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Fenouille Sat 09-Feb-13 22:32:30

I'm still in the early stage of my second pg. Don't know what we're having yet. DS has a name I am not crazy about after DH imposed his wishes on me against my better judgement. I've told him that this time I'm choosing the name.

If we havea girl then she will get my all time favourite girl's name which DH vetoed last time.

For a boy I've now gone off the second name we had lined up for DS. I'm pondering on Abel but I wonder if the biblical story should put me off (I'm not religious but it's true that Abel doesn't come out of it very well). I also like Inigo but I think it would give me the same feeling of slight embarrassment that I get when telling people DS's name so i don't want a second child with a name I feel faintly embarrassed about. I also have a soft spot for German names (not totally outrageous as there are family connections with Germany).

So ... what do you all think? Here's a tentative shortlist but other suggestions are also welcome...



K/Conrad - will work in UK and Germany. Underused but known. What's not to like (biased!).

sw11mumofone Sat 09-Feb-13 22:49:57

Are we allowed to know your favourite girls name choice to get an idea of what you like? Also curious now as to DS1's name! :-)

Fenouille Sat 09-Feb-13 23:18:32

Oh I should perhaps have mentioned it in my OP - Frances. DH's main objection to it is that it's totally alien to his language, but that didn't stop him insisting on a boy's name that is totally alien to English <grr>

Sw11 - it's Scandinavian and does pop up on here from time to time. My objections to it were (and are) that it's not a name that is easy for my parents to pronounce right, there's no nickname and it has lots of vowels which are pronounced very differently in all the European languages (we live in a multilingual environment). A nickname is not essential but I would like a name that is slightly more international this time.

Blue - Conrad would be good (impeccable taste you have wink ) but I was at uni with a chap called Conrad who was a little strange so I'm afraid it's lost to me now.

TheWave Sat 09-Feb-13 23:32:25


Fenouille Sat 09-Feb-13 23:52:22

I'll add Marcus to the list, thanks!

forevergreek Sun 10-Feb-13 00:07:06

Alexander ( sascha)
Teodore (Teo)

JaneLane Sun 10-Feb-13 00:33:55


raisah Sun 10-Feb-13 04:53:59


Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 07:38:46

Ooh, I like Rudi and Timon (what's the origin, I've not come across it before although I do know Kimon who's Finnish?) Trouble is there's already a small Timo floating round in the wider family. Like Philip as well (was on original list for DS)

Gunnar I do like, but is a bit too close to DS's name and I don't want people thinking we have Scandi theme going on particularly (although I know it's also used in Germany too, I think non Germans will think it's Icelandic or something like DS's name )

I also love Holger as a grown up name, but don't really see it suiting a baby or young boy IYSWIM? Or am I starting to over think things? Never thought I'd do one of these threads but I don't want fuck up like DS's name (which I do like, it's just totally impractical because you always have to repeat, spell it out and then 80% of people get wrong anyway <sigh> )

forevergreek Sun 10-Feb-13 09:21:26

The timon know is about 4 and lives in Germany. So I assumed it was German somewhere but could be something else. His sister is Amelie

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 10:37:22

It might also be Turkish or Greek origin (but I guess you would know about the latter wink ).

Ruprekt Sun 10-Feb-13 10:41:50

The Timon I know is in The Lion King!! grin

Not really keen on your shortlist. Sort of need to know DS1's name to see if they would go together.

Love Teo.


forevergreek Sun 10-Feb-13 11:37:18

could be. isnt greek as far as i know (but that doesnt really mean anything!)

we have a greek surname, but live in england. our boys both have very english first names, greekish middle (but english enough), and like i said a ridiculous surname!

I love Arianna for a girl though

what is the girls name you like as an idea?

how about also:


rachel234 Sun 10-Feb-13 13:46:02

Malte and Sascha are quite popular German boys names at the moment (although not top 10 super trendy). I like them both. How about Fabian or Florian?

marriedinwhite Sun 10-Feb-13 13:53:56

I like Caspar (one of the three wise men) and Florian. How about Rainer on the German theme? Generally I like very trad names.

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 14:11:26

Hi again, thanks for all your suggestions.

I don't want to say my son's name as it will out me tremendously - oh what the hell, I'll have to name change after this anyway... it's E i n a r. So most people, if they know the German connection suppose it's Rainer and that's what a number of my acquaintances call him.

I love Malte but I suspect most of the rest of Europe will go, "Eh?" and as they already do with DS I'm not sure I can cope with that again. What do you English readers of this thread think?

marriedinwhite Sun 10-Feb-13 16:21:54

My father was called Rainer. I think Einar's lovely. Have probably just outed myself btw. Bit tricky to comment vis the English readers of the thread; having a German father. Mine sparkle btw!

My DC go to school's with quite a significant continental intake and we live in an area which is quite international. I don't think you will have any problems with the names suggested in a similar area. Mine's bloody awful and rooted in the UK and I've just had to live with it. grin.

And I'm sorry I didn't mean to force the issue because of the reference to Rainer - it was made very innocently.

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 16:39:45

Oh, don't worry about it, I knew I would end up sharing sooner or later. Don't get me wrong, I do like DS's name it's just we always said we would chose an international name and we've now ended up with one that isn't international at all.

I think I'm keeping Abel and Sascha on the list and adding Marcus and Rudi. Still not sure about Holger, might keep it as a wild card grin Thanks for all the suggestions - still interested in knowing what purely English speakers think of Malte though, if anyone's still awake...

