Unpopular names?

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zumm Sat 10-Dec-11 13:52:18

Well, it's all in the spin. Tomat-o is to tom-ayto as unpopular is to unusual. Anyone managed to name a child something that isn't in the top 150? If so, share? Everyone seems to be William or Alex around here.

cece Sat 10-Dec-11 13:58:19

Do you mean names that are not common/frequently used or do you mean names that not many people like?

zumm Sat 10-Dec-11 14:19:20

Cece - both! It's all so subjective, after all. Wondering about names that you've called DC that are outside the top 100-150.

I have a Saul - not very popular, I don't think

tummytickler Sat 10-Dec-11 15:12:55

I have an Iris, Pearl and Amos, all out of the top 150. I also have an ELijah, which just creeps into the top 150.

pranma Sat 10-Dec-11 15:16:27

Not many Valeries around now and Joan is one 'old' name that you never see nowadays as is Maud.
Boys errr-Trevor,Malcolm,Maurice....

aubergineinautumn Sat 10-Dec-11 15:22:36

Well, considering that there are 1000s of names, most of them ARE unpopular, if you define polular as top 150.

I'd like to see a name list of all the names in use in UK atm, so including people of all ages- THAT would be the real judge of unpopularity/unusualness.

PercyFilth Sat 10-Dec-11 15:48:22

Didn't the Zutons and Amy Winehouse inspire anyone to call their daughter Valerie? It may be seen by some as a bit mum/gran generation, but will always be a pretty name.

tummytickler Sat 10-Dec-11 17:07:33

The trouble with Valerie, is that it is a beautiful name but Val is so horrible.
Valerie was briefly on our list, but came off for this reason.

bigbluebump Sat 10-Dec-11 17:41:48

We have a Quentin - I think it was number 1300 or something last year.

Lonnie Sat 10-Dec-11 19:38:04

I have Phoebe (wasnt on the top 150 list when we named her 14 years ago it is very popular now)

Eloisa I have yet to meet another but am aware Eloise is growing in popularity

Conrad Only know one other and he is 40 odd

and Aoife

For us we wanted names not in the top 10 list it bugged me how popular Phoebe became but I still love it as a name

zumm Sat 10-Dec-11 19:45:32

BigBlue and Lonnie -what lovely 'unpopular' names ;). Eloisa is especially gorgeous.

Lonnie Sat 10-Dec-11 20:46:53

smiles thank you I particularly love Eloisa as I dreamt we had a little girl named that I feel like I got " my name" with her dh hadHis with dd1.. I've always loved Quintin too so agree with you BigBlues ds name is gorgeous

cece Sat 10-Dec-11 21:43:25

Less popular names that were on our shortlist at one time or another -

Verity, Una, Gregory, Noel, Mark.

DD's name was about number 300 or 400 or so when we named her but is now hovering about number 100 I believe.

ThoseClementineShoes Sat 10-Dec-11 22:15:59



ThoseClementineShoes Sat 10-Dec-11 22:18:08



bigbluebump Sat 10-Dec-11 22:34:31

Thank you zumm and Lonnie smile. Yes, Eloisa and Phoebe are very lovely too! How about John (Johnnie) or Robert (Robbie) - they're both quite underused these days?

ThoseClementineShoes Sat 10-Dec-11 23:56:39

Whoops. Seem to have somewhat misunderstood the question.

Eloisa is lovely. I think I might sort of like Maud(e) too.

hohohoshedittant Sun 11-Dec-11 00:08:02

I know a little Maude and I know loads of Aoife's (not in Ireland, but high Irish population).

I don't know any under 5's called;


or Marnie, which is a name I actually really like.

PelvicFloorOfHighTensileTinsel Sun 11-Dec-11 00:19:26

The ons statistics for names can be found here, the 5th or 6th tab on the spreadsheet is every name used in 2010 so you can see what number they come in at.

poppydaisy Sun 11-Dec-11 12:21:15

I think Valerie is very pretty actually. And I know a little Mabel which I wasn't sure about initially but quite like now.

cece Sun 11-Dec-11 13:23:57

Just looked at the lists. My DDs name, which I thought was a bit out there at the time, is now in the top 100. DS1 and 2 who both have more 'normal ' names are at about 180 and 860 respectively! LOL

JambalayaWarmMincePie Sun 11-Dec-11 13:46:15

Ooooh, thanks for posting the ONS link - far more fun way of researching names than the baby book!

There are some crackers!!

zumm Mon 12-Dec-11 12:42:08

Cece - share! smile

Clawdy Mon 12-Dec-11 13:26:20

Last two babies born in our family are Jesse and Asher (seven weeks old and one week old ). What do people think?

tammytoby Mon 12-Dec-11 13:27:05

By definition 'unpopular' names, those that aren't used by the masses, are not going to be super popular or loved. But they are likely to be more timeless and less likely to date as the trendy names fall out of favour again. They also tend to be more 'useful' as a name - in terms of identifying a person (without having to add initials or other descriptive adjectvives smile).
So I'm a big fan of classic, timeless but not popular names!

tammytoby Mon 12-Dec-11 13:27:55

Love Asher for a boy!

