What are the names of your grandparents and great grandparents if you know them?

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HoneyandRum Wed 30-Jan-13 10:26:04

Ethel and James (Jim)
Josephine and George (First husband Walter died)

Can't remember my GGPs names except Fanny

puddeycat Wed 30-Jan-13 10:57:18

Grandparents were James(jimmy) and Irene and victor and Edith. Greatgrandparents were william Mary Grace Edward Jessie and Bertram

tourdefrance Wed 30-Jan-13 11:01:36

ggp - no idea
gp - Charles and Marguerite
other gps Lucienne and Bernard

MisselthwaiteManor Wed 30-Jan-13 11:04:48

The ones that I know were: William, Thomas, Sylvia

JulesJules Wed 30-Jan-13 11:08:46

Margaret, George, Anderson, Winifred, Alice, Charles... not sure of the others, but also a Great Uncle called Dove

Muminwestlondon Wed 30-Jan-13 11:14:24

GM Marjorie parents Daniel and Charlotte all born in Aus
GF Alexander parents Also Charlotte (but called Muriel) and George

Others are from Netherlands so probs not helpful!

steppemum Wed 30-Jan-13 11:14:51

Alma and David

Frances and Arnold (now I am outed!!)

great gps??? No idea, one lot were sisters
Lily May
Daisy May
Violet May
Rose May (Victorians were very fond of flower names)

There were these names but not sure if uncles/cousins etc:


morethanpotatoprints Wed 30-Jan-13 11:18:59

Martha and Joseph


Fuchsia and Orlando

MooMooSkit Wed 30-Jan-13 11:21:02

Teresa and Ronald. Patricia and William. No idea what my GGP's names were.

MumOfTheMoos Wed 30-Jan-13 11:21:59

PGP - Alexander and Robina
MGP - Jack and Alice

Have details of GGP written down somewhere but can't remember - one of my PGGP will definatley be Alexander, I think the other one is James

lljkk Wed 30-Jan-13 11:24:17

Rachel, Robert, Martha, Ella, George, Charles x 4, Blanche, plus 2 women's names which are so unique I can't share them.

Leticia and Lucian
Rosina Vittoria and Joseph

Alfonso and Mary
Maddelena and Francesco (?)

Background is mostly Italian!

KumquatMae Wed 30-Jan-13 11:25:42

Margaret (Peggy), Douglas, Mary, Bernard.

James & Mary; Isa and Xander

DairyNips Wed 30-Jan-13 11:35:05

Ernest and Elsie, Jenny (Jenifer) and Bert (Herbert)

ruby1234 Wed 30-Jan-13 11:38:16

Grandparents Mary and Louis, great grandfather Horatio!
Other grandparents John (Jack) and Florence

Albert, Eileen, Ronald, Honor, George, Henry, Mavis, James, Margaret

foofooyeah Wed 30-Jan-13 12:13:27

Ernest, Marie, Leslie and Peg

VickyU Wed 30-Jan-13 12:14:13

GGPs Gordon, Margarita, Peter, Diana
GGPS that I know of: Ivor, Betty

Sasparillo Wed 30-Jan-13 12:17:04

Great grandparents - Ivy May & Harold, Sarah & Samuel.
Grandparents - Audrey & Wilfred (Wilf), Agnes & James (Jimmy)

Bue Wed 30-Jan-13 12:20:26

GP - Erika and Paul, Barbara and Neil
GGP - Ina and Leonard, Hannah and Reg, Helene and Max, Helene and Wilhelm

Are you looking for oldy worldy name inspiration?

Heavywheezing Wed 30-Jan-13 12:21:58

Mum's side

Eliza and James
Olwyn and Fred

Dad's side
Henry and Martha. Edward and Sophia
Ivor and Florence
Arthur and alice

I love all the names

Bue Wed 30-Jan-13 12:22:18

morethan GGM Fuschia is quite something!

SirBoobAlot Wed 30-Jan-13 12:22:22

Dorothy and George.
Eileen and Edgar.

