Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis App?!

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cerealqueen Mon 30-Apr-12 23:15:28

I've just seen this in the Apple App Store - does anybody know anything about it or tried it? It seems to have good reviews but its not cheap a £7.49!

I need something to control snacking (eating DDs leftovers in particular) and my portions - which are huge. I also need inspiration to lost about a stone in 7 weeks for a wedding in June, for which I need to fit into a dress I last wore 6 years and 2 DCs ago.
Any thoughts? Shall I give it a go?

LoopyFroopy Mon 30-Apr-12 23:30:50

That looks quite tempting!
Give it a go and let me know smile

cerealqueen Wed 02-May-12 10:22:52

I think I might go for it - I've just eaten two pieces if black pudding and two pieces of toast as it was a shame to waste the black pudding. confused It was lovely but totally unnecessary!

Cheaper than the therapy sessions though which are said to cost abut £300+.
Even if you eat a wee bit less for a week it will probably pay for itself grin.
I might try too.

landedonmyfeet Sat 05-May-12 13:30:15

My friend has already lost 1/2 a stone in a month using this. I just went to buy it today and found it on special offer for the bank holiday weekend, only £4.99! Absolute bargain

Wish me luck!

Archie27 Sat 05-May-12 19:58:17

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

cerealqueen Sat 05-May-12 23:11:30

Thank for the recommendations, I'm feeling persuaded so have bought it!
Thanks for the heads up on the cost *landed" and *archie8, like you, I hope I can stop all the bad habits. I'd love to be pre-baby weight!
Landed lets update and say how we get on! Good luck!

CoffeeRevel Sat 05-May-12 23:32:41

Feeling persuaded too... Going to give it a try. Let me know if it works for you!

Faverolles Sat 05-May-12 23:35:16

Think I'll get this tomorrow smile

Rindercella Sat 05-May-12 23:52:05

I'm in. I actually did weight loss hypnosis recently with a local therapist and whilst I was seeing him it worked brilliantly - I lost a total of 12 lbs over the 4 weeks I saw him. I am very suggestible and it seemed to work so well. Sadly though I had a couple of bad weeks and got back into my old ways. I do have a CD from him but always seem to find a reason not to play it.

So, will buy app now and start tomorrow. Am happy to report progress on here - in fact, it might give me the extra push I need. Am going on holiday in 2 months and want to lose the jelly belly before then if I can!

Faverolles Sun 06-May-12 08:16:55

Not compatible with iPod touch sad

foreverondiet Sun 06-May-12 09:32:27

If you like hypnotherapy it's def worth a go. Personalised sessions very expensive. Bear in mind at £5 it's cheaper than buying a book. Have you all tried Paul McKenna.

anniewoo Sun 06-May-12 09:57:20

Doesn't work on iphone 3s sad there is another app for i phone but it has no reviews. Would love to try weight loss hypnosis is it really expensive? I have the Paul mc kena book- i should use it though grin

MardyBra Sun 06-May-12 10:25:54
IllegitimateGruffal0Child Sun 06-May-12 10:39:17

I've got a real gastric band. Still fricken hard work not to snack/choose bad foods!

Archie27 Sun 06-May-12 21:39:26

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Bought the app........Think I have lost half a stone with the stress of updating my old iPhone to the new operating system so that I could get the app onto it grin. Took me and DH a good 4 hours, need to keep up with technology or we are going to be asking kids soon!
Anyways, I need a big dinner now, so will have a look at it tomorrow!!

AncientsOfMuMu Mon 07-May-12 18:43:59

Bought the App this morning after reading this thread.

Listened to the first session, which you have to listen to each day for at least two weeks.

It was very relaxing. At the time I remember thinking, 'I'm awake but can't open my eyes easily'. I'm looking forward to listening to it again tomorrow.

Parrish Mon 07-May-12 19:24:18

I bought the App. Bit confusing. When you press the play button on the first page nothing happens. Is something meant to happen? There are instructions ther than the tips page

chirpchirp Mon 07-May-12 20:57:34

I bought this app this morning too, looking forward to testing it out!

AncientsOfMuMu Mon 07-May-12 22:36:12

Parrish - when you open the App, ignore the play button confused and look at the pink bar at the bottom of the page.

There is a small picture of some headphones with 'hypnosis' written below. Touching this takes you to a new page with 3 hypnosis sessions. Listen to the first session.

If you start the second session it tells you to listen to the first one every day for a least two weeks. It's all as clear as mud. grin

cerealqueen Mon 07-May-12 23:40:20

Parish, I did the same! Listened tonight while feeding non sleeping baby, still relaxed though and really enjoyed the session, especially bit about excess food being waste whether it is in your body or in the bin, tomorrow I will NOT eat leftovers!!

Rindercella Tue 08-May-12 14:57:39

I listened to it for the first time last night. It was lovely and relaxing.

Today I had fruit for breakfast, lots of water (although I did have my much needed cup of tea before anything - that is a given and never to be relinquished). Then for lunch I had a wrap with salad & low fat cream cheese, followed by a yoghurt. Been drinking plenty of water and feeling good (and not hungry!).

My only concern is remembering to listen to it daily. Oh, and I am going to Le Manoir for lunch next Monday so that might be tricky too - leaving food there really would be wasteful!!

chirpchirp Tue 08-May-12 20:54:21

Listened to it last night and going to go off and listen again after Corrie. Think I may have fallen asleep towards the end of it last night but I'm sure it all went in!

Rindercella How about staying off the booze this weekend and behaving on the food front and then eating and drinking whatever you want on Monday. Surely that's a fair trade off!

CoffeeRevel Tue 08-May-12 21:03:19

I'm quite enjoying the app, it's really relaxing. It remains to be seen whether I'll lose any weight, but I certainly seem to be drinking more water. Fingers crossed that that's a good sign, and the rest of the suggestions go in too. smile

I can't see me taking photos of my meals though. That bit is a bit gimmicky for me.

chirpchirp Tue 08-May-12 21:08:51

Okay I definitely fell asleep during it as I don't remember anything about taking photos of meals!

glastocat Tue 08-May-12 21:35:14

I bought the app after reading this thread, as I love being hypnotised -- and I have a load of weight to lose--. I listened to it tonight and it definitely put me under! It was very relaxing, would be fab if it worked! My diet started today anyway,so here's hoping.

AncientsOfMuMu Tue 08-May-12 21:43:57

Well I listened to it for the second time this evening. Very relaxing.

I was aware that I wasn't asleep and was listening to it, however, I now can't really recall what was said. Very strange.

Is that normal when you are hypnotised?

Rindercella Tue 08-May-12 21:51:41

I don't remember anything about photos either. I do remember something making me chuckle at the absurdity of it, but just can't remember what it was now! Perhaps tonight's listening will remind me.

Good idea about being extra good this week and having a blow out on Monday chirp. I have been really good today - loads of water, no wine shock and no snacking shock Lots of fruit and salad to eat. Long may it last (and please let the pounds fall off).

Does anyone have any specific targets? I think I need to lose about 2.5 stone. I am going on holiday at the beginning of July and realise it's unlikely I will shift all of it by then, but it'd be great to get at least half way there. I am going to have to weigh myself aren't I? Ugh. Will do it in the morning.

clam Tue 08-May-12 22:59:08

I have the Paul McKenna hypnosis CD pack (4 CDs, on slightly different themes - exercise, avoiding cravings etc..). Does anyone know if they're at all similar to this iphone app? Don't want to duplicate.

Parrish Thu 10-May-12 10:59:09

What a twit! Got it now! Listened during the ironing and had to switch it off. Was getting dangerously relaxed!

MuMu where do you find the guidance for how often you should listen to each session? I think I am stupid.... I can't find any instructions on what to do.... HELP!

Rindercella Thu 10-May-12 12:32:59

jeannie, I think it's when you first play session one. The introduction only seemed to have played once for me though, and when it did it said that it should be listened to daily for two weeks and before you progress on to the next session you should have lost at least 2 lbs.

I keep falling asleep (I think!) when I listen may be because I listen to it last thing at night (when I am least likely to be distracted by small children). It seems to be working though. I did a really good session at the gym today. Was so hungry when I finished, but I just had lots of water, a cup of tea & an apple. That was all I wanted and it filled me up.

I think it helps that I really want to do this now. I weighed myself two days ago and shan't weigh myself again until next week. Hopefully I will see at least 2 or 3 lbs off (even after my Le Manoir meal!). I shan't reveal my actual weight, as too many people know me on here <chicken>, but currently I am X st 13 lbs and I intend to shift at least 2.5 stone. But slowly and with lasting least, that's the plan! grin

Thanks rindercella.I will listen again for 2 weeks. I had my phone turned to silent so missed the first wee bit, so maybe that is why it passed me by.
Thanks for making me feel less stupid grin
You are doing so well smile, keep it up and keep us posted. I am huge, so am not going to post real weight either, but will weigh myself tomorrow morning and update

AncientsOfMuMu Thu 10-May-12 13:41:12

Jeannie when you start to listen to session 2 it says, 'only listen to this after two weeks of listening to session 1 and losing at least 2lbs in weight'.

Rinders it may also say that at the beginning of session 1 but I find I can't seem to remember much of what is said. grin does anyone else find this?

However, it must be having some effect because I've just returned from the supermarket and haven't bought anything 'bad', and I'm sat here feeling hungry but don't feel like eating lunch.

I could also do with losing at least 2.5 stone and I was X st 11lbs on Monday. I'll let you know how I get on when I weigh myself next week.

Hope it works for everyone else too (even if they are going to Le Manoir) envywink

Shall we be a club? grin
I will weigh in tomorrow, but we could all update on Mondays or something?
I am rubbish at remembering what I have done/eaten etc, but love reading other peoples.
I think I need to lose at least 3 stone sad

glastocat Thu 10-May-12 16:47:50

Does anyone else here think this might actually be working surprisingly well? Every time I listen to it I go into a trance (which is lovely!) and I am definitely eating less and am not hungry! It will be amazing if it works!

kilmuir Thu 10-May-12 16:53:41

oooo, very interested.

kilmuir Thu 10-May-12 21:07:32

What is is05. Trying to download the app

glastocat Thu 10-May-12 21:40:15

iOS 5 is the operating system on your phone or iPad. If its quite new you should be ok,otherwise you might need to update it.

Rindercella Thu 10-May-12 21:59:18

I want to be in the club grin I think it would really help motivate me - doing a weekly weigh-in and posting the results on here.

Glasto, I really feel it is working. I was a bit worried about having to listen to it daily, but I am managing to fit it in and actually am starting to look forward to listening to it at night as it is soooo relaxing and puts me in a lovely state of mind to go to sleep.

I actually remember less about the content of the hypnosis now than I did 3 days does that work? confused grin The great thing is that it does seem to be getting in to my head. I had a lovely supper tonight of salmon with a bit of pesto and pan fried vegetables. It was delicious and really low fat. Ooh, perhaps we can post some menu ideas too? That's one of my troubles - I love food and I love cooking, so I need to challenge myself with coming up with tasty, low fat alternatives to the stuff I usually cook.

AncientsOfMuMu Thu 10-May-12 22:30:17

I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one remembering less of it - I was beginning to think it was just old agegrin

Rindercella, your supper tonight sounded delicious, I've not eaten salmon for ages but I think I will now buy some for the weekend. If I'm eating salmon I often have a spoonful of low fat creme fraiche with some watercress mixed in it.

Off now to listen to session 1 for day number 4.

HansieMom Fri 11-May-12 01:53:25

Well, ladies, I spent $1250 on a hypnosis program for weight loss, and it did nothing for me. So this sounds great! I bought it for $6.99 and also a weight loss ap for 99 cents. I will listen before sleep. I need to lose about 55 pounds, which is four stone. Currently it is like carrying around a big sack of dog food all the time, and I do not pick up 40 or 50 pound sacks, they are too heavy. Cheers!

glastocat Fri 11-May-12 08:26:44

This is getting a bit freaky. This morning I had my customary boiled eggs for breakfast (I am low carbing). Normally I really miss my toast. This morning I tasted every bite of my eggs and felt full when I ate them! Maybe its the placebo effect? I suppose time will tell!

glastocat Fri 11-May-12 08:30:37

Also I have started doing Atlins properly this week, and I remember the last time I did Atkins (and lost four stone) I lost my appetite too. I don't care what it is, so long as it continues! grin

Jelly15 Fri 11-May-12 09:45:18

Would love to try this but I only have an ipod, not even touch, and I can't affort anything else sad

landedonmyfeet Fri 11-May-12 11:30:52

I bought my app on Monday and I've listened to session one each day. I'm loving it. Already I'm noticing that I want to drink alot more water and I don't even fancy anything sweet at all! I don't know how much weight I've lost yet 'cos I want to wait until I've been doing it for a week so I'm going to wait until Monday before I weigh myself again.
Has anyone else noticed that they really don't fancy any sweets or chocolate? Bizarre isn't it?
PS Can anyone tell me how to get the 'smiley face' to appear on my posts?

AncientsOfMuMu Fri 11-May-12 14:37:49

landedonmyfeet - I've also noticed that I don't fancy anything sweet. One of my many bad habits would be to scoff a smallish bag of maltesers or minstrals when driving in the car. Bearing in mind I drive for about 2 hours a day, that can add up to a large amount of chocolate in a week.blush
This week, not only have I not bought any chocolate, I've not even thought about it.

If you scroll down beneath the box you write in, it shows you how to insert smile amongst other things.

cerealqueen Fri 11-May-12 23:21:01

It's motivating me that lots of people are doing this at the same time. I've listened about three times now - the lady's voice reminds me of a Dawn from Gavin and Stacey and I imagine it is her talking about my three toes. confused
I'm not craving the chocolate and sweet things I've been addicted to of late (lots and lot of chocolate) and if I nick things it's the veg from DD's plate (might as well, she doesn't eat it). Am doing ok despite very difficult nights with DD2 so hope it shows in scales next week.
I haven't been taking pics of my meals though. blush.

I did weightwatchers before DD2 and found a big pot of veg soup was great for lunch so might start doing that again. Portion size on the large side still though. I am eating more fruit tho, and I don't even like fruit that much!

I am listening at bed time too - its the only quiet 20 mins I get!

Jade1986 Sat 12-May-12 08:45:44

A friend of mine got this app, she said it didn't work for her so she put her honest review up. She got so much abuse for doing it, there is something suspicious about this app. She showed me the reviews and comments put on. the creater who is called James was even commenting and they were putting 5 stars up which is wrong. Now if u go on all the comments have disappeared and there is all just over the top wonderful comments. I'm not saying this doesn't work for everyone but people should have a right to put there own experiences up with out the abuse we are all meant to be adults. Where has all her comments gone? Why was they taken down? If last month 1500 people downloaded like they was saying why is there not loads of comments?

glastocat Sat 12-May-12 17:32:26

Well it's definitely working for me! Where do you see the reviews Jade? I can't see any,positive or negative. Of course it won't work for everyone,but they shouldn't have taken your friends comments down. If anything, it seems to be almost working too well for me although I am so fat that is not possible as I have almost entirely lost my appetite. But that could be the Atkins, I dont know.

Jade1986 Sat 12-May-12 22:17:58

The reviews where on the actual app where u can write what you think etc. I saw them for myself, next day they where taking down and my friend got a msg from apple saying she abusing the guidelines. I was thinking about getting this app myself but I'm totally put of by this. It seems to fake to me like the company are putting fake reviews up.

glastocat Sat 12-May-12 23:38:26

But I can't see any reviews at all! So I'm not sure how they are putting fake ones up? Anyway, as I say, it's not fake in my opinion, it seems to be working nicely for me. But like all things ymmv.

somerandom Sun 13-May-12 07:30:37

Can I join in - I was lurking last week and bought the app. Been listening every day for a week and have noticed a difference - amongst other things I went out for lunch yesterday and left food on the plate when I was full. Also been finding it easy not to pick.

Lost quite a bit of weight a couple of years ago through exercise but plateaued at about 8 kilos above goal weight for a year in spite of keeping up with gym (but coasting a bit tbh). Found I'd put on a bit of weight over the very long winter so really needed something to turn things back in the right direction again.

Thanks everyone for suggesting this - Weighed myself this morning and have lost a kilo. Still got about 9 kilos to go but it's a start.

Jade1986 Sun 13-May-12 12:54:43

As everyone seems to think its ok, I'm going to try it myself.

I might give this a try. I had been considering hypnosis anyway.

trixymalixy Sun 13-May-12 13:11:37

My sister has had gastric band hypnosis and lost loads of weight so far, do I'm tempted to give this a go!

shesparkles Sun 13-May-12 13:35:48

Id already decided that tomorrow's d-day, but I'm going to have a look at this app-anything, just anything to help!

WishItWasFriday Sun 13-May-12 13:55:15

I'm new to this site but so glad I've found this discussion. It's really lovely how you are all giving each other so much advice and support on weight loss. Having been a yo-yo dieter for many years I know how bloody hard it is to lose weight and keep it off and sometimes you feel like you are the only one struggling. It's great to have other people we can share our successes, failures and chocolate cravings with!

I have recently lost 2 stone (having lost it before with weight watchers but put it on again) but am now in the difficult maintenance phase. I bought this app to help me keep the weight off and so far so good. I love that it helps you to feel in control and raise your self esteem as well as losing/maintaining weight loss, cos being overweight certainly knocks your confidence over the years.

Jade1986 - I saw the reviews you are referring to on the Apple App site and you are right a couple of them have indeed been deleted. But I am so glad they have. Someone said something slightly negative about the app (your friend presumably) and another reviewer got totally laid into her saying it was her fault she wasn't losing weight. I was so shocked that another woman who claims to have weight issues could be so cruel to another woman. All I can say is she must have some serious anger/self esteem issues herself and hope that she finds the help that she clearly needs.

As to the app developers faking the reviews, I have a friend who develops game apps and he assures me that it is impossible for the developer to fake reviews or remove posts themselves. He says only Apple can do that. Anyway I'm going to continue using this App, cos 99.9% of the reviews have been really positive and its working for me so far. I hope you continue to use it too Jade. I'll keep you all posted as to how it's going for me x

AncientsOfMuMu Sun 13-May-12 15:40:15

Great to see a few more people using this App and I hope we can keep this thread going and help each other out as WishItWasFriday said.

I also saw some of the negative reviews and I'm not suprised they were removed. Also, anyone could write a good review whether they had used the App or not, but all of that is irrelevant because it's all about how it helps the individual.

As far as I'm concerned it has given me the right frame of mind to lose some weight. I've been struggling for ever the last 12 months to diet. I've become increasingly despondent as I continue to gain weight and I havent been able to motivate myself to do something about it. If this App or any other is the thing that gets me in the right frame of mind then that is all that matters. because I know that once I've got my head round it I can eat sensibly and stop stuffing myself with chocolate grin

I've had a great weekend and feel more positive than I have in months and I hope some of you feel this way too.

Jade1986 Sun 13-May-12 16:19:30

I have brought the app and will start tomo, I will inform you all how it goes. This site is great thankyou everyone for making my mind up about buying this app.

Sorry been down with a virus, but have been listening...
MuMu sounds liek you are doing fab!
I'm starting with a weigh in tomorrow too
rindercella where are you? Are you coming to the ball? wink
Hope to see lots of weigh ins tomorrow. I promise to do it every Monday, for 4 weeks at least grin

Rindercella Sun 13-May-12 23:44:14

I'm here jeannie!! About to log off and listen to tonight's session. I was at my mother's for the weekend, hence no posting. I have mostly been very good - no snacking which is a minor miracle for me. Hard to not have a glass of wine in the evenings though, so need to work on that. Tomorrow is my Big Lunch. There will be no wastage from that lunch, oh no not at those bloody prices so I will weigh myself in the morning <eek> and post the results later on.

