3 year old behaving badly at nursery

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arista Tue 25-Jan-11 22:37:33

Hi there I have a 3.5 year old that has been acting up as well. She has been pinching staff when put time out and from what I have been told she refuses to sit for story time and is being disruptive at nursery, she is always on the go and has also been pitching, kicking, screaming, punching other kid and they seem to think that something might be wrong with her like ocd, adhd or autism etc.. you name it. But the problem is that she is not like this at home she can be so sweet like kisses and cuddles. She likes to write, stories and crafts etc she is even starting to write abc etc she knows all shapes, abc and recognise all the letters and colours and the nursery think she is bright but I cannot understand why she behaves so badly there. Anybody with some advice would be so much appreciated. She has been going to some toddler group since 9 months and has never ever kicked pinched a child and she plays with a little girl same age as her nicely has never hit her. So why is she behaving this way there. I am tired of being told of every bad thing she gets up to. Please help

PrincessScrumpy Wed 26-Jan-11 20:54:08

I personally would change nursery. It may be nice there but maybe something is upsetting dd.

Have you sat and asked her about nursery? I would find a good moment at home and have a cuddle and ask a few questions - "What do you like at nursery?" "What don't you like?" "You're such a good girl at home, why do you think you get cross and pinch people etc at nursery?"

It might give you some info, but I would seriously consider looking around.

arista Thu 27-Jan-11 17:01:28

You know when I ask her which I have several time she tells me she likes it there. I have thought several time of changing nursery but I am afraid of what if she acts the same way there? I have even consider letting her go twice a week in another nursery even if we have to pay just to be able to compare her behaviour. Anyway thanks so much for replying it is so good to have someone point of view.

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