Slimming World EXTRA EASY has it worked for you??

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fuzzypeach Thu 19-Feb-09 22:05:43

I have been following Extra Easy for 4 weeks now, I lost 3lbs the first week, put on 2 the second, lost half the third and another half this week, I usually lose 2lbs per week if i follow it strictly, and have gone over on syns a few times, Im not sure if its just coincdence that it has been fluctuating so much since starting EE or if I should give it up - thing is im really enjoying the new plan so i want to belive in it!!

Anyone got any good/bad results just doing EE?

jenk1 Thu 19-Feb-09 22:31:17

hmm i have just done my first week of SW and have been doing extra easy,im going to do it another week and see how it goes,if not ill go back to red/green.

i do think its easier though.

fuzzypeach Fri 20-Feb-09 18:30:44

yeah it is so much easier, and you really dont feel like your on a diet!! (well i work with lovely cakes and pastries all day 2 days a week, and thats when i know im on a diet!!) good luck let me know how you get on this week!! x

katylou25 Fri 20-Feb-09 19:16:31

Well I've rejoined last week after a few months when I haven't been able to go due to dh working away/lack of childcare etc etc - was very dubious about the whole extra easy thing but gave it a go and .......

LOST 6 1/2 LB!!!!!

I've never been a big loser and was shocked - Its extra easy all the way for me now!!

givethedogAhomebirth Fri 20-Feb-09 19:19:06

Message withdrawn

fuzzypeach Fri 20-Feb-09 20:00:27

Extra easy is where all foods which are free on green or red days are free - so you can have free meat from a red day and free pasta from a green day for example TOGETHER. The only thing that is limited is that you can only have one A and one B choice that day.
And all syns take on the lower syn value - so if something was 5 on green and 8 on red, then you would count 5 syns
Hope that makes sense?!

fuzzypeach Fri 20-Feb-09 20:00:44

ps well don katylou!! thats great!

jenk1 Fri 20-Feb-09 20:34:46

well done katylou thats brill!!! grin

i am really enjoying the extra easy plan,to give you an example this what i have eaten today

2x Wholemeal toast b choice HE
2x Dairy lea light a choice HE


Jacket potato with Smoked Salmon,prawns in
homemade seafood sauce (2x tbspns low fat mayo and ketchup), salad and cottage cheese


Steak and Chicken Stir fry with batchelors savoury mushroom rice (free) and nandos
peri peri sauce.

Toffee mullerlight
Grapes and Melon
1 x bacon frazzles crips
i used my syns for the sauce,mayo and ketchup, and crisps and still have 5 syns

i measured my milk yesterday,and still have half left as i only use it for my brews and i still have 2 x dairylea light triangles left which i will have for supper with a peice of toast.

extra easy???? EASY PEASY!!!! grin

fuzzypeach Fri 20-Feb-09 22:22:44

Mmm that sounds nice jenk

Today I had..

breakfast - 28g weetabix mini's fruit & nut, (without milk, i ate them in the car on the way to work, but they are really nice like that!!) as healthy extra B choice

mid morning - hot skimmed milk with sugar free vanilla syrup - milk as A choice, sugar free syrup = free

lunch - pork chilli & rice (leftover from last nights tea - from a sainsburys recipe adapted for sw)

afternoon - strawberry mullerlight

dinner - sausage & courgette pasta (another sainsburys recipe - i used FREE sausages from our local butcher who has certain products approved by SW, but sometimes i use saisnburys extra lean cumberland sausages which are half a syn each)

and i am (quite rightly!!) stuffed!! and havent used any syns yet!!

jenk1 Sat 21-Feb-09 13:06:04

this is my menu for today.


sausage from Asda x2 7 syns
baked beans
all done in fry light.

Jacket potato with Cottage Cheese,Smoked
salmon and salad
Mullerlight yoghurt and a banana

Lamb hotpot with potatoes,onions,mushrooms
dash of tomato puree and 2 tspns of bisto gravy granules and LOADS of mushy peas!!