Is anyone else curious what happens next? I mean we do part 1 for 2 weeks or so. Anyone know roughly what happens in part 2? Or in the actual 'surgical' bit aka part 3? Or am I just getting ahead of myself (I have been known to read the endings of books first as I hate surprises!)? grin

Good to see you grin
off to listen to mine too, see you tomorrow
Night all smile

glastocat Mon 14-May-12 08:20:08

Rindercella wine is my weakness too, so I when I viualise the table full of bad food I always visualise a nice cold glass of wine too. It actually seems to work because I decided that I would have a couple of glasses of wine on Saturday as my customary weekly diet reward, and I didn't really enjoy them! And if you knew me, you would realise just how impossible unlikely that was!

glastocat Mon 14-May-12 08:21:07

Oh and I am dyying to see what happens in the next sessions!

Today I am X stone 5lbs.
I am still unable to listen to the app without falling asleep grin.
I am so glad for you all having success and it is encouraging me to keep going eith it, even although I have noticed no effect yet.
Will see how we go.
anyone else weighing in ?

glastocat Mon 14-May-12 15:21:34

I'm scared to weigh in yet,but my trousers are loose. I wouldn't worry about falling asleep, I think it still 'goes in' some how. Each time I listen to it, it gets more relaxing, I seem to tune out earlier each time!

Jade1986 Mon 14-May-12 16:32:08

I have just started this and my first time of listening to it I feel asleep. Does anyone know if that is normal? Does that mean it won't work as I'm fell asleep?

kilmuir Mon 14-May-12 20:47:19

Right i WILL lose this excess tyre. First night tonight, very relaxing. Going to weigh myself tomorrow, yikes

landedonmyfeet Mon 14-May-12 21:20:29

Hi everyone. This really is a great group! I've been using the app for a full week now. I 'weighed in' this evening and I've lost 2.5lbs. I'm really pleased! Yesterday I went on the website and got the guidelines and weight loss chart they give you. I hadn't noticed that bit before. The guidelines are easy and I've been following them today.
I'm looking forward to hearing who else has lost weight and also any more tips anyone has for helping us all along.
Good luck everyone.

Thanks landed I will go and have a look, I think I need guidelines, as I don't seem to be noticing any difference yet,
Hi kilmuir
How's everyone else doing?

jade see the answer above from glasto I fell asleep againlast night but trusting its "going in", am ging to try listening at another time of day if I can.

glastocat Tue 15-May-12 13:03:23

Ok so I have googled does hypnosis work if you are asleep and I was only half right. Apparently it does NOT work if you are asleep, BUT it is very common to believe you are asleep when you are really in a deep trance. The way to tell which state you are in is simple-if you wake up when instructed you have been in a trance,the hypnosis has worked. If you are asleep,you won't wake up when told. Also hypnosis will leave you refreshed, whereas sleep will probably leave you groggy. I always wake up when told, so I have been hypnotised hurrah!

Thisisformatilda Tue 15-May-12 14:17:32

Hi everyone I've been lurking on this thread & bought the app last week
I've listened to it 3 times now - but I think I fall asleep too! I listen to it just before bed so might try to fit it in a bit earlier tonight!
I think it's working a bit- I'm usually always hungry all the time & snack constantly but today I didn't feel like breakfast so didn't eat til lunchtime & then only had half a ham sandwich!!

That great matilda, thanks for update glasto, I am definitely asleep then , no wonder I haven't noticed any difference, ah well better that than it nor working when I am awake grin will persevere.

cerealqueen Tue 15-May-12 19:56:32

I've lost 3lb. Really, really chuffed and a little disbelieving as I don't feel like I'm on a diet. dP said I looked well on it!
any more results?

Jade1986 Tue 15-May-12 23:23:36

Thankyou I listening to it a different time of day and it worked I stayed awake. I love how relaxing this app is and how great you feel after.

somerandom Wed 16-May-12 07:08:38

Just popped on to say I've lost another 2lb since Sunday - amazed as it's the week before my period ! Pleased that it is working well for others too. Really enjoying this lovely supportive thread.

Well done girls, I agree hearing all the success stories really is heartwarming and keeps us all motivated to keep listening.
I've decided that even if I lose no weight, if I don't put any on thats a success and like Jade, having a wee relax is good for us too smile

KiwiWorkingMum Thu 17-May-12 03:15:48

I've tried this, a few times, and was no good for me at all, waste of money, however I read it works for some people - good luck! smile

Myself after trying everything g from Optifast, weight watchers, hypno stuff, Dukin, Atkins etc) over the years weirdly I found going to the gym for 30 mins everyday doing intense work outs set by a Personal trainer once a month, and eating healthy/smaller portions I am losing 1-2lb a week on average. I get tempted every so often to go on the latest fad to speed things up but I know i'll just crash and burn and rebound (10 years of it!) I know everyone's path is different though! So good luck ladies! And if this fails I think i'm only left with going for a band! :|

Good luck to you too kiwi, sounds like you have cracked it, you must be delighted.
I think we all know that doing what you are doing will work, but its managing to get to the mindset/head place that you can do it, that is the problem for so many women.
Hypnotherapy hopefully might get us all there and at least has a sound scientific evidence base and is respected by most qualified health professionals( GP's CPN's etc) as well as its practitioners, so its not really the latest fad.... using it on our iPhones maybe is though grin
Even if I don't lose a pound, I'm not sure I'll resent the money because its made me think a lot about things and I've found a cheery and positive MN group to chat too smile

VirtualGastricBandCreator Thu 17-May-12 17:52:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Karene28 Thu 17-May-12 21:18:53

Hi all!!,

Just joined so hope no one minds me posting! I got the virtual gastric band on Sunday night and I can't believe how well it's worked for me! I'm a total chocoholic and always picking at the kids food but that has all changed! Since Sunday night I have not wanted or eaten bread, chocolate, crisps or drank anything but water! I weighed today and have lost 2 pounds and am generally much cheerier!! I hope this keeps working but also love the half hour relaxation! Never had that with 2 kids running around!! Lol! &#128521;

glastocat Thu 17-May-12 23:03:37

Welcome sue! It would be fantastic if you can join the thread, I am sure people will have questions for you. I have quite a lot to lose but I am very strongly motivated (thinking of emigrating to Oz and can NOT be seen on the beach like this). I am finding the app to work incredibly well so far, I am not picking between meals, junk food suddenly seems a bit yuck,and best of all the siren call of the wine bottle seems to have vanished! and I'm only on week two! grin
One question,why does it work for some and not others,are some people just more suggestible?oh and any tips for avoiding the booze? I have just been putting it on the table with the junk food and pushing it away etc,is that ok? And finally,do you plan any more apps? I have tried other hypnosis apps, but yours seems the best so far.

amimagic Fri 18-May-12 07:23:26

I wish I could do this but my phone is an Android one not an iPhone. I've found another hypnotherapy app, but I want to do the same one as y'all are dammit!

Sue, do you have plans to create an Android app too?

somerandom Fri 18-May-12 12:13:59

Hi Sue - I think it would be great if you could join the thread too. I am enjoying listening to the app and it's working really well for me at the moment.

I'm very encouraged that you have managed to keep your weight off for 8 years - have you got any tips for this ? I ask because I lost some weight before using a hypnotherapy cd but got out of the habit of listening to it after about six months. When I started to listen to it again after a few months it just didn't work for me.

I've also got a suggestion - would you consider releasing the hynotherapy element of the app as an MP3 download to make it accessible to a wider audience?

Many thanks - despite going to the gym 3 times a week my weight hadn't budged in over a year & I've dropped 4lbs in as many weeks since listening to the app - very pleased.

natashap Fri 18-May-12 12:52:18

Hi all, found the app by accident and thought I would give it a go from last Sunday. After I downloaded it I had a look for reviews and found you lot! It seems to be working for me too, had one glass of wine and no snacking since I started. I'm avoiding carbs (bread/pasta/rice) as well but eating fruit and veg. Already I've lost 4lbs, probably water weight but its motivating. Long way to go so I'm going to try to listen everyday- her voice is soooooo relaxing.

Jelly15 Fri 18-May-12 13:15:49

I got this last week but I need to borrow my sons ipod touch. Sometimes I sleep and sometimes don't but I always wake at the end smile. I have lost four pounds and I can hear my tummy rumbling but I am not hungry. This is not the normal me at all. Can't wait to get to session two. Not feeling the urge to drink more water though.

VirtualGastricBandCreator Fri 18-May-12 13:31:37

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

ToryLovell Fri 18-May-12 13:35:43

Oh no this is going to be another one of those "Mumsnet made me buy...." like bottom butter, big hair, MN scarf...

Ah well its only a fiver, gotta be worth a punt.

I'm such a sheep

Rindercella Fri 18-May-12 13:47:26

Hi everyone and nice to see Sue here - how exciting, having the co-creator on our thread!

Sorry I haven't been around for the last few days. Sadly I haven't listened to the app over the last few days - I know I need to get back into the swing of it again as it was really working for me. But the combination of Le Manoir (which was amazing, obviously) and my mother staying for a few days (convivial glass of wine in the evening), along with being absolutely bloody exhausted (therefore asleep before the app had any chance of sinking in) has meant that I have been slightly pushed off track.

I am away in a spa hotel (honestly, my life isn't usually quite so glamorous!) for a couple of nights with a good friend over the weekend which I really want to enjoy to the max as it really is a rare treat, so when I am back early next week I will start this again and perhaps listen to the app when I know I am not about to fall into a deep sleep. Actually, Sue perhaps you can give a definitive answer on that - is hypnosis less effective if you are actually asleep? This now seems like a daft question....

Well done everyone so far on your successes - long may it continue. I will be back next week grin

rinders we will miss you and we are not envy AT ALL.
Have a lovely time.

Sue its great to have you watching, I think I am one of the "can't really believe" I can do it, but what I am noticing is that listening every day, is making me question that ! Maybe my journey to the actual band session will be longer than most, but I am beginning to believe I might get there.
I realised this because I was struggling to push the right hand button smile, but I think realising that I have to change that is exactly what I needed.
Keep on thread girls I am so motivated hearing about your successes and thats new too because usually I just feel miserable, feeling that I am the failure sad
wishing you success and love from jeannie x

glastocat Fri 18-May-12 16:02:30

guanyerseljeannie, isn't that odd about you struggling to push the button! I, on the other hand have been jabbing that non-existant button so hard I hurt my finger! grin

AncientsOfMuMu Fri 18-May-12 16:05:37

Well it's all gone a bit pear shaped here. Started off really well, but because of a family crisis this week I havent had a chance to listen to the app and consequently I've returned to my bad habits. I'm annoyed with myself and my lack of self control, but hopefully as family problems have now settled down I can restart this weekend and get back into the right frame of mind.

Hi to Sue, and well done to all of you who seem to be doing so well this week. Hearing about your weight losses is a great encouragement.

glastocat Fri 18-May-12 16:12:33

And envy at Rindercella, Le Manoir and spa weekends indeed! You lucky duck, enjoy!

OnePennyPiece Fri 18-May-12 16:44:50

Hello, can I join in please?

Am the classic yo-yo dieter, up down up down but more up than down lately. I've got about 3.5-4 stone to lose (eek, that looks awful when written down)

I downloaded the app on Wednesday and have listened to it twice so far. I've not fallen asleep but have found it very relaxing and a good way to get 25 minutes to myself after a hectic day.

I like the thought of putting the wine on the table and pushing it away - let's hope I can do that physically and not just mentally!

My scales are currently broken so I'll be going on how my clothes feel. So far I've been drinking more water and thinking about what I'm eating, as well as eating slowly.

Let's hope the weekend doesn't derail everything...

kilmuir Sat 19-May-12 17:52:37

on day 4.keep falling asleep when i put the app on! but thinking more about what i eat and saying NO. also drinking more water.

Karene28 Sat 19-May-12 21:39:51

I'm on day 6 now... Had my first bit if chocolate and didn't even enjoy it that much!! Dont know if that's a good or bad thing!! Lol !

MaloryMad Sun 20-May-12 16:07:21

I've been listening to this every day for about 10 days now. Nothing. It doesn't seem to be working at all. If anything I'm eatng more confused

How's everyone else getting on? Should I keep plodding on with it? It says you can't move to the actual gastric band session till you've played Session 1 for at least two weeks and lost 2 pounds.

cerealqueen Sun 20-May-12 22:25:24

Malory, stick with it, are you pressing the right hand button when she asks, ie your sub conscious really wants it? maybe Sue the creator can help?

sue, as well as above query, I have missed a few days as have not been able to get 20 minutes to do it, will it matter in terms of moving to the next stage?

Karene - double edged sword, but well done!

Jelly15 Mon 21-May-12 08:42:30

Shame Sue's messages have been deleted. I have now lost six pounds in 10 days. I really can't get over that I can hear my tummy rumbling but I am not hungry. It is a breeze sticking to 1300 calories a day. If it is working now how well will session two and three work.

Faverolles Mon 21-May-12 10:19:12

Dh and I ummed and ahhed about buying an iPad, but not being able to get the app on my old iPod was the deciding factor!
I've been listening to it for 3 or 4 days now.
I'm amazed. I don't get the urge to snack at all. I can give biscuits to the dc and I don't feel deprived.
I have leftovers on my plate shock
There is chocolate in the cupboard, and it's not calling me At All.
I feel cured of my coke addiction (the fizzy drink, not the snorty stuff!)
I actually look forward to a drink of water.
I always had two sugars in my tea, for at least 20 years. Cannot bear it without. But, I'm now down to one meagre sugar, and even that's tasting too sweet shock shock

I'm still on the first hypnosis session. When do I listen to the next, and will I always be able to listen to one every day? Because I really feel it's that that's keeping me on the straight and narrow!

glastocat Mon 21-May-12 10:38:52

Oh no, what a shame Sue's messages were deleted! Come on mumsnet HQ, we'd really like to have her here!

I know what you mean about the lack of cravings. I am not picking AT ALL which is just not like me. And I had a grand sum of ONE bottle of wine last week, usually more like one a night and didn't really miss it! Which is unprecedented to say the least. I am also looking forward to drinking my water, how bonkers is that! I weigh in tomorrow, can't wait to see the results.

glastocat Mon 21-May-12 10:49:02

And Jelly 6lbs in ten days is FANTASTIC! grin

somerandom Mon 21-May-12 13:44:37

I was sad that Sue's messages were deleted too - her answer to my question was really helpful. I PM'd her to say thanks and she said that she had contacted Mumsnet HQ to find out how she could offer support in a way that wasn't in breach of the Talk Guidelines. She said that in the meantime anyone from the group would be welcome to email her with their queries (I think that you can click through to the email on the app - or I guess you could just PM her). Malory it might be worth you contacting her - what a shame it's not working for you at the moment. Wow Jelly 6lb that's amazing ....

Faverolles Mon 21-May-12 14:53:31

Down to no sugar in my tea shock
Also tried a bit of ds's banana cake, and after a couple of teeny bits, felt full and stopped! I could usually have eaten the whole frigging cake!

Sue, if you are reading this (I hope you are) you have performed a miracle! Thank you smile

reastie Mon 21-May-12 15:00:22

<pokes head in> am reading this thread with interest and grin that you seem to be passing the snacks etc relatively easily. Am thinking of buying the app but bit of a thicko question blush - does the app work by trying to enhance your will power to not want to graze/control hunger or does it work my mentally making you think you have a gastric band in so physically can't eat much? I know I will sound ridiculous to you all but I have emetophobia and could never have an actual gastric band for fear of it making me sick, and I'm a bit confused if in any way this app could do the same somehow. Apologies for jumping on with such a blush question

glastocat Mon 21-May-12 15:26:02

reastie, I dont think any of us have got as far as the gastric band bit yet. The app comes with three seperate hypnosis bits. I think we are all still on the first one which doesn't even mention the gastric band, its all about making healthy choices, drinking water etc. You have to listen to it every day for a minimum of two weeks and losing two pounds. So you could just do that bit I guess. I will be (hopefully) starting part two tomorrow so I will be able to tell you about it then if I don't fall asleep. Personally I find the app worth every penny because apart from anything else it is soooo relaxing. grin

reastie Mon 21-May-12 15:30:20

glasto yes please, keep me updated. I only have a regular ipod (not one of those new fangled touch ones) does anyone know if it work work on it?

MaloryMad Mon 21-May-12 15:38:59

Everyone's doing so well! (except me blush )

cerealqueen hi, yes I'm definitely pressing that right hand button, I even notice I'm smiling as I make the decision between left and right and pick right.
I'll stick with it though, it can't do any harm, and for the price of it it definitely good value. I got a Slimpod last year, cost me £30 and nothing happened at all.
At least with this one I actually enjoy listening to Session 1. I've tried Paul McKenna too and I like the VGB hypnosis better than his.
I've got a few issues with food, maybe that's why I'm not doing so well.

Carry on the good work everyone.

ToryLovell Mon 21-May-12 21:42:13

Have been listening to it at night but keep falling asleep (which is a bonus as I am such an insomniac).

I have definitely found myself eating less without feeling deprived. In fact I catch myself looking through the cupboards and then think "right button" and decide I'd prefer water instead hmm and shock

cerealqueen Tue 22-May-12 00:18:45

If we can't have Sue on here can we have her for a live chat please??!! grin

blizy Tue 22-May-12 06:56:18

I have been lurking on here and decided to buy the app. I have been listening for 3 days, woke up this morning and instead of filling the kettle for my morning coffee I filled a glass of water!
I love how relaxed it makes me feel and defo puts me under- I was very sceptical at first, but now I think it works! Let's hope it helps me to shift some of my weight.

<waves to reastie>

reastie Tue 22-May-12 07:26:14

<waves to blizy > damn, I just worked out the app only works for ipads and iphones and I only have a macbook and ipod. Does anyone know if I can get this or something similar for my ipod?

blizy Tue 22-May-12 07:28:57

Reastie- I don't know if you can buy this one in cd form? However you can get the Paul McKenna cd's and books, checkout Amazon.

reastie Tue 22-May-12 07:59:49

Can anyone recommend the Paul McKenna CD here? I had hypnosis for another issue and the hypnotist said McKenna actually wasn't that good hmm

glastocat Tue 22-May-12 08:28:13

Ok, so I weighed in this morning. I weighed in on day one but was too frightened to look at the scales as I knew my weight would be completely horrendous. But my super duper scales recorded my weight for me. Anyway, I checked it this morning and was horrified. Then I weighed myself again. In two weeks I have lost...................13 pounds! Fuck. Ing. Hell! Yippee! Now I do have a lot to lose, and I have been dieting, but this app has made it so bloody easy! I'm so happy, I really think this might help me on my long weight loss 'journey' So happy! grin

somerandom Tue 22-May-12 08:31:45

reastie I lost 1 1/2 stone using Paul mcKenna quickly and easily but got out of the habit of listening to it after about six months. When I started to listen to it again after a few months it just didn't work for me. I asked Sue - the creator of the VGB app about this and she said you have to make the changes conscious so they become habit - looking back I think I relied too much on it working subconsciously - just listed to the cd - so determined not to make this mistake again. I thought Paul McKenna cd was good but as I said it stopped working for me so I needed to change. Try the Paul mc - but make sure you read the book and do the exercises he suggests.


