What is your favourite out of our boys shortlist?

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katiecubs Fri 05-Oct-12 09:00:52

Me and DH both agree on liking the below names - DH current fave is Milo whilst i am keen on Seth. Any thoughts?


YouMayLogOut Fri 05-Oct-12 09:04:42

In order of preference...

Henry - very nice, classic
George - like, classic
Milo - like
Zachary - quite like
Seth - like, nice classic Biblical name
Max - OK as nickname, but woudn't use as full name
Sebastian - quite nice
Stanley - too self-consciously "old man"

How about Theo, Samuel, Isaac, Jerome, Miles, Elliot?


Couldnt decide between those three. I like the rest but prefer these three.

katiecubs Fri 05-Oct-12 09:11:05

Henry was our first joint fave but sometimes i wonder if it's a bit meh. Still a top runner though i think.

YouMay i like your suggestions particularly Theo but too similar sounding to to DS i think (felix) also Isaac which was on my list but DH not keen. Sam also out as friend has one!

MolotovBomb Fri 05-Oct-12 09:46:11

1. Sebastian
2. Henry
3. Zachary
4. George

Sorry, this probably doesn't help you choosing between yours and your DHs favourites! Between those two, Seth is my fave smile

Boggler Fri 05-Oct-12 09:48:27

In order of preference:


Not keen enough on the others to rate.

SurreyWithAFringeOnTop Fri 05-Oct-12 10:06:23

In order of preference:


then a long gap to:



DialMforMummy Fri 05-Oct-12 10:15:12

Milo George Max

ladymia Fri 05-Oct-12 10:22:20

in order of preference:


katiecubs Fri 05-Oct-12 13:11:50

Thank you all! Altough am not sure you have helped with all the differant preferences lol ;)

Henry is probably coming out on top so far but i'm just not sure it excites me that much hmm.

Mintyy Fri 05-Oct-12 13:13:13


TheWave Fri 05-Oct-12 14:13:23

George, Henry, yawn.

Stanley a bit too much in the current old man trent for me.

Seth a bit of a "lisp" like name if that makthes sense?

Prefer any of the others.

TheWave Fri 05-Oct-12 14:13:42

Not trent, trend, sorry

MoonHare Fri 05-Oct-12 14:24:26

Love Seth, that's the one I would go for.

George and Henry are soooo common and dare I say a little dull.

Sebastian is quite nice but I dislike Seb and Sebby.

Max is OK.

Don't like Stanley, as others have said too self-consciously 'old man' trend. Don't like Zachary either, Zak/Zack/Zach is also such a commonly heard name these days.

Milo I'm not sure about, I wouldn't use it but I think I prefer it to George, Henry, Stanley and Zachary.

Good luck with your decision.

BangOffTrend Fri 05-Oct-12 14:25:23

Henry (am biased). Still waters run deep is all I can say!

Seth - sorry but always reminds me of slithering snakes/star wars
Zachary - too biblical

MrClaypole Fri 05-Oct-12 14:27:44

Like Henry, Seth, George in that order.

Really really dislike the name Stanley, sorry!

Allalonenow Fri 05-Oct-12 14:28:12

I really like Sebastian a lot, but not too keen on any of the others.

newyearsday Fri 05-Oct-12 21:44:19

I have a Seth, really love it, but occasionally people think I'm saying "Seff" (I don't have a lisp!), I have to say "no, Seth with a tee-haich".

My fave name whilst pg was Monty but it didn't suit him.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Fri 05-Oct-12 21:45:24


Bumpstart Fri 05-Oct-12 21:45:33

I like sebastian and Stanley

tanfastic Fri 05-Oct-12 21:45:50

Stanley and Seth smile

PickledFanjoCat Fri 05-Oct-12 21:46:12

Henry is the best name like, ever !

Anonymumous Fri 05-Oct-12 22:32:00

Ugh, I hate Milo. It's one of those names I just don't 'get'. It makes me think of a fat Tweenie or a silo. Seth is much nicer. And I love Stanley - I would have used it myself except I don't find the meaning very inspiring. Actually I like pretty much all of your names except Milo.

(P.S. DS1 has FOUR Georges in his class at school, which would put me off that name somewhat!)

katiecubs Fri 05-Oct-12 23:00:58

Thank you everyone!

I'm not sure I get Milo either it doesn't feel right nag fir me George is too popular (wanted to stay away from top 10's and I think George is around that mark).

So far I think it's between Seth and Henry but may go back to the drawing board to see if there are any more that jump out!

Ham69 Fri 05-Oct-12 23:18:38

Albert (Albie)

Beamur Fri 05-Oct-12 23:22:10

I like all of your names.
But, I'm kinda with you on Seth, my next favourite of your list would be Stanley.
My least favourite would be Zachary and Max.
Chum of mine had an Edwin, nn Ted which I like a lot.

Ham69 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:00:41

Love Milo by the way, followed by Seth.

SirBoobAlot Sat 06-Oct-12 00:06:01


Really dislike the rest. Least favourite would be Stanley.

Floralnomad Sat 06-Oct-12 00:08:00

Seth ,and love George but is prob way too popular . What about Angus ,Tobias or Hugo. I agree that Milo just makes me think of a Tweenie and I knew a very strange child called Sebastian which would put me off.

Clary Sat 06-Oct-12 00:21:06

Of your choices I prefer Stanley, George and Henry.

Stanley vetoed by DH; George is DS2's middle name. There are quite a few Georges around tho, I teach four (years 7-9) in a not especially middle class area (most popular names at the school are Jordan and Josh); Stan a bt more unusual.

Max is very popular btw. I only say this about popularity as the other names you list are less often seen. By me anyway.

Cezella Sat 06-Oct-12 01:49:24

I love the name Zachary x

deleted203 Sat 06-Oct-12 01:53:48

I like Max and Zach (not keen on Zachary). I'm probably going to offend people with my views on the others, but:-

Milo makes me think of the Tweenies
Stanley is for very old men
Henry and George are for middle aged and portly bank managers
Seth is purely for the Amish
Sebastian is very Brideshead Revisited.

SomewhereInCanada Sat 06-Oct-12 01:58:35

Isn't Milo a malted chocolate drink?

Harrison? I have one of those. He's lovely smile

SonnySpain Sat 06-Oct-12 02:47:44

Max and Zachary

Narked Sat 06-Oct-12 12:54:35


MrsJohnDeere Sat 06-Oct-12 16:06:56

Love Henry and George
Like Max and Sebastian

Indifferent to the others

delilah88 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:57:13

Seth is my favourite - it's brilliant. I far prefer it to Henry which is much more predictable.

LemonBreeland Sat 06-Oct-12 18:01:20

Henry is a bit blah. I love Milo fwiw, but also adore Seth. I think it's a lovely name.

Growlithe Sat 06-Oct-12 18:01:33

Seth is a lovely name, it puts me in mind of a big strong dependable man. I don't get Milo either, it is the name of a big purple tweenie.

Love Sebastian and like Max. Zachary does nothing for me and I really dislike Henry and Seth.

legoballoon Sat 06-Oct-12 21:29:25

Seth please.

4boyzmum Sat 06-Oct-12 21:33:06

I have a Seth and we always get lovely compliments on how much his name is liked. Has to be my fave!!

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