A month to go.....the royal baby name

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MortifiedAdams Sun 09-Jun-13 21:57:54

A few people have suggested Diana will be in there if its a girl but I disagree, though Spencer might make a.nice MN for a boy.

I think Margaret Alice or George Spencer.

LineRunner Sun 09-Jun-13 21:59:24

I was hoping for Sheldon.

Ruprekt Sun 09-Jun-13 21:59:32

I think

Alexander Edward George


Dunno.....think it is a boy.

MortifiedAdams Sun 09-Jun-13 22:02:49

grin Sheldon

shallweshop Sun 09-Jun-13 22:03:21

Grace or Albert.

Glen or Primrose

500internalerror Sun 09-Jun-13 22:03:44


SuffolkNWhat Sun 09-Jun-13 22:04:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

parabelle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:05:09

George or Alice

meditrina Sun 09-Jun-13 22:06:02

You might want to have a look at this long running thread of ideas.

brokenhearted55 Sun 09-Jun-13 22:06:11

Alexandra / Elizabeth

George / Edward

KingRollo Sun 09-Jun-13 22:06:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TiggerWearsATriteSmile Sun 09-Jun-13 22:07:15


ivykaty44 Sun 09-Jun-13 22:09:44

They need to be careful with the name Windsor

Perhaps Victoria Diana Alexandra

George Louis Henry

HumpheadWrasse Sun 09-Jun-13 22:09:52

Alexandra Elizabeth Diana Olga

George Henry Charles Mountbatten

farmersdaughter Sun 09-Jun-13 23:14:21

It might be something really classic like Jane or Mary.

Arthur Micheal Charles Philip

I would be very surprised if it was Diana, but defo a middle name.

My aunt thinks it will be Matilda

farmersdaughter Sun 09-Jun-13 23:14:45

It's might be...haha it will be a classic.

farmersdaughter Sun 09-Jun-13 23:15:37

Prince Charles is going to be King George, so I think that would be out.

I wonder if they are given a 'list' of names to pick from?

Picturepuncture Sun 09-Jun-13 23:17:47

Victoria Frances Elizabeth

MortifiedAdams Sun 09-Jun-13 23:19:23

Whywont Charles be King Charles?

ClartyCarol Sun 09-Jun-13 23:20:31

Konnor or EllaLilly- Mae. You heard it here first.

perplexedpirate Sun 09-Jun-13 23:21:34

Caroline Elizabeth Diana for a girl.
Alfred George for a boy.

pictish Sun 09-Jun-13 23:21:53

Tylah Blue for a girl. Kayden Lee for a boy.

LineRunner Sun 09-Jun-13 23:26:05

When Charles becomes king he can call himself any old shit.

Edward VIII was actually called David.

Justfornowitwilldo Sun 09-Jun-13 23:33:03

Middle name Caroline for a girl.

seasalt Sun 09-Jun-13 23:33:26


florencepink Sun 09-Jun-13 23:35:51

I'm going to go for Mary or George.

Christabel3 Sun 09-Jun-13 23:36:03

Mary Elizabeth Diana Caroline

no idea for a boy. I suggest names like Richard or John and then find out they were the ones who were mad or abdicated or were locked up in the attic.

Picoo Sun 09-Jun-13 23:42:41

Philip will probably feature as some part if the name for a boy as well as Charles, George and maybe Louis. They will definitely have to use Elizabeth for some part of a girl's name. Also Margaret, Frances and Diana could feature.

SugarandSpice126 Sun 09-Jun-13 23:45:25

Definitely Chantelle

KittenofDoom Mon 10-Jun-13 00:50:13

Re Edward VIII, his first name was Edward and he was always known as Edward to the public, although privately (ie by family and friends) he was called David which was the last of his 7 forenames. I think Charles will reign as Charles as that is how he has always been known. The George thing may have been something said to please the Queen Mother.

So George is a possibility for the Cambridge baby. Hope they choose something that hasn't been used so much though. Richard for instance.

For a girl, Charlotte would be a change. We would have had a Queen Charlotte had she not died before her father.

