3 Year's Old son anger

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krishnashweta Sun 03-Aug-14 17:16:18

Hello All,
This is my first post. We have walked together 6 years and have 3 years old son. We are staying as a nuclear family away from parents and native due to job. My son is going to school since last 6-7 months and doing well and absolutely there is no complain from teachers for his progress/behavior. But at home we feel he get anger very frequently with or without out any reason and will start crying loudly. We are not sure how to make him understand for this and how to control him. Kindly guide.

Footle Sun 03-Aug-14 17:40:18

Is your son having to learn a new language at nursery ? If so, he will be extra tired and stressed, and he's probably trying hard to be calm when he's there. Then he comes home to you and he feels it's safe to let his feelings out because he's back with his Mum and Dad who love him. So as he's still very little, he can't really explain how he feels, and it comes out as anger and sadness - perhaps he's missing his wider family too, and is upset by moving.
Be gentle and patient with him, make sure he feels safe with you and knows you will always be there. Also, make sure he has some fruit and a drink of water on the way home, and gets enough sleep. As he gets used to his new life, and also gets a bit older, he will be able to manage much better.

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