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VikingVagine Fri 24-Feb-12 15:43:45

Carrying on from Chat.

ViviPru Fri 24-Feb-12 15:47:02

<first time I've ever been able to say>

Ooh! Shiny New Thread!

<always wanted to say that>

VikingVagine Fri 24-Feb-12 15:47:24

Copied and pasted from previous thread:

Right, my name is Owlelf and I have a Prospero addiction! I have scanned the thread and cut and pasted ket bits on information on using the Pospero. Its copied and pasted below. Apologies it it is a bit hard to read- my formatting hasn't copied into mumsnet properly.

I am both proud and ashamed that I have taken the time to do this!! Hope it is useful to someone!!

On Mixer attachments:
The K beater is for cake mix & batters etc, and the hooky one is the dough hook for bread and pizza bases etc. The fewer ingredients used, I find the more sticks to the side of the bowl. If Im making dough and its sticking, I tend to sprinkle a bit of flour around the sides as its kneading. The silicone spatula is Prospero's best friend...

K-betater for pancakes, tbh I'd only use the balloon whisk for fluffy stuff, the k-beater is a brilliant thing

On Pancakes:
Put bowl on scales
Add all pancake ingredients bar milk
Clunk click
brrrrrrrrr lob in milk rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr put oil in pan rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
brrrrrrrrrrrrr fetch pancake plate rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
unclunk click
make pancakes
No standing and whisking required

On Grating and Slicing;
I grated the carrots for my carrot cake on Friday and DP did sliced potatoes for his dauphinoise the other day. No bother. You do all that stuff in the food processor attachment.

On adapting a recipe for use in a mixer / processor :
I tend to follow the recipe to an extent, but when it says to mix all of the fats, sugars, flours and eggs together, I tend to ignore that and revert to how MummyPru taught me, that being to always cream the fat & sugar first, then add the flour & eggs a bit at a time.

On bread quantity:
I think the limit is half a kilo. certainly i made pizza dough the other day with 300g flour and the prospero didn't budge.

I usually use 500g of flour and it's fine, when I use 750g I have to stay very close!

yes, but the limit on the prospero is 500g. sez so in the destructions.

On whether kneading of bread is required:
Nah I just dough-hook the life out of it for 5 minutes then done.... Others may disagree though
Bread Recipe (Mrs Chemist):
500g strong white bread flour
300ml tepid water
1 1/2 tsp of salt
a sachet of dried yeast (10g)

Add the yeast to the water and stir*. Then sieve the flour and the salt.

Add the water to the flour and mix until a rough ball of dough, then knead in a mixer for five minutes (or by hand for the rest of time 10 minutes).

Put in an oiled bowl and cover with clingfilm (or a teatowel).

Leave until it's double in size (about 45 minutes-1hr).

Knock it back (i.e. punch the crap out of it) and then put in a greased and floured loaf tin, or shape into whatever shape you want. cover and leave to rise again for maybe 20 minutes or so.

Put in a preheated oven (200C ish) for about 40 minutes. You know it's ready when you tap the bottom of it, and it's hollow.

* On initial mixing : I'd be tempted to mix on slow with the k beater, then switch to the dough hooks for kneading. Although someone with more experience may come along and say there's no need for the K beater.

* Also on initial mixing : I just do a little silicone spatula stir in the bowl, then straight to dough hook. Might not be the best technique though, never tried anything else...

On whether to remove a ball of dough off the breadhook or leave it clinging on!!:
I let mine cling to the hook in a ball round the bowl mainly, perhaps pulling it off and chucking it back in the base of the bowl once during the knead... dunno if that's right though!

On resting bread dough:
- Clingfilm the bowl and put it in a warmish place.

- Anyone tried the Baker Brothers shower-cap trick yet?

- Warmth just speeds stuff up a bit. I put ours on top of the cooker hood and switch the lights on.

- I have left a pizza base next to a preheating oven on the step stool before but it had done its main rise in the airing cupboard (couldn't fit the tin in without getting oil on the sheets!).

- Place the bowl on a chair next to a radiator.

- For those who want a warm place to allow dough to rise - I cover the bowl of dough with large tea towel or clingfilm and put into the recently switched off but still warm tumble dryer, preferably with a warm towel or two to cushion the bowl. Do not attempt this if anyway ditzy and inclined to switch on dryer with bowl of dough still inside.

- If I am using the slowcooker, I sometimes take the lid off and replace with a baking tray and sit my dough bowl on top of that.

Bread Recipe (Wombonthebroom)
I use the same ingredients as Mrs Chemist but am particularly lazy... Using just the dough hook:

Put all dry ingredients in bowl (including yeast)
Put on min speed mix together for 30 secs
Slowly pour in water on min speed
Once it's a ball of dough, turn speed to '1' and let it work for about 4 mins (I do one or two scrape downs of the dough hook in that time to make it feel like I'm actually cooking rather than just having a cup of tea )
Cling film over top of bowl... rest of recipe as per Mrs Chemist

Oh, and I add two tablespoons of olive oil to the same mix for pizza bases.
Making a grant loaf: I have a "grant loaf", hopefully, rising at the moment, I used the K beater to rub in the butter and then swapped to the dough hook to knead the dough.

On Mashed Potato:
Re:mashed spuds. I just chucked mine in the bowl and set it going with the K beater, adding milk as it went. Result - awesome smooth mash. No effort. DH laughed at me!

Had my first less than satisfactory result tonight with mashed potato. I had to mix it till it was more like puree than mash and it still had little lumps in, don't think I'm going to be getting rid of my potato ricer yet, can't beat it for light fluffy mash..

On pastry:
I've just made pastry for an apple pie in mine, so much easier than rubbing in by hand.

I use the k-beater in the stand mixer to rub butter into flour- presume pastry would just be the same? It does an amazing job so light and fluffy! Nae sweaty hands involved either, Altho dd1 is disappointed as she used to like doing twiddly fingers or whatever Katie Cook calls it!

I use the k-beater in the stand mixer to rub butter into flour- presume pastry would just be the same? It does an amazing job so light and fluffy! Nae sweaty hands involved either, Altho dd1 is disappointed as she used to like doing twiddly fingers or whatever Katie Cook calls it!

Pastry Recipie (Mrs Chemist):
Short crust pastry (from the kenwood book)
175g plain flour
Pinch of salt
85g butter or marg, cut into small pieces
2-3 tbsp cold water

Mix flour, salt and butter on speed 2 with the K beater until it's got a breadcrumb texture.

Sprinkle water, a spoon at a time, while still mixing, until it forms a dough.

Turn out, form into a ball, wrap in clingfilm and then chill for half an hour.

Pastry Recipie (Honeydragon):
250g plain flour sifted
pinch salt
125g cut butter/marg
2 - 3 tbs

which makes 250g of Shortcrust - do same as MrsChemist but chill for 15 minutes.

I use Suet in my Pastry for Meat & Gravy Pies as it make nice and Crispy (do Delias)

and for sweet shortcrust(makes 175g) I do

175g plain flour sifted
75g Butter,chopped
25g Caster Sugar
1 egg yolk
1 tbs iced water

Flour, butter, sugar in bowl. Mix on slow till resembles bread crumbs. Add yolk and water, mix on slow just long enough to bind mix, knead till smooth. Chill 15 minutes.

On Chopping:
Also a tip when uses the food processor blades, allow them to reach full speed before putting the food in, took me a few goes to work out why mine didn't slice well at all!

For soup I just used the processor to literally chop and prep all my veg, then bunged it in the pot with stock, then I used my Kenwood hand blender to mix it(I got this free as a MN product test many many moons ago.

Problems & Troubleshooting:
The mix does often get stuck to the sides of the bowl, as someone said before, and you do ALWAYS need to put the lid on the bowl or it goes everywhere (smaller capacity I guess).

You might be over beating your cakes, easy to do in a mixer

hot soup in a plastic blender would pop the top off

I did wonder about the propensity for the plastic at the bottom of the bowl to retain water. We'll all just have to make sure we don't leave our bowls in the sink...

My bowl (KM260 locks clockwise which is what I would expect BTW) collects a bit of water in the white bit when its in the DW, why can't they design this out of things?

I had a few kitchen things <precise> that had the fill-with-water issue, I just (carefully) drilled evacuation holes in them, I'll do the same with Woody if needs be.

On Curry Paste:
My DP made curry paste in the liquidiser TCP - chucked in shallots first, and then added seeds & spices and a bit of lime and rapeseed oil. Worked a treat.

On the splashguard:
I must admit I only used the splash guard once and then decided not to bother. Have had a couple of mishaps but nothing too awful - think I have now learnt to start mixing slowly! (disclaimer, Owlelf will not be held responsible for any splashguardless mess).

HuevosRancheros Fri 24-Feb-12 16:14:58

Fab smile

Am cutting-and-pasting and saving all this in anticipation of Prospero Delivery on Tuesday!

HalleLouja Fri 24-Feb-12 16:15:31

marking place

owlelf Fri 24-Feb-12 16:17:22

ooh how exciting. I love the name. Hope everyone finds us.

I'm in. Back later.

Somersaults Fri 24-Feb-12 16:33:25

Ooooh good idea pasting that on the first page VV!

MrsChemist Fri 24-Feb-12 16:52:34

Marking spot <busy eating cake>

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 16:55:41

Yoohoo, just noticed the shiny new thread. Not as shiny as the collective gleam from all these appliances, particularly hazels titanium.

Will be back later, might dig out ol' Eddie to make a stir fry for tea.......

HuevosRancheros Fri 24-Feb-12 16:56:38

I am now having feelings of mild panic at impulse-buying this, with money I don't even have yet.... these feelings will no doubt reappear in the small hours when I am up with DS

Must plan to make loads of amazing stuff next week to justify purchase.

Already planning on meringues and shortcrust pastry, neither of which I've made before

HuevosRancheros Fri 24-Feb-12 16:57:53

Haven't read entire thread it's too damn massive - have you named your Prospero after the beautiful Mr Vedder?

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 16:59:57

huevos, I was overcome with the urge to make meringues too.......I have never, ever made one in my life. eaten plenty though

Allow the panic and buy with Amazons one click <rhyming, poetic suggestion>, come join us.........<mystic sound effects>

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 17:00:42

Oh and yes, its named after the lovely Mr Vedder, as is my MN nickname, obviously. <swoon>

MrsChemist Fri 24-Feb-12 17:03:44

Another one here who was considering meringues. I've also never made one and I don't even particularly like to eat them either.

I think Geoff is paying his way just making bread and cakes.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 17:07:55

mrschemist grin another random meringue-maker....its just the urge to use the whisk attachment for me.

The bread that Eddie produces is divine <oh how I wish it was the real Eddie, arf>, so light and delicious <torn between swoons over Mr Vedder, or bread>

HuevosRancheros Fri 24-Feb-12 17:14:37

Swoon at Eddie, of course, he is divine smile

I am making a meringue thing for a dinner party next weekend - my mil's recipe, it's lovely, basically 2 meringues (how hard can it be?!), sandwiched together with a mixture of whipped double cream and lemon curd. Then frozen, and partially defrosted for serving. So yum and, apparently, so easy.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 17:19:30

Huevos.......Eddie it is. Been a huge fan since Pearl Jam started, way back when I was sooo much younger. Going to see them in Manchester in June, can't wait! Flights, hotel all booked, trip away with my DH and no DD!!! <dirty weekend emoticon>

That meringue thingy sounds yum. I really do have an urge to make meringue, but no idea what to do with them once they're made except inhale the lot particularly if they're chewy

Upsy1981 Fri 24-Feb-12 17:21:33

I found you! Haven't had chance to put him to work yet but DH is away this weekend so DD and I have a baking session planned for tomorrow. I think I'm going to start with banana loaf. Will let you know how it goes!

I'd love to try meringues but am spectacularly bad at separating eggs, I always manage to get a bit of yolk in the white. The whisk did a very good job on the pancake batter the other night.

TunipTheVegemal Fri 24-Feb-12 18:03:51

Wood Pussies is a hilarious name, I love the way it sounds like it's going to be all inappropriate.

Meringues are easy, honestly.

HuevosRancheros - it's really worth making your own shortcrust, it's super-easy once you have confidence. One part fat to two parts flour and a splash of water to hold it together - that's really all it is so it's one of those things you can throw together without a recipe once you've grasped the techniques.

owlelf Fri 24-Feb-12 18:06:40

upsy I am planning to make a banana loaf tomorrow too. Best of luck to us both.

VikingVagine Fri 24-Feb-12 18:22:14

Well I tried out the processor this evening to make stuffing, worked fine but i found the centre bit very shakey, not sure if that's normal or not!

I have no trouble making meringues, it's the cooking part I always seem to get wrong; they're either uncooked or brown.

TheCunningStunt Fri 24-Feb-12 18:39:45

Ooh hello.....like how the naming thread idea evolved....I only left for a few hours. Such is the world of Kenwood. I love the name grin

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 18:45:30

DH came home with cakes bought from a shop shock <betrayed>

I think he is envy of the devotion I get from the children as a result of my speeding baking ability, since <insert name here> Prospero arrived.

Iamweasel Fri 24-Feb-12 18:57:10

Best. Thread. Ever

But HELP my processor doesn't work. I've mostly read the instructions. Mixer itself works. What've I neglected to do to make the processor work?

TunipTheVegemal Fri 24-Feb-12 19:07:08

Iamweasel - are you sure you've got the lid and the handle lined up properly? It feels like it's on right with the feed tube the opposite end from the handle, but actually they need to be on the same side for it to work.
It took me a while to work that one out.

Viking - the centre of my processor is shakey too, but I don't think it matters.

TheScottishPlayer Fri 24-Feb-12 19:09:25

Gah, the amazon one has gone up to £221 and I'm still dithering over whether to get that or the Very one. Do we know when anyone apart from Very will have the 900w one? I'm thinking that once its more widely available I'd get it a bit cheaper <hopeful>

Those of you that have the Very one, what do you think the benefits of it are over the one on Amazon?

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 19:12:59

Used the processor for the first time to chop veg this evening. Bloody hell, got a scare when the mixer part rotated at the same time! I had left the K beater plugged in and the dough hook in the bowl........all implements survived, shame the same can't be said for my nerves.

A lesson here - when the processor goes, so does the mixer!

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 19:17:55

Km288 900w is on general release sometime in march so not long. Buuuuuut looking at the spec on the Co Op site, it looks as if different stores may sell different packages, as the Co Op indicates a glass blender (Very one is plastic) and no processor.

Or it could be that CoOp got the spec wrong?

I am pleased I got a discount code, but I definitely think the machine has been worth £199.00 - hopefully I'll be saying the same in 6 months time after daily use.

