink grin

Have got a busy few days ahead of me!! I've got someone coming round to look at my car tonight (i'm selling it!) so fingers crossed they'll like it, then i might be going out for a swift half with my son afterwards - it's his pay day! Saturday I am going to Evans Cycles to pick up my new luuurrrrrvely bike!! I cannot wait! I am sooo excited!! If anyone's interested, i'm getting the Specialized Vita Sport hybrid. Yummers! Then on Monday I am going to be in a baking frenzy as i have to make 4 different varieties of cookies for a meeting at work on Tuesday and also before i go to the gym in the morning, i have to knock up a quick batch of cheese straws for my friend as she is having a mini work do at her office. I'm not sure if she has asked me to make them out of pity for my new baking venture or whether she really cannot cook even a cheese straw! hmm grin

Molly - good luck with the half marathon tomorrow!!

Wow, you are all doing so well! Keep it up!

Just semi-bookmarking for now as i'm at work.

newbies - feel free to add me! Same name as here. grin

Mummyinggnome Thu 28-Jun-12 13:37:35

Hi guys,
Can i join too please? Same name.
Could I ask - how many calories is it allowing you?!
God it's hard work isnt it!

Hello - looking for some advice on exercise calories on mfp. I have just done 17 minutes on the exericse bike, quite vigerously (sweated up a storm), and the computer on the bike said 139 calories. I put the same in mfp and it came out at 270ish...

which one would you go for? mfp because it knows your vital stats like height and weight?


RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-12 15:47:39

Mummyinggnome - hello and welcome! My calorie allowance is currently 1740 as i have alot to lose smile

Dontpetthesweatythings - I would be inclined to go more for what the bike said. MFP is notorious for seriously over exaggerating calories burned. I now use a heart rate monitor when i exercise and it's amazing what the difference is between my HRM and what MFP says! smile

RGPargy I am not a bad cook but would not know where to start with a cheese straw so maybe not so much out of pity!

Welcome Mummyinggnome, I have 1360 at the moment but more when I started. I'm almost at the point of maintaining now.

No idea dontpetthesweatythings, I tend to under estimate exercise and over estimate calories so I know I'm definitely under.

I turned down cake again smile I did have a Muller Crunch Corner though which was nearly as bad - 201 calories rather than 250. However, of the two, I made the healthier choice.

I'm feeling a bit "meh" about the gym tomorrow. Am meant to be going on Saturday too, maybe that's why I feel so "meh" about tomorrow.

Man up LV, you always enjoy it when you get there...

ihatethecold Thu 28-Jun-12 17:19:22

I have also lost inches rather than weight.
Which is fine smile

I think someone was asking that earlier today!hmm


I have 1200 cal daily allowance.

Which I find quite difficult to eat. Like this week I haven't had the internet for a couple of days so I haven't been able to log everything on the computer so I have eaten what I would normally but like to day I have only eaten about 1000cal. So will have to force my self to eat something else later although I'm not hungry.

tostaky Thu 28-Jun-12 22:14:56

Hello there!

I have been on MFP for a few months on and off
I was wondering if MN had a thread about MFP , and im glad i've found you!
If anyone wants to add me as a friend on MFP (same nickname) Id be very happy! Hopefully, we could keep eah other motivated smile

My allowance is 1480 cal a day and i have about 2 stones of baby weight to lose...
Id be very happy to lose one stone by the end of august as im going on holidays the first two weeks of sept....

RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-12 22:46:50

mummyinggnome- cant find you on MFP?? If you add me (same name) we should be ok smile

bexsybooboo Fri 29-Jun-12 07:07:36

Really - seriously! sad

I have put my heart in to MFP this week and yet I have stayed the same --not even a friggin ounce off--sad

I'm going to keep at it and see if there is a delay which can happen am prob kidding myself and weigh again next Friday but really!!!!! It seems so unfair.


ViviPru Fri 29-Jun-12 07:56:36

Snap bexsy sad

It's demoralising isn't it.

Niceupthedance Fri 29-Jun-12 08:24:04

Yes it was me asking about inches - thanks ihatethecold.

Bexsy you have my sympathy, I did six weeks mfp and loads of exercise and lost nada! Well depressing. I have done over two months now and lost a pound and a half, it's laughable.

