Keeping off the pie and the cigs...we'll live until 180!

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FrantasticO Sat 30-Mar-13 20:55:56

Hey new thread since our old stopping smoking and not gaining-too--much weight has been lost from chat! BOO!!!

I am not a good role model however as I HAVE piled on a stone, well 12 lbs now, since giving up the cigs.
This must be rectified!
Hence joining in the club section!

Donnadoon hope you find this thread.

Everyone else pile in, join and be happy or miserable bastard ex smokers

FrantasticO Fri 19-Dec-14 20:17:50

Hope my internet bestie is okay!
Six more sleeps!! fgrin

FrantasticO Fri 19-Dec-14 20:16:46

What a week! ha ha.

Fish sound good!
Cat maybe in new year, would be a rescue so we'll see!

Will post tomorrow...tired enough to sleep standing up!
So boring zzzz

Panto and next night out tomorrow...must get some vavavoom!

Donnadoon Sun 14-Dec-14 21:24:08

Ps my little girlies are having a little peppa pig fish tank with a couple of platties in as part of their Xmas gifts

Donnadoon Sun 14-Dec-14 21:21:23

*reckoned = reckons

Donnadoon Sun 14-Dec-14 21:20:14

Ooh I love cats/kittens
Do it ! Do it !
DH won't let me have one...he reckoned it'll upset the dog
I had one from age 10 and she died when I was age 27
I lurrrrved her so much !
Still get teary when I think of her now
Your kids will love one

Glad you had a blast !
And Fran just deny deny deny LOL !!

FrantasticO Sun 14-Dec-14 21:03:49

Was a great night, stayed out til 3 fblush

May have drank a bit too much and spoke gibberish to sober driving workmates fblush

Hope the ones that like to watch and report back were busy watching some other poor sod!
Ah well, lots of dancing and laughing!
Tired today and kids have been loud!

Have been thinking about getting a kitten, miss a pet and not enough time for a puppy.
Cats are definitely much more independent, might be an older rescue cat...we'll see!

It's nearly Christmas!

Donnadoon Sun 14-Dec-14 17:16:22

How was it ?
How's your head ?

Lazy weekend here
Re-charging for the manic week ahead

FrantasticO Sat 13-Dec-14 14:16:58

Dress is lovely!
Very slinky!
Take it on a night out!

Night out tonight, I'm tired and the thought of getting put together is not appealing! fgrin
Will see if I can add a pic of the dress I should be wearing.
Should cos it could all change in the getting ready process!

Keeping my fingers crossed about your house.
Moving is so so stressful!

How's the eyes doing?

Donnadoon Fri 12-Dec-14 19:57:32

Oh and Fran about the house...
No news yet
We won't increase our original offer, so nothing happening now sad
Can't carry on looking at others yet, I'm still grieving for this one grin

Donnadoon Fri 12-Dec-14 19:55:31

Ooh hellosmile it's from by AX Paris

DontGotoRoehamptonUniversity Fri 12-Dec-14 19:25:54

Love that dress! Where'd ya get it?

Donnadoon Fri 12-Dec-14 19:09:49

I hear you ask " why have I bought a new party dress if I'm not going out? "
Because ... Ya never know ;)

Donnadoon Fri 12-Dec-14 19:08:53

Ooh I wish I could come out with you
I've been invited out with my sister tomorrow I'm not going
It's been donkey's years since I had a girls night out
But it's my own fault, I get invited plenty
I'm a home bod lazy
I've even bought a new party dress
It covers all the lumps and bumps just nicely
And cheep as chips too at £30

FrantasticO Thu 11-Dec-14 20:57:35

Hiya buddy!
What's happening with the house?

I'm telephobic at the soon as I sit down to watch something I fall asleep...not a good look!

I too have shed a couple of pounds of pie...merry Xmas!

If you were closer we'd be sorting our Xmas night out soon!

I'm out for next couple of weeks...wil report back as they are work related, mm....

Take it easy, please don't run yourself down. You are only just recovering. Lecture finished.

Take it easy xxx

Donnadoon Thu 11-Dec-14 20:45:03

Sorry I've been soooo busy
My kids break up next Friday so it's carols, concerts, father Xmas visits, toddler group parties, hospital appointments, dentist appointments blah blah blah
I'm shattered, roll on next Friday !
On the plus side, I have not been eating much and feel quite slim-ISH
Love Xmas and everything that goes with it, it's just manic though isn't it with kids ?
It's a full time job for sure
I'm missing I'm a celebrity get me out of here....saddo I am !
What's your fave show ATM ?
My guilty pleasure is made in Chelsea ... I love the glamour even though they are all toffs
Catch up again at the weekend pal

FrantasticO Sun 07-Dec-14 10:32:48

Was a tad tipsy myself last night, at a party with the family.
May have twittered on a bit to inlaws...oops! fgrin

Presents bought and wrapped here too!
Whoop whoop!

