Truly unique names?

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Seminyak Mon 23-Dec-13 22:45:16

Was just thinking the other day of a girl I was in primary school with, called Jera. Pronounced Jerra, rather than Jeer-a, IYSWIM.

I have never met, heard of, read about any other Jera ever, fictional or real, and it got me thinking about other unique names.

Is there anyone you've met or heard of with a name you've never heard of before or since?

I don't mean yooneek, as in Kate being spelled Kayte, or backwards names like Nevaeh.

Another one I have is Carolie, which I think is lovely, but I suspect there is probably more than one out there.

(Admittedly, I have never googled Jera and don't want to as I want to believe it's truly unique ha smile )

Theoldhag Mon 23-Dec-13 23:28:01

It is the rune for harvest, lovely name!

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 24-Dec-13 21:49:32

I met someone called Mirret when I was in Europe. Have never heard of another, though of course there could be many.

MyMILisfromHELL Tue 24-Dec-13 21:51:15

I had a friend at school called Vanice. Pronounced Va - niece.

BoyMeetsWorld Tue 24-Dec-13 21:54:54

Went to school with a Quereimah nn Q

Varya Tue 24-Dec-13 21:55:37

A friend said she has baby grand-daughter named Athena, a name I had not heard before.

lilyaldrin Tue 24-Dec-13 21:59:23

Athena is fairly common - the name of a Greek goddess, and a Greek city.

elQuintoConyo Tue 24-Dec-13 22:03:12

Had a schoolfriend called Minette, I haven't met another. My sister's name is very rare, but I'd out myself I I said it. Oh, had another primary school friend called Zara, perhaps not so unknown now due to the shop! But it was rare back in the early 80s.

Seminyak Tue 24-Dec-13 22:04:46

Quereimah! Wow. I wonder if her parents made that up!

Mirret sounds v Scandinavian. I like it.

I want more unheard of names!!!!

hawkmcqueen Tue 24-Dec-13 22:22:48

Damhan for a boy pronounced Davin. Never met another. Also have met one Nevin.

EvilTwins Tue 24-Dec-13 22:26:10

I teach a lovely child called Kedada. Never heard of that before.

Artandco Tue 24-Dec-13 22:34:37


ChanelTunel Tue 24-Dec-13 22:36:41

Try to watch some of Ricky Lake's old shows. You'll find plenty of unique names.

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 24-Dec-13 22:51:12


That's the name of one of Quincy Jones's daughters! I assumed she might be the only one until now!

EvilTwins Tue 24-Dec-13 23:08:12

Oh really? Didn't know that! The Kedada I teach is a boy!

Frontdoorstep Wed 25-Dec-13 07:59:04

I knew a Cherise.

Seminyak Wed 25-Dec-13 10:40:47

I have a new one! Tarzia! Apparently it's a kind of monkey and also a God in one culture, not sure which.

lljkk Wed 25-Dec-13 11:37:08

Saguaro. Boy met on beach in California in 2010. Beat that. Named after a cactus ffs.

Snoutthematter Wed 25-Dec-13 19:31:50

I have a friend called Ra. I always thought that was quite cool and unusual.

Novia Wed 25-Dec-13 19:39:47

I went to school with a Gerrit (pronounced herat).

poorincashrichinlove Wed 25-Dec-13 19:51:46

I have a Darwin. Thought it was unique until I met someone recently who knows of another

Artandco Wed 25-Dec-13 19:55:08

Poor - the Darwin I know is German so pronouces it 'dar-vin'

WelshWereRabbit Wed 25-Dec-13 20:05:21

I know a Ninette as well. Thought it was Nanette (as in Newman) for ages, until I saw it written down.

Alan (must be pretty unique for a 2.year old!)

Artandco Wed 25-Dec-13 20:18:13

Oh and a sweet little boy in the hospital when youngest was ill was called Aslan.

snice Wed 25-Dec-13 20:22:29

used to know a Petronella and have never met another.

