Nicknames for Gabriel that aren't "Gabe"!

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Sparklies Fri 13-May-11 15:45:46

Further to my post yesterday:

Thank you very much everyone for your ideas! I actually added up the "definite Raphael"s and "definite Gabriel"s just as a matter of interest (the online equivalent of tossing a coin maybe) and it was 8 - 8 each. Argh!!

Anyway, given I do like Gabriel, I just have a problem with the nickname "Gabe" - so I said to DH if we can come up with a better nickname, we'll go with Gabriel Flynn.

Obviously when he's older we have a lot less control over who calls him what, but if he has an established nickname when he's younger maybe it'll make the difference. And besides, I don't have to call him "Gabe" unless he demands it of me and if that's the case I'll deal with it as it'll be his wish.

So what other nicknames are there/could we get away with? Somebody suggested Gabe pronounced "Gay-bee" which isn't too bad, but I wondered how realistically we could get away with say "Eli" (and if so, how would it be pronounced?) Would "El-lee" sound too feminine? Or indeed any other variants?

Thanks!! Almost there grin - you've all been great!!

moomaa Fri 13-May-11 15:56:28

I don't think El-lee sounds too feminine personally but think people will assume he is called Elliot, especially as that is a popular name at the moment. Elliot is quite a nice name, could that be a possiblity?

Flynn is a nice name too.

I've been trying to think of a nice way to say this but I can't, very recently I heard people laughing about a boy called Gabriel because of his name, I wouldn't pick it for that reason personally. I think you'd need to be a particular character to carry off that name and you can't make assumptions about their personality.

There are plenty of Raphaels around here and I don't think it has teh same issues.

wheniwishuponastar Fri 13-May-11 16:03:39

i know a gabriel - no one calls him by a nickname - and i would say yes, he is a very particular type of personality (i couldn't imagine him being called anything else). his mum is a well respected artist.

EdithWeston Fri 13-May-11 16:06:29

You seem to be saying "Eli" as "Ellie" which really is a predominantly girls' name (and in common use). And it isn't very like Gabriel, is it? Gay is also a girls' name.

I think Raphael is the nicer name anyhow IMHO.

Likesshinythings Fri 13-May-11 16:07:47

I am the proud owner of a Gabriel. His best friend at nursery nicknamed him Gaby Baby and that has stuck!
fwiw we always get really positive comments when people ask his name.

midnightexpress Fri 13-May-11 16:08:57

I suppose the obvious problem with Gabriel is the possibility of the NN 'Gay' (which had never struck me until someone on MN mentioned it). In fact, in some places, I think it's quite a common NN and (afaik) used to be quite acceptable.

I adore the name Gabriel and also Raphael, btw, but apart from Gabe, I can't really see many NN options. I like Gabe too.

Sparklies Fri 13-May-11 16:11:10

I really like Elliot - it was on my shortlist, but DH wasn't as big a fan unfortunately.

I agree with you about the name to a certain extent, but I think he could probably pull it off. I do like Raphael but there are a lot of assumptions that he'd be of Mediterranean origin - whereas he's red haired with blue eyes. And "Gabriel" goes better with his siblings names and with "Flynn" as a middle name.

If we can't come up with a nickname we'd try and enforce "Gabriel" as his name and discourage "Gabe" if we can.

Sparklies Fri 13-May-11 16:13:48

Edith - yep, I was thinking "Ell-lee" was sounding too feminine, but it's closer to the sound in "Gabriel" otherwise I'd go for "Ee-lie" which is too far away from the sound in "Gabriel".

The whole "gay" thing is an issue because I know what children can be like.. especially as he has red hair just to compound it!

EdithWeston Fri 13-May-11 16:15:39

As well as Elliot, there's Elias, Ellis and Elijah. Might DH like one of those?

Hey I know a little Gabriel, And he is known as...wait for it...'Angel' smile His family often called him Angel Gabriel, then that just got shortened to Angel. It suits him though, they are quite a quirky family so he pulls it off really well.
IMO, Gabey or Gabe are cute for nicknames. I also know a teen Rafael, who has always gone by 'Raffy'.

