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Toddler suddenly very upset on changing mat - fear of heights??

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13lucky Mon 10-Jan-11 13:38:13

Hi there, my ds is 2.3 years old and for the past two days he has suddenly started getting very upset when on his changing mat (which is on a changing unit...and always has been). He was full on crying yesterday every time my dh changed him and saying 'don't lift my legs to the ceiling'...which confused us both because we've never lifted him up to the ceiling...and certainly not by his legs! Anyway, I thought perhaps he was upset because they'd been playing rough and tumble in the daytime in the lounge...which they often do, and perhaps he was worried about something connected to that. So I thought he would perhaps be different when I changed him. So this morning, I popped him onto the change mat...he was fine, took nappy off..he was fine, go to lift his legs up to put the new nappy underneath...and he was clinging for dear life to the sides of the mat and crying his heart out. He was saying 'I'm not going to fall' and I was reassuring him but he was resisting me lifting him up at all to get the nappy under him.

I can't find any explanation for this...he hasn't fallen off the mat except when he was very small (about 5 months) and he did fall but I caught him (one of those awful moments)...but surely he wouldn't suddenly be able to remember this?

Sorry for the ramble...anyone had anything similar or know whether it is possible for them to suddenly develop a fear of heights??

Thanks all.

lovecheese Mon 10-Jan-11 13:45:55

My DD was exactly the same at exactly the same age, 13lucky, came from nowhere and a real shock when I tried to change her in a public loo once! She hasn't ever fallen off a changing table and I do not have any feasible explanation, sorry. But I then made sure that I had a fold-up mat with me and did it on the floor - not ideal, but better than a child screaming blue murder. Also make sure that other family members and friends know and then they can be prepared in future.

camdancer Mon 10-Jan-11 13:50:36

Both of mine suddenly decided they didn't want to be changed up high. I think DS was about 2 and DD was about 18 months. It makes it difficult in public loos - have to do it on the floor so choose the venue carefully! It's odd isn't it, especially after they were absolutely fine to then suddenly get scared.

Can you change him standing up? I find it far easier that getting my wriggly DS2 to lie still and not a problem if we are out either.

jennifersofia Mon 10-Jan-11 14:07:46

Yep, I had to switch to the floor at a certain point. It sorted it. (Then we got onto running away...grin)

Roonieroo Mon 10-Jan-11 22:09:52

Have you tried useing pullups? I find it so much easier during the day.
My youngest is 2yrs 6months and since useing pullups has started telling me when he wants a poo. Makes life so much easier!

13lucky Tue 11-Jan-11 14:34:24

Thanks for the replies...interesting to see that others have had the same reaction practically overnight!

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