Oakley - boy or girls name?

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Lc1979 Sun 19-May-13 22:57:17

I'm due dc 3 in aug and my 3 year old daughter is convinced its going to be called Oakley. I didn't even think the name existed until I read another thread here about new born baby names! Is it a boy or girls name?

MerryMarigold Sun 19-May-13 22:58:26

Ermmm... Everything's Rosie name? I would say therefore a boy.

Tommy Sun 19-May-13 22:58:56

a surname I think.

cat Sun 19-May-13 22:59:10

Sunglasses name

burberryqueen Sun 19-May-13 22:59:28


picnicbasketcase Sun 19-May-13 23:00:14

Tree, dog or sunglasses. Boy at a push, if I had to choose.

gallicgirl Sun 19-May-13 23:00:48

It's a sunglasses name, I'm afraid.

FlatsInDagenham Sun 19-May-13 23:00:50

A tree on a cbeebies programme. Not a person name.

Bessie123 Sun 19-May-13 23:02:02

I agree with other posters - tree, glasses or dog.

Still18atheart Sun 19-May-13 23:06:17

Sunglasses for me too

Decoy Sun 19-May-13 23:06:39


Theonlyoneiknow Sun 19-May-13 23:07:26

Sunglasses, otherwise pretty gender neutral

Please don't.

LauraPalmerAtYerService Sun 19-May-13 23:08:15

Ski goggles. Definitely not a child.

I know a boy called Oakley. His brother is called Keanu. HTH

MERLYPUSS Sun 19-May-13 23:09:11

A rabbit. There is a collection of Oakley the rabbit books. He is male.

Bowlersarm Sun 19-May-13 23:09:49

Dog. Then if I had to say boy/girl, well boy I suppose.

Slainte Sun 19-May-13 23:10:03


TheSecondComing Sun 19-May-13 23:10:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TSSDNCOP Sun 19-May-13 23:11:11

It's the name of a road on a new-build executive home estate. Veto!

WouldBeHarrietVane Sun 19-May-13 23:11:35

Boy, but awful. I would put it in the same category as Riley etc.

DalekInAFestiveJumper Sun 19-May-13 23:11:49

When I was a kid, Oakley was this moose-thing. www.flickr.com/photos/61544061@N04/7395142572/

My sister had one. I thought it was creepy.

scaevola Sun 19-May-13 23:13:27


TheChaoGoesMu Sun 19-May-13 23:15:40

Sunglasses, but other than that a boys name. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't use it. I dont like it enough.

EvilTwins Sun 19-May-13 23:16:08


seeker Sun 19-May-13 23:17:15


Springforward Sun 19-May-13 23:18:01


badtime Sun 19-May-13 23:20:28


ClaudiaWinklepants Sun 19-May-13 23:21:25

I know of an Oaklei (girl)

Amy106 Sun 19-May-13 23:21:32

If I had to choose between girl or boy's name, I would have to say boy but I don't know any of them myself. My sister in law has a very sweet terrier named Oakley but I guess that's not much help! (:

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sun 19-May-13 23:24:51

Lidl's veg brand.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Sun 19-May-13 23:28:33

I know 2 dogs called this (both male). Wouldn't choose it for a child.

mrsyattering Sun 19-May-13 23:29:44

Instantly thought sunglasses, sorry

KittenofDoom Mon 20-May-13 00:52:19


OutragedFromLeeds Mon 20-May-13 01:07:28

It's definitely male.

I'd probably say dog, horse, donkey, rabbit, guniea pig, sheep in that order.

Wouldn't suit a cat.

I think Mr Oakley is from the 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs' books.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Mon 20-May-13 07:33:53

Sorry, Oakland us Lidl's brand. Still...

magichamster Mon 20-May-13 07:37:58

I know quite a few Oakleys, all under 7 and all boys.

heidihole Mon 20-May-13 07:39:47

Male dog I think


VivaLeBeaver Mon 20-May-13 07:48:31

I know two dogs called Oakley, both boys.

ilovexmastime Mon 20-May-13 07:53:44

Sunglasses\googles. Boys name if I had to choose.

EleanorFarjeon Mon 20-May-13 07:57:06


Decoy Mon 20-May-13 09:00:51

Interesting that there are other unisex tree names such as Ashley and Rowan.

ticolac Mon 20-May-13 09:03:12

Name of the road I live on!

seeker Mon 20-May-13 09:03:59

But Oakley isn't a tree name.

Oak is a tree name. Oakley's a brand name or a last name.

RonaldMcDonald Mon 20-May-13 09:04:59

oooo I Love it
Do you live in a Sunglasses Hut?

Decoy Mon 20-May-13 10:09:25

OK, a tree-inspired name wink

squoosh Mon 20-May-13 12:54:52


Don't do it!

Bessie123 Mon 20-May-13 12:57:08

How about Quercus? It's very similar, means oak tree and is also a silly name

I would think boys name.

But I'm sure there was a female Oakley on OBEM a couple of seasons ago. She was a very young mum, had to have a EMCS. I only remember because of her name. I think a boy would suit this name better.

High School or Academy

Ihatepeas Mon 20-May-13 13:46:43

I have met a both a boy Oakley and a girl Oakleigh...

Floralnomad Mon 20-May-13 13:49:59

Definitely a boy dog !

BackforGood Mon 20-May-13 13:56:06


TWinklyLittleStar Mon 20-May-13 14:00:59

<bucks trend>

It's a very good rucksack, if that makes a difference

SparePants Mon 20-May-13 14:08:00

I know 2 Oakleys - both boys.

laravh Mon 20-May-13 16:34:30

I've heard both a boy and a girl with the name Oakley.

Jemma1111 Mon 20-May-13 16:46:12

Don't do it !

Imo anyone hearing a child called this name would most probably presume the parents are Chavvy

Lc1979 Mon 20-May-13 22:01:09

Thanks for the response guys. There's not a hope in hell of my baby being called this but was just curious what people thought!

AllegraLilac Tue 21-May-13 14:19:53

Name of my horse.

OwlBeThereForYou Tue 21-May-13 17:35:06

I know of a little boy named Oakley, I think it's lovely

olivertheoctopus Tue 21-May-13 21:07:24

Sunglasses! But also boys name.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 22-May-13 21:46:18

Boy's name at a push.

Neither - it's a surname.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Wed 22-May-13 21:50:03

It's the name of a village near me, which is a shame I quite like it for a boy.

ELR Thu 23-May-13 23:06:28

My neighbour has a 1year old ds called Oakley.

Yellow - you must live near where I grew up as I immediate thought of the village too smile

I would say its more of a boys name if it has to be a child's name confused

horseonabeach Fri 24-May-13 01:22:14


MrRected Fri 24-May-13 01:29:02

Oakley is a Surname, suburb or a brand of sunglasses. It's not a great choice of name for a child.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Fri 24-May-13 09:37:22

Is this still going? hmm

miffybun73 Fri 24-May-13 10:27:11

Sunglasses or old man tree in Everything's Rosie.

Wasn't aware that it was ever used as a name for a person.

SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Fri 24-May-13 10:54:31

Girls if you're a big feminist Oakley

pascalia Sat 25-May-13 02:02:09

Both, I suppose.

raisah Sat 25-May-13 04:11:45

I know a baby boy called Oakley but not my cup of tea. Too me its a surname, dogs name, tree name and a brand of over priced sunglasses. Not to mention people saying Oakley doakly all the time & driving the poor boy nutty.

mirai Sat 25-May-13 04:59:35


williaminajetfighter Sat 25-May-13 09:11:40

Please don't. Oakley like Blakely or Blakesley are dire

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