AphraBane Wed 25-Dec-13 20:29:40

Gerrit and Thorsten are both pretty common here in Germany. Gerrit is one of the few names that is acceptable for both girls and boys (German registrars are very strict about only allowing names that are 'gender appropriate').

My DC both go to international schools and there are a range of kids with 'unique' and wonderful names (ie I haven't heard them before), but they're quite possibly perfectly normal within their own cultures. I'm not going to quote any of them here because if anybody Googled those names together this thread would come up and I'd be outed straight away.

VworpVworp Wed 25-Dec-13 20:32:15

Morrigan? hmm I presume they are well acquainted with British mythology?

I know a little Geraldine, and there cannot be too many of those around now.

I used to know of a Haemagulain- I have no idea what culture that is from! (UK dweller)

Wombmates Wed 25-Dec-13 21:17:37

Tarquin (2yo) and Pollette (4 yo)

Lebkuchenlover Wed 25-Dec-13 22:42:56

I know a few (French) Paulettes.

curlew Wed 25-Dec-13 22:48:23

Very odd that people are listing quite ordinary names like Alan and Petronella and Tarquin as unique.........

LightsPlease Wed 25-Dec-13 22:50:00

Myrion *boy

BuntyPenfold Wed 25-Dec-13 23:16:43


HoneyandRum Wed 25-Dec-13 23:24:29

I have personally met, know and/or worked with the following:


FunnysInLaJardin Wed 25-Dec-13 23:26:07

My sister is called Aeron. Have never heard of another. Tis pronounced I Ron

SchnitzelVonKrumm Wed 25-Dec-13 23:34:44

I used to know a Lalage, lovely name. Latin I think.

MarjorieChardem Wed 25-Dec-13 23:36:36

My DD knows a girl called Vistie.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 25-Dec-13 23:37:05


Are you Welsh?

I've known a few Welsh Aeron's.

Usually said as Ay-ron and male.

perplexedpirate Wed 25-Dec-13 23:42:49

Jera is lovely and has just gone on the shortlist for my non-existent future child!

clary Wed 25-Dec-13 23:55:26

I taught a Kai-Onn which I have never come across before or since.

gingee Thu 26-Dec-13 14:39:31

Wanted to post as love the name 'Jera'! I think some completely unique - as in not unusual or different culture, just totally made up, can be lovely bit some just Sound like random vowels strung together.
I knew a siblings called Ara and Dalan not different nationality or anything think parents just thought of them.

Other names I've come across and always remembered - Saliz, Daricca, Ceali, Story, Kragenn, Azelda, Xio

Wafflenose Thu 26-Dec-13 14:45:57

I have only met one Zazelle, and one Cherish.

Skogkatter Thu 26-Dec-13 14:54:14

I know an Issildoria. Known as Issie. I quite like it.

I knew a kid at school called Zerevan. I thought it was unique- and then I met DH's family who are Kurdish and met four people called that blush

I know a little boy called Hull.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 26-Dec-13 14:57:59

Unborn DD is currently called Ryvita! grin

Seminyak Thu 26-Dec-13 15:10:23

Hull!!!! Amazing.

Zazelle (autocorrects to Satellite!!), Polette and Morrigan are all new ones on me.

Glad people are loving Jera!

Seminyak Thu 26-Dec-13 15:10:50

Although then it will lose its seeming uniqueness.

oakmouse Thu 26-Dec-13 15:17:50

Timoney (spelt TIM-on-ee), for a beautiful elfin little girl. I knew a Lalage at school, apparently it means "bubbling brook". I think they are both very pretty names.

oakmouse Thu 26-Dec-13 15:19:37

Pronounced that is, not spelt. It's not that youneek!

thegreylady Thu 26-Dec-13 16:45:32

I knew a Marrilier at school many years ago and a boy named Yeet!

NigellasDealer Thu 26-Dec-13 16:49:49

I knew a Lalage at school
ooh i knew of a Lalage at my school but she was in a higher form.
most unusual, very pretty.

