JILLIAN MICHAELS 2012-Part 2 "This is Not your Mother's Workout"- Shred/Ripped and all the rest!

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Here we are, a brand squeaky new thread smile

Happy Shredding / Ripping / BFBM'ing / 6W6P'ing / Killing hmm / NMTZ'ing

notyummy Thu 07-Jun-12 21:11:25


Thanks for the new thread.

Did modified L1 Shred today. 2kg weights for the cardio. 5kg for everything else except side lunges. Did leg raises with the chest flies. Did two circuits of L3 as well before I ran out of time. Intended to run but weather just so grim. May do BFBM tomorrow if rain still stops running.

greenfig Thu 07-Jun-12 21:11:57

Hi again allsmile Still plodding on here & feel it's now a part of my life which is great. Have been Jming 3 xpw & yoga or pilates on other days. Weight is still going down but I actually feel happy with my shape which is fab! Tummy, arms & even inner thighs noticeably toned-hurrah! May even invest in a bikini for summer holswink
Glad to see new thread, lots of newbies & catch up on oldies news.

Hi again

Still persevering with level 1 of RI30, I feel that a lighter week will be good for me as my knees were aching after 6W6P and now that the memory of 6W6P is fading it's seems to be harder!

Thanks for the replies to my last post. I feel i need to get NMTZ, BFBM and Killer now to try them all. I don't like the cardio so much though. I'm still having weak pelvic floor moments with all the jump moves and I'm still only using 2kg weights

How some of you are doing 2 workout back to back I dont know, I think I would be in A&E as as for using bigger weights...err...I don't think so!

new thread is great.....Not so much scrolling!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Thu 07-Jun-12 21:42:29

Great thread title. Did killer L1 super advanced with the weights, oh get me! I just didn't fancy 6w6p and was too tired to do another workout. To the poster that asked about lower back pain and the 30ds in the old thread you do have to get your form absolutely right but if you do suffer back pain some of the moves like hollow man could aggrevate it. I found that as my core muscles have got stronger my back doesn't ache as much, so shred is ideal for doing this as a strong core will help protect your back. Make sure you try not to arch your back.

peggyblackett Thu 07-Jun-12 21:45:18

Marking my place as I need to get shredding smile.

blue2 Thu 07-Jun-12 21:47:03

I try and do the BFBM once or twice a week according to how many other classes I go to. JM's workout certainly seem to work - but I really hate the music..

Has anyone managed to play another track over the top of the 'beat' (for want of a better word) that is on her DVD?

ThisisaSignofthetimes Thu 07-Jun-12 21:51:46

blue the music on BFBM is dire, so yes I mute her, stick the ipod on shuffle and have to watch careful as to when to switch to the next exercise.

Greedygirl Thu 07-Jun-12 22:34:57

Thanks for the advice re back pain. I think I am doing it right but I will watch my technique a bit more carefully. I haven't actually done it today as been away overnight and not back till late (slippery slope!) and pain is worse than ever so not sure what is going on. Lots of sitting in car probably hasn't helped.

Re the music, my DS said he was sick of JM's voice (!) so I mute her too and put on whatever music I am in the mood for. Doesn't matter if the beat is slightly out but it is useful when DS can shout out when to change exercise. DS is only 4 btw and likes to watch and join in and/or criticise encourage me. I like a bit of Scooter when exercising but each to their own!

gypsyfloss Thu 07-Jun-12 23:14:11

Hello all . I am v impressed that so many of you do back to back levels. I've been shredding again and it's been quite enjoyable to be back at L1 and doing it every day rather than alternate days like I do with 6w6p.I've been using 2 kg weights for the cardio ('cos that's just a stroll in the park otherwise) and 3kg for strength; which seems to be ok for my shoulder, knees etc.

Hope your back begins to settle soon Greedygirl- give yourself time to recover.

castlelough Thu 07-Jun-12 23:19:31

Hi Shredders!

I hope to join you soon, have just ordered 30DS and 6W6P on Amazon today.
Until today I have always thought when people (on MN) were referring to shredding that it was some extreme form of diet!
But exercise DVDs hmmm....I have never actually tried one before, but now that I live a 1 hr round trip drive from the gym this sounds like an option worth trying!
I have hand weights somewhere and an exercise mat.
Do you think it would be okay to play the DVD on my laptop?
Or should I get a DVD player?
Excited now! Hope it comes quickly!
First wedding anniversary on July 15th and have put on over a stone since last year. Could just squeeze in the 30 day shred!

Will I really see a difference after 30DS?
Sorry for the long first post.... blush

blue2 Fri 08-Jun-12 07:00:49

Thanks for your advice Thisisa and Greedy. I have an ipod...

Now I just need a 4yo to tell me when to change smile

New thread already?

No shred for me today as I'm away from home.

Re lower back pain: I have had a disectomy and suffer with lower back pain a lot. Every professional I have ever seen has said the same, and that is that a strong core muscle support is the best thing that can be done. Concentrate on technique and adapt any exercises if you need to protect your lower back. The only back exercise I have trouble with is the sit ups because my back doesn't curve properly and I can't physically lift it up.

Maybe JM should bring out a special DVD for all those with dodgy knees and backs?

If you have a couple of JM DVDs then you can always mix and match the exercises.

CHST Fri 08-Jun-12 08:52:11

hello castle , I play the dvds on my laptop sometimes, depending on where I am exercising.
It's days like this that I am thankful I workout at home! So windy!
I have been sticking to my body revolution workout plan except I do only one cardio a week instead of two as I am totally where I want to be weight wise (8 stone 6) don't want my ladies to shrink anymore than they have
has anyone else had this nasty side effect of weightloss? cries
I totally agree with worldgonecrazy in that I know my core has gotten so much stronger and I have no trouble with plank moves or hollow man/boat pose.
My two monkeys (5 and 3) decided to join me yesterday with my workout. It was so hard concentrating as I was laughing so much with them trying to do down dog pushups next to me. My 5 year old started taking pictures of me!!! So I have some quite random funny pictures of my workout yesterday.
Workout 8 for me today and next week I will be moving on to phase 3 and workouts 9,10 and cardio 3

Great busy start to the thread!

Welcome to blue, Peggyblanket and Castlelough. Castlelough you are guaranteed to see a big difference after 30 days, enjoy smile

Greenfig, hello! Things sound like they're going great. What yoga do you do out of interest? Do you go to a class or use a DVD?

CHST, ahem, yes. My 'ladies' were never that big to begin with, and now blink and you'll miss 'em! When I read down to your mention of 'monkeys', I was wondering what that was a euphamism for until I read further grin

Hello to everyone else <waves>

Nothing for me today as have people coming down for the night later, but will be doing something over the weekend.

Have a great day everyone smile

Oh, meant to say Gypsyfloss, I'm well impressed with your weights!

stigofthelump Fri 08-Jun-12 10:07:54

Hi everyone I am going to begin shredding (again, bought 30ds last year but only used it a couple of times blush I have lots of excuses!) once the big ones go back to school on Monday I am going for it! I have mat and weights but do I need 6W6P too? Wish me luck

notyummy Fri 08-Jun-12 10:18:28

Hi all!

Well, I'm another one with tiny boobs to begin with (32a and 5ft 10, si they loom particularly teeny!) Having said that I don't think they have got much smaller (not much to lose perhaps...) and my shoulders have got more defined so it has helped my pear shaped body overall. I don't mind really- I have some very good padded bras, and enjoy running, which I always think must be harder with 'proper' boobs.

Did BFBM metabolism today for the first time in a couple of months. Didn't find it that hard apart from circuit 6 with all the jump squats/standing mountain climbers etc. NMTZ tomorrow I think.

Stig- I would build strength and stamina with an initial burst of the Shred and perhaps incorporate6W6p? It is quite tough, particularly L2 when you 'double time' it. I really should do a 6W6P session tbh, as I haven't for ages.

gypsyfloss Fri 08-Jun-12 11:32:57

I'm going to swap 2 days of 6w6p for every 6th and 7th day of the shred. I suppose I could even do a shred and 6w6p on the same day! But don't hold your breath... smile

Castlelough you will definitely see a difference in 30 days, maybe not a weight difference but definitely a measurement difference.It's a real boost.

Greedygirl Fri 08-Jun-12 17:09:39

I have been inspired by you guys and did L1 30DS with weights on the cardio today! Back is still niggling but I read up on lower back pain on NHS direct and it basically said take some tablets, keep moving, stop moaning! So I did!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Fri 08-Jun-12 18:54:42

L4 ripped today, haven't done it for a while and had forgotten how much you are in plank! greedy well done, keep going, it's good advice to keep moving.

Have a good weekend.

mollycuddles Sat 09-Jun-12 00:09:16

Can I join?
I am new to JM. Did my 6th L2 of 30 DS today. I do phone it in a bit with the cardio though as I find the jumping about murder on my knees (wooden floors) and my main passion fitness wise is running so I want to look after my knees. Any cardio that involves jumping (about half of them in level 2) I just do the boxing from level 1.
I've started JM because my abs and arms and inner thighs are rubbish despite my running. I can see differences already smile
What are the best next steps in terms of results in a short workout for abs and arms?

castlelough Sat 09-Jun-12 01:30:49

Ooh thanks everyone for the encouragement! Now I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can get started!
I'll be back to join you all properly as soon as I get my hands on my 30DS! smile

notyummy Sat 09-Jun-12 07:50:01

Hi Molly. No More Trouble Zones is good for abs and arms I think- and no jumping! It isn't short if you do the whole thing, but it is a series of 6 minute circuits and you can either do them all or choose the ones you want. Each circuit focuses on a couple of different areas so you could choose the ones that focus on the bits you are interested in.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 09-Jun-12 07:55:22

Hi molly, the only other short workout that JM does is I believe, Ripped in 30. 4 levels very similar to 30DS, so if you are concerned about your knees you will have to sub the jumping cardio intervals. Six week, six pack is 2 levels 30 mins each. Focus is on core but quite a bit of plank work so good for arms as well. Alternatively No More Trouble Zones is about 45 mins but you can select circuits from a choice of 7, there are three specifically for shoulders, biceps and triceps, each circuit is around 6 mins, so if you don't have the time for the whole workout just select those for arms, there are also a couple that focus on core. It's actually my favourite and very little jumping around, it's less cardio more toning but I still work up a sweat with it.

Greedygirl Sat 09-Jun-12 09:10:48

I meant to say castlelough that I am about half way through 30 days and I don't feel any lighter but I do feel tighter! I wish I had done my measurements at the beginning but only just got around to doing them yesterday so I will measure again in a week or so and see if here is any difference. I feel a lot better mentally and looking forward to trying out some of the different DVDs once I complete 30 days.

I found this goal setting thing in one of my mags and I am going to use it to keep myself motivated so thought I would share it with you all;

The changes I want to make are:
The reasons I want to change are:
My steps in making this change will be:
The other people who can help me change are:
How they can help:
Things that could interfere are:
I will know things are working if:
At 1 month my reward will be:
At 3 months my reward will be:
At 6 months my reward will be:

I like the bit about the rewards but not so keen on the "people who can help me" because if I ask DH for support it is like giving him permission to boss me about and I am allergic to being told what to do!

JambalayaCodfishPie Sat 09-Jun-12 09:31:19

Hi Ladies, can I join you?

I'm a fitness instructor, but currently on maternity leave. My DD, 6wks has left me with a bit of a jelly belly that I will be attacking with 30DS and have also just ordered the six week six pack too.

I know Jill Michaels will get me into shape again when I can't get to the gym as much as I'd like! grin

Well ladies, I went out last night, danced for 3 hours and only broke into a light sweat and a bloke asked me if I worked out when he felt my stomach muscles. This has NEVER happened to me before, so may the Gods bless you Jillian Michaels, you have changed my life!

As I did three hours dancing last night my knees are absolutely knackered today so I'm giving myself the weekend off. Back to it on Monday morning.

Morning all!

Hi Molly smile Agree that NMTZ is the one with the least impact on the knees. And you can cut down the length if it's too long... I guess if you got all of her DVDs, you'd end up with a selection of cardio options that would suit your knees - but that might be an expensive process grin

Well I did another double-whammy yesterday <faints> L1 Killer followed by L2 Ripped. Managed to do those serving bicep pendulum whatnots with 2.5 kg weights which I was chuffed about. Nearly gave up the ghost on the double-plank cardio section, but powered on through!

Hope no one has been blown away, don't you just love the British summer weather! Have a great weekend smile

CHST Sat 09-Jun-12 11:02:47

worldgonecrazy that is fab about the abs!!!!
I think I am going to do level 2 of yoga meltdown today for a mix up. I was toying with that or 6 week 6 pack level 2. Yoga it is. Will see if I can encourage one of my boys to join.
I went to my mum's last weekend and my Niece gasped at my weightloss...she was genuinely shocked. I can't remember seriously the last time I was in such good shape. Probably when I was 18 and a yoga fanatic.

CHST Sat 09-Jun-12 11:05:38

Oh and another 1lb lost this week which takes me to 117lbs or 8st 5. I really don't want to lose anymore weight...I want to maintain this weight so I need to figure out how to do that. Upping calories probably. I am moving on to phase 3 next week and it will be another step up in the workouts. I am looking forward to plank jack push ups and Dive bombers...might change my mind after my monday workout!
Hello Jambalaya!!!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 09-Jun-12 11:09:20

Hi did BFBM today with weights on some of the cardio, that makes a huge difference, I thought my shoulders would explode with the standing mountain climbers. CHST what is yoga meltdown like, I assume as its a JM production it's not an easy option?

IslaValargeone Sat 09-Jun-12 11:12:51

Can I ask, is shred any good for legs?
I have the dvd but am yet to attempt it. My stomach is ok but my legs need work.

gypsyfloss Sat 09-Jun-12 12:02:05

Hi Isla I have found the Shred great for shrinking my thighs, plenty of squats and lunges with weights in it.

Isla the shred is great for legs, especially Level 3. All the jumping really works the thighs and calves, and there is a kicking exercise which lifts the bum cheeks too.

CHST Sat 09-Jun-12 12:21:24

Thisisasign the yoga meltdown is Jillian, yes, a yoga with reps if you will but I don't find it as taxing as her other workouts. It isn't a relaxing yoga though! More about using bodyweight to "shred" as she puts it and I want to start doing it regularly after body revolution to increase my flexibility

Happypiglet Sat 09-Jun-12 13:17:14

Hi I am back... From camping in the rain and wind...although we did get some nice days! So no Jillianing in over a week... Might try to get back to it today though probably with L1 of something. I fancy Killer.
The week away was not a total write off though, lots of biking and walking with kids. Plus managed an hours body surfing in the north sea...good side effect of all that wind was some fab waves! And I must have burnt quite a lot of calories just keeping warm... It plunged to 3 degrees one night!
Not keen on weighing myself though as diet was a bad mixture of cooked breakfasts and chocolate!
I go away for one week and a whole new thread starts up! Nice to see you all and some new faces....
Anyway back to the washing mountain....it will be conquered!

IslaValargeone Sat 09-Jun-12 13:31:45

Damn it, I was hoping you would say it's no good for legs, I'm going to have to bloody do it now grin
I start Monday.

Last night my lovely honest DH said I definitely look better but then ruined it by saying I haven't changed much recently, not since the first workout I did (30DS) and that maybe I was not the right shape to ever have a waist! so much for the 6W6P then grin
I think he meant well it just sounded a bit wrong
However I caved in and weighed myself today and I was 8 stone 11 and a half (I was 9st 6 when i started)
I weighed myself twice more in disbelief and am now never getting on the scales again in case it goes back up grin
I think I will always be waistless stocky but I like the feeling working out gives me so I won't stop.
Day off today though, Saturday is always my day off then tomorrow I should start RI30 level 2 but I may do Level 1 once more. Those hollow man things are a killer, do the other levels of RI30 contain lots of those?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and hasn't been blown away by the winds!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 09-Jun-12 18:29:30

you've I don't think she repeats hollow man but each level has its own horrors, there always seems to be something in her workouts that I absolutely hate!
Good luck isla for Monday

Youvecat, L4 has a bit of hollow man (I've just done it!) - sort of ab hold into hollow man, but it doesn't last long you'll be okay...

Have to say everyone's news of changes / compliments / weight loss is truly inspiring smile

Welcome to the thread stig and isla and welcome back happypiglet!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 09-Jun-12 19:46:40

oh god, I did L4 last night, I must have blanked it from my mind!

chocolateshoes Sat 09-Jun-12 19:55:03

hi everyone,

haven't posted for a long time and sort of lost you all!

Doing back to back RippedL4 plus either ShredL3 or 3 circuits from NMTZ at the moment but have had today off due to massive over indulgence on a girls night out yesterday. JM would not be happy. Hope to be back to it tomorrow. The only good thing about this rubbish weather is that working out isn't so hard!

hello & welcome to all the newcomers on this thread!

Happypiglet Sat 09-Jun-12 20:16:28

Ok so I decided in a moment of insanity to ease myself back in after a week off with Killer L2.... I enjoyed it... I have missed the masochism!!! grin
It's good to be back on the wagon. Happy Saturday all.

FerryGirl Sun 10-Jun-12 20:35:25

Hello - could I join?

I have just done L1 of 30DS (which almost killed me grin). I have 2 DDs and have just managed to lose the baby weight from DD2 (who is now 3 and a half blush. I swim 3x a week, walk everywhere but am still quite flabby and am hoping Jillian will deal with it! I like the way she sort of shouts at you to keep going, as think I may have a strongly masochistic streak!

Am aiming to do the 30 days and then to have the body of a goddess grin....

peachypips Sun 10-Jun-12 21:20:54

Hi all- completely new to this and have just ordered 30DS. Can I join you? I am a stone overweight and doing slimming world too, but I want my body tone back!

notyummy Mon 11-Jun-12 08:24:56

Welcome Peachy and Ferry! It will seem hard at first but it is worth it. Make sure you measure yourself.

I had a very Jillian heavy week last week because the weather was rubbish and I struggled to run. Two gym sessions in the hotel Monday and Tuesday, Ripped/Killer on Wednesday, double Shred Thursday, BFBM on Friday and NMTZ on Saturday. Nothing yesterday due to hangover blush and no time for anything today. Hoping desperately to get out for long run tomorrow and then some JM Wednesday.

Keep it up everyone.

Happypiglet Mon 11-Jun-12 12:04:22

Hi Peachy and Ferry it does work but you need to stick at it. The first couple of days I ached like mad but if you work through it it gets better.
Well was all ready to exercise last evening and then DH wimped out of his run due to the weather so I didn't do it...blush
So today I have made myself do Ripped L3 which I hate! It's the squat jumps and jumping lunges that kill me!
No time tomorrow or Wednesday in the day. May make myself do something in the evening but I am never at my best then and prone to phoning it in or just not bothering! will have time on Thursday before my smear test...yuck how do they come around so quickly!
Keep up the good work everyone!

