What went wrong?? My chips sank !

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MERLYPUSS Wed 01-May-13 09:34:51

too big? I dunno. I never flour mine just mix them in. But i use chopped basics choc bars.

januaryjojo Wed 01-May-13 09:22:02


I make lots of basic cakes for the kids lunch boxes.

Made my first lemon drizzle this week, lasted about ten minutes!!!

Anyway, last night I did a choc chip loaf cake, easy to slice up.

I floured my chips, put some in the mix, put 3/4 of the mix in the tin, then put the rest on and covered up with the rest of the mix.

The ones in the mix have sunk, and the ones put in at 3/4 have floated!!!

Any ideas as to why?

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