things you did when a child that your parents would have gone spare at. had they known

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hatwoman Thu 05-Mar-09 14:07:07

that thread about the things our parents did got me thinking about the things I did.

I used to play on a building site. we used to make dens in these huge mounds of soil and rubble. we'd find bits of ply or wood and make tunnels and roofs shock.

Play in the totally derelict eaves above the virtually derelict milking shed in the farm next door, daylight seeping through every crack and hole in the floor. rats and mice all over the place shock

clamber over and play on the rusty abandoned tractors in same farm. not so bad but not great either

harass our neighbours by "spying" on them. sneaking into their overgrown garden and prying through their windows before running away giggling and screaming

I once let myself out of the house at 7 years old in the middle of the night. I got a chair to unlock the door etc. I did confess that to my mum about 6 months ago and rather than go spare she was horrified and felt neglegent.

I didnt dare tell her that every night for about three years, once i'd been put to bed i would sit at the top of the stairs and wait til i heard her going to bed before creeping to my own bed. i was scared she was going to leave in the night so sat up to check she was still in the house sad

but i also used to make fires in bushes with old magazines and dried leaves with my friends. And i once got my little brother to steal sweets for me. blush he got caught too and never told on me!

georgiemum Thu 05-Mar-09 14:16:08

Climb onto roof (we had a 3 floor house) and watch them look for us in the garden.

Go on 'expeditions' to the gravel pit and canal

Play with next doors horse

Tamarto Thu 05-Mar-09 14:17:44

Abandon my brother at the top of the street to make his own way to school grin

played on building site until we were chased by security and on rail way tracks..
I also used to at the age of 7/8 jump off garages!

hatwoman Thu 05-Mar-09 14:21:30

I'd forgotten about climbing on roofs. only flat ones though. db used to smoke on the kitchen roof while mum was in the kitchen.

CalicoRabbitPleaseNotStanley Thu 05-Mar-09 14:21:41

Played down the canal. Although my mother did tell me recently that she taught herself to swim in same said canal.shock

nailpolish Thu 05-Mar-09 14:22:43

play chickenelly

abandon my brother at home while i went out with my friends - he had a full leg cast after breaking his leg and he couldnt go to the toilet or get a drink for himself without my help blush i bribed him not to tell mum with a bag of chips
i also thought it was funny to tickle his foot whilst he had this cast on

oops sorry bro

wear my sensible shoes to school but when around the corner from the house change into 2 inch stilettos and hitch school skirt up and apply lippy

later on in life - take drugs and snog unsavoury boys

beanieb Thu 05-Mar-09 14:24:43

Went skating on the lake (without skates) and into the old church which we were told not to.

Made 'poison' and tried to get a 'friend' to drink it (Actually my dad did find out and went nuts).

lljkk Thu 05-Mar-09 14:25:23

Lots of illegal drugs. blush

Gosh, I thought my brother and I were bad, but some of these are great.
For the record, we used to spray aerosol cans and set light to them shock
Put stuff in the mircrowave until it exploded.
Take all the brakes and other 'unnecessary' stuff off ours bikes so that it would go faster and then go downhill straight out onto a busy road!
Play over the rec ALL the time, even though we weren't supposed to be there.

pagwatch Thu 05-Mar-09 14:28:08

We made a circuit for our bikes which ended with a really really hard sharpe turn. If you didn't make it you went in the river - right at the wier shock
at same river we used to play chicken swimming ( when we told parents we were just messing about in the baby pool) and the one who swan furthest towrads the wier without being sucked to their death won.

nailpolish Thu 05-Mar-09 14:29:54

my friend put on a pair of marigolds and wanked off her border collie for a dare
her parents found out though and did go spare

Marne Thu 05-Mar-09 14:31:56

Drank Vodka with my cousin at the age of 8 whilst her parents were in bed (it tasted horrid).

Whilst playing up the road with my brother and his friend they told me to chuck a stone at these two girls, i thought 'oh well' and lobed the stone splitting the girls head open shock, i was only 7 or 8 and thought i had no chance of actually hitting her.

My brother used to climb out the upstairs window on to the ledge and into the other window (it was a row of 3 windows, so climbed around the middle one IYKWIM).

Shop lifted from the local shops, my dad was very well known in our village and knew all the shop keepers so would have gone mad if he knew.

Hide from the school bus and them make out the bus didn't turn up.

Had sex at 14.

Took drugs at 14.

Rhubarb Thu 05-Mar-09 14:32:53

Me and my brother used to start fires in peoples garages on the way to school.

mrsmaidamess Thu 05-Mar-09 14:34:10

My friend did a poo in a bucket in the static caravan which was parked on her drive. Then she tipped it out the window.

I stole a gold locket from a bedroom at a party when I was about 5. I then asked the birthday girls Mum to put it on for me! I was sooo overcome with guilt on the way home I dropped it down the drain.

QOD Thu 05-Mar-09 14:34:54

Played INSIDE the little fenced off DANGER OF DEATH area with the electricity pylon thingy in it!
It was all tidy and nice with lovely stones, we used to climb in and just play....... high fence, hooked over top but we were intrepid!