Sparklies Fri 13-May-11 16:30:09

EdithWeston - DH vetoed all of those too! "Ellis" was another one I liked, and I also liked "Elias" too.. ah well! He dislikes most names so the fact here is one he even likes at all is a small miracle..

Angel is a nice name but I don't know if it suits this one or not!

I dunno, maybe "Gabe" (or variants) will grow on me, but for some reason it just reminds me of "Gape" which I don't like as a word! DH thinks I'm silly, but I'm not the one vetoing every boy's name in existence..!

EdithWeston Fri 13-May-11 16:52:02

If he likes archangels, you could try out Uriel and Michael?

Or just murder him and have a free choice?

shouldnotbehere Fri 13-May-11 16:54:53


JoanofArgos Fri 13-May-11 16:56:02

I don't think there are any which don't sound very contrived/affected to be honest.

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 17:20:34

it is possible to just insist on using a full version of the name . we agonised over using bethan because we weren't that keen on beth , people often asked is she Beth for short and my mother when she was younger would try to use it but was firmly told know her name is bethan not beth , so far at 18 she has never been know as beth and if anyone calls her beth they are told firmly i'm bethan never beth . even though we were often asked is she beth we state firmly no she's bethan .if she had ended up as beth at school we would have grown to love it as we love her .

the only other possibility i can think of as a nn for gabriel is to use his initial and call him "G" or Gee or possibily Gable but i'm not sure whether you'd like that

by the way our gabriel is gabriel to everyone outside home , i'm the only one who very occasionally calls him gabe but he prefers gabriel as he at 4 is very quick to tell anyone who does try to shorten it . we also get many positive comments on what a lovely name it is .

Sparklies Fri 13-May-11 17:26:48

Edith - I think you may be right. Murder is probably the only way forward sad

RobinCousins - Heh - we have a "Bethan" as our oldest and she is definitely "Bethan" and not "Beth"! Very good point - we manage it with her, so..

whyme2 Fri 13-May-11 17:30:31

Use Flynn as his nickname/shortened name and keep Gabriel for sunday best.

wheniwishuponastar Fri 13-May-11 17:32:03

G is the only nn i like the sound of so far. Gable is quite nice too - and cute - but not that short.

whyme2 Fri 13-May-11 17:38:17

I second G. It has a nice boyish tone to it.

aswellasyou Fri 13-May-11 17:40:58

Bri (pronounced bree obviously) is another option. But I would just call him Gabriel all the time. My daughter's name could be shortened but I wouldn't chose to unless she wants to.

MsChanandlerBong Fri 13-May-11 18:19:18

I agree - Gabriel is such a lovely name it doesn't need a nickname, but if you really want to shorten it I think G is good (and masculine!).

ShoutyHamster Fri 13-May-11 18:32:43

G is good.

Friend's little boy is Gabey so far - also like.

But, how much do you really dislike Gabe? Because it's one of those names for which there isn't really a very different obvious short form (not like, say, Bella or Izzy for Isabella). So I think the chances are very very high that he might end up as a Gabe regardless...

Very nice name though!

I have a Gabriel and no-one ever shortened his name until I started doing it, then they followed suit, and I think this is quite normal

generally people don't use short versions of names unless they know the parents do it too.
Hence DP has a name that has a very common shortening that no-one has ever called him by because he doesn't like it and has never used it. He was known by his full name until he was at secondary school when he started using a different shortening.

anyway, our Gabriel goes under a variety of names. Gabriel, Gabe, Gabey, Gabes, Gabesy, Wailbriel (when he was little and miserable!) and the classic "Gayboy" which is how ds1 pronounced it when he was born blush

PurveyorOfBaloney Fri 13-May-11 18:41:18

How about Abe or Abey, I think the fit well enough. Abe is pretty cute actually grin

mrsmeadweed Fri 13-May-11 18:51:42

I know a Gabriel, and he is known as Gabs.

