Atkins/Low Carbers - Are you still out there?

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nikki1978 Sat 24-Jul-10 07:38:12

Hi all,

I have just started the induction phase of Atkins but couldn't find a thread on here that hadn't tailed off a while ago so thought I would start a new one Unless you have all quit of course which wouldn't give me much hope grin

I have a party in 9 weeks that I really want to lose the inches/pounds for so fingers crossed the weight will drop off.

Weighed in at 12 stone on Monday and am already down to 11st 9.75lb!

Have been doing it wrong though as I didn't wait to get the book to start and didn't realise that the 20g of carb you have in induction needs to be mainly veg and salad plus a bit of cheese so I have been having gravy on my dinner and cheese sauce that has a bit of flour in blush

Anyway will start the real deal today. Just about to make my brekky of eggs and bacon.

Any tips and recipes would be great!

Anyone want to join me on a 2 month challenge?

cyrilsneer Sat 24-Jul-10 08:48:39

Hi Nikki,

Gosh - you've already lost about five pounds - it's clearly working - cheese sauce or no cheese sauce!

I started yesterday (Friday) and I'm planning on low-carbing for two weeks in preparation for my holiday. I was 10st8 yesterday and just hope to lose a few pounds and flatten my tummy a bit.

I'm not doing super-strict Atkins becsuse I'm useless at sticking to anything very rigid but I've found from experience that low-carbing works dramatically well, even if you don't stick to doing it perfectly. Which is just as well, as I completely forgot last night and had a few Haribo with the kids while watching Eastenders!

ABitBatty Sat 24-Jul-10 10:50:08


I've been lo carbing for the best part of two years. Not strict Atkins though. I have learned many tips, tricks and shortcuts along the way becasue I am a very lazy person.

I have lost the best part of 5 stone since ds 3.

I have recently been stalled for the best part of six months but have stopped eating Atkins bars and have miraculously lost 5lb and still losing hmm

Anyhow- hello smile

cyrilsneer Sat 24-Jul-10 15:06:03

Wow, ABitBatty! Five stone! Respect!

I would LOVE to hear all about your tips and tricks - do tell!

There probably isn't anything that I can tell anyone that isn't already obvious, but, for what it's worth, here's what I do.

My plan is to have an eggy breakfast: (naturally). I hard-boil several eggs (say, 4, chop them and mix them with a little mayo and a packet for those really crispy ready-cooked bacon slices (really dry and dark) from the supermarket. I divide this mixture between two little lock'n'lock boxes and leave them there to have for breakfast (just eat it out of the pot with a fork. I got the idea from seeing those ready-made sandwich fillings that you can buy in the supermarket. This is an idea stand-by for days when you haveb't got the time/ inclination to cook eggs. On days when I have, however, I have 2 eggs scrambled with a couple of slices of Parma ham.

Lunch is a cold salad-y thing:
Greek salad with feta and kalamatas
Tuna-mayo-pepper salad
Avocado prawn salad
Punnet of ready-cooked flavoured chicken from the supermarket with salad
Grilled goats cheese with pesto on rocket
Baked Portobellos filled with dolcelatte and sun-dried tomatoes on rocket
(I just put out some nice ciabatta for my husband and kids (teenage daughters) to have with it)

Supper is protein and a nice salad.
Lamb skewers with courgette/pepper/tomato/onion and salad
Marinated chicken and salad
Steak and salad
Fish and salad
etc etc. I'll do some new potatoes/rice/couscous for everyone else.

I have a coffee with splenda after meals to give me a sweet taste and let everyone else have a yoghurt or mini-magnum or whatever.

My staple salad is comprised of varous items from the following:
Rocket/ spinach/ watercress leaves
Spring or red onions
Sundried tomatoes
Pine nuts
Shaved parmesan

Plenty of water, try to get a brisk walk in 3 times a week and that's it.

At I say, though, I am NOT strict - I have milk in tea and coffee, sneak the odd glass of wine or three and do not worry about how many carbs are in the salad I eat, so it's not proper Atkins, just my own low-carb thing. Amazingly, though, it does work.

Good luck, you two - do tell more about what you do.

Love Cyril

cyrilsneer Sat 24-Jul-10 17:25:04

PS just to add - snacks are nuts (a mixture of cashews and smoked almonds) or Philly scraped onto celery sticks.

nikki1978 Sat 24-Jul-10 17:52:52

Well today I had 2 eggs and 4 rashers streaky bacon for breakfast. For lunch I had quails eggs with smoked salmon crescents (filled with cream cheese) - sounds very posh but was the only low carb thing that interested me in Waitrose!

Dinner is 10oz steak with brocolli and mushrooms.

Is this ok?

Atkins seems to say I need to eat lots of salad too and I HATE salad. I really can't eat veg in raw form. What do I do?

Well done abitbatty for your weight loss! I have 2.5 to 3 stone to lose (well I did, minus 5lb off that )

BIL just gave me a MASSIVE courgette from his veg patch so I am thinking of doing it stuffed with mince and cheese for dinner tomorrow. Am going to make a list of recipes I think. Dinner is easy it is lunch I struggle with due to the hatred of salad and I have eggs for brekkie so don't want them at lunch too.

nikki1978 Sat 24-Jul-10 17:54:00

Oh and I am doing British Military Fitness 3 times a week now (have been for 2 weeks) so that is pretty good exercise!

cyrilsneer Sun 25-Jul-10 18:44:49

I love those smoked salmon crescent canape things from Waitrose, Nikki1978.

It's day three for me:

I had one of my "2 boiled egg and crispy bacon with a little mayo" pots at about eleven and was still hungry. I waited a bit and then caved in and had the other one. I think I'll call this "brunch"!

At about five, we went to Pizza Express for an early supper. I had a few sun-blush tomatoes, a few nuts and then shared a tomato-mozzarella salad with my daughter. I had the baked aubergine as my main course. I then hurried everyone out in case they all started thinking about puddings.

I also had a couple of beers... As I said, I'm not very strict...

I'm just making myself a coffee and I'm done for the day.

Hope you two have got on well today.

nikki1978 Sun 25-Jul-10 18:54:46

Ooh I think we were seperated at birth cyrilsneer. I had the same breakfast and then went to pizza express and had the aubergine thing! grin

I am calling that my lunch though as I didn't have a starter.

Having a poussin for dinner with a little bit of veg.

I need to start eating salad don't I? Can I smother it in cheese and mayo so I can't taste the grass like texture of the leaves?

febes Sun 25-Jul-10 19:55:06

Hi can I join you. I have been low carbing for 5 weeks and have lost 10lbs so far. I'm being strict at the moment and having no booze as I have a wedding coming up 2 weeks so want to be a stone down by then.

Today I had
B: streaky bacon, avocado, scattering of grated cheese and a little mayo
L: salad with left over chicken curry
D salad with pork chop with cider and cream sauce
Snack: a packet of pork stratchings

I am loving this WOE and finding it really thrilling to be in control of what I am eating. I am eating gorgeous huge meals but losing weight. I don't do any formal exercise except for running after my 2 and 1 year old and walking everywhere with my heavy buggy. I'm hoping that's enough for now as I don't know how to fit more in.

nikki1978 Sun 25-Jul-10 20:18:21

I am loving pork chops at the moment febes! Wish I could have a little apple sauce and gravy with them though....

