Sole Source Diet - CD/Exante/LL/ANY - 2012 thread 2

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DucketyDuckDuck Tue 15-May-12 09:04:01

This is a thread for all those embarking on, continuing and returning to Sole Source type Diets.

For some of us, its the only way to go. As the saying goes "it works if you work it".

Juma Tue 15-May-12 09:39:26

Hi Duckety, found my way here lol!
Welcome to kitkatkaty - your doing great! I've done SS plus from the start as I don't think I could have gone without real food altogether - I've just started week 7 and have lost 16lbs with 13.5lbs to go.
Hi 5inthebed - I'm afraid I've tended to stick to salads & veg with the protein - where is this recipie for cauli rice & curry? I love cauli so very interested!
Good luck everyone and thanks to DDD for the new thread

kitkatkaty Tue 15-May-12 13:54:07

Thanks for the welcome Duckety and Juma! Am feeling quite positive at the moment about sticking to the plan though I did have one day last week where I was seriously craving pasta and cheese. Although I am doing sole source my consultant told me I could have a small amount of skimmed milk to have in tea/coffee but suggested that i stick to decaf tea/coffee - unsure why?! I have stuck to decaf as she suggested as it really doesn't make much difference to me!

I haven't had any diet drinks since I started nearly 4 weeks ago and haven't really missed them. I have been drinking peppermint tea and chewing sugar free gum if i fancy something sweet. I love the shakes - choc and choc mint are my current favourites and I blitz them in a blender with crushed ice and they are lovely! Not keen on the porridge - all flavours make me gag and I find the soup a bit powerdery. Bars are ok, I prefer the crunchy to the chewy! I find the readymixed shakes ideal for work and for when I have evening classes two nights a week - as there is no way I could wait until after college to eat - I'd be ravenous and college has McDonalds next door!

My worst thing is boredom eating - in the evenings and at weekends I look for things to "pick" at. I have been trying to entertain myself by taking the dogs out for extra long walks and reading. Since I started the plan I've read the Hunger Games Trilogy and all the Twilight books - not sure what to read next so any recommendations gratefully received!

Think this thread is fab, hopefully we can all help each other keep on track!

K x

5inthebed Tue 15-May-12 16:07:04

Welcome Katy.

Ok, so how to make cauli rice and for the chicken curry I fry chicken and mushrooms (in a non stick frying pan and a few sprays spray oil), make a paste with some curry powder, usually a tsp and a half) and add that to the chicken/mushroom. It's rather yummy. I'm having a fish one tonight, so will let you know how it is.

Other SS+ type meals I have are mushroom omellette, tuna and pickeld red cabbage, chilli chicken and courgette kebabs and then the usual proteins with salds/veg.

Well done on sticking with it Soon2. I had to resist amazing cakes today with my sister.

Speaking of which, she has announced she is getting married in two months time and wants me to be maid of honour <squee> so really need to slim down!

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 15-May-12 16:37:26

5inthebed - what a great incentive! You will have lost loads by then. And thanks for posting the cauliflower rice. I had heard rumours but wasn't sure how it was done! Will bear it in mind.

A good day today.

Lots of Love to all

Have a good evening!

Juma Tue 15-May-12 16:47:02

Thanks 5inthebed- so that's served with chopped up cauli I take it? I'll give it a trysmile
Ha ha Katy, I've just read the HungerGames trilogy aswell & The Exotic Marigold Hotel (already done the Twilight lot). Reading does keep me from picking but I have to have a mug of tea with my Kindle smile
Maid of Honour! that really is a great incentive 5inthesmile
Have a good rest of the day

jinx86 Tue 15-May-12 17:24:38


Hoping to have a chat with a consultant on thursday. Really need to shift nearly 6 stone. I have 2 hen nights and a wedding coming up starting at the end of June. lol.

Other than that i'm sick of having to buy large clothes. Reading the other thread, i'm really impressed by how well everyone seems to be getting on with the diet.

Can i ask do you have to see a doctor before embarking on the diet, or will they just send a letter?
My BMI is 36.


laura4jasmine Tue 15-May-12 18:03:14

Hello....found you! Had my WI last night and lost 5.5lbs. I know on other diets that's fab but we always want more. I'm trying to keep reminding myself that AF (Aunt Flow) is here and I should be jumping up and down that I lost anything! We had a great meeting last night there was so many people there (max group is 12 at a time) and it was very positive. The counselling sessions def motivate me and I think they are going to make the dif for me. We had some new flavours to try and the onion soup was sooo nice, can't get over how good this stuff tastes.

Warm welcome to jinx and kitkat this is a really supportive group and I'm so glad I found it. Wishing you loads of luck on your journey.

5inthe what a goal! You are going to look amazing smile

Hope you're all having a great day. I took my ds2 horse riding for the first time today and he is a natural, he just loved it. He has some SN and I wanted him to have something he could do well at and I think I might have found it.

Juma Tue 15-May-12 18:08:57

Hi laura4, well done with 5.5lbs - that's great, and thanks for letting me in on the AF thing!! lol!

hayley2012 Tue 15-May-12 19:30:40

hi everyone hope you's don't mind that i've joined you's on here. I started the CD on sunday. I found it really hard especially lastnyt, I could have actually cried but instead i put myself to bed and fell asleep by 9pm!

Today has been loads easier & ive even had energy tonight! I'm going back to see my consultant tomorrow as I can only stomach the ready made shake. Don't know about you's but the porridge made me gag on every mouthful!

My overall target is to lose 5 1/2 stone. I'm hoping it doesnt take that long as im really impatient but my little target is 2st 10lb as this is what i was before i had my second little boy a few year back.

good luck everyone smile xx

DucketyDuckDuck Wed 16-May-12 07:37:18

Morning all,

And welcome to all, glad you found us.

I am on day 17 - wow! Rather chuffed. Keep trying my wedding ring on, hasn't fit for about 3 years.... not quite there yet, but its a nice incentive. After that my engagement ring will be the next one - thats slightly smaller again.

Juma said and says this and I am gonna jump on the bandwagon. Water is the key. I found it hard to begin with, but now have no problems with 3 litres a day. Keep drinking the water. Can't believe it I used to hate the stuff!

Busy day for me. This child business is quite hard!


kitkatkaty Wed 16-May-12 08:39:06

Hi all

Jinx - I didn't have to see my gp before I started and my BMI was 49! I think my consultant just wrote to him. I was sick of having to buy massive clothes too - I was in a 22 and I thought there is no way I am going to buy the next size up! Especially with summer coming, it would be nice to wear something other than baggy t shirts and leggings which was what I ended up wearing last summer!

Thanks for the welcome Laura4jasmine - I'm really glad I found the group too - I think it makes it so much easier to talk to people who are going through the same thing! And I love seeing how everyone is getting on - 5.5lbs is fantastic, you must be a little bit pleased with that?! I'd be delighted!!!

5inthebed - being maid of honour is a fab thing to aim for, imagine how great you will feel to have lost weight by then!

Hi Hayley - I definitely found the first few days the worst - after day 3/4 it definitely got easier and I'm now in my fourth week and feel absolutely fine! Agree with other comments that water definitely helps - I have sparkling quite often as it fills me up more!

Weigh in day for me tomorrow - eek - hoping for a good result. I feel like I have had a good week but you never know until you step onto those scales!

Have a good day everyone! xxx

laura4jasmine Wed 16-May-12 08:52:31

Morning all!
Welcome Hayley it is hard at the start but you'll be amazed how good you feel by the end of the first week. Loads of luck on your journey smile
Kitkat thank you, I am pleased with my weightloss now, just being a bit unrealistic before. Hope you have a great weightloss to keep you motivated, but as someone said to me, you can't fail to loose weight if you're only eating 600cals a day!
Def agree with the water thing, I aim for 3/4lts a day, it's hard going sometimes but worth it.
Oh, must get the kids to school!!!!

5inthebed Wed 16-May-12 09:32:46

Urgh I am illified. Hav had AF since day before I started CD and am still on with no signs of stopping. Off to GP later to see what is happening. Dreading them saying I've got to come off. It's so grim.

Went to pictures last night and was so hard sitting there not eating nachos as I usually would. Bastard DH had them though <evil> while I sipped water. But I managed it and was fine once he finished.

Jinx, you only need to see GP if you are doing Sole Source or have medical conditions your consultant will list. If you are on Soul Source + you are fine to start without.

Am starting to like the shakes, never liked them last time but they are refreshing rather than having soup all the time.

I find the trick with the porridge is to whisk the porridge before you put in microwave and wait a few minutes to cool down as will thicken. I only like the apple/cinnamon one though.

I think your tastebuds become accustomed to the products as well as they don't bother me now. Day 12 for me now and feeling fab (other than the whole AF thing)

Laura, well done for the loss. You may well have a bigger one next WI once you stick to it, you need to have all the products daily as hard as it may be.

Good luck everyone. Think slimming thoughts.

5inthebed Wed 16-May-12 12:57:12

O joy, have a leaky fibroid . Have tablets to stop bleeding and have a whole load of tests.

On the good side, can continue with CD.

lucyloo0907 Wed 16-May-12 14:26:53

Hi Everyone,

Well its been a hard couple of weeks for me- hence the reason I have not been updating (my gramps died and I nearly gave up sad !!!)

BUT I never gave up and I am finding it so so easy- actually a bit too easy feels weird because I am not hungry at all and dont even think about food anymore- is that normal. I dont even feel like I am on a diet !!???

I lost 6lbs on first week & 5lbs on second week. My 3rd weigh in is on Saturday.

How is everyone finding it? Are any of you doing exercise?

Lucy xx

Juma Wed 16-May-12 14:27:21

Hi 5inthebed, sorry to read of your problems, hope the tablets soon kick in and that you'll still stick with CD. I'm curious as to what the GP thought of the CD, did they comment at all?
When I did SW, I told anyone who would listen, but I've only confided in a few people that I'm on CD. I'm not sure why this is? I think people might view it as a fad diet maybe. I think maybe years ago there was some bad press and subconsciously it's made me wary of telling people. confused
Any thoughts anyone?

5inthebed Wed 16-May-12 14:56:04

GP didn't say anything really. She is lovely and knows I've had problems with weight so she was quite supportive.

I don't really let people know I'm on CD, I just say I'm low carbing if they ask whet I'm doing to lose weight. I think because it's such an invasive diet both physically and mentally we fear the negative comments from people.

Sorry to hear about your gramps Lucy. Well done you for sticking to it though, and well done on the great losses you've had.

Misssss Wed 16-May-12 15:22:26

oooh can I join in too. Someo just tagged me in a facebook photo and I almost cried. Slim and Save from tomorrow. Got a holiday coming up at the beginning of July, Would like to be able to fit into the plane seat with no seat belt extender. Fingers crossed!

DucketyDuckDuck Wed 16-May-12 18:42:41

Juma I agree, absolutely no one knows I am doing Exante. My husband I have just been vague with, he has no idea about these things! He has seen me eating soup/bars and shakes. Just told him they were "special" ones because I am not eating alot to make sure I get all essential vits and minerals. He accepted that. I just don't want anyone to put me off. If I am put in a position where I have to eat, will low carb.

5inthebed a leaky fibriod - I have fibriods but didn't know they could leak - how awful for you. I hope they get to the bottom of it.

lucylou I know what you mean about not being hungry and not being bothered about food. I am at about the same place as you. It does get easier, but apprerently if you do something for 3 weeks it becomes a habit so maybe we are there?

Good Luck to all! DD is waving a dolls nappy at me to put onher dolly, will be a meltdown any second if I don't....

Bye xxxx

laura4jasmine Wed 16-May-12 19:41:05

Evening! Duckety and Juma I'm with you I don't tell anyone about this, all I ever hear is 'oh you'll put it all back on again when you stop'. Ugh, makes me so mad, of course I'll put it on if I go back to eating too much, but that's the same with any diet. I think people don't trust what they don't understand, so I'm just keeping quiet it's easier smile

Welcome Misssss I hated the cabin crew yelling up the plane for an extra seatbelt, I'm sure they loved doing it sad Loads of luck, I'm sure you can do it!

5inthe poor you that sounds awful. Was hoping it would be something simple, but at least you know what it is and you're getting it treated. Great that you can stay on plan.....keep strong.

Lucy you are doing great, I can't wait for the day when this feels like second nature, seems like a long way off!

Had a rubbish day, the kids were on full volume from 3pm till bedtime and I wanted to dive into some rubbish in the kitchen cupboard - cause that's what I always do. Thankfully DH came home early and I served dinner and bolted for the shower. By the time I came down from drying my hair I felt more in control. Just thought I'd come here and read how you are all doing to get myself motivated again. On a positive note, we have a new flavour soup this week and it is so yummy I'd want it even if I wasn't on LL! Take care all and have a good evening x

5inthebed Wed 16-May-12 21:46:20

Duckty, I say leaky, not sure what correct term is. Gp not sure what's going on until she does internal if/when bleeding stops.

I forgot to have my last soup today! Have just had to neck it down before bed

itdidntworkout Wed 16-May-12 23:07:08

marking my place - will read and contribute in the morning.

Juma Thu 17-May-12 09:49:18

Good Morning all! Hope everyone's feeling good and positive todaysmileWelcome to Missssss and itdidntworkout - we can all be fitter and slimmer for the summer with each others' support.
Do you think it's time for a bit of a reminder of where we all are atm? Don't put weight if you don't want tosmile
I'll go first - On Week 7 -lost 16 lbs so far - 13.5lbs to go (size 12 here I come!)
Weigh in for me tomorrow
Stay strong

soon2Bslim Thu 17-May-12 10:13:13

Hello everyone, feeling very positive today, much more than when i started and failed last week!! I feel motivated like i did when i first started this diet back in november and this time i will not stop until i reach my goal!! Well done to everyone still doing it and hope all the newbies here are getting on ok. My consultant gave me two free bars to cut up into very small pieces so when i feel a sugar crave coming on i can just have a few little peices, well i thought i would try it out last night and i think they are vile lol! I get more of a sugar kick from my chocolate shake, dont think i will ever invest in the bars!.
5inthebed i hope you feel better soon, glad you can continue on with the diet.
Juma i think thats a good idea but for me its only been a couple of days and by the time i get weighed on the 1st of june i am having a guess that i would have lost 16lbs, aiming high but i know its achievable! Good luck ladies, have a good day xx

DucketyDuckDuck Thu 17-May-12 11:46:43

Hi everyone.

Im abit late today, everyone sounds so lovely and positive! A good day for all I hope.

Ok, so weigh in up date.

Week 1 - don't know was too scared to weigh myself!
Week 2 - 14 pounds obviously over two weeks.
Week 3 - weigh in on Monday morning.

So started at 18.10 am now 17.10

I heard someone mention about vanilla shake with coffee. My DH left me a pot of hot filter coffee this morning (very sweet he is sometimes). I mixed with vanilla shake and it was nice, like a posh coffee!

Bye for now


laura4jasmine Thu 17-May-12 12:03:49

Morning, great to see the positive vibes on here smile
Felling strong today, I have a long way to go so have to keep good thoughts going. I had 3.5st to loose, lost 5.5lbs last week so still 3st 1.5lbs to go! Aiming for having lost most of it by end of July....too ambitious? Still, as soon2B said aim high!!!!
The bars on LL are vile too, taste like puke in a bar YUCK! I've never liked milkshakes so I stick to the porridges, soups and chili, which are lovely. You can make crisps with the soup but I've not got round to doing that yet. We did them in class and they were lovely. You can also get a moose mix to add to milkshakes (put in freezer for ice-cream) or fruit drinks (makes jelly). Can you do anything creative with your packs?

5inthebed Thu 17-May-12 12:39:47

Soon2, you're really not meant to have bars until you are in third week. Naughty consultant!

I love the peanut bars and am looking forward to the choc mint ones as well as never had them last time I did this. Cranberry ones are far too sweet and the rest are minging.

Doing really well everyone! WI for me tomorrow, cannot wait!

How do you make crisps? confused

kitkatkaty Thu 17-May-12 13:09:46

Hi Everyone!

Good idea Juma, to say where we are. I don't mind saying my weight as I'm hoping it will be considerably lower very soon! I started out at 17st 11lbs - the highest I have ever been and my clothes were straining at the seams! I am also not someone who carries my weight well and felt really unhappy! I am in my fourth week and so far have lost 21 lbs which I am very pleased with. My weigh in is tonight and I am hoping to have a good weight loss. I'd be happy with anything over 4lbs (which would put me almost, if not in, the next stone bracket)!

5inthebed - sorry to hear you are unwell, I hope you start feeling better soon xx

I'm with most of you in that I haven't told many people that I'm doing the diet. I have done WW and SW before and put every pound lost back on and then some! I haven't told many people about this becuase the reaction is generally "oh another diet, wonder how long that one will last" which sounds harsh but is actually true enough! Also, i think people would disapprove and I don't want them to discourage me as I feel like I am on a roll! I guess they will figure it out for themselves in a couple of month time!