2x wholemeal toast
2x dairylea light

1x penguin bar

ive used all my syns today on the sausage
gravy,tom puree and penguin bar.

im loving this extra easy!!!! grin

jenk1 Sat 21-Feb-09 13:07:25

fuzzypeach, does your butcher have a website where you can buy the free sausages?

jenk1 Sat 21-Feb-09 13:14:54

oh just seen that morrisons do an eat smart pork sausage that is syn free!!!

katylou25 Sat 21-Feb-09 13:57:23

today I am having....

toast (HEB) and banana

Pitta Pizza (HEA + 6 syns) with ham/sweetcorn, salad
melon and blueberries
small choc bar (4 syns)

sticky sausage and noodle stirfry (1/2) sin
lots of veg

crisps (4.5)

I love extra easy!!

me23 Sat 21-Feb-09 14:55:24

ah so as I'm a veggie and only do green days extra easy wouldn't do anything for me?
I'm going to be rejoining sw next week.

fuzzypeach Sun 22-Feb-09 15:19:17

me23 - no i dont suppose extra easy would be any good to you - but i think it is probably better if you are able to stick to green or red days anyway, and you will still get your 2 a and b choices, so you should be fine!

fuzzypeach Sun 22-Feb-09 15:23:06

katylou - what kid of sausage did you use in your stirfry?

jenk1 the butchers i use is this one however i dont know where you live, but it is based in stockport

katylou25 Mon 23-Feb-09 20:07:30

It uses pork mince which you add spring onion and coriander to to make sausage shaped "patties" - meaning you avoid the whole sausage syn thing - i've yet to find a good synfree sausage in the supermarkets and none of the local butchers do them...

fuzzypeach Wed 25-Feb-09 10:14:24

that sounds really nice katylou.

ive decided to give up on extra easy as i maintained this week after really giving it a go this week and did 40mins-1hr of exercise every day as oppose to 1 hour a week blush so i really thought i would have lost!!

back to red and green for me sad dh will not be pleased as he was loving me doing EE!!

ouchitreallyhurts Wed 25-Feb-09 15:05:04

I thought it was only me struggling with extra easy!
I have lost just short of 2st since August, I've always followed 4 or 5 green and a couple of red each week which has given me about 2lbs off each week.

tried extra easy and first week put on 1/2lb second week put on 1lb - I was also finding my skin drier and nails went to pot (?due to less Healthy A choices?) so have reverted back to my usual way and lost 1lb for last 2 weeks, 7 pounds to go to target .
was worried as our consultant said that SW were fading out red and green days? has anyone else heard this?

fuzzypeach Thu 26-Feb-09 13:55:29

I've not heart that - but I doubt they will do very well if they do- it seems to work for some people but certainly not me!!

jenk1 Thu 26-Feb-09 14:38:07

someone actually asked our leader last night if they were doing away with red and green days.

she said she thinks that Extra Easy is the way forward but they will always keep red and green and not get rid of them,she said there are new posters coming out soon with an emphasis on extra easy.

i must tho im loving the extra easy diet,i might not be getting the 3/4 pound losses some members are getting but the key is im not getting bored which i have done very quickly in the past on red/green.

nikkid21 Fri 27-Feb-09 13:10:32

Have you read the blurb at the front of the extra eay booklet? The suggestion is that you only do extra easy to start with. Once you weight loss slows you and your consultant decide when to go onto red / green days.

I think that EE will only work if you have excellent portion control or have more than 3 stone to lose. Sorry to be a downer but if it looks and feels too easy then it probably won'r get the results!

fuzzypeach Sat 28-Feb-09 12:25:59

Yes, Nikkid - I asked my leader about how it said if you need to kickstart you may want to switch to red/green - asked if this meant it was slower to lose on extra easy and she said no, but im not convinced, i think that the bit about 1/3 of your plate should be super free foods should be taken as a rule rather than a suggestion, otherwise it wont work

does anyone know the password for this week, ive forgotten it and i need to go online to check my syns out before i eat my lunch!


kdk Sat 28-Feb-09 16:32:55


joon6 Sun 09-May-10 22:25:38

Can someone please explain EE to me, it sounds so simple, I just know I have it all wrong.
Do you have to weigh any food... so if you have meat, potatoes and 1/3 SF would you have to weigh your potatoes ?
Thanks joon6

