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Baby Monitors

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raegeejay Wed 22-Jan-14 12:11:21

Hi, I am in need of some advice. I am due my first baby this week and haven't yet got a baby monitor. I am quite confused by the different types. Should I go for a sensory mat and audio or should I go a video monitor?

Baby is supposed to the same room you are in for the first six months, so dont panic quite yet, you have a while.

I just went for a basic set, no pad, no monitor etc. Other people go for more advanced. Totally depends on what you feel is necessary to keep you from fretting about your dc when they sleep away

bemybebe Wed 22-Jan-14 12:13:53

Do not buy any sensory mats, they will drive you bonkers. Video is useful to some, we have normal philips/avent £40 one and it was great. Still use it (dd is 19mo)

minipie Wed 22-Jan-14 12:25:08

I bought one with a sensor mat, never used the mat (too scared of false alarms/setting it off by accident and also it didn't really work in a moses basket).

I wish I'd bought a video monitor as it would have been very useful at various stages when dd went through crap sleep phases and when we tried sleep training.

Built in room thermometer is really useful.

I have heard that two way communication can be useful when they are older, if their bedroom isn't within yelling distance of your bedroom.

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