Shame you didn't get out last night.
My kids are experts in fighting each other and in winding me up, so I can see where your coming from!

Well off to start the Sunday club circuit.
Mums taxi...

Laters matey! X

Donnadoon Sat 06-Dec-14 21:42:24

Woo I lurrrve Xmas too !
The tree is up and we all excited here too
I've done all the shopping, just need to finish wrapping
I'm never normally done this early so vair pleased with myself
The eyes are eye pressure is sky high so not been discharged yet
Not worried though, just doing as the docs say and reducing the drops to come off them completely tomorrow
flowers for the stone grin that bloody stone huh ? I'm with ya ! I can't shift mine neither
When I really really try... I get ill and run down
It's as if I have to be this bloody stone over weight to function and keep as a back up or summinck....Raaaah !!

Lovely to hear from you

Bit pissed off at the mo
We got invited out tonight at the last minute
And we have literally no baby sitters
My folks live in the next town
His folks are in Devon
My sister is where we were invited to
And our mates are ill

Haven't had a chance to get dolled up and go out without the kids for over two years
Boo hoo !

DH went with the eldest because it was only an eighteenth and probably not my scene anyway
And before you suggest, No we can't leave ds1 to babysit because even though he is older, you know what siblings are like, and he has zero authority over the younger ones....groan...


FrantasticO Sat 06-Dec-14 09:43:35

Will update on Mary!
Sorry about late reply!
Have had carol concerts galore...with recorders ears!

FrantasticO Sat 06-Dec-14 09:41:34

19 sleeps Donna!

Are you excited?
Are ya are ya are ya???

Kids are H Y P E R

Work is manic busy, folk off sick and rush rush rush!

It's the season to be jolly!! fgrin

I'm huge just now Donna, have crept up to a 14!
12s are tight!
10s in wardrobe sneering snotty bitches!
Not so much crept, but chewed...oh dear!

Have decided to be in denial, try not to put on any more and attack the belly after Christmas.

Driving the OH mad as I've been in the gloom about the flab!

How's your dd?
How's your eyes?

Love Christmas!
Be happy!
I'm still so pleased that your dd is ok!

Anyway laters matey xxx

Donnadoon Sun 30-Nov-14 13:53:57

Aww a Mary ! <dabs Fran's eyes>
I had a Joseph once...he was too busy telling a shepherd to stop throwing hay around.
grin at asking questions in the it!
grin at Xmas day eating practice
The tree isn't up yet, the paper chains are though !

FrantasticO Sun 30-Nov-14 09:59:27

Howdy clear eyes!
Bet you are still skipping!

Yip carazzzzy busy here at this end as well!
Nativitys, carol concerts, parties this week!

We have a Mary in the nativity....much excitement.
not so much when in sainsburys and she is practicing being Mary and ask...Mum, you know Jesus, well who's the daddy?

Well how's the tree
Poor bare bottom!

Ours will need to wait until next week.
However our elf will come tomorrow.
Kids here tend to go for a more is more theme grin

I am also practicing for Xmas day eating, grim.

Laters x

Donnadoon Sat 29-Nov-14 15:50:30

How dee!
Hope you are well, rested and recovered from your break
Bet you're running round like a mad thing, working and doing your mum duties
All good here
All eyes fixed !
Kids getting excited for Xmas
Might put the decs up later this evening, thing that puts me off is the two youngest won't leave it alone when it's up
I have to have it top heavy and bare at the bottom
I'm still eating like a woman with two mouths stomachs

FrantasticO Mon 24-Nov-14 20:22:57


So so pleased for you!

Just back and reception not the best when we were away!

Over the moon about your dd, great fantastic news!

Break was good, lots of kids activities and nibbles and wine!
I'm getting the Christmas goose!

Now let's get crossing our fingers for your new house!

Think it was nice to update other thread.
Honestly, I'm sitting here grinning for you.
You must be so relieved.

Later lovely x

Donnadoon Mon 24-Nov-14 12:41:00

I updated that thread out of courtesy to those who responded

How's you?
How was your break?

DH reckons we will get a second chance offer on that house, he can feel it in his bones apparently hmm

Donnadoon Sun 23-Nov-14 14:57:03

Praise The Lord ! Dds eye is Ok !
The swollen optic nerve seems to be in fact a wonky optic nerve, different from the other eye, something that she was probably born with and no problem hopefully
They are going to review it in 2 months and then discharge her but keep the photographs on file in case she has any eye trouble in adult hood
Jeez I'm so relieved!
Thanks for being here Fran flowers
Do you think I should update that chat thread I started or not?
The few posters that were kind enough to respond to me may not even see my update and it would be weird to pm them all confused
What d'ya reckon ?

Hope you've had a lovely few days

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