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iron on stabiliser question

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BananaGio Mon 05-Nov-12 17:29:43

thanks for that, have tried and seems to be better. Think it might have been those particular types of fabric I was using as well as seems to be getting easier with different kinds or maybe I am getting the hang of it more.Anyway first 9 block finished and despite it looking very handmade am feeling very proud smile

pingulingo Sat 03-Nov-12 19:43:26

You could try putting a piece of cotton fabric on top of the squares, like a tea towel and then iron that and it should stop things from rumpling and sticking.

I'm not sure about washing the glue off though, maybe do a google search. Most brands of interfacing recommend you wash it before using in order to pre-shrink the interfacing. The iron-on glue still works after being washed though.

BananaGio Sat 03-Nov-12 15:28:44

I am attempting to make a quilt out of ds's baby clothes and today bought some stabiliser to iron onto my squares as a lot of the fabric is stretchy. Is there a knack to ironing it on? The iron seems to stick to my fabric easily and am finding it hard not to get creases in it. Also if some of the glue goes on the front of the fabric can I wash the squares and will the glue come out and the stabiliser stay on? Thanks to anyone who can help a novice quilter.

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