Frikadellen Thu 26-Dec-13 18:25:46

I worked with a Tiare once only time I have heard that name. Kinda pretty.

MonkeysTypewriter Thu 26-Dec-13 18:33:36


I think it is old english though.

BonnieWeeJeannieMcCall Thu 26-Dec-13 18:33:48

Kittina, but it was a middle name rather than a first name.

There's a gravestone of a Victorian Archibella in the next village. Her father was called Archibald!

BonnieWeeJeannieMcCall Thu 26-Dec-13 22:04:55

I knew an Ismay, but her name was actually Isabella Mary, and Ismay was her family nn.

My mother knew a woman who was born in The Sma Glen, in Perthshire and she was named Thesma after her place of birth. That's probably unique.

Fletcherl Thu 26-Dec-13 22:13:01

Tian pronounced tea-ann.

BuntyPenfold Thu 26-Dec-13 22:49:25

Clytemnestra, there can't be another, surely.

moggle Thu 26-Dec-13 23:01:39

Someone I knew at school and have re-caught up with on FB has a DD called Reesa (not a nn for Theresa btw) and a DS called Jabe. Not come across another one of either of those.

ifyouresaggyandyouknowit Thu 26-Dec-13 23:02:53

I've never met anyone with my name (apart from two friends who have named their babies it). I love my name but as there seems to be no other to tell you it would massively out myself. I'm in my late 30s and so it was before the tens for 'made up' names.

Havinganose Thu 26-Dec-13 23:03:00

A girls name pronounced tree-sta

waceystills Thu 26-Dec-13 23:08:10

I know a Sharnice. She really suits it too.

BuntyPenfold Thu 26-Dec-13 23:11:06

There was a woman named Latrina on an American documentary.

Broden (boy)
Selby (boy)
Croyde (boy)
Montse (short for Montserrat) (girl)

youaremychocolatecake Thu 26-Dec-13 23:36:34

There was a boy in my primary school called Otto. Never met another one smile

Lebkuchenlover Fri 27-Dec-13 07:16:22

There are thousands of 50+ year old Ottos in Germany!

BettyMacdonald Fri 27-Dec-13 08:25:51

I knew a girl called Huigenia (pronounced Whi-jay-nee-a) years ago. Never met another. Still think it's a fab name!

Eminybob Fri 27-Dec-13 08:41:54

I know of a Jemmanice (pronounced Jemma niece but she goes by just Jemma)
And a 1 year old called Aria which I think is beautiful and have never heard before or since.

Seminyak Fri 27-Dec-13 15:27:26

Aria is lush, it's a musical term.

I actually love the sound of Timoney. Reminds me of a girl I met called Tierney, which I also like. Perhaps another contender!

EvilTwins Fri 27-Dec-13 15:33:34

Is Aria's mum a Game of Thrones fan? Character called Arya in that though some characters call her AR-ya rather than Arrya.

BikeRunSki Fri 27-Dec-13 15:36:41

I know an Eben, although there is one in the credits for Tiu Story too.

BikeRunSki Fri 27-Dec-13 15:37:00

Toy Story!

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 27-Dec-13 18:02:12

Alis my mum is welsh and yes it is normally a boys name. These days she goes by her second name, Caroline!

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 27-Dec-13 18:32:41


Thought there had to be a Welsh connection! smile

I don't think it sounds wrong on a woman, I've just never met one. Or many Aeron's at all, really. The ones I've met have been in the North, I live in the South.

MoominMammasHandbag Fri 27-Dec-13 18:41:34

Monkeys, would love to know more about your Ismay, I thought mine was unique.

emark Fri 27-Dec-13 18:46:31

ismaela - girl

blueemerald Fri 27-Dec-13 18:47:22

My best friend as a kid was called Queally (k-way-lee). Never met another one. I think it's slightly more common as a surname.

florascotia Fri 27-Dec-13 18:52:16

'Ismay' is the family name of the man who built the Titanic. See, for example:

There is also this, although I don't know how accurate it is:

In Holland (where I am from) Gerrit is an old man's name.
In Germany (where I lived for years) there are hundreds of Ottos.
In the school I work at there is a gorgeous 8 year old Indian girl called Aria.