Jux Thu 05-Mar-09 14:39:37

The house next door was empty for years after the old man who had lived in it died. We used to push through the hedge of our back garden into his. Someone had broken the glass in his back door so you could open it (being careful of huge chunks of broken glass sticking out) and play inside.

The house was huge - at least 4 big rooms per floor and 3 floors, plus basement. Fantastic.

After about 5 years they put scaffolding up all round it and we used to climb up the scaffolding on to the roof.

After that, they pulled the house down and cleared the garden and it became a building site. We used to play there after lunch on Sundays. I remember my big bro starting up this tractor/digger type thing and me and little bro jumping on and us all driving around up and down sand dunes; until a policeman appeared and took us back next door and told our parents!

nailpolish Thu 05-Mar-09 14:40:37

lol @ Jux!

mrsmaidamess Thu 05-Mar-09 14:41:51

We used to find porno mags on the building site at the end of my road and keep them in a secret place to look at them later.

You just don't find porno mags blowing around the place like you used to, do you?

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 05-Mar-09 14:43:00

when db was about 10 and I was about 5, we used to ride full speed down an extremely steep hill on the back of an old tricycle which didn't have brakes (he sat and I held on standing up behind him). There was a bump in the road that usually stopped us but sometimes we were going so fast we just continued on and shot out in to a busy junction ....

Rhubarb Thu 05-Mar-09 14:44:04

maidamess - you don't do you? There used to be a special bush in the park where we knew we could find stacks of porno stuff. And like you say, sometimes pages of naked women would just blow into our garden!

Shoshe Thu 05-Mar-09 14:44:55

Throw thundercrackers into the disused air raid shelter at the end of the road...........while my younger brother were in there blush .........well he was always being Drama Queen, gave them something to really cry at [shrugs] blush (we are really close now honest)

mrsmaidamess Thu 05-Mar-09 14:45:10

Yes same here! Always under a bush down the alley..

Ahhh, happy days.

mrsmaidamess That's the internet for you, no fun any more!

Yeh childhood was great.
Never stayed where I was supposed to , went on the wander from the age of 3.
Never came home for dinner etc.
Went out early weekend morning and didn't come home until late at night. Sometimes the night after.
Nicked a steamroller at 11, friends uncle had to jump on to stop it.LOL
Had a few rides in cars doing 360's, wheel spinning and all that.
Went round the streets on a dodgy motorbike.
Took a police car for a spin at 13.
Sex, acid, tac and alcohol at 13.
Wagging school, telephone chat lines, pierceings, shop lift, pegging, racking, wandering the streets at 3ish in the morning, nicking milk and meeting the greggsys van for a midnight freebie. Going to the all night garage and sitting yaking in the park, graffiti and hellish police chases.
One night I didn't get in until 3 and my mam had a fit shouting where have you been. How do I tell her we wernt supposed to be in this lads house and his mam came home early so we had to sneek out.
Went on to have tattoos, all night raves, take E and speed. Cut down on alcohol, then drugs and am now rather plain.

TigersEnglandChick Thu 05-Mar-09 14:46:59

I can think of several but the one that came to mind first was when DB and I used to make 'George's Marvellous Medicine' typ concoctions. We'd make one out of 'edible' stuff then dare each other to try it (peppercorns, milk powder, baking soda, food dye etc) and we'd make a non-edible one.(bleach, bubble bath, pledge etc) It's a miracle we never gassed ourselves!!

Off to read what the rest of you got up to now ...

Tamarto Thu 05-Mar-09 14:47:24

I'd forgotten about random picture of naked women flying about on a windy day, that is long gone, along with white dog poop. sad

piratecat Thu 05-Mar-09 14:48:13

nick booze from the G Plan drinks cabinet, pour it in to an army flask and go over the fields and drink it?

yep that would have irked my mother!!!

mrsmaidamess Thu 05-Mar-09 14:48:16

See, kids these days don't know they're born.

climbed on garage roofs
stuck apples on the end of bamboo poles and chucked them through people's windows
and crossed railways lines - the last two activities we were encouraged and bullied to do by my much older cousin sad

piratecat Thu 05-Mar-09 14:50:10

mrsmaidamess rofl, it is TRUE. we lived on an estate inthe 70's and the workman's hut was papered with cut outs from porno mags!!!

Went to a nearby farm which had a very large lake with very steep sides. We used to go and frogspawn from the lake.

Also rode the ponies in the fields bareback and no bridles. Not our ponies either.

mrsmaidamess Thu 05-Mar-09 14:51:03

One particular image I saw whilst sitting on a pile of mud reading Razzle aged 6 is still burned onto my retinas.

georgimama Thu 05-Mar-09 14:51:04

When my cousin and I were about 11 we were allegedly going to holiday club thing for the afternoon.

We actually caught tube (she lived in Greater London) into central London.

No one ever found out.

What else ....

(getting progresively older here)


Smoking pot.

Having sex at 14.

I was quite naughty.

NormaSnorks Thu 05-Mar-09 14:51:35

Lied about staying at a friend's house and then went to all-night parties at houses where the parents were away...

