Gavroche or Fantine

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capucine Sat 17-Jul-10 19:22:48

What do you think about :
Fantine for a girl
Gavroche for a boy

ThatDamnDog Sat 17-Jul-10 19:26:04

They look like anagrams of rude words for female genitals.

muddleduck Sat 17-Jul-10 19:28:11

or characters from a much loved musical

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 17-Jul-10 19:29:54

Aren't they characters from Les Mis? Go for Valjean - love the sound of that name.

ThatDamnDog Sat 17-Jul-10 19:30:48

[uncultured] blush

Wilts Sat 17-Jul-10 19:31:10

Marius or Eponine are a bit better wink

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 17-Jul-10 19:33:02

Or Javert? wink

muddleduck Sat 17-Jul-10 19:34:52

wasn't Fantine the prostitute?

Wilts Sat 17-Jul-10 19:35:25


capucine Sat 17-Jul-10 19:35:28

Valjean is a family name,not a first name
I love Eponine but the father doesn't like
and Marius is not possible

Greensleeves Sat 17-Jul-10 19:36:31

gavroche sounds like the name of a bungalow owned by two wilfully tasteless nouveau riche retirees

fantine sound like fanta have brought out an ice lolly

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 17-Jul-10 19:40:46

I know Valjean is a surname. But plenty of people have surnames for their first names. It has a lovely sound to it (imo).

flopsy1974 Sat 17-Jul-10 19:50:17

A little ott I think.

SirBoobAlot Sat 17-Jul-10 19:54:33

Look down, look down...

catherinewho Sat 17-Jul-10 20:04:25

Gavroche was (possibly still is I'm not sure) used as a term for urchins in general after Les Mis was published.

And I prefer Cosette to Fantine....

scottishmummy Sat 17-Jul-10 20:17:20

both ghastly,pretentious and poncy.trying too hard

hocuspontas Sat 17-Jul-10 20:29:21

Not really suitable for the local comp.
Ok names for guinea-pigs if you were stuck I suppose

Both awful. Sorry

valiumSingleton Sun 18-Jul-10 16:59:06

Oh MY. Fantine God.

valiumSingleton Sun 18-Jul-10 17:00:07

Sorry that was a bit rude OP!

They're both ahem awful, but they are sort of gloriously awful at the same time.

KristinaM Sun 18-Jul-10 17:01:41

depends where you live

valiumSingleton Sun 18-Jul-10 17:04:53

I can't imagine where you'd have to live to make those work.

I know, outside the English-speaking world.

sallyseton Sun 18-Jul-10 17:07:12

Please don't.

SirBoobAlot Sun 18-Jul-10 17:42:54

How about Javert?

Shaz10 Sun 18-Jul-10 17:45:39

Don't pick Cosette either. I thought she was weedy and pathetic.

BoiledEggandToastSoldiers Sun 18-Jul-10 17:51:43

On my own...

EvilTwins Sun 18-Jul-10 17:53:25

If you're going to name your child after a character in a musical, go for a Sondheim show - far more cultured...

Mahraih Sun 18-Jul-10 17:55:50

I quite like Fantine ... but having recently been educated as to the 'children bully kids with strange names' thing, I have to say, I would have called that child 'Fanta'.

Unless you have the surname to carry it off?

Shaz10 Sun 18-Jul-10 17:58:59

Please do the playground test on these names.

expatinscotland Sun 18-Jul-10 18:11:01

DD1 met a French girl her own age (she was 6 then) called Faustine and I thought it was gorgeous.

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jul-10 18:13:14

Um, there are better French names.


saucetastic Sun 18-Jul-10 18:15:28

How about Victor or Hugo?

Even Esmerelda from Notre Dame is better than the f names from his Les Mis.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Sun 18-Jul-10 18:24:43

In answer to the question

Both names are naff in the extreme. Devoid of all class

saucetastic Sun 18-Jul-10 18:34:15

* f was meant to mean female - realise it could have been misconstrued

PosieParker Sun 18-Jul-10 18:36:08

eeewwww, I like neither....but then you probably wouldn't like my dcs names eithergrinwink.

mopsyflopsy Sun 18-Jul-10 18:37:08

How popular are both Fantine and Gavroche in France at the moment?

00000000000000 Sun 18-Jul-10 18:39:14

really really awful names. truly.

Gavroche is a restaurant. I have just read the wikipedia summary of Fantine and don't think I would give my child a name with such a horrible association. Try googling names and see if you like the connotations.

Pasiphae Mon 19-Jul-10 13:56:16

Fantine I think is okay. I do a know a French woman called Fantine and she lives with this very well... ;P

Gavroche is just too associated with Les Mis and even in France they would find that choice "weird".

MrsvWoolf Mon 19-Jul-10 15:10:00

Fantine was rather a tragic character in the book, Les Miserables, and this is my only association with the name.

It depends, I think they'd perhaps be difficult to carry off.

mrspir8 Mon 19-Jul-10 15:33:35

Not a fan of les mis, never seen it or read it. I'm not particularly uncultured or anything so I think many will not have heard of them too in which case the connotations are:

"Fantine" just sounds like a diet version of the popular orange fizzy drink

Gavroche is the name of Michel Rouxs' restaurant.