George's dad was Roberto, he was from Argentina. I do know the others but can't bloody remember.

Shesparkles Wed 30-Jan-13 12:23:39

GP John, Jemima, Frank, Florence
GGP John , Helen, Christina, James, Janet, William, James, Mary

I've been doing my family tree so can add in (from paternal line only)
GGGP Alexander, Anna, William, Ann
GGGGP James, Margaret, Alexander, Jane
GGGGGP James, Jane

amck5700 Wed 30-Jan-13 12:24:30


Robert Kerr & Margaret
Robert George & Mary

Great Grandparents:
William & Henrietta
Peter & Isabella
Robert & Jessie Ann
John & Elizabeth

Taffeta Wed 30-Jan-13 12:25:37

Alfred, Doris, Samuel and Cecilia.

dontmixthecolours Wed 30-Jan-13 12:29:41

GP Mary, Brendan, John, Margaret
GGP Alice, Peter, Agnes, Peter

MyDaydream Wed 30-Jan-13 12:29:57


atthewelles Wed 30-Jan-13 15:13:34

Maisie, Hilda, Tom, Michael, Esther, Thomas.

Level3at6months Wed 30-Jan-13 15:16:59

GPs were George and Emily, Harry (Henry) and Emma. Very now!

DancingInTheMoonlight Wed 30-Jan-13 15:29:23

Bernadette Mary and james Alexander
Edith (Edie) and Thomas
Ggm Rachel

BabyRoger Wed 30-Jan-13 15:32:10

Helen and George

Patricia and Patrick

coldethyl Wed 30-Jan-13 15:34:30

GPs: Honora (known as Penny) and Arthur; Charlie and Sally (Sarah).

GGPs: Florence and Frederick, Laura and Bertram, Florence and Sidney, Thomas and Jeanie (bap. Jane).

Many of these names are coming back round again in my, my siblings and my cousins' children.

MortifiedAdams Wed 30-Jan-13 15:35:32

Spencer and Thelma
Elizabeth and Unknown grin little minx that she was.

My GGPs on one side were Thomas and Alice. DDs MN is Alice but goven before we fount out the GGPs names.

coldethyl Wed 30-Jan-13 15:35:37

Ooh, should probably add DHs family:

GPs: Emily and Joseph, Edna and Victor
GGPs: Christina and Thomas; Hannah and Joseph; Fanny and William; Herbert and Laura.

Florence and Jack.
Frances and Robin.

frillyflower Wed 30-Jan-13 15:43:30

GPS = William & Margaret Louisa and Sam & Selena
GGPS = don't know but Enos was a great uncle (Black Country)

biffnbuster Wed 30-Jan-13 15:46:59

magarate and cyril
kathleen and thomas

FriskyMare Wed 30-Jan-13 15:48:39

GP Wilfred & Mary Jane, Charlie & Mary
GGP Florence & ? we suspect the vicars son, Charles & Mary (again).

shottspar Wed 30-Jan-13 15:50:16

Thomas and Elizabeth (Tam and Liza)
William and Kathleen (Wull and Kathy)

Lily Great GM
Marjorie Nanna
Albert Granddad

They are from my mums side and are all dead

Primrose Great GM
Robert Great GD
Gladys Nanna
Paul Grandad

All alive apart from Robert and on my dads side

angrytree Wed 30-Jan-13 15:52:28

James and Shelagh, Hugh and Marjory

LittleDonkin Thu 31-Jan-13 18:40:23

I dont know the names of my Great Grandparents but my Grandparents names are

Joan & Albert

Beatrice & Reginald

cheapandchic Thu 31-Jan-13 18:59:01

John William

LindaMcCartneySausage Thu 31-Jan-13 19:11:31

Elizabeth x2

LindaMcCartneySausage Thu 31-Jan-13 19:13:46

And DH's are:

DomesticCEO Thu 31-Jan-13 19:13:49

Interesting how many of us don't know our great grandparents names.

