WDYT of Odette?

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wisteria12 Mon 26-Jul-10 20:08:18

I just wondered.

BelligerentGhoul Mon 26-Jul-10 20:09:06

Never thought of / heard of it before but now you mention it, I quite like it.

differentID Mon 26-Jul-10 20:10:35

Like it.

yama Mon 26-Jul-10 20:11:25

I was at school with an Odette. Nice.

DrivenToDistraction Mon 26-Jul-10 20:11:55

Not my bag I'm afraid. Reminds me of odema...

PaintingTheFence Mon 26-Jul-10 20:12:52

I don't really like it, sorry. It starts with Od, which reminds me of "odd".

Claudette is nicer IMO.

booboobeedoo Mon 26-Jul-10 20:13:30

Just read the swan lake story with Odette and Odile - v nice!

5DollarShake Mon 26-Jul-10 20:13:37

I was at school with an Odette! And an Odile - same year.

What are the chances of that?

Lovely Swan Lake connotations...

DrivenToDistraction Mon 26-Jul-10 20:14:15

yy Claudette is much much nicer.

wisteria12 Mon 26-Jul-10 20:17:29

There's something about any name beginning with "Clau" that puts me off, for some reason. Each to their own, though!

notagrannyyet Mon 26-Jul-10 20:17:39

I quite like Odette......name of a french WW2 heroine.

5DollarShake Mon 26-Jul-10 20:20:38

Not liking Claude/tte at all, either.

smother Mon 26-Jul-10 20:54:54

I prefer/really like the name Collette and this seems along same lines??

wisteria12 Mon 26-Jul-10 20:57:04

Collette reminds me of Gillette. The best a man can get. hmm

Colliecross Mon 26-Jul-10 21:01:43

Will be called Oddie

5DollarShake Mon 26-Jul-10 21:01:56

Oh no - Collette and Odette are not the same at all!

DrivenToDistraction Mon 26-Jul-10 21:41:54

Indeed 5Dollar, Collette and Odette are very different sorts of names in my book as well. I come down in the Odette camp.


Actually, Odette is rather growing on me grin

DrivenToDistraction Mon 26-Jul-10 21:45:26

brain malfunction - Otillie, obviously.

wisteria12 Mon 26-Jul-10 22:33:47

Colliecross - I highly doubt it. You don't pronounce Harry like Hairy do you?

DrivenToDistraction - Glad you're coming round. I've never heard of Olette before, it just reminds me of Glee; "It's just a moist towelette!" Similarly not keen on any of the others, especially Myrtle; bad connotations from The Great Gatsby and, of course, HP.

wisteria12 Mon 26-Jul-10 22:35:08

Sorry, I just had to post this; www.moisttowelettemuseum.com/ grin

Colliecross Tue 27-Jul-10 11:16:24

You've lost me Wisteria, what has Hairy Harry to do with it?

freerangeeggs Tue 27-Jul-10 11:17:18

I love Odette. Nicknamed Dot (but then I like verything nicknamed Dot :P )

mamaloco Tue 27-Jul-10 11:21:46

No, but I am french, it is a french name, very dated not nice at all, I wonder if it has ever been nice. Odile is awful too.

5DollarShake Tue 27-Jul-10 11:39:25

I am wondering if some people think it is pronounced Odd-ette, as opposed to O-dette?

I think this is what Wisteia means by the Harry/Hairy differentiation.

MrsvWoolf Tue 27-Jul-10 11:44:17

It was my cat's name. The children chose it - ballet connections. I quite like it, but possibly wouldn't use for a girl.

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