Have lost another half a pound so not much but period due today so happy to have lost anything at all. Have moved onto part 2 - could feel I was holding back a bit as didn't know what to expect - will try to let go more tomorrow.

somerandom Tue 22-May-12 08:34:04

glastocat that's incredible -well done you !!!! I love this group - and this app ....

Jelly15 Tue 22-May-12 08:48:33

Well done Glastocat! Is session two very different?

glastocat Tue 22-May-12 09:15:35

I'm starting part two tonight, anyone else done it yet? I will post more about it tomorrow. I hope Sue is reading this so I can say thanks!

somerandom Tue 22-May-12 09:18:17

Jelly Yes very different - it's starts with a standard guided fantasy to get you into the trance - then you got to have a pre-op consultation with surgeon - building up trust and confidence and reinforcing how much you want this - then back to getting yourself mentally ready for the op (which is risk free & painless) - reinforcing positive habits.

I found that I resisted the trance as I wanted to know where I was going - am going to try to let go tomorrow.

I missed my "button".....

somerandom Tue 22-May-12 09:20:24

sorry - typo - "then you have a pre-op consultation" ....

glastocat Tue 22-May-12 09:28:05

somerandom, how long do you have to do part two before part three?

ToryLovell Tue 22-May-12 09:54:38

Glastocat - well done that is great. I'm finding that I am really calm around food atm as opposed to hearing it calling me, and constantly wondering what to eat next.

glastocat Tue 22-May-12 10:15:20

Yes ToryLovell, thats exactly it. I am a greedy person who is constantly thinking about what is for dinner, whats in the fridge, oh a bag of crisps would be nice etc etc. And that voice has just gone. Mind you, that was what happened when I was on Atkins before (successfully), so I don't know if its that or the app. Last night my husband asked what I wanted for dinner, and I couldn't think of anything I wanted and I wasn't hungry, although my stomach was rumbling! In the end I had a bowl of soup! That is not like me at all!

somerandom Tue 22-May-12 10:58:55

glastocat - it says in the guide for part 3 - you can move on to part 3 (THE SURGERY !!!) after listening to part 2 every day for at least 2 weeks and have achieved a total weight loss of at least 8lb

VirtualGastricBandCreator Tue 22-May-12 19:48:49

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

glastocat Tue 22-May-12 21:43:21

Oh good to see you back Sue! I have listened to part one for two weeks and lost a massive 13lbs, so started on part two today. I am delighted and hope my success continues. I really am amazed by how easy it is to not overeat, as I have said upthread I love my food and wine, it does seem odd not to be thinking about it all the time. Is this what it is like to think like a thin person? Anyway,thank you!

Jelly15 Wed 23-May-12 09:42:02

Hi Sue, glad you are back. I have now lost seven pounds since starting on May 11th. I have listen everyday but missed one on the 14th. Would I be OK to start session two on Sunday 27th.

Faverolles Wed 23-May-12 11:01:42

Hi Sue smile pleased you're back on!
I don't have any weighing scales, but my jeans are feeling looser already!
I also love the way food doesn't have a hold on me. I can butter toast, dish out biscuits and cut cake without wanting any at all!

Glastocat - 13lb is fantastic!

Sue, after I've listened to all the sessions, do I go back to listening to the first one again?

ToryLovell Wed 23-May-12 12:21:09

Sue just wanted to say thanks. I've only been using my app for a couple of days but feel more relaxed around food now instead of obsessing about it.

I'm also sleeping much better at night too - for that alone it was worth every penny. thanks

VirtualGastricBandCreator Wed 23-May-12 18:29:46

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mumat39 Wed 23-May-12 22:06:01

Hello everyone

I have read through this thread over the last couple of days and have been inspired by how lovely you all sound that I got the app last night. I had to update my IPOD to IOS5 and that took ages so by the time I downloaded it and got to bed to listen to it, it was about 1.30am.

I do need to lose weight but I was more inspired by the fact that so many of you have said how relaxing the app is and that it helps with falling asleep. I haven't been sleep well at all, or rather not been able to drift off to sleep easily for quite a while so there were two reasons for me to get this.

It's still on offer for 4.99 for May so it wasn't too expensive.

I listened to it for the first time last night and it was relaxing, although it was 1.30 am ish.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thank you to you all for such a lovely and supportive thread. I really hope I'm one of the ones that it works for, but whatever happens with me, it's lovely to read all your lovely stories.


ToryLovell Wed 23-May-12 23:04:16

Having only had a small dinner much earlier this evening I was feeling a bit hungry just now. I knew it was hunger rather than thirst as I have been drinking loads today.

I went and had a look in the cupboards. Normally I would have been oohing and aahing with delight at the opportunity to eat bread / biscuits / chocolate etc. I looked at it and thought, "hmm don't fancy that, or that, or that....."

I ate a small banana instead.

Not a biggie to most people but it is definitely a mindset change for me

glastocat Thu 24-May-12 08:28:12

Couldn't resist weighing myself this morning, another TWO pounds off! I also found out last night that it puts me to sleep better than my sleep hypnosis app! grin

Faverolles Thu 24-May-12 12:02:09

Wow Glastocat! That's brilliant smile

So how much is everyone eating now?
I reckon I'm eating about a third of what I would normally eat, if not less!
Having a hungry day today for some reason, but drinking loads.

ToryLovell Thu 24-May-12 12:10:01

I would say that volume wise I am probably eating about 75% but calorie wise 50%. I'm eating if I am hungry, but I seem to be making better choices and not grazing.

Glastocat - I am in awe of you, well done.

Jelly15 Thu 24-May-12 13:10:41

Glastocat that is brilliant.

I am eating about two thirds less than I normally do in volume and calories. I would eat anything and everything as I just never felt full. Today I could just not bother about food. Yesterday I ate a smoothie for breakfast, a ham salad roll and yogurt for lunch, a chicken salad for dinner and a banana before bed. DH is stunned.

MaloryMad Thu 24-May-12 14:56:24

Hi Sue, can you give me any advice why it's not working so well for me? I really enjoy listening to it so I'm still listening to Session 1, but I'm not eating any less or making healthier choices.

VirtualGastricBandCreator Thu 24-May-12 18:29:53

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

glastocat Thu 24-May-12 19:19:54

Sue I really think your next app should be for insomnia, your voice is so relaxing I would definitely buy it. In fact I would buy all your apps, but I don't have a bed wetting problem. grin

ToryLovell Thu 24-May-12 22:08:08

Maybe we will need it as we get older glasto wink

glastocat Thu 24-May-12 23:11:05

Ha Tory,more than likely! grin

somerandom Fri 25-May-12 07:24:22

Weighed myself this morning and have lost another kilo - I'm absolutely amazed - I didn't think part 2 was working plus I'm overdue for my period by 3 days and feel uncomfortably bloated ... 7.3 kilos to lose to reach my goal weight.

sue I'm finding that I'm not going into a deep trance with part 2 - I am resistent to the starting guided fantasy - stairs - beach - stairs - garden - I experienced it with a hypnotherapy i had about 15 years ago that wasn't too effective - and when I listen to it I start thinking of that period in my life. Any thoughts about how I can get over that? Or does it even matter as I'm still losing weight anyway? Have been topping up with listening to part 1 every couple of days on top of listening to part 2 daily.

Welcome mumat39 - hope it works for you. MaloryMad hope it starts working for you soon....

glastocat Fri 25-May-12 08:39:51

somerandom I know what you mean about part two, I have found myself getting a bit confused with all the stairs, and one minute I am on a bridge that then turns into a balcony etc, but I do think I am going into trance so hopefully its doing the job! Well it must be doing something as I am still losing weight, and still fairly uninterested in food (although Iam going to have some wine this weekend, oh yes!).

somerandom Fri 25-May-12 11:38:11

glastocat - I think that's part of it for me too - I don't like the jump from the bridge to the balcony - this morning I was trying to just think of it as a different scene - ie "cut to balcony" and that helped a bit. As you say - it's working anyway so not a major problem...

MaloryMad Fri 25-May-12 12:29:52

Thanks so much Sue. I will make sure to do as you've suggested and will report back in a week or two. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

5inthebed Fri 25-May-12 13:07:08

Have just bought the app, will give it a whirl tonight grin

Jelly15 Mon 28-May-12 07:48:18

Now lost nine pounds in two and a half weeks!!!

glastocat Mon 28-May-12 11:29:49

Wow Jelly that is fantastic! I have my three week weigh in tomorrow so will post my results. My jeans are falling off me though! grin

I am enjoying part two more now I am used to it. Well I think I am, I seem to zone out somewhere between the bridge/balcony and the bench, and wake up at the end, so hopefully its still working anyway. smile I do have to wait until the bridge that turns into a balcony before I can let go though, it irritates me so! grin

glastocat Mon 28-May-12 11:31:09

Is anyone else getting a weird kick out of being hungry? I am quite enjoying my stomach rumbling away, yet not having to eat, its such a weird feeling!

5inthebed Mon 28-May-12 18:57:26

I have been doing it since Friday. Do it before bed and sends me into a lovely sleep afterwards.

Well done everyone who has lost so far!

blizy Mon 28-May-12 19:08:44

I have managed to loose 3lbs this week, I love this app!

glastocat Tue 29-May-12 08:22:26

Well I had my three week weigh in yesterday, and I have lost an astonishing 17lbs! I have a long way weigh to go, but what a great start! I am delighted, and VERY motivated, thanks Sue!

5inthebed Wed 30-May-12 09:16:02

Wow well done Glasto!

Jelly15 Wed 30-May-12 18:21:39

That is fantastic Glastocat, you must be over the moon!

Stoney666 Wed 30-May-12 18:42:46

I downloaded the app some time ago used it a couple of times and left it. May I join your club please grin need to lose just under two stone was hoping to combine app with the Atkins which I lost five stone on four years ago grin will listen to it tonight

glastocat Wed 30-May-12 18:50:58

Stoney666 I am doing Atkins and using the app, is working great for me so far!

Stoney666 Wed 30-May-12 18:54:02

Oooh how much have u lost and how long I been doing it

glastocat Wed 30-May-12 21:50:39

I have lost 17lbs in three weeks so far (actually another pound off this morning). I have lots and lots to lose though!

Stoney666 Wed 30-May-12 23:00:37

O M G that is fantastic well done you grin will start in morning have binged loads today sad should I
Listen tonight or first thing ?

Stoney666 Thu 31-May-12 07:31:17

Listened at 4 this morn (was awake lol) am just having Atkins bar and tea (can't miss out my tea) for breki

glastocat Thu 31-May-12 08:44:18

Just a friendly reminder that you shouldn't have Atkins bars on stage one. I find it works best if you stick to meat fish eggs cheese and veg (and lots of delicious water), boring I know but if you are anything like me you will lose all cravings (and appetite! hurrah!). Although like you, I have to have my tea (with sweetener of course). smile

skodawoman Thu 31-May-12 08:56:58

Hi everyone hope you dont mind me joining your group although i am a mum im an old one and now a gran lol
I found your forum regarding the VGB last week after purchasing the app so have been following all your progress with great interest .
I have done it every night and although my trousers feel looser i have not lost anything yet,but im sure I will (I hope)
Can i ask Sue a Question ; I am on a lot of medication for a lot of different heath issues im just hoping this will not have an adverse effect on it.
A big well done for all your weight losses

Hello, just found this thread and read it all. Sounds very interesting so I hot footed it to the app store and down loaded the app immediately. Complete bargain if it makes me lose a few pounds!

I have tried hypnosis before, I paid for five one to one sessions and found them to be very effective. I did that about five years ago though, and I suppose the spell has been broken in the intervening time!

I have about 2 stone to lose and my weight has just been creeping up over the last year or so. I've been watching the scales go up but not felt in the least bit motivated to do anything about it until I found this thread. Anyone else like that? Although you want to lose weight, you're just not in the mood to diet until the inspiration strikes?

I definitely believe that sugar is the root of all evil in my diet, and I had massive success after my baby by low carbing, so that is the direction my healthy eating will take.

Listened to the first session this morning then had eggs for breakfast. Feeling really good, not craving toast or juice or anything at all actually!

Well done on all the fantastic results that everyone has got so far. Keep up the good work, ladies!!

Stoney666 Thu 31-May-12 10:15:20

It does say u can on stage one? Will re think just always found it works for me as mornings so busy. Thanks grin

glastocat Thu 31-May-12 10:31:54

Stoney if you look on the pack I think it says suitable for stages 234? I don't have one to hand to check, but I try to avoid the bars anyway unless I am desperate as they stall me and give me cravings, but YMMV!

Stoney666 Thu 31-May-12 13:52:36

Ok thanks

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Thu 31-May-12 22:32:28

Im already on this thread, but I've a new name at the moment.
In two weeks I've lost at least 11 lbs, and possibly more!
This is the first time I've dieted and felt I could keep going for ever, and set myself a proper, healthy target, rather than telling myself I'd be happy at a size 14.

glastocat Fri 01-Jun-12 08:31:59

ANyone else completely unable to stay awake for part two? I'm on part two week two and seem to be conking out now almost as soon as I put it on, I don't even get to the beach (there is a beach, right? grin). I am waking up at the end and my diet is still going well, so I reckon this must be ok, its just a little bit weird as I keep coming to at the end and can't remember a thing!

hotbot Fri 01-Jun-12 13:17:17

Hi all, well done for all doing so well. I've lost 4 lbs in 9 days and am on session 2 due to going on hold next week. Do I listen to part 2 more than once.
Cheers and keep up the good work!

hotbot Fri 01-Jun-12 13:18:27

Oh Glastonbury , I too have complete memory loss and wonderful sleeps which is fab for 20mins off from a 5 and 2yr old

hotbot Fri 01-Jun-12 13:18:56

Fgs Glastonbury. Glastocat so sorry

glastocat Fri 01-Jun-12 13:33:40

Hotbot, you should listen to part one for a minimum of two weeks and 2lbs weight loss. Then you do part two for two weeks minimum and 8lbs weight loss. I don't know about part three, I'm not there yet!

As for my name, its short for glastonburycat, because I was at Glastonbury one year and got into a giggly stoned converstion trying to think of something you couldn't see at the festival. Somebody announced they had never seen a cat at Glastonbury, and for some reason we laughed for about four hours. grin

Stoney666 Fri 01-Jun-12 15:20:34

I fall asleep everytimeblush

hotbot Fri 01-Jun-12 21:41:58

Ah, cheers, will go back o part 1, those were the days Glastonbury eh ,,!!

Stoney666 Sat 02-Jun-12 06:48:03

Had major binge last night nothing seems to work for mesad

glastocat Sat 02-Jun-12 21:30:22

Ah stones sorry to hear that. Maybe try doing old school Atkins,I know it is the only thing that works for me? By old school I mean only meat fish eggs cheese and veg, it sounds tough but you just lose all appetite and cravings, it isn't difficult at all.

Anyway, I had another sneaky weigh in and I have lost another two pounds! So that's 20lbs in 3 1/2 weeks, chuffing hell! My jeans are falling off me! Very happy indeed!

Jelly15 Sun 03-Jun-12 08:10:48

20lbs in three weeks! You must be so delighted Glastocat. I have lost 12lbs so far. I am loving part two, it is so relaxing. I usually drift off during some part of it.

I am sorry it is not working for you Stones.

Huffpot Sun 03-Jun-12 08:20:25

Hi all. Seems like theres some great results.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a similar app for an android phone as I'd really like to try it :-)

Stoney666 Sun 03-Jun-12 14:37:27

Whats your typical daily menu G?

somerandom Mon 04-Jun-12 08:24:53

Hi All - lost another 1.2 kg since I last posted. That's 3.5 kg since I started listening - so just a smidgen short of the 8 lb I need to lose before going on to part 3. I now weigh less than I have in at least 5 years (probably much longer) and still feel really motivated. Like you clickyballpoint I feel that I could keep on going.

6kg to go to get to the top end of healthy weight.

Well done everyone - some really impressive results.

Sorry huffpot don't know a similar android app but will keep an eye out. Luckily DS got an iPod touch a few Christmases ago and I've commandeered it he's kindly allowed me to use it.

glastocat Mon 04-Jun-12 09:56:15

Stoney I always have eggs for breakfast, boiled, poached scrambled, or an omelette. If I'm hungry I will have some ham or smoked salmon too, or the odd rasher (aldi does lovely salmon in little packs, very handy! For lunch I am at the mercy of the staff canteen, so its usually whatever protein (chicken is on every day so that is my fail safe) and a salad. For dinner I usually have protein and veg, followed by a sugar free jelly. Sometimes I have a big bowl of home mad soup. If I need a snack I will have some cheese, or devilled eggs, or cold meats. It sounds strict, but I find it much easier to do that way, as my appetite pretty much vanishes. When I start getting bored I will start adding in berries and maybe some yoghurt, and see how I go with that, I will have to read my book again to see what I am allowed.

glastocat Mon 04-Jun-12 09:59:04

home made, not home mad grin

glastocat Mon 04-Jun-12 10:00:14

Oh and I am drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, all that protein is tough on the kidneys I believe.

Crapricorn Mon 04-Jun-12 11:35:17

Hello all,
I am very excited by the sound of this but I can't work out how to update the operating system on my Iphone 3g. Can anyone help?

Mumsnet get a mention on their app now lol

somerandom Mon 04-Jun-12 18:51:39

capricorn you connect your phone to your pc then update it via iTunes - it will take you through step by step. Make sure that you back up your phone so any apps go back on when you update.

cerealqueen Mon 04-Jun-12 21:48:43

Hello All, it's been a while - battling with a non sleeping DD2 who is now ill.....I have not listened to the App for a week or so blush as I've been knackeded.

Anyway, lots of lovely success stories to spur me on. I've lost half a stone and can get into my dress for the wedding, hurrah! I'll still need some 'pull it all in' knickers so would like to lose an extra half stone just so the dress looks nice.

I have noticed how the weight loss slows when I'm not listening to it, I'm still on part 1 and the loss for the last week when I was beginning to miss evenings was half what it was the first week so anybody new, please keep at it and try not to be distracted!!

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Wed 06-Jun-12 11:17:32

How's everyone doing?