TheScottishPlayer Fri 24-Feb-12 19:24:35

I wondered if the Co-op got the spec wrong as well - entirely possible if they don't have the stock yet?

Did someone mention lovely new attachments for the new 900w one?

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 19:32:57

Yes kwood sent me an attachment with pictures of the available attachments released soon

Glass blender

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 19:33:26

The new ones won't fit older models btw

TunipTheVegemal Fri 24-Feb-12 19:48:47

Can you do larger quantities in the Very one since it's got a slightly bigger wattage?
eg the 650W is max 500g flour if you're making bread. When I made that much it did seem to be working fairly hard, he was much happier with a smaller loaf.

Caz10 Fri 24-Feb-12 20:02:23

Loving the new thread title.

Had a very sad moment today when the chef made something frankly inedible sad. Not his fault though but I still felt sad when everything else has been a triumph.

I have a request/suggestion... When people create something lovely with their woodies could they post a brief descrip/recipe link? So we can build up a little bank?

My best things so far have been:

Fruit tea loaf, completely effortless you just have to remember to soak the fruit the night before

cookies from the recipe section on here

Also using the kbeater to make lovely home made burgers

TheScottishPlayer Fri 24-Feb-12 20:42:00

Thanks honeydragon. So, I could live without a glass blender and the amazon one comes with a citrus juicer (is the new one something different) but do I need a mincer (probably not) or a mill?

Hmmm. Will ponder over some wine. DH is now fully on board the Prospero bus and is favouring waiting for the new one to become more widely available.

<googles Very codes> Do you need to open an account or anything with Very or can you just buy it without all that rigmarole?

Caz10 - maybe MNHQ should add 'Prospero recipes' to the recipe section grin

Iamweasel Fri 24-Feb-12 21:34:13

It doesn't wooooork <wailing hard now>

I've read the instructions. I even followed them. Everything is aligned correctly and clicked into place. It makes a little tick noise but no swirly whirly. But the main mixer works if I take the processor gubbins off confused

I wAnt to make stuff sad

forkhandles Fri 24-Feb-12 21:41:41

Marking place and I have made pancakes and MrsChemist's bread so far. Easy and yummy smile

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 24-Feb-12 21:44:53

weasel, have you really clicked the bowl bit round? <voice of experience here> It has to go further than you think..........

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 21:55:57

I have the KM288 but assume principle is the same for all

Click on food processor, don't force it.
Handle should be sort of aligned with very front of processor over the W in Kenwood.
Put on blade
Put on lid with clicky bit close to the lock bit
check hole on top of lid properly on top of spindle
turn and lock (look underneath processor in the groove the white little tab should look engaged)
Switch on.

Iamweasel Fri 24-Feb-12 21:56:58

Thanks for trying to help but I fink it's busted. I shall have to phone them tomorrow

I feel disproportionately sad. Like a real friend is poorly <heads off for yet another fiddle>

DorisIsWaiting Fri 24-Feb-12 21:57:02

HE'S ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little excited as my neigbour took him in but then disappeared off in her car (was feeding dd lunch) and I had a horrible thoughtvthat she may have gone away for the weekend and take my one shot at domestic goddesry with her , but no I have now unpacked my very own Joe/ken (dh and I are still undecided he is voting for the rather unoriginal Ken Wood whilst I prefer another posters (sorry ) Prospero Joe. I really don't fancy a ken in the kitchen particularly as Step FIL is Ken.... still I will present him with fait accompli (and some cakes) and Joe will be Joe!

Thanks for the top tips cut and paste, we also ordered from amazon an Uncheese cook book for dd1 who is dairy/soya free so off to the most likely place in deepest darkest devon tomorrow to stock items like yeast flakes and light miso (totnes), to make our version of dairy free cheese. The fun never stops here but if it means we can have pizza again I'm all for it!

Oh and I'm going to have a go at the easy bread receipe above.....

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 21:57:20

Also if you don't have the blender cover locked the processor won't work. Is the blender cover properly locked and engaged?

Iamweasel Fri 24-Feb-12 22:06:07

He works! He works! You were right, I hadn't clicked far enough. Wine gave me the strength to really click

High fives all round, but specially tunip, eddievedder (phworr) and honey


Now what can I make, half baked (me)

DorisIsWaiting Fri 24-Feb-12 22:09:09

Yayy for Iamweasel and wine induced strength!

I forgot ot add earlier I have the amazon one but no cdrom who did you go to to get it amazon or kenwood it is listed on the amazon site as included in the package...

Eddie I made the same mistake at the weekend, frightened the life out of me.

Honeydragon Fri 24-Feb-12 22:16:14

behold the power of wine

Iamweasel Fri 24-Feb-12 22:51:14

Doris I'm an amazon (Ian? I wish) too

Ours says cd and mill. I have neither. The thing I thought was a mill is in fact the 'spindle'

Basically I need to stop dithering about what I've got, what I haven't, what works / what doesn't and just make something

Tomorrow I bake

minsmum Fri 24-Feb-12 22:58:34

My DH is now totally on board with the prospero and has just told me to get the food processor and he will pay.

Squeeee! More Prospero-ey goodness to come on here. Lordy, Kenwood must bloody love us lot!

TheCunningStunt Sat 25-Feb-12 07:42:30

I love this thread....

HalleLouja Sat 25-Feb-12 08:00:07

So if I ordered on off Amazon today I should get it next week. Ok DH thinks its good if I can make more cakes. I like the idea of making butter. Buttermilk is fab for pancakes too.

VikingVagine Sat 25-Feb-12 08:49:37

I'm trying out bread this morning. I reaaaaaaaally don't like the sound of Woody straining, and the urge to scoop the dough out of the bowl and give it a good pummelling myself is almost overwhelming!

VikingVagine Sat 25-Feb-12 09:07:43

The need for dough manipulation got the better of me in the end. I shall reserve Woody for cakes and stuff, no more bread for him!

ViviPru Sat 25-Feb-12 09:40:23

Paul's processor won't work if there's an attachment in the mixer hole. Maybe it's a 288 thing - whats yours like in that respect, honey?

For those meringue novices, this is my favourite, works-every-time recipe smile

The cooking temps & times in the above are key and worked I my old oven and also in a totally different one since we moved house. Enjoy your whisk attachments, fellow Wood Pussies!

VikingVagine Sat 25-Feb-12 10:07:31

The jam/cream thread in Chat has inspired me to make scones today. I also need to find a cow so I can make my own clotted cream I have genuinely been on the look out for cows in the area because you can't get it here.

goingtoofast Sat 25-Feb-12 10:34:15

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Try two chicks egg white, come in a caton and means no seperating and no yolk waste!

On bread quantity:
I think the limit is half a kilo. certainly i made pizza dough the other day with 300g flour and the prospero didn't budge.

I usually use 500g of flour and it's fine, when I use 750g I have to stay very close!

yes, but the limit on the prospero is 500g. sez so in the destructions.

I made the comment about needing to stay close when I use 750g but mine is a chef so can apparently cope with 2.18kg of dough.

VikingVagine Sat 25-Feb-12 10:44:08

I was only using 350g of flour, but it just didn't seem to like it so I did the rest by hand. <wimp>

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 10:48:00

Iamweasel - yay! It would have been sad for all of us if yours was broken.

Doris - welcome to your Prospero.

Mine is called Ken but his name is Ken Prospero, rather than Ken Wood. It captures his sophistication better.

I can't believe I'm in a foodmixer quiche. I don't even like cake!

I intend to be very cautious about not mixing more than the limit or doing it any faster than I'm meant to, after my old handheld mixer got busted when I made it work too hard and it just broke.

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 10:48:52

Viking it is a bit scary the way the head jumps up and down when he's working hard, but it says in the leaflet it is meant to do that.

sharenicely Sat 25-Feb-12 10:50:11

I found you.
Not sure if I'll get chance to work with Sir Ken of Wood today,my first night out this year tonight and lots to do! Planning on having a hangover tomorrow so might not be up to baking.
Anyway carry on and don't mind me.

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 10:57:48

can't you use your Ken to mix a facepack or something? He could slice the cucumber for your eyes smile <helpful>

Grockle Sat 25-Feb-12 11:36:59

I got my Propsero! Yay. Now, what to do with it? And where to store it.

Honeydragon Sat 25-Feb-12 11:38:20

Viv nope, my attachments whizz round with the processor, did with both machines.

TheCunningStunt Sat 25-Feb-12 11:41:54

Mine kneaded 500g of flour easily. Well I mean it moved a fair bit but it coped fine smile. Mine is getting a rest today....apart from mashing some spuds for me later.

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 11:58:58

ha ha, I have just exploited Ken's ability to process and mix at once by making him grate me some cheese and mix the scone dough at the same time! (I would like to make it clear I wouldn't do that if he was struggling, but the quantities were small.)

Grockle Sat 25-Feb-12 12:21:50

I need help!

Have played around with Prospero a little but am confused - if I put the liquidiser on top, both the liquidiser AND the mixer work. Do I have to remove the mixer bowl/ beater if I only want the liquidiser?

And when I tried the food processor, it didn't go round at all, only the mixer worked confused

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 12:26:29

your food processor is probably not on properly. The feed tube and the handle need to be on the same side, though it feels more natural the other way. The little grey triangle on the lid should be lined up with the little grey line on the main food processor bowl.

The mixer and processor work at the same time but you have to be careful as someone on here left something in the bowl of the mixer when they were using the processor and it didn't get damaged but could have done. Taking the beater out if you're not using it is probably a good idea.

MamaLeMay Sat 25-Feb-12 12:39:39

Oh. My. God I LOVE my Prospero!!! Spent my birthday money on the one from Amazon. Thank you so so so much for this thread!!! I am sitting here drinking a caramel frappuccino that Ken just made for me... Heaven!

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 12:41:03

wow. I REALLY want a caramel frappuccino!
Any chance of the recipe?

New rules for the Wood Pussies - when stating what your machine has made, please automatically include recipe/instructions grin

VikingVagine Sat 25-Feb-12 13:26:56

YY, especially when it's a caramel frappuccino.

MamaLeMay Sat 25-Feb-12 15:32:13

Hello! I'm rushing around at the moment..... I'll be back on tonight and I'll post the Frappaccino recipie ;-)

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 25-Feb-12 15:54:33

weasel, thanks for the phwoar........I assume that was aimed at me and not my MN nickname <preen>

tunip, t'was I who got the fright of her life when the processor AND the mixer went round at the same time. Fortunately, the only damage was to my little finger which inexplicably got involved, and the cat who jumped about 6 feet in the air <dented pride, as she was sleeping in the kitchen>

No fondling Eddie today for me, been stuck in the car all day <ho-hum>. Tomorrow, cheese scones!

Smellslikecatspee Sat 25-Feb-12 16:19:37

Posted on the other thread…

How do you do scones in the great Kenwood?
Is it an all in method?


Smellslikecatspee Sat 25-Feb-12 16:20:48

Ooh and do you use the K beater or the dough hook?

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 25-Feb-12 16:38:19

smellslikecatspee (great name, btw) I have no idea. Was going to make it up as I go along! blush

Smellslikecatspee Sat 25-Feb-12 16:45:36

Thank you!

Right as soon as I get back I'm going to go have a play…

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 16:52:43

I made my scones up as I went along. I rubbed the butter into the flour, then stirred in the cheese, then added the milk. Then last of all I added the cayenne pepper and mustard powder. I am aware this is not the conventional, or indeed, the most sensible point at which to add them, but I forgot to do it earlier and it was fine.
I used the K beater all the way through.
They are super-cheesy because I used half Gruyere and half Parmesan. Yum.

Grockle Sat 25-Feb-12 17:20:55

DS has made cupcakes. I think it is easier to do by hand

I am looking forward to making mashed spuds (K beater?), grating cheese and carrots.

VikingVagine Sat 25-Feb-12 17:54:23

I gave up on scones couldn't find any cows to make clotted cream so DH suggested a yoghurt cake instead. Very very quick and easy to make, you use your yoghurt pot for all the measuring (I'm talking about the individual 125ml pots).

Ingrédients (pour 8 personnes) :
- 1 pot de yaourt ( yoghurt )
- 3 pots de farine ( self-raising flour )
- 1 1/2 pots de sucre ( sugar )
- 1/2 pot d'huile de tournesol ( sunflower oil )
- 3 oeufs ( eggs )
- fleur d'oranger ( orange blossom extract )

Préparation :

Mélanger dans un saladier, 1 pot de yaourt, le sucre et les 3 oeufs.
Ajouter la levure associée aux 3 pots de farine ( bung the yoghurt, sugar and eggs into your Prospero and mix with K-beater, add the flour and mix some more ).
Ajouter le 1/2 pot d'huile et la fleur d'oranger ( Add the oil and orange blossom ).
Dans un moule à cake ou à manquer beurré et fariné, verser la préparation ( pour the mixture into a greased can tin or mould ).
Enfourner thermostat 4-5 (très doux) pendant 1 h ( Stick in a warm - 140 to 160°ish - oven for about an hour ).

TunipTheVegemal Sat 25-Feb-12 18:25:01

Ken has just sliced the mushrooms for my kale and mushroom lasagna from River Cottage Veg Everyday thanks

Upsy1981 Sat 25-Feb-12 18:42:12

The prospero has knocked together a batch of biscuits and a chocolate cake today! Was supposed to be making banana loaf but found I was missing some ingredients so that was postponed. Love him! Just need to think of a good name for him....(and enrol on weight watchers, I think i'll need it)

TeaOneSugar Sat 25-Feb-12 18:50:30

My ancient chef has been a very busy boy, he's made a chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling/frosting, 2 dozen chocolate fairy cakes, vanilla buttercream, nutella buttercream, and a lemon drizzle cake.

We're both knackered smile but I have lots of goodies for my dn's birthday party tomorrow.

DorisIsWaiting Sat 25-Feb-12 21:14:50

Today (afterspending half the day shopping for exotic ingredients) i ken joe (I give up) made mozerella uncheeze (!) for dairy free soya free dd, which despite being absolutely perfectly process smells vile grin like a bag of cheese and onion flaovour crisps (I feel the exotic ingredients played a large part in this!) Well see what that's like tomorrow.

After that we made a diary free soya free chocolate mud pie type dessert, which had cocoa powder, peanut butter, maple syrup and agar flakes amost others, I made the pastry in the mixer and then blended with the blender (although like every other blender I've ever know it's an absolute bugger to get stuff out so I may go for the processor next time if it works and goes down well) I think dd will be happy.

tomorrow I think will be pizza dough, or bread.

HuevosRancheros Sat 25-Feb-12 21:25:06


Prospero was dispatched from Amazon today, should arrive Mon/Tues
Felt it was time to confess to DH about the purchase......