CHST Mon 11-Jun-12 12:05:38

Hello peachy and ferry I am sure you will be Jillian mad like the rest of us very soon. I like being shouted at too.
First time of workout 9 for me today including plank jack push ups (managed both sets no modifications), ab hold to plank, to ab hold, in plank position, curling weights round to do uppercuts (sounds confusing) Dive bombers, down dog series, side burpees, single leg walk outs to plank, chair pose, boat to hollow man, rock and rolls, plank crunches, plank moguls etc. In short, a lot of plank work just like Jillian likes!
My darling son decided to jump full pelt into my jaw yesterday as I was leaning over him so now my jaw is all bruised and the left side of my neck is strained. Lucky me!!!

peachypips Mon 11-Jun-12 12:21:36

I'm worried it's going to be so hard I'm going to be put off! Did anyone here do it from a beginner?

gingercat12 Mon 11-Jun-12 12:25:47

I do not feel very motivated by 6W6P. Somehow I find it harder now than when I started. Maybe it is just doing it on a more advanced level.

Will re-start the Shred tomorrow. Depending what football is on.

worldgonecrazy I am so envious of you dancing.

I carried some large plant pots home from the neighbouring village, but I was too busy admiring my biceps, so 70% of the way through I had to hand them over to DH. Worryingly I kept hearing Jillian's voice in my head urging me to go on.

CHST Hope you will feel better. I do not dare to go the doctor, as he would think my DH knocks me around. When it is only my 4-y-o son. Only an accident, you know - he says.

Hi all smile
Just a quickie from me, nothing yesterday but something later...haven't decided what yet!

Peachy, definitely, yes! I imagine most of us started with Shred so don't be put off! We're all sorts of levels on this thread, there are people starting out and there's notyummy and CHST people who are more hardcore exercisers, and everyone else in between!

If you find it hard to start with, don't be put off by that either! The first few days are tough, but you will quickly settle into it and the results are so worth it. Use cans of beans / bottles of water if you haven't yet got weights...

Better go, someone coming round to look at ongoing damp problems in the house sad

I gave up on 6W6P, it just didn't seem to do anything for me. I didn't enjoy the exercises very much. If someone wants the DVD I'd be happy to send it on to anyone who is interested for the price of a donation to Operation Smile, or a charity of your choice.

FerryGirl Mon 11-Jun-12 13:29:30

Thanks for the warning about the aching! I have sore legs today but will persevere this evening! (repeat.....I WILL have the body of a goddess in 29 days grin)

ThisisaSignofthetimes Mon 11-Jun-12 19:57:22

Hi peachy, I started out with Davina (which now would feel like your mother's workout) and was OMG when the first set of strength exercises in L1 was press ups! But most of her exercises have a beginner option so it really isn't too bad, honest! You will be sore for a couple of days but that pain is your muscle fibres repairing themselves and getting stronger. Get through the first 3 sessions and you will be well away.

CHST hope your jaw is getting better, your workout no 9 sounds interesting, I'm just trying to imagine what some of those exercises are!

Awful weather yesterday so cycled on exercise bike as felt like a day off from JM and short of time tonight so did 4 circuits of NMTZ ( finally managed most of the tricep circuit with 3kg, have been on 2kg for ages, will feel it tomorrow).

gypsyfloss Mon 11-Jun-12 21:01:05

Ferrygirl definitely just keep plodding on with it; it really does work.

I started on the Shred, moved on to Ripped & didn't like it, flirted with 6w6p which I really like but only L1 and now am back Shredding again with added weights and a couple of 6w6p moves tagged on to the end. I love the Shred, I can feel the difference and it's quick and over and done with so I am happy to do it every day.

Peachy, big apologies - i was skim-reading this morning and thought you were saying you were worried about being put off this thread - sorry! blush

So, the second part of my post to you earlier was relevant, and the first part was totally irrelevant! Again, sorry!

I've done no Jillianing tonight, bad! Got caught up with the footie, and ... well ...the time just disappeared grin

I will report back tomorrow with better results. Could Do Better!

Greedygirl Mon 11-Jun-12 21:38:03

I keep trying but not getting on with L3 of shred at all so sticking to L1 and L2 and using weights during cardio and doing hard (Natalie) version of as many exercises as possible. I can do ten press ups in a row now! I feel more toned around my shoulders and chest and upper arms for sure (day 16) but my tummy is still bleurgh. Can't expect miracles! Thinking I might start doubling up L1 and L2 but don't want to get bored of it. I love the fact that it is over in 20 minutes or so and I can do it in my pjs if necessary!

Re the aching legs - I had to lower myself onto the loo by hanging onto the shower cubicle (TMI!) after the first workout but I just get a nice pleasant ache in my legs now. You are strong, this is eaaasy for you!

MeDented Mon 11-Jun-12 21:53:04

What time of day do you all fit this in? I easily put myself off because of all sorts of excuses and can't work out when would be easiest. Also do you get all dressed in keep fit gear, exercise, then shower and re-dress? See I think that is going to take sooooo long I persuade myself I don't have time!

Greedygirl Mon 11-Jun-12 22:01:09

Hello MeDented, I try and do it in the morning if at all possible or as soon as I get home from work so that a shower fits in nicely afterwards. First thing is the best for me, I definitely find more excuses as the day wears on. I normally just chuck on tracksuit bottoms and a top but have been known to do it in my pjs, I look a right state to be honest which is one of the joys of exercising in your own front room.

gypsyfloss Mon 11-Jun-12 22:06:48

MeDented I exercise whenever; today was about 5pm 'cos earlier we had some workmen in and I couldn't face them catching me at it. Tomorrow will probably have to be first thing. I try to think that in the amount of time I spend fannying about thinking about it I could have started and be half way through smile

MeDented Mon 11-Jun-12 22:09:17

But do you go and get changed or just do it in what you are wearing? I feel I need to go and put sports bra, joggers, t-shirt, trainers first and cba!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Mon 11-Jun-12 22:14:40

during the week, do it in the evening in gym gear, shower then change into PJ's. Have to do this as have large chest which requires a level 4 shock absorber, it would be too painful to do in my PJ's! At weekend, out of PJ's, gym gear, shower, change into clothes.

Happypiglet Mon 11-Jun-12 22:27:25

I try to do mine straight after school drop off. So get up straight into exercise kit and wander to school unshowered and looking a mess!! Then home, exercise, shower and get into 'day clothes'. But yes if I do it any other time I get changed shower and get back into normal clothes/ PJs.
But as Shred is so short I can get all that done in less than an hour. If I went to the gym it would be two hours out of my day.

Happypiglet Mon 11-Jun-12 22:33:51

Although at least I do the school run as a toned mess!! wink

MeDented Mon 11-Jun-12 22:34:15

Ok so I'm just being lazy then- I thought so!

MeDented - I do mine at 5.15 a.m. because that's the only time I have in my day. I get up, put on sports bra, legging thingies and trainers, do the exercise and am in the shower by 5.50 a.m. We have to leave the house at 6.30 a.m. If you have a more normal set up and have to leave the house by, say, 8.00 a.m. that would translate into getting up at 6.45 a.m. so not too onerous. I prefer to do my exercise in the morning because it makes me feel good all day and also you burn more calories if you boost your metabolism in the morning as the extra boost lasts for up to 16 hours, but is switched off if you go to sleep.

Getting up early seems really horrible for the first couple of days, but after a week I was bouncing out of bed ready to to get shredded.

CHST Tue 12-Jun-12 10:40:44

ginger you go checking those biceps out!!! It is these things that keep us going I think! My chin is feeling a bit better though still bruised.

MeDented I sometimes do it in the morning when dh gets up so 6:30 but if I've had a bad night, I can't muster the energy. I do prefer to do it early as then you aren't trying to figure out when to fit it in with the rest of the day. I personally think I work my best in the morning. I get changed into shorts or legging type sports trousers and wear a sports bra and trainers. I shower after and then get changed into whatever.

Workout 10 today and it was pretty tough. A lot of weighted plyo. Weighted cardio. weighted windmills were especially brutal and a lot of lunge/ lunge kicjs...good for getting the agression out though!

Jellybellyrbest Tue 12-Jun-12 11:13:45

Hi Ladies! I'm still plodding away doing 30DS here...finding that with 2 DC & therefore 3 daily school runs plus an 8 WO DD who Im BF, I'm even struggling to get a 20min WO in daily. I am cycling a little on my static bike (short hard bursts) & walking to school & back when weather permits: it's a really steep hill on the way back & it's an hour round trip. Reading all your posts is motivating me, so thank you! Also wondering if you can advise; should I get NMTZ? figure I could do a couple of the 6min WO once or twice daily & keep trying with the cardio where I can.....all advice appreciated!
Hi Jam BTW! Hope your 30DS going well!

Jellybellyrbest Tue 12-Jun-12 11:28:15

Ps. I have 1st to lose, but my tummy is my main trouble area post DD 3!!!!

Gherkinsmummy Tue 12-Jun-12 12:32:57

Level 3 of Ripped yesterday after a week off on holiday, and I ache today! But what a relief to get past all the plank exercises in Level 2. Any tips on how to do the rocknrollers? It seemed to move very fast!

VenetiaLanyon Tue 12-Jun-12 12:41:23

Hello all,

Just popping in to say hi; I'm still suffering back problems (non-shredding related) so haven't done anything for nearly a month now, and am panicking about getting back into it...am seeing physio, so hoping to be back here soon


gingercat12 Tue 12-Jun-12 13:20:38

MeDented On my workdays I only have time in the evenings. Exercise at 8pm, shower and nightie. On my 4 non-workdays I do it whenever normally at 10 am or 2 pm though (It is to do with having to wait an hour after eating). I rearrange the lounge to have space to jump, kick etc, set up portable dvd-player for toddler and give him squash, change into gym gear and off I go. Then I rearrange the lounge again, have a shower, wash and dry my short hair, and get dressed. Even with the long Killer or 6W6P sessions, it takes only an hour which includes some pampering and cool-down time. Jillian always it is me-time, and that is how I view it.

I decided to change up to L2 in 6W6P. After 18 days L1 is just too boring. Although my abs are definitely stronger.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 12-Jun-12 17:32:57

jelly, NMTZ is my favourite. I have a love hate relationship with the tricep circuit, love that it is making them more defined, hate it because I find it so hard and it hurts! If you are doing sufficient cardio from other exercises I would say go for it. There are, I think 3 circuits for core/abs in combo with other parts of the body, if you feel your stomach is your problem area. You can't spot reduce fat but your cardio should be helping with that, but you can tone the underlying muscle so that when the flab goes you can see the muscles. You should factor in the warm up and cool down as well, so you are probably looking at around 20 mins for a couple of circuits. Have you consider 6w6p as that's around 30 mins but has the cardio built in. NMTZ doesn't have cardio as such but will still get your heart going.

I seem to find myself doing the longer workouts now more often, I saw a podcast from JM the other day where she said that you needed to do 30 mins minimum for an exercise session, which makes me wonder why she advocates shred and ripped? I suppose 20 mins is a good way to encourage you to get into the habit of exercise.

Anyway with that I'm off to do BFBM!

peachypips Tue 12-Jun-12 18:45:23

sign I didn't even notice!!!!
Thanks for the encouragement all- just awaiting the arrival of the DVD!

Happypiglet Tue 12-Jun-12 21:00:00

Hi venetia glad to see you again hope your back gets better soon. jellybelly I think you are wholly inspiring even trying to work out whilst bF an 8 week old!
Well I have totally failed today. Too busy during the day and have wimped out this evening. So instead I am watching The Biggest Loser live final (obviously not live!) and eating toast...woops... Jillian is wearing a rather unfetching White trouser suit which does nothing for me!
Busy again tomorrow but MUST try to do something in the evening or I won't make my five sessions before Friday....someone kick me in the butt please!!

<gives happypiglet a virtual kick in the butt>

Venetia, good to see you! smile I hope the big day wasn't marred by your back? Poor you. Hope you can get it fixed soon.

L1 Shred for me today. Did 2.5 kg throughout and good enough for me after 2 days off - it's so much harder to get going again after more than 1 day off. I totally relate to whoever mentioned the pre-exercise mental faffing about. I spend at least 1/2 hour doing this, usually as I'm finishing up work, it's so silly!

Hope no one has floated away in this rain. Awful amounts of rainfall are predicted in our area for Thursday night, batten down the hatches and hold on tight!

bacon Tue 12-Jun-12 23:39:52

I think I'm going back to it. Gave it a long rest as I was so exhausted I couldnt put in the minimum amount of days. Started on the concept 2 rower so will aim to do that as well. I'm doing kettle bells class when I can get out which is excellent. Poss swim tomorrow unless I do go back on dvd (got to say its a bit monotinous). I do find the motivation with gym classes better for me plus it means I get out! Will try!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 13-Jun-12 00:45:16

Hi all, can I join? On day 6 of shred, except that I didn't do any yesterday or today blush
I knew work was going to make it difficult but I HAVE to get back on the wagon tomorrow.

mollycuddles Wed 13-Jun-12 07:39:18

I don't manage to shred every day but I'm still getting results. I've just done my 8th level 2. I think I'll try NMTZ next and/or repeat the shred with more of Natalie. Thanks for the advice. I dream of being able to do a full push up. But with Jillian I'm beginning to think it'll happen!

Greedygirl Wed 13-Jun-12 08:10:56

Jellybelly wow! I didn't contemplate exercise for ages after having my DS! Good for you.

Gherkinsmummy - can't remember what the rocknrollers are on L3 - I tend to mute JM and have music on. There are quite a few bits of L3 that I struggle with. Can you describe it?

Happypiglet - you know you want to! Do it today and report back. When I don't feel like it I just let myself do an easier level and give it my all, doing something has got to be better than nothing. Ha ha, listen to me, I have done Shred for 16 days and I am an exercise guru hmm.

Threesteps yep, ikwym, I didn't do Shred yesterday as was a really long day on a school trip to Alton Towers and a little voice in my head this morning said it didn't want to do it today either! So I am going to do it soon and get it over with. 2.5 kg is impressive, my DH kindly bought my weights for me but they are only 1kg each! I maybe need to invest in some more.

Greedygirl Wed 13-Jun-12 08:26:50

Yay! Just bought the JM box set with 30DS, BFBM, NMTZ and 6W6P! Genuinely excited! Been looking at the reviews and think I need a bit of BFBM to try and target my middle bits. But will stick to 30DS when time is short.

notyummy Wed 13-Jun-12 08:58:42

greedy - it's definitely good to have a few different weights so you can quickly change up and down and make sure you are always pushing yourself. There are some exercises (like the clean and press in L3 shred) that are relatively easy and you can up the weights, whereas something like a squat and v raise I find tougher. I use 7kg for the clean and press, but 3 kg for the v raises, for example - a real contrast! The rock and rollers are the ones where you squat, then sit down, roll back, get back up again and jump! I actually quite like them, particularly because I can do them better than DH as my balance is slightly better.

No JM since Saturday for me. 5 mile run yesterday and another run planned today. Will do at least one Ripped (maybe more) first thing tomorrow morning depending on how much time I have.

Gherkinsmummy Wed 13-Jun-12 10:49:10

The rocknrollers are squats back into reverse crunches. I just can't keep up! I've decided to take Level 3 quite slowly and will probably do it for a couple of weeks as its quite a big jump from Level 2. I notice that even the girls demonstrating get a bit feeble on some of the moves.

Nolda Wed 13-Jun-12 11:27:00

Hi, having joined previous thread I promptly fell off the JM wagon but today will be day 2 of Level 3 shred with only two days off so far. Hoping to finish the 30 days this time. I did do it a couple of years ago but have failed to repeat this achievement since (and have put on a stone blush).

Greedy - I hope you enjoy your JM box set. I have all her UK DVDs but Shred and NMTZ are my favourites.

Zombies - It's only 20 mins, get it done!

Venetia - I hope the physio sorts your back problem out so you can start exercising again soon.

gingercat12 Wed 13-Jun-12 12:51:14

Thisisasignoftimes Ripped does go up to 30 minutes. I suppose you can combine the Shred with something longer at the weekend.

I have restarted the Shred with heavier weights. It is amazing how much stronger I am, although I still get spent by the end. Maybe L2 will be less of a challenge this time. Unlikely. 6W6P made my abs noticably stronger. How could I ever do the Shred with no abs to speak of?!

Greedygirl Wed 13-Jun-12 13:02:32

Re the rocknrollers - no wonder I didn't know what they were, I have never done Ripped! Sound painful!! Yikes.

Notyummy 7kg!! But ikwym, I find the chest fly exercise really easy but my arms still ache (even with 1kg) on some of the others. I think I will get some 2.5kg and then some heavier ones once I feel the difference.

Gingercat12re the tummy muscles, I had none to speak of and they are still quite weedy! I am hoping that eventually I will have some muscles in my tummy so I can do situps. At the moment it just looks like a magic trick to me.

Well I am glad I ignored the bad voice that told me not to bother today, I really enjoyed it. The good voice told me to try two levels together but the bad voice won that argument!

notyummy Wed 13-Jun-12 15:58:37

Did L 3 and 4 Ripped in the end as it was raining and I couldn't face running in the rain. Was tough. I will admit to missing out one of the very last cardio things in L4 (one of the moguls sessions) as my blackberry was buzzing and I decided it could be important hmm. Or it could have been that I was knackered....

Jellybellyrbest Wed 13-Jun-12 19:15:23

Aw thx for all the lovely comments! I'm a bit of an 'all or nothing' person when it comes to diet & exercise. So if I miss a day or two I find it diff to get back on the wagon. Good to read that some of you are still seeing results regardless of missing the odd session! It spurs me on. Going to Shred this evening & am dithering between ordering the box set (like Greedy) or just NMTZ for now....decisions!
Have managed to stop eating biscuits & chocolate in the evenings-yay! Trying to eat more protein too; 0% Greek Yog/eggs/fish. Hope that helps too. Loving this thread!

Can I just ask you all if its possible to do the 30DS with a bad ankle? I badly sprained it almost two weeks ago, I managed my Davina dvd today, just leaving out the fat burning intervals.

My plan was to start the 30DS in a couple of weeks...

Am I completely fooling myself? And if I am, what can I do to tone up as much as I can before my holiday on 6 Aug?

Help! And thanks smile

Jellybellyrbest Wed 13-Jun-12 20:13:42

Melody; hi there. Just lost a post about s'thing similar. I've got a dodgy r calf. Managed circuits 1&2 of L1 30DS today before my 8WO DD woke up. Just as I finished, the old muscle tear in my R calf I've had a few times in the past twanged. It's ok when I walk, but know that jumping jacks etc will aggravate it. Jillian actually says that the squatting boxing move is a good way to get the Cardio in if you've a lower limb injury....so was thinking about doing that instead of all the jumping moves. Wonder if you could do the same?? Guess it depends how well your ankle has healed....Maybe s'one who knows more will come along soon...

Ferry, how's your Shred going? I'm a newbie too & it's been a bit stop start for me!