Lomond Tue 11-May-10 19:29:22

No weighing of potatoes on EE x

jumping Wed 12-May-10 14:03:16

I have got the sw diet book from 2009 can any one tell me please is the diet still the same, i liked the red and green days thankyou for any help.

jumping Wed 12-May-10 14:05:51

hello could anyone tell me if i can still use the 2009 sw diet books,and is the diet still the same, thankyou very much.

nappyaddict Wed 26-May-10 15:43:57

Anyone got the password?

fuzzypeach My consultant suggested switching between all three plans if your weightloss slows down whilst doing one. I have always done EE and it suits me to be honest. Not sure why this switching is supposed to work though I'm afraid. Any SW veterans with an answer? smile

chanidoll Wed 15-Sep-10 13:06:15

ok, if I ate the same thing day in day out, I would always be eating the same amount of calories, after a while my body would get used to it and my metablolism would slow down equalling a slow or no weightloss. If I then changed what I ate, I would be varying the amount of calories I am consuming and would be kickstarting my metabolism, I would be burning calories more efficiently leading to a better weightloss. Also if you vary what you eat you wont get bored meaning you are more likely to stick to the plan, leading to longterm weightloss!

confuzzledgirl Wed 22-Sep-10 16:50:34

I need help with EE as my consultant is rubbish!!! I have been following the plan perfectly, even been going to the gym...!! I lost 3.5lbs the first wk, 0.5 the 2nd and put on 2 last week!! I couldn't believe it, I thought I had done so well! I left the diary with my consultant and she hasn't even read it to try and help me out...£15.00 so far well spent!!! : (
I am getting weighed again tonight but I don't think it's working for me...
I don't know what to do from here...I am trying a different group tonight so HOPEFULLY that will make a difference but so far, not too impressed! angry

confuzzledgirl Wed 22-Sep-10 16:50:42

I need help with EE as my consultant is rubbish!!! I have been following the plan perfectly, even been going to the gym...!! I lost 3.5lbs the first wk, 0.5 the 2nd and put on 2 last week!! I couldn't believe it, I thought I had done so well! I left the diary with my consultant and she hasn't even read it to try and help me out...£15.00 so far well spent!!! : (
I am getting weighed again tonight but I don't think it's working for me...
I don't know what to do from here...I am trying a different group tonight so HOPEFULLY that will make a difference but so far, not too impressed! angry

confuzzledgirl Wed 22-Sep-10 16:51:03

I need help with EE as my consultant is rubbish!!! I have been following the plan perfectly, even been going to the gym...!! I lost 3.5lbs the first wk, 0.5 the 2nd and put on 2 last week!! I couldn't believe it, I thought I had done so well! I left the diary with my consultant and she hasn't even read it to try and help me out...£15.00 so far well spent!!! : (
I am getting weighed again tonight but I don't think it's working for me...
I don't know what to do from here...I am trying a different group tonight so HOPEFULLY that will make a difference but so far, not too impressed! angry

torfruda Wed 17-Nov-10 15:20:06


desiretochange Wed 17-Nov-10 23:25:09

BUMP, we are all here to lose weight and I think it is important that we both encourage and help people so once again BUMP

JoJoYoYo Tue 01-Feb-11 20:41:14

Hi Girls - i am new to this sight and i am pleased to read your comments about slimming world.
I am about to start my slimming world "not a diet" tomorrow and looking on here has given me some good ideas.
I have the books but joined last year but due to ill health i couldnt make it to the classes and never started it so im going to give it a go on my own, keep up with the examples of what you have been eating as it influences us "slimming world virgins"!!! Thanks x

ninaandbean Wed 16-Feb-11 20:03:09

hiya SW gals - I'm considering giving it a go, my big sister/MIL and several friends have been doing it with great results... but should I go for actual meetings, the online membership, or is it possible to get the drift from just buying some recipe books off ebay? I'm very skint so the least cash option possible is tempting but I don't want to assume I'll 'get it' if you need a lot of support and explanations to begin?