Jesse sounds a little girly to me but probably because I know a couple of Jess's who get called Jessy.

tammytoby Mon 12-Dec-11 13:28:34

Actually their 'proper' name is Jessica, shortened to Jess/Jessy.

zumm Mon 12-Dec-11 13:55:51

I agree that Jesse sounds a bit girly - though in fact it's of course a very strong OT name. I wonder if it'll make a bit of a come-back a la Gabriel?
Asher sounds lovely in English (but I couldn't use it since have German family who, I bet, would link it with the German for bum - or at least they draw much hilarity from the name Ashling = sounds like little arse in German).

zumm Mon 12-Dec-11 13:58:20

Tammy - agree with classic timeless but not popular. HOWEVER, I find it difficult to think of any/many. Classic and timeless are often quite popular (Tom, William, Joshua, Alexander, Jacob, etc - all in top 20 I think).

cheeseandmarmitesandwich Mon 12-Dec-11 14:04:41

We have a Meredith- very underused but beautiful (in my opinion grin)

My other frontrunner was Tess / Teresa but DH vetoed it. For a boy it would have been Nathaniel. I also really like Peter- don't hear many of them these days.

cheeseandmarmitesandwich Mon 12-Dec-11 14:04:41

We have a Meredith- very underused but beautiful (in my opinion grin)

My other frontrunner was Tess / Teresa but DH vetoed it. For a boy it would have been Nathaniel. I also really like Peter- don't hear many of them these days.

MamaLazarou Mon 12-Dec-11 14:18:17

My little boy's name was ranked 7 thousand and something-th in the UK in the year he was born (2010).

It's not weird or wacky, though - just unfashionable.

FunnysInTheGarden Mon 12-Dec-11 14:19:17

we have a Fabian and a Rafe, neither were in the top anything when we named them

MizK Mon 12-Dec-11 14:23:54

I looked at the link (can you tell I am stuck in waiting for a delivery....!) and think that lots of the least used names are lovely, although I can see why the top ten are so popular also.
My DDs are Christy and Cassia and have yet to encounter any others, but I don't think their names sound particularly out there - just for some reason nobody else seems to choose those names! On the other hand my son is called Joseph which is perennially popular but he's always been the only one in his class... BTW I think Meredith is a v pretty name smile

rhetorician Mon 12-Dec-11 14:30:48

the last top 100 list I could find is from 2009 - does anyone have a more up-to-date link. DD1 (2.10) is Catherine - the full version and I don't know another one under about 25 (people think it's a common enough name, but actually there aren't many toddlers with the name). DD2 is Anastasia (1w1d), which is definitely an unusual name - i don't know another...

rhetorician Mon 12-Dec-11 14:32:14

sorry - just saw link up above

Leo35 Mon 12-Dec-11 14:32:28

There are so many lovely names to choose. Someone cited John and Robert as currently unfashionable, and they do seem comparatively under-used. On the other hand I know three baby Roberts now (all aged 6m-2yrs) and we used it for DS2's middle name. I love the nicknames from it.

Love Fabian btw - was on my list. Along with many others!

Lots of Robbies here in Scotland.

CoffeeGoneColdAgain Mon 12-Dec-11 14:43:45

There is a Peter in my Dds reception class cheeseandmarmitesandwich grin

silverten Mon 12-Dec-11 14:43:50

Friend of mine's daughter is called Indigo, which I think is rather good. Bit unusual without being totally wacky.

FrillyMilly Mon 12-Dec-11 14:47:47

I love Saul, I love the meaning and I love that it's not popular. We are switching between this being a first name or middle name for our unborn son.

dreamalittle Mon 12-Dec-11 14:56:33

We're planning on calling our forthcoming daughter Anne - which I see from the link above was 1040th on the list last year.

If we were going to have a boy, he would probably have been called John.

Both good, solid, traditional names, but out of favour at the moment.

MinesaGandT Mon 12-Dec-11 15:20:56

Message withdrawn

101North Mon 12-Dec-11 15:22:10

i predict a resurgence of 'meaningful' names - personal, familial and hereditary since its become impossible to be on the right side of original when naming your child without being seen as desperately trendy (ugh hate that word).

both john and anne are lovely names.

aswellasyou Mon 12-Dec-11 15:27:18

My daughter's name ranked joint 2589th last year! grin That's fairly unusual. wink

101North Mon 12-Dec-11 15:33:03

1 and 2 both have names that have become really popular but at the time they were very unusual to the point where i got looked at like this hmm confused, now they are seen as "cool" (bleugh) .

3 has a name that isn't on any lists anywhere, his name brokened the google!

Stangirl Mon 12-Dec-11 15:39:09

I can't view the link on my Mac - could someone tell me my kids' names' rankings? Daughter born 2010 is Winter and boy born this year is Atticus.