Hi to newbies. Don't know about you but I'm looking forward to actually (hopefully) being able to fit into something decent this summer instead of hiding indoors or wearing baggy wintery clothes!

Back later with the results of the weigh-in...! xx

laura4jasmine Thu 17-May-12 17:40:25

Good luck with the WI Kitkat

5inthe to make crisps you put a small amount of water in the soup mix and make to a slightly runny paste. You spread it thinly on baking paper (not grease-proof it will stick) and microwave it for a min or two (depends on the size you make them). If you use a tsp you get loads or you can make one or two really big ones and break them up.

Been really hungry this afternoon but staying strong. Hope you all have a good evening.

jinx86 Thu 17-May-12 18:58:25


I met with my CD counsellor today. He seemed nice. I took away some shakes, soups and ready made drinks. I told him i will start it on saturday as im planning on going for a meal and cinema with friends tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to the weight finally going, just hope i can keep it up. Everyone on here seems to be doing really well.

Did anyone else find it really strange the first time looking at what you will be eating for a week. Not much. lol.

So day 1 of the SS plan.


Anita1972 Thu 17-May-12 23:20:54

Hi , im new on here. I have been doing ss for nearly 3 weeks, i lost 10lb 1st week then 3lb 2nd week. i was thinking of going on to ss+ as feel like i need abit of food but im worried i might not lose as much. I am getting married end of june and wanna lose 2 stone by then . You are all doing so well, xx

kitkatkaty Fri 18-May-12 08:33:28

Hi everyone

Had the weigh in last night and lost...4lb! Pleased with that. The previous week I lost 3lb but I had one of the bars every day which are slightly higher in calories, I noticed, so not sure if that's the reason for the difference or not! So 1st 11lb in 4 weeks - really pleased! Hoping for 3lb next week to get me to 2 stone. I am now dead on 16st so any loss next week will take me into the 15st bracket which will be amazing. Can't remember the last time I weighed something starting with 15!

Welcome Anita, you are doing really well! I know what you mean about needing a bit of food. I made the decision to do SS+ but then decided I didn't need to - almost as if knowing that I could have a bit of food made me want it less?! So I have stuck with SS for the time being.

Have a good day everyone! xx

Juma Fri 18-May-12 10:53:07

Good Morning everyone! Great that you're feeling so motivated again soon2besmile I'm a bit iffy with the bars - sort of like the peanut one, but I only have 2 in the week. I think I might start to have a few more though because they do give you a bit more fibre if you get my drift wink.
Weigh in tonight for me, would love to see another 2lbs.
Hope everyone is managing to stay positive and in control

5inthebed Fri 18-May-12 12:48:52

Morning everyone. Just a quick update from me. Lost 4lbs at Wi this morning, so thats 13lbs in two weeks.

Well done to everyone on the losses.

Away for the weekend camping, should be fun (not).

Juma Fri 18-May-12 16:16:17

Yay 5inthebed, that's brill - just think nearly a stone in a fortnight! Hi Anita, you are doing so well, 2 stone is my target (wish I had a wedding as an incentive!).
Off to get weighed shortly, fingers crossed

soon2Bslim Fri 18-May-12 16:34:29

Hello ladies, well done 5inthebed on the loss 13lbs in two weeks is soo good! Goodluck juma on ur weigh in.
Im still carrying on, not wanting to cheat at all. My hubby is really frustrating me right now but its strange beacuse normally i would want to go and stuff my face but thats not appealing to me at all which is good! So glad im doing it for real this time, i will be slim i will be slim lol. talk to you soon x

Mumto6 Fri 18-May-12 18:45:22

Hi can I join in?

I've been doing cd ss for about a month and lost a stone so far, should be more but I've actually in the last week found the resolve to just do it without cheating.

Definitely ready to lose this weight have 4 stone to lose with a target date of September.

Juma Fri 18-May-12 18:49:46

Hi there, welcome to mumof6, sounds like you're 'in the zone' - best of luck.

Just had my week 7 weigh in - 3.5lbs loss making a total of 1stone 5.5lbs, and 10lbs to go - yaay!
Just tried the cranberry bar - really liked it yumsmile

maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour Fri 18-May-12 19:00:10

Hi everyone, can I join in?

I'm doing exante/slim and save and am at the end of week 20 grin I'm almost 4 stone down too (haven't cheated but am a bit of a slow loser)

I've still got a way to go but I've never lasted this long before so I'm hoping this time might be it <crosses fingers>

Glad to see more people hopping on the vlcd wagon grin

Mumto6 Fri 18-May-12 19:05:44


That's an amazing weight loss well done you.

Definitely in the zone now Juma weigh in's are once a fortnight on a Monday (my choice)
So another 10 days to go.

Misssss Sat 19-May-12 11:51:09

Wow maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour, twenty weeks! I'm so impressed. I'm on my 2nd day of slim and save now. Freezing and feeling a bit miserable. However the scales have started to move the right way so there is something to smile about.

Now can I ask a question to all you seasoned ssers... What about exercise? Does it accelerate your losses or make them slow down? I'm tempted to do the shred or something because I want some kind of muscle tone too. Or will I be doing too much? Thanks

Juma Sat 19-May-12 12:02:15

Hello, maytheodds - you're doing brilliantly - such an inspiration!
Misss - I don't do any exercise other than walking. I used to do a lot - jogging,gym, boxercise,zuma all in a week-the weight is coming off in spite of this. I simply don't have the energy (ss plus). I feel fine - don't get me wrong - but I'm going to leave off the exercise until I'm in maintenance.
Good luck

jinx86 Sat 19-May-12 12:40:58

Hi everyone. On my first day of ss. The mint choc shake is surprisingly nice. Fingers crossed the weight starts dropping off soon. X

laura4jasmine Sat 19-May-12 13:44:52

Hello everyone....this group is really growing, welcome to all the newbies smile There are some great weight losses and it's so motivating to see it really works.

As for exercise, we're told not do to too much as you aren't taking in the calories to sustain it and could well slow down your loss (I'm on LL).

I'm hoping with AF out of the way I'll start loosing again, it's so hard eating virtually nothing and still not loosing! Busy day today, better get on but needed to see how you are all doing. Have a good weekend.

Anita1972 Sat 19-May-12 20:26:03

I feel really bad as i have been so good on ss, and i have spoilt it by eating 8 chips , will it bring me out of ketotis ??

laura4jasmine Sat 19-May-12 20:55:49

Anita I don't know if that's enough to bring you out of ketosis, but I think you need to draw a line under it and carry on as if it didn't happen. If I lapse and dwell on it I end up thinking 'oh well, I've blown it now might as well make it worthwhile!'. You've done amazing so far and you haven't undone all that so please keep going. Good luck smile

My DH is sitting eating a great big choc could he?!?! I'm going to go to bed and be as far away from the kitchen as I can be.

cakehappy Sat 19-May-12 21:05:15

Hi! Can I join? Day 5 of SS on the CD, wish I could say different but I'm bloody starving! I weighed 15 st when I started and am being weighed in a few days. I've had a cup of low sodium bouillon this evening. Really craving savoury stuff, Ive only got the shakes! The broth is SO low calorie, 14 calories per serving, but is this cheating?

jinx86 Sat 19-May-12 22:05:45

Hi, it was my first day on ss. Struggled a bit. Ended up having 2 turkey rashers that are 51 kcals for both with 11g of protein, and 3 gurkins. Hope tomorrow I can stick with it properly. Does it get easier to those that have been on for a while? Good luck everyone. X

cakehappy Sat 19-May-12 22:48:41

I hear it does, I think in week 3 it really kicks in,and gets easier! But I have to stick to it, I can not quit another diet! There is a skinny girl inside desperate to get out! And imagine being able to wear anything you want, and not feel awful about yourself ALL the time!

laura4jasmine Sun 20-May-12 07:24:46

Hi cake & Jinx sorry you're finding it so hard. Usually the first 3 days while you are trying to get into ketosis are the worst, you can be very hungry and have a headache. Once you are in ketosis you should feel alot better and not be physically hungry, but you may still 'just want to eat', you need to think about it and be careful. This sort of diet is simple but def not easy, it takes a very strong will and lots of motivation , but the big weight loss should be what keeps you going....just wait for your first WI!
cake I know on LL we have a 'free' broth so I would think you should be ok but I would check with your counsellor just in case.
AFM had an ok day yesterday, but I'm finding it hard to shake the want to eat feeling. Have to go to PIL today and MIL always bakes for us...oh how to get through that one!!!!!
Hope you're all having a good weekend smile

DucketyDuckDuck Sun 20-May-12 11:18:13

Morning all.

OK, not good this weekend - can't say I didn't mean to "cheat" - I did. Need to write down what happened.

My Dad came round yesterday morning. We don't have the best of relationships. I feel like such a disappointment to him. Thats how he makes me feel. Anyway, he turned up with some pictures of me from 20 years ago. I was very pretty and very very slim. The way he gave them to me, it did its job. He left and I cried so much. I felt so worthless. My husband, didn't even recognise me (he didn't know me then). I look at them and see someone with no worries before anything bad happened in my life. Alot of bad stuff has happened, I have lived through alot of shit. I am not the same person I was then. My Dad's intention I KNOW, was to shock me into doing something about the way I look. Its really hurt me.

Anyway, he left and within a couple of hours, bread, chocolate, pizza, crisps, you name it, I scoffed it! Pure emotional eating. I can see that. So on the positive side thats a lesson I have learnt. If I ever doubted that I use food like that - its now been confirmed to me. So thats a positive thing to take away from this weekend.

Still ropey, but WILL be back on track tomorrow. Sorry for sounding so miserable, but need to get this off my chest. I think my Dad means well in his clodhopper walk all over your feelings way. But it hurts.

Bye for now.


Juma Sun 20-May-12 14:21:45

Hi DDD, it's a new day tomorrow, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on track. It's good that even after everything you've said, that you can still find something positive from it all. Like you say, your Dad is trying to help bless him. I bet you felt no better after the binge - in fact probably worse - it's a hard lesson, BUT you can do this Duckety, you deserve to start feeling good about yourself. I'm talking as someone who has had a fair amount of crap thrown her way, one thing I do know is that you've got to respect yourself first and foremost and stop punishing yourself and bizarrely shedding some stones goes a huge way to achieving this.
Speak soon

jinx86 Sun 20-May-12 19:21:21

Hey, just checked my ketone levels and it seems to be in the moderate section. Is that good or should it be higher. I'm finding it really difficult to do the ss and so think I will continue with the ss+.

Can I check if you think having a small bowel of lettuce, cucumber, rocket and jalopeno with a little bit of balsamic vinegar would affect weight loss and staying in ketosis?

Thanks for the support. X

5inthebed Sun 20-May-12 19:54:26

Sorry, lost 12lbs not 13, bad calculation.

Duckety, I am an emotional eater as well. Bloody hard isn't it?

I could kick myself. I packed everything for our weekend away (to a remote country cottage) and I flaming forgot my bag of CD products on the counter top. Only realised when we were getting ready to go out for a pub meal. I;ve tried to be good though all weekend and just eat protein and veg, but was bloody hard. Will be gutted at WI and the next three days are going to stink big time as got to redo the bad days all again.

Jinx, you need protein in that salad and minus the jalapeno.

Good luck everyone.

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 21-May-12 09:15:39

Morning all.

Thanks for the support, back on track this morning. Two days of eating carbs and sugar. Sinus's infected again, sleepy and lethargic yesterday. Amazing really, maybe I needed to do this to see the effect this type of food has on me. ...

So no weigh in for me, not this week, might even leave it a couple, will see how it goes.

Bye for now - back later to check in.


laura4jasmine Mon 21-May-12 09:55:18

Morning. Duckety sending you a big hug. I'm an emotional eater as well and it's so hard. I agree you should be pleased you learned something from this and can still feel motivated to move on.
5inthe oh what a shame you forgot you food packs. Sounds like you did as well as you could so fingers crossed you'll be ok.
Jinx if you get too dark a reading on the stick it means you're not drinking enough, you should try and stay in the range you're at.
Well, I've had a good week food wise, but according to my scales I've only lost 1lb boo. I'm trying to think positive and hoping it's still water retention from AF. Have WI tonight and can't say I'm looking forward to another low no. Never mind, maybe things will pick up next week.

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 21-May-12 11:49:23

Not doing much today! My DD didn't want to go to playgroup, so very quiet.

You have all been lovely, I feel back on track, drinking my water and having my banana milk shake, which is nice.

Been doing some research, emotional eating is called "eating your feelings" I suppose because you don't want to feel them. It was like a wave that came over me. Did I enjoy all the stuff I eat? Some of it, definately not all of it. Infact it was a major disappointment! So lesson 1 learnt. Also very interested in the s inus problem and tiredness. Research for me to do.

Also looking at starting a course in September, not done anything like that ever, so going to find out about that too.

Bye for now, will check in later. LOTS of checking in from me this week. You will all be sick of my babble!


jinx86 Mon 21-May-12 12:03:13

Thanks for the advice. I know I need to drink more. I'm managing just under 2L of water, maybe less. Started putting slices of lemon and ice in to helP drink it. The hunger pangs seem to have gone but I jumped on scale for a sneak peak and on day 3 I only seem to have lost 1.5 lbs. Hoping a larger loss will happen by the time I get weighted on Friday. Seem to be fully in ketosis so hope it all starts coming together. Managed to stay away from carbs but cheated a little with a leaf salad and a bit of chicken.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for the support. Hopin to find the skinny me eventually. X

kitkatkaty Tue 22-May-12 07:39:46

Hi everyone. Hope you are all ok this morning!

I struggled and cheated a bit over the weekend which I hope doesn't come back to bite me at WI! Doing SS but was craving food so had some cod! Also had some coke zero. Oh and a piece of liquorice! On the flip side, went to a bbq on sat and didnt eat anything so pleased because of that . Back on track this week though. I find it so much easier at work!

Duckety, I am with you on the emotional eating. I eat if I'm really happy, really stressed or really sad! I still find fri nights really hard because as an end of week treat, I would always have something naughty like a curry! Taking a while to get used to that!

Have a good day all x

5inthebed Tue 22-May-12 09:14:41

Morning everyone. Never managed to get back on it yesterday due to DS2 haveing D&V, so am starting today. SO far so good

Jinx, you are not meant to have citrus at all as it affects ketosis, probably why you've lost less and feel hungry.

I fins the best way to get water in is to have a 750m bottle with me at all times. Three bottles a day and that is your minimum amount done.

If you feel you need to have something to eat, then do SS+. Will get you the list of foods you're allowed.

5inthebed Tue 22-May-12 09:19:26

Have taken this directly off the Cambridge diet website

This list is for Sole Source Plus Option B which is 3 Cambridge products per day plus one option from the following list and 80g of vegetables or salad.

(Note Sole Source Plus Option A is 4 Cambridge products per day plus 200ml skimmed milk, there is no conventional food on Option A)

170g chicken or turkey breast (skinless)
180g tinned tuna (in water, not oil)
220g Quorn e.g. mince pieces
225g cottage cheese, plain, reduced fat (less than 2% fat)
230g cod, haddock or other white fish
185g pre-cooked prawns
250g steamed tofu
2 large eggs

80g of any cooked or raw vegetables or salad from the following list:
cabbage (even pickled)
Chinese leafy greens (including pak choi and Chinese cabbage)
green peppers
green salad leaves (including lettuce, lamb's lettuce, radicchio, little gem, rocket and romaine)
red radishes
spring onions

You can add herbs and spices such as curry or chilli powder, coriander, pepper, chives and parsley. Check labels as you cannot have spices that contain salt.

Hope this helps those who want to have food/want to SS+

Juma Tue 22-May-12 10:17:37

Good morning all, hats off to those of you who do SS! I couldn't do it - I look forward to my mini meal everydaysmile
Once you can have the flavoured powders, the water drinking is much easiersmile
Day in the garden I think, hope the sun is shining wherever you are,

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 22-May-12 10:30:57

Good Morning,

Can't believe it! Didn't wake up til 9.30 - this is so not like me, I am an early riser as a rule.

Completely back on track, its been surprisingly easy....don't get cocky Duckety!

Looks like a nice day, a day in the garden for us too!

Sending you all positive thoughts for a good day.

Time2slim Tue 22-May-12 12:05:38

Hi all - have contacted my CDC today and am awaiting her to get back to me regarding a start date for me!
Loved reading through this thread and your last thread!
I'm so excited to be starting this journey.... also very nervous!
I've a holiday to Egypt booked for Sept 1st... and want to be looking better then I do now!

busyhouseof8 Tue 22-May-12 12:38:35

Hello everyone - have you room for another little large one.