Just lots of being untruthful about where I was most of the time actually blush

mrsmaidamess Thu 05-Mar-09 14:54:00

Norma I did that alot. My Mum never rang to check whether the parents were at this house I was staying at . They weren't. But older boys from the pub were....

VoodooTheOriginal Thu 05-Mar-09 14:54:26

when we were on a family holiday to a campsite in France, I'd be @ 14...there was a small stables on-site, and I was completely horse mad. After hanging round there 24/7 the two French guys who ran it asked me to go with them and a German girl to go and collect another couple of horses and walk them back. She and I hopped into their van shock and we all drove off!
Luckilly they were for real, and I walked back through some gorgeous French farmland leading a beautiful chestnut horse.
As a very careful kid, I still can't believe to this day I did that...neither could my mum at the time.

Jux Thu 05-Mar-09 15:02:59

Our house was always full of other people - itinerant relatives or friends and their families, living there for months, sometimes a year or two. One chap had two sons; I remember me, my little bro and the younger son stark naked, being 'dogs' ie sniffing each others' bums while crawling round in a circle! grin or should I blush

VoodooTheOriginal Thu 05-Mar-09 15:03:04

oh yeah, had wild parties when they were away, smoked, smoked pot in their lounge, gave dh (then dp) a bj behind my dad's fave armchair..
my sister smoked while she was in the bath!! she was much more daring.

hatwoman Thu 05-Mar-09 16:04:25

it's tough. but I think the marigold and collie have it. there are some real blinders here.

one - slightly older (about 14) near misdemeanour of mine was to hang around a particular venue the day of a Motley Crue concert to see if we could chat up some roadies and get ourselves a back stage pass. we got invited into a caravan for "coffee". after about 5 minutes it was made abundantly clear how much those back stage passes were going to cost. so I made my excuses and left. my friend stayed shock.

morningsun Thu 05-Mar-09 16:10:38

we used to go into a tunnel ? a culvert with water running thru it which went into the hillside and dare each other who could go in the most flags 17,18 ...

do gymnastics over the pipe across the canal[ee eck like]

army games on the building site

making poison potions

ouijay boards [home made]

Geepers Thu 05-Mar-09 16:12:19

I used to wee on the carpet behind the television when I couldn't be bothered to upstairs to the loo blush

fryalot Thu 05-Mar-09 16:13:22

My bro and I used to dare each other to run around the block.

In the middle of the night.

During a thunderstorm.

In our nightclothes.

We moved when I was 7 and we no longer had a block so we had to stop.

Look at the porno mags that my brother and his mates had nicked and hidden in their den that they thought us girls didn't know about.

Told dad about porno magazines and the den that the boys thought we didn't know about.

Wagged off school once, saw my mum in town and hid behind the christmas tree. I must have looked a total loon, but she never noticed me!

HensMum Thu 05-Mar-09 16:17:18

Steal coins out of my mum's purse and sneak to the corner shop to buy sweets.
I still feel ashamed about that sad

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 16:20:09

Broke up hale bays and jumped around in them blush

Played in a long empty house up the road, we used to giggle at the condoms on the floor (god knows what else was in there!?)

Let our neighbours dog out all the time. I feel awful for this too, she was an elderly widow and got so panicked.

At my Grans we would play on the coal slurry pits and amongst all the old mining machinery.

Played frogger on the M1 - twas a lot less cars but none the less .....

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 16:25:11

qod we did that too in the local electricity exchange. The fences were covered in black tar (to stop people I guess) so we'd wash of using my friends hose before going home.

beanieb Thu 05-Mar-09 16:28:54

TheDevilWearsPrimark - Me too with teh Hay bales! We used to go into the landlord's barn (He was farmer/horse breeder) and jump from the highest point into the haybales at teh bottom. I'm pretty sure they must have hated us!

HensMum I too used to take the odd 10p from my mum's purse blush I always remember the dog looking at me and feeling really guilty!

ShowOfHands Thu 05-Mar-09 16:30:38

My brother used to put a bucket on my head, make me stand at one end of the garden and threw garden implements at me. Somehow, he not only convinced me to do it but also convinced me not to tell my parents.

Also used to play on the building site near our house.

Tame in comparison.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 16:34:12

'hale bays' pmsl.

We were really norty. It was the big round ones in the fields, we'd roll them and jump on them, all the while being thrilled by older kids stories of people getting crushed under them.

Me and my brother once took coppers from my grandads copper jar. He caught us and I've never felt so sad and ashamed in my life.

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 05-Mar-09 16:34:46

ooh, loads of stuff!

piled hay up against a tree, climbed it and hurled ourselves off!

went up the 'new road', which had a ditch at the side, lay a 'trap' of a row of nuts, stones, whatever, along the road, then hid in the ditch until a car came past and went over the stuff.

Played on the pit tip - including chucking stuff into the slurry pond shock

played 'stretch' - rope swing on a tree, stream next to tree, big banking up one side. Goal was to swing as high as you could, then stick a fecking knife into the banking. The next person had to swing, get the knife, and place it higher on the banking. You were out when you could no longer get it / get it higher. Dodgy rope, water, sharp knife...God, I can't begin to list the accidents that could have happened with that one!