But I think you just have to keep going, maybe shake up your meals, eat more salad (boring) and drink more water. Don't lose heart anyway, you will get there!

Well, after a week of really trying with the food and the gym, I have lost...


Seriously, I thought if you had loads to lose it fell off???

I've got 74lbs to go...

OK great thanks for the replies on the calories burned. Must get a heart rate monitor !

ihatethecold - I have also lost inches (wel centimetres actually!) rather than weight.

comewwhinewithme Fri 29-Jun-12 09:04:51

hmm fell off the wagon the past two days am gutted because I felt loads better when I was exercising and eating well now I feel beurghhh.
Have got some scales arriving this morning (gulp) so will weigh update and start again.
Wish me luck.

tostaky Fri 29-Jun-12 09:17:39

Bexsy and lollipop - Start something new (new gym routine, new breakfast , walk more etc...) sometimes it helps when you are stuck on a plateau... Good luck smile

tostaky Fri 29-Jun-12 09:19:32

Comewhine - don't beat yourself up! It happens to everybody (me the first!)
Start from fresh today, don't get too demoralised by your new scales today if they indicate something higher than expected.
Good luck! smile

karatekimmi Fri 29-Jun-12 09:49:46

It sounds like there at some struggles for some of you, I know it sometimes doesn't make sense - good weeks mean not much loss and bad weeks with big losses! But keep going it will catch up with you, and think of all the other health benefits - all the exercise benefits

I need to up my exercise, misrable weather means I haven't been going out for walks. I have DVDs but time
spent in the house is used for napping! I'm going back to my aprents this weekend, so chinese for tea on Saturday! Im just going to log everything and hope I can exercise!

BsshBossh Fri 29-Jun-12 11:07:40

Hello all, I'm new to MFP but not new to dieting - have been successfully using Paul McKenna to shift 3 stones of weight last year and now need to use PMcK and MFP to lose another stone and learn more about actual calories.

I have a quick question. I exercise every day - alternating swimming and running. It gives me a lot of extra calorie allowances each day that I don't use up. But in the course of a week or fortnight I may very well use up on weekends away or parties or eating out. My common sense says that if I only eat, eg 1200 cals a day during the week and "bank up" exercise calories for a bit of relaxed weekend eating eg an extra 1000 cals then that's okay?

I'm not saying that I necessarily eat that much extra on the weekends, but I like to be more chilled regarding eating at the weekend as it's friends and family time.

comewwhinewithme Fri 29-Jun-12 11:10:48

Thanks Totsky, I have weighed and am 10st 10 which I'm ok with I was almost 14 st in January.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.

I can't seem to budge from 10st 4lb, it makes me laugh that I am that bothered tbh, as in January I would of been very happy at 10st 4
lb and never believed I could of got here. I am hoping all this new walking will help and shift the last 13lbs. I still haven't got my new scales but may try to pick some up today smile

crazygracieuk Fri 29-Jun-12 12:27:56

Hi everyone.
I started Mfp and shredding last week in the hope of losing some weight.
I was half a stone lighter when 9 months pg with dc1. blush

So far I've lost a pound despite having my period and I've got my fingers crossed that I'll lose some more.

My Mfp name is the same as my MN name . Please feel free to add me.

Your calories have been really low recently bexsybooboo, maybe that's it? Or perhaps it is just that next week you will see it. I do the same week in week out and some weeks I put on a lb and some I lose upto 3lb so I really don't know what the answer is. Keep going and I'm sure you'll see results smile.

ViviPru Fri 29-Jun-12 13:13:36

I was thinking that of myself, cinnamon. This is the first week in ages I've done 3 classes plus daily dog walk and I've found it quite tricky to eat my calorie deficit. I'm probably tipping into starvation mode... Grr its such a balancing act!!!

Not sure what happened there, I thought I'd posted that message this morning, came back now to read and found it was still going?!? So will now reply to everyone else!

Sorry ViviPru and LollipopViolet that you're disappointed sad, not sure I can see you diaries on mfp to comment on them.

comewwhinewithme sorry to hear you've had a few bad days and good luck with the scales!

Welcome BsshBossh, I think alot of people do that with calories, I personally don't struggle at weekends as I often have late breakfasts and have dh home so don't have time bored and reaching for food!