I've just finished my 5th week on ss. So far I've lost 25.75lbs, which is great, although still got at least another 45lbs to go, which is making me feel a bit daunted.

I am also in the emotional eating club, together with the bored eating club (dual membership). Seeing as I do boring tax for a living and work from home, it's pretty simple as to why I got to the size I did. Every time I got bored at my desk I got up and went to the fridge and larder. But enough of that - time to change the habits of a lifetime!

Hope we all have a good day.

Juma Tue 22-May-12 15:02:01

Hey, CockyDuck! Hope you have a brill day. Maybe a good long sleep was just what you needed?
Welcome Time2slim & Busyhouse - there's always someone on here who can empathise with any given situation - you're right Busy, habits of a lifetime just have to be changed!
Have a great day

laura4jasmine Tue 22-May-12 19:50:06

Hello all! Big welcome to the newbies, you're doing great Busy.
I'm def in the emotional eating group! I am feeling very down (being treated for depression) the last couple of days and all I can think of is eating. Had my WI yesterday and lost a measley 2lb. I know it's better off than on, but I secretly hoped for better. Well, onward, hoping that now water retention is going I'll have a motivational loss this week.
Hope you are all doing good and enjoying the weather, it's so good being able to open the back door and heard all the kids out into the garden smile

jinx86 Tue 22-May-12 21:42:23

Hi everyone, stuck to the diet tonight except for one sugar free polo. Not drank a lot of water but hoping the weight starts moving a bit faster. Family is all getting Chinese, think I'll go and rea a book. Think thin!

DucketyDuckDuck Wed 23-May-12 09:06:04

Oooo, quite like cocky duck, may change name....!

lauraforjasmine depression not good, I too am a long time sufferer. Upped AD prescription about 8 weeks ago now, after a particularly harrowing time. Are you taking anything? Don't suffer, I was on the verge of a breakdown last time. Couldn't go out, and I get very OCD when I am like that plus extremely paranoid. (was convinced people were going to break into house - scared of bailiffs and such). Been back on the high dose has made a huge difference. I am allowed to up and down my dosage myself as a long term user, but I still find it hard to see sometimes - does that make sense? Maybe have a chat with Doc, your dosage or even type of prescription may need changing.

Juma don't be naughty drink your water smile

Hello to newbies too, this thread has been a lifesave to me. Somewhere to come and be accountable for my actions? somewhere to vent and also babble!

Lots of Love to you all.

CockyDuck Wed 23-May-12 09:12:36

Specially for Juma to make you smile! Name change!!

Juma Wed 23-May-12 09:18:03

Haha love it! Have a great day
J x

jinx86 Wed 23-May-12 10:42:37

Morning everyone, really sunny where I am. Have a great day. Glad I didn't give into temptation last night. Lol. X

busyhouseof8 Wed 23-May-12 11:12:51

Cut the lawn last night, which had turned into a jungle. Nearly killed me (why call it a hover if it doesn't??) but got to that point where I couldn't stop part way through so had to finish. Glad I made the effort and hopefully it shifted a couple of ounces.

Been for a walk today round the fields. I figure I should try to do something physical every day. Mind you I always start off with good intentions and they tend to go out the window by the end of the week. I'll let you know!

Have a strong day everybody. xx

laura4jasmine Wed 23-May-12 17:53:48

Hi everyone. Soooo hot! I know I should have been born in the north pole as I love the cold and hate the heat. Everyone used to tell me if I lost weight I wouldn't feel the heat so much, well, here I am 11 st (was 14st) lighter and I still can't take it. Anyway, been doing my best to stick with it and hoping for good things.
CockyDuck (I love that!) I have been seeing my GP and as I also have strong OCD tendencies, she has put me on the highest dose of prosac she can. She has upped it each time I visit but says I'm now on the highest dose and for a while it was ok, but the black clouds are taking over again. I'll stick with it for a while and see if it gets any better, if not I'll go back to see her again as she is very understanding.

Off to get the kids ready for bed and get some peace LOL.

cakehappy Thu 24-May-12 08:57:53

Sounds Like everyone is doing well! I had my first WI on Tuesday, lost 11lbs! Crazy! Am feeling better as well, I'm finding it so much easier the second week in. If I have my shake or soup at the right times (8:30am, 12:00,4:30 ) I feel much better than trying to wait till 6 or 7 pm. Good luck everyone,we can do it!!!!

Juma Thu 24-May-12 11:26:24

Hi cakehappy, well done on a fabulous loss! I think the timings are crucial and I never have my last shake before 7.30. I'm doing SS plus though.
Have a lovely day everyone
J smile

busyhouseof8 Thu 24-May-12 12:51:57

Hi all

I have a question about timing of shakes on ss.

I usually don't have my first shake/porridge until about 11.30, as otherwise the day gets a bit long given my dh doesn't get back from work till about 8.30pm and I have my soup with his dinner.

I do my exercise (dog walking mainly though I'd love to start that couch to 5k thingy) first thing after the school run, so before I've eaten anything. Do you think I should be having my first CWP meal before I do the exercise, or does it not make any difference?

Tx and have a good day. xx

DucketyDuckDuck Thu 24-May-12 16:44:32

Hi Busy TBH I would do what you are happy with. I am not a breakfast person - never have been. So my day goes as follows:

6 - 8.00am Coffee and 1 litre of water
11 - 12 Shake and 1 litre of water
3 - 4.30 Meal Bar and 1 litre of water
7 -8pm Soup and Diet Coke!!

I am out and about doing loads and it fits in with my life to do it like this.

Mind you, today have been lolling round the garden, attempting to potty train DD!

Hope everyone had a great sunny day, and lovely to see weightlosses!


busyhouseof8 Thu 24-May-12 17:13:29

Tx Duckety. I shall carry on as I am.

Mind you it has all gone pear shaped today. Took the car in for a while-you-wait service straight after school run and thought I'd be home by 11ish for 1st pack. Took three hours and I'd only just got in and was about to make porridge when school rang to ask me to pick up DD. Spent hours at walk in clinic with her before going off to get DS1 and DS2 after school. So upshot is I've just got in and haven't had anything to eat all day apart from a black coffee and two cups of black tea in Costa whilst waiting for the car.

What do you think - just abandon ship till soup at 8.30 with DH, or try to cram the missing two packs in now??

laura4jasmine Thu 24-May-12 17:32:34

Hello. cake fantastic weight loss well done! You must be feeling pretty inspired for the coming week.
Juma could you manage 2 together like a bar and a shake? I know it's as important to have all your packs as it can actually slow down your loss if you don't. Just try and get in as many as you can.
Duckety I hear you on the potty training, I'm trying with my DS2 (4yo) who has special needs and my DD2 (2yo) has decided she has to copy him. The problem? neither of them has gone in the toilet all day sad I agreed to try for a week with DS2 to see if he 'can' potty train or if we need to wait.

laura4jasmine Thu 24-May-12 17:42:25

Forgot to say, I find leaving 4hrs between packs works for me and I have the 1st one when I get back from the school run at 9.30ish.

Juma Thu 24-May-12 20:36:14

Hi there, you should be having all your products to keep the balance right.
My weigh in tomorrow - is it just me or do you feel heavier when its hot?lol!

jinx86 Thu 24-May-12 23:40:22

End of my first week tomorrow. Don't think it's gone fantastic. I was meant to be on ss but switched to ss+. can I check do other people put on weight/ fluid retention when they are due on? As my scales are showing only a small loss but I only had small salad and protein. Although, some days I dent consume all three products or manage over 1L on water. All you that have been doing well on the diet what tips would you recommend? Going to give it another few weeks to see if it works.

Night all.

Juma Fri 25-May-12 09:55:17

Good morning all, Jinx - my consultant told me that the people who are good at drinking the water are the ones that overall lose the weight easier. Time of the month business should average out over time, but I can see how its disheartening if you get fluid retention (passed all that nonsense!). You really should have all the products as they provide all the necessary vitamins & minerals. I've done SS plus from the start, I have my week 8 weigh in shortly, I had 2stones to lose - I can honestly say I have stuck to the programme and it does work. I have lost 1st 5.5lbs up to last week (may not seem a huge amount but I've never been one for losing massive amounts at a time) but it averages out at nearly 3lbs a week. Keep going with it! it will worksmile

5inthebed Fri 25-May-12 10:01:30

Have had such a crap wek. Have had the D&V bug so couldn't keep anything down for two days and now stuggling to get back on this.

Could scream at myself!

Weather is lovely though and have been enjoying stopping outside with the kids.

Duckety, try having coke zero insted of diet coke as there is citric acid in diet coke with can affect ketosis.

Consultant coming in an hour, am preparing myself for a flaming off her.

jinx86 Fri 25-May-12 12:21:04

I lost 4lbs. Not fantastic for a first week but I didnt stick to the diet fully or drink a lot of water. Focusing this week. Hopefully I will get a larger loss next week with doing it properly and finishing my period.

At least every pound off is getting me closer to bring healthier an happy.

Congratulations on all the losses ladies.


5inthebed Fri 25-May-12 12:36:01

Well done on the loss Jinx. Drink more water, it really does help.

Juma Fri 25-May-12 12:53:41

Hi there, just back from weigh in and a disappointing half a pound off for me, that brings me to 20lbs loss and 9.5lbs to go. On a more positive note though, I was measured this week and I've lost 5" from waist, 4" from hips, 2.5" from bust and 2.5" from thigh - this I am very happy with.
Well done jinx - like you say every pound is a step closersmile
Good luck with the weigh in 5inthe
Have a great weekend everyone

Moanranger Fri 25-May-12 16:03:19

Hi, all, hope I can join you for some support! I am planning to do a food pack/bar regime starting tomorrow. I did LL in 2008 & lost 4st5lb, but 2 st has slowly crept back on. Looking at my diary, I think I have a few weeks free to get established on a sole source type diet. (LL loss took me 5 months). Don't want to do LL as my (really great) counsellor left, and I have found that the Tesco shakes and bars very tasty (not to mention cheaper!). I also have a Hypnosis tape I can use and other resources. Lots of water, regular feeding, use my resources, and eat regularly - that's the plan - wish me luck, starting is always the hardest!

jinx86 Fri 25-May-12 18:21:18

Thanks Juma.
Moanranger welcome. Does anyone else know of other products that you can use on the CD that are cheaper? I know that asda own milk shake has most of the same ingredients and works out cheaper. Just wondering as I plan to continue for as long as I need to but it would be nice to reduce the cost a little. X

5inthebed Fri 25-May-12 19:13:14

Decided not to get weighed today as didn't want to be detered if I had put on.

Have managed just fine today though so hoping for a loss next week.

jinx86 Sun 27-May-12 15:32:49

Hi everyone, how is the diet going? I was wondering if anyone had the same issue as I seem to be having. I'm finding it difficult to consume the three cd products. I just don't see to have an appetite. Don't get me wrong on the odd occasion I crave real food, not because I'm hungry but because I miss it. Not seeing the weight drop off yet. Think it might be because Im struggling to consume all the water. X

5inthebed Sun 27-May-12 16:11:57

Yep, have had days where I have to force the third pack down. Think it's because you're in ketosis so your body doesn't feel hungry.

Have manged fine over the weekend. Had a gorgeous prawn salad yesterday in the sunshine and resisted my mams huge sunday dinner, only having brocolli and chicken.

I find having a 750ml bottle of water with yu helps to get your water intake right. Three of them a day and you're done.

Hope everyone else is managing ok.

Wittsend13 Sun 27-May-12 20:01:45

Hope you don't mind me joining. I'm doing Tony Ferguson, but using it the same way as CD SS. Lost 1stone in 3 weeks and have been off for 7 weeks and lost another 3lbs...(Not sure how but I'm not complaining!)

I'm two stone off my goal weight so will be coming back on board after next weekend (Bank holiday weekend ROI)

How are you all getting on with this heat?

Time2slim Mon 28-May-12 09:01:36

So today is the day!!
SS... here I come! Had meltdown Friday when O/H wanted to take me out for a meal before I started... felt horrible in everything I put on!! But this is good as this has made me feel so determined!
Dreading lunch time though as I'm at work and everyone tends to eat their lunch at their desks... maybe I should sneak away and leave the office then!
Wish me luck.... I HAVE to do this!!!

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 09:59:53

Welcome Wittsend and Time2slim. Good luck with starting. Take each hour as it comes for the first few days, day 3 is the worse, day 4 is euphoria.

Juma Mon 28-May-12 10:19:43

Hi moanranger, Time2slim & wittsend, best of luck as you start the journey to a slim new you!. I think we've all been there with the 'everything I put on looks awful' business, but sometimes it's what it takes to get you going isn't it.
Have a great day everyone, make sure you drink extra water with this heat!

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 28-May-12 11:29:16

Hi all smile

Can I come in?

2nd time LL, day 1!

Holiday in September and Florida next march....I have to do it.

Well done on all your losses smile

Juma Mon 28-May-12 12:15:00

Hi Peanut and welcome aboardsmile. I've just popped in to cool off a bit - phew!
A holiday in Florida in March is just the incentive you need! How much are you looking to lose?
I'm on week 8 and have lost 1st 6lbs with about 10lbs to go.
Don't know much about LL, but good luck

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 16:10:01

Bleurgh, the strawberry tetras are minging! [vom]

Loving the hot weather, makes me drink more and feeling less like eating.

Think I'm finally back in ketosis after a disasterous week.

I've also downloaded a hypnotherapy app for my ipad (virtual gastric band) and been dong it every night and have found it has helped me get back into CD.

Maybe the people at CD could do their own version? SHall I email them and suggest it? Get the royalties for it as well grin

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 28-May-12 18:33:43

Hi Juma smile

I have maybe 8 stone to loose blush

Just booked ten days in Greece today to see friend who moved there this year, I have the incentive just need the will power!

It's sooooo hot am really struggling to get enough water down.
3 shakes down, 1 to go envy

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 28-May-12 18:41:04

Hi to all,

I have been feeling guilty - am here to unburden myself. Boredom/Potty Training/hot weather/lots of BBQs.

Will see what the damage is in the morning. My aim is to loose a stone a month, so if I can have a couple of good days, I may just do it by Thursday!

I am pretty perky about it all, I made the conscious decision to do it, and have felt like I am on jollies cos of the weather!

Yeah lets see how perky I am when I get on the scales in the morning.....

Will be back to let you know.....

Thank you for the advice re: Coke Zero, will get that when doing shopping this week.

Potty training progress - we have gone through:

Novelty stage
Indignant Anger stage
Now at stubborn stage
Just waiting for surrender!

Lots of love to all you lovely people old and new.

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 18:50:50

Oh how I hated potty training. So glad never going to have to do that again! Don't envy you there.

Yes, summer and bbqs are making me want to cave. Yesterday our neighbours were having an amazing smelling barbecue. Had to get DH to take me and the kids out for a walk somewhere otherwise I would have scaled the fence grin

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 18:51:15

What flavours can you get on LL PBCC?

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 28-May-12 19:47:53

Lots of different ones now 5

Chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla.
Soups-chicken, mushroom, asparagus, tomato, vegetable, spicy curry
Porridge in original or apple and cinnamon
Chilli, shepherds pie
Nut bar, fudge nut bar, toffee bar, cranberry and yoghurty type bar, lemon bar.

Must be lots I've forgot as only manage the bars and sweet packs.

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 20:05:42

Chilli and shephards pie shock. Are those like quorn meals? Sound yummy.

Also, asparagus soup sounds nice.

Wish the soups were a bit more exotic on CD. They did used to do a brocolli and stilton one, but stopped that before I got to try it.

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 28-May-12 20:47:49

Yes, stll in a pack but thicker and bits in, look like baby food grin
Ah I forgot pasta carbonara too!

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 20:54:03

Eww, that sounds a bit gross.

cockneydad Mon 28-May-12 22:30:06

hey all - back after a bit of a break - lost 3 stone on SS+, now doing Step 2.5 (not quite 3). Still want to lose a stone and half more. I had a lapse when I was sick a week or so ago and came out of ketosis it seems (gained about 4 lb in 2 weeks). Back on Step 2.5 (as my consultant calls it) ! Hope everyone is well and coping !

Juma Mon 28-May-12 22:41:14

Welcome back cockneydad! 3 stone down - that's
Can't be long before the baby arrives?
Consultant had suggested I now move to step 2 seeing that my BMI is down to 25.
Take care everyone - looks like we're going to get a bit of respite from the heat tomorrow!

cockneydad Mon 28-May-12 22:48:30

Thanks Juma ! I need to get back on the wagon - I got man flu a couple of weeks back and it seems to have knocked me out of ketosis - I gained the weight of the glycogen normally stored in the body (about 3/4 lbs). I couldn't hack sole source plus any longer, was struggling to get through the day on it, as I have been doing loads of DIY before baby comes (due mid July!). Seeing consultant tomorrow, so hoping that have gone back into mild ketosis. If not, might go low carb for a few days. Hope all is well with you !