I've definitely lost a stone now.
I'm a few days into the second session now, and wake up every morning wanting to go for a walk - unheard of for me grin
I had a window shop in fat face the other day, and instead of coming out feeling fat and disgusting, I actually felt really positive, as I know that in the not-too-distant future, I'll fit in anything I like.

aishabon Wed 06-Jun-12 18:35:36

I have been lurking for a while, reading all your posts and, inspired by all the amazing results you all seem to have had, have given in and bought the app. I hope you don't mind me posting but I wanted to join in too! I've put on so much weight since I met my husband 10 years ago. I need to lose around 3.5/4st. I'm hoping this app might help me get it off once and for all. Wish me luck smile

Jelly15 Thu 07-Jun-12 08:38:37

Good luck aishabon. I have lost 15lbs so far in a month. I have the same amount to lose as you.

aishabon Thu 07-Jun-12 16:51:41

Well so far so good for my first day. I haven't been snacking at all and have only had 3 cups of coffee so far (I would normally be on about cup number 6 by now!) it seems to be working. I'm liking taking pictures of my meals too. I think that's what's helped with not snacking. I think to myself 'will I be annoyed with myself if I see a picture of that on my food diary at the end of the day' if the answers yes then I'm not eating it!
Keep going as you are jelly!! 15lbs?!!! I hope I've kept it up as well as you in a months time! That's fantastic!

somerandom Fri 08-Jun-12 08:00:01

Have lost another 0.6 kg since Monday which brings me to enough weight loss to start part 3. Just listened to it for the first time and I love it - found it much easier to relax than with part 2 - ( couldn't ever quite get my head around the bridge to balcony thing - it still worked though). I feel really positive. Getting within the healthy weight range feels within reach now for the first time in years.

welcome aishabon sounds like you've made a great start.

glastocat Fri 08-Jun-12 10:59:29

Well I only lost a pound this week, I reckon my body is just catching up with itself after losing so much so quickly, and I had my period too. I am still finding it all very easy! I have also started stage three, and the dishy doctor has a lovely voice, but I am not sure if I have actually 'had' the surgery yet as I am crashing out way before the end every time! grin The app would be worth it for the naps alone I reckon!

awaywego1 Fri 08-Jun-12 14:26:48

So..i'm thinking about cheating and jumping to part 3, i've listened to part 1 and 2 and have lost 3 pounds, i know we are meant to not move on until we have lost a total of 8 BUT i'm only aiming to lose because i cant be arsed another 8-10 pounds, what do people reckon, am i foolish?

glastocat Fri 08-Jun-12 14:33:03

I think you would be mad awaywego, the other bits work really well to help you lose weight, and the third part reinforces parts one and two so not even sure part 3 would work on its own without the preliminaries? You are meant to do part one and two for a minimum of two weeks each regardless of how much you need to lose, so why cheat when you will lose weight while yo uare doing them?

awaywego1 Fri 08-Jun-12 14:41:33

Sorry, should have said i have already done them both for 2 weeks each,but just haven't lost 8 pounds iyswim.

Divster Fri 08-Jun-12 15:33:08

Any chance in the future of it being released on Android?

glastocat Fri 08-Jun-12 16:10:37

We need Sue back on this thread!

Divster Fri 08-Jun-12 16:59:29

Has she not got a fb group?

somerandom Fri 08-Jun-12 20:07:32

Sue said we can email her if we've got a question - you can click through to her website through the app. I don't think she's got a FB group but what a great idea - if anyone emails her could they suggest it. She was looking for a way to support the group when she got deleted.

wherearemysocks Sat 09-Jun-12 00:39:25

I'm glad I found this thread, I just bought it today, I listened to it early evening and got through the rest of the evening with out snacking (evenings are when I usually succumb).

I'm quite impatient though and know I will want to jump ahead so I will have to force myself to wait for each new section.

glastocat Sat 09-Jun-12 07:13:59

Err wow and wtf? I lost one pound this week,which I was fine with as I had my period, I weighed in this morning and seem to have lost four pounds overnight? Hallefeckinglulljah!grin

Divster Sat 09-Jun-12 12:39:58

Wow! Are you all following a special diet as well?

somerandom Sun 10-Jun-12 07:38:47

glastocat that's great - must have been water retention eh?

Divster - I think some people are doing Atkins plus the app but I'm not doing any special diet - I had about 10 kilos to lose and have been losing a steady kilo a week. Very pleased with how it's working for me.

aishabon Sun 10-Jun-12 11:01:08

Still working well. Although the app has nearly caused to to burn my house down today!!!! I woke up early but didn't Fancy breakfast until about 10.30 ish so I thought I'd have porridge-nice and healthy-so I put it on the hop, made it with water so it'd be extra healthy. I lost my appetite for it before it was done, went and sat down and ended up forgetting it was cooking at all. Fast forward to a kitchen full of smoke!! I had some fruit and yoghurt instead! Might be safer if I stick to that everyday!!!! confused

awaywego1 Sun 10-Jun-12 21:28:54

I'm just watching what I eat with MFP, not sure how much the app is helping but it's very relaxing smile

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Mon 11-Jun-12 22:01:10

I'm 24 days in, and I've now lost 19lbs shock

If anyone wants a FB support group, I'd be happy to start one, let me know smile

luckyme123 Mon 11-Jun-12 22:58:04

I'd love to join this thread. I got this app 2 weeks ago and I've lost 8 lbs already.
just moving on to part 2 tonight. Would love to hear how people are doing. This is a really encouraging thread, I have to saysmile

somerandom Tue 12-Jun-12 07:22:21

I've lost another kg in the last week - the same rate as since I started the app.

clickyballpen - I will email Sue the VGB creator to see whether she would be prepared to answer our questions on a FB group. She was very helpful when she came on here but unfortunately her messages were deleted for breaking talk guidelines. I will let you know what she says.

Welcome luckyme - 8lb in 2 weeks - what a great start.

somerandom Tue 12-Jun-12 07:25:55

aishabon yes - fruit and yoghurt sounds safer smile

Chicken1969 Tue 12-Jun-12 08:21:45

Hi everyone - I've just started - 2 days in. Great reading this thread and hearing the successes you've all been having. The main difference I've found so far is less snacking and NO snacking after my evening meal which is fab smile.

Divster Tue 12-Jun-12 13:29:00

How long does the recording last?

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint - 19lbs in 24 days!!! Oh my word!

glastocat Tue 12-Jun-12 13:29:18

Five weeks in and I've lost 25 lbs! It actually seems to be getting easier if anything,it's completely bloody amazing! grin. I went to a gig last night and danced for two hours solid, five weeks ago I couldn't have stood up for that long without my back getting sore! grin

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Tue 12-Jun-12 15:06:21

Divster - the first and second around 20-25 minutes.
I think the third is 40 minutes, but I'm not there yet.

The next part of this post is going to be a Gastric band app love bomb. (Help yourselves to a sick bag wink)

I've figured out why this is working so well for me (I think)
I've done weight watchers and slimming world with some success, but with both, my driving force has been "How much can I eat and get away with it" or "if I save up so many points now, I can have a crunchie and a bag of crisps at the weekend".
Nothing (before now) has ever actually tackled my overeating problem. I've still been able to eat all day, every day, if that's what I wanted to do.
Listening to this app seems to have changed my life (I know I'm only three weeks and a bit into it, so we're still in the honeymoon phase)
I have lost all cravings to snack all the time. I eat three smallish, sensible meals, and I'm happy with that. I don't feel I'm missing out, as, well, if I really want some chocolate, I can have some. But the thing is, I don't really want it.

Other diets focus the mind on food, they make you think about food all the time. This app is different. I barely think about food anymore. I don't get the almost physical pain when I tried to deny myself anything.
Today for the first time ever, in sainsburies, I looked at the massive row of sweets and chocolates lining the front of the kiosk, and instead of mentally picking out the ones I'd like, or actually buying four one, it struck me how pretty they looked, all the shiny wrappers and bright colours.
I've never, ever seen beyond the instant chocolate fix before.

Sue, if you're reading this, I think I love you!

cerealqueen Tue 12-Jun-12 16:31:13

great post poster AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint very inspirational too!

cerealqueen Tue 12-Jun-12 16:32:15

great post AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint very inspirational too!

realhousewifeofdevoncounty Tue 12-Jun-12 16:53:13

Anyone NOT doing so well on this? I am fascinated and just about to buy app, but like to hear any negative reviews first in the name of balance!

Divster Tue 12-Jun-12 16:56:30

Thats fab AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint, and Sue if you are reading, ANDROID? Please smile

somerandom Tue 12-Jun-12 19:41:03

Hi All - I emailed Sue today about the possibility of a FB group and co-incidentally they have set one up today !!

I hope the link works - I've never tried it before - but if not search for 'Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis App support group'.

sue said she will be checking the group every day and answering as many questions as she can and will also be posting times when she be available for 'live chat' sessions on FB.

she also said she is looking forward to 'meeting' us all again when we join the Facebook group. awwwwww smile

glastocat Tue 12-Jun-12 20:16:15

Oh that's great, have joined up!

Chicken1969 Tue 12-Jun-12 21:01:28

Wow AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint that makes so much sense! I have had similar experiences with SW and WW. I agree, it just ends up being all about how much you can still eat! I am relieved when I decide to give myself a week off so I can stuff my face, then I don't go back to the classes, put it all back on and the cycle starts again.

My conscious mind is fed up with it all, so I'll give my subconscious mind a chance to make a difference. wink

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Tue 12-Jun-12 21:52:21

I've joined too smile

ToryLovell Tue 12-Jun-12 23:00:12

realhousewife - if I don't listen to it - like during half term, then it didn't work as I didn't have the focus that it gives me, I was just stuffing my face mindlessly.

When I listen to it, it helps me manage my compulsive over eating.

So I'm restarting right now, tucked up in bed and about to listen to part one

Stoney666 Wed 13-Jun-12 05:39:57

Starting again today been a total pig last few weeks. blush

realhousewifeofdevoncounty Wed 13-Jun-12 07:31:56

Can I join you lot then? Bought it yesterday. Did it last night before going to bed. Fell asleep during it, then woke up just as it finished and rolled over and went straight back to sleep, which is a minor miracle in itself as I have got bronchitis and have been hardly sleeping for coughing the last few nights! So far so good this morning, I have already had a smaller portion of muesli this morning than I normally would, had the standard 45g serving that the packet recommended and found this was perfectly adequate and satisfying. Also feel more positive, previously I would always dread the day and the boring food I would have to eat on a "diet", and just be waiting til I gave on and cheated. Today somehow I don't feel scared of food. Hard to explain. smile

realhousewifeofdevoncounty Wed 13-Jun-12 07:34:59

Can I just ask one thing, I have been weighing myself and have been consistently 11st 7.75lb the last few days, but this morning due to a pizza binge last night and I guess still being full I weigh 11st 10.5. Which should I take as my starting weight so that I don't move on to the next stage too quickly iyswim? Although you do still have to do it for at least a fortnight anyway don't you?

luckyme123 Wed 13-Jun-12 07:46:22

I'm finding I'm sleeping better too. I wonder if it's because I feel more chilled out or could it be that I'm not waking up because I'm not dreaming about food all the timesmile
I joined the Face Book group last night, thanks for the 'heads up' Somerandom. There's a really good video of Sue on there explaining how to change your eating habit. Has anyone else seen it? I'm going to give it a good go. What she's saying seems to be easy to follow.

glastocat Thu 14-Jun-12 13:45:00

Is anyone else on stage three finding their weight loss has speeded up? I am eating like a bird, just got myself a chicken salad for lunch and ending up eating about a quarter of it. shock And last week my jeans got loose, at the weekend my knickers started falling down grin, and today I realised that my shoes are too big! Its bloody marvellous!

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Thu 14-Jun-12 16:15:03

How much have you lost now glasto?
I'm coming up to start on session three, and was a bit nervous, but not now!

I've been consistently losing 5 lbs a week shock. I do have a lot to lose though, but I wonder if I'll keep up that sort of weight loss? I hope so!

I'm really loving this app, because it doesn't feel like I'm dieting at all, it just feels normal now.

glastocat Thu 14-Jun-12 18:52:21

I've lost 26 pounds in just over five weeks (6 in the last week!) I have loads to lose too and am hoping the weight continues to fall off, for a little while anyway! Even if it slows down as it surely must, I am delighted with my progress!

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Thu 14-Jun-12 21:21:56

Well done smile you're doing brilliantly!

When you've finished listening to the last session, will you carry on listening to one of the hypnosis sessions?
I'm due to start listening to number 3 tomorrow night ( but I'm putting it off a bit, as I have a very busy week coming up), but I'm worried about not having something to listen to, as it really seems to be keeping me on the straight and narrow!

glastocat Thu 14-Jun-12 22:01:50

Yes I am also due to stop tomorrow, but am worried about stopping as I really feel it is helping me stay focused. I suppose I should ask sue what she advises on the fb page.

somerandom Sat 16-Jun-12 07:47:56

Another kg in the last week - just over 3kg to go to get within healthy range - bmi is now down to just over 26.

Well done everyone for their amazing progress - I'm finding this thread incredibly supportive.

luckyme - I've watched Sue's video now - found it really helpful and have been following the tips as much as possible. Seems that the conscious bit is key to sustaining the weight loss and I now realise I didn't put that in place when I lost weight with the Paul McKenna CD. Sue explains it really clearly and makes lots of sense.

Divster Mon 18-Jun-12 14:34:57

Thank you for the fb link, I have just joined

somerandom Tue 19-Jun-12 06:49:27

Lost another 1.2 kg since Saturday - so pleased it's still working so well. How's it going for everyone else?

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Tue 19-Jun-12 10:58:33

I've lost 25lbs now, in 4 and a half weeks!

glastocat Tue 19-Jun-12 11:22:49

Oh well done everyone! 26 3/4 lbs in six and a half weeks here, so should hit two stone in two months, fucking marvelous! grin

Divster Tue 19-Jun-12 12:19:45

OMG! Very well done all of you. How have you found it? Has it been quite painless?

glastocat Tue 19-Jun-12 12:53:13

It's been a complete doodle Divster! I just had my lunch and was only able to eat about a third of it, which is completely unheard of for me. I really can't eat as much, and I don't crave anything either. I feel like I have been deprogrammed! grin.

somerandom Tue 19-Jun-12 18:14:48

I've found it completely painless Divster . I feel much more positive with loads more energy than before. I've lost a stone since I started using the app on 6th May. I've now only got 4lb to lose to get into the healthy weight range. I felt so stuck before I listened to the app and to get to a healthy weigh seemed like an impossible goal. To say I'm happy is an understatement. I find this thread a great help for motivation too and really can't thank cerealqueen enough for her original post - I would never have known about this app otherwise.

theporkofpie Tue 19-Jun-12 19:01:17

Does anybody know if it comes as an app for any other brand of phone? I really want to try it but don't have an i phone

Divster Tue 19-Jun-12 19:33:53

Sue has said they have no plans for making it available on Android, which is a huge shame. She has a CD on ebay, the link is in the fb link above. Really wanted to app myself though.

JustFabulous Tue 19-Jun-12 19:38:22

Sounds like you have all done really well.

I don't understand apps. I have a Blackberry, can I get it on there?

Divster Tue 19-Jun-12 22:10:52

No it wont work on your blackberry either.

I have just got the CD from ebay, hope its as good as the app!

Divster Wed 20-Jun-12 07:19:50

I am joining you all now, as James has sent me mp3 version when I purchased the cd from ebay. My stomach feels smaller already lol

TheNightWatch Wed 20-Jun-12 09:57:59

I need this, dont I? Do I just get it for my Ipad? Im due to go to bed in a minute, can I listen to it in bed?

glastocat Wed 20-Jun-12 10:07:46

Yes TheNightWatch you get it for your ipad and you can listen to it in bed. smile

TheNightWatch Wed 20-Jun-12 16:41:34

I listened this morning but, fell asleep half way through. I listened when I woke up as well. I hope thats not over doing it smile

What diet are you all doing along with it?

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Wed 20-Jun-12 16:54:22

Do you have to follow a diet alongside it? I didnt realise that sad and have just bought the CD version!

TheNightWatch Wed 20-Jun-12 16:58:39

It doesnt say you have to but, I think it might help push things along? I dont know as its my first day and I need to read this thread properly.

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Wed 20-Jun-12 17:30:25

Oh, I wont touch diets with a bargepole, so maybe this isnt for me if a diet is needed to help things. Will watch all your progress with interest though!

glastocat Wed 20-Jun-12 17:39:59

Jimmy you don't have to diet. It's all about making healthy choices. Some of us are choosing to diet as well though,but it isn't mentioned in the app at all,beyond encouraging you to choose healthy foods etc.

Milngavie Wed 20-Jun-12 17:56:44

I'm going to bite the bullet and buy the app. I need to lose about 5 stone blushblush. It can't hurt to try can it?

TheNightWatch Wed 20-Jun-12 18:08:43

No. I must remember to press my hand when I do it tomorrow, I think I was too tired after work to take it in

NedZeppelin Wed 20-Jun-12 18:39:25

Have just started this but didn't realise you have to listen to each stage repeatedly. Where does it say that? I went from 1-2 .

glastocat Wed 20-Jun-12 20:56:45

NedZeppelin the instructions are played when you press the play button at the top, not on the bar at the bottom. Basically you listen to part one for two weeks minimum and you have lost two pounds at least.then you do part two for another two weeks and minimum 8 lbs loss. Then you do part three for a week. There is no point in rushing it, it's all very relaxing and enjoyable, and the more you listen the better!

NedZeppelin Wed 20-Jun-12 21:50:53

Ah thanks Glasto. Must admit its not made that clear. Back to stage 1 then. I have to say it is working already in that I've cut right back on what I eat- have high hopes after reading all your stories smile

TheNightWatch Thu 21-Jun-12 08:49:36

Ive done it twice and, Im thirsty all the time!!

This might sound silly but, what happens if you fall asleep before the end of it, do you come out of your trance? I was knackered at work last night and I wondered if it was because Id fallen asleep when I listened to it in the morning?

comewwhinewithme Thu 21-Jun-12 12:52:11

Can I join? I downloaded the app yesterday and sort of listened to it last night but must have fallen asleep.
This morning though I decided to walk to dd's school which is a good 50 minute walk and felt really happy doing it.
I just listened again and was truly under was very erm trippy I kept hearing her voice but then having small weird dreams but as soon as she counted to ten I came round.
I'm not sure how much I weigh right now will get some scales tomorrow but I was creeping up to a size 18 at Xmas then due to some rubbish going on I dropped to a size 12. Now I'm creeping up to a 14 and I really dont want to.
I worry about all the bad Choices I make I overheat constantly so I'm oping listening to this wil stop.
Have sent a Request to the Facebook group.

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Thu 21-Jun-12 16:02:52

I listened this morning. Havent noticed much change yet, but it is very early days !

Can I ask, how soon did you all notice something had changed? Was it instant?

kiwidreamer Thu 21-Jun-12 23:03:59

Ooooh Im very inspired by this thread, great work everyone!

I assume the recording needs to be listened to while relaxing, is that what the instructions say? I dont get much time to myself right now with my mini clingon DD in the throws of separation anxiety / needy poppet, but I have been getting up early to do 25mins on the cross trainer - could I exercise and listen??

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Fri 22-Jun-12 07:28:30

No, I think you need to pretty much relax & chill out if you follow the instructions on the track.

bargainlil Fri 22-Jun-12 09:24:26

Hi - has anyone got a link to the ebay cd? My version of iphone won't play the version from Itunes - just found that out after I bought it off Itunes on my Imac grrr!!

Thanks for your help. I've really enjoyed reading all these inspirational stories, well done everyone!

TheNightWatch Fri 22-Jun-12 09:28:49

Well, it never worked for me yesterday sad Actually it did because I went to tescos and put some Ben n Jerrys in my basket. Got to the till and turned around, put them back and replaced it with a packet of ginger nuts. I dont know which one was the lesser of two evils

Its the wine Im going to find difficult.

glastocat Fri 22-Jun-12 09:57:39

I think you need to give it a chance to work! And its not a miracle cure, they cant physically wrestle the ice cream or gingernuts from your trolley, you have to make that choice yourself. smile Although when you have listened to it a bit more I think you will find that choice a whole lot easier.

