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pleasechange Fri 11-Feb-11 16:30:16

I went to the doctors today about my son's exzema. While I was there, the doctor asked if I had noticed any speech issues with DS (2.5yO). I said not at all - in fact he has a very wide vocabulary and can speak in proper sentences up to 10/12 words regularly. I was a bit shock to be honest, as we've frequently had people comment about DS's speech (positively). He has a vocabularly of a couple of hundred words probably, and daily surprises me with new words he has learned. Just this morning he said to me

Obviously at 2.5yo there are words that aren't terribly clear to people who don't know him, but my experience with my nephews/other peoples' children is that it's very common for me not to understand what a toddler is saying, whereas their own parents can. And to be honest, I find that when I speak to a 2.5 yo I don't know, they rarely reply in more than a couple of words anyway.

I came out a bit upset really, although I agreed that it would be fine to refer DS to a speech therapist to check. I then phoned DS's nursery to ask them if they'd noticed any problems. His key worker was also a bit shock and said that sounded very strange, as although DS sometimes mumbled, they could always understand what he was saying and his speech is very normal for his age.

My gut instinct is to think that there's no problem and that this will be confirmed by the speech therapist. Anyone any thoughts, or had anything similar?

Firawla Fri 11-Feb-11 21:18:43

Does seem strange, i would just go to the therapist as they have referred and from what you've said most likely they will say that's not a problem, and that will be the end of it. Did the doctor not give any reason for thinking there could be a problem??
I have a 2.5yrs old too and his speech sounds fairly similar to what you've described, talks a lot in sentences but sometimes slightly unclear but I have been told that he's good for his age too so I think a lot of 2.5 yrs old may be doing less than that?

Tgger Fri 11-Feb-11 21:26:04

Hi there!
Is your son big for his age or anything like that? He sounds very normal re speech, and my guess would be that the doc thought he was older than he is!!

Some 2.5 year olds are only just starting out speaking and they change so much between 2.5 and 3, so I find the doc's comments bizarre and personally would ignore them- or go along to appointment if you want just to ease your mind...

My son is big and I find people expect him to behave older if he is "out of context" so to speak. I have found myself saying "He's only 2, only 3 and now it's only 4.. altho' as he's got older and behaviour got less toddler like I don't seem to have to open my mouth so often....smile

pigleychez Fri 11-Feb-11 22:09:22

I agree with Tgger. DD1 is 2.5 but sometimes comes across older and people expect more of her. I occassionally get comments like "isnt she abit old for tantrums now?" Them seem suprised when I say that she is only 2.

Her speech sounds similar to your DS's. She speaks in long sentences and has a wide vocab. Again suprises me with what she comes out with.
She seems to miss off the beginning of words beginning with S, so says ponge for sponge and ky for sky but you can still make out what shes saying.

Having had experience with SALT in a proffessional capacity it will take months to be seen anyway so id put it to the back of your mind for now. They will soon see he's fine

pleasechange Sat 12-Feb-11 20:36:40

Thanks all

Yes I agree, DS is taller than average for his age and because he is so sociable and friendly as well with strangers, he probably does give the impression of being older. For example he was straight into the doctor's room showing him all his toyes and telling him which one was which for example, whereas another child may have said virtually nothing at all(which would probably have raised no questions in the gp's head at all)

pigley DS does that S thing as well. Ham for Sam for example. I remember my nephew doing this as well (nack instead of snack etc).

Tgger Sun 13-Feb-11 21:35:23

I bet that was it then. You'd think doctors would look at the notes to see how old the kids are, especially before making comments like that!

Yes, and with all that chat I bet the doc put him at 3 or 3.5.

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