FobblyWoof Mon 10-Jun-13 09:31:22

seasalt grin

I think Alice, and I'm really hoping I'm wrong because I have an Alice and though she'll be a year older there will always be the comparison. Fingers crossed for Jorja!

farmersdaughter Mon 10-Jun-13 10:09:52

Mortified - Kings often take a different regnal (ruling) name from their first given name. Charles can choose to rule as King Charles III or take another name. Possible that Prince Charles may choose to become King George VII after his grandfather.


Alexandra Diana Elizabeth

Henry Charles Phillip

sheeplikessleep Mon 10-Jun-13 10:18:45

Really really hope it's not Henry as we're expecting DS3 in August and it's the only name we can agree on! Least I'm due after her, rather than before I guess.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 10-Jun-13 10:23:28

Does anyone have a formula for working out a comedy royal-baby name? Like your porn name, crime-novelist name or the royal wedding guest name we had?

LaRegina Mon 10-Jun-13 10:23:33

I still don't understand why Charles wouldn't just be King Charles? confused

But anyway, am hoping for either Jayden or Chelsea for the baby smile

ivykaty44 Mon 10-Jun-13 10:35:47

LaRegina - this one got beheaded
this one got beheaded

We didn't have Queen Alexandrina 1837-1901 and yet that was the first name of the Queen that ruled

sashh Mon 10-Jun-13 10:40:14

I still don't understand why Charles wouldn't just be King Charles?

He can be and I think he will be. He was given that name with the expectation that he will be king.

His grandfather should not have been king and took his own father's name, possibly because his father had seen the UK through WWI and it looked like WWII was on the horizon.

Branleuse Mon 10-Jun-13 10:42:20

princess tiamii tigerlily

Branleuse Mon 10-Jun-13 10:43:01

or ethelred for a boy

NomDeClavier Mon 10-Jun-13 10:54:50

Charles is not a particularly lucky name for kings in England though.

I reckon Adelaide Elizabeth Diana Mary for a girl. Undecided for a boy but Arthur is a strong contender IMO.

SurreyWithAFringeOnTop Mon 10-Jun-13 11:43:31

Arthur or George with Louis, Charles, Henry, William, Michael (her dad) or James (her brother) as middle names

Alexandra or Victoria with Elizabeth, Diana, Anne, Alice, Pippa as middle names (not sure they would go with Carole!)


And then of course it will make a huge come back

daisydoodoo Mon 10-Jun-13 11:48:04

Victoria Elizabeth would be lovely, its due a revival. You rarely hear of baby Victoria's any more.

I have also read that Charles won't be King Charles as Charles is an unlucky name for English kings.

NomDeClavier Mon 10-Jun-13 12:14:14

Phillipa would be a good choice for a MN, particularly if the stick to the tradition of having the best man and bridesmaid as Godparents.

KatoPotato Mon 10-Jun-13 12:15:36


Agree, please not Alice, I don't want loads of them at school.

Lol kato

Jayden for a boy, Neveah for a girl grin

KittenofDoom Mon 10-Jun-13 13:16:56

"Kings often take a different regnal (ruling) name from their first given name"

That is the exception rather than the rule.

Edward VII discarded his real first name of Albert (possibly for reasons connected with his father). George VI was also an Albert, but took the same name as his father George V to restore continuity following the abdication crisis. The naming of Victoria was complicated by the interference of the Prince Regent. She disliked her first name and dropped it as soon as she was able. These are the only three who have used different regnal names from their first names as far as I recall.

When the present Queen succeeded, she was asked what name she would reign under, and she replied "My own, *of course*". So I imagine that she named Charles with the full expectation that he would in due course reign under that name.

The Queen's choice of Charles suggests that it's unlikely that any name would be ruled out because of baggage from the past. There have been plenty of problems with Edwards, Henrys and Georges, but those names still get used by the royals.

Ilikethebreeze Mon 10-Jun-13 13:19:36

How many names is the baby likely to have?
3, 4 or more?

badtime Mon 10-Jun-13 13:22:58

I think Charlotte is actually not unlikely for a girl, as his da and her ma have related names.

I'd like to see a Stephen* or Richard** for a boy, as people keep saying that royal names are 'timeless', even though they are cyclical like everything else and some will seem 'dated' at any given time.