Wine is also my downfall. I asked Sue and she recommended putting it on the table and then pushing it away along with the other bad foods. So I tried to visualise the nicest coldest glass of chardonnay, and then pushed it off the table. grin It must be doing something as I am now not drinking at all during the week, although I am having a few glasses tonight (my weekly treat hurrah!)

glastocat Fri 22-Jun-12 10:04:16

kiwidreamer, no you need to relax when listening. And it is so relaxing you might nod off anyway, so not a good mix with a teadmill!

anniewoo Fri 22-Jun-12 10:21:04

I've bought the app ( but like the anti wrinkle cream / self help books i think by just buying it , it will work - without actually using it grin . so will def start today. What is a good time to use it ? Where? Couch or bed?

I've been using the App for 5 nights.

I've lost 10 kilos over last few months using MFP, but had really slowed down over the last month, losing about 1.5kilos in 4 weeks. I was finding it increasingly hard to stick to calorie limits.

Things have def improved since listening to the app. Appetite and desire to snack have both reduced. I'm drinking more water and thinking of food much less. Feels great! First post App weigh in will be Monday.

NatashaBee Fri 22-Jun-12 11:38:46

Ok, I'm sold... Looks like I'm going to have to download this since it's working so well for everyone!

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Fri 22-Jun-12 12:09:53

Here is the ebay link. When you buy the CD they can send you a link to an MP3 that you can use straightaway instead of waiting on the CD delivery, make sure to add a note asking for it.

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Fri 22-Jun-12 12:13:52

Annie, I have done both, but couch was easier the 1st time, so as to imagine the buttons I was pushing.

I dont know if the CD version is different, but does anyone else feel like giggling when she goes on about having only 3 toes? grin

I also didnt hear any part about photographing your food, where is that part?

TheNightWatch Fri 22-Jun-12 12:26:44

Do you use the head phones or have it on speaker. I'm struggling with what to buy in for tonight. I really fancy a steak.

I find the three tow thing funny too - though I remember very little of what is said after the three toes talk so it must be important!

I listen to it on the iphone speaker, in bed.

glastocat Fri 22-Jun-12 13:47:55

Wait to you get on to part two and the bridge that mysteriously turns into a balcony (or vice versa, cant remember). grin

bargainlil Fri 22-Jun-12 13:51:50

Thanks JimmyMac for the link! Just ordered - I live in Cyprus so may take some time to be delivered but hopefully they will send me the MP3 link - hope so! I'm raring to go!

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Fri 22-Jun-12 15:01:33

I use headphones to listen. I havent fallen asleep during it yet, so it has been fine. Have steak! I want steak now too grin

Good luck bargainlil smile

Have you all joined the FB support page? They (Sue/James) are quite often on there, and Sue has a live chat coming up soon.

lobsters Fri 22-Jun-12 17:20:02

I bought this at the beginning of the week on everyone's recommendation and it's ace. My appetite has just disappeared, I don't really feel like eating. I normally eat a lot, I'm not doing any special dieting along side it, but not wanting to eat a lot is king a huge difference. I don't have the usual diet mentality of I wish I could have a biscuit/ packet of crisps/ full Indian takeaway but I can't. I just don't want to and focus on other things. I also don't fancy a glass of wine in the evening which is a big difference

luckyme123 Sat 23-Jun-12 13:49:17

I've been doing session 2 for 2weeks and when I weighted in this morning I have lost 1stone 1lb in total!! I'm amazed. I haven't needed to diet at all. All I've done is follow the eating habit guidelines they give you when you go to the website help page and I've been following all the advice they give on the FB page too.
I'm starting session 3 tonight- very excited.
Lobster, you should join the FB support page. Sue and James are going to be live on there on Monday evening to answer everyone's questions, it's really good.

glastocat Sat 23-Jun-12 13:58:57

I've lost two stone! In seven and a half weeks! I am completely bloody delighted,this app would be a bargain at ten times the price, thanks Sue! I wonder if I can do three stone in three months? grin

TheNightWatch Sat 23-Jun-12 14:23:28

What fantastic stories.

Im only on my third day and, all Ive noticed is that Im drinking loads of water.

I really wish I could lay off the wine though, its really difficult when you are off work and its the weekend.

glastocat Sat 23-Jun-12 14:27:43

Thenightwatch I am allowing myself wine on Friday and Saturday's. If I stop losing I will cut that to Friday only. I am not missing it during the week at all,which is not like me. grin

glastocat Sat 23-Jun-12 14:29:36

Ahhhhhh where did that apostrophe come from!

anniewoo Sat 23-Jun-12 19:25:12

Listened to it for the first time today-really relaxing. Fingers crossed it will work for me.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Sat 23-Jun-12 21:45:32

Fantastic Glasto grin Well done!

I'm a bit stuck on 25lbs this week, despite no snacking etc. I'm sure it'll start to shift again soon. I have noticed though that I'm not thinking "Stuff it, I'll stop" like I did with other diets and I had a standstill week, so it really seems to have changed my mindset.

rosiest Sun 24-Jun-12 08:24:23

Hi there can I join in? Just bought the app and listened last night and this morning, am feeling really hopeful. I'm a total Yoyo dieter, tried everything under the sun but always put it back on again! I've just joined the fb group too and I'm loving all the support!

TheNightWatch Sun 24-Jun-12 11:43:01

Do you find that some days its harder to go under than others? Im finding the hypnosis abit boring now and I cant focus on what shes saying as my mind is making shopping lists.

JimmyMacWhenAreYouComingBack Sun 24-Jun-12 12:26:53

Sue says that its fine to let your mind wander.

glastocat Sun 24-Jun-12 13:40:28

Allyouneed I was stuck on 25lbs for a week, then dropped three pounds overnight! That seems to be the way my weight loss is going,it's weird but I'm not complaining.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Sun 24-Jun-12 21:49:42

Ah thanks Glasto smile hopefully that'll happen to me!

Sadly today, I fell off the wagon (on the bright side though, I'm still vair fat, and bounced).
I've been helping to organise a fundraising day, which was today. I started the day with my usual breakfast, then a bit later had a bacon butty (oops!), then had a hot dog ( not really any other option, and I was starving, snoot too bothered about that), then ate loads a few chocolates whilst counting money, then had a mug of champagne (which broke a 2.5 year dry spell, and was delicious)
Back to it now though!

I usually read in bed at night - but not at the moment. I have every intention of reading for a while, but as soon as I get near the bed all I want to do is listen to the recording - very relaxing. (Week 1 day 5)

kiwidreamer Mon 25-Jun-12 23:45:23

Tonight was my second listen to the first session, I'm sure i remember some things from last night that I don't remember being talked about tonight???? No balconys or bridges so cant have accidentally listened to session 2. Maybe that just means I was really entranced, I didn't think I was but ?? Or maybe I had a snooze lol

bumbez Tue 26-Jun-12 09:20:40

Hi every one I am also inspired by all your stories and bought the app last night. I have a lot to lose and have tried many diets but give up all to easily .
I have listened to it twice and am yet to have breakfast, not like me and have been drinking lots of water - I normally prefer tea! smile

TheNightWatch Tue 26-Jun-12 09:30:46

Well, I fell off the wagon at work, someone had been to the states and bought a giant bag of peanut butter M and M's. I dont even like M and M's sad

I easily drunk two litres of water though and Im planning on listening to it in bed. I think if I fall asleep it will be alright. Im finding the first part abit boring to listen to now and I cant concentrate on it as much.

glastocat Tue 26-Jun-12 09:51:12

I dont really bother concentrating on it as such, I just kind of let it wash over me. So far thats working for me, so I wouldnt worry about trying to hard when you are listening to it.

I decided to celebrate my two stone off with half a pizza! It was divine, and because I planned it (took a day pondering if it would be worth it!) I didn't regret it one bit! Usually doing that would mean I had fallen off the wagon and it would be bloody murder getting back on the wagon again, but not this time! I had my half pizza for my dinner, and that was a lovely treat, and sufficient. I got straight back on the wagon, so hurrah for me!

I looked back at my diary and realised that I had actually lost two stone in seven weeks, not seven and a half! Now for the next stone! Bring it on....

Michelle233 Tue 26-Jun-12 10:53:47

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

HelenS70 Tue 26-Jun-12 11:46:41

I started using this app two weeks ago, I lost 3kg the first week and last week I lost 2kg. Last night I had my 'surgery' and my appetite has shrunk again, I really feel full! I fall asleep listening to the app but it still works.

Been shopping and I don't feel like buying my usual naughty foods (chocolates, cheeses, crisps)
I have been logging my food on and doing gentle exercise. So far so good my aim is to lose 3 stone but if I lose a bit more I welcome it smile

glastocat Tue 26-Jun-12 13:08:34

Helen that is great, you are doing really well! Do you know you are supposed to listen to part one for a minimum of two weeks before doing part two? Then you listen to part two for a minimum of two weeks before going onto surgery. I'm just worried for you that if you speed up the process then it wont work so well for you?

HelenS70 Tue 26-Jun-12 15:32:07

Thanks Glastocat, I didn't know that, I thought I could go on after losing a certain amount of weight. If however, I feel that it is not working I will start over again and do it the appropriate way smile

I am drinking lots of water and only have one cup of coffee a day and I eat consciously. I can't bring myself to leave anything on the plate but my portions have shrunk. grin

TheNightWatch Tue 26-Jun-12 16:26:20

I've laid off the wheat and I find that starts working for me straight away. I havent got any scales so that's my next purchase when I finish nights

Hello everyone, I just got the app and did my first session today.

Very weird, but very relaxing. Is it normal to not really remember much, even though I didn't fall asleep?

I'm combining this with the gym, so we'll see on Friday when I next weigh myself if it works.

I hope it does smile

MaloryMad Tue 26-Jun-12 20:06:53

*TheNightWatch" can I ask what you mean about laying off the wheat starts working for you straight away? I'm just wondering if you mean it helps your appetite? I find that when I keep away from wheaty things I have less of an appetite in general. Problem is that I love bread, pasta, cakes etc oh and pizza, so I find it hard to cut it out.

luckyme123 Tue 26-Jun-12 21:30:30

I'm on the surgery session now and I'm really only eating about half as much as I was before. Don't want anymore and I'm happy 'til my next meal time, not wanted to snack once which is just unheard of for me grin.
I logged on to the 'chat' with Sue and James last night and it was so nice seeing everyone's questions and seeing all the answers coming up. I hope they do another one soon.
MaloryMad, if you're in the FB group why don't you ask Sue about the wheat thing, she might have some ideas that would help you.
Thanks to everyone on here for all the support.

HelenS70 Wed 27-Jun-12 06:59:48

I joined the fb group too but missed the chat session sad I do however love the page, everybody is very friendly and Sue is very welcoming smile

I made cauliflower cheese with pasta last night and didn't fancy the pasta so my son enjoyed that with the extra cheese sauce, I just had the cauliflower with a drop of cheese sauce. I don't want to cut the wheat out because I love a slice of Burgen bread for lunch grin I am a big wheat fan!

What exercise is everybody doing? At the moment I am just taking my 4 month old puppy for little walks but I feel so energetic I want to do more so I have bought Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I am going to do it today for the first time (my poor body lol)

MaloryMad Wed 27-Jun-12 12:14:02

Thanks luckyme. I am on the FB group. I will ask there. I'm thinking of starting a new thread on the subject of certain foods seeming to cause hunger or cravings because for me wheat and sugar seem to do that all the time. Hmm.

Helen 'didn't fancy the pasta' - I would kill to say that and mean it! grin

MaloryMad Wed 27-Jun-12 12:15:40

oh just another question. I know that Glastocat is low carbing - and having amazing weight losses.(congrats Glasto!).
Who else is following a diet, and who is instead following the four guidelines that come with the app?
Something isn't quite clicking for me, and I'm not sure what the problem is....

HelenS70 Wed 27-Jun-12 13:37:37

Having pasta tomorrow MaloryMad ;) it's all about enjoying your food and portion control grin

bargainlil Wed 27-Jun-12 14:36:57

I'm following a diet too whilst on the programme - only started listening last Friday & have dropped 4lb. I have been low carbing for about 6 months & was well & truly on a plateau since about Feb, but stuck to it. However, my appetite has virtually disappeared after listening for the last 5 days - I'm watching my family eat their normal meals thinking - omg how can you eat so much?!! I've got some celebrity slim packs in the cupboard, so I have been having these for my breakfast & lunch since yesterday to try & get rid of them & also take advantage of me not feeling hungry at the moment. I am also drinking around 5 litres of water a day as I live in Cyprus & it's hot here at the moment so need to keep fluids up - so not great hardship with the water!!

I'm amazed. I listened twice yesterday, once before I went to bed, to see when my ideal time is. Before sleep works great for me.

Anyway, today I've been to the gym, and was hungry after, so went and had a salad at Subway for lunch. I'd normally demolish the bowl, but today, I just didn't want all of it.

I had a smoothie later, and did drink all of that, but it was a fruit smoothie rather than the absolutely amazing and delicious milkshakes sold at the same stall.

I did have some pork scratchings as a snack, but again, I'd normally eat all of them, and left a few. AND I've been drinking a lot more water today than I normally would.

We'll see what dinner, and the rest of the week brings, after I've listened a few more times.

I'm just trying to eat healthier, rather than follow a diet.

Hello - listened for the first time last night. Noticing a difference this morning! please let this be the thing that helps me break my bad habits! Haven't read the whole thread but will do this evening.

This is so fab! I haven't done my usual pig out on crisps on the way home from work. DH is cooking and I'm enjoying the smell but am also enjoying the very mild hunger!

BBMs Wed 27-Jun-12 20:57:48

Hello everyone!
I bought the app after reading this thread, just started two days ago...
How's everyone doing? smile

kiwidreamer Wed 27-Jun-12 21:14:08

Ahhhh I dunno, I started on Sunday night and can't say I feel any different, maybe drinking more water but when DS left half his dinner tonight I was scoffing it before I had a second thought. Although I was then too full to eat my own dinner and just had a salad, a child's portion of spaghetti bol would never have stopped me eating my own dinner in the past I guess.

Several time during the day I did resist temptation but the temptation was there all the same, I was hungry but tried hard to 'press the button on the right'.

Where do I find the full instructions? Is it the play arrow on home page of the app?

I was shocked because I called into a cafe with my boyfriend for a quick drink, in this situation I go for fizzy drinks. "Just water please", was what came out of my mouth, without much conscious thought from me.

I just ate the smallest dinner ever. And I've only listened once. On phone so can't see PP's name but think the temptation will probably always be there - hopefully our reactions to it will change smile

DashingRedhead - I've only listened for a day and on top of everything else, I've just turned down a cream cake and had some water.

HelenS70 Wed 27-Jun-12 21:47:10

I love all these inspiring messages and I have one for you all smile

Today my son asked me to get a multi pack of quavers, fingers of fudge and some milky ways, I obliged of course... he is a growing lad (6'4 lol) Anyhoo, I was gasping for my one cup of coffee and took a milky way out of the pack thought about it and put it back again after drinking a glass of water! grin

Before App. I would of confiscated the milky ways and eat them one by one lol followed by a quaver sandwich in thick slice bread with butter blush

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 27-Jun-12 21:48:56

marking a spot....

MaloryMad Wed 27-Jun-12 23:45:40

kiwidreamer and anyone else. I've been struggling but I only found the guidelines yesterday...they are here : HTH

I hope this now makes the difference for me..

washngo Thu 28-Jun-12 16:57:25

Tried this last night and was a bit perturbed when, straight after she says the thing about only one middle toe, i must have fallen asleep, I literally went from thinking i was wide awake to waking up about 40 mins later with my headphones still in! Is that normal? Anyone else had that happen?

wash I've been listening to the first track for 8 days now - I find it difficult to remember anything beyond the toe talk, though I haven't fallen asleep listening to it every night!

MaloryMad Thu 28-Jun-12 18:38:15

The toe thing bothers me! grin

Started listening again last night just struggling to decide on what/how to eat now. I'm trying to decide between doing a diet, either calorie counting or some sort of moderate carb plan, or just following the guidelines instead.

washngo Thu 28-Jun-12 18:48:40

It's a weird feeling isn't it, as if you've just switched off or zoned out or something? I'll try it again tonight and see if it happens again! Success story wise - I seem to have resisted eating any biscuits in the staff room today which is fairly unheard of. Wasn't even really trying, I just didn't even look in the biscuit barrell!

MaloryMad Thu 28-Jun-12 18:50:00

Well done wash that's great.

Well I felt hungrier today than yesterday but didn't snack or anything. Just found it easy to wait.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Thu 28-Jun-12 21:43:28

I've now lost two stone (in six weeks grin)
I've completely given up sugar in tea.
I've listened to the third session twice now, yesterday I didn't feel any different, and ate how I have been doing. Today though, I had an omelette for lunch, and had to leave half of it, then I had steak tonight, and again had to leave half of it - I just couldn't physically eat any more!

I really can't believe how well this is working!

emsyg Fri 29-Jun-12 00:02:56

wow you guys!!! this is amazing. I'm so glad I found this thread. you totally inspired me and I'm downloading the app as we speak smile

I'll report back after listening tonight.

here's hoping it works!! can't wait to meet you all properly. I'll message a proper introduction tomorrow as its rather late now x

bluecarrot Fri 29-Jun-12 01:14:42

I bought this two nights ago after reading reviews on here but really struggling to relax to her voice - Im not sure how to describe it, but my brain feels too stimulated when listening to it vs the soft hushed voice of Paul McKenna (I have one of his, not diet one, dunno which though as I always fall asleep v quickly. Maybe its his sleep one grin)

Ive tried turning volume down as low as I can on the app, while still hearing it, but no difference.

Had no appetite for a few days prior due to illness so cant really tell yet if its working or not grin

2lbs off in three days! grin

Divster Fri 29-Jun-12 09:45:43

I fell asleep while listening last night, what if I didnt put healthy food on my table?

TheNightWatch Fri 29-Jun-12 13:14:12

I listened to it whilst drunk last night, will it have gone in?

TheNightWatch Fri 29-Jun-12 13:28:59

Im also having difficulty deciding what diet to stick to. if I low carb (which works for me) it goes against what the hypnosis is telling me. Its not exactly choosing the healthy foods that are good for me.

bumbez Fri 29-Jun-12 13:42:05

I'm 5 days in and had lost 3 pounds a couple of days ago- havent re weighed myself, will do so on Monday.
I nearly always fall asleep but manage to come round at the end, it's lovely and relaxing.
I am hungry but I have made the right food choices, normally I give in to hunger and make toast or snack crisps, cereal etc.
I am drinking so much water and actually craving it - weird I normally dring tea.
I am a person who needs to lose at least 3 stone, constantly being fed up about my weight but never actually have the will power to stick to a diet.I am forever joining clubs and stopping going or never really addressing the problem- that I eat to much. Eg slimming world I do green days and eat and eat pasta, potato because I can not because I am hungry!

This feels different, my sub conscious is in charge , early days but a big thumbs up from me smile

glastocat Fri 29-Jun-12 13:52:06

TheNightwatch, I am low carbing and haven't found any conflict. There is nothing unhealthy about meat cheese eggs fish and veg, and lots healthy about avoiding sugar, processed foods etc etc. And I reckon surely it is always healthier to lose weight (29lbs and counting for me)!

I was reading another thread and someone mentionned I have never looked at it before but what an eyeopener! I highly recommend it, very inspiring to get an idea of what you will look like when you lose 10, 20, 50 or more pounds.

washngo Fri 29-Jun-12 14:34:37

I didn't fall asleep last night so I heard all the stuff about the table and the water etc. I think i was so determined to stay awake that i couldn't relax enough. Don't know if that's impacted on how well it's working though!