FerryGirl Wed 13-Jun-12 20:28:04

Hello all

Just crawling to the sofa after day 3 (had to have a day off yesterday as got back from work at 11 pm and was very very sore in the thighs blush I fear I haven't used those muscles ever! Day 3 was a bit easier. I am hanging out for "days 5 to 7" where jillian has informed me it will feel much easier! Hard to imagine going beyond L1 at the moment - is that normal?

ThisisaSignofthetimes Wed 13-Jun-12 20:30:50

ginger,is ripped 30, I thought it was the same as shred with an extra level, I don't count the warm up and cool down I have done ripped a few times, not my favourite I have to admit, maybe the time goes by quicker, will have to dig it out and see what it says on cover! I do sometimes combine workouts, once did killer plus NMTZ, never again!

melody I would always be cautious about exercising with an injury but there is enough in shred that I think you could still some of it. Would agree with jelly that you can do the squat boxing combo instead of say jumping jacks. I think though that only you will know if you are able to do each exercise. I'd say if it hurts wait for it to recover, you risk prolonging recovery. Can you do a non weightbearing exercise like swimming, might be a better option at the moment?

Greedygirl Wed 13-Jun-12 20:35:27

ferrygirl yep, it took me about a week to even contemplate doing level 2 of shred, it is normal to feel that way IMO!

Evening all smile

Jellybelly and Melody (that's my mum's name!), I'd second the advice to go easy if you're injured in case it prolongs the recovery time. If you feel happy to do the strength stuff, and it's just the cardio stuff that hurts, the boxing one would definitely be a good one to do for cardio. There's another cardio move in Ripped, where you stand still in a crescent pose (it's hard to explain the pose but it should be easy to find by googling) and manically move the arms like a power walk. That's another option. (she does agree that you'll look ridiculous doing it, but it's effective!). You could add weights to hold too, to up the ante.

Hope you both recover soon!

Ferrgirl, yes it will definitely get easier! The first few days were a total ache-fest, I was walking downstairs sideways...but things starting getting much easier by day 4/5...honest! Not imaginging getting beyond L1 is also completely normal, although once you've memorised every word she says, you're usually ready to move on!

L2 Ripped for me today with 2.5 kg weights. Didn't really feel that 'worked out' afterwards so I'll have to up my game tomorrow. Either a double Ripped/Shred or one of her longer ones famous last words!--

See you tomorrow everyone...

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 13-Jun-12 22:43:36

Yay got it done! Day 7, with 2 days skipped in the middle. Using 5 pound weights. Stage 1 of Shred.

FerryGirl Wed 13-Jun-12 22:57:46

Legs are officially better today! Roll on day 4!

CHST Thu 14-Jun-12 08:13:33

meldody I've had a couple of injuries and always modify or sub exercises. Static cardio are punches like someone else mentioned, or moving your arms like you are running but in crescent pose, fast squats might be okay as well. What I'd do is test a few things out before hand and see if you can do them without pain, maybe you just limit range of movement.
I did cardio 3 yesterday and it was the first time I have come close to being physically sick. There were lots of exercises, side burpees, standing mountain climbers (hate them) straight into high knees with torso rotation, jump kicks, plank moguls, long jump two back, etc. They are only 20 seconds each exercise but you go straight into the next one, whereas with cardio 1 and 2, you get a bit more time to get your breath back and longer time, less exercises.
Today got up early to do workout 9. Enjoying it actually! Looking forward to 10 tomorrow. I sweat a lot though! Wondering what the last 2 workouts will bring in a few weeks time. I will be finished body revolution in 3 weeks....then I will have to think what I am going to do next...probably a mix of Jillian and I want to get Bob Harper's DVDs so if anyone can reccomend any in particular?

gypsyfloss Thu 14-Jun-12 08:48:55

gingercat I'm on my last day of Shred L1 with heavier weights and am really pleased with how it is going. I thought I'd be bored doing it all again but tbh I work really hard and feel the difference. I am ready to move on to my fav level though , I am a bit tired of starting with press-ups ( I thought yesterday was day 10 and was a bit gutted to realise I had one more day to go!)

Nolda Thu 14-Jun-12 10:34:51

I would just like to say, jumping lunges. Ouch!

Happypiglet Thu 14-Jun-12 12:17:28

Well I failed yesterday but have done Ripped L3 today. It's hard! I agree Nolda jumping lunges are the devil's work! There is a set in circuit 3 of L3 ripped. I managed to do nearly all of them today. Woohoo...
Well done everyone it's lovely and busy on here and inspiring me on days when I feel like not bothering...

gingercat12 Thu 14-Jun-12 12:18:15

Thisisasignoftimes TBH I only really know how much the full Ripped, as I look at the DVD player at the end. (And also every 5 minutess...)

gypsy I am dreading L2 of the Shred. Last time I could not do any plank jacks at all. (And I still lost a lot of weight.) Hopefully it will be better now. Good luck.

I will work at the weekend, so can do much less exercise. Also the Father's Day book for DH got delayed and I was panicking, so ordered DH his favourite Devon scones with jam and cream from Devon (cost an arm and a leg). But the point is I will have to help him eat them, wouldn't I? Clearly the book has arrived, too now.

gingercat12 Thu 14-Jun-12 12:19:25

In Killer / Ripped I just did the beginner jumping lunges. I will try to be more adventorous in the Shred now. Ouch!

Thanks all, thats really helpful

I think I will need to take it easy, but its good that I can still do something as long as i take it easy.

I have leant my dvd to my friend so she could be my guinea pig, but I am due to have it back in two weeks, so will come and join you all then!


Ripped level 2 day 5 today

It's beginning to hurt my knees. Like all those jump squats and plank jacks I did in the Shred, so I'm doing a mixture of --lying down and panting--beginner and advanced moves.

I just can't do the last but one move on level 2. It's an ab move, a crunch with a leg raise thingy, but she sticks out one arm and one leg and raises up. I just can't work out which arm and leg I should be moving and I just can't get up there. I struggle with normal sit ups but by the time I've managed to get the correct arm and leg and raise myself up they've all done about 10 and moved on!

I can only just do the crawling up your leg one too, I have helicopter arms on my version to help me lift up, I'm sure it's good for my biceps triceps or whatever they are grin

I will persevere till I can DO this level. I think I'll need more than a week!

The good news was that I exactly 8 st 11 this morning which is my lowest weight so far. BUT I MUST stop weighing myself more than once a week

Hope everyone has a fab weekend

Greedygirl Thu 14-Jun-12 18:13:56

Hi everyone. Still loving my daily shred and this thread but I have come on for a little moan. I am not seeing any difference in my measurements or clothes. I am definitely feeling fitter and stronger but aibu in just wanting to look better?! I haven't really changed my eating habits but I am not a massive over-eater, I have a weakness for biscuits and chocolate but not to excess. I am 17 days in and I want my trousers to be hanging off me in a slimmer of the year fashion! Please tell me that next week I will get three weeks worth of results!

Youvecat, those crawl up your leg things get me too. I don't do them well and therefore feel they're not doing much good. I have to admit I do substitute a fair few of the abs sections generally for ones I know I do well and are effective for me.

Aw greedygirl, you are perfectly entitled to have a moan! But...I seem to remember being very despondent that nothing seemed to be changing apart from my arms, which in my eyes were looking bigger. And I think it was around day 20 (definitely with about 10 days to go) I suddenly starting getting the odd compliment, and really noticed that things had changed, mainly bums and thighs I think.

It's really frustrating when you're putting the effort in and it doesn't seem to be paying off, but keep at it and I'm sure you'll be rewarded smile. (Although I bet there have been some changes but you may not have noticed them smile)

oops, forgot to report my epic L3 Killer ... and ... L2 Shred grin. Stayed with 2.5 kg apart from the V-raises, second go round, but am pretty pleased!

For longer-term JMers, are you finding no changes any more (so I guess just maintaining?). Following on from my post to greedygirl, I was really buoyed on by seeing the changes when I first did Shred, it seems harder to keep as motivated with not so much to see in visible results. Or... are you long-termers still seeing changes? And what are they?

I thank you grin

Greedygirl Thu 14-Jun-12 21:28:27

Is Killer as evil as it sounds?! Well done on the double shift Threesteps! And thanks for the words of encouragement...of course you do know that I am now just counting down to day 20 and waiting for the compliments to start flooding in! Actually, I tried on my tight work trousers earlier and there is no difference whatsoever around the waist, still some muffin top going on BUT I thought that they seemed a bit slacker around the bum. I am determined to keep going anyway because it is making me feel better.

Jellybellyrbest Thu 14-Jun-12 22:07:39

Managed my L1 Shred 3rd day in a row. It is ridiculous how difficult it is to even get 30mins to get changed & do it with a small person around!! (And 2 slightly bigger small 'uns)...So am really pleased :-)
I did only do the squatting boxing things & a few jumping jack's for cardio due to the problematic R calf. Still feel my muscles burning, especially my thighs & tried to follow Natalie for most moves. Hoping I'll still see my measurements improving..
I'm so impressed by what some of you are doing & the weights you're using!!! Eek! Mine are 2kg & by the end of L1 my arms are wobbly!!!!

CHST Thu 14-Jun-12 22:22:58

threesteps I am pretty much at maintenance now but am still seeing changes, mainly in my abs...getting more definition, particularly in the middle part of the 6 pack. My obliques are very well defined too. Also in my biceps and back..lots of muscle change there. My motivation is to maintain, that I want to maintain how I look and keep the muscle definition. Even my son who is 5 was going on about my leg muscles the other day

Well done Jellybelly!

Greedygirl, some people don't find Killer too bad. It's a great DVD. L2 and L3 are a step up from L1. I think for me it's the cardio stuff combined with the rest of the workout that's the real challenge...(lots of plyometrics)

CHST thanks for that, that's really interesting. I guess I could concentrate more on upping my weights to see more changes, but should be happy to maintain, as long as I keep away from chocolate mountains! It's funny my legs are the one area where I'm worried about too much muscle, as they're quite short. I'm doing my first ever yoga class at the weekend (hot yoga) so I'm daydreaming that I might be able to stretch them a few inches grin

Your body revolution stuff sounds INSANE! I'd definitely add it to my JM collection if it was released over here. Do you know if they are planning to release it here?

Just heard on radio that summer will be starting in... September! Until then, just a bit more rain sad

CHST Fri 15-Jun-12 09:51:37

threesteps apparantly will be released 6 months after the release date in the US. I guess then in a month or two?
I am hoping to start doing yoga every week too to increase my flexibility.
I have short legs too but the muscle actually looks pretty nice. I did do about a month of full on cardio before I started body revolution though

We can compare notes CHST! I went in to the centre yesterday to have a look as the website frankly sounded scary (no talking in the room, beginners at the back, sit on the marked lines etc.) - I also have Reynaulds which causes no end of problems in very hot and very cold weather and was worried my feet may explode in the heat - but the lady there was lovely, and also stressed how good it was for circulation, so I'm going to go on Saturday and see how it goes.

Thanks for the body revolution info, will keep my eye out for it smile

Right, off to walk the hound before the next deluge comes...
Have a good day all!

notyummy Fri 15-Jun-12 10:29:41

Ooh, good news about the Body Revolution potentially being released over here. It sounds right up my street! Someone from another thread I inhabit has also been doing Insanity with great results. Looks pretty tough, but I am tempted to have a look on ebay to see if I can get a slightly cheaper version.

In terms of changes, I think I have mainly plateaued. I would love a smaller bottom tbh, but that is only going to happen if I restrict me food intake. My BMI stays with the 21. something, and my body fat is sub 24% usually, so I know realistically I don't need to do that - but my bottom just isn't as toned as everywhere else! Recently I have noticed more definition in my upper abs I think.

superdeeduper Fri 15-Jun-12 12:16:33

Hi all

What amazes me is the weights people are using!! I have upped to 2kg and sometimes even find that a struggle. I've only been seriously doing Jillian tho for 6-7 weeks so is this ok? Feeling a bit of a wimp.

Couldn't help myself too and had to order NMTZ! It came yesterday and I was so excited to get started but had bloody impromptu visitors so couldn't. Can't wait to start it tonight. I've noticed that some of you combine NMTZ with say Shred or something and only do so many circuits. Is this the best way to use it?

Also wondered if anyone would like my copy of 6W6P? I just can't get into it for some reason and saw someone else had said the same. Free to a good home, just pm me and I'll send it on.

notyummy Fri 15-Jun-12 12:25:34

superdee - 2 kg is fine. It takes a while to build strength! I have said on here before that I think the best way of increasing strength is by having 2/3 different weights available for each workout and change up and down so you always working at full capacity. There are some exercises that seem much tougher (v raises/side lunge and arm raise) whereas others can be done with a slightly heavier weight (chest flies or clean and press.) I'm sure everyone will have their own list of what they find easy and difficult. I had been exercising for some time, including press-up etcs before I started JM. I started using a mixture of 1/5kg and 3kg, and now use anything between 3 and 7, just be pushing myself using the approach above. And I am not a scary hulk!

Superdee my heaviest weights are 3 kg and to be honest they get used infrequently! I mainly use 2.5 and have to drop down to 1.5 for some. (I've been JM'ing since new year last year!). I could probably go a fair bit higher on the deadlifts and cleanlifts but am running out of room to store them <poor excuse>

Notyummy - ah yes the bum. Have to say I'm pretty chuffed with my 'boody', but...have to keep a strict eye on it as any chance to head southwards, it will grab it!

My main areas for improvement I guess would be legs (I wish they were not so short and stocky, although not sure how much more I can do about that!), and my waist. Tummy is fine but would love more of a definition of a waist.

Haven't decided yet what to do later, but nothing tomorrow as I'll be doing yoga. I will probably do L4 Ripped today.

Nolda Fri 15-Jun-12 13:55:58

Exciting news re Body Revolution!

Super - I would say 2kg is a good going after only 6-7 weeks. Took me much longer to get there. I use a mix of 2kg and 3 kg but could probably do with some bigger weights now hmm.

I've done 3 days in a row of Level 3 shred and I'm not feeling so sore today. Hoping to complete all the jumping lunges tonight [deluded grin].

I'm not seeing as much change this time with Shred as the first time I did it but I am certainly feeling fitter and more toned having slacked off for a bit.

Happypiglet Fri 15-Jun-12 15:06:16

Hi all. My knees are starting to complain a bit so thought I would go back to level three shred... Doh... How could I forget the ONE minute jumping lunges in the STENGTH bit of circuit 2.... Evil and not knee friendly...they bare also slower than jumping lunges in other of her DVDs and I found it harder to do them slowly.
I am maintaining (as I don't think I am serious enough about loosing my last few punds to really watch what I eat). My bum is def better (side dimples, less cellulite (but still there) and a proper break between bum and thigh!) but I cannot get rid of the mini spare tyre on my hips on my back...my tummynis flat and much more defined but no amount of super mans are going to shift the tyre out back I don't think!
However I do think that I am fitter. I remember doing shred L3 last time and could hardly manage any rock stars and now can... So some improvement.
Superdee I use 2 kgs for most stuff except 3 kgs for dead lifts and bicep stuff and 1 kgs for surrenders! So you are not a wimp at all!

Engelsmeisje Fri 15-Jun-12 20:21:27

Hi all, can I join in? Have just done day 1 of shred after looking at the dvd in plastic for a month

have a stupid question - when do you change from level 1 to level 2?

And do you honestly do it everyday ? was wondering whether to skip it on the days I do a run?

Nolda Fri 15-Jun-12 21:01:40

Hi Engelsmeisje, I think most people do 10 days of each level but it really depends on your level of fitness when you start. You might find Level 1 really easy hmm or someone did do a link a long time ago to a woman who had done 30 days of each level as she was very unfit when she started and felt that she needed it. Jillian doesn't say on this DVD but on her others she suggests 5 or 6 days a week and stresses that you do need at least one day off a week. Happy shredding.

All jumping lunges done today, hurray! They weren't pretty but done they were.

gingercat12 Fri 15-Jun-12 21:20:56

Just tried 6W6P. I am dead. If I knew how different L1 (tougher on abs) and L2 (full-on cardio and abs) are, I would have alternated them. I was so grateful for the phone to go off twice...

I am maintaining my weight after losing 7.5 kg since mid-January. Sadly I need to continuously literally starve and exercise every day to lose weight. I nearly photosynthetise sometimes (by my own standards, I am no small-boned).

Body Revolution sounds mad. I need it.

Greedygirl Fri 15-Jun-12 21:40:13

Evening all!

happypiglet snap! My knees are hurting too! Back seems better though. I never used to get these aches and pains hmm!

gingercat12 6w6p sounds horrid. I am looking forward to trying it when my box set arrives!

I like to do shred every day to keep my momentum going engels but I wouldn't personally do it on the same day as a run but I am not the fittest. And I wouldn't find time for both either.

Did level 2 shred this morning with weights on cardio, was knackered after but smug that it was out of the way! Not sure that my ds is going to tolerate longer workouts.

gypsyfloss Fri 15-Jun-12 23:05:55

First day of 3rd round of L2 Shred today, 3kg weight on strength and no extra weight on cardio (was feeling wimpy); slight shrinkage on measurements.

I plan to do 10 days at each level and then go back to 6w6p for the last fortnight before my hols. I have big ambition to start running daily...but in reality I will find me a sun- lounger in a sunny spot and lie still for 2 weeks smile

Engelsmeisje Sat 16-Jun-12 07:58:25

thanks nolda and greedy

I reckon I'll try 10 days of each level, but miss when I have a run. I'm fairly fit (did a 10k race about a month ago) but am very untoned and wobbly after having DS 8 months ago. Haven't been running since the race though blush

My sister's getting married in October and I don't want to be the fat bridesmaid next to the other two (my sis is a tiny size 6 and the other 2 BM are size 8 and 10.....they haven't had any kids though grin )

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 16-Jun-12 09:41:35

Hi everyone, couple of days off as away, so shall do NMTZ and BFBM today and tomorrow with hopefully, if the weather holds out a bit of cycling.
super hope you enjoyed NMTZ. I use it either as a standalone in its entirity, in combination with a shorter workout but selecting 3/4 (sometimes 5 if i'm really enjoying myself) circuits, or if short for time up to 5 circuits. I did once do a shred or ripped (I can't remember which) with a full NMTZ, haven't done it again though! You can do the same with BFBM but annoyingly it doesn't lablel each circuit so you can tell what's on it, so I always seem to pick the ones I find most difficult!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 16-Jun-12 09:50:06

three forgot to say in answer to your qu about progress over longer term, I have continued to improve my cardio fitness. I have noticed with my cycling that when I get the top of some pretty step hills I can still have a conversation, I think that's partly due to JM. I have also started noticing more muscle development in my abs, lower back and arms, so the flab must be shifting off them. I still see improvement in the measurements of waist, hips etc but I do find that I tend towards the longer workouts now, I'm not sure I would be seeing the same progress if I stuck to shred and ripped.

Good news about body revolution being released here. Sound evil in a good kind of way!