Good job on the 10lbs! As long as I can lose at least a stone and a bit in the next 8-9 weeks I will be happy. A stone and a half would be better but not sure if that is pushing it.

Going camping next weekend so god knows how I will manage there!

fatheadsgirl Sun 25-Jul-10 20:46:42

hey gals! I'm starting this low carb/atkins thing tomorrow..... Looking forward to loosing the weight!! grin

nikki1978 Sun 25-Jul-10 22:23:47

Good luck fatheadsgirl! I have to say I am really enjoying the diet 5 days in. Not missing the carbs at all!

WilfShelf Sun 25-Jul-10 22:32:46

Hi all

I was doing a version of Idiot Proof Diet/Atkins but off wagon recently and now back from holiday and back on wagon from tomorrow am. Have had carb fest this weekend blush in prep.

But back tomorrow proper: have lost 2 stone but put about 5 back on on holiday. And still got lots more to go... Going to try a bit of the Dukan protein days also but not giving up fat as AFAIK the fat intake worked well for me last time...

cyrilsneer Sun 25-Jul-10 22:39:38

God Nikki - how weird is that?! I love that aubergine thing... Re salad: would you not like rocket and Parmesan and sun- dried tomatoes? Or baby spinach with avocado and pine nuts? Do you make your own dressing? I make my own in a jam jar with white wine vinegar ( although I'm not sure if you're allowed it if you're doing Atkins properly?..), extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard and a teaspoon of Splenda ( should be mustard but I substitute Splenda when low carbing).

I'm also happy that I'm doing this low- carb WOE - it's just great not to feel hungry and not to have horrible wobbly low blood sugar pangs. Low carbing seems to keep all that stable.

Where's Ms Batty with her tips and tricks and shortcuts? I'm really interested to learn from her experience.

I'm going to do a big Sainsbury's shop tomorrow morning and plan meals for the next few days.

littledawley Sun 25-Jul-10 22:40:02

Hi Ladies, I am marking my place as I really need to sort my weight out.
I lost some weight at the beginning of the year following Anna Richardson's 'drop a dress size' but have regained some and feel really blobby.
I think I'm about 12 stone at the moment (only 5"4) and would really like to get to ten and a half.
Starts tomorrow.... (shame I'm going out for a girlie lunch - just need to steer clear of the carbs!!)

Will check in properly tomorrow if that's okay.

cyrilsneer Sun 25-Jul-10 23:00:07

PS hello to febes, fatheadsgirl and WilfShelf.

cyrilsneer Sun 25-Jul-10 23:01:40

And littledawley!

sue52 Sun 25-Jul-10 23:02:26

Hi just started Atkins 2 days ago. Did anyone else have a bad headache at the start or am I just unlucky. Going out for lunch tomorrow I should be ok if I just stick to steak and green salad. Just hope no one goes for desert though....

febes Mon 26-Jul-10 07:52:10

Sue Normal to get a headache at first as your body detox's the sugar and caffeen. You may feel a bit rubbish for up to a week but then you will feel great!!! Remember to combine fat with your steak and salad so olive oil dressing and/or creamy sauce on the steak.

AngryPixie Mon 26-Jul-10 08:02:24

Hi, just marking my place, I'm doing my own (not super strict) version of Atkins/Idiot Proof. Dropping all major carbs; bread, pasta, rice etc but not sweating the small stuff.

Also trying to kick my 6 can a day diet coke habit and swap for water. This is a 20 year habit so not easy as you might imagine!

Want to drop 1.5 stone.

littledawley Mon 26-Jul-10 09:24:46

Right - new day! I weighed in at 12 stone exactly this morning. I've never done Atkins before but was planning on doing my own version. I also have a copy of the Dukan diet which a friend of mine lost loads of weight on - has anyone tried it?
Breakfast is my problem - not sure I can be bothered making eggs every morning - can anyone give me some good breakfast ideas?

ABitBatty Mon 26-Jul-10 10:31:02

I'm here!

I've been at a party over the weekend and bbq (ideal low carb !) and had to travel to drop off/pick kids up etc.

At the party I drank ready mixed Gin & Slimline tonic from a can. Most spirits are carb free, you just have to be careful with the mixers.

At the BBQ I had some chicken, salad and a couple of sausages and no buns or ketchup.

I get a bit 'funny' about my diet and don't tell people what I do confused becasue I can't be arsed with all the misconceptions and ideas that people have, so I keep quiet about it.

My ost recent 'find' is Scan Bran crispbreads from H&B which are only 2.6g of carbs each which I have started having for my lunch with those tuna or chicken sandwich fillers from the chiller section in the supermarket near the coleslaw.Or with cream cheese or sliced cheese and ham.

I do get fed up from time to time but then I 'find' something, like the crispbreads ^ that keep me going. I ready every single label on ever type of cracker in the supermarket to find the lowest carb ones.

Another 'find' is still being able to go to Mc Donalds, having a double cheeseburger and throwing away the bun! This is especially good for travelling or if you are out and about somewhere and stuck for ideas or don't know what to have since McD's are everywhere. Depending or not whether you like McD's or not!

theQuibbler Mon 26-Jul-10 10:48:00

Hello - can I join you all?

I've been low carbing since January. Have lost 50lbs but have been a bit lax
complete crap over the past couple of months, and have managed to put on 5lbs on holiday.

Really want to get back on the wagon as have another 30lbs to lose to get to ideal wight <how, how did I get so fat!> And I found the thread I was on really helpful in keeping me on the straight and narrow and motivated.

I'm starting again properly today - lunch is chicken breast with leeks and spinach and olive oil. Dinner is salmon with zero carb noodles. Breaking out the Davina vid tonight. Could be 5lbs lighter by this time next week - bring it on!

Hope everyone else is doing well smile

ABitBatty Mon 26-Jul-10 10:59:00

Pray do tell, what are these zero carb noodles you speak of?!

theQuibbler Mon 26-Jul-10 11:21:08

Here you go:
Low carb noodles

Or if you have any Japanese/Chinese supermarkets near you - they are stored in the chiller cabinets. I think they work best with Asian type dishes - they're disgusting if you try and subsitute them in pasta style dishes, in my opinion anyway. Although you can find a ton of recipes for them to be used that way.

They were featured on that C4 diet show, I prawn noodle soup
I really like them, gives one a bit of a change. I can post some recipes if you're interested smile

sue52 Mon 26-Jul-10 12:42:06

Febes thank you still got the headache but trying to push on through it. Has anyone tried the Atkins breakfast cereal, I know I'm not supposed to touch it during the induction phase but it's nice having something to look forward to. Abitbatty- thats great news about the gin and tonic, I'll look forward to that in a couple of weeks.

febes Mon 26-Jul-10 12:50:46

Great ideas, keep them coming!

I had a double cheeseburger without the bun when I took the dcs for dinner the other day blush. I was on the way home from tutoring and running late and they were starving.

cyrilsneer Mon 26-Jul-10 14:27:00

Hmmm... Scan Bran.... I remember these from Slimming World, years ago. I shall definitely investigate them the next time I'm near Holland and Barratt. A very low carb crispbread would definitely be useful for "normal" looking lunches with my smoked salmon or smoked mackerel pate (fish, Philly, juice and zest of a lemon and a blob of horseradish sauce).

