Keeping off the pie and the cigs...we'll live until 180!

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FrantasticO Sat 30-Mar-13 20:55:56

Hey new thread since our old stopping smoking and not gaining-too--much weight has been lost from chat! BOO!!!

I am not a good role model however as I HAVE piled on a stone, well 12 lbs now, since giving up the cigs.
This must be rectified!
Hence joining in the club section!

Donnadoon hope you find this thread.

Everyone else pile in, join and be happy or miserable bastard ex smokers

FrantasticO Sat 25-Oct-14 12:25:32

Ooh and I'm sure you would anyway.

But a bullet point list that you want answered handed to the consultant at the appointment means no forgotten or unanswered questions.

Hugs again xxx

FrantasticO Sat 25-Oct-14 12:23:40

You are a great mum. No ifs buts or maybes.
We've chatted long enough for me to know that.

Had a look at your other thread. Sounds like good advice.

Would call the secretary on Monday regardless, those who make themselves heard get seen first. And your wee girls most important.

Hope you get some rest and plan something fun for you all for the weekend, you deserve it.

Hugs my lovely xxx

Donnadoon Fri 24-Oct-14 18:08:53

I've calmed down
I started a thread in chat and some people said that they've had this and it's been diagnosed as inter-cranial hypertension and some other much less scary things
Dd has had no more headaches this week, she got her new glasses yesterday and touch wood they suit her fine
And I have held onto that if they thought it was serious she would have been seen by now
I went to our gp too and he talked me down as well
So I've caught up on some sleep, regained my appetite and feel much stronger than I did a few days ago
flowers for being there Fran
I will let you know as soon as she is called up to see this specialist
DH is taking her,because I just crumble and blub and forget what they've said , and I don't ask any questions, I just google when I get home blush

Kids eh ?
To top it off we went to visit ds1 on Sunday and it was wonderful to see him, but heart wrenching to say goodbye, he won't be back for another fortnight and I miss him loads

I'm great at having babies and keeping them warm and fed and getting them to school on time etc but when something goes wrong I Go. To. Pieces. I'm not as strong as I'd like to be and it's frustrating but that's where cool, calm, and collected DH comes in I suppose grin
Hope you and yours are ok

FrantasticO Fri 24-Oct-14 13:39:29

Hey mrs how you doing?

Hope you've had some sleep and are taking care of yourself.

Hope you have appointment in.

If not phone the consultants secretary,they are used to it.

Hugs xxxx

FrantasticO Wed 22-Oct-14 19:40:40

You must be scared.
Keep hold of that they would have scanned her there and then and try get through each day.
Wish there was something I could do to help you my lovely.
Waiting for appointments is shit.

You are a great mum and will make sure everything is ok, they kids are the heart of you and are lucky to have such a fab mum.

Take care of you, as you're the one holding it all together.
Love n hugs xxx

Donnadoon Wed 22-Oct-14 13:26:37

Thanks Fran
I'm so scared
I can't eat or sleep with worry
I can hardly put one foot in front of the other
And yes I would hope that if they suspected the worst they would have took her for MRI etc straight away

FrantasticO Wed 22-Oct-14 08:07:34

Hey mrs!just wanted to let you know your Internet bestie is sending you huge hugs xxx

Hope you got some sleep x

FrantasticO Tue 21-Oct-14 21:58:45

Oh no!
Poor you Donna and youre wee Dd, sending you hugs and cuddles.

It's horrible when you are worried about your child health.
Google always gives you the frightners.

It's great that you are getting seen by a specialist.
If it was needed they would have taken her in and scanned straight away don't you think?

Here anytime you want a chat. Pm me if you want a blether x
Have you got all your buddies on board giving you tea and support?
Hope so! You deserve lots of attention as you're a smashing mammy.

Try rest, she'll be seen and tearing about as normal once she's been seen.

Hugs, tea and cake.


Donnadoon Tue 21-Oct-14 13:20:47

Noooo Do.Not. Spend. A. Fortune. On .distant. Relatives. Wedding!
You will seethe. You will regret it til your dying day. Just my 2pence worth.
What does your DH want to do ?

I'm worried about my dd age 8, she's had an abnormal eye test and needs to see a specialist, she has an enlarged optic nerve
I'm petrified, I've hardly slept since Friday
It's the waiting for more tests and appointments to come through , it's killing me
I've stupidly googled and now I am just a bag of nerves, thinking the worst

Sorry to be on such a downer
I will let you know as soon as I hear anything

FrantasticO Thu 16-Oct-14 22:24:56

What a lovely message.

