Nola or Tabitha

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bewellnell Sat 05-Apr-14 02:44:40

I've already written a thread on changing my bub's name.
Just want a poll on which is preferred by the Mumsnet which would you go with,

Tabitha or Nola?

cheekyfunkymonkey Sat 05-Apr-14 02:51:27

Nola, definitely. It's cool and quirky and unusual. Tabitha just makes me think Beatrix Potter.

bewellnell Sat 05-Apr-14 02:56:48

IRL Nola gets a very 'meh' reaction, every time. No one seems to like it! Also people think I mean Lola, and say they have never heard of Nola before etc etc

DaleyBum Sat 05-Apr-14 03:16:36

Tabitha. Lovely name smile

mathanxiety Sat 05-Apr-14 04:18:31

I'd go for Nola. It has a bit of style to it.

SimplySara Sat 05-Apr-14 04:26:39

Nola is nice. Sounds a bit like Lola but a bit tamer (that could be a good or a bad thing depending on your outlook).

I'm not a fan of Tabitha but really like Talitha which means "little girl".

wigglesrock Sat 05-Apr-14 07:26:51

Nola without hesitation. I know a 7 year old one & its lovely when you hear it said out loud. I don't think Tabitha is as nice.

ItsSpringBaby Sat 05-Apr-14 07:28:34

I think I prefer Nola to Tabitha.

Eastpoint Sat 05-Apr-14 07:33:21


I like Tabitha best. :-) Nola is pretty too though.

SS3J Sat 05-Apr-14 10:09:31

I prefer Nola. Never heard it before but imo that is a good thing. It's pretty.

AlpacaYourThings Sat 05-Apr-14 10:11:22

Tabitha. smile

Timetoask Sat 05-Apr-14 10:13:44

Nola, much nicer original. I don't really like Tabitha

OwlCapone Sat 05-Apr-14 10:16:06


But really, it doesn't matter what we think. Both are perfectly good names.

moobaloo Sat 05-Apr-14 10:18:35

Tabitha is my fave smile

LatinForTelly Sat 05-Apr-14 10:19:21

I like Tabitha.

I saw your earlier thread and just adored Nola. Never come across it before and I think it is lovely. It reminds me of Nula and Nova which are also fab names.

Tabitha is perfectly fine but I much prefer Nola.

I understand your feelings on name regrets. I love my dd's name but it is so hard. There were lots of names I loved, I would have to have 10 daughters to use them all.

I do remind myself that a name is just a name - I don't give my own name any thought at all, it's just what people say to get my attention! (Still totally addicted to baby names thread though!)

Good luck.

Nola is lovely.

Do you think if you change it, you might end up regretting it? You don't sound certain enough.

I prefer Nola

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 05-Apr-14 10:36:43


BrunoBrookesDinedAlone Sat 05-Apr-14 10:55:59

Tabitha, as said on your other thread. Nola - same sound as Sheila. Grim.

FlipFantasia Sat 05-Apr-14 11:44:45

Love Nola. I know a Finola who goes by Nola and she's cool. I think it's cooler than Orla (though I love that too).

Tabitha is fine but reminds me of a witch, or cat or cigarettes. Eg shortening to Tabby (here kitty kitty kitty) or Tabs (tabs being slang for cigs - reminds me of my chain smoking uncle!).

Anjou Sat 05-Apr-14 11:50:17

Tabitha. Definitely.

I too saw your other thread. flowers it's tough to have name regrets. I didn't read all the posts on it though. Have you tried calling/referring to DD Tabitha for a few days to see how it feels?

Rtfairy Sat 05-Apr-14 13:09:59

Nola is beautiful and I haven't heard it before. Tabitha is ok.

Tea1Sugar Sat 05-Apr-14 15:37:18

Nola by a mile.

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