The cycle of life

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knightofalbion Mon 14-Nov-11 10:36:25

When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfefed with by man, you will see not only abundant life all around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that the decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn't to be found anywhere. Thnere is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this?

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal

- Eckhart Tolle (From 'Stillness Speaks')

Life is a school. We incarnate on earth to learn and to advance the soul.
Death is, quite simply, 'going home'.

Do not be afraid of death. There is nothing to fear.

For anyone in need of comfort and reassurance, or those in search of knowledge on the topic of survival of the spirit, I recommend the following books:

On Death and Dying by Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Glimpses of Eternity by Dr Raymond Moody
The Art of Dying by Dr Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick

For the more enquiring mind, I would also highly recommend a classic of British spiritualist literature 'The Golden Key' by Percy Welsford.

"Why have most of those who went through a near-death experience lost their fear of death? Reflect upon this"
- Eckhart Tolle

knightofalbion Fri 05-Apr-13 13:35:55

Dying is as natural as birth
- Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

knightofalbion Tue 24-Sep-13 20:36:06

An atheist underwent a NDE and returned a changed person...

YouTube 'Atheist reunites with her dead Grandmother - NDE'

knightofalbion Mon 14-Apr-14 23:45:12

Marie-Clare Hubert, a nurse who had a NDE was she was hospitalised with meningitis, went through a 'tunnel' and emerged to find dead family members, former patients and even long-dead pets.
Now she says, "I know for certain that we meet our loved ones again eventually. Its made me a better person and I try to do at least five kind things a a day for other people"
-From 'The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences' by Dr Penny Sartori

knightofalbion Mon 21-Apr-14 21:03:56

What is it like to have a NDE? This will explain ...

knightofalbion Fri 22-Aug-14 18:43:44

Having a NDE awakened and changed me in so many ways. It also brought me to full understanding that nobody is here on earth 'by accident', that we each have a purpose, something we came here to do in this lifetime, before we return 'home'.
When I look at the world, it seems that more and more humans are living out their lives as if their sole purpose is to 'get', rather than concentrating on their soul purpose .... which is to give
- Jules Lyons

ssd Fri 22-Aug-14 21:34:49

I believe this too

since my mum died I've just known she is still there, with my dad.

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