MixedBerries Mon 12-Dec-11 15:44:24

I have to say I really love the name Myra which is no longer popular due to its associations. I posted to ask people's thoughts on this somewhere else and the consensus was that it wouldn't be a good idea to use it. As it happens we had a boy. Just wonder why Myra in particular has become so stigmatised. Ian is still common. As are the names Fred and Rose.

Starsandcars Mon 12-Dec-11 15:57:39

As I also have an Atticus born in 2011 I can tell you stangirl that there were 30 named Atticus in 2010!

LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Mon 12-Dec-11 16:04:46

I've got a boy called Rowan. And a girl called Rosanna. A bit similar I know but they go so well with our surname. And I still love the names.

DD is Eloise-am amazed it's almost in the top 100 as I have never met a single Eloise apart from her and named her after books from the 60s!

lynlynnicebutdim Mon 12-Dec-11 16:05:59

I have an Eden (girl) and if currently gestating DC2 is a girl she will likely be called Rowan. If it is a boy i am leaning towards Kyle. All three names are outside the top 150 i think.

My sister is Meredith. She used to hate it as a child as she was the only one anyone ever knew but as an adult she has learned to embrace it. I am actually jealous of it now. I got the dull name and she got the exotic one.

JosieRosie Mon 12-Dec-11 16:07:05

Myra is a beautiful name MixedBerries but I wouldn't use it either, for the same reasons you wouldn't. Shame sad

LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Mon 12-Dec-11 16:11:40

I love the name Asher too. One of Joseph's brothers along with Napthali, Dan, etc.

ithaka Mon 12-Dec-11 16:14:05

I have a Morven, which I see was the 5707th most popular name in England and Wales in 2010!!!!

I suspect the statistics would be different in Scotland, however....

ithaka Mon 12-Dec-11 16:17:07

ooops, read the table wrong - it seems Morven is actually 6830th on the list. No wonder she can never find anything with her name on!

NeedlesCuties Mon 12-Dec-11 16:45:43

I love the girls name Charis, but don't know anyone called that. Not keen on how it looks written down, but love the meaning (Greek for 'grace') and love how it sounds.

I love Ezra for a boy. The looks I got when I told some friends this were shock confused

FellatioNelson Mon 12-Dec-11 16:59:16

Lonnie I know a Conrad who is 40-odd as well. I wonder if it's the same person, as it is such an unusual name for that age, although I think it is becoming more popular with small boys now.

Tell me about the Conrad you know!

Got3stockings Mon 12-Dec-11 17:02:46

Dds are Nyah and Esme. Ds has a top 100 name.

I have a Bridget. DC2 will either be Cormac (not intentially Irish themed!) or Mathilda. With DD I was very concious of not giving her a name that was too popular having lived all my life surrounded by my name (is a very classic name). This time around I'm finding far fewer girls names I like, hence going for Mathilda which is much more popular according to the stats.

FellatioNelson Mon 12-Dec-11 17:10:30

My 16 year old has a middle name that is currently very popular indeed (and dare I say Chavvy) but when I gave it to him as a middle name it was totally unheard of. It's become very much an 'in' name of the moment among working class young mums in the last two years or so. I wanted it as a first name but all my family looked horrified, so I just used it as a middle name. I am kind of relieved now. grin I do still like the name but not how it is now perceived.

My youngest son is 12 and his name is a bit of an acquired taste I think, although I still love it. If you type it into the facebook search engine he is the only one in the world! I suspect it may become a lot more common in the next few years though.

MissM Mon 12-Dec-11 17:11:27

I have an Asher!

TheLaineyWayIsEssex Mon 12-Dec-11 17:19:25

My ds' name was 3332nd in the year he was born 2010. A diminuitive of it is more popular though.

Jenstar21 Mon 12-Dec-11 17:22:42

My daughter is 76th on this list, yet I don't know anyone else with her name! Mind you, we are in Scotland, so probably a bit different.....

CoffeeGoneColdAgain Mon 12-Dec-11 17:43:02

My Dd is 75th, I was quite surprised as Isobel is a popular name. Obviously just not spelled the way we spell it.

mummyosaurus Mon 12-Dec-11 17:48:41

Recently heard: Tate (girl)

LucyGoose Mon 12-Dec-11 17:56:57

Clementine is lovely but for some reason people have a bad reaction to it.

I love all the flower names: Rose, Violet, Daisy, etc.

kritur Mon 12-Dec-11 18:00:27

I have an 8 day old Rosalind

HugosGoatee Mon 12-Dec-11 18:06:36

To the poster who likes Charis - I agree lovely name but looks weird - wouldn't it be Charice?

TotallyKerplunked Mon 12-Dec-11 18:08:23

I love Ezekiel, Rafferty and Jasper however DH was hmm at having a rarer/unusual name for DS in case he got bullied so we've got another Joshua here, i've bumped into 3 others in the baby classes so far confused. However the cat is called Jasper so I kind of win grin.
If we had had a DD she would have been Selina.

Got3stockings Mon 12-Dec-11 18:24:37

I know a young Charis. I think it can also be Carys.