He was cross, because:
1. It is my birthday tomorrow, and he would have liked to have got it for me grin
2. He thinks I should have gone the whole hog and got the Chef shock

When I said it was dispatched, he said I could return it.


What extra benefit does the Chef have? Everyone on here seems very happy with the Prospero. I think part of DH's thinking is that his mum has a Chef, it has lasted years and years, so therefore it is better to get something that will last. My thinking is, this will probably last a good 5-10 years, if it dies and I feel lost without it, then maybe I get a Chef, but why spend all that money now? What if i don't use it as much as I think I will?

I want the food processor, liquidiser and mixer, so the Chef for £180 on Amazon Would Not Do sad

Help, please! smile

DickSwivellersTidyWife Sat 25-Feb-12 21:46:32

I made scones with mine yesterday morning, they were lovely, used the k beater to rub the fat into the flour then added the other stuff, only let it stir once or twice after chucking the raisins in so they didn't get mushed up.

Pastry next, for a quiche I think.

Also made bread rolls from a packet bread mix. It was a 6 months out of date little past it's use by date and it think the yeast was dead. I made half a dozen dangerous weapons sad Oh well. But I got to test the dough hook grin

MamaLeMay Sat 25-Feb-12 21:55:25

Hello all! I'm back with my Frappaccino recipe...... Feel free to tweak to your own taste!

Put 2 handfuls of ice into the blender
Pour in about 3/4 cup of double strength coffee.... I've left it to chill and poured in hot and no difference. I use Starbucks extra bold Italian roast, you should use a double strength coffee....
Pour in milk to the top of the ice
Add 3 tablespoons of suger -it's alot I know, was thinking of trying sweetener?
Add a tablespoon of taste the difference caramel dipping sauce - this is the only one I've tried.... But you could use most caramel sauces ?
Blend away! Yum :-)

MamaLeMay Sat 25-Feb-12 21:57:29

Is it sad that I've been looking forward to my boys going to bed so that I could look on this thread?! Lol

TeaOneSugar Sun 26-Feb-12 07:46:50

Huevos The £180 Chef on Amazon only comes with a blender, I'm guessing it'll be another £50/£60 for a processor attachment, do you need one?

TeaOneSugar Sun 26-Feb-12 07:49:01

For £147.98 you get the propero with the blender, processor and a juicer, but I doubt many will last 30 years plus.

Is space an issue?

Caz10 Sun 26-Feb-12 08:08:14

As a chef owner I do have to say that it is loooovvvvverly. It has a really pleasing heavy clunky/retro/sturdy feel to it. It's not huge but you def need it to be out and proud,work top space is a must. I got it for £120 from amazon which I was pleased with, my only pang of regret is that the attachments are so expensive, goodness knows when I'll manage to get any. But it feels so well made, should have it forever.

VikingVagine Sun 26-Feb-12 08:36:22

I think someone (maybe HoneyDragon or Vivipru) said she'd spoken to someone who works for Kenwood and basically if you want a long lasting machine you need to buy a Titanium because the quality of the other models just isn't what it was before. This is why I got a Prospero; I don't expect it to last me decades, but it'll do the job until I have more money than sense can afford a Titanium.

MrsChemist Sun 26-Feb-12 08:44:46

We bought the chef because we figured it would handle daily use better than the prospero, especially making bread every day.
We don't need a processor (I have one I don't use in favour of a mandolin) and we'll be scouting eBay for attachments, so we got the chef classic from amazon. It was £150, but that might have changed.

Caz10 Sun 26-Feb-12 09:14:08

Actually vv you beat me to it, the thing you want really is a titanium!

HalleLouja Sun 26-Feb-12 09:16:18

DH is looking at the Bosch one. I want Professor Prospero (have decided that is what he will be called).

I have set my table top blender, old food processor and bread maker to go on ebay this evening. Am so excited. Just need to keep DH away from the Bosch MUM.

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 09:17:40

It was me we have authorised Kenwood repair dealer down the road. He said in his personal opinion, if you are buying for a one off purchase that you want repaired over the years than the Titanium is best. He said it really is well made, less likely to have motor problems or wear out badly and the parts are good to replace.

He rates Chefs over Kitchenaids but said he has noticed a decline in standards over basic models.

Also if you are buying Kenwood, and spending a lot, I think it's best to buy the newest model you can afford in terms of being able to add to your attachments collection smile

That said the basic Chef is still something I'd consider if I had a non shoe box (2 metre x 2.5 metre) sized kitchen grin neglects to mention it still has 10 cupboards and 16 drawers and a 2metre fridge though

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 09:19:06

Oh yy MrsChemist, consider bowl size too and what you'll be making regularly.

HuevosRancheros Sun 26-Feb-12 10:45:17

Thanks all smile

It was the wine talking last night, now I have the clarity of tea and Bucks Fizz grin
It took me half a day to convince myself to spend £100 on the Sains one. Then another half day to convince myself to upgrade to the Amazon £120 one.

I have got £115 in birthday cheques. Easy maths!

I currently have a bread machine, which is fine; a Kenwood mini chopper, which is too small, hence needing processor part. And a crappy handheld mixer, hence whole desire for Prospero in the first place.

Am with Viking - can save up for Titanium in a few years if I really feel the need!

TunipTheVegemal Sun 26-Feb-12 10:52:22

How many of us does that make in the 'got a Prospero now, saving up for a titanium Chef in a few years' club?

I am starting to be suspicious about Kenwood's motives. Do you think they created the Prospero at a bargain price to get us hooked on kitchen machines and unable to perform the simplest task by hand so we will all start clamouring for the harder stuff that costs £500? hmm

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 11:42:33

Tunip .... I think you're onto something with that theory.

In fairness I think the Prospero is very reminiscent of the old DeLonghi stand mixer which used to be very recommended but people just didn't "get" DeLonghi as a brand. They've took that and made it better, plus I reckon with the newest Prospero that looks sell, people are still buying the Kmix after all.

Bigger kitchen and bigger bank balance would definitely mean I'd invest in a Titanium, but I do do love the Prospero

TheCunningStunt Sun 26-Feb-12 13:10:59

I think my prosperous is a great learning machine for me. I am not a master baker yet! And I can't say or write that phrase without giggling.

Haven't used it this weekend though blush

Does anyone have any cheap/healthy smoothie recipes???

nobodysfool Sun 26-Feb-12 13:18:05

Hello ladies smile I hope you dont mind but Honeydragon suggested I come over and talk to you Kenwood ladies.
I am looking to get a Kenwood Kmix as I do a lot of baking (I make cakes for my friends and family and the local area). Am i right in thinking that the Kmix would be best for me? I dont need all the extras and add ons of blenders/processors etc as it is purely for cakes and frosting.
Any advice would great as I really cant make a mistake at this price.

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 14:03:07

having looked at the k-mix, it seems you are paying a lot of money for 500w power, when you can get a chef worth 800w and spend less.

You can even get a Kitchenaid for less on Amazon.

Also if you want the Kmix the black always seems to be a lot cheaper than the others, and it is very pretty

TunipTheVegemal Sun 26-Feb-12 14:08:01

I think you need to find people who use KMixes and find out why they like them. Are there any reviews on Amazon? We're all just going to go 'Oh, get a Prospero/Chef'.

TunipTheVegemal Sun 26-Feb-12 14:09:20

(see, I would say 'Get a Chef' because if you ever change your mind about the add-ons you can get them later, and Chefs have a great reputation for quality. But maybe there is something about the KMix I'm missing. They are indeed very pretty.)

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 14:18:18

I looked at the K-Mix reviews when I was obsessively researching, there is a very good thread on here, I'll find it later.

The reviews are good, but I kept comparing them to the Kitchenaid and for the difference I'd go KA. My friend is a cake maker and she says the same, she has a KA. A very important factor for me is that there is only a little difference price wise between the Kmix and the KA, but Kmix offer a 1 year guarantee and KA offer five years.

But as I don't exclusively bake I wanted all the attachments too ....enter Prospero/Chef

So for me in the K-Mix budget it would be between Chef Titanium?KA?Kmix the Chef would win on versatility smile

Oh also I think the KA is better with smaller amounts of mix than the KMix iirc.

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 14:18:45

better as in doesn't leave it stuck to the bottom of the bowm like the Kmix can

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 14:21:49

Oh and KA uses less wattage as is built differently so just as powerful as a chef

VikingVagine Sun 26-Feb-12 14:37:46

I did wonder what the Kmix had to offer seeing how expensive it is, are you just paying for the prettiness?

I was in Ikea recently buying a DVD shelf (Beno) there was a black one for €19 and a dark brown one for €35, I couldn't figure out the difference, thought maybe one was chipboard and the other wood, so I asked a salesperson who said the only difference was the colour shock .

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 14:47:18

The KMix works in a similar way to the KA, they get good review, but because I am a Kitchen Utensil snob lover, I'd rather just have a KA, than something like a KA.

Kmix is 267 here whereas the Almond is £290

nobodysfool Sun 26-Feb-12 15:47:46

Thanks ladies for you response. I dont really care what it looks like but had read how good they are at what i need it for.The kitchen aids are very pretty BUT i wouldnt pay extra for it to do the same job. I have taken a look at the Kenwood prospero and looks like it would be the same as the Kmix?Am I right or should i be looking at another model...as I say i dont mind what it looks like as long as it has good metal beater etc.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Sun 26-Feb-12 16:31:18

My Prospero KM265 arrived from Amazon Friday but have not been able to get it to work!! Dh had a a quick look yesterday and it failed him too. Have just been looking through this thread and have tried the advice given about locking the bowls properly but doesn't seem to make a difference. sad Dh will have a more thorough look this evening and I'm torn between wanting him to get it to work and yet not wanting to feel like a fool for not getting the hang of it myself. Think it will be the former and the hassle of returning it and not being able to use it will outweigh the second emotion.

I did get a CD Rom but no mill. Tbh I hadn't even noticed that it was supposed to come with a mill and that I was missing it until I read through this thread. Has anyone else bought this model from Amazon and not got the mill? If so have you contacted Amazon and what did they say?

Also. it's gone up to £155 on Amazon.

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 16:40:13

No not the prospero, the prospero has a smaller bowl and capacity to the Kmix.

What sort of budget did you have in mind?

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 17:39:37

Bless me Father Ken, for I have sinned. Today I used my Prospero to make.....

blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush
blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush
blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush Angel Delight blush blush blush blush
blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush
blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush
blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush

<<flagellates self with K-Beater>>

Ah, but was it better than hand mixed Angel Delight?

I have made these yet another Brownie recipe and they are fab, my best yet.

Oh and Goingtoofast - thanks for the tip about the two chicks egg white, I had never heard of such a thing but will be looking out for it now.

Somersaults Sun 26-Feb-12 18:21:41

I don't feel too bad that I paid £120 for mine on Amazon now that it's £150. Feels like a bargain now but before I was bloody annoyed that I'd missed it at £115.

Honeydragon Sun 26-Feb-12 18:23:52

Well it was certainly superior as I lobbed it in and ignored it whilst loading the dishwasher grin

TunipTheVegemal Sun 26-Feb-12 18:30:22

grin @ Angel Delight.
We've got packets and packets of the stuff. DH kept buying it for some reason. So it will be an economy to use it up, really, won't it?

My Ken did some more scones today after the family requested them. Tomorrow he's doing lemon drizzle cake for dh's birthday (so I get to use the mixer and the juicer!)

I LOVE Angel Delight. blush

Gave Kevin an easy day today - he only had to mash some spuds.

HalleLouja Sun 26-Feb-12 21:49:58

Pixmania still have them at the lower price.

Caz10 Mon 27-Feb-12 09:48:29

Turnip where is your lemon drizzle recipe from?

I had a wee look through nigella express last night, going to give the brownies a bash I think!

TunipTheVegemal Mon 27-Feb-12 11:07:56

I'm going to use Marslady's recipe from on here.

Caz10 Mon 27-Feb-12 13:00:47

Oh it looks very nice! Great reviews too. I think I am in danger of lurching around over excitedly between recipes and not actually making anything!

TheCunningStunt Mon 27-Feb-12 14:10:08

Is anyone else slowly getting fatter??? Or just me blush

TunipTheVegemal Mon 27-Feb-12 14:59:13

Oh dear.
When I pricked my cake with a fork the middle caved in. Turned out it wasn't cooked. (I should have used a flatter tin, I think.)

TeaOneSugar Mon 27-Feb-12 15:03:07

Caz10 Nigella's snow flecked brownies are incredible, even passed muster with my in-laws smile.

Cunning - I haven't dared weigh myself since coming on this thread. I have given up toast for Lent in the hopes of redressing the carb balance a bit. I was just getting the attachments out of the dishwasher and thinking that I need to slow down, the freezer is stuffed full of baked goods! Luckily there is a school cake sale on Friday.

TunipTheVegemal Mon 27-Feb-12 16:10:01

I was losing weight as a result of living mainly on River Cottage Veg recipes, so this will nicely redress the balance.

VikingVagine Mon 27-Feb-12 16:20:58

A biatch friend just sent me a recipe for a chocolate cake without butter. She may have a point. I'll give it a go and if it's any good, I'll share.

Somersaults Mon 27-Feb-12 16:32:49

He's here!!!!!!!

I didn't expect him until Wednesday so yay!

Any opinions on whether he can be Prospero Joe or does he need a different name than the one I sent back? Can't ask DH because he thinks I'm we're all crazy for giving them names. He doesn't understand that he's the newest member of the family!

HuevosRancheros Mon 27-Feb-12 16:36:28

Home Delivery Network have had mine in their van since 9.22am and still haven't got him to my house sad
Will probably attempt to deliver him as I'm putting the kids to bed angry

I want it now!!!!

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 27-Feb-12 16:47:24

Ooh, I go away for the weekend and miss this Shiny New Thread! How fab to read about all the things you've been making, and all the new Wood Pussies too.

Am particularly excited about makin frappucino and butter. But how do you make butter, exactly?

VikingVagine Mon 27-Feb-12 16:58:35

I think he should be Joe II, Somersaults

Oh good Tunip - I bought that book this afternoon. I nearly got tempted by Baking Made Easy but I resisted.

HuevosRancheros Mon 27-Feb-12 17:06:41

He's here!
Serving up kids dinner, will drool over it later smile

TunipTheVegemal Mon 27-Feb-12 17:09:00


minsmum Mon 27-Feb-12 17:31:42

first attempt at making bread here. He is kneading away, fingers crossed its edible

TheCunningStunt Mon 27-Feb-12 17:51:13

Gah made brownies and they taste weird. First time I tried the recipe and they are rubbish.