Sobering to think that my in only 3 generations my great grandchildren won't even know my name let alone anything interesting about be!! shock blush

notnowImreading Thu 31-Jan-13 19:14:31

Grandparents: Theresa and Leonard, Esther and Robert
Great Grandparents: Florence and Ernest, Robert and Ellen

AThingInYourLife Thu 31-Jan-13 19:23:02


Peter and Brenda
Cornelius and Emily

Great grandparents:

Éamonn and Mairéad
Michael and Bríd
Cornelius and Catherine
Jeremiah and Bridget

Yay4may Thu 31-Jan-13 19:28:26

Interesting thread!

Here's mine...
Edith, Harry, Ruth, Marshall, Hannah, Karl
Albert, Hildegarde, Marie, Jacob, Emil, Emma

DD1's middle name is Ruth and DD2's middle name is Emilia!

tass1960 Thu 31-Jan-13 19:33:31

Helen (Nellie) and Tom, GGM Rosie
Jessie and William (Bill)

Harrysmummysarah1 Thu 31-Jan-13 19:34:20

Joan and Samuel (Sammy) dads parents
Joan and Robert (bobby) mums parents.

Great grandparents on dads side:
Elsie and William

On mums side:
Margaret and Charles

thegreylady Thu 31-Jan-13 19:37:56

Grandparents Sally and Jim
Alice and Elias
GGP I only know Harriet and Robert but I am a generation older than most of you smile My parents were Ruth and James and dh's were Mary and Thomas

GP Walter and Annie
GGP Ernest and Ruby
GP Thomas and Elsie

Groovee Thu 31-Jan-13 19:39:14

Grandparents were Betty and Charles and Peter and Harriet. I know 3 of my great grandparents were Harriet, Robert and Sarah.

SorrelForbes Thu 31-Jan-13 19:41:50

Frances and Arthur
Tilly and Henry

Mary and Thomas. Jemima and Abraham
Rebecca and Lewis, Millie and Isaac

Jane and Thomas. Ellen and Charles. Emma and Joseph. Ann and Walter
Adelaide and Simon.

George, Geoffrey, Charles, Thomas, William, Tom, Samuel, Leslie.

Nora, Lucy, Mabel, Eliza, Florence, Joyce, Mary Ann, Margaret.

Ithinkineedtogrowapair Thu 31-Jan-13 19:51:55

Probably david

Are the ones I can remember!

MrsMaryCooper Thu 31-Jan-13 20:00:40


IncognitoIsMyFavouriteWord Thu 31-Jan-13 20:03:12

Grandma is Joan and Grandad is Lawrence

I love Lawrence not Joan smile

lizzypuffs Thu 31-Jan-13 20:03:37

GPs - Edward and Elsie and Abraham and Elizabeth
GGPs - John, Herbert and Lucy are the only ones I know

Hulababy Thu 31-Jan-13 20:16:08

GPs: Ethel, Kenneth, Harry Lionel, Dorothy Joan

GGPs: Dinah, Joseph Reginald, Walter Hubert, Ada, Arthur, Bertha, George William, Martha Annie

GGPs: Andrew, Mary, Joseph, Emiline, William, Martha E, Thomas, Mary Imogen Maria, John, Annie, John William, Esther Winifred, George, Ada Ann, William, Mary

I can go further back on each strand, some to 10th great grandparents, a couple before that.

I find the names really interesting to compare over the generations.

BacardiNCoke Thu 31-Jan-13 20:20:31

GP Ethel and Edward, Annie and Vincent.

GGP Elizabeth was my mum's grandmother, I don't know the others' names.

yoyo123 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:24:51


Harry (Henry), Alice, Robert (Rob) and Caroline Daisy (known as Daisy)

Great Grandparents only know Alfred.

deleted203 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:25:19

GP on Dad's side - Sid and Gladys
GP on Mum's side - Alec and Edna

GGP on Dad's side - John and Betsy/James and Sarah
GGP on Mum's side - Reuben and Annie/Frederick and Mildred

Frank, Julius, Ivy and Mary.