NeedlesCuties Mon 12-Dec-11 18:27:53

Hugos that is one thing that really holds me back from using the name Charis - it is pronounced Carr-iss and can also be spelt Karis, which looks a bit more like the pronunciation.

Not sure if that is 100% right either, but to my Northern Ireland accent it's a bit like that 'Carr' bit in the name Carrie and the later half of Isis.

FellatioNelson Mon 12-Dec-11 18:31:04

I would not havre thought it possibly to get so many spelling variations out of the names Daniel and Riley.confused

Danyaal was my particular worst favourite, along with Rhylee.


All there. [ confused]

I wish they'd condense all these spelling variations and show them as one representation on the stats. It completely skews the figures otherwise.

Awayinamangercooper Mon 12-Dec-11 18:40:49

Mixedberries I also love the name Myra, it's such a sweet name. A shame about its associations.

Jolyonsmummy Mon 12-Dec-11 18:41:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fishpond Mon 12-Dec-11 18:44:35

I know a Charis and she pronounces it Share-iss.

How do you find out how many of a certain name there are? I don't have time to trawl through 4,000 names grin

CheerfulYank Mon 12-Dec-11 19:13:53

My DS is Sam, so no, not out of the top 100 or even the top 15. smile

I also really like Peter and am trying to bring DH around to it for next time. (It's got the same association as "willy" here unfortunately. sad )

More "unusual" names I like are Atticus and Indigo, both mentioned on here! I also like the months you don't hear as much: September, July, etc.

LaFilleSurLePont Mon 12-Dec-11 19:18:44

I think Myra has never been a particuarly common name,and therefore has few other associations,hence the stigma.

TeamSledward Mon 12-Dec-11 19:25:13

DS1 was born in 2005 and his name ranked 21. There were 3057 of them.
DS2's name was ranked 894 in the year of his birth. Only 29 other shared his name.

corkythecat Mon 12-Dec-11 19:39:51

I have an 8 week old Malachi. That comes in at 243nd on the list

Loobyloo1902 Mon 12-Dec-11 19:40:20

I think Goliath is a great name, I would have used that except I got a girl.

Second on the list was Admiral Lord Nelson Battle of Trafalgar.

Quentin was third. Yeah, I think it was a good thing she was not a he.

DD ended up with a nice Spanish name, Ines, which I thought was lovely except we get a lot of people asking how to pronounce it which I hadn't expected.

bigpigeon Mon 12-Dec-11 19:42:09

I have a Hazel. The only name my DH and I could agree on.

I have a Quentin, Xavier, Juliet and Christina. The others are not that popular either except maybe dd1 who is just inside top 50 but we always get 'oh how lovely, dont hear that much these days' comments. think different names tend to be popular in different areas dd1 is the only one with her mane in her whole school.
3 dcs have uncommon 1st middle names Dawn, Alden and Ash.
My DC have very unusual 2nd middle names Ngaire, Atama, Aroha, Matiu, Eti and Kiri (maori names and were chosen to honnor my herritage.)

LaFilleSurLePont Mon 12-Dec-11 20:03:56

Hazel is beautiful.

IWasDrunkItDoesntCount Mon 12-Dec-11 20:42:19

Ive got a Haydn which I thought was unusual when he was first born but theres a few more around now

woowa Mon 12-Dec-11 20:42:19

DD (born 2010 when that list was compiled) isn't even on it, which means there were fewer than 3 born with that name last year :-) They don't put them on if fewer than 3 because of confidentiality!! Don't get that. I'm trying to think of a boy's name which is just as unusual, my fave is Jesse, but DH has vetoed because it's too girly IHO, as someone said above. It's a popular boys name in the US but hasn't made it here yet. sigh.

woowa Mon 12-Dec-11 20:44:37

fishpond, if you open up the excel file with the list, then hold down ctrl and hit F, it will come up with a find box. TYpe in the name and press return

maandpa Mon 12-Dec-11 20:58:06

Is Nigel due for a revival, or Julian? They seemed popular in the late 70's where I came from.

Girls : Denise, Bernise?? two of me mom's friends names!!

TheLittleFairyOnTopOfTheTree Mon 12-Dec-11 21:04:34

My #1 choices for dc2 are either Honor or Jude (yet to convince dp about either!) I can't view the link, but I don't think either is very commonly used.

Wigeon Mon 12-Dec-11 21:17:27

I have a Cleo (born this year) 452nd on the 2010 list, with 92 others that year. I think it suits her.

I also have an Eva born in 2008, when that was the 41st most popular name with 1,505 others. At the time we thought it was more uncommon - in my circle of friends there is now an Evie, Ava and an Eve.

milamum Mon 12-Dec-11 21:19:30

I've got an 8 months old daughter called Milena, we call her Mila for short. It's no. 531 on the list. We wanted a name that was unusual, of Slavic origin (as both my DH and I are Russian) but also quite international and I think it fits the bill well and is also very pretty - even if I say so myself! smile

LaFilleSurLePont Mon 12-Dec-11 21:19:45

Julian perhaps. Nigel definitely not.


rhetorician Mon 12-Dec-11 21:31:08

fishpond CTRL + F and then type the name you are looking for. I like Malachi too corky but my elderly (and almost toothless and very nosy) neighbour is called Malachi so it would seem too weird; plus I don't have a boy!