* So what if King Stephen was a usurper?
** And all the King Richards were knobs (although III does appear to have been the victim of dodgy propaganda)?

Bue Mon 10-Jun-13 13:26:59

I think they will go with a timeless royal name that will fit in with all the other kids at posh London nursery.

Alice or Charlotte for a girl.
George for a boy. Or maybe Edward or Arthur.

I was thinking about this just yesterday. I decided Alice for a girl and George for a boy. I just hope she doesn't use the only boy's name I have on my list for my baby (due Oct).

KittenofDoom Mon 10-Jun-13 13:59:43

Can I just clarify that King Charles II was NOT beheaded, as someone has posted above. Only Charles I !

ivykaty44 Mon 10-Jun-13 14:26:41

sorry that was my mistake - he was exiled I was happily copy and pasting

Livvylongpants Mon 10-Jun-13 14:35:03

I don't think they will use henry.. as I believe that is harrys 'official' name.

I'm just hoping they don't use Robert, which is out name for DS due September yes I know its an awful name but its my late fathers he'll be bobby for short though

KittenofDoom Mon 10-Jun-13 15:53:16

ivykaty Charles II was not exiled, that was James II. Charles II was known as "the Merry Monarch", he died of natural causes.

NomDeClavier Mon 10-Jun-13 16:13:04

Well Charles II ran away and couldn't come back because of Cromwell so he was semi-exiled.

KittenofDoom Mon 10-Jun-13 16:25:25

Whatever, clearly HM the Q didn't give a shit. She still named her boy Charles, and good for her.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Mon 10-Jun-13 16:26:09

I'm hoping for Adelaide if it's a girl - regal, underused and lovely imo.

ImaginaryHat Mon 10-Jun-13 16:49:50

When we went to the Tower of London on our last trip to London we were told by one of the beefeaters that Prince Charles had chosen not to be King Charles when he becomes King (because of negative associations). He told us what he had chosen and I think it was George, although it was 3 or 4 years ago I can't say 100% that's the name he said! All seems a bit bonkers to me but that's what he said. Whether that'd put them off George for the new baby I have no idea. I'll stick my money on Arthur.

SixPackWellies Mon 10-Jun-13 16:55:36

I think Michael for a boy. After her father, and a nice, still regal name.

And Maybe Alexandra or Victoria for a girl

Thurlow Mon 10-Jun-13 16:58:11

Alexandra Frances Elizabeth for a girl. Because that's almost DD's name so I have a horrible feeling that our familiar but not very common name is going to become a lot more popular!

No idea for a boy. There's a lot of royal names without good histories - John, Richard etc. Maybe they'll give him several middle names that he could chose his royal name from?

dimdommilpot Mon 10-Jun-13 16:58:51

Albert or george for a boy and alexandra for a girl. I do think boy though.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 10-Jun-13 16:59:31


SixPackWellies Mon 10-Jun-13 17:04:11

I think boy too.

John is nice, and it is about time for a revival I think.

Charlotte or George smile

Arthur George Charles or something like that.
Alice Elizabeth Ann or something.

Or maybe Aimee-Rai?

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 10-Jun-13 17:30:46

I was joking. I thought John was not used because of the reputation of John I.

Bowlersarm Mon 10-Jun-13 17:35:06

I'm fairly certain Prince Charles will become King George.


SixPackWellies Mon 10-Jun-13 17:35:24

The advantage of John is that he would be the only one in his class.

[way trendy, those Cambridges]

I like John. It was one of our alternate names for DC2 if she had been a boy.

SerBrienne Mon 10-Jun-13 17:37:07

Philip will be in there somewhere (especially if his health continues to falter).

mewkins Mon 10-Jun-13 21:07:10

Frances or Francis.

ivykaty44 Mon 10-Jun-13 21:36:53

Kittenofdoom - Charles the 11 left England for his own safety and lived in exile with his mother

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 10-Jun-13 21:38:55

Louis for a boy I reckon

whatagreatname Mon 10-Jun-13 21:41:10

Girl - Belinda
Boy - Rupert

aftermay Mon 10-Jun-13 21:43:11

Frankee covers either sex. It's got class too.

mrspaddy Mon 10-Jun-13 21:46:53

I hope it is not Mary.. our baby is due a few weeks after and will be Mary if it is a girl.

