My 3 year old is so naughty - feeling a bit desperate

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Dancergirl Tue 31-Aug-10 12:14:34

My youngest dd is 3.5. I have 2 other dds aged 9 and 7.5 so obviously close in age and very close playmates.

Dd3 is very naughty and I want it to stop but I really don't know the right approach. You would think after 3 children I would know what I'm doing but I don't ever remember dds 1 and 2 being this bad. For example - hitting, pushing, screaming when she doesn't get her own way, lots of very loud tantrums, hitting her sisters with toys, drawing in books/on the walls. The drawing thing she KNOWS is naughty - when I tell her off, I can see her smiling.

We don't smack so I just don't know the right approach. I suppose the problem is we havn't been consistent. We have used the naughty step/time-out on and off but I can't be there to supervise 24/7. If I'm in the shower etc and she's hurting her sisters, I can't expect them to discipline her can I?

I know it's hard for her as she's still a bit too young to join in their games. They do play with her a bit but often they want to play together and that's fair enough. But she's left out so I think she plays up for attention.

I just don't where we've gone wrong as other 3.5 year olds don't behave this way. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.

smallwhitecat Tue 31-Aug-10 12:20:23

Message withdrawn

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