SecretSanta233 Mon 12-Dec-11 21:34:46

Can't find any of mine!! Although I'm sure dd must be somewhere.....

stuffedauberginexmasdinner Mon 12-Dec-11 21:39:04

Milena? Oh no, have you googled Melena? Not good.

JinglePosyPerkin Mon 12-Dec-11 21:39:30

Rhetorician I went to school with an Anastasia - she was always called Stacey.

emsyj Mon 12-Dec-11 21:44:19

DD is Ruth, which seems to be at once well-known but uncommon/unpopular. My godson is a Peter, which I agree is unpopular these days but a lovely name.

I would have liked to call DD Cressida but it doesn't 'go' with our surname. The other choice was Lucy, which is top 10! Still love the name Lucy... <wistful>

NotTheBlinkingGruffaloAgain Mon 12-Dec-11 21:46:02

xanther I love this name

JinglePosyPerkin Mon 12-Dec-11 21:50:11

DS1's name is top 5 (although it was no where near when he was born). DS2 was 176 last year & DD 16th.

Clawdy - Asher's a nice name. Jesse sounds too feminine for me (presuming he is a boy?).

Llamedos Mon 12-Dec-11 22:02:40

I knew a Conrad, he'd be about 35 now.

I liked the name Morna but dh vetoed.

mammanetta Mon 12-Dec-11 22:05:03

grin zumm re: asher and ashling!
I know what you mean - DH is German, and I am half Greek and half Italian (British-born) so bit of a nightmare finding a name which works in all languages, is easy to spell and impossible to mispronounce.
Love some of the old-fashioned names having a revival:

Matilda (though Matilde in Italian and Mathilde in German argh)

Funny how so may names I don't massively like can sound so much better when said with a French or Italian twist!

SESthebrave Mon 12-Dec-11 22:07:02

DS is Owen which is 59 in the table. Still really love it 2.6yo on smile

Am pg with DC2 and if a boy, I think we've agreed on Peter. Can't believe it's not in the top 100 (unless I've missed it!)

No definite name for a girl but shortlisted are Esther, Naomi and Anna. I think Anna seems to be the only one in the top 100 and that surprisingly is only at 63!

bilblio Mon 12-Dec-11 22:30:55

DD is a Bryher. 2843rd on the list in 2010, twice as popular as the year she was born shock there were 4 of them then. grin

As I'm outing myself completely I may as well say I'm Celeste and I've only ever met one other.

DS is far more common at 114th on the list. He has an old man name. DH is in the 200's yet there were 4 lads in my class at school with his name, it's obviously very out of favour now.

MrsNtobe Tue 13-Dec-11 01:42:15


tammytoby Tue 13-Dec-11 07:02:38

Ava is unpopular ? Seems to be THE most commonly name round here......

mumzy Tue 13-Dec-11 09:09:11

Shakespearian names: Rosamund, Ophelia, Hamlet, Benedict, Miranda, Emilia, Perdita, Malvolio, Osric, Viola

milamum Tue 13-Dec-11 09:50:30

stuffedauberginexmasdinner, yep, I knew and it's good job DD's name is NOT melena, it's Milena which means gracious. I was aware of melena - the medical term for bloody stools, originating from Latin melena (originally Greek melaina/melania), which means black/blackness. To me, these are two different words, different pronunciations, spelling and meaning and actually the name Melanie is derived from Greek "melania". I don't think many people know of the medical term melena or would make the link. There are lots of names that have actual weird meanings - Addison (endocrine disorder), Kennedy (ugly, misshapen head), John (toilet), Dick (... need I say more? smile) Sorry, didn't mean this to turn into a history of language lesson!! grin

milamum Tue 13-Dec-11 10:00:37

meant to add that I actually like Addison and Kennedy a lot....think they deserve to be used more often....

Beans36 Tue 13-Dec-11 10:15:15

DDs Isabella and Prudence. Streets apart on the popularity charts!!

we are not in UK but here my children have fairly unusual names without being unheard of. My ds is Isaac which we know of maybe 2 or 3 in a school of 500. DD is Clare and I have yet to find another young child with this name.

HamblesHandbag Tue 13-Dec-11 10:38:07


Anne (not Anna!)


(basically my whole class circa 1981 smile)

I have a Rowan, haven't met any others yet (although there are millions of Ronans and a couple of Rohans)

Middle child is an Elijah, which I thought was unusual, but we met one or two living in London. It's very unusual in Ireland though.

DD has a bog standard Irish name, one of 3 in the school.

nizlopi Tue 13-Dec-11 10:48:44

I have a Rory, which I think isn't on the top 150, but I like it a lot smile

FourThousandHoles Tue 13-Dec-11 10:59:05


LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Tue 13-Dec-11 11:13:58

Hazel is one of my faves, my favourite aunt. Used it as a middle name.