PeanutButterCupCake Tue 29-May-12 06:08:06

To be honest 5 they are minging grin

Sore throat and a mouth like a dustbin and 13 hours at work today...lucky me hmm

Time2slim Tue 29-May-12 08:23:27

Wow - the LL packs seem much nicer then CD!
I have to have 3 shakes a day as I don't like any other products!
So this is my 2nd time as I first did CD in 2010... and I got through Day 1! Yay me! after work I laid straight down on the bed with my kindle to hide away from the temptation of the kitchen lol!

5inthebed - I have 2 strawberry ready mades this week.... never had them before and now I'm dreading them! Maybe I'll swap them!

Please keep up the Thread loving reading how well you all do and even any slip ups - its good to know we're all normal and we all fall every now and then.
Great support guys - here I go for Day 2!! (zzzz just saying day 2 makes me depressed as I've got so far to go!) lol

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 29-May-12 09:06:14

Morning all.

Weigh in - 3.5 pounds on. Weeeellll what did I expect!

Will try again today!

Good Luck to all, I need to take my own advice "it works if you work it". So true, the weight isn't gonna come off unless I actually do something about it....

PeanutButterCupCake Tue 29-May-12 09:15:03

Or...." I'f you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got duckety

time I'm day 2 as well smile

Juma Tue 29-May-12 09:56:35

Good morning all! 'Life has no remote, if you want to change it, then you have to get up and do it yourself' I always keep this mantra in mind.
Nobody has force fed us, we are responsible for our own weight issues - if we can get the mindset right then the rest will follow. I know this weather does seem to create more problems what with BBQ's, Icecream Vans, Beer garden drinks, picnics etc and a general feeling of being on holiday! But just think 6 weeks down the line we will be into summer - I for one, don't want to be sitting there saying 'If I'd just stuck to it, then I would be a stone lighter now'. Let's get focused ladies (and cockneydad), this is not a rehearsal -THIS IS IT!!!!

ChuffMuffin Tue 29-May-12 10:02:04

Ahh I think I posted on the old Cambridge diet one! I'm on day 12 of SS+. Last week I lost 7lbs, so I have 21lbs left to go. I am dying for my weigh in this week so I can buy some of the water flavours. My god I have grown to hate plain water. And then I can make ice lollies and iced tea! Hooray!

And I have developed a love affair with prawn salads. Prior to this I hadn't voluntarily eaten a salad in.. well, ever! grin

Time2slim Tue 29-May-12 11:18:50

oooh Peanut are you!
Thats good we can help each other as obv we'll be having the same kinda feelings smile
Im doing ok today actually - had a vanilla shake this morning and realised they are not my fav! Way prefer strawberry and banana ones!

busyhouseof8 Tue 29-May-12 11:30:52

Hello everyone. Just had my weigh in and lost another 4.25lbs. So that's 30lbs in 6 weeks!! smile

Can't get cocky as still another 40lbs to go to reach stretch goal, although if I'm anything near 12.5st when I go on hol on 3rd August I'll be a happy bunny.

I think my consultant's scales weigh a couple of pounds lighter than mine. Happy to go on what she says though as that's what we used for 1st weigh in.

So off to Harry Potter studio thing this afternoon. Wish me luck with the M25! Going to try a bar for the first time whilst kids have a picnic. Hope having something solid wont make me feel really hungry later in the day. Does anyone use them?

Have a great day. xx

Juma Tue 29-May-12 11:33:37

Hi Chuffmuffin, well done on your first week loss of 7lbs. My target is 2 stones aswell - got 9.5lbs to go. Having the flavourings for water does help a lot. I Use the summer berry and its good. Never thought of making lollies though!!
Duckety- hope you're back on track now and having a good daysmile

ChuffMuffin Tue 29-May-12 13:30:55

Thanks smile. Ooh good luck, hope the 9.5lbs comes off quickly! I've not been v good with the water this week, sticking mainly to 2.25 litres so I've been to get some bottled water. It seems daft I know but at least with bottled water I physically know how much I've drunk during the day!

Do you guys have 3x shakes a day? seems to be the norm from what I'm reading. I have porridge, shake and soup plus a 200cal meal. Although after my meal I have to force myself to have the soup, I'm really not bothered about it! I couldn't live without the porridge, it sets me up for the day smile

cockneydad Tue 29-May-12 16:07:46

Off to see consultant tonight - been pretty good last 5 days, will see if my weight has gone back down since being ill. Currently thinking about switching to another diet for the last 1.5 stone I need to shift - can't afford (mentally or financially!) to go back to SS+. If weight loss is going to be very slow onm Step 2 and above, I think I will go low carb or something similar (which I have had a lot of success with in the past). Hope you are all doing OK!

Juma Tue 29-May-12 16:55:51

Hiya, well done busyhouse - 30lbs is fantastic! you be able to feel a difference in your clothes? I was visiting my eldest daughter at the weekend, she lives about 10 mins from the Harry Potter Studios and we were talking about going - let me know how it goes!
Chuffmuffin - I usually have a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, mini meal at around 6pm and then another shake about 8.30pm. Sometimes have the bars if I'm out and about (can't bear the porridge - pardon the pun). I'm on step 2 now so I get a bit more protein yay!
Good luck with the weigh in cockneydad - if you do go for a different low carb diet, will you just do it yourself or is there a specific one? Hope you're 100% recovered from your illness - great to see you back on here!

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 29-May-12 17:18:58

Hi just wanted to say thanks for the words of wisdom, which I took away, and have gone in.

I really would be peed of in 6 weeks if I haven't shifted anymore. Everything which was said was so right. It is a mindset, and I do believe I lost my focus.

Also the "defination of insanity, doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results". So so true. And something I had conveniently forgotten!

Back on track, all fab advice. Struggling with water again, I usually have drunk 3 litres by now, still 1 litre left , gonna drink it though!

Back tomorrow!


5inthebed Tue 29-May-12 19:17:50

Evening everyone.

I find the bars are fine and make a change to liquid things. You have to have an extra 500ml water with them though, so make sure you drink a little more water than normal.

I am also loving prawn salads, just the right weather for them. And cottage cheese salads are nice as well.

busyhouseof8 Tue 29-May-12 20:04:58

Hi Juma.

Just back from Harry Potter and have to say it was absolutely fab if you are any sort of fan of the films. I would also say that today 90% of the crowd were adults from all over the world - sure it will be different in school hols though.

We did queue for nearly an hour for the kids to have their photos taken dressed up in a cape flying on a broomstick - they thought it was great and they get to fly against a green screen for about a minute and they get to see themselves on a TV screen as part of the movie. Cost is £12 for 1 photo, but "only" £20 for four photos, so with lots of kids it worked out cheaper per head. We only got to book for the 2.30 tour, by which time that part was quite busy, so my recommendation to cut the queue would be to see if you can get on the first tour of the day at 10.30 by booking ahead. The rest of the place didn't feel crowded at all though.

Well done Duckety for getting back on track. xx

PeanutButterCupCake Tue 29-May-12 20:52:53

Aaaargh! Only managed one pack so far and just got in from work.
3 to cram in sad

Am totally pooped and brain has packed up...ketosis here I come!

jinx86 Tue 29-May-12 21:27:11

Hi guys.

I've been missing packs as I'm not hungry. So having 2 instead of 3. Not having great weight loss so far. Had a really stressful day and ended up munching On a bit of bread and sweet potato. Crap.

cockneydad Tue 29-May-12 22:12:21

Hey Jinx - I would go for all packs you are supposed to, every 4 hours like clockwork - it will help. If you need to have something extra - lean meat is the way forward!

cockneydad Tue 29-May-12 22:15:07

Back from consultant - lost all the weight I gained when ill and an extra 1.75 lb... over last 5 days - phew. Carrying on with a hybrid Step 2.5 approach - will see how next 2 weeks ago. Keep going all !

5inthebed Wed 30-May-12 08:09:23

Well done Hackney.

Jinx you really need to have all the packs, even if it seems too he'd, neck them down.

Juma Wed 30-May-12 09:36:39

Good morning! Well done cockneydad & good luck with the next few weeks.
Thanks for your report busyhouse - sounds great. We'll definately be going at some point - do they allow 'big kids' i.e. adults on the broomstick ride? My kids are adults now but have been big fans of HP since the start - it's my daughters 24th in June, how cool would a photo on a Nimbus 2000 be!!!
Have a good day everyone

busyhouseof8 Wed 30-May-12 10:30:25

Hi Juma

Most of the people on the broomsticks were adults!

You have to book in advance and it gets really booked up, so if you want to go for a special day then book soon to get a good timing slot.

Have a great day everyone.

DucketyDuckDuck Wed 30-May-12 11:57:34

Hi everyone.....

Jinx Please have all the packs, go back over my posts, I started to falter (without realising) when I got abit "cocky (duck)". I started missing packs, and then having something instead of a pack. Next thing I was justifying a weekend off to myself! xx

Well, yesterday was hard, but resisted, and been up all night weeing!!! Which is a sign to me, that my body is getting rid of bloat. Feel better already this morning!


cockneydad Wed 30-May-12 13:01:22

Thanks Juma - I will keep on going - aiming to be over 3.5 stone lighter (overall!) by the time I see my consultant next (she is on hols for 2 weeks).

jinx86 Wed 30-May-12 20:29:05

Hi, thanks for the advice and support. I am definitely going to try and work at it properly and have all three packs. Getting a l

jinx86 Wed 30-May-12 20:30:45

Hi, thanks for the advice and support. I am definitely going to try and work at it properly and have all three packs. Getting a lot better at drinking the water. Thanks x

cockneydad Wed 30-May-12 22:02:02

it gets easier jinx - hang on in there!

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 31-May-12 10:40:10

Eurgh I feel awful today...headache, energy of a gnat, grumbly tummy? sad

Juma Thu 31-May-12 11:11:34

Hi Peanut - it should pass soon - it's just the transition - your body barely knows what's hit it!.
Wet and horrible up here in Durham, just got back from dentist, i had a filling to do and my face is numb - having to drink my water with a straw!
My weigh in tomorrow pm , really hoping that I'll be 10stone something!!
Stay strong everyone

Time2slim Thu 31-May-12 11:34:30

Hey Peanut -
I felt like that Day 1!
I feel fine today... only just remembered my breakfast shake! I'm hoping that as I've forgotten to eat at the right time maybe this means I'm not hungry and may be going into Ketosis??
I dont have scales at home but I stupidly took my measurements last night and I'm still the same sad I cant wait for Sundays WI... desperate to see something to keep me going!
I'm at work and half the office is going to my favourite sandwich shop whilst the other half are getting Nandos take out sad
I spose I'll just suck in the flavour through my nostrils haha x

DucketyDuckDuck Thu 31-May-12 11:40:44

Juma Good Luck at your weigh in.

Has anyone noticed this - not sure if I have mentioned it before?

I suffer from chronic sinus infections....when I am doing SS within two days, sinus have cleared up. I have noticed, when I fell of the wagon, they came back pretty quickly. Now, I always vaguely thought it may be an allergy, but never really looked into it. Been researching, and the prime suspects for infections are basically, carbs, diary and refined sugar! Amazing really and another good reason for me to stick to this.

I cannot believe that I started again Monday, and by this morning sinuses have completely cleared up. Amazing really.

Anyway, have a good day today!


PeanutButterCupCake Thu 31-May-12 11:58:47

I suffer recurrent sinusitis too duckety shall see if it returns now I'm on packs.

Some new flavour shakes out so am going to collect some later, quite excited grin

Stay strong time

Can't wait for Monday so I can have a bar!

ChuffMuffin Thu 31-May-12 12:37:01

Peanut Give it two days and you'll feel amazing. It is worth the headache, you'll get past it smile.

Duckety I was going through a really bad spell of IBS when I started this. Now? Nothing. I am shocked. Nothing has ever helped it before. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but I've started to get a bad back really easily since starting this and I've noticed my legs hurt from walking not very far!

It's my weigh in tonight! Forgot to have a soup last night and I don't think I've been drinking enough water (2L a day at least) this week but we'll see. My work trousers are just about falling off me though. I had to run for the bus yesterday and had to hold them up!

ChuffMuffin Thu 31-May-12 12:37:52

I'm sorry, I just read that back and I can't believe that I forgot to eat something!! grin

silver73 Thu 31-May-12 13:03:11

Hi everyone. I hope you don't mind me joining you. I am on day 4 of low carbing and day one of Slim and Save. I spent the first three days feeling very tired but now I feel much better.

I am hoping to do this diet for 12 weeks to get me down to the weight I should be.

If you drink more than 2 litres a day do you lose weight more quickly? I would space the water out evening over the day....

jellybean132006 Thu 31-May-12 13:15:50

I was just wondering if 'maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour' still subscribes to this thread? I am doing Exante and just wondered how you mix Exante with Slim & Save, how many of each packs do you have and what are you losses like?
JB x

jellybean132006 Thu 31-May-12 13:17:00

Oh and I just wondered if anyone found that their losses were better if they did 20 minutes per day of exercise? I read somewhere that it makes no difference to the losses and I'm not going to kill myself for nothing lol smile x

silver73 Thu 31-May-12 13:22:12

Hi Jellybean - do you know why maytheoddsbe was mixing Exante and Slim and Save? I have only read this thread and thought that maybe she started with Exante and then moved onto Slim and Save.

I am just doing Slim and Save as I liked the variety which enables me to choose how many of each flavour I want. Also, like the fact that you can have water flavouring.

I am going to be doing an hour of Callanetics a day as it is the only exercise that helps me sculpt my body. I may also do some walking to help with weight loss.

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 31-May-12 17:24:19

New summer fruits pack is lovely smile

5inthebed Thu 31-May-12 17:31:35

You're not meant to do excecise when doing CD, someting to do with muscle wastage.

I did find thought that when I used a virbating plate I lost at least 2lbs more when I didn't.

5inthebed Thu 31-May-12 17:31:56

*2lbs more then when I didn't use it.

DucketyDuckDuck Thu 31-May-12 18:04:25

Oooo, callanetics, I used to love that! Might give it another go.

I'm doing Exante! Love it. But have had a couple of slip ups, but thats my doing nothing to do with the diet!


ChuffMuffin Thu 31-May-12 18:34:05

Just got back from seeing my consultant. Lost 5lb. That's 12lb in two weeks grin. 16lb to go. And thank god I now have the water flavour!

I swapped my soups for shakes because I was forgetting to have the soups, just like a flavoured bowl of water really.

She's off for two weeks now so I'm excited to see what I weigh when she gets back.

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 31-May-12 18:43:01

That's great chuff

Well done smile

Juma Thu 31-May-12 19:41:51

Good result chuff - well done

cockneydad Thu 31-May-12 20:02:11

Well chuff ! You must be chuffed (I'll get my coat)

cockneydad Thu 31-May-12 20:02:24

well done I meant !

5inthebed Thu 31-May-12 20:21:36

Well done chuff

WI for me tomorrow morning.

Time2slim Fri 01-Jun-12 14:39:57

God... this week seems to be dragging!! I just want to have my first WI day!! sad

5inthebed Fri 01-Jun-12 15:23:11

4lbs off for me this week, so 16lbs in 4 weeks. grin

ChuffMuffin Fri 01-Jun-12 19:15:47

Thanks everyone! And well done 5! grin.

cockneydad Fri 01-Jun-12 19:42:14

well done 5 ! Hoping for 4-5 lb over next couple of weeks - my losses have slowed a bit (lost about 3/5 of what I need to loose)/

PeanutButterCupCake Fri 01-Jun-12 20:50:14

Does anyone else on food replacement packs alone, feel like they have no energy at all? I've just got in from work (rough day) and could collapse hmm

Juma Fri 01-Jun-12 22:08:21

Wam, Bam, thank you ma'am - 4.5lbs off week 9!!!! making a total of 24.5lbs and 5lbs to go - that'll do nicelysmile
Well done 5inthe - 16lbs over 4 weeks is brill!

lucyloo0907 Sat 02-Jun-12 09:36:31

Hi Everyone,

Feel bit down today just had my weigh in and I have not lost any weight at all. I have stayed the same although I have been exercising and drinking shakes all week. Need to hit it hard again really as had a BBQ last week (naught I know) and it is my partners bday today so going out tonight sad

I have only lost a stone in a month is that good? How does that compare to everyone elses weight loss??

God I need to get back in the zone..........on the upside I bought a lovely dress and I feel good in t for tonight woooooo

Lucy xx

JubileeSchmoobilee Sat 02-Jun-12 10:10:37

Thanks everyone (it's me, 5ITB)

Well done Juma! You've done amazing.

LucyLoo, try not to be deflated by a wekk of no loss. It may be that you are due on, it may be becaseu you've not drunk enough water, it may be because you are excercising (not meant to be done until you step up). Give it another week, you may fidn you haver a significent loss next week.