Grandparents - Doris, Cyril, Donald, Muriel

Grandparents - Florence and Hubert are the only ones I know. One is genuinely unknown, and I do know something interesting about one great-grandmother - she was shipwrecked twice - I've just forgotten her name!

Love the names of your gp OP.

Mine were Italian and:

Anna and Giovanni (Nanni)
Rosa and Marco

I only remember the names of my grandmother Rosa's parents:

Francesca and Felice (which means Happy)

I am actually loving 99% of the names on this thread.

Crikeyblimey Thu 31-Jan-13 20:35:17

On dad's side - Annie and Bobbie
Mum's parents - Daniel and Esther
Great grandparents (the names I can remember right now) - Elizableth Anne (I have a sampler made by her in 1871 on the wall in our sitting room), Daniel, Henry, Katherine (Kitty).

Haylebop12 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:38:27

GPs are Shirley and John, Doris and Daniel.

GGP is Ida, only one I know.

Hulababy Thu 31-Jan-13 20:42:58

I have found my summary of grandparent's names...

GPs: Ethel, Kenneth, Harry Lionel, Dorothy Joan

GGPs: Dinah, Joseph Reginald, Walter Hubert, Ada, Arthur, Bertha, George William, Martha Annie

GGPs: Andrew, Mary, Joseph, Emiline, William, Martha E, Thomas, Mary Imogen Maria, John, Annie, John William, Esther Winifred, George, Ada Ann, William, Mary

GGGPs: John, Alice, Joseph, Sarah, Benjamin James, Annie, John, Ann, Thomas, Mary Ann, Frederick, Elizabeth, William, Ann, William, Sarah Jane, Thomas, Hannah, William, Mary Ann, George, Sarah, John, Ann, George, Sarah E, Young, Mary Jane, Thomas, Ann,

GGGGPs: William, Dinah, William, Millicent, George, Maria, James, Ann, John, James, Jane, William, Robert, Ann, William, Eliza, William, Ann, John, Maria, John, Elizabeth, Robert, Hannah, Thomas, Hannah, John, Isabella, Henry, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, William, Elizabeth, George, Elizabeth,

GGGGGPs: George, Mary, John, Ann, Edward, Mary, Benjamin, Frances, Henry, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, John, Mary, John, Theodosia, Ann, James, Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth,

GGGGGGPs: James, Mary, Joseph, Susannah, John, Mary, William, Martha, James, Elizabeth, Thomas, Sarah, John, Mary,

GGGGGGGPs: William, Elizabeth, Edward, Penelope, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Mary,

GGGGGGGGPs: Edward, Hannah, John, Jennet, James, Anne, Thomas, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary,

So back to 10th generation for me.

I guess the more unusual names include Young, Gervase and Theodosia.
The very well used ones are Elizabeth, William, John, Ann and Mary.

Find the names really interesting.

Hulababy Thu 31-Jan-13 20:44:25

Have a couple of names for further back, and one to 12th century - but not confirmed those yet so not included in that summary.

aristocat Thu 31-Jan-13 20:50:46

Katherina and Johann

Katherina and Stepas

Sadly I only ever knew/met one GM

GPS: George, Margaret, Alfie and Peggy
Ggps: Duncan, Christian, Herbert, Jayne, Alfie, Margaret, Douglas and Ishbelle

MumOfMissy Thu 31-Jan-13 21:00:28

Hulababy just think, all those people in your list shagged each other to produce you! The mind boggles..,

Some of mine:


ByTheWay1 Thu 31-Jan-13 21:01:08

GPs Sylvia and William, Juniper and Seymour

Hulababy Thu 31-Jan-13 21:02:48

lol! True of course - but yes, very odd thought.