Here's my day:

B - cheesey scrambled eggs
L - Supermarket cooked chicken slices with salad
S - Home-made lamb koftas, salad, little blob of Greek yog and Harissa.
Snacks - nuts

febes Mon 26-Jul-10 14:36:46

Today I have had-
B: streaky bacon and 2 eggs
L: green salad, 2 sausages and mushrooms
D: will be chicken breast stuffed with mozzeralla and sun dried tomato and wrapped in parma ham with salad

littledawley Mon 26-Jul-10 19:29:09

Sorry to be stupid but is wine a total no-no?? (sad)

How many people dip in and out of low carbing? Or is that the root of all my problems?? I am going away next week and the thought of not being able to have lovely wine pains me!

shortandsweet2 Mon 26-Jul-10 19:34:25

Can I join too?

OMG Quibbler that is amazing loss well done.

I am doing the Dukan diet but that thread has been very quite at the moment so hope you don't mind me jumping on here. Been on it 5 days and have lost 5lbs so far.

Must get them noodles they look fantastic.

B - Eggs
L- beef salad
I then gorged on M&S mini brownies and haven't felt hungry since but have felt quite quesy so will be giving dinner a miss.

febes Mon 26-Jul-10 19:45:37

I have drunk wine every now and then for the last month and have still lost but only slowly (1lbs a week) so I have stopped for a next 2 weeks to speed up the loss again. My clothes are already feeling much baggy after no booze for 5 days can't wait to see what the scales say.

theQuibbler Mon 26-Jul-10 20:43:13

Thanks shortandsweet2. smile

Just got to keep going now - the excitement of losing weight has worn off a bit. Now I can fit into 'normal' size clothes again, and sort of look a bit overweight, rather than clinically obese, I was getting a bit lazy.(I'm quite tall, 5'8, not a giant, but you can hide it easier than if you're 5'2, for example)

However, I am motivated today! Have done my exercise, eaten my low carb dinner, and will not pick at anything else in the cupboards.

The noodles really are great for when you are sick, sick, sick of salad and greens and want a different texture on your plate..

rotool Mon 26-Jul-10 21:31:32

Hi Everyone...I am low carbing and have lost about 1/2 a stone but I have a really bad urge to eat crisps and cake and anything else in the house.
Do any of you get urges and what do you do?

Luvvies Mon 26-Jul-10 21:48:00

Hi I'll join in too. Lost about half a stone over a couple of weeks, then maintained that with a few carb accidents along the way.
But back on proper lo carb today.
I tend to have sugar free jelly and cream to satisfy my urges.

sue52 Mon 26-Jul-10 21:56:25

Sugar free jelly sounds nice. Can anyone tell me if it's OK to use skimmed milk for (decaff) tea or will I undo all the effort I've put in.I know Atkins says whole milk but does it really make a difference?

shortandsweet2 Tue 27-Jul-10 07:27:55

rotool I had really bad urges for chcolate yseterday and ended up gorging on brownies. I did not feel great for the rest of the day so like luvvies I will be investing in some sugar free jelly now.

cyrilsneer Tue 27-Jul-10 08:19:25

Sue If you're doing Atkins "properly" - ie wanting to go into ketosis and see urine test sticks turn purple, then I don't think you're allowed milk, or, from memory, lemon juice. I am just low-carbing in my own, slightly more relaxed way. I have a couple of cups of decaff tea with semi-skimmed milk in the morning and probably aother two cups of decaff coffee with semi-skimmed milk. I also don't worry about lemon juice/ the odd blob of Greek yoghurt/ harissa/ whatever. I expect my weight loss will be slower than if I was super-strict but it's better for me to take this approach because I can sustain it for longer. Have you got the book?

I attempted some exercises yesterday evening:
3 x 10 of each: lunges, squats, ab crunches and side strethes. Irritatingly, I've "done ssomething" to my lower back - probably because I've done someting wrong. I've just had a play around on youtube and found a couple of demonstrations that were helpful. I'll see how my back feels throughout today and maybe have abother go.

Here's my plan for today:
B eggs scrambled with parma ham
L Greek salad with feta and kalamatas
D Baked salmon with salad
Snacks- Celery and Philly, nuts

Have a good day everyone.


sue52 Tue 27-Jul-10 10:20:42

Cyrilsneer thanks for the information. I think I will miss tea more than bread so will cheat on that. The purple urine stick thing sounds a bit hardcore.

fatheadsgirl Tue 27-Jul-10 12:14:18

[ooh's and ahh's at intriguing sounding zero carb noodles]

I had a bad first day. Well, its started off well I was very good and wasn't missing carbs at all but then we went to a friends house in the evening. Friends GF and I start talking about our respective diets cue both DP's going apeshit! DP's commence twenty minute lecture on how bad this diet is and that we're both being irresponsible (drama queens much lol) and then literally force feed us chinese food. Now have to be a little more sneaky about avoiding carbs -sweeps eyes across room for bugs and spys-

I'm not loads overwieght, I just dont fit in my clothes anymore, think DP is worried I'm going for a size zero look which good heavens I most certainly am not!

How's everyone doing today? smile

fatheadsgirl Tue 27-Jul-10 12:25:29

Just realised I have been drinking the regular coffee instead of the de-caff stuff. oops blush

ABitBatty Tue 27-Jul-10 15:52:08

I will definitely be investigating those noodles- thanks smile

fatheadsgirl, that's the reason I don't really talk about 'my diet'

Luvvies Tue 27-Jul-10 17:03:22

I also try to avoid talking about it. But it I need to I talk about a lot of "research" which shows that physiologically our bodies are still those of the caveman, and our diet then was to be a hunter gatherer - lots of meat and berries. Early humans didn't eat refined carbohydrates.
That seems to shut people up!

I am OK with greek yoghurt - Total is best - not the fat free one. I add splenda to sweeten it.

I am also snacking on nuts although I have to be careful with these that I don't eat too many. I find blanched almonds or brasils to be the best.

I also have a little treat sometimes of sugar free dark chocolate. You can get other brands (labelled diabetic etc) but this is easiest to get hold of. It has carbs in it, but these are polyols, which are a kind of carb which doesn't affect your blood sugar in the same way so are allowed on most versions of low carb.

Years ago I got into buying lots of low carb foods on line, but I'm trying not to this time as it's expensive.

I've had a good day so far, Breakfast was jelly and cream - not what I'd usually have but it shouted from the fridge at me and I was in a hurry!
I had boiled eggs, ham and cucumber for lunch - I tend to have simple things. Plus a small pack of pork scratchings.
This evening I'll have prawn and avocado and some chicken breast. Possibly some greens but not sure what we've got in.

I drink pints of ribena light - or whatever the lowest sugar one is called.

Keep going everyone.

Luvvies Tue 27-Jul-10 17:07:23

Meant to say Sainsbury's sugar free chocolate

cyrilsneer Tue 27-Jul-10 19:26:56

Luvvies Gosh! Ribena Light! I haven't thought about investigating carbs in soft drinks.. Hmmmm...

I'm also not telling the world that I am low carbing - I've got a couple of good friends who are completely supportive and have also tried losing weight this way and my family cottoned on in a nano-second but other than that, I find it's best to keep schtum.

rotool Tue 27-Jul-10 20:42:46

Have had a really good day today eating almost zero carbs...hows everyone going today?
I say 'almost' cos I did have a coffee this afternoon, needed something to keep me going!

febes Tue 27-Jul-10 21:28:00

Hi, had quite a good day today.

