Help to lessen a 5 year old boy's very bossy streak?

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hollingbury Mon 02-May-16 20:02:02

I would like to hear any helpful strategies to encourage my five year old not to be so bossy. He really orders everyone around; I am beginning to suspect it's the same at school. He says he's being left out by his friends, but we think it's more him, because he doesn't want to play their games, only the games he comes up with.

I find it really relentless and a pain in the ass, frankly. I know it's age appropriate but it's intense with him. he's a very smart boy, possibly more articulate than some of his peers and he's constantly talking, coming up with things we all must do. There is NO BREATHER.

Strategies to help him, please!

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-May-16 01:46:55

When my twins whined I just said matter of factly 'I'm sorry but I don't understand Whinese' and just refused to understand what they were saying until they could speak without whining. It was so effective I caught them using it on a whiny much younger friend a few years later. Maybe you could try 'I'm sorry but I don't understand Bossian'.

Do you think he is old enough to get the empathy behind 'Do you think I want to do X, Y, Z when you are telling me to in such a bossy way?'.

BrightandEarly Tue 03-May-16 06:10:55

If he's quite bright could you explain to him in simple terms that you can't always be the boss? DD has responded quite well too "sometimes it is your turn to be in charge, and sometimes it's someone else's turn".

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