Chottie Thu 31-Jan-13 21:07:09

Charles and Florence
Arthur and Elizabeth

babyboomersrock Thu 31-Jan-13 21:09:37

GPs: Maud and William
Jessie and Robert

GGPs: Jessie and Frank
Mary and Robert
Elizabeth and William

craftycottontail Thu 31-Jan-13 21:25:56

William (Willy / Bill)
Chrissie (Christina)
Effie (Euphemia)

Loads ofrecurring themes in my family trees - Norman and William are father/son themes, with lots of Donald, John, Ronald, Katy / Catherine / Kitty

Not a very inventive bunch!!

Yoghurty Thu 31-Jan-13 21:26:29

Eileen and Stanley (Stan)
Blanche and Percival (Percy)

Ivy and Fred
And I don't know my dad's GP's names.

I love the name Blanche, wish it was my name!

tallulah Thu 31-Jan-13 21:54:33

GPs Frank, Albert, Lucy, Flora

GGPs Arthur, Albert, William, John

Bertha, Lily, Alice, Flora

Apart from Bertha, sounds like a list of primary school kids.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Thu 31-Jan-13 21:58:03

Mabel, Arthur, Annie, Vernon, George, Gertrude, Benjamin

devonsmummy Thu 31-Jan-13 21:58:56

g.p. - George & Joyce
Alfred (Mick) & Elsie
Ggp - Mildred
Rose & George

Grandparents (one side only) Lesley and Nicolas.
Great grandparents Wally (Walter)
Bob (Robert)
Joan (Katherine Mary confused).
I don't know the name of the missing great grandma and only know the ones on my mums side. Evidently Joan was not keen on her given name...

Grandparents Edith and John, Nana and George

GGPs Andrew, Mary, Thomas, Sarah, Henry, Eliza, George, Julia

marriedinwhite Thu 31-Jan-13 22:03:09

Grandparents: David and Alice; Rainer and Ana
Great Grandparents: Frank and Eleanor; Nicolas and Irena

DH: Ethel and Fred; Annie and John
Don't know about GGPs

SanityClause Thu 31-Jan-13 22:06:02

GP Tello and Ruth, Herbert and Joyce

I only know one GGP's name and as its mine and it's unusual, I won't post it, as it will out me.

Forgot middle names.

GPs - Edith Grace and John Giles, Nana and George Henry

GGPs Julia Eliza and Harry George, Thomas and Sarah, Andrew and Mary Ann Frances, Thomas and Sarah

GGGPs Edward Thomas and Emma, John Charles and Sarah Jane, Ozias and Mary, not known and not known, Andrew and Barbara, the rest not known.

BikeRunSki Thu 31-Jan-13 22:07:43

GPs - Rex, Evelyn, Arthur, Helen
GGM - Muriel

PixelAteMyFace Thu 31-Jan-13 22:08:01

John and Elsie
Charles and Daisy

Don`t know GGP`s names, but Great Aunts and Great Uncles were Charles, John, May, Ida, Gertrude and Lois

Flojobunny Thu 31-Jan-13 22:14:12

Peggy and Jack

Sorry got that wrong.

GPs Edith Grace, John Giles, Nana, George Henry

GGPs Julia Eliza, Harry George, Henry John, Eliza Jane, Andrew, Mary Ann Frances, Thomas, Sarah

GGGPs Emma, Edward Thomas, Sarah Jane, John Charles, Sarah, Thomas, John Allen, Mary Jane, Andrew, Barbara, unknown, unknown.

GGGGPs only ones I know are Ozias and Mary, GGGGGPs were Nathaniel and Susannah, GGGGGGPS were Ozias and Sarah, GGGGGGGPs were Nathaniel and Ann.

skratta Fri 01-Feb-13 06:45:17

GP- Shoshannah, Mejer, Issak, Gunnell
GGP- Miriam, Bambi, Saul, Lilja, Andreas, Ingela, Christian, Aeva

There's a clear divide between my Danish Jewish family, so Shoshannah, Mejer, Miriam, Saul, as well as Lilja and Bambi, who married into the family, and my Swedish family, by name.