TheNightWatch Fri 29-Jun-12 14:43:52

I can't think about cheese being healthy as it is the worse thing according to weight watchers. I need to cut the booze out that's my main goal. Not easy when I'm out three nights on the trot this weekend

NatashaBee Fri 29-Jun-12 15:16:33

Bought the CD from amazon as I am having issues downloading items from the Apple store, and sent a message to the seller asking for the MP3 version. It arrived with me within minutes - great service!

toofattorun Fri 29-Jun-12 16:11:50

Well I too jumped on the gastric bandwagon (geddit?) and bought it purely on what it's done for Glastocat.

You are amazing Glastocat!!

I need to lose at least 3 stone....

glastocat Fri 29-Jun-12 16:25:05

Ok, so maybe the cheese isnt so great (although in small amounts I see no harm TBH), but meat fish eggs veg and no sugar or processed foods is all very healthy stuff. I actually have no problem with cheese, I think its real food and so bound to be better for you than all the crappy articial low fat gubbins that weightwatchers tells you is good to eat (yes I know they encourage food and veg etc too, but the weightwatchers food products are dire IMO. Anyway, thats my two cents! grin

And toofattoorun thank you! I'm feeling pretty good today as I reckon I'll hit 30lbs off tomorrow - woohoo! That will be in 53 days, not bad at all! grin Lots to loose still though!

glastocat Fri 29-Jun-12 16:27:35

weightwatchers also encourage good food, not just food, FFS! [grin}

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Fri 29-Jun-12 16:52:37

I wrote a long sad post on the FB page about following this and breast feeding.
My supply has dropped, particularly since starting the third session.
I've decided I'm going to make sure I have porridge for breakfast, and add more carbs to my other meals, and have a couple of oatcakes mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
Thought I'd run it by you all and see what you thought.
I'm paranoid about getting back into old ways!

Be careful Clicky. Did Sue come up with any answers for you on the FB page? Sounds like a problem for the expert to me. Good luck. How old is your baby?

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Fri 29-Jun-12 17:54:24

She suggested I speak to my GP and HV. Ds is 17 months, and I know for a fact they'll encourage me to stop being weird feeding him.

I've sent a message to Analytical Armadillo, so hopefully there'll be some advice there.

I can't give up listening, as I don't want to go back to where I was, but I'm trying to be sensible and eat a bit more (I never thought I'd hear myself say that! grin), and stop low-carbing.

The weird thing is, I feel great in myself, and don't feel hungry at all, but my portion sizes are now tiny compared to the giant mountains I had before!

toofattorun Fri 29-Jun-12 18:15:04

30Ibs in 53 days? That's the most amazing weight loss!
I listened to it today and fell asleep! Must. Try. Harder.

I am going abroad for six weeks and I am worried that I will drop a dress size whilst I am away and will be stuck without clothing!!!

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Fri 29-Jun-12 18:44:53

Have some advice from analytical armadillo - someone thought I was advertising the app hmm grin I think my reports were too glowing!

mumtoaandj Fri 29-Jun-12 21:39:54

could someone tell me the actual name of the app! please

mumtoaandj Fri 29-Jun-12 21:47:06

does the app only work on apple phones? can you get an mp3 version? i have found it in app store are there other formats- ive googled but there seems to be lots of different ones? cna anyone help?

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Fri 29-Jun-12 21:48:01

It's called virtual gastric band hypnosis.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Fri 29-Jun-12 21:51:02

Here is a link to the cd on eBay, if you don't have an iPhone/pad/pod.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Fri 29-Jun-12 21:52:39

If you buy the cd, I think they'll send you an mp3 link so you can start straight away.
(bloody hell! I do sound like I'm selling it hmm I'm not, honest!)

mumtoaandj Fri 29-Jun-12 22:14:52

have bought cd but no mp3 link! i have all weekend to wait now and am really eager to give it ago!

For a Friday night, I have stopped drinking really quite early. And have done well for food. Agreeably surprised.

bargainlil Sat 30-Jun-12 07:12:26

I've had a great first week too :-)
I've weighed my self this morning & dropped 7lbs this week - started listening a week ago today! SO HAPPY!! We went out to dinner last night & I chose a prawn salad but I could literally only eat about a quarter of it - both my head & my stomach were telling me I was full & I also left a half glass of wine - just over a week ago this would of been unheard of!

I've been following the Nerys & India idiot proof diet since last September and had lost just over a stone on it & really enjoyed the way of eating & found it easy to stick to, but my weight loss had stopped since about February & although I didn't put any on it was quite frustrating I wasnt losing any even though I was sticking to the plan - apart from the booze!
On my unhealthy table I have firmly placed a bottle of gin & wine to try & stave me off the booze & I am thrilled it seems to be working - alcohol is the biggest thing that stops me from losing weight.

Onwards & upwards!!

glastocat Sat 30-Jun-12 07:25:59

Well fuck me sideways, my period is due so weighed myself this morning expecting no loss or a small gain. And I've only dropped four pounds overnight again. grin

somerandom Sat 30-Jun-12 08:29:39

glasto that's incredible.

My weight loss has slowed down a bit - only lost 1 1/2 lb since I last posted 10 days ago - prior to that was regularly losing a kilo a week. Weight got stuck for a week but has started edging downwards again - which is a relief - I was worried the magic had stopped working. Think I was retaining fluid.

Good luck all

glastocat Sat 30-Jun-12 09:02:46

Yeah my weight loss is following a pretty weird pattern, seem to stick around the same weight for a week or two then drop a ton overnight, creep up a pound or two,then drop right down again. Not complaining,it's an adventure on the scales alright!grin

luckyme123 Sat 30-Jun-12 11:58:04

Morning all! Weighed in another 4lbs lighter this morning!! I'm loving this now...

mumtoaandj- have tried e-mailing James and Sue directly to let them know you haven't got the link. Any time I contact them they get back so quickly I'm amazed. Otherwise you could post on the FB group. They get back to people really quickly on there too.
I'm going to a party this evening, anyone got any tips for avoiding the booze please?

glastocat- 4lbs overnight? Well done you, that's flippin' amazing.

luckyme123 Sat 30-Jun-12 12:00:12

Sorry mumtoaandj should have read - have tried you e-mailing James and Sue directly................. must learn to proof read before hitting 'send'

TheNightWatch Sat 30-Jun-12 12:42:39

Glasto, are you there? Im starting four nights tonight. So glad because there will be no booze involved for most of the week!! Now, I always feel like I need cheering up on nights with food so, what should I eat before I go? Im going to M and S in a minute. I want to low carb if I can for the week at least.

Im confused. Can I have green salads with tomatos in? Whenever Ive done the Dukan its all a no no at first. Atkins too.

Or, shall I just treat myself to their ready meals? The fuller longer range and take some fruit to work? Are some fruits better that others?

glastocat Sat 30-Jun-12 13:31:19

Thenigntwatch, you need to pick which diet you want to do,because they all have different rules. I'm doing no bread potatos rice sugar or processed food. The first three days are murder then it's easy. I eat unlimited eggs meat fish and veg, and an ounce of cheese a day. Works for me!

glastocat Sat 30-Jun-12 13:33:54

I have also cut out my nightly wine to Friday and Saturday only, and will cut that to one night if I have to. Instead my nightly reward is a bath bomb! smile

mumtoaandj Sat 30-Jun-12 14:26:34

THE mp3 arrived so too did an email from james? have listened to audio 1 but feel asleep now am shattered and want to sleep more! maybe that will be the way my body wont eat?
so do i listen to 1 until i have firmly lost 2 pounds or for a given length of time?

TheNightWatch Sat 30-Jun-12 15:01:13

I'm going to find the no potatoes thing quite hard as I need something to get me through the night!!! I must remember to put my booze on the table in a minute

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Sat 30-Jun-12 15:24:30

Mumto - listen to session 1 for at least 2 weeks or longer until you've lost 2 lbs.
Listen to session 2 for two weeks or longer til you've lost 8 lbs overall.
Listen to session 3 for 1 week.

I haven't followed a particular diet, I've gone with what I've fancied, and I have found I am naturally avoiding carbs, but it hasn't been difficult at any point, and the longer I've done this, the easier it is.
I don't think about food at all now, where before, most of my day was spent either eating or thinking about what I'd like to eat blush
I've lost 2 stone in 6 weeks!

redlac Sat 30-Jun-12 16:04:33

Downloaded this ans listened to it last night - promptly feel asleep after Sue started the backwards countdown!

Going to try and cut out bread (which will kill me), potatoes, rice and pasta and up my veg intake too.

It is so amazingly LIBERATING to look at crisps and say 'no'. They are my nemesis. Today I twice passed up the opportunity to buy them when they were right under my nose. smile

glastocat Sat 30-Jun-12 18:27:42

Yes I love crisps too. My kid was eating Pringles today, and I was able to think,well I would like one,but I don't need one so it ain't going to happen. And then forgot all about it!

kiwidreamer Sat 30-Jun-12 19:01:27

Oh gosh you are all doing so well!! I've been listening every night since Sunday and honestly, apart from drinking more water, I dont think anything has changed. I dont really eat biscuits or crisps, I snack on light mousse's or fruit, my meals are probably a little too big but I'm still eating my normal portion, maybe a little less.

I just dont really see how this is different to any other diet/weight loss program, if the problem is my will power as its always been my problem on WW or any other 'diet' so I'm kinda at square one.

Disheartening really, I hoped my subconscious would help me out on that front but so far not so much.

Well, I missed night 3 last night - oops! blush

BUT, today, I was having lunch, and left quite a bit of it.

Just eaten my dinner and left a fair bit of chicken too.

Ditto the sneaky caramel latte I had in town - couldn't drink it all.

All this after a mega gym session where I'm usually trying to eat everything in sight!

Very strange feeling, but very good. As of yesterday, I've lost 1lb.

kiwi Two things - it might take a few days to really work, I think that might be why you have to listen for a fortnight and lose 2lbs. The other one is that for me, and I think for others it's really tackling the will power problem.

I really would keep trying. I just had ryvita and low fat Philly instead of going to the corner shop for crisps - this is MASSIVE!

Think of Glasto and live in hope!

jamaisjedors Sat 30-Jun-12 20:19:17

I only have 3-4 kilos to lose, but I have put them on over the last 6 months and it seems like the scales are gradually creeping upwards.

The anti-histamines I'm on make me hungry constantly and this is the first time I've had to watch what I'm eating.

Thanks to this thread I looked at the virtual gastric band app/mp3 but it looked like the final phase was a bit scary - do they really do sound effects and make you think you have had real surgery?

Also I don't want to completely lose my appetite !

I downloaded something from Hypnosisdownloads which I have listened to a couple of times - it's about dealing with your hunger cravings - and I noticed a difference the next day.

I felt a hunger pang in the supermarket and normally would have put some crisps or something in my trolley, this time I just ignored it and I haven't snacked AT ALL.

Am hoping this will be enough to lose what I need.

DH had just downloaded it and I'm tempted to ask Sue if she can develop an app for toddlers to sleep through and potty train!!!!

glastocat Sat 30-Jun-12 21:06:56

Kiwi give it time to work. It's not a magic wand,but it certainly works, in my opinion anyway!

In the interests of full disclosure, I couldn't be more highly motivated to lose weight at the minute which is probably helping me too. You see we are planning on emigrating to Oz in the new year. My husband was born there so has a passport already, and our son can get a full passport by descent. I however have to apply for a spouse visa, which means I have to pass a medical. And I am very fat, so need to lose this weight! Although I was a size 20 to 22, and put on my size 18 jeans today, and they are loose! Soalthough I still have lots to lose, at least I will be approaching normal sizing soon. What a fucking delight it will be to never set foot in bastard Evans again!grin and I am going to ceremonially burn my size 20 jeans in the back garden,because I am never bloody well wearing them again!

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Sat 30-Jun-12 22:05:40

Glasto smile

My size 20's are on a pile ready to go on eBay. My 18's are dropping off, but I'm still too fat for 16's.
All my fat bits (was going to list them, but it's basically all of me blush) have got soft and squishy. I'm a little worried I'll end up looking like a shar pei with loads of loose skin, but at least I'll be a healthy shar pei!

jamaisjedors Sun 01-Jul-12 09:14:30

Dashingredhead - there are downloads for children on the Hypnosisdownloads site - I got one called "Happy Bedtime" for the DS - they've listened to it twice - and last night DS2 said he wanted to go up to bed because he didn't want to go to bed too late!

Not sure if it's having a huge effect but they both conked out after listening to it.

emsyg Mon 02-Jul-12 07:58:15

hello all

wow some really positive stories here. well done. I hope I can be one soon as well.

so last night I listened to the session one audio with the plan being to start my diet in earnest today. it sent me immediately to sleep so I'm hoping this doesn't have too much of an impact on the results as it seems this happens to lots of people on here.

I've got about 80lbs to lose in total. my story is a little odd maybe. only two years ago was I at my happiest and thinnest of around 120lbs. I was a strict vegan and this is the way I want to be again. I don't know what actually stopped me from being vegan but basically I gave up and now eat everything and I mean everything!! so today I vow to be vegan again. I'm also really interested in raw vegan but I think that is for further down the line. I'll deal with this one step at a time.

so feeling fairly positive today. I've just got to stay strong and not give in to cravings.

I'm taking my soya milk to work for my coffee and have all my food for today ready to go so it should be a doddle. it should be but I normallly last until lunchtime! I'm praying that this time is different as I really am very unhealthy and need to shift this weight.

if anyone is interested in buddying up please get in touch.

so here goes!! smile

bumbez Mon 02-Jul-12 08:04:40

Just weighed in after a week and have lost 3 pounds- no diet just making the right choices.
When ever I join weight watchers or slimming world I usually only loose 2 pounds in week one so I am pleased.

And emsyg I fall asleep a lot !

rosalux Mon 02-Jul-12 09:53:27

Your success stories are all really inspriing. Like the OP I would like to lose around 1 stone to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 9st. I started listening on Friday but slipped up over the weekend with some crisps due to poor planning when out. I have really cut back on alcohol though and am hoping to get it down to 2 days a week (from every day really) and to cut out snacking, esp. after dinner rounds of toast/bars of chocolate. This morning I weighed in at 9st 13.5lb and would like to lose at least 2lb in the next two weeks so I feel positive and in the swing when I go to stay with DP's family in 3 weeks time - a stressful experience and stress always makes me overeat.

HelenS70 Mon 02-Jul-12 13:41:31

Hello all, I weighed in this morning, week 3 and lost 1 stone in total YAY!!! 1 down 3 to go lol

Day off today and already been super active, went for a nice walk on the beach and I am considering doing a Zumba class tonight, has anybody tried this?

emsyg Mon 02-Jul-12 13:44:08

well done bumbez!!!

well it's 1.40pm here and i'm doing amazingly well so far! just about to eat my lunch - a homemade vegan thai green curry soup. very nutritious and low cal. then there is fruit for pudding.

a bit annoyed with myself as i forget to weigh in this morning. but will do it first thing tomorrow morning so i can keep track of my progress.

i'm using the calorie counter app on my iphone as it does a little graph and makes it very visual which i like smile

is anyone else using apps to track progress/cals?

also i wondered if anyone has ever heard of the five bite diet? it's a bit controversial but it is based on the principles of a gastric band without the surgery. i have the book and it is a very interesting read.


Another one joining up! Am loving all the weight loss stories. Have bought the app, will start listening tonight.

Weighed myself this morning 11st 12lb <gulp>

kiwidreamer Mon 02-Jul-12 13:56:26

Weigh day for me too, have been listening for a week, biggest difference I've noticed is that I got up each weekday morning at 6am to exercise - even with late nights and broken sleep from DD having her 12mth jabs at the beginning of the week (such a wee drama queen ;), plus have been chugging back the water which I usually forget after a day or two. I've lost 1kg, so that is just over 2lbs, not bad... not amazing but I cant complain really. I seem to be favouring one slice of toast for breakfast with green tea, then a large lunch of decent food and then meat/veg/no carbs for dinner, sometimes having a lite mousse for pudding, a bit of fruit too. Today I had a treat that was sent from a friend in NZ but I'm okay with that as have exercised and will make sure all snacks are fruit today, should even out. Note to self however NOT to bake homemade bread while trying to be strong... cheesy onion loaf VERY hard to resist!!!!

All in All not an amazing week but a steady start without feeling deprived. Onwards and downwards!

TheNightWatch Mon 02-Jul-12 14:53:25

what fruit has the lowest carbs?

glastocat Mon 02-Jul-12 16:32:03

TheNightwatch, berries IIRC.

OddBoots Mon 02-Jul-12 17:15:54

I've just got this from ebay (thank you for the link, I nearly got a fake by accident) and got the MP3s, I shall listen tonight.

I'm on a successful diet at the moment anyway but hopefully this will keep me going long term.

Pipsta12 Mon 02-Jul-12 21:48:05

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking for the last week and it was reading this thread that encouraged me to buy this app and I have to say I think it's one of the best things I have ever bought!!

I first listened to it last Tuesday night and have already lost 5.5Ibs!!! If I'm lucky I could get to half a stone by Wednesday!!

I want to ask the people who have completed all 3 sessions how are you coping without listening every night? Do you start session 1 again or has it really changed your subconscious eating patterns?

Thanks xx

Found myself very hungry at different times today and had to eat. It's definitely harder on the days when DS has woken me during the night. BUT - and it's a big but - kept to mainly healthy snacks and managed to resist the crisps without too much effort when I had to go to the corner shop. Just off to listen now.

emsyg Mon 02-Jul-12 23:42:38

well it's now jut gone 11.30 and I'm in bed having successfully completed the first day of my diet with the hypnosis. one day may sound pathetic but trust me this is a big milestone for me. every week without fail I start a diet on a Monday morning and have already given up by lunch. so this is brill and I'm feeling so positive.

I'm looking forward to weigh tomorrow so I have a defined starting point and hopefully will see the number on the scales getting smaller and smaller.

my first goal is my birthday which is three weeks today. I'm aiming to have lost 7lbs by then. I so hope I can do it. in having a party and this would really boost my confidence in what i decide to wear.

so off to listen to session one now and then drift off to sleep. this is all very exciting grin

emsyg Tue 03-Jul-12 10:56:16

sorry me again!!

i think that if i keep posting on here it's helping me to stay on track.

anyway, i weighed this morning - bloody hell what a shock!!! i've got a grand total of 80lbs to lose as i expected.

i'm feeling a bit flat today but i think that is because my body is detoxing. hopefully i'll wake up feeling fresher tomorrow smile

again i've got all my food sorted for today - lots of fruit for snacks, a nakd bar for when i am starving, veg and couscous for lunch and then mushrooms with thai green curry for dinner. i am not limiting the amount i eat. if i am hungry i will eat fruit. i'm having almond milk and stevia in my coffee and trying to aim for no more than four a day. i know this sounds a lot but trust me this is a significant decrease on my previous intake, plus i used to take cows milk and two BIG sugars with each one. i will also aim to drink plenty of herbal tea and at least two litres of water, which i have always done daily whether eating badly or not.

it would be great to hear how everyone else is getting on.

speak soon grin

luckyme123 Tue 03-Jul-12 11:30:30

Hi everyone, I'm still going down, another 2lbs weight loss when I weighed this morning. I'm just really following the guidelines that they give you with the app and no dieting at all. I still can't quite believe it's this easy.