I don't think they will go for Francis.. would be associated with the new Pope.

Oubliette0292 Mon 10-Jun-13 22:05:24

Mary Elizabeth Caroline Alexandra or William Phillip Henry George

umbrellahead Mon 10-Jun-13 22:22:26

I always thought that Charles was going to be King Arthur, although it seems not!

Not sure what they will choose for the baby, possibly Edward or Alexandra.

OneMoreCupOfTeaFirst Mon 10-Jun-13 22:27:06

MrsPaddy, good thing you're due after, I think it will be something surprisingly simple like Jane or Mary (both really nice names).

rockybalboa Mon 10-Jun-13 22:43:12

Dunno but she's due on the same day as me (if the Daily Fail can be believed) and my name is Victoria so I'm expecting some major thunder stealing...

mrspaddy Mon 10-Jun-13 22:44:35

Would they really go for Mary? I suppose there is a bit of history with it. I will still go for it as it has a special meaning for us.
Whatever they chose, I think they will be lovely parents. It is not easy for them with the media in their face all the time.

changeling1234 Mon 10-Jun-13 22:47:24

Boy - John
Girl - Charlotte

ExcuseTypos Mon 10-Jun-13 22:52:30

Charlotte Elizabeth Frances (I've just found out Catherine's Father's middle name is Francis so it has to be a contender)

Not sure about the first name for a boy but i think other names could be.......William Louis Francis

KittenofDoom Mon 10-Jun-13 23:49:30

ivykaty Yes, but the monarchy was restored and he returned to reign, so it's not as though he was deposed for ever.

I think everyone would find it very weird if Charles changed his name, since we have always known him as Charles. I can't think of any good reason why he should want to reign as George and I don't think he will.

raisah Tue 11-Jun-13 02:30:14

Carole could get the royal makeovet & become Caroline.

Charles will be privately pleased if it is a boy because of the succession issue. He wasn't keen on the big rush to allow his future granddaughter to succeed & technically take the ' throne out of the house of windsor'.

raisah Tue 11-Jun-13 02:34:31

Isn't Kate's middle name Elizabeth?
So for a commoner she has got the appropriate royal names, Catherine Elizabeth, so therefore has fitted in quite well. I dont think William would have married her if she was called Chantelle or Chardonay!

mirai Tue 11-Jun-13 02:37:40

Even if it's a girl, she will succeed. The big hooha is only relevant if at some point in the future, they have a boy too. Right now it's a load of froth over nothing and makes me mad!!

IsThisAGoodIdea Tue 11-Jun-13 02:50:08

Girl - Alice (with Diana & Elizabeth in as middle nanes)
Boy - Arthur or Albert

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Tue 11-Jun-13 11:50:23

I read that Harry has been telling friends it's def a boy.

Have put money on Arthur and George.

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Tue 11-Jun-13 11:52:34

And the betting website would only let me put £7.50 on Arthur (no idea why) so put the extra £2.50 on James, but then later realised that's Kate's brother's name so prob not.

pygmy Tue 11-Jun-13 13:12:32

Albert "Bertie"

Frikadellen Tue 11-Jun-13 16:03:40

Victoria if a girl IMO for a boy I suspect Phillip

MyThumbs didn't she say a while ago that she'd prefer a son? I don't think she'd say that without it being a boy? Or I might be remembering wrongly.

I've bet it's a boy for £2 with dd2. I think George as a middle name. That would make me happy, it's the name of our hamster.

IsThisAGoodIdea Tue 11-Jun-13 20:23:26

She said William would prefer a girl and she would prefer a boy.

Odd comment I thought, to show a preference.

roseinwinter Tue 11-Jun-13 20:57:33

I am totally convinced it will be a girl, Alexandra.

No idea why!

mathanxiety Tue 11-Jun-13 21:14:19

Anyone know what Prince Philip's full name is? (Any middle names?)

His sisters were Margarita, Theodora, Cecily and Sophie according to Wikipedia.