MidnightMasquerader Fri 01-Feb-13 08:37:09

Ron(ald) and Isobel
Hamish and Jeanne

Ellen and Tony
Bridget and Michael

KelleStar Fri 01-Feb-13 08:47:19

Margaret (Meg) and James (Jimmy)
Desmond and Myra

Lena, Bertha (Bea) & Doris
James, Jack & Albert.

Lyftiduft Fri 01-Feb-13 22:15:41

Alan, John, Rose, Eileen (Eily), all born between 1910-1925
- siblings (my great aunts/uncles- only knew two of them) included Doreen, Elsie, Eric, Doris, Leonard (Len), Lilian, Henry, Caroline (Carrie), Jessie, William, Richard, Kathleen, Phyllis and Dorothy (Dot)

GGPs- Richard, Grace, Joseph, Catherine, William, Frances (Fanny), Albert, Frederica

Newtothisstuff Fri 01-Feb-13 22:19:47

Ggp...violet and Walter and Beatrice and Albert

Gp Albert and doreen and Jacqueline and George

Jean and Eric (but known as Bobs)
Muriel and Lesley

Don't know GGPs.

SingingSands Fri 01-Feb-13 22:32:54

GGPs = Mary and Joseph smile

GPs = Isabella (Isa) and James (Jimmy)

GPs = Audrey and Robert (Bob)

Iwillorderthefood Fri 01-Feb-13 22:38:11



Arthur Frederick

No idea re great grandparents.

Love the name Rhona ( but I never met her).

Jack and Jean
Margaret and Jim

Annie, Muriel, William

eatyourveg Fri 01-Feb-13 22:58:49

GP Catherine & Daniel and Annie & Ifor
GGP Mary & Evan
GGP Mary & Lewis
GGP Mary & Ellis
GGGP Elinor & Ellis
GGGGP William & Ann
GGGGGP John & Elinor
GGGGGGP Edmund & Lowry
GGGGGGGP Evan & Jane
GGGGGGGGP Edmund & Sarah
GGGGGGGGGP John & Catherine
GGGGGGGGGGGP Humphrey & Jane
GGGGGGGGGGGGP Edward & Catherine

That goes back to 999 Showing off I know grin grin grin

GeorginaWorsley Fri 01-Feb-13 23:03:09

GPS Ethel ,Arthur,Richard,Noreen.
GGPS Sarah,Frank,Mary Jane,William,Agnes,Richard,Florence,Arthur.
GGGps(that I know)Ellen,Martha,John,mary,Francis,James,Charlotte,Christopher,Mary

Weightlessbaby Fri 01-Feb-13 23:04:53

Hmm, Welsh ancestry anyone?!

GPs: Peg, Dave, Pat and Nobby (Albert)
GGps:Umm, there was a George I'm fairly sure. Shamefully, I don't know, never having known them.

DH is much more illustrious and had a GD Thornton and GGD Hezekiah!

AThingInYourLife Sat 02-Feb-13 07:35:28

Super impressed by hula and eatyour's lists smile

Fascinating thread.

lljkk Sat 02-Feb-13 07:53:48

This is just a show-off thread for family history buffs, init?
(My turn)

GGPs: William, Sarah, Samantha, Robert, Raiford, Nellie, Neil, Martha, Margaret, Laura, Joshua, Joseph, George, Flora, Ella, Alexander

I'd get hopelessly confused trying to reliably write down all their parents' names, although I have it all worked out for GGGP generation. I start losing data after that [sulk].

AThingInYourLife Sat 02-Feb-13 07:57:43

Genealogical smuggery! grin

minimuffin Sat 02-Feb-13 08:03:33

GPs - Nell, Samuel, Elizabeth, Albert

GGPs - Eliza, Crossley, Rose, Joseph, Mary, William, Anne

Hulababy Sat 02-Feb-13 09:22:58

lljkk - the software I use does it for me.

Not smug, but am pleased how well my ancestry search has gone since I started last October. Still loads to do though.