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 18:57:54

i'd also wondered about a but purveyor beat me too it although might cause confususion people thinking he's actually abraham

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 19:00:20

if you go for "G" he may end up as whizz which might be quite sweet especially on a little red head

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 19:01:12

sorry meant to say wondered about abe

everlong Fri 13-May-11 19:01:18

We have a gabriel. That's what he's known as. Don't like gabe or gabey. Sometimes dh calls him gp as his nickname is patrick.

everlong Fri 13-May-11 19:02:10

*middle name is patrick

pinkhebe Fri 13-May-11 19:05:40

Call him Gabriel. We have a Jonathan, we will call him this until he decides to change it (can't do anything about that!) He's 11, and is called Jonathan by his friends still. Names are not always shortened.

Face it, if you call him Gabriel he'll be known as Gabe. There are no other nicknames, at least, none that don't sound contrived.

roundthehouses Fri 13-May-11 19:32:46

Biel is the (very common) catalan nn of this name - pronounced Bee-el. Also Gabi though in english this is maybe a bit feminine?

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 20:00:21

does your surname start with a letter which when paired with g could make a nn as in gp etc

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 20:04:44

sorry a bit of a leap but how about glyn mixing gabriel and flynn

sorry i'm a bit nn obsessed as have been trying to find a nn for dd4 that is not bella

Mousesmummy Fri 13-May-11 20:10:32

Everlong our son is also Gabriel Patrick smile

WaftyCrank Fri 13-May-11 20:14:30

I have a Gabriel, he's 8 weeks old and currently Baby Gabey :D He mostly gets Gabriel though but I also quite like Gabe.

I also have a Joseph and whilst he does occasionally get Joe, I only call him Joseph as does his friends and teachers so I think it's possible to get away with just using the full name.

everlong Fri 13-May-11 20:17:51

mouse Cool! We have good taste smile

gwen not necessarily. My ds never gets Gabe/y. Always Gabriel.

Mousesmummy Fri 13-May-11 20:47:17

everlong - I dont actually like Patrick that much but dh loves it so . . . Our Gabriel gets Gabe sometimes from his sisters.
The whole 'gay' thing doesn't overly bother me - I reckon if kids are going to pick on a child they will always find something - I do find it strange though on these threads how many women love it but won't/can't use it because of their husbands?? What's that all about eh?

iph Fri 13-May-11 20:48:30

Our Gabriel is known as just that to most of his friends/teachers at school, at home he is various Gabriel, Gabe, Gabey, Gabey John, Gibril, Gibley, Jib and Buddy grin

I think possibly if you're having to over think it this much it might be best to go with Raphael (also lovely) or Flynn (don't think it's too similar to Catherine at all).

robincousins Fri 13-May-11 21:26:10

mouse like you the "gay" nn as i think probably of all the nns a name could spawn it's the one that being so politically incorrect would have most teachers clamping down on any use of this nn in a derogatory sense iyswim

dottyaboutstripes Fri 13-May-11 22:27:56

I have a Gabriel (6) and he is ALWAYS Gabriel outside of home. I had thought maybe his friends would call him Gabe/ Gabey but no - always Gabriel.

At home, as others have said....Gabe/Gabes/Gabey/Gabs/Gabby/Gabbywabbywoo/BabyGabeyWabey grin

FWIW I didn't like Gabe either when we chose Gabriel (TOP name, which I just adore) but somehow it happened and I like it now!

Sparklies Sat 14-May-11 00:09:26

Thank you very much everyone - especially reassuring to hear from parents of other Gabriels or people that know them. I do think it's a lovely name. I do love Raphael as well, but as mentioned, I think Gabriel probably just works a little better given his red hair.

Plus calling him "Gabriel" means that DD2 (2) won't have to stray too far from her current lovesick call of "Baaayyybeeee!!11!!11!!" as she just has to substitute a G for the B grin

Lots of good ideas for nicknames, although I am hoping I will just get used to "Gabe" if it becomes necessary! Surname begins with "T" so "GT".. sooo tempting to call him G&T! "Mother's little helper"..!

Anyway the registry office has been booked for 24th May so we still have a bit of time to change our minds and come pester you all again blush but hopefully we won't have to.