I would say Albert might be a possibility for a boy, along with George (and maybe even Michael but not as a first name). Plus Charles and Louis, and Philip if the D of E doesn't pull through. Maybe even Nicholas.

For a girl I would be looking at Adelaide, Caroline, Elizabeth, some form of Margaret and maybe Alexandra and Alice.

Oh shit IsThisAGoodIdea I've still got a 50/50 chance though. Strange thing to go public about, fine to have a preference, but to tell people?


Queen Alicia
Or maybe something classic but not used like Susannah. Doubt it though.

mathanxiety Tue 11-Jun-13 21:15:49

I don't think the H of Windsor would lose the throne in the case of a woman succeeding. It didn't become the House of Battenburg when Philip blew in.

Coconutty Tue 11-Jun-13 21:16:11

My friend works at the Royal stables and has it on good authority that it's going to be Derek.

mathanxiety Tue 11-Jun-13 21:17:07

<Is that from the horse's mouth?>

meglet Tue 11-Jun-13 21:23:51

Girl - Charlotte

Boy - Alfred

MortifiedAdams Tue 11-Jun-13 21:50:03

Im surprised at everyone who says Adelaide - didnt realise it had royal connections. A name like Adelaide round my way would be seen as similar to Kaden, Peyton, Cooper.

MortifiedAdams Tue 11-Jun-13 21:51:24

I would love to.know what Kate would have called her kids if she wasnt carrying an heir. Imagine her saying to Wills "But Ive always wanted a baby girl.called Mollie-May" grin

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Tue 11-Jun-13 23:03:33

I think she would have gone for Grandad chic anyway. Maybe something a bit more fashiony like Monty or Florence, but basically pretty classic.

CruCru Wed 12-Jun-13 00:21:46

You know that the Queen gets to veto the name? Fergie had to change one of the girls names because the Queen didn't like it.

1944girl Wed 12-Jun-13 00:27:08

Elizabeth Alice Mary Diana

I am almost certain it is a girl.

LondonBus Wed 12-Jun-13 00:27:11

I thought it was a boy. confused

Albert (Bertie) James William George is my guess.

hollyisalovelyname Wed 12-Jun-13 00:36:03

Elizabeth Diana Caroline Alicia
George Phillip Charles Michael

sleepywombat Wed 12-Jun-13 05:27:32

I think Elizabeth or George too.

OneMoreCupOfTeaFirst Wed 12-Jun-13 10:34:13

So the Queen gets final say? Are they given a list? And if so, what's on the list? any name ever used by the British Royal family in the past? (apart from royals who abdicated or went mad). I would love to know how many names they have to choose from.

I really can't see 'Bertie' being used. It sounds too silly, I can imagine a new character Bertie Moon showing up on Eastenders.

I think it's a boy because I read years ago in a book called 'sperm wars' that the longer a couple have been together before their first child is conceived the more likely it is to be a boy.

OneMoreCupOfTeaFirst Wed 12-Jun-13 10:35:44

CruCru, yes, I remember that, the Queen preferred Eugenie to whatever Fergie wanted though. I like Eugenie now I've had 25 years to get used to it. But at the time it was klunky

Ooh does anyone know what Fergie's first choice name was? I always felt sad for Eugenie saddled with that name.

Oh I just googled and apparently it was Annabel, I think they should have told old Queenie to piss off grin

Wallison Wed 12-Jun-13 10:45:58

Boy - Kye

Girl - Teagan

bornagaindomesticgoddess Wed 12-Jun-13 11:09:01

Lizzie Diana or Louis Henry.

bornagaindomesticgoddess Wed 12-Jun-13 11:10:19

Can we get a Mumsnet prize if we guess right? grin

eminemmerdale Wed 12-Jun-13 11:12:31

George would be cool (ds name grin )

choirmum Wed 12-Jun-13 11:19:21

I reckon Charlotte for a girl with Elizabeth and Frances as middle names, and James for a boy with Michael and Charles as middle names. Think it's a girl myself (no evidence, just a gut feeling).

Bue Wed 12-Jun-13 11:25:06

I think it was Beatrice that they wanted to name Annabel. No dice.

