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MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 00:18:31

Looking to get a feel of what people think of these potential sibsets....And any other names you think would make a good sibset combo with DD Chloe smile

Chloe & Annabelle

Chloe & Erin

Chloe & Lucinda

seeker Thu 18-Apr-13 00:22:32

I came to say Benjamin- but you're looking for a girl!

Chloe and Grace.
Chloe and Sarah
Chloe and Harriet

Highschoolsweetheart Thu 18-Apr-13 00:31:08

Chloe and amber
Chloe and Claire
Chloe and lacey

GW297 Thu 18-Apr-13 00:32:35


LeChatRouge Thu 18-Apr-13 00:37:35


MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 00:48:33

Lol seeker if we have a boy he will be called Benjamin! No qualms or debates on that one thankfully!

Don't want a second DD with a name beginning with C sorry (probably should of said that first). Jessica is lovely as would of been one of my first choices if one of DH sisters wasn't already called that! Jemima is out purely because its too similar to my name (Gemma)....I know a few Ambers,Graces and Lacey's.....My DH not keen on Harriet,says it will get shortened to Harry and it will drive him mad.....Thank you all the same though,some lovely suggestions! smile xx

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 18-Apr-13 10:24:54


Of your 3 favourites I like Chloe and Annabelle best.

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 11:43:08

I love the name Rebecca,I keep suggesting it to my DH but he's still having none of it! Annabelle is my choice,dh can't decide if he likes it or not...

Lucinda is the name we both like, Annabelle is my personal second choice if we change on Lucinda and Erin is dh second choice,but we can't decide which one sounds/goes best with Chloe!

There's a good chance 2 of the names will get used,one as a first name and one as a middle name but we can't settle on a combination of out of our 3 chosen names either!xx

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 18-Apr-13 11:49:53

I do like the name Erin but fwiw in this instance think Lucinda goes better with Chloe.

TotesAmazeGoats Thu 18-Apr-13 11:57:45

I think Chloe and Olivia sounds great. It's a popular option though at the moment am I right? Would Jessica not be a nice nod to DH family? Or would it be too weird?


It's a pretty name that rings well with most I think.

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 12:00:18

I think its a nice sibset,its doesn't "flow" as well as perhaps the others might,but its just such a different kind of name and stands out,and in all honesty,we're not overly bothered if the sibset doesn't flow or roll off the tongue,it would be nice if it did,but its not a concern of ours,we just want a pretty but not common/popular name.xx

MadCap Thu 18-Apr-13 12:03:59

I have a Chloe and her middle name is Hannah. When she's being stroppy we call her Chlo-han the barbarian grin

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 12:04:48

Olivia is very common at the moment so puts us off. Madeline I like but it just reminds me of the poor mccann girl...

If u knew my dh sister,trust me,it kinda puts u off the name Jessica...she's a right gobby brat and seems to think she's the boss of everyone-shes only 12!xx

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 12:07:39

Lol! MadCap that is brilliant! Our Chloes mn is Elizabeth-family tradidtion-so we can't do anything like that but its a great idea!xx

I have a Chloe, and her sisters name is Lauren. Chloes middle name is Eloise.

I think Lucinda goes nicely with Chloe, as does Louisa and Emily.

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 12:20:37

Lauren is a nice name with Chloe smile we know looooads of laurens though sad Eloise and Louisa we did both considered but decided against them,Eloise would get shortened to Ellie witch is DH older sisters name so it would get confusing and I can't remember why we decided against Louisa hmm probably something to do with my very picky DH!xx

Laura or Leah

singaporeswing Thu 18-Apr-13 12:44:55

I immediately thought Olivia or Jade.

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 12:51:27

I like Laura,DH thinks its to "soft" though....he's a weird one! My dad is a massive Star Wars fan so Leah is out. We considered it first time around and my dad started humming the theme tune,making Chewbacca noises and asking where Han Solo was everytime we mentioned it,despite the fact Princess Leia is pronounnced lay-ah it didn't stop him so its a definite no-no! I love the (original) star wars films but it would seriously grate on me because my dad loves giving everyone a nn and I just know he would nn a Leah Chewy and do Chewbacca impressions at her all her life!xx

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 12:54:59

I like Jade but my sisters best friend has that name and my mum works with her so it will get a bit confusing in conversation...xx

thermalsinapril Thu 18-Apr-13 16:51:25

I like Annabelle best of your choices and think it would go very nicely with Chloe.


MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 18:19:52

Annabelle seems to be our fave at the moment,its also gone down well wit family which is great as Lucinda went down like a lead balloon and Erin got a very mixed respone....

We're currently thinking of having Annabelle with Lucinda as a middle name...Erin seems too short to be a middle name for Annabelle,or is that just me? DH isn't fussed either way... Our surname (incase my username didn't give it away) is Burrows if it helps anyone?xx

OrangeFootedScrubfowl Thu 18-Apr-13 18:22:03

Oh I like Erin best.

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 19:10:58

I like Annabel a lot with Chloe.

Annabel Erin is nice imo -- far nicer than Annabel Lucinda, where you have the two L sounds running into each other.

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 19:12:47

Would you consider Laurel or Lara?

gettingaway Thu 18-Apr-13 19:13:44


MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 19:32:27

DH prefers Erin,I just can't decide....No sorry,I don't like Laurel and we know a Lara xx

NymphadoraTonks Thu 18-Apr-13 21:22:25

my little sister is called Chloe. My name is Joy.

jkklpu Thu 18-Apr-13 22:34:54


mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 22:45:29

Chloe and Josephine?
You could use Posy as a nn.