SecretSanta233 Tue 13-Dec-11 11:28:17

I know a few rowans...

mulledfishandfrostedlilacs Tue 13-Dec-11 11:38:27

My daughter is Isla which when we named her was unusual but I know a fair few of them now.

My son will be called Jago-I have never met another.

WentworthMillerMad Tue 13-Dec-11 11:43:25

I have a Ramsay - not that many around! Also a Matilda - no others in our school at least!!
LOVE the name Julian. Bridgette is VERY cool and LOVE Marnie.
Jesse is a great name. I know a baby Vincent - superb choice! Love this thread!

mopsyflopsy Tue 13-Dec-11 12:00:39

Some lovely names on this thread.

We have an Anna (quite popular) and a Quentin (less popular but seems to have been mentioned a few times above).

Love Vincent, Eloisa, Iris and Conrad as mentioned above.

othersideofchannel Tue 13-Dec-11 12:26:33

I met a baby David last month - that is quite unusual these days.

Lancelottie Tue 13-Dec-11 12:30:52

Hambles: at the last count our school, scouts and village had all of the following:


... plus Julia, Michael, Jennifer, Stephen, John, Emma, Mark, Gemma and Jason. Have often suspected we were stuck in a 1970s/80s timewarp.

GnomeDePlume Tue 13-Dec-11 12:37:53

DS's name wasnt even on the list last year (DS was born in 1998).

MirrorballMoon Tue 13-Dec-11 12:43:48

We have a Billie (girl). Yet to meet another.

stegasaurus Tue 13-Dec-11 12:57:37

DD's name isn't on the ONS list. It is an unusual Welsh name, and I have never met anyone else with her name. However, it was a hard final decision between it and Emily which is one of the most popular girls' name of the year.

WinkyWinkola Tue 13-Dec-11 13:11:39

I love Atticus and Rudyard for a boy.

Tabitha and Clementine for a girl.

LAF77 Tue 13-Dec-11 13:16:06

bilblio I love the name Celeste. If I was having a little girl, it would be at the top of my list, but it seems like I'm having a little boy!

WinterSleeps Tue 13-Dec-11 13:22:45

My brother and his wife called their DS2 'Peter' in 2009. People actually grimaced, as I did, but it has grown on me, because it is really QUITE unusual, nowadays. My SIL's family refuse to call him 'Peter' though, and call him 'P-J' as his middle name is Joshua. I think that annoys DB and DSIL.

WinterSleeps Tue 13-Dec-11 13:26:43

SIL is a good sport actually, and I recall when she told people their baby was 'Peter' and people made faces she started then saying 'we-are-calling-him-Peter-as-we-are-ahead-of-the-trend'.

I have heard of a couple more since then.

Chandon Tue 13-Dec-11 13:27:50

I wanted to name my girl Valentina. shock I LOVE it, and I know everybody else hates it. To me it is a name that evokes strength and courage (it means " brave one" I guess).

Lucky I only had boys!!!

Valentina....I might have called her Lenti for NN


stuffedauberginexmasdinner Tue 13-Dec-11 13:39:31

milamum- where I am we pronounce melena and milena identically. and I would say the same to someone who called their dc John or Dick

othersideofchannel Tue 13-Dec-11 14:04:15

I too love Valentina! I know a 6 year old one (German).

stuffedaubergine, I think Mila's mum has already named her dd Milena so what is the point of labouring the point about how it reminds you of Melena...hmm.

CheerfulYank Tue 13-Dec-11 14:38:47

I think Milena/Mila is beautiful. I do know a little Melaina as well; they call her Lainey.

Asher is skyrocketing here in the States.

PrincessOfWails Tue 13-Dec-11 14:54:42

DS2's name is not on the list, and hasn't been for the past 4 years (and probably not since the 1940s!). It's Welsh though.

MrsOzz Tue 13-Dec-11 15:19:08

I've known a now 22 year old Charlton her entire life and have never ever met another.

I also know a two month old January, which I kinda like!

SESthebrave Tue 13-Dec-11 15:24:12

Wintersleeps - why did people grimace at Peter? Did they just not like it or am I missing something?

CheerfulYank Tue 13-Dec-11 15:24:21

I used to love it, but really don't like January Jones.

norriscoleforpm Tue 13-Dec-11 15:34:02

my eldest dd is Maisie, at the time of her birth (late 80's) the only other one around was Julie Walters dd, and now it's number 14! We told her she was a trendsetter grin

PrincessScrumpy Tue 13-Dec-11 15:40:06

we have a Kitty - keep meeting other Kittys since her birth! Haven't met any girls called Heidi so dd2 is unusual.

WinterSleeps Tue 13-Dec-11 15:49:43

SES, yes that is all- people just did not like it, and thought it was old fashioned.

I think it is quite classic now, and think it suits all ages. It is cute for a baby, cute for a little boy and nice for a man.

WinterSleeps Tue 13-Dec-11 15:51:31

And it is quite 'unpopular'.

DSIL said; 'he will be the only one in his class'.

I think Peter and also names like John are on the next popularity wave....

