Opinions please - Baby Boy - Quinlan/ Quinn (not that uncommon surely?)

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MouseyMoo Wed 01-May-13 09:58:19

I love the name as it was my great grandfathers name and he was the most wonderful, kind, honest and generous man. I've always wanted to carry the name on and expecting a baby boy in a few months.
DH loves it but thinks it is really 'out there', though I don't know anyone called Quinlan (nn Quinn) I don't think it is that uncommon for a boy. And I have seen it come up a few times on mumsnet!!
What do you think?

notso Wed 01-May-13 10:12:01

I went to school with one and know two born in the last year!
I like it.
The only minor downside IMO is the nn Quinny, two of the three I know have this nn and the other one is Buzz after his pram!

notso Wed 01-May-13 10:13:04

Just wanted to add lovely to use your Great-Grandpa's name though.

gruber Wed 01-May-13 10:14:47

I would assume Quinn was a girl (Quinn Fabray off Glee?) but Quin 1 n was short for Quentin...

RightUpMyRue Wed 01-May-13 10:15:02

It's lovely and definitely not too wacky or out there.

lisaro Wed 01-May-13 10:15:10

Never heard it, and to be honest, hate it. It's a surname.

pinkje Wed 01-May-13 10:15:48

Quinn is, I think, a girl in Glee.

LazyMonkeyButler Wed 01-May-13 10:18:26

I like Quinlan, and I don't find it too "out there" at all. However, it may be my childish mind but Quinn is too close to quim for my liking blush.

I can just hear teenagers "enjoying" that aspect of his name a bit too much IYSWIM.

Gwennan Wed 01-May-13 10:18:48

I was prepared to say I really didn't like it but I like that it has some family meaning to you and that's enough to make me think again.

MouseyMoo Wed 01-May-13 10:45:37

Accept Quinn can be a girls or boys name, however DS1 also has a name which can be used for either and it has never been a problem. Would resist anyone calling him quinny though!
It is just one of those names that for me personally conjures up wonderful and happy images. I wanted to use it for DS1 but DH won over with a family name from his side and I held back on using it as a middle name as wanted it case we ever had another boy.

Snowflakepie Wed 01-May-13 10:57:23

I know one born yesterday! It's not to my taste but I don't think a character from Glee is likely to be remembered for long. I would assume it was a boys name. As a child/teen I didn't know the word quim at all, is it really used that much?

Honouring your relative trumps all of that, IMO. It's a lovely thing to do.

rachel234 Wed 01-May-13 11:18:42

I love it! Quinlan is a great name and Quinn a lovely nickname. I know only boy Quinns and think it sounds very masculine.

sonnieboo Wed 01-May-13 11:23:49

I know a Quinn - he's a cool boy so have good associations. Not sure if his full name is Quinlan. Have just googled the name and it means 'fit, strong' which is nice smile.

More importantly, honouring your lovely great-granddad is wonderful imo.

bigbluebump Wed 01-May-13 11:32:03

We have a Quentin, who sometimes goes by Quinn.

I like Quinlan too you honouring your great granddad. Lovely meaning too.

bigbluebump Wed 01-May-13 11:33:28

sorry, meant to read: I like Quinlan too and it's lovely that you're honouring your great granddad.

DaisyFlower123 Wed 01-May-13 11:33:43

Love it and it is high up on our list of potential names!

evamummy Wed 01-May-13 11:45:37

I like Quinn - cool, masculine and not overused. Quinlan would be a great 'formal' name. I only know one, aged 7.

FossilMum Wed 01-May-13 12:07:55

I'm personally not a big fan of Quinlan, but think it's OK - but as evamummy says, it would be fine as a 'formal' name, and I do think the nickname Quinn is lovely - slightly unusual, but certainly not 'too way out there'. Or you could just go for Quinn as the name - either way it would be a lovely way to honour your great-grandfather. I know one Quinn, a boy aged 2 (with a charming smile). Personally, I'd never heard of the 'quim' word LazyMonkey mentions (tho it is in dictionary.reference.com), so unless lots of others also mention it, I'd suggest it's a fairly rare regional thing and not worth worrying about.

BNmum Wed 01-May-13 12:25:43

I like Quinlan and don't think it's too wacky. I love the family connection and think its a lovely gesture too. I also had to google Quim as I'd never heard the term before and agree with FossilMum, unless lots of others make the connection I'd ignore it.

Kelly1992 Wed 01-May-13 12:34:57

personally I prefer Quinten. Quinn i'v only ever heard of as a girls name but to me is slightly girly.

Quinlan would be ok. and Quinn being nickname.

I wanna name a boy after my grandad

tammytoby Wed 01-May-13 14:28:32

I know a little Quinn and like the name. Also love Quentin. Q is such a cool initial imo!