Feeling fantastic this morning. Have bought my bridemaid dress for my sisters wedding in a smaller size I am now so need to stay positive and keep going!

cockneydad Sat 02-Jun-12 17:59:11

Hi Lucy - I was losing 2-4 pounds a week and then hit a plateau - went up to Step 2, was OK for a bit,now another stall. It happens sometimes. I have however, lost 3 stone 3lb in 3 and half months. A stone a month is good going!

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 04-Jun-12 10:34:49

Morning first WI today

12lb off smile

Juma Mon 04-Jun-12 11:01:17

Hi Peanut - that's fantastic! Now you know why you had no energy lol!

Misssss Mon 04-Jun-12 13:09:14

Just had first weigh in after first full week of Slim & Save. Drumroll please... Lost 19lbs! Amazed. Even went to check at boots incase my scales were broken. So happy, am massive though so can't tell "see" the loss at the moment.

ChuffMuffin Mon 04-Jun-12 13:46:18

Wow peanut and missssss that is fantastic! Congratulations! grin

Peanut do you feel more motivated now? smile

Misssss that is phenomenal! Never heard of S&S but it must be good stuff.

Had a weekend of eating out and I stuck to my plan as well as I could! Totally plain tuna nicoise salad at Pizza Express and mixed leaf salad with plain chicken at Nandos yesterday. The only thing I had to control myself with was the dough sticks at Pizza Express, wasn't really arsed about anything else. Baguettes or chewy bread I could eat until the cows come home, not cos of the bread but the texture!

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 04-Jun-12 23:32:07

COR miss that is fab envy

Onwards and downwards chuff

Was worth it juma

timetoslim is it WI day?

Time2slim Wed 06-Jun-12 08:29:45

Wow Peanut!! Thats amazing!
I had my first WI on Sunday and I've lost 7lbs!! Very happy with this as my first week was TOTM sad so my CC thinks it could of been a pound or 2 more but I was aiming for 7lbs so I'm very happy!!

Misssss that is crazy!! over a stone in a week!! Well done I bet someones not struggling for motivation!! lol.

Lucy - a Stone a month is average for these diets so dont feel disheartened you are right on track - well done keep it up!!

How did everyone survive the long weekend?
I kept myself away from celebrations and took the time to give the house and garden a good go over!! and boy am I glad I did the place looks great smile

Juma Wed 06-Jun-12 10:48:54

Good morning, well done time2, great loss!.
The best I can hope for is to stay the same this week! Been to various events for the Jubilee, then my own 35th Wedding Anniversary, finding out that I'm going to be a Grandparent for the first time shock, plus my mothers 80th Birthday and a very surprise visit from my sister who lives in Newfoundland PLUS I have to get weighed a day early - don't stand a chance really ha ha!

5inthebed Wed 06-Jun-12 13:22:41

Well done on the greatlosses everyone.

Congratulations Juma!

Have had an ok week, had something to eat yesterday at my mams jubilee party, but she practically force fed me it hmm. Hoping for a loss on Friday, but doubtful since I have not managed to drink all my water for the past few days. No idea why as usually don't struggle.

cakehappy Thu 07-Jun-12 00:38:32

Hi everybody! Wow aren't we doing well! Some serious losses here, fabulous, it's so nice to hear I'm not doing it alonesmile week 4 and I'm down 22lbs, and counting. I started at 15 stone, am down to 13 st 6 and have 8 weeks left. Am aiming for a happy 11 stone, we will see!! Fingers crossed. It's been alright lately except for the fact that I have a boutique bakery and specialise in chocolate and working on our range so have REALLY been tempted a lot latelysad tough times. Being around cake,cookies and brownies and chocolate all the time drives me bonkers I feel. And I cook for my husband every night and stare at him eating nice dinners like a homeless dog, feeling like I could just uncontrollably gobble everything on his plate if I lost the tinyiest but of control. Anyone miss food too? Love Banana shakes though, and love not feeling horribly fat and ugly! We can do it!!

ChuffMuffin Thu 07-Jun-12 07:44:22

Wow, well done cakehappy! grin. Keep strong, I want to keep up the maintenance on this diet already for the fact that I feel so much better and not like a food addicted eat/sleep zombie any more.

My consultant is on holiday this week and today's my weigh in, so I'm going to go find somewhere and weigh myself. I don't own scales! Should I do it or am I being naughty? grin

Juma Thu 07-Jun-12 09:39:09

Good morning everyone, Cakehappy you must have a will of iron, well done!
Chuffmuffin - when my consultant went of holiday she asked me to weigh myself and then text her with the result. We did however, check our scales at the start, and I know mine weigh half a pound lighter than hers.
My weigh in today as well - not expecting too much as I lost 4.5lbs last week, fingers crossed.
Have a good day

busyhouseof8 Thu 07-Jun-12 10:37:47

Hello everyone.

Weigh in today and I lost 2.5lb. Not bad given the Jubilee street party lamb chop fiasco, but I kind of got used to losing over three pounds a week so can't help but feel a little disappointed with myself.

Never mind - onwards and downwards! I am loving fitting into my next cargo trousers that I haven't been able to get near me for quite some time...

Have a great day everyone. xx

5inthebed Thu 07-Jun-12 11:42:33

Bloody hell cakehappy you have some iron will!

grin at lamb chop fiasco. I am the same with pork chops, luckily never been within close range of one yet.

I keep thinking today is Tuesday, and then realising its Thursday, so WI for e tomorrow. lets hope the cheese pie and chocolate browni has not done too much damage. Resigned myself to no loss this week though, given half term is always stressful for me.

Time2slim Thu 07-Jun-12 14:27:16

Grrrrrrr I'm so disappointed in myself!!
Last night I made my OH his fav Spag Bol for dinner and decided I would try my Spicy Tomato soup (trying to kid myself its a bit like spag bol) lol.
And even the smell was revolting - but I tried to drink some and after 2 spoonfuls I couldn't stomach any more - so I decided to have some cucumber sticks... this is ok your thinking... until I picked up a teaspoon and ate about 10 spoons of the left over bolgnese meat still in the wok sad
I'm so mad today incase this stalls me - the mince was extra lean but still has fat and obv the sauce is tomato based which is not allowed!!

Lesson to be learned any left overs that are not going on his plate to go straight into the bin!! I was doing so well sad

Juma Thu 07-Jun-12 15:51:12

Well I thought as much - a 'stay the same' result for me this week. Should really have got weighed tomorrow, but hey ho - knuckling down to a good nine days till my next weigh in.
Seems like this Jubilee business has thrown a few of us off the straight and narrow - Thank you Ma'am.

busyhouseof8 Thu 07-Jun-12 15:55:23

Hi Time

Leftovers are a killer. I can't have them sitting on the side or they play tricks with my head, so they have to go out of sight in a tupperware in the fridge for someone else or straight in the bin.

At least it was a teaspoon not a tablespoon!

busyhouseof8 Thu 07-Jun-12 15:56:52

Oh and Juma I would consider a stay the same a victory given your early weigh in and your activities this week!

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 07-Jun-12 16:33:10

Squirt fairly liquid in leftovers straight away time
Don't beat yourself up over it.
You had a blip have learned from it and back in the wagon smile

ChuffMuffin Thu 07-Jun-12 17:25:25

Juma much better than a pound on though smile

I weighed myself on Boots scales, no idea how accurate they are, but according to them I've lost another 5lbs this week. 17lbs in 3 weeks. and I've only got 11lbs to target! shock

cockneydad Thu 07-Jun-12 19:38:58

Hi all, still here! Not been weighed for a week - CD consultant is away on holiday - I think I am not getting toward 3.5 stone. Will try and get to 4, then intend to switch to something else - our budget is very tight and simply can't afford to stay on CD much longer. Currently on Step 3 (minus some carbs), which I think I can probably do myself without the shake (Atkins bars are low carb and much, much cheaper!), so considering a reduced carb diet, which essentially is what Cambridge is in later stages. Hope all is well out there !

5inthebed Fri 08-Jun-12 16:12:10

Not s bad as I thought, 2lbs off, so 18lbs so far. Really need to tay on track this week and not faulter as need to lose at least 2 stone by the beginning of August.

I CAN do this, I NEED to do this.

cakehappy Fri 08-Jun-12 16:23:12

5inthebed, do it!! You can do it, one day at a time. When you want to cheat, promise yourself you'll cheat tomorrow, then the same the next day and so on till you're a skinny mini!imagine how GREAT that's gonna be!

Juma Fri 08-Jun-12 17:07:51

Hello! Well done 5inthe, you must be seeing a difference now!
Hi Cockneydad - how many products do you have on step 3? Know what you mean about costs - I've noticed CWP does seem to be more expensive than similar diet products - Good luck
Have a good week end

PeanutButterCupCake Fri 08-Jun-12 23:19:18

Is anyone around still?

Been really hungry today and feel really nauseous and abdo pains for last hour or so. Has anyone else had this on TFR?

Tmi warning

Have " been" to the toilet once in two weeks....anyone else? blush

5inthebed Sat 09-Jun-12 09:32:38

How are you this morning pbcc?

Abdo pains could be constipation. Get something from chemist for that as must be uncomfortable. I am no as regular as I usually am, but definitely not two weeks.

PeanutButterCupCake Sat 09-Jun-12 10:43:04

Hi 5 feel a lot better this morning just uncomfortably hungry hmm

Have been taking dulcoease to no effect.

I'm on holiday this week and ready to go back now, boredom is making me extra hungry.

5inthebed Sat 09-Jun-12 13:54:42

Are yu on SS or SS+?

I find having a bar every now and again help as they have more fibre in than the sachets.

PeanutButterCupCake Sat 09-Jun-12 19:33:33

I'm Doing LL 5

5inthebed Sat 09-Jun-12 20:20:08

Ah yes, of course blush

5inthebed Sun 10-Jun-12 16:31:28

How is everyone getting on? Very quiet, have you all fallen off the wagon? wink

Juma Sun 10-Jun-12 17:26:18

Hi 5inthe, I'm still here - another Sunday another challenge. Big family gathering & lunch out. Managed ok though, just had a pile of beautiful tender turkey with spring cabbage and turnip. Gave away Yorkshire pud,roast pots,mash etc etc. but I really enjoyed it, had a coffee when others were having a pudding so all in all it wasn't too bad. The best bit though - I've tried on the size 12 linen dress that's been waiting for me and it fits!!!!!!!! Also my (pregnant) daughter has given me a pair of Levi jeans size 12 and they fit too!!!!
With regard to the 'lack of action' in the toilet dept. - I've found that taking 2 Senokot tablets once a week has sorted me out.
Take care all

ChuffMuffin Sun 10-Jun-12 18:31:24

I'm still alive! <waves>

Had a chicken salad that was coated in breadcrumbs yesterday. Tried to get most of the crispy off but it wasn't happening. So I ate them. And today I've been fantasizing all day about a burger and chips from the takeaway! I managed to make DP a big chocolate cake for his birthday on Thursday and I hadn't even thought about eating it until he said do you want some, but a miniscule amount of breadcrumbs and I'm salivating over burgers and chips! In fact, it's just the onions I want to eat hmm

I've got a dress for a wedding in August that I got a few months ago, the zipper wouldn't even go halfway up my back. It fits me perfectly now, I hope it's not too big when I get to goal.

Dying to be able to do some exercise and tone up.

Apart from that, that's it from my boring week! smile

ChuffMuffin Sun 10-Jun-12 18:33:40

Oh and I wanted to share this for anyone nearing the end of their diet. I'm seriously going to try and live a low carb lifestyle because of the amount of rubbish that I eat, but the one thing that kills me is missing rice. But Cauli Rice apparently is a great alternative.

I'm also interested to know what the Cambridge Diet maintenance is like, doesn't seem to be much about what you can/can't eat on the internet.

5inthebed Sun 10-Jun-12 18:49:16

Well done on the size 12s Juma. I can only dream of the day i'm a 12.

Chuffmuffin, I have a wedding in August as well, am chief bridesmaid. Have gotten my dress a size smaller than I am now <nervous.

I love cauli rice, have it once a week with chicken/fish and mushroom curry. It's divine.

Time2slim Mon 11-Jun-12 08:12:27

Hi guys -
I'm still here and ashamed to admit I cheated by having a crumpet Saturday morning!!!
Apart from that I've stuck to ss+ food when ever Ive felt hungry - have WI tonight and I'm dreading it sad Stupid carbs!!!
Well done to all you strong people!!! Hopefully one day I'll get there!!

5inthebed Mon 11-Jun-12 13:37:47

Oh hush, it was only one crumpet. It's not as if you had the whole packet. You might be surprised.

I've had a killer of a day. Went into town to get a few things for my sons school trip and walked straight into a continental market. Loads of different foods including my absolute fave, a hog roast. Resisted though. Then went into McDonald's with ds3 for a treat and the smell was killing me. Had a tetra with me thou and survived.

Time2slim Mon 11-Jun-12 13:57:27

hahaha I spose your right it could of been worse.
Just I have eaten quite a bit of chicken this week too although 2 of the days were because Ive noticed that 2 of my packs were out of date angry
I text my consultant and she has said she'll exchange them for me - so little heads up for everyone - although they're powders they still go out of date and apparently the vitamins dont survive.

And WOW - well done 5 how you went into Mcd's I'll never know you have amazing willpower!! I'm having to steer well clear!
Someone in the office is currently eating one for lunch and just the smell of one has my tastebuds tingling lol. Good work!! smile

busyhouseof8 Mon 11-Jun-12 15:45:51

Hi everyone. Difficult weekend - ds1's 13th birthday, so we had a gathering of the clans, with all 4 of my (young adult now) stepsons staying Friday-Sunday. So a weekend of cooking party food for 10! Just what I needed.

Stayed reasonably strong apart from a few chunks of meat out of the beef stew and some quite a lot of roast chicken last night. No carbs, just meat, but still feel like a weakling for giving into temptation. Didn't drink enough water either.

Weigh in tomorrow after just 5 days as last week's was put back due to bank holidays, so really not expecting to have lost an ounce. Praying it's not a gain. I'm just over 14st and would so like to get below it. Ridiculous games you play in your head - 13st 13.5lb is just 14st in disguise, but it would mean a lot!

Captaincurly Mon 11-Jun-12 20:23:59

Hi everyone!! Been doing ss for five days now and struggling with headaches and cravings!! I am a single mum with 3 kids!! Weighed in last thurs at 14 5 not happy as only 5'3!! Any help with overcoming cravings will b great fully received lol!! Nearly day 6 hope ketosis kicks in big time as I could eat my whole fridge!!!

ChuffMuffin Mon 11-Jun-12 23:22:01

Hey Captaincurly and welcome! Give the diet a bit longer and ketosis will well and truly kick in. I wasn't hungry for the first 3 weeks I've done it but I'm on week 4 now and I feel like I could break in to my local takeaway and deep fry the shit out of everything. It'll pass I hope..!

And I bet you'll get a very pleasant shock on WI smile

Time2slim Tue 12-Jun-12 08:35:40

had my 2nd weigh in and thats another 4lbs down!
Total 11lbs in 2 weeks!! Soooo chuffed!!
CaptainCurly stick with it I started at 13 11 and I'm also 5'3 so not far off each other.
Busy I had a week of chicken pickin' sad and as earlier confessed I caved and ate a crumpet blush but I've still had a loss so dont be disheartened and like you said its only 5 days too.
Keep positive!! Hope everyone else is doing well x

Captaincurly Tue 12-Jun-12 08:53:22

Good mornin!
Thanks for replies guys, in all honesty I spent 2 and 1/2 hours reading whole thread yesterday before I plucked up courage to join in!! U truly are an inspiration I couldn't have got through yest if it wasn't for u!! I have discovered that after years of saying to myself I am fat because I am greedy and love my food it's simply not the case! Yes I do live food and lots of it but on this diet i can control the hunger ( more water)!! It's the cravings!!!!! So I guess when in ketosis this lessens somewhat and gets easier... Well that's my theory and I'm hoping it's gonna work looool!!
Check in later, got dd off with tummy bug today sad(

5inthebed Tue 12-Jun-12 11:43:30

Well done Time2slim! Thats a great weight loss.

Good luck with the WI BusyHouse

Welcome CaptainCurly, hope your Dd feels better soon.

tried on a size smaller jeans today and they fit! Resisted buying them though as were slightly snug, but will give it a few weeks and get them. Thats my mini goal.

busyhouseof8 Tue 12-Jun-12 13:16:01

Hi everyone.

Had the dreaded weigh in and I lost 1.5lbs. Not bad considering I suppose.

Plan is to try and have a really disciplined week and see where that gets me. Got another weekend of entertaining as it's dh's birthday on Father's Day and all the clan are gathering again, so that gives me today - Saturday to be very good before going out to fish restaurant on Sunday. Should be able to join in with some grilled fish and salad without being too bad.

