Flour beetles!!! >:(

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u32ng Fri 13-Jun-14 20:36:06

Have had problems with finding teeny little black beetles overrun in my flour in the past. I presume these are flour beetles??

Just had to throw out a bag of wholemeal self-raising that still had 3/4 left in it. NOT happy!

Am I keeping flour unused too long (I don't get time to bake much anymore)? Is it just bad luck? Do I need to store it in a jar or something?

It's so gross!

gamerchick Fri 13-Jun-14 20:40:10

Keep it in the freezer so they don't hatch.

MrsMaturin Fri 13-Jun-14 20:43:23

They're weevils I understand and they appear now because there are less additives in flour. In the 80s your parents and mine could keep flour for decades without so much as a sniff of a weevil.
What I do is only buy the smaller bags. then it all gets used before the weevils come. Otherwise you end up at 9pm the night before the school fair sieving the weevils out. That doesn't work too well.............

PlanetArghhh Fri 13-Jun-14 20:45:04

Been there, done that - flour weevils are vile little critters!

Infestation usually starts in the flour mill then gets worse in supermarket storage/on the shelf. Most retailers will let you swop a contaminated bag of flour for a replacement. I bake a lot and tend to now open the bag of flour at the checkout to check for little wrigglers - ironically, the posh/premium/organic flours seem to suffer this the most! Have read mixed reports about the potential danger of weevil in flour but apparently their feasting on your flour and the resulting weevil poo isn't a good thing to be in your kitchen and definitely not good to eat!

Castlelough Sun 15-Jun-14 08:56:46

I read that keeping flour in the fridge keeps them at bay, but with so many types of flour the fridge can become cluttered.

If you put the flour in the freezer for a spell then transfer it to a clean storage jar with seal/lid that should do the trick nicely.

Both these methods (courtesy of MN) have worked for me - haven't seem a weevil since!

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