TunipTheVegemal Mon 27-Feb-12 18:11:46

oh no! Which recipe was it?

EddieVeddersfoxymop Mon 27-Feb-12 18:39:28

Huevos, yay for arriving prosperos! HDNL delivered mine too, around the same time as you. HDNL, do you only EVER deliver to people in the late afternoon? Dammit we need answers grin

Eddie the prospero made ginger millionaires shortbread-y stuff yesterday. Was effortless, and delicious. I've been requested to make scones tomorrow but work will not allow sad

TheCunningStunt Mon 27-Feb-12 18:43:45

It was one out of a baking book dp got me at the weekend. The quantities sounded off to me but I thought I'd give it a go. It used plain flour too so was pretty heavy

VikingVagine Mon 27-Feb-12 18:47:00

Woody made veggie burgers for tea.

The recipe? Umm, random ingredients in the cupboard...

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 19:32:39

I actually do know why HDNL deliver predominantly in the afternoon <smug>

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 19:34:50

My Prospero still to be named {stbn} made turkey bolegnese. But I used the bread maker for the rolls as I like the Betty Crocker Dinner Rolls .

It was lovely watching them pootle away together.

They always turn up in the 15 mins I am out on the school run and their depot is 30 miles away. However the driver that regularly delivers in our street is very friendly and goes to some lengths to find a neighbour to leave your parcels with.

sharenicely Mon 27-Feb-12 19:43:11

Well Sir Ken had his first twirl today. I have prepared homemade pasta sauce in the food processor.

2 tins of tomatoes
some other tomatoes I needed to use up
2 onions
basil, oregano, black pepper and salt

It is now in a pan and I am going to let it simmer tomorrow afternoon ready for tea!
Not sure if it's worth using the processor just for onions but because I just chucked everything in it was great fun and made the paste alot smoother than if I'd just chopped by hand.

Caz10 Mon 27-Feb-12 19:44:46

Oooh honeydragon can you tell us more about the dinner rolls? I only ever make loaves in mine, feel the need to branch out!

Have a muffin question - do you think a stand mixer would mix them too well? Mine are always verging on the fairy cake anyway, don't want to make it worse!

I think you could do muffins very slowly and only for a few moments stirring but really you might as well do them with a wooden spoon <traitor>

EddieVeddersfoxymop Mon 27-Feb-12 19:59:21

honeydragon, do tell about the mystery of late HDNL deliveries?

Somersaults Mon 27-Feb-12 20:05:50

I want to know too!! DK (enwood) was an afternoon delivery today.

MrsChemist Mon 27-Feb-12 20:10:36

Been having a baking break this weekend. I just made soda bread with the buttermilk I made. Didn't use Geoff though, because soda bread needs so little mixing, it's easier to do by hand.

Someone asked about butter. You just whisk double cream until it turns into butter and buttermilk. It will first turn to whipped cream, but you keep going and it eventually separates out.

Somersaults Mon 27-Feb-12 20:17:03

With the whisk attachment MrsC?

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 20:19:26

HDNL is simple

They have Tesco as their contracts as well as collect+ stores.

Teco require delivery by midday latest to check in to store to be collcted after 4pm and then need to do text notification.

Collect+ have to fulfil next day delivery so take precedence over house. Then they do individual deliveries smile

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 20:21:10

Betty Crocker Dinner Rolls You might want to use less sugar, they are obviously American so quite sweet but the DC's and Dh love them.

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 27-Feb-12 20:22:16

MrsChemist, I asked about butter - thanks fr that.
Is it only me who didn't know that cream makes butter and butter milk? How exciting. Chef Ken is itching to try it...!

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 20:26:27

Mrs Chemist

Do yu actually use the whisk then?

minsmum Mon 27-Feb-12 21:11:07

My bread has been a success thank you for putting how to do it on the first page.
Now to make fairy cakes for tomorrow.

MrsChemist Mon 27-Feb-12 21:15:54

Yes, I used the whisk attachment smile

HuevosRancheros Mon 27-Feb-12 21:21:13

Sorry to veer talk away from the wondrous Proeperos, but HDNL.... I'm sure I've been dragged to the door in my dressing gown at some ghastly hour of the morning? Maybe Tesco wouldn't accept them at such a ridiculous time of day? smile

Prospero is sitting in his shiny glory on the worktop.

Where do you store all the attachments? Blades/whisks/dough hooks/citrus thingy? Think I need some new storage device ......

Lakeland order arrives tomorrow, lets get baking! grin

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 21:31:05

You get earlier deliveries in areas that justify more than one van smile

It's not gospel, it's just that lots of people in my old office used to complain that HDNL always turned up about 2pm. But that was how long it took after he did all his bulk parcels. It depends on their area size and route plan, how many vans they have.

Run up to Xmas I had HDNL knock on my door at about 6:50 am!

Honeydragon Mon 27-Feb-12 21:34:38

I keep my discs K beater and dough hook in the flat square box tucked behind the blender at the moment

current set up in the Kenwood corner

Somersaults Mon 27-Feb-12 22:59:43

What to make, what to make...

I'm going to stick with baking to start with as it's what I know but it's so hard to choose a recipe!

TheCunningStunt Tue 28-Feb-12 07:49:36

So I'm fonna bake some of nigellas rolls later. I want to part bake some as there will be about 30 small rolls and we won't eat them all. Can anyone tell me if I can half bake them, then freeze them? Nd bake them later? Like the part baked ones you see in the shop.

TunipTheVegemal Tue 28-Feb-12 08:57:48

I can't see why not. I've only ever done it with pizza bases but I am fairly sure it is a normal thing to do.

MrsChemist Tue 28-Feb-12 08:59:10

DH's day off today. Much baking will be done.

goingtoofast Tue 28-Feb-12 11:17:12

TheCunningStunt I would bake them, freeze and refresh in the oven when you want to eat them.

I made some lemonade scones. You only need 4 cups self raising flour, 1 can lemonade and a 300ml pot of double cream! Mix it all together with the k-beater, put on a floured surface, cut into squares/rounds and bake at 180c for 10 - 15 mins. They are not quite like tradional scones but very tasty!

TheCunningStunt Tue 28-Feb-12 11:35:47

Ooh they sound interesting!!

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 16:01:22

I've never made any scones before but don't think I could go too far wrong with them - just one question though, how thick should the dough be to cut out the rounds?

TunipTheVegemal Tue 28-Feb-12 16:03:33

quite thick - I usually do just under an inch, so that they end up nice and fat.

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 16:09:39

Thank you. Might try those tomorrow smile

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 16:17:43

Well, Prospero has had a good first day smile

This morning he made a lemon-cream meringue for a dinner party this weekend. Nothing too tricky, just whisking egg whites and then double cream. But it would have taken me forever by hand, it was lovely having Prospero do it! It is now in the freezer, looking gorgeous grin

Just made fairy cakes, going to taste test soon. I only did a 1 egg/2oz mix (as I really didn't need to make cakes, just wanted an excuse), and I did notice when I licked the K-beater washed up that there was some butter/sugar mix still on the beater, hadn't fully mixed in.

I usually use marge, but had butter in, so used that instead - could this have been the reason? Or just too small a mix (= excuse to make lots of cakes next time)

VikingVagine Tue 28-Feb-12 16:45:30

I think it's probably just because there wasn't enough mixture in there, such a shame that bigger quantities will have to be made next time. <gluttonous emoticon>

AmandinePoulain Tue 28-Feb-12 17:45:11

Hi fellow Prospero fans smile

I'm just jumping into your thread to pass on what might be useful info for those of you who bought yours from Amazon - I emailed them about the missing mill and cd and as the mill doesn't actually exist despite the description listing it as being in the box they've refunded me dh 15% - and as I bought it when it was £115 I ended up paying the same as the Sainsburys price with the processor. Result! grin

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 18:04:21

Oooh Amandine - I might just email them too! The mill is still listed as included on the site, and it's gone up to £155 now!

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 18:04:48

Wow, thanks for telling us that! smile
I was wondering what people had done, as, as you say, there is no mention of the mill or CD on the box, clearly Amazon cocked up.

Will be in touch with them! grin

Cakes are lovely. Though as Viking says, would be sensible to make a larger batch next time, just in case.

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 18:06:18

What email address did you use? I'm on my orders on Amazon and can't find a link to a specific email address that I can send an email to.

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 18:07:30

Somersaults, you beat me to it, I've just been on there and the only options I have are to return it or comment on the packaging hmm

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 18:09:49

Oh, try this

MrsChemist Tue 28-Feb-12 18:24:12

Today, we'll be making amaretti biscuits, using this recipe, subbing the 30ml of amaretto for 25ml of water with a bit of sugar dissolved in it and a tsp of vanilla extract.

DH will be making walnut biscotti. Not found a suitable recipe yet.

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 18:26:38

Thanks Huevos! Email sent now smile

TunipTheVegemal Tue 28-Feb-12 18:26:57

I've got a gratin dauphinoise in the oven. You should have seen Ken slice the potatoes. Mind you, you'd have had to watch carefully, if you'd blinked you'd have missed it smile

extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 28-Feb-12 18:31:04

Thanks Amandine. Would also be interested to know the email address you used.

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 18:48:46

extremely - I've linked the email address below.

Well, that was fast, Amazon man rang a few minutes ago, just as I was trying to get the kids up for a bath.

To be fair, I had asked for the extra bits, rather than a refund ... he asked me to send Prospero back! shock When I said I had chucked all the packaging (true, but mainly I don't want to be without P now!), he said he would send me a new one, with CD and mill, and I should return old one.

What are the chances the new one doesn't have CD and mill?

AmandinePoulain Tue 28-Feb-12 19:05:50

I just clicked on 'contact us' then entered my order number in the Re: section. I said how disappointed I was by the lack of mill, and that I'd looked into it and discovered that there was no such item. They replied that they would open a box and get back to me, a few days later they wrote back and said that they didn't have any spares (funny that as the mill doesn't exist hmm) so I could either return it for a full refund (not an option for me as I've fallen in love grin) or get 15% back smile. huevos I'll be interested to see what happens wrt your replacement, it must have been a different person dealing with you, or they've realised that I've spread the word and they've changed policy.

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 19:22:26

Ooh I await my call from Amazon because I asked for the parts to be sent out separately!

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 19:23:00

They can change the policy all they like, but if the mill doesn't exist (hadn't realised that! grin), they'll struggle to send me one!

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 19:30:50

This mill says it fits all mixers but then on mixer size it says Chef or Major. Does that mean it doesn't fit the Prospero? Either way I'd be happy with a refund or a mill if it does fit!

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 19:38:35

Well, there you go. Just got an email from Amazon. The important bit:

"Normally, in this situation, I'd create a replacement order for the missing item right away, to be sent to you as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Unfortunately, at the moment, "Kenwood Prospero Compact KM265 4.3 Litre Stand Mixer" is unavailable from our suppliers and we can't send a replacement. Although the item might be available on our website from third party sellers, we can't source items from them. However, we'll be happy to issue a full refund for this order.

In this case as you do not have a box to return the item, what I can do for you is give a 15% discount for your item. "

OK grin

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 19:46:37

I just got the exact same email but without the part about the 15% refund because you don't have the packing. I will reply once DD has gone to sleep and explain that I no longer have the packaging. They must be getting a bit suspicious/annoyed by us all now! Who cares, they've made enough money from MN this last week or two!

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 19:54:22

I do actually have a technical cooking-related question wink

Am making shortcrust pastry tomorrow for a (quorn) mince-and-onion pie. Plan on lining a flan tin with pastry, then putting cooked filling in, then putting pastry on top and then baking.

Can I make the pastry tomorrow morning, line the flan tin and bung it (and remaining pastry for the top) in the fridge til the evening? Then fill, top and bake when we want to eat?

Thanks smile

TunipTheVegemal Tue 28-Feb-12 19:58:20

yes smile

TunipTheVegemal Tue 28-Feb-12 19:58:49

I would wrap it all in clingfilm so it doesn't dry out.

HuevosRancheros Tue 28-Feb-12 20:01:25

Oh yes, will all be wrapped, but nothing bad will happen to it if rolled out and left? Good smile

AmandinePoulain Tue 28-Feb-12 20:06:06

Good result huevos! grin Hope you get your 15% too somersaults. I didn't realise that the mill didn't exist until I saw it on here on the previous thread, after noticing mine was 'missing'. I had wanted it in order to retire dh's manuel coffee grinder that he spends hours winding to grind enough coffee beans to make one cup of coffee but it wasn't the main thing I wanted from the mixer. I would have found the cd useful though.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Tue 28-Feb-12 21:29:44

I emailed too, no refund for me. Only an offer to return the item......sad. Was worth a try I guess!!!!

EddieVeddersfoxymop Tue 28-Feb-12 21:30:18

Oh, but those who desperately want the cd, just call the naice people at Kenwood. They posted one to me grin

sharenicely Tue 28-Feb-12 21:36:22

First proper use of Sir Ken today and I got to use the whisk and k beater. I made brownies and they were gorgeous. Moist in the middle and a bit crunchy on top.
I can't do links but they were a Lulu Grimes recipe from the good food website.

Somersaults Tue 28-Feb-12 22:03:00

I love brownies but I never make them because DH not a fan. What with the arrival of Prospero Joe II though I think I will whip up a batch it's good he doesnt really like them I suppose - more for me then I guess!!

MrsChemist Wed 29-Feb-12 09:16:30

I've never made brownies either.

Last night we made maple syrup cookies. I post the recipe later. They were delicious smile

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 09:32:33

Mmmmmm they sound good. Prospero Joe II is going to be a busy boy!

EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 29-Feb-12 10:02:34

Woke up to an email from Amazon offering a 20% refund! grin

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 29-Feb-12 10:14:48

20% ? Kerching.

Ooh, you could 'reinvest' in some new baking equipment!

EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 29-Feb-12 10:40:12

Hazel, my thoughts exactly. Lakeland, here I come!!!!!!!

AmandinePoulain Wed 29-Feb-12 10:52:38

envy eddie grin

Ilovefluffysheep Wed 29-Feb-12 11:28:12

I'm obviously being very thick, because when I put the food processor on it, it won't switch on! Obviously there is something I'm not locking into place properly, but I can't work out what!

Can anyone talk me through simple instructions of putting the processor on and locking all the bits?

TunipTheVegemal Wed 29-Feb-12 11:53:41

handle at same end as feed tube and little grey triangle lined up with little grey line?

EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 29-Feb-12 12:39:19

The processor has to click further round than you think <experience>.