KittenofDoom Wed 12-Jun-13 11:51:03

Yes, apparently the Queen put them off Annabel because of the nightclub. I don't know that she actually has a veto, I think its more a matter of advising against names that might not suit for one reason or another.

Mortified Adelaide comes from Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, queen consort of William IV. Would have been Adelheid in her native Germany, but was anglicised and the city of Adelaide was named after her.

OneMoreCupOfTeaFirst Wed 12-Jun-13 11:56:53

oh yeah, the nightclub would have capitalised on that shamelessly too I'm sure.

I don't see the name being Adelaide myself.... the Laide at the end puts me off terribly.

hollyisalovelyname Wed 12-Jun-13 14:40:51

I had considered Annabel but dm and mil said 'you can't name her after a nightclub'

aftermay Wed 12-Jun-13 15:59:52

So I guess Stringfellows out of the question as well.

spatchcock Wed 12-Jun-13 16:40:51

Sharon for a girl
Kevin for a boy

<crosses fingers>

Wishfulmakeupping Wed 12-Jun-13 16:42:39

Frances Elizabeth not sure about boys maybe George

FobblyWoof Wed 12-Jun-13 16:44:04

I don't see them considering Adalaide purely because of the Australian connotations and Australia have made no secret of their plan to become an independent state once the queen dies.

I didn't know it was a royal name either, thanks for the info kitten

xigris Wed 12-Jun-13 16:50:56

Girl - Charlotte
Boy - James

But really I'm holding out for Princess Chardonnay or Prince Wayne grin

hollyisalovelyname Wed 12-Jun-13 19:03:52

Also I'm sure they don't want an Australian connection in view of the 2 Australian dj's and the tragedy that ensued.

OneMoreCupOfTeaFirst Wed 12-Jun-13 19:10:37

what are Edward's children called? is it Louise and John? or Louise and James? does somebody have an Alice?

reelingintheyears Wed 12-Jun-13 19:12:57

Ophelia Fanny for a girl.

Winston Obadiah for a boy <<initials WOW>>

You heard it here first. grin

KittenofDoom Wed 12-Jun-13 21:13:22

I don't care for the "laide" in Adelaide either, because it's French for ugly shock

Could use another form though - Adele, Adeline, Adelina ...

NomDeClavier Wed 12-Jun-13 22:14:12

But it's not Adelaide in French, it's Adelaïde - which means there's no ugly connotations. But good pony about the Australian DJs and that poor nurse.

LemonBreeland Wed 12-Jun-13 22:21:20

For some reason for ages I've thought Alexandra if it's a girl. I don't have a boys name shouting at me though.

KittenofDoom Thu 13-Jun-13 00:01:06

Nom I know it's not pronounced the same, but I always see the word in the name.

IsThisAGoodIdea Thu 13-Jun-13 00:06:23

Would you stop with the Adelaide stuff.

As if they're going to call her that!

I think Victoria Diana Mary would be nice

Also Charlotte Elizabeth

I hope it's a girl. That would be fab. Charles would be so pleased. It's one of the things that's been nicest about the whole Wills getting married thing - that Charles plainly loves having a daughter (in law) in the family.

What about Helena too? Very classic and one of Victoria's daughters was called that.

bouncingbelle Thu 13-Jun-13 00:15:15

My guesses are:

Madeleine Elizabeth Diana Caroline

Arthur Philip Michael Louis

MalenkyRusskyDrakonchik Thu 13-Jun-13 00:20:45

I think they should go for the good old traditional ones.

Hawise for a girl, or maybe Jacquetta.

mathanxiety Thu 13-Jun-13 05:18:14

Adelaide in Australia was named after the wife of William IV. It wasn't a name made up in Australia.

siluria Thu 13-Jun-13 13:35:07

Alice, because I'm having a baby in August and she's going to be called Alice, and I bet a pound to a penny that I'll spend the rest of DD's life saying 'no! no! she's not named after the royal baby, it's just a coincidence ...' <<obviously the royal baby is all about me :D >>