Have a good day and welcome CaptainC. Hope dd feeling better.

5inthebed Tue 12-Jun-12 13:56:46

Well done Busy! Fish restaurant will be fine, lots of yummy fish or even prawns with a salad should be fine. I have prawn salad every week.

busyhouseof8 Tue 12-Jun-12 17:59:50

Do you? What just prawns and salad? My Councillor keeps saying to avoid salad cos half the things in it like tomato get you out of ketosis. Should I stop worrying??

5inthebed Tue 12-Jun-12 18:20:01

I say salad, I mean lettuce and cucumber, sometimes I add chargrilled green pepper. I also have it with fat free salad dressing for that extra zing and put pepper on the prawns. Have just had it for my tea, was yummy.

Link here to the CD site as to what you can eat if you are on SS+ or sometimes if you are going out for a meal.

Captaincurly Tue 12-Jun-12 18:31:29

Evening all... Dd is very dizzy so off to bed soon less her!
Just had veg soup I love it just wish these awfull headaches would go away I feel full Of energy but when I move around my head spins!! Drinking at least 3 L of water do know I'm getting enough I think I maybe should have carb restricted before coz I ate like it was my last day to live for the days before!!!! All of your comments have been my inspiration to carry on, weigh in tomorrow at 630 eek!!! Can't wait for day 7!!! Have a great eve guys we CAN do this!!! Xx

5inthebed Tue 12-Jun-12 18:51:40

Good luck at the WI tomorrow, sure you'll be fine if you have stuck to the plan.

Captaincurly Tue 12-Jun-12 18:59:35

Thank u 5in the bed I have been a little angelsmile

Captaincurly Wed 13-Jun-12 18:25:10

Well just been to first weigh in and lost 9 pounds!! Whoopa!!! Hope u guys are havin a good day I feel on top of the world!!!

busyhouseof8 Wed 13-Jun-12 18:43:25

That's brilliant CaptainC. Well done you.

5inthebed Wed 13-Jun-12 19:25:32

Well done, thats a great loss.

Am doing fine, for some reason felt hungry today, but no reason why I should. Have soldiered on and feel fine now after a mushroom omlette and salad.

Juma Wed 13-Jun-12 20:11:57

Hi everyone, things are sounding much more positive on here now. Well done to captaincurly - brilliant start!, hi to busyhouse too- good luck on the start of your journey. I'm plodding along - 5lbs to goal & doing step 2 - feel like I've stalled, i could always return to step one I suppose, but now I'm nearly there I don't feel there's any need to rush. Just discovered Banana shake - yum!

ChuffMuffin Thu 14-Jun-12 10:19:36

Well done CaptainC! That's fabulous! grin

I'm still doing SS+ but I'm hoping tonight I'll be moved up a step as I think I'm probably about half a stone from goal weight. Going to buy some clothes today as none of my jeans fit me any more. smile

5inthebed Thu 14-Jun-12 12:43:39

Well done Chuff.

I am desperate for jeans, mine are nearly falling down around my ankles. Only want to buy a cheap pair though as hoping not to be in those very long either.

Juma, 5lbs to goal, that is amazing!

Captaincurly Thu 14-Jun-12 15:31:54

Well I am actually chuffed to bits as to how well we all seem to be doing!! One thing my cc taught me if we are a little naughty is to recognise a lapse as a lapse before we relaps again because if we don't then we will collapse so moral is don't beat ourselves up just dust down and carry on before we collapse!! I thought that was brilliant!!! Day 8 on ss for me and u all r right it does get better and easier as the days go by. Have a good day everyone I might not b about much my sister is a nurse in Saudi and is coming home today for 3 wks and I haven't seen her for 9 months!!! Take care and carry on !!! Loving my new Cambridge buddies xxx

ChuffMuffin Thu 14-Jun-12 21:26:16

5inthebed Primark have got some amazing super soft skinny jeans, they were £11 and I looove them.

I was weighed tonight, I was the same weight as I weighed myself last week but I used some scales in Boots so who knows if they were right or not. But I'm still 17lbs down in 4 weeks grin. I've also adjusted my target to be half a stone heavier than I was originally, so I've only got 4 lbs to go. I think if I lose the whole 11lbs I will look too skinny. I'm a funny shape, it seems to go off my top half really quickly but not my bottom half. I'm a size smaller overall though! Just need to tone up now smile.

Consultant tonight says this will be my last week of SS+!

5inthebed Fri 15-Jun-12 15:26:35

Managed to get some jeans from Asda. They'll do, they are nice and comfy.

WI this afternoon, lost 4lbs.

Am envy at everyone nearing their goals.

Juma Fri 15-Jun-12 17:04:29

Woo 5inthe 4lbs is a great loss! well done you. Captaincurly, your consultant is talking sense, we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we slip, it's only if we use that slip to abandon the whole diet, then we should be giving ourselves a mighty kick up the a***!
Chuff, you're also doing fab! I know what you mean about changing your goal - my consultant suggested to me that I should stop now, but some pigheaded stubborness in me wants to get to ten and a half stone.
Weigh in for me tomorrow and measurements are due I think!
Just got myself one hell of a sexy dress by Bastyan, for our Yr 13 leavers prom. Not that anyone will be paying much attention to me with all the gorgeous 18yr olds in posh frocks! But I will feel greatsmile (Sexy price to - In the sale reduced from £275 to £95!)
Be good everyone, and if you can't be good, be careful!

ToothbrushThief Fri 15-Jun-12 18:38:12

My DSis wants to lose weight but money is v tight. She considered Cambridge but ruled it out because of cost. She plans to use Slimfast which I'm quite worried about. Not sure they are nutritionally sound and effectiive but actually I know nothing! Any comments or advice please smile

5inthebed Fri 15-Jun-12 18:42:49

Hi Toothbrushthief. Unsure about Slimfast, think it is meant to be used with a meal as well.

Tell her to have a look at this site. They have the shakes and soups for a lot less and they are just as good as CD or LL.

Juma Sun 17-Jun-12 20:29:53

So another 1.5lbs of this week for me - 3.5lbs to go. On step 2 and enjoying the extra bits and pieces. Feeling a bit nervous about the maintenance coming up though!
Hope you've all had a good weekend

ChuffMuffin Mon 18-Jun-12 13:29:30

Congrats Juma! smile.

What are the extra bits and pieces you're allowed on step 2? I'm coming off SS+ this week and I have no idea what's coming next.

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 18-Jun-12 15:13:28

Hi all smile

Thread fell off my list!

17lbs off in 2 and a bit weeks, not bad grin

Well done to everyone on all the losses.

duckety was it you that mentioned sinusitis? I've not had any flare ups since I've started and I suffered terribly.

Juma Mon 18-Jun-12 21:31:43

Good evening all, Hi ChuffStep 2 you have 810 (ish) cals per day. The protein increases and now you can have chick peas, lentils etc. Three quarters of a pint of skimmed milk ( I sometimes have some yoghurt or cheese if I don't use all the milk up). I'm experimenting a bit, but 810 cals is still low enough to lose weight anyway.
Hi peanut, 17lbs is brilliant, well done - how are you finding it now? Clothes feeling loose? smile
BTW my shoes are all too big now! - has anyone else lost weight off their feet??

Morganvan Tue 19-Jun-12 09:36:50

Hi ,been on cd before ,was doing well but not enough willpower ! Back again ,I have a wedding in 4 weeks and bought a dress that doesn't fit ! Lol day two today ,bit headachy but looking forward to looking better ! You all are doing so well ! X

busyhouseof8 Tue 19-Jun-12 11:28:23

Hi everyone. Weigh in today and lost 4.75lbs!

Really chuffed as this week I went out for lunch for dh's birthday on father's day and did lick my fingers quite alot when making his celebratory pavlova....

Inspired to stick with it. Losses had really slowed down the previous two weeks and I was feeling a little despondent, but now I'm well into the "13's" so that's another boost.

Juma I can't imagine being so close to goal. Well done you. Welcome Morgan!

5inthebed Wed 20-Jun-12 09:22:48

Well done on the losses.
Having a crap week, not the best. Have only managed two days since Saturday blush
really annoyed with myself.

Juma Wed 20-Jun-12 10:05:18

Good morning all,
come on 5inthe! what about those jeans? Sorry you're struggling, but at least you've had 2 good dayssmile
I'm in London this weekend, so I'm expecting a struggle. I'll be good as gold all week then I might just have to write the weekend off!
Good to hear from you again Morganvan!

PeanutButterCupCake Wed 20-Jun-12 10:29:21

Hi juma work dress definitely "roomy" smile

Just having a weird week, terrible sleeping hmm was 530am when I fell asleep the other morning......had to be up at 6am for work!
Feel sort of wired? Twitchy, too much energy?

Very bizarre sad

busyhouseof8 Wed 20-Jun-12 12:27:18

Hi everyone.

Some advice please.

My dh weighs 20st and desperately wants to lose weight. He's doing the Sainsbury's diets online thing of 1700 cals a day, which really just entails cutting out all the rubbish he was eating and me cooking him low fat something of an evening. But he is 53, works at a desk all day, is inactive and the weight is coming off really really slowly.

He has finally confessed that he is really jealous of the rapid weight loss I'm getting with CD but he wont do it with me as he doesn't want to see a councillor or weigh in each week. He was once sent to see the nurse at the GP practice for his blood pressure and she was so patronising he felt humiliated and it's put him off for life.

I'll work on him, but meanwhile can you give me the names of any of the online people that do a similar thing to CD but without having to see a councillor. He would have to be able to take ready made packs to work, not shakes to blend.

Tx xx

ChuffMuffin Wed 20-Jun-12 14:23:06

busyhouseof8 Is there no way you could take him with you for a session so he can chat to your counsellor while you're there? Then maybe he could talk to her on his own. There are counsellors who will do home visits as well, at least in my area. Might be worth looking for one of those. And I'm sure 20 stone is very normal for a Cambridge counsellor to see smile. Plus you can always say he/she's not going to insult him in his own house if they want him to buy the plan grin.

I'm sure there are online people who do CD similar but without a consultant or a weigh in I think the chances of failure will be pretty high. sad

5inthebed Wed 20-Jun-12 16:00:24

Busyhouse, I've linked further up to an online shop that does roducts similar to CD, and they are cheaper. He coud try those?

I know, I know. My jeans fit and I was feeling great. Think it's because I have insomnia and am surviving on very little sleep, day is longer.

Have had a good day today though, hopefully will get back on track.

ChuffMuffin Thu 21-Jun-12 14:47:54

Eek, my weigh in today. Don't think I'm gonna be seeing anything spectacular. I absolutely hate water. I have such a hard time trying to make myself drink it, even with the powder. Yesterday only had 1.5L shock.

ChuffMuffin Thu 21-Jun-12 19:20:44

Well I was wrong, I've lost another 4lbs! Now I'm at my revised target but I want to go for my original target, which is only 7lbs away! grin. I'm now a size 10 on top and nearly a 12 on the bottom.

I look completely different and I feel so much happier.. although I still feel like I weigh my starting weight in my head? It's weird, it's only when I see myself in the mirror I'm like "Oh yeah!". I'm going to see my sister on Saturday, I haven't seen her for ages, she is going to squeal when she sees me. When I get to target I'm so going to upload a before + after photo.

Juma Thu 21-Jun-12 23:00:04

Hi there, well done chuff - that's a great loss - how much is that in total?
Enjoy your visit to your sister and the fab comments you'll be getting!

Morganvan Thu 21-Jun-12 23:31:26

Hi ,day four almost by ! I have been perfect but struggled today taking my mum food shopping ,every smell was so nice lol I have been feeling a little week ,hope it doesn't last ! Hope everyone is doing ok x

5inthebed Fri 22-Jun-12 10:05:58

Wel done Chuff! How much have you lost in total?

Morganvan, good luck. Day 4/5 you should feel great, keep it up.

WI for me today, lost 2lbs so not as bad as I invisaged. Have had two good days, so today should be my last struggle dy before I get back on track.

SoleSource Fri 22-Jun-12 10:44:26

Hi, I start SS on Monday smile

I'm scoffing for England now. 16 weeks to shift as much fat as I possibly can.

Glad to be here.

SoleSource Fri 22-Jun-12 10:49:04

Consultant is coming to my home on Monday. She dsays I should lose about 5 and a half pounds per week smile

Morganvan Fri 22-Jun-12 19:20:54

First night out for me ,I am driving and on water ,never heard of ! smile

ChuffMuffin Fri 22-Jun-12 19:25:59

Juma Oops sorry forgot to say! I've lost a stone and a half (21lbs) in 5 weeks. I am so glad I started the Cambridge. I've had a lot of time to think about the amount of pure rubbish I eat. No wonder I was fat. And I thought it was genetics blush

SoleSource Fri 22-Jun-12 19:41:20

I bet sole source is very tough sad

Morganvan Sat 23-Jun-12 09:32:29

Morning ,hope everyone has a lovely weekend ,day 6 today on SS and feeling good smile I work a lot so this helps me not think about eating smile

5inthebedPPA Sat 23-Jun-12 15:25:53

SoleSource, just a recommendation, try not to go overboard on the carbs today and tomorro as you'll find it harder to get into the diet. Good luck for Monday.

SoleSource Sat 23-Jun-12 17:35:03

Thank you 5inthebedPPA and hello smile

Hi everybody i'm off on holiday in 16 weeks and aiming to lose asnear as i can to 98lb. smile

This forum is really quiet today sad

I will need lots of support and posts here to help me on my journey.

Is there a FB page going for us all or shall I set one up?

there we can post how we're doing, post pics, quotes etc

5inthebedPPA Sat 23-Jun-12 17:41:33

It is quiet, no idea where everyone is.

There is a CD forum if you want to post pics etc. Don't feel comfortable using FB pages tbh.

I have jsut over what you need to lose to lose myself, have lost 24 lbs so far, have a had a few blips though, so could have done better.

SoleSource Sat 23-Jun-12 17:52:37

A closed group where obody can see unless one allows?

24lb is fab 5inthebed WD!

are you on SS?

5inthebedPPA Sat 23-Jun-12 18:32:57

Im doing SS+, cldnt cope on SS alone.

Juma Mon 25-Jun-12 11:15:09

Good morning all,well I've had a fab London weekend - mostly off the programe (bad, bad, bad) but today I'm straight back on track - phew! TBH, I don't feel all that good - I guess a combination of suddenly eating carbs & sugars plus no where near enough water (just one small glass of wine though). I feel really lethargic today and I'm looking forward to a day of CD products! - never though I'd hear myself saying that!
Hi solesource hope it's going OK.
5inthe- you've lost the same as me - hope you're ok?

busyhouseof8 Mon 25-Jun-12 11:50:13

Hi Juma and all.

Weekend in London sounds lovely. Got a birthday next week and dh keeps asking me what I want to do. Maybe a trip up to town would be good.

Dilemma today. After a really good loss last week, I don't think I've lost anything this week (sausages and scrambled egg yesterday not helping....). So do I cancel going to my weigh in tomorrow? I've got enough products to last another week but am I just being a chicken? Would it be the start of a slippery slope if I don't force myself to go??

SoleSource Mon 25-Jun-12 13:45:40

Hello smile

Still waiting for DR to fill in forms

Time2slim Mon 25-Jun-12 15:25:07

Hi all -
I'm still here... just sad
Losing faith in myself and my consultant! She has no time for me last weeks weigh in was in and out within 2 mins, today she just let me know shes double booked me so i'll have to come in 5mins earlier at 5.10 so as not to clash with her 5.15 appointment. So looks like i'll be in and out again with no chat, no advice, no support.
The last 3 weeks I've been given at least 1 product thats been put of date (and not just out of date from as far back as February!) Last week I found THREE products out!
As I'm losing faith I'm finding it easier to start picking as I've got no one checking up on me - no one asking how I've been getting on at weigh in - I lost 12lbs in my first 3 weeks... weigh in 4 in tonight... although I'm not looking forward to it... I'm doing ss+ but yesterday I had a tablespoon of mash with my dinner.... and just now I ate a tuna sandwich!
WHY? I feel awful for it first bit of bread for over 4 weeks and I dont even feel good for having it... great!

Sorry for the long depressing post I just dont know if this diets for me any more.

SoleSource Mon 25-Jun-12 15:28:19

Change Consuktant, you owe her no loyalty. She is crap!

Juma Mon 25-Jun-12 15:29:54

Hi busyhouse, GO!! I'm the same, I'm pretty sure I've put on after this weekend but if I don't go (tomorrow) the rot sets in and before you know where you're at you're looking at a half a stone back on. It's a pain, I know, but it's got to be worth itsmile
Got myself a lovely red dress this weekend and even if I say so myself - I look pretty thin in it!
Hey morganvan, hope your night out went well, even if you were the 'designated driver'

Morganvan Mon 25-Jun-12 17:02:30

Hi ,first weigh in ,lost 9lbs ,so happy smile took me 5 days to lose the headaches and giddiness but great now ,not hungry at all .Time2slim you need to change consultants ,one who will help you .dont give up I did four months ago and if I had stuck it out would not be here now !