Greedygirl Sat 16-Jun-12 13:03:40

Oooh, box set arrived this morning and I did BFBM! Enjoyed it but was rather sweaty and red by the end!! I think I need some more of this in order to shift my muffin top. Think I may alternate Shred and BFBM for next week or so and see if that makes any difference to my measurements. I now know what mountain climbers are and I don't like them at all! But I like the kickboxing stuff, used to do a Body Combat class in the days when I went to the gym before work. I really need to see some positive changes soon to keep me motivated. Have been tired the last couple of days and can feel my resolve weakening! Must go to bed at a decent time tonight.

Evening all smile

Thanks everyone for their thoughts on long-term Jm'ing and continuing to see the benefits. I do think I should start looking at upping my weights further, but I'm such a weed!

Did L4 Ripped yesterday and went to bikram yoga late afternoon today. Oh boy, that was one hell of an experience.

It's 42 degrees in there - and I had imagined I would leave looking a little rosy, I left looking like I'd stood under a shower dressed! Fortunately everyone else did too grin. It was 90 mins in all, and some of the postures were hard-going in the heat, but thanks to Jillian, I'm sure, I was able to hold them. Had to stop once when I felt overwhelmed but got back into it...

Apparently you burn between 600 and 800 calories shock in a 90 minute hot yoga session so anyone looking for an effective calorie burner, look no further! I wondered whether he meant water loss, but calories are calories aren't they? (rather than weight loss over 90 mins).

Greedygirl, 'weakening resolve' is not invited to this party!! Keep at it and enjoy all those new DVD goodies smile

Jellybellyrbest Sat 16-Jun-12 20:56:12

Hi there ladies!

Managed my shred today; DD obliged with an unheard of 3Hr nap this morning after her first feed! Cos I'm not doing jumping jacks etc due to dodgy calf, I raced to my mountain bike & cycled furiously for the 2 mins instead. (it's on a Turbo Trainer stand-C'mas pressie from DH. Love it). Not feeling at all sore anywhere & haven't been since the second time I did the workout. Am phoning it in on the press-ups though. Can manage 4, then have to follow Anita ;-)
Also find the side lunge with arm raise tough.
Actually, though I've found it difficult to shred daily due to time/family constraints, I've probably done L1 8 or 9 times so maybe it's just time to move on.
Might try L2 Tom to see whether I hurt after that...like to feel as though I've made demands of my muscles.....
Am tucking into Massaman Curry tonight complete with Naan & Bhajis which Ive made DH for a Father's Day treat! Been pretty good all week though & reckon it'd be rude not to join him ;-)
Engel; I have a 9 wk old DD & am Bridesmaid in August for my Sis. It's motivated me to try to lose the extra stone & muffin top early this time (was a full 9m both previous times!). Good luck with Jillianing!

LurkingAndLearningForNow Sun 17-Jun-12 05:52:16

Marking my place. I've gained 5kg and own all of Jillian's (love, huge crush on her!) workouts. I do have a gym but I find her workouts sooo more effective for PCOS. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to exercise yet, but will in a few weeks. Itching to get started! Love her workouts, so much fun, especially when combined with Callanetics (I use for my dodgy back and relaxation.)

superdeeduper Sun 17-Jun-12 12:32:41

Dear Lord! First time doing NMTZ and I couldn't even lift my arm up to have a glass of water! Really liked it though but I think I may combine it with others as I did miss cardio. Was still drenched in sweat after finishing it however!
Great advice on using different sets of weights too, thanks everyone

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 17-Jun-12 18:33:26

super' the first time I did it I could barely raise my arms to wash my hair. It does get better, the tricep circuit is the worst, I've been doing it for ages and can only manage 2kg on the surrenders, I think notyummy does something like 7kg. I consul myself that when JM talks about the weights she uses she is talking in pounds not kgs!

There is no cardio as such but I find it does elevate my heart rate and it burns something like 380-400 cals. I tend to do it all the way through once at week and then tag on some of the circuits, generally the arm ones, to a shorter more cardio workout.

notyummy Sun 17-Jun-12 18:40:53

5kg! I am a bit of a masochist but I don't think I could manage 7kg for surrenders (only dead lifts and clean znd presses currently.)

Well done for getting through it Super.

Greedygirl Sun 17-Jun-12 19:03:43

Thanks threesteps, I did L2 shred today and really, really enjoyed it, did all the plank stuff and could do the hard versions of everything (well, almost!) and could see a real difference from the first time I did L2 so that made me feel motivated, I must be doing something right! Hot yoga sounds awful! But wow, that is an amazing amount of calories to burn.

DH conceded that i may have lost some weight...off my face grin. I think I look more toned around my chest and arms so maybe the weight loss is working its way down!

Jellybelly that curry sounds delish! I reckon you definitely deserve it. Enjoy smile.

Happypiglet Sun 17-Jun-12 19:51:26

Oooo this is is that true. So in the bicep sets in NMTZ she is using 3lbs... I use more than that!!! Feeling better already.
Away yesterday at a wedding and consumed miles too many calories...and no disco to burn them off with!!!
Got back today lateish but have managed a L4 Ripped. Enjoyed it.
Must try to get a NMTZ and BFBM in this week as it has been a few since I tried the longer ones and all you talking about them has put me in the mood for a longer work out!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 17-Jun-12 20:03:03

Only 5kg notyummy, still 3kg more than I can manage!

Yep happypiglet makes me feel good as well!

Hi everyone, and welcome to lurking smile

I haven't done NMTZ for ages. Might try and do it this week. I think it was Knotty who used to pick 3 circuits say from NMTZ and intersperse them with cardio blasts for anyone who's missing the cardio element! <waves to Knottyhair!>

Well no serious aches and pains from yoga yesterday so I did a double-shift today, Levels 3 and 4 of Ripped. Still with 2.5 kg weights so there's still room for improvement on the weights front! Although Ripped doesn't have as much emphasis on weights as Shred I don't think, there seems to be more where you use your own body weight, especially L3, tricep dips anyone? grin.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend smile

LurkingAndLearningForNow Sun 17-Jun-12 21:16:18

Are there any ladies here with PCOS? That's why Jillian was originally recommended to me! grin

I have all her dvds I just have no idea where to start! What do you ladies recommend?

Shimbo Sun 17-Jun-12 21:35:55

Hi all, I am intrigued by the Jillian Michaels workouts and would like to know if there are any starting dvd in particular you would recommend for a first timer? I am reasonably fit, having been running regularly in the past, although not recently, and am looking to do some cardio, tone up and increase my level of fitness. Thanks! Would probably prefer one which doesn't need weights as I don't have any.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 17-Jun-12 21:37:03

Don't know a huge amount about PCOS so not sure if there are any additional considerations to bear in mind. I think most people start off with Shred. It's quick and you will see results if you do enough, 5/6 days a week. Then you could work your way through the others once you have established a base level of fitness, sorry don't know how fit you are, alternatively you could mix it up and do different ones depending on how much time you have.
I'd advise you to forget weighing yourself, measure yourself instead and do that once a week, its a better way to see progress.
Don't be put off by the push ups as the first strength exercise in level 1. When I started I could only do the beginner version, build it up and you will see how much stronger you become.

Happy shredding!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 17-Jun-12 21:41:18

shimbo banish fat boost metabolism is all cardio and you don't need weights. For all the others I think you need weights for parts of the workouts, but for something like Killer buns and thighs you could get away without more than say you could for shred or no more trouble zones.
You can get weights from Tesco, thats where I got my first ones 1 and 2 kg from, they were really cheap.

LurkingAndLearningForNow Sun 17-Jun-12 21:56:20

Thanks so much Sign! I thnk starting with Shred is best anyway since it is the one I originally used to use.

With PCOS I think you're supposed to do 75% strength training, hence why I'm so damn confused lol!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 17-Jun-12 22:42:24

Oh in that case shred will be good as each circuit is 3 mins of strength, 2 mins of cardio and 1 min of abs (which I would count as strength) as you are using your own body weight.

You can then move onto no more trouble zones which is 100% pain strength!

LurkingAndLearningForNow Sun 17-Jun-12 22:46:16

I've done Shred before (used to be one of my failsafes for keeping fit before I got depressed and let myself go.)

Shred is brutal enough, I'm so blush nervous about when I start NMTZ!

I also have her latest 12 week program. The dream is to be able to do that with ease one day! grin

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 17-Jun-12 22:55:57

yes will definately order body revolution when available here. You can work your way into NMTZ by just selecting circuits rather than the whole thing. The music is probably the worst of all her dvd's though- and that it saying something. I have to mute her and stick the ipod on!

LurkingAndLearningForNow Sun 17-Jun-12 23:12:27

Haha I actually like listening to Jillian! She doesn't make me feel as bad about myself as Chalene from Turbo Jam does! (Plus can never been able to keep up with the moves..)

Anyone tried Jillian's new kickbox dvd? I haven't tried it yet.

Happypiglet Mon 18-Jun-12 14:10:48

lurking I like Jillian too she is quite motivating...
Just done Killer L2 hard hard hard....but good work out. I too will try Body Revolution when it comes out...maybe we should all scynchronise!
Altho I still have L3 Killer to try...I am too scared to even look at it!

notyummy Mon 18-Jun-12 14:15:09

Aching slightly from NMTZ yesterday!

A friend from another thread has found using a heart rate monitor that L2 6W6P has a much better calorie burn than any of the shred/Ripped levels (although it is a bit longer son that may partially why.) Has anyone tried the same calculation for Killer/NMTZ/BFBM? I dont have one so can't.

Going to do L2 Ripped tonight, a run tomorrow, and L 3 or 4 Ripped on Wednesday. Probably a run on Thursday and some sort of double session (maybe double shred or 6w6p plus a shred) on Friday. Now I have written it all down I will have to do it!

VenetiaLanyon Mon 18-Jun-12 16:09:49

Hello all; yay, 1st day back shredding in a month smile. Started gently with L1 30DS as I'm scared that I might hurt my back again, but it's good to be back with Jillian once more...

I can feel myself falling off the wagon, only shredded 4 days out of the last 7 and feeling very down. I started L1 ripped this morning so hopefully will be back in the swing of it soon. I find it much better at cardio but less good on strength than the Shred. Can't wait for the new DVD to come out!

Greedygirl Mon 18-Jun-12 17:56:36

Hi everyone, this is such a busy thread it is hard to keep up! Well after my whining I have turned a corner, day 21 of shred and after enjoying l2 so much yesterday I thought I would give L3 another go and I can do it! It is really true what someone said on here earlier about building your strength up. I am determined not to measure again until I have done 30 days though! Happy JM'ing everyone - worldgonecrazy many people would be proud to have exercised on 4 days out of 7 so stop being so hard on yourself and crack on!

Greedygirl Mon 18-Jun-12 17:57:54

Oh just read what you said about feeling very down blush. Hope you feeling better soon.

Jellybellyrbest Mon 18-Jun-12 18:20:25

Started L2 of the Shred today! I'm really only managing it every other day, so World, you're not alone. Don't feel down, doing it 4 days is def better than none! I actually like L2. Maybe I'm not doing some of the moves properly though.....ordered NMTZ today & am v excited! My DH (who held the baby while I Jillianed) is quite interested. I read a male r/v on Amazon. A'one on here have a DH/DP who has given it a go? My DH needs to lose weight & tone up...

notyummy Mon 18-Jun-12 19:13:55

I echo what the others have said World - don't be too hard on yourself!

Greedygirl - my DH is a confirmed JM fan. And he is a serving military officer, thereby proving that it really isn't just for girls and is pretty tough! He isn't too keen on BFBM, and refuses to have anything to do with Killer Buns and Thighs (because of the name grin) but we do all the others together. If we do Ripped/Shred we generally do two back to back, and he uses pretty heavy weights. He was quite fit to begin though - prbably not best for your DH to jump in and do that straight away if he isn't used to it as he could do himself a mischief!

Did L2 Ripped earlier, which I always find quite difficult. The double cardio in plank position, and those crow press-ups both kill me. DD was having a paddy in the background and I was determinedly ignoring her (always the best policy with tantrums, no?)

CHST Mon 18-Jun-12 19:53:10

workout 9 for me today again. Lots of plank work. It's the last week of 9 and 10 and then I move onto my final 2 weeks. Jillian is particularly shouty in these workouts. I like being shouted at grin I want blood, sweat, tears, crying, screaming, puking...doooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiitttt! Okay Jillian.
Workout 10 tomorrow. Lots of weight work, including weighted cardio. I actually really like these workouts. Looking forward to workouts 11 and 12 but am going to be lost when I have finished this programme

CHST Mon 18-Jun-12 19:55:27

notyummy I'd love dh to workout with me but he doesn't want to sad
worldgonecrazy don't be hard on yourself, 4 days is good!

Hi all!

Worldgone I know just where you're coming from. If I take more than 1 day off the resolve seems to fade and it's that much harder to climb back on the horse again. I think for me the lack of visible improvement, unlike doing Shred for the first time, doesn't help the motivatin <note to self: Must. Up. Weights.> Like others have said 4 days out of 7 is bloody good in a week, more than most people do I would guess... Hope you're feeling more chipper soon.

Jellybelly my DP does Shred too. He does about 3 times a week, and seems to have been on L1 for ever grin It's made a big difference though, and he's chuffed to bits with the improvement in his fitness guns!

Welcome back Venetia! Hope the back behaves...

Crikey CHST I'm torn between excitement and total fear hearing about that! I love the idea of a bunch of us doing it in synch smile

I did BFBM today, which I've not done in ages. Really enjoyed it. Felt like a great workout but I've definitely noticed I'm not finding the 2 hardest circuits as hard (the 2 plyo circuits). I'm sure I can tie this in to doing Ripped.

Have a good evening all smile

CHST Mon 18-Jun-12 20:30:46

threesteps I honestly haven't found it that bad. Glad that I have done some previous Jillianing. I can imagine it would be a lot harder if you went straight into it. The only time I have felt physically sick was when I did cardio 3 the other day. I am a bit scared of the last two workouts but I will report next week when I have done them. I might have to do a re run when everyone else does it and up the weights. Can anyone tell me the best place to get heavier weights? eg 5 and 7kg.

notyummy Mon 18-Jun-12 20:44:38

I think we got ours from Amazon. We have a really handy set that have a 5kg and a 2kg that you can put together to make 7kg. I also have 3kg and 1.5kg.

VenetiaLanyon Tue 19-Jun-12 09:22:35

I can report that my whole body is aching today after just less than a month off Jillian; disappointing..

I'm the same weight as a month ago, having eaten for England on honeymoon, but now have noticeably less tone (and bigger boobs); living proof that muscle if heavier than fat grin

notyummy Tue 19-Jun-12 09:27:03

Hope your honeymoon was good Venetia!

I am also aching today after a hard NMTZ and then L2 Ripped yesterday (I used quite a bit of weight for NMTZ and modified some stuff to make the final two circuits harder. Press ups on weights as well as plank rows, and using weights for the supermen.) Thighs are pretty sore, but am hoping this wears off when I get started on my run later. Fingers crossed...

gingercat12 Tue 19-Jun-12 13:02:49

notyummy I could feel L2 6W6P burns more calories than the other really hard Jillian workouts. I have done 3 days so far, and it is just too hard. Next week I will be in Continental Europe, and decided to take the Shred instead of 6W6P. I do not want to get a heart attack.

Definitely agree L2 6W6P is the hardest, in all respects (speed and exercises).

I did another BFBM today as I enjoyed it so much yesterday(!) My endorphin rush hits me exactly the same time as she mentions it at the end, a lovely rush of good feeling smile

Fingers crossed this good feeling lasts to the end of a certain footie match this evening grin

Laters everyone

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 19-Jun-12 19:18:10

notyummy haven't measured 6w6p but nmtz burned around 430, none of the shred or ripped levels go above 200 for me. Another couple of days off for me as away from home and no opportunity to fit anything in. Going to be cranking it up for the next few weeks. Am going to try to do either NMTZ or BFBM or 2 levels from any of the others 6 days a week.

What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger!

Did Ernest Hemingway say that thisis? wink

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 19-Jun-12 20:00:01

three don't know, had to look it up, apparently it was Nietzsche. I supposed we could have a philosophical discussion about exercise. One of his other quotes was "when you look into an abyss an abyss also looks into you", reminds me of the last circuit of nmtz grin.

gypsyfloss Wed 20-Jun-12 09:04:25

I'm still plodding on with L2 shred but moving up to 5kg weights for a couple of the exercises smile I lay all my weights out and then just pick and choose according to how energetic I feel.

notyummy Wed 20-Jun-12 09:11:53

Thanks for the info Thisis- interesting re NMTZ. And well done on the weights Gypsey- that is what I do too!

Did a 5 mile run last night and then up at 0600 this morning to fit in a L3 shred before working day in London. Used 7kg for clean and press and plank row, and added 1.5kg weight for the supermen. Felt good! Longer run tomorrow- at least 7 miles. And double session on Friday. V social weekend coming up with friends who are big foodies and love wine. Must repair damage some how!!

CHST Wed 20-Jun-12 12:16:47

notyummy you are a machine!!!
Cardio 3 for me today...I had to catch my breath on the last circuit during high knees with rotation. Apart from that made it through. Before I finish this program, I will make it all the way through cardio 3!! Can I just say I hate standing mountain climbers? Hate them! Also jumping junges. The moves kill your thighs so by the 3rd time around, your legs are like jelly trying to do half the moves.

CHST Wed 20-Jun-12 12:17:09

lunges even!

CHST I think you too should be elevated to notyummy status!!

Off to guitar in a mo but hoping to fit in a quickie early evening, either a Killer or something from Ripped.

Have a good rest of day all smile

CHST Wed 20-Jun-12 14:16:58

threesteps I'm not quite at not yummy's calibre yet...have only ever done 1 back to back session...maybe one day!! Have fun with ripped/killer

gypsyfloss Wed 20-Jun-12 17:07:28

notyummy which weight set do you use? I like the idea of being able to add weights together. Mine are quite clumsy plastic ones and I'd like more weight but in smaller form.

I managed to use the 5kg weights today as planned, only for about 12 reps for each exercise and then had to switch down to 3kg but I am really pleased. 3 kg felt quite light after that so I am hopeful that I will be able to build up the reps fairly quickly.

Hope everyone has had a good sunshiney day.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Wed 20-Jun-12 17:59:02

Evening all, just about to BFBM, its got nice and warm here again which is great generally just not when you want to exercise! Still shouldn't moan - bound to be raining tomorrow.

gypsyfloss Wed 20-Jun-12 18:34:12

It's lovely here too Thisis but we've got rain and thunder forecast for tomorrow and a pony club rally to attend. Oh joy!

