Violet or Iris

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LolliLouLou Thu 13-Dec-12 22:45:11

Which do you prefer?

notMarlene Thu 13-Dec-12 22:47:24


Sunnytimes78 Thu 13-Dec-12 23:23:23

I really like Violet

2beornot Thu 13-Dec-12 23:25:35


GW297 Fri 14-Dec-12 00:28:33


Bessie123 Fri 14-Dec-12 00:31:02

Violet is a lovely name. Iris makes me think of eyes

proofreader Fri 14-Dec-12 00:32:51


RunningInFlipflops Fri 14-Dec-12 00:45:58

I love them both. Not helpful really!

FlourFace Fri 14-Dec-12 00:50:19

Violet. nn Vi.

RiddoTheRedNosedReindeer Fri 14-Dec-12 00:55:59

Violet but that may be because the two Iris's I know are lovely but are 76 and 90 grin

kiwigirl42 Fri 14-Dec-12 01:06:48

I love the meaning of Iris - she was the Goddess of Rainbows but Violets are my favorite flower. Use them both!

mrsXsweet Fri 14-Dec-12 04:37:32

Violet. Iris makes me think of eyes.

FellatioNelson Fri 14-Dec-12 04:43:27

I think they are both gorgeous.

sleepywombat Fri 14-Dec-12 04:55:47

Iris. Violet makes me think of violent.

cafecito Fri 14-Dec-12 05:05:08

To me, Iris is anatomical and Violet looks too much like violent


I love Viola or Violetta...

But out of the two I'd go for Iris, if I had to

cafecito Fri 14-Dec-12 05:06:02

Actually no, I prefer Violet!

cafecito Fri 14-Dec-12 05:09:01

<unhelpful comments from me, sorry!>

vintageviolets Fri 14-Dec-12 05:11:57

Violet x

telsa Fri 14-Dec-12 08:46:58

Oh most definitely Violet. It is a gorgeous name, a lovely flower, a lovely scent. Iris is just too eyebally and prim.

Bonsoir Fri 14-Dec-12 08:56:53


Violet. I wanted to use this for (as yet unborn) DC3, but DH doesn't like it. So please use it for me!

Heavywheezing Fri 14-Dec-12 09:51:55

Depends on your surname

BikeRunSki Fri 14-Dec-12 09:54:32

Iris. The only one I know is 6.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 14-Dec-12 10:00:17

Both very pretty smile

LondonElfInFestiveCheerBoots Fri 14-Dec-12 11:27:02

Iris, but I love them both. Iris Violet works very well IMO if you wanted to use Violet, and I like the Greek Rainbow Goddess association of Iris.

I really want Violet if we have a girl but husband wont have it coz our surname is a colour to.

InTheBoonies Fri 14-Dec-12 11:42:04

Iris as you have the classical Greek connection which adds a bit more to the name that just a flower.

lovethesun1 Fri 14-Dec-12 18:02:55

Iris-absolutely love it! Violet sounds too like Violent to me.

scarlettsmummy2 Fri 14-Dec-12 18:04:23

I like both but iris is very popular, there are three in my daughters class at nursery.

forgetmenots Fri 14-Dec-12 21:31:32

Love both, would be a gorgeous twin or sister pairing. If I had to pick without knowing surname I'd say Violet.

flossy101 Fri 14-Dec-12 21:47:25


florencepink Fri 14-Dec-12 22:39:01


squoosh Sat 15-Dec-12 00:02:59


chinglebellsbatmansmells Sat 15-Dec-12 00:06:45


LolliLouLou Sat 15-Dec-12 21:51:30

Do you think Violet is going to get super popular? I think it is at 115 in 2011 that works out at 500 ish babies with the name last year! I would hate if it went the way of lily or Ruby!

squoosh Sat 15-Dec-12 21:58:57

It's hard to know, but I doubt it. Lily and Ruby are cutesy names whereas Violet is slightly more niche, it's more grown up.

proofreader Sat 15-Dec-12 22:03:30

I do quite like Violet because of the girl in 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' but it is very close to 'violent'

AuntieShirley Sat 15-Dec-12 22:30:40

I have an 11 year old Iris and dd2 was nearly a Violet. We don't know any other Iris' and only 1 Violet, so neither are super popular at the moment.
Both are elegant and grown up. I agree with Squoosh that Lily and Ruby are cutsie, and seem to have a broader appeal.
Mumsnet is not representative of the world at large I don't think! So whilst Mumsnet says Lily (or whatever) is too popular, and over done, most people don't agree and call their kids Lily (or whatever) anyway. I don't think anything outside the top 100 can be seen as too popular.

CharlieBoo Mon 17-Dec-12 20:38:00

Violet by a LONG way... Don't like Iris at all. Agree it's prim and dull.

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