Thanks again!!

Cloudydays Sat 14-May-11 20:30:55

Sounds like your mind is made up and Gabriel is a really, really lovely name smile

But, though I understand your concern that Raphael conjures images of little olive-skinned, dark-haired boy, I feel compelled to say that a little red haired Raffy (for short) sounds GORGEOUS.

Blu Sat 14-May-11 20:34:48

Just call him Gabriel. The one I know has no nickname, and no-one calls him Gabe.

Was it on your previous thread that I said that in some areas of Scotland the nn for Gabriel is Gibby? I have very warm and lovely memories of my dh's Uncle Gibby - lovely, lovely man. smile

suzikettles Sat 14-May-11 20:45:20

My friend's ds is called Gabsy by family and Gabber by his friends.

sonniebonnie Sat 14-May-11 21:05:15

You seem to prefer Gabriel - I think you should go for it then. Nice choice imo!

Curlygirly Sat 14-May-11 21:39:33

Our Gabriel is called Gabes. Only one person calls him Gabe and his sister always calls him Gabester.

ManicAnnie Sun 15-May-11 09:12:03

Gabriel is a lovely name.

I know two Gabriels.

One is a teenager and his nickname is 'Gee' (to friends) and 'Breels' at home (this is what his little sister called him as a young child).

The other is 6 yrs old and is only ever known as Gabriel.

PilgrimSoul Sat 21-May-11 08:01:30

The nn here, Ireland, would be Gay. Very popular in the 50s, unsurprisingly unheard of since.

KittyBigglesworth Sat 21-May-11 18:35:48

I remember the Gay Byrnes (spelling?) Show used to broadcast in the UK in the nineties. He was an Irish journalist/interviewer.

somewherewest Mon 23-May-11 14:09:53

Yes in Ireland Gabriel is a fairly common name for older men and was traditionally shortened to 'Gay', although this is now dying out for obvious reasons smile The unfortunately name Gay Byrne is indeed a very famous Irish chatshow host.

Sparklies Wed 25-May-11 00:12:36

Thanks again to everyone! We went to the registry office today and he's now officially "Gabriel Flynn ThXXXXXX"..

.. Or "Gabriel" for short grin

Of course if he wants to be known as anything else like "Gabe" or "Gabby" when he's older it's entirely up to him, but in the meantime we won't be encouraging him!

freesias Wed 25-May-11 12:48:05

congratulations lovely name good luck and enjoy your lo

rubybambini Thu 26-May-11 09:58:22

I have a Swedish friend called Gabriel - his is shortened to Gabbe, pronounced Gah-beh.

BabesandJugs Fri 27-May-11 11:47:08

I am also the proud owner of a Gabriel who has just turned 2.

He has a nickname which is nothing like his first name - it was just one of those silly moments as a tiny baby when i called him Gabri-Woo Mr Moo so Mr Moo somehow stuck! And yes when on holiday in Greece when he was 6 months old a lovley German family behind us on the beach were saying 'ahh they call their baby moomoo'

His nn as such is Gabey rather than Gabe!

But in all honesty it is usually Gabriel or Moo ;-)

erchissick Thu 09-May-13 16:44:36

just a thought but why should a nickname be related to a first name anyway? My youngest is named Jack but his nickname at school (to the point that the teacher sometimes uses it too) is Timmy...

Btw, I Love Gabriel as a name.

mrsXsweet Thu 09-May-13 19:16:55

Are his siblings young? If so, their mispronunciations may produce a nickname e.g. 'Abriel... Abe (as in Abraham).

SE13Mummy Sun 12-May-13 20:39:28

Gabriel Flynn is a lovely name!

FWIW, I have had a Gabriel in my class for the past two years (different classes, inner London primary). One is always Gabriel, the other one calls himself Gabby. No-one tried to shorten Gabriel's name and no-one calls Gabby Gabriel!

