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5 year old is very shy and self-conscious

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greencharlie Wed 19-Jan-11 10:08:50

My son refuses to join in most activities because he is scared he will be laughed at. All his friends seem to have no inhibitions. Should we push him to join in or let him decide when he is ready? Maybe he needs to be forced to overcome his fears?? Does anyone have experience of a very shy child?

Tee2072 Wed 19-Jan-11 10:32:11

I was a very shy child. Being pushed made it worse. Let him alone.

Tgger Wed 19-Jan-11 20:06:20

Encourage, support, but don't push smile. Talk about how he feels, if he would like to join in, how you can help etc etc.

Good luck!

TinaHsu Thu 20-Jan-11 03:25:17

My boy is shy, too! Till he owned a toy, colorful but huge blocks.

In the beginning, he always asked me to play with me, helping him build a big castle that he hid inside. (He loves it!)

I tried several times to tell him that he can ask friends to play with him so that they can build a bigger castle.

After several weeks, finally, he asked two of his friends to come to our home and play together!

It's really good to him!

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