5DollarShake Mon 19-Jul-10 15:36:41

Fantine isn't disastrous (that's the best I can say about it). Gavroche, on the other hand...

Imagine your 5yo Gavroche telling his friends his name on the first day of school.

Imagine him doing the same at 13.

Imagine him wanting to --be taken --seriously- introducing himself at an interview for his first job...

Plus, he'll just get called Gav by everyone (alright Gav?), and I have a tiny little hunch that that's pretty much the exact opposite sort of name you'd like bestowed on your son. grin wink

muggglewump Mon 19-Jul-10 15:37:52

I honestly did think about Eponine. I love that name, but didn't use it.

If I ever get a kitten she'll be called it. (I have a girl cat but got her already named)

5DollarShake Mon 19-Jul-10 15:41:37

I could never personally go down the Eponine route as it's just too close to the biggest pisstake ever of 'yooniq' names. grin

muggglewump Mon 19-Jul-10 15:47:31

Luckily I didn't then, funnily enough, her Dad is Australian!

GladioliBuckets Mon 19-Jul-10 17:51:27

Fantine is a pretty tragic character, maybe not as bad as Dulcinea/Aldonza in Man of La Mancha (the only musical with a gang rape I believe?)

Gavroche is just too effeminate sounding.

catherinewho Mon 19-Jul-10 18:04:26

Fantine had friends in the book called Favourite (yuck!), Dahlia and Zephine (short for Josephine).

Cosette's real name was Euphrasie and she had a doll called Catherine.

Eponine had a sister called Azelma.

I can't think of any other girls names from the book to be honest (that aren't really horrible anyway).

LittleSilver Tue 20-Jul-10 13:27:47

Please no, just no.

DoNotFeedMeBiscuits Tue 20-Jul-10 23:05:06

gladioli - there is implied gang rape of Anita in west side story IIRC.

sorry, as you were.

sugarapplelane Sat 19-Jan-13 12:17:27

I think Fantine is really pretty, but pronouned in the correct (French) way. If pronounced fantine, as in fanta, it sounds horrific...

Zombie thread, but I see I posted on it as Muggglewump.
I have the cat called Eponine now!

ALittleScatterOfRain Sat 19-Jan-13 12:34:19

Eponine and Azelma were named after characters in the romantic novels the mother read (Victor was slightly...condescending about that). It's like naming your children after Mills and Boon characters I suppose grin

Eponine is very sweet for a cat though. I like it when they call her 'Ponine, I think it's quite a cute-sounding shortening.

We call her Epi for short, she's a gorgeous cat.

noblegiraffe Sat 19-Jan-13 13:53:36

Fantine nn Fanny? Big nope.

bishboschone Sat 19-Jan-13 13:54:36

I have been a massive les mis fan for years ( forever) and I wanted to call my dd ( 9 ) Eponine. Dh vetoed it though which in hindsight is probably best . There are going to be loads and loads now.. I love ' ponine ' too smile

Jux Sat 19-Jan-13 13:57:54

Neither. Seriously, neither. Unless you're French, live in France and they're family names.

Otherwise, utterly pretentious.

Jux Sat 19-Jan-13 16:21:21

However, you could use Legumes for a boy and Oubliette for a girl. They're OK wink

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 19-Jan-13 20:07:04

Fantine wasn't her real name though was it? Or indeed anybody's real name. I read somewhere it came from infantine...never studied French but that would be young/childish wouldn't it?

showtunesgirl Sat 19-Jan-13 20:25:55

I'm being you, please, no. And this is ME saying this.

hawkmcqueen Sat 19-Jan-13 20:28:01

Gavroche, as in 'le Gavroche' restaurant? I know conception destinations are popular as names (Brooklyn being one) but don't you think you're taking it a bit far? Sorry, prob not funny but it was in my little head :-)

DessieLou Sat 19-Jan-13 20:30:52

I love the name Eponine! Is it really that bad?! Maybe I should add it to the future pets list along with Atticus & Calpurnia! :-)

showtunesgirl Sat 19-Jan-13 20:33:24

Doh, meant to say begging not being. blush

Anonymumous Sat 19-Jan-13 20:33:29

Fantine will get called Fanny for short. Or Fanta.

Gavroche sounds like a special chocolate for ambassadors with heartburn.

hawkmcqueen Sat 19-Jan-13 20:34:12

DessieLou I love Atticus!

Viviennemary Sat 19-Jan-13 20:46:21

They are awful but I agree a little bit gloriously awful instead of just plain awful.

Narked Sat 19-Jan-13 23:09:45


crkm Sat 19-Jan-13 23:16:38

lol - looked at these names for my babies - loved Eponine - but decided not to!

PurpleStorm Sun 20-Jan-13 22:50:55

I would think that you'd gone to see Les Mis just before giving birth, and that you'd temporarily lost your head.

I love Les Miserables, but I really wouldn't do this to a baby. Fantine's a terribly tragic and unfortunate character, as well.

sunnyday123 Sun 20-Jan-13 23:08:09

Threads years old!!!!,

got to be a joke!

thewhistler Sun 20-Jan-13 23:11:55

Why would you call a boy after a restaurant?

Yfronts Tue 22-Jan-13 00:45:37

Not keen but love Florice

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