It's a wonder we didn't all die horrible deaths!

morningsun Thu 05-Mar-09 16:35:52

oh yeah brothers how could i forget!
they played a penknife throwing game in the garden where you had to move your feet to whereit landed
god knows why i was playing,i didn't have a knife!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 16:40:35

oh I remembered another. Aged around 10/11 we told our parents we were going jogging, we'd all meet up in pristine clothes. Then we'd instead go 'bogging' rolling around in bogs by the river, running through streams, having mud fights and come home freezing at dusk (but elated!). My mum believed me the first two times I told her I 'fell over', then put her foot down.

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Mar-09 16:59:47

-have a cigarette in the bath on a Saturday night before going out (aged 16 ish) - an old couple my parents knew used to visit every Sat. The old man religiously used to go to the bathroom for a sneaky ciggie after dinner (neither of my parents smoked but obviously realised that this old man did this as it stank) I used to have a bath straight after and lie in the bath having a crafty ciggie -it felt so naughty!

-we used to start little fires in our dens in the fields we played .

-tried to build a raft to use in a pond near us. Luckily we discovered how crap the raft was before we tried to float away on it!

-went to an all-night party after telling my parents I was staying at a friends house (she told her parents she was staying at mine)

-skive school whilst in 6th form. In between lessons you were supposed to stay in school and study. We used to sneak off to various friends houses whilst their parents were at work

-when I was at art college my friend and I would catch the train there but instead of going to college we'd go to the pub then catch the train home again

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 17:09:17

I used to smoke in the bath too. I thought they never noticed until the day they drove me to uni and my dad said 'you'll be wanting a cig then to calm your nerves'.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Mar-09 17:10:36

Oh and in 6th form we'd skive lessons and go to a pub in town. Get very drunk whilst watching the world cup with about 60 old men.

Oh dear. Until I was 14 the worst thing I ever did was take my hair out of plaits on the way to school and wear my hair held back just by a clip!! shock (It was a v strict private school though...)

Then the only other things I can think of were-

drinking vodka from the cabinet and topping it up with water.

buying one cig at a time from the school bus driver and smoking it on the way to school.

drinking at parties!! OMG!! shock shock]

I was SUCH a good girl.....

piratecat Thu 05-Mar-09 17:48:37

i had a fag in the bath too!!! my mum smoked, but never in the bathroom. HOW did i think i could get away with it!!!

georgimama Thu 05-Mar-09 18:25:25

I was a good girl as well as being very naughty. I figured out at an early age that if you do your homework and stick your hand up in class (every time, regardless of whether or not you know the answer, because the teacher will rarely ask you if you always stick your hand in the air) and generally co-operate with the grown ups, you can actually get away with murder.

hatwoman Thu 05-Mar-09 20:17:28

another bath-smoker here. someone once told me that the steam meant you couldn't smell it hmm. also used to smoke in my bedroom leaning out of the window. whilst mum watched soap operas (I know she wouldn;t disturb me). I left my ash tray in my room once. found it the next day, clean and on my dressing table. didn;t stop me but felt horribly embarrassed.

LucyEllensmummy Thu 05-Mar-09 20:22:15

My parents were really over protective, but even i was allowed to play out more than my DD was.

Hmmmm, things i did - i was quite "good" as a child. I did smash a pane of glass outside a pub once as an "initiation" for a little club we had. Cant call it a gang, there were only four of us!

Played knock down ginger with the lads next door.

When i hit about 14 i was BAD grin Lost my virginity to a much older man! Always getting drunk, i mean really, horribly rat arsed drunk and im surprised i never got into serious trouble. Was with my cousin once when she got arrested for drunk and disorderly - was so miffed about it i was banging on the paddy wagon door - still never got myself arrested.

Used to hang around with the gypsies - real tough guys who actually wouldn't have let any harm come to me, but still not the sort of people i should have been hanging around with at 16, they were much older. I remember once my Dad caught me out, i was at my friends house who was alot older than me (her son was in my class at school) and we were a right pair of buggers - had the gypsies around as they bought their booze. One guy was huge and i mean HUGE and had a reputation as a real hard man - my Dad fronted up to him and i was like OMGG Dad you don't know what you are doing, just leave it im coming home!! But actually the guy was quite pleasant about it, my dad was steaming angry but he took my dads point of view and they ended up shaking hands (phew!!) My Dad was proper brave - not a violent man at all, hated alcohol etc, i was in with a bad bunch and he totally didn't even think twice about protecting me.

I remember being on the way to a party with some guys my friend (same one as before) had picked up at the pub - one was mauling her in the back of the van and i was trying to stab him in the leg with a pen-knife!! ROTFL - fortunately he saw the funny side of it!

I miss my friend, she has gone to germany now - and she is still a bugger!!! We used to go out with her mum on a wednesday night, her mum was in her late sixties and quite poorly, an alcoholic really, and the only place she ever went out was the pub two doors from her house on a wednesday night - now you might think it a bit boring being stuck with your friends mum - boring my arse - oh the scrapes we got into!!! I'm digressing big time, but those were the days!! Don't think id have the energy now - i dont even want to go out of a night if it is cold out now!