Glad decorating going well! Changing rooms watch out!

How you coping minus your boy?

All going fine-ish here.

A bit flat if I'm being honest, think our wee doggy boy being gone is sinking in.

Diet is still shit!
I will have put on a stone for Xmas
researching chicken wire to wire my jaws

Will update you next post on families crazy plans to spend all my available income on distant relatives wedding grr!

Donnadoon Sat 11-Oct-14 20:40:32

Ahoy my matey !
I've been decorating !
Did the boys room this week while he is away, all clean and new again, it wasn't too bad actually, since his been driving he hasn't spent so much time in there.
Started on the kitchen now, <googles OCD> nah ... Just when I've got the decorating bug, I have to get on with it.

Did something silly yesterday... I bought some mince pies from Lidl, omg they are deelish ! Had 4 ! Still on track to lose that stone for Xmas...hmmm

That lovely pooch of yours will be free from pain and sleeping soundly flowers he/she will have known how loved they were !


FrantasticO Sat 11-Oct-14 16:26:54

Hey mrs!
Imagine your boy being he has a hotline to your mobile though!
He must be very talented musically...mine are tormenting me with the recorder.
I mean how can a recorder sound so out of tune?

Diet has been, well, shit to be frank!
Jaws are sore chewing, I'm like a huge heifer cow chewing cud!

Not thinking about it today.
Will start on Monday!

Kids and adults are missing the dog sorely, keep thinking I hear him then remember he's not here to be heard.
No more pets that's for sure!

Had him pts before I went on holiday.
Kindof a downer.
Poor wee soul was riddled with tumours at the end though.

Anyhoo cheery soul I am today!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Give your squidgy baby girls a cuddle and have a good one!

Laters x

Donnadoon Mon 06-Oct-14 20:15:19

Me that is

Donnadoon Mon 06-Oct-14 20:14:32

Fran Fran Fran sad I'm so sorry about your dog flowers
How are the kids coping ?
Mine drives me mad sometimes but I still dread the day .....
The only consolation is that they don't know.
Take comfort in that they don't fear death like we do
Horrible for you and your family though

Glad you enjoyed Spain
Did the dog go while you were there ? sad
Were the kids ok with DH ?
I'm sure they were smile

All good here
My biggest boy has gone away for a month with his music commitments
He is on the phone every 5 minutes asking me cooking and cleaning questions bless him

Not eating excessively but not eating like a budgie neither grin

FrantasticO Fri 03-Oct-14 19:49:24

Hi donna!
Been to Spain and back, had a great time.

My poor dog had to be put sad.

We are all devastated, he was a much loved pet and part of our family.

Can bet you are tired, running about with toddlers and teenagers must be like having 3 full time jobs!

I am joining you with the stone or two for me
Ate my body weight on holiday.
Not a good look now!

So weight loss for a week on Monday?
I'm aiming for 5 lbs!

Whoop whoop back to those 10s
12s would be great just now for me as well!

Take care
Sorry I've been AWOL xx

Donnadoon Tue 30-Sep-14 18:34:52

*mr ? Me

Donnadoon Tue 30-Sep-14 18:34:26

Are you in sunny Spain Fran ?
If so, I hope you're having a wonderful time, have a piña colada for me or two
Alls good here, busy, busy, busy, I've got too many kids, Rah !! And only one meeeeee !
Not complaining, I love it !
Need to get out the habit of eating too much on the weekend, and the weekend overlapping to Mondays and starting on a Thursday night blush
Feeling fat !
Would love to lose a stone in time for mr Fran !

Donnadoon Tue 23-Sep-14 21:01:03

Howdee !
Hope normal service has resumed for you !
Alls good here, been busy busy
I'm worn out
My house is a tip, I've been behind on the cleaning and decorating since dc 5 arrived
I've had to lower my standards and it bugs me,< but I have a great family and I'm not to sweat the small stuff> tells oneself
It takes me ALL day to wash, dry and iron for us all, then I've got to feed the buggers!
And mine dont help out much, do yours ?
I have to ask badger and it's easier to just do it myself blush <own worst enemy>
I was down A&e again, dc5 had a baby breath holding attack, dd1 used to have them, but I didn't see it happen so couldn't be sure so rushed her to be checked out...horrible to see your baby floppy and un responsive , but she came round after about an hour
I've been to A&e once with each of them all now, twice in one week with the last two though eh , how bads that ? grin luckily I see my health visitor all the time anyway as she has a dd in my dds class at school.
Whoa sorry for the waffley post

FrantasticO Fri 19-Sep-14 20:43:37

You make me laugh grin

Quite grim here today really, lots of sad people.
I feel quite guilty, but also relieved.