Happypiglet Wed 20-Jun-12 19:32:26

So Monday did L2 Killer...had rest of the week planned out to include a NMTZ and BFBM..... Instead of which my eldest DC ended up having an emergency appendectomy on Monday at 11.15pm..... No indication before 4 pm that anything was wrong...by 7.30pm his mild stomach ache was agony so off to out of hours GP then A&E we went.... They acted quickly once diagnosed tho! Didn't get out of hospital until today at lunch time. Two nights sleeping in a chair by his bedside have taken their toll and I cannot contemplate anything this evening now they are all safely in bed.
DS is gutted at no sport for a month as he had all sorts lined up. My star foot player took 10 minutes to climb the stairs tonight. sad
He will be off school until at least middle of next week making working out during the day difficult. I may make him take an afternoon nap just so I can squeeze something in. Not sure I fancy my super fit 8 year old watching me sweat!
So will do something short tomorrow maybe L3 ripped again....

gypsyfloss Wed 20-Jun-12 20:30:16

Wow, I bet that was a shock !

Happypiglet Wed 20-Jun-12 20:55:43

Yep...4pm scooted home from school...11pm having surgery..... Glad I had the same thing as a teenager so knew the symptoms else it could have been much worse...

Greedygirl Wed 20-Jun-12 21:41:34

Oh heck Happypiglet! Glad it was diagnosed so quickly.

Have had a manic couple of days so no shred! First time all month I have gone two whole days without some form of JM! And I have been eating more crap. Definitely a link between being tired and slipping for me so early night and a bit of BFBM in the morning to try and make up for it. But first it is time for a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit (just the one) smile.

notyummy Wed 20-Jun-12 21:48:37

Goodness, get well soon Masterhappypiglet. I had mine whipped similarly quickly when I was 21 and was ok after a week/10days. Missed my uni grad though as was hospital.

gypsyfloss Wed 20-Jun-12 22:49:30

Get well soon to happypigletjr , hope you manage to find some time to Jillian too .

febes Thu 21-Jun-12 01:05:49

Hi I've been off exercise for 6 months due to back pain (spondilitis) but I have slowly restated in the last two weeks and so far so good. The doctor has said no to running so I have started again with Jillian. I have done NMTZ a few times, BFBMonce and shred level 1 once. This week I decided to give Ripped in 30 a go as I bought it ages ago but never tried it. I started on Monday night and found level 1 really easy so upped the weights on tuesday. Wednesday I decided to do level 2. I found it much more challenging. Especially the plank jacks and mountain climber combo!! Jillians a bit 'down with the kids' in ripped and has annoyed me a bit but I still love her.
Right going back to catch up on the thread.
Its good to be back folks!

notyummy Thu 21-Jun-12 09:05:27

Hi Febes- great to see you back! I agree that L1 Ripped is easy- possibly the easiest section of any of the JM DVDs. Serves as a useful intro for someone new to her I think, but the step up to L2 is pretty tough! Interestingly, my DH has something similar to you (ankolysing spondylitis) and the doctors have said he HAS to exercise and being mobile as possible is essential for managing the condition. I assume there are some key differences in the conditions that would lead to such differing advice- and not just one of them being wrong!! To be fair, he has joined the 'AKA' association and they also advocate exercise.

febes Thu 21-Jun-12 09:15:07

I haven't seen the GP again since the xray results so I'm hoping he will say that I can start running again. He said that running was worst thing for it last time I saw him. Exercise is good for it though and its been fine since resuming 'Jillianing' I am still on anti-flams once every 24hours and 2 paracetamol twice a day for the pain but that keeps it feeling fine which is a relief after hobbling around for months.
I miss running though!!!
I had another go at level 1 today and it is a bit easy so I think I'll go for it with level 2 again tomorrow. I'm surprised how easy it has been to get back into it really. It must be that fact that I am many kilos lighter than when i first started last year.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Thu 21-Jun-12 18:07:40

happy hope your DS is feeling a bit better?

Managed l2 shred and l1 6w6p, that meant 4 lots of plank jacks. I haven't done that combination before, there's alot of plank! My shoulders really feel it.

Have a good evening.

Ouch, that's a lot of planking thisis, great stuff!

Welcome back Febes! And Venetia! Hope you're both doing okay despite the injuries.

Happypiglet wishing your DS a speedy recovery, what a nightmare. Glad all's okay now.

Well I had a big chunk of time free this afternoon / evening so I did BFBM followed by L4 Ripped. Wasn't as bad as I thought it might be actually, still only 2.5 kg for the weights. Felt a tiny bit 'giddy' towards the end from all the jumping around but feel great now.

Really enjoying the rush from BFBM currently smile

Have a great evening all ...

Happypiglet Thu 21-Jun-12 19:36:11

Thanks for all your kind wishes. He is a little better each day....just waiting for the day when he tips from weak invalid into bored and frustrated .... Then my life will be temporarily over!
Managed to persuade him to watch a DVD in bed after lunch so managed a L4 ripped. I find it OK except for those weird push ups. I sub them with tricep kick outs... And plank moguls...I do high knees or butt kicks....
And obviously I fast forward through the frankly nauseating pep talk at the end...also spent about three hours cleaning...my upstairs is gleaming like a new pin...downstairs tomorrow!!!
Will try something tomorrow...maybe L3 ripped which I find harder actually.
Nice to see some old face back.

Happypiglet Thu 21-Jun-12 19:37:09

Ps the thought of BFBM back to back with anything makes me go weak at the knees!!! Well done Threesteps

Today was the first time I have ever stayed still to listen to the pep talk at the end Happy, I think because I was so bloody knackered I didn't want to move!

Don't think I'll be repeating that particular back-to-back any time soon, but I had the time to try and realised I'd not done any strength stuff for quite a while.

Weirdly though, the 2 together is only around an hour, which is the length of most DVDs / gym classes. Do we think she is that much more hardcore than other DVSs / classes? (I don't have any others so can't make a comparison).

Glad to hear all is okay with your DS, and that you're managing to fit in some JM! Agree with you that L3 Ripped feels harder than L4.

Right, off to eat my way through any amount of exercise grin

ThisisaSignofthetimes Thu 21-Jun-12 21:38:27

three I can only compare her to Davina. I started out with her DVD's about 4 years ago. I think the first one I got was Superbody - it was good but none of them come close to JM for intensity. There's no shouting, tis a gentle experience by comparison. Davina's music is better though.
I haven't one for a couple of days-might dig one out at the weekend and see how it get on with it- I can't help thinking it will be a wasted workout though.

Huffpot Fri 22-Jun-12 10:12:40

Hi all....I'm a Jillian newbie and have bought 30 day shred.

Before I rip the cellophane off to start tonight I was wondering what I need? I've seen some mention of weights? How heavy and any recommendations?

Any other useful hints or tips?

notyummy Fri 22-Jun-12 10:23:43

Depends on what exercise you have done in the past Huffpot. Some people start with cans of beans, but even for those new to exercise that doesn't last long! Most people seem to be working at the 1/2kg level at least to begin with, with a fair few progressing up after this. Casting my mind back to when I started, I think I started with mainly 3kgs, dropping down to 1.5kg for a couple of exercises. I had been working out before though, including a DVD that was quite demanding with squats/burpees/full press-ups, so that possibly prepared me reasonably well for Jillian!

notyummy Fri 22-Jun-12 10:25:23

Other hints:

Wear a good sports bra!

It is only 20 minutes. NOw this sounds obvious, but there may be points where you find it quite tough (depending on fitness/weights you are using etc) and want to have a rest/give up. IT IS ONLY 20 MINUTES - keep going!

And measure yourself.

Huffpot Fri 22-Jun-12 10:33:22

Thanks notyummy!

Haven't done much over last few years other than walking,swimming and hauling children.

Think I might invest in some weights today then...probably about the 2 kg mark and see how I go from there.

Ok shall do measurements before I press play :-)

I have a sports bra ready and will be sticking my head in for motivation!

Nolda Fri 22-Jun-12 11:35:11

Huff pot - Get 1.5 kg or 2 kg (if you think you can handle it) don't get more than that, Notyummy is super strong!

Happypiglet Fri 22-Jun-12 12:47:00

I have a set of 1, 2, & 3kgs. From Argos they are 'Ennis' ones....( think she is a super fit athlete or something!). When I started I used the 1kg most but now usually use 2kgs and sometimes (very occasionally) the 3kg ones. I would go lower to start with an build up.
Hoping to put DS to bed soon and do a Ripped....

notyummy Fri 22-Jun-12 13:00:12

Just finished L3 Killer and L1 Shred. Did the Shred with weighted cardio and 5kg throughout apart from the side lunge and raise at the end when I went down to 3kg. Added leg raises to the chest fly as well, a la NMTZ. One observation - one minutes solid of squat and presses with 5kg felt like a loonngggg time. It is obviously much longer than she does them for in NMTZ, as I do that section with 5kg without too much trouble. I didn't find L3 Killer too bad apart from the third circuit with my nemesis - jumping lunges. I find a few of the moves quite tough, and I do break a sweat, but I am not huffing and puffing much. Combined with the adapted L1 it made a pretty hard session though.

Hope you fit your Ripped in Happy.

gypsyfloss Fri 22-Jun-12 16:25:57

I had yesterday off due to pony club and lots of walking and I'm finding every excuse available not to bother again today. It amazes me how quickly I lose the motivation to exercise despite my pleasure in increasing my weights and feeling the benefit. I truly am a lazy arse grin

Huffpot Fri 22-Jun-12 18:43:04

I got a set of 3 different weights from Argos - Davinia ones in 1,2 and 3 kgs in case I become a hardened Jillianer

DC just put to bed so will do measurements while I wait for them to settle to gulp do the Shred so I don't get interrupted!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Fri 22-Jun-12 19:21:31

Hi, killer l2 and then a 20 minute hill programme on the exercise bike just to completely finish the thighs off!

Hope pony club wasn't too muddy gypsy!

Happypiglet Fri 22-Jun-12 20:21:46

Nope did not fit it in today....had to air fix model instead.... Plus meet a friend to catch up with a governors meeting I had to miss. Oh well next week is another week.
I always start my weeks on a Saturday so will try to do better.
That combo sounds very hard. I re did L3 Shred recently and the one minute strength parts are tough...no where else do you do one exercise for a minute. It was a shock to my system....and there are one minute stretches of jumping lunges in shred L3 ....they too are my nemesis not yummy....

If you've done Ripped, you definitely notice the never-ending strength bits in Shred when you go back to it!

Welcome to the thread Huffpot, good luck with Shredding! Remember you are very likely to ache a lot the first few days put push through it if you can, they'll subside after a few days and it won't be long til you're reaping the benefits smile Stay with us and we'll spur you on and kick you up the bum if you want us to grin

L1 Shred today - I managed my 3 kg weights for everything apart from the last strength sides lunges and used my 1.5 kg weights for the cardio. My arms are feeling it!

Am sure my splurge of BFBM this week has shifted a bit of heft, clothes feeling a bit better, yay! Might do one more week mainly of BFBM cos it feels gooood!

Hope everyone has a great weekend smile

febes Fri 22-Jun-12 22:42:52

I also find the one minute strength in shred hard- especially after doing lots of NMTZs. I was pleased to see 30sec intervals in ripped. I'm going to do NMTZs today and BFBM tomorrow. I had yesterday off so can't wait to get back into it. I stepped on the scales today and am 4kgs up on my lowest weight that I have been maintaining at for the past 5 months or so. Not happy!!!! I don't weight very often anymore but maybe I need to go back to weekly weighing. My clothes are feeling better this week though so getting back in the the exercise is changing my shape. Ideally I want to lose 9kgs now so I better get focused!

VirtuousVamp Sat 23-Jun-12 08:59:17

::pokes head round door::

Hello. Can I join? I'm starting my shredding this morning. Although taking advice I saw elsewhere from Jillian to do the 30 days over 45 days with 4 days shred, 2 days 30 mins cardio and a rest day per week as I spin twice weekly already.

So hit me with enthusiasm and motivation that I will be a size 8 in a month!! wink disclaimer: Considering I'm a 16 at the mo and almost 6 ft I'll never suit being that tiny!! A size 12/14 will suit me perfectly!


CHST Sat 23-Jun-12 09:26:43

threesteps Funny you say that about BFBM. Every week I have done that instead of my BR cardio, I have lost on the scale! It really is a fab cardio.
I love seeing what notyummy has done. Not yummy not schmummy! BFBM and then another Jillian? faints I'd love to work out with Notyummy
I did workout 10 yesterday for the last time. I almost started crying during part of the work out where you do a weighted backwards lunge into a front high kick. Those sort of moves really help me get my emotions, aggressions out. My mum's partner is seriously ill at the moment and fighting an awful battle. Workouts really are my distraction.
Today we are off to the Brecon Beacons for a walk of sorts and tomorrow will do yoga, either Jillian, Bob or Turbofire, haven't decided yet. I have ordered another Bob from Amazon so once I have finished BR, I am going to rotate those with the Jillian workouts I haven't done yet.
Happypiglet Sending your son lots of healing vibes. How is he today?
Welcome back febes when I had a moment away from Jillian, I really missed her shouting and had to come back!
Thisisasign well done on the plank work!!!!
Huffpot welcome! Have you started yet?
Hello Virtuous I have had good results with my exercise! I am smaller than I ever thought I would be so aim high! I would suggest maybe checking out her banish fat boost metabolism and maybe incorporating hiit workouts into your routine for maximum effect though is spinning hiit?

VirtuousVamp Sat 23-Jun-12 10:28:01

Well I'm alive!!grin. Amazing - didn't feel as hard as I'd imagined while doing it but after a hard spin session yesterday I can really feel my legs walking up an down the stairs already!!

Could someone just explain all your acronyms?confused. Is hiit - high intensity impact training or something?? I can't do anything too high intensity due to weak knees but 18 months spinning has made a huge difference to them!

I know what you mean about exercise good at reliving stresses and tension! It certainly works! Although that exercise you just mentioned sounds physically impossible!! Think I'd fall over!!grin

Huffpot Sat 23-Jun-12 13:02:46

Thanks all!

I did it last night and honestly didn't managed all the cardio but modified it. I had laproscopic surgery about 5 weeks ago and discovered the scars on my very wobbly belly still twinge when I bounce too much! Still I lasted the distance and made it through and still sweated!

Sore today though and finding walking up and down the stairs very hard today!

How long till it eases?

Oh Vamp I did spin years ago and loved it. There's a class near me on Saturdays but hard for me to get too...plus its at Fitness First which I'm a bit shy to go to until I lose some more weight

Did a 2.6 mile walk this morning with double buggy so will try and push through the pain tonight and shred again!

Happypiglet Sat 23-Jun-12 15:12:37

Well done Huffpot if I remember right it was about Day 4 that I stopped aching but you do have to work through it!
Virtuous I have shifted about half a stone with Jillian and no dieting and defo toned up so with sensible eating I am sure you can lose what you want to!
Well did L4 Ripped today and did quite well if I say so myself. Only subbed one cardio (plank moguls which do nothing for me) and even managed 3kgs for bicep stuff and renegade rows.
Off to a fortieth birthday bash including disco tonight! Can't wait as haven't been out of the house since we got back from hospital with DS1 on Weds except to Sainsburys this morning. Will be dancing til I drop!!!! Thanks for all your kind wishes with regards to his recovery he is a little better everyday!

Huffpot Sat 23-Jun-12 17:09:00

Ok I'll keep ploughing through...I figure if its hurting this much its working!

I'm doing SW as well as this and have lost 1.5stone so far with that so do really need to tone though.

How horrible Happypiglet....nothing worse than sick children...hope the improving continues!

gingercat12 Sat 23-Jun-12 17:17:55

Am at Mom and Dad`s who have not seen me since Easter. They know about me exercising and trying to lose weight, but my Dad very worriedly asked me if I was
ill. They think I lost a lot of weight. grin Still size 16, or really large size 14., so I do not look ill.

Shutupanddrive Sat 23-Jun-12 17:43:59

Hello can I join? I'm on day 4 of the 30DS and completed it fairly easily today. It nearly killed me the first time, my legs were like jelly! It's amazing how quickly your body gets used to it. I need to get some hand weights though, have been using kids water bottles filled with water for now. Thinking of moving to level 2 tomorrow smile

jellibelli Sat 23-Jun-12 17:44:17

Hi All,

After a couple of weeks of life getting in the way of exercise, I am back. I eased into with Ripped L1 as a skive gentle reintroduction on Thursday, went for a run after work yesterday and started the day this morning with 6W6P L1 as a treat - its my favourite. I plan a longer run tomorrow if its not too wet in the morning.

Glad to see new faces joining us, stick with Jillian, shes been a lifechanger for me. I've lost 30 pounds, 3 dress sizes (am 5'1) and it all started with 30DS. Go for it you'll be so pleased you did.

grin at Gingercat's mom and dad!

jellibelli Sat 23-Jun-12 17:51:52

Oh VirtuousVamp hiit is High-intensity interval training. It is not high impact so no excuses there so you should be ok, it is high intensity intervals, eg you work like buggery for 20 seconds or so and then throttle back, recover and repeat. I would imagine you have been doing it in your spin class without realising grin. it doesnt have to be running, you can incorporate it into any cardio workout.

VirtuousVamp Sat 23-Jun-12 19:19:32

Thanks for the welcomes!! Fabulous weight loss/fitness motivation - thank you!!

Thanks Jelli! Spinning definitely fits that description!! [sweaty heart attack emoticon!!]grin. Well done on your weight loss and sorry to hear your little boy is ill. Hope he is getting better? Horrid when they are poorly but to be in hospitalconfused. Just awful.

Huff - I would double check with fitness first bit my gym does spin in the dark so apart from warm up track noone can see you! and watch my wobbling bottom!!grin

I'm definitely feeling my workout this evening - but strangely looking forward to giving it another go! May have mistimed it somewhat as Sunday is my planned rest day but figured if I didn't just get started I wouldn't ever manage!!

I know I should do sensible eating as well but hoping this extra exercise will help tone up my flabby thighs and bottom and stomach. Spinning has done wonders for my calves already! Definitely addicted to that - hoping Jillian goes the same way!

Hope you're all having fabulous evenings.smile

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 23-Jun-12 20:58:58

Hi to all the new joiners!

Definately stick with it. I remember having to hold the towel rail in order to lower myself to the loo, my thighs hurt that much! It will soon pass though. Don't get obsessed by weight, measure yourself and go by how your clothes fit.

Huffpot Sun 24-Jun-12 15:23:10

Vamp I love the sound of the darkened room....much better than full lights illuminating all the wobbling bit
I might give them a call soon when I get the courage!

signofthetimes I giggled when I read about the towel rail. Am definitely doing Shred more to tone than lose weight(thats coming off slowly anyway!)

VirtuousVamp Sun 24-Jun-12 16:56:00

Can I just say Oh My Giddy Aunt!! I hurt!! All over!!!grin. And to think I thought it was ok yesterday!! Still determined to go on though with it all tomorrow!grin. And not fussed by weight, just so long as I look and feel ok that does me!

jellibelli Sun 24-Jun-12 18:33:49

grin at VirtuousVamp . It only last a few days honest and if you can exercise again early in the day it'll help ease off the achiness sooner.

I wish I had taken photos of myself and not just taken weight and measurements and put them all in a spreadsheet for later analysis.