I joined the Facebook support group and there is so much good stuff on there and loads of people all using the app and really supporting each other. I love it.

emsyg- are you following the guidelines? I know they're working for me. Glastocat has done brilliantly too, check out her posts on this thread. Gives us all loads of encouragement to stick with it.

Divster Tue 03-Jul-12 12:12:14

My first week weigh in yesterday, and 6lbs off! hmm how? lol grin

emsyg Tue 03-Jul-12 13:25:26

hello luckyme

wow, well done!! how much have lost in total?

i didn't know there was a facebook group or guidelines so i guess i'm not doing it properly. please can you post the facebook group link and i'll join up.

what are the specific guidelines?

and i'm off to search for glastocat now. very excited!!

thanks for the advice smile

darthsillius Tue 03-Jul-12 16:07:38

I just iistemed for the first time last night. Very relaxing. I fell asleep. Haven't felt any different today though. Did it take people long to feel less hungry ?

Are the guidelines the same as the top tips? Or is it on the website?

Divster Tue 03-Jul-12 16:09:01

Divster Tue 03-Jul-12 16:11:49

Top tips are different, they are the 100 tips, the guidelines are just 4 of

Divster Tue 03-Jul-12 16:12:07

Sorry I am pants at links!

luckyme123 Tue 03-Jul-12 17:04:33

Hi emsyg- I've lost a stone and a half already. Just follow the guidelines and it will happen.

darthsillius Tue 03-Jul-12 17:36:45

Ok. I've read them. Thanks

When did you all start to feel less hungry?

First week weigh in, have lost 1.3kg - hooray! And am noticing a cumulative effect from repeated listening.

Darth hunger changed immediately but I had a blip a couple of days ago, not sure why. Are you noticing any difference in what you're choosing to eat?

darthsillius Wed 04-Jul-12 07:06:21

No not at all. . Have been dieting for a while on and off. I lost 3 stone before Xmas but have plateaued/put on a few pounds since.

I was up last night with me son who has a temp and just felt starving and started fantasising about spag Bol!

I always struggle when I'm short of sleep. My toddler is playing 'wake mummy twice a night' and sometimes takes quite a long time to resettle. The morning after is often really tough.

I do think you probably need to keep listening because I am pretty sure it's getting more effective each day for me. The first couple of days, I didn't always resist the temptation, but now I really can. And the target loss for the first two weeks is only 2 lbs.

Well done about your 3 stone!

ThisIsYourSong Wed 04-Jul-12 12:24:21

Can I join in here. I have bought due to Clicky's post on the armadillo's page smile. I'm still b/f my 15 month old so will be on the watchout for supply issues. I wouldn't mind if he cut it down a bit and ate more real food anyway!

I have only done it once but I felt today, for the first time I can remember in a long time, I had a choice in about whether or what I ate. Previously either I just stuffed it in or kept thinking about it until I gave up and just stuffed it in. But today I felt like I could say no if I wanted to. Doesn't mean I did say no all the time, but it felt like it was my choice. Does this make sense to anyone?

Also did anyone else feel a bit anxious being hypnotised? I was definitely under as I couldn't open my eyes even though I tried. It wasn't bad enough to make me want to stop or to not do it again, but I wasn't expecting it. I did go to sleep (did it last thing at night) so I must have been relaxed.

Anyway am off to bed and to listen again. I'm in NZ if anyone is thinking the timings are all up the spout! Night all smile

TheNightWatch Wed 04-Jul-12 12:32:21

Im finding Im not going under as much as I was, I think its because I know it off by heart now!!

Im eating less and I stopped at two glasses of wine last night. I guess Im going to have to go out and buy some scales arent I?

I havent had bread for two weeks but I have had a baked potato. Finding that very hard to give up. Im just about managing with the water.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Wed 04-Jul-12 15:04:55

This is - was that my "anonymous" post? grin

Milk supply seems to be coming back up with daily porridge and oat cakes.
I bought mothers milk tea, which is vile, and I'm struggling to force it down.

Still not feeling any urge to snack.
Saw my GP today, he was stunned that I'm down to two puffs a day of my steroid inhaler - I've been on them for nearly thirty years! I think that's positive thinking as well as weight loss though.

TheNightWatch Wed 04-Jul-12 15:58:58

I was brave and bought scales. I'm 11 stone and pretty discussed at myself.

smile for clicky
Meh about stones on scales - I use kg, less emotionally charged!

Milngavie Wed 04-Jul-12 20:18:22

I just bought the app grin. Wish me luck...

ThisIsYourSong Thu 05-Jul-12 02:29:32

Thanks Clicky, had porridge for breakfast this morning. You can also use Fenugreek from a health food shop if you weren't told that. My supply really went down

Good luck Milngavie

ThisIsYourSong Thu 05-Jul-12 04:16:47

hmm obviously posted that without reading! My supply really went down when I had mastitis and he just ate more so hopefully that might happen. Otherwise he'll just feed and feed and not eat - so frustrating.

AllYouNeedIsAClickyBallpoint Thu 05-Jul-12 06:53:20

Thenightwatch - I'd be ecstatic if I was 11 stone smile
Don't be disgusted at yourself - life's too short!

darthsillius Thu 05-Jul-12 07:41:15

I tried listening to the app in the pm so not to fall asleep but still did! Does it matter if I don't hear it? Or does my subconscious hear it anyway !

glastocat Thu 05-Jul-12 08:16:19

I would also be ecstatic if I as 11 stone! Thats a looooooong way away for me! But I'll get there. grin
I had my eight week weigh in ( my weight goes up and down a few pounds day by day) and I have lost 30lbs. Very very happy, only problem is my smaller jeans won't stay up so am going to have to root out the next size down very soon, and god knows how deep they are in my wardrobe! The size after that though will have to be new jeans! grin

Milngavie Thu 05-Jul-12 08:21:49

Excellent Glastocat grin!

I listened to my first session last night. Will now wait and see what impact it has...

TheNightWatch Thu 05-Jul-12 08:56:22

When did you go on to the second part? I'm abit bored of counting my toes.

glastocat Thu 05-Jul-12 09:01:15

I went on it after two weeks because I had already lost more than two pounds . I was bored with it too, but just let it wash over me and found that after a while my trance got deeper. Now I'm post-'surgery' I am back listening to part one again to keep me on the straight and narrow, and have to say it really makes a difference for me to listen to it once or twice a week, it seems to reinforce everything (and send me to sleep). I wish Sue would bring out an insomnia app though, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

TheNightWatch Thu 05-Jul-12 09:06:27

If I'm honest, I was expecting to weigh nearly 12 stone. I've been listening for three weeks now so, maybe it has kicked in. Do I need to be aware of what's going on in part two? It's just that I'm on nights and will no doubt fall asleep. Should I wait until next week?

glastocat That is fantastic. You must be really delighted. Hope I do as well as you! wink

ThisIsYourSong Fri 06-Jul-12 12:41:35

Glastocat - wow that is fantastic! It must be so nice to know you can do it, for me being overweight always feels like its my fault because I eat too much. Well done smile

glastocat Fri 06-Jul-12 13:08:01

Thank you! Yes the best bit is knowing that I can do this! And I lost another pound so it's actually 31 lbs in 60 days. grin. I have a spreadsheet. blush. I still have a long way to go,but feel so much better already, I have gone from being fucking huge to just fat, which believe me feels fantastic. And I have to keep hoiking up my size 18s, so normal sizes are getting closer, which will be a very happy day indeed. smile

I would keep a spreadsheet too if I thought I was going to lose that much - do you make a graph with it too? smile

glastocat Fri 06-Jul-12 14:14:35

I haven't made a graph yet but I will. grin

darthsillius Fri 06-Jul-12 18:07:11

Where does it say when you go on the next level? I can't find it on app or website. Reading everyone's posts it's go to level 2 after 2 wks and 2 lbs. then go to level 3 after 8lbs but how long? Then how long for the 3rd level?

I have been keeping to a diet and losing and it might be a tad easier than before but nothing dramatic like being full quickly etc. it's still a huge effort.

Maybe I'm not very suggestible? I had hypnotherapy years ago for psoriasis and never went under. Not sure if it helped. My skin did imptrove but i was also using s new cream.

darthsillius Fri 06-Jul-12 18:42:30

I've just found it. Didn't realise there were 2 play buttons!

kiwidreamer Fri 06-Jul-12 21:39:19

Do you guys think I should move on to stage 2, I've lost almost 4lbs in 2 wks but dont really feel like I've Got It iykwim, its hit and miss if I remember to do the concious stuff (would a fit and healthy person eat that etc) but it must be working as I had half a cheese toastie for dinner and dont really feel like eating anything else... on one hand yay for recognising I dont need more food but booo for the fact it was DS's leftovers and I keep pushing the kids leftovers 'off the table' but I'm still eating them IRL!!!!

So, yeah, should I go to stage 2 or should I stay on stage 1 a bit longer to get the message in!!!!

luckyme123 Fri 06-Jul-12 22:27:21

Hi all...nearly the weekend again and just weighed in another 3 lb lighter. I'm beginning to feel really good now and I'm even going to start an exercise class next week!
kiwidreamer, are you a member of the Facebook support group they have for us lot? You could post on there and ask Sue or James what they think you should do. I've posted a couple of questions on there now and they are both so helpful. It's a really good group. Give it a go if you've not tried it already.

darthsillius Sat 07-Jul-12 19:38:07

Completely went off diet today. Didn't feel full or sick and ate too much and too much junk. So can't be working at all for me. I was so hopeful reading this thread thinking there could be a way to not always be hungry or thinking of food. Damn sad

glastocat Sat 07-Jul-12 22:35:54

Darthsillus just listen to part one again and get on the wagon again. Its not a miracle cure, just keep on keeping on.

ThisIsYourSong Sat 07-Jul-12 22:36:23

Keep at it darthsillius, you've only just started and I think it has a cumulative effect. I haven't really noticed a decrease in my appetite but have cut out snacks, and its not like I don't want them its just easier to say no but you still have to want to say no. Are you doing the other stuff like having a glass of water instead of eating in the first instance?

For some reason I find it better to do it in a chair rather than in bed if that helps!

TheNightWatch Sat 07-Jul-12 23:25:13

I've walked past a box of Krispy Kremes three times tonight. I can smell em and haven't flinched. I need a treat for lunch tomorrow though. What can I have that's low carby but fan? Also, I haven't had a drink for a week, should I buy vodka or wine for tomorrow night?

luckyme123 Sun 08-Jul-12 11:13:34

Hi everyone, just seen there is a special offer on the app for this weekend. 2 of my friends weren't sure, even though I'm losing weight so well, but they're going to buy it at £4.99 it's a no brainer!
Enjoy your Sunday everybody.

Furball Sun 08-Jul-12 11:50:22

OK - I'm in - it's downloading as I type

I am a failed dieter - my claim to diet fame is losing 2 stone about 3 or 4 years ago. Have since put it all back on plus extras for luck hmm

I am so greedy, I love food, I need to lose at least 3 stone.........and right here is where I start.

any top tips appreciated smile

MaloryMad Sun 08-Jul-12 12:09:55

Hi Furball, you sound like me. Except I'm more of a 'failure' than you! grin My claim to fame is that I lost about 17 pounds nearly 10 years ago, since gained all back plus an extra 2 stone and am a useless dieter. I need to lose at least 4stone...gahh.

I've arsed around hummed and harred about trying this, but I thought well I've tried everything else. Literally. So I'm in on this now. I've only just decided today so I haven't started properly yet, but the advice I keep reading is to make sure you follow the guidelines and when if you slip up just get right back to it.
I did listen to Session 1 a few weeks ago for a few nights, then life got in the way and I gave up. But I'm back now.
Oh and make sure you listen to Session 1 every day for at least two weeks and till you've lost 2 pounds.

Good luck!

Furball Sun 08-Jul-12 13:12:34

Thanks malorymad

I haven't listened to the app yet as ds (the ipad owner) is currently doing things on it.

I've just had my lunch - ok it was chicken kiev (trying to support Jimmy Dohety with his Tesco free range version wink )

I then had one teeny boiled potato, carrots, baby sweetcorn and peas in their pods.

I ate consciously and chewed every mouthful and even managed to leave some. and have had no pud.

have just nabbed the ipad so will listen now while dh and ds watch the grand prix.

TheNightWatch Sun 08-Jul-12 14:42:02

I need to go out and buy loads of water, I find that hard to keep track of.

I have no idea what to eat today and the shops will be closing soon but i have to watch the tennis!

FartBlossom Sun 08-Jul-12 17:37:20

Hi everyone, Im currently listenting to Paul McKenna 2/3 times a week and have been for about 4 weeks (I think) Ive lost a little bit though I do like the sound of this app. I take it that it does work though. The only thing is Im unsure if I can listen to it everyday (unless I take my ipod to bed with me which is doable I suppose) so would like to know does it work if I only listened to it 3 times a week or is it really a everyday thing. I still can't help snacking and love minstrels and maltesers so it would be good to not want these at all.

Its only a fiver so will buy it after my tea in a bit and will weigh myself tomorrow and see how it goes. Looking forward to joining in the fun of losing weight with you all.

FartBlossom Sun 08-Jul-12 19:16:04

Cant download the app on my ipod touch even though DP has updated it last week sad Have seen somewhere that you can buy it on CD, but I didnt really want to. Oh well might just stick with Paul. Maybe one day if I ever get my iphone I might try again.

OddBoots Sun 08-Jul-12 19:23:48

If you buy the CD you get emailed it in MP3 format too so you can use it on your ipod that way too.

FartBlossom Sun 08-Jul-12 20:39:53

ooh can you, sounds a bit technical to me, but will have a look, its just that Ive got no money till tues, but have itunes credit and Im very impatient. Also I think the CD is more expensive although I may be wrong it wouldnt be the first time

There are a few on itunes I can download to my classic ipod (I have that and a touch) if I need to, but Im not sure if they will be any good.

bumbez Mon 09-Jul-12 08:06:19

End of week 2 - just weighted in and have lost another 3 pounds. I'm delighted that's a total of 6 pounds in 2 weeks.

This is the best I've ever achieved on a diet as I always try and cheat so I always liked slimming world because I could stuff and stuff pasta, fruit etc. I never really addressed my over eating iyswim.

Furball Mon 09-Jul-12 08:12:40

Bumbez - fab news

I am on day two and off for a listen

1st week weigh in and I've lost 6lb in one week grin grin grin grin

I've never managed to lose more than a lb <runs through MN screaming>

KinkyDorito Mon 09-Jul-12 08:51:14

fart if you buy the CD off ebay, then ask for an MP3 link, they send you that so you can download it and start it straight away. I got it last night. Session 1 a lot like Paul, but am fancying a change from his voice, so am giving this a go instead for a few weeks.

Well done on all the great weight losses smile.

FartBlossom Mon 09-Jul-12 11:32:19

Thanks kinky will have a look tomorrow, is it easy to find on ebay? Will i know its the right one? So looking forward to this, it just sounds a bit better than Paul. I do like Paul and have definately lost a bit of wieght, I just like the sound of losing those cravings and non of the hunger scale that I have to try and figure out where I am. As far as I can see with this one you listen to it regularly and the rest of it is done for you, though of course I may be wrong.

A bit fed up because I've gone up more than makes sense. I haven't been as strict over the weekend as I was during the week, but I still was really moderate compared to the way I have been in the past. sad

Never mind, just been out for a run, the inches are definitely coming off and I really shouldn't stand on the scales every day. <channels glastocat>

Onwards and downwards!

FartBlossom Mon 09-Jul-12 13:30:40

Dashing I stand on the scales everyday too. Id like to stop, but I can't help it. One day though the batteries will run out and that will be it, will stick to Boots/Tescos every week. Good luck for the week ahead smile

KinkyDorito Mon 09-Jul-12 15:44:41

fart I followed the link from on this thread. It's this:

Have been bloody starving today. Am guessing it takes some time to kick in...

TheNightWatch Mon 09-Jul-12 18:25:26

I went Onto step two today. Is there anything I should be doing? I miss pushing the bad food and wine off the table. Have I missed her telling me to do anything like press a button?

FartBlossom Mon 09-Jul-12 20:56:51

thanks Kinky, I have put it onto my watch list now while I think about it. So if I ask them to send me it as an MP3 I can get it onto my ipod? Will it go in itunes? Sorry for all the questions, I just dont want to pay a tenner for something I can't use. Certainly don't want the CD turning up at all, but happy for a download on itunes/onto my ipod.

KinkyDorito Mon 09-Jul-12 21:08:43

It made me install 'dropbox' which gave me the files. I opened Itunes, went to 'import file' and imported them from dropbox. It worked fine and is now on my ipod. smile

darthsillius Tue 10-Jul-12 06:58:57

Thanks for the support on sun when I was feeling bad. Sun and mon went back to it all and I had put on a 1lb but it had come off by mon. Then mon had a really good diet day, no snacking loads of veg etc. also went running and to Zumba. I really felt the app may be helping me. So this am i stepped on scales very excitedly and had put on over a 1lb. Am doing it in kilos so it's just a rough conversion.

I suppose I shouldn't weigh every day but at this rate I will have barely lost the 2lbs necessary to go onto stage 2.

I hate when I've felt so good and also I know I've deprived myself and have still put on weight! It just makes me want to stuff myself.

Furball Tue 10-Jul-12 08:37:36

darthsillius - I am new to this, as in a few days - but a long term dieter (ie I'm shite at it grin )

I have vowed not to weigh myself for the 2 weeks, I know it's difficult if you weigh everyday, but even if you left it 4 days? By weighing everyday you are mentally punishing yourself. If you lost 2lb in one week, it is a teeny loss day to day.

As far as I can make out, this diet way of eating isn't about feeling deprived or feeling hungry - what sort of things are you having?

darthsillius Tue 10-Jul-12 08:44:37

Thanks. I felt less hungry yesterday and didn't even snack on carrots as u wasn't do hungry btw meals. Am eating small amounts of good carbs. Lots of veg (homemade soup no fat) salads with just balsamic vinegar and low fat protein. I have that diet plate thing to help with carb control.

FartBlossom Tue 10-Jul-12 14:38:16

I have ordered it from ebay, but I got in touch first and asked about the email as I didnt want the CD to be delievered which they said they will make sure I just get the email and not send the CD out. Just waiting for the email now and I can join you all.

I weighed myself yesterday and was 11 stone 12.8lbs, I have also made a spreadsheet so I can see my progress. Now the trick is not to weigh myself again till next monday, its not something Im particularly good at though blush. Im hoping the batteries don't last much longer so I wont be tempted. Its becoming a bit of a bad habit that I just can't break.

Ive not been very good today and have over-eaten, but hopefully I will it easier once I get listening to the CD every night.

arfur Tue 10-Jul-12 14:39:36

darthsillus I agree with Furball you shouldn't be feeling deprived and certainly not hungry. You should eat when your hungry, if you feel hungry and don't eat your body will go into starvation mode and store everything you do eat hence lack of weight loss. Sorry don't want to sound bossy but sounds like you are treating this as an old fashioned diet which won't work long term sad I've lost six pounds in 3 weeks and I always eat when I'm properly hungry, I had a small pork pie and a v small piece of lemon cake for my lunch smile are you on the Facebook group? Perhaps you should ask sue for some specific advice smile

FartBlossom Tue 10-Jul-12 18:01:03

I have recieved this now and synced it to my ipod, looking forward to listening to it later. Ive also put in a request to join the FB group. Really excited about losing weight now.