LucyEllensmummy Thu 05-Mar-09 20:23:37

I did drink half of my mums bottle of baileys once when she was at bingo - i topped it up with milk shock when she drank some the following xmas it was rancid and lumpy - i actually told her it always went like that and she drunk it [vomit]

FrannyandZooey Thu 05-Mar-09 20:24:10

i used to go downstairs at night, climb out of a window and go and walk around the town in the middle of the night
i am not quite sure why

sassy Thu 05-Mar-09 20:25:32

Rode a horse bareback for a dare. Didn't know the horse or its owner. It bucked me off- very nearly landed in the river!

morningpaper Thu 05-Mar-09 20:40:32

aged about 9, playing near the beach, I fell off a cliff and was suspended in mid-air holding onto NOTHING MORE than a clump of grass

I honestly thought I would die

Managed to pull myself up again, didn't mention it to mum and dad...

My mum collected small sample bottles of alchol which of course I drank and re-filled with water. She still has them and probably thinks they contain vintage gin!

random Thu 05-Mar-09 20:50:36

Played down the canal ..including running over the locks
ran over railway lines
smoked weed in my mates bedroom hanging out the window
knew where the stash of porn mags were in the local park
built a camp fire on local park ...cue fire engine screaming down road and us scarpering
drinking various concoctions from my mates dads drinks cabinet whenever her parents were out
taking pop bottles back to get the deposit to buy single fags to smoke on the way to school
sciving off school to buy tickets to see deep purple

babbi Thu 05-Mar-09 21:03:26

NAILPOLISH PLEASE tell me the border collie story is a wind up ???

ComeWhineWithMe Thu 05-Mar-09 21:09:39

Used to steal my Mums best face cream and hang out of the window playing dodge the birdshit with the boys next door <I would throw blobs of cream they would dodge it>

Spent my sponser money then cried at school and said my Mum had spent it blush.

Went with the local perv ice cream man on his rounds and hid when we did our street.

Stole a bottle of rum from my Gran and wagged school for the afternoon and went and met some older boys at their house.

Drank calpol like it was pop then spent all the next day throwing up I never mentioned it bt I suppose I should have gone to hospital <I was fine two days after> but the smell of calpol still makes me boak.

Stole things from peoples gardens as a dare and used to give random strangers a sob story to see how much money we could get out of them blush.

ComeWhineWithMe Thu 05-Mar-09 21:13:23

My dp and now bil (dp knew him when they were younger) blew up a caravan once and got about three streets evacuated and broke lots of windows .

It made the news they were only about 10/11.

notquitenormal Thu 05-Mar-09 21:37:37

In secondary school I used to throw away the letter with the year's term dates on and tell my mum the summer holidays started a week earlier than they actually did, so I didn't have to do sports day.

Then, as my sister was due to start the term after I left, I brought the last ever letting home and told my mum they were starting to send letters from now on as some people weren't turning up for the final week grin

I was a good girl and was never questioned about anything. My sister was a bolshy mare and never got an inch of leeway wink

DP used to steal cigarettes from the shop where he did his paper round and sell them as singles at school. And he really hates smoking, bloody hypocrite.

georgimama Thu 05-Mar-09 21:41:48

It works doesn't it notquitenormal - the good girl routine?

I hope to God I don't have a daughter. I would be onto her.

BettySwollux Thu 05-Mar-09 21:42:04

Got hospitalised for alcohol poisoning aged 12 blush.

Used to stay at my mates, we would climb out of her bedroom window, shimmy along the overhang bit over sitting room, past the bathroom. around the corner, balance along the fence, jump down and meet other people who had sneaked out, then repeat on the way back a few hours later.
One time, her dad had been in the bathroom having a wee,we walked right past him, and we came back to find him sitting on her bed!

Also did the hay bale thing. We would snaffle a couple from a field and break them up under a big rope swing and land in them from about10 foot.

Smoked, drank had sex and did drugs.

Once invited half a nightclub back to my mams house for a party when she was on holiday.

flaminhell Thu 05-Mar-09 21:48:54

put my brothers in the buggy and sent them the down the hill like bats out of hell. I had no clue it wasd dangerous, they loved it, and would happily scream all the way down, with great big grins.