Think there will be ripples of this for years to come.sad
My own family are on opposite sides of the fence.
I am trying to keep my head down and stay quiet, so no one notices!
However if I get harranged for my decision they WILL hear me roar! grin

Here's hoping that the politicians on the no camp keep their promises and we see fairer politics across the whole of the uk.

Off me soap box!

[joins in tunelessly warbling....together...high school musical stylee, YEEHA!]


Donnadoon Fri 19-Sep-14 07:35:45

Just a quickie to say Whoop whoop Fran ! flowers
We stay together , forever , la la la ... I'll get me coat

FrantasticO Thu 18-Sep-14 20:18:42


Poor you at a & e, good the bead is now gone.
Why do kids shove things up their nose!

All quiet here, I'm off today as schools are off.
Bit of shopping.
Bit of refereeing of kids!

Waiting on results of vote now.
I'm sure it's going to be a no vote...

Have family who are passionate yes voters, discussions were getting a bit feverish!
It's all been talk though, not the way the daily mail have presented it! grin

Yes and no campaigners chatting today at polls.
No violence, couple of idiots who would cause a fight in an empty house exception

Great to see so many people engage in politics, but time for a wee bit calm now!

Great for going with the water!
I will join you in the lose a stone campaign in a fortnight
I'm off to Spain soon with friends, so won't be on the water!


Donnadoon Wed 17-Sep-14 23:30:14

Gawd I feel for ya!
It's all kickin off, been watching the news, I can imagine it must be vair stressful at the moment up there

Drinking water going well, feeling less stocky already this week smile

Been to A&e this eve with my 2 year old, she stuck a bead up her nose !
Huge kudos to the lovely wee ear nose and throat nurse who hooked it out within seconds whilst I held her tight
Me and DH had tried and failed for hours to do what she did in a jiffy ! Clever woman I nearly hugged her blush

The scarecrow festival was fab !
Not just any old scarecrows I tell thee
Peppa pig ones, despicable me minions, Star Wars, teddy bears, every character you can imagine, people go to so much trouble !
Must go every year from now on, the kids and us loved it !

FrantasticO Tue 16-Sep-14 21:23:52

Ey oop chuck!

Hope scarecrow festival was fun!

A bit frenzied here with the referendum, passions are running high and it's all a bit wearing.

Constant political chat at work, at clubs, at gym, if you go to the shops...and every bugger KNOWS they are right!


Roll on Friday so some kind of normality can return!
Fingers crossed it all calms down its so divisive.

Anyhoos give those lovely kids of yours a cuddle and catch up later xx

Donnadoon Sat 13-Sep-14 21:25:00

How dee partner !
Ooh it's a bit scary actually isn't it ?
It's all over the news about the referendum , like you say...too many un answered questions, and I read today that they have no kids...those driving the idea, that to me , does make me wonder about their motives etc.. Because I dunno... Us with kids already fear for their future Huh ?

I've been trying to drink more water this week, it kind of flushes me out
I've not done any DVDs this week but I have been busy I've done my dog walking, but not power walking because dd 2 has decided she doesn't want to go in the pushchair anymore, so it's been a snails pace walk instead
Poor dog has to wait until we are at the field to run for his ball
How's your dog now ?

I've decided I'd like to lose a stone before Christmas
It's all about the food for me, when I over eat it soon shows
So three square budgie eating meals for me from now on
Let's see how long I last
It's definately getting harder as I get older to keep slim ish

We are off to a scarecrow festival tomorrow
Hope you are having a nice weekend

FrantasticO Tue 09-Sep-14 07:45:47

I'm firmly in the no camp, want to stay in uk.

Gone a bit scots way hay up here at the moment and polls indicate it will be close.

Too many unanswered questions, I fear for my kids future, the economy and the divisions that this referendum is highlighting.

Roll on the 19 th when it's all over and we can get back to normal / or a new normal.

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