I got out for a 3miler today as I wimped out because of the rain. More Jillian in the morning though wink

Huffpot Sun 24-Jun-12 18:57:13

I was very bad and didn't do it yesterday and am still aching...I can feel my belly sore now

Am full of good intentions tonight though....am fantastising about the results already!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sun 24-Jun-12 19:32:02

The pain does lessen off after a few days. I would probably stretch a bit more after as I don't think there is enough stretching after 30ds, especially as its pretty intense.
No JM today, took advantage of the reasonable weather and went for a cycle with DH. Managed to climb a hill that when I last attempted it I had to get off and push, JM has definately improved my fitness! Keep going everyone.

Happypiglet Sun 24-Jun-12 20:34:52

Yep I too remember well the achiness! And be warned I have found that even after a week off on holiday for instance I get that same achiness back when I restart. It's best just not to stop ever!!
Just done L4 ripped again. I actually feel sick now... That hasn't happened for ages. I had a late night last night including 2.5 hours straight of dancing. I don't drink so I am not hungover but I guess the late night, dancing, largish roast dinner at lunch and my slight over enthusiasm tonight anticipating cheese and biscuits later may not have been a good combination.

Nolda Sun 24-Jun-12 20:53:42

How did it go, Huffpot?

Well done on the cycling Thisis.

Finished 30DS yesterday and had a day off today. I'm going to start running again tomorrow and then get stuck into RI30. I think I'll start at Level 3 as I have done 1 and 2 before.

VirtuousVamp Sun 24-Jun-12 21:14:52

Surprised you can't hear my groans as I move even slightly!!grin. Must be good though! And I think you're right - now I've started I must never stop!! I remember this aching from when i started spinning! And its not fun!! But not convinced my body will move in the morning - let alone attempt a jumping jack!!confusedgrin

Huffpot Sun 24-Jun-12 22:02:51

Feels faint at the thought of NEVER stopping

Have just shredded tonight and am pleased with myself as managed to do a lot more of the cardio :-D

I feel quite smug now...O:-)

VirtuousVamp Sun 24-Jun-12 22:08:55

It's a scary thought never stopping Huff!grin.

Question is - does she get addictive? I've certainly been addicted to spinning and running until I had to give up due to my knee injury!

How long have you all been shredding? Or are some just ripping? Do you shred then rip? oh sounds all so painful!!grin

Happypiglet Sun 24-Jun-12 22:31:16

I have found her slightly addictive TBH... I started shredding then came on here and found out all about the other DVDs and now I have ripped, killer, BFBM and NMTZ and do a variety. I have been doing it since Feb (after I got over my pneumonia) altho I did do some last year too but fell off the wagon. This time I have stayed firmly on. It's the results I find addictive too. I went out last night to a party in a dress that was tight last time I wore it and now it is a perfect fit again plus my arms looked mega!! wink
I love her shouting at me in Ripped altho her more pally approach in shred is reassuring... Let's face it I am a bit of a junkie!

Virtuous I started shredding last new year (Jan 2nd I think!) I've got pretty much all of her dvds and try to do all of them except level 2 6w6p !

Well done you and Huffpot for blasting through the aches and pains by the way!

She is most certainly addictive, and like happypiglet says I think it's the results that are so addictive (go you happy with the mega arms smile). I'd honestly never heard of such a short workout getting such phenomenal results, I thought it was magic lol!

Having said that... I have been v bad. Not done anything this weekend and also had a day off in the week so very poor show from threesteps.

And next week is busy for me with various things so I'm hoping I'll at least be able to do 3 or 4 days. Otherwise I really will be teetering on the slippery slope!

notyummy Mon 25-Jun-12 09:25:46

Hope you manage to get back into it THreesteps.

I am sure you will ache today, but it honestly does get a bitr better once you get started and your body gets warmed up Virtuousvamp.

Been away for a boozy/foodie weekend with friends, which was fun but not the best for the waistline. I did manage a run on Saturday and had done something everyday Monday-Friday so don't feel too bad. Working from home this morning and hoping to fit in NMTZ before lunch and I leave for meetings.

CHST Mon 25-Jun-12 09:39:28

Hope you all had a fun weekend! I am a Jillian addict too!
Did workout 11 for the first time this morning. Oh my god that was brutal!!! Basically my arms and quads got ripped to shreds.
Managed to complete both sets of scorpion push ups without modification so am really pleased with that. Had to do the dive bombers without the reverse...could not physically do it so went straight to down dog. We had some lovely push ups with cable which I had to modify half way through and the three part push up which I can normally do a few of, could only manage 2 today and then had to modify. Tricep kick backs in plank my legs were shaking so bad after lovely reverse squats...you start in a squat position with your bum on the floor and then go up and down...oww. Also bear walks...similar to duck walk in ripped level 3 but more in a sumo squat.
I also loved holding chaturanga for 30 seconds and weighted burpees and standing mountain climbers for the minute cardio intervals hmm
My balance has improved loads so I find things like jumping standing of liberty not too bad. After tomorrow I will have done workout 12 and then will have sampled all of the body revolution workouts. I have really enjoyed this actually and might go and do it again later this year

BigBadBear Mon 25-Jun-12 11:39:51

May I join?

After a false start last weekend, I have now restarted the 30 Day Shred. Done two days, struggled a bit yesterday to be honest (I think I wasn't well hydrated when I started). I'm being a bit of a wimp and only using 500ml water bottles in place of handweights, but I've ordered 750ml with my grocery shopping and will use those when I feel able.

I would like to lose about a stone and tone up a bit, though the former will never happen as I'm not watching what I eat (not that I eat badly, I just eat quite a lot!).

I'm quite enjoying it, to be honest. I like the fact that it's over quite quickly!

Gherkinsmummy Mon 25-Jun-12 12:37:26

I've just discovered Jillian's Yoga dvd on Youtube and wow did it make me ache! Has anyone else tried it?

Nolda Mon 25-Jun-12 18:37:51

Hi Big Bad Bear. Being over quickly is definitely one of the biggest pluses (is that spelt right? Looks wierd)!

Gherkin - Yoga dvd on Youtube? I'm off to have a look.

Did Level 3 Ripped today for the first time. It was hard. Not just a hard work out but hard to work out what you're supposed to be doing confused. Also hard to balance.

Hello Bigbadbear!

I'm going to have a look at her yoga dvd too Gherkins, if it's on u-tube that's very appealing!

Nolda it takes a few days to get to grips with some of her Ripped stuff (and some of the stuff in Killer too). You'll get familiar with it before long. (I sometimes cheat and use a hand and a piece of furniture / wall to balance in some of the one-leg stuff!)

Did L3 Shred today, so relieved not to have let 2 days slide into 3... Used 3 kg weights for the renegade rows, 5.5 kg for the clean and press and 2.5 kg for the middle cardio section.

Hope everyone's doing well smile

VirtuousVamp Mon 25-Jun-12 20:14:53

Well I did day 2!! Not aching anywhere near as much already. Don't want to but think if I'm honest I could push myself more and think level 2 may be in orderconfused. Please tell me I'll be ok?!confusedbearbear

And yes definitely agree - there are many times I think I have to stop and rest but then think it's only a short time!!confused

If you're up for it Virtuous - level 2 awaits you grin

I think the consensus is that L1 to L2 is the biggest jump on Shred in terms of difficulty (just to warn you so you won't panic!). But hell if you think you're not being pushed enough on L1 go for it! You can always go back down if it's too much? (you're the spinner aren't you? In which case you'll probably kick Jillian's butt!)

You could also get Ripped - same length as Shred but L2, L3 and L4 are a step up from Shred. (L1 Ripped quite easy).


VirtuousVamp Mon 25-Jun-12 20:46:29

Thanks threesteps! I'll probably be in a heap on the floor after a minute then by the sounds of it !!confusedgrin

Yup I'm the spinner but still don't feel very fit but obviously more than I thought and there's not much point trying this intense 20min exercise if you're not working at your max is it?!confused realises I'm trying to convince myself and failing....!confused grin

Greedygirl Mon 25-Jun-12 21:05:33

Hi everyone. Had a manic week last week so only managed shred 3 times which I was gutted about as I have been so good but back on it now! Joined a local running club tonight and did 3.5 miles - v.steady mind - and I found it easy! So JM must be doing something for me! Going to run twice a week and then do a mixture of shred and BFBM the rest of the week. Only done BFBM once and loved it but much harder to fit in than good old shred!

Difficult to keep up with you all but hello to all the new people - the aches and pains definitely pass and I am finding JM addictive as I just feel so good. No massive weight loss here but I feel that I now have some muscles lurking under the layer of fat, fighting to get out!

Greedygirl Mon 25-Jun-12 21:07:33

virtuous I found level 2 difficult because there is a lot of plank work and I had no upper body strength to speak of! But you don't know till you try! Nothing ventured...

VirtuousVamp Mon 25-Jun-12 21:18:01

hmmplank work is my weak point! Maybe I should stay on level one for a few more daysconfusedconfused chickening out emoticon! grin

ThisisaSignofthetimes Mon 25-Jun-12 21:22:42

Have found yoga meltdown on youtube. Was going to have an evening off but think I'm going to give it a go. Will report back later.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 25-Jun-12 21:32:53

<peeps tentatively around the door>

Hi ladies! I've just restarted Shredding, and decided to leap straight into L2 even though I've only done L1 in the past (only ever managed 5/6 days blush).
Where would you move onto next? I am really keen to stick with exercise this time because it makes me feel so much better. I am not very fit, although I didn't find L2 too awful - only modified some of the exercises.

You are all very inspiring - threesteps I feel like a total wuss with my 1kg hand weights when you are talking about using 5kg ones!!

gypsyfloss Mon 25-Jun-12 22:03:09

I'm still shredding on L2 having missed a couple of days last week due to pony duties . I'm pleased that 5kg weights are becoming easier although I caught sight of myself gurning like soviet era shot putter , so not the most glam of looks.

It sounds like everyone is doing well. I like reading what everyone is up to , as it's all different & inspiring. I'm going to look up the yoga on YouTube in a mo, it would be a handy one for days like today when I got a migraine earlier and didn't feel up to bouncing about but didn't want to miss another day, so had to load up on codeine and neurogen and wait for it go.

gypsyfloss Mon 25-Jun-12 22:05:20

Or even nurofen! Bloody autocorrect .

Happypiglet Mon 25-Jun-12 22:39:04

Wimped out today. Bad period cramp, DS1 still at home and tennis on tv combined to make me wuss out. Must do something tomorrow.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Mon 25-Jun-12 22:57:48

Well that was interesting. Didn't make my heart gargle but suspect it would be working harder once you get the routine a bit more. Definately was glowing afterwards, never done anything yoga based, lots of plank, down dogs, warrior and holding the poses and JM less shouty. The 3rd stretch in the cool down is interesting, no idea what's it called but you'll know when you try it, I was shock, I thought this was the easy bit, or maybe I'm just very inflexible.

The Co that has put the workout up has loads of other workouts hosted so I may have a look and see what else is on offer.

gypsyfloss Tue 26-Jun-12 07:23:52

Thisis Did you do it as well as or instead of a regular Jillian session?

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 26-Jun-12 07:39:11

gypsy no it was a replacement, actually it was supposed to be my day off but I was intrigued and could help myself. Feel ok this morning, will be interesting to see whether I slowly start to seize up as the day goes on.

VirtuousVamp Tue 26-Jun-12 08:13:26

Feeling far more sprightly this morning so going to give level 2 a goconfused. If I never appear again send out the search parties as I'll probably be in a heap on the floor......!confusedgrin

notyummy Tue 26-Jun-12 08:34:42

Morning all.

Thisis - that yoga sounds interesting! I have a Power Yoga DVD that is quite taxing in parts (single legged down dogs into single legged press-ups...12 times!) which I think helped my core and upper body strength before I started Jillian. I do feel quite zen at the end.

Good luck Virtuous!

Well done on the 5kg Gypsey.

Did NMTZ yesterday with mostly 5kg - occasional appearance of 7kg and 3kg. Planning a 5 mile run tonight whilst DD is at Rainbows, and then L2 6W6P tomorrow plus something else (I must be mad....) maybe something v easy like L1 Ripped. I am forcing myself to do L2 6W6P because I haven't done it for ages.

Morning all!

Good luck with 6W6P +++ Notyummy <yikes!>

Thanks for the yoga info Thisis, I've bookmarked that youtube session and hope to do it soon. Was it the level 1 you tried (there seems to be loads there...)

Welcome to the thread Alibaba smile Thank you for the compliment, but I don't deserve it really! The heavy weights are only for one exercise and other than that I'm usually huffing and puffing with 2.5 and 1.5 kg! Good luck with L2, stick around with us!

Virtuous did you do L2?

Am out tonight so will do something this afternoon around work, was hoping to do BMBF but not sure I'll have enough time.

Have a good day everyone smile

VirtuousVamp Tue 26-Jun-12 11:27:29

Yay!!! I survived!!! Going to feel it later though!!grin. Do pleased you all warned me off as I was expecting the worst and was pleasant surprised by the low impact options! 4 yo DS was watching me and he was worse than JM!! Come on Mummy you're supposed to be jumping both legs at once not stepping one at a time! (plank jumping jacks!). Felt I couldn't look weak in his eyes so had to jump!!! He also said completely unprompted during a particularly hard moment Mummy I can see you getting smaller already!! grin

What are these other acronyms you are mentioning? On my phone so can't scroll up to them. Also memory is rubbish that I can't remember everyone's names and who's doing what!confusedblushsmile

But that yoga sounds hardcore! Used to do pilates but never done yoga!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 26-Jun-12 12:10:19

Virtuous I did L2 for the first time yesterday - just about to have another go, I think my muscles are going to scream!

Shutupanddrive Tue 26-Jun-12 12:18:09

I've bought some 2kg weights this morning. Have been doing it with bottles of water up to now. I'll see how much harder it is later! smile

gypsyfloss Tue 26-Jun-12 12:19:52

Well done all Level Two'ers. It's my fav level; that and L1 6W6p. ( 6week 6pack Virtuous)

Thanks NY - I am surprised at how quickly my arms adjusted.

I'm going to stick at L2 for another 5 days or so, move onto L3 for 10 days and then finish off with 2 weeks of 6w6p. And then try running and yoga on hols hit the sunlounger and not move for 2 weeks smile

gypsyfloss Tue 26-Jun-12 12:23:46

Shutupanddrive You may well find them better to use as they will be easier to grip. Good luck smile

Shutupanddrive Tue 26-Jun-12 12:27:43

Thanks, I may go back to level 1 the first time I use them. Only did level 2 for the first time yesterday (day 6). Weigh in tomorrow to see how much I've lost in the first week

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 26-Jun-12 13:34:50

Phew that was hard - my shoulders the bit suffering the most.

I have just got 1kg weights atm - that final strength move on L2 is a killer but other moves are getting easy now with 1kg so perhaps it is time to move up? <wibble>

gypsyfloss Tue 26-Jun-12 14:26:39

Ali Do it, do it . You could just swap between 1kg and a slightly heavier one as and when you can. I sometimes even swap weight half way through the set.


Hello Shutup, have fun with the new weights(!) and good luck with the weigh-in.

<joins gypsyfloss in a cheer for the L2'ers>

Alibaba, that final strength bit in L2 is a total horror, and seems to go on for ever! I think I use 1.5kg. If you have other weights, you can always chop and change them as you want during a workout, sometimes I can use 3 sets of weights within the same workout.

Just finished BFBM (Burn Fat Boost Metabolism Virtuous grin). Damn that was hard today! But good, felt good at the end. How can the same routine be so manageable one day and such hard work the next?!

Happy Jillian'ing all smile

VirtuousVamp Tue 26-Jun-12 15:54:46

Do you know, it's not even 6 hours later and I can't even remember the last lot of strength work!!! Must have been so bad, I passed out at that point!! grin

I too much get some proper weights - are there any recommendations onto weight limits you should start with/aim for?? I don't want to end up like a heavy weight lifter, but do want to tone quite considerably!

BigBadBear Tue 26-Jun-12 16:03:58

You're all much tougher than me with the weights you are using. I'm currently using 500ml water bottles and have shredded for three days. Tonight I am going to attempt it with 750ml grin I know, it's pathetic.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 26-Jun-12 16:29:22

gypsy - that is what I thought, I can always go back to the 1kg ones for the really hideous strength work!

gypsyfloss Tue 26-Jun-12 16:36:41

BigBadBear everyone on this thread started small . It is not pathetic...you're sticking to it every day and using a weight . That's what it's all about. You might find proper weights easier in time as the diameter of a bottle might make your hand ache more than it needs to.

I'm on my third round of the Shred and have only just started using the 5kg weights. In the beginning I had little sand filled balls ( fnarr fnarr ) which only weighed 750g each and then slowly moved up to 1.5, 2 and 3kg. I get bored easily so the heavier weights keep me focussed.Don't fret about what others are doing, as everyone I've read so far is on a different level anyway.This is your workout ( God feel like I am channelling Jillian now!) , take it at your pace but work your ass off grin

Virtuous my weights are now 2, 3 and 5kg but I fancy a set that I can add/remove weights. I've been checking out Argos online but might try my local Sports Direct too , as I would like to feel them first. My current set are plastic and have a ridge that runs down the hand area which can be uncomfortable in L3 Shred, when you do plank row hell.

I have been reliably informed by Notyummy and my DH who lifts huge weights that women do not build bulk like men , so I am just going for uber toned arms and back.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 26-Jun-12 16:39:14

three it was level 1, I think I'll have to work on my balance a fair bit before trying the next level, didn't see the other JM levels on there but there seem like lots to choose from.

Not sure what to do this evening, either going to be BFBM or NMTZ - which I haven't done for a while so think it may be NMTZ, yeh more plank work!

Greedygirl Tue 26-Jun-12 19:15:06

Hi everyone, must get some 2kg weights when I get paid, all this chat about weights has reminded me! I have been using 1 kg which are a bit easy now on some but fine for the V raises on level 2 of shred!

Feeling fine today after my run so did BFBM and really enjoyed it. Had had enough by the end though, I prefer the quicker warm up and cool down from shred, it goes on a little bit too long. I credit JM with teaching my ds how to play by himself though!

Running club again tomorrow and then another BFBM on thurs I think, meeting with some old friends soon and we are going out and I fancy a new outfit so hoping to shave a couple of pounds of before then. Happy JMing everyone! Glad you a managed l2 ok virtuous.

gypsyfloss Tue 26-Jun-12 20:14:08

Thisis I've just done the yoga. Hmmmmm, reckon my thighs are going to ache a bit ...and as for the standing on one leg...that'll need a bit of work! Made harder by the fact that youtube kept stopping which left me hanging around in an odd pose wondering what might be coming next smile

Happypiglet Tue 26-Jun-12 21:00:57

Well done on L2 everyone I found it tricky when I first did it. I would echo Gypsy with the weights. Just start low and build up. I have been Jillianing for six months and still only use 3kg as a maximum and mostly use 2kgs. I am slowly reducing the moves I use 1kg for but it's a gradual process. When I started it was the cardio that killed me most and still does but as my strength builds I do seem to be improving.
Well after wimping out yesterday I did L3 Ripped as I fancied a change. Those duck and bear walks are still bloody awful!!
Can't fit anything in tomorrow but will try to do something Thurs and Fri (hopefully a longer one on at least one of those days.) which will give me my 5 work outs.
I have a new goal. University friends reunion in October and I NEED to look hot! grin So I cannot fall off the wagon....summer hols are going to be a big test as we are away a lot....plus the kids are around...anyone else got strategies for the summer?