Jesus I could have killed them, madness, oh that and jumping of our neighbours garage roof trying to fly, hmm

MrsMcCluskey Thu 05-Mar-09 21:53:41

Bunked off school in 6th form
Went to a pub in town got drunk ( with naughty friend)
Got school bus home.
Had to stand, was swaying, then vomitted on a 3rd formers feet.

sherby Thu 05-Mar-09 21:56:16

had sex in school at 13, drank, lied about where I was going/staying, regularly bunked off school and went to london for the day, stole and was generally a pain in the arse

notquitenormal Thu 05-Mar-09 21:56:45

geogimama - well that's what my Mum thought (she was much worse than I ever was) and I've since told her about all the things I used to do and just got this long, hard, silent stare.

sherby Thu 05-Mar-09 21:58:17

not forgetting the wonderful time I came home so drunk I couldn't stand up only just made it upstairs without my parents noticing and decided to go for a wee in my underware drawer because I didn't want to have to walk to the bathroom hmm

woke up to my dad standing over a mound of socks and knickers on the floor and a soaking wet floor shouting WTF is going on here

pointydog Thu 05-Mar-09 22:07:15

trying to smoke a fag under my papa's bed when I was about 6

pointydog Thu 05-Mar-09 22:07:36

stealing some chews from teh newsagents on my way back from school

feralgirl Thu 05-Mar-09 22:11:38

Getting progressively older:
Weeing in a corner of my bedroom many times and blaming the cat.
Playing in the sewage outlet from the camp site at the end of our road after being told not to.
Stealing money for sweets then progressing onto fags.
Phoning sex lines and running up huge bill then blaming my brother.
Climbing up into the loft and watering down the booze saved for Xmas.
Losing virginity at age 13.
Using all their money to buy drugs at uni.

God I hope my kids are nicer than I was.

LucyEllensmummy Thu 05-Mar-09 22:50:55

THe first time i came home drunk - i tried to hide it, although falling over the hoover was probably a give away - i went to bed and needed to be sick so i puked out of the window - lovely big trail of sick all down the wall!

LucyEllensmummy Thu 05-Mar-09 22:53:05

my friend put on a pair of marigolds and wanked off her border collie for a dare
her parents found out though and did go spare - nailpolish, you are a poet and dont know it!

lisalisa Thu 05-Mar-09 23:00:15

Had a seance in my neighbours shed trying to bring back Elvis Presley - twas shortly after he died!!!

Went to Tunisia with friend when i was 18 for 2 weeks after telling mum I was going to local camp in England!

rubytwokids Thu 05-Mar-09 23:25:30

Oh yes - climbing onto a roof. It was the roof of an empty bungalow. To get up there, you had to climb up a rusty water tower, then leap from the top of that to the guttering, crawl up to the apex and slither down the other side. Did this regularly, to visit a broody chicken who roosted up there.

Have foolishly told dd (age 5) this story. I hope it didn't give her ideas. She was suitably shocked by my errant behaviour and immediately told my mum!

EyeballsintheSky Thu 05-Mar-09 23:28:57

We used to play chicken on the A3 (big dual carriageway from London to Portsmouth if you're not familiar with it). We climbed a hill at the top of our road, over the fence and there we were.

My parents would freak even now.

Ponymum Thu 05-Mar-09 23:31:50

Age 9: Tried to forge a 20 page school progress folder thingy because I thought I would get in trouble if I admitted I had lost the original.
Age 11: Built a hideout hut in a peat bog next to a railway line.
Age 17: Drove home drunk from a party in the country in thick fog, with my head stuck out the window because I couldn't concentrate.

lowrib Fri 06-Mar-09 02:11:58

Taking mushrooms / acid / speed , having sex, getting outrageously drunk & smoking all at age 14, thought not necessarily all at once wink.

Come to think of it the only one still I do now is sex. How old and boring good I am these days!

lowrib Fri 06-Mar-09 02:24:20

Oh yes, and I told my mum I was going to stay at a friend's and revise on a weekend near to my A-levels when in fact we took a coach to Amsterdam for a long weekend hanging round in coffee shops. (We did do some revision on the boat!)

God teenagers can be devious! Looking back I was hardly ever where I said I was. Of course my son will never do that to me wink
<<looks lovingly at sleeping angelic 10 week old with rose tinted glasses firmly super-glued in place>>

Sazisi Fri 06-Mar-09 09:46:35

My mate and I made magic mushroom soup in Home Ec when we were 14, then ate it hmm

At around the same time we used to somehow steal 2 litre flagons of cider from the offy - the poor old lady in there was pretty much blind blush...god we were evil, I hope none of my kids are like I was!

admylin Fri 06-Mar-09 09:54:15

When we were still at junior school we found a full packet of cigarettes outsid eschool so we hid them and met after school ( a group of 4 and my younger sister) and we smoked. Then we went to play rolling down the grass bank and I was really sick afterwards.

Also in last couple of years at secondary I wrote my own notes to get off sport (cross country in mid winter)couldn't do my mums signature so I did my grans and told them she was in charge!

chosenone Fri 06-Mar-09 09:57:24

i remember me and my brother weeing in the corner of our bedroom and blaming it on the cat how weird shock. I drew a sex booklet! with really bad animation of people having sex! I was about 10 and didn't even know about erections so the whole thing was ridiculous but mum found it under my bed blush When we were 13 my friend who's parents ran a Youth hostel (it was closed for the weekend and they were away for the DAY) hsd s huge party, it started at 12pm!!?? with loads of older people, well aged 16 or 17 there was so much booze flying round, an hour later everyone was snogging, fumbling, getting lovebites, flashing their boobs/willies out of the window, throwing up crying fighting etc, then everyone ambled home around 5pm for tea!!! Surely my mum must've noticed!!??