DO NOT leave anything pushed into the mixer end however when you use the processor <even more experience>

TunipTheVegemal Wed 29-Feb-12 12:43:46

...unless you want to grate your cheese for the cheese scones and mix the scone mixture at the same time, I am very proud of my Ken for doing that!

Ilovefluffysheep Wed 29-Feb-12 13:44:25

Will try again later and see if I can lock it all in! Been battling with pastry all morning, something I have never been able to do by hand. Did it in mixer with k beater after failing to set processor up!

First lot fine, rolled beautifully. Second lot too dry, crumbled when I rolled, so have broken it up, added more water, mixed again, and am hoping it might work! Is currently in the fridge until I'm brave enough to try it!

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 14:36:51

I was so eager to use Joe this morning that I didn't wait fur the butter for my Victoria sponge to soften so poor Joe had a hard time trying to K-beat it into submission the sugar. Result = batter with tiny solid butter lumps throughout. Can't blame Joe though, entirely my own fault. Wanted to do brownies this afternoon too but DD is very grouchy and clingy after 12 week jabs yesterday so it's not looking hopeful.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 29-Feb-12 14:50:51

Good point tunip.........however I left the K beater in and the dough hook in the bowl, and then switched on the processor..........confused

VikingVagine Wed 29-Feb-12 16:00:18

I finally made scones this afternoon. DD (2) "helped" and they were delicious you could hardly taste the bread and clothes peg if a little oddly shaped due to the intervention of tiny hands when brushing with the egg.

I tried to make something vaguely resembling thick cream but it just tasted like crème fraîche, although it didn't prevent DH and DS eating it, DD and I just stuck to butter. Found some jam my DM had made last summer with the plums from her garden; it had crystallised but was still nice and tangy, mmmmmm.

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 17:51:17

I got DH to pick up lemonade on his way home from work so I could try PP's lemonade scones recipe. They sound interesting. DH doesn't sound too convinced or enthusiastic about them (obvs a scones purist) so they will just have to be fab to convince him.

VikingVagine Wed 29-Feb-12 17:58:58

I tried making bread the other day but it didn't rise (at all), think I probably killed the yeast with the salt. Anyway, I wrapped the dough in cling film & put it in the fridge.

Tonight I decided to try one of the river cottage veg recipes on the guardian website - carrots and chickpeas in pita bread - and, not having any pita handy, I thought I'd make flat breads with the failed dough. Turns out they puffed up into perfect pita breads, yay!

TunipTheVegemal Wed 29-Feb-12 18:00:15


HuevosRancheros Wed 29-Feb-12 18:01:43

OK, clearly you are all great at this and I am not sad

I made pastry this morning <for the first time in my life, ever>

If relevant, it was quite a lot, 12oz flour/6 oz fat.
The fat was a 50:50 mixture of butter/Trex (veggie "lard")
The fat was at room temp.

Thing is, the butter just wouldn't all mix in. I was expecting a breadcrumb texture, but no matter how long I beat it for, there were still lumps of butter. I ended up using fingertips <the shame, not using Prospero for everything>
Then I added water, and realised I didn't really know how much to add, was just trying to remember the gazilllion times I watched my mum do it. It seemed OK at the time, I then fridged it for the day, and when I got it out an hour or so ago, it was rock hard. Am hoping it will be rollable in an hour or so.

Any tips?

Huevos I have only tried pastry once as well and I also got buttery lumps. Next time I am going to make sure the butter/Trex is softer. I also think it might have helped if I had been doing a larger quantity, mine was only a 4oz mix (I have also found a 4oz cake mix doesn't work brilliantly as it just smears round the bowl and doesn't get picked up, going to try all in one next time).

Have you got the food processor? My old one does a brilliant job of rubbing in.

I would expect it to be rock hard if it was in the fridge for that long, but should be fine once it has warmed up a bit.

VikingVagine Wed 29-Feb-12 18:20:45

Did you cut the butter into small chunks first?

When it comes out of the fridge it usually is rock hard, you just need to pummel it a bit and once you get going it should soften up a bit.

I cut mine into 1cm cubes. It wasn't rock hard, sort of medium, would have been quite hard work rubbing it in by hand like that, will zap it in the microwave for a fe secnds next time. Just seen that you were doing a larger quantity than me Huevos so quantity I guess isn't the problem.

TheCunningStunt Wed 29-Feb-12 18:37:31

Hmmm I have two hungry boys after school tomorrow for tea. What delciousness cake/snack can I make??

Scotch pancakes always go down well with hungry children in this house Cunning

Did anyones Be-Ro book arrive yet? Is anyone still here from when we were talking about that last week?

TheCunningStunt Wed 29-Feb-12 18:42:40

I have one!!

TunipTheVegemal Wed 29-Feb-12 18:51:08

In the tart recipes in the first Jamie Oliver Naked Chef books, he gets you to slice bits off the pastry when it's hard and piece them together in the tart tin rather than roll it out - it's quite a nifty idea because it's easier if you're a beginner than doing the whole rolling pin thing (though once you're confident at all the rolling out that's quicker). It also means the pastry gets handled less so it ends up lighter. (No good for a pie though.)

I've always rubbed in using a food processor, not yet tried with the KMix. You can't do much in one go though (and the Prospero's fp bowl is quite dinky).
Rubbing in does take forever when you're doing a lot.

Re the quantity of water, this is the story of how I learnt to do pastry.
When I was a teenager my mum asked me to do the pastry for her mince pies. I forgot it needed water and made the pastry stick together through sheer determination and force of will. The mince pies crumbled in your hand but they were the most scrumptious thing ever. Several people told me they were the best pastry they had ever tasted. And all because I had got it wrong.
After that I realised that the less water you use, the better it is. So put in a little at a time (ice cold), just enough to make it stick together. If you put in too much the whole thing will still work absolutely fine, it just won't be quite so melt-in-the-mouth, but it will still be lovely because fresh home-made pastry simply is lovely. If you put in too little it will fall to pieces but that will be balanced out by the fact that it tastes better, so it's a trade-off.

The secret with pastry is never compare yourself to Delia or Mary Berry or the women in your local WI. If you do that you will lose confidence. Compare your pastry to a Taste the Difference fruit tart from Sainsburys and yours will actually be a hundred times better because of being all fresh with nothing but proper ingredients.

VikingVagine Wed 29-Feb-12 18:56:07

I never use water in mince pie pastry, just an egg yolk. The less water, the nicer the pastry.

ViviPru Wed 29-Feb-12 19:02:24

Evening Wood Pussies! I have enjoyed catching up with all your Prospero adventures.

Eddie 20% - what a result!

Huevos Tell us more about this frozen lemon curd meringue sandwich concoction, it sounds intriguing. I'm envisaging all sorts of freezer catastrophe, do you wrap it in cling film before freezing or what?

I noticed talk of dairy-free chocolate cake upthread, well I made the vegan chocolate cake I was chatting about last week and it was a triumph! I thoroughly recommend the recipe.

Some snaps & link to the recipe here

HuevosRancheros Wed 29-Feb-12 19:50:06

Thanks everyone for pastry advice smile
I think I had it in my mind that you should use the smallest amount of water possible, which is what I did DD and DS were badgering me at the time, so I did whatever was the quickest

It rolled out OK after a couple of hours out of the fridge. Mince and onion tart/pie in the oven now, looks nice so far - pastry is certainly a nicer colour than JusRol which has been my standard til now. We'll see smile

ViviPru - the meringue thing is simply two 20cm meringues sandwiched together with a mixture of whipped double cream (300ml) and lemon curd (jar and half of Sainsbo's TTD stuff [lush]). Then open freeze and then pack away until needed, up to 3 months apparently. I shall wait til Saturday wink Then out of freezer to semi-defrost for 2-3 hours, it is half creamy, half ice-creamy, absolutely divine but such a doddle to make (first time I have made it though. But a MIL classic smile )

TunipTheVegemal Wed 29-Feb-12 20:14:37

oh pastry making is one of those things that is very frustrating to do when you have children underfoot, you do need to concentrate.

I think Jus-Rol is perfectly all right but there is a conspiracy to pretend it's as good as home-made, and it's just not.
When I made puff pastry from scratch I was amazed by how much better it was than bought stuff. I still buy puff because it is such a faff (would never buy shortcrust), but the home-made really was amazing.

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 20:23:10

Update to my attempts to deal with Amazon wrt the missing non-existent mill. I emailed today to say I no longer had the packaging and that having done some online research that it seemed the mill didn't exist and they were misinforming customers yada yada yada they replied just now with this:

I’m sorry to hear that you've had a problem with your Kenwood Prospero Compact we don't seem to have any alerts for missing mills with this product if it was listed it should have been with it.

We’ll be glad to help as much as we can but first we'd suggest that you consult the manufacturer to check whether this is a known issue, we no longer have stock that I could get checked. They'll have specialist knowledge of their own products and in many cases they may be able resolve the problem immediately over the telephone. If not, they may be able to get your missing mill shipped out quickly. They'll be able to advise you whether a return to us is necessary.

So tomorrow I'm calling Kenwood to prove to Amazon that there's no mill with the KM265.

HalleLouja Wed 29-Feb-12 20:49:47

Has anyone bought one recently? I want one and I want it now and I want to pay the least for it. Think the KM265 would be best for me.

Honeydragon Wed 29-Feb-12 20:52:02

apologies to the expert bakers who have probably heard of this type of frosting but
you have to try this the ingredients are so so wrong, but the results are brill.

Made some fab chocolates cakes and this for the top. A recipe made for the Prospero as the quantities aren't massive and it needs mega beating! It's gorgeous <drools>

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 20:57:19

I am so going to make chocolate cupcakes and try that tomorrow!

Honeydragon Wed 29-Feb-12 20:59:52

Oh the one thing I will do differently next time is use caster sugar instead of granulated and just beat it for ages, it was a faff checking to see if the granulated had dissolved

Caz10 Wed 29-Feb-12 21:07:14

Evening all! Very much enjoying reading all your adventures in Kenland. I was in sainsburys today and the prosperos were up at around £180!! So great bargains bagged here. The big reduction was on a Kenwood food processor, but obviously you don't need that now! And I am going to wait till I am rich enough to get the fp attachments for the Chef.

Chef has been busy- tried breadsticks from the recipe book I got with it, disaster! They didn't rise at all so I obviously did something wonky with the yeast. They were doughy and chewy, yuck!

Had more success with the lemon drizzle cake someone mentioned up thread- delicious! And I did literally nothing apart from lob things in and switch it on. Took aaaaages longer than the instructions said though.

Re rubbing in butter, I asked about this on MN before and got given the genius tip of grating the butter straight from the fridge!

Thank you to all those who have posted links- my list of things I want to make is getting very long!

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 21:10:47

Bah! Everytime I tell DH what I'm planning on baking next he says he doesn't really like whatever it is I'm planning so won't eat them. That's why I made you the blardy Victoria sponge before I tried any exciting recipes silly man! I don't care now what you will and won't eat!

Honeydragon Wed 29-Feb-12 21:22:25

dh was like that. till I realised I' spent about 6 months solid rotating the same 9 dishes and had given up.

Now I cook, I decide. He tries it, and if doesn't like it,we don't have it again.

What is nice is he is not a pudding or cake man, so on the odd occasion he feels compelled to have a slice of something it it all goes I know it must be gooooooooood grin

EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 29-Feb-12 21:26:31

I'm now eyeing up the Tala piping set on the lakeland website......cupcakes need to be made!!!! And i have some refund money from Amazon burning a hole in my pocket on my credit cardgrin

My Dad was visiting today, is it wrong that I regaled him with my tale of the returned Sainsbos prospero and the subsequently repurchased Amazon prospero? Accompanied by the grand opening of the cupboard door to show Eddie in all his glory <arf> grinblushgrin

ViviPru Wed 29-Feb-12 21:31:43

What is nice is he is not a pudding or cake man

That would be nice. After EVERY meal, DP invariably turns to me and says "anything for pudding?" He's always disappointed when I snap with mild irritation Muller rice? Disappointed, but in an accepting way.

I wouldn't mind but we both work form home full time so you'd think he'd have noticed if I'd spent the afternoon whipping up a croquembouche.

I'd love to dear, but someone's got to keep us in roofs over our heads hmm

VikingVagine Wed 29-Feb-12 21:46:54

Hmm, I don't know what Lakeland is, doesn't exist n France. Am I going to regret looking at it online?!

MrsChemist Wed 29-Feb-12 21:51:55

I got the tala piping set smile it's good.

DH made clementine and walnut biscotti, and I made amaretti biscuits. Biscotti = good, amaretti biscuits = awful.

TunipTheVegemal Wed 29-Feb-12 21:53:37

I love walnut biscuits. We seem to have a lot of walnuts in the cupboard, too....

Somersaults Wed 29-Feb-12 22:00:06

VV you won't regret it but your credit card might.

HuevosRancheros Thu 01-Mar-12 07:03:55

Time for some trumpet blowing......my pastry was fab! grin Thin and crispy, buttery, tasted lovely smile

Talking of Tala (already have piping set, so no urge for that), what's the Tala measure jug thing you were all talking about on the last thread? Why use that instead of scales?

Might need to make scones today - could anyone link to a recipe? Conventional rather than lemonade, at first at least smile


HuevosRancheros Thu 01-Mar-12 07:36:37

Caz10 great tip about grating the butter straight from the fridge! Do you then leave it to come to room temp, or do you k-beater it straight away?

VikingVagine Thu 01-Mar-12 08:25:32

Simple scone recipe here just be careful not to over handle/knead the dough!

TunipTheVegemal Thu 01-Mar-12 10:28:12

Well done HuevosRancheros!

still haven't tried pastry in Ken.... he will be mixing my HFW sweetcorn fritters tonight though.

Caz10 Thu 01-Mar-12 14:19:57

Straight to kbeater!! I actually cba to hand grate and just usually chop into small lumps and the chef seems to manage- but I think you prospero ladies have a grater attachment? (envy!)

I think having to grate the butter first would take longer/create more washing up than rubbing in by hand TBH, I might stick with the FP for pastry (we only do it a couple of times a year anyway).

EddieVeddersfoxymop Thu 01-Mar-12 15:13:52

huevos, the tala measuring thing is just nice to use! I bought it for its aesthetic value but use it all the time. Just because. grin

ViviPru Thu 01-Mar-12 16:35:37

I fancied the Tala measurer because its just sooo pretty it has US cup measurements in, and I find that I tend to use a lot of US recipes. But WhoKnows recommended some melamine cup measurers which I still need to have a google of...

ViviPru Thu 01-Mar-12 16:38:31

Are they the Nigella ones, WhoKnows?

HuevosRancheros Thu 01-Mar-12 17:02:32

Oh, I would never consider grating the butter by hand, as you say, it would be quicker just to rub it in. But with the food processor attachment, as yet unused.....