CheesyPoofs Wed 01-May-13 15:05:52

I know a little boy called Quinn. I think it's a fantastic name.

LazyMonkeyButler Wed 01-May-13 15:05:55

As a child/teen I didn't know the word quim at all, is it really used that much?

It's probably regional as FossilMum says, and really is a vile word. It's not a word I'd ever use myself but it is what jumped to mind (was "word of the moment" for a while when I was at secondary school about 20/25 years ago) so thought it worth mentioning. If no-one else sees it as a problem or has heard of it, then I agree you are probably safe to ignore the comment grin.

LazyMonkeyButler Wed 01-May-13 15:06:51

And I did say Quinlan was a nice name! grin

Sophiesmummie Wed 01-May-13 15:56:39

Quinn is a great name! Nice meaning too.

Sophiesmummie Wed 01-May-13 15:57:33

and I too have no idea who/what quim is... doubt many people do.

squoosh Wed 01-May-13 16:12:35

I know tons of Quinns and Quinlans, all of them have it as their surname though. I'd be surprised to meet someone with either of those as their first name.

Love the name Quinn/Quinlan. Think it can be either (boys or girls) name. In fact, love it so much, going to be the name of dd3 whom I am pregnant with now!

ds3 sorry!!!! blush

Sophiesmummie Wed 01-May-13 16:59:56

I know two Quinns - one is about 15, the other 3, both boys.

lollypopsicle Wed 01-May-13 18:38:09

My DS is Quinn and I don't have any name regrets! Don't know any others personally though I wouldn't consider it 'out there'.
I'd never heard of quim until threads on here.
There seems to be more male than female quinns out there but I don't have a problem with it being unisex.

The general response to it has always been rather positive.

othersideofchannel Wed 01-May-13 19:19:44

We have a Quentin nickname Quinn. Certainly wouldn't consider it 'out there'. Love that you're honouring your great grand dad.

Never even thought of Quim...

MMollyMum2 Fri 10-May-13 17:25:14

Oldest child is called Quinn (Quinlan not Quentin) and loved the name since my teens.

Elkieb Fri 10-May-13 17:27:42

My nephew is called Quinn and he is lovely and so is his name. My DS has a traditional name which we adore but I admire my sis for being adventurous.

shoobidoo Fri 10-May-13 22:20:05

I know a teenage Quinn - great name! I prefer Quentin but Quinlan is nice too.

LiloLils Sat 11-May-13 07:51:12

My DS middle name is Quinn...also a family name. I love it. Ignore all the quim comments!!!

forgetmenots Sat 11-May-13 08:29:34

Lovely choice, great 'full name' and best of all a thoughtful reason - I think you've found your boy's name smile

madamecake Sat 11-May-13 11:41:11

I went to school with a Quinn and even then thought it was a lovely name. I've only ever heard it as a boys name (don't watch glee).

redhatnoknickers Sat 11-May-13 23:51:44

I have a 5 year old Quinlan, known as Quin. We've never met another one!

olivertheoctopus Sun 12-May-13 22:12:47

It's cool! I love a good family-heritage based name too.

shoobidoo Mon 13-May-13 15:02:03

US Model Maggie Rizer has just named her second son Quinn (Quinnlann), brother to Zander. Not sure I like the two nn's though.

Quinn is a great name, a lovely alternative to the overused Finn.

sleepingbeautiful Mon 13-May-13 17:46:59

I think it's nice. I know a 9yr old girl Quinn and a 10 month old boy Quinn. Neither of them has a longer name, just Quinn.

poppydaisy Tue 14-May-13 11:54:36

I think Quinn is a great name - strong, cool and Q is a great initial. Personally I prefer the full name Quentin but Quinlan has so much meaning to you and honours your great- grand dad that I would use it for that reason alone.

squoosh Tue 14-May-13 13:42:33

Quinn is a name of its own, it isn't short for anything. Certainly not Quentin.

TheSecondComing Tue 14-May-13 14:11:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigbluebump Tue 14-May-13 14:22:57

squoosh, we have a Quentin whose friends increasingly shorten to Quin - seems a natural shortening.

squoosh Tue 14-May-13 14:25:32

I can see that but I my comment was more in reference to someone who said they prefer the 'full name'.

aquashiv Tue 14-May-13 14:31:16

Really like Quinn and a lovely sentiment too.

forgetmenots Tue 14-May-13 14:35:18

Probably me and I misread it, I thought OP was going with Quinn. Prefer this to quinlan! smile

LJBrownie Tue 14-May-13 14:38:08

I have an 8 month old Mighty Quinn. We haven't met any others yet but I'm pleased to hear that there are a few out there! My dad was v concerned about the quim thing but I don't think it's a mainstream term - not as tricky as being called Dick, for example...

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