I love Jera, wish I had heard of it before having dd!

marmitecat Fri 27-Dec-13 19:03:30


I knew a Sequoia - See-Koy-Yah, like the tree!

Eminybob Fri 27-Dec-13 19:09:18

Eviltwins yes she did get it from Game of Thrones. She pronounces it like the musical term - Ah-ria. Gets upset if people use a hard A

MoominMammasHandbag Fri 27-Dec-13 19:11:19

Thanks for that link florascotia.

florascotia Fri 27-Dec-13 19:48:14

Moomin - it's a pretty name I think. Also has associations for me of Islay, which is a lovely Hebridean island, and Esme, the name of a very clever girl.

NigellasDealer Fri 27-Dec-13 19:48:42

Snufkin is nice too

NationMcKinley Fri 27-Dec-13 20:25:00

WhereBe I used to work with a nurse who called her daughter Sequoia! Wonder if it's the same one? If I remember correctly, she had a son with a very 'normal' name

MoominMammasHandbag Fri 27-Dec-13 20:52:32

Come on, even as Moominmamma, I could not condone calling a child Snufkin. Though of course the character is the coolest of the cool.

JimmieBimmie Sat 28-Dec-13 13:00:00

Aa pronounced as it is spelt

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 28-Dec-13 17:45:38

Ooh! I like Sequoia! <<adds it to the list>>

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Sat 28-Dec-13 17:56:22


Only know girls unusual names, can't think of any boys ones.

poorincashrichinlove Sat 28-Dec-13 18:54:46

I know of a Jadzia & Zerena

bouncingbelle Sat 28-Dec-13 21:14:24



bouncingbelle Sat 28-Dec-13 21:14:53

Zenaida, called zen for short - lovely girl!

SpaceKoala Sat 28-Dec-13 21:19:09

Both girls

Jupiter (boy)

SpaceKoala Sat 28-Dec-13 21:20:58

And Defghi

tumbletumble Sat 28-Dec-13 21:26:42

My grandmother's name was Strawbridge.

Kaia (girl)
Myka (boy)

BikeRunSki Sat 28-Dec-13 22:35:25

I know it is an Old Testament name, but I have only ever met one person IRL called Zebulon.

Also, Liguanae.

IsleOfRight Sat 28-Dec-13 23:11:48

Sorry to ruin but I know a Huigenia (in late 30s/early 40s) and an Otto (4)

I have met toddlers called Deja, Oak and Fyfe recently.

IsleOfRight Sat 28-Dec-13 23:12:27

Oh and I have taught a Charisma.

Re post further up - I know of an adult Aslan too.

BettyMacdonald Sun 29-Dec-13 09:02:40

Isle could well be the same Huigenia as the age fits. Does her maiden name begin with O?

Seminyak Sun 29-Dec-13 10:08:02

DEFGHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooowwww....... What are the origins of that??? It's quite fun to type.

Absolutely LOVE Strawbridge!!

And Aa?? Pronounced like... 'Ah'??

Eek I love them ha!!

Footle Sun 29-Dec-13 10:13:18

I know two people called Jera - an older man and a small boy, not related.

sarahquilt Sun 29-Dec-13 15:53:39

Morrigan is the Irish Goddess of death.

BikeRunSki Sun 29-Dec-13 16:57:49

There was Jazelle a couple of years below me at school. That is the correct spelling.

Corygal Sun 29-Dec-13 17:01:12

I met a Faisa once. Girl.

VikingLady Sun 29-Dec-13 17:06:02

Faisa is Turkish, I think.