(am chuckling at your Dad's Chewbacca obsession)

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 22:45:57

Chloe and Honor

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 23:00:35

Josephine is too much of an "old" name for us....I like Honor but,in a bizarre contrast,that's too "modern" for us...we're really fussy it borders on annoying,although its more my DH that's the fussy one,there's very few names he likes,and trust me,I genuinely read out thousands of names to him and he didn't like any except Erin and Lucinda and about 3 others which we've since vetoed! Annabelle popped in my head a couple of nights ago out of nowhere when I was fast asleep so I'm surprised he even liked it! I read out all the names that get suggested to me on here and he says "no" to all of them,I add a couple to the Maybe list anyway bt my DH is incredibly stubborn and rarely changes his mind on anything confused xx

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 23:04:21

P.S. My dads star wars/chewbacca obsession is funny but it gets really annoying after a while when its all u hear everytime u mention a name that remind him of the film! Needless to say Luke was a massive no-no on our boys name list first time round too!xx

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Thu 18-Apr-13 23:10:06


I have a Chloe and a Benjamin...

I only know one child called Lucinda, she is known as lulu. Never Lucinda.


mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 23:31:20

Chloe and India
Chloe and Linnea
Chloe and Ines
Chloe and Tamsin
Chloe and Jasmine
Chloe and Jocelyn
Chloe and Eden
Chloe and Merryn
Chloe and Evelyn
Chloe and Elin

LOL at thought of Luke smile

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 23:35:25

Anna would be our choice of nn/shortening for Annabelle. DH just says "Willoughbooby" everytime I mention the name Holly and it drives me round the bend angry !! I like Sophia but I know that or Sophie will b the name my sister chooses for her DD in the future if she has one so out of respect for her I won't pick either of those names (plus dh,surpise surprise,doesn't like either of those anyway think I'm going to start slapping him soon if he keeps saying no to everything )xx

MummyBurrows Thu 18-Apr-13 23:41:01

I really liked Jasmine but DH and my dad both started singing a whole new world from the film Aladdin when I mentioned it to them...seriously they are soo frustrating sometimes I swear they do it on purpose to wind me up! Eden was a close tie with Erin but lost out due to not wanting to provoke any crude jokes about her lady parts when she's older...Tamsin I liked also but guess who didn't like it!xx

WhyMeWhyNot Thu 18-Apr-13 23:48:29

I have a Chloe and Alexandra (Alexa)

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 23:51:41

You should get your DH to come up with a realistic list of 15 names (no names like Gertrude that are obviously non-starters) and you should do the same. Then you get to veto a certain number right off the blocks and once the two lists are narrowed down you can discuss the reasonable suggestions that are left.

It's not ok to just shoot down suggestions. You are feeling a certain amount of urgency about the naming process and he can't just make fun of that by silliness or assume the role of He Who Vetoes. That is not fair.

recall Thu 18-Apr-13 23:56:19

I have a Chloe and Charlotte, but Charlotte was first, so it comes out as Charlotte and Chloe which roles off the tongue easier.

MummyBurrows Fri 19-Apr-13 00:25:01

I tried to get DH to write a list of names but I got nowhere! He's all no's and nothing to suggest!

There's no great urgency to come up with a name as only just into the second trimester but I really want to allow myself (and fussy DH) time to get used to a certain name and saying it,just to make sure its "right".

Didn't have this issue with naming DD1 as deep down we both knew she was always going to be Chloe so our list of girls names at the time was more for fun and to humour family members really but this time round its completely different as we really don't know.... Our boys name (Benjamin) is set and has been since I was pregnant first time around but while we're still not sure what we're having its been hinted at by our ultrasound tech that we're having a girl (we were both convinced it would/will be a boy!) So my anxiety has kind of gone into overdrive and I've started obsessing over finding and picking the "perfect" girls name and making sure we're both completely happy with it and can live with it. I think my DH likes more of the names than he let's on but says he doesn't just to wind me up! twat that he is xx

BurnThisDiscoDown Fri 19-Apr-13 00:37:26

How about:
Chloe and Faith
Chloe and Emma

BlackeyedSusan Fri 19-Apr-13 00:45:20

out of your 3 I like erin the best. same number of syllables.

MummyBurrows Fri 19-Apr-13 01:10:09

Emma is too close to my name (Gemma) so will cause more confusion in the family in conversation (seriously they still mix up mine and my sisters names as it is and we're nothing alike!)... DH is happy Erin finally got a vote lol. He was starting to feel that his one and only name choice (off his own back!) had been a bad one and that the names should be left down to me to come up with lol!xx

MadCap Fri 19-Apr-13 13:47:47

Whyme we have a Chloe and Alexander smile

I love the name Erin and think annabelle works well as it mn

MummyBurrows Fri 19-Apr-13 15:11:26

Annabelle and Erin are looking likely to be the chosen names now....we really did love Lucinda but Annabelle has really grown on us and Erin seems to make a slightly better fitting mn than Lucinda if combined with Annabelle but all combinations of the 3 names are still being debated right now to see which one we settle on.

At the moment I prefer Annabelle Lucinda,DH prefers Erin Lucinda and family prefer Annabelle Erin (they all hate Lucinda)....xx

mathanxiety Fri 19-Apr-13 16:13:20

I like Annabelle Erin (fwiw).

Erin Lucinda is too much a combination of one Irish American name and one very formal English name -- I think they don't really go together. I don't think Erin goes with Chloe for the same reason -- it's very Irish American and Chloe is not.

Erin as a mn is fine and I think it flows well with Annabelle.

MummyBurrows Fri 19-Apr-13 20:31:34

I have to admit Annabelle Erin is really starting to grow on me,I would quite like to use Erin as its the one and only name my dh came up with off his own back and he's not bothered if its a first or last name,or even if we don't use it at all but,being a bit more sentimental,I'd really like to keep it seeing as all the other names have been my idea lol xx

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