Annakin31 Tue 13-Dec-11 16:01:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SESthebrave Tue 13-Dec-11 16:15:54

Wintersleeps - phew! (we're pretty sure that will be DC2's name if a boy!)

Out of the others recently mentioned I live Catriona and Heidi. Really Luke Michael too but not so keen on Mick, Mike or Mikey as NN.

DJAngel Tue 13-Dec-11 16:45:17

We have an Arlo born in 2004 which was unusual then.. a few Woody Guthrie fans were familiar with it but since then there have been a few I've come across locally.. I like to think we started a trend but it wasn't us it was Natasha Kaplinsky ( and the comedian Lee Mack has an Arlo too..).. DD is Stevie (2006 ) and it is unusual although we do know a teenager called Stevie.. and she loves it.. but it's often assumed she's a boy when people see it written down.. I read once that unusual names mean that people are remembered and it gives them a bit of a headstart in life.. so that was the plan .. and we just wanted to be a bit different too I guess..

TheLaminator Tue 13-Dec-11 16:55:37

We have two boys, Otis & Tollo.
Otis not that common & Tollo, which is possibly made up!! a spanish nick name for Bartholomew.

ellerman Tue 13-Dec-11 17:43:27

I know a friend Cambria, I have always loved her and her name (even though it is similar to a geological time period). I wasn't brave enough to use it with my daughters. Also like Kasumi (Japanese), and Narita but thats the name of an airport.

SantasBumCheeks Tue 13-Dec-11 17:44:18

DH is a PJ! We have Deacon and Aeryn here.

kerala Tue 13-Dec-11 19:24:56

I love the really simple but underused ones. Peter is adorable also love Mary which would stand out amongest all the Amelies and Rubys.

BonnienAlesha Tue 13-Dec-11 19:28:28

Loving both of those names....Jesse and Asher!!!!! gonna write those down for babies 2 and 3 I think smile

TeamSledward Tue 13-Dec-11 19:31:43

DS1 was going to be Asher, but we chose a family name as a first name and gave him Asher as a middle name.

ilovesprouts Tue 13-Dec-11 20:13:28

my grandsons called oakley-noah ,my son is called kenzie we like them thats all that matters grin

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Tue 13-Dec-11 20:18:18

My kids are 259 and 1040 pn the list - not popular then!

two4one Tue 13-Dec-11 20:27:43

Stuffedaubergine - what would you say to someone who called their dc John or Dick? I didn't quite follow that...

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Tue 13-Dec-11 20:30:10

Forgot to say, I have a Brogan & a Bethan.

Redrubyblues Tue 13-Dec-11 21:04:25

I know a little girl called India Grace and also a girl called Brodie and another called Ivy.

Ivy is just gorgeous with blonde natural ringlets and dark brown eyes - I didn't like the name until I met her - I thought of Ivy Tisley (sic) from Coronation Street.

They all suit their names totally!

FizzyMoonDust Tue 13-Dec-11 21:12:15

We have a Heidi.

Oubliette0292 Tue 13-Dec-11 21:43:01

I know girls called Xanthe, Hebe, Olympia, Cleona, Athena and Ixia.

Not so many unusual boys names - I know one called Phineas and another called Dennis.

I have Helena and Wilfred - haven't met any other children with the same names yet.

CBear6 Tue 13-Dec-11 21:49:23

I love the names Brogan and Ivy, quite keen on Heidi too.

If DD was a boy she was going to be Alexander and if DS was a girl he was going to be Elissa. DH likes Victor but with out surname would form an unfortunate acronym so that has been ruled out forever, he quite fancies Iris if we have another girl next time round (we have a 12wo and we're already discussing "next time", gluttons for punishment, that's us). As it a future daughter will likely be Iris or Kitty and a future son will be Samuel or Sebastian.

DS is 128th but his middle names are 433rd and 2941st. DDs name is in the top ten but isn't that popular where I live, I've only met one other here and there are no children with the same name at baby club/toddler group/weight clinic - loads of people comment about it being unusual <shrug> popularity seems to be a regional thing so top ten doesn't necessarily mean a school full of children with the same name. Her middle names are 3533rd and 21st respectively.

DartsAgain Tue 13-Dec-11 22:11:54

What about Tiffany? Although I can see the association with Eastenders might not endear it to people.

DCs are Harriet and James (aka Jamie). In DD's form at school there are 2 Harriets, 2 Megans and 2 Laurens, plus 2 Bens for good measure.....

dizzyday07 Tue 13-Dec-11 22:19:45

My DS is Philip (with the middle name Niven after my Scottish father).
My DD is Heather (with the middle name of Evelyn).

Neither name is "unusual" but they are still not commonly used

sneezecakesmum Tue 13-Dec-11 22:30:27

Bede !

FellatioNelson Wed 14-Dec-11 03:21:58

I can't stand the name Philip, even on middle aged men! It's one of the few names I really acitvely dislkike. Irrational, I know, Sorry. blush

Heidi is really pretty - I can see that having a big resurgence soon.

