Please help with a boys name to go with Theo

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Missingcaffeine Fri 24-Jun-16 20:44:46

My list of names is quite long at the moment so I need to narrow it down! I'm also open to other names that are not on the list! Thanks smile


BoboBunnyH0p Fri 24-Jun-16 21:22:54

I like Thomas, Arlo and Rufus from your list. I prefer Lucien over Luka. George and Elliot are imo too popular at the moment. I know two Dylans and they are both naughty boys so that puts me off that name.
I suggest Matthew, Ezekiel and Henry.

1horatio Fri 24-Jun-16 21:28:06

Maybe Victor, Alexander, David or Severin?
I really like Thomas, Charles, George and Milo. And Henry, I agree with Bunny.

Daisydukes79 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:33:51


scoobysu Fri 24-Jun-16 21:54:32

Love the name Theo.

I think Charlie, Henry or Hugo would be nice sibling names.

JakeyB Sun 26-Jun-16 14:32:58

The only Theo I know has a brother called Nathan. Probably not helpful...

cecilelliott Sun 26-Jun-16 15:01:24

As previous OP said please no more Tobys! Also don't really like Toby and Theo together.
Rufus is a fab suggestion, or maybe Robin?

Theo and Robin-fab

I know lots of Theos
They are Theo and Tom
Theo and Peter
Theo and Ben
Theo and Felix

Good luck whatever you decide!

Coconutty Sun 26-Jun-16 15:02:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SallyDapp Sun 26-Jun-16 15:06:08

My son is called Tobias, his son is Theodore. My grandfather was Thomas Theodore Redvers. But beware of matching initials, it can get complicated when the boys grow up and start getting mail!

BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 26-Jun-16 15:08:23

Oscar was my first thought before I read your OP. Love it, apparently it's very popular but I don't know any little ones. Also love Luca & Milo from your list.

cosmicglittergirl Sun 26-Jun-16 15:15:05

Rufus or Oscar

Emmaroos Sun 26-Jun-16 15:16:19

Love Milo and Hugo (I have a Hugo) but two 'o' names are a bit rhyme-y perhaps? Luca (I prefer with a c) and Oscar are my two favourites from the list. I also like Jacob, Dexter, Sacha and Zach.

dementedma Sun 26-Jun-16 15:18:07

I like Toby. Milo and Hugo are a bit naff and over used.

user1466690252 Sun 26-Jun-16 15:19:57

Otis is awful. I love reggie and Thomas (Tommy?) . They go lovely with Theo
I love love love otto!

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 26-Jun-16 15:23:59

I have Henry and if our second was a boy we would choose Theo

dontpokethebear Sun 26-Jun-16 15:25:12

We have a Joseph and Theo (Theodore), had dc3 been another boy we would probably have gone with Ezra.

I think Felix goes well, but as pp said I would avoid names ending in 'o'. Although I love Arlo!

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