KittenofDoom Thu 13-Jun-13 14:14:13

I'm not convinced that royal babies spark off a flood of namesakes. There was no deluge of Beatrices or Eugenies (I did think Beatrice might take off back then, but it's taken 25 years ...). William and Harry were quite popular at the time anyway, as is James. Has Louise enjoyed much of a revival? Don't think so. And although not a baby thing, it always surprised me that Diana never shot up the name charts.

rowtunda Thu 13-Jun-13 22:03:39

Girl - Charlotte
Boy - george

BreathingLessons Thu 13-Jun-13 22:08:20

I think Diana is like Marilyn now. Virtually unusable

KittenofDoom Fri 14-Jun-13 00:21:34

I don't agree that either is "unusable". They are not unique names.

amazingmumof6 Fri 14-Jun-13 01:55:37


EMUZ Fri 14-Jun-13 02:48:32

Didn't they buy a blue bugaboo? I'm sure I read that somewhere. Obv I know gender neutral and all that but...

MortifiedAdams Fri 14-Jun-13 06:43:52

hmmm....I would buy a blue buggy for either, im.sure lots of people wpuld.

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Fri 14-Jun-13 10:15:56

The thing about Adelaide though, is that she wasn't actually Adelaide. Personally, I am ruling it out.

It always amazes me how superstitious people still are. grin In this day and age, 'n all...

I believe QEII called Charles Charles, with the full intention of his using it. So what if previous Charles' befell not great fates?! Seriously, so what? It doesn't actually mean anything.

It's this sort of nonsense that annoys me when people write off names like Claudia or Cecily. They need to cop on, IMVHO. wink

nutella81 Sat 15-Jun-13 21:19:08

I think Victoria or James, but I'm convinced it's gonna be a girl.

A few people earlier mentioned Henry, but as that's Harry's actual name I doubt they'd use it.

It's a bit sad, but I'm quite excited about the new arrival!

MortifiedAdams Sat 15-Jun-13 23:36:50

It might sound morbid but I have to ask.....what would be the situation if their firstborn was disabled? Or severely autistic? Deaf or blind?

AnotherLovelyCupOfTea Sat 15-Jun-13 23:40:19

my son has mild autism, and he could rule a country for sure. he'd prefer to rule the entire world but he might settle for a country.

Deaf or blind is still in sound mind isn't it, so, that wouldn't impede being sovereign. ('d imagine, who knows? )

doyouwantfrieswiththat Sun 16-Jun-13 00:10:42

Sanjay (pronounced StJohn ) if it's a boy, William has Indian connections according to The Mail (so it must be true).

howardbear Sun 16-Jun-13 10:15:54

was just talking about this yesterday and I said I thought it would be charlotte for a girl, which seems a popular choice with people on here, so im going to have another go and say;-

charlotte OR harriet for a girl

oliver OR alexander for a boy!

OfficialSweetieMonitor Sun 16-Jun-13 10:25:49

Frances (Diana's middle name)

She'd have to be a lady, not a princess though! )

mathanxiety Sun 16-Jun-13 16:58:26

An Oliver was responsible for the decapitation of one of this baby's ancestors so I would rule that out.

AnotherLovelyCupOfCoffee Sun 16-Jun-13 18:57:32

Yes! That is a Catholic name so I don't think the Royal family would pick it.

ajandjjmum Sun 16-Jun-13 19:30:43

Isn't Edward's son called Louis? Doubt they'd want another one in the same generation?

Albert or Elizabeth

Yellowtip Sun 16-Jun-13 19:58:40

But the line isn't direct mathanxiety in fact it's really quite oblique. There are other direct descendants to the Stuart kings still living (albeit two wedding ceremonies missing smile).

Yellowtip Sun 16-Jun-13 20:00:36

It will be Charles or James or Edward or some other name perceived as upper middle class/ traditional. It is supposed to be a boy, isn't it?

Hassled Sun 16-Jun-13 20:04:15

We haven't had a James for a while, and it's a good name.

I do think they'll pick a name with a precedent - so none of this new-fangled nonsense. Ann? Eleanor - wife of Henry II?

FreedomOfTheTess Sun 16-Jun-13 20:12:28

Edward's son is James, his daughter is Louise.

As long as it isn't Mary - the name of my newborn daughter - I don't really care!