FellatioNelson Wed 14-Dec-11 03:23:04

Oh, and Heather is absolutely beautiful. (phew - redeemed myself for dizzy smile)

FellatioNelson Wed 14-Dec-11 03:54:02

Oh dear I do apologise - I am on also another thread called 'names you hate' and I posted on this one saying I hated Philip by mistake. I go tthe threads muddle up. I wouldn't usually just annonce that I hate your child's name for the sake of it. confused Sorry. blush

olliesmummy234 Wed 14-Dec-11 09:11:49

My cousin's boys are Reuben and Quentin, both are quite rare round here.

But as others have said above, names that are not widely used are by definition not 'loved' by the majority - that's why they're not that popular. I guess the question is whether we should even expect our names (and our children's) to be loved by everyone?

RuthChan Wed 14-Dec-11 09:26:19

My DS is called Haruki.
It's a Japanese name because DH is Japanese.
It's unusual and some people find it difficult to remember/spell in the beginning, but they soon get used to it.
I love it and am so pleased to have named him that.

alexpolismum Wed 14-Dec-11 10:12:15

dizzyday - My ds2 is also Philip! I was beginning to think I was the only one who liked it! [sticks tongue out at FellatioNelson]

I also have an Ariadne

What does it matter if other people don't like the names? WE like them!

olliesmummy234 Wed 14-Dec-11 10:58:36

Exactly, alexpolis. We don't expect everyone else to like the same food as us or the same fashion, do we?

I think there is an unrealistic assumption on these boards that everyone else has to love our names. And how dull would life be if we DID all love and use the same few names? Would kind of defeat the purpost of a name (to identify someone), wouldn't it?

EveryDayImShuffling Wed 14-Dec-11 11:18:26

I have a Molly, not that unusual, fairly standard. But when I 1st returned to work after having her some one said to me 'molly, really, what was she born wearing a twinset and pearls' !! I was shocked, i don't think of it as a granny name.

She's now at school, we have a Cosmo and Esme, both gorgeous names ad a little unusual.

gingerwench Wed 14-Dec-11 11:20:05

Nice to see so many people like Peter! smile
Our DD is Alice.
Both could be considered boring classic yet not that popular common.

olliesmummy234 Wed 14-Dec-11 11:21:13

Personally I don't like Peter at all and particularly dislike Pete. But I like Alice very much smile. Does it really matter that we all love each others' names?

ilovesprouts Wed 14-Dec-11 11:31:07

ds1 middle name is peter after my dad

FellatioNelson Wed 14-Dec-11 12:03:23

I don't like Peter either. grin

Actually my problem with Peter is that both my uncles are called it, so for me it is very much an uncool middle aged bloke's name, and I dislike names that so many people will pronounce wrongly or in an ugly sounding way because of a naff accent. I'd hate it if my son was Peter and everyone dropped the T in the middle, or had really bad saarf Lahdnon/Estuary vowels, so it sounded like Pater.

All the name sof my children have been picked with how they might get pronounced in mind.

tummytickler Wed 14-Dec-11 12:07:25

I love Peter. It is ds' middle name, after my best pal who dies when we were 22. Dh and I often wish we didn't use it as a mn, as I would love to use it as a first name now.

Shuffling I love Cosmo. Ds was called Cosmo when he was a bump! (He is not named Cosmo though)

gingerwench Wed 14-Dec-11 13:26:51

Sorry didn't mean to make it into a "do you like Peter or not" thread!

We are individuals with individual tastes. It took me a while to really like what I viewed as a compromise name (the first 6 months of his life). I think the personality of the child takes over whatever the name is and the word that is the name almost becomes irrelevant. When choosing a name it is all so abstract and unconnected to the human being in question.

nickinoonah Wed 14-Dec-11 14:07:50

I still remember my Grandad's comment when I was expecting my DS, it really made me laugh..
"The more creative the name, the more creative the beating!"

Someone I know called their DS 'Spike' and their surname is 'Power' I have to say that I think this is THE coolest name ever and he is destined to be a great rock or film star!

FellatioNelson Wed 14-Dec-11 14:37:46

I remember about 30 years ago hearing of a baby being name McLean Kilby and I remember thinking the same about him!

DidYouSmashHerShireHorses Wed 14-Dec-11 15:10:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

olliesmummy234 Wed 14-Dec-11 15:13:07

But you can still name your dd Gloria without everyone else following you, can't you? If you love it, why not?

Megatron Wed 14-Dec-11 16:01:55

I have a Marielle, which I love.

NeedlesCuties Wed 14-Dec-11 16:45:36

ShireHorses I also love the name Gloria, but DH not so keen...

Yahboosnubs Wed 14-Dec-11 21:21:55

I am outing myself here, and I haven't read the whole thread so apologies if they have been mentioned already, but I have an Isaac (born 2009, pretty popular, I think) and a Zelda, born this year, pretty unusual, I think. I hope!

NotTheBlinkingGruffaloAgain Wed 14-Dec-11 22:07:10

nickinoonah I know a little boy called Spike I wonder if it's the same one. There really can't be more than one can there?!!

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