TheBreastmilksOnMe Fri 06-Mar-09 10:20:15

Pushed crayons up my little sisters nose.

Wee'd under her bed and blamed it on her.

Scribbled on the wall and blamed it on her but got caught out with that one cos she couldn't reach as high as I'd scribbled.

Pulled out the dogs whiskers.

Tied earth worms into knots.

Went roaming the fields surrounding our house, alone, when I was 5. Field had horses in it too.

Threw a stone at a girl I hated and gashed her cheek when I was about 4/5 I felt awful afterwards I don't know what possessed me. I still shudder when I think about it now.

Put all manner of insects including those with pinchers into my dads work boots before he went to work one morning. Later he told me he nearly had a crash when something bit him on the toe. blush

Got me and my sis DRUNK when I was 16 after being left to look after her whilst parents went out and raiding their drinks cabinet. Passed out on floor when they arrived home.

Frequently poured some joke shop 'crap-a-lot sugar' into my step-fathers coffee whenever I had to make him one.

Escaped from my bedroom through the window after my dad had gone to bed to meet up with a man 15 yrs my senior who drove the buses. (Dad also had trip wires and infa-red CCTV in the garden due to general paranoia about the neighbourhood but I knew where they were and where not to tread so I ecscaped al la Catherine Zeta Jones)

I've done lots more but to ashamed to admit! I'm a good girl now. Honestly.

choosyfloosy Fri 06-Mar-09 12:59:16

God, hardly anything - i was petrifyingly good. all htese terrify me! must return and read this thread when ds is 13...

once bunked off school, went to London for the day - and went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Regent's Park Theatre [ponce]

probably had a naughty ice cream too

Acinonyx Fri 06-Mar-09 13:37:27

Oh the porno mags under a bush in the park! Must have been about 10 - I can remember as though it were yesterday - the gardener invited in to help her with her bath - the torn photo of his hand massaging her chest and all the soap suds... (pretty tame stuff really and just as well).

My friend and I had a spell of trying to write our own similar stories in a similar stories.

nocluemum Fri 06-Mar-09 13:42:55

There was this old lady down the road who used to give us sweets when we knocked at her door. One day she wasnt in so we broke in and stole some anyway - four of us all under age 8!!

wobbegong Fri 06-Mar-09 16:30:59

Dropped a bouncy ball off the top of a 13 storey block of flats, to watch it bounce to the sixth or seventh floor. Quite impressive really and we used to do it quite a lot. Presumably it would have killed anyone walking underneath stone dead.

Used to regularly take 10p and 50p coins from a local young male stranger, who oddly wanted to give them to a group of ten year old girls to play on arcade machines and things at a fair, while he held our hands and pretended to be our dad. Ah, those were innocent days.

There was also a short spell of daring each other to walk along a ledge of a local sandstone cliff (disused quarry).

madamelapin Fri 06-Mar-09 21:29:22

explore german 2nd world war bunkers. They were really scary but also possibly dangerous. We found a bullet one day!

Jesus-When our catherine was born (she's 3 years younger than me)i took her down the road and left her in a neighbours garden.
When I was 7 me and my cousin took the camp beds and deckchairs out of the shed and built a fire out of them between the shed and the garage and set them on fire,when the fire took hold (of the shed) we decided to go in and act casually *whilst reeking of paraffin and having smudges of ash on us-my eyebrows and fringe had singed so i wasn't going to get away with that* I got absolutely battered for that.
when i was 8 i was on the garage roof and fell through it,was screaming and supporting my weight with my arms,my mum calmly unlocked the garage and smacked my arse/legs whilst i was still suspended in said garage before helping me down.
In primary school in junior 3 i used to smoke fag dimps from my friends mums ashtray in the toilet at playtime,in junior 4 I used to do the crisp round as i was responsible (i got free crisps and used to steal 10p a day from the takings to give to my friend Martina to bring me sweets in the next day)when i went to secondary school i got really naughty.
took tonnes of drugs,hung round with people who were really really unsuitable and a lot older than us-passed acid around our religion retreat so everyone was totally off their faces-the usual. Slept out in parks/on the meadows so we could stay out tripping and smoking dope when i should have been at my friends houses for sleep overs. Hung out with really wild popstars and all the associated hanger onners *got a mention in nme for being a baby faced ligger when i was 16*
went to college and got a 40year old millionaire boyfriend who bought me a car-which we parked round the corner from the house and drove round thinking nobody would ever mention that we had a fucking brand new sportscar with a phone in it at age 17 as a'level students...i think i might have been a nightmare you know???
my teen now keeps trying to do stuff and is trying to work out how i am about 40 steps ahead of her...
oh,i also got done for car theft and spent the night before my latin a'level in a police cell only being released at 6am to go home,change and do my exam......jesus...

chipmonkey Fri 06-Mar-09 22:33:48

Broke into an empty house with about 10 other kids and used it as a den.
Broke into a derelict place where old caravans and buses were stored, lots of broken glass around. Funny thing was, that place had a sign up saying "Trespassers will be prosecuted." Now, I thought at the time that prosecuted meant you would have your head chopped off, I had the word confused with "executed" but was obviously willing to risk my life to enter this place.grin There was also a stash of porno mags there which I found very informative!
At 17, told my parents I was staying with a friend but actually went with another friend and our boyfriends to stay in one of the guys' houses, his parents were away!