also, how many syns would a small pack of chocolate buttons be? I love them

randarooroo Fri 18-Feb-11 21:14:08

can you eat between meals on the extra easy like you can on the red and green days ???
just started it !!

olijackmum Wed 13-Apr-11 13:24:33

i am doing extra easy
this is todays menu

breakfast - 2 weetabix with skimmed milk
mid morning -banana
lunch - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper and wafer thin ham
muller light yoghurt

mid afternoon snack - apple
tea - pasta with chicken, mushrooms, passata and garlic

and I still have my syns to use

vodski Tue 06-Sep-11 19:28:39

Hi all you sw people I just wanted some advice on this ee plan as i dont know how it works i seem a bit thick how much can you eat for example when you did red and green it was unlimited as it was all free on what ever day so how does this work with the ee plan is this unlimited to I cannot get my head round it...

Come join us on the Sw thread

OOps pressed send too soon!
You pick one Healthy A which is milk/cheese etc and one Healthy B which is bread etc then pasta, potatoes, lean meat, rice and all fruit and veg are free. It is easy and it def works!

laylamarts Sun 18-Sep-11 20:00:51

hi all im new to this slimming thing and after reading most for ur comments i am now determinded to loose weight if anybody has any quick and easy recipes could u pls let me know and which one work for u i.e red or green days or ee. thanks. x

maximoopoo Mon 26-Sep-11 10:22:06

Loving this blog! :0
only started SW (EE) last week (Wed 21st Sep)- like you, seems too good to be true! I have over four stone to lose :-(

But I'm eating more now than before and feel better for it. :-)

Spoke to my Dr friend and he says it's a good diet as many of the fruit and veg are calorie negative meaning the more you eat the more you burn - search google "calorie negative foods" and reads like our superfree list.....hahahahaha ( Digestive system has to work real hard so the calories contained in the food doesn't cover this therefore we have to use what we already have meaning calorie negative)
Read food optimising book on yogurts, as it says if with fruit it has a syn value. *not got an online pin yet so don't know what the advice there is....
Maxi x x x x

maximoopoo Mon 26-Sep-11 10:41:01

ninaandbean....think you should join but for now think fat, carbohydrates and sugar free.

So.................all beans even baked beans ...most fat free dairy products, eggs, pasta, rice potatoes, parsnips, sweetcorn, all LEAN meat even bacon and all poultry are ALL FREE!!!!!!!

veg and fruit are
Superfree....when cooked without fat ( make Aubergine, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chicory, Cress, Cucumber, Fennel, Gourd, Leek, Lettuce, Marrow,Peppers, Radish, Spinach,Tomato, Turnip, onion Apricot, Blackberry Blackcurrant, Clementines, Damsons, Grapefruit, Guava, Honeydew Melon, Lemon, Mandarin orange, Melon Cantaloupe, Peaches, Plums, Raspberry, Rhubarb, Strawberry, Tangerine, Watermelon etc. Your best friends)

Each day have 250ml of skimmed milk (350 skimmed) from "A Group"
and 50g bread 0r 28g cereal from "B Group"

SO .......All carbohydrates, sugars ( including fruit when its cooked so take care when fruit is tinned as it will have a syn) and fats are limited.
Think 5 syns a day - ( a glass of DR Pepper is 7syns)

Walk 30 mins a day to get rid of your syns = weight loss

Or so we will see this week when they weigh me.
Maxi x x x

JohnniesBitch Mon 26-Sep-11 10:54:34

ee doesnt work for me either. im mainly vegetarian diet, i do occassionally eat chicken but usually just vegetables pulses and grains and a few meat replacement items.

on ee you mus have 1/3 of each meal super free, so if you choose cereal and milk for breakfast you have to have fruit or veg from the super free list with it, or immediatley after. also the consultant said you should try and make any snacks 1/3 super free as well, so for example, you have a vanilla muller light yogurt (free) a handful of bluberries or strawberries mixed in as well, and even if you had a fruit muller light or activia, you would need to add fruit as well.