B: avo and bacon (my fav breaky at the mo)
L: double cheese burger sans bun from McDs blush and black coffee as DH wanted to go there for lunch and when I got home I had half a chicken breast from last nights dinner
D: salad, steak creamy sauce and portabella mushroom stuffed with cream cheese.

Still no booze so hope the scales tell me good stuff this week!! I normally WI on fri or sat.

shortandsweet2 Wed 28-Jul-10 06:53:51

My 1st week in and I have lost 3.5lbs which is great but a bit annoyed as it was 5lbs over the weekend.

sue52 Wed 28-Jul-10 10:02:46

I've just weighed myself and I've lost 3lbs after only a few days. The initial headaches I experienced seem to have gone too. I really am thrilled I've shifted even a few lbs as I put on over a stone post menopause and no other diet shifted any weight. I've just booked for a look around a local gym, just hope it's not full of size 6 twenty somethings.

ABitBatty Wed 28-Jul-10 11:17:26

febes - what is avo?

theQuibbler Wed 28-Jul-10 15:26:21

Well done on weight losses so far!
I'm going to weigh in on Monday, and am trying to keep away from the scales but it's really hard. I'm sure I'll give in before then smile

Have already done my exercise today, thanks to having the afternoon off - so am feeling very pleased with myself <smug>. But pride comes before a fall, as made a birthday cake for a colleague yesterday and managed to resist having a slice, but realised a bit too late that I was absent-mindedly licking the mixing bowl after I had put the damn thing in the oven blush I can't imagine the carbs....

(I think avo is avocado ABB)

cyrilsneer Wed 28-Jul-10 23:13:04

Hi all...

I haven't stepped on the scales since last Friday (10st8 - I'm 5'4). I'm gritting my teeth and trying to hold out until Friday. Disappointingly, though, I don't feel any slimmer. I've been good with my meals (I THINK), but have probably had too many nuts as snacks and have (probably quite disastrously) had some wine and beer. I really could have caved in and had some chocolate this evening but I didn't...

So, today:

B scrambled eggs with Parma ham
L cooked supermarket chicken with salad and grated cheese
D cod wrapped in Parma ham with asparagus and salad
Snacks nuts

littledawley Thu 29-Jul-10 08:08:04

All went pear shaped yesterday - pasta for dinner and rather a lot of champagne.... sad

Back on the wagon today.

cyrilsneer Thu 29-Jul-10 09:02:14

That's the spirit littledawley... I've sabotaged myself so many times over the years with my "all or nothing" thinking and it's much healthier to just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back on with your plan.

I'm feeling a little bit slimmer today - dare I say it - so am going to try to have a really good day today and then I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning to see what the impact of one whole week is.

This time next week, I'll be packing my bikinis, so if that isn't good reason to stay focussed, I don't know what is!

Here's my day:
B cheesy scrambled eggs
L might buy some Covent Garden gazpacho and some ham/ salami/ nice cheese/ olives etc?...
D baled salmon with salad
Snacks will buy some more Philly to go with celery and try not to have TOO many nuts!

Have a great day everyone!

littledawley Thu 29-Jul-10 10:14:56

Thanks cyrilsneer!! That has been my problem in the past - one 'naughty' meal and the whole diet is ruined. Resisted toast at breakfast so am just about to have a boiled egg and a milky coffee.

Your lunch sounds delish- want company???

ABitBatty Thu 29-Jul-10 11:30:26

Oh ha ha, I hate avocado that's why 'avo' didn't compute!

Cyrilsneer I love you name, I used to love that program!

I buy some chocolate from Sainsburys, it's from the 'Taste the Difference' range and it's 85% cocoa. It's in a pack with 5 small bars, each bar has just under 5g carbs per bar. It does the job! Or if that's not enough then a pot of sugar free jelly to go with it smile

I've got a tray of chicken wings with Nandos medium marinade in the fridge to have a go at tonight on my griddle pan.

cyrilsneer Thu 29-Jul-10 21:57:18

Wow Ms Batty! I'm going to investigate that chocolate! You are a gold-mine of low-carb tips! Fab!

My day wasn't exactly as planned...
Brunch - 3 eggs scrambled with dome Parma ham and a little cheese
Snack - some nuts ( not masses - about 10-12)
Supper - baked fish with salad ( rocket, tomatoes, sun/dried tomatoes, pine nuts, home-made olive oil vinaigrette.
...a few cups of decaff tea with milk... And... Two large glasses of wine. Oh dear...

So, weigh in day for me tomorrow. I'll be gutted if I haven 't lost anything at all - even though I haven 't been saintly. Fingers crossed.... Actually, though, whatever the scales say, I do feel a little but slimmer. Oh well...

cyrilsneer Fri 30-Jul-10 05:33:45

I've woken up really early and couldn't resist the scales any longer. Amazingly - despite not doing the plan perfectly AND having had some booze, I HAVE LOST FIVE POUNDS IN A WEEK!!! I am now 10s3!!

God, it is SO worth following this plan - I haven't been hungry, I have been able to eat "normal" meals with the family, and I haven't been saintly AND I have still lost 5 pounds!

Hurrah! I am definitely going to keep going - I would love to think that another three might come off in the next week and that I could be ten stone for my holiday next Saturday...

Here's today:
B cheesy scrambled eggs
L picnic with friends - I'm taking cooked sausages, olives, gazpacho for me
D chili with salad - beans and rice for everyone else but just the mince sauce for me

Have a great eat everyone!

febes Fri 30-Jul-10 08:29:35

I have a hangover blush. Damn it I couldn't resist. I had a 2 glasses of bubbly wine and then 2 vod and sods last night with a friend.

I have been so good for a more than a week I hope it doesn't effect my loss.

B: bacon, avocado, cheese, blob of mayo
L: Tuna salad
D: not sure? maybe sausages and cauli mash?

EveWasFramed72 Fri 30-Jul-10 13:39:55

Hi all...can I join you, as well??

Just doing a very relaxed low carb thing, and it seems to be working: I've been doing it about 2 weeks and I've lost half a stone so far.
I am eating fruit, but that doesn't seem to be negatively impacting things; I have some blueberries and strawberries with a dollop of fat free yogurt for breakfast every morning.

I hate bread anyway, so haven't really missed that...I do miss potatoes a little bit, but really, though it's low carb, I haven't really felt deprived. I think I am just excited to be able to eat cheese everyday...Tesco's lighter mature cheddar is really nice, actually...doesn't taste low fat.
Loved the tip about no carb chocolate...though I admit my sweet tooth has diminished a whole bunch, which I never thought was possible!
Anyway...well done to all of you so far!

shortandsweet2 Fri 30-Jul-10 13:45:41


Well done on the losses and hi Eve,

I had AF arrived yesterday and craving were really bad today and have ended up having a snickers and small bag of McCoys.

This morning I am 6lbs down in just 8days

Hope you all have a great weekend!

EveWasFramed72 Fri 30-Jul-10 13:51:14

Well done shortandsweet!! I don't blame you for the snickers and crisps...I think denying yourself what you 'need' once and a while is more damaging. I caved and had a gorgeous chinese takeaway the other night...I enjoyed it, and just got back to business the next day.

sue52 Fri 30-Jul-10 15:52:09

Cryilsneer thats fantastic well done. Shortandsweet thats great but I think if I had just one snlckers that would be the end for me. I'm doing well, 4 pounds so far, keeping sane with jelly and cream.I'm managing to work around the low carb diet and family meal times quite well. Bit worried about keeping my resolve over the weekend.

mmmwine Fri 30-Jul-10 18:49:17

Hiya, I am investigating doing a low-carb diet but I have a SERIOUSLY sweet tooth - cakes/chocs/sweets, all of it!