Furball Tue 10-Jul-12 19:30:27

arfur - pork pie and cake are on me table that I've smashed on the floor wink grin

I'm off to listen to our sue now

Furball Tue 10-Jul-12 19:31:52

and arfur huge congrats for 6 lb in 3 weeks - very impressive

ToryLovell Wed 11-Jul-12 14:37:15

I really need to get back in the swing of this.

I downloaded the app full of enthusiasm but keep going away and scoffing and then coming back and feeling envious of the results of all your harrd work

FartBlossom Wed 11-Jul-12 14:41:34

Just listened to it for the first time and I didnt fall asleep at all, is this normal. I was expecting to hear her for a bit then all of a sudden waking up at the end, but I didnt. Was conscious the whole time (was lying down with my eyes closed, but still consciuos)

glastocat Wed 11-Jul-12 14:55:23

FB I bet you will crash out after a few

Furball Wed 11-Jul-12 14:56:13

fart - You're not supposed to actually fall asleep - just be at a deep uninterupted rest.

I must learn it's no good trying to do it whilst dh is coughing away next to me

KinkyDorito Wed 11-Jul-12 16:11:59

I fall asleep every time, which is weird as I'm usually awake through PMK. confused

FartBlossom Wed 11-Jul-12 16:30:25

I know Im not meant to be properly asleep, but Im not supposed to be able to be fully conscious through it am I?

With PMK I started off falling asleep (well going into a trance I suppose - I always came round at the waking up stage) and with each time it became less and less.

Hope so glastocat I like the waking up from a trance, I just feel without it I wonder how much really has gone into my subconscious.

luckyme123 Wed 11-Jul-12 18:13:47

Hi everyone, just wanted say thanks to all for the posts on this thread. I really love being part of this thread and also the FB group. I feel I'm a part of a big group of people all with the same aim and the support form these groups and also the advice from James and Sue has made all the difference to me this time.

I have just had a skype appointment with Sue and it was brilliant! There were a couple of things that I was struggling with so I thought I'd give the one to one thing a try. I've been doing so well and I don't want anything to hold me back now.

After my session with Sue I feel brilliant ad so motivated. Sue really explained where I was getting a bit mixed up and it's a bit like 'all the lights have come on'.

I'm looking forward to even more weight loss now and it's going to be fun!

bargainlil Wed 11-Jul-12 21:00:04

Is anyone else having weird dreams after listening to session 2? Don't laugh, but I am dreaming about "orbs" coming into the room & its scaring the sh*t out of me - I wake up & throw the sheet off the bed & switch the light on convinced there is something/one in the room. This has happened twice - both time s after listening to phase 2 when I go to bed. This never happened in ph1 - tbh, I'm too scared about the nightmare reoccuring to listen now at night before I go to bed just in case "it"happens again! What a drip!! On the plus side - my appetite has more or less disappeared - I look at food now with disdain & can only manage a very small meal now - kids are eating more than me! The negative is my weight doesn't seem to be shifting at all (serial daily weigher here!) I've lost around 7lbs though since starting 3 weeks ago - but seemed to have staled about 10 days ago?
Tell me I'm not losing the plot here!???

Just about to listen to session 2 for the first time, so I'll let you know later lil

Mum2Fergus Wed 11-Jul-12 22:52:07

Hi, just found thread smile can anyone confirm if app works on iPod Touch?

rainbowinthesky Thu 12-Jul-12 07:55:14

Just got this yesterday and started it last night. I dont even remember the countdown but did wake up after a length of time passed. Same thing happened to me with PMCkenna CD. Will it work if I dont even know what it said?

OddBoots Thu 12-Jul-12 07:58:57

I've taken to listening to mine twice a day, once in the morning once at night. In the morning I have set my alarm for 25 mins early (then re-set it for the right time when I wake) and listen to it before I get up that time I tend to stay awake. I also listen as I go to sleep and then I tend to drift off.

bargainlil I'd get onto the FB group and ask Sue and James about the nightmares. I wondered if there was some mention of orbs or similar.

The iPod Touch question has been answered up thread somewhere I think.

Divster Thu 12-Jul-12 09:06:58

I listened to session 2 last night for the first time, and I am not keen on it! hmm There seemed to be talking in the background, which annoyed me, as I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Also, I think session 1, was made for weight loss, all by its self, and will do this, but the other 2 sessions have been 'added on'?

So, I dont think I want the gastric band fitted now, and will carry on with session 1, as I like it, and can add what I need to the 2 tables

TheNightWatch Thu 12-Jul-12 12:40:29

You know, I was thinking the same thing. I've done two sessions of part two and I don't like it. I wanted her to instruct me to do something and she never did. Do you think we can just stick to
Part one? It was working nicely.

Divster Thu 12-Jul-12 12:55:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

arfur Thu 12-Jul-12 13:54:19

I wondered how long it would be before there was a rebellion grin I agree, am very angry about the diet chef bull** sad

TheNightWatch Thu 12-Jul-12 14:15:15

I haven't seen that bit. I just tend to stick to my own thing. I'm going back to the first part. I found the visiting the surgeon and shaking his hand too far fetched.

Checking In, to see if any of this codswollop actually works before wasting £7.49grin

Divster Thu 12-Jul-12 14:18:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glastocat Thu 12-Jul-12 14:19:18

I'm know what you mean about diet chef, but im giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are just flying a kite with it so to speak. And as for sticking with part one, well I also wasn't keen on part two, but thought, well, all I have to do is listen to it for two weeks. So I did, and it works. Maybe not listening to it would work too, butI didnt want to take the risk! There is no mention of any diet, let alone diet chef in any of the three parts so no need to avoid on that score.

I was taken out to my favourite restaurant last night, had Brie in Serrano ham, lemon sole and vodka jelly and a bucket of Chardonnay.weighed myself this morning and lost a other pound, happy days! Also fitted into my size 16s on my. Birthday, hurrah!

glastocat Thu 12-Jul-12 14:25:40

I really thank that's a bit harsh Divster. They are entitled to make a living, and the app really is good and helpful and worth every penny and more in my opinion. The Skype sessions are not required, just an option if you want it, I haven't found them necessary but see noI harm in them being offered at all. It's cheaper than bloody weight watchers anyway! grin

somerandom Thu 12-Jul-12 17:23:52

I agree with glasto - I think the app is amazing value for money and the fact that Sue & James give personal feedback to the questions posted on FB is so "over and above" - and it's free. You wouldn't get that if you buy any other book or CD. They have come up with a really good product - that works and they're selling at a reasonable price. I've had my monies worth ten times over already. To be honest, if they did start charging for add ons I would think that was fair enough - they are running a business - no-one has to buy them as the app can stand alone.

re: Part 2 - I didn't like it very much either so I supplemented it by listening to part 1 every few days. I found part 3 much better but that said by far my favourite is part 1. I have finished listening to all 3 parts now and every few days I listen to part 1 for a little top up.

Mum2Fergus Thu 12-Jul-12 21:19:18

Soooo just downloaded app smile need ti have a good look through it but what are your tops tips for this newbie?!

toofattorun Fri 13-Jul-12 07:15:28

Bargainlil, I am now petrified of listening to parts two and three!
I had a sneaky 5 second listen to part 2 last night and for some it sounds a bit strange. I don't know if it was the tone of her voice or the birds in the background but it freaked me out.

toofattorun Fri 13-Jul-12 07:18:25

You know what it is, I am not sure I want to pretend to be anywhere other than where I actually am. I am scared of that step up!

toofattorun Fri 13-Jul-12 07:18:48

Glastocat, you are amazing!!!!

I listened for the second time to part 2 and started to enjoy it. My favourite beach and then into an old fashioned walled garden like the Secret Garden. Then I fell asleep blush.

Had a bad food moment though. Still not as bad as before but I was starving.

FartBlossom Fri 13-Jul-12 09:32:52

I listened again last night and I did fall asleep or into a trance anyway as I did wake up when I was told to grin Haven't noticed anything amazingly unusual with my habits, but will keep going and see what happens, its only been 2 days of this.

darthsillius Fri 13-Jul-12 10:17:23

I know you move to session 2 after 2 wks & 2lbs. The you go onto session 3 after 2 more weeks SMS 8lbs.

Does the 8lb weight loss include the 2ilbs or is it in addition?

glastocat Fri 13-Jul-12 10:32:11

It's 8lbs in total I think.

darthsillius Fri 13-Jul-12 10:37:58


bargainlil Fri 13-Jul-12 19:26:11

I think when I listen to part 2 - the place I go to reminds me of heaven (not been there of course - but I imagine it to be a beautiful & relaxing place :-)

I see my Mum who died 2 years ago on the bench - so I think there must be a connection there with my dream & the orb later in the night. I'm not normally into all this psychic stuff - but that's the only explanation I can think of?

Anyway, I have stopped listening at night so that I don't have these dreams but happy to report I weighed in this morning with an amazing 10lb loss in the last 3 weeks - very very happy with that! I had been following the Nerys & India Idiot proof diet & had seriously stalled for months; I'm still sticking to low carb but with far far less on my plate! Happy Days xx

Furball Sat 14-Jul-12 07:43:33

wow bargainlil well done!

OddBoots Sat 14-Jul-12 19:23:59

Sounds like most of us are doing well. smile A shame to see the Diet Chef stuff kick off, it sounds like it was a complete misunderstanding from the FB page.

I only weigh on Tuesdays but these past few days (after listening to session 1 for a couple of weeks but not yet having moved to session 2) I do feel in much better control of my eating.

I'm usually someone who seems to go into a trance to eat, I suddenly 'come to' and realised I have demolished a whole load of cheese and some biscuits and a couple of slices of bread and... well, you get the picture, but this hasn't happened recently and it feels great.

Started today .
Sunday morning lie in ( with that nice lady talking to me )
See how I go .
Feel it's worth a try as I have no will power and need to lose about 2 stone

MrsPnut Mon 16-Jul-12 17:26:17

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and today decided that in order for it to work I really ought to listen to it.

I lost 5.5 stone a few years ago and put it all back on and more, I've since lost 2 stone of it but still have a very long way to go.
I liked pt 1 but I like being hypnotised anyway.

Furball Tue 17-Jul-12 16:52:42

How is everyone doing?

I've lost 2lbs in the first week - That included a pigged out roast meal and really delicious pudding - although I didn't eat again that day. and I also had a couple of pints of shandy.

so all in all I'm a happy camper

Weird feeling this hungry malarky - I've always gone by my eyes, brain and the clock, hence my being over weight.

and to actually be able to leave food is quite liberating.

QOD Thu 19-Jul-12 14:17:48

I downloaded it yesterday and listened in bed last night, I fell asleep after the countdown!!

Bit worried that I might start clucking like a chicken and rip all my clothes off if someone rings my doorbell ....

MarieAlice Fri 20-Jul-12 18:27:04

I have to jump in here. New to the boards actually. I bought the app for my ipad about 10 weeks or so ago and to date I have lost over 8 kilos in weight, AND I've been on holiday during that time for two weeks (gone to Canada to my daughter's wedding, etc.). I have to say that it's been relatively painless for me. I highly recommend it to anyone. I've had regular hypnosis for weight loss before, which did work at the time, but was very expensive in comparison. To make a long story short, lost job, had to move, etc. lots of stress and so the weight came back on. In January of this year I signed up for a person up North where I am who claimed to be qualified etc. but it was going to cost a whole lot of money. I did go intitially but it ended up being a bit of a farce. We got the ipad and I saw this app advertized and thought I would give it a go. It is the best £7.49 I have ever spent in my life. If you are serious about weight loss and willing to listen to it every day and give it your full attention, it WILL work, and it's painless. No cravings and you can eat whatever you want. Best part is . . . you just won't want what you used to want and you won't want to eat near as much as you used to want to eat. In short. It works. grin

OddBoots Fri 20-Jul-12 19:32:14

I'm astonished, I've always had a very sweet tooth but I have a load of boxes of chocolates (I work in education - it's the end of the school year!) but don't fancy them, in fact I feel some pain in my teeth thinking about them.

QOD Fri 20-Jul-12 20:13:55

I listened again last night .... Fell asleep when she was whittering about the middle three toes ..... Wonder where I'll pass out tonight? Is it ok to have it at bed time? She says it's ok to fall asleep as the unconscious mind hears it ....

MrsPnut Fri 20-Jul-12 20:31:31

I manage to listen at bed time most nights and I'm about to weigh myself tomorrow. I've drunk more water than I have for a while and I haven't snacked as much as I would have done normally.

darthsillius Sat 21-Jul-12 16:41:55

Still not working for me sadly. My dh is a teacher and brought home loads of wine & chocolate he got as presents . I completely overindulged yesterday.

I had lost the required 2lbs to go onto stage 2 but probably put it all back on. I doubt I will be anywhere near the 8lbs to get onto stage 3.

I keep falling asleep in stage 2 & then about 2/3 of the way through there's a background telephone sound and it blasts me awake because it sounds like our home phone.

I haven't managed to listen every day ( note to self , sort out earbuds for the iPad )

Weigh in tomorrow .

Have noticed I can now eat fruit , I normally have to cut it into slices , I actually bit into and ate a whole apple .

That's not like me .

Also , I do find water cool and refreshing !

Mumof3kidsDeb Mon 23-Jul-12 21:35:52

I am new to this thread and have just read the whole thing - wow!!

I thought I would give the app a go and have been doing it for 5 days now and lost 5lbs. But have experienced the same as many others in that there is no effort at all. I am kind of having to make myself eat breakfast lunch and dinner but want to eat sensible things. I am also eating much less than before and am not snacking at all.

I have loads and loads to go....

I have no idea what she says past the first few sentences tho' as I have fallen asleep every time. I have to put an alarm on to wake me up. I don't really care tho' so long as it works.

I too am a periodic dieter and over the years I think I have tried almost everything. However, I have always struggled to cut down and felt hungry. I cannot believe that I have got nearly through the first week with what seems like NO EFFORT at all!!

Glastocat and Luckyme123 you are really inspiring

QOD Mon 23-Jul-12 21:39:18

Well, night 6 tonight, still keep fallin asleep!

Pompano Tue 24-Jul-12 08:06:25

I've just started this. Want to lose about 4 stone. Ideally lose 2 stone by Xmas.
I've tried every other diet known to woman so this is my last hope!

OddBoots Tue 24-Jul-12 08:37:28

Hi Pompano, just make sure you follow the guidelines and I am sure you will lose, the key is to get over the bad days quickly, never feel you have blown it, just get right back on and carry on.

Pompano Tue 24-Jul-12 11:50:07

Thanks OddBoots! I've been followng the guidelines today and it's so difficult to eat slowly - I'm quite surprised how much conscious thought I have to put into it.
I've been reading the Facebook page too and everyone seems very positive about it.

luckyme123 Tue 24-Jul-12 16:42:55

Just back from holiday and can't believe I've lost another 3 lbs. I'm 1 lb off 2 stone lost now.

Has anyone else noticed how you don't even think about eating anything rubbishy now.

I'm so looking forward to hitting that 2 stone weight loss mark.

Pompano...I'd done every diet in the book for years on and off and this is by far the best thing I've done. It just seems to make perfect sense when you do it properly. It's easy to eat slowly if you put your knife and fork down while you eat each mouthful. When I spoke to Sue on Skype she told me to try swapping my knife and fork into the other hand. That definitely made a big difference to me.

Doilooklikeatourist...I'm eating lots of fruit and drink much more water than I ever did.

QOD Tue 24-Jul-12 22:34:37

Its weird, I still eat bits of junk BUT I realised today that every single meal I have had has been salad!

Mumof3kidsDeb Wed 25-Jul-12 13:47:51

Luckyme123 Well done to you!!

I am now on 8lbs lost. I can't believe how little effort it is. Wish I had discovered this ages ago...

I still don't know what the Session 1 says tho - I have drifted off to sleep or whatever every time.

It is interesting how everyone is 'doing a different diet' - some Atkins, some low carbs. For me I am kind of doing calories but with WW kind of variety of foods. Does it just make you do the kind of diet you think will work for you if only you could keep to it?

Why is EVERYTHING so much harder when you're short on sleep? My toddler is my worst saboteur. Followed by my mum - fab cook and ingrained habit of cajoling you into having second helpings? grin

Mumof3kidsDeb Fri 27-Jul-12 13:22:47

Since being on this, I just decide what I am going to have and that is it. Might have less, but no more....

If your mum is trying to get you to have more - just politely say 'That was lovely but I don't want any more thank you' - she will soon get used to it!

10lb lost now.

neverputasockinatoaster Sat 28-Jul-12 12:15:08

Hi, I'm currently looking at the CD on ebay. I've been listening to Paul McKenna but I know I don't really get 'hypnotised' and I wondered if it was his voice..
I don't really want to go as far as virtual surgery so I was wondering if I could just do stage one?
I have about 6 stone to lose but I want to be 'normal' about eating - I don't want to 'diet' just make better choices and cut the portion size down.
What do people think? I suppose £10 is not much of a price to pay if it works........

buffdudgie Sat 28-Jul-12 18:35:19

app is on special offer today! just got it

Hi does anyone know whether it shows up to your facebook friends that you have joined the fb group, I always like to keep this sort of stuff to myself!

ILoveStripeySocks Sun 29-Jul-12 21:29:39

No, its totally private Ido smile

somerandom Mon 30-Jul-12 08:02:40

neverputasock - I felt the same as you - didn't want to diet (or have a stomach the size of a golf ball for that matter) - just make better choices. Having said that I did listen to the whole 3 stages - it helped me to have something to aim for - ie. to lose enough to get to the next step. I finished listening to the 3 stages over a month ago and now just listen to stage 1 every few days - I am still losing weight. My feeling is that session 1 could stand alone but if you want reassurance on this join the FB group - Sue and James the app creators answer questions on there - infact they're doing a live chat tonight.

DashingRedHead totally agree - much harder when you're tired- I always feel that I need to take in loads of "fuel" to raise my energy levels. Have to say though this app has helped me keep it under control a lot. Same goes for my emotional overeating.

QOD007 Mon 30-Jul-12 20:15:57

2 nights left of session 1 and still never been awake to the end

neverputasockinatoaster Mon 30-Jul-12 22:59:21

I have listened twice now to stage one and I feel different.... I am drinking loads of water and I have not snacked as much as I do normally. I have also left food on my plate at some meals and that was a pretty conscious decision.
However I have also given up sugar in my morning tea and I have found in the past that sugar in my morning tea sets me off on a day of constant searching for the perfect food! So it could be that I am not having the sugar highs and crashes I normally get that disrupt my eating.
I can't visualise at all - I never have been able to make pictures in my head so the whole table thing is lost on me!
The fist time I listened I woke to silence but yesterday I did hear the whole thing. I'm not sure if I prefer her voice or PMK's......

Peppapigsarse Mon 30-Jul-12 23:21:11

marks place on thread I've not read all the way through yet! but will download app in a bit sounds like loads of success for ladies!

Whats the FB group?


somerandom Tue 31-Jul-12 06:57:07

peppa it's a closed FB group where you can get support and get your questions answered. Search for 'Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Support Group'.

By the way - I asked about using just session 1 and it can be successfully used as a stand alone - but with the guidelines of course.

Peppapigsarse Tue 31-Jul-12 08:56:26

Thanks some random grin

arfur Sat 04-Aug-12 15:41:35

How's everyone doing? Ive lost 9 pounds since starting this and am now 3 days in to session 3 - all good so far smile