I tend to avoid American recipes blush If I have to use one, I convert all quantities. So I should not need the Tala measure... what's the chances I end up getting it anyway?

I think I have bought Prospero at the wrong time of year.... we have spent the whole afternoon in the garden, he's not been used. I'm making an Italian bread cake tomorrow, so he will be beating egg whites again, but I think that's it.

TunipTheVegemal Thu 01-Mar-12 17:06:19

but then you would have to wash up a greasy fp bowl.
One of my reasons for wanting a stand mixer was that it's so faffy washing up a food processor after making pastry in it.
(though maybe when my new Bosch dishwasher comes to replace the Indeshit next week I'll feel differently....)

VikingVagine Thu 01-Mar-12 17:24:23

I had no trouble rubbing the butter in with the k beater. As I said the butter was room temp and cut into little cubes.

HuevosRancheros Thu 01-Mar-12 17:43:00

I will try again. Quite fancy an apple pie smile

The butter was at 'room temp', in that I left it out of the fridge overnight. So I guess it would have been a bit cold, we had no heating on. I will make it later in the day next time, and cut the butter up smaller.

Yes, that was one of my reasons for wanting a stand mixer was far less washing up than using the FP. I am going to try microwaving the butter slightly next time.

The cup measures were Tala too cups. Annoyingly I noticed that the outer one had a huge crack in it today so I have had to throw it away (couldn't really take it back with no receipt and no label and used, I have no idea how it happened). WIll have to use 2 x 0.5 cup measure instead now.

ViviPru Thu 01-Mar-12 18:24:14

Oh they're nice, WhoKnows Thanks for the link smile

Caz10 Thu 01-Mar-12 20:17:41

Mmmmmmm I can thoroughly recommend Nigella glitzy choc puddings, I was lured in by the opening line which is something like "if you have a stand mixer..."!
Easy peasy and very tasty. I am going to be fat as a wee barrel. Chef also did a lovely job on the mash!
Room temp butter cut into little cubes was abs fine with the k beater btw, but it you forget to take the butter out the grater trick is good in an emergency.

Can you use any apples for apple pie or does it have to be cookers? I have a few in the fruit bowl that are a bit past their best!

Somersaults Thu 01-Mar-12 20:22:53


Spoke to Kenwood who confirmed that no mill exists for the Prospero as yet and that the Amazon listing is incorrect (which we knew!). She did however say that when the KM 280 is released it will have a mill which will fit the 265.

Spoke to nice man at Amazon who apologised and refunded me £20 which knocked it back £100 - same as Sainsburys one was. He said he could have put a note on my account that they had to send me a mill when the 280 is released or he could refund. I opted for the refund seeing as though I didn't ever expect a mill. Lovely man.

Oh and the Kenwood lady is sending me a cd too.

TunipTheVegemal Thu 01-Mar-12 20:26:22

the new mill will fit? That's even better!

I think I shall get in touch, then, and if they give me the same options I can opt for getting sent the mill. Assuming it costs £30 the same as the one of the Chef, that's a better deal, and it would mean that one would have forgotten all about it and then one day a mysterious package would arrive....

ViviPru Thu 01-Mar-12 20:26:45

That is indeed a result, Somersaults. Excellent tenacity.

I'm now bursting with curiosity re: this 280 of which you speak...

sharenicely Thu 01-Mar-12 20:50:44

So what exactly will a mill do? I'm going to email Amazon re mill and cd but need to know what it is and if i want one?

Somersaults Thu 01-Mar-12 21:23:12

Does it grind things like coffee maybe?

The 280 is just the newer version of the 265 I think but a mill comes included with it. It might be a higher power but I'm not sure. The Kenwood lady definitely said the mill will fit my 265 when it is released though but she didn't say whether it would be available separately from the 280 straight away on release.

I honestly think it will depend on who you speak to at Amazon what options you will get. They gentleman I spoke to was lovely and while I was on the phone looked up their prices for mills that do actually exist to get an idea of what kind of amount hr could refund. They ranged from £20-£30 and he offered the £20 which made it the same price as the sainsburys one but with the addition of the food processor so I just agreed. I couldn't guarantee you'd be given the same options if you spoke to a different advisor though. I flagged it up good and proper though and he said they would need to do some work to prevent it happening again so perhaps it will have been flagged up and they mIght have been advised what they can and can't offer if customers ask about it. Try it. It was definitely worth a couple of phone calls for me.

TeaOneSugar Thu 01-Mar-12 21:40:36

whoknows Are they American cup measures? I have a set of cups, but discovered recently that they are european cups rather than american.

I've been working on the principle that the proportions will still be the same if everything in a recipe is measured in cups, but really I'd like an American set.

Yes, American, cup = 240mL.

TheScottishPlayer Thu 01-Mar-12 21:52:43

If any of the little people in your life are hassling you for a go on your Prospero you could always get them their own... ken wood

TeaOneSugar Thu 01-Mar-12 21:52:44

Brilliant, thanks.

HarryRedknappsDog Thu 01-Mar-12 22:01:06

Can I join your quiche?

Santa brought me a Titanium for Christmas, and I love love love it. I use it for pancakes nearly every morning for the DCs, I use the blender for soup and smoothies, I make cakes and cookies every weekend and use the processor for chopping veg.

I haven't read the whole 2 threads all the way through yet, but I will. grin

VikingVagine Thu 01-Mar-12 22:17:34

Of course you may join, although we will all be very very envy of your Titanium!

Caz10 Thu 01-Mar-12 22:27:32

Another envy for your titanium here! Am laughing at the toy one that is either brilliant or madness!!

TheScottishPlayer Thu 01-Mar-12 22:38:50

The toy one is titanium - actually, maybe not wise to get one for any DC envy

Somersaults Thu 01-Mar-12 23:26:43

The toy one makes batter for pancakes - why did I spend £100 on the Prospero?!

ViviPru Thu 01-Mar-12 23:41:08
Somersaults Thu 01-Mar-12 23:53:54

Viv your link didn't work sad

But I am browsing on my phone so maybe that's why.

ViviPru Thu 01-Mar-12 23:58:29

Nah doesn't work now I'm on my phone either. You're not missing anything important, just a bit of Ken-love nonsense smile

TheCunningStunt Fri 02-Mar-12 07:46:51

WH Smith have got all their baking books on 75% off for Mother's Day.

TheCunningStunt Fri 02-Mar-12 11:40:51

I already got two new booksblush sticky Jamaican ginger cake is in the oven as we speak...smells utterly fabulous!

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 11:48:30

No baking for me this weekend as I'm off doing feminist marching. (I wanted to take Ken but they don't make a banner attachment sad)

Maybe this pm I should knock up a batch of cookies for hungry marchers though?

<rifles through cutters to find suitably symbolic shapes>

ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 12:04:58

Good heads-up on the baking book sale, WhoKnows. I've pre-ordered this

MrsChemist Fri 02-Mar-12 12:09:19

This would be appropriate Tunip grin

Cunning, do you have a recipe for the ginger cake? I adore ginger cake.

TheCunningStunt Fri 02-Mar-12 12:26:07

I am shamefully cutting and pasting. It's a Hugh fearnly whittling stall recipe


75g unsalted butter

125g soft brown sugar

150g black treacle

150g syrup

75ml dark rum

2 eggs, lightly beaten

225g self-raising flour

1 tsp ground all spice

1 tsp ground ginger

A pinch of salt

75g of preserved stem ginger, roughly chopped


First of all grease with butter and line the bottom and sides of a 1 litre loaf tin with baking paper. In a pot melt the butter, sugar, treacle and syrup, mix together.

Once the dark sticky mix has cooled a little, add the rum, and the two beaten eggs.

Now onto the dry ingredients, sift the flour, allspice, ginger and salt into a large mixing bowl and make a little well in the middle. Pour in the melted wet ingredients and mix together. Add in the chopped stem ginger and pour into the loaf tin.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees C for about 40 minutes. The cake is cooked when you can insert a skewer into the cake and it will come out clean. Pour some of the syrup from the jar of stem ginger over the cake and allow to completely cool in the loaf tin.

Cake def tastes better after a couple of days and will keep for a week in the fridge. It's a calorie killer thoblush

HuevosRancheros Fri 02-Mar-12 14:21:19

Cunning, that looks lovely.

But, got to ask, how did you manage need to use Prospero for this? wink grin

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 14:28:22

Biscuits are chilling prior to cutting out.

It's so great though, this stand mixer thing. I'd never really thought about why it's useful, but it makes the whole process so much quicker because you leave it to mix the first set of ingredients while you're weighing out the next, then when the whole lot is being mixed you can clear up.
<states obvious>

That toy Kenwood reminds me I had a toy mixer that really worked when I was a child. Grandma got it for me and my mother was hmm. It was yellow plastic and I mainly used to use it to make frothy milkshake.
(That can't have made a mess, can it? And it's funny, I don't actually remember what happened to it - don't remember breaking it but it must have disappeared....)

MrsChemist, your link didn't work!

Also, just got my BBC Good Food April edition in the post, there is a nice little baking book free with it this month, I assume the ones in the shop have it too.

HuevosRancheros Fri 02-Mar-12 14:34:37

Tunip I was pondering exactly the same as you this morning. How I could be stirring together all the cake ingredients at the same time as Prospero was beating the egg whites, ready for prompt folding in. Except DS (18mo) is so excited by Prospero (constantly pointing at it and shouting "on"!), I have to hold him and show him what it is doing when it's on.

I had a toy liquidiser that worked when I was a kid. I made Ribena "milkshakes" (Ribena + milk). Think I actually liked them, though the thought now makes me feel quite ill.......

TheCunningStunt Fri 02-Mar-12 15:12:14

grin well I used it for the mixing part! Ok so you don't need to mix it hugely...but I could NOT use my prospero...it would have cried!

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 16:32:03

My biscuits are done - lots for tomorrow plus a good batch of fish biscuits for the two small children in my house who are currently dressed as cats (Kwazi and a Sylvanian).

I used this recipe and this conversion table.

I scaled it down a tiny bit because it would have taken me 37.5g above Ken's maximum load and I don't want to do that to him.

ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 16:36:14

That looks like a good recipe, Tunip, I've been looking for a good one for cutters.

What cutters did you use in the end? grin

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 02-Mar-12 16:41:53

Damn you MN for showing me the kids mixers......my DD is consumed with desire for Eddie <takes after her mother> so a little one of her own? Might as well bash the credit card some more eh??

Am currently on MN while Eddie bashes some wholemeal bread for me <packet mix>.

Tomorrow, I shall mainly be handing all my birthday money over to Lakeland. Dh has no idea what he agreed to when he said he would take me........

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 16:42:38

women, men, flowers, hearts, stars, saws (ds1's latest acquisition - it will symbolise how we are going to chop down the patriarchy), snails (to represent the speed at which women's liberation is arriving), feet (because it's a march, obviously), hands, suns, moons, and bells which look a bit like breasts.

It spread a bit more than it was supposed to because I cut down the flour more than I cut down other things, but it's all recognisable. It's a lovely light recipe.

I used the K beater, rubbed the sugar into the fat first then chucked in all the wet ingredients beaten together and the dry ingredients sifted together.

VikingVagine Fri 02-Mar-12 16:43:36
ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 16:45:02

I love the Interpretation of the Symbolism of Feminism via the medium of biscuits grin

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 16:45:05

You got a 20% refund right Eddie? It makes total sense to spend that on a baby Ken. Can you convince your dd that you came down one morning and discovered to your amazement that your mixer had had a baby?

ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 16:46:37

love that idea, Tunip!

VikingVagine Fri 02-Mar-12 17:13:04

(Would just like to add I wasn't mocking feminism, the idea of reducing the ultimate symbol of manhood to mere crumbs appealed to my naff sense of humour).

Ilovefluffysheep Fri 02-Mar-12 17:15:15

Thanks to advice on here I contacted amazon about the missing mill (despite the fact I didn't even know it was supposed to have one til I read it on here!).

I started emailing in, and the reply I got didn't answer the query, so phoned instead. The man I spoke to said he could only authorise a 15% refund, but I was quite happy with that, didn't want to push for too much (know someone on here got 20%). As my propero had drop in price to £115.99 when I bought it, with the refund it means it was under £100, so I'm well happy. Without this thread I wouldn't have reaslised anything was amiss.

What the heck does the mill do anyway??

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 02-Mar-12 17:24:14

Tunip, I did somehow get 20%.........their first email knocked me back so I told them I had recycled the packaging and would rather have the bits anyway.....lo and behold I got offered 20%!!! <jammy bugger emoticon>

What a lovely idea to order a baby ken for my DD so she can keep her mitts off mine bake all by herself. Must.....resist.........fails and digs out my flexible friend

Oh, how I love this thread!

Honeydragon Fri 02-Mar-12 17:26:52


You numpty - you HAVE the 280 grin you have a 288 from the 280 series grin grin grin grin yours is a 88 because it is black and chrome. KM280 will be white grin

Honeydragon Fri 02-Mar-12 17:30:07

and another model is silver

MrsChemist Fri 02-Mar-12 17:43:57

The cutter I linked to was a female symbol cookie cutter. Linked on my phone though, so that's probably why it didn't work.

I still need to link to the maple syrup cookies recipe, but I've no laptop and I can't remember which one it was.

ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 17:45:47

God I'm being such a dickhead this week grin

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 17:48:15

Wow, Viking, that is something I do not have in my ginormous collection of cutters grin
The local hardware shop must have sold out.

I would absolutely love a female symbol one.

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 17:49:12

What other attachments are they bringing out then, as well as the mill?
I didn't take it in when it was mentioned earlier in the thread because I thought they wouldn't fit.

ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 17:51:25

Love the decoration on these.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 02-Mar-12 17:59:39

vivi.....put me right off me tea, that did shock Actually, that's probably not a good emoticon to use <arf>

TunipTheVegemal Fri 02-Mar-12 18:02:44

PMSL! Bringing a whole new meaning to foodmixer porn....

those are very wrong indeed and I also want to know why they are always of a size when flaccid that makes me want to go 'In your dreams, mate.' Surely it is bad for men to have unrealistic expectations forced upon them by cookie cutters sad

MrsChemist Fri 02-Mar-12 18:04:34
ViviPru Fri 02-Mar-12 18:21:00

grin @ Eddies shock in context!!