What can you have as a best compromise on low carb to help satisfy a sweet tooth?

EveWasFramed72 Sat 31-Jul-10 09:42:40'll be surprised to find that a few days on low carb, you won't crave sweet stuff as much...I have a serious sweet tooth, too...and it's surprising how that diminishes. I have really enjoyed low carb so's taken away most of my sweet tooth, and I love being able to eat cheese more often (I lost a good amount of weight on WW before, but really hated giving up cheese!). It can get a little bit monotonous, but I actually feel less restricted on this diet...because I can eat when I'm hungry rather than having to wait for a meal, iyswim.

That said, I did not have a successful food night at all last night! Went to a party and though I did fine at the meal, when the puddings came out, I went a little mad. Thing is, I didn't really WANT any of them...I was purely eating them because they were there. Don't know what was going on...I've spent a few months now working through emotional/compulsive eating issues, so don't really know what all that was about.

But, this morning, I had a lovely, healthy breakfast, and am just trying to be gentle with onwards I go!

febes Sun 01-Aug-10 08:44:46

I feel a bit blurgh today too. I haven't cheated as such but had chinese on friday night and left overs for lunch yesterday and I thought I choose well (peking duck and twice cooked pork) but there must have been a load of sugar in the sauce as my stomach is ballooned and I feel down and demotivated. I haven't been able to weigh in as Boots machine is out of order (again). My DH is away for work and only back late tomorrow as I have had DCs since thursday and they are beginning to try my nerves now.
I have a wedding next weekend and wanted to be down my first stone by then but at the moment I don't feel like that will happen (not sure though as haven't weighed for more than 10 days).
I am in size 18 tops and dresses now (was size 22) and am still wearing my old jeans but they are feeling at least a size too big. My TOT are size 18 and they don't fit yet so I don't want to buy anymore until they fit me.
I too struggle to believe that I will reach my goal- I want to get to 12 stone and /or size 14 clothes and then see how I feel then. I am 5'10" so any smaller and would look odd I think.
Well the positives are I feel much better physically than I have since having the DCs and I love this WOE and don't feel like I'm missing out so I guess I'll just have to keep going and believe that it will work if I stick to it.

EveWasFramed72 Sun 01-Aug-10 15:45:37

Sorry you're feeling a bit blurgh, febes. But, you've done so well...even if you've not lost the whole stone by next weekend, you've still managed to drop a size...that's fab!

Hang in there...a couple of meals won't hurt your progress, just continue eating well again, and you'll feel better in no time!

febes Sun 01-Aug-10 19:07:27

I take it all back. I weighed in this afternoon and I lossed the 4 lbs so 1 stone in all. I am so happy!!!! I am going to treat my feet to a pedicure during the week. Onwards and downwardsxxx

shortandsweet2 Sun 01-Aug-10 20:22:59

Well I have well and truely fallen off the wagon today. Start again tomorrrow

Well done febes thats a great loss.

cyrilsneer Sun 01-Aug-10 22:40:08

Well done febes! Round of applause for you.

Shortandsweet - just start again tomorrow. New day, new week, fresh start. No-one can stick to a diet completely perfectly - you've just got to get back in the saddle and put it behind you. You can do it!

My news is that my appetite seems to have diminished. I love not feeling starving or having low blood sugar levels - this WOE is great for me for this reason, amongst others.

Went out for supper with Mr Sneer last night and had lots of delicious wine but I'm not going to stress about this - I was really good with the food I chose and had a decaff cappuccino instead of a pudding.

Been good today too.

See you tomorrow. X

MissWooWoo Mon 02-Aug-10 10:03:39

<pops head round door>

morning all mind if I hop over from the Dukan thread to this one? Have been Dukaning for a couple of weeks and am now switching to low carb with a few pure protein days (dukan) and low GI days thrown in for good measure.

Weighed in this morning just under 13 stone and would like to get down to my "best weight ever" of 9 st 10 by my 40th in December.

Right, off to Asda to stock up on, er, salad hmm

peachespaige Mon 02-Aug-10 11:35:46

Hello all.
Bigs conratulations on your weight losses.

I have a very long winded, confused bunch of questions which I really hope you can answer.

Ok I have been following weight watchers and have lost quite a bit of weight but I am going on holiday in 2 weeks and then when I get back am getting married 12 days later..... So I have a dress ordered which will be slightly tight or will just fit now. If I gain weight on holiday (very likely) then I may not lose enough in those 12 days before I get married.
So I was thinking.... if I do the induction which Ive done before and lost between 7 andd 9 pounds, before the holiday, then I can afford to gain that back on holiday and will technically be the same weight when I get back as I am now.

Do you think that if I then went back to doing my weight watchers after the holday I can lose a bit more or will it make me gain as its a very different way of eating??
I dont want to do the atkins when I get back as it can give me bad skin so I dont want to get married covered in spots...

Did any of that make sense??

I sound completely mad.

Please help...

febes Mon 02-Aug-10 13:02:20

Peaches that sounds a bit confusing and it may mess up your metabolism to switch WOE in such a short space of time.

Can you not do a 2 week low carb induction (no sugar, no booze, no caffine, protein + salad/greens + good fats, water, suppliments) before you go on holiday and then while on holiday stick to the rules as much a possible but allow some booze (vod and sod if poss) but avoid the sugar and bad carbs. I wouldn't think you would put on anything if you are careful. By the time of your wedding you should be feeling great. Get yourself the Idiot proof diet because my skin is really good so no break out like on Atkins(?).

Ewe Mon 02-Aug-10 16:32:17

Hi all,

Can I join? Just finished reading IPD and started on it today, have done atkins before but often fall off of wagon due to booze! Decided I am just going to let myself have the odd vodka and slimline tonic, better that than just saying sod it and drinking wine/champagne!

I have a friends wedding on 2nd October and I am doing a reading, I would really like to have lost at least 20lbs by then so that is my short-term goal.

cyrilsneer Tue 03-Aug-10 09:15:14

A big welcome and hello to you new-comers! X

I've had a couple of days where I've mostly been on/ track but Last night I caved in and had some blueberries and raspberries with some Greek yog and a little drizzle of maple syrup. I then had two of my daughter's home/made cinnamon biscuits.

Never mind - I shall keep ploughing onwith the plan. I'm not going to weigh myself until Friday and that will be two weeks exactly since I started.

Hopefully I will have lost a smidge more weight to add to last week's triumphant five pound loss and then I can start throwing my bikinis in the case!

Have a great day everyone. X

cyrilsneer Tue 03-Aug-10 22:27:27

Where are all you low carb gals?...

Well I'm still plugging away although not very strictly, it must be said.

Today was:

B cheesy scrambled eggs
L chicken salad
D chicken salad with salsa and guacamole

However, on a non-low-carb note, I also had an apple, some cantaloupe and raspberries and two glasses of Sauvignon blanc.

I am so far away from Atkins/ IPD but I'm eating reasonably healthily, I think, and I do feel a little slimmer. We'll have to see what the scales say on Friday!