I know an Ocean and used to know a Zukina

Maelys from Blue is the warmest colour

Peronel from Enid Blyton

Mirabel also from EB

Lelia from an old book my parents have

Salome, one of my little cousins

TalkativeJim Sun 29-Dec-13 20:02:03

A boy called Nedby

rocket74 Sun 29-Dec-13 22:44:46

Zenon - boy at school
Porsha - girl

Joskar Sun 29-Dec-13 22:55:15

I've taught a keturah - girl.

Also know an Archibaldina but it's probably not unique.

GirlWithTheDirtyShirt Sun 29-Dec-13 23:03:55

I know of a Jarvey and a Merlyn. Both adults. One male, one female.

SillyNickname Sun 29-Dec-13 23:10:09

My DD's name is (sorry I don't want it to come up in Google search) C.a.r.m.i.e
Pronounced Car-me. My mams name was Carmel and she was dying while I was pregnant and I had read that Carmel meant orchard and C.a.r.m.i.e meant little garden which I thought was adorable.
Unusual I know but it really suits her.

IsleOfRight Sun 29-Dec-13 23:13:34

I don't know Betty as she is a friend of a friend so I don't know her well. She has four kids - three girls (including a teeny one) and a boy.

londonmummy436 Sun 29-Dec-13 23:14:39

A girl in my year at school was called Terran (parents called terry and Ann) and surprisingly have never met another! DD knows a Katinka, a Xenia and an Athene!!

mumnosbest Sun 29-Dec-13 23:15:23

I taught a Unique and also a Bacardi. Loved the name Giorgiothea (prob spelt different) and also knew a French Elodie and Coralie.

MummyBeerestCupOfCheerest Sun 29-Dec-13 23:45:29

Most unique names of people I've known:

Carrera-like the Porsche
Whistley-a boy
2 girls named Freedom

RhondaJean Sun 29-Dec-13 23:53:48

Richlynne. It was a combination of her parents names.

Mabeth. I don't know where that came from.

thankfeckitschrismas Mon 30-Dec-13 00:03:44

(outs self)

C h e r r y - p l u m

Goes to school with a friends kids

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 30-Dec-13 00:35:41

DS went to primary school with a Joop!

Xigris Mon 30-Dec-13 03:02:10

Years ago I knew a Tiki and a Tameila

spicegirl13 Mon 30-Dec-13 03:24:59

Not sure how unique these are, but I've only ever known one:

Melvina and Melantha (sisters)

Dingleinthevillage Mon 30-Dec-13 03:28:20

I thought ex and I made up Amberley but I think there are lots now.

AyeWhySWIM Mon 30-Dec-13 03:52:51

My great grandfather was a Redvers. Toyed with the idea of using this for ds as it's such an unusual name to have in the family but just didn't like it.

IsleOfRight Mon 30-Dec-13 08:23:02

I have a female friend with Redvers as a middle name (because it is a family surbame)

Nation she had a younger sister with, I think, a gaelic name so there must be two Sequoias in the world

ooma Mon 30-Dec-13 09:08:39


Seminyak Mon 30-Dec-13 15:43:53

Silly the story of your daughter's name is so sweet!

LauraChant Mon 30-Dec-13 15:53:44

Kyren (girl)
Livingstone (girl)

GreggsOnLegs Mon 30-Dec-13 16:01:03

I always nose at these threads to see if ds2's name is on them...
it is.

Seminyak Mon 30-Dec-13 17:30:58

Oooooh Greggs tell us!!! smile

BikeRunSki Mon 30-Dec-13 23:02:42

I once knew a Coy, and have taught a Song.

Oubliette0292 Mon 30-Dec-13 23:08:53

I went to school with a girl called Oriel - I've never come across another one. I also know a little girl called Ixia which I think is fairly unusual.

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 30-Dec-13 23:16:38


Are you in Cardiff?

Oubliette0292 Mon 30-Dec-13 23:21:52

No - I'm in East Anglia (although I grew up in Yorkshire).

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 30-Dec-13 23:23:42

I just wondered, I too went to school with an Oriel and have never heard of another smile

Oubliette0292 Mon 30-Dec-13 23:25:27

Aha - obviously not entirely unique as a name then!