Oh thanks you lot, you've cheered up a decidedly shitty day smile

AmandinePoulain Fri 02-Mar-12 18:21:42

A word of warning. The processor slicer disc is sharp not that I have the injury to prove it or anything blush grin

Which led to an embarrassing incident when a spot of blood went in the carrot cake mix. Cue 4yo shouting at the top of her lungs "I don't want any bloody cake!". I'm sure the builder standing just outside the kitchen got a good laugh though grin.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 02-Mar-12 19:03:50

Amandine grin Bet you were mortified.........blush

I did give myself a slight nick removing the processor blade from its plastic cover, was about 1mm but boy, it bled <produces worlds smallest violin>

Honeydragon Fri 02-Mar-12 19:06:49

I forgot mine was in the washing up bowl blush

I said a VERY rude word

VikingVagine Fri 02-Mar-12 19:08:58

Which word was that HoneyDragon ? Knickers? Sprouts? Mud?

MrsChemist Fri 02-Mar-12 19:10:06

My money is on the rude word being fiddledeedee

Honeydragon Fri 02-Mar-12 20:02:24

I may have said some upsetting things about the baby Jesus and questioned the prosperos parentage.

AmandinePoulain Fri 02-Mar-12 20:09:11

Well the cake tasted nice anyway, even with an extra bit of protein grin

Somersaults Fri 02-Mar-12 22:04:42

To whoever (Honeydragon maybe) linked to the frosting with flour in thank you so very much! So so so delicious grin

Prospero Joe made chocolate cupcakes and that frosting this morning (like you said, the frosting is made for a Kenwood with all that beating. Joe made light work of it though!) and the frosting is beautiful. So light and creamy. And perfect because it's not overly sweet. Reminded me taste wise of vanilla custard and texture wise like a chantilly cream sort of. Mmmmmmmm.

Honeydragon Fri 02-Mar-12 22:08:58

It's lovely isn't it? Even though you have a wtf am I doing?????? moment when you mix up the flour and milk grin

VikingVagine Fri 02-Mar-12 22:10:32

Ok, so, DH made cheese beignets this evening and they were yum and heart attack inducingly unhealthy .

2 egg whites
150g cheese
4 tsps of flour
Oil for deep frying.

Whisk up the egg whites. Flod in the cheese and flour. Make ping pong sized balls (rub flour onto your hands to help). Deep fry for about 3 minutes.

Caz10 Fri 02-Mar-12 23:08:32

Yummm to those, what type of cheese? Apart from mash my chef has been all about the cake, I'd like to venture into more savory territory at some point!

HarryRedknappsDog Fri 02-Mar-12 23:25:58

OMG! (can't help it) The toy titanium mixer? Might need to buy this for DD.

HuevosRancheros Sat 03-Mar-12 06:56:31

Could anyone provide a UK measures conversion to that frosting recipe of Honeydragon's? How much is a cup of butter??

Honeydragon Sat 03-Mar-12 08:15:08

For a cup of butter use 250g or as near to a whole block as you have

VikingVagine Sat 03-Mar-12 08:43:05

I think he used gruyere, but any hard cheese would do. I dreamt about them last night, mmm.

HuevosRancheros Sat 03-Mar-12 08:44:44

Thanks Honeydragon smile
Do you think it would work with cocoa powder added? Or is it very definitely a vanilla icing?

Honeydragon Sat 03-Mar-12 08:47:27

You could but the flavour as it is is absolutely wonderful, especially with chocolate cake smile

TheCunningStunt Sat 03-Mar-12 13:25:03

I am about to try wraps!!

Honeydragon Sat 03-Mar-12 15:46:38

They are lovely and easy, and make you feel vair smug smile

MrsChemist Sat 03-Mar-12 17:00:59

I've made millionaire's shortbread. Well, it's chilling in the fridge, waiting for the chocolate coating. Hope it turns out well smile

TheCunningStunt Sat 03-Mar-12 17:03:49

Omg mrschemist....yum!!

I've made melting moment biscuits from the Be-Ro book today in Mr Mixer. DD refuses to call him Bernard and I quite like Mr Mixer so that's what we'll call him from now on.

MrsC - love Millionaire's Shortbread, it's years since i made any but homemade is fab compared to shop bought.

I have put on 3lb in the last two weeks sad

VikingVagine Sat 03-Mar-12 17:47:32

DH think we should rename Woody. He thinks it should be Spock. "Live long and Prospero".

Honeydragon Sat 03-Mar-12 17:54:32

Do you sing the Mr Maker theme tune when you walk past him?

Mr Mixer ooooo la la la

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 03-Mar-12 18:50:17

Right, today I have purchased the Tala icing set, the Tala retro flour sifter, Tala ceramic beans <trend?>, a flan tray and various edible sprinkles etc for DD to decorate cupcakes.

Guess what we're making tomorrow?

Yes, Mr Maker's tune is going round and round and round in. my head, thanks DD.

However DD has solved a mystery for me today, I have spent the last couple of weeks wondering what the NN TunipTheVegemal refers to, DD brought me an Octonauts book to read this morning and all became clear! Tunip didn't actually appear in the story, just the character list but DD told me he's a cook that bakes. So know I know!

Caz10 Sat 03-Mar-12 19:21:49

There is not a terrified smiley so these will have to do sad shock sad shock....

Plugged in Hoover next to the chef...merrily hoovered away...felt some resistance on cable so gave it a good old tug...CLATTER....chef on floor!!! Luckily the bowl was in the sink so no dents, scooped the rest of it up with that sick feeling like when your baby rolls off the bed! Seems ok but have been too scared to try....

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 03-Mar-12 19:42:23


<soothes fevered brow>

MrsChemist Sat 03-Mar-12 20:36:14

shock caz10
Is it ok?

Caz10 Sat 03-Mar-12 22:41:37

I don't know [wibble] sad

If I switch it on tonight and it works it will wake the Dds...if it doesn't I won't sleep.....garrrrrrrrrr what a muppet sad

Oh nooo Caz! sad Hope Cheffie is ok. <crosses fingers>

HuevosRancheros Sun 04-Mar-12 06:58:21

Come on Caz! It's morning now! Switch him on and let us know... please?

Caz10 Sun 04-Mar-12 10:34:17

Pancakes for breakfast!!! grin grin

Was so scared switching him on, but all seems as normal, PHEW! Sturdy buggers it seems!!

I knew housework was a bad idea, no more hoovering I am sticking to the cakes!

HuevosRancheros Sun 04-Mar-12 10:39:54

grin grin grin grin

Hoovering on a Saturday night is clearly a bad idea!

MrsChemist Sun 04-Mar-12 11:51:09

Huzzah! Glad to hear it's all well Caz.

Millionaire's shortbread was good, though the caramel could have done with a few more minutes cooking. The texture is just a tiny but soft.

VikingVagine Sun 04-Mar-12 13:29:03

Something quite common here is a "cake salé" or savoury cake, usually with ham and green olives. Here's the basic recipe which can be tweaked (replace the ham and olives with anything you like, fried onions, sautéed peppers, crispy bacon etc swap the gruyere for cheddar, Stilton or goat's cheese for a stronger flavour etc.)

Ingrédients (pour 6 personnes) :
- 150 g de farine ( self raising flour )
- 200 g de jambon ( ham )
- 150 g d'olives vertes dénoyautées ( pitted green olives )
- 75 g de gruyère râpé ( grated gruyere cheese )
- 4 oeufs ( eggs )
- 10 cl de lait ( milk )
- 1 cuillère à soupe d'huile ( dessert spoon of oil )

Mix the flour, eggs and milk with the kbeater, add the oil and cheese, then the other ingredients. Pour into a greased loaf tin. Bake in a preheated oven (180°) for about 45 minutes.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sun 04-Mar-12 17:00:38

Viking <notes down recipe> Sounds lovely!!

VikingVagine Sun 04-Mar-12 17:10:55

Our favourite combo is goat's cheese and sun dried tomatoes, I make individual cupcakes and use them for packed lunches and picnics. Another one I love is Stilton and broccoli (steamed broccoli, you need a little more salt for this one, I didn't put salt in the original recipe because the ham, cheese and olives are salty enough).

MrsChemist Sun 04-Mar-12 17:53:53

That sounds amazing Viking, I'll be making one of them.

TunipTheVegemal Mon 05-Mar-12 11:05:27

Hey everyone.

The feminist biscuits went down well, especially with children. One MNer's dd told me they were the most delicious biscuits she had ever eaten in her entire life (I do love 11 year olds!)

Love the sound of the cheese beignets. And the millionaire's shortbread - MrsChemist, can you recommend a good recipe?

Caz, glad your Chef was ok! What a shock!

Kept seeing ad in the Tube for the Hairy Bikers Big Book of Baking. Anyone had any experience of Hairy Bikers books? I love watching them.

TunipTheVegemal Mon 05-Mar-12 11:07:31

quite excited re savoury cakes too!

AmandinePoulain Mon 05-Mar-12 12:04:18

turnip if their nut roast is anything to go by the hairy bikers write lovely recipes!

TheCunningStunt Mon 05-Mar-12 13:48:01

We are doing dark chocolate and ginger cookies today. Since I lost weight....figured I'd treat myself blush

MrsChemist Mon 05-Mar-12 15:58:47

Millionaire's shortbread recipe:
115g butter, plus extra for greasing
175g plain flour
55g golden caster sugar
(filling and topping
175g butter
115g golden caster sugar
3 tbsp golden syrup
400g condensed milk
200g plain chocolate

preheat oven to 180C. Grease and line a 23cm shallow square cake tin
place butter flour and sugar in a food prcessor (I used the kbeater) and process until it begins to bind together. Press mixture into the tin, and smooth the top.
Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden.

Meanwhile, put the butter, sugar, golden syrup and condensed milk in a saucepan and heat gently until the sugar issolves. Bring to the boil and simmer for 6-8 minutes, stirring constantly, until the mixture becomes thick. Pour over the shortbread base and leave to chill in the fridge until firm.

Melt the chocolate, leave to cool slightly, then spread over the caramel. Chill in the fridge until set. Cut into pieces. Enjoy

A few things of note. We doubled the shortbread quantity, because we thought it would be quite thin. It's a nice thickness, but witht eh caramel and chocolate, it's really heavy. oood though. I thought the shortbread could have done with being sweeter, but my neighbour thinks it's ok as is.

Apologise for any spelling mistakes. MN is being strange for me, and the posting box is teeny, so it's hard to see what I've typed.

MrsChemist Mon 05-Mar-12 16:02:20

This is the maple syrup cookies recipe. They were gorgeous. I heartily recommend them.

TunipTheVegemal Mon 05-Mar-12 16:05:50

Thank you very much for typing all that out, I am TOTALLY going to make that.

VikingVagine Mon 05-Mar-12 16:11:53

Mmm Mrs C, this isn't helping with the too tight trouser situation I'm experiencing at the moment!

HuevosRancheros Mon 05-Mar-12 17:36:46

Wow, thanks MrsChemist, I have wanted a recipe for that for ages, I will definitely be making it!

Does anyone have a recipe for galettes? (and I'm looking your way, especially, Viking, being in France, an' all) I bought buckwheat flour for Shrove Tuesday, but never did anything with it. I found this recipe, but am a bit hmm about them taking 6 minutes each side (maybe I'm wrong though?), so wondered if anyone else had a tried-and-tested recipe? Thanks smile

VikingVagine Mon 05-Mar-12 17:50:09

I just use a basic pancake recipe and put half plain half sarrasin (which I think is buckwheat) and use a good slog of beer (reducing the milk by as much). 6 minutes sounds an awful lot!

VikingVagine Mon 05-Mar-12 17:53:33

Just did a quick google.fr variations that come up are use water instead of milk, and use all buckwheat, oh and I forgot: a good pinch of salt, obviously.

HalleLouja Mon 05-Mar-12 18:51:57

I am now the owner of a Prospero does that mean I can officially join the quiche? Am very excited. I got it from Argos in the end. Am very excited.

VikingVagine Mon 05-Mar-12 19:42:05

Welcome to the club/gang/quiche/possy, what is to be your first creation?

HalleLouja Mon 05-Mar-12 20:03:05

Not sure what to do. Will have to have a think. Am thinking cake of some description. Anyone got any top tips?

TunipTheVegemal Mon 05-Mar-12 20:06:47

Welcome HalleLouja! Is your Prospero going to have a name?

HalleLouja Mon 05-Mar-12 20:33:45

The Professor - as in Professor Prospero. Or is it just shit?

ViviPru Mon 05-Mar-12 20:35:41

Welcome Halle!

Most of my favourite cake recipes are on the BBC Good Food website.

Hello HalleLouja and The Professor. Mine's called Mr Mixer. Today he has made bread dough for pizza bases and soda bread.

I'm still having trouble with the rubbing in (soda bread). I made sure the butter was really soft but it still didn't rub in very well. I turned the speed up and flour flew out everywhere (even with the lid on, it came out the hole at the front and masses of it came out the back and went behind the bowl too sad. I had to finish the rubbing in by hand. The soda bread was very nice though.

Honeydragon Mon 05-Mar-12 20:39:10

So you guys still wondering what would happen coping wise if you over loaded the Prospero and dough hook? <whistles innocently>>

TunipTheVegemal Mon 05-Mar-12 20:40:31

Your Prospero will DIE if you put too much in!
Are you going to tell us yours didn't?

Honeydragon Mon 05-Mar-12 20:41:44

<<checks Prospero pulse>>

<<still beating>>

TunipTheVegemal Mon 05-Mar-12 20:42:27

Go on then, what happened? <agog>

HalleLouja Mon 05-Mar-12 20:51:20

I use the baby and toddler River Cottage toddler book it has a soda bread recipe which is very simple and requires no rubbing in. Just saying.

HalleLouja Mon 05-Mar-12 20:54:16
Honeydragon Mon 05-Mar-12 21:03:14

sorry dd woke up grin

It kicked ass where the bread maker failed. Stuck a kilo load in ancient bread maker and it gave up mixing. The yeast still on top and unactivated and half miked below. Was going to bin it and then thought "what the hell" and chucked the whole bloody lot in the Prospero and beat the shit out of it. Prospero was fine, not a shudder or a wobble. Although the dough got pretty high up the hook a couple of times and I stopped and pushed it down.

Bung it in the airing cupboard, all was good grin

Clever little Prospero

MrsChemist Mon 05-Mar-12 21:06:12

Yay Honeydragon

halle that's the soda bread recipe I use.

Thanks Halle, I'll try that one next time. I used the BBC Good Food one, it has 25g of butter plus 500g flour so hardly worth bothering with it anyway, but I still want to crack this rubbing in business for pastry, scones etc.

Honeydragon - ooh, you naughty girl!

minsmum Mon 05-Mar-12 22:40:00

Urgent help needed I'm afraid. I made that savoury cake and it looks and smells lovely but I can't get it out of the loaf tin. What do I do?

Caz10 Mon 05-Mar-12 23:04:09

I would hack into it and start eating straight from the tin grin

Presume you've run round the edges with a knife etc? Is it cool?