That's really rubbish MonsterBookOfTysons, I had 10 days this month without losing but have lost some the last few day. Put on a bit this morning but it is now totm. Fingers crossed the walking does it for you, I know how miserable it can make you sad

Welcome crazygracieuk, good start to using mfp smile

ViviPru Fri 29-Jun-12 13:24:21

I'm MissPhirefly on MFP smile

I rarely eat my exercise calories ViviPru and I've lost almost 5st so I'm not sure how much truth is in that but I am not an expert at all and everyones bodies work differently!

ViviPru Fri 29-Jun-12 13:36:46

Hmm that's interesting...

twinkle183 Fri 29-Jun-12 14:23:30

Me too I rarely eat my exercise calories unless I am really hungry which occasionally happens!

Am really feeling good... Haven't really restarted my exercise yet but am feeling really positive about my weight loss journey! Fingers crossed I shall go for a run later.... Am on count down to race for life so better get a move on! Shall hopefully be brave enough to restart insanity later hmm!

Keep going ladies xxx

Hmm, tbh, I think it's because I've been "off" the wagon for a while it's taking my body time to get back into the losing groove.

Did NOT have a good day today - I met up with some friends this afternoon, we had cocktails and lunch blush. Fortunately, I've got a mega spin session tomorrow morning, so shouldn't do too much damage in the grand scheme of things.

But, did buy some more nice workout clothes earlier smile

Oh, and I keep my diary private at the moment - my self confidence is at floor level weight wise and I've heard too many horror stories on the MFP boards about unsolicited and unhelpful commenting on food diaries. When I get my act together, I might make it public!

That's sad LollipopViolet both that you're feeling low in confidence and that people would put others down when we're all there for the same reason sad

Cinnamon, it's not you lot, honest smile I was bullied terribly through secondary school and unfortunately my self confidence has never fully recovered from it sad

You know what? I'm going to leave my diary as is for now, then starting tomorrow, it's going public - maybe it'll remind me to leave the cocktails alone in future! smile

Shock horror, I've gone and bought running trousers! I thought they were tracksuit/yoga type, so looser, but they're almost skin tight! They do make me look a bit thinner though, which is good smile

RGPargy Fri 29-Jun-12 22:46:26

Hi guys smile Have fallen off the wagon a little bit these last couple of days. It's going to bloody work that does it!! hmm At least i have chosen to have damage limitation - i was good during the day yesterday and then it went to pot a bit as we had dinner from the chippy. The only reason we did this was because a guy came round to look at my car last night and by the time he left it was quite late (and yes, he did buy it!!). Today was my company's free breakfast at work, where they lay on all these pastries, breads, crumpets, muffins, hams, fruits and yoghurts etc. I knew that i would be bad if i joined in so i just brought my plain porridge to work and had that instead, but unfortunately me and my mates had a pub lunch which involved a cumberland sausage sarnie with chips and a very delicious glass of chilled sauvignon blanc (or two!). blush However, i did refuse wine tonight when DP went up the shop...... hmm

Still, spin and pump in the morning so will burn off some good calories hopefully!

Wow, it's been such a busy few days! Sold the car yesterday, confirmed my cookie order with work today, ordered some business cards tonight, picking up my new bike tomorrow, get the car cleaned on Sunday before the guy picks it up, make 4 dozen cookies on Monday afternoon......hmm It's all go go go in RGPargy Mansions!!

Thankfully when i bake alot during the day it curbs my appetite so i should be ok and not stuff too many freshly baked cookies (double choc decadence, white choc chip, cinnamon & raisin and cherry bakewell flavours, in case you're wondering). grin

RGPargy Fri 29-Jun-12 22:46:54

PS - if i've missed any newbies, please feel free to add me smile

Only do it of you're comfortable but sometimes it's helpful if you're struggling for people to see it LollipopViolet.

At least you didn't have the breakfast AND lunch out RGPargy wink. Glad your car sold and your cookies were a success, good luck with having time for everything! I'm baking dss's cake today and ds1 wants to bake carrot and courgette muffins he saw on I can cook (if I can find a recipe) plus a bit of swimming and hopefully a run to balance it all out!

twinkle183 Sat 30-Jun-12 09:38:10

Any of you have problem with mfp app this morning??? X