ThisisaSignofthetimes Tue 26-Jun-12 23:20:32

Well the best laid plans and all that, had to go out this evening so no time for long work out, went on to the youtube channel that hosts yoga meltdown and did a Denise Austin burn fat workout, was alright, old style aerobics but got the heart going a bit, better than nothing.
gypsy it's bloody annoying when you are in warrior 3 and youtube freezes!

I'd echo the comments about not worrying about using light weights to start off with. When I started JM I had been doing Davina workouts for a good six months or so including arm work and I was using 3 or 4 kgs so thought I could use the same on Shred, wrong! I had to go back to 1 and 2 kgs, now after a few months I'm up to 3.5kg but still use 2kgs on some exercises. The combination of using your own body weight when you are doing press ups and plank combos means you are putting a huge amount of effort in via your arms, shoulders and chest so when you come to do the circuits with weights its really hard as you have already given them a good workout. I thought I was going backwards but that's not the case. Stick with it, up the weights gradually ( you can change down mid set if its too hard) and you will see a difference in a few weeks.

BigBadBear Wed 27-Jun-12 06:52:38

Did my fourth day of shredding yesterday and managed it with my new 750ml bottles grin

Thanks for the support, you lovely people smile

Greedygirl Wed 27-Jun-12 08:43:12

I echo that bigbadbear, this thread has definitely helped to keep me motivated over the past month.

notyummy Wed 27-Jun-12 09:13:38

Great to hear about all the stories of people getting stronger over time! It really does make a difference, as from what I understand, your body will get used to any exercise if you do enought (even L2 Shred!) so gradually upping the weights means you are always challenging it and seeing results.

Managed 5 mile run last night. Doing my L1 Ripped/L2 6W6P later this morning before picking up DD from school (it is closing early) and going to see the Olympic torch. She is very excited! (And so am I grin)

DH got up early this morning and did NMTZ before work - he is also addicted. He has been in a grump because he can't do most of the other workouts as he has some tendonitis in his achilles and can't do any of the running/jumping stuff.

I missed an extra day of workout this week as my dad was admitted to hospital after a fall at his care home. I feel a bit sorry for everyone on his ward as he has advanced Alzheimers and is very loud and continuously so, unless he is asleep. It's hard to imagine unless you have witnessed it. He just shouts help help constantly over and over. The doctor actually said to me. "how do you know when he's in pain?" my reply was "he stops shouting help help and shouts Ouch ouch" which made them laugh. It's a horrid disease so it helps to have some funny moments.

When he went up to the ward the doctor there was so good looking I actually gave the wrong name when they asked for my details blush. In my defence the doctor had said he was sorry he had jumped on me like that (because he had suddenly started asking me lots of questions) and my imagination had gone into overdrive!

I'm not liking level 3 of RI30. It really hurts my knees all those jumping lunges and the two exercises where you have to walk up and down with your knees just off the ground or as low as you can. My knees are clicking and creaking so I may have to do an alternative exercise. I'm hoping level 4 will be easier on my knees.

why does she say at the start of the DVD that you need two different weights? Am I supposed to be using a different weight in each hand?
I'm still not sure which DVD to get next. I realise that I liked 6W6P because it didn't hurt my knees. I'm thinking BFBM might be too much jumping and cardio for me.

Hello to all the newbies. Virtuous I have been on 2kg weights from the start of Jillianing. Some exercisies are easy with them but I still can't do all the exercises with them. I bought the 66 fit ones off Amazon as they are padded and easier to use for the exercises when you lean on them in plank.

That was a bit of an Epic post!

VirtuousVamp Wed 27-Jun-12 11:44:57

Aw Kitten - I hope your Dad isn't too badly hurt. You did make me laugh too when you said about changing from help help to ouch ouch!!!Alzeheimers really is an awful scary disease sad

Good looking doctors I like, ones who look like they should still be in school and therefore reminding me that I'm not 21 anymore, not so much!! winkgrin

I'm off to check out the weights on offer in Sports Direct later I think then - thank you!

Just back from my spinning class with an instructor I've had once before and didn't rate much. And again it was so dull! Bad music, no interest, although it was blooming hard work - ended up leaving about 50 mins into the 60 min session as it was just putting me in a worse and worse mood and the music was so loud it was hurting realises she really must be getting old!!grin But all in all, I really felt my JM work while I was spinning, so think I may be in pain somewhat later, but I'm determined to keep at it!! This thread is great! How long have you all been together doing it?

Afternoon all!

Youvecat sorry to hear about your dad sad. I'm glad you can inject some comedy and good-looking docs into the mix to make it more manageable. I can't imagine how hard that must be.

I wondered about the weights comment too. I think, though, she means use 2 different sets of weights for the workout, so chopping and changing as you need to. I may be wrong though! There's an exercise in Ripped where she goes in one direction with one arm and another direction with the other, and she doesn't repeat it. So I just do the same with both arms in case I end up with one Popeye arm and one wimpy one!

Hmm, I wonder if NMTZ would be good for a next DVD? There's no jumping or cardio in it so might be the ticket.

Wow Virtuous, you are bringing your "A Game"!! (JM quote) <I am a nerd> Snap re the mood. I've been in a FOUL mood all day. Have no idea why - not time of the month or anything, am just a grumpy mare today!

This thread has been going for ages! I joined last New Year and it was going well before that I think. It's such a fab place for support and keeping you motivated smile

Will be doing something later, most likely Killer as I haven't done it for ages!

PeggyO Wed 27-Jun-12 12:49:51

Hello all, hope you don't mind a lurker popping in for some advice! I know some of you are runners as well as Jililian fans, so I hope you might be able to help...

I am currently doing Jillian workouts 5 times a week, and running 3 times a week (in training for the Great South Run in October.) On Monday, I began to get a mild niggling ache in my right calf. Since then I have done a 2.5 mile run on Monday (started slowly but once I had warmed up my calf felt fine) and a BFBM yesterday (again, felt fine at the time, although my calf was a bit niggly all day afterwards).

Today, my right thigh is also feeling sore. I had been planning to do my long run for the week this afternoon (6-7 miles) but really don't want make my leg any worse! What would you do - run as planned? A shorter run? Would a Jillian workout be better instead, or would squats etc. be a bad plan? I have 30DS, BFBM, 6W6P and NMTZ...

I have loved reading this thread, you are all so motivating and inspirational!

Hiya Peggy!

I'm afraid I'm not a runner so can't really help I'm afraid. My instinct would be to rest a bit if you can if it's causing you pain. But hang on for the runners on the thread, there are a few, who will hopefully give you some better advice smile

Cat so sorry to hear about your father. It's a dreadful disease, you sound so strong.

I also have dodgy knees so I don't do any of the lunge movements that involve bending the knee whilst moving. I'm okay with static lunges but not the moving ones, so I just borrow the leg extensions from the "Military press with leg extensions" from the Shred. Level 4 Ripped only has one exercise that I have to modify in this way. My knees creak and crack too. Once you've got a few DVDs you can mix and match exercises. I have no flexbility in my lower back due to surgery so I can't do sit ups and I find burpees really hard too, so I swap high knees if there's a cardio that is hard on knees or back.

PeggyO Wed 27-Jun-12 13:17:40

Thank you threesteps! You may well be right - it's so hard to know when to rest and when to push on sometimes, isn't it!

notyummy Wed 27-Jun-12 13:57:02

Kitten - well done on staying so strong in what must be an awful situation.

Jenny - It depends on the type of pain and how much I think. If it is pretty bad then I would RICE frequently and take a few days off. If it is more niggling I would carry on but possibly modify my programe - i.e stick to the shorter type of runs. In terms of JM, my DH is currently doing NMTZ whilst he has tendonitis because it has no jumping/running - although still a fair few squats and lunges. No jumping in 6W6P either, although it is more cardio based.

notyummy Wed 27-Jun-12 14:16:40

Meant to say - did L2 6W6P and L1 Ripped this am. That L2 gets me every time. It is tough! Although when I did it on holiday with a 500ml water bottle for a weight it was a lot more manageable. Doing it at home with 3kg makes me sweat a lot more.....

gingercat12 Wed 27-Jun-12 14:51:05

Still in Hungary. Family cannot believe how addicted to Jillian I am. Never been one to exercise. or move a finger.

I am so scared of going back to l2 of 6w6p at home next week that I had my first ever double shred. I cheat though as I do one in the morning and one in the evening.

All these compliments I am getting give me the self-confidence to exercise in front of toddler and my highly critical Mom.

Youvecat All the best.

Greedygirl Wed 27-Jun-12 18:12:15

Oh I have been really mardy today too! Really clammy horrible weather hasn't helped. About to set off for run so came on here for inspiration, really wanting to phone it in grin. Having a "fat" day today. I have never done this amount of exercise in one month before so I should surely be all tiny and slinky by now?! Think my body is in shock and holding on to it all grin. I seem to be losing weight from all the places I wasn't really worried about in the first place - face, lower arms and upper back!

Cat - lol at your good looking doctor, hope you dad is in less pain soon.

PeggyO Wed 27-Jun-12 18:30:56

Thanks notyummy , I have decided to rest and RICE today, and attempt NMTZ or 6W6P over the next couple of days and a gentle run at the weekend.

Comments about L2 6W6P are scaring me a little. I have only done level 1 of 6W6P so far, which I really enjoy - is L2 really awful?!

notyummy Wed 27-Jun-12 19:31:03

Peggy - L2 has 2 circuits and the second one is FAST! If you are hopelessly competitive/sadistic individual like me, then you feel duty bound to keep up with each rep, always doing the hard version, with your 3 kg weight. And then complain bitterly about it afterwards grin. I think it is because as a runner I find most of JM cardio relatively easy (although there are 2 circuits of BFBM, and one bit of Ripped that challenge me!) so I find the 'out of breathness' of L2 6W6P a shock each time. Not that much of a strength challenge in there (although interestingly I quite often have a sore 'butt' the day after it - but never a sore tummy, despite where it is supposed to be working!)

VirtuousVamp Wed 27-Jun-12 20:01:53

Greedy - did you get out for your run? I'm still in a super foul mood too! 2 hours of ironing after that dire spin session wasn't very inspiring!!hmm. Looking forward to my JM session tomorrow though. Nicely aching all over this evening - although imagine it may be worse in the morning!!grin

VirtuousVamp Wed 27-Jun-12 20:02:29

Ps yummy - are you really really hardcore fit??!gringringrin

notyummy Wed 27-Jun-12 20:05:53

virtuous - probably quite fit for my age when compared to the average I suspect, but not some Paula Radcliffe type! 7 years in the military means I spent time being pushed quite hard fitness wise, so I do work myslef quite hard. But equally I have days when I DO NOT want to do anything at all wink.

VirtuousVamp Wed 27-Jun-12 20:09:56

Ah. I got my spinning addiction from sessions run by an army PTI!!grin. Really felt I had to be as good if not better than the guys on remedial physical training spinning with us!! Ignoring the fact they'd already done at least an hour of hard circuits beforehand!!grin

Greedygirl I hope you did better than me today in not phoning it in! Did you go for your run?

Re the weight loss, someone ages ago (think it may have been lostgirl) used an analogy of snow fall for weight loss. It was brilliant and made total sense, but I can't quite remember what it was, helpful, moi? Sorry! grin

Peggy glad you got some advice from a runner... Notyummy is most definitely a very good person to ask smile Hope you mend soon...

I phoned it in today. I think my vile mood took it out of me, leaving me spent by the time I normally JM!

I'm comforting myself with the fact the dog had a 3 mile walk and I had a 6 mile round trip on my bike to my guitar lesson, but my report card definitely says Could Do A LOT Better!

I will be JM'ing tomorrow. I may even punish myself make up for it with a double whammy, time permitting.

Have good evenings all smile

Just found this (it's not quite how lostgirl described it but near):

"The best analogy for this concept is to compare body fat to fallen snow on the ground. Everyone knows that snow melts quicker in sunnier areas than in the shade.

Men typically store most of their fat in their abdomen while women typically in the gluteus maximuss and thighs. Consider the respective areas to be in the shade. The fat will melt but is generally the last spot to do so."

Aha! Here it is <wonders why she didn't just use advanced search to begin with> It's a great analogy...

Lostgirl: I think what I said was that fat is like when snow falls, in some areas there are huge drifts and some where it only lays in thin layers, when the snow begins to thaw, the small thin layers melt first but the huge drifts can take weeks to disappear! My thin layers were my upper body, I could see definition really quickly in my arms, shoulders and back. My abs began to come through next and now about 16 months in I am finally beginning to notice real changes in my thighs which are my snowdrifts. There is no way to know when you will start seeing definition in your arms I'm afraid, you just have to keep going. When you start seeing muscle definition it is because you have lost fat in that area so it looks more defined, not because you have built more muscle and it is bigger. The shred is very much about building muscular endurance as the reps are very very high. If you wanted to concentrate on building muscle mass and increasing strength you have to work in much lower rep ranges, ideally when you train you alter your workout every few weeks so that you train your muscles in all three areas strength, hypertrophy and endurance

She had many more pearls of wisdom about shredding and exercise in general...all to be found on some of the old Shred threads smile

VirtuousVamp Wed 27-Jun-12 22:05:31

What a fab analogy!! Snow drifts everywhere me!! But definitely avalanches on my bottom and thighs!!grin

Threesteps - good luck tomorrow. I think off days are going to be inevitable as we were saying yesterday we can't ever stop permanently!! I'm hoping for a better mood tomorrow too!

gypsyfloss Wed 27-Jun-12 22:28:03

Another grumpy one here. Heat and hormones and seeing another mother who had the most amazing body with fab toned arms and a flatter than flat stomach turned me into a mad witch by dinner time. So I frantically did 6w6p and then collapsed in a soggy mess. And I predicted the football result but did I bet on it? Nope , bloody typical grin

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 27-Jun-12 22:51:03

L2 Day 3 of Shred done - really didn't want to but I made myself. I think it might have been a tiny bit easier, even the dreaded V raise/squat combo.

That analogy about snowdrifts is very interesting, if somewhat depressing because on that basis I will still have a big fat belly when the rest of me is toned and fabulous grin

Greedygirl Thu 28-Jun-12 08:05:53

I did do my run and it was blooming awful! Never really hit my stride, got a couple of stitches, legs heavy! It was just too warm. But did 4 miles and feel nicely aching this morning.

threesteps thanks for looking that up for me, the snow drifts are a great analogy! alibaba and virtuous lol and I am with you, I am going to have a skinny face and mahousive arse. But it makes sense and I feel motivated to continue because by the time my thigh fat finally gets around to melting, there should hopefully be fabulous pins under there! Was it Madonna who said that a certain age you have to choose between your face and your backside? Btw threesteps I don't call a three mile walk and a six mile bike ride "phoning it in"!

Hope you are all feeling more chilled today! I am going to do l3 shred later, is fancy short and sweet today.

PeggyO Thu 28-Jun-12 08:20:47

notyummy L2 does sound intense! I found L1 to be a bit more cardio-intensive than I expected - gets me very breathless, but I don't really feel it in my abs the next day. I am tempted to give L2 a go next time...

Greedygirl well done on your run! I always tell myself that those runs that feel like a big struggle are doing more for my fitness than the ones that feel easy, because I am pushing my body further than it wants to go - it may or may not be true, but it makes me feel better!

I reckon my rest strategy yesterday paid off. Leg feels much better today, and managed a NMTZ this morning. I think it might be my favourite - I love strength work (never really makes me feel like I'm going to die like cardio does!) and although it's pretty long it always seems to fly past. (Except for when I kept losing my balance on the side-plank ab moves near the end...)

notyummy Thu 28-Jun-12 08:30:45

Good to hear that you are all still at it. Rest day for me today. Run tomorrow.

VirtuousVamp Thu 28-Jun-12 08:57:47

Level 2 shred here we go again!!grin. Telling you guys so I can't wimp out - but my word it's hot and humid today!

Happypiglet Thu 28-Jun-12 09:19:27

Enforced rest day yesterday. Helping at DS1s Sing Up concert all afternoon and evening. Then too tired once kids in bed. DS1 is on the brink of going back after his op (tomorrow probably)but now DS2 is off with a temp, headache, cough combo..... House of crocks! So will prob have to work out this evening as I may struggle to pull them off the TV!
No DH tonight either so absolutely no excuse. Will probably do L3 Ripped again because I am a masochist! Now I have written it here I will have to do it!

VirtuousVamp Thu 28-Jun-12 10:02:27

Go for it happy piglet!! I'm lucky enough to hve another tv upstairs I use but both DC insist in watching or joining in with me anyway so I just work round them. DS again this morning was picking on me when I stopped or wasn't jumping high enough!! He's worse than JM herself!grin

Anyway I got through level 2 shred again and OMG was it hard??!!! Sweat was running off me in rivers!! Felt I wasn't going to be able to function afterwards but feel great now after a cold shower!!

Good days all!

Everyone's doing so well smile

Hope all those with foul moods yesterday are feeling better today. I'm heaps better. Have no idea what caused that!

Have sweated through BFBM today and that'll do me! I LOVE at punch and hop move in the 2nd circuit. In my head I'm a mean looking professional looking boxerciser when I do them rather than a red sweaty panting thing

Hope everyone's having a good day...

oo, and sorry if I depressed anyone with the snowdrifts thing! I sort of saw it in a positive way - i.e. the drifts will definitely go, it's just a matter of melting the layers grin

ThisisaSignofthetimes Thu 28-Jun-12 17:43:34

BFBM for me tonight when it cools down a bit! I do agree with the snowdrifts, arms and abs were the first bits to see some definition, hips and thighs are going to take a while longer!

CHST Thu 28-Jun-12 17:58:50

glad to hear so much jillianing going on! I have grown really fond of BFBM. I was going to do level 2 6 week six pack last night but literally half way in, I couldn't muster the strength...didn't like it and so switched for a hiit workout instead. I love those, go so quickly and feel like you have worked really hard.
Today did workout 11 again. I do both sets of scorpion pushups unmodified but there are so many bloomin exercises in pushup position, by the time I come to later ones, I have to modify after a few. Did better at the dive bombers with reverse...the reverse feels funny so just have to get used to it. Holding chaturanga though kills! The three part push up I have resigned to the fact I will probably always have to modify...trust her to leave that to the last circuit when my arms have about given up.
And by the end of the next week I will be able to do standing mountain climbers for a minute! Always stop literally a few seconds before the end..they kill me!
Threesteps I love the jab cross hop combo too!
Happy you will have to do it now, yes!!
Virtuous your son sounds like fun! My boys get under my body when I am doing down dog moves/push ups or run circles around me when I need to do kicks with my legs!