MissWooWoo Wed 04-Aug-10 01:05:19

still here ...anyone else find this dieting malarky messes with their sleep? think I will eat some yoghurt and see if that helps.

Pure protein day today

B: 2 hard boiled eggs
L: ham, turkey
D: tuna and cottage cheese, prawns

slight blip yesterday as couldn't resist sunday's left over potatoes (^boiled^ obviously not shock roasted) to go with my chicken casserole but other than that a very good low carb day.

mmmwine Wed 04-Aug-10 16:40:17

How's your week going everyone? Have to say so far so good, I'm not following a certain plan as such, but have cut out all bread/pots/pasta/cakes/biscuits etc. I'm still having fruit and veg because I think its ridiculous to say you can't eat things that come out of the ground! Have been doing well sticking to it, lots of eggs, cheese, fish/chicken. To satisfy my sweet tooth I have some total yoghurt, a tsp of honey and sprinkle some almonds on and it's heavenly. Have had the odd glass of wine oops but you only live once.

Anyway official WI day isn't til Friday but I had a sneak peek this morning and have lost 2lbs! Fingers crossed for the next 8 hours!

Good luck everyone, keep ploughing on

febes Wed 04-Aug-10 17:45:27

I have been hung over today and despite a trip to greggs this morning with DH I only had a water while he had a bacon butty and DCs shared a donut. Luckily I had already had breakfast so resisted.

Have had to snack today but stuck to low carb so my only sin is alcohol blush.

B: bacon and left over aubergine parmigiana
L: chilli bake
D: spanish chicken, cauli mash and salad

S: 2 slices of cheddar cheese, packet of pork crackling, 2 decaf coffees with cream

ABitBatty Thu 05-Aug-10 10:23:57

Hi Low Carbers

I've been AWOL due to the dc having their annual sojourn to grandma's house. It's the first time she has had all three so we went out everynight.

Have eaten out at Nandos (chicken wings + ratatouille), t

Spice Quarter in Leeds - this is a buffet place with Indian, Chinese, Thai and Italian. You put your choices on a plate and the chefs cook it in front of you. I just took my best guesses and had mainly curries and salad. I felt full to bursting though afterwards which wasn't very nice!

Last night we ate at Chiquitos, which is a place I've avoided becasue of all the tacos and tortillas but I had chicken wings (hot) and lamb casa with extra fajita veg instead of mash/fries. I read somewhere that if anything comes with a glaze or a sauce then the hotter the better carb wise becasue things like BBQ and sweet chilli are loaded with sugar.

Had about 15 Gin & Tonics over the three days too grin

Weighed myself this morning and I've stayed the same, so I am pleased about that because I have felt like I have overeaten.

Scan bran and sliced turkey breast for lunch today with a sugar free jelly.

Sorry for the essay!!

MissWooWoo Thu 05-Aug-10 11:04:30

I appear to be stuck at just below 13 stone, which is soooooooooooo frustrating as have been eating nothing but protein for the last 2 days. Annoyed!

EveWasFramed72 Thu 05-Aug-10 11:50:23

I've hit a plateau, too...still at a 6 pound loss, but have been that way for almost 2 weeks! Have started exercising a bit more, and I actually had to add a little bit of carb...high bran cereal for breakfast...I was eating eggs twice a day most days, and getting a little fed up! Hopefully, it won't make a huge difference, and it must be good carb, because I don't feel starving for lunch.

So...still carrying on...very impressed with batty for trying to stick to it while away for the weekend! Well done, and staying the same is really good if you feel like you indulged lots!

MissWooWoo Thu 05-Aug-10 16:58:36

I've just had some good advice from the ladies over on the Dukan thread regarding plateau-ing, more water and more exercise seems to be the way to go, oh and a few more days sticking to PP. I'm feeling more positive today so that should see me through

febes Thu 05-Aug-10 17:57:20

Well I just got back from Boots and according to their scales I have put on 4lbs sad. That can't be right can it?? They have had them fixed so maybe this is my true weight??
Am going to stick to the Trousers of Truth instead of the damn scales

MissWooWoo Thu 05-Aug-10 19:11:48

Trousers of Truth ... I love that!

you know, that's probably a good idea ... I've got a fair few pairs like that so will dig them out and hop into them every now and then, esp when the scales are being obstinate smile.

Good tip febes

febes Thu 05-Aug-10 20:02:20

Mine are pre-kids jeans that I loved but haven't worn in 4 years. They used to get stuck at my thighs and now can just do up (if I lie on the bed and breathe in blush)I'm going to try them on every week and wait until the are fitting nicely and then buy some smaller, sexier trousers of truthsmile!!

mmmwine Fri 06-Aug-10 13:00:09

And the scales said... 1.5lb lost after the first week. Hmm. Was expecting more but AF started today so maybe something to do with it? Oh well!

MissWooWoo Fri 06-Aug-10 13:20:54

I think AF has a lot to do with it mmmwine so chin up, carry on and hopefully by the end of the next week you'll see a big difference. 1.5lbs is a step in the right direction smile

still stuck at just under 13 here, can't blame AF as mine's not due for another week ... but did a quick measure and it would appear I have lost half an each from each thigh and my waist. Am hopping on scales as soon as I've had a poo ... whenever the hell that might be

<taps foot impatiently>

mmmwine Fri 06-Aug-10 18:38:39

I hope so MissWooWoo, I have 2.5lbs to reach the 11 stone barrier, I'd love to do it next week but we'll have to see!

Soo errr did you have your poo?!

I've been really good today, another day done, feeling positive! And I'm not going out this weekend so won't be tempted by any wine/midnight munchies!!

MissWooWoo Fri 06-Aug-10 19:13:54

hallelujah! yes I did thanks mmmwine, and scales now saying that I'm 12 stone 13 so that's a weight loss of about half a pound, although poo was very titchy and definately did not weigh 1/2 lb so not sure how that works

disclaimer: I did not weigh poo

Ewe Fri 06-Aug-10 19:51:12

Ok so I started doing this on Monday, weighed in this evening because I am feeling crap and have been all week, my tummy hurts. I feel like everything is just sitting in my stomach and sloshing around in copious amounts of water undigested. I feel yuck.

And I have lost 13lbs! shock I just don't even understand how?! Now I really want to stick with it but I don't know if I can stand feeling like this for much longer. Anyone else have a crappy first week and now feel ok?

mmmwine Tue 10-Aug-10 11:11:03

I think you feel crap cos it's your blood sugar level getting back to normal? (or something)... I didn't think it was possible but Evewasframed was right, my sweet-tooth cravings just seem to have disappeared! 13lbs is fantastic Ewe, keep on it and see how you do this week, hopefully another loss ad you'll start to feel better too?

Things going ok for me though last night I caved and had a bowl of cereal - was late and couldn't be bothered to make anything else. ahh well one won't kill me!

EveWasFramed72 Tue 10-Aug-10 15:54:50

Ooohh...I'm glad you've found that, too mmmwine!! I really can't believe it!

nikki1978 Tue 10-Aug-10 16:00:27

I have been on and off this for the last two weeks so am back now as I have 45 days to go to lose as much as I can for an event with loads of old friends (shallow but hey grin)

Am at 11st 9 and today have eaten:-

B: Bacon and eggs
L: Awesome salad of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, beetroot, salmon fillet, cripsy bacon bits and homemade blue cheese dressing (finally found a dressing I like!)

