A boys name that works in English and Spanish.

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Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 12:41:59

We are really struggling with this. We live in Spain and both my husband and I are English. I really want a boys name that works in both languages. Girls names are easy, loads work both ways, but boys I am finding really hard!

Our dd is called Isabel Naiomi to give you a clue of names we like.

Help please, I don't know why but I am getting really stressed about it!

Greensleeves Sun 19-Sep-10 12:43:36


isw Sun 19-Sep-10 12:49:06

Daniel, Leo, Lucas, Christan

loopyloops Sun 19-Sep-10 12:49:55

Javier / Xavier

loopyloops Sun 19-Sep-10 12:50:40

Personally I like Hugo Rafael.

sarah293 Sun 19-Sep-10 12:51:49

Message withdrawn

Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 13:15:31

Thanks so much for your quick reponses!

I love loads of the names out of looyloops list and Hugo Rafael, but do you think they sound, or we would sound a pit affected if we used them? Either of us are Spanish

loopyloops Sun 19-Sep-10 13:17:39

Hugo would be ugo, but I think that's fine.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 19-Sep-10 13:24:45

Alex would work, I know a Spanish Alex, his actual name is Alejandro Spanish form of Alexander but he's known as Alex.

Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 13:31:56

I like Hugo, but DH and I are both teachers and have taught to many "interesting" children with the name Hugo over the years!

Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 13:33:15

I have also taught hundreds of Alejandros recently, I think it is the number 1 boys name in Spain at the moment

Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 13:35:24

I want something that sounds the same in English and Spanish, but I don't think it is possible really.
Due to other people close to me using them I don't want to use

seeker Sun 19-Sep-10 13:38:44

My half spanish nephew is Oscar. Bizarrely, I like it when his Spanish family says it, but nit when his English one does. Somehow, "Osk -er" sounds downmbeat and sad to me, while "Osk-ah" sounds happy and positive.

Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 13:44:23

That is so true seeker. DH and I say that all the time with loads of different Spanish names.

A Spanish-Scottish couple we know who are expecting in a few weeks <waves to J if she's reading> are planning on David for a boy. The pronunciation is slightly different across the two languages, but they aren't bothered by that.

If you're planning to stay in Spain long-term I don't think it would sound affected to use a Spanish name (actually, personally I don't think it would sound affected anyway, but I don't see how a Spanish name could sound affected for a family living in Spain, assuming the children are growing up speaking Spanish outside the home).

Chica31 Sun 19-Sep-10 17:27:30

Yes, we are planning on being here long term, we have already lived here for years and both speak Spanish well.

I love the name David, but it is my Dad's name.

Tuschinski Mon 20-Sep-10 13:10:00


Sari Mon 20-Sep-10 13:16:26

Oliver works well. Also shortened.

Chica31 Mon 20-Sep-10 19:19:41

I really like Ruben, great name! On the list now.

Oliver is another great name, but a childhood friend has recently used it and our mums are still very good friends, so no

Meow75 Mon 20-Sep-10 19:22:24

My nephew who is British, but has lived in Lanza since he was 4 months old, and his name is Tomas (I think there is an accent of some description on the "a" but I'm not sure.

He is now nearly 4 yrs old, btw.

Chica31 Mon 20-Sep-10 19:22:39

I wish I had let the doctor tell me the sex of the baby at the scan now. He was just about to say, when I suddenly remembered, I don't want to know. All my friends, who are Spanish, think I am mad! But we didn't know for DD either. The doctors at the hospital think it is some funny old English tradition not to find out.

Please keep more names coming I need more ideas. Thanks every one.

Chica31 Mon 20-Sep-10 19:25:27

Thanks meow I love the name Tomas, but 3 of my friends have a Thomas.

Chica31 Mon 20-Sep-10 19:28:08

DH doesn't like Ruben as our surname begins with a R. Plus we really need to use the name Robert as a middle name at least, DH, his Dad, his Grandad ..... are all called, Robert something but are called by their middle name

Sari Tue 21-Sep-10 11:33:11

William. Everyone will be able to pronounce it even if it's not a Spanish name. I know a William with a Spanish mother and British father.

giddly Tue 21-Sep-10 11:37:40


PutTheKettleOn Tue 21-Sep-10 16:20:48

I used to live in Spain, love Spanish names, but wouldn't have worked for us as we are both English and now live in England. If I could move back to Spain I would call my little boy (if I had one!) Gabriel - love the name, works in English too, but less airy-fairy sounding in Spain so you can get away with it!

Otherwise I was going to suggest David - different pronunciation but same name. Or Ignacio and shorten to Iggy for English relatives?

sebsmama Tue 21-Sep-10 16:59:28

What about Sebastian? I am biased but it would sound great in either language. Ony prob would be that I believe the Spanish version is Sebastien (might be wrong..)

Kiki84 Thu 23-Sep-10 12:25:34


Kathleen123 Thu 23-Sep-10 17:17:58

Love love the name Rafael.

Kathleen123 Thu 23-Sep-10 17:19:23

Oooh Ruben is nice too.

Chica31 Fri 24-Sep-10 10:45:41

Thanks everyone, Love the name Jordi, I had a little boy called Jordi in my class a couple of years ago and he was a real cutie.

William was also one of the names I was thinking of.

mathanxiety Fri 24-Sep-10 19:34:49


BikeRunSki Fri 24-Sep-10 19:41:53

Ricardo/Rick... nothing wrong with alliterative names.

I went to uni with an English/Italian Richard know to everyone as Ricardo!

AbbiG Wed 10-Oct-12 13:08:49

We had the same issue ... our boy is called Sebastian.

redskyatnight Wed 10-Oct-12 13:15:52

Was also going to say Sebastian - which was quite high in last year's baby names list, so no one will find it "odd".

peterpie Thu 11-Oct-12 17:53:02

I spent ages trying to find boys names that work in both languages. I am English married to Spanish DH and we live in Spain.
I really don´t think there are any names for boys that are pronounced the same, like you say it is much easier for girls.
Fast forward a few years and I wish I hadn´t have been quite as bothered and just gone with names I like.
All the British couples I know here just went with English names and I don´t think it has caused them any problems.

Good luck -I think boys names are really difficult!

lalabaloo Fri 12-Oct-12 00:24:48

Lucas, Nicolas, Marcus, Michael/Mikael? George/Jorge?

badtime Fri 12-Oct-12 13:48:38

Inigo (montoyayoukilledmyfatherpreparetodie)

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