SoleSource Mon 25-Jun-12 18:06:44

WD! Morgan smile 5 days to lose 9lb too? smile

GeorgieWilson Mon 25-Jun-12 18:19:13

Hi. Can I join too?
Seeing a cd consultant this evening, hoping to lose about two stone and am inspired by reading about all of your success already!

Juma Mon 25-Jun-12 18:22:02

Hi time2, you've got to change consultants I'm afraid - it's hard enough without her jeopardising your diet.Just as a bit of a comparison - mine never gives me less than half an hour, even if the next person turns up early, she asks them to wait in her conservatory, some people come in two's and she gives them a discount, she noticed that a box of shakes was 1 day out of date and she gave a lot of us a couple free of charge to get rid of them, she gives small prizes when you reach each stone, she makes up little packs of 6 ketostix free of charge, plus a real interest in YOU, she even texted me when she was on her hols cruising the Med! She has been a consultant for 10 years and knows the programme inside out, she also happens to be a very nice person - she even makes sure that she's not cooking dinner/lunch etc when she has clients calling. What a Star!

SoleSource Mon 25-Jun-12 18:23:55

Hi Georgie and welcome smile I'm new too, joined erm about 2 days ago. You got your forms signed yet by GP? (if you need to).

5inthebedPPA Mon 25-Jun-12 18:46:53

Busyhouse Go, but don't get weighed, it's not necessary if you feel it would hinder you.

Juma I am ok thanks, have had a great weekend, even managed to avoid a marvelous buffet today at a conference I went to. Hope your little weekend trip didn't have too much of t on your WL.

Time2Slim, change consultants!

GeorgieWilson Mon 25-Jun-12 18:58:50

Thanks for the welcome.

Oh she never said anything about forms when I e-mailed? Is that necessary (I hate the doctors and haven't been for years!)

SoleSource Mon 25-Jun-12 19:11:44

I think it depends on which plan you want to do. My GP took my forms and has gone on holiday and forgot to tell me! grr

ChuffMuffin Mon 25-Jun-12 20:23:13

Time2Slim Change consultants, you're paying for a service and she can't even be bothered to give you 10 minutes?? That's terrible! Take your money elsewhere smile.

Morganvan Congrats! That's fabulous! It's so worth getting past the "zombie" stage, things can only get better now!

GeorgieWilson Hi! Welcome! It's taken me about 6 weeks to lose 2 stone, which was what I wanted to lose, so it is very possible. I got told off at the weekend by my granddad and he made me promise that "I musn't lose any more!". He is 87 though grin.

This weekend we realised that since January, my mum, sister and I have lost over 100lbs between us. That is amazing. And when I get to my goal and on maintenance I'm definitely going to get started as a Cambridge consultant. grin

GeorgieWilson Mon 25-Jun-12 20:56:48

Wow chuff 100 pounds between you is amazing, well done!

Sole source that is really annoying about the doctor. My consultant never mentioned it so I' m just going to crack on. She lost 6 stone on the plan so that's encouraging. Dreading feeling rubbish for the first few days.

I agree time you need to change consultants!

busyhouseof8 Tue 26-Jun-12 12:08:21

Hi everyone.

So thank you to Juma and 5itb for the kick up the backside to go see my consultant today. Despite a dodgy week I lost 1.75lb, which I'm really pleased with.

Can wear my size smaller bra today without a roll of back fat bulging out underneath, so that's another small victory!

My consultant has said she is starting a weekly exercise class for Cambridge dieters on 11 July. Mostly ball work and kettle bells, and all suitable for sole sourcers. I might just be brave enough to go.

Welcome GeorgieWilson. Hope you see your consultant soon. I think you only need doctor permission if your BMI is over 40. I was 39.9 so scraped in under the wire!

SoleSource Tue 26-Jun-12 12:29:08

busyhouse that is fab and rare for Consultants to do that. Embrace it and swap numbers with people there smile You'll learn a fab routine to continue at home.

busyhouseof8 Tue 26-Jun-12 13:43:15

Just realised 11th July is the kids school concert so don't think I'm going to be able to make the new class.sad

SoleSource Tue 26-Jun-12 13:45:01

Next time you could go smile Is she charging an extra fee? I think it is really exciting.

5inthebedPPA Tue 26-Jun-12 20:19:41

Well done Busyhouse!

I had to buy myself a new pair of jeans today while in the town with DH as my favourite jeans I had on were slipping down blush. And tey fit without me having to shoehorn myself in them! So came home and tried the smaller jeans I bought the other week and they fit nicely as well grin

Welcome Georgie. You only have to have the docs consent if you are BMI over 40 or have anything on the medical list the consultants have.

Juma Wed 27-Jun-12 13:22:09

Hello, my little London jaunt cost me a one pound gain! Hey ho! The only problem is that I'm going back down today to the Harry Potter Studios and staying till Friday - so probably another pound gain. Not freaking out too much though, coz I know that a good week on the plan and it'll disappearsmile
It's the first diet I have ever had real confidence in smile If you stick to it it works, and works well. Be back to chat at the week end, so you all be good (even though I'm not going to be haha!)
Not sure whether I said welcome to georgie or not - so welcome aboard georgie.

SoleSource Wed 27-Jun-12 13:38:19

I start tomorrow smile

WD! Juma x

AliceInPoundland Thu 28-Jun-12 07:53:50

Hello, can I join you all?

Well, it's day 6 for me today on SS - I have 3 packets a day and my water and that's it. I have lost 5lbs so far... am 5 ft 4 and weighed in at a depressing 12 stone 4 and this morning I was 11 stone 13. This is unofficial of course - my 'proper' weigh in is on Monday. I seriously doubt I can hold out that long but hope springs eternal!

My ultimate goal is 10 stone 'something' I suppose. I am currently a size 12/14 and would love to be a comfortable size 12. Another stone should do this.

How are you all doing?

5inthebedPPA Thu 28-Jun-12 08:21:31

Thats not too bad Juma. Enjoy Harry Potter land, am quite envy at you going, would love to go.

Welcome Alice grin. The first week is always the hardest, especially if you're sociable at the weekend. Good luck!

Good Luck for starting today SoleSource. Take aech hour as it comes.

busyhouseof8 Thu 28-Jun-12 16:31:30

Have a great time Juma; Harry Potter Land is just fab!

Welcome Alice. Sounds like you've made a great start.

Lunch with my aunty today in a Lebanese salad bar. Delicious but naughty - I ate loads of tomatoes in the salad and I'm sure my councillor said they take you out of ketosis. All I can taste is garlic so DH is going to be less than delighted with my breath when he gets home! I was having such a good week, so back to the grindstone tomorrow for sure.

Hope today has been bearable solesource.

PippiL Thu 28-Jun-12 17:17:11

Hello, I've been waiting impatiently to join!

Ive just had my first CWP consultation. I'm 12 st 5.6, 5' 5" and size 14 or 16.

I want to get cracking straight away, but am going to a friends house for the weekend and my consultant advised me to wait until Monday to start due to me having to drive quite a long way, and with a full bladder and possibly being lightheaded etc.

So I've got all my products waiting, Im going to try and up the water and lower the carbs over the weekend in preparation.

Might have to sell my life on eBay so I can afford this plan though.

GeorgieWilson Thu 28-Jun-12 18:44:46

Welcome pip! Frustrating about having to wait to start but bring good over the weekend is bound to help to!

General question - what's the rule on milk on sole source, I'm desperate for proper tea, black just isn't doing it for me. Is one or two cups with a tiny bit of milk a no no?

PippiL Thu 28-Jun-12 20:30:35

It's a no I think. I was told you can only have milk if you have it instead of your 200 cal meal (I'm on SS+)

5inthebedPPA Thu 28-Jun-12 20:36:17

Georgie, you can do SS+ wih 200ml of milk, so if you want to do that, it's not a problem.

Welcome PippiL. definitely give the weekend a miss and start Monday. That way you can have a nice weekend before starting.

EBDTeacher Sat 30-Jun-12 13:48:15


I've just started Tony Ferguson. Did Lighter Life quite a few years ago and it really worked for me. I put the weight back on when I had DS though and am still carrying it 2yrs later. shock

I don't feel like I need to go through the meetings again- I find them a bit cringey- so I'm going to save myself some money and use TF. Just trialled some packs and they are not completely hideous pretty tasty. The shakes cook nicely into a muffin which is what I like to do with them so I think TF will be a go-er!

busyhouseof8 Sat 30-Jun-12 15:49:01

Hello and welcome EBD.

Feeling really good today. Got my size 16 trousers out and thought I'd try them on to see if I could judge how many weeks to go until they fitted. Guess what - they did!! I am a happy girl. So long Evans, I am no longer trapped in your polyester, I can shop anywhere!

Now just got to carry on losing from my enormous boobs so that I can wear smaller tops. Gone from a 46F to 40DD and that's looking a bit gappy, so maybe there's hope!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

EBDTeacher Sat 30-Jun-12 16:36:15

Thanks <waves>

I'm not looking forward to the next 3-4 days very much but I know it will be so much better on the other side.

PippiL Mon 02-Jul-12 07:52:15

Morning all.

Starting today. Have driver aware course tomorrow morning for 4hours. Bit concerned about getting through that still awake, and without 35 trips to the loo. Bad timing, but never mind.

How's everyone doing?

5inthebedPPA Mon 02-Jul-12 17:22:39

Welcome EBD. Tell me how to make muffins please. Good luck in starting.

I had a very naughty weekend, spent mostly eating and drinking blush

Back on track now though.

Didn't get weighed on Friday as my consultants scales were broken.

busyhouseof8 Mon 02-Jul-12 18:25:18

Hi 5intb. A weekend off sounds rather attractive!

Weigh in tomorrow. Maybe my consultant's scales will be broken too....

5inthebedPPA Mon 02-Jul-12 18:51:53

hehe busyhouse, was rather good, but feeling it today. I am hungry, want to eat sad

PippiL Mon 02-Jul-12 20:45:47

Day one was really not too bad. I even took the kids to Maccy Ds as a treat while we were in Oxford and I admit I was mildly tempted and the smell was difficult, but then I remembered how I feel after, and I got through it.

I was ready for some griddled chicken and green veg by 6.30.

Wasn't even that hungry for my last shake of the day just now. I'm guessing tomorrow might be harder!

Oh, apple and cinnamon porridge, bleugh. Nearly chundered.

5inthebedPPA Mon 02-Jul-12 22:03:49

Well done Pippi. I find that whisking the porridge before and after it's microwaved makes it more edible.

You do get used to the flavours of everything, even looking forward to them.

Day 3 will probably be your worse, so take it hour by hour.

Good luck.

EBDTeacher Tue 03-Jul-12 06:19:36

'Muffin' is extending the truth a bit TBH 5inthebed.

Mix a sachet with a very small amount of water so it makes a thick paste in the bottom of a large ramekin. Stick itin the microwave for a few seconds (about 30). It 'cooks' a bit like scrambled egg.

I just prefer to eat the shakes solid- I'm not keen on the texture otherwise. Some brands of sachet 'cook' with better results than others.

First two days have been ok here. Headaches in the evenings but otherwise going pretty well.

SoleSource Tue 03-Jul-12 08:33:58


I am upping my protien intake today and water consumption in preperation to start very soon.


You're all doing great.

I'll be posting A LOT so be prepared smile

busyhouseof8 Tue 03-Jul-12 11:37:29

Hello everyone.

Well maybe my consultant's scales were broken, because according to her I lost 5.25 lbs last week. Bloody marvellous!

This is my 12th week, so she says I have to go up to Step 2 for a week which I'm a bit worried about. At the moment I never feel hungry, so I don't want to eat and then get myself out of ketosis. Does anyone on here do it?

Have a great day.

5inthebedPPA Tue 03-Jul-12 13:23:47

Well done Busy! Thats a geat loss.

Not ure about step 2, not there yet.

PippiL Tue 03-Jul-12 20:41:14

Crikey. That's a great loss for week 12.

I'd be well chuffed with that in my first week.

Feeling bit worse today. Could not stop yawning all day long. Especially the afternoon. Had to have a black coffee to keep me going.

Day 3 tomorrow. Crunch time!

GemsAngels Wed 04-Jul-12 21:45:51

Hello everyone smile
Please please please can I join??
I was searching for a thread a couple of weeks ago, for some support, but couldnt find one.
I have a question.
I want to loose 2 stone and I know how tough this diet is, I only want to do 4 weeks on the CD, but Im going away next thursday for 4 days.
Shall I start tomorrow, a week of CD then have 4 days off and then straight back on it or shall I wait until Im home on the 16th of July?
If someone could give me a little advice, it would be greatly appreciated smile

EBDTeacher Wed 04-Jul-12 22:01:58

The first 3 days or so are the hardest and then it gets much easier. I would wait so you only have to do the first few days once!

I can recommend Tony Ferguson from Boots. I am using it as sole source at the moment and the 'food' is really good (as astronaut food goes). If you do it according to the programme guide (a combo of astronaut food and low carb) it's a little less harsh.

Juma Wed 04-Jul-12 22:06:13

Hi busyhouse, I've done step 2 for 2 weeks and now on step 3 (reached my goal) and have maintained my weight. I have 2/3 products a day depending on how I feel. TBH I don't really follow the book, but having the products means I don't get too hungry. I've taken back some carbs and fruit and seem to have reached a plateau where I can keep my weight level. I estmate I'm on about 1200 cals a day. You can just do step 2 for 1 week and then back to step 1. Best of luck

GemsAngels Wed 04-Jul-12 22:25:39

Thankyou EBDTeacher smile
I will try and be good until then. I worry about feeling, moody, tired, hungry. I guess no pain no gain!!

EBDTeacher Thu 05-Jul-12 06:32:08

You DO feel like that on this diet Gems. Also headaches, bit dizzy, nausea, insomnia BUT only for a few days.

If you don't cheat it will be 3-4 rubbish days, a week tops, then most people feel great (I do). After those first few days I have loads of energy and feel kind of 'clean' inside and it's not hard to stick to because I don't feel hungry.

A lot of people clear the decks an start when they've got a few days free when they really don't need to be on form.

GemsAngels Thu 05-Jul-12 09:30:13

When did you start EBDTeacher ? Do you have children? I find it hard cooking.
I will start when Im home on the 16th. I tryed to start a few weeks ago and lasted 2 days, it was so so hard. I felt so edgy, but if its just a week then maybe I should persevere.

busyhouseof8 Thu 05-Jul-12 13:03:57

Thanks for the advice Juma. My birthday today so after a school meeting my husband is actually taking me out to dinner - properly in a restaurant without kids!! So I shall aim for 1-2 products in the day and then grilled fish and salad tonight.

I think I might have still lost a pound or so since weigh in on Tuesday (not that I'm obsessed with weighing myself or anything) so maybe Step 2 not so bad!

EBDTeacher Thu 05-Jul-12 13:45:28

I started on Sunday and feel great now. (I have done it before a few years ago so I pretty much knew how it was going to pan out).

I have a toddler so he's not really aware of what I'm doing. I find that after the first bit I am not hungry so cooking is ok. It is hard to look at food for the first few days though.

EBDTeacher Thu 05-Jul-12 13:48:02

I find social situations the hardest because it feels rude not to eat. That is easier this time round as with having DS I go out far less anyway. I would definitely try to avoid restaurant type scenarios for the first week or so!

PippiL Thu 05-Jul-12 17:02:55

I've cried off a meal out tonight with some friends. Feel really bad, but realistically sitting in a restaurant while they tuck into pizza and I'm having a green salad and grilled chicken is too much for me on day 4. They probably think I'm rubbish, but hopefully they will understand when they see the weight loss.

Feeling very hungry and empty and have a bad metallic taste in my mouth. Looking forward to some eggs with spinach for tea though.

GemsAngels Thu 05-Jul-12 17:48:46

Ok thanks EBDTeacher for your help, and good luck! Do you have much to lose?

EBDTeacher Thu 05-Jul-12 18:58:19

Ideally about 4st. I've actually put most of that on after having DS as I've been too tired to exercise. He's getting a bit easier now though so might embark on some running in a few weeks time.

GemsAngels Thu 05-Jul-12 21:08:41

Is it ok to exercise with this diet? I have about 3 and a half stone ideally but 2 stone to be comfortable. I would like to think I could do 6 weeks of the CD and then lose the rest on my own. Oh god 6 weeks of absolutely no wine sad

PippiL Thu 05-Jul-12 21:21:30

My kids 8 and 5 haven't noticed me eating differently so far! Prob cos I sit down with them and eat my meal. Plus I have my last shake or soup after their bedtime.