you can do red days as meat replacements are still free on red days.

i tend to do at least 4 days green and the rest red/ee. ive lost over 5.5 stone since feb/march time but biggest losses have been on all green weeks, i do exercise a lot though, i run three times a week, do an exercise dvd each morning and zumba/gym etc whenever ive got time.

assumpta Mon 26-Sep-11 11:38:32

I am totally confused by EE as I used to do red or green years ago when I first started. I returned to SW 3 weeks ago and have lost 4.5 lbs so far, which is fair enough I suppose. I know that if you do EE you can only have 1 HE A and 1 HE B, but it's the one third red, one third green, one third super free that gets me. It's fine at evening dinner, but at lunch time I might have say ham or smoked salmon with salad for lunch, but I don't really want pasta or potatoes at that time of the day, my question is do I HAVE to have 'green' as well? I eat loads of fresh fruit through the day. I hope someone can fill me in. Thanks

Azzy8 Fri 30-Sep-11 22:55:18

I'm hoping to start slimming world in october. I was just wondering how slimmingworld works if you've got a little bit of weight to lose? does everyone go on the same diet, and then according to how much you lose your diet changes? or is it just according to how strict you are with your syns. I've got less than a stone to lose, but I want to learn how to eat in a healthier way, and not skip meals during the day, then fill up on rubbish in the evenings. Is this the diet for me? Thanks xoxo

teardrop2 Mon 30-Jan-12 17:46:17

Hi i have just started slimming world, does anybody know if sugar free wine gums are syns

Rachelsw Fri 03-Feb-12 21:16:45

Hi ladies

PLEASE can I offer you all some help? Its wonderful to see some of you are doing really well on Extra Easy, I think most of you would agree, that its the most vertatile way to lose weight when having to cater for familes too. Ive seen some fab daily menus posted on here, but none of them, include 1/3rd Superfree for each meal. ITS THE KEY - that makes extra easy work! If youre not making 1/3rd of EACH MEAL from Superfree foods, then youre not following the plan 100%.
Fruit snacks during the day, are fantastic, but not enough! Breakfast is the most overlooked meal, so have a think, can you add some mixed berries or a banana to a yoghurt or porridge/cereal? Lunch - if youre making a pasta salad, make sure theres loads of salad vegies in there, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, mixed chopped peppers, etc, Evening meals are pretty easy to fit in the veggies, and most slimming world recipes include them, watch out for oversights tho, when it says, serve spaghetti bolognese with a side salad, and you dont bother with the side salad, youre taking that meal off plan, its there for a reason x
Its also the most common mistake made when members switch to extra easy, so dont worry, if this sounds familiar, then youre not alone.
An exercise you could try, is to take your food diary. Draw 3 circles/plates, split into thirds, and draw each meal of one day, onto the plates, and see how much of the meal counts towards your 1/3rd superfree. Thatway, you can see if youre on plan or not.
Hope that helps some of you - it really is worth hanging in there for the journey!
BE KIND TO YOURSELVES! Its not always an easy journey, but every day is a step towards your target, and dont lose sight of any inch loss you may be getting too - those weeks, when youve worked hard, you will probably find you lost an inch - and when we're obsessed with the scales - thats missed praise! Enjoy your food ladies!
Rachel x

Mindy6 Tue 14-Feb-12 15:26:37

Have you tried the SW Syns Online calculator? I have never tried but my group freeze red grapes and suck on them. I clean my teeth - not that the SW plan is working for me. Good luck

maggierae Fri 02-Mar-12 08:59:30

hi there, iv just joined slimming world and still trying to get to grips with it , am using the extra easy plan as find that easiest for me, so any suggestions on foods etc would be most helpful..(i did w/w for years so am still in the mind set of pointing )..Im referring to the book constantly to see what im allowed..thanks for reading ..

I've been doing EE for a week.
Plusses: no weighing out of pasta, potatoes etc, so easy to follow.
Minuses: having to keep an eye on milk and cereal consumption, and the taste of Quark sad

But I've lost 3lb this week, even with a contraband chocolate brownie yesterday smile.
I'll report back at the end of next week.