ViviPru Mon 05-Mar-12 23:06:54

Like your style, Caz grin

minsmum Mon 05-Mar-12 23:14:56

Yes I've done that and whacked it on the bottom as well. My oh wants to just start hacking into it

minsmum Mon 05-Mar-12 23:15:29

Sorry it is cool now

minsmum Mon 05-Mar-12 23:17:05

Just had another go at whacking its bottom and its come out. Panic over. I've just tasted the bit left in the tin and its yummy

ViviPru Mon 05-Mar-12 23:22:52

You're a naughty Wood Pussy for not lining your tin, mins!

minsmum Mon 05-Mar-12 23:27:33

Sorry blush I promise not to make that mistake again

Honeydragon Mon 05-Mar-12 23:36:43

Ooooh I grease mine, should I be lining?

minsmum Mon 05-Mar-12 23:39:25

I greased mine too and look what happened. We nearly had no cake sad

Somersaults Mon 05-Mar-12 23:47:20

I've started just pouring oil into the tin and brushing it all over with a pastry brush so they're well and truly greased. I used to line tins and use butter/marge to grease with but oil is a million times less faff and so far seems to be much more effective. My Victoria sponge last week just fell out of the tins.

Honeydragon Tue 06-Mar-12 00:03:08

I use oil for bread and grease proof paper for cake

ViviPru Tue 06-Mar-12 06:56:47

My loaf tin is ancient and decrepit so I always grease & line it completely with greaseproof. My springform cake tin is new so I only do a circle in the base and a bit of grease up the sides. I don't have the confidence in my baking not to line everything....

VikingVagine Tue 06-Mar-12 07:32:28

All my moulds are either Teflon or silicon so I just oil them and never have a problem. If I was using a normal tin I'd definitely line and grease them.

What did you put in your savoury cake mini ?

TheCunningStunt Tue 06-Mar-12 08:08:11

Does no one find that if they use oil it makes the edges of the cake greasy?? I don't even use much....but this happens..weird.

MrsChemist Tue 06-Mar-12 08:12:09

I think that's why a lot of recipes specify that you use butter for greasing, Cunning.

I read somewhere that it's because the oil burns, but butter burns at a lower temp. to oil, so I don't think it's that.

Loaf tin liners and baking parchment circles are what I use with my tins, save a lot of faffing about cutting up baking parchment, just use butter up the sides with the circles.

TheCunningStunt Tue 06-Mar-12 09:19:52

I thought butter had a quicker burning temp? That's why you add a little olive oil to butter when using it to cook, as it stops it burning confused now. Liners it is grin

EddieVeddersfoxymop Tue 06-Mar-12 09:33:49

Oooooooooo all this talk of baking is making me twitchy. <twitch, twitch> Why does work have to get in the way?

MrsChemist Tue 06-Mar-12 09:34:25
MrsChemist Tue 06-Mar-12 09:36:07

I have a confession to make. I've just made pancakes without using Geoff. It's just easier to mix it all in the measuring jug. Less washing up. Karma bit me on the arse though, the batter was lumpy sad

Caz10 Tue 06-Mar-12 09:58:08

You've no idea how happy it makes me to have somewhere to discuss lining baking tins grin (I am a paper on the bottom, butter up the sides kind of a gal btw)

TunipTheVegemal Tue 06-Mar-12 09:58:43

I have a circle and a strip of PTFE-coated liner cut to the size of the tins I use most often. The circle just gets used in one tin but the strip works for about 4 different tins (2 sides and base).

Usually I don't faff about lining the sides otherwise, but lining the base helps.

If I need a greaseproof paper circle cutting for another tin I get a child to do it - at 5 and 6 it's something they can manage to do and it's less messy than involving them in other aspects of cake preparation.

Honeydragon Tue 06-Mar-12 10:14:33


I am by no means dissing Geoff, but what I do like about little Prospero is that she sits quietly by the oven in chucking in distance. It's just as easy to fill her bowl as it is to get a jug out.

I'd love a Geoff but I think I'd do the same as you.

minsmum Tue 06-Mar-12 10:26:55

Viking I didn't have enough of anything the recipe said so I chucked in some ham, green olives, black olives, cheddar cheese and sundried tomatoes.

It is so nice that I am going to make some for when we go to dinner at a friends, who is always banging on about what a great cook he is and no one can compare etc. I wanted something special to take to shut him up and this may very well be it

TunipTheVegemal Tue 06-Mar-12 10:30:11

I think if I was doing pancake batter by experience like my mum does I would use Ken but I would need to use a jug too, to measure the milk, so I might as well use the jug to mix.

Caz10 Tue 06-Mar-12 10:31:22

I had that quandary on Sunday but reasoned that pancakes by hand = whisk, jug + effort, whereas pancakes in chef = whisk attachment, bowl + no effort!

Someone mentioned the bbc good food site above, I think it is brilliant! All I do now is, eg I want to make an apple pie so I google "bbc good food apple pie", if nothing appeals I google "mumsnet apple pie" or "nigella apple pie"!
Savory things tend to include a wee "savory thing river cottage" google!

TheCunningStunt Tue 06-Mar-12 11:03:33

I threw pancake stuff in mine. Was utterly lazy on my part. I don't measure milk for pancakes....just tweak it until its right then ladle it into the crepe pan. Really want to make galletes I think

VikingVagine Tue 06-Mar-12 12:12:05

I used Woody to make a pakora batter, some dough for flat breads and some carrot houmous at lunch time (River Cottage Veg book).

HuevosRancheros Tue 06-Mar-12 12:12:43

Speaking of galettes, thanks for the recipe Viking smile Think I shall make them at the weekend when DH is away and I get to cook what I like and spend as long as I like cooking it grin

Have been up since 1.30am, more or less, with a few dozes somewhere in there, with DS who just didn't want to sleep hmm, so no Prospero-ing today, just surviving

EddieVeddersfoxymop Tue 06-Mar-12 13:06:20

viking, could I ask how you made the carrot humous please?

VikingVagine Tue 06-Mar-12 14:26:38

I made a dressing with a couple of spoons of oil, a little honey, some cumin, coriander, turmeric, salt and pepper. Peeled and cut up some carrots, tossed them in the dressing, added a couple of whole cloves of garlic and roasted them for about 40 minutes (until soft and slightly caramelised).
Once they'd cooled enough to handle, I put them in the processor (squeezing the garlic from its skin), added some tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil then blitzed until it looked right (and adjusting the quantities to taste).

HalleLouja Tue 06-Mar-12 16:58:03

Has anyone used the continuous juicer? If so can you juice anything? Well not anything but apples and the like.

HuevosRancheros Tue 06-Mar-12 17:34:56

Continuous juicer? What's that? Did it come with the Prospero, or was it an extra? <makes mental note to email Amazon why I didn't get that>

I got a citrus juicer, which I'm going to use to make grapefruit and ginger curd at some point, when I've had some sleep... whenever that is hmm

VikingVagine Tue 06-Mar-12 17:47:00

I think some models did have a centrifugal juicer with them, which, in theory, you can juice pretty much anything in. The one I got just has a citrus juicer which I definitely can't juice apples with!

HalleLouja Tue 06-Mar-12 17:54:41

Its on the box not got to opening the box yet so will tell you. Its KM265 not sure if that helps...

We got a centrifugal juicer with our Kenwood FP many years ago, it was used once, was a pig to clean and has never come out of the cupboard again. We're not big juice drinkers though.

TunipTheVegemal Tue 06-Mar-12 18:11:44

I think you buy the continuous juicer and the meat mincer separately. They're in the pic on the box but not meant to be included.

Here's a q for everyone. Do you have a bit of your Kenwood that you haven't yet had a chance to try out? I've used everything mine came with except the whisk; I need an excuse to whip some cream.

VikingVagine Tue 06-Mar-12 18:51:01

I used the whisk for my pancake batter.

AmandinePoulain Tue 06-Mar-12 18:55:26

I used my whisk this afternoon to whisk some eggs for brownies. Yes, I could have done it by hand but where's the fun in that? grin

I haven't used the (normal not centrifugal - what's the difference anyway?) juicer - I just buy juice, much easier!

MrsChemist Tue 06-Mar-12 19:53:07

I'm about to use the whisk to make some butter. Got some cheap cream today, and DH thinks I'm lying about making butter. He says it's witchcraft.

TunipTheVegemal Tue 06-Mar-12 19:55:29

I used the juicer when I did my lemon drizzle cake. It was worth the faff of getting it out and washing it up for 2 lemons. I don't often use the juice of 2 lemons in one go....

I used the whisk for pancake batter too. Have used all my parts, but as it is a KM260 that isn't many, k beater, whisk, dough hook and liquidiser.

HalleLouja Tue 06-Mar-12 21:42:22

Ah the juicer picture is only showing where it fits on the prof.

TheScottishPlayer Tue 06-Mar-12 23:02:32

I finally bought a Prospero! After missing out when it was £115/£120 on Amazon (went away for the weekend and came back to find it was £170 or something) I spotted it on Amazon for £128 tonight so snapped one up. I suppose the only downside is that when the price was higher DH and I were talking about getting the newer one when it became more widely available.

It is still being advertised with a mill and spatula though, so I will be getting in touch when this turns up without one.

I'll be spending the next few days going back over this thread to note down all the recipes and other tips!

ViviPru Tue 06-Mar-12 23:55:18

Yay another Prosperoess! Congratulations on your purchase, TSP

<anoints with Mystical Elixir of Wood Pussies>

Tunip I've not used all my food processor blades yet. That shall be my next challenge...

HuevosRancheros Wed 07-Mar-12 07:53:30

Right, a Prospero day today smile (kids with GPs, yay!)
Making chocolate fairy cakes as DH's request (but no icing sad as he prefers them plain)

Also going to try wraps.... using this recipe, from the same site that brought us HoneyDragon's amazing frosting, unless you can suggest another recipe anyone?

So, do I use the K-beater to mix oil into flour, and then dough hook when adding water and kneading?

TheScottishPlayer Wed 07-Mar-12 08:05:01

Surely you make icing but just leave one or two without for your DH?

TheCunningStunt Wed 07-Mar-12 08:10:13

Ooh another recipe. I must scroll back up to find the butter recipe. I used this one for wrapsallrecipes.co.uk/recipe/1864/flour-tortilla-wraps.aspx mainly as its oil free....they also freeze well for ds's packed lunches

ATTENTION ALL PIZZA LOVING PUSSIES! Sainsbury's have the Gino's pizza stone for £3! Should be a tenner. I'm gonna see if there are any in my local store this afternoon. smile

Ilovefluffysheep Wed 07-Mar-12 11:30:08

Does anyone have a good scone recipe they've used in their prospero? I tried today (first time I've ever tried making scones). Followed a recipe in a childrens baking book, but the mix ended up totally soggy, so no way I could roll it to cut it into rounds. Ended up "shaping" it on the baking tray, so they've come out a cross between scones and rock cakes now!

I just used the k beater, to rub in the flour/fat, then mix the milk, should I have done something different?

Sure they'll still taste nice (I'm doing a diet a bit like the cambridge diet so not actually eating real food, the kids are getting all my baking creations at the moment!), but I would love to be able to do them properly.

VikingVagine Wed 07-Mar-12 11:59:20

This is the recipe I followed and it worked fine, I used the k beater and handled the mixture as little as possible (otherwise the scones can be a bit leathery).

Ilovefluffysheep Wed 07-Mar-12 14:03:48

Thanks for that. Just looked at the recipe, and its exactly the same as the one I got out the kids baking book! The only thing I did different was add a couple of ounces of cherries.

There was definitely no way I could have attempted to roll it out, it was really gloopy/sticky/soggy.

I ended up getting balls of mix out and shaping it in my hands. They look ok (just a little flat) and hopefully taste ok, but I must have done something wrong!

VikingVagine Wed 07-Mar-12 15:35:06

The cherries will have added extra moisture making the mixture too wet. When I make them, the dough is pretty sticky when it comes out of the bowl, but it's fine once you put a little flour on you hands and give it a very quick knead.

TunipTheVegemal Wed 07-Mar-12 15:53:51

yes, scone dough does start off alarmingly wet IME.

I've just found one of those Tala measuring cones in my cupboard that MIL gave me when she was clearing out. It doesn't have the retro styling of the Lakeland one but it may be genuine 1950s!

Am waiting in for new dishwasher to be delivered. It's coming some time between 2 and 9.

Somersaults Wed 07-Mar-12 17:35:19

So by that they mean about 8.55 usually Tunip!!

TunipTheVegemal Wed 07-Mar-12 17:45:27

They're doing it now smile

It honestly has been taking us less time to wash the things by hand than it did to use the old dishwasher (you had to wash everything before putting it in then the dishwasher would make it dirty again). I hope this one's better than the old one. I intend to read every word in the manual and be the Controller of the Dishwasher and make sure it is loaded according to my instructions.

VikingVagine Wed 07-Mar-12 18:21:58

I once had a wonderful bit of advice given to me by the dishwasher repair man (3rd time he'd been called out in about as many months): don't put anything dirty in it.

Just checking in with some pancakes tonight.

Tunip - our old DW was like that, it was a built in one that the previous owners had left and I suspect it was one of those ones you get thrown in when you spend £1500 on a Moben kitchen or whatever. Crap doesn't even begin to describe it. New (well 8 years old now) one is a vast improvement, I'm sure yours will be too.

HuevosRancheros Thu 08-Mar-12 08:08:52

Gah, we exactly that DW - freebie with a Moben kitchen. No idea how old it is, but when we moved in in June last year, couldn't get it to clean successfully. It couldn't cope with tablets, but if I use powder or liquid, it's OK....for now.

Anyway, I digress, I have a baking query, thought I'd ask you wise ladies before I start a new thread. Quite a simple question.

I want to make "deep" fairy cakes, cupcake style, I guess. I currently use these cake cases and a deep fairy cake tin like this one. The cases are the right size for the tins, but not deep enough. I bought muffin cases (Sains own), and though these were deep enough, they were clearly for a wider hole, so the paper all crinkled up round the sides, not a good look.

Are there paper cases out there that do what I want? Or do I need to buy a muffin tin?

You do need muffin cases, but I have had had that problem with the crinkled sides too. I've got Sainsburys 75 Patterned muffin cases (red and white gingham, can't find a link) they are fine

I use a muffin tin, but it does look just like the one in your link, although can't tell if your holes are the same size as mine.

Checked my holes, 7cm across the top

HuevosRancheros Thu 08-Mar-12 09:20:13

Mine are 7cm across the top and 3cm deep (approx)
I think I used the same gingham ones confused

Will try again!