Most people I've spoken too are supportive...apart from a silly woman at work who told me how bad it was despite knowing nothing about it...and being a size 10 without really having to try too hard. I wouldn't be surprised if she brings cake in tomorrow just to spite me!

Gem, only gentle walking I believe. I deff don't feel up to exercise yet. Guess it depends on how athletic you are prior to starting.

GemsAngels Thu 05-Jul-12 21:51:45

Thats a good idea PippiL I will do that.
Oh dear theres always one isnt there. Just think how good your gonna feel refusing that cake with a big smile on your face if she does, anyway target is better than cake smile
Ok thanks, I do go to zumba 3x a week, but will stick to walking, gonna miss going to zumba and getting out though, I guess its only 6 weeks.
Im glad Iv found this thread for support though cos Im gonna need it.

onebigyawn Fri 06-Jul-12 15:07:03

I started CD Step 2 on Tuesday! My consultant said there was only a 1lb or so loss difference between doing step 1 and 2.
Have never done this type of diet before but have been on every other type. Am hoping to lose 4 stone but am taking it one day at a time. I feel ok'ish (don't feel hungry but feel like I am being robbed of eating - weirdo I am) and am drinking over 4 pints of water a day, saving my small meal until late afternoon/early evening although day 2 I ate it early afternoon as was starving! First weigh in is Monday, fingers crossed I get a good lose to spur me on smile

GemsAngels Fri 06-Jul-12 17:28:32

Good luck for monday onebigyawn let us know how you got on.

5inthebedPPA Fri 06-Jul-12 21:52:35

Had my WI today, not as good as I hoped, 2lbs off, serves me right for enjoying myself at the weekend.

Still, next week I should be in the next stone bracket down, so not too bad!

EBDTeacher Sat 07-Jul-12 07:08:53

I am going to be 'weighing in' (although I will be doing myself) on a Sunday onbigyawn and am also on week 1 and hoping to lose 4st so maybe we can keep an eye on each other!

2lb is not to be sniffed at 5. Well done!

EBDTeacher Sat 07-Jul-12 07:09:56

Sorry onebigyawn. Dodgy keyboard on this thing.

PippiL Sat 07-Jul-12 10:31:01

5 that is still a bloomin good loss. When i was doing WW i would have been well chuffed with that. Plus you have to think pf how much you have lost already.

By myself this weekend, kids and DH have gone camping. So im shopping today to keep my mind off food! I'm not hungry, just missing it.

So will be buying nail varnish for pampering myself, and going to IKEA etc!

Looking forward to weigh in on Monday

onebigyawn Sat 07-Jul-12 18:43:16

EBDTeacher yes would be good to have someone keeping an eye on me! I have found it pretty tough the last few days and now feel like I have furry that normal? Hope you get a good loss tomorrow and everyone else smile

PippiL Sat 07-Jul-12 19:15:45

one I'm one day ahead of you and the furry teeth feeling is starting to go...slightly. I did take my toothbrush to work though. Keep drinking the water, I think that is the key here.

I've also gone off tea a bit. Which is strange as I'm normally a 7 or 8 cups a day girl. It's just not the same without milk. Down to one cup per day now.

5inthebedPPA Sat 07-Jul-12 19:23:29

Ah furry teeth and minging breathe, the joys of low carb diets.

I know 2lbs is a good loss, but that is for 2 weeks, not one blush

And (TMI) I am rather constipated. I have taken some sennakot so fingers crossed it works its magic.

5inthebedPPA Sat 07-Jul-12 19:24:45

Good luck for your WI OBY.

Pippi, you're brave going to Ikea, I would be straight over at the hot dog bit on the way out.

onebigyawn Sat 07-Jul-12 20:11:35

I am still having skimmed milk in my tea as am on step 2! Am also a big tea drinker but down to a couple of cups now and mostly having them to stop me eating something! In awe of you all doing step 1, the only thing getting me thru at the moment is knowing I will eat something at tea time!

5inthebedPPA Sat 07-Jul-12 20:45:17

I do SS+, so still have a meal. Had a king prawn salad for tea tonight, was yummy.

EBDTeacher Sun 08-Jul-12 12:26:10

Well, I lost 6.6lb which is OK considering I am eating actual food once a day.

I know it's mostly water and glycogen in the first week, but it's still good to be spurred on.

I'm feeling pretty good on it so bring on next week.grin

Good luck to all those weighing in tomorrow.

LegoAcupuncture Sun 08-Jul-12 15:50:55

Well done EBD! Thats a great loss.

DH was a twat last night and got a Dominos, kept asking me if I wanted a piece angry. He doesn't even try to understand or encourage me through this diet at times. <wanker>

(It's 5ITB BTW, have namechanged)

EBDTeacher Sun 08-Jul-12 18:23:55

Thanks 5.

My DH is a teacher in the independent sector (think well off parents) and has just left a job to start a new school in Sept. He has been bought tonnes of really nice wine. He keeps asking me if I want some which is killing me! They just don't get it do they?

onebigyawn Mon 09-Jul-12 14:23:24

Well done EBD. How do you feel?

I have just been weighed and in 5 days (started last Wednesday) I have lost 8 lbs!!! Can you believe it!
I am sticking to the three shakes + meal a day (SS+) and lets see what next weeks scales bring.

How's everyone else doing?

PippiL Mon 09-Jul-12 18:18:28

Well done onebig and EBD. Thats a great start.

My DH is being ok, but the I'm hitting him in the wallet for this! He won't want a penny wasted. Plus if I'm slimmer, I'm sexier and he thinks that might mean I put out more!

Sorry to hear dhs are being arseholes sad

Off to weigh in now. Hoping for 5lbs. Fingers crossed.

PippiL Mon 09-Jul-12 20:27:29

6lbs off = first week.

I'm pretty chuffed with that. A lot of people seem to have had bigger losses in the first week, but I'm back into th 11s comfortably which feel grrreat.

Lost 4" off my hips!

EBDTeacher Mon 09-Jul-12 21:08:25

Well done PippiL and one. We should pat ourselves on the back!

I have been feeling great. However, I normally work half days and worked a full day today. I got home at 5.30pm starving. Not sure if I'd expended more calories or was just out of routine. Anyway, it lead to eating off DS's plate as he was eating his (very tasty) tea when I walked in. Dammit!

LegoAcupuncture Thu 12-Jul-12 10:49:57

Well done on the losses.

How is everyone doing?

I'm doing ok, was a bit bad on Tuesday and had too many biscuits, but othe than that I'm fine.

PippiL Thu 12-Jul-12 16:32:22

Biscuits?! What plan are you on Lego??

I'm doing ok. Feeling pretty good, no headaches etc.

I do miss food a bit, and it's hard cooking the kids tea... But I'm no quitter! I can see the difference and have a way to go yet.

Could do with some food ideas. I'm on ss+ and struggling to find a variety. Tend to do a "chicken stir fry" or omelette. Trying prawns tonight. Will probably stir fry with some veg and spices!

LegoAcupuncture Thu 12-Jul-12 17:17:24

I wish the biscuits were allowable, sadly not. Bought them from Ikea for the kids, a few slipped and landed in my mouth blush

Tried some size 16 jeans on from my wardrobe, and they fit (just) so a few more weeks and they should be good to go!

Erm, I tend to have boring protein and salad most nights as have very little appetite, but have had cod curry with mushrooms and cauliflower rice, chicken and courgette kebabs, fish pie/bake type thing (made the mash with cauliflower) and other various crap chucked together.

PippiL Thu 12-Jul-12 19:20:43

Hah, "various crap chucked together"! Love it.

Had my prawns tonight, v nice with kaffir lime leaves and stir fry veg.

Love love love fitting into smaller jeans. It is great having a visual aid to work for. You'll be in those jeans in no time...and then they will be too big for you!

Only thing I worry about is having to fork out for new bras. Mine are getting a bit roomy, but want to leave it til I'm nearer my goal weight. (my bras cost a fortune as my big norks have to have bravissimo undies)

LegoAcupuncture Fri 13-Jul-12 11:33:01

Oh god yeah, bras. Mine are too big, but am loathe to fork out for some new ones as I'll just shrink more.

Need to get measured, might go to M&S later ad then go to Tesco to get soe cheap ones.

3lbs off for me this week smile

goingbacktowork Sun 15-Jul-12 14:12:45

Hi All. I am back on here - was here several months ago when I fell off the wagon. Did not put on but could not face doing any more at that time. Is anyone on here that was here aboout 3-4 months ago? Been doing CD for 5 days now and actually put weght on between day 4-5 (how is that possible?)

It would be great to have some recipes for the sole source + meals as have no idea what 200 calories equates too - not much methinks grin

goingbacktowork Sun 15-Jul-12 14:47:21

IS CD the only one of the 3 diets that does the prepared tetra pack drinks? Extante seems a lot cheaper than CD.

LegoAcupuncture Mon 16-Jul-12 17:23:06

Hi gong back. AFAIK cd is the only one with tetras.mslim fast do ready made drinks, but they are 200+ calories rather than the 140 cd ones. Good luck with the diet, it's bloody hard work.

Here is the list of foods from the cd website.

170g chicken or turkey breast (skinless)
180g tinned tuna (in water, not oil)
220g Quorn e.g. mince pieces
225g cottage cheese, plain, reduced fat (less than 2% fat)
230g cod, haddock or other white fish
185g pre-cooked prawns
250g steamed tofu
2 large eggs

80g of any cooked or raw vegetables or salad from the following list:
cabbage (even pickled)
Chinese leafy greens (including pak choi and Chinese cabbage)
green peppers
green salad leaves (including lettuce, lamb's lettuce, radicchio, little gem, rocket and romaine)
red radishes
spring onions

You can add herbs and spices such as curry or chilli powder, coriander, pepper, chives and parsley. No garlic or salt.

I really want to go to my friends house in Corby, as the cd factory is there and they sell the products really cheap.

My CDC is away for three weeks as of this week so not only do I have no WI for 4 weeks after Friday, I also have to fork out £160 for the products.

goingbacktowork Mon 16-Jul-12 19:07:30

thanks - why no salt or garlic. Anyone know?

Cheap CD? can you just walk in and get it? how cheap? seems an odd product to be discounting.

you have no WI for 4 weeks? what is WI?


goingbacktowork Mon 16-Jul-12 19:33:50

Also can someone please link to that link on the cd website - I cant seem to find it. Thanks.

LegoAcupuncture Mon 16-Jul-12 19:36:52

Salt retains water and garlic knocks you out of ketosis.

No idea about the cd shop in Corby, just heard they are cheaper.

WI is weigh in.

CD forum but you need to register to see the main stuff.

goingbacktowork Mon 16-Jul-12 21:18:09

thanks. off to find the CD forum - I was thinking there is not much on their main site.

LegoAcupuncture Mon 16-Jul-12 21:30:16

The forums are much better. I think their website doesn't show much so you have to call a consultant.

goingbacktowork Tue 17-Jul-12 13:00:03

Please can someone link me to the first thread. Thanks.

PippiL Tue 17-Jul-12 19:34:56

Hello, lost 3.4lbs this week (week2) though not very many inches, so my consultant has put me onto step 2 - 810cals.

I had my first white tea this morning which was amazing. Though I'm not sure I can get through the milk allowance. It's too much for my cups of tea I think.

More protein this evening has made me much fuller, and the bars are pretty darn good (though windy pops afterwards). Took me a full 25 minutes to finish my first bar!

I had my first compliments today too which was nice. Though more of a "have you done something different today" rather than "wow you can tell you have loss loads" if you see what I mean.

I am not entirely sure if I can add a teensy bit of garlic in step 2. Bit did have a little dash of lemon and light soy on my stir fry tonight.

Welcome back goingback

goingbacktowork Tue 17-Jul-12 19:40:05

Hello there. What has happened to all the old timers? cockneydad etc. Desperately want to find someone that has lost lots on this and kept it off.

busyhouseof8 Wed 18-Jul-12 08:07:06

Hi everyone. Sorry I disappeared for a while.

So it seems like I've been stuck on 12st 13.5lbs forever. So demoralising - especially as I know that my CDC's scales weigh a pound or so heavier than mine so when I officially weigh in with her next week I'll still be over 13st!

On a positive note, I'm going to the CDC's exercise class tonight, subject to dh getting home from work in time. Pumped up my fitball last night and ready for action. Maybe that will help.

goingbacktowork Wed 18-Jul-12 13:57:50

I am finding this so hard. I am on day 10 and have lost about 7lb. I was knocking 15 stone though. Is that a fantasic loss for not eating for 10 days? I can imagine losing that on lots of diets. And when do you start feeling better? I still feel dreadful. I am so tired I have nodded off at work and I have no energy at all.

PippiL Thu 19-Jul-12 20:57:09

Goingback, are you on CWP? You should be feeling a bit better by now. I would speak to your consultant about if if you have one. Could be that your body needs a few more cals to keep going. I feel so much better on stage 2, even though it's only a bit of skimmed milk and a larger portion of protein.

My period has turned up early 5 days early, and I'm feeling massively bloated and have slightly dodgy tum...tho that might also be cos I accidentally ate 2 naughty meatballs today too. Tut tut.

The bra situation is going to be at crisis point soon. Its like flopping two poached eggs into a salad bowl. Going to have to buy one at the weekend.

goingbacktowork Thu 19-Jul-12 21:01:03

Very funny poached egg anecdote - I wish my clothes were getting that lose!

What is CWP? I am messing around between SS an SS+. I can't understand why you can have 4 packets plus milk or 3 plus the 200 cal meal - is it that the extra packet and milk only equate to 200 calories? It seems a bit low.

By 2pm every day at work I can't even see or think straight.

Maybe it is the (illegal) coke zero I am having that is mucking the whole thing up - as I said the weight loss is not huge.

PippiL Thu 19-Jul-12 21:24:18

Sorry, CWP. Cambridge weight plan.

Oh no, I'm fairly certain coke zero wil totally cock it up. Sorry. I would knock that on the head.

goingbacktowork Thu 19-Jul-12 21:36:13

Damn. I am really addicted to coke - i suspect that wil be harder to give uo then the food!

carolinelg Fri 20-Jul-12 07:18:16

Hi everyone! I'm on day 5 of SS although I may not be sticking to the rules quite as well as some of you as I am having milk in my coffee and one diet coke a day!! I might check to see that I am in ketosis - yesterday I definitely felt less hungry than days 1-3. I have to go away with work next week and have a big dinner one night and I"m not sure how to handle it - any tips please?

goingbacktowork Fri 20-Jul-12 09:08:26

on ss+ you can have milk and 4 satchets so I don't think you are doing badly. Bin the coke - see the reply I just got - goodness knows how I am going to do that!

I think at the back of the CD book it has tips for eating out. Big picture - eat no carbs, just protein and a bit of veg. Depending on what it is opt for the vegetarian option?

PippiL Sun 22-Jul-12 22:04:25

Yep, sorry. Coke, even diet stuff will totally prevent you from reaching ketosis.

The 5 day detox where you feel really terrible is your withdrawal from sugar addiction basically. It won't last. You don't need the coke. It's an addiction like fags. Ditch it and I promise you'll feel better.

Nearing the end of week 3 and am on. Feel bloated and like haven't lost anything this week :-(

ChuffMuffin Mon 23-Jul-12 00:44:49

Hi! I've finally come back for an update!

I've moved house and shit and I'm a lazy twat, so sorry I've not been around.

I stopped my diet about a month ago, I've got hardly any money and my consultant is mental. not in a good way. Since then I've completely ditched fizzy drinks, I've ditched bread, potatoes, all the fun stuff. I now weigh less than when I stopped the diet. Porridge for breakfast, sensible lunch and sensible tea. I'm in size 10 tops and size 12 jeans, when I started it I was in size 12-14 tops and size 16 jeans so I'm really pleased. It's still hard work but I really don't want to go back to where I was, fat and unhappy.

For people struggling with fizzy drinks, I was in the same boat, and now I've realised they really are disgusting shit. I used to drink 2l a day easily of them. Since I stopped SS I've had one can of Pepsi Max and it made my stomach hurt so much! I had a pitta bread too and got exactly the same reaction. My IBS however has 99% gone away since I've stopped the bread and the coke. smile

goingbacktowork Mon 23-Jul-12 06:36:04

What a lovely post to wake up to - great news and really uplifting. So pleased you are doing so well; you sound so on the right track. Ok this week for me NO COKE. It is going to be very difficult.

goingbacktowork Mon 23-Jul-12 22:18:24

ok one day without coke done. Seriously it is harder then giving up eating.

LegoAcupuncture Mon 23-Jul-12 22:28:42

I feel your pain on the no coke. Used to drink gallons of the stuff.

Had a weekend off for sisters hen weekend, and could eat a scabby horse today. Have coped on the three products and SS+ meal today though.

Lost 2 lbs last week, total in 11 weeks is 31 lbs.