Long,decadent,unusual middle name for Flora...

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UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 14-Oct-13 19:43:19

Give me some of your favourite long middle names please,something special,maybe a guilty pleasure that you'd not dare use grin

After my battles with boys names I just want to enjoy forming a really brilliant girls name,
We seem to have settled on Flora,it seems 'right' somehow.


UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 14-Oct-13 20:00:48

Flora Calliope

Flora Persephone

Flora Clementine

Flora Demelza

Are all going on the list!

Keep them coming please,I'd really love to fall 'In-Love-At-First-Sight' with a combination...

BigKidsMadeMeDoIt Mon 14-Oct-13 20:02:23


and I was at uni with a Loveday

Leo35 Mon 14-Oct-13 20:02:38

Dorothea. I love it - but will never get the chance to use it. Not as flowery as some of the other suggestions, which are fab!

AlfalfaMum Mon 14-Oct-13 20:03:05


Rhubarbgarden Mon 14-Oct-13 20:03:07


Squiffyagain Mon 14-Oct-13 20:03:28

If i were being that luxuriant I would go for three names - Flora Antigone Pandora.

She can then have nicknames of Dora, Tiggy, Tigger and Flo

moreyear Mon 14-Oct-13 20:04:04


AlfalfaMum Mon 14-Oct-13 20:04:11


Nessalina Mon 14-Oct-13 20:04:46

Serendipity smile

MortifiedAdams Mon 14-Oct-13 20:04:50

Rapunzel grin

BetteDavis01 Mon 14-Oct-13 20:06:11


Rhubarbgarden Mon 14-Oct-13 20:07:39


MissPlumBroughtALadder Mon 14-Oct-13 20:07:53


MissPlumBroughtALadder Mon 14-Oct-13 20:08:20


AlfalfaMum Mon 14-Oct-13 20:08:22

Have we had Jocasta?

LauraChant Mon 14-Oct-13 20:08:26


UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 14-Oct-13 20:09:46


Flora Jessamine...that's beautiful...

LineRunner Mon 14-Oct-13 20:09:56


AlfalfaMum Mon 14-Oct-13 20:09:58

Perdita (I'm enjoying this!)

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Mon 14-Oct-13 20:11:52

Good Alfalfa grin so am I!

ScrambledSmegs Mon 14-Oct-13 20:14:41

Celestine (I think I just made that up)

Calypso. Not that long but awesome

On a tangent, does anyone else think Cymbeline would be a lovely name for a girl, despite the play being a) about a man and b) the story being horrific?

BodyUnknown Mon 14-Oct-13 20:14:54

Love Flora Perdita and Flora Vivienne... I wish I'd thought of either of those three years ago..

RiaOverTheRainbow Mon 14-Oct-13 20:14:59


FishfingersAreOK Mon 14-Oct-13 20:15:27

Just do not give her Flora "A" without adding something else - to avoid the potentially awkward initials grin

ScrambledSmegs Mon 14-Oct-13 20:15:52

Ooh, Vivienne! Nice. Also Genevieve.

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