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ditsydoll Sat 30-Mar-13 08:42:18

For a boy?
I like Ethan but Dh has decided he likes carter and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it.
Any opinions?

Jacksterbear Sat 30-Mar-13 08:44:05

Makes me think of Carter USM - the unstoppable sex machine! (Sorry, not v helpful.)

flossy101 Sat 30-Mar-13 08:44:51

I know someone who's surname is carter, but they get called carter and I always think its a cool name. But I love Ethan more

Foundapound Sat 30-Mar-13 08:45:20

The usm.
I'm with jackster.

MandragoraWurzelstock Sat 30-Mar-13 08:45:50

I prefer Ethan. Miller is nice too.

ditsydoll Sat 30-Mar-13 08:46:44

Do you think it would work as a middle name?

Ethan Carter (common 3 syllable surname)

Jacksterbear Sat 30-Mar-13 08:51:47

Yes, actually Ethan Carter does work, I like it.

bootsycollins Sat 30-Mar-13 08:54:22

I automatically think of the Michael Caine film Get Carter. I like it as a surname but not as a first name, if you did go with Carter do you think you'd stick with the surname as a first name theme Taylor, Parker etc for any subsequent children?

I'll swap Elliot for Carter and Edwin for Ethan

bootsycollins Sat 30-Mar-13 08:54:47

I do like Carter as a middle name

onedev Sat 30-Mar-13 08:59:09

I love Carter & would have loved it for our eldest but unfortunately DH didn't agree. Go for it - it's a fab name! smile

ditsydoll Sat 30-Mar-13 09:00:59

This is my 2nd and probably last Dc so would not be using last name first names again.
Dd has a very pretty name that would go nicely with carter though although I think I might suggest to Dh that we use it as a middle name smile

Carter is lovely <thinks ER>

JennyPiccolo Sat 30-Mar-13 09:46:35

Unstoppable sex machine was what I thought too.

NotTreadingGrapes Sat 30-Mar-13 09:49:12

Don't like Carter because I don't like surnames.

Ethan always sounds nasal and whiny.

Although I really really really don't like surname names I like Ethan even less.

PhyllisDoris Sat 30-Mar-13 09:56:36

What is it with people who use surnames as first names?? Carter is a surname.

cece Sat 30-Mar-13 09:58:44

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.

Enough said.

I would think of ER blush That's not a bad thing, btw grin

Carter is DPs surname, I'd assume people were calling the child by their surname if I heard Carter.

I also think of Nick Carter, the Back Street Boy grin

Frikadellen Sat 30-Mar-13 10:35:04

I like Carter I think the film " coach Carter" when I see the name not a bad thing.

Frikadellen Sat 30-Mar-13 10:35:35

PS I much prefer it to Ethan that I find a bit wimpish (sorry op)

AuntieStella Sat 30-Mar-13 10:38:00

I prefer Ethan, and don't really like surnames that haven't fully transitioned to first names. That said, Carter has partly made the transition and probably would work.

Notquite Sat 30-Mar-13 10:45:12

Carter in ER is a surname. He is John. <helpful and informative>

If you're not sure, have you got time to mull it over, forget about it, return to it later, or are you in the labour ward now? shock

Don't commit yourself unless it grows on you.

lljkk Sat 30-Mar-13 13:38:26

It's okay, you could do worse (damned with faint praise).
My cousin has a Carter. I think his older brother is Alex.

cookielove Sat 30-Mar-13 13:44:02

Its my maiden name, and i love it smile

When my sister was pregnant with her first she thought about using Carter for the baby, she chose not to for several reasons, its now got me thinking i quite like it if me and Dh have a boy, although Dh has vitoed it bastard

I think it's horrible, sorry - but Carter USM are brilliant!

Its a nice strong name I think. And also people throughout the ages have named their children traditionally last names! Its not something new.

simplesusan Sat 30-Mar-13 17:29:18

It's not to my taste. I do know a Carter though.

yep totally agree Unstoppable Sex Machine.....brilliant band thoughgrin

Fuckity Sat 30-Mar-13 17:34:26

What is it with people who use surnames as first names?? Carter is a surname.

It's traditional in Scotland to give the first born son his mothers maiden name as his first name. Second born sons are often given the maiden name of other leading women in the family.
It's a very long tradition. How do you think Scottish surnames such as Cameron and Stuart came to be first names that are so widely used?

hellonewworld Sat 30-Mar-13 17:37:28

I love it! It is not too popular either. I think of the film 'coach carter' when I hear it, I would go for it.

gymboywalton Sat 30-Mar-13 17:40:14

carter the unstoppable sex machine is what came to my mind instantly

MrsJohnDeere Sat 30-Mar-13 17:40:44

Not my cup of tea. Know one in RL and he is very naughty which puts me off!

onedev Sat 30-Mar-13 21:42:34

Am I the only one who had never heard of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine?? Was that a TV show? Ad? I still think its a fab name!

I have no clue who 'Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine' is either onedev. I just asked DP (if it's a comic/cult reference he'd know it) and he gave me The Look that tells me I'm asking stupid questions before pointing at himself hmm

cookielove Sat 30-Mar-13 21:53:28

ConfusedPixie i have no idea who it is confused

MrsJohnDeere Sat 30-Mar-13 21:55:44
onedev Sat 30-Mar-13 21:57:34

Is that a band??

Jacksterbear Sat 30-Mar-13 22:20:14

Yes, British indie band in late 80s/early 90s. Kind of a forerunner to Pulp, Blur, Oasis, et al, but much, much cooler.

ditsydoll Sun 31-Mar-13 09:34:00

Very mixed reviews but you can't please everyone smile
Never heard of carter usm myself and I doubt any of dcs generation would so that doesn't put me off.
I will more than likely use it as a middle name but you never know ds might come out just looking like a Carter ;)
Iv still got 8 weeks left so we shall see

Whowouldfardelsbear Sun 31-Mar-13 09:53:09

Ha! Definitely Carter USM. coincidently I was listening to 30 Something in the car yesterday grin

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