Ruprekt Sun 10-Feb-13 16:55:51

No boy would want to be called Holger.



Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 17:15:00

But all the Holgers I know are luffly and thoroughly good eggs. That's got to mean something, surely?

forevergreek Sun 10-Feb-13 17:16:30


marriedinwhite Sun 10-Feb-13 17:24:55

tbf, I am also vair, vair English as well as half German, I don't like Malte. It sounds to me like a nickname for malteser and I think a ds with that name who might not be blonde and blue eyed might take a bit of teasing. I know that's a frightful thing to say but children can be very cruel. It also smacks a bit of malted milk - a nice wholesome hot drink to send you to sleep.

marriedinwhite Sun 10-Feb-13 17:26:15

If it's a girl what about Francesca as a compromise. I quite like Frenchie and Cheska - prefer them to the actual name.

marriedinwhite Sun 10-Feb-13 17:27:20

I like Marcus. I know a vair, vair English Marcus. Lucas?

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 19:03:57

Marcus is definitely on the list, I know a couple of German ones and they are all lovely, nice to hear that the English ones are equally pleasant!. That's the only advantage (as far as I can see,) of choosing a name that's a bit 'out there' - no preconceptions!

Point taken about the Malte/malteser connection. I'm more worried about the pronunciation for an Englishman/women though tbh as whatever name you chose, if someone wants to bully you over it they will.

The girls name is absolutely not for discussion wink I love Frances and there's also a family connection so DH (and you lot) will just have to lump it! I'm pretty sure it'll be another boy though so it's rather academic grin

forevergreek Sun 10-Feb-13 19:26:52

Can you not use Frances as a unisex name? Therefore you get to use regardless of sex

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 20:05:08

I don't like Francis for a boy blush Totally irrational, I know. Maybe as a middle name <ponders>

StrawberryMojito Sun 10-Feb-13 20:15:41

Sascha is a great boys name and my favourite from your list. Marcus also good.

StrawberryMojito Sun 10-Feb-13 20:16:33

And I think Frances is lovely too.

SaggyOldClothCatpuss Sun 10-Feb-13 20:21:29

France's is the female version. Francis is the male. Call your child Frances and at some point in the future you will be on the receiving end of a "my friend has called her boy a girls name" thread! grin

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 20:27:17

Ha Saggy, maybe I wasn't clear - Frances for a theoretical daughter, Francis over my dead body for a son.

On that theme though, isn't Sasha a girls name in the UK? I've been away so long I can't remeber blush

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 20:28:17

Thank you Strawbs.

I like Inigo.

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 22:00:58

Remus, don't confuse me! grin

forevergreek Sun 10-Feb-13 22:18:45

Sasha is generally a girls name in the uk. Sacha the more likely spelling if used for a boy or shortened from Alexander

Fenouille Sun 10-Feb-13 22:38:37

And the German version is more usually with an sch in the middle. Thanks for the confirmation though FG - don't know if it's becoming a bit more unisex now? If you heard you were getting a colleague called that I suspect a lot of Brits would still expect a woman to turn up?

rachel234 Mon 11-Feb-13 07:17:07

I see Sasha as a boys name, and the spelling Sacha is French. In Germany it is Sascha.

I think Sasha (Natasha) Obama is making the name more unisex perhaps?

Still prefer it for a boy!

forevergreek Mon 11-Feb-13 07:34:13

Tbh I live in such a multicultural area ( London), that I wouldn't assume any name was either gender.

ATM I know boys, Emelie, Tasha, Eliza

And girls, Henry, thomas, jay jay

I think Sacha/ sasha/ sascha is unisex

Fenouille Mon 11-Feb-13 19:15:06

Hi FG, I know how you feel, after a while you just learn not make any assumptions. But I'm also finding it difficult because of that because I can't tell if my name ideas are too weird for 'normal' people grin

Thanks for the confirmation Rachel - I must admit I thought I'd always seen Sasha as a girls name but I know several Saschas (male) now and that seems more normal iyswim.

OK, it looks like my final shortlist is:

Thanks everyone for all your help - i will now ponder and namechange and then present my findings to DH.

FrauGrau Mon 11-Feb-13 19:35:33


marriedinwhite Mon 11-Feb-13 21:11:02

I think Magnus is awesome.

Fenouille Mon 11-Feb-13 21:28:04

Sorry, Magnus is not for me! Too Scandi again I'm afraid, but thanks for the suggestion.

marriedinwhite Mon 11-Feb-13 21:46:11

No worries - names are unique to all of us. I do think it's nice though.

Fenouille Tue 12-Feb-13 05:40:59

It is nice. But Argh, it's all such a responsibility though isn't it?

Mummynotmum Tue 12-Feb-13 06:39:15

Just quickly before you go... Milo or Milton (Milt)?

forgottenpassword Tue 12-Feb-13 07:03:36


Fenouille Wed 13-Feb-13 01:03:34

Not sure about either tbh - isn't there a dreadful 'comedy' on r4 by Milton someone or other, that rules out Milton for sure wink Not sure about Milo, I'll maybe park it with Holger on the long list...

wafflingworrier Wed 13-Feb-13 21:58:39

Milo is a very popular chocolate milkshake in Asia, every child drinks it (a bit like nesquick?)
...just so you know
tastes great tho

Fenouille Wed 13-Feb-13 23:21:32

Thanks for the heads up - I remember reading that on here before. Tbh it wouldn't put me off particularly as I've said before, if someone wants to tease they will find a reason anyway hmm

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