I am completely stuffed still after lunch! Dinner will probably be a pork chop and some runner beans.

I am doing my Davina DVD tonight too.

I don't miss carbs at all and feel a bit rough when I have them now so am finding it easier than expected. Have just struggled as we have been out loads for the summer hols and with no picnic there has been little/no choice for me.

Hope you are all getting on ok. My goal is to lose at least a stone in the next 6 weeks. Fingers crossed!

EveWasFramed72 Wed 11-Aug-10 13:37:38

Can you pass on the blue cheese dressing recipe, please, nikki?? LOVE it...would love to make my own! Thanks...and good luck!

nikki1978 Wed 11-Aug-10 14:16:34

Hi Eve,

Well it is more of a concoction of my own making so I can't tell you exact amounts. I use lots of mayo (full fat of course) then a few tablespoons of sour cream plus a large bit of blue cheese and some black pepper. I would say I use 50% mayo, 25% sour cream, 25% blue cheese but you might want to play with the amounts to get the strength you want. The one I do is pretty strong and I was using Roquefort.

So this was my menu yesterday - can anyone tell me if this is ok for Atkins?

B: Bacon and eggs (no carbs right?)
L: Salmon fillet, half bag sweet crunchy salad (4.5g carbs), 2 tablespoons blue cheese dressing (0.5g carbs), crumbled up crispy bacon, shredded red cabbage and beetroot (5 g carbs)
D: Mince beef with some fajita seasoning (3.5g carbs), 1 tablespoon mayo, 20g cheddar cheese, half bag salad (4.5g carbs)

So I am at about the 20g carbs I should be having for induction I think (give or take as I am approximating things like the red cabbage and beetroot and the dressing).

Did my Davina and I acchhhhheeee!!

MissWooWoo Thu 12-Aug-10 10:45:31

morning all how is everyone doing? Weighed myself yesterday and was down to to 12 st 12 so pleased with that as have been low carbing rather than no carbing.

Planned to have a PP day yesterday with a firm resolve of no booze on my night out, all well until I stepped in the pub ... 1 glass of wine, 3 and half pints and a double vodka and tonic later I found myself at the local Turkish restaurant stuffing hummous, big chunks of meat (so far so low carb) but also had pitta bread and ahem chips. Gah! Feeling very hungover today and have eaten 2 biscuits with my cup of tea. I think I will have to write today off, especially as I am about to get my period too.

nikki1978 know what you mean about not missing carbs (except when er drunk/hungover) I never thought I could get through a day without bread but now I actually look forward to a lunch that isn't a sandwich. odd!

Ewe 13lbs is bloody amazing - you must be thrilled!

nikki1978 Thu 12-Aug-10 20:19:05

Another good day today. Cheese omelette for breakfast, salmon salad for lunch and am just cooking my dinner of two large bratwurst with runner beans and cheese sauce (made with double cream, cheddar, butter and mustard). I bought the bratwurst as they are only 1g carb per sausage and they are very big ones! Will let you know if they are any good after I have eaten.

This is the first diet I have been on where I am not hungry between lunch and dinner as lunch is so filling!

Weigh in not until Tuesday so will keep you posted....

nikki1978 Thu 12-Aug-10 21:32:31

Just for your into bratwurst are fecking delicious! Found them in Tescos with the frankfurters. 1g carb each - bloody genius!

EveWasFramed72 Thu 12-Aug-10 21:33:48

Hi all,
Thanks for the recipe...I prefer those sorts of 'stick stuff together til it tastes right' recipes, so will give it a try!!

I am doing TERRIBLY. I'm a little unmotivated, because no matter what I do, I seem to be 'stuck' at this 6 lbs loss. AND...I'm getting BORED. I don't mind giving up bread...that's not hard, but breakfast is getting unbearable, and I think I've gone through about 70 eggs in 3 weeks!! I need to exercise a bit more, too...I know that's a lot of my problem.

Anyway...hoping to just get a bit more motivated now and keep on...hope you're all having a good week!

mmmwine Mon 16-Aug-10 16:02:53

How are we all getting on? I've been away for a few days and totally OD'd on wine, pizza, garlic bread... you know what though I think I preferred my low-carb diet, how odd is that! But I wasn't really able to be all fussy about it so just enjoyed indilging! Back on the wagon today though hope you've all had a good weekend!

nikki1978 Tue 17-Aug-10 14:32:35

Hi, well I weighed in this morning and am down to 11st 7 so 3.75lbs of in the first week which is fine but I expected a bit more tbh. But then I was low carbing for 3 weeks before this but cocking up every weekend and putting it back on again so I have probably screwed my metabolism up! Still struggling to be bothered to exercise as am so tired each evening from looking after the kids - will be easier when they are back at school.

Feel like I am eating too much (although I am just eating 3 meals and not snacking).

EveWasFramed72 Wed 18-Aug-10 08:20:54

I've given up, sort of. Still trying to do some low carb stuff, but was so bored of doing it for so many weeks in a row. Now I'm eating more wholegrains, and 'good' carbs...don't think I'm losing any weight, but I'm definitely eating less. Once I start work next week and get busy, I'm hoping that will help a little...I need to exercise as well!

Hope you all continue to be successful!

MissWooWoo Wed 18-Aug-10 18:44:55

I'm given up too, but only because I have just found out I'm pregnant, very early days so we shall see ... fingers and toes crossed. Think I am going to try and stick to a low GI 80% of the time and try and keep things in "check" - no way do I want to gain 4.5 stone again like last time.

Good luck everyone, thanks for all the support over the last few weeks smile

EveWasFramed72 Wed 18-Aug-10 20:10:46

Hooray Miss Woo Woo!!! excuse in the world to throw off dieting. Eat healthy, but eat lots of lovely stuff, too.

I hope baby is 'sticky' and your pregnancy goes really well.

HinnyPet Wed 18-Aug-10 20:24:20

Hi, I went from 13st to just under 11 from January to May. Was really chuffed with myself, went from size 18 to a 12-14z
However I've put on about 1/2 stone since then, mainly cos I'm back to eating pizza, pasta and bread. The eating salad for lunch has gone oot the window as I was so bored with it! I've also started eating cereal for breakfast instead of having an Atkins breakfast bar.
Which would you cut down on/ give up on/ re start first?

mmmwine Thu 19-Aug-10 15:05:38

Hi hinnypet, what worked for you back in Jan, can you remember what you started to do first and what gave the results?

I think i'd start by cutting out the cereal and having a low-carb breakfast. I think by having carbs in the morning you are setting yourself up for a craving later on in the day, and so you get into this circle. If you had a low-carb/atkins breakfast then not only will you be eliminating the blood sugar high, but you're also more likely to stick to a low carb lunch on the basis that you started out the day so well, so why not carry on being 'good', if you know what I mean!

Remember even though you've put 0.5st back on, you've managed to keep off 1.5st, which is brilliant so well done and good luck with getting back on track

fatheadsgirl Thu 19-Aug-10 20:35:16

Hi all,

Lost 9lb on my first was over the moon. Then went to see my family and cause my stepmum worries so much, couldn't cut out carbs there so have put it all back on. Have indulged in two cheesecakes tonight in preperation for New low/no carb start for tomorrow smile

HinnyPet Fri 20-Aug-10 00:59:52

Lo carb breakfast it is.
I'll try again tomorrow, we have to take it a day at a time

cyrilsneer Sat 21-Aug-10 08:00:40

Hi everyone - I'm back after two weeks.