Selks Mon 30-Dec-13 23:36:46

Girl called Deltia
Boy called Lorach
Boy called Timoran
Girl called Melifa

All names I have never seen before or since.

thankfeckitschrismas Tue 31-Dec-13 00:18:50

Charles Dickens had 10 children
1. Charles Culliford Boz Dickens
2. Mary "Mamie" Dickens
3. Catherine Elizabeth Macready Dickens
4. Walter Savage Landor Dickens
5. Francis Jeffrey Dickens
6. Alfred D'Orsay Tennyson Dickens
7. Sydney Smith Haldimand Dickens
8. Henry Fielding Dickens
9. Dora Annie Dickens
10. Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens

I think the girls came out best!

Vonnie7 Tue 31-Dec-13 00:34:54

I went to school with a girl called Rehena, haven't met another one, yet!

BonnieWeeJeannieMcCall Tue 31-Dec-13 00:44:05

The "Just William" books were written by Richmal Compton. I've never heard of another Richmal.

manicinsomniac Tue 31-Dec-13 00:51:15

I also know a Tian, an Otto, a Charisma (but she spells is Karizma), an Athena and a Larissa. Aria spelt like that is from Pretty Little Liars (yes, I watch too much crap American teen tv!)

Ummm, hard to think of unique names as I suspect most of the ones I'm thinking of are just from other cultures/languages.

I have only ever come across/heard of one:



Carla1991 Tue 31-Dec-13 00:52:26

Taika (Tie-eeka) - girl
Kether - unisex
Xeres (Zer-ess)

manicinsomniac Tue 31-Dec-13 00:53:06

oops sorry, I didn't see the page, I see Katinka and Athene have already been mentioned.

I've also known an Ocean.

FruitOwl Tue 31-Dec-13 00:55:53

My high school boyfriend had a female cousin called Gift. I've always thought that was lovely!

I went to school with a boy called haig. I've never heard of another.

Fruit not so much to a German speaker grin

Is Shane common as a name? I've never heard it since- boy at primary.

BikeRunSki Tue 31-Dec-13 11:47:47

Thomasin, for a girl, no "a".
Went to school with a Katinka, she was Dutch. Have never met another one, despite living in The Hague for a year.

Islenka Tue 31-Dec-13 12:20:52

I know a Thomasin!

And when I last lived in the UK, I met a Zirconium.

notallthere Tue 31-Dec-13 12:26:13

Lalenya (I think she was Polish)
Clio (pronounced Cly-o, NOT Cleo)
Star (surname Light)
Blu (pronounced blue)

I've just noticed that all of these names are girls. Perhaps parents tend to stick to more traditional names/ spellings for boys?

SundaySimmons Tue 31-Dec-13 12:42:39

I know someone who has three daughters one of whom is called Pepper and they had a son this year who they have called Lucky.

Footle Tue 31-Dec-13 23:11:16

And talking of German speakers , I know a little non-German boy named Ohne.

TheMuppetsSing Wed 01-Jan-14 19:33:29

I know a Mortimer-Moon which as far as I can tell on current UK BMD registrations is indeed unique. He also has a double barrelled surname too.

BombayBunty Wed 01-Jan-14 20:01:54

My old Irish boss was Jenty, but known as Mary. Lovely name.

Skiingmaniac Wed 01-Jan-14 20:09:41


And to someone up thread....I went to school with a girl called Minette too....woo!

Anniella instead of Daniella so that is was more unusual!

FetaCheeny Wed 01-Jan-14 21:01:52

Keren - I knew her when I was very young so assumed it was normal but never heard another.
Ilinaya - character in a book and I thought it was pretty but never heard it again.

IsleOfRight Wed 01-Jan-14 21:09:24

There was a Keren in Bananarama wasn't there?

FetaCheeny Wed 01-Jan-14 21:43:44

Possibly. blush

NationMcKinley Wed 01-Jan-14 22:26:53

I know a Keren very well (not the one from Bananarama mind you) grin

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