Hulababy Sat 02-Feb-13 09:24:20

eatyourveg - that's fab! The post even looks great too - nice pyramid!
Not that far back yet - need some more unusual names to chase.

lljkk Sat 02-Feb-13 10:51:35

Which package do you use, Hula? I can't face entering all my vast info into adatabase, even though I could see the value of it, just dread the tedium of it.

I can't help it... being sucked in:

GGGPs: Jesse, Elizabeth, Jeptha, ?, Charles, probably Sarah, Hartwell, ?, Windsor, Sarah?, Nelson, Harriet, Hector, Catherine, Jane, Jonathan, ?, ?, Priscilla, John, Ward, Eliza, Silas, Nancy, John, Henry, Mary Ellen, Sarah, John, Alexander, Mary Ann

eatyourveg Sat 02-Feb-13 12:08:06

Some professor in Scotland did ours for us as part of a study she was doing on one of my relatives - we only had the first couple of hundred years from family Bibles and having lived on the same farm since 1742 (I think thats the right date) which made it much easier.

FellatioNels0n Sat 02-Feb-13 12:10:55

At the risk of sounding a bit paranoid, I always wonder if there is a hidden motive for threads like this. If you think you have recognised a close friend or family member it's a very good way to narrow down the field, isn't it? grin

Lastofthepodpeople Sat 02-Feb-13 12:16:55

Mercia,Jimmy, Doreen and Patrick for GPs. For GGPs: Ada, Eric, Sarah. Suddenly sad to realise I don't know the rest.

iheartmycat Sat 02-Feb-13 15:27:42

GPS - margaret, maud,Joseph,Dominick
GGPS - margaret,terence,catherine-Sarah, ernest, catherine,francis, Thomas,catherine (extreme lack of imagination in the female naming!!)
GGGPS - margaret, Alice, Constantine, Dominick, Mary, Joseph

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 02-Feb-13 17:09:56

On my maternal side:

Minna and Eric


Frieda and Ernest


Minna and Theodor



Alisvolatpropiis Sat 02-Feb-13 17:27:12

I know my great grandmothers names : Florence,Anne,Elin,Rebecca.

Think one of my paternal great grandfathers was called George. One of my maternal great grandfathers may also have been called George thinking about it.

I read someone that in terms of families,by the time you get three generations down from your own,your name is likely to have been forgotten. Is a bit sad but seems true of my great fathers.

Hulababy Sun 03-Feb-13 13:05:21

lljkk - I have Family Tree Maker which is linked to ancestry.com
Every update I do on one, it updates the other.

Ihatecobwebs Sun 03-Feb-13 13:48:31

GPs - Richard & Ivy, Albert & Veronica
GGPs - William & Fanny, Ernest & Sarah, John & Annie, Charles & Ada
GGGPs - William & Emma, Richard & Sarah, George & Eliza, Henry & Gaina, James & Mary, Zachariah & Eliza, Charles & Emma, Owen & Mary
GGGGPs - John & Sarah, Benjamin & Philidelphia, ?&?, ?&?, Thomas & Sarah, ?&?, Robert &?, Charles &?, Thomas & Mary, Jonathan & Maira, ?&?, ?&?, Jonathan & Elizabeth, George & Emma, William & Anne, James & Ann

twinklestar2 Sun 03-Feb-13 13:56:09

Stanley and Kathleen - Stan and Kitty

ATouchOfStuffing Sun 03-Feb-13 21:18:10

G.parents - Rosemary and Vernon
GGparents - Augustus and Alice

WhiteHairReally Sun 03-Feb-13 23:46:01

GPs Maisie Bob Ron Frances nn Queenie ('Q')
GGPs Nancy Eric Gerald Muriel nn 'Lovie' Wilfred Daisy George Kate

There's a nursery out there right now where all their namesakes are running around, all except... Muriel, but maybe I'm wrong.

crazykittens Mon 04-Feb-13 00:48:01

my grandparents - agnes & david, enid & francis
great grandparents - hannah & joseph, robert & ginny. i think anyway

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