I also went to school with a Gabriel - he went by Gabs or Gabby.

olivertheoctopus Sun 12-May-13 21:58:40

Right I'm freaked out now, I came on here to post a 'Magnus or Gabriel' thread and there are two threads featuring the names! I really like the nn Gabe though so not sure I have anything useful to add!

Hyperhelpmum Tue 14-May-13 18:03:47

My Gabriel is baby G, GG bear or Gabriel. Some people have called him Gabs which I hate, Gabe is ok. Great choice OP!

JojoMags Tue 14-May-13 20:00:04

Gib? pn g-i-b not jib

Lovely name op. I like the brie and breel breels suggestions up thread.

bootsycollins Wed 15-May-13 09:48:53



The Gabriel I knew at school had chosen Gabi, which is great.

TBH IME you get very little say in nicknames as a parent. If he or his friends choose Gabe, will you regret the choice?

I love all your names btw!

Gabzillla Wed 25-Sep-13 22:04:49

I only signed up for this cuz I wanted to answer ur question on nn for people called Gabriel my name is Gabriel so I throught I would share what people call me. Gabe,gabs. Gabby. Gaybee (just a friend nn). Gab. Gabri (like gab-rie). Gaz(been called gaze before by straner who didn't hear my name right but still sounds good). That's about all I can think of please reply if this helps and btw I'm not a mum let alone a woman I am a male and has not got a girlfriend so no babies.

MrsDibble Wed 25-Sep-13 22:17:06

Not to spoil Gabs for you, but my daughter is called Gabriella and everyone calls her Gabs for short. This came up organically though, as we never planned it as a nn - we planned to call her Ella for short but it never stuck.

G is a good short form for Gabriel I agree.

We did like Gabriel for a boy before we liked the name Gabriella, but we did worry about about the possible nickname "Gay". That shouldn't be a bad thing, but I suppose it is in the playground.

I am also strangely attracted to archangel names, and did laugh at the idea of Uriel!

Cocolikeschocolate Wed 25-Sep-13 22:33:18

How about Brie .... like the cheese ..... its late ... i'm sorry!

MrsDibble Wed 25-Sep-13 22:42:13

Gabri is good - I think that's what they use in Italy.

serin Wed 25-Sep-13 23:18:18

I have a Gabriel, his nickname is nothing related to his name at all, it's more to do with his hobby!

He has never been called Gay but then the people he is at school with are intelligent enough not to use 'gay' as a term of abuse.

serin Wed 25-Sep-13 23:20:10

....and welcome to Gabzilla.

MairzyDoats Wed 25-Sep-13 23:25:55

Our gorgeous Gabriel gets Gabe, Gabey, baby G, and currently answers to Bagel smile

CrispyFB Tue 08-Oct-13 20:45:14

This is the OP smile

I am pregnant with DC4 right now (girl!) and was just browsing the baby names forum (of course) for ideas and was very surprised to see my old thread resurrected a few times including quite recently in fact!

Lovely to see recent comments, thank you all! Quite a few to consider for when he is older I am sure.

For the interested, DD1 started calling him "Gooby" when he was a few weeks old and it stuck. Not the sweetest or classiest nickname ever, but somehow it suits him and by the looks of things it's pretty unique, perhaps unsurprisingly wink. He even thinks he is called "Gooby" (he's 2.5 now!) and refers to himself as such, not Gabriel. I doubt it will follow him into school and beyond but for now, he is "Gooby"!

Totally outed now if anyone I know is reading! fwiw my MIL found this thread when she searched for his name after we'd named him, hence the name change a good few years ago now. So be warned if you post names here even without a surname if your choice is two fairly unusual names.

Bluestocking Tue 08-Oct-13 21:35:06

Gabriel is the best name! My Gabriel announced at the start of Year 3 that he wanted to be Gabe at school - he'd officially been Gabriel up until then although a lot of his friends called him Gabe. DP and I call him Gabriel or Gabe. His nickname is something completely different and unrelated to his name - it dates back to when he was brand new and very cute!

LillyNotOfTheValley Wed 09-Oct-13 00:41:57

All the Gabriels I know go by Gab' (to rhyme with "fab" grin) if that helps?

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