Queenofcake Wed 07-Mar-12 00:38:11

Have to agree with Rachelsw above. EE is fab but so many people trip up by forgetting to ensure they have the 1/3 SuperFree WITH every meal.

This is nearly always the reason weightloss stops on the EE plan in my experience.

Freggie Wed 07-Mar-12 15:17:28

Hi everyone, me and my hubby started the EE slimming world on saturday, and so far so good. Although i have weighed myself this morning and havent lost any weight at all.
What am i doing wrong ??
Im having eggs, mushrooms, toms or beans on toast for breafast, this morning i had fruit with yoghurt instead.
Lunch today i made the slimming world ham and egg muffins with beans, yesterday i had a salad with chicken and some dressing which was 1 syn.
Dinner last night i had a tuna jacket with a salad, tonight i will have a grilled chicken sandwich with a salad.
Im hardly having any syns, and am using both my healthy option each day.
Im a mum of 2, so am kept busy everyday.
Please help !!!

BritneyFerry Sun 07-Oct-12 09:28:36

I live in Brittany and used to follow Slimming World in UK about 7 years ago! I would love to try the Extra Easy plan (which is new to me) but obviously am limited on some branded things. Activia yoghurts were mentioned, can you tell me which ones are free? Or any other international branded things would be very helpful too. Thank you.

LoupyLou1987 Tue 09-Oct-12 16:06:41

Not sure if the Activia yoghurts are free, however all Mulerlight yoghurts are!!!

linseywild Tue 04-Dec-12 21:37:50

Hi Ladies and Gent's
Am joining SW tomorrow morning although have been doing the diet for past couple of days now... EE sounds great x

NotNeeemo Tue 04-Dec-12 22:19:18

Am joining again tomorrow ( either that or buy 20 fags!!) not looking forward to it! [blush

aspen56 Sat 20-Apr-13 19:11:05

Hi I've been doing slimming world using EE for 4 months now. I've been doing it 100% with my husband BUT he has lost 2 stone and I have lost 4 pounds - I even ensure my veggies etc and I dont go over syns at all. First week loss of 3.5 pound, second week put on 1 pound, third week lost one pound fourth week put on 3 pound and so on - I even gave up alcohol. I havnt a clue why but am now chucking it in and will go to weight watchers - if I lose then it is something to do with the diets but if not, it is something to do with my body. I do fitness and I am 47, I am not classed as overweight although am quite close (10 stone) - has anyone else experienced this - I even get into such a state I start crying! xx

NanaNina Sat 20-Apr-13 20:21:49

I think the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off, but maybe aspen you are not losing much because you are not overweight. Not sure but it seems the only reason. Any good talking to your consultant. I don't go to classes, just do it myself from the books I've had in the past.

Jinty64 Sun 21-Apr-13 07:12:03

I lost 2 stone with slimming world doing extra easy. I found drinking lots of water helped. The weeks I really concentrated on drinking were the weeks I lost the most.

If you use milk in hot drinks, make sure you measure it. I found it was easy to go way over without realising if I guessed.

1/3 super free or more. I found slightly smaller protein/carb portion and 2 veg/giant salad gave me a better loss.

I know you should be able to snack on free foods whenever you want but, realistically, if you eat too much you won't lose weight. I started asking myself if I was really hungry and, doing EE properly with 3 good meals, I wasn't hungry in between. If I limited snacking to when I was hungry (or really needy) I lost weight.

I have had a little glitch following a family bereavement and I know it has been forgetting these things that has stopped my weight loss. I will be back on track next week!!!

Stellarella123 Sun 21-Apr-13 07:35:41

I stuck to it religiously first wk and lost 6lb, the weeks I haven't stuck to it brilliantly I have still lost 1/2 lb iv lost 1stone now and it's been about 6 weeks , I have done it before and managed to keep the weight off, it definetly works , x

Stellarella123 Sun 21-Apr-13 07:46:43

Also in my experience when I eat bread for my healthy extra or eat any using my syn's I don't lose weight, so u just avoid eating bread every day, only works when I eat lots of fruit and veg too,

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