Yellowtip Sun 16-Jun-13 21:35:56

I can't imagine it would be Mary for a moment Freedom, I think you're safe!

mathanxiety Mon 17-Jun-13 01:08:45

Oblique is good enough for the present royals to be considered royal. It's the weddings that make all the difference wink

bugsybill Mon 17-Jun-13 03:51:23

I hope it is not going to be overly 'heavy' and traditional like Elizabeth, Victoria, Henry, Charles, Alexander, Frederick, William etc

I would love to see a little future King Jasper, Thomas or Felix.

Girls I would like to see something not too feminine as I thinki it would be nice to have a strong female name as she will be making history when she becomes Queen.

Maybe a little future Queen Helen, Claire, Mary or Ellen/Eleanor.

bugsybill Mon 17-Jun-13 04:00:48

Maybe making history that should be not will

AnotherLovelyCupOfCoffee Mon 17-Jun-13 09:04:01

I think it could be Mary. Mary is a royal name, but it's not one of a Queen in recent history so it's a name a child could make her own. I could see Kate pushing for something simple like Mary or Jane. Obviously not Mary Jane together :-p

Mary Elizabeth is my bet. There, if I have to put down a fiver I'm putting it on Mary Elizabeth Diana. Maybe Caroline will be a subsequent dd's middle name.

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Mon 17-Jun-13 10:41:13

Anothercup here you go

FreedomOfTheTess Mon 17-Jun-13 10:44:51

A fiver on Chardonnay anyone?!

AnotherLovelyCupOfCoffee Mon 17-Jun-13 11:03:26

Taylor and Chardonnay were suggested on page one!

GobbySadcase Mon 17-Jun-13 11:05:09


AnotherLovelyCupOfCoffee Mon 17-Jun-13 11:09:32

Interesting mythumbs I see wallis is on at 250 to one. I can't believe people would waste their money! Terry is on the list too. Does that mean that at least one foolish person put money on it being Terry? My own name is on, but the odds aren't ridiculous.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 17-Jun-13 13:56:48

I forgot that you have to imagine a girl's name with Queen before it!!!smile
Queen Alice- no
Queen Diana- no
Queen Caroline??

hollyisalovelyname Mon 17-Jun-13 14:05:47

Elinor ( william's great grandmother was Cynthia Elinor)

Pyrrah Tue 18-Jun-13 12:06:36

My guesses:

First name - Matilda, Victoria or Charlotte
Middles - Elizabeth, Caroline, Diana

First name - Edward, Arthur, George or Richard
Middles - Charles, Michael, Philip, Louis

mathanxiety Tue 18-Jun-13 19:41:29

Would a girl be able to adopt a regnal name as a boy can?

NomDeClavier Wed 19-Jun-13 09:01:49

Absolutely math - Victoria'a given name was Alexandrina.

KittenofDoom Wed 19-Jun-13 16:45:13

Anybody can choose to be known by any name they choose, and monarchs are no exception.

elvisola Wed 19-Jun-13 22:03:31

I reckon a boy called Alexander Charles Phillip Spencer

hollyisalovelyname Sun 23-Jun-13 23:37:37

Perhaps Henry if a boy?

Fifi2406 Sun 23-Jun-13 23:56:47

Won't be Henry as that's Harry's proper name

NappiesandGladrags Mon 24-Jun-13 14:06:10

Whichever they choose (or has been decided wink) I really am hoping for something less obvious and traditional (ie Charles or Albert, and not Elizabeth or Victoria etc). Something not too out there, but perhaps

Felix or i don't know Gabriel for a boy

Mary or Eleanor for a girl would be nice, or perhaps Harriet...

MortifiedAdams Mon 24-Jun-13 14:19:30

I am grateful for being able to.choose my childs name with only DHs opinion. Imagine if she has always wanted to call her son Frank or her daughter Chloe. Sad that she cant.

KittenofDoom Mon 24-Jun-13 23:31:58

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden named her daughter Estelle, which was without precedent and came as a big surprise to all. So you never know.

mrstowers Tue 25-Jun-13 13:21:08

Frederick or Isabella

hollyisalovelyname Tue 25-Jun-13 17:47:44

Crown Princess Victoria married her personal trainer.

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