Shutupanddrive Thu 28-Jun-12 18:07:33

Hi all. I'm on day 8 of the 30DS now, have done level 2 for the third time today. Am hating all the plank position exercises, I'm hoping they get easier if I keep doing them. Am sweating like a pig and boiling hot by the time I have finished so must be doing some good! smile

Shutupanddrive Thu 28-Jun-12 18:09:15

Oh and I went horse riding this morning so have been very good today to earn my wine for tomorrow night!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 28-Jun-12 19:18:09

I think today is going to end up being a rest day - although I did do some set of press-ups and pilates core stuff this am.

Back in the saddle tomorrow - and my 2kg hand weights are on their way!

Greedygirl Thu 28-Jun-12 20:08:36

CHST my ds also runs circles (rings!) around me trying to dodge the kicks. It is going to end in tears one of these days! Where do you get your hiit workouts from?

shutupanddrive I agree, I am always lathered by the time I have finished so it must be doing us good. Plank poses definitely get easier IMO, when doing mountain climb type things in plank pose now I can feel that I am resting most of my weight on my arms. Level 2 shred used to make me feel a bit sick actually!

threesteps you didn't depress me, it made me feel determined to carry on and melt that fat! After all it has taken a lot of care and dedicated eating to lay it down in the first place so I shouldn't expect it to disappear overnight!

Well I did L3 shred tonight. Still hate it! I am coming up to 30 days although I have messed around with the levels and done a bit of running and BFBM so not done pure shred. I am starting to think about my next challenge. Going to do L3 shred and running until the end of the month and then thinking about 6w6p but a few of you don't seem that enamoured of it? I will be running for cardio and I want to keep working on my coRe strength and I like the idea of a 6 week challenge. What is the consensus on 6w6p?

Happypiglet Thu 28-Jun-12 21:15:57

In the interests of solidarity I revisited L2 Shred today and I found it easier than when I did it when I did the 30 days of shredding. So actually all these weeks /months of ripped and killer and BFBM and NMTZ have paid off.. Hope that inspires some of you!!! Keep at it. I actually managed all the CV stuff fine and even did one set of v raises with 2 kgs....unheard of!!
Greedy I have never done 6W6P so can't comment. My trouble areas are my bum and thighs so I went for Killer which I love. I also would say NMTZ is good for core.

VirtuousVamp Thu 28-Jun-12 21:23:09

Well done everyone on a good day! I went and bought my weights. Being a cheap skate I went for 2kg! shock! But the 1kg felt very light and 1.5kg ok - going to regret it I'm sure!!grin but we'll see how I go!!

Ooh I can here my shopping delivery!! smile

gypsyfloss Thu 28-Jun-12 21:36:25

Threesteps I am now not quite the hormone crazed woman I was last night .Panic over smile

Greedy I abandoned my shredding for 6w6p last night in my frantic bid to gain über abs. I really like it , more l1 than l2 though. It is fast with not so much cardio. I do the harder versions and have really tried to push very hard on the moves. Wonder if you can check it out on YouTube before you buy it? I've decided to do a week of it for a change and can feel different thigh muscles being stretched, which is good . I think smile

Shutup planks do get easier ...one day you just realise you can hold them for longer and you can't remember when that happened!

Happy it's nice when that happens isn't it...reminds you that it is worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

Greedygirl Fri 29-Jun-12 07:40:17

Thanks Gypsyfloss, it sounds just the thing I need next! I have a box set of her DVDs including 6w6p just haven't looked at it yet. If it is about 30-40 mins that would be ideal, I find BFBM harder to fit in with DS.

Happypiglet I had a look at Killer on Amazon and it looks good and gets great reviews. I don't know if you have had any cellulite and whether Killer has made any difference with that? I am going to have a go at 6w6p and then maybe graduate to Killer. Good job that JM has done so many DVDs to keep us all busy!

Well today I am going to have a rest day. My knees are aching. I have not been bothering to wear trainers whilst shredding and I think that is a mistake! Hope you all have a good day.

VirtuousVamp Fri 29-Jun-12 08:09:08

Interesting you say that greedy girl - I wasn't wearing trainers the first time and then thought perhaps I ought to - for some reason it seems unnecessary inside. confused

Well horrid weather here today (again!). I'm off for my regular spin class after the school run. Weighed myself this morning one week in and no change!hmm. Slightly disheartening but I haven't been eating any less so suppose can't expect miracles! Off to measure myself in a bit - hoping for at least half-inch loss somewhere to boost me!confused. Otherwise it will be tempting to hit the biscuitbiscuitbiscuit!

Happy Friday everyone!smile

Owww - did 6w6P level 1 this morning and my back is suffering badly.

Can anyone tell me if the BFBM is hard on the knees/back? Is there a lot of lunging and moving the knees under stress?

I like the shade analogy - I am really happy with my body after JM. My arms have lost their dimply bits, my bum is still a bit dimply but lifted enough that I'm okay with it, my shoulders are looking fabulous even if I do say so myself, but my tummy has this weird oblong of fat that won't shift. If that wasn't there I would be walking down the high street in a bikini thanks to JM. Oh well, I just have to keep going and wait for the sunshine to hit that shady bit.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 29-Jun-12 09:30:35

Morning smile L2 day 4 done! It was definitely a bit easier this morning, and I did the non-modified plank jacks which I felt very proud of grin

My 2kg weights are due to arrive later - very strangely I feel the urge to try L2 again this evening to see whether I can manage any of it with them. What is happening to me???

world - did you have actual weight to lose or have you just toned up? I have lost just under 3 stone, and have another 2.5 to lose - so seeing any muscles/firmness feels some way away!

notyummy Fri 29-Jun-12 09:40:00

Wow Ali - you have done so well on your weight loss!

World - BFBM relatively high impact I think for the knees. Jumping lunges etc. You could possibly modify though.

I have a small window coming up where I can fit a run in before I have to go and help out at the school fair. The sky looks pretty black outside. Oh dear!

ExcitedElectrons Fri 29-Jun-12 12:50:45

Hi everyone, some people may remember me on the old thread while I was doing the 30DS. I'm now back on the bandwagon as I have been busy for a few months so I stopped doing the DVD sad

Anyway, I am on L1 D2 of the Ripped in 30 DVD, my bum is killing me, I walk like a penguin and the backs on my legs are so so sore but I love it! Definitely prefer RI30 to 30DS.

Will do D3 later on today!

Happypiglet Fri 29-Jun-12 12:51:27

Greedy re the Killer cellulite effect. I, of course, had cellulite (who doesn't!) i always have even when i weighed 8 and a half stone, but what was unnerving me was that it was creeping around to the front of my thighs and further down towards my knees at the back. Killer (and loosing half a stone!) has helped. The front of my thighs are back to normal. I still have cellulite at the back and think I always will but my bum has lifted and I am developing a nice 'kick' between bum and top of thigh....
Both DS still off school will try to fit something in later. Nothing long again then prob L2 Shred again to see if last night was a fluke.

alibaba I have some weigh to lose - I'd be happy to lose a stone but it's not my main goal. Funnily enough, that blob of fat on my tummy would probably account for a good proportion of that stone!

notyummy thanks for the info on BFBM, I think I will probably give that one a miss. Jumping lunges are a definite no-no and I don't want to splash out on another DVD only to replace half the exercises with high knees.

notyummy Fri 29-Jun-12 14:19:32

Actually World - my mistake. No jumping lunges, but lots of jumping in general and definitely jumping squats.

Quick question about Mountain Climbers. On some videos it looks like they are sort of a running on the spot, so the leg you're pulling in doesn't touch the floor. On other videos it looks like a little jump off both legs at the same time and a switch of the legs. (hope that makes sense). Does anyone know if there is a definitive way they should be done. I haven't been able to figure it out.

gypsyfloss Fri 29-Jun-12 16:35:04

That does make sense but I don't know the answer! They are my bête noir and I start off doing the alternating leg jump thing but quickly end up doing a slow jog/ weary leg in, leg out affair.

6w6p L1 again today, not quite so hot & humid here which helped.

ThisisaSignofthetimes Fri 29-Jun-12 16:57:57

world I do as if you were running on the spot so as your leg comes up into your body the foot doesn't touch, you can do it in the way you have described but usually its done as a beginner modification by stepping rather than running. To do it as running, I think is difficult, so if you can maintain running pace may be better to do without foot touching.

Feeling a bit bleargh tonight, may do something later if have energy.

Have a good weekend all.

Evening everyone smile

World, I spent months doing mountain climbers at a running pace but putting each foot down, but quite high up the mat (near the chest). It was knackering! I don't know whether that was right or wrong but I then watched one of them doing them and now do it so I don't put the foot down of the knee that's bent, but still at a running pace. (I'm not sure that makes any sense!)

Re BFBM, there aren't jumping lunges but there is a lot of jumping like notyummy said. Not sure how happy your knees would be with it. Could you look on youtube and see if any of it's on there? So you could see if it's suitable before buying the DVD?

Welcome back Excited smile

Did BFBM again today shock Planning some more JM'ing over the weekend but have made a plan not to do that DVD in case I OD on it!

Sorry not to say hi to everyone, but it's been so busy on here <shouts a group hello>

Have a good weekend everyone ...

Greedygirl Fri 29-Jun-12 20:50:28

Hi everyone - everyone been busy again from the sounds of it!

Happypiglet well I didn't like to assume and then offend! I too have been alarmed at the spread of cellulite so that is good news about Killer.

Another one here who is confused by the mountain climbers, I now just bring my knee up to my chest rather than completely swapping as I jump, that was too hard! It was only by chance that I looked up to see if the torture circuit was finished and saw that I was doing it differently.

Had a rest day as planned today but had to come on cos I am excited to report that the work trousers that I am using as a guide finally feel looser!! Still some way to go but definitely better than before. I tried on my bikini and my bum looks lifted and I think I spied something that looked like a muscle in my tummy area grin! So chuffed - keep going fellow 30 day shredders!

gypsyfloss Fri 29-Jun-12 21:37:38

Woohoo Greedygirl smile

VirtuousVamp Fri 29-Jun-12 22:10:49

Waves to everyone!!

Greedy - that's fabulous!! How long you been going??

I'm beyond exhausted tonight - nothing really aches but everything feels used IYkwim?confused. Got to keep at it though!!

Hopi g energy will arrive after good night's sleep!!


couldn't resist popping back to say 'yay' Greedygirl grin

it gives you a whole new buzz of motivation when you actually start seeing the changes, am so pleased for you smile

hope you feel more rested tomorrow Virtuous and ready for another round of torture !

Great stuff going on with everyone. This thread is proper inspiring 'innit grin

Happypiglet Fri 29-Jun-12 22:52:30

You see how they do mountain climbers varies from DVD to DVD and I think that is why it is confusing. In Shred I think they almost do alternate legged squat thrusts. But in other ones it is more like your feet sort of stay still but your knees bend. Almost on tip toes....The first version is so very very hard!! I do the second version now!
Squat jumps also vary from DVD to DVD how they do them in L3 Ripped is just bizarre....
Well done greedy. I haven't done anything today house too full of sons....as they are 8 and 7 I have got beyond the stage where I would be happy for them to watch! So only managed four times this week. Oh well my new week starts tomorrow and will try harder!!!

BigBadBear Fri 29-Jun-12 23:27:56

Been lurking but thought I'd pop in to say hello. I'm in day 6 of the shred, have had one day where it got harder but today I was back on form. I've bought some weights, though they are odd sizes, and managed it all today with the middle ones which are just over a kilo. I can now manage the harder version of almost everything so I am definitely feeling progress but still can't do the full minute of bicycle crunches. I'll get there.

So fitter and stronger and more flexible but not seeing any muscle tone or weight loss yet. A bit smile and angry

Greedygirl Sat 30-Jun-12 07:45:19

Hi and thanks everyone for your encouragement and advice smile. Threesteps I felt brilliant yesterday, I could even do the little inside button fastner of my trousers, I haven't been able to do that up comfortably for months. I really hope I can keep it up. Virtuous I have been at it about a month. Sunday will be my offical 30th day of shredding although I have included a couple of runs and BFBM workouts along the way. So Bigbadbear - I feel your pain, having never exercised so regularly and on subsequent days before, I thought the weight would just roll off and that hasn't happened for me but I feel fitter, stronger and (as of yesterday!) leaner. Still working on the snow drifts!

Hope you feel better today Virtuous.

Happypiglet my DS is only 4 and usually potters around whilst I am exercising but I would love one time to just do it uninterrupted, with no running commentary and "helpful" observations about how I am not doing the hard version. I can imagine older boys would be more tricky to work around.

Doing L3 shred Sat and Sun and then moving on to 6W6P next week. Now I have said it, I have to do it!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 30-Jun-12 08:19:33

Morning everyone,

Measurements day today, lost 2.5 inch this month, definately seeing the snow drift effect working. Early on was losing from the waist, now that has slowed and finally see some results with hips and thighs. Still feeing rough so may do a gentle 6w6p.

greedy it's great when your clothes fit you better, far more accurate guide than the scales.

bigbad try and resist the urge to weigh yourself too, actually don't weigh yourself at all, measure yourself instead, that will show you losing the fat far more effectively than scales. When you exercise like this your muscles get ripped apart, then they knit back together, that's the bit that makes them stronger but in that process they hold water so you may notice your weight go up a bit

Have a good weekend

notyummy Sat 30-Jun-12 08:39:53

Such good news about the inch loss. Well done everyone!

I am struggling slightly tbh. Lost my running mojo, which I think really helps keep my weight stable (and me able to eat mostly as I line- although I don't eat piles of rubbish, and I don't drink v often.) As a result I have expanded - only slightly (4 lbs)- but I am a bit annoyed as I have been doing plenty of JM! Will wait until my period bloat has subsided to see if some of it goes away or whether I need to diet. Must.Run.More.

gypsyfloss Sat 30-Jun-12 09:59:30

I suspect that as we age hormones influence our weight a lot more and therefore exercise and dietary habits that were ok a year or two ago are just not enough. I hope you get your running mojo back soon NY , the weather has been against you for a while and that is frustrating too. A bit of decent sunshine and a few good runs and that'll help smile

Thisis that is a fab inch loss, good for you! A great motivator smile

Morning everyone smile

Thisis - 2.5 inches in a month - that is fantastic!!!

Also congratulations to everyone who's lost weight and to all those who haven't (YET!), keep plugging away it will happen (and ditch the scales if you can and use that tape measure!)

Aw notyummy, don't beat yourself up. Sometimes we just do lose our mojos, but they're usually re-discovered. I found mine under the sofa grin I'd imagine actually a lot of that 4 lb was period-related, so don't fret! I agree with gypsyfloss, this weather is hardly inspiring for runners. Hope you can get your head back in it soon smile

Well I was aware I'd twinged my ankle when I was BFBM'ing yesterday, and last night god only knows how I slept but have woken up with a horrible twisted feeling with my back, so I think this will have to be a rest day for me!

Back to it tomorrow hopefully. Have a great day everyone!

ThisisaSignofthetimes Sat 30-Jun-12 12:04:03

notyummy, it's probably time of the month bloat! I know I expand horribly around that time. Could you do something else until you want to run, cycling, swimming?

three spooky but I twinged my ankle doing BFBM on Thursday, that combined with the cold and cough from hell has stopped me doing anything since. Am going to try to 6w6p this afternoon though as I think exercise boosts your immune system, or maybe I'll just watch the tennis!

notyummy Sat 30-Jun-12 15:13:28

Thanks for kind words ladies. I find cycling and swimming a bit boring truth be told which is why I struggle to do them regularly. I have a bike and am a reasonably strong swimmer, just can't use them as a fitness tool. I will get back to the running though- I am still doing it, but it is more 10/12 miles a week, rather than the 25 I was doing this time last year. Weight seems to be moving in the right direction as hormones change hmm. 2lbs off today.

Did L3 Ripped and L2 Shred this morning. Have love/hate thing with L3 Ripped. Quite enough most of it, but the jumping lunges kill me, and the arm strength circuit on the last circuit is tough. Also hate the squat and row thing in the first circuit of L2 Shred. Managed them both with a mixture of 5 and 3kg, but was really gritting my teeth towards the end of the squat and row, and chair squat and v raises, even at 3 kg. Nit sure what to do tomorrow. DH leaving the house at 630 am and terming at 8pm both days this weekend so running not an option really. May do NMTZ or a Killer + half of something else.

notyummy Sat 30-Jun-12 15:15:11

Quite like most of it.

Happypiglet Sat 30-Jun-12 16:15:36

Did L2 shred again is I ached this morning from all the squat moves so got me thinking how good it is at working my main problem area my arse and thighs!
Those v raises are a killer....swapped down from 2kgs to 1kg for the second go though.... No where near your level not yummy...! I too find swimming dull although I can do it I am a breast stroker and so never get the feeling of a great work out.....although at least I don't chat with a friend whilst doing it!
Will try something again tomorrow.

Thisis hope your ankle gets better. It's sods law my niggles and injuries never coincide with when I don't fancy exercising! They always happen when I'm really up for it mentally.

I decided against a rest day and went instead for NMTZ which I haven't done for months... I now remember why, gawd that hurt! I find the arms stuff so bloomin' hard! I used 3 kg, 2.5 kg and 1.5 kg throughout the workout. The second go-through of tricep presses in crescent pose had me wincing, even using 1.5 kg second time round! And the press-outs, ouchy!

Will return to the torture tomorrow if my ankle is still grumbling. Strangely it seems to have helped my stiff neck/back area?!

Happy I think I've only ever managed those v-raises twice through with 2.5 kg. The rest of the time I've either started and finished on my 1.5's, or dropped down to them!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend smile

ExcitedElectrons Sat 30-Jun-12 18:03:16

Hi threesteps! Aching so bad today so am having a day off!

VirtuousVamp Sat 30-Jun-12 21:20:40

Evening all!! Feel a bit better having got impression that you guys measure monthly! Did a measure after a week and I've lost an inch on my waist but I had period bloat last week!! and gained half and inch on one thigh - everything else is the samesad

But I feel as if I'm working so it must be doing something even of its only to my overall fitness!!smile

But I need lighter weights!! Level 2 shred with 2 kg all the way through I looked like this angry!!!grin. So hard I just couldn't keep going at times!! Which isn't good - sp off for some 1.5kg tomorrow I think.

So excited its my rest day tomorrow!! Sad isn't it!!!grin

Not yummy - I agree bloating will definitely add some weight! Don't be disheartened you sound as if you've done so well so far. Swimming is hard to break a sweat I find - cant stand front crawl and breast stroke doesn't get a sweat up but if I do it long enough I can feel it in my arms! Particularly if I do a few lengths arms only. Weather can't be helping with running I'd imagine?

Got to go - DH is cooking me supper!smile