We went to Greece where I started out having omelettes for breakfast and Greek salad for lunch and grilled protein for supper. I even joined in some aerobics and stretch classes in the hotel. However, I became less virtuous as the week went on.

We got home a week ago and Mr Sneer had this second week off work too. I think I felt so depressed at being home from holiday. For one blissful week, I did not have to think aboutwashing/ironing/ shopping/ cooking/ cleaning/ running errands... And then was plunged back into it. Back down to earth with a bang.

I've mentally thought I would do "whatever" to get through this week and then weigh myself and start again when Mr Sneer hoes back to work on Monday.

Tortington Sat 21-Aug-10 08:05:34

hiya everyone, just wanted to tell you about black farmer sausages - they are ridiculously low in carbs they are big and fat

also black farmers daughter chippolatas - a whole packet 3 carbs ...shit you not.

i took em to work in a lunchbox with sundried tomatoes and oregano and twas delish.

cyrilsneer Sat 21-Aug-10 08:07:21

(continuation of last post)...

However, all of my lot are off to a festival today and I have a whole day to myself so I've decided not to wait any longer.

The bad news is that I have put all the weight back on plus two pounds. I am 10st 10 today. Damn!

The good news is that I am all set to start low-carbing again and I am planning on doing a step class today. I am also going to get my nails done and have bought myself Red magazine.
Today's plan:
B - cheesy scrambled eggs
L - supermarket chicken and salad
S - dinner party at a friend's. Will just have to do the best I can...

ABitBatty Sun 22-Aug-10 10:40:28

I got some of those sausages from Morrisons last week, tried both - both delicious!

We are going camping tomorrow in Norfolk and the nearest supermarket to us is Morrisons so I will be stocking up!

I am the lightest I have been since before Xmas so I am chuffed! I seem to be losing between 2lb a week now again, after a massive stall since March-ish.

Onwards and downwards (the scales!)

cyrilsneer Mon 23-Aug-10 14:02:20

I'll have to check out those Black Farmer sausages too.

Well done ABitBatty, on your continuing weight loss. How lovely to be able to say that you are the lightest you've been since before Christmas.

My first day back on the wagon (Saturday) went well until I was served a piece of the most amazing home-made lemon tart at my friend's supper party...

Still, since then I have been ploughing on. On Sunday I was good all day and today (day three) I weighed myself (10st 8 again - 2lbs of the massive 7lb holiday gain gone) and will be low-carbing all day.

B - cheesey scrambled eggs
L- supermarket chicken salad
D - Grilled lamb with roasted vine tomatoes and salad

Snacks - nuts, celery and philly and decaff cappuccinos

Cyril x

jollytummywobbles Wed 25-Aug-10 17:11:51

Can I join? I am in day 7 of induction (from the old Atkins diet). LC worked brilliantly for me in the past; have tried other things since having my son, and nothing's worked at all, so I am back on the LC bandwaggon.

Coming back from holiday last week, I'd reached 13 stone exactly (eek). I've been really good this week, not counting calories, keeping under or around 20g carbs a day.

My pre-preg weight was 12st 4lb, I got back down to that before holiday. I'd love to get to under 12 stone, haven't been there for about 6 years!

I've also fought the urge to weigh myself regularly; I usually do so about 4 times a day and have been for years blush- I think sometimes I sabotage myself along the way doing that. I've managed to avoid the scales since I weighed myself last Thursday, and it's taken a lot of willpower, far more than low-carbing itself!

jollytummywobbles Thu 26-Aug-10 07:31:20

Well I weighed myself this morning, and I'd lost 6lb in my first induction week. It's good, but when I very first did induction (10 years ago), I think I lost 10lb. But I suppose I had more to lose then!

Carrying on in induction this week, although I have 2 days at my PIL this week which will scupper things with regards to the weight loss, as I'll have to eat "normally". I'd like to lose 4lb this week, but I think it'll be 2lb due to the impending visit...

mmmwine Thu 26-Aug-10 09:10:11

I have been doing very badly this week for one reason and another, so am expecting a gain tomorrow. I don't understand how it's possible to put on 3lb in a week just by eating some bread and biscuits, but i bet I will have done! angry

HinnyPet Thu 26-Aug-10 14:53:38

Locarb breakfast it is. Been eating Atkins morning bars which seem to fill me up ok, with a coffee.
Problem I have now is that I've had a tummy bug, and after everything I eat I feel hideously sick!
I have managed tomato soup at tea time for the past three days along with the odd cuppa, and today I tried an omelette for lunch and I'm sitting here feeling like death
Drinking water reappears (sorry tmi) so I dunno what to try next!!

Sorry for whinge, hope you're all getting on ok!
I personally can't wait for a huge americano with cream and Victoria sponge from m&s!! My weekly treat

HinnyPet Thu 26-Aug-10 14:55:08

Locarb breakfast it is. Been eating Atkins morning bars which seem to fill me up ok, with a coffee.
Problem I have now is that I've had a tummy bug, and after everything I eat I feel hideously sick!
I have managed tomato soup at tea time for the past three days along with the odd cuppa, and today I tried an omelette for lunch and I'm sitting here feeling like death
Drinking water reappears (sorry tmi) so I dunno what to try next!!

Sorry for whinge, hope you're all getting on ok!
I personally can't wait for a huge americano with cream and Victoria sponge from m&s!! My weekly treat

HinnyPet Thu 26-Aug-10 14:56:00

Oops sorry blush

mmmwine Mon 13-Sep-10 15:25:30

woo it's quiet here! how's everyone doing?

magpumpkin Wed 15-Sep-10 19:33:18

hi guys, wonder if you wise ladies can help me out please? I am trying to get my head around low carb/atkins. I have a few questions to ask -
1 - what sausages can I use? can I have matthessons ones? what about cooked mini sausages from the supermarket?
2-what can I marinate my meat in? soy sauce, worcester sauce?
3 -My salad consists of - lettuce, onions Red & white, radishes, peppers - meat.Can I have beetroot?, coleslaw, salad dressing?
4 - Can I have coffee or does it have to be decaff?
5 - I understand I can have jelly 7 full fat cream? is that right and how much?
Sorry for the questions. Your posts have helped me so far, I hope you can help me still. thanks

SMummyS Wed 03-Nov-10 12:32:42

How's everyone getting on? I'm starting this and wanted to know who everyone had done

Dottiespots Mon 12-Nov-12 03:07:51

Hi.....Im starting back as well. Started today. Im doing it a) to lose weight b) cause I dont do well with wheat and lo carb stops my ibs. So if your still here, can we do it together please.....

lottie63 Mon 12-Nov-12 05:58:05

Am starting low carbs too? Are we the only ones? Is there a new thread I m missing?

Dottiespots Tue 13-Nov-12 02:12:44

Thats what I was wondering. There was a thread "Low carb for those not doing bootcamp"....but I cant find where it moved on to.

GreatExpectations2012 Tue 13-Nov-12 03:04:37

I was looking for a thread too but couldn't find one. I've been low-carbing for 6 weeks and lost 5kg so far. I'm planning for another 6 weeks before Christmas and need some support to stay on course.

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