What names are considered Chavvy?

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Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 20:04:03

Im only asking because my dd is a Jessica after her great auntie and someone said it was a chavvy name lol, she was going to be an Isobella before we were asked to do the family name thing.

DoubleBluff Sun 16-Nov-08 20:07:03

bring on the popcorn

Jessica is definitely NOT chavvy.

PottyCock Sun 16-Nov-08 20:08:09

<braces herself for yet another bunfight>

gegs73 Sun 16-Nov-08 20:10:41

Jessica is not chavvy at all!!

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 20:11:03

No no dont start a fight! I just genuinely wondered if Jessica was a chavvy name because we are definatley not chavs lol! not asking for a list of other names, worded my title wrong!

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 20:13:14

Its just dd goes to a poshish state school and will hopefully go to a very post secondary private and didnt want her to be called a chav because of her name! I had considered giving her a middle name she could use when older if you had all posted and said it was chavvy!

RachieB Sun 16-Nov-08 20:31:24

From reading threads on here ....

"made up" names or different spellings of names eg Jorja for Georgia ,Kloe for Chloe etc
Mercedes,Chanel etc
named after "popstars" Britney etc

all = chavtastic

Jessica is lovely and def not at all chavvy !

Lockets Sun 16-Nov-08 20:33:10

Message withdrawn

monkeymonkeymonkey Sun 16-Nov-08 20:33:41

I dont think Jessica is chavvy.

RachieB Sun 16-Nov-08 20:34:45

when obviously named after the car, and trying to be "posh" and not at all spanish ;)

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 20:37:02

ooh so she was being an idiot then?! I know its pathetic but she did make me worried because she basically said dd would have a hell of a time at private secondary with and I quote "a chav name like that" shock

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 20:38:24

I know someone called Mercedes Morphius grin

RubyT61 Sun 16-Nov-08 20:53:32

excuse me............Jorja - chavvyy? but I dress her exclusively in Boden shock
And I thought my first post would be about something important like breastfeeding or maternity rights grin

scorpio1 Sun 16-Nov-08 20:54:16

Jessica is not 'chavvy' at all.

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 20:58:59

Ruby is Jorja said the same as Georgia?

shootfromthehip Sun 16-Nov-08 21:00:26

I was on a thread earlier where someone said that they thought the name Eloise was chavvy. I was shock. I understand the chavvy thing to a degree- am a teacher so have encountered many 'chavvy' or 'neddy' names but wouldn't have thought Jessica was a chav's name eitherhmm

Hulababy Sun 16-Nov-08 21:01:11

Jessica def not chavvy

RubyT61 Sun 16-Nov-08 21:02:25

yes it is watch.

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 21:03:17

thankyou!, am happy now, can tell her mumsnet think shes talking rubbish grin

ravenAK Sun 16-Nov-08 21:03:23

Jessica wouldn't strike me as chavvy. A bit over-popular & dull to be brutally honest, but not chavvy.

Nor would Eloise - for me, it's the cover by the Damned - I know two sets of punk/gothy parents with little Eloises grin

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 21:05:01

ahh Ruby, Ive seen it on a list of class names on the wall on dds classroom and always wondered as dd pronounces it wrong because of her speech..

Plonker Sun 16-Nov-08 21:07:00

I have my own idea of what names would be considered chavvy ...but i'm not sharing them wink

Jessica is NOT chavvy! At all!

Watchtheworldcomealivetonight Sun 16-Nov-08 21:08:40

I know its overpopular now Raven and given th chance again I wouldnt have chosen it. But in all fairness we knew no one called Jessica when it was suggested to us and there is still no one in dds school who is a Jessica so must just be our area lol. Suppose 5 is too late to change her name though grin

llareggub Sun 16-Nov-08 21:09:17

You should channel the Mitford girls and call Jessica Decca instead.

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