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Londongirl84 Tue 29-Oct-13 06:59:48

Is it a bit old fashioned? What do you all think?

WrongendoftheSTIX Tue 29-Oct-13 07:18:31

I love it! We had it on our list. I would say it's traditional and classic rather than 'old fashioned'

killpeppa Tue 29-Oct-13 07:34:41

I think it's beautiful smile

I also love the related nickname 'hetty'

BabyMakesFour Tue 29-Oct-13 07:37:17

I don't think it's old-fashioned. Not if you mean granny-chic.

Don't like it though, seems a bit German and harsh to me.

Hetty is a Hoover to me.

NotYoMomma Tue 29-Oct-13 08:01:22

I like it

I also love Hettienne

everlong Tue 29-Oct-13 09:06:03

Love it.

annabanana84 Tue 29-Oct-13 09:09:24

I absolutely love Henrietta! It's right on the very top of my girls list! It's so pretty and elegant without being too posh. I love it!

RoadToTuapeka Tue 29-Oct-13 09:13:07

Not over keen on Henrietta, too many syllables imo and too florid.

But I know a Henriette and much prefer her name.

RosebudTheCat Tue 29-Oct-13 10:45:38

I love Henrietta, but remember to think about nicknames as it's unlikely everyone is going to keep calling her Henrietta all of the time.

squoosh Tue 29-Oct-13 11:09:42

Really dislike it, even more than Harriet and that's saying something.

It's so spiky!

IslaValargeone Tue 29-Oct-13 11:12:43

I love it.

Marrow Tue 29-Oct-13 11:56:09

Great name!

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 29-Oct-13 12:00:35

Tis my MIL, would like it as a name far more if it weren't!

She has always been called Etta.

stickysausages Tue 29-Oct-13 12:00:40

I love it, and agree hetty is lovely too. I also love harriet.

UriGHOULer Tue 29-Oct-13 12:03:17

I don't like it. Actually I've never really liked it but at the weekend I heard a mother shout her dd and she trilled out "Henrietttttttttttaaaaaaaaaahhhhh"
And it sounded so harsh and ugly.

Please don't. Or if you do, use a nickname....like Jane or something.

Just check it doesn't run with your surname to give an amusing "Henry ate a...."

Otherwise I think it's beautiful

JoJoManon Tue 29-Oct-13 12:55:17

Not a fan, sorry.

Londongirl84 Tue 29-Oct-13 16:03:03

Tricky one- always liked it but have reservations.... Perhaps as a middle name?!

kchapper5 Tue 29-Oct-13 16:06:15

I love it, and love hetty as a nn smile

nomorecrumbs Tue 29-Oct-13 16:10:37


bit posh for my liking

BabyMakesFour Sat 02-Nov-13 06:30:23

I truly think it's awful. A comedy name, like Ermintrude or Griselda..

Do people really love it? confused

Allalonenow Sat 02-Nov-13 06:46:45

I like it a lot, and Hetty is a cute nn.

FaithTheVampireSlayer Sun 03-Nov-13 15:38:14

It really depends on the surname. If the surname is a noun, no way. It'll sound like Henry-ate-a..... I knew someone whose parents made this mistake. Her surname was Mann. hmm

TheNunsOfGavarone Sun 03-Nov-13 16:20:28

I'm not very keen. I find it a bit clumsy, one of the less successful feminine versions of a boy's name. And as other posters pointed out there's the "Henry ate a....." aspect.

How about Helena?

Sleepy678 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:50:28

Love Hetty !

Sundaedelight Mon 04-Nov-13 15:05:41

Love love love Henrietta! We all know the name but rarely meet one. Same number of consonants as Isabella which is tremendousl popular.

I don't like it.
Like Hetty though

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