MamaMaiasaura Fri 06-Mar-09 22:54:21

lots blush

Put emery board in socket and turned it on.. blew fuses in the house and there was an almighty bang

Put the starting pistol 'bullets' on garden path and smashed them with sledge hammer.. that was really loud

broke into unoccupid house and played there with kids from our neighbourhood.. the garden was really over grown

Took my older sisters 'pills' when i was about 8-9 (she was 16ish). Didnt know what they were just that they were sweet tasting

Smoking pot in my room and saying the smell was incense.. and she believed me

There is a lot more.. but too naughty and some down right disgraceful to put here blush

MamaMaiasaura Fri 06-Mar-09 22:54:55

Oh another - i took the condoms from uder dads pillow and stuck pins in them.. i wanted another brother or sister..

chipmonkey Sat 07-Mar-09 00:03:37

Awen, did it work?grin

loppylou Sat 07-Mar-09 03:56:32

We used to play tennis over the house, One of us would go in the garden and the others in the road (cul de sac)and hit the ball over, it was a 3 story housegrin.

Go on adventures in a dried up large resovoir playing stuck in the mud !!

Play with a real bow and arrows

Oh the good old days being 8yrs old

ninedragons Sat 07-Mar-09 05:11:02

I was fairly good, but some of my friends were horrors.

A friend who grew up in the country used to play a game with his brothers whereby one of them stood at the washing line with a loaded air rifle, counted to ten while the others scattered, then opened fire on them.

The same brothers used to have competitions to see who could hold onto the electric fence the longest.

Another friend told her parents she and a mate were going on a Thomas Cook tour of the Mediterranean. They hitchiked overland to India.

Lenlen Sat 07-Mar-09 07:33:20

sneak out of afternoon naps for a trip at the river and get spanking when i return home.

MeMySonAndI Sat 07-Mar-09 11:13:00

We used to start fires in the empty land between our neighbours houses, bring mice into the house, and for a time me and my friends played to have funerals burying animals we found by the road (!).

We used to go into bulding areas to play with the sand and go into the very deep foundations holes to pretend it was a maze.

Used to sleep on trees (yes... with a pillow and no platform, in branches higher than a house). I also used to climb to the roof using the alley between my house and the neighbour's by placing my hands and feet at the opposite walls.

sazzerbear Sat 07-Mar-09 11:18:03

Bunked off to the fair with the babysitter who was meant to be looking after me at home! Makes me go cold thinking about naughty babysitter now I am a parent ha ha!

Wigglesworth Sat 07-Mar-09 11:32:53

I used to get dog shit on the end of a stick and either wipe it onto car door handles or throw through open sunroofs. I used to leave notes in peoples empty milk bottles on their doorsteps telling the milk man to cancel their milk. The note thing later progressed into darker territory in that myself and another friend used to write notes to women about their husbands having an affair. We would give details etc and then we posted it through their letter boxes blush shock. That is really awful when I think back, I hope we didn't wreck any marriages.

duchesse Sat 07-Mar-09 11:34:10

We used to pinch our neighbours' grapes from their vineyard, and were caught once, also their figs (but I don't think they cared about them).

Stopped off on the cycle ride home from school once for about 1.5 hour unscheduled stop at a friend's house, which time we spent jumping from her father's barn mezzanine into a huge pile of freshly harvested wheat- which her father had forbidden. All got into massive trouble for various reasons.

Made a den on a flat roof inside a barn with straw and things, and brought a real petrol lamp, and matches up there to make it more homely. Good grief were we in trouble (I know these are supposed to be things our parents didn't know about, but they were everywhere and we always got caught)

Nearly set fire to the house once by making a "candle" out of an upturned flowerpot and a piece of cord, and leaving it smouldering during supper next to one of the wooden roof supports of the terrace. Remembered after I'm gone to bed, and crept past open door where scary father was watching football to find flames licking up timber. (it was quite wormy and dry and just good to go up like a pile of sticks...) Never been so scared in my life- it was our only house...

DoThisDoThat Sun 08-Mar-09 17:21:47

I was perfect grin

HOWEVER, my bf (and she still is after 35 years..) and another girl threatened a little boy with a badminton racket unless he ate some dog shit. He did. Oh God. He had to have tetanus injections and all sorts...

WinkyWinkola Mon 09-Mar-09 08:13:27

We lived in the Yemen for a while with my dad and we would run wild a bit as he was working a lot.

My brother (aged 10), his bf and me (aged 8) would run after little trucks on a main road, jump on the end and hang there like monkeys for a little way and then drop off when it came to a traffic light. Yemeni roads aren't the best so we did get lots of road rash. What a stupid idea.

hatwoman Tue 10-Mar-09 00:01:05

envy at living in Yemen as a child. I went there in 98 and fell in love with the place. In my other life I'm a mad eccentric English woman living in al-Muqullah.

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